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Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERSUtpal Baruah


A scavenger collects plastic for recycling at a dump site on World Environment Day in the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERS/Utpal Baruah


C.ET: I just was wondering if any one would attack me for posting this picture. While the little guy who is scavenging have been left (without the money produced by the original article, for you to be reassured none I ll be making, I post it just as a ‘reminding’) and even he would have received black economy pocket money, the little boy just left there and on going.

I appreciate that one cannot do everything and that taking a pic could be used as an act purposing help for him- and the other guys and girls in his situation.

But what I recall equally it is that in this realm, I have to ask myself if no one could seriously try to sue me for doing this. That is to sue me for having taken a picture or to have written an article, hopefully to end human rights abuses (if not to start human responsibilities) and one of the priority remove this child from this environment that poison his body. But suing me because I redirect you to their article as if I intend to summarize their information for you I could be in breach of copyrights coming from the story of this little boy, snapshot without receiving a denier of the dominion. So please note that I am not the author, that I own no copyright and do not seek to earn any money.out of my ‘newsroll’ and system of quotation; I just try and do like any computer of search engine, give you my specific summarizing.

I just comment on other buddies work and provide with all the links you need to read them comprehensively. My own creative work is



Pardon the mixes of subjects, I have no time to categorise them. Also I think the holistic approaches a necessity and find solution only in them.







It is just like PIE due to firstly allowed inappropriate invasion of private and personal space as a social convention on TV.

Just like it was constantly on dirty dancing with the main presentator.

It is depravation but beyond it, it is predation.


When I say appropriation, it is objectivation, the other as your property. It is vile, not need to be scandalised at the outcomes, it is generalise and advertise such rapes one by one, as it is implicitly what is recommended: the person in power, watch by millions, set the comportment and comments.

It should have gathered all objections.

Instead of that. Britain find two guys who have managed to get 200 convictions to try and start making a wayout and getting away with it for themselves.

A scandal is when people do not know.

Else is collaboration.



Anna Caterina Antonacci – Carmen – Habanera (+ subs in English and French)








By Don Cheadle and John Prendergast

It is still difficult for us to fully comprehend the enormity of the human rights crime that began twenty years ago to the day in Kigali, Rwanda, when one of the 20th century’s last genocides commenced with the targeted killings of 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus





Carnegie Council

Mass violence and rape was orchestrated by the political elite, who pitted the majority Hutu ethnic group against the minority Tutsis, as well as against moderate Hutus. The killings wiped out up to 70 percent of Rwanda’s Tutsis and approximately




This early group of Mennonites and Mennonite-Quakers wrote the first formal protest against slavery in the United States. The treatise was addressed to slave-holding Quakers in an effort to persuade them to change their ways.[20]



C.ET: the importance of religions, above filed.






C.ET: look at whom is the first director of the UNESCO. Would lead to think what they meant by education of the masses actually!!



Huxley and Eugenics

“The Vital Importance of Eugenics” (1933)


Sterilization of the unfit and identification of carriers of defective genotypes

Huxley argued that the principle goal of eugenics in the short term should be to ensure that mentally defective individuals cease having children. He advocated in particular for:

  • Prohibition of marriage of the unfit
  • Segregation of institutions containing degenerate individuals
  • Sterilization of the unfit



Huxley’s position on eugenics is detailed below in an analysis of several of his most influential publications on eugenics, education, and race: his 1933 paper entitled “The Vital Importance of Eugenics,” his 1946 publication of the goals of UNESCO after becoming the organization’s first director-general, the UNESCO 1951 “Statement on Race,”

Julian Huxley

Eugenics and race[edit]

Huxley was a prominent member of the British Eugenics Society,[70] and was Vice-President (1937–1944) and President (1959–1962). He thought eugenics was important for removing undesirable variants from the human gene pool; but at least after World War II he believed race was a meaningless concept in biology, and its application to humans was highly inconsistent.[71]

Huxley was an outspoken critic of the most extreme eugenicism in the 1920s and 1930s (the stimulus for which was the greater fertility of the ‘feckless’ poor compared to the ‘responsible’ prosperous classes). He was, nevertheless, a leading figure in the eugenics movement (see, for example, Eugenics manifesto). He gave the Galton memorial lecture twice, in 1936 and 1962. In his writing he used this argument several times: no-one doubts the wisdom of managing the germ-plasm of agricultural stocks, so why not apply the same concept to human stocks? “The agricultural analogy appears over and over again as it did in the writings of many American eugenicists.”[72]







Anne is a lesbian. She is due to be deported to Uganda on Wednesday 9th April. If returned to Uganda, her life will be in danger.

This is what she told us.


I can’t go back to Uganda because I have nowhere to go.

My people…is not good towards me, because I was harbouring…I was, uh, letting houses to people who are gay…and they are not accepting in Uganda.

If I go back to Uganda, because they will have to hunt me…again, the background that in Uganda…they will not accept it. Sum it up, they don’t want me in the village. I can’t go anywhere else in Uganda short of [without] the local council letter. That’s how the system is in Uganda; you have to have a local council letter…explaining about your conduct. But now the conduct is, that they know that I am a gay person…so if I go back…they will; I will have to be treated like how the, uh, law is…[…] because our president signed the law against the gay. Even today. They’ve been celebrating that…they can’t hide it from the news here, on the TV…that…everything…that Uganda is one of the countries…all the churches and everybody are celebrating because of having […] the bill.

They hate people who are a lesbian, they hate gay people, they don’t like it. […] you have to be sentenced […] if you are promoting it, you have to be sentenced to life imprisonment. So many people have been mistreated…some people; even one of my tenants…one day they destroyed my houses…one of my tenants was killed. Uh…because…at this stage I was having nightmares about going back to Uganda and being killed because these people […] they don’t like that thing [homosexuality].

At the end of the day, everybody has the right to the way he should live.

[Re: conditions in Yarl’s Wood]






Perhaps would you consider supporting this petition or campaign- it has gathered very few signatures.





Honor Diaries.


Due to pressure from powerful Islamist groups in America, three universities have cancelled screenings of Clarion Project’s latest film Honor Diaries.

Honor Diaries addresses the abuses women and girls face in Muslim-majority societies: forced marriage, female genital mutilation, denial of education, restriction of movement and – the ultimate – honor killings.




problem of the very selective and close-up system of peer review.

C.ET: again an attack on academia methodology as a whole. For example to bring an element of evidence or to bring a question to the fore; one has to refer to a wider debates and data already used and articulate by academics benefiting from peer review. If this system ensure a minimum check and veracity, it discriminates and discrebilises other writers, witnesses or activists that did not insert into the very privileged circles of reviewed, authorised or recognised work. And maybe at times commanded, not commentated. Sponsored like the PR offices or scientists working on behalf of tobacco or energy firms published officialised surveys on how drugs consumption and global warming are free from cancers and pollution.  P.752


it seems that there is a link between democracy, economic development

C.ET: because project viewed as normal, when they are in fact vandalism.



The notion of entrusted power.


certainly does not require, that it is usually directed towards an individual or

group of individuals, or else that corruption occurs only in the public sector). But

C.ET:        entrusted power might hint a corporative and private power.

On the pragmatic basis that if people are let doing things under right to freedom principles, this principles goes hand in hand with the notion of responsibility and a freedom gained through being free from harm to the rest of the society.




C.ET: Typically, this civil society organisation could well be accused of reacting like a business and not like a non-profit, desiring corruption to persist just for them to benefit indirectly from it.  The perfect image of western own corruption.

Even though this example sounds too far reached, as it is not like if corruption is not a problem intrinsic to democracy and the desire of working and living in state of justice-     that would imply amongst its pillars: corruption eradication.






C.ET: and what about nature of the policies, equity, redistribution, tax amount, public spendings.


C.ET:   corruption need to be severly punished for it to be stopped, but what if the very institutions meant to measure it, in fact fabricate framework unable to detect its various forms, or start being discriminative and target certain ways of doing politics, certain economies, or single out institution.





Besides being unacademically, unprofessionally presented, hiding the so many known other forms of corruption, this very approach if mistaken as being comprehensive and standard would directly participate in letting many other forms of corruptions undetected (Anderson and Heywood, 2009).

Worse, to have stripped CPI’s intent at measuring only one type of corruption into the measure of corruption in general, could progressively bring people to think corruption in a very limited way (Anderson and Heywood, 2009).

It could have an effect on the moral and ethics leading individuals to cease condemning other types of corruption and relegate them as being a thinking of the past, an irrelevance, or an unwelcomed stigma. Because of reported corruption has been treated by sanctions, segregations, without alternative aiming at stopping this crime actively and legally (Stiglitz, 2007) or helping the population it most affects (Doig, 1998) Pointing out corruption could finish being expressly regarded as not recommended, unrequested, uninvited thoughts, actions or comments.


Graft         by thefreedictionary

  1. A detached shoot or bud united or to be united with a growing plant.
  2. The union or point of union of a detached shoot or bud with a growing plant by insertion or attachment.
  3. A plant produced by such union.



C.ET: and plants, vegetal manage to do that, just like the geologic sustainability of mineral.

Proven superiority, so abhorrent to the human vanity.





Legal aid finally granted for inquest into Lee’s mother, Cherry Groce #Justice4Cherry


But following our campaign, with over 133,000 of you supporting our family, national media coverage and help from Brixton MP Chuka Umunna, the Ministry of Justice were forced to intervene.

On Friday 11 April 2014 they said;

“Legal aid funding for lawyers to represent the family of Ms Groce at the forthcoming inquest into her death has now been granted. Having considered the request of the Legal Aid Agency, ministers have decided to authorise funding for this case. We hope that this legal representation will help her family and those who knew Ms Groce find out more  about the circumstances leading to her death.”



C.ET: it tales takes all of that, a petition signed by 100 thousands, a campaign, etc…for legal aid to be granted by ministerial ‘courtesy’ for someone killed by the police mistakenly

Who still wants of this kingdom??






Word History: The biblical injunction to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves




Where will I see a Grass Snake and is it dangerous?Grass Snakes only show aggression if cornered, hissing loudly and recoiling into a position that looks like they may strike. This is bluff, they rarely bite and if handled often play dead. As with all our native snakes, the best option is simply to leave the snake to get on with its daily business. Picture reproduced with the kind permission of Paolo MazzeiFeigning death. This is one of the defensive tactics used by the Grass Snake, others are hissing loudly and exuding a foul smelling liquid from the anal vent if captured.


Grass Snakes are harmless and protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is an offence to kill, harm or injure them

sell or trade them in any way



Traumatic Event


Ian Hemingway


Traumatic Event


Ian Hemingway







The UN system works closely with governments to achieve these ends. It also works closely civil society, a term which encompasses a wide range of organizations and groups from the private sector having varying interests and objectives, including professional, business, service, religious and recreational bodies.  (Adapted from a UN Cyberschoolbus briefing paper on governance)

“…as we all know, infrastructure is not just a matter of roads, schools and power grids. It is equally a question of strengthening democratic governance and the rule of law.


Without accountability, not only of the government to its people but of the people to each other, there is no hope for a viable democratic State. .”


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,
Remarks to the Security Council on Timor-Leste
19 February 2009




C.ET: The financial, a network of jobs well paid for the mafia system.



Kool & The Gang – Jungle Boogie *HQ*







Never waste your time on someone that doesn’t value your attention cuz it kills the heart slowly, trust mε *winks*


C.ET: or maybe could you become more focus?




English descent not from the latin OF Ancient times or of the ancients directly but from one of its form, FRENCH. ?? ?? ?? ?

Like the bible, a support to a common language, as to language everyone stays for its life time an apprentice, as for the rest of all sciences.

A book that have the vital advantage to talk about survival for everyone, and everyone in spirituality. Advantage and responsibility. A religion content. The education and survival of all its people = humanity.




“Ex injuria jus non oritur…”

By Geraldo Taraj


Jurist at Legal Studio “Shatku”

A wrongful act cannot become a source of advantages, for the wrongdoer, vice versa would be a dangerous menace for mankind.
Using a legitimate precedent (Kosova’s Independence) to justify illegitimate acts (annexation of Crimea), is a unacceptable practice which should be strongly condemned by International Community.






C: Because I support you.


I like your way of approaching LGBT issues. Everyone’s love.

I know you may not have all the resources needed.

I happened to listen to one of your radio interviews in which the anchor said you were not very paid. I also support this, because in the nonprofit sector, directors may be very well paid while there is no much, practically an absence of workers. Conclusion can be drawn, apart from fundraising and PR, and HR maybe, not a lot is actually done pragmatically.


I would like to do like you, be my own boss and work as an activist.

or simply work for a NGO actually.



Here are my blogs, these might ring the bell.

http://cetviesenfrancais.wordpress.c om



I quoted you quite a lot, but they are on posts that I still have to edit. I ll do it end of summer after university.


I grew with the terror of the impossibility of marrying, or of courting the person of my dream simply.

and dreams make what is life possibly. It makes life love, and love life.

Or what make life possible.

so I am for your approach definitely.



PS: if you needed any one in term of staff, as, I cannot do intern I am too short financially and too busy, even if for very few hours for a short term, I could work, research, French translation (interesting when it comes to Africa continent, I think it is the continent that needs pure help the most (people flee Africa as there is no jobs nor high salary). Africa has been plundered completely- it is even not help but compensation that should be called actually) or anything, be sure I could work a lot for very little, I d like to be able to work in a NGO but I am a mature student with a long working class job history. And in the nonprofit sector, we score on volunteer unpaid opportunities. back to Victorian area, it could be very threatening this, even (more) for us homos, and bi. and anybody that don’t fit the election story, elective elites said to be. I enjoy creative writing or vocabulary. This is not a genuine cover letter – I know that however I would like to really, there is too much competition and resources scarcity for you to take me- similar to my blog just drafty, draft of conventions and atrocities.


Thank you very much for your answers Mr Tatchell. and if you need anything.

You know even in term of reunion and meeting, I went years without girlfriend due to having avoided without much choice transportation fees. For us girls also there are very limited themes. one may end up having to socialize hours with a very little numbers of peers whose affinities for a long term relationship are unlikely. And I was not one for socialization. So it ended up in isolation.

If I had a comment it could be that you might need to mention girls more often. Lesbians are like any other woman potentially very frightened and threatened by exclusion and misogyny; like gay men.

Perhaps could you post some info or debates about extended family??  Questions of society will have to get to the fore, the questions of maternity and paternity etc…and how to raise our kids harmoniously.


Yours sincerely,





By Oren Dorell, USA TODAY 7:49 p.m. EDT April 17, 2014

Leaflet tells Jews to register in East Ukraine



Jews emerging from a synagogue say they were handed leaflets that ordered the city’s Jews to provide a list of property they own and pay a registration fee “or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated,” reported Ynet News, Israel’s largest news website, and Ukraine’s Donbass news agency.


By Ian Bunn | Political & Popular Culture Arts

For the record, I have nothing against Islam per se. I would never ever object to or try to prevent Muslims practicing their religion. But when any practice is an abuse of human rights, it must be opposed by those of us who believe in human rights. I’m not against sharia family law because it’s got anything to do with Islam, I’m against it because it abuses human beings, especially women…. and I insist upon my right to say so.”

Inspired by Anne Marie Waters, National Secular Society Image source Twitter





by Breaking News English

Sri Lanka will deport a British tourist for having a tattoo on her arm of the Buddha seated on a lotus flower

Read more:



Found on

Auburn Tyssen • 26 weeks ago

In an MSNBC poll, 78% of respondents approved of executing Americans without trial. This is an accurate portrait of the kind of people that watch msnbc. Complete morons.






The Folklore of Discworld



  1. THE LAST HERO (illustrated by Paul Kidby)




by WATCH: amazing move of four forest elephants in Cote d’Ivoire

C.ET: I am sorry but I think that manage to drown an elephant out of 4 that you tried to rescue is proof of amateurism.

Although it would be better to live with the animals, here maybe not possible as the elephant may destroy homes, they have to be rescued against hunters and go to a reserve. So thank you in the case you really save the other 3, in fact more than thank you. As they are what is left of ‘vie’.


You deployed articulated lorries, numerous members in the team, helicopters, etc… and you did not manage to summon someone, a professional with experience enough, to warn you against it??


Or is it me unrealistic, in the sense that you cannot prevent it? You cannot know where the elephant goes, I will go on for a long, you do not want, or you cannot take time enough to chase him and detect water at proxi?


OR IS IT LIKE ANOTHER OF THESE millions pounds projects took in hand by successful PR and directors that think they know everything and can solve everything.





RIP just like pire (worse) or peer.


Maybe i am mistaken reacting like this, please tell me. would have incorporated more black (because they were underrepresented in your team of specialists) African working with this wild animal everyday could have changed and keep the 4th one alive? I am sure they did not know a degree (out of price when you live in a reserve) to be worry each minute for this to happen.


However thumps up for your decease and facilities, failing transparency if not funds one.


Comments: answer to someone explaining this by his trunk was under water, for the more profund zoological part of the explanation.

Excusez-moi, tout le monde. En longue version, sa trompe était sous l’eau. et les éléphants ne sont pas soulots.


I have been certified that the best of experts were here, bare arms.

Two experts for one elephant rescue is how big is your pretendue. Pretensions, pretend, extend due.



Oh petit dictactorials.

And how to miss important as much as basic information, oh beau heron.

And in fact thank you for let us see that, the extend of abomination, as it is take and taken as if it was a praise for it to go on. A praise to the team that can see, we are strong and thick enough to move on.


I want to precise that till we cannot make sure of living with animals, which should be the now and then intention, park them to protect them is very worthy of admiration.

They call that ‘relive the strong moment of the intervention’ for the one who got manslaughter I think it denotes of clearly a self-loving position, self amorous declaration. We are good, we are writers, we are hunters, we live in expensive mansions in paris and go to Africa to teach them a lesson. Ti is a PR job not, ill processed, not the one of a rescuer,

Crocodile dandy.




IFAW’s Céline Sissler-Bienvenu reflects on the slaughter of Cameroon’s elephants




C.ET: I hope you are vegan. Or at least vegetarian for you are barbarians.

Milk the cows and kill them, ca c’est bien.







Not the wide world war, but wild life organisations.

By the WWW.

  1. More Tigers in American Backyards than in the Wild | Stories…/moretigers-in-american-backyards-than-in-the-wild

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18 Oct 2012 – One of the world’s largest populations of tigers exists not in the wild—but in captivity in the United States. With an estimated 5000 tigers, the …









Georgia law allows guns in some schools, bars, churches

By Devon M. Sayers and Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN

April 23, 2014 — Updated 2012 GMT (0412 HKT)




That is the result of a state abandoning its citizens to self-defense or more subtly to the rules of the more armed and trigger-happy.






GENEVA, April 25The United Nations has elected the Islamic Republic of Iran and more than a dozen other repressive regimes to top committees charged with protecting women’s rights and overseeing the work of human rights organizations.

Iranian brought to the gallows in the northern city of Nowshahr on April 15, 2014. He was spared at the last minute. But last year Iran put to death at least 369 people and likely several hundreds of others — more people than any country in the world except China. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently rebuked Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for failing to improve human rights, including its high level of executions.




The Crocodile Hunter:Steve’s Greatest Crocodile Captures (1/8)



on rep respecting animal lives compared to own’s own.

C.ET:     problem is, we guess that it is not one of these heroes, able to merge with animal instinct of conservation and survival, as well as the one of respect, that the policies will be coming from.

With policies they will end up being drugged, parked, bred, whatever red tapes fakes will be able to invent to feel their sovereignty.








By TheFreeDictionary

look up

  1. To search for and find, as in a reference book.
  2. To visit: look up an old friend.
  3. To become better; improve: Things are at last looking up.




Rob Bredl – The cage of death




Rob Bredl – Eric the Alligator




Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life Confucius




dearth  (dûrth)


  1. A scarce supply; a lack: “the dearth of uncensored, firsthand information about the war” (Richard Zoglin).
  2. Shortage of food; famine.

April 30, 2014



News covering the UN and the world
Top Story

UN’s Pillay: South Sudan’s people are on “the verge of catastrophe”
United Nations human rights chief Navi Pillay urged South Sudan’s warring factions to stop fighting and turn their attention to preventing widespread famine. “The country’s leaders, instead of seizing their chance to steer their impoverished and war-battered young nation to stability and greater prosperity, have instead embarked on a personal power struggle that has brought their people to the verge of catastrophe,” Pillay says. Yahoo/Agence France-Presse (4/29), Reuters (4/30), Reuters (4/29), Voice of America (4/29)





Dog rescued almost dead – watch what happened!

Animal Aid Unlimited, India·44 videos



Pit Bull Saves Cat From Coyote Attack

NewsKing11·11 videos



Man Saves Coyote Caught In Barbed Wire Fence




A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does



Restoring Faith In Humanity – Animal Edition 2014!





By The independent, Friday 02 May 2014

Royal Mail float scandal: how hedge funds cleaned up

Speculators were allowed to buy £150m of shares despite Vince Cable’s pledge to favour long-term investors – but Government says postmen were to blame for botched sell-off that cost taxpayers billions




  1. Paul PD ‏@atticusfinch104 Apr 30

@Tony_McNulty @mattkmoore @Independent proof of yet another Tory selloff cheap to their mates in the City – Stolen from the People




C.ET: I cannot agree more. Still one question. What would the ‘people’ have done with this, the lot? Not too sure about the best of it. 







Praxis is practice in the sense of simply doing something, either in the present or regularly. Praxis does not include rehearsal or training, for which the “real” action in question will happen in the future. For example, if musicians play a certain kind of music regularly, that is their praxis; if they rehearse for a performance or to improve their skill, that is the other sense of practice. Praxis can also mean application – the putting of theory into practice. The term may refer to:



The Secret Child Sex Trade Hiding in Kenya’s Tropical Paradise



On lot of kids in social services or schools that would complain because a teacher is trying to push them doing somethings. Obviously pushing too much is abuses, but the reality is they are discretedly pushed doing absolutely naught. And the staff that care and would like to motivate them, the target of reprimands. System abuses that turn duty of training kids into action into impossibility as the grand mode is to pretend the teacher that motivate is in fact too demanding.

I ll be honest with you. I am against any abuses whatsoever. Having said that the reality is the social services and school do not care enough about their kids to prompt them towards activities, such as sport and any of it. There is a culture allowing a child to waste their potential. There is no dumb in the world. And there is no jobs. Also society creates a state of uncivilities and passivity. it is disheartening to see young people not doing half as much as they could do with tranquility. They are trained doing nothing in a lot of cases and that is neglect. Kids are neglected, their potential wasted. Waiting things are done by the ones that still get some salaries.

Series. Severe services.



Kids need to learn and to toughen, not to wait the teacher (waiter) be fired to try and do their job of educator.


Deduction.                                 A waste generation is upcoming.



Written by  Michael Kofman, Guest Contributor


Targeted Sanctions on Russia Will Work, But Mostly for Vladimir Putin


When he returned to the presidency, Putin felt betrayed by the protests on Bolotnaya Square and was surprised by the response of many Russians. In his mind, Russian elites and government officials were insufficiently “Russian”. They held money, property, and sent their children abroad. This all had to change. He began a campaign to force Russian officials to move their bank accounts back home and get rid of property in the West.


Eventually he made it the law. In May 2013, Putin signed a law to ban government officials from possessing foreign assets, or overseas accounts, including the heads of key state industries in Russia, especially the energy companies.


While the West failed to integrate Russia into its security or economic structures, Russia has effectively integrated Europeans into its system of crony capitalism and corruption. Russian money has many allies in Europe.


Furthermore, Russian elites are debating whether or not they should turn more towards China as an economic and political partner for the future. They no longer see the Western system as the only model to pursue.

Written by  Michael Kofman, Guest Contributor

All contents ©2006 – 2014



C.ET:  this article is completely oblivious of the principle of national security and sovereignty. A region cannot say we are that or that by invasion or reproduction, let’s split it. But is still edifying as to how recenter russia geopolitical situation.







China to extend over $12 billion in aid to Africa

May 5, 2014 7:33 AM–finance.html



  1. Exclusive: China seizes $14.5 billion assets from family…/us-chinacorruption-zhou-idUSBREA2T02S201403…

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30 Mar 2014 – BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese authorities have seized assets worth at least … who is at the centre of China’s biggest corruption scandal in more …

  1. Report: Corrupt Chinese Officials Take $123 Billion Overseas…/report-corruptchinese-officials-take…

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by James T. AREDDY James T. AREDDYin 97 Google+ circles

16 Jun 2011 – China’s rulers say corrupt cadres are the nation’s worst enemy. Now, according to a report that was given widespread coverage this week in …

  1. China is having a $20-plus billion corruption week—and it’s…/china-is-having-a-20-plus-billioncorruption-week-and-its-onl…

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1 Apr 2014 – An astounding thing about China’s recent crackdown on government corruption is just how much corrupt officials, many who have been in …

  1. How Far Will China’s Anti-Corruption Fifteen-Billion-Dollar…/how-far-will-chinas-anti-corruption-fifteen-billi

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2 Apr 2014 – In all, more than three hundred relatives, allies, and associates of high-ranking figures have been detained in the past four months.

  1. Chinese officials stole $120 billion, fled mainly to US – BBC

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17 Jun 2011 – Thousands of corrupt Chinese government officials have stolen more than $120bn (£74bn) and fled overseas, mainly to the US, according to a …

  1. China Confiscates Billions In “Ugliest Corruption Scandal” In…/china-confiscates-billions-ugliest-corruption-sca…

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30 Mar 2014 – With Chinese authorities increasingly looking like they are sticking to their reform promises, fighting moral hazard and allowing defaults to occur …

  1. Billions seized in China’s biggest corruption scandal in six

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31 Mar 2014 – In what is being described as China’s biggest corruption scandals in six decades, Chinese authorities have seized assets worth at least $14.5 …

  1. Chinese officials seize $14.5 billion assets in corruption probe…/379022

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31 Mar 2014 – Chinese authorities seized at least $14.5 billion in assets belonging to a … and associates in one of the largest corruption scandals ever in China.………..0.RVWkRP5vMBs&pbx=1




Pfizer eyes AstraZeneca for $100 billion acquisition | Money – WLWT

28 Apr 2014 Pfizer said it made contact with AstraZeneca on Saturday to r… … a deal for its
British rival that would rank among the largest in industry history. – 78k – Similar pages

Pharmaceutical industry in the United Kingdom – Wikipedia, the free

In 2007 exports of pharmaceutical products from the UK totalled £14.6 billion, …
The UK is home to GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca, respectively the world’s …
Wellcome, in what was the largest merger in UK corporate history to date. ….
Facts and figures about the pharmaceutical industry in the UK – Second edition
2011″. – 147k – Similar pages

Pfizer Confirms Delivery of Increased Proposal to AstraZeneca

5 days ago Proposal represents a substantial premium of 32% for AstraZeneca shareholders
[1] … with major shareholders, it has submitted a revised written proposal to …
and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom), …. nor
a solicitation of an offer to sell shares of Pfizer or AstraZeneca. – 148k – Similar pages

Video – Pfizer Makes $100 Billion Approach to AstraZeneca –

… regarding a takeover valued at nearly $100 billion, but the U.K.-listed
pharmaceutical firm had declined to engage in talks. … Videos you watch here
will automatically be posted to your timeline. …. to do deals to sell the company
made a one run for a while AstraZeneca says they think … Barron’s Buzz: The Big
Money Poll. – 200k – Similar pages

Pfizer ups its mega bid for AstraZeneca | Money – KCRA Home

5 days ago At that price, AstraZeneca would be valued at £63 billion ($106.4 billion). … It
would also likely be the second biggest pharmaceutical deal after Pfizer’s $112 …
A senior government adviser said Friday that the U.K. should have powers to ….
to sign a deal that would rank among the largest in industry history. – 77k – Similar pages

AstraZeneca fends off Pfizer with new growth plan – Santa Cruz

15 hours ago LONDON (AP) — AstraZeneca on Tuesday outlined plans to make sales jump
over … see annual sales rise to more than $45 billion by 2023 from $25.7 billion
last year. … If the deal succeeds, it would be the biggest takeover in British
corporate history. … Kentucky Derby timeline, quiz and mint julep gallery. – 61k – Similar pages

AstraZeneca counters Pfizer with $45 billion sales forecast

16 hours ago … TARGET TIMELINE · Hess happy with Ohio drilling prospects … AstraZeneca
will generate more than $45 billion in yearly revenue by 2023 … Andrew Widger,
a spokesman in the U.K. for New York-based Pfizer, … best player available,
Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson might be … LOCAL HISTORY. – 166k – Similar pages

Big Pharma Skips to the U.K. to Avoid Taxes – The Daily Beast

4 days ago Pfizer wants to buy AstraZeneca to justify a move to Britain’s lower corporate …
Pfizer is undertaking an audacious $100 billion bid for rival AstraZeneca. … sake,
that about 25 percent of its U.S. sales are paid for by Medicare and …. the first in
the history of either party to feature his partner in a campaign ad. – 208k – Similar pages

MBA Graduate Program | AstraZeneca Careers

In the last 10 years, AstraZeneca has doubled its revenue from $15 billion to
almost $33 … The Global Commercial Organization (GCO) is the Sales and
Marketing division of … Have a track record of high impact within previous
organizations; Have the ability to lead … What are the application timelines for the
MBA Program? – 55k – Similar pages

The 10 Best Selling Blockbuster Drugs – Business Insider

28 Jun 2012 This included some of the biggest drugs in history, including Lipitor and Plavix.
Chasing blockbusters is dangerous. AstraZeneca, which has focused on such
drugs, recently saw its CEO … Here are some of the key facts: The top 20 drugs in
the United States accounted for $319.9 billion in sales in 2011. – 70k – Similar pages





Introduce a day to remember the victims of honour killings to raise awareness of honour-based violence and forced marriage

  1. Petition by

Pavanpreet Ahmed

United Kingdom

Multiply your impact

Turn your signature into dozens more by sharing this petition and recruiting people you know to sign.


