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Muhammad, THE prophet of Islam, ‘married’ a 6-year-old. Millions are preaching the sanctity of child marriages and of pedophilia as a result. Please, check the web, to realize that it is not in any case an exaggeration.

-In India, qualified as the biggest democracy, women cannot get out of the buildings in which they are sexually ‘exploited’ (exploited, resounding capitalism) with people on every roof, at every door and street corner, ready to kill them at the first attempt to flee, that is the beyond the grave horrors of sexual slavery in a world that is now rich and connected.

-HOW CHINA CENSORS ALL OCCIDENTAL VIDEOS AND BLOGS (while next could be Russia). And now will Huawei- and the 5G- china having already spied on the African Union thanks to the servers implanted in the precincts-, have access to the European market?

A propos China, censorship through china and elsewhere, one may assuredly need to check ‘social credit’, ‘expansionism and belt and road initiative’, ‘Tibet invasion’ and ‘organ trafficking in China’.

– To impose on children operations mutilating their genitals to transform them into transgenders is a way of torturing and maiming gay children and others not in conformity with the backwards and seriously impaired normative attitude on bizarrely and suspiciously secreted, entertained and maintained’ believes and ideas’ on gender at large.

-In this day and age, fascists like head of the states, such as Trump, are in favour of the death penalty. Following the state of mind just stated, what kind of punishment should be inflicted on people allowing pollution and more destruction of nature to go on?

– People imprisoned in Russia to demonstrate or for social media posting criticizing putin or the invasion of Crimea or Ukraine.

-Illegal migrants are at incredible risk of being trafficked for their organs.

-40 million people are victims of modern slavery today, 25 % are children.

‘ United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) figures indicate that of almost 80% of identified victims had been trafficked for sexual exploitation’.

Up to 300,000 Americans under 18 at risk of  sexual exploitation every year.

Average life span of a victim is reported to be 7 years (from homicides, mistreatments, drug abuses, sexual diseases, suicides).

– How come that subjects such as child sexual trafficking do not come up on the news? one does not need to be a conspirationist, to understand that when topics such as modern slavery and sexual abuses against children are nowhere to be seen on the mass media then it is the undeniable sign of a society where elites feed working people with untruths and rule by condoning the vilest attacks on humans (and all other beings, and on the living) by humans.

Genocides we don’t know, or don’t want to know about.

-Could you please give some seeds (ground them for the smaller birds) to the birds, etc…? Their status as beyond homelessness will finish starving and torn them, to grow the heated hatred that will deservedly extinguished man.

 (One should attempt at networking to combat horrors such as human trafficking, do not hesitate to do so).

It is on all these accounts that I wondered whether you were looking for guest speakers for you podcast/blog.




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This petition aimed at letting people know about a simple fact:



Mohammed married Aisha when she was 6 and the ‘marriage’ (I am sorry there is unfortunately no other word around to qualify that daily officialized horrific shame and guilt of our societies) was said to be consummated she was 9.  There is some debate within Islam about her age, but the overwhelming consensus is 6.  Below are the hadith (records of the actions of Mohammed that are very much a part of Islam) in support of this:

Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married ‘Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old.  Sahih Bukhari 5:58:236

‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.  Sahih Muslim 8:3310

From the hadith of the Sunan of Abu Dawud, volume 2, #2116 “Aisha said, “The Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old.” (The narrator Sulaiman said: “Or six years.”). “He had intercourse with me when I was 9 years old.”

By wikiislam.

“These texts are direct translation of the Hadith, Arabic Ḥadīth (“News” or “Story”), also spelled Hadīt , record of the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, revered and received as a major source of religious law and moral guidance, second only to the authority of the Qurʾān, the holy book of Islam.

By BRITANNICA encyclopedia.

Hadith has become a synonym for the term Sunnah.”

However, the plight is not more about what the scriptures say but about the thousands of documents produced by Muslim preachers, believers or followers entirely condoning, honoring and recommending this marriage of an old man with a young child.

This information is accurate. Please, be aware that ‘these teachings’ legitimised as fundamental to the Islamic religion can be found by the thousands on the internet via a very simple word search.

Preaching that the marriage of Mohammed to a little girl is appropriate or can be taken as a, or the model has grave and beyond horrid and vile consequences.  From child marriage in countries like Saudi Arabia, to the many stories of Imams being caught on camera in Britain agreeing to marry children and presenting it as a suitable practice under Islam. 

The campaign and petition have two purposes: One, to ensure that people know what happens. The ‘marriages’ in themselves but also the fact that marriages of children with adults are in fact professed via the teaching of Islam. Two, it would then ask the government to sanction direct or indirect incentives and incitation to paedophilia and child marriage (paedophile marriages). Pragmatically, it means that Islamic teachers should be condemning child marriage systematically, and be severely sanctioned when advocating it. To praise Mohammed’s life without expressively condemning child marriage is in fact support to paedophilia.

The prophet Mohammed is highly praised and constantly cited as being the prophet and only prophet of Islam. His name is introduction to almost any communication and verbal or written exchanges in culture Islam.

No one needs to enter madrasas, Islamic schools, to figure out that Mohammed’s life is given as example and model.


PS: These acts or arrangements have traditionally been called child marriage. Still calling them child marriage hopefully would remind us who needs to be, by any means, protected. To call them paedophilic marriage could focus on the criminalization of paedophiles and paedophilic cultures permitting, encouraging it. To call it ‘child marriage’ stops naming what, once we know, make us all complicit of, since not stopping it. 

PS: Please note that two previous petitions has been refused or removed without any warnings or adequate justifications, also on main petitions specialised sites, petitions have limited time to get signed.

The petition I attempted via the UK government website, did not match the criteria, and had been catalogued under unpetitionable cultural matters. 

This idol, for which no discussion asserting the grandeur of islam and its master is tolerated, and is in fact, quite famously now sanctioned by death penalty. It is not called terrorism, the rules, here sharia and other Islamic laws, that are perpetrated by the power, or one of the powers in a given country.

Can Muslims be executed for converting?

Apostasy, or leaving the faith, is a very controversial issue in the Muslim world and experts say the majority of scholars believe it is punishable by death.

The Koran itself declares there is “no compulsion” in religion.

By the BBC.

Al-Taqiyya, Dissimulation

There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya (for the Shia).  These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. 

By the religion of peace.

Ban the preaching of child marriage by Islamic preachers – and all others.

How China censorship forbids all videos (while next could be Russia), and blogs from western cultures: not an exaggeration Chinese people cannot access any of YouTube, google pages (to name but a few of what has been censored). These sites are just entirely and exhaustively banned and since last year (2017) internet users could be imprisoned if they try to access them (by buying software (called VPN) able to jump the firewall). SAME AS FOR THE SUBJECT ABOVE, HORRENDOUS WIDESPREAD BUT NOWHERE CLEARLY ENNUNCIATED IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, SOMETIMES IN FACT INSISTING AND REPEATING THE OPPOSITE (like the BBC and to my knowledge all other major media institutions very own practice, so much for the 4th power, 4TH estate, and 4th branch of the government), THUS MAKING BELIEVE TO THE HUGE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION THAT IN FACT THOSE GROUPS HAVE PEACEFUL INTENTS AND WELL-FOUNDED DOCTRINES, WHILE ANY DEBUTANTS AT IT, IF SERIOUSLY RESEARCHING, WOULD KNOW IT IS ONLY DECEPTIVE.

Cannot hyperlink because was on the radio, but worthy item by the BBC to which I will refer here because while censorship of all informal (all blogs and videos) and artistic western sources is taking place and that the main media do not talk directly about it, many blogs and alternative posts have been produced about it (perhaps mainly by people having lived in China- in the past since now blogging on western platform (only possible with the help of a VPN software bypassing the Great Firewall of China) from china will be regarded as a criminal offence. However, the BBC (updated and ground-breaking- …it does randomly happen) is the only mass media that I know that talked (only once) about how internet choices and activities made by their citizens are stored by the government and how it affects (positively or negatively) the welfare allowances and help provided by the state (monopolized at all levels by the communist party, the only party), perspectives of jobs, of becoming civil servants, or benefiting from states services (in some part of China people are poor and cannot afford for the cost of their IDs and multiple compulsory certificate applications). The ‘state apparatus’ will respond individually to the citizens accordingly with whether they think that the citizens ticked the ‘wrong’ or the ‘right’ options. Have a look at the ‘Social Credit System’ in China that penalizes people socially through good or bad point attribution and distribution. From what we know of how (dishonest) states operate, one can imagine the good mafia earning a salary as civil servants lined u[with revenue as estate agents and honorific awards and rewards for the system (soon family or party heirloom [and the state allowing privilege or failing people- just laws aiming at being applied to engineer poverty, seclusion, outcast at the same time as slave-owners that built-up their chattel by asking the help of laws and councilors] when nepotism is well-endowed) to continue to be so sadly adapted to any sizes and levels of corruption.

-BBC and the other nationalised media following the trend of making people paid for the national channel licenses, whilst paying their stars, i.e. the people completely and truly monopolising the debates (debates that they impoverish through lack of will, skills and power (of decision-making, because so inane programs cannot be very willed if wanting to not dishonor one’s profession)- how can someone seriously be relevant every day on all matters—the poverty power of debates is such in some of these programs, and on radio that debates have been excluded as such, it is just people saying how formidable or ordinary they are and how they feel (think…monopolized for redundance such as this) about it, all of them sharing receipts for breakfast and positivity as mantra for not saying anything relevant to reality) in asking the odd interviewee how they are and how they feel, not what they know, not what they studied but asked about their feeling like you do the kings- like a bunch of paid psychologist (or courtesans) on sadistic trips, as if the whole society were confined to their hospitals of non-enunciating. Shushing and dimming, dismissing true specialists often and losing opportunities to aid education and cultivation: i.e. Propaganda.

These stars of the media, putting our brains off the notion of having to get educated, aware of what is happening around and beyond, and of the importance of true RESEARCH and results sharing and participating to these processes of society evolution and progress. Those stars putting off the scent paid millions, literally millions. To make programs that cost millions, sending them all over the world for one-hour watch, and then for filming their faces instead of what they were supposed to report on (and after that they will cut founding to every other investigative or research posts, positions and topics). When that despicable, disdainful, spitting at both everyone’s, less well born, Q.I (mirroring?) and ego, royalty slaps on the face will stop? Are we serfs? Well, wee can’t say no, and that goes on and on.

Quoting a Daily Mail journalist: homogenization of those media. That is discourses or chats dressed up with some kind of codified formality, but in fact all programs are the same, at all hours, and also the same as yesterday and only to be repeated tomorrow. This is not a comment on all media but of some, though nationalized, tax-sponsored, solely in charge of the education of whole nations…depredation.

Genocides we don’t know, or don’t want to know about.


‘Populism’ and terror:

Given that is going on in the USA where everybody surely fell for terror and cannot speak any longer without going against their nation-s. Or by taking side for her finally flourishing demon or without daunting/being dauted by anything coming from their colleagues and neighbors- an opportunity to clean kkk-ill. Even if this far right presidency went away, the schism, the hypocrisy, folly, impunity, misdeed and unfaithfulness all combined it created (and of its origin), will never ever in one generation heal (and remembrances this time will be held against an American dream which is were standing even though we knew about history, from the harassment of the Indian American, the natives, to modern more immediate history and the USA involvement in dictatorship settings around the world and war mongering in the sole view of oil-drilling and other misappropriation). A US that promised and promoted to the world its Mormons’ possible autocracy / technocracy and now endowed their presidency with sheer outright American made mafia. A US that always has smelt but now is literally reeking. And to whom will profit the deal? Who will profit from the dictate and fears of speaking and thinking; it will have been sowing?

Brought out of what unauthentic guy characterized as a system of fake news (noise of populist capitalizing captive- advertising entertainment propelled by the new-born-again like politician figure, who is worse than mafia, for having become civil servants- and let’s hope or pray or say that they won’t be able to do dodge their being investigated. Since if tax fraudsters are at the head, amongst other things, then it amounts to announce that democracy was murdered (and [s]laughtered again and again most notably by the biggest companies and states when pulling off international treaties attempting to decrease those same agents’ possibility for appropriation and destruction- in terms of capacities bacteria could [wail will] do the same-) well before by the clear majority of philosophies, politics and religions [wile and wilt] destroying animals and environments as a concept of progress and enlightenment. Un-naively democracy is dead, or rather not it, it is done as: ‘has never lived, but its every shred shared’), which is a veil and a reinforcement process-procedural stinking stunt, to bolster embolies through A-level censorship method and pathway, that regime of ‘no news’ (for the worst).

The people who attack the media this preposterously [wanted to undermine the crucial role of info sharing and freedom of information and thoughts], are in fact the very ones that cannot be happier (versus contented) with what the media do; they just want them to do it more. They work with mainstream journalism and do not bother with others; because to attempt campaigning otherwise -outside the few hundred people speaking to millions- is just as socially and politically impacting as being unreportedly kidnapped, made disappear into a desert and die. You do not need bullet for a whistle-blower, you just need a sack and a gag. As for firing the arsonists, they hold the keys- though not to the Olympian sky.

Apropos desert, if you think it is chilly sometimes, it is because of the ice and snow that are melting [iceberg, mountain glaciers (our earthly galaxy) and poles melting giving a last chill away], like the rest of us will, with plastic and the chemicals that have been poured in the cranks and cronies and better poisoning. Vomiting what we inject in our floor? Not ours but we will be dispossessed with even our death for what we done to a mother who natal has nature for her labor and sanity.

Ban the preachings of child marriage by Islamic preachers – and all others.

The scandal ‘Trojan horse’ with 6 schools in Birmingham found to impose Islamic regime and discrimination on teachers and pupils in state schools. Or in Germany (while the uk royals are of german origins) with its centuries-long associations and collaborations with the ottoman rulers.

One in four children in the UK under the poverty line: not a secret, a frequent headline, at least in the UK.

How while far-right threat has spread all over Europe, the UK is the best destination for female genital mutilation.

  •  The censorship occurring on the net globally has been tagged as e-books burning. Germany just created ‘the best’ law around hate speech to prompt internet platforms to censor content (while at the moment Germany trades several of their car makes taken red-handed lying about their pollution rates, including BMW that trapped and burnt alive its drivers). –

Censoring platforms though they are not platforms but publishers of private gigs (ex: you have to know your friends on FB, unreachable and from which one cannot leave, beyond which one cannot reach, hermetic circles) who (not-e- that who) moderate and select, destroying people’s hopes for a e-presence and existence, deleting billions of comments, millions of accounts, thousands of political accounts, mostly why? Because the only niche for communications or visibility will reside in paying heavy fees for adds in the mire that will leave the big companies for the small to gradually bleed, to lament (money, pain, violence, hope for the devil to put an end and therefore further murders activities in order to sing, call and feel they are something (to pray and be a prey), and die [idea]hide.

  • While Europe starts excelling at ushering in human trafficking. During which time population more and more are killed by respiratory diseases caused by lethal pollutions that have for only equal the degree of desertification of the country side, not the lack of their sirs, but the one of the trees and species that are no more, but farms destroying any corners left of nature and then enjoy animal breeding -culture- for slaughters.  
  • How university fees and research will be paid by the banks, that will decide from the students they will agree to send or not send (to ‘recruit’ or not ‘recruit’, to the surveys they will lead and initiate and the results they will publishate. No formation, just to format.

How it just takes maximum a first semester in political sciences for beginners to know that referendum is widely considered as potentially totally undemocratic. You know, would you like to vote to rip lgbt people off their rights to marry, (one of the traditional steps to bring people to worse than serfage) novelty.

  • How ‘child marriages’ even when illegal are tolerated and happening de facto in so many ‘muslim’ and ‘christian’ countries, including the USA, with the most occurrences of that scourge in the world are mainly in Africa in countries such as Niger, CAR, Chad, Burkina Faso, Mali, Bangladesh for Asia….
  • And how in France notably, cons and business alike get away with anything dragging journalists before courts asking for millions of euros when the press did disclosure or search for information. Charlie Hebdo had to fight numerous trials by many national organizations (mainly islamic, catholic, far right) just for having published caricatures, with the clear aim of entertaining, often out of situations and people so discriminatory in what they do and successful that laugh is used as a last remedy, (be)for long no more as comedy. On the megalomania of the inquisition, or how cheap will sound now the idea of a philosopher king. As for the rest, the extreme will sympathise with the Russian who reignites the armament armada stupendously (mind the economy of the Russian kleptomaniac regime though inspiring many is not much above the floor), and the others are so filthy and rich they don’t need to be far of any side, they just are gods to the same way they respect insects, inspect, the same way they will do it to the common, a citizenship dishonest. The man and woman in the street who will in return roam to make sure everyone is in the line of nothingness that numerously will enumerate, who needs discrimination when the reign is annihilate. In France one in 5 children live under the poverty line.
  • Untouchable not permitted to enter the so-called temples.

The red quarters in India in fact traffic millions of women with to each door and on each roof, mafia preventing them to escape.

  • Let’s hope that Jewish believers will never resume animal sacrifices once the third temple has been rebuilt.
  • Do not think what you feel is cold that refutes global warming’s existentialism. It is the cold coming from ice and snow melting, disappearing. Cold indeed. Colder than death, as this one is the one deserving.
  • Occulted by the news is the level of poison in the land in our blood, in everywhere, chemicals that will never got rid. Do you know for example everybody in the world now tests positive to have in their blood traces some perfluorooctanoic acid, thanks to Teflon’s products? What about plastic, gas, refined oil, carcinogenic dusts, and everything else that will dissolute, petrify before fermenting on what used to be alive and kicking.
  • On trump advising death row for hate crimes. What should be done for global warming’s deniers and the lot that will pass laws killing us all, and singularly many in particular, inter and intranationally?? And other sleigh of the sleeve (slay-eve) of the sorts? Sieve, civet?

