Nature in Roehampton in death parlor  corridor.

Scrapped green spaces in Roehampton’s university (rueing the day).

For the new comers, the enterprise ROOOO, ROOOOO UNI have been destroying the wild life biosphere, sole remaining fury fury fury fruity patch of the foregone englobing (enclosing!?) millenaries. Beautiful admirable mentality for scholars houses supposedly providing distinction and ability. Amiability. Malleability. Arability. Sustain. Don’t, don’t you dare talking about concepts of any quality.

What do you think about the slow but hachuring eradication of all green spaces in Roehampton university?

This university owes her m.a.g.ic (see.key.g.a.m) and music to her ponds, woods, games and poultry- no one is gonna suing me to name what nest in your plates.

It certainly does not own it for having binned human rights, arts, literature, philosophy, pro.grams.

Look at what this bunch, those cattle (catered) of stake_holders made of this centuries-old heritage.

Would you know where they burrow, *pit at them on accountability row –at turn (attune). But don’t count (hope for) on that, we are the generation dropped-in, and the wall as inaccessible as bosses, patrons, citizens, teachers’ reliability. Do you think they would tell you, no and sometimes for the less routeing for fear of embarking onto a weeping wiping nepotism of artificial, cup-idly groupings, family or party inequalable unlevel of vulgarity. Note that it was understandably understate earlier that never did I suppose that cries could not be leg-i-time-mate; or complaints if constructive, not manipulative, space free letting and two-way, a necessary process of good progress and conviviality. As when done with insecurity (in order to harm, the hand over cuckold, and insincerity, for lottery looting drilling exploitation, this world is so wobbly. Brought up, well co(w)done. Condom.

(Have you come across with a lot of places lie this (talking about the fauna and flora around, once upon a time linked to the London marsh center, centuries, notwithstanding they should be plenty fold?)

Soon the hens, ducks, geese and squirrels and all the fauna will have for space but the parking (as much as their counter-part free range, waiting for your paying command to be slit), to park what? Ponding over (revo      recover). Pond in French means hatch, are you student alive? Excavation. Esclave University acting as an enclave, a Vatican (hasste tic). VAT? CAN! [for you this value adjusted? It is the vaults that are unpinned.   Forgetting its duties of preserving  future generation, education? BRAVO

Apropos exclave (esclave, slave in French), where are you hierarchic, the mothers suckers Stealing from the students and the domains? In their reservation so it is, but what have they booked for? Their fate? Don’t think so as we will as dying together as together to be blame. So be it, but enough of pity, in what box are all frat.ernities? box, boxe.

Are you taken on as customers (nice customs would think the CEO (board of direct-horrors/ or- ores /aurora?-ney) who sold to “everyone knows” centuries of well-keeping), as students, or as on doll?  Dodo, dodo. Marsh!

Ps1: there are boards from year 2004 vintage that explain to your kids how to recycle.

Also it’s time to understand the importance of it.

1-       Could one avoid buying this disposable packaging (bags, cardboards, plastics, cups) that will be buried less quick than parents, siblings, and other generations of rubbishing spoiling education reduction. Recycling still pollutes.

2-       When one does buy an item, could they put it in the right containers (and make complex, perplex arrangement, do some yards, not rubbish yard, but meters onto the designated pal place please.)

3-       When one realizes that some of you leave their litter on the floors or on tables, it would be about wise to do communities services of you, before “who knows” tend (tend-or?) after your arse, hopefully well before the afters.

Ps2:  deer, don’t count on countryside for redeeming action; it is but deforestation, desertification, mud, slaughter houses and pesticide.

Fin de Partie.  (Becket bec bête-falcon, necropolis guardian in ancient Egypt)

And the every 6 month renewed (precarity? Analogy with WORK durability for your future employment doe dove   _ precocity finality)   And the every 6 month renewed, building the underworlds. Talking about the buildings, the ones built with stones and metal-will meet all.

roehampton whose advertisement strategy is too insist on their environmentalist premium and first class attitude on environmentalist issues, as just scrapped their environmentalist degree, and taught their teams to cut the remaining bushes as well as throwing brand new perfectly functional hundreds of tons of furniture and buildings.