My mother was murdered when I was seven-years-old. She was lured to India from the UK thinking she was going to a family wedding and then killed by hit men ordered by my dad and grandma. They had her murdered because she had asked for a divorce.



The story of the king Salomon and the disputed infant.

Just shows how come, in what ways people are sometimes left hand hanging ending with the support and safety of children security.

The true mother has gone, because who cares the child being disposed of, and cut into two, it would bring more allowance or salaries anyway- and less to do, but even more to say.


For the tales see

Cameron’s strategist was hired by Pfizer

Laura PitelPolitical Correspondent

Last updated at 12:01AM, May 7 2014

David Cameron’s pollster lobbied on behalf of Pfizer, the US pharmaceuticals giant attempting to take over the British company AstraZeneca.



C.ET:         when it is nothing about politics, the way countries’ leaders are paid.


D Day for the manufacturer there are or ain’t all the astonishing  same.

Ton tone as ishing, f    fin

Fishing                finishing

Ease on health and patent, would africa be able to afford the med.

After sharia law, hysteria, and Ukraine.

On and on on and Ukraine rebels.

The battle approaches biggest companies and major chic shit cities, chemical spray to look less morbid.




Profile of the Crimean War





Outcome of the War of 1812

Even today, many historians disagree as to who was the “winner” of the war. Many people say it was a stalemate because neither side gained or lost territory. Peaceful relations between the U.S. and Britain have followed this war into the present. But many agree that the real losers of the War of 1812 were American Indians.




China gay activists’ message for Vladimir Putin on Valentine’s Day

World | Agence France-Presse | Updated: February 14, 2014 10:51 IST



Gay & Lesbian Clubs

Rainbow Sexuality Under the Red Flag

Same-sex relationships between men have a history of acceptance in China dating as far back as the Zhou period (1100-256 B.C.). In official records of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220), 10 emperors are described as openly bisexual and are listed with the names of their lovers. In the centuries following the Han, homosexuality was generally accepted among men, so long as it didn’t interfere with their Confucian duty to marry and perpetuate the family name. Partly due to the influence of Western missionaries, homosexuality was outlawed by official decree in 1740, but Judeo-Christian notions of shame never fully took root in China and the practice persisted


For lesbians, the scene is slightly grimmer. Women perceived as homosexual are often subject to harassment. In the context of Chinese patriarchy, lesbianism has never received much attention. Outside a brief appearance in the Chinese classic Dream of the Red Mansion, it is invisible in literature, and the pressures of China’s skewed gender ratio — an excess of boys brought on by age-old prejudices in response to the one-child policy — has made many single Chinese men resentful of any reduction in the pool of potential wives.


Read more:

Read more:

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All original content (c) 1994-2014 by Utopia Asia

China Listings by City:


Other cities and provinces are listed below…

Homosexuality is not an aberrant blip on the cultural radar of Chinese history. Ancient records mention queers as far back as the Shang Dynasty (that’s 1,700 years before Christ ever said nothing about gay love). During the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 9 A.D.) nearly all Emperors were recorded as having had male lovers. The traditional attitude was generally tolerant as long as men fulfilled their filial duties to take a wife and produce heirs. Not until the Song dynasty did laws emerge to control popular male prostitution.

All original content (c) 1994-2014 by Utopia Asia




The reason why we could start abhorring technology is because even though we spend so much time in front of our computers, trying to work at it- or we are made useless, redundant, unpaid, unemployed, poor, poorer. Or that security and environment, and even freedom of expression, even the ones praising, praying, asking for liberty and verity. And for stopping the suffering, some attention.

On top of it we are half of the time completely and utterly censured.

Even here on linked, or YouTube, etc, discussions are not real discussions, as chiefs of groups, or chiefs of specific topic edit people’s comments at discretion. Ending up with debates that are in fact only the ghosts of the real ones- censured real one, never appearing comments, string of it. or only ghosts since it has been a long time we do not even try anylonger to surge against abomination.

thank you for letting appear this message. at least psychology groups tolerate it once, if not twice.

Technology that can see my bank account overthrow, and my squeletoooon of a life with it.

Technology that can see

plate , platoon.



Social Capital and Equality: Tocqueville’s Legacy: Rethinking social capital in relation with income inequalities

Emanuele Ferragina

From: The Tocqueville Review/La revue Tocqueville
Volume 31, Number 1, 2010
pp. 73-98 | 10.1353/toc.0.0030

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:

Susanne Langer (1942), in her book Philosophy in a New Key, describes how certain ideas emerge in the intellectual debate; they seem to promise that they will resolve all fundamental problems, clarify all obscure issues. “Everyone snaps them up as the open sesame of some new positive science, the conceptual centre-point around which a comprehensive system of analysis can be built” (Geertz, 1973:3). The strength of these new paradigms crowd out all other theories for a while, but after gaining familiarity with them, we realize that they cannot solve our intellectual problems and excessive popularity progressively ends



What is Surrealism?



by Frank Couvares

Video:Decade Overview of the 1930s

1930s Cinema


One way Americans coped with the troubles of the Great Depression is by going to the movies. At first, Hollywood begins to make films that are more critical of American society, such as “I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang.” One response to this daringness on the part of Hollywood is a growing call for censorship on American movies. After that, movies spend less time dealing with the problems of American society, and more time entertaining Americans.




How China’s Growth Imposes Costs on the Rest of the World

by Andrew O’Connell  |   8:30 AM April 10, 2014

It has long been assumed that China’s economic growth creates upward pressure on the price of oil, but to what extent?



C.ET: Growth should not imply the destruction of resources. Take that on intelligence and adaptability.

The humans denigrating animals AND THE ENVIRONMENT like if they were not brothers no equal will end. As even if humans managed some kind of stability without liberty and fraternity, the other species would then have the time to smell it. And curse it.

Brothers,  brow other, brew.










The nightmare neighbour next door. Channel 5




The political culture is a pernicious sort of “privatization of the State,” the informal and illicit private use of government by the political class and its allies. (Robert Klitgaard)



Klitgaard, R. (2000) Subverting Corruption Finance and development. A quarterly magazine of the IMF, June 2000, Volume 37, Number 2



Complicit corruption in the symbols and their distortion, tortured (tour tort) between practises and eloquences.

Maybe religious communities more apt at times to denunciate corruption as have a direct effect on communities. But what about close communities with their scapegoat. I always been intrigued why the parable of the lamb is so strong amongst Christians, and why people have a roast every Sunday. On the other hand, how it is so well known that churches defended rich people or nobility, served by people deemed only worth the service they render not to god or good but to private or self-interested authorities.  Moreover, what about religious belief propelling corruption against other groups.

By Anne Marie Waters

Forced marriage: the real racism lies in our failure to protect victims




By Anne Marie Waters

There can be no cultural get-out clause for child abusers



By Anne Marie Waters

It’s not culture, it’s a crime against humanity



How to beat UKIP without calling them racist

By James Bloodworth | Published: May 21, 2014

Stanley also endorsed GPs charging to see patients.

Banning all teaching of climate change in schools

IN it’s 2010 manifesto, admittedly since dismissed by Farage as “drivel”, UKIP promised to ban the teaching of climate change in schools. This despite the fact that there is a 97 per cent consensus among climate scientists supporting global warming and the fact that human emissions are responsible.

In January UKIP education spokesman MEP Derek Clark told Index on Censorship:

“We will still ban Al Gore’s video for use in schools if I’ve got anything to do with it. I will not have much opposition within the party. It is, of course, not just this video which needs banning; all teaching of global warming being caused in any way by carbon dioxide emissions must also be banned. It just is not happening.”

Lazy MEPs that are on the take

Thinking of voting UKIP to ‘stick it to the bureaucrats in Europe? Perhaps you ought to consider that UKIP’s MEPs hardly even bother to turn up to sessions of the European Parliament – not that it stops them picking up their expenses, of course.

A party that don’t want the rich to pay their fare share

Just 2.6 per cent of those who die every year pay inheritance tax. The average taxpaying estate is worth £875,000, according to HMRC. Inheritance tax raises £2.9bn a year for the Treasury from some of the wealthiest people in the country, while estates worth less than £325,000 don’t pay a penny.


C:  I do not know if everything is true or more than anecdoctical, but it does not sound good.

It is easy to be Eurosceptic, when one’s jobs consist in doing nothing. We are Europe, we are part of the world, the objectives: make it work.



Alouette, gentille alouette – alain le lait (French body parts – for birds


C.ET: a very famous French song for children, that says.

“Lark, sweet, lark,

I will pluck off your feather”




By UN Wire is a free service sponsored by the United Nations Foundation

Nigeria seeks blacklisting of Boko Haram
Nigeria has reportedly made a formal request that the United Nations Security Council al-Qaida sanctions committee blacklist Boko Haram. If there are no objections or moves to delay the vote, sanctions against Boko Haram — including a ban on travel, an embargo on weapons and a freezing of assets — would be in place by Thursday afternoon. Boko Haram is suspected to be behind three recent civilian attacks that have left more than 145 people dead. Reuters (5/20), Voice of America (5/20), Voice of America (5/21)



Russia, China veto resolution to refer Syrian crisis to ICC
Vetoes by Russia and China defeated a United Nations Security Council resolution to refer the Syrian crisis to the International Criminal Court for possible war crimes.

Young Widow, Gang Raped by Sharia Vigilantes, to Be Caned


Extramarital affairs are strictly forbidden in the province, where sharia law governing behavior was adopted in February for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Sharia vigilante groups, although officially illegal, are “common and even condoned by the local clergy and authorities.”






C :          duc, here ur dick










Vankesidi Poster





By Home>>Life & Culture >> Entertainment

Friendship: impossible is nothing

09:54, April 06, 2010

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Page by .Page by . – … Friendship: impossible




by Friendship: impossible is nothing (4)


10:08, April 06, 2010

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By Friendship: impossible is nothing (3)


10:08, April 06, 2010





The nature, the birds and all other animals will or in fact will have understood that human beings is not a predators like others. It will process the fact that human beings exclude nature, other species from everywhere, even from the green. For nature, the lawn and gold or golf courses and mine fields only. Other species won’t have no choice but to see us as what exterminate, not even damaged, bud but consciously exterminate the common home, the common boat. They will, like we do, they have attained this degree of consciousness and awareness, every animal now do.

And will perceivers. At it.

Persevere  At it.

(kill you man). After the cancer for all cells what is gonna be. The dilution, the delusion, the desolution, the oblivion, that mate matches the fact we know we kill things out of ‘practise makes perfect’ not even on occasion. Human beings can’t heal and have havoc other species’ deals, the planet concentration of the poison that will make us lose all defense, immune only to acid citric, ascorbic,

Score sick.


At ti

At it.


Revelation, but not elevation.





We, why, wee, wry.

The why there is not animals hybrids, with multiple heads or other shapes, is because of lineage in the form of breeding.

We already have lost our genetics diversity.

Alarm, orca, oracles, Heracles.


Die verse city, quote, cite.




By, © 2014 United Nations Radio.


“Slow genocide” happening in West Papua, says indigenous person




by © 2014 United Nations Radio.

Boko Haram added to Security Council sanctions list

Boko Haram added to Security Council sanctions list


The Nigerian militant group Boko Haram has been added to a UN Security Council list of terrorist groups. Boko Haram is now considered an affiliate of the outlawed…

23 May 2014 / Listen / Download




C.ET: To answer the English native speaker, migrating in huge numbers for well-paid jobs, and benefiting from easy visa agreements and their propensity, propenposity, composition, proposition, pomposity, porosity, trends at thinking England made its money just due to its geopolitical space and situation.

Or hard working, that is about the migrants that work for hours, for nothing but to act like the ignorant, brainless, heartless servant.

I hope they will deliver visa for non-natives as well. It is also true that an ‘international accent’ in English is sometimes more understandable than a strong English accent. Nonnatives know that.


Passport Requirements: UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, NZ, Canada

To protectionism discourses abuse.




To respect old priests because they are virgins.

To you I can say ‘father’.



To be accused of living promiscuously by bigot. Big Goat.


Hetero may be promiscuous, as well as gay, we are the same. And it’s their rights as long as there is happiness and consent, contentment and fairness in short relationship as well as long life one.

And as for gay we ask for marriage. we are not asking for our love to be recognized, if people recognized love they would stop trafficking and killing, but we are asking to be ceremoniously and legally be protected by the human community. we as people seeking couple and family. And we as human being in a communities who attempts at reunifying.

The eternal.

















All these articles are only extracts from whole items, often sample taken at several and different places through the article.


‘’ is my own writing, just to try to be clear on me not putting words in others’ items.




A scavenger collects plastic for recycling at a dump site on World Environment Day in the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERS/Utpal Baruah


C.ET: I just was wondering if any one would attack me for posting this picture. While the little guy who is scavenging have been left (without the money produced by the original article, for you to be reassured none I ll be making, I post it just as a ‘reminding’) and even he would have received black economy pocket money, the little boy just left there and on going.

I appreciate that one cannot do everything and that taking a pic could be used as an act purposing help for him- and the other guys and girls in his situation.

But what I recall equally it is that in this realm, I have to ask myself if no one could seriously try to sue me for doing this. That is to sue me for having taken a picture or to have written an article, hopefully to end human rights abuses (if not to start human responsibilities) and one of the priority remove this child from this environment that poison his body. But suing me because I redirect you to their article as if I intend to summarize their information for you I could be in breach of copyrights coming from the story of this little boy, snapshot without receiving a denier of the dominion. So please note that I am not the author, that I own no copyright and do not seek to earn any money.out of my ‘newsroll’ and system of quotation; I just try and do like any computer of search engine, give you my specific summarizing.

I just comment on other buddies work and provide with all the links you need to read them comprehensively. My own creative work is



Pardon the mixes of subjects, I have no time to categorise them. Also I think the holistic approaches a necessity and find solution only in them.


Kinda NEWROLL: Various Kinda NEWROLL: Various from other websites May to July 2013


Extract from:
from other websites fev 2013
Various from other websites May 2013


Extract from:

OHCHR See also
Human Rights Day

• © OHCHR 1996-2013

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, pledges support for decriminalization of homosexuality
“When individuals are attacked, abused or imprisoned because of their sexual orientation, we must speak out. Where there is tension between cultural attitudes and universal human rights, universal human rights must come first. Personal disapproval, even society’s disapproval, is no excuse to arrest, detain, imprison, harass or torture anyone – ever,” the UN Secretary-General said.

to pretend that homosexuality is to be banned alongside the line that people have translated from the poor practise of their cultures and understanding of what have been the fight of centuries, of already performed human rights advancement and torture.
c: no, culture are not god.

Peaceful Aum namah Shivaya Mantra Complete

Congo army battalion accused of mass rape U.S. trained: U.N. envoy
By Michelle Nichols
UNITED NATIONS | Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:06pm EDT
(Reuters) – An army battalion in the Democratic Republic of Congo, some of whose members have been accused of mass rape, was trained by the United States, a senior U.N. envoy said on Tuesday.

The army in the Democratic Republic of Congo has suspended 12 senior officers in connection with an incident of mass rape in November, the UN has said.
The UN had issued an ultimatum saying that it would stop working with the two brigades involved in the allegations unless legal action was taken.

The United Nations claims it is investigating about 150 allegations of sexual abuse by U.N. civilian staff and soldiers in the Congo, some of them recorded on videotape.
The charges include accusations of pedophilia, rape and prostitution, said Jane Holl Lute, an assistant secretary-general in the peacekeeping department.


UN staff accused of raping children in Sudan
By Kate Holt in Juba and Sarah Hughes
Members of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in southern Sudan are facing allegations of raping and abusing children as young as 12, The Daily Telegraph reported today.
The abuse allegedly began two years ago when the UN mission in southern Sudan (UNMIS) moved in to help rebuild the region after a 23-year civil war.

Germany arrests ‘former Auschwitz guard’ Hans Lipschis
A 93-year-old alleged former guard at the Auschwitz extermination camp has been arrested in southern Germany.

Peacekeepers ‘abusing children’
Children as young as six are being sexually abused by peacekeepers and aid workers, says a leading UK charity.
27 May 2008 09:46 UK

Three young women who vanished in separate incidents about a decade ago in the US state of Ohio have been found alive in a house in Cleveland.

The Police – Roxanne

Don’t bother applying for job without 2:1 degree, say bosses as 80% admit they turn down all graduates without qualification
By Laura Clark
The lucky few: 2:1 degrees are considered the minimum standard by bossesFirms say that the ranks of 2010 job-hunters have been swelled by rejected candidates from the past two years.

Read more:

Three quarters of employers ‘require 2:1 degree’
By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent

Simon Prince has not found work, despite having a 2:1 degree and experience
Continue reading the main story
Related Stories
• Graduate unemployment ‘rises 25%’
• Graduate jobs market ‘recovering’
• Graduate: ‘It’s been very tough’
Intense competition for graduate jobs means that more than three quarters of employers require at least a 2:1 degree grade, a survey suggests.

look at that 2 day to “understanding”.
Understanding Women’s Human Rights
Thursday 13 and Friday 14 June 2013 9.30am – 5.30pm Standard (Standard individual rate): £750
Fees and Administration
• Standard (Standard individual rate): £750


R.E.M. – Losing My Religion (Video)

7 Reasons Why Sweatshops Still Persist – can you think of more?
yes, they do because people don’t respect the material. cotton, etc are from the land, and is very high in soil depletion. we have to buy new clothes all the time, whereas we should be allowed to keep our clothes on and on, as far as they keep us warm and cover our intimacy.
also the trade of farmers and sewer are taken as bad jobs, the farmer are permitted to drown earth with toxic product to stir the production up.
the 8th reason is that we are atrociously poshy.
and it is not even because we are, but because we have to. (to boost ego and economy)

The Washington Monthly / By John Wasik
Did Make-Up Give My Wife Breast Cancer? The Ugly Truth Hidden by the Cosmetics Industry
The virtually unregulated beauty industry puts potential carcinogens in their products. Then they shower us with pink ribbons.

top Bangladesh court on Tuesday ordered the government to “immediately” confiscate the property of a collapsed building’s owner, as thousands of protesters demanding the death penalty for the man clashed with police, leaving 100 people injured.
A two-judge panel of the High Court also asked the central bank to freeze the assets of the owners of the five garment factories in the building, and use the money to pay the salaries and other benefits of their workers.

How Serious Is China in Cracking Down on N.Korea?
The state-run Bank of China, one of the country’s four major banks, said Tuesday it would cut all ties with the Foreign Trade Bank of North Korea, which has been tied to Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile development plans.
Until now, China has maintained that it would only take part in sanctions against North Korea at the UN level but refused to take financial sanctions against the repressive state led by the U.S.

The BOC decision could start to change that. It is so far the only Chinese bank to announce these steps, and it may simply have been motivated by business considerations because it has to maintain channels with U.S. financial institutions. But the Chinese government had to condone the bank’s decision, and that means it was obviously trying to send a warning to Pyongyang.

China Questions Japan’s Ownership of Okinawa

Lawmakers Huddle at White House on Sex Abuse in Military
WASHINGTON — In a sign that the White House is increasing its focus on the problem of sexual assault in the military

Delaware, Continuing a Trend, Becomes the 11th State to Allow Same-Sex Unions

TAPIE = hidden in French.

French Court Orders Lagarde to Appear in Tapie Case
a wealthy friend of France’s president at the time, Nicolas Sarkozy, and the state-owned bank Crédit Lyonnais. The panel ultimately brokered a settlement that awarded the Sarkozy friend, Bernard Tapie, the flamboyant former owner of the Olympique Marseille soccer team, about $580 million, including interest.

A French court on Thursday opened a case against the International Monetary Fund’s new chief.
Christine Lagarde is accused of assisting a supporter of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to embezzle 400 million euros (about 565 million U.S. dollars) from public funds.

In 2007, Lagarde, then the French finance minister under Sarkozy, had called in a private arbitration panel to settle a legal battle brought by business tycoon Bernard Tapie against the then state-owned Crédit Lyonnais bank.

The panel settled Tapie’s suit out of court with 400 million euros from the French government.

C: TAPIE = hidden in French.
Tapie was an incredible (inside tradder?) embezzlement tycoon convicted and imprisonned for this (the manager of the OM of Marseilles- one of the biggest football club in france.)
And here he is again!?

The trouble with Sarkozy: a powerful group want him back, but is he unelectable?
John Lichfield
The second is not just an obstacle but an obstacle course: the proliferation of financial and political scandals involving Mr Sarkozy since he left power. {…}
The second is not just an obstacle but an obstacle course: the proliferation of financial and political scandals involving Mr Sarkozy since he left power. {…}
Here is a brief guide to the main Sarkoscandals {…}
And also
One of ex-President Sarkozy’s few cases in his old profession as a lawyer has been to act for the Aga Khan, the business tycoon and racehorse owner, in his successful efforts to reverse a €60m divorce settlement. There is nothing wrong in that.
It has, however, recalled the fact that Sarkozy, as president, exempted the billionaire religious leader from all French taxes as a gesture of “international high courtesy”.

C: na, mafia, mafia, and again mafia.

‘It doesn’t add up’: Jimmy Savile’s victims condemn report by West Yorkshire Police
The report did, however, find that there was “over-reliance on personal friendships” between Savile and some officers. It also says that “mistakes were made” in the way police handled information about the entertainer.
Rob Williams
The 59-page report examined the history of the DJ and TV presenter’s relationship with the force, including how officers attended his well-known Friday Morning Club at his Leeds flat.

A single book has come to dominate the profession. That is dangerous
The American Psychiatric Association’s latest diagnostic manual remains a flawed attempt to categorise mental illness

Copyright © The Economist Newspaper Limited 2013. All rights reserved.
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For many of the millions of sheep born on Australian wool farms, the last weeks of their lives will be filled with misery, disease and a violent, painful death.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation –

prof•it•eer (pr f -tîr )
One who makes excessive profits on goods in short supply.
intr.v. prof•it•eered, prof•it•eer•ing, prof•it•eers
To make excessive profits on goods in short supply.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
noun extortion, exploitation, racketeering There has been a wave of profiteering and corruption.

Profiteering (business)
Profiteering is a pejorative term for the act of making a profit by methods considered unethical.
Business owners may be accused of profiteering when they raise prices during an emergency (especially a war). The term is also applied to businesses that play on political corruption to obtain government contracts. Some businesses don’t actually gouge the prices of their own goods; they might buy out an entire stock of something, only to resell it at an absurdly higher price.
Some types of profiteering are illegal, such as price fixing syndicates and other anti-competitive behaviour, for example on fuel subsidies (see British Airways price-fixing allegations), or restricted by industry codes of conduct such as aggressive marketing of products in the third world such as baby milk (see Nestlé boycott).

1. Jolyon Rubinstein ✔ @JolyonRubs
HSBC: please stop your role in the destruction of rainforests in Borneo @hsbc_uk_press. Sign the petition: #hsbc
Retweeted by Global Witness

Honeybees trained in Croatia to find land mines
Sunday May 19, 2013 | DARKO BANDIC for The Associated Press

How To Grow Herbs Indoors

Boy Scouts of America Vote to Admit Openly Gay Youths
The Boy Scouts of America voted Thursday to allow openly gay youths as members, while continuing its policy of excluding openly gay adult leaders.

C: childish.

Chide dish.

C: Why one should stop eating in such bordello?

What’s the connection between McDonald’s and starvation in the ‘Third World’?
What’s it like working for McDonald’s?
In what way are McDonald’s responsible for torture and murder?

Why You Can’t Eat Just One
The fast food industry now uses hundreds of modified food compounds as biochemical triggers to increase appetite and food cravings. Fast food chains such as McDonald’s spend vast amounts of money in this new food science of using addictive substances to keep their customers munching.
© 2005 — 2009 Linda Melos, ND – Naturopathic Physician. All Rights Reserved.

By Matthew Rosenbaum

McDonald’s Announces End to ‘Pink Slime’ in Burgers These trimmings, which consist of what’s left of the meat after all the choice cuts of beef are taken, are banned for human consumption in the U.K, where they are instead used for dog and chicken food. They are legal for consumption in the United States, however, where they are treated with ammonium hydroxide in order to kill off bacteria such as E. coli and make it safe for human consumption.

Right now, in secretive product-testing laboratories in countries such as China and the US, animals are being burned, cut open and poisoned in cosmetics tests that have been banned by the European Union.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation

In Pakistan, This Power Struggle Is Over Electricity
Electricity shortages, the product of decrepit power plants, decades-old policy mistakes and corruption, have reached crisis proportions.

‘If you don’t take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits’
By Clare Chapman
12:01AM GMT 30 Jan 2005
A 25-year-old waitress who turned down a job providing “sexual services” at a brothel in Berlin faces possible cuts to her unemployment benefit under laws introduced this year.
Prostitution was legalised in Germany just over two years ago and brothel owners – who must pay tax and employee health insurance – were granted access to official databases of jobseekers.
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Organisers say Pride in London 2013 could be cancelled
The new organisers of the capital’s summer gay pride event have warned that unless they can secure enough funding and logistical help from volunteers – it may be axed for this year.
Last month, London LGBT+ Community Pride was awarded the right to run the festival for the next five years – in a grant worth over £650,000 – for the full duration.
C: it should be run for free as representation is vital to a community whom is discriminated against, who reassemble people of all sex, origin, ethnic and national backgrounds… and who is stripped of, violated of the most crucial of equality rights (and corollary others’ duties), such as marriage and the right to a family…we are not slaves.

First gay couple wed in France amid tight security

What can we learn from children’s writing?
• As trustworthy as a fox with a chicken feather poking out of its mouth
• As slow as a snail with 25 shells on its back
• My heart fades like a balloon with a hole in it
• “WHAT? Noooooooooo!” howled Lydiea, like a werewolf with a toothache

Dictator on trial for indigenous genocide
In Guatemala, the trial continues of a former general who presided over a reign of terror in the 1980s. During the military dictatorship of José Efrain Ríos Montt, around 200,000 people, almost all of them members of Guatemala’s indigenous population, were killed or disappeared. Montt is the first ever head of state to be tried for genocide.
More →
IN PICTURES: Peru’s uncontacted tribes threatened by gas project
They live no more than 100 kms from Machu Picchu. Today, however, the future of uncontacted tribes who live in the heartland of the ancient Inca Empire is threatened by gas and oil extraction.
The story in pictures →

Survival International, 6 Charterhouse Buildings, LONDON, UK, EC1M 7ET
T +44(0)20 7687 8700

Dead Can Dance – The Host Of Seraphim

Is the UK really a ‘developed’ country if this is happening?

Half a Million People in Britain Rely on Food Banks for Survival
[…] inequality and poverty seems to be rising dramatically despite the government’s denial of this. Shocking statistics have come to light that highlights how the ‘age of austerity’ has affected…
Lillian M. Lake • Decreasing the surplus population is a global movement. I have to believe, however, that as King said, “the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice”. But not without help.

Invite a tourist for dinner.. HomeHostedMeals provides an economic opportunity for (poor) people living in destination areas

Started by Thomas Rathje, Production Manager and CSR Coordinator

I saw a number last week indicating the Federal Bureau of Prisons has reached a population of 218,830. In the late 70’s, early 80,s the population was around 25,000.

Started by Percy Pitzer, Executive VP at Creative Corrections, LLC

also good info on ur add. well done.

A Shameful Neglect – By Anna Badkhen
Afghanistan’s iniquities are grotesque. At Kabul University last week, zealots — all men — protested a law that would abolish child marriage, forced marriage, marital rape, and the odious practice, called ba’ad, of giving…

Saudi preacher who ‘raped and tortured’ his five -year-old daughter to death is released after paying ‘blood money’
A ‘celebrity’ Saudi preacher accused of raping, torturing and killing his five-year-old daughter has reportedly been released from custody after agreeing to pay ‘blood money’.

C: it is not religion it is organized crimes, and gang rapes (and certain arranged marriages-well, all if you ask me) and live long torture. you don’t even need to be psychopaths, you just need to be unequalitarian and the abuses will begin. a house to racists, myso, and homophobes.