Or not a thing waiting the g-race to join in. gI.g8.

  • People imprisoned in Russia to demonstrate or for social media posting criticizing putin or the invasion of Crimea or Ukraine.
  • Illegal migrants are at incredible risk of being trafficked for their organs.
  • In China organs ‘harvesting’ of prisoners and prisoners of conscience are being done by the thousands by the authorities.
  • -40 million people are victims of modern slavery today, 25 % are children, 80% is sexual slavery. The ‘United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) figures indicate that almost 80% of identified victims had been trafficked for sexual exploitation’.

Up to 300,000 Americans under 18 at risk of sexual exploitation every year. An example of what these former rich countries have been doing with money and ideology. Markets as immaculated, pure idol.

Average life span of a victim is reported to be 7 years (from homicides, mistreatments, drug abuses, sexual diseases, suicides).

  • One does not need to be a conspirationist, to understand that when topics such as modern slavery and sexual abuses against children are nowhere to be seen on the mass media then it is the undeniable sign of a society where elites feed working people with untruths and pervading rule by condoning the vilest attacks on humans (and all other beings, and on the living) by humans (themselves). I initially thought that the world I was in, was this group of people that would have run towards the child fallen as victim. People who would have done this, bills, nails and fangs to the one child- not a society that lived from the hidden and approved and gaslighted hell on earth lives of thousands of thousand.

And murders with dignitas, swiss or belgian style- belying another fiscal paradies, the emblem of money cleansing, and when the ‘pro-life parties’ are mostly the ones that would, lives trap, threat, throat and rape. Belling to Belligerents that their lives, their very Light will to integrate the society belly’s acids belongings.

But of course, all of it and more will be taken back by far right and left throwing the responsibility, the culpability of not responding at others groups, while their countries had plundered. And while they are too coward and undignified to address, pretending to candour, their own countries, nations and workers and say we cannot not stop misery- because misery is what they would like to assume and produce on a very larger and systematic scale than the upper middle-class, and every of the rest, of what has been left, helping her, that just let it hap-pen.

Awe. You imagine now, with the kind of work that do the police, this will encourage the far right! While police are in most countries where far rights officially exist and persist, the police is often very keen to be proven to be‘ultra-nationalist’ members, (check on police party or police trade union allegiance? Far right, right, left, what one? In France it is averred to be often far right, and for you?)




MAD (mutual assured, not insured)




About Trump, in my opinion, things could get so much more very grave, because it is one cannot be clearer, that he is in fact someone whose madness, and immorality could not know or set limits or boundaries. His discourse contains indicators after indicators that could invite him in matter of emergency to sojourn in mental hospital units, and nonetheless…it could be a big problem, a president in need of a temporary straight jacket, until they stay in the garden prison pondering fate. But who would send him to prison, while his being a crook and a sp-oiler of life pool was known riffraff?

Even more worrying is that it is known from the start, that his mental health, in that kind of situation, cannot do but worsening.

And though he could have been impeached.




If it is like the 1918 Spanish flu disease, the second wave would be worse due to I thought the cold and specialists guess also mismanagement.

December could be eery sinister indeed but in the US with that groggy of guy, a mafia measurement for the institutions of the US (R-R?) monstrous menstruous that in fact play fits to conceal he is ones of those golf gold decrepit, playing t(h)ough and (end) genuine, playing being in a green environment while they pomp water for lawns after logging. They do not make gold those, they make…gloom boom and when at the head come a furuncle that gLory goory, the ‘US’ this year will live macabre méchoui.



After all this history of opulence, and taken, the ones that elect that dared, making sure of sine qua non dispersing doubt about the manipulations and intentions of thieves and speculators. To challenge everybody, still standing as the former policeman of the world, in joining or yet again being the creditors of that young American nation, that just became the offenders – charmingly richissism spreading hazy dreams of lazy freedom, pursuit of monetary happiness and manifests of destitute destiny (certainly now putting their nature, their human already savaged countryside rather, to exploit and kill a lot a little bit more like the worst of the       – this man be, but like any other leaders supported by cohorts that do not take nor have shape anymore- made madness is selective, is seductive, and so lassie, isolated in an isle-end, exceptional and exclusive, ], from the less known but though averred history of the ‘trails of tears’ to how they obtain their dividend from the rescue money the European nations borrowed directly linked with the destruction of WWII, while importing Nazi scientists for in particular rocket sciences; by now clustering big data that sucks off commissions, information, and liberties from every single place without paying any taxes and holding and building tills and (space and spy ) posts. A hope for slavery to resume commonly without even having to bring reminiscence of the south so dotingly. We will soon witness conversion therapies to cults aiming at the reversion to total possession of other beings, in practise like legally. This blond, bleached, fared and disguised is one salesman (a shame it has not ended like the Arthur miller’ s one before mileage or lineage), and I doubt that the u- turn they want to take will be for the hunters and their firearms but rather for the manicured of low-standard. In any case, politicians aim at voters, and are up to following as good as sharia laws when it comes to islam, Judeo-Christianity has no doubt enough filth and lies all comfortabley confirmed that put together could make us all prey without failure for finitude – and the rest of them for cannibalism. To kill, shoot, rifle and poison nature, to assassinate nature, the staff will have to lose their souls, like the farmers already have. Those are already what is the most disgusting, digesting, a people that pretend to like the big spaces just to gig over roads that they carve to be bloody. But yet again, other will pry (and not in order to restore good or less worse and better) and prevail. That those would tighten the yokes and the harness to much mock and muck some more can only be the deeds and the makes and the protected patents harvesting death through their conception of national health system that could soon internationally prevent the only people from buying tablets just in all humility or humiliation not to die from a gentle flu (though wait a little that the chemicals that for industry they pour down, become too much for our so vivacious bodies to dilute before break-down- no vaccine for this one) of rottener that the previous and impudent prudery. BECAUSE OF THOSE DEMONS KNOW ONLY ABOUT CANCEROUS CROWN AND GROWTH, GOLDEN PARACHUTES, ETC, THE ORDER OF THOSE AT THE TOP THAT WILL MAKE EVERY ONE SPURN AND DISTRUST SCIENCES, THE SCIENCE THAT ATTEMPTS TO ESTABLISH FACTS, NOT EVEN THE ONE THAT SHOULD HEAL THEM IN THE PROCESS.

For viruses, people are able to create a vaccine, just like they spread myxomatosis (ripple-cripple), BUT WHO WILL BE ABLE TO ‘INTERVENE’ THE DAY WE WILL FULLY DIE OF PLASTIC?



To specify on the mental health motion, that gallous goory is in fact the head of piece of mouths, the puppet (on that having the same conclusion as Hilary Clinton) of put-s for businesses that misery trade, and the one servilely playing the roles assigned by the many churches that play and stage they are writing ‘the rapture’, without having s-potted the ‘tribulations’.

Beware the new generations, that will pretend to be geeks from having their position as no one can go to schools and offices other than the ones pick by ‘father’.


Pretending to await to be saved!, succoured—-secured by the second return of a jesus Christ they embrace by roasting a lamb for eat Easter.






All the last US presidents (and a lot of other officials) that are there because of their coming from or belonging to families [not Obama but Obama woefully made up for it with a wife that held discourses only otherwise to cleopatra entrusted, incrusted. Of nations that threatened the world already with a (to play on word and say morons would be too easty for them) Mormon millionaire …as runner-up to the presidency. Admittedly not bad for the succession. Tarts after tarts.

The world is ‘resuming’ being divided into families anyhow, everywhere, the middle-east, china, the royalists, even in the media, they publicly (public ally)announce they call each other for the birthdays, and in France we have to put with on national channels people with particles in front of their names that even though they rule interesting and long and rather in-depth programs, will do so years after years, with the same degenerative naïve and restrictive and mocking questions, just making the interviews sound awkward and all but unbearable, while they fired the ones, that maybe made mistakes in their presentation, but at least knew how to wonder, see the world they are talking about and answer.


He just took the super easy job (not a job, no work at all, but not surprise there) of the anti-christ (you know with trump tower being at the 666, by starting the slaughter of his own lost stock and all what can be still taken of the foreign sphere of influence left-overs. A little more to abhor? Or arbor, about oil, it is rigging the lymph of the planet. Earthquakes for some of them is punishment for gays, without its oil, the planet will not crude but crumble.




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Donald Trump has promoted a claim that Jewish people in Israel love him like he is the “king” of the country and “the second coming of God”. “President Trump is the greatest President …


Trump again plays on Messianic claims as he embraces ‘King ……

Trump is quoting someone who calls him “the King of Israel” on par with “the second coming of God.” Two things: 1) it’s weird & offensive to say, in effect, “Jews love him like he’s Jesus.” 2 …



Trump calls himself ‘the chosen one’ during erratic rant


C: he is mad. Dam-n

but let’ s admit, to be sitting where he is, and get away with everything thieving so far…just prompts up every hope. and buttress as such them as well.



15 ways the Trump administration has changed environmental policies

For the past three years, National Geographic has been tracking how this administration’s decisions will influence air, water, and wildlife.


c: pipelines, paris climate agreement, Endangered Species Act, natural parks, quality environment, ‘Executive order calls for sharp logging increase on public lands’, enforcement, loss in security…..





It is all well to want to repatriate (part-repartee) the industries, the problem is what is forgotten is that contrarily to other countries, what has been called our level of development have had for result the depletion of our nature, and natural supply. the system is the source of horrific level of pollution, even only a few years of that is wrecking our good lady. europe lost all but her forests… usa is ready to more carnage on its wild….

the plastic we consume will return into our system, into our bodies. and then corona will be the nicest news on how to die we will have had back then.

Back them.



In fact this guy is the best youtuber: I think his trick with the lecteur electorate that sincerely believe in him, is because he makes them feel like they can see, watch the delirium, the play, the game of a big CEO. Their delusion, think tank thanking him as if he were theirs.


Trump Talk: All Our Best Mashups In One Video



Trump An Incoherent Spectacle At G7; W.H. Struggles To Clean Up | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



President Trump’s Awkward Moments With Ivanka


C: just above is not a very interesting video to watch, but is added to just underline these behaviours and remarks that are meant to sound innocent and off-the-mark as under-the-radar but that are in fact the best weaponised attitudes of degenerated men.




C: on a lighter note, it is a good counter-model, everything is going goofy in the face of surrealist policies and uncontainable despair, it is a trick of our brain, our psychology denial or hanging onto arts and entertainment as ones of the achievement that still make life a good still good for consumption?



Also it is good to realise you do not have a funny boss, you have a disgusting and disgustingly crooked and low-QI satin satisfied and imposing that others grown theirs.

I cannot imagine one could clone that and those thief THINGS.




Donald Trump Jr. mocks college admission scandal, despite … › education › col…

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14 mars 2019 – Donald Trump Jr. mocks college admission scandal, despite his past at … and Felicity Huffman — were accused of paying a third party to cheat …



People Are Talking (Again) About How Jared Kushner Got Into … › article › jared-ku…


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13 mars 2019 – In the wake of yesterday’s wild roller coaster of a college admissions scandal … Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Ivanka Trump’s husband, and real … Charles Kushner pledged a gift of $2.5 million to Harvard, to be paid in …



C: mind I am a lecture listener, and the ones of yale for example, half of them are superb, in fact less, but at least worth, but the other half is concerningly uninteresting, empty, unchallenging, not logic and even not academic or using good rhetoric. Don’t post those online. It is just horrible.


C: if you go on Christians websites speaking of the anti-christ, what they say it is that it is a figure that helps Israel to only betray them in the middle on the deal. I am sure Israel is very very aware of that, even though it is Trump’ s effigy that seats on the coins prom promising pro-missing the opening of the third temple. And trump here try to replicate what the Christians say, to cast himself into those comedies, that are decorum or deodorant to the madness and throes people will throw themselves- but first of all what they would like of misery and death for the others [you know when you are in doubt over the human nature, you just have to recollect objectively what they do to animals- and other people of course, but with animals the nuclear and war danger is less standing.



PS: in regards of trump’ s standing, only a look at its account, should suffice to throw that into jail, but who would do it, the ones land-owners and speculators flowing following that will benefit from a system that has been wrecked enough in order not to work ever again?



Donald Trump compilation: The 90 most shocking things he’s said during election campaign



Donald Trump’s Tax Return Lies, A Supercut | NowThis



Donald Trump’s Trade Lies Exposed | NowThis



‘The Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump’: 27 Psychiatrists Assess | The Last Word | MSNBC



When it comes to the covid crisis though, it barks loudly to me that it is just what trump could have hoped for. In letting americans die, it is the most diplomatic gesture that trump and others could do to co-,mates dictators and ones that inspire or aspire to become so. Maybe a vast, maybe an overwhelming part of the world that just won’t say no.



trumpee, going mad thinking he had rump it is name, an arse is to tender, and also is designed to poo it out.

On all issues treated by that, it is a shame that these issues are passed the lips, very serious issues, the lips of the American president, that will stand, like it or not, as the most decrepiting, discredited global figures of contemporary history. Just take all its nations to the limbo from a state that were not so much so.





Maybe he just has the tendency of pedalling in a vacuum, and just go on and on, leading to more O.D.

Talking rubbish as the only way for morons to speak hours when t(he)y knows nothing, not even a hint about the responsibilities they are supposedly holding, at the very least facing.

Also it is not anyone who can go onto making speeches and informed decisions in all occasions, maybe it is just so much easier to talk rotten, silly, I could almost recognise a personal pattern here; but most of all LYING SCHEMES. Would it be then impotence at changing anything?? That would make me worried. Because there this guy has almost all leverage one can reasonably dream of to act on his (die-idle-idole) disease.



Russia small economy, maybe why trump want them to have the strongest fascist white under-dog that could be found.






Whatever happens now in 2020 for the presidential, when the take-over, the state of affairs will be for the top dogs of the moment just a juicy bargain, they will, thanks to this monster, eat everything like if it was ripe grapes.

From the rights like for the lefts. My complot theory is that there is no real controversy, they are in that well together.

And all what is left is to pray for something normal, as in less obviously monstrous feed the machine.

Only one record: the one of shitty loss. And with all these kinds of character, one will have to say, also thank you.

America is supposed to be a model, what a delight (a windfall- so easy going now for all these crooks of all colors, flags and pretensions) for all other leaders to not possibly compare to this imbecile from the inferno rising residents.


Just my opinion here, what I feel in fact, on trump sudden acknowledgment of the risk of the coronavirus. I don’t think at all it is this guy becoming woke, intelligent, less condescending, less of a calamity (expunging my vocabulary from morbidity). What I think it is that if again this change of demeanour from him is calculated (from where I stand is like I wrote it many many weeks ago now, the spread of the disease could have- like it did in france for the municipal’s- for consequence to delay elections!!!), if his changes of plans are to do with a personal political gain, then I misdiagnosed the situation. This guy is not the next door guy that would do a bit of everything to gain a promotion, that plays dummy all day long to get away with it (and become dummy, you cannot trick the mind, you play dummy, you become so) and getting worse at the slightest change of the wind.

Trumpee is not, doing that for political motivated reasons; the way he does it: to have passed, have everybody undergone all these ceremonialisations just punctuating the number of deaths they will be engineering through inconsistency only (neglect, denial, lies, irrelevancies, schizophrenic believes or mentalities). It is psychopathy.

It is someone who demonstrates how they can play the system, killing with the white seal of innocence, and justified these compulsively engineered death- just deaths because they can do it- through a sense of duty that democracy gave, i.e. as a politicians but even more a top politician (policy can) asked to represent and care for the whole country (named democracy but is no more).

And through those perpetrated death, planned for the simple act of having to circulate be a threat, who will inject you by the way. Instead of planning very carefully how to get on (to ensure an economy to still thrive but as much as possible outside the danger zone) to have to care how many employment would it be able to generate- but the objectives and ties are not that, they are ingurgitate-, just release the arses that support the clan, to get promiscuous enough to others they do not want to hug but who will get violated.

As for high end psychopathy, a french jewish survivor-activist described (France culture, 25/07/20) the attitudes of the guards in the concentration camp who made her an orphan. The new arrivals, the new guards were confused and horrified, puzzled and reluctant, and could not resolve to inflict themselves the cruelties to the detainees that the old guards would routinely perpetuate. They would need several weeks to loosen their disinclination and finally become apt at profound and recurring shows of inhumanity.

These killers of everything, they do not believe in global warming because they do not believe in life, and more so do not believe in protecting life, in a loving, and respectable manner

Believe, and oblivion.


Anti-abortion, because they destroy everything and to destroy everything, the means for it, and the consequence of it , is that you do not produce only flesh, the rest is just what you repeatedly, forcefully (violations based) produce to inspire horrors.

To produce to go waste.

As these rotten, corrupt, can only own one thing after theirs that abasement. Ruling, it is the family they martyrize. And belittle.

The very unit they claim want to protect, in fact make sure their followers can exploit theirs, their families and that class struggles stop as the war will be amongst families’ members. As when reducing the focus to a private sphere, that will be a law onto themselves, then all hells can take place, and be ordered, prescribed and principled by dynasties waiting for their lands to be dried by their murderous folly.

That the death providing rest, will have us starving and staring at her evanescence.

Prodigious rest stranding the souls alack and melt with was is left.


Perhaps the most concerning aspect of child marriage laws in the United States is that in 23, or approximately half, of the states, there is no minimum age for marriage with parental and judicial consent. This is known as not having a “floor” for marriage, or no bottom limit.

This means that if both parents and a judge sign off on the marriage, a child of any age can be married in that state. This lack of a “floor” for marriage puts children–most often young girls–at risk of sex abuse, because in many instances of child marriage, the parents are the ones who are forcing their child to marry.

What You Need To Know About Child Marriage In The U.S.


