The children who are operated because they identify to a fake and permissive notion of what is adequate for the opposite sex, are the victims of pro-Nazi, pro-eugenics promoters



The children who are operated because they identify to a fake and permissive notion of what is adequate for the opposite sex, are the victims of pro-Nazi, pro-eugenics promoters, satisfying a populace thirsty for castration, and making salaries of medical torture a standard. Be their money given, a pittance, a token or towards propelling billions of dollars and other nuke currencies industry.


It is the fascists who want to operate on children, and change their bodies, the moment they say the game keepers may identify them to the other sex, in relation to the fake dichotomy that have been established by nazi attitude between males and females in matter of activities, roles, functions, and the people they are entitled to marry with.

It is a way to mutilate genders, and to maim gays.

You do not fit their class A fascistic laws that they want to be back, the reward, the scalpel wielded by medical psychopaths making thousands theorizing about how appropriate it will be to be queer, trans, sick heteros.



The new fashion of operating homos or people who would like to identify with what has been dictated (you are the willing cats in videos, pranking, all eager to see if the mirror their 3 piece suit will make up for what they are) as the other sex activities or the prerogatives they have to be as partners.




Transgenders irrevocable enforcement building.



Just like that started with torture and inequality. Since here it is the homos or gender difference or similarities that are targeted. Once everybody will be under cut and left dying, homos like transgender will be yet again expulsed from society. Of course, it cannot be said to be an hetero victory, as it is at every stage that this dance for death is the sign that society as wholly heartedly sing it- we ain’t worth it. Even a crap il I e litty bit. Chorus refrains.



At the end I am sorry to have to leave this post this way, because I should get yourself some articles that would demonstrate it. But just think. Those measures have been imposed by people that want death for gays.


PS: not to deny transgenders of course, I can perfectly understand people want or need a sex change, but not this way. I admit too that it well can be argue that the ops will be more successful when performed on young patients, but it is just that they are not patients, they are victims of these sickos psychos, that a decade earlier would have electrified us in so many lectures rooms, bedrooms, textbooks and treaties.

These children will be the laboratory tests of what those pretended scientists and doctors, in effect those dehumanized technicians, of technics that are still well under rudimentary. It is not removing the original sex off an individual and put another, the performance of those operations, or sex reassignment are just horrid. That is in addition of having been castrated, the sex that is put instead does not work, is not performing in any sense of the word.


Yet, again to want to become a transgender is completely acceptable. It is choosing to have another sex that the one one’s had. To impose on children to be cut of theirs, is nothing short of aggravated genital mutilation.

To have lost one’s sex on people’s consensus on how to be gendered vis a vis how one’s has felt and how it is decrypted by society to suit codes that maim and imprison everybody.


On top of being cut, to run risks of having lost one’s sex, its sexual pleasure as well as those ones of reproduction. We do know that reproductive rights are the worst nightmares of human rights theories are reproduction entails overpopulation and also that people will have descendants when some won’t and this can play on power abuse and abuse of the power of education, etc.…an endless conundrum.

When it will not be a physical sterilization of the gays, it will be a mental one.



All of these nazis, again pouring and stealing the money, out of having so successfully bastardised and secluded. Elucidated?

Scientific psychology has been a very well-known absolute monster and abuser in many countries, from capitalist to communists, just jailing people and putting them in boxes, affirming their sado-masochisms and ignorance, and lack of total reality. And here their victory, a total get-away. Way too easy… never again, because one cannot recreate the past only. Crates.





I again want to repeat, this post is in absolutely not directed at transgenderism asked legitimately by free and consensual adults.

And while it is absolutely sure that people feel they want to change sex, there is no ages to understand how society that every morning, clad themselves, in order to transvestite themselves. Transvestite are everybody. Everybody in the morning look at their mirror asking themselves if they are smashing in the clothes that indicate the role they d like to be invested with (and all versions of this- that is when one can choose their clothes-but can he? The society in which we live destroyed everything, what camouflage will ever prevent this.