The conflict in Syria is brutal within its borders but once outside, those that flee often find they have no way of earning a living.
Syrian women, often without a male guardian or breadwinner, struggle to make ends meet and some are forced to take desperate measures such as forced marriage or prostitution.

How ethical is your pension?

Is your money being used to finance land grabs in poor countries? We need your help with some invaluable research for our campaign. Find out more and take action.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

Every single day, thousands of children experience terrible abuse and suffer in silence. But with your help, we can put a stop to this. By making a donation today you can help us be there to help more abused children.

Move your money

In the first half of 2012, 500,000 people moved their money from the big banks to more ethical or socially useful alternatives. If you want to help build a better banking system, move your money and then tell your MP. Find out how to switch and tell.

human rights cartoon | P.a.p.-Blog // Human Rights – 600 × 405 – More sizes

Emotional abuse can take a variety of forms, from humiliating jokes to degrading comments, and it’s not always easy to spot. Here’s how to recognize the signs, and remove emotionally abusive behaviors from your relationship.
C: or don’t go frenzy, just resign and offer your work capacity to others.

The European Commission is launching legal action against Spain over the refusal of some hospitals to recognise the European Health Insurance Card.

Researchers at Edinburgh University have discovered that giving inflatable stockings to stroke patients could save hundreds of lives a year.

Researchers at Edinburgh University have discovered that giving inflatable stockings to stroke patients could save hundreds of lives a year.

Why are women in Iraqi Kurdistan setting themselves on fire?
Even though the Kurdistan region of Iraq has progressed economically and socially in the last few years, this northern part of the country remains a very patriarchal and conservative society.
Women continue to endure domestic violence, social injustice and discrimination.
Doctors say that each month they see hundreds of cases of self-immolation which are often the result of such treatment.

Saudi Arabia: Appeal for human rights defenders facing up to 11 years in jail
On 9 March the Criminal Court in Riyadh sentenced Mohammad al-Qahtani and Dr Abdullah al-Hamid to 10 and 11 years’ imprisonment, respectively. The conviction related to their role as co-founders of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Organization (ACPRA), for which they faced charges such as disobeying the ruler, founding an unlicensed organization, inciting disorder by calling for demonstrations, and harming the image of the state by disseminating false information to foreign groups.

since human rights and human in general is the last stuff remaining to go on for being exploit, no, exploited.

Vegetarian diet linked to longer lifespan
Go to NHS Choices homepageYour health, your choices

The vegetarian diet

The vegan diet
C: demons and minds.
No matter.

KENYA: Kenyan police tortured and abused more than 1,000 refugees, asylum seekers and Somali Kenyans in Nairobi in a “10-week rampage” beginning in late 2012, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says.
C: not saying it is relevant to the case I don’t know, but if problem of criminality, who would build prisons and other resources needed to stop it. The guys from the foreign countire that don’t build prison but might get them to be inspected. All inspected? But their organisations.

Kony’s Ivory: How Elephant Poaching in Congo Helps Support the LRA

C : c’est hallucinant la quantite de pages qu’il a ecrit ce mec.
Jacques Collin de Plancy
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“Collin de Plancy” redirects here. For the French diplomat, bibliophile and art collector, see Victor Collin de Plancy.

Illustration from Diable peint par lui-même (1825) depicting Collin de Plancy, reclining on his bed, having a discussion with the devil.

Cover of Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal (1826).
Jacques Albin Simon Collin de Plancy (Plancy-l’Abbaye, 28 January 1793 –Paris, 1881) was a French occultist, demonologist and writer; he published several works on occultism and demonology.[1][2]
He was born Jacques Albin Simon Collin on 28 (in some sources 30) January 1793 in Plancy (presently Plancy-l’Abbaye) son of Edme-Aubin Collin and Marie-Anne Danton, sister of Georges-Jacques Danton who was executed the year after Jacques was born.[3] He later added the aristocratic “de Plancy” himself – an addition which would later cause accusations against his son in his career as a diplomat. He was a free-thinker influenced by Voltaire. He worked as a printer and publisher in Plancy-l’Abbaye and Paris. Between 1830 and 1837, he resided in Brussels, and then in the Netherlands, before he returned to France after having converted to the Catholic religion.
Collin de Plancy followed the tradition of many previous demonologists of cataloguing demons by name and title of nobility, as it happened with grimoires like Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, and The Lesser Key of Solomon among others. In 1818 his best known work, Dictionnaire Infernal, was published. In 1863 were added some images that made it famous: imaginative drawings concerning the appearance of certain demons. In 1822 it was advertised as:
“Anecdotes of the nineteenth new century or historiettes, recent anecdotes, features and words little known, singular adventures, various quotations, bringings together and curious parts, to be used for the history of customs and the spirit of the century when we live compared with the last centuries.”
It is considered a major work documenting beings, characters, books, deeds, and causes which pertain to the manifestations and magic of trafficking with Hell; divinations, occult sciences, grimoires, marvels, errors, prejudices, traditions, folktales, the various superstitions, and generally all manner of marvellous, surprising, mysterious, and supernatural beliefs.
By the end of 1830 he ostensibly became an enthusiastic Catholic—to the confusion of his former admirers and detractors.
In 1846, he published a two volume work entitled Dictionnaire Sciences Occultes et des Idées superstitieuses,[4] another listing of demons. The set cost 16 francs.
Jacques Collin de Plancy was the father of Victor Emile Marie Joseph Collin de Plancy (1853–1924) who for nearly a decade starting in 1884 served as French Minister to Korea and whose collected art works and books became part of the core of the Korean collections of the French Bibliothèque Nationale and the Musée Guimet in Paris.[5]
Bibliography [edit]
Original Name Translated Date Size/Other
Dictionnaire Infernal
Infernal Dictionary 1818 582 pages
Le Diable Peint par Lui-Même; ou, Galerie de petits romans, de contes bizarres, d’anecdotes prodigieuses sur les aventures des demons, les traits qui les caracterisent, leurs bonnes qualites et leurs infortunes; les bons mots et les reponses singulieres qu’on leur attribue; leurs amours, et les services qu’ils out pu rendre aux mortels, etc., etc., etc. Painted by the Devil Himself, or, a Gallery of small novels, bizarre tales, prodigious anecdotes about the adventures of demons, the traits that characterize their good qualities and their misfortunes, the right words and the answers that singular their attributes, their loves, and the services they have rendered out to mortals, etc., etc., etc. 1819 318 pages
Dictionnaire féodal ou recherches et anecdotes sur les Dimes et les droits féodaux, les fiefs et les bénéfices, les privilèges etc. et sur tout ce qui tient à la Féodalité. Feudal Dictionary, or, Research and Anecdotes on the Feudal Dimes and Rights, Strongholds and Benefices, Preferences etc. and on Everything Pertaining to Feudalism. 1819 –
Dictionnaire critique des reliques et des images miraculeuses Critical Dictionary of Relics and Miraculous Images 1821 3 books, 450, 470 and 416 pages
Traité des reliques de Jean Calvin Treatise of Jean Calvin’s Relics 1822 –
Histoire du Manneken Pis racontée par lui-même History of Manneken Pis told by Himself 1824 Lacrosse, Bruxelles
Biographie pittoresque des Jésuites ou Notices abrégées théologiques et historiques sur les jésuites célèbres A Picturesque Biography on the Jesuits or Theological and Historical Shortened Notes on the famous Jesuits
1826 110 pages
Fastes militaires des Belges Military Record of the Belgians 1835–1836 4 volumes
Légendes de l’histoire de France II Legends of French History II 1850 –
Godefroid de Bouillon, chroniques et légendes du temps des deux premières croisades, 1095-1180 Godfrey de Bouillon, chronicles and legends of the time of the first two Crusades, 1095–1180 1842 479 pages
Légendes de la Sainte Vierge Legends of the Blessed Virgin 1845 392 pages
Légendes de l’Histoire de France Legends of French History 1846 386 pages
La chronique de Godefroid de Bouillon et du royaume de Jérusalem. Première et deuxième croisade (1080-1187) avec l’histoire de Charles-le-Bon… The Chronicle of Godfrey de Bouillon, and the kingdom of Jerusalem. First and Second Crusades (1080–1187) with the history of Charles the Good… 1848 –
La Reine Berthe au grand pied Queen Bertha with the Large Foot 1854 274 pages
Légendes des commandements de l’Eglise Legends of the Church’s Commandments 1860 396 pages
Légendes des sacrements Legends of the Sacraments
1860 396 pages
Légendes des femmes dans la vie réelle Legends of Women in Real Life 1861 412 pages, Henri Plon, Paris
Légendes de l’ancien testament, recueillies des apocryphes, des rabins et des légendaires, distinguées avec soin des textes sacrés Legends of the Old Testament, collected apocryphal books, Rabbinical and legendary ones, distinguished carefully from the crowned texts 1861 396 pages
Légendes Infernales, relations et pactes des hôtes de l’enfer avec l’espèce humaine. Infernal legends, tales and pacts of the hosts of Hell with the mankind. 1861 –
Légendes de l’autre monde, pour servir à l’histoire du paradis, du purgatoire et de l’enfer, avec quelques esquisses de personnages peu soucieux de leur âme Legends of the other world, to serve as a history of Paradise, Purgatory and Hell, with some drafts of characters unconcerned with their soul 1862 396 pages
La Vie et les légendes intimes des deux empereurs Napoléon Ier et Napoléon II jusqu’à l’avénement de Napoléon III The Intimate Life and the Legends of the two Emperors Napoleon I and Napoleon II until the coming of Napoleon III 1863 411 pages
Légendes du calendrier Legends of the Calendar 1863 396 pages
Légendes du juif errant et des seize reines de Munster Legends of the wandering Jew and the sixteen queens of Munster 1866 393 pages
Légendes des commandements de Dieu Legends of the Commandments of God
1864 396 pages
Légendes des sept péchés capitaux Legends of the Seven deadly sins
1864 396 pages
Légendes des douze convives du chanoine de Tours Legends of the twelve guests of the chanoine de Tours 1864 396 pages
Taxes des parties casuelles de la boutique du pape pour la remise, moyennant argent, de tous les crimes et pêchés – 1871 82 pages
La fin des temps, confirmée par des prophéties authentiques nouvellement recueillies End of time, confirmed by authentic prophecies lately collected 1871 211 pages
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Légendes des esprits et des démons qui circulent autour de nous Legends of the spirits and the demons which circulate around us – 396 pages
Le docteur Péperkouk Doctor Péperkouk – –
Légendes des origines Legends of Origins – 412 pages
Légendes des vertus théologales et des vertus cardinales Legends of the theological virtues and the cardinal virtues – 396 pages
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Légendes du Moyen Âge Legends of the Middle Ages – 396 pages
References [edit]
1. ^ Les Mille et un jours J Stouff – 2010 – “C’est sans doute la raison pour laquelle, il fut demandé à Jacques Collin de Plancy (1793-1881) qui ne connaissait par l’Orient, mais était expert en esprits et démons de toute sorte, d’en rédiger une introduction.”
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External links [edit]
• Dictionnaire infernal: ou Répertoire universel des êtres, des personnages, 1853 at Google Books, PDF download available
• Réalité de la magie et des apparitions: ou, Contre-poison du Dictionnaire, 1819 at Google Books, PDF download available
• Dictionnaire infernal, ou, Recherches et anecdotes, sur les démons, les, 1818 at Google Books, PDF download available
• Dictionnaire infernal, ou Recherches et anecdotes sur les démons, 1844 at Google Books, PDF download available
• Dictionnaire des sciences occultes: ou, Répertoire universel des êtres, des, 1848 at Google Books, PDF download available

IRAQ: More than 1,000 people were killed in violence in Iraq in May, making it the deadliest month since the sectarian slaughter of 2006-07, the United Nations reports, stoking fears of a return to civil war.
C: very, very useful briefing.

You see this guy who posted this story on linkd. I send this twice for him to edit it. He never did it.
?? check yourself on the internet — islamic schools etc…preach pedophilia in teaching people that mohamed the polygamous prophet of islam were married at a 9 year old child, (and) To worship worst form of sexual slavery.
And how this is taught to children in UK and other liberals’ countries.

Don’t hesitate and drop me a line. I won’t moderate you if not simply spam, I welcome hyperlink or any comment as log as no intolerant of others’ rights = not the right (as allegiance) of absolute sovereign but right = conducive to everyone and lives (all is living, like everything) well being, mutual respect and liberty.
Some examples.
(when you forgot it all about imposed and ritualised, rooted polygamist and knew nothing about sexual and other sort of slavery after pillages and wars- here what you got = what you are)
mohammed, the islamic prophet “””married””” a child.
islam preaches worse than pedophily but like mohamed its prophet who was polygamous and whose last ‘spouse’ was a child.
please check on internet, it is classical Muslim literature.

Some examples.
mohammed, the islamic prophet married a child.
AISHA, the fourth ?wife? of Mohammad, the Islamic prophet, she was a 9 year-old human.
Also don?t think that this is just a link, it is what has been affiliated with the called a whole ?holy book??
Look yourself on the net and you will see that thousands of people discuss quietly of Mohammed marriage to pedophilia- and its legality.
But surely I don?t want you to worry.
C: what makes me afraid, is that whatever it comes; from what is called religions or cultures. discriminatory acts, ill-intented or ill thought, or resulting in sufferings…etc, are justified saying that they are cultural or religious or of human nature. religion is not for god, and they cannot say who is god or not god, but religion is godified each time they say that they are defending certain person interest (inequality) or human interest (thinking of human as a being of superiority).

but what I think I know is that combatting rapes and pedophilia, traffic, even child prostitution is, stays untackled even in the u.k or developed countries, just like you say. what I think is that we are tied by this capitalist system in which you have to agree with your chiefs. and the chains of commands the same shackles that were before fashist rising, and dictacture, where people get away with concentration camps because they ‘obey’
maybe if you were to try and describe what happened in your own profession, no one would agree to employ you, or at big position. or even worse they could fired you from whatever position you are in.
we studied and would try to ameliorate, but, what do we face.

yes, or also it is because we are a system counting still enormously on families. as a counterpart it makes it alright, a triangles or trainings, to discriminate against your own children. like religion head of families or congregation are mystified. taboos about conducts and the sacrosanct heirloom.

there is also the need for people to feel religious and seek spirituality. it is why one cannot condemn religions as they inspired morals tenets, laws and the acknowledgment of something beyond and unifying.

but to permit people to torture their own child and others in saying that it is their religion or in citing texts followed by ‘religious’ groups is gonna render us inhumane. I mean totally inhumane whilst we are alreay at it.

It is to abandon our very nature to let people destroy others or the future or others.

it is why also we need to preserve cultures but not what they are of minimalistic but holistic and having searched and lost everywhere, because of the need for opposition.

Developed countries are awaiting and fabricating that much of pollution that will render this place inhabitable ultimately. there is the hope for mutation still on tv.

Also citizenship is a question of class as it is related to origin and nationality… and the means of exerting it. maybe also in connivance with how you agree with the ruling elites and patterns.

Child marriage in Tanzania: cash for parents, problems for girls

C: this title just disgusts me.

He talks and uses ‘girls’ just as if they were in his red quarters.

Last week, MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index declared that Bangkok – the capital of Thailand and portal to some of the country’s renowned beaches – would be the most visited city on earth in 2013.
The Southeast Asian megacity beat London, Paris and New York for the title, with 15.98 million visitors expected this year. London was a close second, with 15.96 million people expected.
This is the first time an Asian city has grabbed the top spot on the index, which, since its launch in 2010, has predicted visitor numbers based on scheduled flights and expected tourist spending for 132 destinations around the world.
Having lived in Bangkok for most of the past decade, I get the lure. As one of Asia’s main travel hubs, it is an easy hop to Thailand’s mountains, beaches and ancient temples, or onward to other countries.
Some visitors to the “land of smiles” – as the country’s tourism machine has dubbed the kingdom – come for high-end shopping and luxurious spas, while others meander through the myriad temples or revel in a bacchanalian night of clubbing. Yet others – and this comes as no surprise – are seduced by the city’s numerous red light districts.
However, lurking beneath the smiles in this country is a dark, dismissive attitude toward crime – with the rich and famous getting away with murder, and foreign tourists suffering mysterious deaths – as well as crimes against women.
My tireless colleague Thin Lei Win has written extensively about violence against women – including Thai women, foreign tourists and migrant labourers – and their futile struggles for justice in a country that only extended the definition of rape to cover all sexes and all types of sexual penetration in 2007.
Thin met a 17-year-old Thai woman who had been raped repeatedly for four months by her employer’s brother. When she mustered the courage to press charges, his family threatened to kill hers and she had to go into hiding in a women’s shelter. She writes of another rape victim who, after speaking out about the incident a decade ago, lost her job, her boyfriend and even her surname because relatives accused her of sullying the family name.
In marriage, Thai women fared no better. Former beauty queen Areewan Jathuthong described how her husband – the son of a retired army general – hit her, poured hot candle wax on her body and once forced her at gunpoint to walk naked down the street.
“Thai culture says if you get married, you stay married, and I was taught that as a wife you bear with it,” Areewan told Thin. Areewan later became a lawyer and an advocate for victims of domestic violence.
Last year, after a Dutch woman was beaten and raped by a Thai man, a senior police officer said that it wasn’t really rape because she had dinner with the guy – an outmoded, insensitive sexist claim that the tourism minister had the gall to repeat.
Worst off in the socio-economic hierarchy are Burmese migrant workers, who have little choice other than to endure daily abuses. More or less impotent in a country that considers them lucky to have a job – no matter how dirty, dangerous, demeaning and underpaid – the Burmese find it virtually impossible to complain to police who often wring them for bribes or who may even be attackers themselves.

Congo on track for 8 pct growth, fighting corruption – PM

Congo, a country the size of Western Europe at the heart of Africa, has some of the world’s largest copper and cobalt reserves as well as rich deposits of coltan, tin and diamonds.

But investors have been deterred by infrastructure and institutions ravaged by decades of mismanagement and war.
Last month, a panel led by former U.N. secretary general Kofi Annan found that Congo had lost $1.36 billion in tax revenues between 2010 and 2012 from opaque, cut-price mining asset sales to foreign firms.
Congo ranked 160th from 174 countries in Transparency International’s rankings of perceptions of corruption last year.
“There’s a sense across Africa, including here, of ‘never again’,” he said. “That energy can translate into learning from history instead of repeating it.”
(Writing by Daniel Flynn; Editing by Elise Knutsen, Ron Askew)
C: since everything is a story of perception, as who would dare looking at their navel or investigating bona fide a situation, and say ‘fine’ while looking in the eyes of abduction and auction.
Collaborated facts and collaboration.

A former indentured housemaid, or “Kamalari”, attends a protest demanding rehabilitation and social security in Kathmandu

BANGKOK (TrustLaw) – Her employer’s brother raped her repeatedly for four months until Noi, 17, mustered the courage to press charges, but courage, she discovered, has a price.

Tax fairness lies at the heart of fighting poverty and hunger

Dear friends,
Last year we launched our latest campaign for the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe. So far, over fifty thousand emails have been sent to Brazil’s Minister of Justice, urging him to remove the illegal loggers.
The government announced it would make the case a priority, and would release special funds to remove the invaders. The first base camp, from where operations to evict the loggers and other invaders will be conducted, has now been built. These developments would not have occurred without the help of Survival supporters.
But this isn’t enough. There are only 450 Awá; many of them are uncontacted. If the loggers see them, they’ll kill them. It’s vital that we keep the Awá on the government’s radar, and pressure it to evict the invaders urgently. This is the time to step up our campaign, and for that we need your help once more.

Sri Lanka’s civil war, which spanned more than a quarter of a century, ended in 2009. With more than 100,000 war casualties and one million refugees, it represented one of Asia’s most violent, destructive and intractable conflicts. Four years since active military hostilities ended, there has been no progress towards constitutional and political reforms addressing the problems of pluralism and democracy that lay at the heart of the conflict, nor a legitimate process of truth and accountability for war-time abuses. Instead, Sri Lanka is steadily moving in the direction of becoming an authoritarian state, with the rule of law and governance under attack, the ascendance of majoritarian ethno-religious intolerance, and an overall decline in democratic and human rights standards. This event will explore the pervasive culture of impunity in Sri Lanka, both with regard to past abuses as well as post-war governance. The broader challenge of transition from a post-war to a post-conflict situation will be discussed in relation to ongoing efforts regarding peace and good governance.
Thursday 20 June 2013, 6.30-8pm

Centre for the Study of Human Rights
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE
United Kingdom

Businesses that engage in Earth driven principles are growing; they are the leaders who can pave the way for the laws that will create a mandatory ‘First do no harm’ principle.
was the call for responsible leadership. In legal terms responsibility is about imputing a legal duty of care.

Russian anti-gay law condemned

Violation of Russian constitution & European human rights law

London, UK – 11 June 2013


“In practice, gay marches, festivals, posters, magazines, books, welfare advice and safer sex education will be at risk of criminal prosecution.

“It is a blanket censorship of any public expression of same-sex love or gay human rights.

“This is likely to result in the purging of many books, films and plays from libraries, schools, theatres and cinemas, including many classic works of art and literature.


Further information:

Peter Tatchell


Teacher in Egypt Sentenced for ‘Defaming’ Islam

June 11, 2013 By Our Middle East Correspondent

CAIRO, Egypt (Morning Star News) – A judge in Upper Egypt found a Christian teacher guilty of defaming Islam today and levied a massive fine against her after prohibiting her lawyers from presenting a single witness during the trial.

‘Self-cleaning’ pollution-control technology could do more harm than good, study suggests
Posted: 13 Jun 2013 06:23 AM PDT
Environmental scientists shows that air-pollution-removal technology used in “self-cleaning” paints and building surfaces may actually cause more problems than they solve.

‘Self-cleaning’ pollution-control technology could do more harm than good, study suggests

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 06:23 AM PDT

Environmental scientists shows that air-pollution-removal technology used in “self-cleaning” paints and building surfaces may actually cause more problems than they solve.

Make a mini meadow

Thinking of mowing the lawn this weekend? Here’s a good excuse not to. Turn part of your garden into a mini wildflower meadow that bees and insects will love. Read our easy guide.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

Is Whistleblower Edward Snowden a Traitor or a Hero?
Jim Denison, Denison Forum on Truth and Culture
Thursday, June 13, 2013
#government #NSA #privacy


Edward Snowden is the world’s most famous spy. The former CIA employee who leaked information about U.S. surveillance programs is currently in Hong Kong. The Justice Department is now preparing charges against him. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said this week that Snowden should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
But should he? Is Snowden a traitor or a hero? Let’s think biblically about the options and their relevance to our engagement with contemporary culture.
According to Boston Globe columnist Tom Keane, Snowden is “an American hero.” New Yorker writer John Cassidy agrees: “In revealing the colossal scale of the U.S. government’s eavesdropping on Americans and other people around the world, he has performed a great public service that more than outweighs any breach of trust he may have committed.” Daniel Ellsberg adds that “Snowden’s whistleblowing gives us a chance to roll back what is tantamount to an ‘executive coup’ against the U.S. constitution.”
The recent protests in Turkey are another example of standing up to oppressive authority (see my “Why the conflict in Turkey matters to you”). This method of cultural transformation is akin to the apostles’ refusal to obey the authorities’ demand that they stop preaching: “Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God. For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:19-20). In this approach, we must confront and refuse authority when it conflicts with our Kingdom calling.
Others see Snowden as a traitor. According to New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin, he is “a grandiose narcissist who deserves to be in prison.” In his view, “he wasn’t blowing the whistle on anything illegal; he was exposing something that failed to meet his own standards of propriety.” David Brooks, my favorite New York Times columnist, writes that Snowden “betrayed the Constitution. The founders did not create the United States so that some solitary 29-year-old could make unilateral decisions about what should be exposed. Snowden self-indulgently short-circuited the democratic structures of accountability, putting his own preferences above everything else.”
Thinking biblically, in this view Snowden should have obeyed the mandate, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established” (Romans 13:1). By this approach, we must work within governing authorities to seek change.
Which way of viewing Snowden’s actions do you believe is correct? Why? Please share your thoughts in our comments section. And ask yourself: What will you risk, inside or outside authority, to stand for Christ today? When last did it cost you something significant to serve Jesus?
Jim Denison, Ph.D., is a subject matter expert on cultural and contemporary issues. He founded the Denison Forum on Truth and Culture, a nonsectarian “think tank” designed to engage contemporary issues with biblical truth in 2009 and is the author of seven books, including Radical Islam: What You Need to Know. For more information on the Denison Forum, visit To connect w

C: do not know nothing about this topic I admit, but what I know it is this these kinda prpophetie that the churches went growing grouilling with pedophily.
Link song
do not know nothing about

Man discovers he is a woman

Former Navy Seal, Kristin Beck comes out as a transgender

Stop the waste

Europe buries or burns 60 per cent of our valuable resources. This shocking waste of materials and money has a huge effect on the environment. We think it’s better to prevent this waste in the first place, or reuse and recycle materials – but the EU has no plans to do this.
Ask Environment Minister Owen Paterson to stop this waste.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

When the Bully Is a Sibling
New research suggests that aggression between siblings, especially chronic abuse, can inflict psychological wounds as damaging as
“It can erode their sense of identity and their self-esteem,” he said.

UN refugee agency: Global refugee count is most since 1994
U.N. Reports Increased Number of Displaced People
Published: June 18, 2013

Home » Muslims » WATCH – Muslim Threatens To Kill Young Girl After She Says Muslims Are Violent

C: but I don’t want to edit a lot like that, because ultimately, wherever they are or come from, other thugs, not in shortage nowhere in class, profession, quarters, religions or sects, mafias, government and bandits attract the will and consent of others, or draw it all down and upon weapons, normal peep pepe people first playing, acting- per preposterously arguing with philosophy, and finally living and engrossing in misery.

Christians Sentenced to Prison as ‘Moderate’ Comes to Power in Iran
ISTANBUL (Morning Star News) – Six more Christians were sentenced for practicing their faith last week, […]

[…] Manal al-Sharif, who was arrested on the morning of May 22, 2011, after she defied the kingdom’s de facto ban on driving by women, Human Rights Watch said today.
[…] al-Sharif was rearrested at her home, after she posted the video on YouTube. The video is no longer available. She is being held in Dammam prison, a fellow prisoner told Human Rights Watch. […]

Dr Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu;
Asanga Welikala; Uvindu Kurukulasuriya

Under the guidance of Professor Lisa Anderson, Conceptual Foundations of International Politics is a graduate course at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs which examines many of the central concepts, theories, and analytical tools used in contemporary social science to understand and explain international affairs.
PS: I just want to log in and comment as these lectures are simply great, but I can’t.

C: interesting lecture, ontologic, put oneself, in face m fact myself into question, my navel not engrossed and what flight and flung my ship conception.
Cheap ship.

I said a lto lot about academy, but these lectures of Harvard, yal, colym cl colymbia etc. have only 150 500 hits each. I think that academic are under great danger. I think that technology have enabled human to kill fast and irreversibly in mass in all atrocity and hypocrity, ove covered y by reasons and sciences I think that we are reverted to a philosophy of survival in which research to knowledge, not in destruction for analysing depletion and suffering but knowledge of the heart, live and harmony, the all thinking and breathing, the good and the raison (nosy hare) won’t permit itself into redemption.
I am not Christian centred in saying that it is just (not) (note) an option.

Glaring Setbacks for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, The Environment and All Human Beings
Still Today The Government of Brazil Continues To Ignore The Constitutional Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Rights of All Human Beings to Preserve a Healthy Planet

C: dying nature, killed nature, the same of the pop people. Fi if mainstream kill people instead of rights protection and instead of nature conservation then end of civilisation. and in case of technology advanced crushing as a mean, the crash will be as (and in fact more, as sciences if used consciensciously (on purpose and impose, tax and not immunise but immondice-monstruous, mount of refuse and squalid) against (ageing) the mother – resources, nature and culture- no tally tale talking about cultures that mimic and maim themselves for example treating women as their inferior in order to serve the ordure) then knowledge unsaved, rapture will rupture and kill inversely her traitors (pervert, insulting, not creator) for the abuses not to endure.
She will teach.

I will tell you what I know me Malcom. you talk about local authorities, they are now local government. for example since 2009 in the UK if you want to make a complaint (most probably you are a staff knowing what exactly is happening, at leas in your area of responsibilities and function) against or about the care provided by the council, you cannot lodge the complaint to the national government anymore, no, you have to complain about the council action to the council itself.
And about whistle-blower, the day you go in court with the proof, or at least hoping that the judge will investigate, because they would investigate with a professional in the field incriminated, an independent guys who jobs is to follow and if not monitor but checking the application of national standards- that are on papers rather reassuring, then you could prove your case that you have to work and follow rules intrinsically abusives and in fierce opposition to the vague, incomplete and avorted human rights notions that are inscribed here and then (not enough they are but they are, just to be spurned, and for their not in application, no matter, no counting).
So all of this above not counting because whatever you will say to the judge, say that you have working against, a contrario to the guidelines by the ‘national vocational’ bullock provided, the judge I quote would say ‘as for what you try to bring up, it is beyond my jurisdiction I am sorry’. At the question, whose juridction it is the answer would be ‘I don’t know’ i.e ‘there is any’.
That is whistleblow and everyone knows that ‘humanum errar est’, ‘mimstake ins ins only human’ people will be at the task of finding you fault during your time at work, or even lie to be sure and clear of your resignation if you are lucky enough to get away with your recommendations (the so unavoidable and indispensable references and referre, that no employer has to provide during the on-going training and that you have go tto produce at the en d of your sac sacerdotal nini).
To prove you are well behave, that you did not say nothing to the authorities. The same, in rule and responsible, note the range and average of the choice, Saville or baby P).