Sarah FergusonBrand Contributor


BRANDVOICE| Paid Program



    Worldwide, 12 million girls marry before age 18 every year. Say “child marriage” and the average American thinks of a developing country, where economic hardship forces parents to marry off their young daughter to a much older man. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, 4 in 10 young women marry before age 18. In South Asia, 3 in 10 girls are wed before their 18th birthday. While there is some evidence that children (mostly girls) are more at risk of child marriage in rural and poorer settings, the fact is that child marriage affects all communities.

There is no federal law regarding child marriage. Every state sets its own requirements.

Child marriage is a harmful practice and a violation of child rights 

Parents may believe early marriage is in their daughter’s best interest, especially if she’s pregnant. But the vast majority of girls who marry before age 18 are harmed for life. They’re separated from their families and friends, and 50 percent more likely to drop out of school. Early marriage doubles a teenager’s chances of living in poverty and triples the likelihood she’ll be beaten by her spouse, compared to married adults.

Marrying before age 18 traps girls in a cycle of poverty

That’s why UNICEF believes marriage under age 18 must be prohibited under all circumstances.

According to a Kansas City Star series of child marriage in the U.S., Missouri has the most lenient law in the nation allowing 15-year-olds to wed. Only one parent’s signature is required.

More than 1,000 15-year-olds have been married in Missouri since 1999. Even children ages 14, 13 and 12 can marry in Missouri — it’s one of 25 states with no minimum age requirement. For those 14 and younger, a judge’s consent is required. Missouri is a destination wedding spot for 15-year-old child brides

Laws make a difference, but social norms need to change as well

Child marriage chart reveals girls can wed at 12 in some parts of the US – as lawmakers battle to raise age to 16

Several states – including Massachusetts – allow children to get married ‘in exceptional circumstances’

In Virginia itself, according to state health statistics, more than 4,500 minors were married between 2000 and 2013, including about 220 who were 15 or younger.

And a separate Statista chart plotting the minimum legal age of marriage for girls worldwide reveals that the US is one of the lowest on record, with several places – including Massachusetts – allowing girls as young as 12 to be wed with the consent of a judge.

It is matched only by Saudi Arabia and Yemen, where age of consent for marriage ranges between nine and 13 years old.

“It’s rarely the case that the 13-year-old is marrying a 17-year-old,” Ms Vogel told Washington Top News.

”It’s more often the case that it is a child marrying somebody decades older than they are.”

Ms Vogel pointed out that often, young women who go on to be abused in early marriages are not old enough to go to court to get a protection order – and aren’t even old enough to drive. “Someone should be asking the question, ‘Well if this 13-year-old is pregnant, isn’t that evidence of statutory rape?’” Ms Vogel said. “Is that not a crime? They are truly victims in every way.”

marriage laws in other states, which she said acted as a “veil” to sex abusers to protect themselves from prosecution.

There is currently no minimum age for marriage in the Commonwealth.

In July last year, the Spanish government announced it was to raise the marriage age from 14 to 16 to bring it into line with the rest of Europe.

In Niger, for example, where the age of legal marriage for girls is 15, 76 per cent of girls are believed to be married before their 18th birthday. According to the US state department’s humans right report on Trinidad & Tobago from 2014, though the official marital age is 18 for men and women, Muslims and Hindus have a separate Marriage Act.

Muslims are permitted to get married at 16 for men and 12 for girls and Hindus at 18 and 14.

C: to be noted, it is the case of many countries that even if the legal age is 18, many girls will be ‘marry’ illegally. Some countries illegal child marriage standing as the almost norm.

C: Look at what ‘pro-life’ is about. It is not about the noble aim of avoiding the killing of foetus via abortion, unfortunately. It is about imprisoning women for life preferably when they are still children- done by this good old family of mine, would say the base ass true pee hole. Lulling July the 4th, flagged not but dutiful just like they do proudly with cattle.

And also those pretended patriots are in fact a gathering of perverts that are in the hope of marrying to create circles enabling them not to have to travel to destitute countries such as Cambodia and other appallingly poor and previously plundered countries- where the western military began the rapes of the people, where traffickers in children for these paedophiles that should be thrown and kept in the deepest cells.

I am sorry I am not a specialist and do not quite know how to expose with words that could be closer to describing these abominations.

Child marriage

on the tiles

, trumpee’ s strategies. ‘Trompeur’

Kushners, friends and likes.

Most of what it does, attacking people on the personal level, stating how poor him he feels. Like a poor wretch such enclosed that she cannot tell more than ‘I am not well’. And that not because of the assassins.

Destructive plan, an intellectual collapse.

To collect the insanities it has said but to prefer to relegate them to the dungeons’ bins and septic tanks (but still how to dispose of it) of humanity.

Everything that is out of its mouth is a cry to how things can get back to a well-established start of nazi recurrent and recruitment performances in politics.

In any case every comment may be made on what it is, because the trick lays -lies- is that it should not have been.

Donald Trump Says ‘We Need’ Global Warming as Extreme Cold Weather Approaches the Midwest

Special Report: The political battle behind the dismantling of a worker safety rule

Davis was one of an estimated 11,500 shipyard and construction workers who U.S. regulators say are exposed each year to beryllium: a toxic, carcinogenic element laced through the coal waste often used in abrasive blasting grits.

These workers lie at the heart of a little-known regulatory drama unfolding behind the Trump administration’s push to relax safety rules it deems burdensome to U.S. businesses.

I wondered what the probability was for trumpee to have in reality taken chloro . and then I imagined that it was not so impossible for the tales’ tellers to end up bashing by their own. Taking those meds indicating to all of them that its trophies hunting was beginning.

Mind, I wondered too what its grass, or ‘yespersons’ were imagining about what would be the reality of this chlorophyll or chloro-file (to kindnap kidnap kidding either shares, stocks and portfolios) leaving their darkest poverties and not noster securities, not leaving, a real one does not leave anything, they lease death- and release?… ye(ll)oman, unashamed, unabashed fascists’ politics- to say the least- was it to be operative.

In 1,226 days, President Trump has
made 19,128 false or misleading claims

The Fact Checker’s ongoing database of the false or misleading claims made by President Trump since assuming office.

Trump has ‘gone awol’ as president amid coronavirus pandemic, says ex-CIA director

C: my take on him avoiding to expose himself to covid privately, just staging a few appearances. Because for this once one could be helped by comorbidity.

Trump abruptly ends briefing after confrontation with reporter

C: what he does to journalists this way all the time, wants to shout one thing, and one thing only. He owns the place, and you let him unshamelessly.

When i think that people can fire people for saying that they are not in the humour they would like them to feel to be. Not false fascist associations that thus ceo, like unionists, make the little world they can ruin theirs.


Just another note, that so many people, working class are waiting for a trickle tinkle down from this monstrous con, had been for me a long-standing mystery. Not all unfathomable how well-known crook can obtain the people call, but all the same, so many…

The trick is that Trump is by some conspiracies theories presented as a freedom fighter, the one that will fight the elites, that will fight crimes, that will fight anything, just reading that put any sane mind into a shock with hallucinations of how people will endow the pervert with qualities for ending sexual abuses for example…the world of wonderland is more than morbid, worrying, upsetting, but really get ready for a blockbuster in the tradition of American horror films that let’ s it to be admit would come in the modern world unimitated -animated- (or in the 30’ s Germany – and then Europe maybe).

A scoop for many, but the voters in the UK- In the UK, you just have to turn up to vote, you do not need your poll card and of course not even your ID, as in the UK you do not have to have an ID at all. As for names and addresses they are on display on the internet. That is if I want to vote 1000 tomorrow for the same round, I perfectly can technically!!

So who votes?? On important elections, it is the party from the extreme that are the most militants so who voted during f. Brexit???

Believe you me, the ukip and other of those lots (who does their duties if democracy are not democracy and that UK is as good as elections as the worst of developing countries-yet again, in yet another domain, in the case of the UK).

I did observe this already this way of voting (without even talking about a system that is totally unproportional and Gerrymandering) without identification required should be illegal.

In paris, we had the dead that voted, several times. As I suggest previously you cannot say that between regions on their toes that toss and toast each other and localities that have a total supreme power over their constituents- without none of the agents having checks and balances on them, one get off the idea of a nation and even of a country further and further.


How do I vote in the UK general election? What you need to …

Do I need to take ID to the polling station? You do not need to show ID to vote in England, Scotland and Wales. You will need to tell polling staff your name and address.

How do I vote? What you need to know about the UK general ……

You do not need to show ID to vote in England, Scotland and Wales. You just need to tell polling staff your name and address. They will then cross your name off the list and give you a ballot paper.


Q5: Do I need to take my poll card to the polling station?

No, you will be asked to provide your name and address to the staff at the polling station but taking it with you will speed up the voting process.







Q5: Do I need to take my poll card to the polling station?

No, you will be asked to provide your name and address to the staff at the polling station but taking it with you will speed up the voting process.

Do you need your polling card to vote in the 2019 local elections?




The UK!!! Voting, louting, conveyer, hooligans’ country on holiday in ‘ther’ holly land dang. It is what that is.

How it just takes maximum a first semester in political sciences for beginners to know that referendum is widely considered as potentially totally undemocratic. You know, would you like to vote to rip lgbt people off their rights to marry, (one of the traditional step to bring people to worse than serfage) novelty.

A referendum initiated by a pm premier representative that was against. Those customs desing to totally undermine any trust that someone may have in the act of voting. Won’t proceed. Just preceded by voting for Clegg who pledge to protect university fees, for doubling them the moment he acceded his vice office.


A referendum initiated by a pm, premier representative that was against, or rather so he said, what the referendum propose to dramatically alter (or perhaps rob) = generations of efforts within what will always remain england’s continental neighbor. Those customs design in one song to totally undermine any trust that someone may have in the act of voting. Won’t proceed. Just preceded by voting for Clegg who had pledged to protect university fees, for doubling them the moment he acceded his vice office. A culture of overturned engagement and promises.

I am not a political scientist but I guess that the referendum would have been acceptable, it was not a question about human rights, it was not a question really debated, or if it had been the UK would have demonstrate lobbying for alternative policies and show their values, but of course if values are we are the best and we want to upgrade our empire velocity while the only thing that is really left is a linguistic dominion. Not ensured only by the mastering of a language but also the worst ethnical discrimination of demanding a native accent on it… …. ….. …….

To have elected a pm on this question may have legitimated the referendum but who would have dared?? If the referendum had a second run, the people who were happy with Europe, the people who are sick with politicians’ greediness and attention seeking behavior on their misdeed and inappropriateness for them to be validated would come and vote, also the ones who wanted to have a protest say. And I am sorry but also at a times when Scotland could have broken the uk. With a second tour a remain would assert what people call the people way. The oligarchs I say did it, the uk way. Belittling and hooligans, to arrange for their vassals to think they will have it till the end of millennia. Who think no one will spot their mafia because they haven’t got the italian brands. spot-on, just like the rest, dealing in buildings and banks, to face austerity: it is so certain oldwash, speculation is passé. And to replace skin-heads with discreet stabbing cultures, and people (yes the europe of peoples, you wonder after that that no one wants to stay! () who believe they have been chosen even though they cannot articulate it. No need of extrem when one can become filthy rich, you just have to look at people or not to kill them with nothing that could be held against you if trials were the products of judges doing their job and not the deal of whatever you want to call those sl#pp#rs.

Yuppie, you want to divide the word, the world into peoples, then kill them all it would be quicker.


But it would be to forget that they may be of some utility.

Maybe they wanted out because of having each time to exchange and fat the arses of their bankers friends (free to say friends when one is ok to indulge on such spending for things worth no pennies- project jet-set all over the country, quelle largesse!) without being able to show enmity. And also the cruelty of thinking loudly and forcefully for their counterpart, that a deal of breaking up would be better or lures livres lesser according, depending of their one leader, facing the logic of millions of other countries’ inhabitants (and not owners). In english a word might be in underuse: exasperation.

It is so astonishing that a ‘president’, well PM in the uk, against such an idea, all the same launched the referendum abolishing decades of a continental construction, without even a fight. I mean ok we heard before this a lot about eurosepticism, but did we a lot about an exit? The exit I was aware of before this one, was the independence of Scotland, an inner problem within the uk, not with the uk and Europe. In fact the Scottish possibility of breaking up the UK, have been managed with such disdain, that I though, oh goodness let’s hope they won’t take it the wrong way. I was for them ‘remaining’ within the kingdom (just in pasing, now the uk won’t have a queen for much more longer and that phallocracy is coming back for one do not know how many centuries- as we forgot, the foreigners even more so, that old England haven’t had dispose of their monarchs- it is what the charms of women do [not mysogyn, at least, at last they have it officially and this won’t be written off by the catholic hierarchy)- oblivion is nice for a while but look at what was behind), because to pass the right law we need to be strong, but just like everybody else that is not fasho, I am so afraid of strong governments that would eradicate human rights when they are true.

What I think is now very much in the face of everyone is this hysteria (both from the uk, and in Europe now), reminding the 52% of votes for Brexit. They are hysterical because this referendum has been lynched this way by the leading party only because the absolutely knew the results. Not the result of the people but of people voting. No one any longer listens to the politicians, unless they are after a course or the path to take to a sad, sad, sadism – to have to stop listening to every politician, because 1 min on their recital, you know that you are leading into the most frightening and ugly ‘mode d’emploi’. How to get away and administer sinister and sin that will in the course of your career help ya.

That still vote in parallel to abject discourses hoping to set the tone or for a blue print architecting the managerial model- it is why the lies and contempt and derision, to make sure everyone understands every 1 to 3 min the amount of ruffianism that politician ideologies are drawing. Hooligans that pay for plans and projects to be unused, destructors, defeating-their-initial-purpose (the happiness of the people, of people?, of all- their well-being – not the one provided by the feeling you can be fed on the next ‘apparel’, peer, pareil) and puerile.

As for the freight about how gracious England could be to Northern Ireland, no surprise here, the uk being one of the European countries (yes, still top of the class) the most ‘lenient’ on trafficking, fracking and on sea polluting- human rights, aren’t they?

The present PM, say they want to bring food to the table of working people. Food is not only what one wants to live in dignity, and then, what work are we talking about? We know here in the uk, you can afford food, and after that you beg to the banks for a credit that only the privileged can repay, and to afford alongside for the honorable parents, their kids’ once hons hot university. The millions of pounds (austerity) thrown on projects that could be dealt by thousands? To say millions of pounds paying staff for a single teen, to see them only project that those grown-up are able to build being them not to absconds too systematically (the rate just below always is high enough for it to be a nightmare by social services ordained) into drugs, criminality, to rule their carers as a possibility to show further how handle work ethics, prostitution and teen pregnancy To make sure that the building (society) arranges the grandeur while the only right left will be to wrought for big businesses a zero hour of security freedom and intelligence permitted, in front or not of assemblies, knitted microcosms of inequity. Contract, comfortable for the head blood suckers that make vampire literary representation a pale attempt at depicting the horror that prevail amongst the humans without canines, without nothing but the opportunity. I am not sure that on this paragraph everyone would have a clear image of what it said, but I’ d be prepared to advance that that will come.

Maybe they wanted out because of having each time to exchange and fat the arses of their bankers friends (free to say friends when one is ok to indulge on such spending for things worth no pennies- project jet-set all over the country, quelle largesse!) without being able to show enmity. And also the cruelty of thinking loudly and forcefully for their counterpart, that a deal of breaking up would be better or lures livres lesser according, depending of their one leader, facing the logic of millions of other countries’ inhabitants (and not owners). In english a word might be in underuse: exasperation.

And then, I want to say, I know too little, on the reasons of the oligarchies ‘end march’ of all sites-sides-sizes-cides, in fact nothing to really guess why those elites would push through, in fact ‘push’ putsch, for Brexit.

What kind of secrecy or manipulation of what kind would surge and merge people who said no, but all of the sudden are as in American, shitting themselves as each vocab or vocal that would not suit the new in place dictactoriat. The fishermen in search of nurses more in hue of their view of what were the ware of Gutenberg and Saxe-Coburg.

Only international rivalry, the first days of alliances, and axis, multilateralism, isolationism,populism, liberalism and socialism all united, and for the work for the retards, all the bureaucracy that that will generate. A no laws for big business, taxes evasion paradises, when you know that some greedy French now are Russian civilians, why not Monaco on a rock more northern …some other have passports and native accents that made them eligible to global mobility- but beware angles, even for the modest jobs now, even the ones with the ‘right nationality’, with a passport passe-partout, just starts having to be good or reasonably operant at their job (at stopping politics that would like to see a politics not towards wars but towards nature, nurture, beauty and liberty). And the files that will make money, for the middle-man that does nothing but take the percentage, the agencies that will have us all cooped and bled (hoped led). The only survivors the one on their way to mars, and that won’t be Europeans.

A French say.

PS: and when uk kicks the people that serves her for years, learning a new LANGUAGE, thinking they only needed a decade more to get the jest, host, hoist, gest, sorry, gist, and that just realized when they understand the lingo that their native accents, the accent of their very mum, will be at the root of racial racaille ethnical discrimination, more and more acute, by the time everyone with a little empathy knows you spent your life, re-larnin lehren leering luring speaking to be taken like a child to a serf without other possibility (the traders of all nations maybe excluded from outcast endless engrossed negotiations, as they brought possibly and exchange new technics on how to rally goods without spending any time, work on good! Or anything but a faith of debauchery, here the art of mockery for one’s one prosperity in milking and snatching everything from thoughts, to health, trees, rise, (dignitas and endangered), to anger, piousness and properties.

The vampires of all countries will never suffer racism, as they bound, from all corners of our world, and round the rest up on slavery. With a strata a layer effect, have to stay and state realism, why, what better than one’s own castle and liturgy of what is to feed upon- for free (not liberty).

In plain language, do not kick people that came here, learn a new language, and that have nothing back to their countries of origin, but a diluted sense of how they used to speak during their tender years. Do not kick people that have done the bilingual epopee, to be treated like if Europe never has existed- they just did not get it what was to come on no income.

