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Anne(-marie) = annee as annual.

Marital, rut-ine, ritual.





L’anesse = a she donkey-


East = est = be

People have let cut cultural issues as one when it is in fact problem with discrimination and more or less opened, lb obvious, detectable, public, private, pa [a psycholological, psychic, mental, physical torture. Because in order to exert social focal control the eltis elits or the ones wanted to work for the l elits want this order of slavery to be practised. It is so that we talk about cultures when culture are not preserved as knowledge but perser vere as peopo want to see salvage and saping sal slavery as a component on which they can count on. Sorting problem s with increasing vo violence or inhibited destruction latant up to the bed of our understanding and the depth of our breathing. Briefing.

What is fun in pointing out some trace of cultural abuses is that as family abusers. Kil lik lick we cannot worryid about the next generation; and we display torpor at different cultures canning and condemnation without in fact emancipation attention, as long as it is not lil us that are taking the yoke everyone is ok, ay wy why? In order that the other members, women like us, human like them, animals like fed, take the habits as well as the rob, take the dress as well as the shroud, don’t think of the ladder but better will be shelved. To acknowledge is to ip implicitely applaud the martyrdom of what is getting ready to make what is different their pledge. Ease.



The crow of the beast, like the one of the snakes just prolongation of the nerve and the root of the teeth.

Like the nail, those of the bones with the shapness of the fusion ligaments and flwsh.

Flush like the future formation of a muscle the clot of bloodiness.

You always was wo wrong in your calculations. You don’t like them much, and to redeem and try to you did. But you like them too much as many would the assassins of their own children be.

To worship for power is the w equivalent (Equus) to worship ou–t of fright. Lest of lacking influence to tilt towards what we believe or to be eaten u p whatever they are.

The englhis ish ish his flag, a cross , a target, a crucifix, that could make the v empire went beck and back from its return on interest, enter, en terre, manifest of dividend and capital for the fiends.

Being already in the slaughter house, to converse and I diverge we ve got all w-hose time?

Tow two crows and clawas two tight tighs that clamps like octopus eventail.

To feel one’s body, as the power of attraction was operating only with the one capa le of effecting all day, without being there, the transformation.

A blade as a vampire’s tongue will explain how come the politics use word that are not senseless v but less laissez faire for dire vision.

Res plendissand ress portion.

To make you love, but with the intention of doing good if we cannot, the worst will inhabit the      missing of our notes.

Singular plural every strength ll have to o come back for the grand show that would be needed for the flip hump jump over all that, the life after life that make humans do better than jackal whether or not animal is serene, a human is but a ballerina as fragile as a twig brindille blade of grass whose h juice is on ice, and whose driness a tide raz when they come to think that they are superior to the jackal post cited.

Tied tide like Poseidon would remind that writing about god we did not meet him or her, the sea and waves master.

And when we will tied and tide will the common sense say.

Gently obsctuct your passages, gently and totally! For the spirit don’t go when you come and cry for it. Forth.


She, ate.


In witer winter dark as become a block as contrarily to the summer every breeze does not bring the promise of the crack of the down announce by the wishtle of a bird.

Without birds.

About the men’s vagina. Half of them would rather stay home, as half of the women would rather go otuside. Which is fine; but should you touch my wife, when I come back I slot ya.

And you are the one in, I am free from space, should you be stronger you d shake each time you seea see a landscape. Or to wait that the nature provide the excitation necessary to protect eggs and nest, the call of the forest, the call of the mountain, the moon that expel the comfort size of a hot shape. And is thirstier for blood the colder one.

As a lesbian my flesh against yours, and I rub and go along like men and hetero and do like animals.

And would do the strap on, not for anythingelse, as my clito would spouse your pussy and my thrust the awakening of every muscle active or forgotten by my entire sacred, but to make usre your are happy,or to explore differently. Would a corner aa portion raise something else that the cruc curve of a ear or the crease of the v beelyy the roots of your hair, your eye lid so sofy

Male homo from their they poe against other from where they pee.

This trivialization coming from being pushed to incontinenece spotted homo were we.

Yeilling rapes and pedophily = rape or coercition over the vulnerable in order to hide one’s one trangendeirty.

Suspicion as supporting the reality what I am doing that I cannot survey or control?

i haven’t been on this site long as well.

well i ll be honest i try to make my profile the most faithful to what i do. my reading is on human rights, i love everything, everything for me is a story linked with h.r and duties, and it is thus i focus and try avoidance of truancy. how is life? without no girl friend, dull. yours?

The passing of the time and the psychics of fighting death arrival.

On treason on profession and. The face of the elected west, no further commentaires.


Not efforts put at organizing but at ruling. Game over, place to human poultry. Pull try.

  1. r as new rules but no nrw rulers, h.r as pervading, ‘not partial’ but omniseed.

Impeachment and embellishment.

Leg opened on what door?

The light of progess when resulting or being the results of pain even distress is like the light you have to have one as you redoubt to be attack by supernatural forces. To liberate these forces are not humans, are not yours or mine but those of no toddlers of no mutants but titans.

But to have this light on prevent us from seeing our true state and stone.

Human = poison.

;poise on the walking dead.

For homos segregated their spouses are their Palestine. Their wives and jusbands their sacristy or their ideas the sun rising hetero contraband the sun lowering.

Titans. It ans. Tita.

Ans = years.

Titans as something else that moving creature, human like or animal like. A book, a sacrilidge or sacripan. Sacree pan.

People are deemed animal inferior would sort as different if put in the cage they are building for them to die. Fourage. Fodder.

The question is not who nourishes who, but who nourish themselves from others decay. Some for decades.

Not that we should not provide aids, not that we should not be recycling.

The wrier wryer writer interpretation fears, as he saw how peple likes obtain from a piece the contrary of its essence and not by concern, of and for, literary performance.

On my developin g ocd in order to save what my computer or evenement more outer, or slipping of my tongue that won’t allow a second, will scratch or let escape.

To be no suppot then to have to defeat the chains and the most daunt . to have death and pain aquaint.

To make o love is trying to touch it divine. Make it off.

When miracles killers pray for miracles to come over retrieve reprieve their lifes out of the inder inferno, one can emit d oubt ought oath in matter of their success.

Just the time for swallow down us tongue and to revise the r premises that earth was a land for the picking of the human (at) the best.

Extrems conditions remind everyone of the parity of us psychics. Deadly solution come to mind and god or superior means of coercion towards the divine, the light without sin, is one cannot furthest; but reminding us on some fa fl flash that is us general condition to not pray and praise enough to see redemption. Paradise in us all, the key of reunion.

This sense of fatality that forbids or prevent humans to react to and towards destituition of the mines’ mind. That will make with lack but all miens that it is due to  superiority that people do what their commanders in search of circled servility will recognize as winning  battle when they are indeed eating up the past achievement of the humanity.

We are all h.r defenders, as at any minutes one can produce something making a different, or diging gap of unjustice only for being able to go on with the life style producing easy nou household and glossery.

Females don’t like their lovers to cry but to bleed.

Looking for extraordinary good people, being put in front of some miracle gently or gentrify.

Banda dove, eve, vein, delve, devil.

Mohamet and the other prophets was any way a good idea to foil Christianity.

In case the church would have don something else than banning the poor to live and sancturised the golden sin. All what you touch will be transform onto the matter that one wants for him. Till poisoning up to no being able to eat even so much as a fruit.

The control of human activities is not left in the hand of humans as we all fear their cruelty.

And in the name of god, the devil will take in charge what we have neglected of fighting for it to be freed from our salete.

Sale ete. Salt      s alete.

Mohamed children?

The genital feminine mutilation is in fact emasculation.

Ass, cul

Mass muscul

Would amputation try to prevent territories expension or escape?

Marry age. On premature conjugal coercion.

Paully higgings ecocide trial.

Anglo American way of communicate. With slot of intervention continue.

Instead of the lating or when someone is speaking, you can slide a word in their sentence in order to raise attention, to mark the exact moment where there is contention. As one will agree together but on some precise place and manner of the construction.

The English want people to have all finish before you intervene but the thing is there is no time to alos reprender, reprendre, reprieve, order

Greg I have two question.

What date is the essay due?

You talk about disciplinary actions, does that mean that if I ask you a reference for a job application, what happened with my way of emailing would appear as a remark.

Would you let a potential employer know?

I d like to underline the fact that when I email doctor power I email her not as  being a philosophy lecturer, but as being a philosopher, writer, blogger, political activist…

The university knows it but my attention was not to discourse within the university but within the civil society debates and place or address for writing and opinion balancing.

Doctor power makes it up to you to resolve potential dissent, my style is personal,  l dl ike to think inventive but it is about politics, I am almost illetate for some or on days where I have arguably blurred speeches,  but I must protest and remain active.

Unrest protest.


To be the opposite of one’ names as a name is a simple word that one person might have given to you whilst the all the more other persons, entities, or influences; were against for the bearer to have it on.

Signified significant.

Word o’see.

Hi the professors told me that I needed a special reason i.e to make complains in order to see my exams.

I have no complain to make but on the fact that what I write belong to me as the product of my intellect, that if the original belong to you as being the center of examination and training, it belongs to me as being its, lame or not, good or not, author. I want my work, I want the copy of my product.

To whom can I send this Darren?

One day you contacted me again, scolding or almost saying that you needed to meet me fast, even though it had been weeks of my trying for this hard – and fail- to arrange some place for us to speak and see.

Today, Have you found someone?

I tried harder, as if someone does not clearly tell me no, in case I am appealed, I ll just go on offering.

Also I am sorry if I sounded insisting at one point, I did this on the account that you could have been pleased and interested.

Wcwe weveryy year euthanasia along side with child labor.

Plust it is hard to communicate with the limeys. Ook culutal clahse.

The u sun, the moon, ,,,the sea.

The English hood = condom.

On french letter.

What the communities have to offer as a model of social function?

Brother, Brothels. R, l.           1


S war den.

To be fashiste and believe in prostitution, and be up to nay cruel activities, as for having ths sole reassurance of not being abused sexually. On machismo

With the possibility to say yes to other fashisms in thinking I ll be able to marry one of the other, the bitches, whatever the colors.

Your prostitution and vicious mental, via heterosexuality and sex status, activities and privildeged differenciation.


Religious text and some of their interpretations, instruments and treaties of h.r or civil laws.

He called me ‘my beast and hust husband’ so my heart be at last complete hyd.

Or at last not at last as the romantic may love ghost, goat and alexandrine. My heart was then the one in the lake. Lack of her, and air, render me more than dead, just green.



Bow hwer, Boer?

Bow hewer, her, however, where, were

When you pertain to a class that has been made without the possibilities of wooing and funding a family, without having to pay (economically or sociall discarded more even)  for it, then murders and destructions is rendered your volupty, erotic and sensual. Fire long.

just great to hear from you.

you talk the kind of talk that invite me to be realist while believing and start practising utopia and peace making.

i am a practical. like you i d like to have another relation, someone. my life is organised by books because i love them but also because of lack of connection.


i d never dream of reporting this, but i cannot let someone to let people think that i am not safe physically.

also i feel that if i report this matter, people will start with what happened with nina, and therefore i feel at the moment in position of fragility.

I know I am not a first class student and that I barely undergraduate this is a answer to dave saying that i was certainly a better lecturer, but I do hold on to being allowed to have opinion, as well as citizenship or civil society activities.

Far far from my mind to have caused this type of disruption as I have never have been physically a danger to no one, self defence exepted.

in my life i encountered violence and i am deeply hurt  and threatened in reality that one of my lecturers can accuse me to need to call the security. in my work you can suffer physical numerous physical attacks and you are taught not to retaliate but only to descalate while protecting also your physical integrity.

I really find his accusations completely fake and very dangerous indeed, as it would normally take a significant threat for somebody to call the security against one of its students. I indeed did not want to recant on what was my opinion, opinion that makes him demand for an explanation and asked me to have a word at the break in front of the rest of the class.

Dave started speaking about this subject in the corridor, then my reply to him was whether it was possible to continue it in a close room because I did not think it was for everybody to hear about, and because I was in fact surprised by such remonstrance.

Once inside, he warned me on I don’t remember which condition other than me backing from my opinion, that he wanted the issue to be escalated. I stated that it is what I was truly thinking and that therefore I was not going to desist.

Yet I asked him not to escalate the issue as I said and repeated ‘I d like to say again to you that what I said about general political statement or support within a lecture is not an opinion I hold against you personally.’

It is when we entered the room, I asked him to enter in order for the conversation to stay private, that he spoke about this subject, as I did not want to abandon my opinion on this, I told him, and it is at that moment where he said he wanted to call the security.

At that moment he came closer to me and I ask him politely to leave me with a reasonable physical space as I was not feeling comfortable having someone entering my ‘private space’. I myself moved back up to the wall. The discussion resumed.

For my part, this reaction is too incredible and highly dangerous for me not to ask for safety.

I really was stunned by this accusation to have been made above all from someone from whom you would expect reliability, but furthermore stunned by him persevering and calling for an higher authority, I would like therefore to avoid at all time being with Dave alone i.e without the class to be around.

sorry about this bits and pieces my yahoo is not working properly.

i ll have to go two modules that are almost compulsory for me, so i just want you to know that i felt obliged to answer to his allegations, but if you could keep this as low key as possible i d be grateful.

for avoiding any opportunities to escalation i just want to let him know that i d like to avoid being let alone in his presence thank you.

You are for respecting indigenous customs over genital mutilation.

Tomorrow I ll become religious and come and cut your right arm, perhaps even a bit the ribs towards inside.

Disabling or kill you equivalent.

And when yu think that some withey are for that, the respect of mutilation as they are indigenous believes. The doubt on plural ithsm.  piths


it is the gentleman i am looking after, it is in london. i accompany him as he is a walker.

He is here as I should avoid it but it is my sole recent picture…

I ll give you my address if you want next time you come to London, if you got the time, I d be my pleasure to meet up. Do you know you resemble Cherie booth?

American christianism and death penalty, the sharia remake talion.

To be treated as professional to not be human.

To avoid being assimilated with animal (torture) and now be apparented to machines now.

Republic Islamic of.

About religion, what is called of, or for.

People having studied political sciences and knowing about all the vice and vile violence, speaking to their voters like if they could possibly have the key of better in pursuing the bad rules and in lame ido d ideology.

The id entitiy of th lamb.

Line, lien.

Rine, rien.


People from the econ(omically dvp) countries saying that tiers wold countries are not for equality of rights, as they themselves are not.


And I don’t need to apologyse about the veil as they are my sisters and that no shaved we won’t go or grow for the beard.

The male muslim uncovered with female muslim covered are at the apex of ridicule liars.

And when they are voluntarily covered, well I d say that what made humble was more tied with the sun and what the deserts brought, not abandoned.


the veil has been used as a sing of oppression in the current debates, and of gendre discrimimations especially.

So the rationalists has to ask himself why women, that are not weaker in any sense of the word, vulnerabilized perhaps, often, in a broaseder general context, where their situations, unjust and fabricated  by social contention and contenders is nothing but the content of the rest of the society mind set. We will grow  indecent as all has to organize to rip one. As men are not stronger  but the organization of the societies making them trained in that order.

This working as women and men are culprit and complicit of statu quo, permitting gathering, yse, but spoiled from the start as being a consensus of the oppressed willing for the oppressors.

Prostitution and gallant.

Nursing or fall gladiator.

On being as a sing of oppression in the current debates, and of gendre discrimimations especially.

So why this harmony in such despicable nosense of desintegrity?

On being as a sing of oppression in the current most internal debates, and of the discri mimications announced by a people over the other people not wearing it especially.

For whose poor pignouf, in lack of females at home and polygamy, arragned marriage, and making your virility in fronto f the caffee. There is a conversion problem in politics fashion. As you cannot be said being a member of a party, and what is when this party is unique- the sole allowed…

Is the game on conversion that are gonna follow. Who will convert, at what condition, under which hierarchy, without  being allow to make change, who will be allowed to convert, at what prices?

Of course as a moral party we don’t want change that would render us unworthy.

Do to you the rules that you wish to apply.

Or Do to you the effects of the rules that you wish to apply, applied?

to apply or be app lied

you wish it did or did indeed.

To foment interdiction against homosexuality as in war you will fight as much as your having died for love.

And coming back what will it be for you but to transform into a ghost or bleeding more besty.

Be a sty.

Ran-sackIf every profession does not beneficiate from the same honour.

Bankrupt of the whole economy.


The forgotten, the put aside of this grande saga, whether Indus or indigenous, capitalist, autonomous, is that the same applied.


The poetry of the instant is also when we understand the poet; not

through that he has said but through what he could not have.

Because of this too powerful barriers of the emotions.

Because emotions are as personal as universal.

Because they are, like the sensations, our common grounds as well as

our differentiation.

And for the homos, the veil, is which color?

Or has it to be a hood?

On peace, is? Am?

Is ham.

We do things bad, but all have to  be camouflage, fags, hot and flags, as people are people, and each of us like something real free, nice and not always easy. So whatever as toe  be *tube* say as to  e be thought as not having  been achieve. Arch hive. One cannot find every eery elemen of understanding and thus possible amerlioration, as amelioration is subject to crumb ling more even when thought to be comprehensive. ‘being the part of the problem and solution’ and life as the sharing of atmospherisation. Share the psychology and the psychism, mass, ash eve. Relativisation.

Religion as a reference before history and sciences could have been


Knowledge has always been plentiful, limitless and ongoing, how could

one share it. Then one book to establish a common base will have been

the ones calling and summoning decency and morality.

Nad may be one abling to create an element of stability abling people to start studying in the sense of conserving the data and apply layers and generational shaere and continuity.

Look at now, where one might study, what? The same wars and destruction, that permit consensus on abuses, and knowledge, activity selection, not through avoiding their destruction but permitting digging jewels and deforestation. And population privatization, that make them as graceful as dead pawns congregation, happy to spread the morte, since everyone is the enemy, in a one for one guerilla fashion.

ok so here my genuine response.

i d like to thank you to react this way first as i knwo it could have been treated more authoritatively.

i want to protect a right to free communication.

one, i think that it could have been takcled by nina herself, instead of her having to report it. at the end of the day they were just letters. but the fact that she would not have reported it could have been used against her.

two i would have complied but still is my right of movement that is my being allowed, if not entitled, to follow political meeting, and to focus on a particular personalityor themes. in the name of investigations and continuity.

and a right to have your professional live, and your differnet functions, your being a lecuture, an activist, a person, a dog walker, a coffee amateur, in distinct separation, i.e not having to report of you as all of this as your profession would be submitted to the pressure of your civil society actions…

ok so here my genuine response.

i d like to thank you to react this way first as i knwo it could have been treated more authoritatively.

i want to protect a right to free communication.

one, i think that it could have been takcled by nina herself, instead of her having to report it. at the end of the day they were just letters. but the fact that she would not have reported it could have been used against her.

two i would have complied but still is my right of movement,  that is, my being allowed, if not entitled, to follow political meeting, and to focus on a particular personalityor themes.

Co nun drum.

To make sure we search equality as love come from investigation on a particulairity, dote on.

Love path shows by the one we are soft on, equality reminds that it is a feeling that has to spread, for love permits the truce, that allow time to remain.

Treating, rating.

You know for these Sudanese student, he might react this way as conflicts in Sudan have going on for decades and that the responses to mass murders and genocides have been appalling, quite worrying about the real intent (historical and present) at stopping genocides from western or other perspectives.

Western are in denial as for present foreign sufferings, also

‘others’ might well be in denial about western past history.

I ll try to see about the union fighting privatization of the uni, if I find something interesting i will let you know.

Sharia, share.

Tallion, tally on.

The equivalent of death penalty the misnomeed free trade that permit everyother abuses at work, in dens, for now and the future increasingly.

Char, ya.

Share? On human division and ecartelment.

not on facebook but we are something around 20 members but not always coming.



“we don’t need humanities anymore, no one will know that is going on anylonger, nor the analyses coming from these sciences…and then we will know that is the price ofinformation’.

And then…we will? no.

Format or formative??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

How many do vote for labour party in thinking that communism is a too brutal, too self appraising, and a possible dictacture, but would stick more with their ideas; and see the lavour behave like worse than the bourgeois and future far right?

How many do vote right in thinking that it is true genuine or fair competition and prize on inventiveness they would like; To find robotisation at best, at worse nazions?


If I could reincarnate, I d like to reincarnate into a horse, but what about them being all domesticated, and possibly in tasks they don’t like or ungrateful hands?

Pets and pests.


To be equal to animals but not anylonger as humans have spread death, their psychic and spirituality are as much condemened.

The bird whisling, the insects crawling, emprunt, load with ultra sensitivity/sensibility will confirm at any time the day you dare try and ask, supplice suppkike suppliy for the light of their message come down to ya.

Inter integrite.

a war en ess.


En = haine = hatred. Hat-red?

Each time I wrote a ‘decent’ idea: in terms of creating a sharable space;

I thought of love.


De scent on t-rack. T-race.

Trac, hack,


Trace. Ecart.

Rational. And ration.

Native, nation, race? Rate?

I would have as question.

If one says that if humans could read freely all human thoughts? Or all thoughts as being of human origins or as being reflected or in a way or another relay by human, that would lead to dysutopia.

Is not it having a negative assumption about human nature, or nature itself.


Nautre. other


Rut an.

The day university deal knowledge as being close business; we gonna become mere, mother? Product.

Pro duc.


And our work toward these aims, us as means, towards/

Means towards which ends?

And, hands.



To have put it, the at leat on paper seemingly, ‘responsibility to protect’ only or almost withing the civil society. The states not on regulating and enforcing, coerce anti pollution, eco system destruction, human rights, labor rights, individual rights….make of all those no more than raise funding, or human being exhaustion. To have to raise awareness as the sole solution without the law behind and with which legimimacy but the moral legislation, that are mocked by soil human rights and the efforts towards ensuring one.



Hope pain.

For non secular state, religion the eequivalent of citizenship,


Lit on list.

Be my death, a bliss.

On protecting the next.

Nest, ex.

Why does everyone believe in aline? Alien

Cos they have become the sole visable or think able cause of salvation or by saving us or by having to go against a common imminent uncontrollable threat as far as possible; and for this to be as many as we are now to perish through number.

You don’t want homo having children, as to relatives ease number. In the same spirit hetero should stop having, not to have.


Greg, I appreciate our session as the way you reconstituted the essay helped me to understand other techniques and above all a better overview. However I tried to think about your new advice on my essay, as they do not reflect the ones you gave me on my first and second attempt.

Since your former advices was on the expression I will work on those and the restructuration, and on putting forward clearer paragraph, without though resuming further research as you previously said that I did not need it.

is not that is too tough but i have to stay along the logics of what we elaborated as a strategy.

When sh churches condemn suicides as they had no balls to punish or simply stop or not support the bully.

As in order to say to us loving the same sex, don’t do that.

Why not having a go at the oppressors, chaplain ya?

To be promised to a miserable life and have to work while crying, or reviving our dooms during working hours.

Work and destruction.

State of our structuration. But the structures themselves aiming at contention, dissolving.

War                 discrepancy in  progress

Civil war.        austerity

Slavery           peace              redistribution and stop noxorious production. now.

Tell these porks that they are as alive as the british roast.

To speak about religions, but to avoid speaking about the politics behind it.


The “we stop being intelligent to be destructive consequence shortly coming”.


Eih Fat’ma?

On romanticism.

Even me if I could…

So who I am to marry? A fanny is a fanny…

Torture daily is the meaning of social life.

Resist the temptation of violation.

Obtaining what is not deserved.

They call me hybrid, but from such scumbag, it be called evolution.

This is a human statement, still don’t recongnising animals be their equals, and homo being as primitive as in every one genes and as educated as the free way to marry…but of course free marriage means that we all have the right to work and for proportional and fair salary, and the same protection, and the same obligation to bring to all peace and longevity.

On eve or evy = heavy.

Eve, e very.

It is not hypocrisy it is my opinions being various, fluctuating, varying based context and many.

Oit is the conundrum on energy and complexity.


I had to ask her before coming closer, as we were from two different groups. That could turn to be ennemi as we were classified.

To hear art, or see, music or painting whatever may be.

And be boiling wih anger as we jbi know that for having a managed to perform as well we should have done what we did not. That we did not arrange for this depth.

For us to attain. Dept.

Kt to have to resort to crimes to nourish oneself

And to be in a permaeenent threat with justice of defense and injustice of braaching laws.

I am not a lazy person. Life gives us the time for appreciating her for being and having = belonged to it.

Spiritual catering. Reciting. Reseat, Resist, reshift, resift…

a propos broken uk there is currently something with the same title broadcast bbc world service.

Broken Britain”? bbc world

i tried to find it back, i cannot. i still cannot believe how sites such as those of the bbc are poorly performing. sorry for the inconvenience.

To enter the wife, to submitto her or him, one shape and the way it would mould.

To be a virgin as one don’t know one’s body.

To be a man or a waman at the same time, womb ba vagina, or dicky.

And after this be poly.

Virgin, the verge of the gen.


As you told me that my way of talking could make you call the security

To pray in row, while physically touching each other.

Why segregating woman and man, and permit same sex members to pray while being as closeas as flesh touching when kneeling??

How to intervene in fights in order to stop them without letting the victims in lesser and in shame, while all being need blood, and is attracted by it then?

A work community that is not about restricting liverty and live out of other work but about enforcing rights, while retributing duties.

And redistribution comapared to what is performed in line with emancipation and invention as far as they are not braeching other floraison.

Or studying towards the means of peace construction.


Coma pared.


On Work theology.

Prostitution is one…

When there is more an more work, and induced by jobs making so much mess that they would need twice the effort produced, if at all redeemable, to heal the ill effect.

And less and less job that would permit decent living.

-Mother why god is good if society is so bad?

-Because society says that they are religious my love.

Not enough managers to help voluntaring.

As managers are already with w  2 or 3 different revenue sources. Head, lecturer, writer, admin, tutor, …funnier.

Complain made toward society, or one of its functions, taken in order no to restructuration  but abandon.

That the other species have become fed up, sprire spiritually.

That humans are become less than king. Not that they were ruling before, but that up to the world they invade they are liquidating.

Al alk if the weather were like this  before. If people took notes about it was about what bring their harvest back and for the. Forth forscythe.

The males as they think themselves macho in adopting sign of affection, sexual affect, on all other females, should know that they like this opera operate emasculation, if they had any left. Right?





Ask conjugal duty

Religion choose as being already written as books belong to one language and one time and as a set of specific circumstances, therefore the debate can be understood by a very little amount of scholars and can be mastered by none.


What do you do if you don’t drink alcohol but I do not score in seriousness more than th e old choir?

You som smoke, you do have not really consensual sex many times, you send your children where they will comple comple compel to flo follow one route, in order not to be bullied, or to be able to do businesses as being a network or religious values made peepee.

And I d say that the ppope is girly, a girly girl; as I am pissed off as I would have like to live in the same hutches and shackles.

In the street the woman belonging to family coming from “Islamic republic” are pushed into wearing veil or being treated like a easy touch, or worse as a prostitute, meaning that within 10 years in the uk why not being applauded for touching women in the streets if they don’t wear the hijab or why not if they go out a t all?

If you leave, where to go. In London it is ok, it is a city. But who will scrutinisze you for not wearing, maybe for have left your family if it was that they were demanding; or else.

In this London where it is so difficult to exchange telephone numbers, addresses, even withing your own communities, where you don’t meet, or where to go somewhere a regular meeting cost you so much in time and in money due to transportation cons and apartheid.

I find your lecture super pro and deep. As I never study philo maybe if people don’t have question, you could redefine terms. I wish I could not rely on your explaining the abc. Thank you for offering something pushed. We weren’t short of questioning anyway.

Could one not review Heid egger hiding their philosophy from inspection or introspection? Ain’t total.

On his not going out of the nazi party, would have been to negate his work and the search for veracity, (vera = pork in french) on consistence with his work that surely has to hide and not disclose itself, its allegory to greek theology a way of passing by and around having to be overt about ontology. On surrender or circumvent circle and/of event.

Anti humanism as humanism pretended by democracy has finally destroyed the world, similarly when human rights adopt anthropocentric and therefore a blind, blinkered attitude to nature (and therefore its own). As there cannot be control over nature but respect, or else the control we have upon it the equivalent of the dam that at any moment can reveal itself as being able or abandoned onto unleashed overwhelming amount of element the day of its breach or its having use for too long=overused, as unbalancing the natural flow of elements’ shapes, attraction, origin and destination. And drift and draft.

The language possibly the nature of being, as language could arguably being commandments (commencement) or the thoughts or the ideas that conduct man (through animals and its relation to objects) to create or to realize that he will ‘functionate’. Native.

Language as the emission of other lifes and transmission of through thorough  (though rough?) though. The realization of its idea giving birth to evolution, man-made fabrication, behaviors. The results being a spiritual world where everything that is palpable is the result of some transcendental command. But beyond?

To deshumannize, to objectify as the life manifestation would become the box of panorama, or crack of sdown (hauss = elevation in french). Or Pandora.

No do. As objectify even object is dehumanized, as objects are extension of what is the results and aims of human life also objectify = treat object as being without life would be the end of humanity.

Language = being or body. To obey thought, voice, ordinance. Order. sacred language, law.

Sprachte, sprechen. Speaken??/ voiced language.

As being sounds that every move, from the wind to the water flow, can outstream.

Is the origin of thought animal, concrete, abstract, coming from a stone, or dust and the effects of the lights.

Fashism, censorship and (sh)added/hidding meaning.

Fallacy. Fall assis = even though sat, sitting, setting.


Mere made.

Mer = see sea

Mere = mother.

Thought and what could under, tend, stand.

Saw, sew. And why not sue for backing black pudding?

Seal. Heal.

Apocalypse is th e end of the world not the one of our little cells, and sell.

S elf. Health.

Poe try.  De d edgard. Head guard what?

Pot et try, nope on dope. Pto pot, as the food be enough for encountering the divine in our daily life and theme.

Ralla, rally. Rale.

Obstracize, hobbes, obsequious.

MYStification. Mist. And the way we have to conceal or not to be sharing word that acts as missives.

Sour ate.

Miss eve?

In some circumstances you have to avoid playing the card emotional, as emotions would remind people  pea opel of their known, parents maybe, and would put more trouble than to lift the insane.

For him to remind their father was an element perturbator and not sou soothing relation with whom “have I it back” the feeling.

A semblance of competition saturated with brides and disloyalty =  unfair.

Eauality of greeds, apol apocalypse athmosphere.

Kama sutra.

Karma sura.

Plato don’t nique and platitude.

The light of eyes and fire in soul.

The refelction of them into the night and the nocturnal who flashes a like. Tk.

At the paroxysm of their sight, not night but reflection only like plato and the cave where the sun on another planets suffice, infuse, and create the impression of other than ordinary. ‘all cats are grey at night’ but the ones in the light of our condescension, eli i.e elite and sarcasm. Zenith and assension.

Assumption of erasme, erase the knowledge of being plund plunge every night into another deraison.


‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ ban on gays in US military ends – policy banning open homosexuality in the US military has been repealed after nearly two decades.

India’s first married lesbian couple given 24-hour protection –’s first married lesbian couple has been given police protection and moved to a safe house amid fears the two women would be targeted in an honour killing.

Evil, eveil.

Christ off.


To create a brake bread break through you need at least originally two formulated different perspectives.

Would genital mutilation could have been used to render rape with a sexual tool less?


lawyer human rights who want it to get richer, to get the money, are ante christ for what they do and arrange.

A title of folly.

tu sai je voulais quand meme te dire que ta mere compte encore dans ma memoire comme etant un des personnes les plus sex symbol que j ai rencontre. quelle classe!

“the LGBT population in the loop campus is very underserved as a result of the lack of visibility and existence of resources.”

To understand social resources.

To be OUT the window.

Free tread on aid.

Roehampton and free add:

Insert pictures of the tones of foods and perfectly functioning furniture and throw on a monthly basis, while international ads focus on their being green. Pooh.

Indigenous left in makeshift conditions, as if people from ‘mainstream society’ could start helping, alongside helping their nomadic revendications, the camps are so in danger of arson that even the ones that would ethically helped are putting out of mission, by a population terrorized by extinction.

To be poor, to have been caring, to live the simplest live, without aiming at super production.

To exhaust the believes of life recognition, the price to economic assimilation.

Or industrial destructive profit participation, or dire poverty.

I wanted to prove my love.

Her postulate that it was not my wanting to bed her that could demonstrate any.

Reflexion: even though I have got a poor understanding of social outcomes, no. I would not have thought this that way at all.

Address on maybe. Admission and cynical.

The possibility of love, would lower intention and intensity?

U,I write to you this way as I really though tha you would find it poetic, somewhat artistic as you are highly poetic and romancit too. Or is it simply old bigotry all that? Do you have cold feet rather!


The religious apparel as an i.d.

Not like another clothes that say to whom you hang about; but ab u international network, of economic and military clout.

Of course there is hardly as conspicuous as the veil, or maybe could one bear the crucifix on its back as an expository of death, despair, and torture: you must not kill or suicide you must betray and sacrify, that could be more use as a census on establishing the percentage of population. But how many congregation have used, dress code or secret code like the Masons?

To pretend on religious where aims are economic and exploitery, should be one of the most dangerous misnomer and agonizing of the mind. Quarter as a feudal supplice. The ultimate threat of being seen as not respectful while you were at improving knowledge, deed and beliefs.


The circumstances would be inverse I wish hetero would be welcomed as perfect equal within a majority homo society. But here the fear come of orientation perverted as being political outcome.

As there is no sheer hetero sexuality. The hetero are the product of propaganda, of economic and social coercion discreet or less than that.

To be in love will promise that either same sex or other sex passion and marriage before god cannot disappear but rather be the most excrutiating tool that social can use on every individual. The ones you forbid, and the ones that forbids as the condi fon confidence they have in their own appartenunce is the product of lies and bad semences.

But for the love I felt and live or made me live, for my same-sex partners (I wish I culd have been married, but life is love and should not be commanded or commented)

Nota bene: love between two individuals (and marriage or union between two condenscendent but consensual adults) cannot be nor divinely condemned nor humanly erased.

Good luck.

Are hoodies a replicate of religious appearance descent? In other countries they tend to wear sport suits and visor with a cap.

would you consider to ask people if they think that so expensive tuition course, above all in a context of unemployment, and direr and direr working conditions, as work is not free and is loaded of values contradictory to having a genuine beneficient effect on the individual, individual per se or their being a group or collective, population or enviornment.

do they think that further education cost that would put at risk population at risk of endebtment, or loss of independence, as debt, work and study more and more connnected with industry and monopoly, and exploitation and censorship at all levels, and hermecity as for circulation of info, rights and duties, insolating workers, citizens, as having to endure work and nature to be privately and institutionally poisoned, is constitution a breach of human rights, or in fact a breach of laws at all?

Anyhow at work nothing to say even when it is clear and institutional that business are dangerous for the society.

A lot of people fear fundamentalist, but their lifes are ruled the same bar the veil.

The veil with yet again the political and social responsibilities to represent and pushed policies the entire or almost entire women burden.


Gingerbeer – The Lesbian Guide

The POUT Film Festival is almost upon us. See the full lineup here:

The third POUT Film Festival is here!

you cannot say it is our, or my god.

God is to every vr creature and thing.

qg QG WHAT I experiment as a lesbian with the sisters the at practice is a sexual freedom.

To other I migh be regarded as a potential person to avoid as they don’t want to practice flirt with a woman while they are looking for it with males. With abstinent person, the y restrict to every body and therefore might live their sensuality in a less tard targeted way. Or strategic purpose, and massaged felling.

Religions are not worse by these people plying gplaying cool and using forms that hide a backgournd shamefully undemocratic.

Civil society is full of these tiny groups forming an organization, closed and private bureau, to beg money and fund looking like if they were doing so good without pretension.


The good like the clerics will fashion itself, as he lives out of hand out.

Contrarily to governments or clerics of the states or business that live out of thiefes nad destruction both gourps will live out of easiness by irresponsibilities.

Antropo like at ants, when the humans with its little antenna will say ps pa ps ps ps and that ;s it.

How come people people said themselves peaceful religious while letting their religion within, and inside other countries (states, clergy) perpertatuing horrors?

The myth of peaceful religion: beyond theological principles.

What it is that governments and ministry are relying on being fed by poverty after that they have been preaching?

What when people adopt a name that suit their law, governments and everyone practices to give an name of what they are they say religion, while you cannot even say of these things that they are a religion but what have clustered (the churches? The Christian world? Even not) around this same name.

Also to talk about religions in not distinguishing them all, will bring this assumption that for you all is justifiable under the anme amane of god.

After there is worshippers having as discrourse a rather peaceful and all emcompassin theology, but who is the worshipper that talk about peace, that make supposed that they devote their live to religion-as devote one’s lifes to god is not religious it is natural as being are the creature of it- and that would let happen torture, unequal politics, discrimination, riches accumulation, racism in name of a religion?

Or is the peaceful ‘theologist’ hiding bad stuff, as if it is peace than animate your heart then you will campaign in order not to say everything follow god but let’s addressing the horrors perpetuated firstly by people using the name of the religion to deshumanize people and to denature prayers, life and obole.

Or are the worshippers a way of life, a similar dress codes and reithuals withing which of course, formidable speeches are inserted and it is why we need, we have an absolute need for theology, mysticity, philosophy, metaphysics, art and science for good, we have to breathe peaceful messages to live on as for being strong enough to try and make a right from where it lacks and finish and last wrong.

Gays? Pushed into the red quarters and temporary affairs and married life style to survive the rascals.

Gyas? As it would ensue different way of conveying and conceiving family and as family values permit the infamy of unregulated exploitation and closed unit completion? Competition

On the ologics of not marrying the same sex mean than sex are not equal. If I cannot marry a woman because I am a woman and not a man, and that on top of it I have to be with a man because they are men. It sounds like rapt pa rpa rape.

And to have to transfer and sublime your feeling.

Psychology question on behavior out of the mind or body, the thoughs or their barter barer or liability not being contained or not being linked?

After further reflexions; I still cannot believe that I wrote and send. A ‘thank you’  is own to Doctor Nina Power and discretely thanking her too since it slipped again and again; it is far better to have done so in this setting, even if extremely awkward and backward even though, than in a professional rules and vital space.

I therefore have to plead and mitigate as having lost track of the time completely that’s all. This should be in place now even and above in more official and serious context by then.

Could you transfer apology? Thank you, really thank you to her.

I am ashamed, in pain and handicap to have put us in this some kind of quadmire I admit.

But recant never insanes.

Still, seal.



The religion condemning thiefes should then condemn people disrespecting people and nature for their own profits. They would then attack government and ask people to earn from a proportional wages without counting on thiefing and conning and depleting.

What? Religion!

amnesty international some record.

On what is called top dogs.


Chief Executive : Larry Cox, Executive Director

Compensation*: $224,700

Highest Paid Executive: Timothy Higdon, Deputy Executive Director for External Affairs
Compensation*: $225,000

Chair of the Board: Jeff Bachman
Chair’s Profession / Business Affiliation: Environmental Attorney

Board Size: 15

Paid Staff Size: 125

*October 1, 2007 – September 30, 2008 compensation includes annual salary and, if applicable, benefit plans, expense accounts, and other allowances.

Revealed: Amnesty International’s £800000 pay-offs to two bosses

19 Feb 2011 Human rights group Amnesty International has paid more than £500000 in a secret pay-off as a campaigner against poverty, was more than four times her annual salary of £132490. Newest; Oldest; Best rated; Worst rated…
Amnesty International top anti-poverty officials resign and pocket

23 Feb 2011 Amnesty International paid its outgoing secretary general and deputy her previous salary – according to the most recent accounts of Amnesty…

Social.    Occit.

Sexual.   Exit.

To search this subject is essential for LGBTQ rights to be really maintained as they might be at high risk due to people not knowing about them or people that would rather them to be violated. This reality on the grounds might well be translated by verbal and physical abuses to LGBTQ person or the people in relation with them, and more and more difficulties in addressing the subject or its consequential discrimination. This education and normalization will be particularly helpful at university where one might start conceive careers and equal opportunities, could help disclosure and the freedom and therefore support of the communities to express and act on one’s sexual orientation, or simply because university is a whole place of socialization where couples will form and refine their sexual identity. whence the a lot through social gatherings (that could be conceived as a place where a space is left opened for homos representation, I don’t go in other bars as I know they won’t be any one clearly sharing even if a little  of my orientation

Pomme de discord.       bone of contention.

What about microshof not being user friendly for researcher, when you want to search on several docs at the same tiem or when you want to refine a doc, you have to click so many times in order to complete one task that is the equivalent of changing pens or sheets or styles.

What is intriguing is how one that build highly complex program doing just amazing think, almost byiong the believable could not arrange little program so obviously lacking for research to be less of a fordist dig.

Females are not submit. If they agree on not fighting is because of the natural need to reproduce if in danger of extinction. To which extend do this instinct go? Would a self identified ethny would go on reproducting more if they knew that earth is outnumbered bu t that they want their ethnie to go on or their family or their self to go on offspringing?