‘a juridic system that is connected to the economic system’
Lecture 4 – Alternative Views of American Primacy

Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques

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Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977

What do Protests in Turkey, Brazil etc have in common? Six surprising facts
[…] In Tunisia, it all started with a young fruit vendor who could no longer bear the abuse from authorities and set himself on fire. In Chile it was the costs of universities. In Turkey, a park and in Brazil, bus fare increases. […] became widespread protests on issues such as corruption, inequality, the high cost of living or the arbitrariness of the authorities.

C: University price and fare are two major impediments to liberty and individual development that we are facing here in London.
As for the thesis that these countries are doing well economically and though are in the state of revolt, I would forward the point that economic development and growth are presented to be the panacea of all evils (whatever the face of the evils people want to keep and entertain for themselves). So when people see in fact what dramatic curb on originality, individual liberty through the standardisation of thoughts, behaviors (smile and suits, the dress code being an address to the population, don’t be capitalist and you will be the one redressed the sad way- in the prison of unemployability), so come a reaction. Would you have customers, to your life adopting ways to spare water and animal sufferance, well they would be, -if not ashamed-, disregarded, parked, degraded, declassified of their ‘rights’ to better and bigger money. Ghettoization, the one that pays you the possibility if not the right to open your window in summer without to have a mastiff bulldog and fatigues (not the pet, the guerrier) to protect your t.v – the hope of having a little house in which your neighbour won’t render your life’s moment, momentum and instant of tranquility as hell as with no peace to rest, think and revitalise the energy one needs to flourish and protect themselves of life and spiritual turmoil, danger and tiredness) because they decide that noise is for other pollution and discreet social torture a good day.
On Huntington’s thesis that says, it occurs in societies experimenting changes. There is Durkheim’s thesis that it is because people are in lack of references, but there is also because the power is transferring from a form to another and that people are here there not really to protest against more inequalities that the ones they are touched by or with- or that the ones they cannot manipulate or be to an extent to at its certain (reverent revered) receiving end, but here to grab the seats and gears of the products of a labor tamed into profeetering from or anothers’ labor, or from the natural (own by nature) own resources, or by the lack or abundance of law permitting them to succeed from and out of leeway.

As for the gross and grave inequality occasion by the police and other civil servants treatments, let’s wait and see then. As grow development and its abuses legitimated by the people awaiting to do nothing more than grabbing the rest. Like in any fashist and dictatorship who is gonna take the blame to push us towards a politics of the sharks and their embellishment, the institutions themselves.for the rest that will satisfy and congratulate for this attitude and their individual and societal limitation their sex (= beast, the animal and spirit that are our inhabitation) there will be grotesque. And also without forgetting, as it is at the base of all debauchery, there will be sex. Not the one of disenfranchisation, the duties to serve in marriage institution and organised rapes, but the one of the rapes. The vultures even not, as for rapes claims and gang or social constructions, they are just puu puppies of puppet.

As for the intent that authorities and others has to reproduce and serve inequality (just ik as the image of your brain will be swallowing due to your chronic hunger that you can only appease for the very short term of drinking more water than your body can drain safely). There is more in the calculation of acculation that the term of inequalities. There is how possible it is to gain (to revert the fate, ex: class mobility), at what price (is it moral, whill it occasion other harm) and if it is possible at all (you need water to survive, what if water all polluted, taken, unreachable). And top of all that there is what certain confound with the term of security, are the vaults in the dungeon of fear and thief, well guarded.

Why in London it does not work.

Reverent, reve = drame dream. Reve errant, errand, reve hunt. (check Microsoft approxi-maxim)
Reeve, revue, revel.
Abundance, hound
Paradise describe by these fake religious as about abundance instead of being the proud produce of harmony and of humans’ serving it.

Ending Child Marriage in the Arab Region

Who Speaks for Me? Ending Child Marriage Middle East and North Africa Program

Download Ending Child Marriage in the Arab Region (PDF: 1.23MB)

When Technology and Tradition Collide: From Gender Bias to Sex Selection

(May 2013) With technology producing more and cheaper ways to determine the sex of a fetus, fewer girls are being born Shock of Crop Loss Increases Contraceptive Use

Economic Shock of Crop Loss Increases Contraceptive Use Among Women in Rural TanzaniaEconomic Shock of Crop Loss Increasural Tanzania Evidence to Combat World Poverty
by Paola Scommegna
(June 2013) Results of rigorous evaluations show that one of the most cost-effective ways to boost primary school attendance in western Kenya is to treat children for intestinal worms,

Survivors of alleged rape in Indian Kashmir renew old fight with new…
Victims of alleged mass rape by Indian army men in Indian-administered Kashmir, in 1991 say justice still eludes them.

C: even the UN soldiers have been indicted for rapes and sexual exploitation. as for the caste system it is structural permit to any other kind of violations and worse one, just like this one thank you for remind people of this.

Use of environmental modification techniques for hostile purposes does not play a major role in military planning at the present time. Such techniques might be developed in the future, however, and would pose a threat of serious damage unless action was taken to prohibit their use. In July 1972 the U.S. Government renounced the use of climate modification techniques for hostile purposes, even if their development were proved to be feasible in the future.
C: what is happening then? Is this treaty concern only states against other states but not states, companies or individuals’ gains or perversions against the populations?


And you will pardon my verve as it comes from listening to me more than I should be listening of the souls crying in pain and in vain, even my ears that would like to, here, is not saint, and misinterpret their saying. Anyhow to know about them just what is to do is not to reas read the priests, clergy or other prophets, academics, but to directly serve, hal heal and cure them.

Use of environmental modification techniques for hostile purposes does not play a major role in military planning at the present time. Such techniques might be developed in the future, however, and would pose a threat of serious damage unless action was taken to prohibit their use. In July 1972 the U.S. Government renounced the use of climate modification techniques for hostile purposes, even if their development were proved to be feasible in the future.

Extract from:

‘’ is my own writing, just for try to be clear on me not putting words in others’ items.


Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERSUtpal Baruah

A scavenger collects plastic for recycling at a dump site on World Environment Day in the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERS/Utpal Baruah

C.ET: I just were wondering if any one would attack me for posting this picture. While the little guy who is scavenging have been left (without the money produced by the original article, for you to be reassure none I ll be making, I post it just as a ‘reminding’) and even he would have received black economy pocket money, the little boy just left there and on going.
I appreciate that one cannot do everything and that taking a pic could be used as an act purposing help for him- and the other guys and girls in his situation.
But what I recall equally it is that in this realm, I have to ask myself if no one could seriously try to sue me for doing this. That is to sue me for having taken a picture or to have written an ariticle, hopefully to end human rights abuses (if not to start human responsibilities) and one of the priority remove this child from this environment that poison his body. But suing me because I redirect you to their article as if I intend to summarize their information for you I could be in breach of copyrights coming from the story of this little boy, snapshot without receiving a denier of the dominion. So please note that I am not the author, that I own no copyright and do not seek to earn any money.out of my ‘newsroll’ and system of quotation; I just try and do like any computer of search engine, give you my specific summarizing.
I just comment on other buddies work and provide with all the links you need to read them comprehensively. My own creative work is

Cetvies author and editor of this blog.
it can be bought directly on (Cetvies homepage and scroll down) or through the biggest eBooks library.
‘lulu. com’ is the biggest ebook library.
And please ask for me sending you its complementary work-updates to Cetvies from what will be its next volume.

Woodhouse, H. (2009), Selling Out: Academic Freedom and the Corporate Market, Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

“Reason is natural revelation” [John Locke Essay concerning Human Understanding]
“The heart has reasons that reason knows not of” [Blaise Pascal Pensées]
“There is nothing without a reason” [Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Studies in Physics and the Nature of Body]

“I am not arguing with you I am telling you” (James McNeill Whistler).

C: here u r, for the ninnys’ of Britain.

check my last case, I am very angry at ebay. it was a con, you settled in favour of his tricks.

The military moves in around Earth’s most threatened tribe
Brazil’s military has launched a major ground operation against illegal logging around the land of the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe.

‘Proud Not Primitive’ campaign challenges prejudice against tribal peoples in India
Survival has launched a groundbreaking new campaign in India to challenge the deep-seated prejudice that tribal peoples are ‘backwards’ and ‘primitive’. Such attitudes are often used to justify the theft of their land and attempts to force them to change their ways of life.
Visit the campaign →

Sacred object handed back to Hopi tribe after ‘shameful’ Paris auction
See more →

Pics are absolutely appetising on this site. Peek and Pick.

How Bird Baths Hurt Birds
Is Your Bird Bath a Threat to Your Backyard Birds?

This is a good page for the bird bath, but on another page same author recommend to bleach. Please do not use this horrific poison, even in your pipes, even on your clothes playing pretty and immaculated, human beings on top of global warming just has poisoned and loot on everything alive.

In your pipes, possible use soda carbo.

From the British Library.

What was the legal status of homosexuality before Wolfenden?
Male homosexuality was made a capital offence in England under the Buggery Act of 1533. (Female homosexuality was never specified.) […]
The death penalty was the punishment until 1861 (1889 in Scotland), though it was only exacted a few times, […]Thereafter punishment became imprisonment for between ten years and life.
Then the law became stricter: the 1885 Criminal Law Amendment Act made any homosexual act illegal, even in private. […]
Why was the Wolfenden Report commissioned?
Arrests and prosecutions for homosexuals had increased since the end of World War II. For example Alan Turing, the cryptographer who helped break the German Enigma code and who is generally recognised as the father of modern computer science, was victimised for his homosexuality. Charged with ‘gross indecency’, he had to choose between prison or hormone treatment. He also lost his job. His death in June 1954 was treated as suicide.
Homosexuality was not legalised in Scotland until 1980 and Northern Ireland until 1982. […]
For 400 years male homosexuality was a crime in Britain, punishable by years in jail or hanging. Many reputations and lives were ruined. But this report, controversial at the time, helped change not only the law but public attitudes and acceptance

1. Olympe de Gouges and the Rights of Woman…/olympedegouges/…/Olympe-De-G…‎
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by Jone Lewis – in 531 Google+ circles
Olympe de Gouges, playwright and author of the Rights of Woman and of the Citizen.
2. Olympe de Gouges…MR3/…/olympe_de_gouges.htm‎
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Olympe de Gouges (1748-1793) … Olympe de Gouges was born in 1748 in Montauban near Toulouse in France as Marie Gouze. She came from …

Kinda NEWROLL: Various from other websites oct 2013 to dec 2013

‘’ is my own writing, just for try to be clear on me not putting words in others’ items.


A scavenger collects plastic for recycling at a dump site on World Environment Day in the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERS/Utpal Baruah

C.ET: I just were wondering if any one would attack me for posting this picture. While the little guy who is scavenging have been left (without the money produced by the original article, for you to be reassure none I ll be making, I post it just as a ‘reminding’) and even he would have received black economy pocket money, the little boy just left there and on going.
I appreciate that one cannot do everything and that taking a pic could be used as an act purposing help for him- and the other guys and girls in his situation.
But what I recall equally it is that in this realm, I have to ask myself if no one could seriously try to sue me for doing this. That is to sue me for having taken a picture or to have written an ariticle, hopefully to end human rights abuses (if not to start human responsibilities) and one of the priority remove this child from this environment that poison his body. But suing me because I redirect you to their article as if I intend to summarize their information for you I could be in breach of copyrights coming from the story of this little boy, snapshot without receiving a denier of the dominion. So please note that I am not the author, that I own no copyright and do not seek to earn any money.out of my ‘newsroll’ and system of quotation; I just try and do like any computer of search engine, give you my specific summarizing.
I just comment on other buddies work and provide with all the links you need to read them comprehensively. My own creative work is

Excuse the mixes of subjects, I have no time to categorise them. Also I think the holistic approaches a necessity and find solution only in them.

Saudi royal family intervenes over preacher released despite raping and killing daughter
The Saudi royal family has intervened to block the release of a ‘celebrity’ preacher accused of raping, torturing and killing his five-year-old daughter.

free data base access find Roehampton university website
This freely available collection includes classic works of Literature, Philosophy, Science, and History.
Onsite/offsite access: No login required

Internet Archive Text Archive
A freely available archive contain a wide range of fiction, popular books, children’s books, historical texts and academic books.
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Internet Archive
Texts, audio, moving images and software as well as archived web pages providing services for adaptive reading and information access for the blind and other persons with disabilities.
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SAGE Open is a peer-reviewed, “Gold” open access journal from SAGE that publishes original research and review articles in an interactive, open access format. Articles may span the full spectrum of the social and behavioral sciences and the humanities.

To sing and to speak with new words that present themselves in meaning, prose, rhyme and sword.
And not knowing no more if the words is the ari air you encounter because they are dancing in and into atmosphere you are in, you manage to accede.
Or what? They ae are the result of your intellectual process? The spiritual gives good laugh as believing in that only that would make the detractor, the dependent, the only diving in the element, the one who would say that divine is his, pervert.
To say what we know is untrue, just like the scripu scriptuer don’t belong to the sects and the big one called religion.
Caths e schism.

And what about the catholic,
I thought they do not reveal that Mohamed is a pd pedo, because of the ac catho living in Islamic countries.
But what if ti is because the bible can at any times interpreted and read at the service of their not saint, but nias, or bias serving the Vatican, the church like the curee.
Cure, la chase chasse.

Waiting like the communist wait for china, wait like macro wait for neo liberal and fashism, wait like Mafiosi wait st apu paul.

Peter Tatchell
Protesters condemn anti-gay President of Gambia

UN speech is latest of many homophobic rants

Gay sex & cross-dressing illegal. Threat to behead LGBTs

By Felicity Arbuthnot
Global Research, October 20, 2013
Some of the dubious Nobel Peace Prizes:

Henry Kissinger (1973), the United Nations (2001), Jimmy Carter (2002), the International Atomic Energy Agency (2005), Barack Obama (2009), the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (2013) …

To ensure hits and views on internet you a have to pay. How democratic is that?

Peter Tatchell Sharley McLean – In Remembrance

Feminist, lesbian and survivor of Nazi fascism
“Until the mid-1980s, it was forbidden to lay a pink triangle wreath at the Cenotaph in remembrance of the LGBT victims of fascism and of LGBT service personnel who fought to defeat Nazism.

Ads by Iminent

Napoleon, Mighty Leader

C.ET: although I am not for the humans, at all especially. The pigs and co could do the same. None reason to send them to the civilised plates- off play.
Off play and slay. Slaughter, laughter.

‘one cake a day take the children away’
Compulsorily anon and dictacte by head master folly and fashism in special needs high schools.

Monty Python – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life [HD]

Lumberjack Song – Monty Python

‘made, maid’
Mutuality… mutually assured destruction

In fact, the article tacitly pushes people to wonder about the applied rules and intentions underpinning humanitarian actions. The examples Dewaal provides could suit ‘normal’ health and care situation in Europe where young teens put into care home are in fact left unattended, without no consistent help and structured adviced of daily skills permitting to facilitate social interactions and get on with one’s own life (cooking, hygiene, sport, …) and yet less provided and no or very little incentive in many cases towards solid literacy or further education.

for different reasons, but the common one being them having no parents or carers able to look after them in a daily basis. The social workers looking after these youths have obtained diploma training them to aim at everything that are supposed to be crucial for children or teenagers to become healthy adults. What happens on the working floor, far from academia and training ground, is that these children are left without strong adult figures (professionals avoiding the hassle to have to convince and support the child towards doing things right, working for themselves…). For example they are left without anyone insisting on them to take on college courses, let alone taking on college courses seriously. Basically I try to describe how things might be handled in a very organised and equipped countries, with lots of staff for little number of service users, but what the reactions are: to reduce the way one is responding to needs. For these youths even though autonomy is one of the few key words one has to write constantly about to obtain support worker diploma, nothing is done in certain cases, in the majority of cases for them to become autonomous. In social and health care context with adults similar things happen with working age persons able to work but having nothing to do (stripped from their rights to work, as nothing is done towards it), and the ones who could not, stopped from caring for themselves at all (everything is done for them, and they are asked (or they demand) to stay still, and sitting all day). When studying sexual exploitation for example astonishing over 70% of youths coming from health and care services have been faced with repeated prostitution offers before they were 18. In contrast, speaking to a youth is almost not recommended as nothing is institutionally systematically in place to tackle their needs to be informed, warmed, and also make sure that they will be able to earn a decent living. Also be amongst the sole staff to hint at these questions, or to try and resolve some, could become at any times at odd and then professionally discarded dangerous.

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C.ET: democracy on the net at its best.
Ok to pay to appear but the customers should be able to choose the rankings from the ones that are financially booked and another one that would be if no one has more weight thanks to the money they spend on it.
At least we would have it as to try and sort out ourselves between unsponsored entrepreneur.
Sponsor Spoonism.

Don’t dry on radiators
clothes horse, or try to get a free one from Freecycle.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

Welcome to the UK® Groups’ Homepage
The worldwide Freecycle Network is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It’s a grassroots movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns.

How many wars have there been since the cold war?
There is no real number when you ask how many wars there have been. Given that when speaking of war we can speak of international wars and intra national wars.

P.a.p.-Blog // Human Rights Etc.
Statistics on Violent Conflict

Since the Second World War, there have been on average about 30 armed conflicts ongoing every year. 90% of casualties in these conflicts have been civilians,

Matthew WhiteThe Great Big Book of Horrible Things

(source; click image to enlarge)
Source: Matthew White, “The Great Big Book of Horrible Things”


Copyright 2011 The New York Times Company

Matthew WhiteThe Great Big Book of Horrible Things


P.a.p.-Blog // Human Rights Etc.
Statistics on Violent Conflict

The exception is, as often, Sub-Saharan Africa, where the trend continues upward. Africa loses around $18bn per year due to wars, civil wars, and insurgencies.

Recently, there has been a drop in the number of wars and in their intensity in terms of their deadliness.
P.a.p.-Blog // Human Rights Etc.
Statistics on Violent Conflict

By War & Conflict

Since the end of the Second World War in 1945 there have been over 250 major wars in which over 23 million people have been killed, tens of millions made homeless, and countless millions injured and bereaved.
In the history of warfare the twentieth century stands out as the bloodiest and most brutal – three times more people have been killed in wars in the last ninety years than in all the previous five hundred
War: An Overview, Peace Pledge Union

List of civil wars
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Post-WWII (1945 to present)[edit]
• Greek Civil War, 1946–1949
• Paraguayan Civil War, 1947
• Palestinian Civil War, 1947–48
• Costa Rican Civil War, 1948
• La Violencia (Colombia), 1948–1958
• Laotian Secret War 1953-1975
• First Sudanese Civil War, 1955-1972
• Vietnam War, 1955-1975
• Guatemalan Civil War, 1960–1996
• Congo Crisis, 1960-1966
• North Yemen Civil War 1962-1970
• Colombian conflict, 1964-present
• Dominican Civil War, 1965
• Rhodesian Bush War, 1965–1980
• Cypriot Civil War, 1963-1967
• Nigerian Civil War, 1967–1970
• The Troubles (Northern Ireland), 1969–1998, considered ongoing by extremist minority groups
• Dirty War (Argentina), 1969-1979
• Cambodian Civil War 1970-1975
• Bangladesh Liberation War (Pakistan), 1971
• Lebanese Civil War, 1975–1990
• Mozambican Civil War, 1975–1992
• Angolan Civil War, 1975-2002
• Afghan Civil War, 1978-present
• Nicaraguan Civil War, 1979–1990
• Salvadoran Civil War (El Salvador), 1979–1991
• Second Sudanese Civil War, 1983-2005
• Sri Lankan Civil War, 1983–2009
• First Liberian Civil War, 1989-1996
• Rwandan Civil War, 1990–1993
• Casamance Conflict (Senegal), 1990–2006
• Yugoslav Wars, 1991-1995
• Georgian Civil War, 1991-1993
• Sierra Leone Civil War, 1991–2002
• Algerian Civil War, 1991–2002, conflicts persist
• Civil war in Tajikistan, 1992-1997
• Burundi Civil War, 1993–2005
• 1994 civil war in Yemen, 1994
• First Chechen War, 1994-1996
• Iraqi Kurdish Civil War, 1994–1997
• First Congo War, 1996–1997
• Clashes in Cambodia, 1997
• Nepalese Civil War, 1996–2006
• Rebellion in Albania, 1997
• Republic of the Congo Civil War, 1997-1999
• Guinea-Bissau Civil War, 1998–1999
• Kosovo War (Yugoslavia), 1998–1999
• Second Congo War, 1998-2003
• Second Liberian Civil War, 1999-2003
• Second Chechen War, 1999-2009
• Albanian rebellion in Macedonia, 2001
• Ivorian Civil War, 2002-2007
• War in Darfur, 2003-2009
• Fourth Chadian Civil War, 2005-2010
• Civil War in Iraq, 2006-2007, a sub-conflict within the Iraq War
• Fatah–Hamas conflict (Palestine), 2006–2007, tensions ongoing
• Mexican Drug War, 2006-present
• Second Ivorian Civil War, 2011
• Libyan civil war, 2011
• Syrian civil war, 2011-present
• Present Libyan factional fighting, 2011-present
• Iraqi insurgency (post-U.S. withdrawal). 2011-present
• Azawadi War of Independence, 2012
Ongoing civil wars[edit]
The following civil wars are ongoing as of 2011. Only ongoing conflicts meeting the definition of a civil war are listed. See list of ongoing military conflicts and lists of active separatist movements for lists with a wider scope.
• Colombian armed conflict, since 1964.
• Afghan civil war, since 1978.
• Ugandan Civil War, since 1987.
• Somali Civil War, since 1991.
• Sa’dah insurgency, since 2004 in Yemen
• Civil war in Iraq, since ca. 2007, part of the larger War in Iraq (2003-2011).
• Internal conflict in Burma since 1949, restarted 8–9 November 2010
• Civil war in the Republic of Ingushetia, since 2007
• Syrian civil war, March 15 2011-present

• List of coups d’état and coup attempts
• List of revolutions and rebellions
• List of wars of independence (national liberation)
• List of Roman civil wars
• List of English civil wars
• Ongoing wars
• Exclusive mandate
Retrieved from “”
List of civil wars
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Very interesting charts, check on it.
List of wars and anthropogenic disasters by death toll

1. The Influenza Epidemic of 1918‎
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The Influenza Epidemic of 1918 killed more people than died in World War One. View the Documents and Photos. Hard as it is to believe, the answer is true.

1. Civil War Casualties – Civil War Trust‎
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Most casualties and deaths in the Civil War were the result of non-combat-related disease. For every three soldiers killed in battle, five more died of disease.

War Between Democracies???????????????

C.ET: what pretentious or erroned phrases that.

BootsWebMD Home
2. What does moisturising do for dry skin?
The main function of moisturising dry skin is to improve protection. The skin acts as a barrier and dry skin doesn’t work as well. Moisturising creates a more effective barrier which improves function and promotes healthy skin.
5. What should you put on dry skin to moisturise it?
Ointment is better for dry skin than cream but some people think it feels too thick on their face. Lotions don’t always soak in well enough and tend to evaporate. For very dry skin it’s best to apply ointments to wet skin.

PETA is making enormous strides against this cruelty, but your support is needed urgently to save animals – including domestic cats, German shepherds and golden retrievers who are as loyal and dear as the ones we share our homes with – from the global skins industry.

Nearly 2 million individual cats, hundreds of thousands of dogs and countless chinchillas, foxes, minks, rabbits and raccoons are tortured – there is no other way to put it – and killed for their fur in China each year

tautology – (logic) a statement that is necessarily true; “the statement `he is brave or he is not brave’ is a tautology”

C.ET: that is a tautology that you are entitled to.

Peter Yeo
Executive Director
Better World Campaign
The U.S. made history today – but not in a way that’ll make you proud.

For the first time ever, we lost our vote in a United Nations organization for failing to pay our dues. And the agency we just walked away from is none other than the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), whose programs are clearly and directly in the interests of Americans.

UNESCO, charged with promoting education, science, and culture worldwide, works to build democracy from the roots of society, including in critical yet unstable nations like Iraq.
Peter Yeo,

Deep Tissue vs. Swedish Massage Techniques, Back Rub Body

Scientists show link between cannabis and psychosis

Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana

Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana

Rexsy Advexsys originally shared this

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

~ A. Einstein

Hawaii poised to allow gay marriage after House passes bill despite…
Hawaii, one of the first states where gay and lesbian couples fought for the right to wed, is poised to become the latest state to grant same-sex marriage after lawmakers on Friday approved legislation amid passionate public debate. The state House…

ghast•ly (g st l )
adj. ghast•li•er, ghast•li•est
1. Inspiring shock, revulsion, or horror by or as if by suggesting death; terrifying: a ghastly murder.
2. Suggestive of or resembling ghosts.
3. Extremely unpleasant or bad: “in the most abominable passage of his ghastly little book” (Conor Cruise O’Brien).
4. Very serious or great: a ghastly error.
[Alteration (influenced by ghost) of Middle English gastli, from gasten, to terrify; see aghast.]
ghast li•ness n.
ghast ly adv.
Synonyms: ghastly, grim, gruesome, grisly, macabre, lurid
These adjectives describe what is shockingly repellent in aspect or appearance. Ghastly applies to what inspires shock or horror because it suggests death: ghastly wounds.
Grim refers to what repels because of its stern or fierce aspect or its harsh, relentless nature: the grim task of burying the victims of the earthquake.
Gruesome and grisly describe what horrifies or revolts because of its appalling crudity or utter inhumanity: a gruesome murder; grisly jokes about cadavers.
Macabre suggests the horror of death and decay: macabre stories about a madman.
Lurid sometimes refers to an unnatural hue suggestive of death: The ill patient’s skin took on a lurid pallor.
More often, the term describes what shocks because of its terrible and ghastly nature: lurid crimes.
At other times, it merely refers to glaring and usually unsavory sensationalism: a lurid account of the accident.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
ghastly [ˈgɑːstlɪ]
adj -lier, -liest
1. Informal very bad or unpleasant
2. deathly pale; wan
3. Informal extremely unwell; ill they felt ghastly after the party
4. terrifying; horrible
1. unhealthily; sickly ghastly pale
2. Archaic in a horrible or hideous manner
[Old English gāstlīc spiritual; see GHOSTLY]
ghastliness n
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003
ghast•ly (ˈgæst li, ˈgɑst-)

adj. -li•er, -li•est,
adv. adj.
1. shockingly frightful or dreadful; horrible: a ghastly murder.
2. resembling a ghost, esp. in being very pale; cadaverous.
3. terrible; very bad: a ghastly error.
4. in a ghastly manner; horribly; terribly.
5. with a deathlike quality.
ghast′li•ness, n.
Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

grisly, gruesome, macabre, grim, sick
grisly, gruesome, macabre, grim, sick
alarming – frightening because of an awareness of danger

grisly, gruesome, macabre, grim, sick



Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Anxiety
University of Nottingham•1,368 videos

C.ET: On how adrenaline rushes, can explain great upsetting symptoms, like heart attacks but not caused directly by a defective heart, caused by anxiety.

Ads by Iminent

The Griotte

IRINFILMS•153 videos


Field News
Empty Hospital Beds in the Capital of Helmand, Afghanistan

In eastern Kabul, MSF began supporting a wide range of medical services at Ahmed Shah Baba hospital in an area where the influx of returnees from Pakistan and displaced people fleeing war in the eastern provinces has nearly quadrupled the population. Despite the needs and low health-care coverage, this area has so far been neglected because it is not a priority in counter-insurgency aid policies. MSF has also started working in the only public general hospital still functioning in Lashkargah, the capital of Helmand Province. Because the hospital’s staff mostly works in the private sector, and the medicine is too expensive, few people have so far been seeking care there.
2013 Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders

Empty Hospital Beds in the Capital of Helmand, Afghanistan
Medical practice in the hospital is out-of-date; drugs are routinely over-prescribed—at times seven different antibiotics are prescribed when one would suffice

Read more:
MSF has just started working in the only public general hospital still functioning in Helmand, in the provincial capital Lashkargah. This is a hospital that has, over the last few years, been the recipient of a great deal of overseas aid. Yet when I walked through the different wards, what I found most striking was the absence of patients. Generally only a third of beds are occupied. On the morning of our visit, we counted 40 patients for 124 beds.
Why so few patients? In truth, the medical services provided in this hospital have been patchy at best. Most of the medical staff only work in the mornings—in the afternoons they leave to work in their private clinics. Medical practice in the hospital is out-of-date; drugs are routinely over-prescribed—at times seven different antibiotics are prescribed when one would suffice. Then there is the cost of the medications—while the consultation may be free, patients are nearly always sent out to private pharmacies to buy drugs. The cost of these can be prohibitive for poor families, particularly when you add in the cost they incurred travelling to the hospital in the first place. Even if they have the means, the drugs they do manage to buy can be of low quality or even counterfeit.