Trap, a strap,   through arson and assault to defend what they have been elected to be for (the forestall-stake, tell, talk, stage stale, ale toll—stood stool=stole) of that was a liberal coming to the government voted in to protect universities and academia against rising fees, for him to participate to the doubling of the fees- a reiterative pattern of betrays, a linear story- the same plot of no leader but executioner of democracy; the reminder, the reign of unsolvable staggering bourgeois bourgeon, feasting on dishonesty, die old stabbing, staging monarchy.

Plundering, abusing not only the vote of people but plainly how people get to build better and stronger activities.


Now they should be giving the lead to the opposition party? Yes, if you could trust one. One that would convey of this, and annul (annul the deal of the sudden sullen deserters, not the debt their same project managers made sure was exponentially, opponent, driven into buildings and no social protection, as they invest into laundry- money coming from the dirty of all shapes in forms- the cons and the ones that sweat blood to never go to hospital before dignitas may be taking the place as blessed token of patriarch philosophy. Politics would force the leader to do a second referendum, even though the first one should never have happened. Politics is not snatch and run. But no one or almost states it- and in any case not the opposition. So I am not saying it is the truth but to me, the REFerundum (hom, homo-sapiens or DUMb rather than DOM) refractory, refectory. Was a machination. Of all part-tease.

In haste with ease.

Not every information is academically sponsored and also follow the instinct suite therefore, but one cannot spend so long of search, quest and wonder about and around neglig-able, or at least so neglected territory.

Spelling it, personally I was so shocked that the uk left but after so many months, somewhat the childish hope that its ultra-liberalism, its mercantilism and market economy would not be so much used as a blue-print for the rest of Europe came to alleviate the angry agony.

After what Europe have done on the map as patron, including leaving people into concentration camp in Yugoslavia, and no need for vampire narrative, as no canines are needed to kill and torture they own country side (with the farmers breeds the cattle litany britanny, no trees are left so made the best of the marshes and grass is daring and cunning unprecedented) and their ex colonies. After macron whose French intellectuals say that it is the installation of financial and privatization oligarch napoleonic cliques. The uk coo coup some kind of post gold rush destiny.



Blogs’ dates have been changed in order to make appear the posts of higher importance, marasmus and emergency to the fore.

Across the world Anglophilia is giving way to Anglobemusement

This view has been shattered by Brexit. Foreigners increasingly talk about Britain in the way they would talk about an admired relative who has gone stark raving bonkers.

The first thing foreigners focus on is the sheer chaos of it all. “Isle of madness” is one headline from Der Spiegel. “A Shakespearean tragedy” is another from La Tribune.

The second thing is the amateurism. Britain was thought to have a Rolls-Royce government.

C.ET: who’s lost their standing, and whose ‘help’ do not know?

No, I would differ, still well humored they are the corn beef.

– aye darling your accent is charming, and all the ones of the nobles’ welcome as long as with money and above all for the prosperity and posterity with their barbary law.

Maybe they wanted out because of having each time to exchange and fat the arses of their bankers friends (free to say friends when one is ok to indulge on such spending for things worth no pennies- project jet-set all over the country, quelle largesse!) without being able to show enmity. And also the cruelty of thinking loudly and forcefully for their counterpart, that a deal of breaking up would be better or lures livres lesser according, depending of their one leader, facing the logic of millions of other countries’ inhabitants (and not owners). In english a word might be in underuse: exasperation.

All of that, could come to a contrast against what in the continent pupils have been told through images of a standing straight wearing tweed, discreetly amicable, at least to me, teaching (like the only job will have now oversee-seize-seas) respectable lady.

Like if one, everyone or the vast majority did not need help to prevent the MPs and their sponsors and mafias of all countries taxing the common people into their own very interest: people’ s disempowerment and poverty deployed versus richness coming from, well I am not here to list or enlist what we did on this dormant earth- deprived now of everything that even without books, animals of all perceptions, measure and abilities will know, will realise by the thousands evidence throw at them and their absence of descents that they let live a hoist that no intelligence could desire as partner on no day- that thanks to us will be irremediably suffering the hell humans fabricated.

And also to flee(ce) the European community through the back door, without a gesture towards fighting for a better EU, without a debate, without a stance first- only making sure or trying to have no debts to be repaying, lacks so much of distinction that it might well be this that will remain in the annals of political history- historical hysterical. Poise on.

And officialese, in terms of Brexit, sometimes often, bbc does not say much about things, but bbc 4 at least has a whole program a month about gambling addictions taken to a severe level of oblivion in the uk.

SMUGGLERS: As for the backstop and the border of Ireland- that ain’t brits as a reinder for the non-assertive asset adverted-, surely the uk would not consider becoming a back door to any traffic, a bit like North Korea (after who have surrounded Tibet, the water can of all Asia- i am not sure if that was in return for Hong-Kong or what, to China?: not the com) or other terrorism linked.

Smuggling is chic from or for one merchandised market that ban(e) benefits (feat a tantrum and seizure) already from all the best deals, rates and laissez-passers.

From the contempt you can read that the ENG mocked the Irish, mocked the Scottish, and on top they ain’t even the English, just like the trails of tears, no English remains on this land name great England. Now, will be damned those who profit from a land instead of serving her, like patriotism says (see ya) of itself it is about. Damned and condemn pathetic conmen.


Latin: Cor (coram) ‘In the presence of the people’

And also astonishingly, what ‘journalists’ use to calling arena (Arian), is nothing of the sort. It is like now, no one who was for a remain is to fight for it for any longer (monger) length of time. They all swapped down to their knickers and vests combi to one with which they will be way more comfortable to wall people onto the rim like the animals they despise and disposed of- just there remaining, left to represent what life is worth thus for those connies -ethic with ease-. No talking about Brexit but parliaments in general. People did not have trust, the votes will be now utilised as cut-throating legislation that instead of being illegal, just like the sharia and western work contract that will make impossible a living, will through passing, through endless reorganisation between centers of power (see our neighbour, councils, lords and boroughs) made us make us deservingly into extension-extinction. In sum, what now everything is crumbling and that species already had done everything they could undo with mining-collapsing. Like the poo-poed-pee-piss of a trump – a far outcry evolution mark from wat he would have come up with: poopoopeepeethankyoumummy, and its choirs repeating it (may that, part.ners and followers alike chock on their own s- craps and s-hits) isself hera.lded by many others and by those multi-billionaires Mormons, polygamous and the us heavily into porn and prostitution calling for trials like the ones that polluted the amazon by chevron, calling for lorries of documents to be delivered to release an uncontroversially (not uncontrollable) devil, more than winning, in all glory of the ones by the elites (yes the hell-hits) supported. but until now still ghee the US stood as international dreams. After further reflexions, ] poopoo, etc…done it], is more relevant to the degree of analysis surrounding the deed, trained to that, justice has been done and logic, the first party cannot thrust into thought nor fitness that level of declination.

And now?? No people, no person will never dare to differ again since the mafia more than made it, it owns it.

Differ / faire= do in french that would put the verb do a relic of the past until politics of pollution will have us tres-passed.

The name is a pit, but the snake’s main dinner won’t be in between those inbreed despotic nepotist brainless governors. And it won’t be the tumour.

Speaking of which, the pits or marshland let’s hope will suit vegetables and more than only pumkins and squash- for those who have for centuries the lambs laid and slain, the same one they say they would serve- and not galvanise themselves through farms, pharmaceutics, and genetics-or eugenics again- in view of more commercial – validated!- slaughtering that hopefully will soon see our logical oblivion, washing, dissemination- not insemi (it seems that the seeds of horrification sown seldom sick seduction submissionsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss). Arch sacked, Sank.

With the planes that will replenish the atmosphere layers. The planes that the neo-nazis cannot miss liking as they kill the poorest, the southest of all islands. And the ports that will all belong to empires bought by china for Africa. So about airports why on earth complain?

Rehearsal, here hear sale: Smug faces, parrot like repetition, and inchoirence explained.

This BUNCH hilariously jesting on democracy and the will of people that are once pull forward (not when (ex) education become or remain unaffordable- no, that won’t disturb or disrupt the lords). No one is for any split second of a ram -random- remain and except because they are not politicians in web minister but just forgers why????


For just one in brakets: one can go on, on and on, against ill islam and its sharia, pedophilia, slavery, that is thin and think inner to it. But for the moment the ones who permits sharia law in England are not the millions of muslims preaching that their prophet is that ignominy on themselves. Not stopping the ONES responsible – the non-muslims allowing that- for that while increasing islamophobia, while islam could soon become compulsory for the rest of it is what?? Nazis and castrated (of which I am, enable to do one single thing against the plague of child marriages to list again that one, and on which they are right, it is not pedophilia it is worse than that, pedophilia can be stopped and cure, and disarmed not one cult combining millions that are respected and in power and expanding in all manners on top of that- soringly sorry but I am not the one venerating a pedo and sex slave owner being adorated by millions and protected by billions by what people self-called  tolerant instead of scelerat (French for obsolete, polluted, soiled, miserable, petty, ignorant, pervert, weak, lurid, rogue coming criminals.)

All about terrorism yes because, contrarily to the definition of terrorism, what they do is sponsored terror that is states organised.

Why does ‘decisions’, incisions making (deck dis) sometimes take so long, for the MPs to understand where lie their profits, nothing ever to do with human rights, democracy and them to be served and serving.

TAKing, Ta king.

BREXIT IS AN ONGOING TAKing OVER OF A POWER THAT HAD BEEN DEVOLVED TOWARDS COOPERATION WITHin A BIGGER TERRITORY – COOPERATION ABOUT WHICH NOONE KNOWS, AT LEAST NOT THE ANYONE LISTENING TO MAIN STREAM WEBMINSTER COMMUNICATION ON EUROPEAN HISTORY (apart the fact that the UK royals are of german descent- german who have historically been themselves the one best ally of the ottomans, it is a relief for the sole French culpability on collaboration [even though the French have been regarding themselves as the epitome of resistance]- let’s now hope it is because they were surrounded not fully engaged).

It is perhaps why the deal quick exit has been postponed in that end year of 2018, because since revolutions people have coined to beware the speed and peerage of passions. ABM then what would do your patriots but selling their teaching cap-ability and then play a peep ‘an englishp(e)ers-on in New-York’.



Ban the preaching of child marriage by Islamic preachers – and all others.


This petition aims at letting people know about a simple fact:


Mohammed married Aisha when she was 6, and consummated the marriage at 9.  There is some debate within Islam about her age, but the overwhelming consensus is 6.  Below are the hadith (records of the actions of Mohammed that are very much a part of Islam) in support of this:
Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married ‘Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old.  Sahih Bukhari 5:58:236
‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.  Sahih Muslim 8:3310

From the hadith of the Sunan of Abu Dawud, volume 2, #2116 “Aisha said, “The Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old.” (The narrator Sulaiman said: “Or six years.”). “He had intercourse with me when I was 9 years old.”

“These texts are direct translation of the Hadith, Arabic Ḥadīth (“News” or “Story”), also spelled Hadīt , record of the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, revered and received as a major source of religious law and moral guidance, second only to the authority of the Qurʾān, the holy book of Islam.

Hadith has become a synonym for the term Sunnah.”

However, the plight is not more about what the scripturessay but about the thousands of documents produced by Muslim preachers, believers or followers entirely condoning, honoring and recommending this marriage of an old man with a young child.

This information is accurate. Please, be aware that ‘these teachings’ legitimised as fundamental to the Islamic religion can be found by the thousands on the internet via a very simple word search.

Preaching that the marriage of Mohammed to a little girl is appropriate or can be taken as a, or the model has grave and beyond horrid and vile consequences.  From child marriage in countries like Saudi Arabia, to the many stories of Imams being caught on camera in Britain agreeing to marry children and presenting it as a suitable practise under Islam.

The campaign and petition have two purposes: One, to ensure that people know what happens. The ‘marriages’ in themselves but also the fact that marriages of children with adults are in fact professed via the teaching of Islam. Two, it would then ask the government to sanction direct or indirect incentives and incitation to paedophilia and child marriage (paedophile marriages). Pragmatically, it means that Islamic teachers should be condemning child marriage systematically, and be severely sanctioned when advocating it. To praise Mohammed’s life without expressively condemning child marriage is in fact support to paedophilia.

The prophet Mohammed is highly praised and constantly cited as being the prophet and only prophet of Islam. His name is introduction to almost any communication and verbal or written exchange in culture Islam.

No one needs to enter madrasas, Islamic schools, to figure out that Mohammed’s life is given as example and model.


Will you send me back this word document or a note with your name and position, to record your protest and ask the government to stop the teachings (happening in public or private places, but even in schools or madrassas teaching children about the Islamic prophet’s ‘marriage’ to a child) allowing (and ultimately willing to enforce) this model of paedophilic marriage to take place.

Sign here to make the direct or indirect teachings of paedophilic acts explicitly illegal in the UK, in Europe and elsewhere- we will campaign without borders.

We know that paedophilic ‘marriages’ are not particular to one faith. We will use this campaign’s results as jurisprudence for any other forms of paedophilia.


PS: These acts or arrangements have traditionally been called child marriage. Still calling them child marriage hopefully would remind us who needs to be, by any means, protected. To call them paedophilic marriage could focus on the criminalization of paedophile and paedophilic culture permitting, encouraging it. To call it ‘child marriage’ stops naming what, once we know, make us all complicit of, since not stopping it: paedophilia.

PS: Here the link to the petition, please note that two previous petitions has been refused or removed without any warnings or adequate justifications.

Make a donation for a related ad to appear on the web.

Please make a donation for more awareness actions might take place, or simply for the information to be higher (or findable) in internet search and listings.

The Reality of Puppy Mills

C.ET: You know when one sees something like that, hard-core corrupted occurring, in fact occurring many times and times again, to make money, and it is none of your business, then it is logical one loses faith, loses respect for everything.

Onto sometimes loose self-esteem or sadism for sexual kick and the impression in vain to retain power (on their scale of shame, scheme and haine (phonetic ‘hen’, hatred in French).

In vain, invade in vein.

Inc. invoice, in void.

Stepping Inside the Slaughterhouse

C.ET: I don’t agree at all with the last part of this documentary. Breeding humanely towards death is the most hypocritical human lies. In fact more than hypocrisy at the final it is deceit.

I all the same propose to you to watch the video as it is an excellent documentary.

Please, we beg you, don’t eat meat = cooked murdered cadavers and since it is still legal under your own order.

PS: I hope the little girl won’t be finally paid by the farming industry to sell the lies of them being caring. let’s go on be caring that way, and like all dairy cows we will finish euthanatized just like some of these little new (but well-bred generally) students would recommend ‘out of compassionate care’ anyway. Or start selecting what they want for their barbies dolls convoluting the buttocks buttox later needed (responsible in mass for animal testing).

C.ET: that just shows the infinite torture during breeding and slaughter. However, whose fault is it, and above all there is no worse torture to be de kept alive to be used as food, whatever the methods. It is the filthy fault of meat-eaters.

Bloody Harvest: The Real Cost of Fur

Indian Leather Industry Exposed by PETA

C.ET: that is the effect of denying the holiness of religion. I am not saying that there are plenty. However, denying one of them and we d become lifeless.

Animal testing at Wickham Labs (UK)

Not very distressful video, as I think we ve(t) lost the heart necessary to understand these types of cruelty, and therefore stop acknowledging a live of suffering, or our live permitting to lie, to breed and kill.

Heed, hill. Climate will change.

= think we ve lost the hear, think we ve lost the heart.

Think we ve lost the mind.


Think we ve lost the vie.

Example of the perversion of negative rights and state laissez-faire.

Obviously state could endorse these experiments but are we citizens from the dead land of inferno, infer.

And when you think you have to design under cover to know 5 mn about these tortures.

Mind 5 mn of that should have been sufficient to close all the existing lab.


Go inside a horse slaughterhouse

Don’t watch.

C.ET: and here this puta cnn making us believe there is a human way.

Extreme animal cruelty in Australia *WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC

C.ET: Indigenous should obviously not be exempted of law against cruelty, that is typical of Australia sense of paternalism, which also is about letting people do just like if they were their child, no able to follow grown rules.  but you know what is the just rational for that. is that any tribes, nations, etc, are still allowed to kill animals.

It is the human species that should be endangered.

Stop animal cruelty: say no to cosmetics tested on animals

“Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” song.

C.ET: a video also reminding people that little mammals or little rodents, any animals, must be free and might be pet. That also lead to another big problem, are domestic animals free? Often is a ‘nep’. In a pen, without other companions, enough space to do and move, without mates or spaces. Any how noah where the environment. In-vitro.

Environment, envy.


Snakes Frozen Alive by USGE

C.ET: animals kept like if they were inhabiting their own grave or graveyard when mass murders is concerned.

Baby seals are dying

Vicious Seal Hunt Killing Thousands Of Baby Seals


picture from:






Abattoir made in France – Alès (English subtitles)

Des peines encourues dérisoires

La peine maximale ici encourue pour plus de 60 infractions est de 6 000 €… Tellement peu au regard des souffrances supplémentaires endurées par les animaux dans ces lieux déjà violents et cruels par essence. Peut-on imaginer que cette sanction dissuadera les abattoirs d’enfreindre la réglementation ?


TO ANSWER a famous French songwriter: no, this human world is nothing near serious.

This is the case, what procurers think they have to do, in general. No wonder about how well Vichy could have thriven. (with English whose royals are of german origin, and the german that have been historically in pairs with the ottoman empire, and some branches now of islam that are pro-nazis) they were right the risk is that no more wars after that, is it a risk though, nature would say differently as ultimately the human plots is to leave her a barren stone, if any.

Granting Legal Rights to Rivers: Is International Law Ready?
Four rivers around the world now have legal rights. But what are the implications of rights for nature for international environmental law?