Homosexuality was reviled as it is a endogene process. And as it could entail the idea if vilified of, exactly like would do morally and mentally brothels, to push on to the genocide of whether the woman or man sex, possibly gender.

If I talk about possibly gender is because I think that a kinda genocide is happening with the consent of both sex in order to put an almighty all mitty and visible control ad as for the way people have to follow behavioral contention, pretension.

Like re rape would be used in order to suppress and overgrow sexuality, yet again used as a torture machination.

A wordl of politeness where one could have build up the holocaust, with saying pleas e come that way I l l show shoa o you, while we cannot answer otherwise than plotliteness

About heart and I really think that the scen e should have been forbidden and brought to a tribulal

It be therefore against showing it.

cool it still sounds a good proposal.

you know i know we are young but i still think that we are young woman, or adult, that is for minus gender issues.

am glad you replied this straight forward.

cool it still sounds a good proposal.

you know i know we are young but i still think that we are young woman, or adult, that is for minus gender issues.

am glad you replied this straight forward.

To feel so much relieve when seeing other ‘cultures’ lgbt, as we don’t feel that the world will eat us by our being out. We feel it as being international. We feel free.


Respect once.

And if percing was related to piercing or self-harm or self-degradation.

Looking his pianist hands and think that ok I could and will have to play as long as my hands are not so muscularly burstion.

To see it permitting me to stop whingeing aobu t the pain I get when I start their moving. And think do like the artists when you have to perform close your eues and in your face will get ot be land away the pain.



to be psychologically manipulated or informed but in order or having ofr rsul results sluts not being able to concentrate on something else than psychological or movements (space and movement) baabay sitting.

To be doomed to the death penalty will depend on oyour being black as convictions and dfense will vary according to:

The witness

The jury (who will be ruled out, replaced, if they are agaist the death penalty!)

The investigation

The lawyer you can pay

If the population would like to see an execution as one want to be reelected as a general attorney is voted inot their position?.

If the population is mostly of white background.



Je uis suis. Jesuit, je suis suivais.


The impoortance of acerting one’self within one’s own family. As they will be the paragon ofr our potential discernment and not stubbornness but convictions about the cruciality of seccession.

The inner tasl to stop other’s exploitation, the outer tasl k to begin loving the fit fight that is living in the puirsuit of not happiness but reason.

To be critical of a group as being newer to our eyes, or maybe the objects of an ignorance that will bring light on our own preconceptions. And renew the judgment we have on the gourp we know better, or not, as it were not anylonger, or never were the objects of assumption revaluation.

I wanted to apologize for the impediment as well as protecting my right to justify or explain my past actions. If you ask me to come to a meeting would it be in relation with the quality of my expression?

If I sent the last letter it was more than superfluous maybe but I don’t regret my sending as I had to make sure that doctor nina power would not be questioned about my past unfortunate writings.

If it is to mention that my participation in the classroom I d like to know for which professors my style is not successful and I will mute myself altogether even if sometimes I took the liberty of interrupting as in order to speak up about what seemed to me fundamental ethics braeching .

For th e letter I sden to you and greg. I did not certainly want to speak about nina at a personal level ever. I send you this letter as because I thought that I could still express myself on this subject. My personal position is that it might be difficult to liaise as a student in their hierarchic public activities and I personally think that it is anti-democratic.

As for the style I use as long as they are not marked essays on which ‘informal, informed or unformed, unacademic’ style is not admit it is still legal to express oneself this way. You would be my employer, which you are not, and would mind my writing, without saying that it d be easy to find a employer other style tolerant, I would try to find an institution or organization willing to read other frame than the ones offered and registered by universities.

If it is about other issues, entailing my behavior, I cannot even imagine what wrongs could have been seen.

If it is about other letters I sent to nina, I would like you to know that I agree without restraint to punish anyone who would threaten her in anyway. Also since I saw you, at the first  interview, I can be cond

What I mean by that, and that should underlinge since now it is chiare by the administration of the department, it is that I did not disobey.

However you asked me not to send anymore material to her, who is yet agaon an active political promoter, and it is on this subject that my past letters to you were: I really don’t think you have any authority at all in that matter. If doctor nina p well she should go to the police, but I never meant any harm to her, and as I said I want tom aintina my right to participate as well as being inquisitive and up to date on what the activities of a public figure ‘shall’be.

David, I ll never forget your name, but optionally you can marry a man. If discretion is not enough to erase the trace of your shame. Not taling about homosexuality you are well too cowardly conformist to not be homophobe.

The beauty with people justifying their being respected by doing something ‘good’ ia is what people do it because they have not choice?


Res plendor.

It is what I said in this letter I just state that

In a deif diffrente way or whyis it that other or alternative writing should be the prerogative of the poets legislator or the poetry opeetry  or opera on war.

The vampire could be this character-creature reminding the other animal jaws’shapes with protruding canines. They will incise the jugular, muni of a vacuum or aspiration system taking the blood into its own jugular stream directely?. The advantage of its technique could to convserve the food as the prey is still alive then the prey is the fridge.

Eleven th.



Hen end.

Usual in use.


a threat to national security

Following the adage

of Chief Justice Robert Jackson that ‘[t]he Constitution is not a suicide

pact’, civil liberties and due process, he implied, should not get in the

way of national security.

However, the doyen of the ‘torture lobby’ was the Harvard law professor

Alan M. Dershowitz, a celebrity after his defence of O. J. Simpson

and a self-proclaimed champion of civil liberties. Dershowitz

deployed the notorious ‘ticking bomb’ argument that had been used

by General Massu’s paratroopers during the ‘Battle of Algiers’ in

1956–57. On the basis of a hypothetical scenario, in which a terrorist

is captured who has knowledge of a primed bomb that will kill

hundreds of people within twenty-four hours, it was claimed morally

justifiable to torture the suspect to save those lives.


C.ET: I would agree on this argument, but what national security is building contrarily to global security, and therefore the security of each of its componenets. And then when does the case of the ticking bomb actually happens? Never ro so.

Society would be efficiently controleed in order to avoid these dangers…but the dangers then would come from the controls…as the preetablish fashion and iam aim. Are the exploitation or destruction of others.

Specialists selected from the ighest position will direct the politicians, unknowing other affairs than their parties, to drive the countries in the wall. Just giving ideas on how to go on with the same institutional errors as these specialists hiss themselves t o the top approb ving these mistakes and using them as a way of accumulation of power. Terroer.

counter countries



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Hey All,

Right now, almost 80 countries around the world make it a crime to be gay, lesbian or transgender.  In 10 of those nations, you can be sentenced to death or life behind bars.  The majority of these nations share a connection – they are members of the Commonwealth – an organization bringing together 54 nations to discuss law, society and economic development.

The leaders of the Commonwealth nations are gathering this week in Perth, Australia where their Secretary General, Kamalesh Sharma, just gave a courageous speech calling on each of their countries to finally stop the criminalization of LGBT people. It’s historic, but hardly a done deal: Forces within the Commonwealth are working double-time to silence Sharma and others.

We need to support Secretary General Sharma […]

In fact, the British empire was often responsible for first introducing their colonies to a maze of Victorian era laws that made it a crime to be gay.  Many of those laws survive to this day in the now independent nations of the Commonwealth.


Website Link:


To believe in a social conspitracy and thus missing the spiritual and paranormal panorama that link people actions without them consulting.


If hteresexuality was here to boost some of these instincts: exacerbate males sexuality, minimize females ones that conduct agrressivity as the burgain to obtain sex will not be consensual as homosexuality is banned. Or render prostitution lucrative or if not so a full time employment and render marriage dangerous and unfulfilled or humiliating.


Masculine. Max.

Feminine. Min.

Masculine. Max. muscle.

Feminine. Min. flex. Flame. Flux. Flegme.

If a guy wants to protect the treasure of a female he would be soon broken by the village that want to exploit her for a cheap quicky.

As muscles is emploid and deply in waste and aasservissment , as intelligence is sold.

It is hwen I reckon that what if I feel for my mother should be what I feel for another woman. War.

I was approximatively 7. A winter evening approximatively around the same time. It is dark and in the sl sky the wa aswtre you can fix, that you don’t depart with. My mum is the moon. My mum in the sky.


You said a propos these prodstitues that have subit a genocidal act, a grime against humanity, thing, whose perpetruators and authors actually, as they feature heavily in the fiml.

It would have been you

You would let people wathing the film for araising awareness.

Shall we proceed? Don’t even want to mention in what I would have just said is a crime in itself to propose it.

Did, will.

Deed, oa oa patrimony.

To impose sexuality, above all when you make differences. Inciting heterosexuality while condemning homo, or inciting prearranged marriage targeting certain classes, while being derogatory to others.

Is a negative rapist attitude. It is about objectifying bodies and plotting stories according to one’s own fancy, forcing into some behaviours while threatening some similar others. It is enforced pornographic understandings.

To be treated like a minorities, when you are a majorities as one is supported to grow by outsiders communities and by insiders to propel and propagang the way one shall to clad in and spouse with and believes and how to breach others’ dignity and how to be as spiteful of other freedom as to lie, swear and blaspheme to god with evil for and in mind that is a story of morality.

Hiss lamb.

‘to do something for, due, own to the sky’s love.

S ky skies.

Kyte, hype, hicke,

Homosexuality trends are horrid for people experimenting them, all of you, basically, like it is for the homo of what is learnt about the vilify hetero that force his sexuality.

Is that we have been taught to associate this appeal to repeal, and once we manage to stop feeling bad about ti, it is our child that is brought back, our natural and loc logical trust, the young year that we reconstruct l doing so. Also to associate sexuality discovery or wiinning and at the same time to cure the evil that since childhood we have to bow is calling sexuality and our young age. Very emotional and possible source of confsustion or ill at ease in deed.

Ease, east.

in our lives there is no person more central that oneself and what we can borrow, belong or lend.

Life is one.

Be it a holy war in that case it is not more a question of religion and their false practices and believes.

And their goers, believers pretending.

Prtending? To the throne of what religion has for head, poverty for ammnunition and vomited richesses for pardon.

The just? The extreme unction.

The fundamentalists pretend that words are risen against holy books, whereas as much as they are holy no words might be risen against them, as holiness and real concern for humanity can only win all bells

But issues torture for whom critizize them or the, even when sincere, ony pat partial translation of a word when its context, meaning, and counsel have to be taken as much devoted to peace as reble. Rev bel.

The books are a called sacred books for this reason and this reason only: they have to be read in that spirit.


Some could say of the next rulers, even if the rules are stupid I would do good with them…if you accept stupid rules just in order not to fight for reason and freedom, you will have to treat as you treat the subject and as it will treat you indoors. Like whores.


Mid-thirty, twice that and it’s seventy. Retiree whose life is not as much political as servile their career has bee.

In the uk soon will be the aborigenes. Please, please I am french and I did not wrote vote for sarkozy or id id did if it’s the poles that are about to stone or hang me.

wrote vote






“Heat makes gases expand”.


Always, all ways.

Never, v nave era, error.

= + or 888* multiplied.



Heter9 or homophobia can derive of telling oneself whom I would get reid of if I have no choice.

The demon’s dilemma.








Fori, foire, fair.

enjoy your trip in croatia. it could be interesting to know what their point of views on the Bosnian genocides.

The prison that is work, the camp that where one has to produce more and more threat for humanity and its spheres.

No work for the prisoner as prison is enough to condition them to main society.


An rat.

An tsar.



i ll stop working on facebook it is always bugging don’t want to spend hours sending a message anylonger

though it is super cool to exchang hyperlink.

a possible begining of a draft for presenation of the festival’s ethics

to study the night maybe to see the film beforehands in order to know about the evening.

a possible begining of a draft for presenation of the festival’s ethics

December 10, anniversary of the 1948 Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

whiscat. Wh wit cast.

Unic horn.

Lick horn.

The so called religious now have for competitor the ancient one that are now in other forms called capitalism, liberalism, alternativism. All more interest in their own survival or lifes over any other and the concept of reason and labor, labeur.

Perhaps the fact of being intelligence in the circumstances one decipher the better, is the sign of being all the more horrible.

Peu chere, hardly expensive.

To feel the quasi desire to be torn apart, when the activities we cheirished, that was the compound of all feelings and its ticklish, are not any longer feeding the object, eve. Be eaten to stop unsieve. To desire it if it was the ea weay we could go apart in being assimilated.


Nave her.

This sound o in the night that is as hollow as life and a crime.

D on’t think am homo, is detestful as much as homo or hetero that rules money and pierce the heart.

As hollow as a cavity.

Co it.

Cko hit.

Cuckoo. Cul co.

‘oit of my liies’ lifes.

To go less o ashamed of this genital or genital area, as they are used in animal language t o let t know about the possibility of the having to deliver a fight.


Tohe (toy) shadows is how one’s form melt with matter and lumiere luminosity.

Inside might get involved a whole world that we only can start guest guessing it.

The artist is alone, as who is gonna read him really.

No one. To try these folly task one should be in love.

The one that peruse or try to understand are doing it in one account the wider debate, or so. But who reads you? Even not reread ourselves,reread oneself is too painful tod o , pany tod oh. To say that I am insane or limited or convulse to say and say again what it is not in my heart but intelligency make it compulsory.  it is too rude penible to do so.

S w zwr zero.


the equivalent of reading the scriptures loving the spirit but saying that those ones would have been the buttress of our defending our inventions of inhumane law.


The conjugal love, love shared and inspired, a partner with who to pray.

a partner to pray.

To think.

The ink.

Sl spirituality cannot be but common, as it is when a phenomenon is lived and recognized by more and then many, that the path of the vi voice, god or the evil, or one’s fancy, intensify.

To hear one s consciousness by the whirr of one’ s computer or it s ve da deal and bi bi vibration with gravity, my computer, my? Mate. The why spirits let human have the idea to mal a make as it[s living..

Common awaresness is conscious or morale, decide. Deus cide.

Dieu and reason, rea son. The child or shielf f sj shield. Field. Held, old.

I fi move my head I can see rays transgressing.



And what if I renounce or depart from what I know that will be pathing. Pa ther thing. Pater, pat her.

Pat air, earn.

Repeat a sentence so man y times that the sense of having to change or continue its meaning becomes evidence.

Obe viously.

Vice are.


Abbey obey.

Obey, hiss. And hoist prêt.

Pluralism and establishment of a corpus, that could have the self ability to spot inconsistency of claims and real interest = long good life conductive ot another long good life.

higher education a same opportunities at equal proportional financial investement story.

I admirably manage to stop checking your website every 30 seconds but every week.

When I equally manage to check mine at the same rate or when the amount of work renewed was worth posting and durably.

Obssession. Obese observant. Love and addiction. Nourish a time that stops. Without all its portion.


Distinctive lens.





Rea mines.

Rese archers.

Raise, res, rise,

Homosexuality a taboo as go under the radar of jealousy.

Couoples then don’t have to worry, or consciously or officialy, about sexual exchange, or of sensuous, bodily like nature between friends and ackaintances of same sex.

It is also the code of apartheid where closer contact or demarche and demeanor is permitted between same sex only, or same class…

The rest staying of the domaine of domination in the sense of threat and property = I can approach you as being object or social trophee or the head going with the estate, the chattel.

As for fornication I d argue that real reproduction would take or a system of incrimination or no intercourse but the simple 1 s of getting together two eggs. Therefore hetero that think is natural because of reproduction should be waiting for the mind to wish not the sex, not the make love but the desire of human being creation.

The headache on internet, strategic like others. It is not a conspiracy theories, it is like in all industry it does not work or it work dirty or badly it is a slave story or it is an abuse story. However the work is undone or done noxiously people even though they know the recipe to better ordinance won’t life or lift a iota. And everyone is spending hours debugging computers and searching though engine that will ask for 10 different pins and 100 erratic actions or repetitions before opening the doors to a product that are the results of this mediocrity, as our obligations and competition selection

And if suing happiness in the sense of tis image of the personal life family, lesisure, social, jobs, reputation, goods fulfill full ill lill is taking lifes apart in suing an image layed before the eyes diverting from the torture that still manages to produce in fields- and give away against participation in harm some of the fruit of endemic epidemic starvation- opulence contentment.






Religious groups or squad?

Not protecting but outlet for greed.

Is it a problem?

As who, or by whom earth is head, heed?

Spirits and demons, that it is the exact reason why we still appear at some furtive glance, glamorous and nicy. Why so? Because oen manages to shut the knowledge of deliberate harm, or to think about else or to assess and comptemplate what  the possible impunity in which oe is gonna profit from the crimes, or stop communicate with the person or creatures one have in front of and start talking gleely at the entity that would promise their brotherdom to be reduce to nil, to communicate with the concept and probability that they in servants and future reminder of mine main remains they will soon or later become.


Jesus and marie are but one.

Jesus on the cross and in the same gesture recueilli, ip open are arem are arm by the pieta.

As its on ly suffering to life after that.

Or in the believe than god, it be from and o doing the same than contemplation open to the hearts that redeem onf ce and if wll be forgiven to repentance will never forget what are the relieve hence.

My life is a hareme as every woman remind you, every living is the hope that the paradise of the thinking that brought me to your marvel. You woman that sink that my love is sexual.

; p-ink.

It is sexual in the tremblance that all my energy would synerge in also the moment where my body open to zenith, open to clouds, and to extreme, open to death since this love won’t finish where my flesh despair of not being your slave-ry.

Ere heavy.

Stopping asking questions on the future, fu true, fut rue as the highest command is to the best do.

And if the love I bear for you between us won’t o come through, it is but with him that the better I could move was in fact from you.


Anarchy could be the demands of keeping any kind of opinions and actions possibly in the doing and in the display, and thus not having to bow to not only standardization but all pervasive standardization.

To agree with a paper, and then to notice that is way of relating notion or events are biased or superficial or otherly connoted, or partial…

And find out the treasure of saying what has not been related, recounted, rl relater.



Genl tle man.

Gent la gent masculine or feminine.

The caress that is said sinful on you would draw the most lightning.

To pamper, coax and indulge in the catering of your body fuel address by em em me   the all night long. Long of my seeking sinking into your hi ar hair short or long evity.

To be or belong with to ward: you.

The making love, these moment where my nights are as sleepness that the black of the blood in an afternoon ensoleile.

These moments where you lie in the arms of mor h pheys, us, metamorphoses, I am your guardian a niv ouai ou est way.

Mort fee.

Making love to you while you rest.

My skin touching yours in an embrace of theme.

Thin nering my breath in order you to fill the dream made of you

And the time serene.

Pink red and with wihite


Waken nup as i forgot to swich off my baby lf of a computer joney

Desyh hum umanisation of the service, the entire industry. The way you have to perform your jobs and the products and means of it.

hum umanisation

Homosexuality manage, organise as a priviledge become the focus of the h jealous.

I should not have given my love and responsibility away; and ti is thus et c est ainsi that ii wll go far and dangerously in order to make up t with the sacriledge commit. Of having left my cat thinking that I could not take me everywhere in other countries with me. My travel lonely a logic, a suit, a deserved, a chosen, decisive, incisive, planned and intented. Purr suit, shoot offsprings. Shoot tings. Pousse.

Pheus fall us.

Fee fait

She was an hetero but no one could touch her, no make male. And for her lel lesbian? Same applied.


Ram or. Rameaux.


One observation that would come from standardization, is that all human beings at work and when in representation in os society are smilling and don’t disagree with the policies and the way work is conduct; only when they find a way of molesting some if not more ingenious an attitude more adult or less productive of everything, to begin by poisin

What make us all criminals.

What is gonna be left o fhumanity but the thought they have generated.

And the thought like il islam hill lamb say is a thought counting when sincere, as sincere thoughts will give away the will a voice for it to be souret. Hooray,

As the light only some of the all wll demonstrate.

A monstruous attempt at make sens o f the good will disfrom form and from hideous metamorphous shall be shown.

To explain plane, pal in, in so different circumstances. The artist or pro on multiple scales ri evise.

To allow her on my body as she was alone, permitting my spirit to deliver what thought foregone, the envye anvil desire of the old that I could not permit ermit myself as she was not sole.



The language develop as ti is tole told = the style that emerges the one pushed by publisher, academics. The girdle of propaganda that will demand rather that ask to deliver under a shape that will be controlled and recongnize as being ‘bourgeois’. The city that explose, the city that enclosed.

India man, very gestural sexually.

Me very biaised.

Till I manage to see that the woman were also. As lo conveying sexuality but as strong as homo.

Calm me down.

Promiscuity and the way one bounds or discart, ecart.

To take a shower with the pel easure and deliverance that would be of taking one after being deprived of water for months. To stay under the stream and all the sudent the purity, the neutrality of the water being replaced by the average corosivity of the products and chemical that we are in habits to pour at every cornes and centers of bio and people habitat.

To enter a profession and obey its calasses, class mass: medieval corporations.

These periods when I bit my nails off without noticing it.

Whne sleep deprivation lead my live not as I walk but as  the clouds a want let me unpressed the angriness that needs to go an d come out of the interaction of a third war inwards of hospitality.



My cat was living with my best friend, unknow of my attacks. And yet again if felt free of targeting the shark he a little bit. Eh.

Communism on camping.

It is reassuring they are super bright tone.

The mum instead of being fancied as one could replicate the desire of the spouse and parents in the family, will be seen as a provider, a servant from whom no sexual but domestic interpersonal relationship will be subject of the focus. Nor loving but financial. Not spiritual but materialist. Not cultural but economical.

On counter and ber eacin eaking educator primary power.

Not that to say that will be lost the influence by any way but the one of becoming secondary, interceding with second degree, more psychologically, more delay or in the waiting the moment where injustice is understood after having been sinked in and then revenge and most intense without concession transe towards the redeem.

Humans used to die earlier.and now they die after, the caring relationship as exclusive as


Lay fall.

The trasnsparancy in our doing is dangerous as would we be quick a enough on the solving or will horror speeding towards institutional records and persevering on the love of the damaging.

Alcohol prohibition, as no need for it.

Not against the plants quality and absorbtion. Just need to avoid killing plants.

Meditation in nature or culture. Where universe empowered and whelmed.

But am for ‘druids’ or ‘doctors’ or ‘herbalists’…

If not institutionalizing poisons and swelling selling of false meditation, indi induced folly and addiction.

But on prohibiting poison.

Shit and stick.

On drugs being suicidal prized for consolation.

Honest solutions are avoided as they would bring about problematic in theories and realities. But one cannot offset the endemic problems of not tacking knowsn disgrace by not surrounding them in saying that we are in terra incognita.



To suck the blood like a vampire in wanting an extract of your gene as, whilst you take my semens in your jean.


This love of the day that manages to deturn the whole attention I nurture for years of my love for this first the sole woman that touched me.

This love of the day that takes all my strength, hiper hope and s disasrry . the one that hide th love of the nignt that will surge when the day will explain ti was mocky. The night under which every converge and verse into demency. The last of demons I would salute, my last thought, that come back in the middle of my life without lass being lasser, sans u que c se lasse, lace lacet.



The bal black that will recap renferme my thought and body. The soul where she might be aspired towards fire and avenge, when love will have ot punish its enemy.

Personal love a taboo, as everything is permited to trandsform and e ddesire under conjugality.

Th e realms of sould souls and battles I could finish if you were asking me.

To live for a plot, where the birds would be our children and the iar air the li air for company.

As with you I could know notice and persuade any micro element to become supra to the supreme. From here I know I could change there for the eternity.

You the woman, or rthe person that promises love. Promised missed. Pro mise en abyme.

Torride. Tort ride. Wrinkle. Torus.

Jacky sorry for the too brief answer yesterday I could not stay log in.

I still argue that ineter personal relationship or communication does not imcombe to the university fo to fjuged or punishe as I am on the side to allow them as long as they would not impair the due process of marking, fairness, equity and would not be used as a trick towards ‘social captital’ a way of asking for being favorised or priviledge compared to the ones who ‘only’ used formalistic way of communication.

For what I have to regret to have sent, it is just for this exact reason or rational of the institution, it is only prose that are no one but mine, in therm of interest. Or my own interest protection, i.e don’t suffer from opening up.

me it is the fact that you make appear the so called disruption that i am said to trigger during the learning session that i found unsustantiate and innapropirate.

Above all whenyou make it appear as trivial as not specifying what you meant, in which circumstances or occurrences, with whom, and what could have brought a more opiniated attitude if any

The writer writes for somebody. A bode.

Chance, hence.


To agree on one topic but needed counter idea in order to exect ute the concept in term appropiriate to all concerns-that brought previously ano tagonism to the ideas, antagonism needed in order to implement it will full awareness of what could have been its nefectarious aspects, chich were contered by an altogether reful sal of it to take place at all.

And if h.r were backed as is ‘morality’ just in order and as so fra r that one can transform their meaning and currency into another realities satisfying their facilities.

Historical materialism. Will fininsh in human being a product.



Indivisible, ovid.

Rape the innocence, as willing intercourse with people that incite violence and vulgarity are not any more sex but prostitution or body humiliation have lost all excitation ae not more than vulgarity, predatory training in saying go and reape traumatised and enslave the future exploited.

International commi unities letting happen violent government not because they cannot morally and logistically could intervene in the aims of helping not accaparing, but it is more lucrative to let it like that as indirect threat to other populations, including its own.





At tain.

Ust to retain in e memory these silhouette that make me dream of having the care of one-women.

Still in this abilities, as the figures of those I have to remind as dangerous for my family could be, are thy?


Thy, vie.

Lack, cal.

Cole. Eloc ution.

Coal, lock.

It is love that or hate, but could be hate the how one has to protect love, even if often displaced and misplaced, that mange to bring you in some other lands, where spirit oblivate social and trunken, corrupt norms to oblige the person that you lach lack. hack.

Genocides in cases of pluar alism and hermecity, endogenous? marriage.



Capture, caption.

Ile i.e I have nothing to confide. In response to the invitation. And certainly less so to entrust to the very same structure that forge the gor forbiddance of my intimity.

Confide, con-fine.

To sing in a choir and e fell feel that the tenure of the voices assembled coud crush any measure.


Religion and question of death, as we don’t manage to live saint, ain’t.

To search as I am being told to do so. Anyway in each experience embedded a friend unlike the foe that is hould cagould avoid to be. Mummy. Hum. Moth.

When does a mum become another woman? Without cessing to be a mum but to be ind to be taken as another.

Indefine. Never, maybe.

The female training at piercing the I air.

The amale at the stone, the ground.

To fulfll the air.

Or the stone.

The puke more cretinism of any peason as they a take everyone as lower in spirit that the serf they would  like to command according to recommendation on how much have to be presented of intelligence and enervement.

Pretending that they would venge their doaughter in a casce of seuxual harassment when the harassment o comes from machoisation and criminaliation of homosexuality sentiment. Couple and sentiment.

Snentinel. Sempiternetl.

She thought that she gave me an opportunity to feeling, thinking than hypocrisy and falsity were better than my widow, that I adored I was adoring in convictions that could have brought me after life in a easier path to offring rand sprand my mind and way yaw yave yehova.



The language is just reproduction of the sound that creep and crepite crakle all around and in my joint when my shoulder against my ear a make the air dance and respire. One day I will do a list of what sound word in egnlish and all other tongue might inspire.

Intestine, birds, contraction, metal, clinking, claking, retention, drops, water suspension, light and warmation .


Idea and language are easy, what is not is to love when hate shows that it can take and destroy the very life you made for it. For what?

Love. Ev ol.

Eve hole whole evolution.

Holy spirit.

Carnation. Carne.

Father and son, made a lady ?

Lady. Ydal. Ideal.


Hetero want to be the natural thing to say as it imply the possession of a person. We have to cooprat perate peruse meaing …

Finish holy liberty.

Ot yhr the fear to have to finish impair uneven and the foly of accaparation that it could dechainer.

Effort put weight formation spiritual of emotional information sensational unearthy grave e.t.

The laugh that hide anxiety, the smile the cry, the politeness the w orw row.

What will avoid death, the common? Come on.

What match the pink? Better the grey.

Egr erg

Ink, ray.

Far fraternity rat eternity.terne. light francas, franc sait. Rat-tar.



Like a toilet is art.

Similar to what is coming from the mouth dim a language. Langue, lan , gusto.

T his.


T hat.

Voue vous cap  pack

To see the world I n a psychotic syndrome way, ehere the perpetration is commitedd by the hand and not the person I entirely. Which of course can provide an interesting, intelligent and mystic view of the body but that has ful fuel believe in amputation towards punishment…that are not more justice by but desacrement.

The desire for a vampire as the human rlation ship are so destructuiev that one by the supranatural should want to be eat en hit.

Stab bats

Not going and live in southern countries as very high unemployment.

Not anymore same training for teachers, no national effort at gathering standards


The honest author has to think to balance its viewpoints. However when it focuse on one subject this blance cannot appear as it would take too much research, risks, disclosure, links, and place.

Also it is of the readers’ responsibilities to understand the text limitations and partiality.


Suffering when we act normally, in making gesture and rituals that or else would have never thought faulty, or at least to circumspect.

Res trict.


To have stopped listening music. But resume and get impregnation through a life musician whose body put sound, melody into action. Act hound.

Keeping art, keeping art and protecting it through live itself as whatever horrors are at the doors or the center of our rituals. Keeping us knowledge and elaboration as the sole way of going along with existence as a motor to love against torture tor rut.



Mare gene.

Are porks only are men?

dirtying humility virtue.

True vi.


True vi.

Dance like the way one lives, suffers, thinks, creates, views, organizes. Og rgams.


Invocation to the moon and all elements would bring the body to extasy, of being unbroken, and with them enchained.

In chained, Inch.


The woman I respect but that would hav wished my mother be different while she acquiesced on my liberty.

Praying through love that love not prey would have made me.

A lesbian, you can’t find a dick.

But one can find their thrust.

Their, trhere.

) the legacy of colonialism, of religion

There is people that seems nice, smooth, able to some extend to lead their sheep. One of a bigger problem with whom enjoy cohesion, that are in th e business of the artifact of gen-er-al satisfaction, are the irredent lesion of them having for sole pleasure and objective to listen to themselves.

‘torche, torchure, torture.

On lights never switch off. Which kinda desire?

Sexual energy as the threat to being sensed or the reproduction and protection survival energy.

Energy that will be scented inevitably; for in your mind might bring other kinds of beyond prosperity.


To rest pedophily on the fact that one is not gay and therefore have to forge the infants and older not to be, in traumatizing and conditioning, the ultimate having to focuse on not get into raped on being.

Tht ter tears coi coming from the eyes strained to have looked for survival and there their, its love going away.

Terra. Torn, storm. Womb and worm.

As fashiste as if you touch the person I love and I cannot do nothing for stop this definitively, then it is the option of expelling for good from the possibility that indulgence should not be permitted.

As fashist as me.

Ex: circumsition.

Sociologist and cultural relativist

Or like say it is ok for you aborigine, in n knowing that each religion might be a treasure of loave and peace and the next dayunberable bliss, cease.

It is enough like that you life with a tarpolin accoros your face, bache.

Nothing we cans ay.

Thiking that people are backward, when no one is but will relify for the vengeance of having been dismisded. Even the scape goat of thes groups can see on e thing it is that what happen to them are regarded as well deserved. Logical, culturally refined, an apex, apol. Logy. Appal.

On the reversal of the logic of slow or less suffering and ex-term-mine-innate.

‘to be sick that people assume I am sick’


To let things so bad, and get worse in order for everyone at one point ot say of a group that the only solution be eradic.


To work people towards the third world war. Bu t whom to is to blame for unemployment inside.?

Appal. Haper

If I were you I would ask what he did not find reasonable, or more diplomat don’t you think that asking for the guest to be announced was a good idea. See how he responds.

what i would think very interesting is to provide to people access to right camera action. it is full of link and interesting as for the festival elaboration

and their venue being organize and improve

“mail, male”

Not able to communicate at the inter personal level while at work, if effective in avoiding the curse of people selecting and retributing other people at work not for their skills and efficiency

As the problem of decrease in true marriage as one is more likely to find one’s match where they ideally choose to

I am in a way inferior to you, and as slaves, I won’t be peri mit to marry.

Abondonned by one’s parents and ready to go to war.

But most ready to defend the one that is loyal.

Religion and marriage is the promise of one.


As everyone would do anything to have one in heaven.

As it is explain practically have it this way or you are the eunuch, or socially castrated.

It trivialize marriage at it is view as being the compulsorily way, while matching carreer, views, way of living, are the product of much work on itself and perpetual and perpetuation of maturity.

i have been given this subject for a module. look what i found. did you know about that?”

to bef g for you to be the one that I d follow until eternity.

And her?

I don’t know, neither. You never nod me.

N eve her.

As bud, as a clito.



Massage it open.



Guat rd.

Masturbation and thrusting.

Body are the frutit of activities and environment envy, the well being toward which one can assemble, the suffering that one can fender


To love life only becasuse it permits to walk, sniff, and feel the time goes by, sieve, file, messies.



Cultural biases are nothing but straight dangerosity of strength declinivity.

about further info about guests what we can do is to provide julian with those, for the web, we can be as descritive as we want. could you proof read what i write at the end. the written bit

To see I am for it without having entering in details and further outcomes of the procedures. Easy.

yes am for it.

but in matter of depth, it is pushing one’s luck.

sorry but what are you for? Or being for, for what service?

fixed entity, in this world, in this life that is move : love pursue, or research of identity, for th e more bureaucratic humanure account i.d. A to Z? lay.

Blindness and the power to see in the light, the shadow.

To write, what for as when your work is gone the way it reads is nothing to do with what it shall say.

As there is no property, as the object belongs to itself in the sense that is should have rights in order for tis safety and continuity to be if not preserved, not haremless or harmful to other purposes than artic artist day.power, empowered the sweat of what history brough, the material that are on the verge on being transformed on from ex slave to new slave owner.

Objectivisation as considering things without consideration have brought us to the box open? The earth if passing away will have us on betray.

Try all.

The court for justice a moquery like a doll house looking after a hujungle of assasins.

Ass a sins


You see jacky I spent hours copy paste my contacts, searching them, try to switch off to the last version which has been made impossible without assistance of yahoo staff, who repeat twice or thrice the same question…though I like my boxmail.

with techincal problem it has bcome a night mare.

address contacts don’t load.

i sent this as i think it is important to acknowledge impediment, mayhem and other errors…that what make aid us humane. on pardon.



To help you. I would of course hoe pefully dong doing what I, as a particular person, results and process and aims, imagination and living, do my bit towards peace, harmony, celebration of the lifes that accompanied me.

But if I help you it is because I love as what you do has for deepest meaning not what I exactly would have done, but each move I make to it is alleviate by the thought that it is a link to more provit bity.

On why close relationship on civil and professional effort is no permit, to anybody.

Would we be engaged that we would have to hid in order not to be socially halvced.

Ex: to hide it from employer or associate. Lecturers.

The desire about which we stop thinking, as the sole one is you, as you in term of existence, for my sole need.


depth identity.


Onde. Proof, sonder?

Pro, ante, post.

Ante, hanter.

Haunted, hunted.

Huntered, entered.

depth identity.



Debt ?

To leave the brutm th e rough metal the ideas and sounds are there all euqual, all euquals.

With for refined, to give it more class? I write luxury to load more would be non sense. And although I did, as hours have not ime, to say in what sense direction lay the lad.

Fucking day.did I say I am ploly.

It is that so not bogus to celebrate a e religion htat failed is sole but not unique fucked like lay function.

I am not witchy but those would who insist on reading or on eliminationg me, this.

Fucking day.did I say I am Polly.



I touched the food to check I heard that he mentioned he had brought something.

As human saying are so hidden, unfranck or hypocriticall. As they hid their purposes as they are demoniac or hid tham as they respond to the horrors of haing to get ready to ‘kill and others’ responding too khaving to do it as you are being threathning of a even more digusting end as you are the target of humans, in fact walking dead that are whispering to you that they would like you gone just because they want us blood.

And the re is the not so much as hypocrisy but the idea you cannot speak out or if not even if they invoke liberty, or intelligence or all that, would be reveived with heealousy, the one that they will regret, even me, they will live to regret. A walking dead  story.

The imperfect thought satisfactory as one’s act on it could meliorate it.

Art and participatoty.

We are the machines of learning and cognition. What do we remember else than names, status, conditions. Wha t is left of our time in life is the new trick to operate survival. Prey ate. What about other remembrances they are none but a few images of the time of leisure and topics spend with our love ones. The humor. Maybe why incident s are ‘needed’ in order to mark one’s memory or disarray.

The new trick dog  of survival whatever it is called technogolie logy goal and render you the actors of more complication that won’t be use to free nobody or the way you have to live or them to be used to conserve your, us jobs and security.

To observe animals and to remind myself humanly thinking yes but if I was not learning, how could I stop the fight orchestrated. Animals cannot do that they are not all linked and regis.

And now thinking at how people are victims and perpetrators encouraged and happy of what is worse more than any species have thought of doing? Or at least will have to live in thinking that it is in this state of if not awareness, as are we aware, no more than the other species, just more specifities shared or put in curriculum compulsory to arrive to the conclusion that there is not plague plekdge  of plurality that will manage to sp top you release liaise e realizing that you will have to live as a species that is that structruring.

And I can see them, us si smiling thinking I could start focusting on my hand to create what I am thinking of it, or ban, or foreboding. And in a few generations could have the same human abilities my offpring. But we say saw what human did. We know that they would kill us as mutant.. what we do is run and observing searching for food, avoiding at the same time concerntration camps and nuclear chemical oblivion, we eat, we think.

The sacrifice has a pyramidal effect. You don’t kill people pretending you think they are satan or somewhat. You do kill them in saying it is the way we implore satan to come and crush evil?

Eve h-ill?


Pro fete, fait,

Rpoff proof



I d argue that English is more self reflective in term of sounds as it was a patois, a more informal langua franca, organsize and de kept well aware of linguistics and literature. While other official languages started to gather sciences and domains in the sense of national guarded entity.

They could not get rid of him as too many safeguards and even if fighting less than it ough to, as fairness as been rendered impossible, he was intelligent enough to challenge it a bit without the proof of the neo near to fashist would have get rid of him socially = in term of human responsibility after ‘one shall not kill’, completedly.

And if they don’t kill you is that they preserve their lives but inhumanity is here and governing by what it produces, censor, prioritizes, dispatch, and merit for whom sin, sine.

To have killed a slug as she drowned of not having seen she was there while pouring one liter.

To feel sorry, as usual as it is not unfrequent that slugs get crushed in some sort of play.

And feel that is certain, onc e cannot be sorry for a life, it is gone, and with it you, me and any luck of longevity.

Prospere, Pro spare.

Relive, relieve.

They say humility, for what is humiliate.


 ‘equality of opporutinity is one thing’ which one is “equity”, “access and equity”?

Or of opportunism has to be, say.

Little, B. (2002). “UK institutional responses to undergraduates’ term-time working.”


Mercy killing. Proposition of Law says not in case of ‘depression’. Laws and psychology. Fashism.

Psychiatre the buro,

Next genocide by hospitals, doctors and medicine.




These miserables that gather in churches and other graves, and instead of chanting the scriptures chant what they feel like ordure just like if they were jesus or other prophet, making all what they can for the people but for them the people is their selves’ slavery.

I am vegan but with your lifes it won’t be made black berry.

For pudding.

The women money of exchange and considered as politically po lwss openly or officially active as they are the ones to rprotect in matter of species since child bearing. So in the center of ethny exchange politcaaly less active as liable to change.

And brind g dissiminate culuture.

Even when reassuried by dong things more right, the othe r elment of pressure come from the time. Flirts with time are not reassuring but death, as minus life counting. The balance between strengthening and lingering for one’s own to be longer and access ot oits grandeur or in fact not fight and pamper what is outer, and make of oen’s life a bog.

Gob. To recule to what one shed, tears, faeces and impress in not heaven but into the back garden of our scheme and scam and shame.

Protruding one’s tongue as a gesture of ultimate torture or pain.

The extinction of the species as a logical one, or at leat the extinction of its independence, since its survival would depend now on a regression of discovery, not having found the genetical code that will see the human being overcome.

This statement not including to say that human should not work towards ro progress  rag, but that since elaboration have been permitted by an intellectual accord in destroying to obtain than and

Spiritual decay and parasitism logism without constraints established in our doing and more so in our organized aims, is the sign of the devil, and subsequently what would not count as humane will look on to inhumanity . dehumanisation by secssion.

Fate, fat all.

Lethal, leather,

Let hall.

Black , blanc.

Coming every for season, like the plague.

And when one try to remember beter, sincerely even almost the moment for which we live. To remind one’s past o is so boring or milder.

Religion is religion but it is its protectors or predators that make it a good line or no’ ; the devil’s work and o row.

Epithet of epitath or a crow.

Work krow.

Tp rock, roc or.

So ihl a so do I write tale or relati retail.

Quand on prarle du loup.

You think that for example they are solely homophobe, as we all are?

Take a sweet?

Ban me from marrying the person that chose me and the one that I choose. Or would.

And the knife for m y soul.