Read more:
Afghanistan has some of the worst health indicators in the world

Read more:

MSF, December 10, 2009

At least 45 people lose their limbs every month to deadly anti-personnel mines, which have been banned by 161 countries.
The Killid Group, January 28, 2013

“Humanitarian Needs Will Only Grow”
from Médecins Sans Frontières

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Afghanistan: “Humanitarian Needs Will Only Grow”
August 30, 2013
– See more at:

Compare to the entertainment industry, that anyhow discourage artistic diversity…
Do compare, contrast, and opere.
Opere = operate.
Pere = peer, patern, paternal.


People go on and on about the chains of command, rightly so, just informing about how policies are not inspired by the grounds realities, difficultur difficult, culties, and facilities. But in fact from the botton to up and from up to the o bottom no across this chain is inspected. Direct management occurs but people up there are told not to know about people doing their stuff dwon down there and v/v.
In many years as a support worker in the uk. First grade but constantly there, I saw a social worker, almost never, never talk to one, exept for salutations, and at one moment as I was the key worde r worker of a very diificult person that needed to be transferred. Even though they did not know him and that I work with him more than 2 year and a half, the meeting obviously was received as too longish as I was listing the whys and how he was a potential true danger for other residents if not properly monitored, in fact more surely isolated. While it won’t be taken as an option, constant attempt at invading personal space or cah chance for well being (to preserve quiet rooms and places). As for the one to one care it is not possible when someone does not react well to reminders, also it is not economically sustainable and I think should occur in very special time, or situations, and should be the objects of other type of solutions. A disable student must be facilitated to study, work…
But while you are asked to help someone disabled in doing something that he could do perfectly by themselves or dong it through relatives offo efforts. I does not sound a helper stuff, good, essential, humanist things anylonger at all.


Expanding the scope of post-conflict justice
Individual, state and societal responsibility for mass atrocity
Jelena Subotic. Department of Political Science, Georgia State University

C: I needed more of this holistic approach to deem the literature without gaps that suggest that the field is not researched and expand, in search of alternative, but simply studied.

Search: UK seas the most polluted in the world.

Psychosis – My Story

Upon my word, I am not acquainted with the minutiae of her principles.
Sense and Sensibility by Austen, Jane

This very rei rigid and systematic reference rules, not allowing nothing outside the circle of confirmed academic is b vector of unshared data, and unproduced ones since they know they will be ignored anyhow. As a blogger I am telling you: very bad. And not only that.

Furthermore I think that there is something else aside ‘ethnic cleansing’ endeavour than ethnic hatred but the appaling extremity of rush for et territory, accumulation of goods and resources and the math of these way of life aiming at luxury that do not want to make or is not been made by population growth will (but growing), growing out of fear of being ethnically outnumbered. As policies enabling us in fact incentive to non respect of others and the environment and other species just will push human beings to ultimately do exactly the same to the guy next door.
And this is driven by the economy.

It is sheer logic, it is unbreakable circle of reciprocity (thanks god or if not if we submit then we would live for nothing and die, or die and live), it is on what we all embark on, whatever the pseudo solute solutions and mending we can illusion ourselves we can find once we have exploitation and destruction (our economy) as principal machinery (and machination telling us we gotta find a way)

Echo nomy. Empty spl spaces for empty spirit, bring brain washed bring and serene of so much shit.

Left Foot Forward
Today’s top articles at Left Foot Forward

To tackle in-work poverty, start with second earners
[…] just as important is the large number of families who are in work, but are not bringing in enough income to escape poverty.
More than 2 million children in working families are living in poverty, against 1.3 in workless families.
[…] We can lay the blame for this situation at many doors: endemic levels of low pay, negative real earnings growth and spiralling housing costs all contribute.
It’s never been more fashionable to demonise social housing tenants

Historic Centre of Sighişoara (UNESCO/NHK)

c: if you wish to travel.

US and Israel lose UNESCO voting rights

crick, chic circle of void responsibilities
C.ET: you can check on this, it is a strange bi video business, with a super freak control story. But I post it here as it depicts how one can be spied on through ‘smart phones’.

Qu The apparent contradiction of the programme is that the same state that fails to prevent police violence and corruption and launch effective prosecutions is seeking to selectively initiate well-publicized special investigations and prosecutions to address human rights grievances. In part, the strategy can be understood as the federal government seeking greater intervention in the sphere of provincial police and judicial systems. The good president (king) intervenes when he learns his citizens (subjects) are suffering at the hands of bad officials (barons).48 The programme is a form of state circulation to demonstrate its presence and benevolence at the margins. Michael Humphrey

Qu As part of widespread protest at the collapse of the currency and the halving of the value of bank savings deposits, Buenos Aires supermarkets were looted by urban mobs. These lootings, Javier Auyero argues, were restricted to local chains and did not target the large international corporations.62 He argues this was not by chance but on the instructions of sections of the Peronist party, which sought to coordinate these events by circulating leaflets with the specific time and place of the next looting. Instead of being spontaneous events, the lootings were managed within the circuits of political entrepreneurs to contain the impact of the crisis on the government. The organized lootings provided targets for mobs to express their anger and get back at those who they believed benefited most from their misery but at the same time protected international investments and investor confidence in Argentina. Michael Humphrey

qu Koonings and Dirk Kruijt call the ‘new violence’ – forms of violence that seek to evade or undermine the state’s legitimate monopoly of violence.63 Across Latin America, this includes organized crime, privatized security, paramilitary groups and other entrepreneurs in violence. What is new about this violence is that it is hidden within the spaces of democratic governance and coexists with it. Michael Humphrey

Treat your greens

Save water with every meal by washing your vegetables in a bowl, instead of under a running tap. Then keep your houseplants happy by giving them a drink with the discarded water.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth

qu nl The replacement of the developmental (welfare) state with neo-liberal governmentality is widely experienced as a betrayal, especially in the post-repression context, where the commitment to the (re-)establishment of the developmental state was an integral part of the national reconciliation and democratization process. Michael Humphrey
C.ET: being had?

This merely conceptual separation, in turn, causes us to think in terms of fulfilling human rights by first completely fulfilling the most morally important right (or set of rights), and then the next most important, and then the next, and so on. The problem with this is that injustice is not typically experienced and embodied as a set of distinct rights violations or lack of rights fulfillment, each one having little influence on the others. Instead, a victim of injustice is usually subject to a confluence of factors that produce a very particular condition of vulnerability. It is often observed that when human rights are fulfilled they are mutually reinforcing, and so it stands to reason that injustices are too. It is also not news that the way a black woman experiences poverty in a racist and sexist society is not the same as the way a white man experiences it. Fuller

Save Money & Your Marriage – Complimentary eBook
“ReligionToday” Presents

int the Americans in anticipation of the coming Cold War. In the case of von Braun, the Americans recruited rather than prosecuted him despite his role—while a member of the Nazi party. Forsythe

Natural bath recipe

For a natural bath treat to keep your skin soft, put some oats into the foot of a stocking or muslin, tie and plop it in a warm bath. You can also add your favourite essential oil. Don’t forget to compost the oats afterwards. Here’s some step-by-step instructions to make an oatmeal bath.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

Peter Tatchell Foundation
Mayor Boris & police endorse event with extremist clerics

Speakers say blasphemers, adulterers & apostates should be killed

MPs, City of London police & top BBC official support GPU

London, UK – 22 November 2013

“People who have sex outside of marriage, blasphemers and Muslims who leave the faith should be killed, according to some speakers at this weekend’s Islamic Global Peace & Unity (GPU) conference in London. The conference website says the event is backed by the Mayor of London, the City of London police commissioner, MPs, the former Archbishop of Canterbury and a senior BBC official,” reports Peter Tatchell, Director of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

On the assumption that the GPU website is accurate:
Peter Tatchell Foundation

Qu This merely conceptual separation, in turn, causes us to think in terms of fulfilling human rights by first completely fulfilling the most morally important right (or set of rights), and then the next most important, and then the next, and so on. The problem with this is that injustice is not typically experienced and embodied as a set of distinct rights violations or lack of rights fulfillment, each one having little influence on the others. Instead, a victim of injustice is usually subject to a confluence of factors that produce a very particular condition of vulnerability. It is often observed that when human rights are fulfilled they are mutually reinforcing, and so it stands to reason that injustices are too. It is also not news that the way a black woman experiences poverty in a racist and sexist society is not the same as the way a white man experiences it. Fuller

Animal Lab Investigation; Narrated by Kim Basinger

1. 1 HSUS Press Conference Live – Animal Testing Inv…by hsus
2. 2 Pets For Life – Helping People Helping Petsby hsus
3. ▶ University Animal Lab Investigation; Narrated b…by hsus

University Animal Lab Investigation; Narrated by Kim Basinger

Published on 20 Nov 2013
The Humane Society of the United States undercover investigation at Georgia Regents University revealed the tragic fate of dogs sold by random source Class B dealers into research. These dealers have a long-standing history of poor conditions and illegal activity, taking up significant USDA enforcement resources. Please join Kim Basinger and take action to ensure that our pets are never sold to research laboratories and ask GRU to stop unnecessary dental experiments on animals..
By The Humane Society of the United States

C.ET: Killings of dogs at university, under cover images.

One must be against experimentation at all. Only when animals or human are ill or suffering to relieve pain and fight diseases.
To inflict any pain, whatever the end one will purchase, advertise or admit, to inflict pain and experiments on any animals (peace upon them) should be prohibited. And one hopes that the pain endure this way won’t come to us in one or another way. But one cannot hope when self-servicing is in play.
La der des ders.

Free Online Courses and Video lectures

Introductory Sociology
2013-11-23 01:45:08-05

Lecture 1: Mod-01 Lec-01 What is sociology?
Lecture 2: Mod-01 Lec-02 Sociological approaches
Lecture 3: Mod-01 Lec-03 Nature of society: Individuals and groups
Lecture 4: Mod-01 Lec-04 Cooperation and conflict
Lecture 5: Mod-01 Lec-05 Family-I: Definition and classification of family
Lecture 6: Mod-01 Lec-06 Family-II: Perspectives on family
Lecture 7: Mod-01 Lec-07 State-I: Definition of state
Lecture 8: Mod-01 Lec-08 State-II: State in India
Lecture 9: Mod-01 Lec-09 State-III: The concept of power
Lecture 10: Mod-01 Lec-10 State-IV: Functionalist and Marxist perspectives on power
Lecture 11: Mod-01 Lec-11 Sociology of work-I: Need for work
Lecture 12: Mod-01 Lec-12 Sociology of work-II: Social change and work
Lecture 13: Mod-01 Lec-13 Sociology of work-III: Development and work
Lecture 14: Mod-01 Lec-14 Sociology of work-IV: Capitalism and motivation for work
Lecture 15: Mod-01 Lec-15 Religion-I: Social conditions and religious thought
Lecture 16: Mod-01 Lec-16 Religion-II: Bases of religion
Lecture 17: Mod-01 Lec-17 Religion-III: Forms of religious beliefs
Lecture 18: Mod-01 Lec-18 Religion-IV: Explanation of Religion
Lecture 19: Mod-01 Lec-19 Religion-V: Religion and society
Lecture 20: Mod-01 Lec-20 Religion-VI: Contributions of Marx and Weber
Lecture 21: Mod-01 Lec-21 Education-I: Concept of education?
Lecture 22: Mod-01 Lec-22 Education-II: Functions of education
Lecture 23: Mod-01 Lec-23 Social stratification-I: Social inequality and stratification
Lecture 24: Mod-01 Lec-24 Social stratification-II: Explanations of social stratification
Lecture 25: Mod-01 Lec-25 Social stratification-III: Theories and facts
Lecture 26: Mod-01 Lec-26 Social stratification-IV: Stratification in India
Lecture 27: Mod-01 Lec-27 Deviance-I: Concept of deviance
Lecture 28: Mod-01 Lec-28 Deviance-II: Perspectives on deviance
Lecture 29: Mod-01 Lec-29 Deviance-III: Theories of deviance
Lecture 30: Mod-01 Lec-30 Social change-I: Definition of social change
Lecture 31: Mod-01 Lec-31 Social change-II: Theories of social change
Lecture 32: Mod-01 Lec-32 Social change-III: Social change in industrial society
Lecture 33: Mod-01 Lec-33 Social change-IV: Urbanization and related issues in social change
Lecture 34: Mod-01 Lec-34 Population-I: Malthusian theory of population
Lecture 35: Mod-01 Lec-35 Population-II: Population and Society
Lecture 36: Mod-01 Lec-36 Perspectives in Sociology-I
Lecture 37: Mod-01 Lec-37 Perspectives in Sociology-II
Lecture 38: Mod-01 Lec-38 Social Problems and Theory
Lecture 39: Mod-01 Lec-39 Sociological methods-I
Lecture 40: Mod-01 Lec-40 Sociological methods-II: Ethnography
Lecture 41: Mod-01 Lec-41 Sociological methods-III: Ethnography in India

Watch the lectures and Find more courses…

C.ET: check that free lectures from India on many different subjects.

« Viennois !
Apprenez à connaître les Italiens. Nous volons au-dessus de Vienne, nous pourrions larguer des tonnes de bombes. Nous ne vous lançons qu’un salut tricolore : les trois couleurs de la liberté. Nous autres Italiens ne faisons pas la guerre aux enfants, aux vieillards et aux femmes. Nous faisons la guerre à votre gouvernement, ennemi de la liberté des nations, à votre gouvernement aveugle, obstiné et cruel,

Amazing Galloping Horses 1080p HD

Two Steps From Hell – Nero

but still it is scary, but why?
I ll tell you why. Because you are certainly a meat eater. Mate.


▶ -The Silver Brumby: Wild Horsesby glaedr148

Profile: Radovan Karadzic
Beginning his own defence in 2012, he sought to cast himself as a “mild man” who should be “rewarded” for having tried to avoid war.

Bosnian Serb forces – assisted by paramilitaries from Serbia proper – also expelled hundreds of thousands of Bosniaks and Croats from their homes in a brutal campaign of “ethnic cleansing”. Numerous atrocities were documented, including the widespread rape of Bosniak women and girls.
In 1960 Mr Karadzic moved to Sarajevo, where he later met his wife, Ljiljana, graduated as a doctor, and became a psychiatrist in a city hospital.
He also became a poet and fell under the influence of Serb nationalist writer Dobrica Cosic, who encouraged him to go into politics.

Radovan Karadzic was working as a New Age healer when he was arrested in Belgrade

1. Radovan Karadžić – Wikiquotežić‎
Radovan Karadžić (Serbian Cyrillic: Радован Караџић) (born June 19, 1945) is a former Serbian politician, poet, political doctor and psychiatrist indicted for war …

Police said Ian Watkins used his celebrity status to abuse young children
Continue reading the main story
Related Stories
• Appeal for Watkins sex abuse victims
• Singer guilty of attempted baby rape
• Watkins ‘used celebrity to groom’
As the frontman of Welsh nu-metal band Lostprophets, Ian Watkins sold millions of albums and commanded arena crowds.

Red Pepper
How corporate elites are winning the class war

Sinn Fein chief’s brother jailed for daughter rape
by Associated Press
– 27 November 2013 07:42-05:00
BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) — The brother of Sinn Fein party leader Gerry Adams has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for repeatedly raping his daughter when she was aged 4 to 9.
She testified against her father after accusing Sinn Fein, and specifically her uncle Gerry, of trying to silence her and save the party embarrassment.
Gerry Adams testified he had known of the rape allegations since 1987 […]
failure of post-transition public policy to realize social justice but also a critique of the state’s decision to implement neo-liberal economic policies as part of democratization. Hence, human rights politics have expanded to include social and economic rights framed by a particular understanding of the developmental state as provider and carer. Michael Humphrey

also instead of reinforcing civil society neo liberalism approach reinforced the profit sector. The state whose legitimity and its being not remplacable comes from it to care, secure and control its population in the view of its citizens to be ethically and humanely treated. Michael Humphrey

C.ET: being had?

Anti-Fur activists
Veggie/vegan campaign group

hi I d like to edit and further your hyperlink on my own blog, would you be ok with that??

Clare Balding & Russia: Don’t boycott, condemn

BBC commentator urged to speak out

Russia has banned Gay House & (probably) gay athletes

London – 2 December 2013
“I hope that during her broadcasts at Sochi Clare will criticise Russia’s anti-gay laws and the Gay House ban.

C.ET: I hope that too.

She is open, what a courage already. you know how many people would like to have her job, or simply to get her out of her job. how many would almost torture her for what she is: not an hetero, ready to marry the ones assigned to ‘please’, to fuel the family and the whole community. most efficient way to start human exploitation just like in farms- we must condemn what happen in farms by the way, just extermination camps of Nazis.
thousands of people and that in the uk, one does not have to go to Russia, but she, by we don’t know how, like the rest of the well-off, she made it.
I am sure you know as well as me, any people not conforming to this farming theory will be put under pressure of being raped and tortured. which is finally almost amusing given that they are under the same purpose (means and end) when they marry. only just rituals and scences, sequences and fates make the all troups designing torturers and victims instead of scenery and beauty. how life lost her grey, colored and shades.
coal. ore. red.

App k People experience exclusion when they are ‘systematically precluded from services, benefits and guarantees generally thought of as a right of the citizen, offered or assured by the state.’7 Under repression, exclusion was political, but in the post-transition/democratic period exclusion is identified with the shift in the role of the state away from redistributive justice and full citizenship to a neo-liberal democratic state. Michael Humphrey

App k In Argentina, the popular discourse of impunidad is a critique of what reconciliation and democratization have delivered. Neo-pluralism, a market-centred pattern of political incorporation that emphasizes the minimal role of the state in the economy and society, has contributed to a ‘low-intensity citizenship.’ Michael Humphrey39 The state’s role in regulation and redistribution has been reduced and replaced by regulation by the market, resulting in a profound sense of abandonment and social protest around civil rights.

C.ET: and it is not even about the protection offered to individuals, but the insurance that other individuals or groups won’t be let inflicting pain, horror, and death (ex: irreparable pollution and savage systematic all over destruction, in one word that should be enough before and for intervention: destruction- but that won’t work) o to others.
Even the threat of total destruction scheme won’t work with you buddy. Bunnies.

UN Watch
PARIS, France 24 – In an interview with France 24 TV, UN Watch executive director Neuer condemned the human rights abuses of the countries just elected to the UN Human Rights Council, citing:
• the imprisonment of Pussy Riot members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (who has recently gone missing) in Russia;
• the imprisonment in China of dissidents Liu Jiabao and Wang Bingzhang;
• the persecution in Cuba of rapper El Critico, who has recently staged a month-long hunger strike in protest against charges brought against him; and
• Saudi Arabia’s “lashing and punishing” of rape victims.
“It’s absurd,” Neuer said. “For victims of human rights around the world who look to the UN for protection, it’s a very sad day.”

Humanitarian Intern
Work experience: Prior internship or work experience in the context of the United Nations, humanitarian affairs or international development would be an advantage.

NATO and European Security Dynamics: Military Capability and Political Will
77 % Nato is financed by the USA, 23% by Europe.
Merton College Janne Haaland Matlary

C.ET: 77 % Nato is financed by the USA, 23% by England, no, not England by Europe.

This is a recycling in greater London, not willing to add more grills to their fences in order to prevent bags and other light plastic to fligh flight all around.
There is the local stream at the very back of it.

When we think that we get fired, oh no just sacked, each time we’would have got something to say.
Page on managerial success.

we get fired, oh no just sacked!?

Dead Can Dance – The Host Of Seraphim


Extract from:


‘’ is my own writing, just for try to be clear on me not putting words in others’ items.

A scavenger collects plastic for recycling at a dump site on World Environment Day in the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERS/Utpal Baruah

C.ET: I just were wondering if any one would attack me for posting this picture. While the little guy who is scavenging have been left (without the money produced by the original article, for you to be reassure none I ll be making, I post it just as a ‘reminding’) and even he would have received black economy pocket money, the little boy just left there and on going.
I appreciate that one cannot do everything and that taking a pic could be used as an act purposing help for him- and the other guys and girls in his situation.
But what I recall equally it is that in this realm, I have to ask myself if no one could seriously try to sue me for doing this. That is to sue me for having taken a picture or to have written an ariticle, hopefully to end human rights abuses (if not to start human responsibilities) and one of the priority remove this child from this environment that poison his body. But suing me because I redirect you to their article as if I intend to summarize their information for you I could be in breach of copyrights coming from the story of this little boy, snapshot without receiving a denier of the dominion. So please note that I am not the author, that I own no copyright and do not seek to earn any money.out of my ‘newsroll’ and system of quotation; I just try and do like any computer of search engine, give you my specific summarizing.
I just comment on other buddies work and provide with all the links you need to read them comprehensively. My own creative work is

Kinda NEWROLL: Various from other websites July to oct 2013

UN’s Pillay: Human rights progress must continue
The 1993 Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action was a “blueprint” for stronger human rights, says Navi Pillay, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights. “We need to do our utmost to revive the spirit of the Vienna Declaration and relearn its messages,” she says. Women News Network (6/27)

U.S. to Suspend Trade Privileges With Bangladesh
The administration has come under intense pressure to suspend trade privileges with Bangladesh after a factory building collapse in April and a factory fire in November.

27/06/2013European court confirms UN immunity over Srebrenica
The European rights court on Thursday rejected a request by survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia to overturn a Dutch court ruling that c…
C: Alike when the U.N troops retrieve to let genocides’ assassins finish the slaughtering of entire districts.
do anyone knows I ve heard about indictment of UN soldiers for rape and prostitution networks, I searched the net about their convictions or not, about the trials etc., in vain. Does any know about the progression and conclusion of this story?

Persecution of Falun Gong

China Still Persecuting Christians, Just Better at Hiding It

C: I don’t know about this subject, but one can be sure if there is an unjust crush down on one group, one can be sure it is not on one group only.
Plus, there is the fright of insurrection and the result of pluralism whose downturn could be the competition of groups of interest whose winners are (or may well be or have been) the ones the less reluctant at hiding their human rights discrepancies. Relentless growth and apparel of destruction, lack of formation but puncture to the resources, belonging to nature not to human majesty.
It is why monarchy and their children the republics have donse so well till now. People think they are members of strong (and just) da dynasties.
S dyan dyan dynamo and the energy we would generate not nick, rob as most phenomenal bore.
Rob, robe, dress and sacristy.

UN refugee agency: Global refugee count is most since 1994
U.N. Reports Increased Number of Displaced People
Published: June 18, 2013

Panorama: Rwanda – Journey into Darkness
11:51 on Thursday, 7th July 2011

Genocides possibly caused by unemployment…
Or the fear of forced labour.

Look at the system of command of hitler, where people are on command provided they deliver sufferings, then any one is every one potential prey. At war, Germany succeful opperative chains of commands, was in fact anarchy.
And information is in fact dangerous to link anarchy, fashism and the ‘new’ strategy.

‘it is a common strategies, ploy of dictactors to ensure loyalty in sharing guilt’
Secrets of Leadership: HITLER
12:25 on Monday, 21st February 2011

Fracked-off farmers unite with activists
By Adam McGibbon
As the G8 Summit began in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, a group of farmers drove 60 tractors in a ‘go-slow’[…]
opposed hydraulic fracturing – fracking […]
fracking in Ireland and Northern Ireland, where at least four energy companies are seeking to rend the landscape apart drilling for gas in the very area that the G8 took place. […]
Assembly members speaking against fracking are treated like cranks by ministers. Despite the scientifically proven environmental devastation[…]
With the addition of the farming lobby, it’s hard to imagine how the conservative Unionist parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly, both heavily dependent on rural votes, can maintain their support or ambivalence for fracking forever. The North’s Minister for Enterprise, Arlene Foster, is aggressively pro-fracking. Two years ago, allegations of impropriety emerged when it turned out Foster’s husband owns 62 hectares of land within the gas exploration zone.
[…] In France, where fracking is currently banned, farmers stand with activists […]

Beautiful peace
Beautiful piece on how appearance of democracy can be utterly devastative.
As for the G8 I really did not like their advertisement. State and estate.ruining, TEARING (RENTING RENDING) APART THE LAND, THE LAMB. To monopolise the resources, not to preserve them but steal and rape-violate.
Land grab is just another looting,from which generations after generations will be suffering.
But then? Some will be paid to try and protect som other some from the frantic poisoning surging and merging from it.

In human rights theory there is much said and done towards promotion of human rights, more than for their protection. (duplicity). And maybe just like you describe in this paper, people struggling, fighting not because of anything but of the jobs, seats, opportunities, revenues and impunity, money and function -role in society, one’s title. And not working the way the job is described or actually should be -not should be describe but should be = no detrimentala way to strengthen environment and discovery-; but working to undermine them. Harm to human rights and virtuosity and virtue of a job well-thought of, and their versatility. The virtuous circle of work and everyone else, and the nature wellbeing.

Violate-low heave, vie.
Ate = consumption, not in symbiose.

Please, filter your water instead of polluting the whole howled planet playing heal thing (heating halting) reaping mountain water through circus of loo lorries.

Exposing America’s Ugly Child Sex Secret
When the man who would become Jill Leighton’s pimp first approached her, she was scavenging for food in a Cincinnati shopping mall. She was homeless, alone and 14-years-old. “He gave me a spiel about how smart and beautiful I was and presented me…

Journalist John Pilger examines the impact Rupert Murdoch and Robert Maxwell have had on Britain’s newspaper industry. Carlton 18/02/97 60 mins

From PETA website.
PETA Asia, with the help of other PETA affiliates around the world, has been working tirelessly to expose and stop the production of vile “crush” videos, disturbing films in which girls as young as 12 are videotaped torturing and killing animals in disgustingly cruel ways – ways I hesitate to describe.

Welcome to Not-for-Profit World, where businesses can still make profits, but any profits are always reinvested for social or organizational benefit,

I am sorry but to write ‘for social or organizational benefit’ is still a profit. For me what you are calling revolutionary is just communism, in the sense it is just that you do not explain why people should work more, towards the benefit of whom (the civil servant, to their functions, and props: what agent will handle the ‘funds’) and to what (what kinda social benefit: pay for the ones that so do not want to work, etc?). Also biases, discrimination, whatever horrors we can imagine are not solely the products and images of the states or of the individuals but they are the product of the very social you seem to ideologize, idolatre, idealized so much that to give them the benefit of the doubt is not enough (liberals limited) but you give them everything beyond doubts (in that case behind) = to give them the profit is gonna make everyone happy??? On what earth are you lodged matties?
And with that profit. What did you mean by the profit??, what is it?? (What one starts to earn as they choose to work more than average, or because they are trained more, or because they con more, or because their station and status permit them to be sat and watch and ordering around without the work that real inspection and amelioration would take. Or while exploiting resources and children in other countries pretending we are socialist of some sort? Eating meat, eating lamb, logging forests, puncturing oil?? What?
And for what? What are the benefit and social reinvestment you are talking about? Towards or spurred by machinery, or by anarchy absence or lack of structures that will prevent us to analyse anything since we would not need or the concept of privacy or the one of privatization to tell people to go away when check and balances has to improve democracy.
To be honest I think that you are to study these questions in case you do not want go on writing articles that soon would go annul and avoid. Or at least no paid job.

A bout.


My ulti-mate problem with prostitution would have to philosophise with pimps or women that argue that it is great to have sex for money. And I will be waiting the day where this is actually asked everywhere. Where rape is not even named like this as it is normal to count as job sexual excitation, while every one knows that sexuality ill controlled is one of the most mythics nerve of our problems and perversions. Why not have sex all day? It would just mean that we need slavery to replace our will to be decent citizens and husbandry.

Prostitution the problem. Even more if the wit of prostitution invades all profession. To be honest, in between us, the prostitutes do not have to be much more or have to be more ashamed that the rest of us, if you allow my protestation.
How come in a society do we need to “sale” sex.
In French sale = dirty.
Because of the lack of money, or because of its luxury and abundance.
Because of unemployment and because sex would not say to have a homo or hetero relation, from fling to marriage, but with real intention of affection and personal and intimate links that we all need to be complete (not the porn that make us just derelict to all morals in all their poisoning, poise, position and situation)
A little bit like these scientists that prove that there is no problem vis a vis environments.
I mean to like it = say you like it, are you paid? You cannot stop it.
Cannot(e) to stop it.

Worth or value…for money.
The name of the corruption that make argument with croked police, rootening politician, etc, an endless victory for the spiritless whose policies are the profit via the diminishment of individual and others potentiality not the opposite.