August 6, 2018 – by Mara Tignino and Laura E. Turley

Last year, four rivers were granted legal rights: the Whanganui in New Zealand, Rio Atrato in Colombia, and the Ganga and Yamuna rivers in India.

Granting Rights to a River:  Enhancing a Right-Based Approach

In contrast to international law, some countries have granted rights to the nature, and specifically to rivers, in their national laws. In 2008, Ecuador recognized the constitutional right of Mother Earth and, in 2010, Bolivia adopted the Laws on the Rights of Mother Earth, which gives legal standing to nature and establishes an ombudsman for the protection of its rights. And in May 2017, Colombia’s Constitutional Court recognized the Atrato River as a legal person.

More recently, the Parliament of New Zealand granted the country’s third-longest river, the Whanganui, the legal rights of a person, after a 140-year campaign by the Whanganui Iwi tribe. In addition to compensating the Whanganui Iwi for grievances, the move seeks to preserve the river for future generations of Whanganui Iwi and all New Zealanders. As such, the river gains its legal personality not from an abstract legal entity, but from the people that are connected with the river.

India’s Ganges River and one of its main tributaries, the Yamuna River were granted these same rights. The high court in the northern state of Uttarakhand — not the national government, as in New Zealand, Ecuador, and Bolivia—issued the order, citing the case of the Whanganui in establishing that that the Ganges and the Yamuna should be accorded the status of living human entities.

Laura E. Turley

Home > Environment > Environment: The Concept of Legal Personality – From Companies to Natural Entities?

Environment: The Concept of Legal Personality – From Companies to Natural Entities?
By Latham & Watkins LLP on April 4, 2017 Posted in Environment

By Paul Davies and Michael Green

New Zealand’s Parliament has just passed a bill to enable the Whanganui River to be recognised as a legal person. It will now be represented by two nominees: one appointed by the Maori community (or Iwi), and another appointed by the government.




Crimestoppers and UKHTC enlist public to help fight labour trafficking

Read more

Aisha, “married” to the “prophet” Mohammed, “consumption” “marriage” on her ninth year.

In preaching Islam, some back the live of ‘their’ spokesperson or representative, preaching worse than imaginable, but children married to adult and old men. pre—aching more than paedophilia but act of torture that ought to be punished by severe stay in prison in this world all beyond rotten and  moribund. It is happening in schools, and all this starting (being official) in the U.K.


Please check on the net by typing anything like ‘age of aisha, mohammed,  islam’ and you will see that paedophilic enforced torture way of life is a grande classic of muslim literature.



Ps: It is not of any unbiased thesis that paedophiliac attitude is more east-centred. as for proof how on earth come that a very little proportion of the population is not aware of this, though screwed to their journals and TV.

Because of a culture that is incestuous and sexist, and slavist in the west as much. and how many of men and women, white if spare when the coming back of Malthus, are longing to be lingering near harems, brothels or others. Or at home, just like the under coverage of sexual exploitation within ‘job positions’ and ‘family’, ‘enforced prostitution via unemployment running and citizenship payday (pederast) is an help at supporting innocent and ingénue disarmament,  for the strengthening of all perversity.

With the west helping depravity, as more anxious to satisfy their control and detainment or denouncement sexual and sentimental over homosexuality, than stopping job for lust and the shortage of opportunity.

Just like purist, polishing their lines of toleration, hiding by any means, that puritans were just that much decadent.

Talking virginity deforming up to their own virtuosity.


West con-sensus, census.

Sense common to the coerced, imprisoned by nothing less than censorship that will leave us senseless, ready to eat and seasoned.


Who Is the Person of the Year?
FacebookTwitterBrian May is the champion! The talented musician had an excellent year as a spokesperson for “Team Badger”, a coalition of groups opposed to the ill-advised badger cull.

70 Beagles Rescued From Tests
FacebookTwitterThanks to your support, beagles intended for use in laboratory tests were saved and homes are now being found for them.

The House of Lords is Foie Gras–Free
FacebookTwitterPETA joins with peers to rid Parliament of foie gras, a product so vile that it is illegal to produce in the UK.

Could Russia Go Fur-Free?
FacebookTwitterPETA takes its campaign against fur to the country that buys more of it than any other in the world – Russia.

Further Suffering Averted
FacebookTwitterLast year, it looked like even the meagre legal protection that animals in labs currently have was under threat. Thankfully, PETA pressure has helped prevent the weakening of UK regulations.

‘Homeland’ Creator Speaks Out
FacebookTwitterGideon Raff penned a letter to Secretary of State for Defence Philip Hammond urging him to switch to high-tech human simulators to teach life-saving skills.


•Revealed: MoD Killing Animals for Cruel Training
•Stop Plans to Build Intensive Factory Farm in Shropshire

•Lucy Davis: Watch ‘Glass Walls’ and Leave Meat off Your Plate
•Strongman Patrik Baboumian: ‘My Strength Needs No Victims’
•Members of Parliament Join PETA in Fortnum & Mason Foie Gras Protest


‘Animals Are Not Ours’
Mug ‘We Are Not Nuggets’ Women’s T-Shirt
‘My Cat Is a Rescue’ Beach Tote

pay for begin, being benign, on top of the search list:

it is also why there is situations where a blog have 300 hundreds hits for not being nothing extraordinary and the other one, not any worse, why not better, but receiving zero visits or approaching.

Play for prize.              Phone for text. 88990

the same I was desperate to find a software to upgrade my computer fearing to lose my data.

instead of the free software that I had searched for hours, when I clicked on finally a link that did not run on my computer advertisement and program that I would have to pay after filling a form. I clicked on this prize lottery wanting to answer 3 questions and finally downloading my software as there were absolutely no other way round.

Click for a free software that you searched for hours and despair to acquire because you need to have on your free time some time out, you clicked and the only door now is a lottery. I thought they wanted a survey, cause it is a survey, you answer questions and after they say you ll win a prize. Yet again impossible to say no you have to say yes it is ok for the free lottery, (as you still want your software, you need it actually, or else your computer is in disrepair.

I clicked on the link thinking that the survey and the lottery were finished and that i could have finally a link to the software, but ney. So i clicked and clicked and clicked, and received text messages suddenly, informing me that i ll have to pay 6 pound a day to entering the competition etc, i received 5 of them, the clicks i made that i thought did not work as nothing appeared on the webpage.

I just have to reply them to stop in order to stop them wanting me to pay them daily for a lottery i never asked or agree to.

I replied praying fervorly that i did stop and that i won’t even be charged one day (five times as i was clicking frenitically trying to go out of this ad that i thought was only fantasy and waste time not pure high way robbery)

Consequences? End of month my phone bills asking me to pay for the texts i send asking them to stop something i never agree to start, and even pay the texts they send me saying to me for the free lottery you could not not avoid (nor see the real content of it) the prize is heavy. I assure you they anounce me i have to pay something while they intrude in something i was searching, block me the route, you are oblige to click to get rid of it and go on with your search, and manage i don’t know how to make me paid for their texts with the risks of me having to pay a fee daily.

so yes they stopped harassing me, I did ot pay to them directly but I had to pay them to send me text announcing to me I had been conned. or that I was to be if not clicking again. sweet thing I could use my phone, what if I was out of credit. do they have access to my bank account the same.

To be over it. Not the Net police are on it, honey, and what if it was the little scam that prepare us for the big, and bigger, and grosser scenery. Set up.

Software searching.

Try to alert the police who gave me a 10 minutes file to fill up, unless i wanted to pay for the phone maybe. After the 10 minutes an error on their sites, id on’t know what i did wrong, it have no patience or else to retry the procedure. Thank you the police.

To whom can one report that report to the police is an odyssey.

Note: metropolitan police does not provide you with proof of your request = no proof of you having raised a offence, in case they don’t look after it?? Or in case they give you wrong information that would bring you in verge of illegality, or in case they give you wrong information that make you sweat 100 times more that the others do (in case of commercial authorisation, etc), they don’ t like the peddler too much in particular, if wrong info given, arrestable in no time for the offence of following restrictions unknown by them and too lazy to check it right anyway.


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Fraud Alert

Reporting Fraud

In an emergency you should phone 999. You should use the 999 service to contact police when you need an immediate response – if a crime is happening now or if anyone is in immediate danger. The national local police number is now 101.

If you have been a victim of fraud please follow the guidelines below. If you wish to report other types of crime, please see the MPS Reporting Crime page.

The police are not the only agency with power to investigate fraud related offences; it is often difficult to determine what has happened and who to make reports to.

Action Fraud, is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre. It was set up by the National Fraud Authority to take reports of fraud from victims as well as provide support and advice. They issue a ‘crime reference number’ which should be quoted in the same way as one issued by police.

Reports received by Action Fraud are fed into the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), the central facility overseen by City of London   Police to coordinate fraud investigation.

The NFIB analyses information from Action Fraud and other sources to create intelligence packages of trends and linked cases to be sent to the appropriate police or other law enforcement organisations for investigations which may involve enquiries throughout the UK and overseas.

Reporting Fraud Related offences

The advice sections within the Fraud Alert web pages above may help to understand what has happened to you and be of use before making a report. Further advice is available from Action Fraud.

Special arrangements apply to the fraudulent use of credit cards, bank debit cards, cheques and bank accounts. See item 2 below. See below also for information about trading standards, consumer issues, on-line and vehicle related fraud.

Fraud and Scams

If you are a victim of fraud, often also referred to as ‘scams’, you should make a report.

Action Fraud is available to report fraud and attempted fraud offences on line or by phone.

Local police should take a formal report of fraud in the following circumstances:

· Where the person suspected of committing the crime can be easily identified and apprehended.
· Where the person reporting or the victim is vulnerable.
· Where the crime is in progress.

Victims of fraud often believe that they know the person who has defrauded them because of what they have been told by mail, phone or over the internet.

· Fraudsters use technology to hide their true whereabouts and identity.
· All information that they have provided about themselves may be false.
· Action Fraud will accept reports from overseas where money has been lost and there is a clear link to the UK. A report to your local police in your country should also be made.

See the right side of this page for Metropolitan Police Stations or for the contact points for all UK Police organisations.

Vulnerable Victims and Third Party Reports.
A vulnerable victim may not be able to make a crime report or may lack the capacity to understand their situation as a victim of crime.
A third party may make a report for or on behalf of a vulnerable person who is unable to make a report or lacks capacity, where this is in their best interest.

Credit Cards, Bank Debit Cards, Cheques and Bank Accounts

If your credit card, bank debit card, cheques or bank details have been used by fraudsters, your bank or other financial Institution must be informed, they make a report to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).
A report should be made to Action Fraud in addition to a report that your bank or other financial institution may make, in the following circumstances:
· The card/account involved is not a UK bank or financial institution.
· Your bank or financial institution will not reimburse you or they have asked you to make a report.
· You have information which may identify the perpetrator of the fraud, (including merchant chargebacks).
If a fraudulent account has been set up in your name and you don’t have a relationship with that bank or card company, a report must be made by you.

If you have lost or had stolen any of the above items, a separate report must be made to Police.

Trading Standards and Consumer issues

If you have a dispute or complaint about something that you have bought in a shop, by mail order or via the internet, or want some consumer advice, contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on 08454 040506 (textphone users should dial 18001 then the full number) or email using the web form

For additional information and online advice, please see the Citizens Advice consumer service website

The Citizens Advice consumer service handles initial complaints on behalf of Trading Standards.

eMails, on-Line and Web Sites

If you have been the victim of a fraud by answering an advert on line, this should be reported as above. It must also be reported to the web site concerned, unless you believe that the whole site may be fraudulent. If you believe that an advert that you have seen is suspicious, report your suspicions to the web site. Many sites allow you to do this as part of the advert.

If you have received a ‘phishing’ email, text, letter or scam communication by any other method and have not lost money or clicked on any website links contained in the message, you can report this online to Action Fraud at Report Attempted Scams or Viruses. This tool will identify the most appropriate email address to forward phishing emails to for disruption, investigation and/or prevention activity
Do not reply to the email or contact the senders in any way, do not click any links in the emails.

Reports by companies.
Organisations of all sizes may make a report to Action Fraud. This covers most fraud related offences and circumstances, however some specialised reports, for example mortgage fraud, which have special arrangements are not reportable direct to Action Fraud at present.

Fraud Alert

Had to complain to police other site, (Das ist) i filled a file showing me they reported any kind of crime on earth they could possibly make me select and beforehand read about it, but mine, but that after the ordeal a website error prevent me to complete my report.

Fw: impossible fil your file, say i use more than 1500 words; it is untrue.

To: “” <>

I don’t want to complain i just don’t want, last time i have been conned by my landlord or even my bank pretending an error of reading, not finding the proof of my writing to them obviously, they would not have to be searched or if not they would erase it. After having been conned by my landlord, i ask the police nothing they can do about it, not even keep a record of having been conned, like if it was daunting to keep a file nowaday. Meaning one can keep deposit, and rent, why not ransack your room, not ransack your room this they would have taken the complain, but i could not invent it, being robbed or several months of rent being enough, with an emergency moving being more than enough for wishing to lose any trace of identity.

The landlords that stay correct in this land of insanity- mind between the price of a room and of transportation that cut the working class for decent living possibilities, write this will become a complete useless, they will become our daily daftly lay.


How to Report a Scam – Similar
You +1’d this publicly. Undo

10 Nov 2012 – A catch-all for bringing internet scams to the attention of the FBI and FTC Do you want to report a fraud, scam or crime to the FBI (the Federal

Web Traffic


Story of having to read about vegetarianism to realize it is super healthy. Dozens of hundreds of professionals thesis and summaries now available on internet.

I wanted to do a summary about vegetarian diet, but now with looking up on the net it is so easy that I decide to leave this to myriads of true dieticians, cooks, or all persons of certain amount of knowledge.

I am a vegan now, just cause I was thinking to cows or goats and sheep that are used years in years, over used and deformed, their breast distended (dissent) to the floor in repugnant condition (condiment) of hygiene even when they are deemed to be free…to what? To be put down when they start being a granny. Grain.

In London, of all cities, so many different foods coming from everywhere, and a lot about vegetarian thanks to some sects of the Hindus (hindus aren’t all vegetarians) .

as a vegetarian I even stopped being one following old myth (distort) and fearing I did not have protein enough when my jobs became somewhat and sometimes harder physically.

The real reason, the one determinant is that it was 10 years ago and that I did not have internet access. One day, though, I went to one of the biggest public library in Europe, in paris. I was erring inside (well many days like this) and just bumped into the vegetarian shelves. I knew I could become vegetarian again without any risks as information were at hands. Working in transportation at the time, and at several occasions and in fact regularly I could see from far and all the way the cows, pigs, sheeps, fowl, oh folk, trying to take deep breath through the aperture of the trucks driving them to slaughter houses.

As I was watching them, I recognised yes, eyes, nostrils, muses, lips, mouths, and beards (wired), hip hails, ail, hairs, flesh, silky under, pelt, skin then leather. I am so ashamed, rather (rate) not to say, even to myself, as I knew since the start of my life that these are animals, that they are vest best friends, that they are us, that they cuddle, think, feel, live, laugh, cry and smile for the ones that have listened to their heart. Heart beat just the way one take breath after breath, for live to enter, even though we gonna be slaughtered by the very same that bred them. I don’t know I had to say to myself,  you have to become vegetarian back, I don’t know how dozens, hundreds, thousands times, since repeated and sever, sieve, siezed or served,  in my mind or conscience rather, looking att these animals that you can attribute with comprehension enough to know, or sense of course more, the fact that they are driven (to, certain, ascertain, certitude, attitude of not in-human HAM) to their meat, death without human braver to defy the holocaust of all ages, and animal like human expires. And what about what one would say, crate, treat trait, ingloriously ignominiously like that, back to their creator?

To stop when you have read the 10th good book on vegetarianism. And swer to everything you got- life content and awarness of that- while you got that one gaze is one more, less for one’s paradise path, if one’s own is not up to that, appreciate a beast same content. Con-tent. The same home the same sky. As far as the / the shelter don’t dry dust or allow defloration, deforestation by sadness or inundations. Radiation, radiator.

Glad, iator. Rad like raft.

Allig ator.



Slaughterhouse shut down after video shows cows being tortured

Read more:


Be vegan. Please.

watch you foot. carbon print and other bunnies. bonuses and businesses to lash on.

be vegan

be vegan

Tatchell arrested at State Visit of Indonesian President
West Papuan flag unfurled – arrested for breach of the peace
Indonesian President accused of war crimes in West Papua & East Timor
London – 31 October 2012

Police arrested human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell when he unfurled a West Papuan flag as the Indonesian President’s limousine departed Westminster Abbey this afternoon.
Tatchell was wrestled to the ground by the President’s bodyguards and then arrested by Metropolitan Police officers. He had been planning to attempt a citizen’s arrest of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during his State Visit to the UK.
“The President stands accused of war crimes in East Timor and West Papua,” said Mr Tatchell, who is Director of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation.
“It is appalling that the Royal Family and the Prime Minister are hosting a man who is implicated in mass murder.
“I was arrested for a peaceful, lawful protest, which involved nothing more sinister than holding a flag. I was also threatened with further charges for “shouting loudly” the words “Free West Papua” and for what one police officer described as “pointing your finger at me in a way that I find intimidating.”
“I am saddened that some police officers apparently have no respect for freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest.
“I was detained unlawfully and deprived of my liberty for two hours. After being taken to Charring Cross police station, I was eventually released without charge. Clearly, the police knew they had over-stepped the mark and that the charges against me were baseless,” he said.
Background briefing:

Cetvies in french link, liens pour en francais.

Recently, has edited its manuscripts (DPF documents) written in French (other texts than English ones), approximatively year 1999 to 2005.

Cette année, est finalement parvenue a mettre a disposition ses écrits en français (pas disponible en traduction anglaise). Pratiquement tous premiers écrits du reste de l’ensemble des séries. Premières années d’abondance, approximativement de l’an 1999 à l’an 2005.