Hiding themselves in saying that women are victims of civilians. Like if females were not warry, political, economical, ideological as well.

And in case they were enforced not to be, well on my own opinion, I would sign it in to any where I can just to teach you a lesson.

Noce. Nos.

No ssel

Sur render.

Sur order.



Heave. Adjectivalisation.

Coming back home in the dark; as the nuclear night

Ho no light,

Have dug it through us.



Id ante ity.


Entrance, en transe.


do you think that awareness lead to wisdom ?

if not, how come?

Would the experimentation of justice as well as those of love for example would bring our conscience to new level?

And if so would conscience exert itself as an appeal for more of it?

In this circumstance, how can we explain the persistence of such thing as inequalities towards this duty of protecting life, blatantly condition sine qua non to balancing hope and opinion.

Heap, pi.

The day we say that opinion are knowledge or knowledge are opinion.

Or what could be the results or causes to lie to oneself if not the fear of no obtention, detention, reservation. Getting wrong. Og going so. Or the futility of the time spend to embroil kurtesy from curacy.

And if we let knowledge to go away while we know it, then the wrong will emerge jn under the shape of chosen decay. Iun the case where suffering is not a experimentation of limits of what we perceive of the immenisvcentess but on what is deserved, in the sense of feeling the essence itself quiting the way we could find defense against insanity and poverty of one’s life. As one has o lifed a existence posterior to a stance in the viewing of flirty with infinity reducing him now and the effort they had gathered and offered a meaningless, counteracting misery. Could one be happy feeling ones mistake? Or the fight of for knowledge through giving a more even big threat?

No give to the e peer but to ultimate altitude, climate attitude of feeling life won’t go away, give in?



On do you  believe in ethics?



What (transformation) the experimentation of justice and truth would bring to the republic and the soul?

Justice would give someone in term of spirituality the force of the one they encompass to protect if protection mean appropriate defense of their liberty and capacity.

Or o ist it the experimentation orf live and love, lie in, enmeshed, that bring us to survival?

Why is it we nurture a form?

Problem is that vested interest and individual benefit might be totally excluded from the owk and civil society voluntary system menatily.

Therefore people will have for sole incentive, to do stuff for money.

As you could find more than one personal reason to help people needing help without financial incentives, but what if the help, you are backed providing, is in fact not helping but ensuring the trivialization of your effort into an object having lost its value as classified into that you are now into the obliging consummation. To serve the pourpose of the hierarchy, stratification of tasks, to serve the richer, that serve the even more richer, in a purpose of slavelisation and robotissation where you are not expected to do more of your job listings, condemning you to follow barbarisationl

Of course work should be paid, as they are necessary for the good functionment of human to live in an embitter society and comprehension of what is surrounding the sphere of human actions and comprehension, should be retrivutted.

And kind of the main function necessary to protection as work that would first be fulfilled by retribution.

But what other interest for the individual to do so, that would not go against others’ right and freedom no restriction but accodomodation to knowledge of th eliving.

To punish twoice the clerics of/ or politicaian as they should be as protected if doing their job in every creature protection.

The person I was ni commuhication with who commited suicide. Did sentd a part of me to hell.


Humane, feminine of it?

Individuals embedded in groups interests won’t be differenciated as individual and will be treated as a representative and actors of the grops they are assimilated with.

Pluralism, civil war, genocide and guetthoisation.

i ll come to the seminar, and will follow where you arrange to meet. thank you for the soicalisation recognizance bit.

Cout courtesy, curt.

Blue, bleaw

Cultural relativism, saying that everything changed on abstract that would not touch people life and the fact change on opinion. That all is a matter of origins, culture. Then let met give relativisation.

You let kill, I kill you.

Standing up aginst injustci make you do it on you own. Not because you are the only one having knowledge or courage when it is grom by these that one acts, but because your circumstances are unique.

Uni call.

At tack.



Love is crying as a connection lost is the errance that would twice harder and longer, ceasslessly come back.

The de tendered spot that would perish out of its shell of welcoming other than ya.

it is tricky for me as i devote my time to human rights.

but i think i ve got a serious knowlegde about nutrition, well being, massage, i am a vegan…i have been a carer for the past ten years. and i d like to enter such an industry were i could learn about secretarial task for example while working for someone who practise things i endorse. make you feel good factor.

i would be a pleasure to discuss this with you.

what i will do dave, becaue i don’t want to make you lose your time. currently i am not looking for a job, as i am overbooked. but my job is likely to be middle term.

i am interested in alternative medecine.

would you need someone for the secretarial task?

, however polite and respectfulto be honest enough i am someone best appropriate with customers.

my contact is this one i could take and return your call after 6 30 or any time other days.

Hi, josh just to say that your presentation contained a full lot of ideas, that were very interesting.

I should not drag on your attempt at giving a session to the profs, to make it official could be a good way to rise eyebrow, if we may by any chance.


Nota bene mature student and auntie crapy, me in this isnteance, might be zero. But still were outbefore your own puberty, thank you for the gay pride party though.

In between, demons, spirits we cannot kill each other as we are as bad or good ?

D[ spirit (d) uality.

Even the xenophobe people would say people of this ethny should not be marrying each other, unless you are nazi or in case you would like to prompt marriage with person of different ogrigins.

But for homos it is sometimes, more and more, in the uk that legalize marriage for this uk I would fight for ya till I drop here my promise, the majority of people that since allow, and fi thehy go t an issue with population rising well me too people shoud have quotas of authorized childrens it is what I think as long as we need regulated.

People chose Nazism.

The force of religioni s when they spread a good word as it is a weapon n case of ‘evil’. And by the way if clerics starts, or their administration or worhip, to be at the ipposite or what they preach as being good or recommeneded then the people blockage take momentum and legitimacy.

And self seeking prophecy.


yes ok it just needed this corrective, as the most dangerous (bad) would be to disseminate false information.

what worries me is that i still don’t get it right, i ll resume some research when i ll get the time though.

Thinking of all what I could have been doing wrong but with nevertheless good intention or able of better results and comprehension. I start being patient and  e believe in education.

To have encounter a second ghost deciding to stay braving the circ um stance thus explaining to the sould that if the first ghost, a real individual though did not come back into my life however difficult it would have for sure been; I would have still to stop thinking, and not stop to think, that she cannot be, finally, the sister sould.




Idle Idol.


Dile. Deal.



All coal, call.

I don’t have enough money to go and start up activities rendering life conditions more linked I with existence. Mind the omoney I get and product going to the fat cats that teach me how to talk, act and agree.


Femalesa ccused of prostitution as if they had been stripped of love, devotion, affection…and ambition.

that s rather great. i heard that it is in wandworth that the gay gather in bigger number. security matter i would think. no money though it is rather entrenched that being homo and making a living is dissociated. and relayed homosexual couples to ‘economically privileged people or sexual slaves.


To think of your sex, enabling me to feel it to touch it with what I feel, with this moment of my sensation gathering, whatever is my shape.

She thought I would mind her to trry and make me accepted within ‘her’ community, or the fith gh wh she undertook to say she could like me.

I did not care, the only love I knew , apart from live and nature, apart from what don’t belong to humans, but to human r to respect whatever the tasks is becoming thougher or plus dur.

Plus, plut, pleuvoir.

The importance of having one representant to one can report issues, and then someone who can be targeted in case of the decision validated in the, under the figure of the groups are but abusive.

our fellow Elders is this way that this chohort of closed group by former politician has call themselves; the.

On day it is the people that respect the more the objects and buildings and everything that has been made…that will have to destroy.

And this day they will destroy not as a mark of not knowing that every form has a soul but in the only way to stop the aservissement of all. To permt these objects to have to serve hideous purposes. One day we will have to break the forteress of the system and people holding life itself into comtempt. In a bona fire where we would pray for the material to free from tyrannical spurning su purs.

I could not semll as my noise had been affected. Though when sniffing if the parfum did not relveal their flavor the antic of my way, some part of my brain were exicted so that I knew what kinda of timber, its history and messages it conveyed.

I knew her for a g few months and started laughing exactly like her.

At my real surprise though I love her tremendously.

One day calling my gran she laughed theis way and then I understood how I picked the lady’s laugh so definfinitely. Definitely.

Para dox.

Para box.

Parade ox.


VIP on Star.vat.ion.

And though every one afraid of everyone seeking to be treated like a star.

And though every one afraid of everyone seeking to treat people like a star’ slave of any salon.



Post, pist, past, path..

The art to make live the love that were in my heart and soul without having met or kept the treasure of your sort. Aortas.



People are being studied finding their way in making round.

The an hand is searching for readjustment in doing the same.

When trying to adjust the cursor  with the mouse on the screen while truning the house mouse upside down. Impossibility

My spirit lies; as it is breaking the news slowly to me. To be preapered for an event that won’t so it told me but hence I am ready, for anyghing hitherto. Heath, eve, her, to.

Never regretted a thing as when doing if not convinced at least happy to do, or then trying. Experimenting. Gaping a lack, a start-le.



To whistle a melody. Exactly like the birds or any sounds, from groaning to heaving have the ability and capacity of mimiquing sounds and words. What is not is the thought accompgnying it.

As the musician will learn to hold his instrument in wielding their emotions and produce other rebounds in other sphere with timbre and pitch that surely come from seas and roundly bound.




Cil. Seal.

S il y a.

See al.

Coil ciel.

Sk y skies ies, euyes. Œil, eoil eil. Euil eux eieux. Y eux.


Maybe death teach to graps and grasp gasp and retain something of a life. Ife heavy.

The word that are found to be beautiful if from a lnv love one that knew it was its last of sign. Sin.


The gusgus clown.


Rien reincarnation or live and fight is what for. Woo at.

Rien rein.

Rien – nothing.

reine = queen.


Woo, vouer.

When I am unheard, or unknown or undistrurbed I  like to cry. But it is never the case.

Case. Sac.

Eaver, ever, higher f-ire.

At my burial I would see you cry, my love, and the wiser I guess the guest of my soul that brought me to sky and earth.

Earth, arth.


no regret as if I have to go in the hades for the sins I commited without knowing what I made.

Like you speaking about homosexuality creating you r devil .

T –each.

Each time we avbondon our capacity to think proper into willingful submistsion in order to get goods that impoverish philosophies and others. We reduce ourself as hot meat to the demon.


Mode of rate.


Pole lux.

Police, polite.


Pl oli poly tics.

Pole lick.

Made me sick




Fro nina, the cinon cept of love is floating.

As happy as thinking that happiness and one is the unit.

See nay quad nun.

Sine qua none.

Homos travestite as wankers as they are not given, they are violated with the riducilisation of the rights to make love.

Study and (bourgeois = all and any exploitant even from the working class) interest.


Inter rest.

Drawing are extention of what one cannot ressemble rassemble inside its very own same thinking as they would not be noticed, and dispatched, whence false dissociating.






When she becomed mean fairy, to start cheap, ship vulagarity.

Fair. Fare.

Even though one might be a staunch anit capitalist, anti monopolist…they can be reduced to make on pourpose their shopping into surpermarket ast the attitude of the shopper landowners tell you that you won’t certainly be taken by them because you are green, pink or violet. Because you hole d old hold opinion aobout politics because you would like a world without unjustice.

Interesting note:

Social sciences considerate class as a dimensional veariable.

i.e there is the highest class and they are ranked to the lower class just like cast…

supposedly ranking them by amount, or most respectable, quality.

So how would the higher ranks be punished when they are caught notr respecting the human, the species or their environment as a whole?


don’t we talk about category of socio-professional and not about them being qualitatively ranked or ‘dimensional’, as a wo-lord world on its own?

the logics of the ss. That put you into the test of filling up question with multiple choice du funding a sciences. See ya hang (en) seas.


Human pretend look for goodness, but it is a dangerous play as if goodness would strike in some place, they would have be stroken, too much human no humane.

it is not that i am not to be friend. but the thing with me is that it is not the need i try to fulfil on this site. you know it is kinda of difficutlt cos i am that rude of saying to everybody that i want a date.

am cross gender, i admit that for me i have got as much a dick than a pussy but the thing is that i am a lesbian and i would have proble dating someon who have been a male. not physical problem but emotional as it is so difficult to be a lesbian than the reward is in being with a woman in the sense than politically she be identified as a woman, because i am completely terrorized by people that could come one day and say you see you are not gay, so we ripped off of your right? of your life. and you cannot love but for dying for a woman.

one day i hope that it will be as free as i would not mind dating any feminity, whatever woman or man.

i hope i don’t bother you with this, i am sure tha people come and come again with their confusion about sex, like they come with me about theirs about gender.

it is not htat you are abnormal it is because we are symbolic, or more exactly used as so. it is not that i am not to be friend. but the thing with me is that it is not the need i try to fulfil on this site. you know it is kinda of difficutlt cos i am that rude of saying to everybody that i want a date.

am cross gender, i admit that for me i have got as much a dick than a pussy but the thing is that i am a lesbian and i would have proble dating someon who have been a male. not physical problem but emotional as it is so difficult to be a lesbian than the reward is in being with a woman in the sense than politically she be identified as a woman, because i am completely terrorized by people that could come one day and say you see you are not gay, so we ripped off of your right? of your life. and you cannot love but for dying for a woman.

one day i hope that it will be as free as i would not mind dating any feminity, whatever woman or man.

i hope i don’t bother you with this, i am sure tha people come and come again with their confusion about sex, like they come with me about theirs about gender.

it is not htat you are abnormal it is because we are symbolic, or more exactly used as so.

The post mortem as people give you the full power and doubt of what one would do, leaving the ones that actually holds it doing extinction of the speices in the ‘reassuring mnner’ = the one that apologize itself in being completely human centered apparently, justifying destroying everything, the human included, in even not saying but acting as if human was kinda superior.

Note: if they are superior, they are superior to suffering then, to the death they place others under…let’s see.

Afraid of ones’ lifes, of the humans, when one should be afraid of participationg in environment destruction.

Shop. Chop.

-they will kill you, I am just warning you about my people.

-we will have to kill you, if these are yours.

Power is not the bad word per se, but power devoted to secluded ‘interest, benefit’.



Peace of stability before the next new bigbang.




Seek, feet.

Memory lane.

10 min of every week, maybe more if you shift of c activities but then you remember doing, more feeling or more (un)thinking?

Or if one does something new all the time absence of new sensation even as habit of no deepenisation.


In locw love q with her, I don’t feel myself homo or a male or whatever else more than belonging to her and wahat ever implies of duties and issues.

Right high height.

that is true that rights should be ensuring the security of all and that the true sense of security is the rights of all, protected by everyone duties.

As there is no discussion about the means one will be taking as their ends will be determining how they pursue.

Th e indigenous of a country is insulted by the new comers even though they are being accepted withing the borders as what is happening to the north countries globally less in numbers (as the northern population has always been lower, the ethnical physisiological chearacterists)

Peoples coming from the south and though living like fat cats of the north, some start treating the ‘whiters’ as the next in line to the slavery scandal. Scander scan and al. dhal.

That these guys scanding to the people originally there in saying that other countries and people are ready to take them as sa slaves forgot on thing:

They are in the middle and like the new coercition class they should be treated then. That is to say…

They forgot as well that their ‘people’ are not so complacent with them. What did thse hassholes to help their’ starving??

And now should they be placed in seats where they can be the new exploiting people. While we should be speading as a survival set that anyone exploiting people in the sense of harming people and depriving them should be in cell.

Or indoor, or nothing of a harsh treatment as far and long as possible but just out of range of doing it for one, and to apply it as a rule for two. Free people mean good rulers.


On whom and how who would wish to settle?

But of course, it does not take pussies. On pushy.


Peer son.

Field, fielf.


all kind of

The sacrifice: was a ‘symblo’ of vi giving to the death realm one of what was living in a no decided but automatic, the consensus, way to entity that were not affiliated to life embodied.

In bodies.

Would the body were supposed to join the spirit in another world or the spirit free from the body?

Any way it is a sky szyzophrenic way of saying that body and mind are apart, enabling to see? Actions apart from thought. Enabling to think oneself as good because of acting and seem it while doooing bad thing.

Another uquest for the ion. To be or not to be ‘fro who’.

Good to who, what, end how.

Thruth, ruth, rough.


S     oothe.




Says ame a ma ama seize sait.

Se same.


To understand someone is not taking literally what he say, as we are liable to say literally, we way we will interpret it, pretty,

S as for example they can say ill be back with an army, not in thinking of a formal one but ghostly. As of spirituality.

What is on for humanity f ate.

Eff ect.

One should not play at all with dice. They are when one not is sure of their answers as for harming is going to be the trepas. Step hen

En transe.

What to believe?



To keep psychologically to play the dandy and thus avoiding showing it s real aggressivity and animity , that is not the same thing, to people, it pledges and thought huimaself a womanizer , accomplice with the notion of masculinity, . feeling every woman and dompting its doubt when seeing others bef neficiting the favors of the prospective spouse, that for them it was because thy could not have him, and when they could have, out of charity.

Step; drive.

Step hen


Rack. Drakar, aculler.




If you are not listening animals you will bark and die this way.on purpose of having lied lay.

It has to be taken for the simpleton of the kingdom for you to understood that protozoaire one is you the past of mine just because I have heard you without thinking that you were not that.


Message number tow two, not one: One day.

Message 3: no letter, but figures. What would it change for you? Everything. From cellar to attics. One day you will not me decide.

I am not gonna wrote that this is dual and that one day way is hope. As you would steal it. Still it. Without reason but your own comfort that is to die in the prvious shroud that took the hell for your ancestors and mine to come out, with cace cave-at.

More and more supernatural effects. But not for our salute, not for the results of our efforts but our denie.

If I do nothing and more if  I invoked it in a denial l or in an intimate opprobrium opium, he will e drag me mad mermaid and came to my window in a flash to explain that this w ere is not mine but what and who I let perish and die.

Not pursue, but haunt id.


Like the other congregation tat practices an inch of what good is to the raison for its raising on and on.

Would other countries ‘want ‘their Shoah’ in order to demonstrate their ability at organizing?

Bringing in camps from all other and over millions with being actually counter but help by other dissidents? Decidants?


Tree on christttttttttt†††††††††mas


Res in.

Re sin.


The tree of life.


Accursed, acorn

Is the rational reason for the females being happy that the gay men come to be exectuted jealousy or belonging?

The so many lala that are campaigning again and again against abu grahib, and that of course should never happened in no circumstances, od do they campaing to know what happen in prisons where no information can even perspire. Where people are stoned and hanged for stip opping being the raped object of their communities.


Cull tural

Cull tour all



And these bastards  of the west that said that poverty was deserved, saying that they work for it. For poverty?

Wjem the play at work is to do as little or as mediocre and minable as possible or to make the others more than you do it.

Calling work robbing money.

And these bastards  of the west, excluding me or at least a little, treated as s dirt because of not accepting their demeanours of fucked pussies, perfumed more and more like if one’s body could avoid smelling the death that it helps spreaidin g and adoring.

Adonre. Orne. Horny.

As for the east, sending e their lads that claims the lands. Of the devil for the balance.

studio place it is what i look for, what i got at the moment. quiet place where you can hear yourself think and breathe. if it was not painting what christmas would you choose to have in your studio?

human rights and duties.

around christmas, i d like to have a nice date. not flirty meaning but someone i take interest to speak to, to listen to, think and answer. something relax and intellectually voluptuous. it sounds like you.





et cetera.

Set era.

Positivism, able to resiliently positive e.thing in life.

Ionize. Desunionize.

The fight never ends, but if one end s the fight, it is its finitude meaning to be stocked or stuck in hell. I don’t know that.

Id on’t , no. but what is sure is that rest on eating the commencing of bl balances that the foreparents provided and its own one’s children that will eat the rest, i.e us, my included. The witness, the genious of imbecile. Imbus sail seal fra gile .

People are looking for the vampires of the psychic. Doing withc hunts… while the prelats and political and commercial leaders organize genocides. Humans organize themselves exactly like if the definition of human is the one allows to kill, in poisoning, endebting…in an administrative and bunisess stabing

When you see work a tree. And its sheding kilos on end of fruit till December for the apple ones…

Then you d like to have this great honor of guarding and nourhisihng one/

Just blown away as if you look after a tree while your brothers cut down and poison immense forest, the size of our life or the size of your lungs.

To think on how much gives a tree, in term of fruits, oxygene, soil and wind estate, and joly.

Nest and foil. Folw. Folk.

Dozens of channels, always the same news, no investigation of what is the life of us. Of an individual fighting or beaten by the system. All new even the alterantive show individual facing the big machine, elusive, av, absent,

Nor is it shown at all, one is accusing the ge legal, or this and that, but why it is blocked then, no investigation starts as it be blocked at the first level of the trial, by laws, unwillingness jointed the rules, rules…

Dozens of channels and nonw

E providing social movement inspections. The other politics, as dangerous as the ruling one, as they are left just without common base, afraid of propelling a monster with destructive skeleton and specters.

And specters. Inspectors.

Other politicis, or incision on the intimate function of policy. What happened in other pays.

🙂 nice. want to meet up then? want to save it for christmas days or shall we attempt it closer to now?
if it wasnt for the painting.. nice question you have given me. maybe to have my friends over. i have close friends all over the place, in different countries. maybe to have some of them here and do something together. but usually people that live outside their home countries go to their biological families for christmas. but you know, i am really not bothered. it is going to be the first time i am not going to be with someone”s family nor mine and i like that. i like the space. i like to see what i am going to do with it. what about you?
up to the 16th i have got to fininsh my essays and replace my colleague. just after that?

i work weekend but you could pick any time during the week or almost as i don’t know when i ll have to cover.

but in fact i am counting now and realize we are moving closer to the date. this week i ve got every evening but wed and friday free. next week. next week i ll work like crazy but could meet on wednesday 14th. i ve got other moments of course but i could become over complicated without phoning ya.

you said you are from a mediteranean country? you don’t go back home for christmas?

for christmas days. i don’t go back home either.

Maybe could we be empowered now into denouncing and fighting really, social and personal unjustice. As anyone could kill me but who would be able to pay my pension anyhow. Not that a n older person still pulling their weight would const a lot or anything to the society, but the way they are treated like if they were dandies, and like if the deandies were worth each day thousands of the tax payers money.

Of course since there is no open groups anymore, looking after a person, take another person time, one to one care, in order to replicate, insolation and master-slaves relationship, flip, fling, thing.

Of course now a poor young, left in a desolate place, barren due to the misuse and misconduct and immorality of their predecessors , that is left fighting for their sole right to eat and work with dignity, the true one not the show off on the back of the tax and other states’ or companies’ income of money.

Will this person desire being able or put into the possibility, physical, mental or even spiritual (=how can we come to see someone that idid not budge about putting the net next gene(ration)

Or administrative or organizational, even social. As if you would say yes, I am for the fundamental fu duties doubts, to keep the older at a as central place as any, as long as they work for the good and freddoom of everybody, but what if the person concerned are obliged to be treated like if the old age meant to possess youth forces are their customerial services????


not being treated as an idiot because of being it, but bef cause in this system of lords regarded regardeing themselves like inteellecutuals or businesspersons…if you show real intelleignec is not good for your salaries, if at all – if rewards is not indigence.  Gence.


Maybe this emphasize on family, making love, couples making… it is also the result of the human endeavour in recongnizing their forms, its shapes only.

As one can make love with water, warm up with wool, love one’s fish, whatever goldren or red, or its behaved pussy (the one that don’t eat the fish), to excahge orag orgasm at the sight of a tree, plynunging onto the sky like onto the ocean, seant.

Of course madeness and more important meanness, far more important, will depend on which communities we has been raised, of the sanity of the community itself, of the relationships between communities.

Also it is common, global, universal.

The pretense of goodness here, the sheer, visible dehumanization there. All in the same bag, knowing each other, or at least knowing the existence, the fact that there is life for others.

To be at the same degree and spiritual stage, all of them, us.

So what?

What do we hide? Of our spirituality and croyances?

Who believe in life? Who believe in future? Who believe in essence?

Of course I believe but every element, muight replonge you into doubts, or towards abuses of one’s position too, or cowardice, or devalorisation, or weakness, or thinking over without being clear, or relativism.

To ask pardon, to apologize for what one’s goverenent for example has done…in all but expensive suit and fellowship.

“Punishment or pardon”.



Trial. Ritual.

perhaps it is a sham e you would not say i am femme

do you have drinks with not classified at first sight femme category?

you could need another pic for the audience to pick up your style. manly or/ and else….?



Odd odious enhance. Dire hence.

“I have many vices and a different mood to match each!”


This religious what can they say they have differently achieve, other than kill individual love and creativity???????????

Proscrinating sex, as their condition of community where everyone erases in front of chiefs prospects, would terminate into a compulsory brothel, like it is, but with prompting random and at each degree rather than titled and unionized sexual activity.

Endless feedback forms will attempt to reassure the student that he or she is first and foremost a “client”, unless he or she is involved in any political action on campus or elsewhere, in which case the new squatting laws will immediately be applied, turning the student from consumer to criminal faster than you can say “domestic extremist”.

Squatting is perhaps not the only way for resistance, but sadly the min main.

Of course reappropriation of the space, taken to hide, deplete, accumulate, construct emptyness versus crowds, this lack of silence, this lack of verdure, this lack of serene, relax and informal stance. This grasp on the leisure but race for cvs and reference.

to monitor their absences and report any suspicious behaviour

what is suspicious then? Deterrence.

What the next few months will bring in terms of resistance

And of results. The results are absent as the lack of determination and union. It is not a fight against the measures mainly, it is a fight to construct and produce a new party, with new leaders, with new taboos, discrimination, homeless, cries and fears. It is why nothing can depart, who would like to work for that, unless the forecasting chiefs. They are no leaders There is no chief as the leaders take all forces, and the chiefs fight desease, De cease. You are no revolutioneer but new bourgeois. Not that system don’t need patrons and boss, but not the ones that play and suck on principles that they are no the balls and courtusety to defend. Impossible? Impossible are every right is no covered, but with what do you whant them to be embrassed? Impetuosity. This allegiance that you call the social, tha t permit nepotism, irrelevance, unefficeince, personal vanity to be the object of rebellion and indecency. They are no chiefs of the alternative but overthrow that is not gonna praise enough clients unless it can come for cheap.

As T.A points out in his piece


Am certainly not against people in love and at work but what about citing one’s boyfriend for sole other reference and sole other actors in a film that is supposed to represent revolution and patry? I mean dies does one  have to fuck to be part of the family? At as it would truly turn into the mafia that calls themselves ally of the church you see?

Censorship, nepotism, inner circle of alphabetized bandits.

Apparatchick, parish.


imagine a world without fees! With grants!


I am to respect that people that want to work so little to ensure box room, nouilla, and their plants be supported in this projects. But without work and mutual responsibility no possible truce honey.

Nevertheless it gives me enthusiasm what you chant. In a real care, duties, and rights approach, equality, consistence, pervasiveness of the system (not demand for one (person or circumstances) but not for the other…and make sure of the right and due of the fellow following. Mutual respect.

What  do you want grant for? For taking for granted, knowledge, truth, dedication?? Impartiality, devoid interest viewed from the point of vantage of the unconcerned salaree employee employed, deployed for non reciprocatvie provocative effect?

There is no chief, but tickit and tic et. At uni, autonomy and independence w should be in the program too, but the true Marxists are even like marx said it not, note me. How could he affiliate to a party to whiom he had to satisgy fy , all, notre autre messy.


An intense description and summary as always. A so contrast and intertwine presentation, discussion? That one would read you only for the intellectual template involved.

Thank you anyway –pure hypocrisy but almost the same tenor of love without humility in my supplication, life has its surpise in teners gaurnt gaurangtee outing autant orangoutant .



When I read you if I feel like crying. As two snakes embrassing (apothecary). Your writing.

agi ainst.

But I admit that when I come to read the enumeration of what you duly mention happens to the University, the feeling of crying lay hold of me. Grab off reason, reson.

To know more than one language enable to be profe jected onto ramification of senses. As a translation will bring other synomym, imagees, and approximation, reviews, effusion, effects, staff, stuffs, simagres.


To speak about one invidual. She or he.

Why not she and he. Queer studies.


The rasta got a point saying that jesus was black as every prophet of the main relit lic gion legioin are from middle east or asian countries.

As for the jew, of oucse I am for a world where there is no need of borders, laws…because no one would be greedy, ignorant, mean, dishonest, stupid. But about the jew and their habing being decimated, on since the cultural argument is in politics winning, they are still subject to grave more than dangers being the representative to old testament applied by the oumas and archibishops. It would, it has to be terrorizing to be around other countries with thousands, millions of inhabitants whose aims and world of their republic (is that sso? – I mean the west is not a good example, but there are limits), a religious republic, where everyone have to adopt the without morla application of an abused ancient myth. Like in Africa where people take on western principles to name thing, say that they are, and violate, them , rape them in the confinement of their privacy, even though privacy is accorded within the secrecy invented, the great inevention of the firms and capitalism lies and propaganda. The propaganda of saying that istrael is safe comes from an aim, intrasinc          thse stuff saying that every thing is fine, the way no one is saying nothing about borders or zone tampon that could be monitored by the supra national organism but who trust them when peace and love are concerned??

And who trust them in the long run or otherwise than helping after the te genocides are perpetrated, accomplished for the ones in ‘physical, numeral, destroy’ spirit stance: the suckers between themselves, the cowards.eice.

The fact that the west like wars.

The ones that are no t liberating but conducted in order to keill civcilians since no one is establishing institutions where everybody respect everybody or law that would start saying we ensure well being in life, you ensure you don’t have more baby.don’t feel finishing fishing like in ha rpon japon, Egypt or Palestine, even London is too crowded, but no want lining in a countries where everyone that reproduced where coming from the poor coutnrise where their rich leader teach that the west possesses all the insanities. You want to profane?




A book is like a child we work on ti we work on ti but what we work, what is coming and that we will have to write and deal with, and how he will be by other people received, is beyond altogether different apart of the initial thoughts, as every parent they will be edicate and eradicate by their infants. As for the other people, the writer has to wirte for and in not accordance but they are the circumstance.




M ma nage.



To be given thousands and one respionsibility like that even the most te ethical do mistake after mistake, no sleep, no personal glee, no time to think, and start thinking that mistakes are humane.



The gender issues and behaviour is not only in childhood  or in teens, where we store different ways, where one is intricate inot sensing other bodies but in adulthood where the mates or the lovers you d like akd you to display.



In the flick, age of 5 or 6, at caremen operal. My grandma well known homophobe and opera phile o could not get hold of me as I could not stay still. Then she said in ordre to watch the film. Look do you like women? Yes, then look it is for you, but prend garde a toi….

Caremen from this day remain the desire I could grow with, the one

Jcare carement —c——–arem.



I remember this serpents that I have to kill as they were veinimous and in the garden of my parents and that I could not, I did not ahve the skills for taking them elsewhere in the forest. Fore est.

She looked at me, as they could not run, they ahd just eaten?

She looked at me, without dfences I rised the long sticked axe and cut her and her georges into two into w four.

Four, for.

I am sick of having killed a couple, a serpent. I remember her regards, them knowing their both last instant.

What I would pray for now is them be safe, good and happy. And from my own salvation, or not, even not, for my own better complexion, if I could look at myself furthermore. I d like them to come in me. To possess m y body.



To take communism or liberalism or communitarism or independism, the two or their subs,


The god mother is maternal , she can’t help it. Out of dutes, and where she has to go with the type of influence and powere she has been given. The language, the body prescience that she employed.




Sum sumb sum subm, mub, mud, mob

Crow crowd.

That I am sure that the gys and galls that made up vocabulary and cross criis bridges around languages were funnier than I am.



I cannot help it or

I cannot help



I could not go one like this married, even for her, and for the love for which you learn, from which you sir ‘ve. I cannot be anyone’s no one’s husband as I am, as we are POW OW>


W like N wn



When they kick you they don’t just kick you r flesh but your vital organs. I know skin is the larger one. But what about destroying you kidneys, liver, lungs in thumping so hard that the aims is not th e pain but have you for life in disabilities grounds.



Mabe to have been bullied give you the strength to think about unjustice and the notion of st terminate it when one is not even directly concern. Indirectly is more in sane.scene.



May be.

May abbey, babey.

Bable.  Babel.





Inf einte.








In countires where the average people cannot make love or have sex without the neighbourgh to directly hear, without having to guess every breath that won’t tire, dire, homo prescript. As you would fell e that everybody has the right legitimacy to touch you, even spirtitually, psychically, and you live with people you did ont choose, that you have to bear all day and year, your family and the ones that dict-ate your hours.


A dict-ion





I cannot help



Ive, vie.

Fi, file, file fils, film, thick, chick, fusil.

Sympatic. And spathos sum and synchronic.

Jes e fe jealous of one’s position as w each post is key to overall orgnaisaitons. If led with and by libery ty and respenct flow for rance forance .

yes the french one.

sapho and others. i am deeply sorry for what is happening in greece. i am afraid to be honest, let hope that everything is not gonna collapse and that everyonewill be able to help with pensioners.

the 14th is perfect as long as none of my colleagues put a bomb somewhere, but that should not be happening. on wednesday. i can do it anytime in fact in the afternoon, the evening…my colleague is back from holiday on tuesday. and if they do me short notice stuff i can say that i cannot make it anyway…

i am always there for them…

i live south london though no metro. so very late evening is no good for me to come back.

i am glad to see you.

the place?

oh that s super cool. never promise this! it is more than ok.

i really agrees with what you say about internet dating. it is how i understood the lecture on virtuality.

ok i can read you like authenticity. my persona might be ok then. i am vegetarian.

i ve got a mad schedule up to the mid of december where things gonna ease up a bit. wanna meet?

Or or nor.


To see him (the cat) in such fu sufferings, beaten as it has been throught someone taken in in a trap and beaten up that half his skull went away. And his ‘owners’ trying to hael him now. They cold could not, they haven’t been able to, in my memories this cat did not go through.

Take your pain and your instinct for survival. Id did the guy let you go to show your ‘masters, no your frience d. your owner of fr fence france offences off tra trepass

isn’t it against customary laws or else to trial and punish somebody twice for the same crime?

it is call double penalty, perhaps. just a quick asking.

no i am against holiday in m y life style.

i ll tell you when i go to france next. perhpas april. would like to see you there.

plane = pollution


the day you have rights and the w awareness of them being legitim ate leatgue team and the day you understand that being deprived of gthem kill your being more than anything else. You fight and found the human organization meaness, that make you think that animal in humans should be ashamed of them traits. Dual.

The same beast capable of the worst capable of the best.

The best? In a continuous struggle lute for survival, even when the finest.

Animal , human , who is the best?

Les imbeciles.

L sel.


Wheat what did they do for you to join their cusause.?

Made you some pancakes.

Cos don’t worry the day you ll know them, I ll got stuffed alriaght.


To know about a member, in numerology, implies that you know, or knew about former numbers and ren-ew, re-new

Queen, reign.


See, lu cifer.

Desrerts purple.


For what a price up?

To n announce that there is something called jihad?

Jee, had.

Age, ah?! Jee has. As. Jazz. Haze.

Becareful the , we, world is fasho.

I am not sure about you are,


They call themselves politicians but organize the social and the market, like brothels of which they escompt be the maitre. Kill. Llik.

Ci likw a wquid.

Kill quid.


With him.


To approach females as love in life is the only story. But being as distructing mefiant as scalded and sorry . don’t believe in thiese rebuish, ruby , so wy approach them? Pussy. But without love, and with the demand of one, scorny. Score, horny. For me this one I  admit too much of femme, MEHH, METHodic.. women that could espouse my shape and form but aht would nto do it. Just don’t know why.

Love , sesx, ok bad.

On and of homos, som oh.



Thank you for talking to me yesterday, I needed someone to whom explain my disarray.

The teachers that are teachers, that have gone through year and years of training, that are training themselves in the calss room and work at home towards pedagogy and their matters instilled. Or at least we would like to think, and that are for the parents to be in charge with their children education.

I propose that the teachers be taken in charge by the parents alsol

i need to ask information.

what would you do if i call you about a sick fox, staying in my garden?


regarde les docs c est le nombre de fois que mon site a ete visite, ce st normal je fais becaup de pub en ce moment. mais d apres les chiffres il y a quelques gens qui reviennent pour relire de temps en temps. j ai eu une mohyenne de 5 visiteurs par jour ces 2 dernieres semaines.

To molest someone saying that they are dirty , disgusting, gping ape the subjects, rape and kill.


M amant.

D aimeant.


Dem on.

Dem en.



D haine, hen, N

DNa, dinna, dinner, to dine.

She was crying for me, I was fighting for her.

It is how you manage not having to show your feeling, and that fear and sadness will pop out on other hours. Namely when she forgot your insanity. Na annuity.


Resentement politics as the individual is forbidden to flourish in the awareness of the global societal needs, and the universe rights to be respected.

Whence groups not really ensuring the individual rights but its survival and then a possibility of perphas more liberty withing borders, tn entitling them to br-each other rights’, as the pourpose is not universal protection but particular angle of attack and procuraton. procuration., procurator.

There is pro stitute.

And the ones that could avoid, or theat want this fate for others.

The vulgar

De stitute.

Not integrated people,

But integrated society.

Intergrated, intergraded?.

And the wonderful mom moc communist party, as populits to say to the abruty, we will fulfil every of your needs, like the others do. Gather personal greedeness into a fever fo r consumption. Leading to destruction. I die together is s distopy. Fortunaltely people would wit h intentionally or unconsiciously to stoop the is rush towards human occupation.


Said, se

the role of a parents it is crucial as let say that they live in conditions that forced” them to be proactively aggressive, never means, ther e is no situation like that, but as we are all prone to drop out of the line of sufficiency.

To raise their children as attack dogs, and then the youth I find go and attack, but the maturity of the experienced and of more distant, ‘wider background’ to relativise and their children calm.

On culture feuds.

Feu re.




I am too good kinfa of girl really.

Yest, y = why; est = be.

The taking for granted of the west, thinking will be able to over consummate, while complaining about our salaries never about human rights, whilst other people paid the price of over luxury, pigistry. By pass over or can’t go by. Surive + by

The tree whose branches are exact lea , like as haze, the deer holy that love the doe not like a dolly.

The tree-like in fall.

It is mine, not that I bought but what I have done.

Or what I have bought that permit me to have done.



Strang(le), strong, strug(le).

Initiate. Tini. It/ini.


To answere first with one’s instinct and u build guild field in the conscient and subconscient later.

Treated people as manifestation of a higher spiritual psychic instance, what tehey are ar(e)t hare.

Are Christmas or s chrishna.

The expression of terror, horror, the sking that go in other direction through torture and expectation.


Confiance, or comfy.

Confiture, de Confiture


look tell me what part you don’t understand, quote, and i ll put that in clearer words or order my sentences differently, for being understood better if i can.
thank you.

sometimes. also. unintelligible don’t mean unintelligent.

also look closer.

And then, in addition it is no the same for all of it.

It, animal, eat.

Choc- collate.


Per colate.

Charcoal ate.

On eating prevention.

that ant this. and sorry.


yahwe, yawolh.

no, i agree. i must agree.

Ya, wall. The positivism lucrative.

Ya, vw, all.




Literally f(r)ame.



There are         believes and other(’s)                 feelings.

Meaning that believes are alright as long as                   .

Oh, you, yes, it’s my choice, I am for the har-m.

Harm harem.

Haram. Harem. (mere mare)

Mere in french, mum, mother.

Trail, trial, tire all.



-we are good.

totally. Tot ally.

Terror and Hollywood.

The have-nots and never will have or strive to pinch at any cost (the one of the not thinking and those of disengagement for the most rampant) against princes’ stories, mind this way I can tell why I always wonder how come tales were so immoral.

Past paste.

ΦФ qp


Philo, pi, file, l’eau and history.

When art has to do with influence, as no one will pay intention as long as it is not the subject, sharing the part. Trap.

Shakespeare would be, considere, like a bore, wasting theirs time with sounds and philosophy: a waste of money, would they so kind to considerate the world constructed. Ead, eat, head, heat, ing, ed (hid). Hideous, ide-ah.




Pol artic.

Pol itic.

Polar isation.


Top pick.

Trope pick

Flor-id, flourishing, fleurissant.


Hedge beant.

The languages, whatever they are, are never so divine that anybody and beast could not understand.

And for the human vampires, if they are afraid of that other not get the subtility of their saying and overturn, any beast their body and actions will junderstand.


Interent permit to discretedly reconvey O.C.D into checking ones’ messages every ten times more than necessary.



My parents were dishonest, but I did not know it. Thus, they breed me into or thinking that I was and I was not, or they permit and raise me into becoming honest, as I thought they were, and replicate one parents it is what one does.


To pray so many times, as exhaustion take over the whole body, and as much as we would like to intervene and to stop the folly. We are ourselves stopped, pray regularly.

Politicians are so happy that people don’t vote no moer. Or at least the system, politic. As it reduceds the accountability they own to the people to zero of the 20 % of people that still could think they vote for democracy.