Also for general knowledge, I think that in the U.K prostitutes are not sued but someone who solicite prostitution would be.
And yes, why not ask everyone as a primary requirements and that would be the death of all professions.
Also as for arguing and police, pledge and philosophize about the legalisation of prostitution, I have been studing in a UK university where profs, feam females, feminist self proclaimed, talk about it as being ok, inve inevital inevitable, the older profession, etc, all for pornography, etc.
And of that I am deeply ashamed, that it would have been dangerous for me to voice my revulsion before women with big salaries for being pseudo intellectuals. To argue for prostitution that are stll the danger hand hanging for their own students while producing papers not denouncing, but sole acknowledgment of pros promiscuity and prostitution system welcoming.

You know I find that so (dispissing) despising the argument that other worker used their head and their hand just like if prostitute have to work without it. A denial of their intelligence and skills, it is also very illustrating on how people count on them to be without brain as the experience is so traumatising. I mean that is still saying that without brain the body could have some higher purpose, the soul elevated through having one sole function and live the one of being penetrated.
Disposing, dispersing, dispensing.

Also in my book people have to work in order to create a stable society. Otherwise they are paid (money the just emblem of the total of human arrangement) to create what will cost the community to do more work trying to arrange the mess create, instead of this people paid to arrange the horror of people wanting porno instead of an equal relationship on which you have to work with one’s partner…and also people who create sexual needs and demands because they want to be paid for providing them. The reality being that if everybody was ok in life then sex, one of its crucial components, would be meeting, naturally. While I admit I better, with my present girlfriend, to have a jog, a job, and to do 50 % at home of what is needed. In fact I do much more we meet at her place, mine is too dusty. So when at hers I spend my mind becoming someone worth and not worse the company.
Or mind could we not see that a doc have to work with their sex partly? Not to be a good doctor is the requirement only, but that will ask from them to be sexy, to be married, in a hetero relationship. And why not to the nurses to caress their patients a certain way, and when harass by people say full of misogyny, still to react so jolly. Like if available or at least I agree. And agree to misogyny (coming from men or women) as the logic of staying in this state, statutory system where people will exploit you to the ground. And that if you would rebel against this exploitation of your skills or of your time, or simply of your power = even if very willing and well paid, work as to be a favour to the overall communities (or by benefiting a group, or an individual, but which benefit would not directly or indirectly impair on other groups or individuals). Then even if overpaid, your power, to make things happier or to permit it, at least as far as one’s own action is not an impediment to anyone, is exploited.
Note: when one says your power, your power is something that no one can touch. It is something embedded on you. Like your soul, your mind or the fruit of you work and experiences…
In that case the power that is lend with the profession or the social position one is in is in fact not ‘your power’ but ‘a or the power’. One you do not own but the one fond and fund of institution, ie ideas, past and future work, life in the sense it has extended. Betraying this philosophy of actions = thinking of specific interest versus others’ liberty and others’ expension as long as harmless to other life well being, is called the devil contradiction. Only a dilemma in a very tiny matter of time, enough to announce and make our mind understand that will not be tender the nature and other universes answers.

subject:”did ur f doctor tell u that? i just heard it on the radio.”
While you consult him/her for a chronic cold, he wiped away with his air bossy, even though?
If you’ve been coughing for 3 weeks or more, tell your doctor.
Coughing could be a sign of lung cancer.
C: No one complained. Let’s pray he keeps his free access.
Thank you Mumbai.

• Sigourney Weaver’s lesbian disappointment : Dave – The Home of …
The actress – who is happily married – admitted she gets approached by lesbians who are big fans of her tough, loose T-shirt wearing character, but said she lets

C: ok that but is she married to a girl?

and “jump on the bandwagon” was used as a derogatory term, implying that people were associating themselves with the success without considering what they associated themselves with.

Bradley Manning found guilty of exposing war crimes

Trial a “travesty of justice” says Amnesty International

Possible sentence: 136 years for telling the American people the truth

Manning is a LGBT activist & suffered homophobic abuse in prison

London – 31 July 2013

“Bradley Manning has been found guilty of theft and espionage after a biased, unfair trial in which he was not allowed to provide evidence of his motives and intentions when he released secret US files. These files included evidence of US war crimes, lies and cover-ups. Although he was found not guilty of aiding the enemy, the verdict is a travesty of justice. It mocks the honesty and idealism of a good soldier who sought to expose human rights abuses and defend international humanitarian law,” said Peter Tatchell, Director of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation, which has campaigned in support of Manning’s right to expose wrong-doing.

Gay actor Kieron Richardson, from the TV soap opera Hollyoaks, has joined with Peter Tatchell to support Bradley Manning. PHOTO:
For a print quality version, click here:

“Manning is a LGBT equality supporter and has attended LGBT protests. He was subjected to homophobic abuse while in military detention awaiting trial. Some of his critics have tried to discredit him by falsely insinuating that anger and confusion over his sexuality and gender identity was a factor that led him to make his revelations. There has been an anti-gay sub-text to the way Manning has sometimes been portrayed by the media and his critics.

“Bradley Manning is an honourable whistle-blower – not a thief or spy. He exposed the truth about US war crimes in Iraq.

“Manning is a true patriot, not a traitor. He reveres the founding ideals of the US: the notion of an open, honest government that is accountable to the people and that pursues its policies by lawful means with respect for human rights. At great personal sacrifice, he exposed grave crimes that were perpetrated and then hidden by the US government and military. These are the characteristics of a man of conscience, motivated by altruism. Thanks to Manning, the US people now know the truth.

“One of the war crimes he exposed was a US Apache helicopter attack that gunned down 11 Iraqi civilians in 2007, including two Reuters journalists and men who had gone to the aid of the wounded. Two children were also gravely injured when the US helicopter opened fire on their van. The video records US soldiers laughing and joking at the killings, and also insulting the victims.

“The video of the massacre can be seen at:

“This slaughter had previously been the subject of a cover-up by the US armed forces, which claimed dishonestly that the helicopter had been engaged in combat operations against armed enemy forces.

“It is only thanks to Bradley Manning that we now know the truth about this massacre of innocent civilians – and about the killings of hundreds of other civilians in unreported and undocumented incidents.

“The trial judge’s ruling that Manning was not allowed to use a ‘public interest’ defence during his trial was outrageous. Knowing that his motives were to tell the American people the truth and spark a public debate is an essential element to determine his guilt or innocence,” said Mr Tatchell.

Anne FitzGerald, Director of Research and Crisis Response at Amnesty International, agrees. She believes it was unfair that Bradley was unable to use a public interest defence, as “he reasonably believed he was exposing human rights and humanitarian law violations.”

READ more on why Amnesty believe Bradley is entitled to use the ‘public interest’ defence:

There is no evidence that Manning aided any enemy of the US, caused harm to US personnel or that he had any intention to do so. This view is shared by Amnesty International:

Amnesty said the “aiding the enemy” charge was a “travesty of justice”:

WATCH Peter Tatchell speak at Bradley Manning’s defence rally in London:

READ Bradley Manning’s opening defence statement to the court in full:

Further information:

Peter Tatchell
Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation

Trainee Analyst
Our client is a not-for-profit organisation that tackles the issue of scale; their mission is to help the most successful social impact projects replicate.
C: said like that it does not look good, does not sound like they analyse social impact anyway.
Trainee, rainy, runny.

Italian Court Upholds 1-Year Prison Sentence for Silvio Berlusconi
The sentence the court confirmed was four years, but it was automatically reduced to one year under a law aimed at combating prison overcrowding.

Indian business backs emissions reduction scheme
More than 20 major Indian businesses have signed up to a voluntary initiative that will help them set targets for reducing their…
Is this lovely? i would not put it that way. lovely is lovely, not seriously tackling these issues will be deadly.
but it is better news I agree.

Global premature mortality due to anthropogenic outdoor air pollution and the contribution of past climate change
Increased concentrations of ozone and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) since preindustrial times reflect increased emissions, but also contributions of past climate change. Here we use modeled concentrations from an ensemble of chemistry–climate models…

Islam: how to Beat Your Wife

Pedophilia is OK in Islam

thousands of documents proving islamic and other propaganda for pedophilia and women beatings, rapes …
there are thousands documents proving that these guys should be put in no means to harm and hurt anyone, in a way of another, but I wll stop posting them, because they are participating to the propagand and brain wash that these people want to be at the root of a mind that cannot control itself as it think as being the master of profeetering.

The right to education.
“The state has an obligation to protect this right from encroachment by third persons”.
For children and disabled adult say to be vulnerable. Have to bear all their lifes the decisions of their parents as to the way they socialize, where they live, if they take medications or not, etc.

In this presentation, are listed a number of articles in which girls are often viewed through their health, productivity, diplomas, live skills, social achievements…
One question certainly less reviewed by officials is the links between child marriage, and slavery, domestic abuses and torture. Or the fact that children has to be protected not because of the measurable results on criteria and evaluation but because to ‘marry’ a child to an adult (constant biologic) is an act of torture, total control upon personal development, “to own another life, and perpetual violation.
?? check yourself on the internet — islamic schools etc…preach pedophilia in teaching people that mohamed the polygamous prophet of islam were married at a 9 year old child, (and) To worship worst form of sexual slavery.
And how this is (let to be) taught to children in UK and other liberals’ countries.

(when you forgot it all about imposed and ritualised, rooted polygamist and knew nothing about sexual and other sort of slavery after pillages and wars- here what you got = what you are)

so why? because people in the west of any origins are just waiting the prison of polygamy or to be served by lower casts, while still buying secondary home in warmer countries. and sell their child as a parachute ideas or when subjugated or alienated or subdued “by the stress of clans and families”.

Sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention law aimed at children.

What does Erin’s Law do?
With respect to the renewal of a Standard Teaching Certificate, provides that continuing professional development activities may include participating in or presenting at in-service training programs on sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention.

Education Program requires age-appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education in grades
Pre-kindergarten through 12
Effective immediately.

C: Sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention law aimed at children and why not in the UK?

The Lesbian

thank you I think that may be the delivery people that gave the parcel to any one and run.

Zeppelin- Kashmir Lyrics

Christophe – French and English subtitles.mp4

Temptation is good as good as you are instructed. and it is the police and all citizens duties to stop people from violating the rights of others. women have the right to be women, and if people women or men (not children they are the victims of their ‘parents’ insisting on making them cowards, perverts, sadists, gold diggers prostitutes that want red quarters just to suit their debauchery) incite other to prevent a woman walk the street, work and go to war, do things in the middle of the communities, among men and any other. If someone is impeaching this person then it is he that should be punished. It is that honor. It is that honor, a sense of bravour and dignity.
This logic is logic- veil to stop temptation- of growing piracy. Not piracy as piranha and the sea, butt as in Attila, Hitlerian, Stalin, Hilarie and the west wearing cheap stuff children made story.
what is sinful is not to tell people how to behave but to do so when doing the opposite or to do so to be profeetering.
someone can make mistake, will make mistake, but will learn and also grow if they apply the same to themselves. manipulating people for one’s own laziness and because you want the streets being populated by sex pests is horrid. and horridness will call the same.

this is a good documentary. but the truth is we ve known that since centuries about autistic children and other mentally different people. and in the uk today and in any othercountries you can see the program in schools just being by repeated archaic, very simple over simple gestures all day.
That is good as for the motor skills they can develop but it is just like asking ‘intelligent approved’ children to repeat the same words all day. One would become raving mad after one hour of the treatment. No advanced activities whatsoever. And as for the autistic teenager or child that are as bouncing as an Olympic gamer, the end of the class is to keep them confined in matressed room.
Inthenameofhumanrights. C om
New briefing on Islam, sexual diversity and access to health services launched on International Day Against Homophobia

LSE Research: The Moral Structure of Legal Systems, pt. 1
“a despotic regime it is what law is meant to counter” (Dr Rundle)

Homosexuality In Nature

C: what I find amusing is this constant concern for reproduction.
Just like heterosexual, homosexual couples may desire children.
What is more alarming is that in a word where hetero and the rest allow prostitution, even child exploitation, even in the rich countries of the west to happen. By rich I mean with the mean, material networks to find, stop and shame it, this still persists.
Yes we can agonise on what is gonna happening. Exploitation, torture, wars, pseudo or tacit or full slavery??

On islamic coutnries setting doulbe standards laws for males and femalse, double entrance…they are just like south africa where under apartheid, a regime equating marriage with prostitution on top of all.
But islamic coutnries or whoever use theis tecnicques of terrors, are not one countries, but scores, and for this brag themselves to be able to win the world cup insane.


CrimeWatch 2011 Ep05 Pt1/2: Human trafficking to prostitution – 25Jul2011

C: it is good advertisement made by the police.
But the sentence are too light. It is the story of trafficking, very very little convicted, very very very dangerous for the victims and the punishment ridiculous.

Dark Side of Serbian Mental Institutions

belle english subtitles

Notre Dame de Paris – Belle Subtitled English HD

Notre Dame De Paris – Belle (English Subs – Multilanguage Description

NDdP French & English ‘Belle’ Part 2 (english version/ version anglaise

Children for Sale – 04 Jun 07 – Part 1

Please write to Peru’s Culture Ministry (who need to approve the project) asking it to block the expansion and uphold laws protecting uncontacted Indians’ rights.

It is said that heaven is human and animal and vegetables, everything in the same kingdom, coexisting perfectly and it does not involve nor dinner nor eating nobody. BODY.
THE BODY of Christ is what the need to eat bread, that in paradise in perfection is not needed as the food is the spirit.
And human cross roads, with sciences and proper philosophy, whose duties is to stop having to eat to live. Lift.

ok. but still aliens are animals and like meat eaters one do not want eat the angels’ wings.
And if aliens secours or saviors were spirits, it is still our mission to look after our flesh, to look after flesh ok.
For that matter. And for any other. But while we figure out how to be healthy vegan, we still cannot be vegan and observe not eating vegetable, as living flesh for sure, just without blood.

if they do not want effeminate we could start being tougher. with backfire on their philo head.

Karma, climate.

Climax, ante.


prostitution, not tolerable life.

A young lady is getting mauled by two young lions

Chomsky’s core message to humanity

C: democracy but not democracy alone,
as what democracy would supress or fail to repress. greed the likely hood,
and the destruction of our forest, for its like lie wood.

An extra hour of TV beyond recommendations diminishes toddlers’ kindergarten chances
Posted: 07 Aug 2013 05:50 PM PDT
Every hourly increase in daily television watching at 29 months of age is associated with diminished vocabulary and math skills, classroom engagement (which is largely determined by attention skills), victimization by classmates, and physical prowess at kindergarten.
ScienceDaily: Latest Science News

Chocolate may help keep brain healthy
ScienceDaily: Latest Science News

former chief executive of the Care Quality Commission, was yesterday formally named as one of three officials who tried to suppress evidence of a botched inspection.
one of three who tried to cover up botched inspection.
His father, James, has fought a long campaign for the truth about his son’s care to be revealed.

Read more:

C: what I also think is a farce like the journalist of the hour said. Is that there is no inverstigations wahtesoever.
Would you report abuses, even go up to the courts, the judge would say if you have no proof…but what is the truth is that the only proof is foundable within investigations over claims. And who will investigates? Nobody.
Moreover, a bit unrelated but in parallel. Who haven’t worked, and having people as customers or as superiors, just in front of everybody having sexual intent over one or another person, other customers or employees, without nothing to be said possibly.
Just like to work in residential home where if you ask someone who do not wash or who decide to scream in their bedroom all night, you cannot even mention it, because of their rights to do so.
You have got a right of masturbating but not if include to keep everybody up at night.
And a right of not washing but not if include others has to throw up for breakfast, lunch and diner included.
It is what happens in modern ‘poor houses’. Just like in our ‘normal settings’ where you worse dread is to buy a home or live in a room where the neighbour is noisy. And in fact extra noisy as they like to be bully.
Why not people busy wanking in mental health settings put together in order the poor discreeter be more than every day bullied, but raped bullied.
Because as well, it is not maby maybe a stigma of disabilities as after all nothing has been done yet for the one who likes music loud do not become the living hell of the one who like silence for company. For reflexion and company.

Geoffrey Bettley, 36, from West Yorkshire, can teach despite accepting a police caution over 200 images on his computer.
Handed caution after police found 189 indecent images on his computer
He viewed some of the pictures for ‘two to three years on and off’
Read more:

Cetvies author and editor of this blog.
it can be bought directly on

good. positive, etc…
but what do you mean by development? development, education still mean or could still mean exploitation. also i think it is too isolationary. i mean fear of becoming a minority, response, a nationalist response in every country would be pro natalist activity. so what about the rest of the world. is a policy back by the un? help by it, secured by it?

About resources, would development relies on its exhaustion?

Government won’t maybe invest in population, that would go privatisation, and take over government not as a bunch of people but as an working or evolving institution.

by peta website, pictures below.


On thrift and labor:
And on sustain abilities. Stabilities.
1. The Grasshopper and the Ant – Jean de La Fontaine

Integration is used here just like speaking about the former slaves that have to look up on the masters and just causing as much damages but now, not as a section of the populations, but as the whole population loitering resources and vulnerable, commonly aimed individuals. and it is why it has lasted, everybody was so afraid of the evil of men united towards their pseudo believes of being horrors and insane. See what is left of here. So much for mines and the day we will call this planet were, long gone water, modesty, esteem. On a sealed land of depletion where drier will be obese obscene scene of contentment and our smile and nod as obsession.
Of god we would not have the pardon.
Like king said, it was not for us per say or whatever else but for all as it ‘was for justice’.
And if we are wrong, the all world is wrong. It was a question of universality and human rights declaration.



C: Be blessed, the one looking after, those, after the birds.

Then it was the amalgam that people made deliberately between a paedophile, a pederast and a homo. For example pede is a short term in French to designate homo. And that happen is that they are used by pedophile themselves pointing at homosexuals, in an attempt exercise at looking scornful, rather than fully foul.
It is also a duty and a long waiting emergency to constat that paedophile and heterosexist use a cross gender approach, saying that a child is too feminine or masculine, whatever the pretext, but it is this one usually, to harass them sexually or molest them taking a sexualise talk as a topic, grooming them when the child is said to behave the way permitted. I let you imagine how far and how obscene that ‘break down’ can be.
We could love to thing that majoritarily this was in order to protect people sexually, while amalgam of this type just provides the confusion necessary to condone or hide paedophilia.
People could combat homosexuality as it was easy and appeal to the crudest desire for authoritarianism perpetuated with the rapes of both genders.

But pedophilia was very much more difficult to combat with family or priests or employers having full power.
Before one could not escape marriage, and this was certainly topping the amount of cruelty inflicted on spouses and children.
In Britain, children were dead before being twenties from being employed in factories or other surroundings up to the 19 century. So we can’t even laugh at this bigotry.

To people or sites that remove participation not on hatred speech account (wait a minute to defend oneself or to defend what would be an endangered condition is not hatred speech, it is just a release of living energy) but if the comments had been viewed or flagged as ‘unlike’.
– just go and sink yourself, you and ur rules for nazi tyran.
you are so vile that you seek the positivism of your hypocrisy to suck what is left of your eunuch condition.
To submit to or manipulate the tyranny of the majority, or just to use the world ‘unlike’ as a sure way to censorship, gagging fronting the guillotine.

I think scriptures are spirituals messages made sacred because of their beauty and utility. Their depth and the way they could want to protect the human race.
I think they are sacred in the sense that people have sacrificed themselves to protect them and their principles, the same principles of universal protection and protection of and by the universe, by extension and extensively, existentially.

Autism’s Unexpected Link to Cancer Genes

C: there is only the diversity in the mental structures and dynamics that may make us understand our relation to the body and to the external world, or rather our means to investigate or meet it.
Also to avoid the birth of people with specific genes or assemblement of this gene will participate at the pauperisation of our genes and of our behavioural and sensorial diversity. Very, very dangerous, lethal in fact, am for the pope on this.



Google and Facebook support climate change denial – SOX NEWS 4

thank you for having done that.
what I think comic, is that everyone is talking about the result in climate change, though everyone that can learn to read can intellectually gather that human way of living is poisoning everysingle thing. it is just that it did not explose in the earth system and in our body system yet. one day or another we will have to personally swallow the tons of dangerous chemical that have injected.
someone not intellectually capable of gathering that, would not able to put a string of a sentence together (not saying that people with speech difficutlies cannot comprehend the horror that industrialisation and consummation are)
but are negationist just like you say. to negate just like you people can face prison in france if they do so regarding hitlerian concentration camps, is a proof of your being a liar or to have reach very very rare I believe degree of insanity or just in fact believe in a fate theory, that mean whatever happen is ok, but in any of all these cases you should never approach a position with responsibilities.

I just have a question: would you have also paper sources more than the video of the politicians. other weblinks capable of adding proofs? in particular for google and fb?

Pakistan’s Musharraf charged with murder of Benazir Bhutto

8.Mozart’s Requiem-Lacrimosa (lyrics+translation)

Lacrimosa = mournful.
C: The sense of tears.
And when the worlds communicating, and crossing barriers, are tearful. Without a view.

312 Courses
Lecture 9 – The Future of Globalization
Law » International Studies » Conceptual Foundations of International Politics
Course: Conceptual Foundations of International Politics
Professor: Lisa Anderson
University: Columbia

I THINK THAT it is a too utopian account versus practibality but really very very interesting data, perspectives. Worthy information, I ll try to get more of this profs. Liza Anderson and Sachs.
Good to very good quality for the whole course involving several other docs.

Individuals with more education generally live longer.

How Fear and Loneliness Shape Body Chemistry and Health
The chronic stress of living in poverty, loneliness of social isolation, and fear endemic in some high-crime neighborhoods can alter gene activity and contribute to disease, says Steve Cole, UCLA professor and researcher.

La Rage – Keny Arkana – French Rap (English subtitles)

C: it was a long time I had listened to a French revolutionary song.
But beware destruction. Replace by nothing else than the same with no whatsoever better or nobler ambition.

“all this conflicts that consume peace defenders’ energies”

Practicalities are not tractabilities.
trac•ta•ble (tr k t -b l)
1. Easily managed or controlled; governable.
2. Easily handled or worked; malleable.

Tractable like tractor, moveable, steal-able? Steel able? Sealable, syllable, yet again sellable- cell celeb, cellar, ceiling.
Like the resources that should be in their place maintained and for their protection stay under.

Videos on internet may well be good, more or less varied and numerous sources of information. not for the specialists as in fact on a sharp subject availability is often very very limited, but some docs are almost quite invaluable.

8-year-old Yemeni child dies at hands of 40-year-old husband on wedding night
“According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), between 2011 and 2020, more than 140 million girls will become child brides. Furthermore, of the 140 million girls who will marry before the age of 18, 50 million will be under the age of 15.”
It is reported that over a quarter of Yemen’s young girls are married before the age of 15. Not only do they lose access to health and education, these child brides are commonly subjected to physical, emotional and sexual violence in their forced marriage.
Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 09/11/2013 – 07:58
From a comment.
“Sick pedophiliac bastards. That includes the heartless parents who pimped her out. Disgusting.”
“under the guise of marriage”

C: they are not commonly so, it is in the nature of this horror. To kill an individual, to rape everything from her. It is also why pedophilia is so widespread because it is to kill a child to try and produce a slave. I am not even saying that every pedophile or know that or has their crimes, repeated crimes, daily crimes that become intrinsic to their overall behaviors. It is how you find pedophiles with manipulative string, as all day they act trying to strategize. A smile to a mother, the job, their marriage, trying to be nice, entertaining, compliant, praising, pressing, praying, but not for comfort to others, or not because of kindness of true understanding or misunderstanding, but because the pedophile needs approval, needs by standers, or need a ring.
The strategists.

Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
4 Sentenced to Death in Brutal Rape Case in India
Every year, thousands of primates are snatched from their homes in the wild and shipped from Asia to the US and the EU to be imprisoned in laboratories and tormented in painful experiments
urge China Southern Airlines to stop transporting animals to a fate worse than death in terrifying laboratories.
you can sign up for PETA UK E-News here.

Definition of Social Justice
Historically, research on justice has focused primarily on equity. However, the modern
trend has been to incorporate other conceptions of justice.4 Broadly speaking, justice is “something
higher than a society’s legal system.

Survival International

Ask Brazilian beef company not to destroy Ayoreo lands

Brazilian beef company Yaguarete Porá is destroying one of the last refuges of the uncontacted Ayoreo Totobiegosode tribe
Survival International

Help protect communities from fracking

The Government plans to side-line communities at risk from fracking, by not consulting them about the full impacts on their community and environment. It also plans to stop notifying people of any oil and gas drilling beneath their homes. Please ask your MP to help communities at risk from fracking.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

Facebook is Doomed by

C.ET: Facebook is used as a digital network, closing down democracy as the comments are filtered. Not only filtered they are filtered to a disgusting, misleading, propagandistic, systematic, in fact horrific I would say, extend. You think you are in an open group and none of what you say, but praises, will ever been published. That is for democracy, freedom of expression and the net. In that the think tank etc. are not representative in general but of their owner, and shaper. That on top of it may declare themselves to be opened.

Furthermore, Facebook at the individual level allow people to connect only if they know each other physically. I find it ridiculous, even more for the number one E-networking site.
Oh, in fact you can connect to anybody (=people you don’t know or people that claim they do not know you, or people that do not want to be contacted..) but for that you’ve got to pay a fee.

Lesbians, did you know that 73% of masculine lesbians prefer feminine lesbians, yet only 26% of feminine lesbians prefer masculine lesbians? That’s what I learned in my last survey
C.ET: it s why dikes ‘do’ ‘heteros’.

Aicha – Cheb Khaled – French (subs francais -anglais-French-English)

Refining the tone.
Yes, wars are associated with rapes, in fact wrongly. They are not wars when so or they are called wars to give military and civilians or citizens alike all impunity; they are just the expression of systematic looting. Or population hold in hostages in view of invasion. In my opinion, systematic rapes have been officially treated as war crimes only recently but i think they are more an act of genocide. Even if, obviously, one can and have used it against their own populations, groups, or families.

i know that child marriage occurs in all countries and in all religions but i would like to speak about an piece of information I never had, while i thought i integrated somewhat with muslims people, it is true they did not particularly follow islamic creeds, but Mohammed, the islamic prophet, on top of being polygamous, ‘married’ his fourht ‘wife’ when she was 9 and him 54. I am absolutely completely alarmed by that and the knowing that his life is extoled sordidly as a model for millions of people protected by freedom of faith. Actually I do not need to enter the madrasas (Islamic schools) to clearly understand that children of all ages are preached that they (could) have to aim at replicating the same deeper than horrors to claim holiness or submission or whatever would permit one to fit in within this creed. I am absolutely aware that pedophilia is in fact widespread and is the object of too little act of prevention or punishment (ex: no courses for children inculcating them against sexual predators, or sexual exploitation even, ask, also in the UK infinitely less punished than drugs dealing when punished at all), and that even in ‘top human rights or top developed countries’. Moreover, I wonder what other valid conclusion, and not usurped than such situations are in fact more or less supported, could balance my essay.

For the bibliography just type “Mohammed, Aisha, fourth wife” and you will see.
Many many preachers muslims who advocate marriage for puberty age, envisaging teenager marrying older men, and even when one is the match makers of two teenagers that did not ask nothing to nobody.
they should be in prison these guys or females that preach pedophilia and forced marriage alike. But for pedophilia the sentences should be extreme.

Mano Solo “Les animals”

just the french interview of a song wir writer I really liked, in fact love. In this article he says that despite his dozens of different songs, when hou journalists interview him, they always talk about his sero-posivity instead of something else. And here instead of being listened to by millions of people.
I am very interested by any literature on Africa. And for them the same phenomenon. ‘Half’ of the literature produced on the vast subject, on this big continent is about HIV. And the company selling meds as market price.
Disgusting 4th power.

“Kenya Terror: Militants Kill Anyone Who Can’t Recite the Koran” by Religiontoday.
Kenya Terror: Militants Kill Anyone Who Can’t Recite the Koran
‘At least 68 people were killed in the mall attack on Saturday, with at least 175 people injured.’

Free. Err.

The pedo tha full of vice, will react like an infant, or a child, to try and bring upon him coma compassion that he knows so well is misplaced.
Miss place.

Cultural relativism is when as a gay I can hear someone that say to me look you have not the right to marry, and that I cannot even say to them, what about you letting children die orphans or through their parents treatment without having been threatened by worse realities, first of all in western societies, unemployment again and again.
Barring someone from having a family, unless you molest your child, but there is it, this under triviality is at the very heart, perhaps the very heart of the human story.
Barring someone from having a family is no less than one of the stigmata of bringing someone under or onto slavery.
One of the most uncontested human rights is the right of not being enslaved.

40% of girls in India face this plight every year when they are forced to become child brides.
© 2012 International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

In one side you’ ve got the slavery when you are forbidden to form a family. To have a life. To aspire being with someone, you choose and you love … without this love people in thought and prospect cannot but become dead to themselves and to their intimacy. To the very heart of their being if allowed to speak ’emotionally’. (Because of course we could be raped in battery, waiting that the robots comprehend that is figure out before the human benign the extent of its cruelty).