De plus, nouveau blog ami (personne avec laquelle je co-ecrit et co-lecteur).

Vous trouverez a cette adresse ses recueils de poemes.

New blog (from my co-writer, and co-reader). Poems collections.

right to study! also check my blog i posted a great stuff by peter Tatchell with his authorization!!

Home |  Bookmark |  Tell Active petitions in over 75 countries Follow GoPetition

Kingston University: Reinstate James Heslip

Published by Alistair Farrow on Jan 12, 2012

562 Signatures 

Target: Kingston University

Region: United Kingdom

Web site:

Sign the petition      

Background (Preamble):

James is serving a one-year prison sentence for his involvement in the student protests last year, during which he broke a window.

This sentence is completely out of proportion for the crime that was committed. To make matters worse, Kingston University has expelled him from his course.


We, the undersigned, demand that Kingston University reinstate James Heslip and that Kingston University Students’ Union support him and add their voice to this demand.

SignI have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very interesting:


C: it is disgusting that whatever a student has commited outside the university. i mean i know nothing about it and this is out of the subject. that somebody be stripped of their right to be educated. do that and then target could become the university.

you can hide my comment i will have to apply to kingston this year as they are one of the very few to provide human rights modules!!!!!!!!!!!



don’t even have a look at this post it is just to give you an idea of why you might come back for more in 2013 when i ll have time to dust and tidy that.

Please for the time being, do explore every other links and posts not marked as temporary.

Rear to protest 2

University, bigger classes, profs overloaded, no more tutorials. Students not with the skilss already in, not with a particular intelligence and way of dealing with info…

Will be in dire difficulties.

Obama the slapper bitches.

Physically as you can see one thing is moved: his mouth only.

Are you fashist asks the gansta?


+ obama announcing crisis.

When you got on average the same expression, only changing on the rythm of others’ acclamation is that your pursuit is one.

First here are extracts of people who I study the research, as they were alone to fight back.

Having saying that I would not recommend no one of this sections as politically viable as till now I am not aware of any intention of them to converge effort with real democratisation.

I would think tha tpoliitcally the aims, under cover of revolution, is simply a reshuffling, with maybe other ways of selection, inclination. Not at the search of justice, and universal well being, but how to manage the people without them to be more than treated the same shit, unless they chant that destroy in the name of community is well done.

Bingo, just bin it. Near ring. Grin.



Incredible, a right on protest viced with complete hidden censorhip, simulated fory forum.

Give them credos credit.

in alternative, one will find sole ‘internet?!!! alternate” , tell me my neighbor’s mate.

What do you want as ownership, the youth you are only supporting about their hunger at rioting, but surely not about their direct emancipation via working with the poorer, with the discriminate into coalition aiming at addressing pratctical, existing, investigated, haremful, harmful problems and start a real compaign, instead of that…


You know waht? There would be that then we couls start working together, so what’s the problem?

Well under la alternative politics it is the same old complaint campaign completing complying theirs apart, there is no work.



To claim doing it in the name of the nation, is even more pedant, even more arightomatically dangerous. It is why I think communist loses because at least with liberalism they go tthe honesty of saying they want to be the sole remaining. Communist as they are as capitalist as the others, would say you can remain if you vote the same. At least with liberals you get killed by the mafia, the bureau unofficial, not the bureau.


These people cofounding social and human emancipation or power, as the day the two will happily melt, it be paradise on earth and elsewhere, that cofound social and totalitarian order, that don’t know oo much abou the individuals besides the differences that the party would make in their careers.

Cariers if they were, they would make their efforts at constituting an happy ensemble and not a shushed body whose head say be happy for me.

I know that I speak idio, but even an idiot the day the y have spent years try to arrange something, however sam that small, to come to the fact that no concerns included the most serious, simple to realize ones will be tackled, the idiot that lose their hands to make something ans that aer refused their rights of not dying on purpose, the right to adapt work and needs, or refuse the duty to perform their job better than before, can smell it.




We hope as far as your critical study skills are standing, as it is apparently all about it, what you will remember well your diploma at uni, since as for further education opportunities are well into your ass, as soon as you would like to breathe for other thing that a total dedication to your profession (as study will be the sole luxure you will be able to pay) and at one condition, you the total devoted laron to your career will suffer redundancy if by mistake or malheur, or misery, would they start being critical of it.

Hard on notion, we hope that youwill remember well, as further education are scrapped and simply won’t be taken by teh maturity, mature student, long life study and diploma = meaning shape the market, shap e the policy.




Also if there is nothing left of civil that amount to destruction, so civil + destruction = what this government and mps, well comfort by what has been done before, as all privatisation of social services permitted the guy claiming being served like the bourgeois are expected to be.

You find out that in residential home, the carer are doing the cleaning for the 20 to 60 years old.

You would think, genial?

It is that you prepare, but be careful, the cleaning it is all the project around it. No psychologist, no college or centres or the ones where they teach you to behave like dummies, where the activities are so basics that you would render mad, make mad a 3 year old, if you start doing cleaning it is doing for everyone else your reward. They have been labour for ages, everything is privatised, everything is cellulised. No gathering, no even the shadows of any networks and possibility for skills and needs to gather for them to complete in harmony. The social, hateful people, where you know that you have to play disable to benefit from? The right to be serve? No the right to be handicapped, even more, as nothing constructive is at stake, to abuse our teachers or the social workers, that ask nothing but that, like that they don’t have to teach no one lessons or to find something solider, anymore.

Thousands of pounds as been spend on tiny unit that make one thing is to guard absconding child, 3 carers for 1 pupils, with what as program, fucking nothing, it is dangerous to speak there, as the child can provoke your being redundant if they decide to do the wall as you are speaking about homework. That have pocket money to buy sweets instead of sport enrolment, cultural program, professional rehabilitation or whatever will make them and their social worker participate, build a little bit of this society.

Social?  absent.

So what? So the guys you are educating like that, are the ones, the youth, that will get stronger physically, busted by this all over dripping disgusting mentality, the day food will have to be produced and shared against the ones that have always said ok to unemployment, unaccountability, work where everyone is hiding -from- any risks, responsibilities.

You wanted to be bourgeois, and banda madly now, you will know what is to sell and sold your own family to just the all body. Or maybe let’s say army, you are in general so winking to each other when it comes to put the hand in it. Better even if someone does it, don’t even ask your support, you better kill the one that would ask to think before acting towards more liberty, liberty = liberty to everyone??? What is the problem, enormous jobs, not exploitory? even for a grain of it you are unable.

And the ones talk about revolution, reproducing the same. And the others talk about serious, just wanting to finish it all. Just like a couple, domestic violence, abuses, that bring up their children like shields…but who praise the marriage so dearly or so ppoorly, in the sense that it is the prison they have chosen to live and die, just saying they are left or right for putting what, their offspring to believe they ve made some efforts, or try to challenge it.

Even the cats or the birds in the green spaces that are shrinking can feel, without all our rubbish making magpies, pig and wigs,  believe that there is some sort of lobby of study. Even the cats or the birds in the green spaces that are shrinking can feel, that it is the end of almost

And Civil war it is what is in the head of the most.

Cats and birds can feel it is c.w.

The events in London, there is no more events than the protestations.

1666, left as the solitary actions. Don’t say that there is the grass and roots, unjustice are pervarding and hwo one will say about it. The judges without juriction or for the greed make busineses, the non governmental organisation, their sole prospects is have someone withe salaries, what would they complain about, the judges are none, all that they could do is recommendations. In summary, don’t do it.

Solitary people actions. I am not saying it is good, I am saying that it should deserve big prison, but more prison for the politicians and professionals that keep everybody in this situation. It is why one should be advertising instead of secretedly counting coy coin coit costly cooish cosily  on rebels.

Nota bene, the day where I tried to speak with people or simply giving them a tiny peace of paper about tax evasion in millbank, government quarters, it looked, really, like if they have could beaten me or stew me in jail, they would have done it. Just like that, most of them reacting like if not doing it was punishable. on good practise and on governance.

Ox and sex. I wont even speak aloud these baddies, violence and salacities.      Off this for my own mental health, how many grins would think that it is the way they want it easy?

UPDATE: Good letter from John McDonnell MP in today’s paper also referencing The Spirit Level:

Haven’t the warnings been there, from as wide a range of people from Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett to Rowan Williams? We are reaping what has been sown over the last three decades of creating a grotesquely unequal society with an ethos of grab as much as you can by any means. A society of looters created with MPs and their expenses, bankers and their bonuses, tax-evading corporations, hacking journalists, bribe-taking police officers, and now a group of alienated kids are seizing their chance. This is not to condone but to understand. Addressing inequality is the only way we can avoid a rerun of these riots.

John McDonnell MP

Sorry about the good comments I haven’t read, just a few samples.


  •      In the name of human rights we’ve created millions of little monsters that are going to be a headache for a generation to come with the rallying cry; “You can’t touch me I’m a juvenile!”





we must be wary of political agenda offered up as truth.


  • Nina wrote:

Combine understandable suspicion of and resentment towards the police based on experience and memory with high poverty and large unemployment and the reasons why people are taking to the streets become clear.

My experience of the police is that when you are stuck or in a mess, they are there for you: the police are the people who are going to help you out and be there for you.

A couple of years ago a policewoman was reported in the press saying “we run towards danger” and they do that on our behalf.

Nobody organisation is perfect – not even medicine or doctors – but we need to find the balanced view.



  • I’ll start to believe that these thugs and lager fueled looters are concerned with social injustice and lack of opportunities for marginalized youth when they peaceably occupy all Uni’s demanding entrance, rather than burning cars and smashing shops to steal flatscreens.



  • Are you a student of history?

The NASDP was born of street riots and thugs. Hitler started his career by rioting in a country whose government was too afraid to enforce decent laws.

But the larger issue is one of reaction to violence in an international, a national, a city, or a neighborhood venue.

I do not see any moral principles as defined by the scope of the violence and would enjoy hearing your perspectives on this.


like all her previous offerings – the ranting of an earnest but woefully naive president of a student


  • we must be wary of political agenda offered up as truth.

To all Walthamstow Socialist Party supporters,

Socialist Party

There will be a Socialist Party meeting on Thursday (usual time and place) to discuss the riots and our response – let me know if you can make it and please invite anyone you know who might be interested in the discussion.

We will be leafleting this evening and tomorrow morning to advertise it. Can you help? Leaflet is attached.

There are so far three items on the riots on the Socialist Party website:

Local anti-cuts campaigning

Of course there is also the libraries day of action on Saturday which is now even more important.

We have committed to doing a stall between 2pm and 6pm – please indicate what time you can do.

There will be a WF anti cuts union leaflet/statement demanding the reversing of cuts to local youth services and libraries. We can discuss what we do about this campaign tomorrow night. Stella Creasy has been serving cake to the police and commending youth workers on their contribution on Twitter – but youth facilities are being axed in the borough. We must campaign for all youth services to be re-opened. We will circulate the statement asap.

Youth Fight for Jobs

The Youth Fight for Jobs campaign is obviously very well placed to respond to the situation and has called a public meeting with the Day-Mer Turkish/Kurdish youth group for next Tuesday, starting with a protest outside Haringey youth services. We have been asked to help with the campaigning for it – here is Suzanne’s email about the plans. Leaflet is attached.


Here is a timetable of activity we will be doing in Tottenham. Let me know who can attend when from the branches.

Below is a map with two routes of how to get to Day-Mer’s centre (I recommend the route from Tottenham Hale Station). The High Road is cordoned off by police but there is a crossing where I have marked.

The Socialist Party calls for:

  • No to mass unemployment. For huge public investment in a massive programme of socially useful job creation. For decent minimum wages, pensions and benefits that you can live on. Don’t cut our public services – expand them!
  • Re-open all closed youth facilities and services such as Connexions. No more cuts. Re-employ all those who have lost their jobs with funding from central government
  • Invest in young people’s future. Restore the EMA and increase it. No to university, ESOL and college fees. For good publicly funded education and training as a right for all young people
  • No to police harassment and racism. End discriminatory stop and search and section 60. No increase in repressive police powers
  • An independent trade union-led inquiry into the death of Mark Duggan. Scrap the IPCC. We need police accountability through democratic control by local people and trade unions
  • Immediate re-housing of all those who lost their homes in the riots. For government investment in mass renovation and house building, creating jobs and improving health
  • Compensation for all small shops and businesses affected
  • No to all cuts in public services including the fire services. Reverse all privatisation
  • Nationalise the banks and big corporations under democratic workers’ control and management with compensation only on the basis of proven need
  • For working class internationalism. The bond markets and speculators and the governments who represent them are wreaking misery across the world. We stand in solidarity with workers and young people in Greece , Spain and across the planet who are fighting back
  • For a socialist world free from the blight of the profit motive which results in poverty, racism, war and the suffering of millions.


Action needed:

  • Build a united, democratic and organised working class movement. We need meetings in every area to discuss a coordinated response, particularly supporting the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign
  • Call on the TUC to organise a national demo urgently to unite all those who oppose cuts and joblessness and give a focus to the anger that exists.
  • For a 24-hour public sector general strike in the autumn as the next step of a sustained mass trade-union based campaign against all cuts
  • Kick out the Con-Dems. Build a new mass workers’ party that can express and fight for the needs and aspirations of workers and youth

Being assimilationists and fasho.

And then people don’t want to reproduce inequality, poisoning, human rights abuses and all that kind of thing, they are discriminated, put aside of the scheme. Capitalist shceme = society that have been deemed to benefit from some sort of organisation. What did the politicians expect? That we can manage to fight for or against those during our leisure time? Apparently they manage to say it officially with Cameroon, that would have for intention to recruit member of his party, like that, with people agreeing wardening for the one or two left museum, or libraries. As for organisation defending democracy, and putting pressure, do it, and I am not sure you find yourself after with a validated c.v.

Build democracy and functioning social society during our time of leisure, sure we are the people, after a week, one is not exhausted enough, it might be true for the warden that do keep their jobs for the bribe, but in general even if one is here for doing no plenty, or doing counterproductive all the same he has given its time. So we are told by the politician, the guardian of the polis, to do their jobs, while they are amassing the weapons that the police won’t be able to hold no more to protect the average citizens, while we have the possibility. To do their jobs for gratuity. Of course it shall be free, jobs are so belittle when you realize that at each level, they are counterproductive and dependent on bribery.

Even when you work for a social organisation, the day you look for it to be social you are des-hire.

Even when you work for a democratic organisation, the day you look for it to be democratic you are des-hire.

Even when you work for an environmentalist organisation, the day you look for it to be environment friendly you are des-hire.

And if a total stranger, from another planet, or someone that only keep it hope going that a human existence, a human liberty and dignity it can be, by looking up democracy, he has confound democracy and country that use the concepts, to count for it to be kept on kinda union, crushed previously, that know for sole motto. I want your money only. One would believe that working conditions are at their best, it is censorship that is, usually pushed by any way by people disinterested by the job they are doing and only interested by the time chilling and the money.

At their services?

At their service inevitably the ones that does not know, or the ones that are here to see some progression, but for that he will be seen on the regress. It work like that, there is not higher instance where complain about jobs ethics might be gathered, also no credit will be kept, no program build.

Because confidentiality is the word half the time used in order to put a barrier on accountability.

Who knows what is fucking happening behind the walls (of social services for examples that are empty with any serious, consistent program than being employed at fabricating future thugs, as I am telling you politicians are lavish for social instability, unrest, and copying greediness, unfairness, selfishness, they are social workers working for salaries not touched by what they are doing of the future generation= assisted pods just thinking of how to share their 3 pounds a day between drugs and prostitution- leisure sex for the less informed.

Because what? Because would were be a big organisation, one could, as a professional body, start saying look people have complained, you don’t do nothing, or your answer are unappropriate…

So what?

It is not a revolution that are going to happen but a civil war; and apart from the 20’s that don’t get still what it is to have a life that is hampered; or the one cited above that would like to get money and powere of terrors for a few bullets token; no one would wish it to happen.

So people cannot complain about the terrorism they experiment day after day at work.

Am I bothering?

Ah yes, let me remember, those lads in time of (civil) war that make a lot of pounds doing prohibition, or requisition, selling stuffs 10 times more expensive, as they were the only one to still have enough for their stock to be guarded…or like in the French revolution where the peasants and the clergy were being killed for finally the upper class take the dividends, allowing, grand princes, the people to con each other on liberalism principles.

So tell me one thing, just one thing:

How come that this government put in the pot every single ingredients that are sure to produce a revolt that would serve their looting, or an increasingly social tension, that would serve their fascism?

They want it.

As camarooned, were hugging the hoddies, like the far right more than welcome but train the skin-heads.

Hog hushing.

Gang war.

What is a institution called the police or the politicians?

They are such thing as long as they are respected by the people.

What shall draw respect in an uniform and ever lasting way? Respect for others.

How can the politicians (the thug in their ties) selling lives and dignity; how might they be stopped?

Riots is what the politicians want in order to have reasons enough to get more and more unrestrained in the way judges wield the hammer, in parallel with the hammer of auctions.

Serving power or serving the thruth. It is wh y politicians try by all means to hid informations, whence the idea of stopping free information for higher education.

The people. P stand for short, like poisoning and positioning. It is not to say kill lavishly all what is living and don’t bring one direct money, in order to be able to poison twice as much to replace the one, one exterminates. Not it does not read this way.

Exterminates, or extremely determine. You won’t thus breathe.

Any one, as every one, after money and pretending being close to principles?

So said it is laughable, practicably it is beyond saddening, sod.

To the thugs that are reaping shops and everything, up to houses, you feel it is like civil war pointing, youwould like to go and shout, like at your own children and offsprings, stop, stop, there is still work, valuable, dignified jobs. But, gagged or hooded. Anyway the workers are working for thieves, and the hoodies won’t more than anybody rebel or have their say.