Would pheasant and peasant a code for what could be to be shotted?

could the orginal Islam have been initimatedly intrigated with ancient Egypt myth…?

Religion and nature. The teacher, the savior, it s learner her killer. Damn.ateion.

A quarter of the plants in “our” gardens today comes from the hymalias.

Bbc 4 natural world.

And medication.


Religion and nature, the one you pay and that are sorted out in stuffed like universities, companies and white halls or blacked pissed mosu que.

Or danmed discreet temple…blablablayehey.

In the cine, in the corvi bieres.



The nature of the present catastrophe , ps ps ps specters of what has been likk killed in the past.

Laead leak.

Dragons, d, griffins, geants…myths from remains and fossilation of dinosoraus.

Bbc 4

And like if t we kenw what happens two or tree thousand year ago.#

But good idea, particularly in what will be sadi that has happen after the dna museum.

And maybe then people will be able to say that they are god themselves as the only traces they will be happy to find will (would, don’t curse them dicka) be the remains they have and are left, of our destruction.


Cruse, crush.


Sorry about the other religion quoting I am sure they are plenty of these hints. Equally.


The function of dreams in realities. Why would the brain focuse on these? Activities.

For what future?

Adult age is the one where you start suffering from stopping to grow.

The mature one is when you realized how you will become wrickle and ripped; having exhausted all trick to fight back the exhaustion.

Psychology are used in the west o not to conquier the soul and spirit but to dominate intellectual impulse that coul d revert the doom.

That is one is putting in a set of thinking making him belive that every concern are 100% psychologic.

That is if you want to put across tha t what we aer doing is dangerous, what will be counting won’t be what oyou a say but the way you say it. That is even though the dangerous behavior of puolluting, lying, embezzling is not altered whatsoever but one has to think of others like if they were 3 year old that has to be raised up, and think oh damend the real poison, what is count is the human interaction!!!

On the same topic, you might have done a good joc b but if your attitude let appear that you would like go past psychology and start garrote ing the infection, well even though ti is not psychologic to have to fdefend one’s opionion on people killing people, every movement of your body then will be targue as demon. Demonstration.

On the other hand psychology won’t heal no ‘illnessess’ as the mother one is the having to make appear gelee glee on your face when people are killing or harming everybody and thing. Everyone.






The f curse or the gife t. to be touched or not th ouched. To tout ch or not touch.

To shop at the same standard on which w one expects to be treated. Like a doll.

To have one’s idea from the other part. Cannot go on with partner.

Idea of marriage.

I bet my wife an d I was jealous because of her being my possession.

I did not have to talk to her, but wh wiere she wish to go with someone else, my ‘competition instinct’ would drive me a lkiller.


Did, dire, dine

To use psychology to make difference between the guys that are ready to kill other people economically and the ones that are ready to do so physically.

In order to sgegragaee and negate what one is killing economically and it is why other are feeling the need of stopping them, by any means if necessary.

Or to recrtuit the ones able to kill for nothing to keep at bay political dissident that would vote for equity and less semblant.

To say of someone that hi is he is aggressive in order to deny the fact that to defend oneself and justice as a whole one cannot coutn on the sangsu that profit from the despair of other, feigning that they are saviors, with with white letters and knight in silver.

and in my youth, the cool had the dignity of not polluting.

You are so at rear with any principles that someone will have to ask you why you went to tailand otherwise than to take a plance plank without for yourself any reluctance.

Virginity appeals the vampire?

Treated people as manifestation of a higher spiritual psychic instance, what tehey are ar(e)t hare.

Are Christmas or s chrishna.

Each time, room or rent, work context has been robbed.

Or so.

Or robbed or abused.


De late.

D elle eat.

De hell eat.

D’hell eat.

U killed I.T?

All your contacts?

The agenda?

The history?

And what about the talks you are giving into thin air and that would have to (mudy must) be recorded somewhere, for students, passionate guys or poorer ones that cannot afford to be in (beat)  being be in ???? be + ing , be = ing, activity???   central London or around your cons, to listen a bit of gentler pro-pager.

Why were they not much of your writing anyway?

Why not recording your talks?? And put it in your site, like Wolf.

Or you like doing it for the wind?

Propager = propagate.


The powere is that little spot, as every sould is stuck struck block stock and instead of going into the ethicals the blue like air and sea and soul, the blood, the crux (hand, ahanging body) the sun, the load, the sand. Dust and end.

And power is the way of appropriation tin on of what is rest to loot.

A propos preservation, which is not conservatism.

Contra, country


Racker. Jeu d la corde.

Human beings united. For what ?

To defend the weaker contains as a problem or stigmat the one of what if minorities becomes majority and injustice and further inequality and discrimination place.

Pl ace.

It is daunting to pre (precinct, pre saint, pre dire…) or pray or whatever appeal to god, as what are we going to do with that. On sin and infraction wantom prejuridication . on boniment or false unfructiful or loose injunction. Suffering from lack of faith or fallen back in acking aching but up to us foul and fouling conditions.

Human rights or last rites.

Human should be careful to their last accompaniment to the dark and doom. Doundoun.


De ode.

Ore ordeal.



baptism of fire


  1. (Military) a soldier’s first experience of battle
  2. any initiating ordeal or experience
  3. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity the penetration of the Holy Ghost into the human spirit to purify, consecrate, and strengthen it, as was believed to have occurred initially at Pentecost

it looks like i ll just finish correctly on time. it is thanks to jim too. as the week end as been so agreable and cool that i was resting my pace and mind more than anything. and then it is nice when youcome as well.



she thought I was sad and this the main feature of me. I was, in watching, the forbidding paradise, the forbidden fruit, the thought unfinished, the trough for infinite, no infancy but infamy.

The future is inscrived bed as we know the vivs vibs and structures. But like the pithy what a word, and what the world mean is q a question of life time that sees and seals what has been permitted for them to explore and be sure. Be side and Be sure.

Sure and sure, a sur. .

Love is the only potent potion capable to arable to disarmed. As the fighters have haven for quest the one that make death valid, a life of eeffet ef fort.

Re sort3                       TA,

Ta, thank, ta (hers)


fury jury

I don’t know nothing about but. IDKNAB

Vat high boo good as maintain consumption low.

Goods acculmulation is not good for earth, the queen of us all .

An dif the sky is the king, it is still not the space. That would saw us swallowed, moreover if the microcosm did report our endeavour at pissing on everygthing.

Considered, considera ble.

considera = Future.

The species living tot gheter. And even the wold f and the birds if they ahave been brought up together. What has human done of such a heden? E-den.

The ablation of one breat, to stop secreting hormones to stop being fragile at this place.


POW ere.

Low wol


counter fire,

counter ire.






Odd Badiou, translation bad you.

Ditch, bitch,


Over other.

During, daring, diring.

directedly directedly, dejectedly



the, vie.

Homo taken as pests. As since they are out, they are brided with their very life, and their life’ partners, and partners’ life which would bring anygbody to loose everything, mental structure and moreal one included.

By what about the one that h threatens us with it, and the ones that watch it??

eternal.     Lane r ete. (summer or use to be, in french)

brothers. Others.

Hover, hoof.


funest, not funiest.

Education, naducation

deucation, dedication




Noe, noway.


Rift. Fir.

I d like, in fact not that I like it at all, but I am forced into signaling an occurrence that I would qualified as being particular shocking and at odds.

I am a mature student, and I try to stay at the university in order to beneficiate of the silent room that one can find at some hours in the campus. Even if roehampton is very propice on this matter, sometimes I have to pack and unpack my stuff as the library is often crowded and noisy and the place I go are classrooms.

I started this term to come in the place, the hall before the door of the sacristy.

All my studies are done in complete silence. I am never with someone. I am always tidy and clean after me.

I was very glad, happy in fact to have found a quiet place where I could stay. I told R.           that if people wanted to use the place I would then leave in order for them to enjoy this place of calm and discussion also. I spend there a few weeks, and when R      understood that I was studying everyday, the chaplain forbad me to use this place, that was made public, as it is a class-room and a place where group are welcome to come, while sacristy and chapel are empty.

I really thought that I could count on someone who cherishes silence and studies, or at least that could understand this need in somebody.

Talk, tall klat.

Kat, klatch.

“On being less of a bitch”.

where? that’s right, but it is not sustainable, and so goes for the flea.

tell me on what, a question? or is it just positivism towards slavery?

One is allowed to attack the individuals, the groups…but nothing to be done against the machinery. What makes legitimate complaints lost terrirotries. Has the way it is done towards annihilation anf prison suit the slavery.

People spend life being discreet and refine for what change individual that at the service of the combiner can.

just a quaint wondering. are you bi or gay, i mean not of orientation but on practicality?

A work in-stills, on stilts.

bunch or bench.

Bush, butch.



seve re

Plain lain lanes! fuck the planes.


And people, my believe is a one way polygamy with a spouse child (as even thousands year before a child as always being a child) 40 years old younger than me.

And you gootta respect my believe.

Even if I got unfaithful basically.

just a quaint wondering. are you bi or gay, i mean not of orientation but on practicality?

me? practical homos exclusive. i would have to write an essay.

well, i was wondering if you are with someone at all? sentimentaly? sexually? you want to meet at roe? or else where?

i think bisexuality is the most natural. problem is when you girl fire friend is polygamous, but i know you are. so it is not a problem for me. aids is when it comes to your lover. that is i don’t think i would like my gf be cheating on me, but i could accept that of my lover. but in having safe sex, which is fact is not safe sex but just safer…

hope we meet soon?

Fellow ship.


Females fr forbidden with sports, as they could then dfend their females.

Same applied to nurturing males.

Forbidden homosexuality as roel could be more diversified, stop the stereotypisation.

Setereotype assigning every family to protect from the harm of other solely, without beneficiating for from solidarity in society.

In case bothe parents are chosing, the cooking facilities.,,

Femine genital mutilation.

After war, no man, cut the instinct of hunting and reproduction.

They have stolen my daughter and I could not prevent m y own family to bring her in the woods, woman ‘appartening’ to the communities.

Central role of women in the extension of ethnies.

oh yes, i know that. the problem still begins when you are several partners at the same time, tough. as long as i am aware wednesday is ok for me but in fact i ll got my table table tomorrow.

i d say that i would be ok for my lover to see somebody in case i know it. but i am very afraid of dst. also i think that the problem is that with a gf you can practise sex as you like, without protection if you are sure she don’t cheat.

but i realise i write platitude.

no, no i am with no one. and ideally one is enough for me. now i understand the concept of opportunities….

And if adoption paper and d adiptove adoptive parents were slected accouding to their western havit bit+======= voting behavior.




Macho , machine.



Acfu accurate.







ww on .                                                        




problem of seuxuality and competition. Giving every thing for the one, till madness and deraison.

So what if the system of the couple, would be so be left.

Dot in french dawry.

Other, hot her.

hom osexuality,

coma bat, comb at.

On combat. Funest.

funest, not funiest.



Fiel th.

Fil th

Field, thief.

Inthenameofrig hts.

Rig, rich.

Right, freight, fright.


Res cue.

With no moare wanting and ambition that being fed, on bien rich at the depend o fother woursk. On the continent scales and levels, levelers The west.

Your cup of curpboard, carton.

Is not coming cheap but from a tree.


Hi, j ack.

It is to really say even if it is so ugly that we have to cry and shout to the people suffering from their very minimal right and survival being breached, that here in Europe even if you fight for people rights they shot the door at you, miss, dismiss.

Employment role.

To be call religion and have become down to simply perform an ideological sit system.

A 50 years of bbc new dvd, decade by deacade.

Tha related killings, terrorism, wars, soldiers, and genocide as long as the marriage and divocre royal.

Recuurennt images, like day after day of irak war: funerals.

Bbc score on tolle.

What had shocked me is the long slots on TV

Geoverning bodyies.

Chemical genocide.

Ide, ed.

The first propaganda being to say that the 21 centurey are modern = civilised, when they are only more etechnical.  Urban, nAnd global.

Adidiction conduct, enforce in person, for them to go on doing whatever, to put their impulses and strength towards liberty convert into having to do whatever for having a puff of the fdrugs

Churches owning their own schools and hsostpitals…

Withchcraft, beating, burnt, , torture organ , body torn

On future commercial.

Culture and social respectred as they impose behavioral training and technical knowledge improving.

I don’ t like oholidya because my days are cool, relax. I don’t eneed anything else and m y aims is to like the work I do and also not like being too far from it. Ho and I don’t have, I am not with a girlfriend.

There is no democracy rule by the market.

To defend one’s costums as the automatism of the ceremonies and the common code that teaches and learns from the diversity, and in totalitarian automosphere from everyone, has all has to do. Make you join your hand, in a gesture of being bound, or whatever the sign is in another culture or contry, country.

And at this moment the mental knows that it has joInted. pointed

Ointed. Joy.

Death, tea, theo.


Christ eat hyena.

roasted, in ham-ster haste  eating the glorious lamb.

Sorry abou t the other denomination (Caesar, shaocesscou, chaosandsky) they did not was-h h my brain for a question of geography.







ive. Eve.


That i sis not hypocrisis, nor hyper, i just exept expect you not to be so ignorant and our conversion espere. Expire, aspire, Esperance.






In the ‘dmon car demon crazy’ they make wars with Iraqi while saying to the person that try to face and fight injuste laws here, that they gonna go in prison or pure censorship.

Ame, ami, amant, aimant, amustang, amusant.

February, brume, febrile, f.eve.

To reconcile oneself to something.

Does not mean peaceh and armony. Reconciliatrion,

But to put with sth. To resilient? No, to resign, to be resigned to do…

Armony, harm, ony. Onir =

Vamp higher. Pyre.

Pyre = fire and stone.

As a butch only bi are attracted by me, not the lesbi.

And then bi, thank you very much…like if I had a perpetual hardon, to compete…

Thank you lord off for this infamy.

I hate bi.

Every body but me sincerely.

To, I, share with nobody = me.

Hardon down

Harpoon up


Hapr harp

Sound soon.

To be able to shout without developing trich into not coming, is purr pouring the spirit of e.o everyone down. An island? The paparzi would make a porno oyut of your disarry.

This society pretending their defending h.r on establishing ‘very high standars of a joke’ in fact not h.r boosting but economical bail out and artificial inflation and performance, at the cost of our libbery, well being, dignity, and to live with less things and lies, that would permit the human to start doing their jobs, nature protection as their unique sanctuary. Lost paradise by and large

By , byu.

Buy, y, u.

Or is mental health a word used as people might perceive you or gossip about, and construct a bout, around they saying that is it a strangity, a strangeness of you.


Chat, tachometer. .

i am really wondering how you manage your shop.

three months ago i went to one of your shop, to buy frozen veg. inside the frozen containter a dust 1 cm thick was in there. i at once complained to the staff, specifiying that i would never come back in such place. i am against pouring chemical products… but when it comes to food if i spot place where food are left with dust or on the floor, i ll start to be frigthen and fierce as for the ability to run a shop.

i came back though as i work night is my sole outlet, but this time i told the manager that never bothered to check and gesture me to go out as i had just bought something from there. i don;t think one take a manager likely to leave things in this state for several monghts, as she did like if she did not know nothing about it, saying i just said.

i don’ think one talks about a big company as hasard like this should be under your responsability.

The way website are done signalizing the will for obscurity of demonic davertisement , advertisement, divertissement.

And the type of professional ethics and misplacement.

Further, fur,

Furor, fuhrer.

Cancer caused by the fact of us surppressing animal communications.

We stop whistling answering birds, and groaning answering whoever life and live around.

Love is the ay way hay nothing will be change d or moved of one’s life dedication to the supreme. As whatever happen it is on your name that I do half of what I I did and dig, intrawseuque , unforbi unforvi f given beauty batue. Unforgettable.


Table? Forge.

The cap: regulation in any temperature of the temperature of the body…a protect from blows.

The veil permitting not to si disrupt the head of hair so low.

So low.


Calvaire, calvin, call vers.

Call, c-

Solving, sauf = save in french. Or but, except. Exert, expert,

Sov, sauve, soph.



Etienne, est tienne.

What is the secret of the animal, vegetal, mineral?

The demi urge the one who transports that. The ones, but would imply honest, sincere, solidarity, that.


T’’head, at. His.

His, hiss.



Notre dame.

Dame, dam, dike.

Notre, noter, notaire = notaries.

Palestine, the victims of th e cold war between arabas and Christianity. Sainity.

Champceuil seen what people never come across, and the uncharitability of our sot ciety and our medicine.

Torture the innocent and their reincarnation in a beast that you cannot see, cannot catch, nor imprisoned and that will you blood your dry at 101%

Or at some of what every of your nigh.

When the mare neigh it nigh articulated cupid. Art. Cul = bottom of a sack.

Sack, kcas, case or  box.


Beate beaute, batue.

a bout, about

whas, swash, ash,

has, or was.

The rpivildege to study. Like the one to take one’s time. Or to do a job that make a difference. Should not be priviledge byt intraseque actions.

on godd recipe to avoid money problem is travel not related with work.

me i think that my travel is to do with my studies, in as sens ethey are my leisure, what i pay myself of free time.

i hope we see on sunday. bring your laptop. for the food i work till 8 pm on saturday. and on sunday i don’t think we could find something at roehampton. tell me if you cannot on saturday i d try tomorrow.



You have stopped writing after the U.N.D.H.R, that was the date.

In between devotion or dedication one has to choose de- basically. Also arise gross and greande connery. Errors and nunnery (not talking about the brave sisters, peace in your soul and sex alike).

Sex exes. Pronc.

Sexe in french. Excess.

Acad-emy enmy.

To be resetned not to have power for being so nasty. But bully me won’t be of any avail. innate.

In mate. Et am.

Je pense, thus I am, coger, gerock, nimo.

I think thus il ive.

I will heave.

There is no rale real political and ideological debate at the same time. As even when one knows that another ‘solution’= recipe, would be better for them and for the society as a generality, nothing in politics attest that their vote will enuse sue this to be pursue and that the new denomination will do this in any clause. Additionaly, even though at least one of this coccurence was permitted, people would be highly susceptible not to follow their real needs and knowledge, not the ones asked to have and display, but to follow and keep their allegiances.

Work newwork net work and

I can spend one year oever a text and not because it is finished  because I finally forget.

Finally, it is not the work but the maitre. Like the disease.

One would like to fight for the causes, as long as like every night they cannot go on standing up. But at the same level when they are lying they want to be taken with the little things and persons that have made their lives, their love.

The climax in the sexual excitation, could be related that when bodies are opening up to that highness and when youmight to have to defend yourself from habing to have this degree of proxy. Then your body is coming, release as it agrees to open and don’t have to run for its life, as is could be the case.

I d like to do goo things, but so many and much of my doing, while I was certain, positive, enhthousiast, gudided guilded about it. Not of this goodness proved to be. What to do?

eternal.     Lane r ete. (summer or use to be, in french)

yes, anal and then. There is a lot of going around apparently. The vagin vague in. ina. In a. one in each of male and famel, camel. body.

Fael, (feel, fell, fail) flame.

Flame of the dragons as they eat stones and germs.

on godd recipe to avoid money problem is travel not related with work.
me i think that my travel is to do with my studies, in as sens ethey are my leisure, what i pay myself of free time.

he was not a transgender. i think the transfo is painful. you don’t have a proper penis, mind that could improve…i understand why (the social reason and maybe biological that would more affiliated to any kind of operations, biotic, I am ok with it as long as it is not oblige nor officialy not tacitely. Why not having to do it for survival or for having the right to sex the opposite.) people want to do it. though i think that whatever the body is hermaphrodite. il l call you on sunday.

Site, set, sex.

it is not nice. how to say it starkly? i feel seeing you that’s all.


Mate (in french have a peep, [pronc:  pipe = felation] that.

ame lit. ame est lie.

Mad made.

Vampire. Rampare.

s-warming with people.

To regret not to have done certain things that cross our mind or conception that to be digged wanted. Hanged. The turn over of time and depletion, the arrangement of t-hinges.

Competitive countries supported by making profit from naything will provide the gold diggers as long as the falling atmosphere. No regulations will send all otf us to go tow work like one goes to the hells.

Hades, aids.

but because of who, there is no jobs or valuable jobs? everyone fault.


Sand rain.


OROr ODD OR                 roar.

What is odd is that twith individual one might be bery conservative intellectually and innovative psychologivcalyy. And the other one the opposite…intellect, psychic, psycho, behavioral, arti…how many other parameters that are infinitude and htat are not when one censor for the devil only.

What makes us interdependent, and equal spiritually. Totally.

No respect of other species impeach one’s own evolution.

Medical experimentation

Nazi destroy eveidence like scientifist or moralist destroy the self evident truth that anial are as animal as us, living, feeling.

‘puttin someone out of one;s minsery’

Would beliefs remote people from morality and duties? Ties.

Life is a miracle and be careful of not srvcing it badly.

Whoever control the streets, control the people.

‘children giving orders to children’ who commands, who check up, back and upon? What.

‘hitler’ children’

It is wonderful to think that everything had been written rite, on a single book, or the lfollowing flow of it.

Is it?

And you ll pray so.

And if property rights was ill adapted for veing human centred and no things (thingy) centred. To ro protect things as a communal duties, from being abused.

exactly it is to remind that universalism when deserveing its appelation is about all wisdoms. and universalism needs every knowledge and for its coexistence, authenticity and cohesion. and every passion and any one could have written this, universalism if the fruit of universe. and survival the one of everybodies’ action. it is also the case that universal values cannot go on without everyone taken up at the same right and rate. everyone rights on every other rights. and duties.

i am not sure one can talk about genocide, it was quelling, crimes against humanity yes, but without wanting to destroy a group but their dissidents, as far as my very little knowledge goes.

the problem with negationism could be related to lie in front of the judges. not will you lie to save your skin from injsutice. or lie to kill or harm somebody using the legal system?

To talk to the bird gives me bacek my humanity . as I know that theay are not more good nor bad that you or me, but that I ll try to say won’t be the objects of their complaints, that they are not spolingin the next generations and all future by (ing, in) taking place and plane. I fel film free.


Feel, leaf.

One has established

A degree of atrocity, not that each violation might not upset all around it, and not that it has the powere (revimm , revo, rebo, revoker, )of killing and send to earth back to real and reel the disarray. But by instince t of priority. To converge on the most atrocities. Perhaps, am at six and seven’s . my confession. Not I ok


Not having knowledge but data

In form


Hymn, him am, hi mam.

Say, yes.

Aver, reva, (-dream in french)

Dream, drame (in french drama)

A vers.

Sl aver y, advertise.

Moi loi, en soi.

Law saw


Raw bow, rain low.

Plolice plot lice en lisse.

Might be reluctanat at opening a file again as people couldwell organise to send someone down – trample on him.

To be afraid of homosexuality as inewaulity and debile sutupide imbecile didfference made between sex are reconcialiate in the hipe for unbounded love or it s possibility.

Anfd for the one that would exist, procreation and different strength or intensity well let me kill you.

Let late tel. tale. Etal

Opportunities to work with animal in farms where they are killed and in reservfes with false invironmentalist s that meake the rest of the population believe that animals are only good lef t in the wild, only ackaingted with the docs, only having the priviledge to observe them their lot.

their heir terre.


Vers, air,


Green, reindeer. Reen, re-in.

g- neer. Sneer. Near, pire.

Rain, rain. Rein.

Pire, worst, w horse, hearse, reverse.

To say on purpose, obligeamly , that one slef have friends.


To civilize appear, in dregs, drag and rag. Draogon. Guard on.

As human being has for false fierte to direct lives of others and most probably their fight , their fate. Fast and prompt dirigeant.

Harsher or changing conditions, harm with new skills and observation.



Plead, deal, peal, dale, knead, kill.

Swan, wan?

Swear, raw? That eve are. Arth, earth, heart

There is creative reading as well as creative writing. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Action and thought function



To preach reserve such as the buddha essay, as one has lost faith in humane society but still by god is guide.


As keen on wirefirebone and fireworkd than I shooting foxes around or let them for the dogs like vulgar prostituate and banal wagers or displayed shearholders or distraught fundraison. Df effondre

How many would stop reading for the sake of nationalism. Nation that? Not me. Mention.

Nation, born.

Share, shear.

The sounded and sifted desire of ending in the streets for not having responsibilities inverse to what we knew and inverse to what should or that we have the understanding of what should be veering, wearing towards too the humanity.

I knre re knre knew one or two tricks and thrade with . early writings of what I did not hear of my feeling nor see.

humanity. Huma


About finding finaly acceptable to k live and kick life alone, as even though one find someone that corespond so, the way we think, what we thing and how will disperse and diverge our energy.

Unless one and the other will become one. But it is the aim when alone also.

Loss on nothing. Noth.

THE Klight, our trught, that decimate, as the logic will take care of our discours.di court

The kik light that dec dissimate. Light and life, and oxi, avoided in fund oceanic and surrey. Sure.


repossession, but who runs it who own it. Who is nursing it for nothing but exhaustion????


i have for policy to let every and any messages come through, also is not responsible for the comments or publicity, part of the flow. or at least not at the first instance. forum banda id diot. ideaux. idee a, idee (idea) au (belong to) haut (hight).

before the (……….) = latin, french or other languague translated.

and to help my co blogger yaeh, as the comments on your thread, not threat, but replace some content of similar for being reality. alite (ridden, bedridden) ‘telephone’ french rock band.

Partial application of right

Lying discourese and display.


Pire = worse


ritual that commands? Ordered? Called? Stir? RIT



confidentiality might be used because of setting up and retaliation or double penalty. the truth and all the truth is a grave problem in any system of justice, included the hypothetical equity.

and on common space owns by the companies, owning the data recorded on cctv…and the way to interprete them as well as their context is more than frightening but delibitation.

though the form of action solidarity running the place without policy is militia social and if is not altogether will be.

as well if the doc could stop saying ‘you know’ cos people will judge and will get stuck with this rythme while there is so many stuffing in her discourse that in fact we did not k-now…then. or that we still don’t know weak as we are attached to form and thus so shaped.

k-now, cadeau.


great follow up on psychological police presence, taking over the streets and fencing attak on the organised crimes adn absence of legitimacy (hand in hand with the whole judiciary and other chambers and powers).

even thought we need them against the worse thatn in practise or in office already

also on solidarity movement and their psychology it is highly ugly that the solidarity appearance is high as there is no ngo organizational issues, orders, comments, epistemology and ontology questions. They are groups assemble on some unofficial (flick) occasion, they are fluids and then unleash from debates, yes but also from results and work and cohesion- as well as responsibilisation.

In addition, they are groups under who? Lead by who, yes but crush or supervise or block, imposed, opposed, guided, led, critisised, symbolized, advertised, imaged, sanitize, salvaged (sale-wage) v-age? Wagge, costumize, retribute, salute, posthumize, posess ,  by who?

It d be interesting to know in front o fthe police, the power holder, the police of anywhere, none immune against becoming the Gestapo, would be solidarising long in case of a ‘prisoner dilemma context.

As and it is what I reproach you, the solidarity, solide, or lid, of lead, dar of k liquidity, that no one is taking the subject of communism, and in fact you are not communist by any means but social liquidity, is about the resources. You can have any rules of equity and justice, jury, fair trial, constitution, diplomacy, whatever filing and field of theorization authorization (horizon), if there is no more resources, only if we would have been brought up and oyoyself build up a society of pure morality, to produce in knowing that our means of production (and their protection ways) are depletion will ensure a culture and mentality of seduction, adduction, addiction, destruction and immorality. Whate veer would be the rules they would be eviction, corruption viciated . about priviledge and sit-e for distortion theft tacit threat tac-it and felons.

Vein, veni, vidi, vici, Vaccinated.

Corruption. Core rupture-with principal. The foundation?. Of un date. Not datable as being inscribed in the logics and universlality o f no being but un I versus sale.

Mclellan, d.  (1990) because basically everyone is talking about the social over which they theorized as good sheep and never about economy, main concern of marx prevailing over the politics as the latter being dependend of the former.

the weapon of criticism cannot, of course, supplant the criticism of weapons.

weep. marx.

also not taking into account in the discourse of social is the nature of man, man centred though, without its universe, without being united and talkde in term of dissensiton, its shadow or basen, absence, death, emptiness and impertience. Humanist as it were?! Humanist is tic.

Man cut from himself, with other Humanist is tic it is cut from the universe.

What was we needed was not political revolt but social revolution, for any worth-while conception of democracy had to go beyond the political state.

Mclellan, d.  (1990)

Conscience of eatinf for free, parasitism. But ruling, even though permitting by miracle to be a good rulesr, take energy. Consensus.

Share the sense, of share the sus. Suce.

As anarchy is something less to orgainse and well everyone try to get some of its zero sum of accountability.

solidarity or liquidity.???

Emotional or amorous.

Arms, army, harms.

Conceptual, intellectual or sensuous.


Whci ch rules or manifest for privacy. Privacy then without private property within the common spaces?

As private ownership permit sovereignty and free appreciation, where would be the island if under a all commonspaces where privacy and individual freedom, and individualization or particularization (but not particularism) (and why not free like an atom- em {aim} ota (iota){hot or remove in french}  d be under assassination,


Could we stay private and enforce transparency as for damages are concerned. Or the object of corner, concern as damages is the dam of ages. And don’t touch to my pussy cat.

…my pushy cat.

who do you want adhere, if it is not this exact rue rule threatened by OTHERs if you don’t work at establishing freedom, bridges, and barriers. Bar rear.

because me i tell you something, i am not gonna get ready to live under occupation. because me i tell you something, i am not gonna get ready to live under occupation. because me i tell you something, i am not gonna get ready to live under occupation. because me i tell you something, i am not gonna get ready to live under the ‘occupation’.

exclusion or inclusion as the form of surveillance.

It is all the same weird, we herd, {ire, hire, higher, de?} to claim no property but the one of the political and social institutions, instill, tuitions………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….for no one apart at chill child chic chick.

Sleek sneak.

Or Am I a born still, more than every 16 h a day maxi when I have to sleep or die without resume?

When opposition is sleeping with opportunity. Hope or tune.

Hoper tue.

Concept in the service of human and life in general’ the former served by the latter.

But no one seems to be in much hurry to provide humane concepts of it as complex {xel, zeal, moc} as life is a wonder for everybody. Abode. {e-d-ob} Heed Aube. Dawn. Own.

Ab-ove. Ab-ode. Absolutely even.

Absolve. Salve.

Because to say ‘compagny’ p or social is not protecting the place in itself, the place of course related to all but hall of anybody, shape of offering  offspring, Aube of god’s. Odd.

But the place in itself don’t know ownership at the sam title thatn an animal or a wife, well a lady (ydal) i-doll, yodel, short of ide-ali

So what’s the rule then towards the liberation of everything, pussy, yss up, in-clue-deed.

c-lue (luc, lu = light and read, re-ad, rehab, dear. Ed-ar. Arde.

Spam detection might be hiding like in you tube for reference to intertext that cannot  be signalled as adresse of web are not accepted. Monop. Mon op o ly hope au lit.holly.

Pater, parents no sex but bringing up purpose.


Holy spirit feminine


Meet, meat. Mitron.


The couple of the millenary military, a tree and its off spring, new shot.

H shot, hot, tosh, tohs.

Chuad chaut, chaud, housh auch. Verlan, en-vers.

My brother needed aorthophonist as no one talked to him. And for no whatsoever other incentives…work, fun, yes maybe dis-siding .

Explanation on my writing.

The spiritual contain inititative death as also will be sancetione by the social the quest.

Avoiding both materialism and idealism Mclellan, d.  (1990) and live for what?

Materialism could be teh thirst into construction, invention, creation, adventure, exploration. Such as idealism.

Tehnics a genius.

Philo have to work iwith not against its thriveAnd thrift.

Dissection, dispiritualisation, torture , ecartelemtn, demantelement, demembrement.

On and On Alienation.

Fluide forces, druidic forces, feel profund, if you are disrespected and have to work against ones’ development.

Unequal work for unequal reward.

The vu business person knowing about the scandals and not willing to give money to business charity, what s gonna become?

Dominated and adoring money,

‘Alienated essence of man’s work’ = slavery

Mclellan, d.  (1990)

E weep.

E e weap on apron.

I am not ridiculous honey, I am mister ridiciulous. Thank you cheir.

Funeral rites are extremely important as life is conducted in a too often urge and surge, thrust and mistrust that you do thing that you will regret less than would bring back to live deadly consequences or scars such as incests and pesticides all over food and end all that. Thry to redeem l an/douille.

And ouille. Charcoal et toussa.

Years and years w e heard, herd, about austerity. Oster

Debt. Ect.

Dette, ette.

d.ette, comme si de rein n etait.

Lat the debt we have towards what we consume without have ing done.

Please to take into account the energy spend in order to make sure that what is produced and consumed be so without harm nor delay.

One plays the monster as it is ignored, not tolerate, no accounted for.

Illness of protuberance.

In the sub, conscience.

A noise coming from where, which one of the sphere.

Dickens and scrooge. Crude, rouge

And the writer living like a ghost.

Is she supposing totally that it’ s her, the dream of atlantis?

But one another side, on hand, how could she know?

She seh. Sait not equal say but know.

Manage not the man but the cuckoo. Me, me, yes anyhow what could I expect from a fiancé?

Microsoft taught, led me to considerate several list of workds. And now I am jongling all the time violently. Should do less often, moins souvent. Soul sous le vent levant.


Minus mine us.

You lied to me once.

One, two, three, come on baby.

You do me cuckoo twic.

For, thief, Thick,

You separate I don’t know how many times

Severe, hate, night

Nine life aer for the cat.

I ll have to separate from ya.

When we have been be-tray once and twice by different body, the survival instinct revive in us solo, ‘sol, los’; solo, ‘ olos’ hole low.

They steal my owork by burning, rejecting, dispising, firing, spiting, erasing…etc  –c

Karl mars. Kprend ta barre.

Rvrty every year i asked her. With chocoalate a ring of each minute she would not be holder. Ptapisse ta piscine.

It is still democracy, but maybe not for long.

Like if it was the only thing not improvable by techniques, offering and material.

The vampire has no breath.

It cannot be seen in a mirror, as to back, or sure about it rear, no prospect.

Because there is no return, nor way to see behind. No past no future. Dfein e define, fine.

well i don’t know for sure my agenda is a bit changing every week.

what about during an afternoon or an evening, problem is i might work night the day. let s try then or just now i could this friday sure whenever even evening, or friday the next one??

super for the evening. problem is that i live near university and the last train to catch my train is at 11 30 around that.

tell me where and what time.

do you work central?

thank you for your answer.

the first out was a vegetarian gay bar at totenham court. it went bankrupt, and one again…

to refer to where, it is your territory i ll let you choose anyway.

But in fact since genocide are by definition so fomented and stereotyped, they are the range of all tortures and their preparations. Alongside maybe the most vicious and cruel, the most debased: make believe one that it is for ‘good’ the exercise (exorcism) of duo, doe, demon. De mon (=O god Mine in french).


thank you for the way you make your lecture. the interactive. the ?????????? that make you think thing after all that. the pitfals are not to adress the subject back. but you knit and weave (shuttle)with great delicacy. under-standing.


you let us speak, you know. it could become virulent.

as well on darfur (other regions, apparently?) and the teddy.

the unsaid and wall fire theory.

To work with people that leave not place for questions or comments or that censure their way out of anyting . ante intellectuality.

Man Iipulation.


On the way my work could have been thousands of times stolen, destroyed, reduced to nothing.

And negligence, negation won’t come to my shield if store in my shelves.

Torpor and lamentation.

En = in in france.

En t. in time? Timing. Torped. Tor-pille.

Ame –ed.

Past, head.

To be not ‘all-ow’ to discourse with people as a cultural segregation. To protect one’s patrimony or to prepare the messy, missies.

some of it sums it. Summit.

Sum, sub, bother and arithmetic.

To enter into details for the ones who overt their time and think recurrently. Plage of understanding.

Great detail.

Tail re=at. G.


Seven lives

are we still on friday. it s just to have a approximation of the time as i work evening and a tiny bit of the morning as well…

j ai demande a la laune

solidarity or liquidity.???

exclusion as the form of surveillance.

Your parents have changed of address. Could you keep my data, they are less cumbersome that the few dozens pages once threw up. As illegible but well, tiny.

Could you unblock your face book or something for me, one day. Would you be afraid of all start crumbling around my way. This world is finishing any lay.

Unblock, deblock (in fr:

[euthanasia and its derivatives, as medicines would be so easy, vague, lobiy, logic’ to give by the mouthful.

Maybe as a prepartation for the jour  E

D   death by decree.

O shame, could we be crying. Doing it already lavishely surely.

But the problem is that it is to bona fide killers that goes the plea.

Leap. Like a dog from being on its two legs.


Okne’s work teaches alienation, as what people will do with it escape the initial master, robbed extention of its own creation.

And again and again superfluous tension.


Elev-        pupil or raising in french

Torture: from Algiers to Abu



a threat to national security

Following the adage

of Chief Justice Robert Jackson that ‘[t]he Constitution is not a suicide

pact’, civil liberties and due process, he implied, should not get in the

way of national security.

However, the doyen of the ‘torture lobby’ was the Harvard law professor

Alan M. Dershowitz, a celebrity after his defence of O. J. Simpson

and a self-proclaimed champion of civil liberties. Dershowitz

deployed the notorious ‘ticking bomb’ argument that had been used

by General Massu’s paratroopers during the ‘Battle of Algiers’ in

1956–57. On the basis of a hypothetical scenario, in which a terrorist

is captured who has knowledge of a primed bomb that will kill

hundreds of people within twenty-four hours, it was claimed morally

justifiable to torture the suspect to save those lives.

I would agree on this argument, but what national security is building contrarily to global security, and therefore the security of each of its componenets. And then when does the case of the ticking bomb actually happens? Never ro so.

Society would be efficiently controleed in order to avoid these dangers…but the dangers then would come from the controls…as the preetablish fashion and iam aim. Are the exploitation or destruction of others.

Torture: from Algiers to Abu



a threat to national security

C.ET: I would agree on this argument, but what national security is building contrarily to global security, and therefore the security of each of its componenets. And then when does the case of the ticking bomb actually happens? Never ro so.

Society would be efficiently controleed in order to avoid these dangers…but the dangers then would come from the controls…as the preetablish fashion and iam aim. Are the exploitation or destruction of others.


Would it be superfluous to say of a person that spend their days drawing a project that each of their sentences, consciously or not , were born t osupport extreme variation and degree. And if one’s get a sense it is of its inner, untimely, seriouslity.

The need of champions poing and competition as to address the danger, often bigger than humans.

The smilling policy that presuppose you to be lavished with being 100% in agreement with your companies, the customers, everything, your donkey role including.

Spare, us, humanity.

The two sides of the load, hord.

Predilection dialect.


dy fore in the body.

Boy body.


G I r l./

G her le.  Pronunciation

check on the “switchboard” london link and the “gingerbeer” link.

but you know that might be another competition. to go in places, to search the market and continuously feel that one can find a better suited lady…i d think it is healthy as it is better to go where one feels better, but it gives to think on marriage differently.
whence the respect of what the other do, and think, and planned is what is the most important for me. if this is respected then at least you can comtemplate staying together and for long, as for ever, one will see, as time will tell. could depend on mentality really.

the only stuff, be more happy for today and the day we can stronger be.



C which, each. Ich who, wh ish.

Tiens, tine. Titine.

do you know that mohammed the islamic prophet married a girl of 9? do you know more about the way he is supposed to have handle the matter?

Thank you for the one courageous enough to defend their other half free: homosexuality.


S had, e, ahead.

Short, exhort.

Where, ea wear, ware, a war.

Communication, adjucation, vacation,

Sounds like religion. Releague.

A dream where you cannot stop the body of your dearest, you brother, to be enslaved and dragged far away by you don’t know what forces, or how to fight or how to get or where it has slipped and slept. As if you were holding inot onto his body, torn apart they could be.

sorry to take your time.

i had a conversation with someone presenting himself as having a volunteer position on your site. as i wanted to explore on vision on tv was working i was wondering if what he said you were is actually the truth as i did not read it this way on your site.

he presented you as a radical left channel

my own production is, might be in some places, rather contentious, so i asked him if it could happen that someone do the job to edit one’s job and hobby in your site and that your work could be deleted by one of your team then. he said that no left orientated film could not fit. i tried to look for your conditions, could you please tell me what they are?

magnificao. K.o. chaos. Shoal.

British, brutish, bratish,

Rit brit, birth.

Ascent, a scent.

Material, maternal, marriage. Carriage.

Friendly, fry endlessly.



Said, first Arabic name.

Inscribe, in bribe, hence…

Isl-ma. I solate.

You yapp.

Organization, organ, isa, sia, sai.

Session, hesitation,


Every one insisting on the importance of education in matters of tolerance. But educate doing fucking what and how. Banda pand(or)a.

The reveolution producing not leaders serving the good of all, but distinguished as god favoring impune leaders(hip).

D economic.


The pictures of the buildings and places only a century old, that reminds that that cannot be but hanted.

Enlightment perverted as rationalisation of human affairs safaries affrays became disproportion of technology upon nature donation now brought to exhaustion.