And the other side, just like another person in the forum underlines, you have forced marriage in the perspective of producing ‘humans being’ in order for them to perform some other assigned task.

How Slavery Affected
African American Families
“Slavery not only inhibited family formation but made stable, secure family life difficult if not impossible.”
“Family separation through sale was a constant threat.”
“Many owners encouraged marriage to protect their investment in their slaves.”

By: Jennifer Hallam
“When Africans were taken from their homes and forced into slavery, they were separated from mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers and were torn from extensive kinship networks. Enslaved in the British colonies of North America or the free states of the American Union, the ability of Africans to reestablish nuclear families and familial support systems depended on many factors including the needs and desires of the slave owner. As the circumstances of slavery changed across time and place, the opportunities for slaves to marry, have children, and create stable family units fluctuated.”

“Around 1600, Africans began to be shipped to North America as slaves. Slaves did most of the work where they lived. Most of them worked in mines or on plantations, while some became servants. Some people thought that slavery was wrong, while the majority of people thought that slavery was acceptable. Few slaves could marry, have a family, testify in court, or own property legally. Some slaves were able to make money to free themselves.”

Women and Family in Athenian Law
“Slaves kept as concubines might be treated with generosity and enjoy certain privileges at the discretion of the master. Unions between slaves and procreation were possible if the master permitted it. A 4th century essay on good household management (Xenophon’s Oeconomicus) recommends allowing good slaves to have families as this would make them more cautious and more trustworthy. The children of such unions would be slaves owned by the master of the parents (oikogenes).”

Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon

C: Do not breathe incense smoke they are worse than cigarettes.
Beautiful musician.
The arts and sciences here to reveal how much one needs t o look after others or being in h short of all higher.
The arts and sciences here to reveal how much one needs t o look after others or being in h short of all higher.

constellation consternation.

The consent for the cons, the consent of them all.


C: One day, conflicts could turn to go glam global tribal wars.
Tribe, bribe, tribunal.

I created a section LGBT not because I gougatly regard and de dangerously our rights and dutties not equal to those in hetero relationship but because it is family and it is sex orientation.
Pedophilie is a scourge of elimination of the sepe species itself , and rising children an all time can’t find deeper concern.
Ps: pedo counts primarily, as a basic to affect their victims with irreparable traumas, just like the homophobes.

And sex, whatever its forms, included through writing or advocacy, might not be of the taste or of the degree of intimacy they want to establish.

dates dittoes

Lesie Caron Reading Twilight: New Moon

Torture on animals: Or what could be expected from climate change.
From PETA website:
“Experimenters at the University of Utah purchased an orange-and-white tabby cat named Robert from a local animal shelter, drilled holes in his head, cut open his skull and attached electrodes to his brain.
Sadly, Robert is not alone.
At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, experimenters intentionally deafened a gentle cat named Double Trouble, […] “

Pictures from PETA website as well:


C.ET: whether those universities have obtained funds for a human rights department and sub-departments it is what I am or could currently be under wonder. Or coming any time soon.
Or at least one or two modules and docs (docks) with PhD on environmentalist story.
Story, sort. Storey, storage.

If climate change is a massive subject, it also features politicians (speaking like bar tenders, or at least hold by the same official duty to accuracy) and scientists who dare negating it. When we think that millions of pounds and dollars etch, are put into ‘state of art’ (at least amount of money and resources speaking) projects, for us to finish with debates at the level we could be if we did not have nor eyes, nor senses, nor TV, nor empathy, nor compassion, no reason, or no brain. Though a soul never has to lodge inside a head. I specify that for the animals, vegetal, or entities that do not have one, or that is not spotted, or perceived, or acknowledged, even not sought by human ‘sensitivity’.
I hope you won’t take grudge on what i write, still there is a module on ‘deconstruction’ week 9.
However I think that the ‘focus’ on the media over climate change- maybe because its symbolises the true global spread consequences of how we endeavour at spoiling and condemning it all- overlooks that anyhow we are destroying lands, poisoning grounds and skies (like sickies), chiefly chemically and industrially. Speak over and over about resources as being like in cupboards good for the taking, when they are but the earth constitution and should stay where they are- guarded not pillaged.
That as for in this system we all wear the uniform of always new clothes. Depleted the land, polluting again through pollution and get rid of it, 6 month after to promote eco growth and develop. Same cloths, any makes now produced their fabric by way of working that ain’t respectable to the workers, including children labour.
After that, well we will ask the butcher or the fishmonger to finish us with what is dead. On top of us having killed, in fact consciensciously murder many and many species, we still eat whatever is on the move, calling them resources or protein sources.
Also, who want more rights for this form (or mode) of humanity?

As for cultural res relativism, there should be a stop at neutrality impunity?

Again, aging.

Eyes, ease.

In response to plagiarism, at least 95 % of these ideas I read. I do not really remember where, without counting T.V, informal discussion, parallels drawn for other learning or earning, …, make the 5 other per cent. And the student sources or others that ain’t review by peers, peers standing here by academic official paid channel.
Paid, diap – per. To retr e return to the peer. Piere pire.
Pedo, and pedant.

Cloth Mother: A Psychopathic Study into the Obvious

On psychology experiment related to the need to be touched.
The monkey is simply cold and go on the clothes and cuddle.
What fucking stupidity.
Contact is very important. But I think had been foreclosed in order to prevent rampant pedophilia and also because an individual needs to be alone to think on their own, and develop deepest thought. at least they need to have it or to have the opportunities for isolation rather than permanent or dominant promiscuity.

Hurdle, Muddle.

About my puns, I am not saying they are the trough, it is just an attempt to reconstitute how a language may have from formed.
The meaning of Diwali
The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance, although the actual legends that go with the festival are different in different parts of India:
• In northern India and elsewhere, Diwali celebrates Rama’s return from fourteen years of exile to Ayodhya after the defeat of Ravana and his subsequent coronation as king;
• In Gujarat, the festival honours Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth;
• In Nepal Diwali commemorates the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon king Narakaasura;
• In Bengal, it is associated with the goddess Kali.

Med, trade, and patent.
Should we not first and foremost, combat abuse right and ownership on patent?

ok for your calculations, but whatever it takes of vegetations to produce meat, and that induce poverty is not the problem or is not the central problem. the problem is of course people undernourished but animals being killed as much. anyhow as long as human satisfy themselves in killing other species when alternatives are here, sciences empowered us with this, then we will be and stay and grow an horror for our own.

Friends of the Earth
Create a garden pile

Now’s a good time to prepare for wildlife that might come and hibernate in your garden over the winter, such as frogs and hedgehogs. Put an uneven pile of logs in a quiet corner, for small animals to get cosy. Even a pile of stones will offer shelter to a range of insects and spiders.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

BY Rebecca Gowland
Head of UK Campaigns, Oxfam
Farmers in Brazil and Cambodia have been kicked off their land by sugar suppliers who sell to Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. Elsewhere, Associated British Foods (ABF) – the biggest sugar producer in Africa – is reported as being linked to a range of ongoing land disputes.
Please sign the petition calling for Coke, Pepsi and ABF to show zero tolerance of land grabs
let’s get Coke, Pepsi and ABF to change the way they do business too.

quoted by Sewa-Welli LASSEY
First Arab honored for saving Jews from Nazis
Yad Vashem Holocaust museum recognizes Egyptian doctor as Righteous Among the Nations – Holocaust, Yad Vashem, Righteous Among the…!!

And we understand the reason as psychology can be used to be completely controlling.
Or ‘psychology’ forbidding ground’ staff to behave like humans, asking questions, spontaneous interactions, or being challenging to the slightest to abnormal demands for from residents. Rendering these residents completely intolerant to phrasing beyond, the mmh, yes, mmh, or official approving or total otherwise seclusion (sometimes needed when patient are the ones abusing recurrently).

To be homo, and because of our love and attraction for the same sex, having to go through the worst accusations of being sexual offenders.
Ritually accusing of paedophilia by the ones who are.

I am not saying do not say that of gays, because gays are like heteros, and might be the worst cases of debauchery, pubondery, or perversity, sadists, and company.
But here the heterosexism tactics, and thereby the homosexism tactics that would follow.
Hoping that sex pests, pseudo hetero or pseudo homo here is not the problem, the question the real ones will stay in good real trouble though.

The men treating females like prostitutes, because them, the mysogynes want the money.
Who’s who? Let’s no say?

Watch it. Sorry when I do not reference it is when I am not really sure about the sources. I started to list what I read and watch since I am in an English univ, I did not really learn to do that in france, but this list cannot be exhaustive as I miss some and that I fail to know whose is whom exactly. Anyhow I repeat and draw parallel mostly. A bit of personal experience (professional) but here the same you owe it to someone who hire you, or show you, or tell you, or put you in the situation?
The circle, commercial circle, of having to quote and cite papers rig reviewed by peers, not by their lobby pressure but by the fundraise machines commercially linked riveted.

I again would like to say sorry when my writing does not convey my thoughts precisely. I am pacifists and it is only because of the lack of time I actually have or don’t have to review my writing and reading that I am doomed to finish it in the line of chaos or unfinished it.
Do comment and threaten me with my own qy quotes if you think I am being disrespectful and full of misconception, mix-up or misconnect.
I will answer and write to you. In the attempt of operating something new.

Earlier this year, a new EU law went into effect banning the sale of animal-tested cosmetics products and their ingredients,
[..] However, millions more animals are still suffering
[..] development of an innovative, non-animal testing method that has the potential to replace inhumane toxicity tests on mice and guinea pigs.
Make sure that the voice of compassionate British people is heard by signing here:

Nearly 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs are tortured and killed for their fur in China each year, and many of them are skinned alive.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation

C.ET: stop buying leather and fur.

Some stupids, say that it is thank to commercialisation of their flesh or product that animals lives. What would be nature devoided of its species. If earth is already hell, that one, would be it still.

Iran: Silencing Scientists; the case of Omid Kokabee
Text Box: Omid Kokabee, a talented young physicist doing postgraduate work at UT Austin was sentenced to ten years in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison for allegedly conspiring with enemies of Iran and receiving “illegitimate funds.”

Ici, l’oeuvre originale. Les documents a lire.
Les documents tapes par ordinateur sont sur ce blog pour que ses sujets soient détectés par les moteurs de recherche. Ces documents sont aussi pourvus d’annotations faites par un autre auteur. De plus ils facilitent la lecture pas toujours très lisible en manuscrite.
Œuvre modifiée et annote par partenaire porte le nom : ‘computerised doc’.
Œuvre originale sur les documents suivants, en bas de page, doc 1 a doc 60. S’il vous plait telechargez.

Friends of the Earth
Still using disposable batteries?

Next time you need to buy a gift or something for your home, look for products that don’t need batteries, such as wind-up or solar-powered gadgets and toys. If you really can’t avoid batteries, choose rechargeable ones – they’ll save you money in the long run.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth
Urgent action: Tell Brazil to evict illegal invaders before it is too late
The Awá Indians, one of the last nomadic hunter-gatherer peoples of the Amazon rainforest, are being driven towards extinction.
Since the launch of Survival’s campaign to save the Awá, the Brazilian government has declared the tribe a top priority, and has promised that plans are in place to evict the illegal loggers and ranchers who are destroying the Indians’ forest. But little concrete action has been taken. Give nature a home where you live
Nature is in trouble and needs help. If there’s no home for nature, there’s no nature. Homes are where we eat, where we sleep, and where we bring up our families. It’s just the same for birds and wildlife.
No matter how big or small your outside space, everyone can make a difference and create a home for nature.
Sign up for simple and fun activities for you and the whole family to give nature a home on your doorstep.
Pick an activity and get involved
• Invest in a tree or shrubbird
• Care for your aquatic lifebeast
Request a free guide
• Build a home for bats
Request your Give nature a home guide packed full of simple, fun activities to help wildlife where you live. It’s free and available for download or free postal delivery.

i would insist on the fact that forced marriage come to the fore not only as being the cause of higher rate of suicide, but as the ostensible sign of a life of servitude in the best of cases in the private domains as well as publicly.
notwwithstanding the fact that it is forcing sexual activities through religious ceremonies and that in all legality.

In addition, the agreement that one has to respect the other cultures is almost systematically (caul) given. Well you know if you ask the opinion of girls or boys married this way they would risk their security, their lives to dare choosing for themselves. So, there is applied to rights, universal respect that engages reciprocity. That is if the culture do not give the right to their members to express their opinion about their own slavery, then I would not know why the opinion attributed to this society should be observed.
Abs(oli) heard, absurd.

To not engage into a war, it bear its weight yes. Yet to drive this argument into a right context is very dangerous and dishonest (not of you, of academic and others? (even human rights staff of course) fuelling this confusion over and over) And just like you say in fact mirror opinion from people from the west that just await forced marriage to suit their standards of corruption unashamed.

“Inthenameofhumanrights. C om”

The Reality of Puppy Mills

C.ET: You know when one sees something like that, hard-core corrupted occurring, in fact occurring many times and times again, to make money, and it is none of your business, then it is logical one loses faith, loses respect for everything.

Onto sometimes loose self-esteem or sadism for sexual kick and the impression in vain to retain power (on their scale of shame, scheme and haine (phonetic ‘hen’, hatred in French).

In vain, invade in vein.

Inc. invoice, in void.

Stepping Inside the Slaughterhouse

C.ET: I don’t agree at all with the last part of this documentary. Breeding humanely towards death is the most hypocritical human lies. In fact more than hypocrisy at the final it is deceit.

I all the same propose to you to watch the video as it is an excellent documentary.

Please, we beg you, don’t eat meat = cooked murdered cadavers and since it is still legal under your own order.

PS: I hope the little girl won’t be finally paid by the farming industry to sell the lies of them being caring. let’s go on be caring that way, and like all dairy cows we will finish euthanatized just like some of these little new (but well-bred generally) students would recommend ‘out of compassionate care’ anyway. Or start selecting what they want for their barbies dolls convoluting the buttocks buttox later needed (responsible in mass for animal testing).

C.ET: that just shows the infinite torture during breeding and slaughter. However, whose fault is it, and above all there is no worse torture to be de kept alive to be used as food, whatever the methods. It is the filthy fault of meat-eaters.

Bloody Harvest: The Real Cost of Fur

Indian Leather Industry Exposed by PETA

C.ET: that is the effect of denying the holiness of religion. I am not saying that there are plenty. However, denying one of them and we d become lifeless.

Animal testing at Wickham Labs (UK)

Not very distressful video, as I think we ve(t) lost the heart necessary to understand these types of cruelty, and therefore stop acknowledging a live of suffering, or our live permitting to lie, to breed and kill.

Heed, hill. Climate will change.

= think we ve lost the hear, think we ve lost the heart.

Think we ve lost the mind.


Think we ve lost the vie.

Example of the perversion of negative rights and state laissez-faire.

Obviously state could endorse these experiments but are we citizens from the dead land of inferno, infer.

And when you think you have to design under cover to know 5 mn about these tortures.

Mind 5 mn of that should have been sufficient to close all the existing lab.


Go inside a horse slaughterhouse

Don’t watch.

C.ET: and here this puta cnn making us believe there is a human way.

Extreme animal cruelty in Australia *WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC

C.ET: Indigenous should obviously not be exempted of law against cruelty, that is typical of Australia sense of paternalism, which also is about letting people do just like if they were their child, no able to follow grown rules.  but you know what is the just rational for that. is that any tribes, nations, etc, are still allowed to kill animals.

It is the human species that should be endangered.

Stop animal cruelty: say no to cosmetics tested on animals

“Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” song.

C.ET: a video also reminding people that little mammals or little rodents, any animals, must be free and might be pet. That also lead to another big problem, are domestic animals free? Often is a ‘nep’. In a pen, without other companions, enough space to do and move, without mates or spaces. Any how noah where the environment. In-vitro.

Environment, envy.


Snakes Frozen Alive by USGE

C.ET: animals kept like if they were inhabiting their own grave or graveyard when mass murders is concerned.

Baby seals are dying

Vicious Seal Hunt Killing Thousands Of Baby Seals


picture from:






Abattoir made in France – Alès (English subtitles)

Des peines encourues dérisoires

La peine maximale ici encourue pour plus de 60 infractions est de 6 000 €… Tellement peu au regard des souffrances supplémentaires endurées par les animaux dans ces lieux déjà violents et cruels par essence. Peut-on imaginer que cette sanction dissuadera les abattoirs d’enfreindre la réglementation ?


TO ANSWER a famous French songwriter: no, this human world is nothing near serious.

This is the case, what procurers think they have to do, in general. No wonder about how well Vichy could have thriven. (with English whose royals are of german origin, and the german that have been historically in pairs with the ottoman empire, and some branches now of islam that are pro-nazis) they were right the risk is that no more wars after that, is it a risk though, nature would say differently as ultimately the human plots is to leave her a barren stone, if any.

Granting Legal Rights to Rivers: Is International Law Ready?
Four rivers around the world now have legal rights. But what are the implications of rights for nature for international environmental law?


August 6, 2018 – by Mara Tignino and Laura E. Turley

Last year, four rivers were granted legal rights: the Whanganui in New Zealand, Rio Atrato in Colombia, and the Ganga and Yamuna rivers in India.

Granting Rights to a River:  Enhancing a Right-Based Approach

In contrast to international law, some countries have granted rights to the nature, and specifically to rivers, in their national laws. In 2008, Ecuador recognized the constitutional right of Mother Earth and, in 2010, Bolivia adopted the Laws on the Rights of Mother Earth, which gives legal standing to nature and establishes an ombudsman for the protection of its rights. And in May 2017, Colombia’s Constitutional Court recognized the Atrato River as a legal person.

More recently, the Parliament of New Zealand granted the country’s third-longest river, the Whanganui, the legal rights of a person, after a 140-year campaign by the Whanganui Iwi tribe. In addition to compensating the Whanganui Iwi for grievances, the move seeks to preserve the river for future generations of Whanganui Iwi and all New Zealanders. As such, the river gains its legal personality not from an abstract legal entity, but from the people that are connected with the river.

India’s Ganges River and one of its main tributaries, the Yamuna River were granted these same rights. The high court in the northern state of Uttarakhand — not the national government, as in New Zealand, Ecuador, and Bolivia—issued the order, citing the case of the Whanganui in establishing that that the Ganges and the Yamuna should be accorded the status of living human entities.

Laura E. Turley

Home > Environment > Environment: The Concept of Legal Personality – From Companies to Natural Entities?

Environment: The Concept of Legal Personality – From Companies to Natural Entities?
By Latham & Watkins LLP on April 4, 2017 Posted in Environment

By Paul Davies and Michael Green

New Zealand’s Parliament has just passed a bill to enable the Whanganui River to be recognised as a legal person. It will now be represented by two nominees: one appointed by the Maori community (or Iwi), and another appointed by the government.


An excellent film about the gathering of evidence and legal fight against one of the most powerful energy corporation on earth. The actual film showing both horrors of environmental industrial ACTIONS causing direct (visible, no need for a chemical kit- and invisible of course) environmental degradation, and the parody of justice, in fact even the travesty of the existence of a simple legal system going on and on.


CRUDE: The Real Price of Oil

Joe Berliner

“The story of lawsuit by tens of thousands of Ecuadorans against Chevron over contamination of the Ecuadorean Amazon.

One of the largest and most controversial legal cases on the planet.”





“Lawyer Who Beat Chevron in Ecuador Faces Trial of His Own”

Rodrigo Buendia/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Oil waste in Ecuador near a well that was in operation in the 1970s.

Enlarge This Image

Guillermo Granja/Reuters

“Workers cleaning up a polluted pool  in Ecuador in 2007. Texaco, now owned by Chevron, was accused of causing the damage. “

C.ET: This person (THIS HERO) just won a terrible case, (just watch the film, it is telling,) and the corporations are suing him for basically bringing the burden of proof to the for years reluctant authorities that I guessed bent because, thanks to the awareness campaign generated.

How utterly disgusting.


“Chevron has obtained an injunction from U.S. District Court against enforcement of the Ecuadorian verdict.[18]

“Despite these many setbacks, the Ecuadorian victims of Chevron’s pollution that Donziger helps to represent continue to attempt to enforce the judgment in Ontario, Canada.[19] Actions are also being pursued in Colombia and Argentina where, unlike in Ecuador, Chevron still has major assets.[20] Pursuant to these efforts, Chevron has already had assets frozen in Argentina, including bank deposits and its stake in a pipeline company.[21] These developments followed Donziger’s successful appeal before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals of Judge Kaplan’s worldwide injunction against the enforcement of the Ecuadorian judgment on the basis of Chevron’s allegations of judicial malfeasance in Ecuador.”

C.ET: An excellent lecture on global warming, the abomination of industrialisation and our takings cabs less often than plane.

An Inconvenient Truth (1/10) Movie CLIP – Science of Global Warming

Former Vice president of the United States film at the origins of his being awarded a Nobel Prize.

Very good, both films changed literally my standard data on environmentalist emergencies, fatalities and the fatal re-actions or complete (complot) passivity (amorphous) of the authorities and businesses’ ethics, as businesses are now the only ones left authorised to speak about ethics with some sort of authorities. Though I am no fatalist.

C.ET: Species, space, pace, peace, place……………….and? PLACID

And the dream of the rocket that would deliver the human race off their dirty little secret like one or like we would lance a bio boil.

Fur uncle.








Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin

The Latest Health Breakthroughs From The Doctors You Can Trust

Thursday, January 31, 2013         


Why This Potato Is Better for You Than That Potato

by Victor Marchione, MD

Here’s some health news out of Washington, DC.ET: organic potatoes may contain more nutrients than conventional potatoes. […]

 RECOMMENDED: Pesticides Associated with Cancer Risk


The Healing Food That’s a Tasty Snack

by Richard Foxx, MD

Not much is written about health benefits of pistachios –


 almonds or peanuts.


Pistachios, however, are quite nutritious, it turns out. A recent study has found this healing food to be a nutrient-dense nut with a heart-healthy fatty-acid profile, as well as protein, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin K, tocopherols, and a number of phytochemicals. That’s quite a list!       

C.ET: it is because pistachio is more expensive.


BREAKING NEWS Wednesday, January 30, 2013 9:30 PM EST

Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months

For the last four months, Chinese hackers have persistently attacked The New York Times, infiltrating its computer systems and getting passwords for its reporters and other employees.


The timing of the attacks coincided with the reporting for a Times investigation, published online on Oct. 25, that found that the relatives of Wen Jiabao, China’s prime minister, had accumulated a fortune worth several billion dollars through business dealings.



Tax dodging is a global scandal. Tax raises money to fund public services, to fight poverty and to redistribute wealth in society. Yet for many multinational companies like Amazon, Google and Starbucks, paying tax is now often simply a matter of choic


Despite hitting the headlines by talking tough on tax, this government is planning new changes to the UK’s tax laws to be introduced in the Budget in March which would give a green light to big business to avoid billions in tax.

Murray Worthy

Tax justice campaigner

The Global Theft of Land: Human Rights, Dispossession and Destruction

Wednesday 6 February 2013, 6.30-8pm

Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building,

Lincoln’s Inn Fields, LSE

Speakers: Megan MacInnes, Fred  Pearce, Subir Sinha

The forcible expropriation of land from people by states and corporations – ‘land grabbing’ – is occurring on a phenomenal scale and affects every continent and most countries of the ‘South’. Land grabs and the forced displacement of populations, including through state and corporate violence, have been justified through economic development, human development, the extraction of natural resources, the use of land for economic growth, among many other factors. Yet deforestation


Home, Garden & Food

40 handy lemon tips

4 March 2011

Cleaning solutions and beauty tips for natural (and cheap) recipes you can try at home.

These tips have been contributed by volunteers from

The Miracle of Lemons

(Dr Penny Stanway)

Discover practical uses for lemons, including:

– skin and hair care;

– natural remedies;

– A-Z of ailments that respond to lemons;

– eco friendly cleaning tips.

Find out more about this book >

Green your workplace

23 February 2012

Energy efficiency and sustainable consumption are key to greening your workplace.

Useful links

C.ET: avoid disposables.



Every single victory during the past year – from exposing horrific abuse of ducks and geese on a French foie gras farm to helping to convince the UK government to reject an appeal to build a facility in Yorkshire that would have bred hundreds of dogs for use in deadly laboratory experiments – was achieved through the generosity of our compassionate members.

But despite so many recent successes, animals are still being confined to tiny, filthy cages on factory farms; electrocuted, strangled and even skinned alive for “fashion”; cut open, poisoned and mutilated in horrific experiments; and beaten and kept in chains in order to force them to perform for human “entertainment”.


Ingrid E Newkirk



Watch ‘Runway Reversal’ and Speak Out Against Stolen Skins

Fur and other skins look best on their original owners. Help us take action to end the fur trade. Read more.

Victory! EU Cosmetics Testing Ban to Go Ahead

Cause to celebrate: the Commission has told PETA that a ban on the sale of all animal-tested cosmetics in the EU will come into force in March. Read more.

PETA UK Vegan Fashion Awards 2013

Lacey Banghard: Too Much Sex Can Be Deadly


– safe sex for cats and dogs! Read more.

Cruelty Beneath the Covers?

The production of down-filled duvets and jackets causes immense suffering. Go down-free with Alicia Silverstone. Read more.

‘The Hobbit’: Unexpected Cruelty

Abuse and neglect during the production of The Hobbit led to alleged animal deaths in the name of entertainment. Read more.

Stay Firm and Fresh

Gyrating fruit and veggies take the spotlight in new PETA video for World Vegan Day. Read more.

Shocking Footage Exposes Cruelty and Abuse on Farms Supplying Fortnum & Mason Foie Gras Distributor

Watch the shocking video and ask Fortnum & Mason to stop selling foie gras. Read more.

PETA Supports Team Badger

Badgers across England are currently being threatened: a planned cull will begin soon unless we can convince the government to stop the slaughter. Read more.

Urge Cardiff to Stop Blinding Animals in Experiments

Read more.

PETA and Animals Rights

PETAUK “These practices may be legal but that doesn’t make them right” Do you know what happens to horses in slaughterhouses? 3 hours ago • reply • retweet • favorite

Pancake Day – Vegan-Style

Low on Cruelty, Low on Carbon

Get Involved

Action Alerts

Save Monkeys From Cruel Experiments – Tell Air France to Stop Trafficking Primates!

Watch ‘Runway Reversal’ and Speak Out Against Stolen Skins

Save Hundreds of Beagles From Horrific Animal Tests

More Action Alerts


Free ‘Vegetarian

Starter Kit’


Take the Pledge to Be Veg


February 15, 2013 | News covering the UN and the world

Security Council is studying climate change’s link to security

The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to meet today about the effects of climate change on global security.

 Bloomberg (2/14)         

C.ET: alleluia, as most of us, see only environmental issues in terms of what might cause harm to humans directly.

Also people often says that we can well damage, the other generations will invent somehow a means to reduce it. smote, smooth smitten.  To be as stupid to think that consequences of producing poison, even if producing remedy (potion), could be staunched. A bad will have as ultimate as impossible to divert effect. At least for our ousted souls. Be the eternal re-conduce our essay. 

One cannot wash away ‘one’s intentional (or avertable) destruction, gross, gratuitous or not. A bad and one good cannot be convert into one good.

It is almost the main current of thought of current politics whatever environmentalist or human rights that say what suits to humans, as human a little pests ready to eat everything like if mother earth and brothers others were a cake for them to be prepared, his dining gooey.

human rights philosophy possibly human centred, to say don’t do that because it will have an effect on us. Ok but this should be the little print, amongst the explaination valid by their thousands, the idiot and eternal rules of the boomerang, or the talion, or the communicant recipient, if you harm you ll get it back from one or the other way- spiritually to begin and finish with. When one is in fact harming, not him but others, then, harming others, animals or resources, should be the prime reason for it to have to be stopped.

Death threats to UK’s top Muslim MP who voted for gay marriage


Khan was among 400 MPs, five Muslim, who voted in favour of the bill

By Abul Taher

PUBLISHED: 22:14, 16 February 2013 | UPDATED: 01:40, 17 February 2013

Britain’s most senior Muslim MP has received death threats after voting in favour of gay marriage.


Read more:

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

C.ET: thank you brother, even if that shows that depending on the vote for a just decision striking tyrants is, as it is, undemocratic. Gay marriage, just as being consensual marriage between adults, just like hetero marriage, should not be voted. It should be without qualifications attributed. Tribute and tribes.

I d like to be the one striking them with punishment over that kinda fatwa issuing.

thank you brother.

I d like to be one part of your escorts, or secret army.

I chose my word, hypocrisy make us forget how people ruin other people life, hip, hope and everything just through the issuance of law, policies, practises and theories. Without forgetting stud pinned tradition and its demonization, by the ones who pretend prudery pursuing whereas it is torture of living- parasites imitation ammunition.


By the way, Sodom is not gay.

Sodom is the sex pest that annihilate sexual orientation choice, and make sex an institution rather than an intimacy.

Intime. Timide. 

Intime = intimate in French. Opportune, not go-getter opportunity.