You hear the sirens, and you know that nothing is to be built in that kinda chaos.

To who profit the crimes?

To the ones that ordained and cordoned.

Uk: “children left at their own devices”.

The comments that cannot be done beyond 3 to 5 days. Ok it is nice for you to let do that, but it is not the primary function of a news papers, but   ebe honest the sole place where people can do that. the other places, it is in the other places that all is censor, and where will the information coming from, nowhere, as your journalists cannot investigate proper anyhow.

They were playing the pork, like if it was comfortable to be taken to be so.

They were more than that It was why their cine was so constant and regal.

Your opponenets, in martial arts, is like medicine, you ve got to know their injuries.

And yours


Many commentators are on a mission to contextualise the riots that have swept parts of urban London and other British cities. ‘It’s very naive to look at these riots without the context’, says one journalist, who says the reason the violence kicked off in the London suburb of Tottenham is because ‘that area is getting 75% cuts [in public services]’.

This 75% had to be confirmed. Firm.

These observers are right that there is a political context to the riots. They are right to argue that while the police shooting of young black man Mark Duggan may ostensibly have been the trigger for the street violence, there is a broader context to the disturbances. But they are wrong about what the political context is. Painting these riots as some kind of action replay of historic political streetfights against capitalist bosses or racist cops might allow armchair radicals to get their intellectual rocks off, as they lift their noses from dusty tomes about the Levellers or the Suffragettes and fantasise that a political upheaval of equal worth is now occurring outside their windows. But such shameless projection misses what is new and peculiar and deeply worrying about these riots. The political context is not the cuts agenda or racist policing – it is the welfare state, which, it is now clear, has nurtured a new generation that has absolutely no sense of community spirit or social solidarity.

the problem of this article is that it assuming that political rebellion did not occur but should occur to be a good protest.

I d say that the problem is that political dissent in the sense of gathering to ameliorate the community at large is not possible at work, is not possible in organisation, and alos is not possible in demonstration

Every one following the same greed shape. No higher commission, no one to blame, no one to ask, no one to ask for account. We are all ready  in cells.

This is not a political rebellion; it is a mollycoddled mob, a riotous expression of carelessness for one’s own community. And as a left-winger, I refuse to celebrate nihilistic behaviour that has a profoundly negative impact on working people’s lives. Far from being an instance of working-class action, the welfare-state mob has more in common with what Marx described as the lumpenproletariat. Indeed, it is worth recalling Marx’s colourful description in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon of how that French ruler cynically built his power base amongst parts of the bourgeoisie and sections of the lumpenproletariat, so that ‘ruined and adventurous offshoots of the bourgeoisie rubbed shoulders with vagabonds, discharged soldiers, discharged jailbirds, swindlers, pickpockets, tricksters, gamblers, brothel-keepers, organ-grinders, ragpickers, knife-grinders, tinkers, beggars… and from this kindred element Boneparte formed the core of his [constituency], where all its members felt the need to benefit themselves at the expense of the labouring nation.’ In very different circumstances, we have something similar today – when the decadent commentariat’s siding with lumpen rioters represents a weird coming together of sections of the bourgeoisie with sections of the underworked and the over-flattered, as the rest of us, ‘the labouring nation’, look on with disdain.

then let’s talk to the labouring nation now. We are typically the one hiding themselves for having a job, thinking that whatever the hell elsewhere you will with go on with the hell in your job, at least you take a piece of the pieces.

Sometimes there is that kind of intervening reshuffle. Bon courage.

Cameron said authorities were looking at ways of stopping people communicating via social media websites if they were suspected of plotting “criminality and violence”.

Ok for what they forget to precise is that it is good them that wnat to do everything about nothing that will be under scrutiny with every one datas, political dissent prioritarilly,.

He said face coverings could also be banned if criminality was suspected.

Ok who wear it by being deeply religious? 0,0001, or maybe by mental particularism.

The rest because the riots are at the image of the present orders.

‘Culture of fear

‘We will not allow a culture of fear on our streets

No, but we fear the politicians, we fear what kind of hell they will produce again. When will be the day of total depletion when they will call us “me whores, or me livestock”


“There are pockets of our society that are not just broken but, frankly, sick…

No comments? He is asking better parenting skills, this pedant.






Security is the highest social concept of civil society, the concept of police, expressing the fact that the whole of society exists only in order to guarantee to each of its members the preservation of his person, his rights, and his property. It is in this sense that Hegel calls civil society “the state of need and reason.”

On rights pertaining to being the one of the citizens or by the “so-called rights of man” solely designating the reinforcement of the legal ruts and incentives at exerting not rights but grant to possession, accumulation and no retention, enhancing ‘bourgeois way of life’, as for example using mugs that will produce waste instead of having to do washing. Production growth depending on poorer quality of product or of poorer maintenance and/or on throwing.



Cameroon say ugly.

Speacking about people, speaking about society.

In short, they told to every body, but is whores up to the moment they sign on and on for it, like the opium taking more and more lethal injections.

He says to the people: look at yourself in what I am told to say- you my subsi(t)diary.

Sick, ugly and why not diarrheic.

Hierarchy, viral verbal diarrhoeal, oral aureole.

Ring reign on.

To ask for liberty, to ask for reciprocity in the sense that n o one want to not being at the service, but served people who don’t bring their efforts to the communities- in the frame and logics of an exchange-, or people who expect giving 1 and want 2, or even 1,1 of you.

And when you ask your due to nothing but notice than the nice atmosphere, about which each fucking effort towards which were, disappear, vanish to replace, noting, nothing, but an empty place…and face,  for the crazy (horses). Crazies.

This sympathy hiding, and ti is why it streches making arguments out of place, working conditions and rules like if the humans were a subspecies endowed with 30 of I.Q, for what ?

This sympathy holding mercy killing, murders’folly. Murderers’realm.

Again illustrate some weeks ago with Mladic, after the suspiciously premature death of Milosevic during his trial, one of the sole persons trialled twenty years after, (Shaw, 2011) for thousands murders in the Kosovo depending on providing proof that the range of destruction that have been let happen before hand will in general forbid.

It is perhaps why there is no information whatsoever or almost given by the mainstream media on the backgrounds, contexts, and precies fact during the trials reported by journalism but psychological description over the drama occurring in the court, as a room, not as a space for investigation.

Should we still hope that this non investigation stance would protect to zealous comedians and ruffians that would make fake and forges to profit from the trials and from the faillibility of the justice.

One thing is sure is that I am tired of finding good reasons for this etat de droit without rights, state of the state, an undemocraticity.

Two, Milosevic has been assissasinated in the offices of the u.n.

My girlfriend was in tears and I was in shock as I was led into custody. The man who took me down worked for SERCO, a private contractor, the same one currently bidding to run the probation service. My own probation officer was hard working and overworked, dedicated, caring, fastidious and fair. I dread to think of the plight of future defendants if his job is taken by the lazy gang of plastic pigs who clumsily processed me.

Floozy camaroon, said huggy, and now say ugly.

When you think that the only work he has is to produce words permitting him to coit with all that will pay more…that will tear the voters open best.

Talen taken account of that, the numbers of blunders that they will have camarroon said will be the plenty then, as the bosses as to show that their foreman as just an insignificant other grovel.

Whose very words is at the menu of its own loss, fake good lay. Whose sects spells parliamentary that should be on probation impending that they do community serc services for the lack of demo, that the very people will have to suffer from their , us all? Slavery. Ecuse me to re use the words by now it is no question with the value on creativity, less still my own. I am a student that count down the numbers of lectures my working class scholarship of a profession could pay. Be paid, biped.

Not saying nothing aoubt pedo, they don’t want be so ubut to their own children, it is why the other class is to the mine sent. In waiting that prostitution, wher sheer one sexual one, be considered as the number one and sole relief available and desiralv e with a true pay.

Just still have to be a favorite.

I am not expected to be read by the intellectuals, anyhow, simplicity made complicated is too intrasequaltently

You know if I had time I would try to get what they say in utilizing literal traduction by degree. Bu t marroned discourse or other vipers whose venom don’t belong to je he, is certainly not mor e interesting that to know that daily they are coning me.

In their polite mouth, good servile to their communities, as abiding as ants to queens, bvut unlike incests, they have nothing to do with eggs hatchingthe chimpanzees.

They say the people, but my dear, people as persons are naught, inexistent, just the time for them to replace the robots as they are still not perfect. Japan;s patry, panty party.

Mind with china beside they might start wondering if elhecktronic is not the future definitely.

You ve got children but as long as you teach your children ot be faithful citizens, you are the boon in the share.

Shine is old clothes reminding what the plants do to draw cotton through. Spider spinster. Wave at, weave as the pattern of sea and skies are becoming more and more s[light].

The government is but a garrison, support? By money, corporations.

Id d why money is so reveled, as being the only weak, however weak, the only link of their assembly and discussion.

This was a very disturbing , distr ibut, experience, as in their sites they do as if people have a right to comments also I start to study in order to work on a place that publicized itself as a forum, open, intentionally conceived for discussion and reaction receiving, controvertibly, ane the sole debate you find is yes, good, I am for it…..

Yet again profieterring form from internet setting whre you cannot see people and the machinery.

They set up a group, saying that it is democratic and free, and you plhng in it, every one does it, as its title make it psychologically like if it was the possibility of reassembling everyone around a topic. The only stuff it is that it is, it may, but most of the time is own by people with a self serving interest in political matters…………

Also this site prods into the fore the how many people backing them, pms and intellectual, and as the sole people having reacted and organized I would have done the same, but maybe people could start to say were to have, instead of were to, because this being the tip, big tip, opening over an icebergs of tricks that I would start compaing against who whom backed it, and you know why as they are not supposed to know about what the site itself is doing? Because like censorship, they are less than doing nothing, but stifle the efforts pout put on by other peoples, else than already sponsorized.

Although my mind is divided as for a matter such as this, this twisted stuff was the sole on the market, god what it is that is happening. Or would people be tired of being mocked by parties, in die I disguised or openly manipulative and fasho, for coming over hoping acting and find themselves sush and belittle while others, this exact others, play the people and political = when it means still demo, heros.

Hurry, heat, harry, and lolly pop. Perhaps would one better (inner crime) to invest in creams. Sudo.

Mind we cannot expect any of them to write any of their discourse, and more amusting, to be entitled, since they did not win any title but the one they were licking, sin.  They are not entitled to put neither work nor word on what they are saying. Dolly job, this guy that talk to the residents, the commune, the citizens, in front of the whole world, like if i twas primary twa, twat,  they was scolding,

Bbc, Saturday, gang, 6 am. 13 august.

Me I think that some feminist demands that the sex be represented differently in pornographic films, more relax, more loving, more funny?? Maybe in order to pour less violence and caricature of domination into the representation of the intercourse forget two elements. One that this is still prostitutuions, and even without talking about feminism, as the guys are also have to sell their bodies and whatever manners they have to perform this intimate act (mind there is many ways to get raped, by the control of others upon one’s own body in society), making nothing but hard-on it is why it is prostitution first chief, is that act is associated with pleasure that are coming from a relation because this relation is controlled by one having money in order…that the other makes…what is in relation with chose a partner freely, a life, chosen an activity to substain one’s life, it is the pervert dependence of the private and professional liberty in view of privation of liberty by excellence.

One two, saying that pornography should be more romantic like or whatever is reprodcucing the so old orders, confer the old cowboys movies where or you can see the females drinking and laughing their head off, that when prostitutes paid (or pain) for having a little time in between torture scene that they have to change emotionally on whatever put-up drama scheme, will  have to follow this unconditional from the madam- or being vainquish and kicked no only on their pussies caste : sell dreams, sell romantism, sell exotism, sell decontraction, sell uniform, sell it selfom or else condom, sell your tears, sell the way one will come back, the surrogate night psychologist or sell what they want to hear, sell whatever they want, sell the sex, sell the love, sell it giggly eat many times, they like (it?) when the fun could make thing that you condone that, and make easier your being drunk or high, and simulate when as prostitute take 5 dicks at the same time without feeling any, trained to them, to that, you likely might.

Cat, crater

The relevance?

The relevance is to work.

As one want to make think everybody that consentent, smilling attitude at work in general is the symbole of nicety, it could well be the restraint of our autonomy, the possibility of saying no when work become no more, no less, name “or”, no else than prosti.

I d like to get rid of no more, as there is no one more than prostitution but the one that discretedly and by any means indirectly live on it .

Relevance, to relieve, reveler, leveler, rise,

Reverence, relevance,  relever, Raise haze.

Hence, enhance,

Snuff out, snuff film.

The political lack of serioius, as to be take n for no more than token. Ok?


To respect the material by respect, citizen, moral, inner vaulue.

But shall we respect policies and politics then.

Theose one of wastage, that will outcry about damage of propriety, when you can see they are destroying new building….

political status and freely pursue their economic,

social and cultural development.-

far rights,

to present one’s respect to ones tools as one has to their own lifes.

The product of your work, the product of our time, of individual, personal, social, and human raison development and d’etre.

Hog a hoddy: like he would like as skin-head on his righst restiong r side

Beware of the fashisation, youth can go around, flexible and endurant as they are, but what they are growing older just imprisoned in a system without get-away. No museum, no university, no colleges opening to their ambitions or intelligence a path to a job they would praise. No one wants, even not Samantha, to have to s#ck cemery’s appendix, and the ones of all others by the same way. As nothing is assessed here and the bankers are thanked to start saying people not crooking (and bribe, prosti) deserve to be punished by poverty.

What’s on our job description:

To have voted for a system implicating the attendance of our security and knowledge and creativity and skills preservation and production to a voluntaree system, but dear nazi are you youth or inexpermimented? Whatsoever, you so lost it.

To train maturity you have to teach your youth how many drops. There they watch us using liters, pouring down poison where not one ion should be allowed, to destroy new building, to renovate and place your have to launder money in already well done site alongside river that are vomiting kilos of rubbished left for everyone’s disarray.

We life without counting how much life can take, the terrors, the horror is on its way.

How do you want someone to respect private property as it is under what you hid your monstrosity.

Am if for riot?

For what, to help the party to say that people are ugly or sucked sick?

To avance the general work of builders, that is destroy the make up mafia is from whom we get a percent.

A m not.

But what should be targeted in order to stop the plague of the people, a politics of V-ampire, empire of misery? What entity? The state, the civil society, the communities, the laws, the individuals?

Target the aime aim and maim Education? Or main promotion?

Lost, lust.

You are for the riots, an extremist, a rapist of the common good like that, needs crime, to overdo concerns about the sheer hell that is announced by this castrato. We won’t called him a racist, there is no races, only ethnies, now every knows that and then they need, the castists, all the fashos pomped into all kinda communities, the black, the grey, the bolero, and pole zero.

They need all of you that are amusing themselves bribing saying to each other you will show that we are tolerant, so take me as we are, a bunch of conning connard (schmuck)



People had enough paying for people who does not but getting along with tacit or explicit rules of destruction and neglect. Intelligence? Being put into condition for justifying the annihilation of all responsibilities, and professionalism.

Good job, blair, in french one cannot blair, have the sem smell of you, that made of this social institution the disgust of having any, as there the staff is expected to serve not autonomy, not independence, not full fledge citizens, but people on imposed restricted holidays.


Like in france, where you could see the skin-head preserving the ‘far right party’, but today we could have another opinion on what could constitute the ‘national front’.

Let myself impressed by hetero?

Marriage arranged not by religious sects, but by “professional” cal classes

People were fearing communism for not having belonging anymore expect to be own by the ensocialed society, but with capitalism of this kinda a(cunt) the same will happen. Die K (capital).

So what one can do in order to stop another group to enslave them?

To whatever they can get. Object to get equipped, objects to destroyed in order people cannot reuse it, and the people they use as shield, the people that serve their purposes, that deliberatedly sign a contract with them. The problem is that like in war there is innocent people and innocent, neutral presumably object that will be destroy or ill-used, as long as they don’t serve a logic of ‘just war’, a war of last resort but nevertheless emergent as emergency, in order to stop slavery- and with proportionate retaliation- do it each time those occurs? There is no fair trial mates, we are starting do think of that, as much as they say that no future.

Wars are legalised. Just wars are legal. If made lawful.

Having saying that they are not riots but lootings. Problems is that aren’t every riots to be used as loots? Against the oppressors? And then having to get rid of old friends that are greedy as the apparatchik?? Permanent revolution? So, it’s no.

To be punished twice.

To be punished to make people believe that the gib society is a big lottery sottery.

Like the lavor, labor or the  socialists they should pay twice for making believe to the people they are trying for everyone’s best. For just counting on private or personal privileges, more than the one of working, for one’s country and be pay by the hour in being protected for doing it. And if someone start saying that he want to be in pli poilitics to make someone bad, then just fire him at once.

Camaroon, the salesman, should be get rid of for inside trading, permitting bonuses on bank that are waiting for students loans and will deliver or not their wages.

You should go down.

On social emancipation.

Fashising to treat social institution as being total, the maximum they could have been would be having as aim to protect the human in general, that meant its environment its universe and there her as not having to melt with any another one, the entity specific and solo research for completit cp copmlpletude.


Politics are abstract, social are praxis.

In abstract the right of man is not man, and its being social, for all rites. Writs and rituals. What would you be as a social total, preachers rewarding common coquetery?

Saying that social emancipation is total, is totalitarism.

Marx says, again and again, human not never social in his thesis, apart for the term socialist in order to illustrate the communist manifesto rising up against capitalism.

Also hinting as saying that marx say that socialism was resolved, then he was a permanent questioning advocating, an d aiming at simplified human not needs but enslavor and commander of gross artillery, is propagandist.

On censorship

Monopolistic over “public channels for the distribution of knowledge: pulpit, politics, press and pedagogy.

Jansen, s.