Being a single or live in a state of e celibacy.

Chosen as soon as one terms its partnership adequacy, even thought they wlong for someone, this someone in theory. The partner imaginary needed to bring oneself to a degree of companionship acceptability.


what about coming along? i d pay for your ticket i know what it is to be just arrived. and teh coffee would be this time for me.

to tell the truth i am there not at all to make friend, there is only one person that counts in term of being together for me, and she is a girl friend, so i acknowlegde that it s far more reasonable if i don’t ask you further to meet me. a propos your english is very good, and i reckon that you are as creative as prolefic aslo if you are ready to die for your art, do it, fuck the ones that would like to slow you down, and stay nice, good, kind and free. but only if you are ready. fancy ya. The deep way could have be, what about coming along? i d pay for your ticket i know what it is to be just arrived. and teh coffee would be this time for me.

to tell the truth i am there not at all to make friend, there is only one person that counts in term of being together for me, and she is a girl friend, so i acknowlegde that it s far more reasonable if i don’t ask you further to meet me. a propos your english is very good, and i reckon that you are as creative as prolefic aslo if you are ready to die for your art, do it, fuck the ones that would like to slow you down, and stay nice, good, kind and free. but only if you are ready. fancy ya.en bi.

Counc-il. Count hill.

Conc- lusion.

What had been done in a very discreet manner at this evening, 10years or so earlier, than now appeared in memory to be dones o clearly. Mercy.



Host. Austile.

Reflexion, lexic.

E fel.

Efle, Efell.

R, feel.x





Chain, chain, chene, chene.

Case, casket.

Task, tax,

benefit from not questioning anything, anting.

H, like human. Not that I despise ants at all, but the ludicrous way they are soret sorted. But h.beings.

E we.

We are not macho because we start smilling when thinking we are hard and stiff, as for you, and without sleeping with you, one can go to the war, who are.

Fees, pheasant.

Social class and

class room

C: Did you mean matter, pain, meaning, doors, direction

Maybe being obliged into hiding one’s feeling = smiling all the time and appear paisible ofr ex, permit somebody to have to not react cliché

as ide. Hide.




thank you for accepting the particularity of my writing and its volume. i ll stop…just trying to be not too much unclear or uncomprehensive. you giving me my hope back and the dignity (and grandiloquence) that wont’ surrendered nor usurped. 🙂 still with a noise but smiley.


I fyou want to fuck me with your ‘believes; it is high time to get a new religion started.

“Civil society as the clash of the social forces, Transcended by the universality of the state according to hegel.”

“But for marx individual and state cannot be discussed individually, euh no, separatedly.”

Marx asserts that the individual cannot be conceptually isolated from his social context: by definition any meaningful sentence about an individual must simultaneously refer to his environment, and an atomistic model of an individual is philosophically unsound.

Avinery, S. (1968) the social and political thought of Karl Marx. Cambrideg university press.

Alienation in context??????????due to the social, and the political.

Also marx stipulates that the atomisation, in this context, isolation, alienation was socially as well as politically monitored.

Helper. Leper.

Not knowing how one is supposed to lik lok look at oneself, as in the mirror the light is direct, is the iris fund perceivable, would on e need to prefigure a third conscience, oneself, the other, the intention.

And if the repository is oneself then to look at how erect, not one’s own strength but the route taken and embody, flesh in our reality, by the intention, the tension.

On mesmerism.

A right even if perfectly conceptualized, by who will be emphasized? And what if one right is defended while the right of another is dropped, (for example due to a lack of money to pay the advocate or the judge)

Fate imam. Am aml huhu hymn am.

Malle, mal, Pandora

Lame, male and duck.

Fuck. Muck. Dedall.


thank you, it won’t score high nor well any how. wheel, wells perhaps.

cut library jobs.

Education and class.

Or you will be treated as a fucking idiots, or the latdder will be upload without any consideration for knowledge nor anything.

brilliant summary. i also question the university for not enforcing a real question time after lecture. and i question the fact that since dave behave this way and that on top i was the one being punished from assisting lecture. how come there is no restriction on what a prof will have the power of exclusion and behave so discriminatively in front of the students without being put into question.

beneficiate from fair play in the independence of professional and the free civil society activity.

afterwards and since a long time, since i am grudge, …, blah,blah,blah, people take upon themselves not communicating with a non conformist you see. but it is a witch hunt that is working and this i won’t let it. the head talk about mutual understanding which i though very correct and appropriate, but not when i am still at gun point of some, in fact, here anybody. i am not gonna be happy with being treated like the leper. they managed to suspend me from attending my lectures normally and now they arranged a little party, with a number of student that will make official that was altogehter the rumours and playwright of everybody= my pending disciplinary. if it is that that is called mutual understatement, my personal understanding is that i will have to open up (and not my mind) to people with the potential will and the straight weapons to even not punish me from questioning and behaving this way, but demolishing me.

now of course is it my personal feeling, what the facts are, i don’t know none of those as my disciplinary meeting was as kafkaian as in sharia law or other done don kangarou style- what are the alleguation other than ackward and argue regressive. you sincerely call that a meeting? it is not clear that what people did during the board the term they scrap the sub-department of h.r I did it a tiny bit during a sympodium (the one gg reproaches me in particular, to have interrupted guys that took planes from the middle east to read a paper of 15 minutes, while all what the host were doing, instead of thinking what new project adopting, adapting, was to time them, for the 15 min, be not 16.

Last semester after three years of everybody taking ainy pretext to avoid spreading their time , I started being proactive and interrupting lectures, yes, because each time a prof say at the end of the lecture, never this time will in reality be accommodate.

Now let them proceed. Because I don’t wnat to hear that I refuse what is supposed to defuse…just like if they did not put me down already.  Radeau.

I might need a psychologist I suppose but it would not be a roehmpaton based that I would use, if I have any faith in confidentiality or the conviction that or serenade or submission be so pathologic anyway. In classic philosophy, it is or logos or ethos or pathos it s what I read recently, well yesterday but ti is contrarily to dialectics, I am not sure I have to come back to it.

Also I thought I had to precise because I am not thinking of any justice to be redress, I am too experimented to know that I am expected to appear before a court with a judge just tacking the nail and the lawyer or counsellor taking the fees  even though I sinned or have seen out of zeal or seriousness. Errare humanism  humanum est.

I don’t want to go to deeply as they are saying this and this why not starting to lie, like they did already. My words against theirs. I am less organised, they are arranged in trusts corporation already. The favourite of david dave tinham you have to trust [so don’t check it, is what I would have added] .

I ll tell it to you as for improving my chance of holding on to it:

though don’t worry i will shush from now, i won’t loose it for this reason.

Also I shushed because I could not possibly let people play up with my diploma; or even approach it.

The head Said that I was ‘to remain a student’, I ll argue that tomorrow I, and a few others, could be a teacher if you recruit and keep guy like this. But that at the end of the day our aims would be to fare better than the ex and less than the next, to use old cliché (snapshot of the situation like it literally said)

Let’s agree to a new meeting the album want update sum.

Last time you said that it was the end of it but I have been disciplined with the charges of disrupting classes :

I think that you are inciting students into being confronted.

And into thinking that the materials taught or just the subject or other students presentation is not the object of further debates.

They call that a suspense, I call that a lynching my tongue is taken, then what is left tome is to hope for Kingston to take my case even with a disciplinary.

Your agents.

On 24/7 hours suite, computers. By chance in this university has been kept the wisdom of letting numerous classroom opened so that one may found free and entirely quiet place.

I am not saying to heat the all building as ti would not be used, it is just the contray (contree) that I would defend, but to leave some little room where students might turn on the heating, I work with room 10 celcius for the past week and like this every single night of the winter when you need to stay, in fact you don’t at night it is 5, is too much even with 10 layers.

No conducive atmosphere to study, by chance still find class room empty where the study area are noisy, no laptops may be borrowed will break between term, though the offices are opened, 24 hours rooms no heating, who can study when room at 10 celcius. That would imply by the patriarchal that no students would need to work on his out office hours and during its holidays????????????????????bizarre.

Unless they want us to such wages and suck policies like ki lilipop

I think that no. I am not annoyed at them doing it directly I am annoyed at being put itno a position of disciplinary action due to their complains. If they gonna know that a meeting have to occur then no by any means I want to know what exactly I am reproached with, and this from their own numerous mouths- to ffeed, hopefully thought for themselves not always bein for the giving, without talking about forgiving.

On the other side I have been accused of stuffs, I tried to explain from where was coming from my behaviour in a quite fair play and straight forward way as none of the complains (or lack of appraisal) were whatsoever even not precise but even less factual.

thing, i will attend nothing if you ware not in the room.

Okay, is echo.

Chaos, case soc.

Chaos, soak.


Middle English encoragen, from Anglo-French encorager, from en- + curage courage

encore = again

anchor, encore, couroux?

Choeur,  choir.

Core. En-core.

‘Marx saying that he did not have a formula’.

Marx latter betrayed by the same people that took his name not like a shil eld but a dustbin.

The fate of a prophet.

Would the proletariat be for the bourgeois values? Or simply lead to fight for so as being employed is not an option and employment conditions obey to bourgeois commands and opportunisation.

‘to be radical is to grasp the problem by the roots. But for man, is man itself’…not god.

Nor are they divinity as well as having to fight for it, life secret. Secretion.

Cmpettition delogya. Deloyal, owner, dsestroy and bridbe .

Bride, bride in French reins.

Species life’ = ‘social essence’

Would polygamy and other ordure be installed in order to enforce a ch oir ch ch cohesion of chalantan militia called themselves men. Nem.

any time it is just for me to go around yours!

just maybe more end of afternoon than late in the evening…train purpose. in fact if you let me the choice, why not after 11? like you said, early in the day would mean that i could go straight away without to have to come back at my place to wait or wait somewhere else. have your say.  🙂


and the working class fucking thinking that they could count long of others dying for their ideas, and for finding some, while any can stay safe doing staff stuff with playing up like if of one’s brain, one did not get none.

To sort out.

Right serves differentiation and scale about class whose accumulation of wealth is the balance, the leverage option Mclellan, d.  (1990).

hi sherry, sorry to even ask for that. i will go to hounslow with afternoon but since my computer is 5 year old i start douting finding an adaptator handy in the computer shop.


Quote. temporary

up to (k)now uncountournable hurdle


Fek, feline, feign.

K = case = broken line. I k



Ot love women and thanks god for their natural grace everyday.

Which makes sense as the state or commune as to redistribute labor into workers laboring towards education, policing…all what we need to do in common or what ensure links constituting a population, an nation, a specis fe free of moves and working for the sake of everybody safety. (at the best of one capacity, availability and also leave options of one’s liking…) as long as don’t counter sincere efforts, and needed by the way, of third party

But what wen this labor comes into the hand of which don’t work at this effect, or in fact work counter productively.

He  argues that with a ba we will never have to direct a festival film. So let’s say that we cannot but work for big company and not try other more humble in size initiative, why offering the project of the festival at all.

Profs establishing projects in saying anyhow that the skills they don’t teach is ok like that because with us ba it is basically the role of executive secretary without a tiny need for the skills that are on the program that is needed.

I insist because yet again it is the kind of discourses, literal, that is to be heard in the modules run by him.

I suspect also it is why we ended in some kind of bogus ‘we take all the decisions restrained team’ and the other treated as simple executives.

I am not here to ape that.

thank you for your support it really soothes me.

i have to take the situation as ti is now, and realized that i am threatened. i don’t feel there is any other options that stop speaking as i have been put in a box with everyone knowing and some pushing with arguments that should not lead me to nearby the sink.

i am being put aside in an organisational manner with the administration approving and almost lid leading me to prison. i will encourage you from now to step aside as i won’t let them have me this face fashion.

though don’t worry i will shush from now, i won’t loose it for this reason.

Also I shushed because I could not possibly let people play up with my diploma; or even approach it.

i was ready to start bringing it on, but in fact i really rally think that your demand is far more sensitive as well as more sensible.

i was about to say but lets start the proceedings, but no, you are totallly right.

take care. and ta.

what i have now to ask is how it comes that it is permitted to a prof to behave in such a way? and end up with complain of students after the cine?

i have no time for the moment but i will provide somebody with an account of the allegations fo dave, his behavior afterwards and its pedagogic methods and comments all along.

yes, what i have to precise is that it is often that younger profs in fact incite their students for further questions, it is the case of many nina in pole position, karen, anna from the crimes team, johan for the socio…

it is obvious that they in fact use to accept my personal questions with patience, response and consistence. what i am talking about is the recurrence in abroging the question time for debate or more didactically discussion to take place.

what happens is that if these are not disciplinary meeting, and are for the building or uunderstanding in the real (rela-te resale) sense of it’ how come that the first meeting is a disciplinary one- or rehearsal then.

i will lodge a formal complaint but i will have to complete my last round of essays first, after having wondered what kinda judment i will have to come under during my chrismas brake.

for the cooker they may advise not to sit on the upper part in case people have close down the hood?

Functionalist that world shaped by others’ interaction My main criticism of marx is that what he knew of the limitation of the state capable of serving human development was from the experience he had from its own party. That the theorisation, surveying secret world, or secretly  came from his experience against the state for the macro repercuting of the party in micro

Finely, finally.

Purpose, propose.

hw eill


All of this grey area proved him wrong as his theory of emancipation did not make possible for the human to break from the to reign of of bondage’ (Lichtheim, 1971)

Proved wrong as if theory is ‘the emancipation of making from the reigh of bondage’ (Lichtheim, 1971)

Thank you for the one courageous enough to defend their other half free: homosexuality.


S had, e, ahead.

Short, exhort.

Where, ea wear, ware, a war.

Communication, adjucation, vacation,

Sounds like religion. Releague.

A dream where you cannot stop the body of your dearest, you brother, to be enslaved and dragged far away by you don’t know what forces, or how to fight or how to get or where it has slipped and slept. As if you were holding inot onto his body, torn apart they could be.

Even though individual workers may not reproduce, many of their same genes are carried and passed on by others in the colony. In this eusocial scheme, naked mole-rats that sacrifice the opportunity to reproduce pass down their genes indirectly by caring for their colony mates. The truth about naked mole rats

magnificao. K.o. chaos. Shoal.

British, brutish, bratish,

Rit brit, birth.

Ascent, a scent.

Material, maternal, marriage. Carriage.

Friendly, fry endlessly.



Said, first Arabic name.

Inscribe, in bribe, hence…

Isl-ma. I solate.

You yapp.

Organization, organ, isa, sia, sai.

Session, hesitation,


Every one insisting on the importance of education in matters of tolerance. But educate doing fucking what and how. Banda pand(or)a.

The reveolution producing not leaders serving the good of all, but distinguished as god favoring impune leaders(hip).

D economic.


The pictures of the buildings and places only a century old, that reminds that that cannot be but hanted.

Enlightment perverted as rationalisation of human affairs safaries affrays became disproportion of technology upon nature donation now brought to exhaustion.

Being a single or live in a state of e celibacy.

Chosen as soon as one terms its partnership adequacy, even thought they wlong for someone, this someone in theory. The partner imaginary needed to bring oneself to a degree of companionship acceptability.


what about coming along? i d pay for your ticket i know what it is to be just arrived. and teh coffee would be this time for me.

to tell the truth i am there not at all to make friend, there is only one person that counts in term of being together for me, and she is a girl friend, so i acknowlegde that it s far more reasonable if i don’t ask you further to meet me. a propos your english is very good, and i reckon that you are as creative as prolefic aslo if you are ready to die for your art, do it, fuck the ones that would like to slow you down, and stay nice, good, kind and free. but only if you are ready. fancy ya. The deep way could have be, what about coming along? i d pay for your ticket i know what it is to be just arrived. and teh coffee would be this time for me.

to tell the truth i am there not at all to make friend, there is only one person that counts in term of being together for me, and she is a girl friend, so i acknowlegde that it s far more reasonable if i don’t ask you further to meet me. a propos your english is very good, and i reckon that you are as creative as prolefic aslo if you are ready to die for your art, do it, fuck the ones that would like to slow you down, and stay nice, good, kind and free. but only if you are ready. fancy ya.en bi.

Counc-il. Count hill.

Conc- lusion.

What had been done in a very discreet manner at this evening, 10years or so earlier, than now appeared in memory to be dones o clearly. Mercy.



Host. Austile.

Reflexion, lexic.

E fel.

Efle, Efell.

R, feel.x





Chain, chain, chene, chene.

Case, casket.

Task, tax,

benefit from not questioning anything, anting.

H, like human. Not that I despise ants at all, but the ludicrous way they are soret sorted. But h.beings.

E we.

We are not macho because we start smilling when thinking we are hard and stiff, as for you, and without sleeping with you, one can go to the war, who are.

Fees, pheasant.

Social class and

class room

as ide. Hide.




thank you for accepting the particularity of my writing and its volume. i ll stop…just trying to be not too much unclear or uncomprehensive. you giving me my hope back and the dignity (and grandiloquence) that wont’ surrendered nor usurped. 🙂 still with a noise but smiley.


I fyou want to fuck me with your ‘believes; it is high time to get a new religion started.

“Civil society as the clash of the social forces, Transcended by the universality of the state according to hegel.”

“But for marx individual and state cannot be discussed individually, euh no, separatedly.”

Marx asserts that the individual cannot be conceptually isolated from his social context: by definition any meaningful sentence about an individual must simultaneously refer to his environment, and an atomistic model of an individual is philosophically unsound.

Avinery, S. (1968) the social and political thought of Karl Marx. Cambrideg university press.

Alienation in context??????????due to the social, and the political.

Also marx stipulates that the atomisation, in this context, isolation, alienation was socially as well as politically monitored.

Helper. Leper.

Not knowing how one is supposed to lik lok look at oneself, as in the mirror the light is direct, is the iris fund perceivable, would on e need to prefigure a third conscience, oneself, the other, the intention.

And if the repository is oneself then to look at how erect, not one’s own strength but the route taken and embody, flesh in our reality, by the intention, the tension.

On mesmerism.

A right even if perfectly conceptualized, by who will be emphasized? And what if one right is defended while the right of another is dropped, (for example due to a lack of money to pay the advocate or the judge)

Fate imam. Am aml huhu hymn am.

Malle, mal, Pandora

Lame, male and duck.

Fuck. Muck. Dedall.


thank you, it won’t score high nor well any how. wheel, wells perhaps.

cut library jobs.

Education and class.

Or you will be treated as a fucking idiots, or the latdder will be upload without any consideration for knowledge nor anything.

brilliant summary. i also question the university for not enforcing a real question time after lecture. and i question the fact that since dave behave this way and that on top i was the one being punished from assisting lecture. how come there is no restriction on what a prof will have the power of exclusion and behave so discriminatively in front of the students without being put into question.

I don’t think that my last disciplinary was only to do with my having send piece of writing to another writer. Not that I compared professional writing by n.power with my being a sole amateur. But my persistence was only to do avoiding from being excluded from political meeting attended by nina. It is why also my writing went on and on as I tried to solve the intellectual and emotional problem (my fault) before doing so. I wanted to make sure my civil rights of coming to public meeting was safe as I stopped perpetrating the mistake of communicating with nina at the personal level, as she required so.

i know for nina it is arguable but i beneficiate from fair play in the independence of professional and the free civil society activity.

afterwards and since a long time, since i am grudge, …, blah,blah,blah, people take upon themselves not communicating with a non conformist you see. but it is a witch hunt that is working and this i won’t let it. the head talk about mutual understanding which i though very correct and appropriate, but not when i am still at gun point of some, in fact, here anybody. i am not gonna be happy with being treated like the leper. they managed to suspend me from attending my lectures normally and now they arranged a little party, with a number of student that will make official that was altogehter the rumours and playwright of everybody= my pending disciplinary. if it is that that is called mutual understatement, my personal understanding is that i will have to open up (and not my mind) to people with the potential will and the straight weapons to even not punish me from questioning and behaving this way, but demolishing me.

now of course is it my personal feeling, what the facts are, i don’t know none of those as my disciplinary meeting was as kafkaian as in sharia law or other done don kangarou style- what are the alleguation other than ackward and argue regressive. you sincerely call that a meeting? it is not clear that what people did during the board the term they scrap the sub-department of h.r I did it a tiny bit during a sympodium (the one greg kent reproaches me in particular, to have interrupted guys that took planes from the middle east to read a paper of 15 minutes, while all what the host were doing, instead of thinking what new project adopting, adapting, was to time them, for the 15 min, be not 16.

Last semester after three years of everybody taking ainy pretext to avoid spreading their time , I started being proactive and interrupting lectures, yes, because each time a prof say at the end of the lecture, never this time will in reality be accommodate.

Now let them proceed. Because I don’t wnat to hear that I refuse what is supposed to defuse…just like if they did not put me down already.  Radeau.

I did no think that the ‘helper’ after my letter to nina were necessary because … I might need a psychologist I suppose but it would not be a roehmpaton based that I would use, if I have any faith in confidentiality or the conviction that or serenade or submission be so pathologic anyway. In classic philosophy, it is or logos or ethos or pathos it s what I read recently, well yesterday but ti is contrarily to dialectics, I am not sure I have to come back to it.

Also I thought I had to precise because I am not thinking of any justice to be redress, I am too experimented to know that I am expected to appear before a court with a judge just tacking the nail and the lawyer or counsellor taking the fees  even though I sinned or have seen out of zeal or seriousness. Errare humanism  humanum est.

I don’t want to go to deeply as they are saying this and this why not starting to lie, like they did already. My words against theirs. I am less organised, they are arranged in trusts corporation already. The favourite of david dave tinham you have to trust [so don’t check it, is what I would have added] .

I ll tell it to you as for improving my chance of holding on to it:

though don’t worry i will shush from now, i won’t loose it for this reason.

Also I shushed because I could not possibly let people play up with my diploma; or even approach it.

The head Said that I was ‘to remain a student’, I ll argue that tomorrow I, and a few others, could be a teacher if you recruit and keep guy like this. But that at the end of the day our aims would be to fare better than the ex and less than the next, to use old cliché (snapshot of the situation like it literally said)

Let’s agree to a new meeting the album want update sum.

Last time you said that it was the end of it but I have been disciplined with the charges of disrupting classes :

I think that you are inciting students into being confronted.

And into thinking that the materials taught or just the subject or other students presentation is not the object of further debates.

They call that a suspense, I call that a lynching my tongue is taken, then what is left tome is to hope for Kingston to take my case even with a disciplinary.

Your agents.

On 24/7 hours suite, computers. By chance in this university has been kept the wisdom of letting numerous classroom opened so that one may found free and entirely quiet place.

I am not saying to heat the all building as ti would not be used, it is just the contray (contree) that I would defend, but to leave some little room where students might turn on the heating, I work with room 10 celcius for the past week and like this every single night of the winter when you need to stay, in fact you don’t at night it is 5, is too much even with 10 layers.

No conducive atmosphere to study, by chance still find class room empty where the study area are noisy, no laptops may be borrowed will break between term, though the offices are opened, 24 hours rooms no heating, who can study when room at 10 celcius. That would imply by the patriarchal that no students would need to work on his out office hours and during its holidays????????????????????bizarre.

Unless they want us to such wages and suck policies like ki lilipop

I think that no. I am not annoyed at them doing it directly I am annoyed at being put itno a position of disciplinary action due to their complains. If they gonna know that a meeting have to occur then no by any means I want to know what exactly I am reproached with, and this from their own numerous mouths- to ffeed, hopefully thought for themselves not always bein for the giving, without talking about forgiving.

On the other side I have been accused of stuffs, I tried to explain from where was coming from my behaviour in a quite fair play and straight forward way as none of the complains (or lack of appraisal) were whatsoever even not precise but even less factual.

thing, i will attend nothing if you ware not in the room.

Okay, is echo.

Chaos, case soc.

Chaos, soak.


Middle English encoragen, from Anglo-French encorager, from en- + curage courage

anchor, encore, couroux?

Choeur,  choir.

Core. En-core.

‘Marx saying that he did not have a formula’.

Marx latter betrayed by the same people that took his name not like a shil eld but a dustbin.

The fate of a prophet.

Would the proletariat be for the bourgeois values? Or simply lead to fight for so as being employed is not an option and employment conditions obey to bourgeois commands and opportunisation.

‘to be radical is to grasp the problem by the roots. But for man, is man itself’…not god.

Nor are they divinity as well as having to fight for it, life secret. Secretion.

Cmpettition delogya. Deloyal, owner, dsestroy and bridbe .

Bride, bride in French reins.

Species life’ = ‘social essence’

Would polygamy and other ordure be installed in order to enforce a ch oir ch ch cohesion of chalantan militia called themselves men. Nem.

any time it is just for me to go around yours!

just maybe more end of afternoon than late in the evening…train purpose. in fact if you let me the choice, why not after 11? like you said, early in the day would mean that i could go straight away without to have to come back at my place to wait or wait somewhere else. have your say.  🙂


and the working class fucking thinking that they could count long of others dying for their ideas, and for finding some, while any can stay safe doing staff stuff with playing up like if of one’s brain, one did not get none.

To sort out.

Right serves differentiation and scale about class whose accumulation of wealth is the balance, the leverage option Mclellan, d.  (1990).


Quote. temporary

up to (k)now uncountournable hurdle


Fek, feline, feign.

K = case = broken line. I k



Ot love women and thanks god for their natural grace everyday.

Which makes sense as the state or commune as to redistribute labor into workers laboring towards education, policing…all what we need to do in common or what ensure links constituting a population, an nation, a specis fe free of moves and working for the sake of everybody safety. (at the best of one capacity, availability and also leave options of one’s liking…) as long as don’t counter sincere efforts, and needed by the way, of third party

But what wen this labor comes into the hand of which don’t work at this effect, or in fact work counter productively.

Functionalist that world shaped by others’ interaction My main criticism of marx is that what he knew of the limitation of the state capable of serving human development was from the experience he had from its own party. That the theorisation, surveying secret world, or secretly  came from his experience against the state for the macro repercuting of the party in micro

Finely, finally.

Purpose, propose.

hw eill


All of this grey area proved him wrong as his theory of emancipation did not make possible for the human to break from the to reign of of bondage’ (Lichtheim, 1971)

Proved wrong as if theory is ‘the emancipation of making from the reigh of bondage’ (Lichtheim, 1971)

Arthur schopehauer.

On religious

“Fraud, however pious, is still a fraud.”

thank you for the space dedicated to comments.

hi you,

link, gay rights and others.

link to did you know that the main myth about mohamed the islamic prophet is that the fourth female to whom he has been ‘married’ was a 9 year-old girl? And other western-and all other the place, else structural act of pedophily.

i could do with a date too 🙂

version with subtitles will go: I want to have the sem opportunities than anybody (and groups classified, rankified, )else to marry –and woo beforehands rubbing or shaking) my

“sista”{well you know what I mean].

Even they could keep the veil, so to order to signify that they, no, she belongs to me, that I would not riot against it. Till I realize that I am a supreme asshole, that if she is mine well mine will be as the ari air free and freer from having be spousing, exposeing me.

Now, I want to release you , gayttitude and lesbianism, trans you would not need if people with their own identity were in peace (or maybe it is argonautism but we could precede towards other arrangement) . if you def cide to take me as a martyrs go on as I am not derpived of cruelty and logically it is by the cakliph that you gonna be done. Praise homosexuality before to the high definition hetero prostitution to the mummies and mummies and the poppies and the puppies, to finally and ne endlessly belonged.



Betray. Bet ray.

Erease and raille



Education as being to remind how things and we gonna be eaten.

As educated don’t bulge from unsanities, or won’t say what tej situation is in the most willingful veracity. Not tackled nore investigate, heed?





Pretensious boyes and girls, satisfied with the fact of not obeying emergency, intuition, construction..lthat will have to obey and taken on bail, after this, by decayisation.




Foc in use, us?



Ghettos, gay. Etau.




Germans, germ men.




it is ok, i am becoming a bit weeping these days i admit, i ll go they will tell me.

i was just to let you knnow about some times the reason of my reapeted attempts. emails is not a communication very functionable with which you can be sure that you ve got the necessary attention (answers)nor comprehension…(hence where, enhance were)


enhance, chance.



country, contribe. Contribution,




Religion as social cohesion or sexual abuse and mental coercion.





danny boy, the white cliffs of dover, hymns like – all things bright and beautiful.

These clowns of men waiting that the animals, others, laught back at them the same way that the human tone and simagree.

Like crying that is siupposed to be for sadness and emotion the ultimate way.

Credible crocodile.


Vegan, man.

Film making via “tv          ” described by       as a left radical party politic Chanel.

In ‘his’ other module he said that (answering one of my question, I still did not know that they would be a part of the festival) in the name of the DIY culture

in fact when you talk about two groups of students, does it mean students from the film module and the two students with which i had work for one term on a presentation and that decided to complain about the fact that i questioned the extreme violence and coercion that might be used in certain republic or communities identifying themselves as being islamist? or ask what they thought about the official scriptures viewed as holy, whose versets i am not responsible to have written at the end of the day?

i am sorry to knock at your door all the time with long missive, etc.

but of my having been accuse by            of my many emails, (while i could have found lectures of information confusing or disputable), in fact it is on techincal matter that i email greg so many and repeated times-the reason why i never manage to get any answer) a little bit of an answer

yet again i am very sorry as my politics is not complain about every body, work is though, i personally make plenty errors, i know the danger of that. but what can i do as i am put under intellectual scrunitny up to be accused not to be witty enough to clog on to the subject or implied theory…

i email you because it is the 8th of january that by the way i myself just realise that we are on on monday.

i emailed at least 5 times, the last 3 was about to insist on the fact that i did not know about my schedule at all.

at work my boss ‘s become berserk on me(!!)

ok considere this message as confidential too, i am not the enemy. but just to put you into contextualisation

i ll see today about the confirmation of registration, the hour, and places. don’t mention that to your team i ll mail greg again and pay a visit to the department if no answering.

i am fed up chosing options with one line description on it….

it is ok, i am becoming a bit weeping these days i admit, i ll go they will tell me.

i was just to let you knnow about some times the reason of my reapeted attempts. emails is not a communication very functionable with which you can be sure that you ve got the necessary attention nor comprehension…

no possible to commute, housing afoordable in the suburbs, jobs external to the surburbs, mainly in the centers where transportation is indecently costy. What is left for the poorer. No work nor wages, be sure of it. Concentration area where long term unemployment cannot be beat. It .

no wonder people have to refugiate into their groupuscules of communities, be religious politic- nick whatsoever including my sister, but at leas I can fuck.

Lea list.

A el [prune prone rap rope romp on, pronunciation

Nun, annunciate.

Anon anno.

To play with ones culture, not about what nobody knows but to share…the common gossip soap on what “the hell on earth” ‘have been produced…’



T for Theo. What for S, silvy?

I ll have to revise my title. I title it aisha, but aisha, despite the heaviness of her symbol and token, no or about no withy knows.



Or like Pentecôte, Pentecost, Pentecost-suntide

A lot of bastards- many, conceited with their cultures pretend that they are better at taming people into ‘submission’. They are pround of making people miserable and things even worse in order for their ego and ass to be served without being contested.

But whatever brain wash you have been, and not perhaps but surely if people are the victims of unblalanced and vicious knowing (as if you don’t know wisdom (not easedom, or perhaps pre haps not hiss or siw sieve dom) soon but always one time will arrive) well never too soon, inf act too late the instinct will kick in. and it won’t be through theorization as one we had been maintenaid under belt. But a rush, a voci, a voice, a certitude, tued, t-rued, and it is not incitation at doing it, as if you are aware of the all lot they you stop and start theorizing hopefully so the villains vile lay the rules stopping.

But not knowing as your culture is all aobout get the life out of ya, the instincts won’t teach you, at least it is not hid domain or priority, his domain of propriety, perhaps may be, but any reason that would invoke the mind to asap make its body free. The se circumstances, in which is not always that the reasons, the abusers, or the main abusers is targeted, where people get up on their but butts on day and decide to kill someone without psossibly (ostivensly) to be reasoned into doing stuffs less wilde. Les wild.


The subalterns. EternITy.


when it stopped being crafty because of it s being the work of so much meticulousity thatn the output is  a piece of someby. Go body.

It is art for its description and what it brings to the ceremony, that is its due.

Like for the breeds, human try to reproduce within the same line of what they perceived to be their farmers’ brands. Even forget sort of thing, thing are perchance in some places freer than us.

Animal , ain s mall but lam. Animate.a nin I in ante, mate.

Sm all.


Violence from plolice targeting pople politically or socially not wanted (a)back into their quarters .

E deter-gent.

Hom how many gorgous woman, not women, I am thinking of somebody, haven’t be touched proprerly.

This due to unhappiness in marriage that have but should not have been. We gathered sick with sexual, identity crisis resulting inot sexual crisis and identity usurpation. Ditch your husby.

The people detesting  homo or different gender, cross gender thing, of course it is in everybody but since they are boers boars.

The deteeested it because through the set sterrotityation tepee the deal was to break them down into the half of their possibility. The deal was to kink of develop half of conceived, no , preconceived abilities, lame of not being back, aback,

D you fear to be cop competed with, as you are mor corrupted that salty water walter.

Sod are hetero and they go more as for the other

Hetero here meaning htero pretender.

Using ‘moralist’ or so argument to protect an immoral thesis.

People will try and close the subject using ‘moralist’ argument , they ain’t worth they deserved it they want it, I n subject like getting rid of prostitution while their premisises are ar m amoral, imooral in fact as prostitution is an act of torture and degradation, maybe prostitute thought could though argue that other jobs are not cleaner, but prosti should be condemened as disloyal competition anyhow in other work as it is not towards a good society skill but animal less than beast fee. Feed.


Roughness accepted  as some intelligent shock are necessary, that is not harmful but deblocking what previously clogged. Like me for my wife begging alongside her giving a big smack on the blade conducted to my shoulder.

Proble m is self interest that o would not slap you for you in thinking of you…but then starting horror.

Un awares.

De exodus, closing children with pedophile

I am not the enemy but put into relentless scrutiny I have to do the same in case of an attack.

no i don’t knwo if this one was at all clear, i don’t have my timetable yet! i am supposed to stop emailing or something, or is everyone waiting for me to be excluded completely?

How do you want compare to (and fight) that.




U I am a mid thirty dicka, but when a mid fifty gorgous female for muy taste could approach me, it is not o,k

It is hourra.

For the lads of the same age, well good luck budy. But sincerely. Not safe sacristy.

I mean you know I don’t mock my capatcity , potentiality opportunity to have a female in not mine by your bed. Good luck ot you. Love is the party.

Work with polyhandicap, with people our society is so intrasincelly fashist to the last degree that youo woul d never that such people exists, are in life somewhere in the middle of forest in a center where weird were. No in circus in disply the money would come for it the TV would compete.

People living, thinking, that are deemed not to, or not too deeply, officialy. Tll the day they created a computer voicing their perfect English, as their parents had faith enough into fighting the otherelse mocking belittling authority.

These people whose body might be deform-deiform to others’ standards and misery. Whose bodies are magy-magic.

The feet of a monkey, when we try to innerly bend it, similar to the birds’claws for perching it.

Perch, perf. Ect.

s-ect. D e,rect.

Perm pelt.

People might hope for a messahia out of being conceted.

Or confound beg between bet an helper and a servant, not to them but to god.

Mythology: fruit of mentalities, experiments, live conditions and how in these mess of subdivision on cam make love or war.

Realists about what is officially happening like if there of informal had not been. The study of the lords and

the politics of the vicioius and biaised. Zero sum.  “Zero sum” politics

on pufta, and their sista (as long as we are tracked, after that? One loves the ones that lives for what one(s)  , the other(s)  lives. Some like peace and liberty. ALLLOVE.



Dike beating Adikia with a mallet,
Athenian red-figure amphora C6th B.C.,
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

DIKE (or Dicé) was the goddess of justice, fair judgements and the rights established by custom and law. She was also one of the Horai, goddesses of the seasons, and keepers of the gates of heaven. Her sisters were Eunomia (Good Order, Good Pastures) and Eirene (Peace, Spring). Like her siblings she probably also represented some aspect of the springtime growth.

Dike was identified with Dikaiosyne (RIghteousness) and Astraia (the Contellation Virgo). Her opposite number was Adikia (Injustice).

Themis was the Titan goddess of divine law and order–the traditional rules of conduct first established by the gods. She was also a prophetic goddess who presided over the most ancient oracles, including Delphoi. In this role, she was the divine voice (themistes) who first instructed mankind in the primal laws of justice and morality, such as the precepts of piety, the rules of hospitality, good governance, conduct of assembly, and pious offerings to the gods. In Greek, the word themis referred to divine law, those rules of conduct long established by custom. Unlike the word nomos, the term was not usually used to describe laws of human decree.

Loving her sexually make s me to chasisty as the woman I loved and could have loved deeply in the snese of clearly, was married or could not say ‘oui, oui’ but to my tenderness anything but fantasy, everything and fantasy. But you see.

ok thank you for your being fair play.

i work can’t come, you need more than the paper to advertise the society josh,

too big photo, hun…

dike,dick,dika, dicka, dikou, dickou, diki, dicky, dickey, dikey.faune, faony. and all other pussy,  pussies.

beware, if I might be as well conceited.


S had, e, ahead.

Short, exhort.

Where, ea wear, ware, a war.

Communication, adjucation, vacation,

Sounds like religion. Releague.

A dream where you cannot stop the body of your dearest, you brother, to be enslaved and dragged far away by you don’t know what forces, or how to fight or how to get or where it has slipped and slept. As if you were holding inot onto his body, torn apart they could be.

Even though individual workers may not reproduce, many of their same genes are carried and passed on by others in the colony. In this eusocial scheme, naked mole-rats that sacrifice the opportunity to reproduce pass down their genes indirectly by caring for their colony mates. The truth about naked mole rats

magnificao. K.o. chaos. Shoal.

British, brutish, bratish,

Rit brit, birth.

Ascent, a scent.

Material, maternal, marriage. Carriage.

Friendly, fry endlessly.



Said, first Arabic name.

Inscribe, in bribe, hence…

Isl-ma. I solate.

You yapp.

Organization, organ, isa, sia, sai.

Session, hesitation,


Every one insisting on the importance of education in matters of tolerance. But educate doing fucking what and how. Banda pand(or)a.

The reveolution producing not leaders serving the good of all, but distinguished as god favoring impune leaders(hip).

D economic.


The pictures of the buildings and places only a century old, that reminds that that cannot be but hanted.

Enlightment perverted as rationalisation of human affairs safaries affrays became disproportion of technology upon nature donation now brought to exhaustion.

Being a single or live in a state of e celibacy.

Chosen as soon as one terms its partnership adequacy, even thought they wlong for someone, this someone in theory. The partner imaginary needed to bring oneself to a degree of companionship acceptability.


what about coming along? i d pay for your ticket i know what it is to be just arrived. and teh coffee would be this time for me.

to tell the truth i am there not at all to make friend, there is only one person that counts in term of being together for me, and she is a girl friend, so i acknowlegde that it s far more reasonable if i don’t ask you further to meet me. a propos your english is very good, and i reckon that you are as creative as prolefic aslo if you are ready to die for your art, do it, fuck the ones that would like to slow you down, and stay nice, good, kind and free. but only if you are ready. fancy ya. The deep way could have be, what about coming along? i d pay for your ticket i know what it is to be just arrived. and teh coffee would be this time for me.

to tell the truth i am there not at all to make friend, there is only one person that counts in term of being together for me, and she is a girl friend, so i acknowlegde that it s far more reasonable if i don’t ask you further to meet me. a propos your english is very good, and i reckon that you are as creative as prolefic aslo if you are ready to die for your art, do it, fuck the ones that would like to slow you down, and stay nice, good, kind and free. but only if you are ready. fancy ya.en bi.

Counc-il. Count hill.

Conc- lusion.

What had been done in a very discreet manner at this evening, 10years or so earlier, than now appeared in memory to be dones o clearly. Mercy.



Host. Austile.

Reflexion, lexic.

E fel.

Efle, Efell.

R, feel.x





Chain, chain, chene, chene.

Case, casket.

Task, tax,

benefit from not questioning anything, anting.

H, like human. Not that I despise ants at all, but the ludicrous way they are soret sorted. But h.beings.

E we.

We are not macho because we start smilling when thinking we are hard and stiff, as for you, and without sleeping with you, one can go to the war, who are.

‘Behavioural leaderahsihp’

Fees, pheasant.

Social class and

class room

Maybe being obliged into hiding one’s feeling = smiling all the time and appear paisible ofr ex, permit somebody to have to not react cliché

as ide. Hide.




thank you for accepting the particularity of my writing and its volume. i ll stop…just trying to be not too much unclear or uncomprehensive. you giving me my hope back and the dignity (and grandiloquence) that wont’ surrendered nor usurped. 🙂 still with a noise but smiley.


I fyou want to fuck me with your ‘believes; it is high time to get a new religion started.

“Civil society as the clash of the social forces, Transcended by the universality of the state according to hegel.”