Ask garden centres to help bees

The rush to remove bee-harming products from shop shelves continues, but some chains are dragging their heels.


 @ Friends of the Earth


Animal Writes: PETA UK’s Blog

Victoria Silvstedt’s Plea for the AstraZeneca Beagles


Pamela Anderson to WTO: Save Seals, Uphold EU Seal-Fur Import Ban

Slaughterhouse Secrets

Be My Vegan Valentine

Hurray! Council Chucks Cruel Chicken Factory Plans

Stop Air France From Shipping Monkeys to Their Deaths in Cruel Labs!

Take action today against one of the largest traffickers of primates in the world, and save monkeys from a one-way ticket to experimentation and death. Read more.

Joaquin Phoenix: Fish Have Feelings, Too

The actor takes a soaking in this new video to highlight the agony and terror experienced by 6 billion fish each year. Read more.


snakes, alligators, lizards and crocodiles in many places around the world, from the Philippines to the United States to South Africa, are being painfully stripped of their skin – usually while still alive –


nailed to trees before being skinned alive and tossed onto a pile to die. They can suffer for days before succumbing to shock or dehydration.

Alligators are kept crowded together in filthy tanks on farms before being clubbed and skinned alive. A PETA US investigation of an alligator farm documented gruesome slaughter methods, including chiselling through an animal’s spinal column with a pointed instrument and hammer. It can take around two hours filled with intense pain for an animal slaughtered this way to die.


Every day, these fascinating forest and river animals are trapped and beaten and have their skin ripped from their bodies simply to create a fashion look. PETA and our international affiliates are the only organisations with a comprehensive approach to prevent the suffering and deaths of snakes, seals, cats, dogs, cows, rabbits, foxes and other animals used for their skin.

Help save our iconic migrants

Gone. Vanished. Lost.

That’s what’s happened to three-quarters of our turtle doves in the last 15 years. The good news is that there’s an easy way for you to help…


Whilst we’re already helping turtle doves by working with UK farmers to create areas full of seed-rich plants – vital food during their breeding season – buying a spring raffle ticket could help us do even more.

C.ET: look at what to wear and not to wear with a special mention, trainers only for running, hard soles for the walkers, not easily bend, and supple one when staying on one’s feet…

I AM not saying I know but try and read about footwear, very important to health, just like, maybe not, surely not, flossing, mouth bathing, and 3 mn 3 times a day teeth browsing, not browsing boy, brushing.



Protecting yourself


Red Pepper on Facebook

DIY pots for seeds

Find out more from RecycleNow.

@ Friends of the Earth

                Turn your garden into a nature reserve

Make your garden a home for wildlife

Cleric’s incitement to murder ignored in cancellation decision

 Muslim Society not rebuked for hosting a murder-approving speaker

Reading University cancels “kill gays” Islamist preacher

Feeble excuse: fictitious threat of violent protests?

Cleric’s incitement to murder ignored in cancellation decision

Muslim Society not rebuked for hosting a murder-approving speaker

London – 28 February 2013


“Thahabi endorses the murder of gay people and of Muslims who give up their faith. He says women are deficient and encourages the beating of little girls who refuse to wear the hijab,” said Peter Tatchell, Director of the human rights lobby, the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

“While this cancellation is welcome, the university’s reasons for the cancellation appear to be bogus, feeble and unprincipled.

“The university authorities claim the Thahabi meeting was cancelled because of serious threats of violent protest by extremist groups. I challenge the university to name these groups and reveal the threats.


“Women, Muslim and LGBT students have a right to go to university without being menaced and threatened by hate preachers.

“Disgracefully, the Vice Chancellor has failed to condemn the Muslim Society for invitingThahabi.


A letter had been sent by the Peter Tatchell Foundation to the Vice Chancellor of Reading University, David Bell, protesting at the university’s decision to host Abu Usamah at-Thahabi, on the grounds that Thahabi had been filmed by Channel Four’s Dispatches programme justifying the murder of gay people. Incitement to murder is a serious criminal offence.

Further information:

Peter Tatchell

Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation

0207 403 1790



There won’t be as many baby seals killed this year, but the slaughter is still going forward.


 Crude spiked clubs will crush their still-soft skulls. For some, the skin will be ripped off their bloody bodies while they’re still conscious. All to satisfy a greedy, vain industry that we are working hard to send the way of the dinosaurs.

Please donate now and help us stop the senseless slaughter of seals and other innocent animals.

More than 170,000 harp seals have been slaughtered on the ice floes off Canada’s east coast in recent years. Nearly all of them were less than 3 months old. The seal pups yelp in terror as the sealers’ spiked clubs slam into their heads while other seals nearby can only watch and wail. Many infant seals are bludgeoned before they even eat their first solid meal or learn how to swim.

After violently attacking these young pups, sealers routinely hook them in the eye, cheek, or mouth – sometimes while they are still conscious – to avoid damaging their pelts before dragging the animals across the ice to skin them. They then leave them to die a slow, painful death.

Unless something changes, without more help from animal heroes like you, this horror will occur again. Please donate today so we can ramp up our campaign to stop the slaughter.


Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation

Horsemeat investigation: latest update

On February 14 the Food Standards Agency (FSA)

C.ET: for your Valentines’ day, the most noble conquest, like the creepy say,

Band of eunuchs, without an ounce of dignity, pretending being stallion like that steroid sharzy anti-gay.

Foods in season in March

Cook with the seasons, and look out for British cauliflower, leeks, purple sprouting broccoli, parsnips and chicory in March.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

                                Russian scientists may have found new life under Antarctic ice

MOSCOW (Reuters) –

PETA E-News: What Crufts Won’t Tell You


ethicalsingles is a global online matchmaking service designed exclusively for people who hold ethical issues, such as human rights, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability, close to their hearts!

C.ET: if asked.

I found that search similar to “has wspa rescued zidi yet from bear baiting” has been performed.

As I edited a wspa compaing about a bear torture for betting game.


has wspa rescued zidi yet from bear baiting, after us taking plenty of photos.

Mind for one, these horrors has been recorder , record hof off horror.


What is worth recording others?

For it to become the norms, or the subject of another bet?

Superhomes Week

Do you want to transform your home into an eco home with lower bills?

 Visit a SuperHome for some green inspiration.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

Babylon 9

Simply Translate

To translate with Babylon, type any word.

To learn how to use Babylon, click here.

Babylon, baby lone. Loan.

Babe like ball, babble an babel.

Morning Star News

Photo: Muslim mobs attack a Christian area of Lahore after blasphemy allegation (M. Ali)

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Muslim mobs upset over an alleged derogatory comment about the prophet of Islam burned down more than 180 Christian-owned houses and shops and at least two church buildings here on Saturday (March 9) after authorities told police to “let them vent their grief and anger,” officials said.

Lahore’s impoverished Joseph Colony looked like a war-ravaged town by Saturday night. There were no reports of casualties, but the site was reminiscent of the destruction in Gojra in 2009, when eight Christians were burned alive, 100 houses looted and 50 homes set ablaze after a blasphemy accusation.

C.ET: mind in this magazine I saw as well homophobic comments, so as homos are the target of intolerant and warring society, as they need to suppress holistic and natural feeling of love, what these so called, self-called (cull and care for carving the baby lame lambs and calves) religious, would let themselves using and abusing the name of god, be doing.


C.ET: As for the reasons, there is no reasons valid, as the majority has (AS) the power to get things right and moral- if there is ounce of that in their insanity but if any, nayni. And the reason of this kind of blasphemy is a sing signing sign of extreme extremist comedy.

bid [bɪd]

vb bids ; bidding ; bad, bade esp for senses 1, 2, 5, 7, bid ; bidden esp for senses 1, 2, 5, 7, bid

1. (often foll by for or against) to offer (an amount) in attempting to buy something, esp in competition with others as at an auction

2. (Business / Commerce) Commerce to respond to an offer by a seller by stating (the more favourable terms) on which one is willing to make a purchase

3. (tr) to say (a greeting, blessing, etc.) to bid farewell

4. to order; command do as you are bid!

5. (intr; usually foll by for) to attempt to attain power, etc

6. (tr) to invite; ask kindly she bade him sit down

7. (Group Games / Bridge) Bridge to declare in the auction before play how many tricks one expects to make

bid defiance to resist boldly

bid fair to seem probable


bidder  n

v. bade (b d, b d) or bid, bid•den (b d n) or bid, bid•ding, bids

1. To issue a command to; direct.

2. To utter (a greeting or salutation).

3. To invite to attend; summon.


2. An invitation, especially one offering membership in a group or club.

3. Games

a. The act of bidding in cards.


C.ET: religious like that offering rapes and familial as well as society vulture down the cross and re-assemblymen, cross roads against the little destructive power of their sanctuary = obey or you will be killed by the pedo cure.


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This article is about the biblical creature. For the book by Thomas Hobbes, see Leviathan (book). For other uses, see Leviathan (disambiguation).

“Destruction of Leviathan”. 1865 engraving by Gustave Doré

C.ET: could be a lightning. Beautiful animal. And paint. Anyway it’s French.

Leviathan (/lɨˈvaɪ.əθən/; Hebrew: לִוְיָתָן, Modern Livyatan Tiberian Liwyāṯān ; “twisted, coiled”) is a sea monster referenced in the Tanakh and in the Christian Old Testament.


The Leviathan is mentioned six times in the Tanakh, with Job 41:1-34 being dedicated to describing him in detail:[1]

1 Can you pull in the leviathan with a fishhook or tie down his tongue with a rope?

2 Can you put a cord through his nose or pierce his jaw with a hook?

3 Will he keep begging you for mercy? Will he speak to you with gentle words?

4 Will he make an agreement with you for you to take him as your slave for life?

5 Can you make a pet of him like a bird or put him on a leash for your girls?

6 Will traders barter for him? Will they divide him up among the merchants?

7 Can you fill his hide with harpoons or his head with fishing spears?

8 If you lay a hand on him, you will remember the struggle and never do it again!

9 Any hope of subduing him is false; the mere sight of him is overpowering.

10 No-one is fierce enough to rouse him. Who then is able to stand against me?

11 Who has a claim against me that I must pay? Everything under heaven belongs to me.

12 I will not fail to speak of his limbs, his strength and his graceful form.

13 Who can strip off his outer coat? Who would approach him with a bridle?

14 Who dares open the doors of his mouth, ringed about with his fearsome teeth?

15 His back has rows of shields tightly sealed together;

16 each is so close to the next that no air can pass between.

17 They are joined fast to one another; they cling together and cannot be parted.

18 His snorting throws out flashes of light; his eyes are like the rays of dawn.

19 Firebrands stream from his mouth; sparks of fire shoot out.

20 Smoke pours from his nostrils as from a boiling pot over a fire of reeds.

21 His breath sets coals ablaze, and flames dart from his mouth.

22 Strength resides in his neck; dismay goes before him.

23 The folds of his flesh are tightly joined; they are firm and immovable.

24 His chest is hard as rock, hard as a lower millstone.

25 When he rises up, the mighty are terrified; they retreat before his thrashing.

26 The sword that reaches him has no effect, nor does the spear or the dart or the javelin.

27 Iron he treats like straw and bronze like rotten wood.

28 Arrows do not make him flee, sling stones are like chaff to him.

29 A club seems to him but a piece of straw, he laughs at the rattling of the lance.

30 His undersides are jagged potsherds, leaving a trail in the mud like a threshing-sledge.

31 He makes the depths churn like a boiling cauldron and stirs up the sea like a pot of ointment.

32 Behind him he leaves a glistening wake; one would think the deep had white hair.

33 Nothing on earth is his equal— a creature without fear.

34 He looks down on all that are haughty; he is king over all that are proud.

Isaiah 27:1 he is called the “wriggling serpent” who will be killed at the end of time.[2]

[…] Isaiah 27:1 uses the first of these phrases to describe Leviathan (although in this case the name “Leviathan” apparently refers to an unnamed historical/political enemy of Israel rather than the original serpent-monster).[citation needed] In Psalm 104, Leviathan is not described as harmful in any way, but simply as a creature of the ocean, part of God’s creation. It is possible that the authors of the Job 41:2-26, on the other hand, based the Leviathan on descriptions of Egyptian animal mythology where the crocodile is the enemy of the solar deity Horus (and is subdued either by Horus, or by the Pharaoh). This is in contrast to typical descriptions of the sea monster trope in terms of mythological combat.[2]

[edit] In later Jewish literature


his companion to the words of Job xli. 18: “By his neesings a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning” (B. B. l.c.). However, in spite of his supernatural strength, the leviathan is afraid of a small worm called “kilbit”, which clings to the gills of large fish and kills them (Shab. 77b).[6]


 [edit] Christianity

The Leviathan of the Middle Ages was used as an image of Satan, endangering both God’s creatures—by attempting to eat them—and God’s creation—by threatening it with upheaval in the waters of Chaos.[7] St. Thomas Aquinas described Leviathan as the demon of envy, first in punishing the corresponding sinners. (Secunda Secundae Question 36) Leviathan became associated with, and may originally have referred to, the visual motif of the Hellmouth, a monstrous animal into whose mouth the damned disappear at the Last Judgement[…] [edit]

Leviathan in Satanism

In LaVeyan Satanism, according to the author of The Satanic Bible, Anton Szandor LaVey, Leviathan represents the element of Water and the direction of West. The element of Water in Satanism is associated with life and creation, and may be represented by a Chalice during ritual.


C.ET: Leviathan

Leve a temps = rise in times.      (Leave, lever, leaven, Levee, live)

Leve = elevate /    temps = temporary = time.

Times like tap. ten and …

An oddity it is the monster of the sea associated with the end of the world, i.e of humanity, as the seas are rising, from ice melting.

Jacob wrestling with the angel

Gustave Doré, Jacob Wrestling the Angel (1855)

The account of Jacob wrestling with the angel is a story found in the Book of Genesis, and referenced elsewhere such as Genesis 35:1-7 and Hosea chapter 12. The account includes the renaming of Jacob as “Israel”, literally “He who struggles with God.”

C.ET: the struggle with God, that is religion, just the miserable fight that humans think they obtain.




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Arabian Nights: The Story of Sidi-Nouman


“Sidi-Nouman,” replied the Caliph, “your story is indeed a strange one, and there is no excuse to be offered for your wife. But, without condemning your treatment of her, I wish you to reflect how much she must suffer from being changed into an animal, and I hope you will let that punishment be enough. I do not order you to insist upon the young magician finding the means to restore your wife to her human shape, because I know that when once women such as she begin to work evil they never leave off, and I should only bring down on your head a vengeance far worse than the one you have undergone already.”

C.ET: on double penalty.

•             As dry periods worsen, Cameroon’s government rations water


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For other uses of the term “ghoul”, see Ghoul (disambiguation).

“Amine Discovered with the Goule”, from the story of Sidi Nouman, of the Arabian Nights.

A ghoul is a (folkloric) monster associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh, often classified as undead.

C.ET: a goule, une french, in French, mean (mine) = figure, face.

Death on a Pale Horse


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to Saint John the Evangelist at 6:1-8. The chapter tells of a “‘book’, or ‘scroll’, in God’s right hand that is sealed with seven seals”. The Lamb of God, or Lion of Judah (Jesus Christ), opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons forth four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. Although some interpretations differ, in most accounts, the four riders are seen as symbolizing Conquest,[1] War,[2] Famine,[3] and Death, respectively. The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the four horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.[1


 Mohammed, along with Buraq and Gabriel, visit Hell, and see a demon punishing “shameless women” who had exposed their hair to strangers. For this crime of inciting lust in men, the women are strung up by their hair and burned for eternity. Persian, 15th century.

Next, Mohammed sees women strung up by hooks thrust through their tongues by a green demon. Their crimes were to “mock” their husbands and to leave their homes without permission. Persian, 15th century.

Further on, Mohammed sees a red demon that is torturing women by hanging them up by hooks through their breasts, as they are engulfed in flames. The women are being punished for giving birth to illegitimate children whom they falsely claimed were fathered by their husbands. Persian, 15th century.

 Next, Mohammed sees women strung up by hooks thrust through their tongues by a green demon. Their crimes were to “mock” their husbands and to leave their homes without permission. Persian, 15th century.

 Further on, Mohammed sees a red demon that is torturing women by hanging them up by hooks through their breasts, as they are engulfed in flames. The women are being punished for giving birth to illegitimate children whom they falsely claimed were fathered by their husbands. Persian, 15th century.

C.ET: old cuckold.

Algol (Beta Per, β Persei, β Per), known colloquially as the Demon Star, is a bright star in the constellation Perseus.


Historically, the star has received a strong association with bloody violence across a wide variety[which?] of cultures.


associated with death by decapitation: a theme which mirrors the myth of the hero Perseus’ victory over the snake-headed Gorgon Medusa.[28] Astrologically,[clarification needed] Algol is considered one of the unluckiest stars in the sky

God the Father[edit]

God the Father is the creator of Heaven, Hell, the World, and of everyone and everything there is. He desires glory and praise from all his creations. He is an all-powerful, all-knowing, infinitely good being who cannot be overthrown by even the great army of angels Satan incites against him.


Leonard speculates that the English Civil War interrupted Milton’s earliest attempts to start his “epic [poem] that would encompass all space and time.”




The Book of Abramelin

Structure [edit]

The grimoire is […] describes his journey from Germany to Egypt and reveals Abramelin’s magical and Kabbalistic secrets to his son […]Abraham recounts how he found Abramelin the Mage living in the desert […]He discussed nothing but “the Fear of God”, leading a well-regulated life, and the evils of the “acquisition of riches and goods.”

[…]After this, Abramelin gave Abraham the “Divine Science” and “True Magic” embedded within the two manuscripts, which he was to follow and give to only those whom he knew well.


Once this is accomplished, the magician must evoke the twelve Kings and Dukes of Hell (Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, Belial, etc.) and bind them. Thereby, the magician gains command of them in his own mental universe, and removes their negative influence from his life. […]

The magical goals for which the demons can be employed are typical of those found in grimoires

[…]For example, a square entitled “To walk under water for as long as you want” contains the word MAIAM (מים or ماء), the Hebrew and Arabic word for “water”. […]

Abramelin and Thelema [edit]

C.ET: the di-lema.


1. Immoral or unchaste; lewd.


a. Gratuitously cruel; merciless.

b. Marked by unprovoked, gratuitous maliciousness; capricious and unjust: wanton destruction.

3. Unrestrainedly excessive: wanton extravagance; wanton depletion of oil reserves.


[Middle English wantowen : wan-, not, lacking (from Old English; see eu – in Indo-European roots) + towen, past participle of teen, to bring up (from Old English t on, to lead, draw; see deuk- in Indo-European roots).]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

wan•ton (ˈwɒn tn)


1. done maliciously or unjustifiably: wanton cruelty.

2. deliberate and without motive; unprovoked: a wanton attack.

3. without regard for what is right, just, etc.; reckless: wanton assassination of a person’s character.

4. sexually unrestrained; lascivious; lewd: wanton behavior.

5. extravagant or excessive: living in wanton luxury.

6. luxuriant, as vegetation.

7. Archaic.

a. sportive or frolicsome, as children or young animals.

b. having free play: wanton breezes.

c. cruelly playful; mischievous: wanton schoolboys.


8. a wanton or lascivious person, esp. a woman.


9. to behave in a wanton manner.


10. to squander (often fol. by away): to wanton away one’s inheritance.

[1250–1300; Middle English wantowen literally, undisciplined, ill-reared, Old English wan- not + togen past participle of tēon to discipline, rear, c. German ziehen, Latin dūcere to lead; akin to tow1]

Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms

Noun     1.            wanton – lewd or lascivious woman           

sensualist – a person who enjoys sensuality

light-o’-love, light-of-love – a woman inconstant in love

Verb      1.            wanton – waste time; spend one’s time idly or inefficiently

piddle, piddle away, trifle, wanton away

expend, spend, drop – pay out; “spend money”

                2.            wanton – indulge in a carefree or voluptuous way of life

live – lead a certain kind of life; live in a certain style; “we had to live frugally after the war”

                3.            wanton – spend wastefully; “wanton one’s money away”

trifle away, wanton away

expend, spend, drop – pay out; “spend money”

                4.            wanton – become extravagant; indulge (oneself) luxuriously


ware, squander, consume, waste – spend extravagantly; “waste not, want not”

                5.            wanton – engage in amorous play

chat up, coquet, coquette, flirt, mash, philander, romance, dally, butterfly – talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions; “The guys always try to chat up the new secretaries”; “My husband never flirts with other women”

                6.            wanton – behave extremely cruelly and brutally

Adj.        1.            wanton – occurring without motivation or provocation; “motiveless malignity”; “unprovoked and dastardly attack”- F.D.Roosevelt

motiveless, unprovoked

unmotivated – without motivation

                2.            wanton – casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior; “her easy virtue”; “he was told to avoid loose (or light) women”; “wanton behavior”

promiscuous, sluttish, easy, loose, light

unchaste – not chaste; “unchaste conduct”

Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.




1. wilful, needless, senseless, unjustified, willed, evil, cruel, vicious, deliberate, arbitrary, malicious, wicked, purposeful, gratuitous, malevolent, spiteful, unprovoked, groundless, unjustifiable, uncalled-for, motiveless the unnecessary and wanton destruction of our environment

wilful called-for, justified, provoked, motivated, warranted, legitimate, excusable

2. promiscuous, immoral, shameless, licentious, fast, wild, abandoned, loose, dissipated, lewd, profligate, debauched, lustful, lecherous, dissolute, libertine, libidinous, of easy virtue, unchaste Women behaving with the same sexual freedom as men are considered wanton.

promiscuous Victorian, rigid, stuffy, prim, puritanical, prudish, strait-laced, priggish, overmodest


slut, tart, whore, slag (Brit. slang), swinger (informal), harlot, slapper (Brit. slang), loose woman, scrubber (Brit. & Austral. slang), strumpet, trollop, woman of easy virtue His wife had shown herself to be a shameless wanton.

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

[edit] Leviathan in popular culture

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Leviathan in popular culture

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William Blake’s painting The Spiritual Form of Nelson Guiding Leviathan, in which the monster is a symbol of military sea-power controlled by Nelson

See Leviathan (disambiguation)

The Hebrew monster Leviathan found in the Book of Job has given rise to many popular incarnations. This article treats subjects with no direct connection to the Ancient Middle East or Jewish origins.

[edit] Literature

Leviathan is the title of Thomas Hobbes’ 1651 work on the social contract and the origins of creation of an ideal state, and his proper name for the Commonwealth.

In Paradise Lost, Milton uses the term Leviathan to describe the size and power of Satan, the ruler of many kingdoms.

The Leviathan appears in the last book of the 1975 The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson as a colossal, intelligent sea creature in the shape of a tentacled pyramid.

In Steven Brust’s novel To Reign in Hell, Leviathan (female in this case) is one of seven elder inhabitants of Hell who conspire to prevent Yahweh from creating the Earth as a sanctuary for himself and those loyal to him.

Beelzebub was a prince of the Seraphim, just below Lucifer. Beelzebub, along with Lucifer and Leviathan, were the first three angels to fall. He tempts men with pride and is opposed by St. Francis of Assisi.

George Bernard Shaw Defends Hitler, Mass Murder

C.ET: a demonstration around the use of the word ‘humane’

Jeff Dunham – Ahmed the dead terrorist

Mohamed 4 months ago

insult religion of other people are not funny

Reply •  

Mohamed 4 months ago

fuckkk youuuu motherfuckers . Ahmed is the best Foreverrr .. u lughtt about our relagionnnn i will never watch your shit videoss

Reply •  


Ahmed is our Prophet motherfuckers , He is Not a terrorist , He is the best Man ,

Comme ils disent《正如他们所说》Charles Aznavour

C.ET: oui, mais c est justement cela c ‘est un homme. ho! aux hommes.

Charles Aznavour Comme ils Disent French & English subtitles

Google Translate

Islamist haters blocked at East London University

University & student union fail to publicly condemn preachers

London – 18 March 2013

The University of East London (UEL) blocked an Islamist meeting that was due to be held on the Stratford campus last Friday, 15 March. The meeting was billed as featuring hate preachers Khalid Yasin and Jalal Ibn Saeed.

The meeting was also advertised with “segregated seating”, where women would be forced to sit separate from men.

The Peter Tatchell Foundation, LGBT Society at UEL and the Braki blog lobbied for the meeting to be cancelled.

Khalid Yasin says homosexuality and lesbianism are “aberrations, they are immoralities.” He endorses the execution of gay people.

He also insists that Muslims should not have non-Muslims as friends, condemning non-Muslims using the derogatory term, kaffirs. He praises public executions and amputations and claims AIDS is a western and World Health Organisation conspiracy to kill Africans.


C.ET: and do not worry before killing the gays or whatever else to be more specific, they sure would chuck people out, one by one, of the universities.

It is not believes but insanity growing out of desire to be god personified (if not perfectionable, or purified) in the demon, since it is easier to mimic, even though they are already sold to the world of facility.

Talking about the so called believes or opinions, not the person, they ain’t more or less than person, but so called is the same than usurpations: equal.

let’s send a clear message to big business:

“We pay our tax. It’s time for you to UP YOURS.”


Keep climate change in the curriculum

The Government want to remove climate change from the geography curriculum for under 14s. We think this will threaten the wellbeing of future generations and the environment. Find out more and sign the petition.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth engages in bold, justice-minded environmentalism.

C.ET: Are the Tory wanting to assassinate the whole planet this way, minus the one being able to buy space shuttle ticket?

Friday, March 22, 2013  


How to Find Out if You’re Deficient in Vitamin D

Shaolin monks training and vegetarianism. National geography documentary.

Myths & Logic Of Shaolin Monks Pt 1

The World’s Best Parkour and Freerunning 2012

Free filter for your water butt

Friends of the Earth



Narwhal, the unicorn.

As Arctic Melts, Inuit Face

Tensions with Outside World

“First, the community’s spring narwhal hunt, which usually yields roughly 60 of the tusked whales, produced only three. The sea ice was so thin that the Inuit couldn’t safely stand on it and shoot the narwhal as they migrated into Arctic Bay from Greenland through channels in the ice.” BY ED STRUZIK

narwhal whales

It’s Sensitive. Really. By William Broad

December, 13, 2005

New York Times, Science Times

“But a team of scientists from Harvard and the National Institute of Standards and Technology has now made a startling discovery: the tusk, it turns out, forms a sensory organ of exceptional size and sensitivity, making the living appendage one of the planet’s most remarkable, and one that in some ways outdoes its own mythology.

The find came when the team turned an electron microscope on the tusk’s material and found new subtleties of dental anatomy. The close-ups showed that 10 million nerve endings tunnel from the tusk’s core toward its outer surface, communicating with the outside world. The scientists say the nerves can detect subtle changes of temperature, pressure, particle gradients and probably much else, giving the animal unique insights.

“This whale is intent on understanding its environment,” said Martin T. Nweeia, the team’s leader and a clinical instructor at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Contrary to common views, he said, “The tusk is not about guys duking it out with sticks and swords.”  By William Broad December, 13, 2005

New York Times, Science Times

Challenges and threats

“Around 30,000 small whales, dolphins and porpoises die each year as a result of becoming entangled in fishing gear and drowning. Known as ‘bycatch,’ this accidental catch is one of the greatest threats to cetaceans.

Whaling is another huge problem. Systematic over-exploitation has brought some species close to extinction. In the Antarctic alone, more than two million whales were killed by commercial whalers during the 20th century. In 1986 the International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned commercial whaling. However, loopholes in the rules mean whales can still be hunted for “scientific purposes”. This happens in countries such as Japan and Iceland.

Other threats facing whales include being struck by ships, chemical pollution from industry, and disturbance by noise from navy operations and seismic surveys, and depletion of prey as a result of over fishing”.  (wwf)

Dolphins and Porpoises: Narwhals

Elephants: Elephants Communicate While at Play

C.ET: elephant cuddling during pilates and chinese massaging.


Mess, messiah, mecca.


Please go to Friends of the Earth website, I do not wish to go on editing their data for fear of breach of copyrights. Their sites is full of good tips and awareness necessity.

Ditto for Peta, and others, in my opinion, that I cited or duplicated.





‘’ is my own writing, just for try to be clear on me not putting words in others’ items.



A scavenger collects plastic for recycling at a dump site on World Environment Day in the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERS/Utpal Baruah

Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERSUtpal Baruah

C.ET: I just were wondering if any one would attack me for posting this picture. While the little guy who is scavenging have been left (without the money produced by the original article, for you to be reassure none I ll be making, I post it just as a ‘reminding’) and even he would have received black economy pocket money, the little boy just left there and on going.

I appreciate that one cannot do everything and that taking a pic could be used as an act purposing help for him- and the other guys and girls in his situation.

But what I recall equally it is that in this realm, I have to ask myself if no one could seriously try to sue me for doing this. So please note that I am absolutely not the author, that I own no copyright and do not seek to earn any money. I just try and do like any computer of search engine, give you my specific summarizing and collection.

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