For who, for gthe cahair holders, you of course, die, dier.

given that you are the founding members of a group called ‘right to protest’ which despite being the main group opposing abuses against protesters and manifestation in general, destpite being in this position of responsibilities your group practises under cover of displaying overture to all comments, a draconina censhorship that should make any one talking sincerely about equality, social, peace, liberty, and mutual universal due respect desist from rallying to this commitee.

under pretense of criicizing the government that are adopting more and more a far right approach to society’s illnesses and fits; under the marxist philosophy of social entity, your stance is whose of the etablishment, however faint and shadowy.

Actually my opinions are mitigated.

Of course it is blatant that the police organisations were so deprived from guiding good demonstrators from thugging, that one can be sure that this had been made on purpose in order to ban demonstration, to make the public participating or non participating greatly afraid of it.

However some parties would have interest in riots that would clearly  being not reinstuaration of better democratic attempts and intents.

Remark: it is clear that it is of governments to make sure that parties are democratic but how to do this when one’s is not. And two you enjoy too much  dictact threats while you are the one that is robbing the eggs.

Edges of age.

I forgot everything of my past but the feeling of having lived, and instead of remembering what your body was like, it is in me that has slided its sight.

Slight see.

The play party. Trying to ban each other, as for come idea about right for th e EBD.

They are all intellectuals but suddenly ideas become blur, vague, unclear when it comes to state if someone has the right to threaten others’ individuality. What identity? Could your identity come from the fact that you want to crush the homo, the black, the poor, etc? apoliguise to all people that have to come under the same groups as other minorities. Sadely.

It is not identity but identity politics.

Means that people are ecnsuring, hating, servilizing, the complete cop and funny fair, in order, in one order, to take the reins of the first offices that came.

It is why politics will never take one of personal problem and try to tackle them down. They want to be elected for cheap in not allowing their party to show that they are for the power, undue of all establishment that fight for its own parlour beauty.

And who d like a proof about that being the case of and for all these bunches of rattling often clad in some apolitical groups but only one stuff, the money and the networks bringing it awaiting?

Because they throw grand discussion about ethics of how people should think about other people, but as to redress wrong, where are the determinations? Why then it is impossible to reassemble a group that could put real pressure if taking an injustice, it is not the injustice that are missing, missed or lacking, so?

Because these people are divided, what they want is the joystick nothing to do with let’s have a go at it. They don’t tackle the damages that societies caused, aren’t they ready for the same havoc, a cruel ruction.

Following David Cameron’s call for a sociological analysis of the riots “when the dust settles”, sociologists from universities around the UK have come together to provide an initial analysis of the riots.

The looting, discussed by some as an ironic critique of consumerism – “shopping riots” – was often more directly explained as a response to repeated stop-and-search, racist policing, deprivation, poverty, unemployment, cuts to the educational maintenance allowance (EMA), anger, and inequalities between the haves and the have-nots.

reach. As consumers first and foremost, the inability to shop made them feel unfulfilled and lacking in self respect. In some places the signs of these divides were part of the architecture around them – the upward mobility of the cityscapes of global capitalism looked increasingly remote.

Some young people hoped the government would hear the riots as a call to close the gap between the haves and the have-nots. But they didn’t think this likely. David Cameron and David Lammy (MP for Tottenham), they felt, were not of their world. They arrive by parachute into local cafés for press shoots. The rest of the time they live in a land where you get a slap on the hand for huge expenses fiddles, rather than a six-month sentence for stealing a case of bottled water. Indeed, there was a sense that things would go from bad to worse. Some young people thought stop-and-search had been stepped up and that unjust criminalisation on the streets was more likely than ever.

While the riots were to some degree about “getting paid”, they were also political responses to local, national and global social injustices.

C: getting paid about that supporting this government of vice lards = dirty old lechers?


if they hit you with a baton they should be suspended, jody.

if they are not we can conlcude they were foollowing orders.

If they say they are justified not only of neutralizing you but justified to knock you down while you were not protesting and that they were not under attack that could have trigger confusion, well police are no police but mafia fucking whores; the nazi official.

You are a victim therefore; you are a proof of this as you know citizens has to put into doubt any accounts, but if here they are ok to do what they have done to you in that blatant danger less circumstances…I am starting to be freaking worried now.

jody, don t forget you are a victim here if you were forgetting your being a victim, then you would forget to protect your right and duties to considerate the consequence of your being an activist, and a possible threat to the public security too. you have to keep in mind that in wheel chair or not they had to take into account the fact that you could have charged them.


well to be honest in the case of Jody, when he is asking that if anyone thinks that a wheelchair user might be a danger to a “check point” well the answer is yes.

try to be run over yourself by a metallic wheelchair and you will see that it really can be used as a powerful weapon, a ram sort of thing.

also although i am deep with you on this issues, I d say careful mac tyre because or no one notices you of that and they might be using you; or you know it alright…and there is no revolutionary but truth and adequate.

but yes the real issue is out, they raising fees, unemployment,renovating brand new stuff to whitewash our instinct of preservation, they are scrapping human rights, arts and the critics.

we are in.

Letting people getting angrier and angi angrier.

Police not te letting message, mirroring the how uk look after their young people.

Therefore the met, the mafia’s militia.

Cuts + fear of unemployment and discrimination will encentive family of proletarian backgrounds to not send their children or not invective their children to ‘higher educationn’

This higher education that should have become available to all, in a all emcopassing sort of skills and insert at any level of your mine our complex realtion ship to reality and practises. Instead of that?


an attack with a truncheon left very, very unmistakable trace on a body – Yeah, because to come back to the truncheon story, I would take for certain that a medic would know if it was a blunt, round, of very peculiar shape and iron object or such flat and concrete stuff like a wall-unless it is on the edge of the stone, pit or what? I don’t know I am not the one of csi plus if they make that up they would not be so gross, would they?

well i don’t know who to ask but something i found very intriguing. it is about one of the protesters, Alfy as it reads [] had be knocked out by a truncheon while the police said that it was a concrete stuff.  {I saw the picture of his injuries it is horrendous, plus they attacked you by behind, don’t they?}

you know symbolically to knock down a pacifist demonstrators, picketer, from behind, deadly enough to cause him a stroke, tupdles (mary) martyrs, it belongs to “intellectual genocide”

when I say symbolically it is that I saw the pictures of your injury, and I say symbolically for these porky, that would not even after thousands of dead admit it  (I just paint history, even congo are not for them, holocaust yes, it is to welcome the behalf of germany)– violence addict is our people that quite frankly? Put up with it.

well i am wondering if it is at all possible for a medic not to be able to differenciate between an injury caused by something stony and probably flat and this other thing ironic, round, and to put it bluntly compare to a polished stone, still very sharp. any liking for csi? or would they argue and demonstrate that he might have been in due-tie, properly stoned?  Flintstone, flee(t)stone or street, fleet or genTeel tile. Mason anyone?

Fleece, tone or philistine.

Fleas (to say for the least) list in.

tiens, mon brave gars.

The unknown soldiers.

  • Hut ho hee up





Pardon me for the songs I wanted to show you I don’t have a backbaground but with my sole writing…

I ll do send to you my best pieces, I ll do that, mean I am not to retrieve.

I love you and I don’t want this finishing in endlessness dying, what I am going to do, tell me?

I still stand for a chance, or may not be, or really ridicule?

Right to protest, and for what in practise




Of course to create a right to protest regarding what happened last year is certainly the sine qua non of a sign indicating that everything has not gone.

It is essential to go on this campaign in order to erect a barrier of resistance against potential judiciary abuses and injustice and in solidarity with those who paid for perhaps a disorganized or simply unexperienced way of “dealing with the police”.

I read one of you saying that they have to face the violence of the police well take my advice for granted the day a pacifist protestation is well organized is the day when one is preventing it, or escaping it, or if more terribly trapped then it is hwen occupation etc has to be dealt with serious if not professionalism, but far from being squat and extended holiday should be the object of an intellectual compaign as well as having constituting its own security, in these circumstances to record what happen, the day one can prove that the police attack without self defense, a real counter power could, if spreading the news nicely and seriously to the population, be a counter authority!

Camera are weapons not facing nothing else as it is still the rule of law, ok?

Yes, not in order to arouse them, because in real life it is still thanks to the police that we don’t go murdered, they are trained to react to potential danger, they are trained in order not to be touched. If you touch a uniform you are sentenced for twice the time because they are the representant of basic physical security in principle owe to the human.

Rule of law, it was no civil war this and nor threat of it, we cannot allow (a ford) this way.

The thing with the right to protest is that it will exercise itself when protesting, and what I think it be good to see in the perspectives of going on with the fight, would be to campaign and protest and demonstrate for the fees, and the larger problems that the privatization of the universities will lay.

Thus the movement could progress as the right of protest is still exiting, existing? and still exerting an influence when one has to protest for a cause and then to defend the beast ask for people to be committed (commuted communed), and not just random momentum that are terminated now that these bastards took it inside the party- the parliament namely. We should aim at abrogation- but not those of the people sovereignty.

I just make this comment because right to protest alone would fade away has to be protected, but in a way of practicing it, the university my dear, we have the right to demonstrate but finally being nicked, this ain’t democracy, and protestation would be that then, to say we did it, good, they nick it, bog, let’s go and have the goon up?

The fight is in the street and the day one occupies precincts is not for the living it is to challenge the paria parliament, because at the end of the day…and who said that we did not want to touch the uni, the lib-dem, if I am right.

But to organize the work is the grand thematic, don’t they?


on right to protest, doubling stone wihtout killing the bird.







me here is that for me is missing:

i think everyone has been victim of this at one poling point or another

you are a site, the site, of protest right in the uk because people have been beaten up in the latest demo.

They have been said to be to be peaceful and it does not take two faschists to think that is too much mate, if that really happen we will be being cooked.

But on this site there is no testimony.

I mean we got a problem with police, but we cannot do without justice, do we?

So where are the proof?

To be honest, you say it was peaceful, fine, but who I am to believe? To credit?

It does not take a lot of sympagy to think ok we have to react at this, but what this, I am to bear for you more than I do for other media?

So you are mps claiming the right to protest? Thank you very much.

But a proper job would have been done it would have been on investigating, collecting witnesses, accounte and organizing a system of recording for the next people who want to protest do that without fearing.

If we are loosing our police, we have to proof it to the population, but in writing unfactual prose on the basis of this right, that could be trunked in whatever fashion if not reported time by time, news at the second facon.

If you want to move public opinion you gotta prove it.

This site should be a collection of witnesses and organization for future networks ready to feature how protestors are peaceful, active politically and talking to the population not only hold bastions, and ready to defend themselves by this proof to the population that true work towards democratization is the subject of repression.

Where are the key tellers?


PM A threat to our right to protest


You are exactly right in saying that people with family for example would be excluded from ‘participating’ and thus will render it like a “the play as a fox and hunters’ sporty game”.

Here to counteract the police the groups- I know yet again voluntaries’ energy dissolutes in no other activities than trying to survive through that ought not to be but…it would put clearly that “(l)ook, we will have to be more pacifist than the cops and forebode plan of escape, to direct the protest in order for the people to keep aloof from the violent front if there is any. It could become a very tactics reaction/action warning everybody careful gentle people, we have to train nobly.

As you know when you are young ones it is easily exciting to blurb at the incomprehensible, above all when like in London there is no culture and discipline of sport that permit youth awareness of their body, of their having to respect forces, people and materials in general.

You know protest-like use vocabulary of and are political warfare- I meant politics so let’s do it pacifically not in order to do damages- a just war type of intervention.

And about offenses?

But what about proving, is there no any witness. It is boreingly obvious that police won’t make a witness call but what about the press- because every one would fear such evidence that could be made? Right. It is why again there is no such, ever, precaustion than prevention

It has to be proved what it was and by who, but for that one need “objective witness” and who is, in a manif??

The fact that movement needs leader yes, as one had to carry the meaning of a movement for it to take and hold any significant. And we need charisma in the sense of someone who knows their fields so well that they can spread upon, whence the works of a leader, to link and to assemble, to understand the problems and the confusions and the lacks and Xenophoby and discrimination “of all kinds”(from the bbc world service program on the concert against racism 20 years ago) discrimination “of all kinds

What I thought of these demo completely dominated by the same posts distributed industrially by party in lack of imagination therefore in lack of legitimacy?

That there were no messages, it was about money the complains that had been made.

It was not fucking about education, about information, about the subsequent way we will have to sell the diploma, because you will excuse me but I don’t for the other unis, but me I am at roehampton and the essays they correct, three correctors, good, to correct essay coming from the students home directly and when the subject is on a table they are given by the profs in advance, what kind of diploma is this? It is diploma that we will have to beg to the bank for them to finance.

They were not about a new way of thinking your demo. They were full of students and profs demonstrating for what, the banners what did they say all in all? We are talking about the demos here?

They said we don’t want cut and education we don’t give a …

“and more repressive responses, among the powers that be”.        Logics, power. Cannot hold on one elite, so? What are the rest up opt out ot to?

Just let’ hope that these youth won’t be charged for something if they haven’t committed it. And in case they have committed then let’s hope for them to do some communities services and go and clean the rivers and switch off the lights when people who don’t do it or break the law of civility- that is the tories as well as the cheerful majority of the populace- should be fined instead of counting on the counting down.

I d like you to know that alongside scrapping art diploma, the U.K has this year entirely binned the speciality of human rights programs associated this social sciences (not the legal aspect, but philo, history, socio, politics).

Please could you take a few minutes considering this information as it is horrific to understand that human rights bachelor of art single honor degree cannot be found anylonger in the whole U.K, country of the mean international language.

HUMAN RIGHTS, the only tool that are supposed to defend democracy, and that is invoqued by politicians, market, and civil society, alike in order to gain some legitimacy.

In the uk, and elsewhere of course, there won’t be any more specialists it is finished.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

. It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness. At a certain stage of development, the material productive forces of society come into conflict with the existing relations of production or — this merely expresses the same thing in legal terms — with the property relations within the framework of which they have operated hitherto. From forms of development, of the productive forces, these relations turn into their fetters. Then begins an era of social revolution. The changes in the economic foundation lead, sooner or later, to the transformation of the whole, immense, superstructure.

In studying such transformations, it is always necessary to distinguish between the material transformation of the economic conditions of production, which can be determined with the precision of natural science, and the legal, political, religious, artistic, or philosophic — in short, ideological forms in which men become conscious of this conflict and fight it out.

Thank you for you attention and carefulness.

If you want more detail:

In a world that d like to be regarded as democratically growing and comprehensively globalizing…

It is one of the very ‘arms’ that these people want us to give up for the profit of more laissez-faire, or better laissez aller. (meaning next time is on you the security guard, even if the only of your instruments are loose ‘polite’ letter.
very few human right university diplomas might still be found in the US, but god knows how expensive – and thus elitist and prefabricated, and per se anti human rights they intrinsically are.

Like the dubious fees demanded by some human rights lawyers, linking money – and whence economic discrimination – to the propagation of information necessary  to the benefit of human societies and peace and security as a whole;  these fees are in fact a contemptuous publicity  toward the very idea of human rights and obligations. The blatant mise-en-place of a domineering and insulting masquerade of impunity.

Loosing one’s field, like loosing the autonomy from the market tactics, a what want to be put with as generalization, compulsory assignment for everyone to accept discrimination as being inescapable- if you don’t subscribe- no entry to we let-you-live-in-the-laissez-faire- area.

The so called human rights alongside all sciences, theories and practices are dependent on this and it is why human rights are actually bearing a bad name. but at these pace, let’s hope they would still have one.

To conclude I d like to draw your concern on the fact that police beats up peaceful protestors. It is the clear sign of the end of the genuine rights of freedom of assembly and manifestation. The greatest of new is that this opportunity to voice one’s opinion is the last bastion of freedom of speech. Believe a older worker, freedom of speech cost you your job or even your voluntaree seat within the counter power of civil society, very, very, easily. Freedom of expression had just seen put down its last bastion. Let’s recall that in the uk general strikes (students, plus workers) are prohibited. It is done we are completely dispersed and ready for the kick.

On a last note, about the fees I thought the demo too much concentrated on the pounds, because if we paid the profs and all, still why not, but after uni what? Unemployment? Or having to accept to work in any kind of conditions or unethical programs.

A little more sadness, let’s to say ‘utterly terrifying’, this system will leave each individual dependent on the bank assent to grant money to start for study. It means that one can be tested psychologically, intellectually and ideologically. That means that the banks would have the monopoly on who they would like to send for qualification.

Enjoy your day.

Human rights Roehampton students are attempting to protest against the closure of the human rights single honour bachelor of Art. We are desperately trying to do so because the U.K, nonetheless transnational centre of international students and professional encounters, are closing its art and human rights programs.

Human rights, even though they attract students all over the world, obliged to come and study here, for the sake of the language of Shakespeare, human rights will be counting only 3 universities in the whole Great-Britain, where one will be able to study and specialized in them from the first year.
3 universities each one allowing a little number of students (maybe the equivalent of a big promotional classroom and profs to pursue this speciality, maybe in each university around 50 students enrolled in this speciality.
My meaning is not to bother you with human rights, but since they are the preoccupations of everybody in any kind of transactions, actions, conditions, states and this at each and every of any step, the conscience of our sciences, our S.O.S.
Is not it a bit surrealist, incredible, that  Bachelor of Art on human rights (i am not talking about the combined honour, we would be taught by specialists from other fields, meaning the condemnation to servility of our discipline, reasons, rational and pride-lead by other specialists, than human rights could only be the shadow of itself, the pretence for democracy, the apology for abuses)
Our classroom has been fcalled a centre of excellence, the second scum on earth ranked as being human rights saviours, it is no more than 100 books and a deserted asoociations of woyerus. Do not sing it, but if you want to kno w a little bit more on the subject of the so called humanrights, new religions and cultureal debat that are not that is to say but sects and sucklers for money, blood and dignity of the corrupt

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