“But for marx individual and state cannot be discussed individually, euh no, separatedly.”

Marx asserts that the individual cannot be conceptually isolated from his social context: by definition any meaningful sentence about an individual must simultaneously refer to his environment, and an atomistic model of an individual is philosophically unsound.

Avinery, S. (1968) the social and political thought of Karl Marx. Cambrideg university press.

Alienation in context??????????due to the social, and the political.

Also marx stipulates that the atomisation, in this context, isolation, alienation was socially as well as politically monitored.

Helper. Leper.

Not knowing how one is supposed to lik lok look at oneself, as in the mirror the light is direct, is the iris fund perceivable, would on e need to prefigure a third conscience, oneself, the other, the intention.

And if the repository is oneself then to look at how erect, not one’s own strength but the route taken and embody, flesh in our reality, by the intention, the tension.

On mesmerism.

A right even if perfectly conceptualized, by who will be emphasized? And what if one right is defended while the right of another is dropped, (for example due to a lack of money to pay the advocate or the judge)

Fate imam. Am aml huhu hymn am.

Malle, mal, Pandora

Lame, male and duck.

Fuck. Muck. Dedall.


thank you, it won’t score high nor well any how. wheel, wells perhaps.

cut library jobs.

Education and class.

Or you will be treated as a fucking idiots, or the latdder will be upload without any consideration for knowledge nor anything.

brilliant summary. i also question the university for not enforcing a real question time after lecture. and i question the fact that since dave behave this way and that on top i was the one being punished from assisting lecture. how come there is no restriction on what a prof will have the power of exclusion and behave so discriminatively in front of the students without being put into question.

Last time you said that it was the end of it but I have been disciplined with the charges of disrupting classes :

I think that you are inciting students into being confronted.

And into thinking that the materials taught or just the subject or other students presentation is not the object of further debates.

Your agents.

No conducive atmosphere to study, by chance still find class room empty where the study area are noisy, no laptops may be borrowed will break between term, though the offices are opened, 24 hours rooms no heating, who can study when room at 10 celcius. That would imply by the patriarchal that no students would need to work on his out office hours and during its holidays????????????????????bizarre.

Unless they want us to such wages and suck policies like ki lilipop


Middle English encoragen, from Anglo-French encorager, from en- + curage courage

anchor, encore, couroux?

Choeur,  choir.

Core. En-core.

‘Marx saying that he did not have a formula’.

Marx latter betrayed by the same people that took his name not like a shil eld but a dustbin.

The fate of a prophet.

Would the proletariat be for the bourgeois values? Or simply lead to fight for so as being employed is not an option and employment conditions obey to bourgeois commands and opportunisation.

‘to be radical is to grasp the problem by the roots. But for man, is man itself’…not god.

Nor are they divinity as well as having to fight for it, life secret. Secretion.

Cmpettition delogya. Deloyal, owner, dsestroy and bridbe .

Bride, bride in French reins.

Species life’ = ‘social essence’

Would polygamy and other ordure be installed in order to enforce a ch oir ch ch cohesion of chalantan militia called themselves men. Nem.

any time it is just for me to go around yours!

just maybe more end of afternoon than late in the evening…train purpose. in fact if you let me the choice, why not after 11? like you said, early in the day would mean that i could go straight away without to have to come back at my place to wait or wait somewhere else. have your say.  🙂


and the working class fucking thinking that they could count long of others dying for their ideas, and for finding some, while any can stay safe doing staff stuff with playing up like if of one’s brain, one did not get none.

To sort out.

Right serves differentiation and scale about class whose accumulation of wealth is the balance, the leverage option Mclellan, d.  (1990).


Quote. temporary

up to (k)now uncountournable hurdle


Fek, feline, feign.

K = case = broken line. I k



Ot love women and thanks god for their natural grace everyday.

Which makes sense as the state or commune as to redistribute labor into workers laboring towards education, policing…all what we need to do in common or what ensure links constituting a population, an nation, a specis fe free of moves and working for the sake of everybody safety. (at the best of one capacity, availability and also leave options of one’s liking…) as long as don’t counter sincere efforts, and needed by the way, of third party

But what wen this labor comes into the hand of which don’t work at this effect, or in fact work counter productively.

intuitions leads (lead and symbiotic of the alchemist philosopher of all meth-ernal), but what and when do they start to dominate and overcloggd the raison?

Witchcraft and wisdom fashion, facone, shape.


Seen in a gay site.

enticer. entire.

She is my property.

Mine proper.

let me guess, you aren not from paris, sound too practical and nature for that…and vive the vinegar!

i am green a lam ort a la vie.

Best green wishes!


Aren’t you immune.

Bara ring homosexuality to become increasingly metaphorical, explicit, pro pornographic in every occasion. Taking as a pretenses heterosexuality teaching and recondutction.


Adduction addiction


to adore you as I know how much my sole existence could cost you. My very weakness and inner impossibility or what create of fmy passivity or activity taking over for nothing but for you to become a target of what I cannot stem from harming, unarmed. An amry, an army.

C: Internet, free get rid home.

Room for Sodom the way you don’t want it: uncalled for or unmarried (like hetero advertise (an) us gay..

Us but not ours nay.

Real, relative.

Being submitted to peer pressure, the problem residing that in life you are not to meet only the society’s failure but will participate in aggravating them. And one day, the ruins of yourself or one’s fate.

Wikipedia free.

I just wish I could pay these guys though.

But if it made me tight…

Or in fact they should be payed by the government, encyclopedia that makes knowledge a common good. What I mean is ‘eat’ but that should not be a problem in a society that would make knowledge it s priority in a world that is free from being put in pain. Worn word warn ow work kowr, horde, order hoard sane.

New post on News
Join Our Censorship Protest!

by Jane Wells

Have you been paying attention to all the hubbub online about the proposed U.S. legislation (SOPA/PIPA) that threatens internet freedom? I wrote about it last week over on, but the gist is this: there’s a bill in the U.S. Senate that if passed would put publishing freedom severely at risk, and could shut down entire sites at the whim of media companies. Fight for the Future created this nifty video to sum it up better than I can.

C: internet (fry) ridom. (Rhizome) rid all rival tidal, tied doll. psible?

redo random.


Rembrant. Ram brand.

also,    look at how the U.N put stuffed in active perspective.

“Change the world, invest in a girl”   says
Kathy Calvin
CEO, UN Foundation

Invest in people and personhood or in development of greed in deed.

People are desperate for living but at what condition work and respect are t(-hey) dealt with.

Easy reading is damn hard writing. — Nathaniel Hawthorne

Allo, altogether with the nature depletion, the human, here the in.di an, in die (natures the native and autochthones)- and indeed will go.

Own the hone or horns, tons and tone.

Free internet new democracy, and now…

Free internet new democracy, and now…

pay for democracy…to be rendered?

not that would still be the logic of things, working at it.

but under our laws you have to pay for democracy to be undone.

in fact maybe democracy is a bit shaking hachneyed and jolty with bad laughting as it would that we are still alive implying.

Sybli sybilline books horse?

Horse and shores.


There is no probleme with working towards one’ own development, you workd to have more I don’t know, nail posilishing, furnitures, get away in country side… but that mean that your work don’t come whatesoever contrary to other development = pay te h work of the nail polisher for nothing, polluting and think that nature is one’s or the communties’….

Everything is influence, and denying life to live, or denying what is living and perceived and communicating in the sens  e of every move directed to anything we cannot know, but directing,

The human will never know the slightest pre percentage of what consist constitute his being.

dike,dick,dika, dicka, dikou, dickou, diki, dicky, dickey, dikey.faune, faony, dickum, dickae,dicum, decay, dico. and all other pussy,pussies.

beware, if I might be as well conceited.

none but my nini. nine out ten (workig)on nihilism.

deal odd dodo.

sissi. in the mountains and ice melting. in the desrt soon evaporating. birds, it comes from there, dockey. paw on pow(her). beware, if Iit might be as well conceited.

Under the name, ame , em, an, a iam.aim. A I’m.

Ame = soul. Toujours in French.

Em = prun: em = aime = to love.

Heroic, relic, rock, air, era.

Shark or shackes.

Like I n a seed, the circle incomplete for the new born to arise from it. Form at. Fruit.

I wanted to make amend because last sessioon i said that they were not true positive law the cedaw…

while it is in fact A legally binding instrument

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the first legally binding international instrument to incorporate the full range of human rights—civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. In 1989, world leaders decided that children needed a special convention just for them because people under 18 years old often need special care and protection that adults do not. The leaders also wanted to make sure that the world recognized that children have human rights too.

declaration are not binding, treaties are.

but still the u.n is weak on monitoring….the effects , the practical application  pose but i am not proficient enough to know more than even international h.r law is disputed as being real law or not? do you knwo more about it?

International law and h.r law clashing?/

Getting, gating.

And two mothers if they are ‘feminine’ both it is perhaps more likely that the children might not getting any more viriler for that. So it s till depends on their ‘gender’.

Mind we have exactly the sem issue with hetero couple for that.

Note that I write for every and any culture, well advanced for the mock of it, less advanced for them to have to gossip no advance for their comprehension a bit.

As for further advanced,

I am on it, not in.

So for the advanced it is a mock of and for them also.

Note: to say ‘I’ too often, as a person or as a community the saem con person. Lethargic   legal or moral.

The communists insists on them providing for the communities when the face of their policies or the face of their communities no one knows from their not doing practical work nor theory.

Terre, taire

Land, soil + silenced.

To lose the plot and at the same time to know what happens.

On the human ability at becoming positively mental.

Policies should be refined by the por ofessionals working on the fileld in permanent possible connexion with policy makers.

The workers are completely, totally severed from it.

Religion and Rights (seems to be on there already in fact! i am but not enough sufficiently: literary device to put emphasize, i am french, a latine and refinement and complexity, perplexity, flexibility of syntaxe, of, the language: get use to.)

the moumou, are gay too.,’

the moumou, are gay too.’

Mos, mos. Lin.


Being fed up beyond imagination and under the breath, killed by research of comp comfort and pollution.

Atterer by pussies=women or what feminity is precluding.

By goddesses not fulfilled even through veneration.

I ll become as myso as one can be.

Yours, hopel fully.

I propose we make peace, if Fatima or aisha weherever youcall it can exerce her free libertied choice of espousing not exposing me.

My wif and privacy. Pry vacancy.

Th e work of the profs generated by their lessons, for their lectures, through their students…. in public and free fees university that could be made public as by the general public paid

These porks, have it bothe way, paid to be teaching, adminitaring, on the gournd and publishing.

And half of the time more than botching.

And lavish with inetellectual property when theyir work are mostly the population pressuring. For their bourgeois privatised bureaucracy.


having worked on these subjects and any way, i ll warn the administration that i want to do ‘defending human rights; on the defend the right to protest, related with at least partially with Doctor nina power political and social, philosophical, charitable, mental, moral. activity.

Rest to see the ethical

having worked on these subjects and any way, i ll warn the administration that i want to do ‘defending human rights; on the defend the right to protest, related with at least partially with Doctor nina power political and social activity.

Yet another module. Many modules for the same course by the same crap, unfair, bent lecturer. A modules’owner.


just a not a propos the case you witness as an expert

if the sister got the bullet in her arm, the reason why she was holding down her murdered sister and her intention to particiapate in an actual assasination and not as a show down, being certainly a sort of captive as well…

i mean the intention of her while hugging, or grasping the victim in the circumstances are highly blurred, aren’t they?

Camel. Amel.

Amek amelie,



Essor =

Nina n





Nino, oni,

provision, protection and participation

people are hiding behind grand concept and universal symbol as well as complex system giving them a single name for so amy many different and utnestesd theories and quasi reality = as none of them really know, no one knows the true complexity of what is going on.

These more than size me

The western opened ot to the ‘dirty stuffs’ of other cultures, and that make it intellectually.

Why whites are considered dirty.

International trades between priviledges and inequality construction oblige.

People would create rubbish for someone to pick them up.

Racism? The politicians whant some on their knees physically and the rest psychologically, teh skin don’t count . here  is the stone

Me I am not gay, u

I just want a wife.

That is not a rovot, in fact why not?

Male fic.

Aren’t word numbers?

Digit, cut and clustered.

Aren’t I the their queen? To what I desteen, destitute,

Justice is rendered as a communal service also in order to avoid escalation , aman onst righteous mind  and thing.

The justice in life is that one might deceive one’s own spirit a long time but never till the end, or never completely.

But what if justice could become the rough and incontractible source of errors or misjudment or judgment whose laws rots to the core of thing = spirit of law.

Ls aw and life.

Communism is as good as saying let’s do like before or now, in the slave conditions. Don’t own nothing and for be leed our neighbour.

Additionally the don’t own nothing policy evade one of th e fundamental of all philosophy of live. Is what responsibilities would everyone have to ogive objects and actions.

As we don’t own but the fact that we keep or we use. What are the matters? Have of our and other’s soul. Oul.


I + think.

Sophisticated sex and the royaume of temptation. Rewarding.

I too. Ito itou.

Do I need or I want?

Or has ti become a awant?

What about a will? And what would come from it that would have to be endured or ensured?

To groom former hurting, injureies , scars. To heal them, to oint them for them to close and dry. Like in a fabric where never will the place of the stich reopening as the attention we took at making us working have indebily sensitive and them seal.

Cette, est-ce?


Her cat refusing to admit he was gay, has been brought out doors, and of dreaming to be warm up by a really fridendly body.

To betray children or other adults that would risk or deny the risk of being killed for having a 5 min beforehands cuddle.



“The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most ratified human rights treaty in human history,” said UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman.  “It has transformed the way children are viewed and treated throughout the world.”

The Convention has 193 ratifications,

:C To note it is the kind of info display by the u.n. you will have to wait for the ngos to precise that only the USA besides Somalia (which still has no functioning government) did not sign and why…to monitor a process that are beyond ethical contention

You fear for the gay to pay if laws are enforced. Law are in the natural, you forbid me to marry my equal?????????



anti-femi-ni-st answer: minimalising sense of propriety or decency (that some call also modesty), humanizing rapists.

The putas feminist for porno more than graphic or cartoon or good drawing of recommendation or some recommendation literal or lecturing.

For this fake play women  popularizing prostitution as a scene or area of interest of ‘beaux salons’.

On pervert feminist favoring prostitution. The kinda kinkaki “quo”academic that we don’t know how they like and appraise body sell sold discount and then vain and navi naive named money.

In response of anti femists portraying femselves faint as being pro and their ad-vocation adoration of the act porno that should become the apex of consent and pleasant, happening in plaisance, champ, and laughting for idiot.

The women that emancipate themselves through the neat unacknowledgment of that is underneath the cinema of feigned felling feeling.

Feasts vestal on prostitution and  goodies goolies gook good blow-out for this saint valentine.

And even better when these bitchas (leave it I do like do-g) are communists pleaing money as a vector and conductor of alienation and lost essence.

Or how to feel like vandalism s(l)itters.

Slots spites.

that sexual access to children and young people is used as a power resource between

men; to promote economic, political and social interests which either they already share

in common, or which may be a direct outcome of the provision of children/young

people to abuse. Some forms of sexual exploitation of children, therefore, involve the

sexual use of children as a medium of exchange between adults. The children and

young people involved mayor may not be aware of the multiple uses to which they are

being put. If prostitution is defined purely in terms of economic gain then many of these

contexts in which sexual access to children and young people is used as a medium of

exchange between adults will be excluded.

in relation to ‘paedophiles’- such as life licences, and denial of any contact with children – which would seldom be proposed in the case of fathers.

Fucking cultures, infantilising, make innocent women or other target of suexual activity while making sexual rape and ‘performance’ an evaluation of being worth, as a shit, but since they are  but “fucking shits”.

Or likewise considered as pimp are not less a prostitute only his air of superiority render them more and more less intelligent.


To underling a problem for it to (be) collecte(d) and its details and embouchures or furtherance articulate(d).

When problem expose danger. Its creep. Dominance.



Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person’s quality of life.

is not ‘certain ‘aquaility of life’ respondible for the above? Rhetorical question.

These theories saying that the knowledge should be free’ don’t acknowledge of an extremely serious problem. The then materialisation or agriculatirisation of the society.

It would imply that people could not longer be paid to produce knowledge and work on it most of their times when specialists are concerned: it is also an anti – intellectualism theory.

Or it would imply that free would be simply the state sponsor knowledge but then could not we face dictatorship quickly?

The problem in the present society is that people are paying and working towards exploitation when our work and pay should be going to the opposite.

Th e immense and exponential work – as the knowledge seek – of treating matter and thought and energy correctly. Aiming at not exploitation and no constraint but in the sense of live enseigne.

As well as for the community as specific intimate and pres personal inspirations –devoid of breaking somebody or resources and the work permitting for this ‘zero harm equation’ be permitted without endangering the whold system with collapsing.

As much homophobe as the risks that they had become sexually active with the same sex, as the result of their parents or peear canalizing in fact controlling and condemning their general sexuality.

Or pretending enticing heterosexuality as a form of domination, torture, non consent. Flip.

The people testing your sanity or self control in treating you like shits and attacking you if you defend.

Can and will make any one insane with angriness or simply angry aside with being killed with sophystriness.

Nina, a childish society, cruel to animals like thy aer together.


Attaractioon prepulsion.

When you try to catch it.

Possibly when you alone is dign ofr or of worth your own interest in the secene . reflexion and elasticity.

Mirroring miroir. Ory oir. Auditoir.


Oire – hear.

Burn with love.

Cry with,? no,  but at leasure.

Am I a pedo, say her, cursory. Cursery.

If I was…coming from your imagination, who would be? How hodl old would you have been, the same of my year matching the reality.

Hunt and withchery with-cherry.

Wit ish.

Treated like the gypsy, the jew, teh black or in france the Arabic,  you start being spiritual really telurigh lurgic, telluric.

Ulrich. R ish.         St are they?

Trianglular of abuse.

The father conceit, debasment and a sexual abuse, the mother not linking and beating, the grandmother prasing both the father in particular and the brother unscathed and pereferred.

Daughter memoirs.

The borother the most dumbass that has become. The resssst and moi.

The killer woman thanks to my grand pas control freak.

Contre rol.

To venerate mary as it should be as she is the depiction of a saint. Or has she been depicted?

Is the church teh veritable translation of the bible, mary forbids ok?

We are dying literally.

Why did we do with humanity?

That’s include sin clouded. Me and you and who else ? the devil of this is claear. Cesear.

Clare. Clariere. Carrier.

Carry, career. What do oyou mean by tree cutting or digging, ?  our graves sev save rg reign.

The soldiers make love in saving their army, I engaging in rescuing and covering.

There is no army capable of winning long term while at equal strength against another if they are not gay.

But by being gay they will empathise with the enemy, as well as the protection they gave to their side or party. The on no gay would have mean a neglectful way of being together, high casualty, more gratuitously risky operation as one has lost their sense of love and pardon.

So the gays could make try to do true peace, but what if the objective is demolishion. Or what if personal love make them accept more softy option when comes to prevent policies based not on self but left l self swelling from others’ liberty  and equality debasement. Just like hetoro army does so well once they are with the civilians as long as they did not find a genuine lady to shoot their pretension over hegemony. Of one social lasdder over other being at economical war applying policy and policy implementation as silly and childish like destruction.

hetero so conceited by their sexual way of having been orientated that they would threat the homo with their right of living = marrying, just like screeming bleeding morecel of suinting porork. Not thtat I don’t like the pigs but when I mean this I mean the animal.

Could the dislike of the pige pigs (peace upon them) be in fact an image in the areabic literature?

A kind of consequence of censorshop of human feeling towards


Other humans called .

Any how the species of the pigs being so inquisitive and in the havit o f eating everything could have been cumbersome in m nomadic agricultural organisation.

You want a law interdicting the right for gay people to havfe a family?

Gathered and I promise you that in state fo war, there is what you bill and admonish: no pity.

Us soldiers would be worth twice as your contented corrupted spirit devoiding of logics as they want manipulate things to life live as poor sub that thought having being the vest best coward yielding to any cruelty of the majority, growing as fear make us live like damned condemned biailed and boasting themselves feigning incontinence. And other disability.

Enseigne,  Saigne,

Libel, bill, signposting.

Language explain what links people preably established.

Live, evil.





I d like to thank people for having bought my cd and for reading my blogs.

I d like and have in reality to thank particularly the ones that bought my book as it enables me to keep going on writing and researching- on an average of 1, 1-30 dollar a day, even if it is not easy in this part of the planet where global warning did flood with poisoning but without excess of water nor shortage, we can’t be muddy anyway. I ll never ever spend the first ‘two pound’ that someone, a ravishing (avis = opinion or counsel- in French- consule, avis or have not con’sole) lady gave me yesterday. And yes something never ever will or have changed more than not embellish not embezzlement, but some home homely  gone (h)on into art. Heartily. Why pun? Why so many?

Consul, consume.

Ps: you are for gay??

Ok, ok.

No w other subjects…

‘we are the champions my friends, till the end?…’

Ps. Do have a look on category such as ‘council abuses, case study on Hammersmith an d Fulham’.

And university making knowledge a hard case for papery: pimpery as long as it does not get too fishily fascistic  official, at Roehampton.

To ve be for quality and when you really like and respect your thing and tool, that stuff you a long way, you don’t need to accumulate.


Look apparently i think to messy, and endlessly

ah yes sorry i did not think that i had to confirm, is so all too compelling.

Ok or ko.

yes, yes, i ask a email confirmation to the financial guy. i think my prof hinted at this possibility but i am one that don’t believe a good news before it actually arrives, at least sometimes. i also threw myself into a fulltime stuff without real reason. but it s ok i proved that i could do it or around. i am happy though from now i am fine and secure with money.

i dropped my additional credit!

i am not endebted, i gathered the cash before the inscriptions, i am free.

i thought you were cool. after i thought you were political. at least a bit concerned of cicil society…

ok, bye-bye. i am not going on or for sparing my time or because you could have even more surprises.

There is an essay about policy but the link you gave, one of the very few concerning home office is not working could you answer with very related email to your lecture please??

The collection of irrelevance gathered chronically by the expert, it is minus two decimal, though they are the collectors of first, my heroes.
cannot blame the doc, the most official pages, from national or international or supranational organs are so often missing. And worse more, they absolutely never have exit (eye) existed.


Teens, Mistakes, & Freedom
Prepare your adolescent by developing discernment in them

as well, the scripture (like escrime = fencing in French; cf also s-word) is only my w-riting basically

In the sense of it is never exhaustive and the moment when put on paper a transfer transf errance. Had lost of its essence, only refundable and find by the reader assortance.

Also I would like to pay my most serious apology if and wheter, not only if, I caused real offense or genuine damage domage. To repair it I d be ready to do whatever is moral: all right and these of and for everybody (quoting the Universal.Decalration > of Human.Rights anyhow)

I am happy to go around and talk about my book and the work of others, I am very happy.

But without furtherance my research and work, the end of the game would evaporate not guided but pinned and stuck by the means. As id on’t want imprisone it but keep it as not owner but for true companionship.


Attire tyre.

French prunonciation . at –tear. At-ear. Ate-are.

Say the playing serious classic budy speac, neat, spa spec, one would have said an performance opera of this kind high arty artillery.

-You can’t take me on. You d rather them in stiletto.

Me, I would take you on, right into hell

Why work is it select?

Give an glance at what for example your mps give you as how the y spend taxes and allowances.

Or how business does the same. On decency

The right and duties of dying with dignity.

Rights and duties. The one fighiting for eht others.

E wer are desperately praying as our lives were too cowards (coo ward) (co-ward) to communicate with nature and nature of eve-eery thing.

Teh council devolutiong power to another type of government the local, who obey to no one , who are supervised by no one and that are even less ovbvious tha t mafia directed by the state and vice versa, verser malversation.

The ‘plus belle des creations’ since Eve.

It is ture true that was is in this e website is not top secret, but at the same time it is not everyone that serve the highest.

And anyhow should we enquiry we would loose the market.        Mark. Ark.

Arse, M-arx.

E’ve (pronunciation . he’ve, he have. .

Introucude int, it into body, and you can find death or wisldom depending on your intention and baggages.

Die, die=hard.

Die, qui.

To us, toys.

In french

Lame = blade

The worked effort on redeeming waht we have been under the light of understanding past errors. Errands, ment ding.

Little Cameroon like spliced splinted peas, announce London as the financial centre in the world.

Sinha is a Sanskrit term originates from South Asia, used as a common term mainly in India and Sri Lanka. It comes from the Sanskrit word “Siṃha” (‘ng’ sound), which means lion.

C.ET: the nature that can h eat us.

Cat ca’.

K9 = 9 lives, K = soul in ancient Egypt

Females got longer ma name. them and the baby.

Sinha is a Sanskrit term originates from South Asia, used as a common term mainly in India and Sri Lanka. It comes from the Sanskrit word “Siṃha” (‘ng’ sound), which means lion.

C.ET: the nature that can h eat us.

Cat ca’.

K9 = 9 lives, K = soul in ancient Egypt

Society pronunciation,        sauce    soon    sock soak.

s-oak. ?

w-h-y???         ;;;;;;;y-h-w        pronunciation       Yahweh.   Yawe.


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For other uses, see Yahweh (disambiguation).

“God of Israel” redirects here. For contemporary theological discussion, see God in Judaism.

See also: Tetragrammaton and Jehovah

Yahweh ( /ˈjɑːw/ or /ˈjɑːhw/; Hebrew: יהוה‎) is the name of God in the Bible.[1]

The word Yahweh is a modern scholarly convention for the Hebrew יהוה, transcribed into Roman letters as YHWH and known as the Tetragrammaton, for which the original pronunciation is unknown. The most likely meaning of the name may be “He Brings Into Existence Whatever Exists”, but there are many theories and none is regarded as conclusive. The traditional rendering of the name, as found in English Bibles, is “I am who I am” or “I am that I am”.[2][3]

‘he thinks so he is’

He is or not, what such a question. ONE, the question.

Je pense donc je suis.

Cogito ergo sum – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





Cogito ergo sum (French: ” Je pense donc je suis”; English: “I think, therefore I am”) is a philosophical Latin statement proposed by René Descartes. – Cached

as also where do the thoughts come?????

Such as the classic music sung by the birds like they not whistle like it but like the music is whistling their sounds and responses imitation and imitation of them liking the nature and us recording.

And all other musics, and all other sources: see rivers, monitoring, computering.

God objects are the forgotten body.

Forgotten, before the looting.

when you say i am honey and you honest i am not sure with that.

take care.

It’s is. Of course solidarity terminology. But in which terms.

Also I ll never know why you did not like me…

Good luck abbreviation Gook.

Never. Ne + ver = ne, non, no                ver, vers = wards.

Comfy, fo confine, fo coffin.


Fort, strenhgt.

Yes, ok, I admit, it’s like you, I am not only gay.

One can fin d being fasciste helping while one has to put up with a booss, a partner, a colleague that is fasciste to them.

Us        su-e     emulate.

People might go like cattle, like one would do in dangerous situation or when nomadic go. Loosing their sense of independence thinking they are bigger one might think closer ot zero. Why not?

‘fitness to study’ it s a lovely name.

for something that  ‘is designed to enable, wherever possible, students to continue with their study at the University’. human rights does not come at a distance and is still a bit expensive for some coincidentally unemployed people.

‘fitness to study’ it s a lovely name.

for something that  ‘is designed to enable, wherever possible, students to continue with their study at the University’. human rights does not come at a distance and is still a bit expensive for some coincidentally unemployed people.


Tod ya.

well we got really to talk about it. there is to take into accoutn the age of the partner.

i had sex, i begged for it with a female of 24 when i was 16. i comtemplated suicide when i understood that my saying it to  a very few other people could have brought her to jail –she used to teach me as a professional.

i had never been so in love and never have been since.

nor saw her evcen sicne mind.


All egg.

All leg.


Xeno, xena.









People lied about the existence of race as human is a race. But have become breed in their fear of the foreign, not by love of themselves that have would have translated by free mariage, instaead of arrange.

support worker night sleep in allowance, ridiculous pay and working conditions.

pedophilia and homosexuality being put I n relation. As the pedo says you will prefer me attacking the child rather than attempting at your own skin. Personally. Like the homos, for who kit is naturally logically to be alright to marry.

at that a range.

Bank on gene. Gener (= hamper, ill-at-ease) in french

Demystifying islam.

would you think i am intrusive if i ask you how come you got so many sisters? mind it can be a more than a nice thing.

n i o it s just mean htat it is fucking gr r freezing. but not to global warning.

i agree with you peter totally just one major point though.

i have my marriage, my right, only slave or regime of appartheid challenged marriage legally.

i hate my marriage being voted. even though the people agree. it is voted in a pseudo democratic manner, democracy is not the majority of people only, it is ruled by principles, overruling tyranny. live life.

what i am supposed to do if people decide that i cannot , unlike them, choose my partener freely?

advocate forced marriage or non marriage for them or unhappy form of union??

or see the destruction of what is a torture and its apparel??


To suffer and think of death, feel its extreme. Not that one feels its heart or core has they would have died, but the corner or the view on one of its doors.

Door, dehors = out, exterior, external.

And start to pray ‘me the ‘row-raw’ first of all your(s) sinners.

To suffer from poverty from conditions that triggers revenge, despair, …whatever one might think, as one will live to see oneself be taken and left for the death to dinner. To have withing oneself the power of curse the rest of this inhumanity.

Inhumanity = all what is not conducive to human activities. What kills human or what leaves human kill. inhumanity

I always have been confident when talik talking in front of people.

Though I shake like a leaf.

When I speak in my non lative, native language but a text I don’t know that well.

I shake and blubber and loose my trail when talking into my lative language, a text I don’t know, to people I don’t know, if it implies marking…

To refer relentlessly to the ‘rational’

As peoplw willing to study and learn without books or structuresd activities will play on their instinct, inner voices, shuffling the steps by steps recognitions, or assessment of the entirely releavance of an action. Ie. Will act by fancy. Which is very funny and reveal a lot that we could not have thought since establishing other patern from the ca classic lassive one.

But rational permit to the spirtit to stop essaying, testing to make work what has been preestablish as more stable, intelligent, cold-blooded. And to preserve the energy of going into the ‘nature’ for it to focuse on a more ultimate ‘aim’. And reiterate, appraised structure. Known to know what the gaol is even more well. Better.

Instead of applying a random, possibly dangerous or destructive, mind-blowing but irrident irritating.


Maybe thinking the gfantasy is mostly enough just to the brain, the spirit entertain, while the body is focusing on its more precise and constructed development, fare from being impaired or manipulated or parred by other circumstances, hazards, chances, even providential lucks. That comes in strokes but what is the final game?


Maim- mamy. Mama.

The bum dum poor would extinguish the intellectuals as their policies are ‘you are protected if you gain money and can lokk ck everything up. Which is not condcucive to think about ‘society’ which I undermein e independence.

Like if you want to have in your plate go to business like these bankers and other stuffs that make ludicrous amount in robbing.

Why we need good bankers. My bet they like working with numbers if they donm’t let’s start and seek for their replacement, there have to be space done for employment for the cleaning of rivers… or other combating hazards.

Note: not confounding cleaning and cleansing.

‘democracy’ means how the ‘whites’ live.

The stereoptysation towards he has to converge if he wants to be secured.

= richs. Rich and polluting, and degradation, and conceiting and thereatening people with other aspiration.




“Censorship is on the way we express ourselves and not on this cunts producing sexual exploitation and robbing the money.

Wjjat a world!? Funny. “

Agent of security

I am deaf and misunderstand what is a said. For instant creation, hip epee (epee = sword in French). Hippie.



Terre your donation

Explaining what happen following the complain of a resident to whom I ask to put a jumper on as it was winter and that the heating had to be put very high in order to be able to stay in the home in tee shirt in November, December or January.

PEOPLE  say bad thing about homosexuality like that they can speak and excit themselves in to objectificaying other people without the risks of being fucked if they did not control their own relentless and uncareful thoughts by the very same person they confide in or by the person they attack through exiting another….


begging to previous jobs as the paper get thrown:

Re:thank you very much in a less urgent rush i would need p 45 i would present better to the tax person for my pension and other

to the tax self assessment.

there is no help on line. i was blocked with no password working a problem with my adress i cannot apay yester.

you have to accept theire is poor people. i ll have to pay more 0845    phonenumber are expensive i don’t live nearby a jobcenter from miles and miles. i would expect you to keep a own record of my having paid tax through mys salarre that i could read and rectify if needed. where is gonna pay the account of my future penision or so?

i d like to know if you talk about aisha in your religion and h.r lecture?

Whatever the power and puissance (puits) of the passion, the last of the haunting coming and coming, after whatever aftermath that I could take it, is the love that have endured the years and file.

Taking the example of the ‘i cannot park well’ or i am a zero at math or whatever one knows he has limited ability at, everything really, give an appropriate idea of what ‘disable’ meant to be, if this ability would be counting as the only one through which people would give you a job or responsibilities.

you cannot park = your life will be without training, participation in social and political project….

it is this disabilities it is the way people don’t want to see what you get otherwise.

Restriction on the numbers of your numbers or applying weird rules as for their comportments and liberties, make easier for the group to control their groups and members-that though tneed to be socializing and meeting and exchanging or working somewhere- inot making them doing and claiming what the shapr edge of the group are looking for:

“Interest at the expense of another”. (bbc)

ok please don’t spam me. I am the author of this blog, I work very hard and no time is left to me for dating. Yet less time to socializing but at least here I would do like in a saloon, I would try to do networking or raise awareness on certain issues, I am an activist, I cannot change it. Please could you consider the fact that it is not a spam. You know intellectually culturally we are still this kind of community.

the social institution disregarding, punishing creativity and originality, perverting their included aim into exclusion or inclusion of normative game. Rewards on the on going pace of things treated as undangerous. Ex: to fire autistic people just because they behave I n a different way while looking after autistic epeople at schools, but fireing autistic teacher, or dam adm-in.


Inspiration from unjustice, love, the nature, comtemplation, from what people say, from what i saw and lived, from the word and restrains, the chains, and insaned that prove my mind to be ride-d and cull-ed.

from the insane that engage with the healing, from decontruction and rebuilding.

i love the way you talked about bagages.

you what inspires?, you~~@#

Internet, you might have spent minutes gill filling up profile that will never been su used as the gr free site was only free for you to l join. (ex: don’t go to oasis free dating site)

Or spend hours for finally being delated with not a work of nobody telling us the reason why before end, because mainly I have been trying to advertise my blog and this has been considered as spam.

Time loosing, hwere will I contact my readers, which forums, are the users aware of somebody not able to contact us on ‘other matters’ , mainly because two csustmores mieverely complaint about your being annoying, while other were happy to receive something in their boxes, but who cares:  blame culture Britain.

Culture brolken.




Also it is profoundly undemocratic and ‘unfree trade’ not to let people express the way they want on the net. The net has become our villages places, in the streets it is not illegal to sell, to try and speak with anybody of anything, as long as you don’t breach the others’liberty.

That members have the rights to make you delete from a site instead of choising to block you or not reading your literature and others is hampering the democratic process.

As one one would not be able to communicate witht hose who welcomed the messagte.

Tow for those wtha tdon’t welcome problem sin society grows from not being acknowledge of just randomly and tranquilly recked and trampled.

I find you effort remarkable. as blog or website master i think we have to focuse on freedom of expression. for if you think they are jerks they block you = i don’t really think that one needs to be banned. what do you think?
PS: for what you have done-
you could post a ‘donate’ link you know…if i met my match…i think i could give it to you personally, i mean i hope you can make a living out of it.

Sexual energy is often confused with corporla energy as one will see the former as a interpenetration when the latter will shown as an effeort reward by conjunction.


On not being sexual but sexue. In the sense of feeling one’s power of reproduction not as a sexual matter but as a gene or other information transmitter.

i am looking for dating; additionally this is my way of networking and socialising through my passions reading and writing. bringing a lit more awareness.




hi i need an answer


hence were. An swear.




Ps: we cannot rejoice on no battle, as at the rate we are generally going, we are inbuild destroyed.




Or the rights of two complaints being at the causes fo our being fired instead of analyzing problems and solveing making.

Not asking what or how have you been appreciated by other ‘customers’.

Or the one bounding their tight intolerance into a similar distorted disformed ressembleance into blaming guys not blaming in fact byt but sa staging out.

Society of enuchs and s displacement of consensus.

Un plus.





Course of action

Permeable, reproduction.




Unsustainable development.

Sustain, not sub.

Stay, prop, strut


i am looking for dating; additionally this is my way of networking and socialising through my passions reading and writing. bringing a lit more awareness.

Re-ci ome-mend, ation.


Con ;clude



make, mace.

Not, knot.

I = eye.

Je I nfench = I = Spanish or Nordic pronunciation, eyes.

specification or opening enlargement


tog ether


Mental illness, inconsistence, or sanity taken in between behaviour whe adopt by having the opportunity and other that we drop by being refused, what ever bad or good that might happen to result in, the possibility or by making it disporprotionaly risky.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH YET AGAIN! i ll check if there is a quiet place, but those are only in old good library such as         . now instead of preserving a quiet area, as so many have to share places at home…they put together children play, job information and training, leisure centers…which is ok provided you can do your own stuff properly but…

It is ok to talk about it. Some years ago I read this in order to know if it could define me and I thought no. today my answer would be a different one. We all got some some or difficulty in circumstances or types of so grand particularity that proceed to other stuffs than experiencing them emotionally or intellectually is not lived as welcome.

I though after better for me if we meet quick Thursday for the dough and make the pain cake on Friday, what do you think?

To ford = gue = gay pronunciation

cross, cut across, cut through, get over, traverse, pass over, get across, track, cover





Fe, fairy, fire,

Femme. Pronunciation am, ham.


Em = aime = love, but goal.

People casting out a group in order to beneficiate from more focused, lessss widespread protection or dividends of exploitation.


ex·ploit  (ksploit, k-sploit)


An act or deed, especially a brilliant or heroic one. See Synonyms at feat1.

tr.v. (k-sploit, ksploit) ex·ploit·ed, ex·ploit·ing, ex·ploits

  1. To employ to the greatest possible advantage: exploit one’s talents.
  2. To make use of selfishly or unethically: a country that exploited peasant labor. See Synonyms at manipulate.
  3. To advertise; promote.

spl spoil.


Feat, fate, f-eat, feta = to party.

To the only lovely that replied to my message, as she is hundred of miles down.

well i can’t say i am skying. the best is on a horse. but york super far…i only i had a mare.


F refuse.

To laught as we se desrerve our relaxation. As our work does not consist in exploitation. Not laught at the expense. Humility not humiliation.

Lose one’s work and the hour of working on details the way one does usually.

To have to rewrite with this sense of furor in front of what has been destroyed.

Are our out of reach or sight.

And write the same but differently.

And try to amend the disappearance with singing it were, no more this but the bridges to what was once, that still is, but cannot be traced but by knowing that it had been done. Like reading a piece of a text with knowing that so much around of precisions and double entendre had been son.

Remembrances, congratulations, celebration.


Celer = seal in French.

Bras = arms.

Sleep, leap.




Human.Rights and duties and end duties.

problem of a collaboration between all actors: if network itself taken by authoritarism and corruption, by the politic mafia, the corporation mafia, and the mafia itself

but lovely i would not be saying no, but you are far too young for me.

if you like having a look at my blog…drop any comment

establishing, table, stable.


this owl is awesome..

I don’t want thes e laws permitting slavery here.     Law. Wal. Halw. Halv-es

and elsewhere you want it alan?

Not ashamed on one’s body, but of what one does or did or had been made done with it.

Culture of shaem and taboo about high autoritarisnaism permit of degradating customs or the same with culture of neglecting or of exploiting and sol soiling.

T r        F


Careful, flu, lul.

Sun soon. Moon soul son.

mild, mind, milk is better.

Milr, mile, mill.

Meal, nil.

Random, an ransom

Heterosexuality supremacy (hatred) has been invented in order to give a pretense or at least a training at switching off and on sexual acceptance, desire, or reluctance, disgust, fear, distance, not in measure with one’s sentiment but of the sexual social common identification with which the other individual would be drawered, etiquetted, labelled.

And the cover (hiding) and coverage (reporting subjectively or systematically, categoriquelyy) of the behaviour, emotional or actual of each individual.

Also betraying our own instincts, trends, faithful to the truth of affinities and history feeling. Betraying oneself and the object (aim, purpose, end) and person of our love and dreams, make people relentlessly sick and silly.

Ok imagine the poem you would like to write = themes, topics, concerns, emergency, sadness, willingness, expectations, ,,,love story.

Look at the town and describe how the town itself conveys, inverting or affirming or subjugating your own sense or intellectuality. How the town flow and is a part or take apart your thought and how would you perceiving it as a metamorphose of your being thinking embodied.

You remembered when we were talking about whether or to what kinda of price one would accept an act of prostitution.

In this game question, there is a serious trick. Like in the film where one million or whatever is offered, what is at stake is not even an act of prostitution, but a night, an entire night.

It is thus that one cannot argue that prostitution is ok on that account because real prostitution will have prostitutes put into the need of endlessly working, for one.

On the other hand one cannot compare one act with a life or regular encounters….

Get that.

Would you tell me when you are around and also my scarf brought with you?

It is good, it is nice asking all of that.

sire  (sr)


  1. A father.
  2. The male parent of an animal, especially a domesticated mammal such as a horse.
  3. Archaic A male ancestor; a forefather.
  4. Archaic A gentleman of rank.
  5. Archaic Used as a form of address for a superior, especially a king.

tr.v. sired, sir·ing, sires

To father; beget.

sire,     er,  ehi heir.

Sire,   ris,-e

Ire    higher.

She was taking all comments as if they were trying to establish her worth or final value.

Ons susceptibility.

These people, intellectuals, that would never do nothing against the law, but writing inciting stuff pro vandalism, or if not writing telling their fans, followers and groups of the same party , tell the grass roots to go and o do it, while they would make money writing more of the vandal’ prison time-in plight.

These same people that regard their own job as divine and that would deivice nothing to spare the job of others in an effort of jobs to be done in harmony. The affairs is that what they would want is not to modify human behaviour on greed but becoming the new appartchick.

In general working with the olders and callin g for the young to be their not new in matter of voters, but first. Abuse of talents, when you can manipulate the crowd, you are taking by the former intelligentsia, that will appear to promote their books and blogs.

Lass and guyes not criticising the crisis to heolp freedom, progress and sanity but to make the failed country theirs. To fuel their own politics without ethics.

To do what we all do, protect in principles without any practises === poor principles.

And it is like that that we called it eutopia or naivity as no one works on it the enunciation of principles is in fact as poor as their not being put in exercise nor essay.

On racist comment (race don’t exist, racist yes) on a woman threaten by her foreign boy/girl friend.

easy to say it is ur fault like that people stop living and harrass ecaho ther by neglect and ignorance.

weak vampires indeed, afraid of all what moves, since u aint’ up to it. u think one of your racist commment loser is more reasuuring vampires?


To fear the individual as to fear the destruction of one’s condition or environment.

Since history emerges from destruction.

To fear in particular the one who is not born there, as they represent the temporary, the potential more ignorant of the here and now from the past sequences of hear and passed by through generation history. Also even if the foreing can as well be less dangerous than the autochone, new danger to which one is not ‘adapted’ or the danger that even though the one previously sharing the land are more dangerous even, a consensus, even if bad, established on to produce from the bad enough good to maintin ain the residents in life.

Even more fear of the transitory, the nomads, as potential for not caring less, but feeling directly in live condition less of the local destruction, the exploiratory.


yes, cool, pretty much in the same style type of mind and geographical mayhem.

A woman could become the servant of another woman.

It would not pose so many problems on certain ‘feminism’ theory then.


One question for you as my representant/protector, if any thing unclear It b my pleasure to extend myself on this subject. Reject. Jay.

So, the day someone tell me that ‘disabled people’ registered as such only because work are not adapted to their limited functional abilities, and that their abilities are not used or that technology is not advanced enough to bridge the gap between mainstream ability or will at communicating and exercising.

So like it is quiet common to hear, people wish that these persons did not have the burden to live or that they should be now genetically modified or killed when embryo like bona fide infanticide, that denies humanity her true face and all forms of ingenuity and pace.

What I say to somebody whose ‘beliefs’ is to say that it is better for the other guy to be “put down”, or “extinguished”  or then “economically, actively, taken as a sub and by added chores exhausted” in any sort of way.

Sorry for the late reply I did not have my computer with me last night.

You can be ensured that my communication with the subject explored by nina power is now to stop as I feel no more intrigued.

As much passionate as I am by notion and philosophy of equality, community, commune, alternative, freedom of expression and assembly….that I could not refrain myself from looking (pitha)gor for and after what someone could do to write and practice about these interconnected area and dimensions of our sociological and political lives. Those very same pertaining and permitting Share and spontaneity.

What I was asking to you very respectuously is that I d rather being not in a lecture where the prof don’t considerate comments on their lectures appropriate rather than having to be there like a witness of the magistral lecture that just like you very well explained to me might at any time (my comments included) being the blind or not blind (aware) product of majority tyranny. Fuelled by ignorance or one way directives.

Thank you for your attention.

Ps: what difference is it between pragmatism and realism?

oh, a woman who talks like this with a phd give me the feeling like going technical.


even london has some of this outskirts with pocket, mini pocket of wildness, are you happy where u are? do u work in london?

looking for the another same

follow your heart.

flow follow exactly

people calling ‘woman’, ‘man’, ‘b;acl, ‘gypsy’… and treating people the same way and forcing them to adhere to their categories. Or forcing their lives to experiment the same conditions, or adhere to the theories, to perpetuate the similar functions and know u down dizzy when gently.


in books where you do no find any particular idea, but all ideas already in every book, just here more or less applied or link with the examples.

Not grounded, not investigated, not even researched in depth but that one will have to pay 29 punds.


I mean it is still worthe reworking workding alongside line but asking this price is rewarding plagiarism.

Not noticed as being better worded.whore deed.

Why do they want it in the a same kind of English., for it to stay standard to prevent alarmist.

All arms.

To ask one’s student to buy ones book and discreteldy say to ask then to go in the british lig brary to get ones frer free article. Not knowing that they go where every writer, go to protect one’s intellectual property byte misleading then int thinking you are a celebrity.

And the few new piece of information being put there like an easy opinion, a false, forced, foresight, foreing, forget, fake, forge appreciation without the shadow of a proof, of a source, without any justification or the burden of verification. Without work, just the word of a bucha of lazy inventor of lapse in implication and a zwero in between the ears of no im dedication.

The word that thaws action.

Ao be it intellectual, since is what they purpot to be. But in fact no as they draw himself as activist,they just working for other organization, unaccountable, irrespecutous of ethics legitimate legality.

Anyhow in istory English the language of the vulagar. Popularisng the bible in order to divide diocese and constituency for each vicar.

To oblige one’s student or at least invite or even be a part of the module or program and after that donm’t give a n opportunity to fari debate or email or what it ahs been in better leagtu a shool of thought that is awere of themselves, that comabat and confront that  evolves and symbiose and differ and s instruti.

And ground, and ground gronde, hound, and could b represent an proper counter power, wielding dateas and security of a bllance ad research refined documented extended extensive buoyant, open, rhizome, extend


Thro out at .

Fro art.

Fro host.

Ar heart fro hostl

Sir            is r          are

Sire            is re            er.               Again                heir

Why was it colonies and not area of progress but slavery.

Why is tis still so

To substain even without looking up bourgoisy.

Not confound a bourgeoisie and appreciation for thing well done and per preciousity. But to conserve them and renovate like the soul of a mate.

Waste lay on us and upon serenity.

To do condone rapist to ‘protect’ incest.

Prostitution                   incest.

Roast, in statute. Institute

Before institute ?

As what constitute state and status but statue of gloomy ghastly perversed poly?

Political and philosophical affinities could be perfectly well between profs and students if evcery one respected ethics. But you know the work world is g dangerous gouleous full of crooks of all wald of life anyway.

The oenms who cfreate a dynamics like the ones who spoils the commodities.

Blame culture towards a consumerism without conscience like version of America, grande. All of these cunts pretending they hegemonised to give a reason for their betray. Tray.

Marc x marx corrupted his theory by the greed of the working cal class party has he was like ly to have no choice for survival, the ones of security and of employment and even of being published and his work not destroyed.

Like one now would expermiment the same with the community, the social, as if you start fight social injustice one will be out of any jobs. Each of us having for them the land that they can corrupt, destroy, convoy, exploit, soil.


No freddom of knwoldege and the one of defending it.

O locking.

O lacking.


The greed of the working class, the one who works everybody, repugnating to take into account international and to put down the money = the finance devaluing.

Vicious politic arena where one is urge to deny the term of nations in order to produce war lords and do new cut into lands and possession.

And as no one can not wait for it as stifled by the very same rules thaaaat will ultimately have the current boss by their being unloving, and neglectful.

Abuse. Ab ortion us.

Ab origne.


Abbey, obedience                 something like                 desire?.

a·bey·ance  (-bns)


1. The condition of being temporarily set aside; suspension: held the plan in abeyance.

2. Law A condition of undetermined ownership, as of an estate that has not yet been assigned.

[Anglo-Norman, variant of Old French abeance, desire, from abaer, to gape at : a-, at (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + baer, to gape; see bay2.]

terre, ere,


pro of.

I am not sure you worry but if you do studying this way is a new exercise, first year at uni, did not go to high school, your brain willl  adapt.

remember to enjoy it.

I mean if it is only challenged, like we write on the academic level…this will end by killing people deemed to be different. the problem is that when people ask me to be clearer then they tag me as deficient or perceive a danger.

It was not for you the question between realism and pragmatism as no one word is negative or destructive or senseless but i would suspect that in a sociological ”managed’ context pragmatism could mean more right than left policies.

A propos one comment a lecture, the way i comment is very succint, just in order to associate two ideas or ask a question. i don’t exept the question even to be answered more rhetorically taken into account. my intervention on average does not exceed 15 secondes. therefore i don’t think that one comment by lecture is very mindful of that.

also the quantitative aspect sound very industrial adn unconducive to questioning at all.

when i ask you to consider if i could take a module without lectures in case the prof does not appreciate surplus of information it was not in order to be unpolite to you, it was in order for me to be ensure to try and complete my degree.

Added information, why not at a distance course since lectures is not to permit discussion . but where the dim diploma is in position of monopoly why would not they ensure that what they perceive at different behavior could be accommodated? Behavioralist.

grandiose grandiloquent – lofty in style; “he engages in so much tall talk, one never really realizes what he is saying”

magniloquent, tall

rhetorical – given to rhetoric, emphasizing style at the expense of thought; “mere rhetorical frippery”

‘Coalition for Marriage’ bids to block gay marriage

Campaign backs discrimination, opposes equality

Opposition to marriage equality is “intolerant and out of touch”

The free sources of information ensuring a common bases for reference and preventing a too marketed, lauch , payday propaganda.

it s open to everyone that s the spirit.

you funny band of pre classified rufians.

what he does is to do like you think is natural for girls to do wearing pink and play the doll.

matters. Mat. Tiers.

Her, err.

be·hest  (b-hst)


  1. An authoritative command.
  2. An urgent request:


Lent  (lnt)


The 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday until Easter observed by Christians as a season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter.

likr in ramadan fa(s)ting.

Lent = slow in french.

Energy or refe lexion borrowing.


Faune, flock, flore, fox, fowl.

Gayd accused of all the plight as all the plights exist and are on the run if not on the rampage, but people too emasculated to name frankly and fiercy stopped violations.


‘A eden, that had become a terrestrial tip’

By Dpf.

On furthermore.


niveal [′niv·ē·əl]


Property of features and effects resulting from the action of snow and ice.

Naivity, nave.



An eve?

Niveller, leveller.

Vin (wine) saem pronunciation as vain in french.


  1. A scarce supply; a lack: “the dearth of uncensored, firsthand information about the war” (Richard Zoglin).
  2. Shortage of food; famine.

noun lack, want, need, absence, poverty, shortage, deficiency, famine, inadequacy, scarcity, paucity, insufficiency, sparsity, scantiness, exiguousness a dearth of resources

dear-th and depletion.

Dear deaf.

Slavery, salvage,

Salvation. Salve of applaud and recommendation.


hi! can’t say a lot when i talk to a model.

well about adventure, i try to find ‘change the mind’ information.

Am not sure i haven’t sent to you this request yesterday, sure i really thought about it nevertheless. sure I am not, or could not be, your style at all…?

Codes also represent the values of the culture, and are able to add new shades of connotation to every aspect of life.

Codes also represent the values of the culture, and are able to add new shades of connotation to every aspect of life.

To say one don’t have to say of another one that they are ‘baboon’ is to refuse how the animal has been stigmatize, as I would like to be a baboon, but not treated like one.

Defeetist attitudes, governing sense of values as prioritarisation of human is hypocrysitical.

Hon, i went illico presto this morning as i realized you stayed somewhat intentionaly caughing for something like a fortnight.

If you don’t want to meet me, i don’t want to meet you either. but now i ve got this unduly expensive bottle – i wanted you to have it surely-of course impossible to find you study, it was a friday, naive me…(no this remove it, just personal intimate thought, don’t worry, i am too confident you see)…

I hate carrying surplus of stuff or syrup well whatever, i manage to go unscathe this year.

could you just answer one of my letters or text or call or routines in order for you to relieve me of this weight. untenable, miss-y (joke) no i ll precise to you that this is a joke as i don’t want like the others that you go offended till the end of time for what is just a heavy handed pun with the fact that i miss opportunities of healing this :what could become chronic if you don’t start acknowledging canals, pipes, you voice and body..

PS: next time i saw you don’t forget to be polite to me; i am older.

I don’t know if i can entirely relate to ‘ur enjoy the life’ i am veggie.

Fucking ‘education; project focusing like more than often but in fact the  rule urel as usual, other versions pervertely coma combated like if liberation could be the worst of it.

Education promoted, the all talk of the salon, as it means that the money go to in frascture, wages, the appearance of the organization unwilling to comment nor show its true ethics and genuine percentage or how they fight for their mansions or then against starvation.

Education meaning to put the money into the upper mil middle class and their assistants, and in empowering the poor with bourgeois rights that render the all lot insolent, umproductive and asking for people to assist in over consumption, render then the equality of people deangerous, as it is an equality not of human rights but legal insanity.


As leap.

Alf raid.


psychotherapist? super.

it is very easy to be vegetarian, take some money and deep believe to be a veggy, simply thinking that they give their lives to be murdered. it is enough for me to put me off everything now.

problem is this people think that treating animals well is enough: when in fact you bring up, you look after, why not love, the creature, the living soul, sold, for finally eat her.

well me i would think that your argument of ‘man won’t stop eating animals and in fact permit them to live in the remand’ cover cannibalism stories.

one says that the opposite attracts.





Cheap, chap.

To hate these moments were one has to sing, and rock, think and write as they are ‘time of inaction. But this to explain that life is life, I was born a writer, an ovelist, hovel, my, for my restriction.

continuity in time meaning progression versus stagnation. existence. exit is stance.

Ex is stance.


exist. t sixe.


ex ist (is = german).

A certain man planted a rose and watered it faithfully and before it blossomed, he examined it.

He saw the bud that would soon blossom, but noticed thorns upon the stem and he thought, “How can any beautiful flower come from a plant burdened with so many sharp thorns? Saddened by this thought, he neglected to water the rose, and just before it was ready to bloom… it died.

So it is with many people. Within every soul there is a rose. The God-like qualities planted in us at birth, grow amid the thorns of our faults. Many of us look at ourselves and see only the thorns, the defects.

there is no racism but economical war (althogether with the way one think and therefore will allow themselves to take or kill, destroy or make for one’s or others’ use  and purposes).

Tackling racism in discrimated people is fighting the wrong war. As people see themselves as having to develop in the sense of being preponderant, putting ifr fire into to others’ production and inflicting over production in order to stifle time and space.

Racism is just a causality of economical genocide as one won’t shift of position and groups then are ensured if not loyauty relative retention, if not faith relative adherence.


Norme mendie.

Mend = in French beg.

Depression due to awareness, consciousness, and hope or helplessness.

Or sadism or neurotism, displacing knowledge to a mechanism of defence unadapted and in fact reproducting the thereaaaat that threat they could not prevent upon by diverting it.

Illnesses of the century. Scent tuerie.

Tuer, uter, utter, uterine.


Shoot, offspring.


The brain, the core semblable to a mushroom.

Ush, bush and drain.

economic growth versus human development: live and existence right denied.

A bout about.

Would fairer institutions would represent such a greater power that the risk more palpable, as in each human being and each other creatures invested,  could represent so much distress and illness, stranded weakness, at the idea or possibility of these machines to be taken over.

And redirect to (more) even more and longer, maligne qu auguer auguerre, augure. Omen, anm amen.

you see that kind of action. i once used to believe i would be dead by 33, or whatever could come with it.

It was not love.

Would u like to post the child widow on my blog?

actually three of my grand grand ma were windows around 18-25-35.





Increase in the cost of live (university, home) are justificating the higher salaries, that are not paying those basics that the poorer cannot anylonger afford. Big salaries therefore are targeted the purchase of financial capital enable them to make someone paid for “untaken care for” possession, products, machines, enterprises. That on top of generating unbalances will reap destruction not only by their being abusive of other by exploiting them but by being exploitative as well as corrosive, fuelled, full of looting tactics and short term strategication (still called strategies for being larger scale and thought and the uncommensurate at each level of their implication or application) the effect of neglect and disreponsibilisation.

How life is short and the immaturity of our orgasms and solutions. The day of our death not long and so distant lointain the one of not ultimate but moderate ascension.

The proportion of the castration are in the animal world onto the males, and enforced reproduction for fr emales, quiet resemblance with our society where it is cultural to marry several if money.


Racism, homophobism, or classism (marrying, sociolizing/shagging) between class) in order to forbid the access of stock = people with t whom one is allowed to mix at every level.

To construct in every individual a sense of uses, rules/mules and ban that is beyond forlorn.

To emprisone one’s muses, and create a sense of fate, that is not through god, circumstances at the time that one should combat to access freedom and love, but to create fate human made mazy mistakes.

For someone else to have your cake, to push the most loving to wars fighting not for liberation but exhaustion of the living that impose on them.

Homosexuality has been the recipient (recipe) of all hatred as people don’t react properly to their siblings. i.e if you touch my child you are all dead.



T = dead time.


As at.

Has. At.

“whne you got a hat, you got god a head” on ass-hole.

The books deemed as sacred as they were the tangible and communal effort at preserving humanity through language, discourses, experiences and history respect or condense (condescention) and laws.

Race, and hurrying up of the destruction.

The religious, like the racist, deeming themselves as superior not by believing it it, but by thinking they are god, as they assert knowing the ultimate and restraint meaning of things,

Books are sacred in the sense that efforts, all efforts at live is,

Live creation and progression. But not live as live but live as lives and the all creation.

When humanity becomes spiritual then the nature of their being cosmic will surge.

Are you saying that I am a monkey??

There used to be a time where and when people were pround of their animals to be.

Sole and soul,

All being.

Fucking Christians and ministeries. There is no mystery why rule and run poverty. Because being a religious pertain to your origins, the village, the school of thought. The way one ll kill and control their neighbours. Not within the respect of all lives but into the shaping of all laced.

The depletion, the depiction.


Her, herd, nerd.


Participle in.

Participate in.

In, ion.


Pro paean. Pagan.

In religion, sodhome and gomorrha, might have been su used not as a depiction of homosexuality but by and lard large sexuality. As the bible on its bases create the child of god from not reproduction but love and purity, then on this rules if interpretated restrictly would have then been the enforcement of a all homosexual world as sexuality is human but would have followed all homosexuality relation in order not to aim at systematical reproduction.

The ref e rejection of sexuality, or more the rejection of aiming at sexuality, into the sole ultimate activity or relation, and die a statute of salt, as our secretion are salty and mineral, die in what, into the only matter that our lives would have concurred to produce, the product of sweat and lubrification.

People recongizing an inequality and injustice as they are served from its being pyramidal. I am a servant, but to be c accepted and offer my help to the tyran, will provide me with other cerf and vent.




There is no problem with the concept of individuality but the concept of being the sole individuals. As funny as it is when every moves in our lifes come from the produce of societies.

It is not a question of inferiority, but submission, not a one of superiority, but relative and conditional protection.




sorry jenny, i nver saw you answered me. my facebook mail don’t work properly. i got to know many portuguese in france. one of them was my nanny. have you been to the book club?

To answer the hetero, not in what is permissible to think but in matching their greed, hid-andhouse.

I would like all the women and the men to be lesbians, marry to me, and attach to beds.


and what about the decent lady to whom you don’t provide with answer?

North korea well done to have fiddling with nuclear as they obtain food from that now.


Morals while marriage are forced, like staying a faithful person to one’s family, devotee to ones’ religion and patriot to one’s countries, immoral can tenfold.

As I would never beat my partners but if all mention above was here and there waging a war. And so feeding their members with unjustifiable but enforeced permanent injustice.

That don’t make feel like living anymore.

And think that the devil is the one accountable and the fruit and aim of the prayer.


Dark is not bad.

Whiter is not o good.


Cuddle d. Cameroudn.

As in hug a thug.

3 is half of 8 and 3 the opposite. See of &.

Gendered racism as homophobia. Since people takes advantage to role assigned.

Anal, anlo, analogy.


oh that s good, that is always exciting to have so much in mind that you truly cannot do much outside. as long as this stuff is interesting. do you like your new job?

am french, but it is in traveling and live wherever freely that i find myself happy

People are talking about education empowering solution to inequalities and discrimination, but talk about right education but not the kinda education that propel everyone to do good stuff and have good job contributing to the well being and security of the entire community.

Lava Lavish.



US Black slang a derogatory term for a woman

[from Black or Southern US pronunciation of whore]

was son wondering who could possibly transform a vowel into an insult. To manage to insert into a language the whole vowel, a main sound, that disculpte. That curse to slavery everyone and the language itself.

Vowel, voil. oeill, veil.

who, ho, or, wore.

yes, i agree. when i think that france still don’t marry same sem saxe sex couple…

what s your job?

Dangerous, famous……….

-ous       house.

Hose ?

Racism, xenophobia, evolves into an idea of dependency and sue superiority as in fact one will yield to their instincts of doing nothing but counting on the here and now available ure rules. Profeetering or abuse by one’s own family, eaten by closed circle and promuiscuity.


tourism might be great, when you remove the planes and the service that are exploitation. then not a lot remains.

but still going into nature could be the marvel of all product. i thought you were english, your names indeed are. your father was?




“The road.



University, never.



P rep ublic?

Pub leak.

Oblic logic

now i said it i try to ask myself why men go on wasting their time.

1- any success?


3-cannot be gay, want a dick?

3- rape

4- or look for a email fling

5- i really like the look of your kitten.

though i am not sure you like my physical type.

The proper of the reflexion- try on a mirror.

Is that one cannot see itself in action, as one’s action don’t tolerate observation but the corel. Core.




Ra et/

Ra it.

happy i am not so sure.

you don’t just want to fuck? well have sex, or flirt, calling it more nicely, kinda thing.

Reproduction emergency, treated as, in order to provide partners, related to this universal agony of not finding one’s partners and the social death of not finding it because of shortage or ban.

The ban on homosexuality, or on marriage inter-ethnies, or class.

Would bring to the agony of finding someone restrictions on their hunt and chase. Restricting the numbers would make possible for other to control others’ love and passion and intention and natural enclination, enl encling, to make every one’ slife miserable but to force people to go in couple while spreading mayhem desolation and then make possible prostitution and crimes. As for no one as squanderel and puppet has nothing to loose or let . bell.



Work and think of the tough.

Not needing mama to stay for hours, nor grandma to take me on holiday. Work their scheme after adolescent, never so obsolesecent.

On this man, human-made land escape where two roses trees cannot anymore entrelacer.

Intertwine, or marry, reproduce, love or hate so much that they will have none or so many prepusce.

Without music I would have gone madder.

Problematic  ebalbe e abale al able to think mor com0 com[plex.

But art is a prop to complexity and affinities, infinities.

So? No recipe but who bless. Whom.  (?)

You find my taboo. Thank you and have mercy. Limit of wisdom, relish of folly. Limit of folly, relish seldom.


E relish of wisdom, bin bring apathy.

Believes are just a trick of the mind, permitting, seeking for transfo rmation.

Trick of the mind, beyond one and one makes two, or free.



May add.

The dre am that are not true. R.

The dreams that make me real.






Soil sole sale salt

Alm calm palm

The soul sol that attach to our body.

What kind a monstrousity.

Who would save me?

Instead of gandhy?

No one and I don’t blame ame or iname.


To be nothing special , simply be at the specific corner of the horde. Or ps position.

Forgive those who don’t ko know and the rest will follows. Oz.

Wp; wol



Fol low

To cofund confound folly and sufferings engenders battery of cliffhangers. Not als always grasping groping correctly the top of insane or sanity. Clean but not or misuse.

To be a man, with a female body, as ones’ were wolf is pussy.


Incest is culturally alongside biologically perculded secluded secular forbid as pep people have to keep their children in the name of care and evolution, as well as the society holding together and d keeping such records.

A lot of children for warmth and experimentation and freer personalization and personality be constructed alongside but not dependenly or having to be in promuiscuity of the genitor or references when they are pro primary. The parents.

Someone on my blog:

Hello I hope you are well. P.s As i said before you use your own Westernised ideas to pass judgements on our Prophet and ‘holy’ book…maybe you should come to this lecture and clear your misconceptions… Prophet Muhammad only did consumate his marriage after Aisha’s puberty

me if think that again one can quote marx sayin that religion is the people opium because let’s pray to god that you are in a real fucked up state to put forwards such beyond credible filth.

the holy, forget holy, only sane or worth living (am not saying kill them, but not approach another human being well being), persons would say that a prophet that is worth more than the few words other people managed to keep all these years, would never have married a child more than because it was the sole solution for this child to survive financially. a people worth of being called in the search of god would pray for such action to occur in insisting that marrying a child in such conditions that due to the lamentable societies in which he used to live. they would say that mohammed did not have the choice as it was a time of decadence.
that you justify the marriage saying that a 50 year old is waiting for a little girl to be menstruated, if you ask me i would punish, and the west should punish someone with prison to advocate that. and to heavy penalty half life or something to actually have done it. should be love, then you wait for their 21 year-old and you place the female in school with a live free in order her to understand that their is more in life than being fucked by a richer guy and by ones in-law and by one’s own family.

ps: the day i would go to islamic meeting it be the day where i won’t be seperated from my brothers.
i acknowledge that when you pray your body are very closed, but mainly you pray or you not. so it would not hamper my thoughts. or rather it ought not.
thank you for your message.

also i don’t want to help sponsorisation of this event as i don’t know what happens inside, don’t your guru have a website explaining their positions.

What is done is pedophilia activism and it should curb until they are done.
i d like to repeat that my only worry is not to be able to report them to incite act of pedophilia.
talk to you later, don’t hesitate.

i meant half life when you attempted doing it.

no wonder you like the sharia with such policy behind it.

i am not for death penalty but what is for sure is that if my only means to stop a 50 year old to marry a 9 year old, or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 or 19 or 20 or 21 and most probably etc would be to kill the pedophile and the other guys and women that endorse it, then once again i d agree to sharia.

and cut your vanity that is beyond, mean worse that the one of the taunting devil. May s-he it  you.

It eat.

Of course these pedophiles will tell you that tehey would torture the homos, the women that go outside, the men that stay in, the …..,

If you want war just have it. I would not be the one to burn the quoran as it is with this only book that the west left you on. But building libraries as well as putting in jail your pseudo pedo intellectuals engineering the communities’ p rape and s dismayed.

To you rapists.

And when I say that it is because the western society let you say that in all impunity so may come a time of the last thing to do to prevent one of those from doing it would be.

You should more like likeing western values, apparently more than we think it only, that let you prophetise that, most for at everyone’s else’s and one’s own (for whom with a little left of dignity) shame.


And when one think s you are agree for cowardice, for your comfort of luna, or for the money. At the last judgemtn let s pray for one to be . danm or darn.

But you know when one says western don’t be too gan angry, here in Europe and l elsewhere nothing is left nothing is the same, not will return.

Just praying that the other worhres don’t plan to make it worse, for the worst.

If those white pervert let people advertise for that then they can go to hell with their wesetern way of hypocrisy and more than that. The why people were becoming more morbid than religious as the main stream of politics and society were backing pedophilia and killings while spitting on love and thinkings.

Also the west manage quite ok to stop the rich and other clerics to emprison everyone, I hip hop that your proletariat coming from the Arabic or the Russian wherever they would be the next dictactor with trules of sadic, don’t seriioiusly thin k , since it is what you however otherwise say.

Someone’s blog:

Urwah said: “Khadeejah died three years before the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) migrated to Madeenah. He stayed alone for two years or thereabouts, then he married ‘Aa’ishah when she was six years old, and consummated the marriage when she was nine years old.” (Reported by al-Bukhaari, 3607)

you just say that it was after puberty. after puberty my dear is after the child to be a child, she was even not a teenager. the argument for honest soul, not the one sold to i don’t know which depraved sects, thinking and saying that their interests are in lying in bed with the demon- be it swallow them-

the argument would be to say that they are adults = after being 20 and free like the zephyr.

I don’t say that Mohamed was pedophile –it was worth-but all the shhame I have not interest in chaing chasin a dead person. I am saying:

you are a band of pedophiles and ought to be judged.

as such.

calling marriage what is not more than brothels and worse act of prostitution, you call family what is mafia and abbhoration.

The westmister stances that you would quickly implore to limit my and oll other freedom of expressions.



yes, i am aware that it sounds a mess.

i did take it, but why not being marked as if it was my first mark on april. in order my zero don’t appear.

originally it happens like that because i could not know that was i was selecting was all in autumn, because of my not accessing any longer the timetable. if they think of it, they should agree it put me into a very disadvantaged position. on top i work. and i just thought that my future employer would like to know how i dead line cope…

it is also why it is so messy, and i ask greg so many times to go and help because i could not assess the data base anylonger this resulting due to my having resiting exams.

also you can tell the finance that i would have been really happy to know from them, instead of completely accidentally and too late, that existing student even part time were to pay the same price, as i because of not knowing it undertook full time that i could not manage. and that will show on my results and file like the rest.






Let’s not fear no pedo.

Gay, hague.



The sodhom and gomorh a picture of us having fuck between ourselves without thinking no more to give to the planet what she propages on us: life and all its room for respect.



Ma fier.

Fier = rpound.

Proud. Pound. Prey. Round. Proler.

Fier = to entrust.

Th je vouldais the dire a propos doudou hiding on the roof, one of our favorite was to go by theis roof. One day I was so bored that I jump from the double bed bedroom that we used to share onto the tiles, near the front door –the terrace. Onto cushions after having hanged by the window seal, il doit s en souvenir t as qu a lui demander

Esperons que cet imbecile va s en souvenir, il mourra peut eter moins ido idiot.

look i like your naked picture, i am not saying that. but maybe just send it to the one that you want to bed. with i sometimes wish with i was girly.

look i like your naked picture,in fact i really like it. but maybe just send it to the one that you want to bed. with i sometimes wish with i was girly.

i don’t message you personally, don’t think you would answer…

ok you don’t like discrimniation? let s try i am more of a masculine type, well perhaps.

if it is about having the last word i will let you have it. i could have done a banter of sarcastic with you because i could have thought i d be for your enjoyment. but i like this site too much for being threaten with being reported because of juvenile whims. for all the respect i have for women that looks like girls.

i understand you my love- feminity and the fems also.

masculinity is not bad it but whatever i am not forceful even philo.

I can’t undetached myself to it, it would be at ease to hurt or reataliate.



What it is a prostitute men? Or porno whatever.

House trained?

After ejaculation comes the electrical viba ration bearing the discharge, the release, the rush.

As ejaculation is rewarded as procreation should by means of innate search for body rewarding activity taking place.

A way to be reaped while raped while having the ‘active’ = moving on the surface, part. Is to be told that it has not been long nor good enough intthe sense that forced oneself physicaly, sexual maranthon or training. Prolongation when unwanted.

In this article no question about the parents forced their daughter into a marriage, like if it was permissible.

I had a conversation with you as i was sending to gaydar member my inviation ot have a chat with reference with what i write.

you asked me to stop i stopped.

i think i had been blocked because i send an invitation to chat saying hi.

could you unblock me please?

i have been a meber for 7 years, and it feels weird to be reported this way. if people on a dating site are not here for getting in touch and speak, what are they doing then?

Lack of public place, every piece private.

Even the h Olympics game tickets possessed by the sponsors.

Then only able to control the content of du drugs inflict upon athlete.

Rotten boidies.

Nationalisms linked with imperialistic philosophies.

Contradicting universality

Derida Jacques.

Under the authority of hegemonique states

Fundamentalism may focus on killing liberties.

The other democracies roo on creating  destructive fake ones.

Given by god not by those whose destroy the world

We try to analyse the language but today political and economical forces will have just to blow and pay.

To exterminate extort extirpate.

Hitler anti semitics strategic tacitely accepted by Europe.

+ Power, and women in exile.

Fundamentalist and fashist  a historical parallel. Dvd

One can expect of anyone but not human to be restricted in their hopes and actions as their contexts is so lethat letha.l

Helped or hiddentn


Submission expressed in men with the turban of the ayatollah curbing their ears and the bearb.

Both gender covered.

To destroy democracy.

Here the gloom ambition of some. Open ambition. Not really cunning.

Traditionalism spitting on history.

Religion takent over by killers, mafias, pouftas (=men that respect as their equal only men = the sexyal danger of all civilisation. Sexual engendered population.

Before it might have been to protect next generation, now it is to rape them.

Forced marriage like forced confession,

Millions of political assassination, swear by a book is more than religious, beyond spiritual. Like a joke it is your keep safe.

We calculate et terrosrism induced death why not calculating det death ifnflicted by the companies and ruels that are let rule their terrors backed by every one of our states.

And what about the refugees that are molest in their countries and the immigrants in some countries who come to preach someone else destruction and kidnapping of individual and other groups liberties and existence.

Wanting to disintegrate the laws, culture and institution that mange to protects people, ideas, progress…at the price of so many lives l already.


Psycho, mental transformation.

And microscopism.

Julia kristeva.

it would be difficult to date as we are two doing the chivalry 🙂

the moon when full, a face.

Like yours jadis erstwhilst a godness.

Relentless, my b vibrations.

Accented the secent scent to hills, streams, scene of mountains.

Mundane were death, serene was she.

You never say

Nor hello nor goodby since

Till what was supposed eternity that went closed to perpetual infamity

While affinity to t other had been precluded.

Per clue, pe r you , peruse, e peru.

Loose, my sight of loving somebody.

Just look after someone in my arms gabbling say conneries.

Silly but not in vain

Flat but not insane

And in fact as indolor as one has t o be when the world change around them

From having make love with a genuine willing happier other body.

To my ghosts, to my past.

To my last shadow of shame from not having met the love as perfect

And rather let me myself rape

By illusions and a lost forever sony.


To this son as well, whose ton

To this o son aussi.



Art is communication and existence dissension and attempt at further reparation of s distortion

As soon as one person is reader, the audience make oneself author.

Author or a bilateral relation.

Since the audience is the recipient.

The author the fermant

The subject the firmament.

The lsoo loss of meaning the endebtment.

Will I go to paradise?

The monster, this element

That I did no create m but lend and borrow wing of language.

Bor e row.

The language, inslo olent.

In sole lent

There are not religious but people speaking about god like if they were its soldiers, in secreetedly thinking that since god is beyond the devil is their facile.


Easiness, proficiency of churches, but army bless the cross against the stone.

Need a silver bullet for a were wor wolf

A way of saying that it has to be hune ted by best trapper and hitmen, yellmoonwoman.

As if possible it s aim of fusion or reincarnation, another hunter.


Na mow.

Move all the time.


Re ad.


Humans wrote books sacred by other humans deu due to their possibilities at bringing some kind of order and common sharing if not meaning at least litanies. Language, words, a sense of organizational view.

Humans wor wrote like poets, describing their visions, but what about their explanations.

Rendering the descriptions divine is sortilege.

Exactly like rendering people suffering from these stories kind of hero, or models, are in face pushing to hatred, a sacriledge.

Aisha and sacrifice to the pedophile populasse. Population of chi Christians a happy fo the crisscrossing of dissemination of oblivion . maybe a paragdigme of the children of god amputation.

Convlulsion of faith . vomiting indeed.

I ve just e been wanked, arousing arousment up to my breast. Rea rest.

This? This is live?

What is death to ya?

H t a ed.

Ed ath.




Ror, aurora.


The dea.


Mystic, when questioning is at the core of entendement.

Pun-k after pun-k

On hybrid or mutants. Mixes?

they may not have babies, that does not mean impotent. anyhow there is enough babes under the claws of incompetent- or worse feeling an over thinking of belonging.

namely, who(se is) the babe?

Mix ethnic and fear of mutant social one here. A new civilization but if the rules change and even for better rules that the fight cost the present.

, problem with you tube no possible posting website links, pouahh.

The problem of having to arm oneself against illegitimate invasion or intrusion.

To believe in an intuition, instituition.

Believing in it like the way we already shaped our biaises, preferences, our tendency to explain and adorn…

To believe for years and years and came to the conclutsion that we have now proof of having waited in derision, delusion.

Reinterpretating and find the secret of us bein g l slanted, bias ed.

The core of the lving the mystification.

Comparison baby and wife. Considering the love, the pillar of the family. Children and woman.

To prevent intelligence, real ability to occur, through reinforcement behvior.

Olympics used to all justification to human trafficking, from prostitution going by read your emails with possiblitiies of gtelling your employers if they fthink you are economically conducive and trade otrgans tolerant.

Less rain because of threes trees cutting.

Climate refugees

To retain agricultural, rural population

Food security, what if food become too expensive for poorer countries.

C: Or too expensive to protect socially.

Water supply blood life at low time all time low

Com climate g change global, bl global condition ar grucultural similarity saem crops same food limited c: to one species on e survival as much restraints and constraint that the human killing of other species animals the same to species vegetal.

Community channel

People recruited in order not to put into question corruption schemes.

i don’t go with men jenny, they are my best friend.

Like the women whose strength perhaps are more in the grounding. Their strength more down to earth, in relation with their lower gravity and their more initimate knowledge to the inner body, and spotting, sensing and attain (others’) vitality.

Vital. Ti vite=quick. Vie = life + tool


A subject, free waves of human brain, that will look all around and to come back to the assignment will train, to focuse, e before and while transcendent.


Unwillingness to deliver people from mafia or different sources and style of abuses, ore th where the resources is the abuse itself.

To be hable to employ a maid in paying them inhumane = not a proper autonomy.

Ehance prostitution, etc.

Because of the ruels rules that brought people into organizations, their having been trained, or the organizations themselves being able to enter other institutions or moral, e legal, social conducts as democracy as they are did not work on protecting every people from being exploited and in view of one attempting to halve the work and well being, the original function on earth of some other one.,

take a hot drink and something sweety maybe. hope you are better. make sure you body is covered and warm. perhaps some honey and lemon in a herbal

purple, people, pepe owl,



peu = a few, little

who’s is not a slave I mean or they are too nice or then too naïve.

The fact that diploma don’t go further than 9 years of recognition without criss cross evaluation through years, institutions, intersectional professions, networks, ground of action, business, civil society, states, demonstrates of the empoverishment and of the stunt development of human intellectual effort and virtuoisity.


look you see unbelievasel

val ab vable.


I have a date with a model, but I don’t think it can last long, she is too much socializing.

history and philosophy

doco tors shift lasting more than 12 hours to cover errors and erractics behavior,

as well as the time necessary to smell the condition of the dead part and dying person.

Esoteric, erotic.

“Someone to say to you what is bad or good.

When there is no one to tell you what, what happens?”

The informer film


necessary as inevitable sorry for the dogm dog.

The world led by these nationalists.

But why are they?

Too weka, weak, too much being big puss

Not venerable enough to make something complex, and honest.

Who ca believe in seriously survive, enven survive only with these imbecility.

Western hegomeony, other hegemony, myslims, cahto what else.

The face of the shah, of the scalp, cult.

The aremy of pussies, the devil laught at ya.

Ash ish.

The result of unresolved bad backside.



Lliw. Leave, live,

Wi ve.

Why have.

To be a said to be the wrtings of the devil by people that cannot hold a pen.

One by innocence, they other subject of intolerance and the rest too happy to have the outcomes of such disturbance. The importance fo the lazy, nazy.

Culture is the hardest to win wh y some say it is instilled.

Mean b y that clogged in history, the infamy of slavery. Like Mohamed taught everybody??

I don’t know the mullhas will told us about the god theories.

Like if little human beings could hold on on a pin to avoid the box of Pandora to avenge their secret.

Secrete, sacral, secrretal. A sanctural,

The secretation of the border of the eyes each morning, the results of them slut being humidified. The stone around like a pit, a tiny sand.

Like a stone, the grave of your backyard. The memories of a time where mineral knows life, and cry over its misery.

Prostitution cannot be rights, because for the I simple reason that sex itself is vital.

High, tall, for th e body to experience an exchang e of wr warmth , preferably regular. And this is for love, for the sense of life, and relationship, for the exchang of more than heat but the knowledge of ones’ body in its future ex change, transformation meth meta morphosis.

It needs to be a choice unrelated with coercion, even coercion by money.

Also I don’t want it to appear in anyone s future work description, nor a result of the state foundation, through mafia, the rape, extortion and taxes.

There is enough filfth like that the objectives to go over the lies nad not by instoringm ore vexation and insanities sanitaries.

When the mind of the writer let itself go at the uncousnious strak streak, when pretty much every thing migh t spring to the mind. Not to write or to write pertains to history and awareness of societies.

On ancient texts, and the ones that were sacred to reveal the psyche, but not al l as it is the k.

To hear bvo voices or automatic writing where the artist go on with the mistakes or the gap of the thought it permitted. Permeable.

Like sacred text had not been written a a sacred language u but had been the vector of sanctorise a language already in fashion.

Scent, centuries.

Homosexuality banned as a way of limiting incest and pedophilia when mixed up with sex separation.

The could have turned badly in other conditions, imagineable by the difference socio culturel and think oneself brought up out of a different shell.

Deprived of these experiences ex esperances in our lifes that we know for having about all mid modified. Challenge and turn into the se same pattern of better expectation and assurance.

Sometimes writing what has no sense for me just writing it with the linguistics of a gou group I su studies.d

A man

An al.

An all

To believe in the devil, as what appear and is imposed as being good or not is fake.

Destruction worship and lack of sex.

In the sense of hope for another sensiblility.

Like in uni, v where the students the less comt willing to hear anything from other students, are comtemptuous and dev bile when debating with other, will be the one the more eager asking feedbacks from teachers. N o more creepy that than, one dies, hare d. hard.




Vein. Arable.







To say it is the fault of the white or the black…in western countries.

In western countries everyone is white.

The ones that say they don’t like the color of th e sking want only the territories they help looting and the territories the ancestors protected, or failed to be protected.

Covering taboo, limiting the conversation to false problem, color of skin, sexual orientation, in order to say, I accept your ethnicities now all what humans do is accepted as such or else it is your ethnicitie s or you spouse I would attack, be happy.

Racism, homophobia, telling thast someone is culprit to ve of somewhere of or to love, loathing that is natural in order to be covering what kills, polluting and everybody at that smilling or contrition.




Sau squalid.

The fear of racism pipes the dies.

As peple categorizing themselfes of being of a particulatr ethnices and thinking of themselves being only that, will expect an d impose the others to react differently to them from others.

= a white say of other white and know of other that their personality for example has become a way, that is taken as dryer, they will be able to express the range of sentiments, feeling, experiments, reactions, consequences to another one that won’t discuss the color of ones’ k sin skin with them. To another ethnies the reactions will shift in order to say ia cknowldege you si skin color, since racism take precedence over all discussion. and therefore won’t disclose the complexity of any human, societal, psychological relation

Racism and the struggle of unspeakable condition. Human ta thatching thaw.



Theo others

Er – o

Her – ho



Through the heart.

Dock duck.


D earth.

D heath.





Reli ance.           Reli         gee       on

Is the liberator e death in the form of saving life regardless.


A    vert.


Prevent which condemnation sin sign in for a devil, as difficultiesm threat of  cast out maintain undue attention.

Wester want a job? E western has to plea for deforestation and other people condamantion of natural condition.

Human overwhelm by nature, too little too weak instead of looking after, say e they are ist its god, in the sense of destruction. Culture said to be man made when any idea from mind contention.





The pussies romance : to loiter in the country side and once the firplace behind, to do turkey the one the birds that were singin for the human race to hear the song of the skies and seignor sceneries.

To ve hear be hea herd.

it s good to her hear this ‘her wife’. byond liaison.






Ehy, cat-ho.

As dead as a mutton




flow, flaw, flown.






Writing is enlist ing. And the product of having done ki it.

when you cover your hair especially if you are indoors you skull is sweating and this will trigger hair loss.


Cat holic





Flow, of noah. = today floe

None a. a = have,

No have.



To be out of league.

Is to listen lesson from everyone. And take into account the most of the mai ximal.

To be killed and reborn from the s ashes is to know how and why one has been killed, by being weak or wrong or the fight will solve this something. So meth, met hing.

Hung hinge,

The academics working on top for organizations, for governments, or to represent an issue in front of the ‘important’.


Meeking thei r lectures. Telling abovce all what will be bourgeois target complying, hiding the complex trade of the whores, as their jobs are the resultin. G.


Side, the xtrem of biased violence espousing.


rim, mir.


Caughinh, coffin.


University and k dictat. Didact belonging now to the most littering rushin rubbish, the tradist. Rub it in.




White. Hit.

W    hit         e.


Lack of B?




The third eyes is the one one sees seize when bothe of them focuse on one.

Tick, kit. Quit. Quite.

Self fesse.

Violence and sex, that are hel althy in a relationship as acess of lovce not easy, when violence is controlled through love and consideration upotn considerable.



Suf sf sulphuric.




Gene der. Last feature that grows, sex.

The secret of the groin, the sex as innuendo. The nerves all around, that peirce the secret of the loan do rmitory.

Oo door meet.

Gender. Gendarme.

The rensaissance and powder, masquing the color of the skin permitting mix between religion and region of the gentry.

what is XD?


whores do worry

Tear. Tea?

Tear and the consequence on this on and upon the h-eart.  Vie eart-h.

He-art. Ear. Th.

Rick, ric-key

Ric-h, ric-hedge

Cir, sir?

Cire, wax in french, like polishing or wook wood nourishing.

The world like an ye eyes (humide) of th e cosmos.

Som cos.



Ac Costume.

The eyes like the sea, see’

Hiss. Ees, ess.

The tongue bottom that one can see when return, has to veins to the canine or nostrils linkable.

Scent, ascent.


Res scent.

To flog,                 golf.

I spend my first years in London prasing the green area. Conclusion London used to be parks, but wood s are in extinction. Relative to the species. Space




Bleed, lead.

I don’t write on the sudoky or else where my believes or none that I am explaining or absolutizing but the phio phiso s physiology or philosophy of linguistics. Fragment, ossature, infra-structure.

If not deemed intelligent to be equal, let’s be mean enough.

Enough, haine off.

Haine = hatred in french

This lurid bullshit. Piece. The individual as a part.

Re: look at this piece of bllshit        certainly of the more gigglyl.

Laugh on prostitution. Laughing about slavery as a group thing, is leftist. Why the left is for the retard or pervert. What in their mouth ‘good, no god good lord, godboggobless mean, goodsssss. The product of their machinery.

this one a little more dign

dig ne.

dig no?




Mi-key meek.


Si dis cushion.



‘to wait for a dead man’s shoes’

Everything that is not virtual and elet ctronic, recorder d , and robot by investigated, pertains to the older world, new building including, the future is somewhere wer where        every thing that one’s move, oneself included, and deductible, will be datas based. Base. Abasing.

A bs bas. Bas = low.

Av absolve.


what is XD?


whore do worry




Pro feat.


Prof it.


Real ity.


The produce of generosity in ths sense of

Sense. Ses, ccease,

Racism is bound to exist as far as not mixing.

As the cate you ver nerate because you loo k after and they look after you. And well the mind, you, will err each time you see one with these pattern of cultures or colors.

The girl friend venerated, as the monotheist take themselves to be god.

Vo iolence and image pierce.

Like wanting to bread break a wall of superficiality or of surface hiddening experimented



Vie ole

Hide den.


Head, hyd.

Nakedness, or bottom.

In the bottom of the heart or nor of its rim. Mri.


1% of one’s work keepable.



phi, Φααα    πππππ pi               I,       hi.

Ba daf bearer of death, forlorn.

The ones that brings, broughter of ma ean.

We are morbid.

Mor bid.


Console collatoi ion

Colla teral                colle            terrestrial          ter      res       tri                 try

Collate eat ate hit hate


Colla              s;               allco       alcol

Hit    hist. heast yeast.#

Thi thee.

The h in it.             Hit

Hoping one’s parents to stop having money, in order to see the favorite sibling bling, lig#  desert this time bona fide and recover the parent that were suffering from enduring the result slut insult luth lute luttte  tul if of abuses and manio oopulation

Manipulation, population, pulullation

Vicar          rack    iv, eve.


Carve evra eva#

Adolph dolphin

The church of all colors.

Cur ur. R cumin curare.

Come on in, cum in

Meek skeem shceme.


The aim            meth. Odology


Thime            mith.


Genesis.         Gene isis. Is  sister             cyst    genes         is             esis.

Piy pity is love diverted.

Florence for me cos of maman

Investment poverty. Overt


To be a genius or try and respond to one.

On human interaction.


Human spirit

Spyre, spiral,

s-pire     pire = worse in french.

Possibility of rising or baddening later.

I wanted to asy that my writing and my behavior are immodest sometimes. And at times because of mme following an ‘order’ of the s psyche that I interpret differently. The reason of going on with the interpretation is the consequence of events that prove the trial to be right. Example instinct forces ys, asking you to go somewhere, to do something, to doin a such way, and fromw vat, you see an olf d friend by by umping into them, your reaction provoque another that you never would have gyessed, gypsy…the nysticism in some way, need to be called and prove itself in that way, predictions and commands, infliction, bad consequences or the nature of an act that one could not see as bad before. Genuflexion, gene, genius, gene = hamper. La gene.

To find one’s oul.

U autistimc

Notice tick


Opt imistic.

The definition of a thing, chose, should be a fight constantly, consistently.

Constitution of the mind and esprit.

Espion, spy.

To be asked if you are the devil, or bad, or good, or the nature of the spyche.

And answer yes as the voice was inviting, as one needs to in another rest (sex) s-ex exess,

Obey. That keeps t at bay.

O BED ience.




In terest.


In a couple no need to be obeyed.

A catastrophe of love whece need din.


The pli polic politics ply ploy of the fraudl ulent.

The inexact, univestigated, vague, repetitive, unpragmatics, dogmatic, unconsiderate, unworkde, tasks, unasked for, imposed, without assess…assets tess.

There is no power as one counts to other subjectivities to hold on to it.

Corruption, and power ad as a deviance.

Prosititution against equality.

The day one is feeling equal to the service will try to spouse.

Or to find a spouse as a whole instead of sex investment , time and all. End al.


Dead. #


Per people.

Per =  pour = for, or through.


Kd ki

dikey offer for you to findit. Fine it. Finit.

$   oh no excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me. £    no again gain it is that €, no that whore that I not wan t but have to say. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&77

On the top of a tree the branches go line k lind lki like a snake, snak   an sssssssssss, s as a dragon.

Just bwelow the dragon at the top a rhino whose heas and body was a WWWW whose side were shorter or wider apart to differentiate the horn.

Horn rhino no. hair.

More or less, morales.

i don’t think that no one is allowed to say that heterosexual marriage is worn. wrong, and nor homos one.

homos have been – meanly when someone feels love and attraction, affection, whatever feeling brought them up to partener ship with another someone, kept in situation of civil and religious slavery, or more civil slavery through religo ego religion commands and s s usurpation of the an name of god for centuries. and there is days where it has to be gone.

Godless in lack.

thank you so much. have good day and luc k
luc = light.

believe in the same, equality so what does one do to redeem it.?

out sided. Box


Averate. Slur.

To th etheologist that let religoion preach dirty. You are not thoelogist, you are cunty.

Or one would abstain from raising religious filthiness caos sects are killing each other in ‘poorer countries’?

Even me that I write I don’t believe in a so altruistic part on that.


Why other sects leave some other sects openly teach pedophilia and gay bahsing in the same lesson?

Cos they d aspire to that.

See cathy.


Pandora.              The door to all. That haven’t pray before that.

p—————————————————ray. Like preys.

Her or…error.



Definition: pander

Part of Speech Definition
Verb 1. Yield (to); give satisfaction to.[Wordnet]
2. Arrange for sexual partners for others.[Wordnet]
3. To play the pander for.[Websters]
4. To act the part of a pander.[Websters]
5. Base verb from the following inflections: pandering, pandered, panders, panderer, panderers, panderingly and peredly.[Eve – graph theoretic]
Noun 1. Someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce).[Wordnet]
2. A male bawd; a pimp; a procurer.[Websters]
3. Hence, one who ministers to the evil designs and passions of another.[Websters].
Sources: compiled from various sources, (under license) copyright 2008. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, WordNet 3.0 Copyright © 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved. Top
“Pander” is a common misspelling or typo for: panders.


Kept, p        erfect

Fect. Affroisti sity.


Could be Pandora the act of keeping locked in for release the inner and dvivided sisorder and distortuion of effect. Feect, fact, factise,

So bad, the privatization of social activities that people will be deter put off deterrer coming to ……….i don’t know “Alzheimer’s society” pricey.

Pricey, princey.

Definition: eve

Part of Speech Definition
Noun 1. (Old Testament) Adam’s wife in Judeo-Christian mythology: the first woman and mother of the human race; God created Eve from Adam’s rib and placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.[Wordnet]
2. The day before; “he always arrives on the eve of her departure”.[Wordnet]
3. The period immediately before something; “on the eve of the French Revolution”.[Wordnet]
4. The latter part of the day (the period of decreasing daylight from late afternoon until nightfall); “he enjoyed the evening light across the lake”.[Wordnet]
5. Evening.[Websters]
6. The evening before a holiday, — from the Jewish mode of reckoning the day as beginning at sunset. not at midnight; as, Christians eve is the evening before Christmas; also, the period immediately preceding some important event.[Websters].
Sources: WordNet 3.0 Copyright © 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) Top
“Eve” is a common misspelling or typo for: even, ever, Seve, vee, eves, neve, eave, reve, deve, yeve, RVR, meve, evet, DVD, Leve.
Date “Eve” was first used in popular English literature: sometime before 1010. (references)
Note: Eve \Eve\, noun. [See Even, noun.]. (references)

Specialty Definition: eve

Domain Definition
Computing EVE Extensible VAX Editor Source: The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing.
Noah Webster [Noun] The consort of Adam, and mother of the human race; so called by Adam, because she was the mother of all living. In this case,the word would properly belong to the Hebrew. But the Hebrew name is havah or chavah, coinciding with the verb, to shew, to discover, and Parkhurst hence denominates Eve, the manifester. In the Septuagint, Eve, in Gen.3.20, is rendered life; but in Gen.4.1, it is rendered Euan or Evan. The reason of this variation is not obvious, as the Hebrew is the same in both passages. In Russ. Eve is Evva. In the Chickasaw language of America, a wife is called awah, says Adair.. Source: Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary.
Bible 1: (life), the name given in Scripture to the first woman. The account of Eve�s creation is found at (Genesis 2:21,22) Perhaps that which we are chiefly intended to learn from the narrative is the foundation upon which the union between man and wife is built, viz., identity of nature and oneness of origin. Through the subtlety of the serpent Eve was beguiled into a violation of the one commandment which had been imposed upon her and Adam. The Scripture account of Eve closes with the birth of Seth. (references)
2: Eve life; living, the name given by Adam to his wife (Gen. 3:20; 4:1). The account of her creation is given in Gen. 2:21, 22. The Creator, by declaring that it was not good for man to be alone, and by creating for him a suitable companion, gave sanction to monogamy. The commentator Matthew Henry says: “This companion was taken from his side to signify that she was to be dear unto him as his own flesh. Not from his head, lest she should rule over him; nor from his feet, lest he should tyrannize over her; but from his side, to denote that species of equality which is to subsist in the marriage state.” And again, “That wife that is of God’s making by special grace, and of God’s bringing by special providence, is likely to prove a helpmeet to her husband.” Through the subtle temptation of the serpent she violated the commandment of God by taking of the forbidden fruit, which she gave also unto her husband (1 Tim. 2:13-15; 2 Cor. 11:3). When she gave birth to her first son, she said, “I have gotten a man from the Lord” (R. V., “I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord,” Gen. 4:1). Thus she welcomed Cain, as some think, as if he had been the Promised One the “Seed of the woman.” Source: Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary.
Biographical Satire EVE, see Mrs. Adam. Source: Who was Who: 5000BC – 1914.
Dream Interpretation 1: For a young woman to dream that she impersonates Eve, warns her to be careful. She may be wiser than her ancient relative, but the Evil One still has powerful agents in the disguise of a handsome man. Keep your eye on innocent Eve, young man. That apple tree still bears fruit, and you may be persuaded, unwittingly, to share the wealth of its products.
2: To dream of this ancient character, denotes your hesitancy to accept this ancient story as authentic, and you may encounter opposition in business and social circles because of this doubt. Source: Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted ….

in 2 fuck the cureton.

I think that this allegory made for male are in fact warning against insest, incest, sect.

The couple is forbidden to reproduce or in fact o to fornicate in the all bible.

Not a n interdiction of sex but interdiction to have children that one cannot bear through live as a genuine and concerned and fair parend ts. Not feardom.

Par rend. Rent. Rend erring. Ring. Nir, nier. Genisse.

God children, chill rd rain.


Child      shield.

this is meat. lurid and dead flessh, fresh assassine.

Ass, as(s), in.

That never it has be concluded in this lecture that prostitution is work. As yet still university is tax payers paid and is to defend activities that beneficiate society and not the ones that condition people to sold s-od s-old their soul and defend what they know as violation and penetration perpetration raped organized and console by money – hell direction.

That there is the consept of ‘familly honor’ = whatever parents, siblings, cousins, or in fact whoever pertain to the communities and of whom one can know what happen to them, to avoid to jugde while believing faked accuse ation. Of fake sentiment or feeling conducing to akward justice or reality rendering.

= if you touch the person I love = I love in the sense of human. I even of course the person I don’t love, but since we act in our live through our live of affect and proscription.

I ll let you think otherwise or at least acto other wise to prostitution legislatinf. Touch them and the honor. Will hon or…hor or.

For those interested by question of discrimination on ot of the groups that are visibly the more decimeated by and through prostitution I sthe migrant.

Order. D

Red, raid          or       dro draw.

Desert. Sect


S dissension sense ness.

Nset nest.

Silent,             tnelis.


Nail          hell


Discuss disrupt          rut.

Crust, cusp     cust.

Kill   lick

Cull. Lluc.          The concept of culling, like in Christ ian  tradiction    I am  I an         I a m on I am on one.

Jay die.                     Jay of water and of light.

Space,           ace pace.                 Espece  -= -species.


Rednow.           Renove.



Ful          luf.            Laugh           lif.

Won  her.


Last as perpetual or as final         lan if.           Lane whether

Herod, error, her rod. Harrods. Harry, stick potter    retro top to protect no less mummy than the princes playing to go to war, and then polo. Elop.

Fcuk       uk connection           sUcK  suc.

Pen elop.

This one for t unvisr versity, diversity.


El ra         el cari m.

Hell carry rim.


Car oll in.

Myhrr cale. Cull        mira


Cunt,        nuc       eunuc,


Trump. Rump.

Warrior.           Roi         raw              rio  oir     rioT        roar.



Row like grove and rutland.


Host y.

T so,       saut.


Roughe = red.



Ge = je  = i

Ge – jeux = game, play

J eux.

A pal.







Mond.     Could say mon = mine          and D =day.

Are women more likely to cry as the e retention of water is on e of their particularity remarkable.

Able le bela.

To w own a man or a woman in the sense that what you get as spouse is not the one you are supposed to see or oversee to be killed. The kilning.

Own, won

In front of an event as much historic that Scotland seeking independence instead of seeing the prime ministers do everything to meet the reeal demands and legitimate concerns of the region, nothing is done, as it is no one tatters an ounce more chear clear that the politicians would never start doing their job properly and protect environment and population instead of making money exploiting everty thing, litter ex cuse me.

The need for independence is in fact a need for making juridistion smaller as it is easier to reach, assess or control a disfuntioning boss in a region than in a country, or in fact maybe.

Or the control one can have other a person wielding democracy or anti democracy is as dangerous as tnt.

So how do t we proceed?       Hoooooooooooo nesty.

To concentrate very hard not to manage doing something, lace one’s shoes, but to do it with pleasure.

;plea assure.

Plea        few pleas   sael          sale            sahel.   Saha = merci in arabic

;pleas   eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

If they don’t take me’ .; ill take them.



Animal eater, fake humane, gene on demeure.

face on faeces

blood, fatty, and sugary. ?


mthaphorically, the concept of honor is very important, as it takes any thing to kill every parameters  contributing to prostitution for examples.

The pimop, pinop, the society that permits, incentives, the production of inequal exchange,

Sex we know is intraseque to people couple, marriage, and will affect demands upon the way everyone is doing a job (= making money to have a wife?, making money to have protection, (including the harem and the one turning around) the ls laverisation of the body (organs, fertility,

Sexual excitation on the willing of making the other come, the exchange of bodies…….a realative appurtenance and consonance, excitation coming from

‘production and reproduction’

‘usual’ sensual


ok so you try to introduce your friend, or you define yourself by ther her.

if u r extremely fit you should go with a photo. you do arts? and politics? you r butch perhaps

‘identity strag tegies’, ‘communication accomodation’, ‘language ideoli ogicla ideological process’, ‘spelling reform’ and ethymology, ‘production and reproduction’, ‘diglossia’, ‘linguistics resources for socialiszing humanity’, ‘code-switching’, ‘language right’, sociolinguistics of blobalizaiotn’, ‘interaction of language and social life’, ‘peotics and performance as critical perspectives’, ‘humour, power and gender in the workplace’, ‘social functions of small talk and gossip.

Sociolinguistics, coupland, n and jaworski, a.

To talk in order to postpone catastrophe or limited it, or refine good and providenctial wind fall,

We ar a group of writers, repr od rep orting aborting aort fact and ideas. Free from juma ping from head to ear and back again. And modify it.


Bbc 2 13 march horizon: out of control

Revolution internet is nothing when one will detect what in the brain is happening, a little bit mrore , and on this brain of others species.

Imagine prostitution full time impact on the body and mind.

When society is free = god job good juob job that every one can thrive on it, well couples forms without having to exult violence to ask money for sex, or to see sex as an office financial activity, a business, an industry, a factory. Fact on tory.

Sex is intraswqually with body liberty and not constraint. With family and couple and not professional. With exploration and not banality. With novely, a result of a  relationship, an acto of entirety, the way one give one’s body like one’s mind.

Compare work with just having to be a fucking cunt.

On the basis that state cannot recevi tax coming from sexual, intimate activity, pertaining to the sexual sphere, as prostitution is distrurbing healthy sexual relationship as a ‘social activity for couples, the foundation of the wellfar mentally and physically of all individual.

Now I am not going in your garden to see if you are paid a cake to get laid, but the possibility of doing so to cje ceheck I fyou work the minimum to ensure what other’s work product bring you, and how you repaid.

Fact the hear t of the business, prostitution as residue of poverty or trauma or cuasin it.

Ps: as a sex consumer, if you take my potential girlfriend cos there is no job or just because you own more than me as a n effect of accumulation of po property, violation and abuse and priority, that you steal me then from having a relationship based on honesty and equal exchange, then carfeful to my ensure and future ………let’s anxiety, agnoshing.

Ngnose agonishign.


My grant.

Genital mutilation in ore der not to feel, for the rape to go on without sexual appetite or the high energy associated with ‘coming’ des not go on the awy, say way.

To perform sex as no sex.

And in order not to be the aim anylonger of the action = make one’s partner come. And association with criteria of desirability = assess one’s partner and one’s will to have relationship.



Arach, eid.

Arrach = pull ou t in french

di·glos·si·a  (d-glôs-, -gls-)


The use of two markedly different varieties of a language in different social situations, such as a formal variety at work and an informal variety at home.


Humanity, humility. Huminity. Tini hum. meuhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Many many many a manu Military.

Doc of manu.

i d like to buy my domain th eproblem is that i am known as inthenameofhumanrights.wordpress.

would my readership find me if they type my old adress?




Ceop. Cup


Et ton.


Daed, dad

Deda le


Ad ed.

In a lot fo of cases a leader deemed to be a tyran, a monster… would be the one killing their subjects, when the ones killing abroad seen as a conquerant, a hero.

Or would the land eh want to conquiert would have c vbecome these potential subject, pi potentce

The realm of god.

‘don’t be pedo, just be a muslo im’

Have one’s own children, for protection, physical and financial, the way also where efforts and good can be gagthered, may make earlier and numerous act of reproduction as ‘for the spot education’ question of survival.

Also to decide to marry younger people with older people seen as a ncessesity to have within the couple someone mature to guide the household = children, and family decision and attitude within the community.

When comes the explanation, forget about justification, as in a honorable society reproduction, and children, wife, spouse, whatever abuses, should not be justified. But their conditions modified.

The design of camouflage on the fatu igues are of phantomatical shpain shaping.

Pr porno is coerced as selling sex is coerced by money and its game of torture and discrimination trauma induced slavery connected.

Prostitution should not be tolerated in a way that it supposed that people might have their body to intrasequally be lo solding, one’s body as organs, as link with reproduction, link with intimisation. And would spread the how one as to indulge and yield in an automatic, deprived of soul, sexual activity.

I mean why have sex in that case only because you know how to wank and would lke to be additionaly prompted ou of desire comind from something inner. Automatisation of sex would say that anyone is logically in right and position to ask sexual favor for accommodation. = recruiting people out of sexual attraction instead of thei r pre professional performances outerly unliked with their intimity, that should stay intimate by the way, as a way of constructing one’s particularity and one’self in safety. The start for finitude. When the sepecise as for aim sex as a general activity, all the more outside the private sphere, then is the last of the extinguished.

As species are nothing without its outing, and every other bien g vig being.

In outer disbelief.



yes, vegetarism should be obligatory while the industry develop a vegan diet completely satisfactory.

I did work with men,,,not that it rendered me manly 😉

Victims of human trafficking won’t complain being ill trated by fear of beins send back to retaliation or by fear of the law of western countries, not knowing the laws they would think that they ar at the image of the countries they are from, or at the image of the western reaction in international context i.e, exploit people for 1 © smf  and € or £ a day.

Such a rule applied to any abuses, to ba be so stunned that this might happen, that this do happen, to try and alone heal the blow infliceted, and of course not knowing that laws instead of being prevailin gthmesevles, if one don’t know about them existin to protect people, then if you complain lest’ say 3 months after, in some case your complaints won’t be taken.

History talked about the females under the signpost of men, as human were regfareded as being animal, herad herd, as their action was considered as a whole, fthe furti of not the person but the r transicence and transhumance. Mean mea men meaning the head, the force, includdind men and woman.

Like one would describe a herd of ddeer, in saying deer instead of deer and does.

Change in communities and the dread of changing priorityies. Maybe not as a whole but compared to danger ,illness, and invasion.l

When rights man mean over consupmption, unshared pratcitise, unreciprocal attitude, unsustainable looting (that is a redundance), over consumption, lacf of production in the sense of dirlling what is store in nature or people without stratedgies aiming at leaving nature in her state and replacing what once taken.

On the contra try. Contract.

Thinking that the dog we had in ones childhough have died through hear t attack and discovering he had been pout down as one’s parent moved to a flat, and cry like one’s cry one’s mummy.


Ymmum. Immune.

While taking serious issues, and performing them, alongside deeming humour a redemption or relativisation, should be treated as a luxure… i.e what is humour, what is creative speech aiming at tackling. Whatever the tackling is the object, the ture reasons for inspirations, art, sciences, realigion.

Obsolete.  Hobbes sole ette.

Soi sb obi.


Comme dirait mami tiens mon pettis cheri ca cest pour ton enf lotte, efnlets. anglais. .

Wahtever big one is, they need to open their legse for their body to go on oned aday, to go on? Just fro survivient ng as stretching si a uncountournable way.

To be asked if one is not racism, a tool to aubuse, as who is so dumb to be reacist, but who is nto the victims and perpetrators of revolting discrimination?

To speak about racism and other discrimination, at the very time where we should not talk but ve be brother(and sisters, not oblitat ring the u cunts no)

How the spin is holding, the vacillation that will permit her to turn around her weight and center of levitation and gravity. In between lying, standing as in fact being propulsed by an upwards way, or tilting in case the toss had been upaside down capsizeing her shpape content and density. Authority.

In favor of the defendant, he was a first class student, not wanting o rnot expecting to want so little cash as money and advice for essays are provided by the ap parent.

To take a snapshot of someone smilling and go in detail, magnified, the tension of an mouth that is opening or the light in the eyes evaporation.

‘These might contain adult humour that some people might fin offensive’

South park.

These, ease.

As patriarchalism and matriarachalism, one another usually protecting each other, are a trail of puftas and butcherine, they forbid homosxexulaity as it would be to obvious the way they think

And at it would be too obsvious the way one’ would heal.

And contravene constraint of love and identity.

The charms of being interviewed is tha to you are by sodo stars of the media, that know nothing about the subjects, that is the other one can answer whatever no investigation in depth can happen, as trick is easy as and expert in sider trade, only that here the innocent agrees to be the innocent and it is the political game played to presnt dom someone seemingly educated in every single thing but the matter of each of their interviewes, program subject compare to their guests.

Men are all poufats that con’t have the couratge to say it on top otf it.

As for the females, well tfind sowmeon fin with something else thatn a cunt f to express it.

And these guyes passing nonchalantly saying to you like the sultan that you and your girlfriend should not be, forget that one can finish like not a sultan and find other king, mutan, but a mutton. Not allahm but allhal.

The fire from ones destruction the one that one will burn in it, and the ashes on this one not the one needed decimation.

On sexual appreciation, as marriage are a sad, enforced, deprived of freedom, the lecture about sexual activity is that one won’t rim you , not love enough for looking after you r body like one spouse has to look after one’s soul.

Studp id tepid. Looking at people with old clothres or not change every  moring like if they were old sod, as the only think people respect is the money.

And to whom worship work, I tell them that if they find that work is enough then soon work will be how to stay undead.

The concept of work used through generation was not only to do with paid and getting thing done, but the works, profre gress and whence huaman and rest safety, as much as survavil by evolution.

Paid work as a waste is the one threatening evolution as they are the statu quo in what people need, ie.e find the spiritual way with dealing t with the sense of existence. Cial, ciel, see all = sky.

Coal, stone, cold. Clos. Cloud.

The argument of working all the time sufficient to pretense to tenfold salaries, overall arbritary, embrasee, embrasse of abuse of power…

When this working all the time signify to network with othr whores, where the ddestination of efforts is to know who sleep with whom and how other works will be used to peroanl accumulation of wealth at the detriment of other ‘s’ well being, animal environmental and beyond included.


Yes religious.

You are for female genital mutilation?

Well logically enough, I chop ya.

And on a male won’t have the same effects, on the weakest.

yes, yes, it is what i think. no choice. it is not about having a choice on the food you eat, it is that you have no rights killing animals. i am with you. sorry for my writing it is not every time clear

where are you from?

ok i guess, could be tchequie?

week end all work, i replace my colleague.

i work with someone with alzheimer. i like this job. but we almost don’t work in healt and care we are the servant, for b people that are treated so that their ability diminish by the day. boring and sometimes insulting agree. are you up to brighton?

To say that marry a child is in fact worshipping a child, or marrying or making them as a specific a sap space within the society



ok good week end then. you r a runner mean marathon?

or advertisment?

ah ok tac.

is it gay also? it is a shame to be gay, cos you tent to belong to smaller organisation, i would like to meet vegan people more in fact.

Appropriate, appropriation.

Example of mail activity at work.

ok for in the woods in the morning or at sunset, but there i would be worried about not catching you up. catching with you more. lol

in fact i am rather priviledge because even today i am actually at work, and i already have to convince my boss to let me drag him to brighton.

next week would be awsome.

You are too good to them (rest of population). I would not give them that choice and make everyone to be vegans. Maybe if they eat less meat and dairy products they would have more positive thoughts and maybe stop thinking about killing each other.

ok for in the woods in the morning or at sunset, but there i would be worried about not catching you up. catching with you more. lol

in fact i am rather priviledge because even today i am actually at work, and i already have to convince my boss to let me drag him to brighton.

next week would be awsome.

I was about to answer you yesterday but messages are limited on my gaydar. I hope you had a good night sleep. Never be so good in poetry that is worth reading longer.

My evening free are Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. By all means if you got one interesting one to see just let me know 3 hours before, and go there. In London it is crucial to have the good opportunities in flats. Look forward seeing you.

In a world where e people are adk asked to behave discretly not by

Did I know what was love?

That if I reacted like that, not assuring an unwawing commitment while sh e was not returning my mials, o rmeasagees, or attentions…

Love was the stuff in which you believe I enough to have you rlife, your carer, you ropporutinity of a destiny changed. And her had the right to let me, waitn, for no snap, for just being rather nicely ok bu t all the same ignored.

‘god is our strenght’

‘rejoy in the lord’

To be straight = to be faithful or being honest and you come out, bi?

Seuxuality as a core concern as high sensation, replace by beyond transmission.

= felt attraction for aim to communicate psychically conscioiusly by producting beyond . = spiritual.

Means of reproduction and evolution, spiritual spirit communication.

The universal.

N univ, vin,

The vin of the chalice, the mes nsturation of a woman. Women really, the gold of baby born. And fuck any physical fake superiority.

Superitority = fake

Computer. Punter.

Complicated. Tack       ill  mock.



Dedicated. Cided, Seeded.


i deeply agree on animal welfare. problem is is like human rights story. you find out so many people with who you ll disagree about the real ethics. so many people that would do that just for fun, just to be paid, that write often rubbish or only little lithany, that they would not apply, or that they would apply while doing aside stuff top crappy. unless you find the people with whom you totally agree and is complementary in the sense that your work espouse it, and each other i find team work or organisation a counterproductive work as association, however presenting a danger, coping with issues and real violiatons, might distill and hide the truth and its emergency or spread  falsity.

but one sure is sure is that we need them.





Need, deen.

Thruth,                 rut,         tur,       na – tur.


Spree, heed.


Crap, parc.

St hics

Estate hics.

Et hics. Tic.




Emerge, den, d gently gency.

Falsity, laf de seat, laugh.

Rape is used as a shaming, in orde to shame women, as they are the target of it, as saying you are women you cannot escape it. When rapist is the society, when self defense should perim eter permit people to do whatever if someone is endangered their body integrity.

It is why the degree of shame is so strong because these crimes are let happen only because of an overall violation of the individual,  and individuals implicated. The ones that have been victims or by act or by threat, and the ones still running other people by theis grandiose threat very perilous to avod avoid, very hard if perpetrators are of cinn connivance between them and the bystanders or the perpetrators who discretly incentive such horridity in order to exploit pep people to the last degree.

The shame is the long lasting sentiment of being violented every day as no one will do as much as anything to attempt to prevent, to redeem the way higher and harder that the threat project itself , lurk in  every coren corner.

Ethics ethernal.

Agree, grace,


T- ry. To – ry.

S in french is the pronunciation of est ce? Is it?

Milton jones comic.

‘we little know about th eaaster, so I ask to come in, and they answer no’


Per map.

Se Pamer


Just sense of only, bare, e mean, average, norm.

Or in the sense ofjustice.

Of, oft. Tof  ettofe

Story. Yr, ost, or store and ots.

Host, hot.

Rost. Roast. Row haste.


So are, sore.

Sort. = go out in frace farce french

Farce = joke and filling (cooking obviously).


Ce sea. Sea ce. Cease.

Seas on.




The country has to belong to the state in order to avoid it to be the possession of private. De privation. Rive, rival, prim riv vet.


Alla, the (h)all of feminity.

Peek, keep.

now there it is i ll dream of this and be in joy. at uni no a single place where there is silence. and you come and make me a drawing of the perfect day. 😦

breathing and send the oxygen in the attende spot.

Con, noc.

Know d knock the floor.

Floor, o roolf. Rule, roll.


Cable capable.


War, ward, raw, draw.

same, mass. Ssam.


“ im a full irish breed have papers and all”

I am relax. This is one of my quality. Although I might be a stressed person sometimes. Thank to cooking, time for thinking, for exercising my body… and take the time to do what I enjoy and think I am good at. I suppose it is why I might say that I am cool, in that way. Yoga, deploy, pilates, sunbathing, grande all that.


I ll talk to you lavishly about it. When you have to analyse the acauses of such tortures and miseries, you need to heal in a way.

Cause, acuse. Accuse.

Acute, obtuse, opt us. Sue.

Just to say i look forward for having a bread (cake), break : our vegan meal peace.

Meal piece while people are killing, assassinating other souls, and destroy the very spirituality.

Irt I rital = Italian

it is cool for me how you communicate. usually people deem me to practise extrem writing and stop the discussion.

thank you for being vegan 🙂 and active.

sounds very good what you say. it is like a religious prayer.

you know some men are very brave and loving and humble and would defend an orphean. how many stories goes with women raping their sons, seeling their daughters…i want to discuss this with you. but me all women certainly not. we are equal they are as much as in the good like in the worse of worst and bad.

we need males, as we dare, we have to dare need all individuals. i like males as they display quality i can inspire to, even if it is tos look after my children or my lady, or a mate. we need diversity. maybe you react to males that would force  heterosexuality?

we need as complete as one might be. e.i with the balls anb breat breast. .

maybe enforce heterosexuality was a mean archaic as it is to stry marriage and faithful accoupling.

I the sense that love story and freedom could not suit everybody, culd not be lieved by everyone as world too dangerous, so the mean of stability was to forbid it to everybody.

The yes eues eyes reflecting the soul, as it is managing to live one’s emotion while going one to see or tran slucing, to think without even live in the sense that the time has stopped for you don’t see no more not of being l blind but of having transport one’s mind and spirit elsewhere, and to see in a flash what doors it opened- and terrain. Terre-rain.

Darkness of the soil and humidity, the pupil as the core of the entry of the ceaseless volcano vol-can.

Vol, flight lov.

Flee, filth, file, thief, stole.


ok in that case you ll tell me about this book. i ll go back home. jim keeps on wandering around at night. one month i sleep 5 hours the nights i look after him. i go straight to bed today. any how i am an early bird. well, when there is no one to enlight my evenings. i dream to be able to spend my evenings reading, computering, chatting also with someone. but this might prove extremely difficult to find…girls…!!!!!! well, one, i am everything but machista.

plenty of love.

rp pro state.





Ire rish. Higher ish.

Content, net noc (knock)

Ex-lain. Ex-lain.

Ex-lane and ex-pereience

Ex-plan, beforehand.

Anal, lane.

Hat, hate.

Sacred, case, rcas, craze. Are case,

Maybe it si dirty, maybe it is horrid, and how selfish, but once you are the real lard target of insignificance, you start ending to prioritiwse as a response the why and intellectualization of the reasons of dynamics of bullying by shits .postich.

Label. La belle. Le bal.


To rediscover love and explore has been an explosion literaly. Art prop. Pore. Le tra la la, l art la femme.




Mefiance = distrust, distance

Fiance. Finance.

Ec      niais  naif.

Heck, he see.  See he.

.  See he. Sea

See saw, sew-age.

Ega             l

Balls, llab. Lab.

Laboratoru, b labo lavoratoru.

Dick, cid, seed, kid.

The vampire like a snake, his rattle and canine. Hisssssssss.

Eri pmar pmar pmav.             Rat, tar. Latter. Letter.

Henm hene,

Hen neh.

It is not ppeering at people but at their organs, vital, such as the brain. Brina.

Ppeer, pree, pr pere. To commute energy. Death is in whith when fini ished. Ush.

My series of writng can not be studied cho ronologically, as ag ftermath corrections are not recorderd.

People who romantise vampirism and vampiristic shceme s and scheme shism is the ones that tried to be without reussite. Succed. Succeed, succeed. Suceder. Yeils yell yied.  By fear of weakness? No by lack of degree pedigree? Agro. Gromel gromeler, grogner.


Bu lack of conviction.

Conviction, prison.

I was getting ready. Still in bed, what do you mean? And as soon as I got what you meant an irrepressible feeling for more of lying, down the dive duvet.

So you were at work and you got a bread, a break, I am addict to hydro, carbo, at 8 30 or there is the time when there is fewer colleagues in the tumbling vicinity.

Am at uni.

What were you doing on your computer last night? J

You were right, it is today the first day of spring, just after thinking that I cannot be wrong, I remember that I already swore it is on the 21st to be taught that it is on the 20th also.

It s also because I am superstitious I like doing best stuff or in fact let the destiny call me on what wll have to stay and be marked in my memories as special and specific day. Lol.

On Justificative piece.

last week i replace my colleague for a wedding. this week i asked her just now to replace me, caus my essay is making me suffering. i hand it over next tuesday. consequence i don’t work on saturday. i d like to do a little thingy = i don’t know what, as my saturdays are usually work day.

last week i replaced my colleague for a wedding. this week i asked her just now to replace me, caus my essay is making me suffering. i hand it over next tuesday. consequence i don’t work on saturday. i d like to do a little thingy = i don’t know what, as my saturdays are usually work day.

fees of uni, institutuion intellectual prostitution as knowledge is based of progress and real progress a shared in the sense of undetrimental and free from discrimination.

He see.


Icy, like if the world we see should in our head by the representation of the av bsolute of what we know be the end of what we are, what we know, and iss in fact the dead end of our imagination, pouvoir, and spirit energy.

Pwer, meant CAN, to be al ble to.

so funny. what it is kind of the tantric one, join psychiquely?

am not organised, my sophistication is limited.

don’t worry if you are a bit late, i wont mind.

can assist with the diner, some yoga, and reading.

you get two names, i love eve and its compound. i thought your name was tannia. ode like poetry.

Eve meaning and name origin

Eve \e-ve\ as a girl’s name is of Latin and Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Eve is “life, animal“. Derived from Latin Eva, from Hebrew Havva. Biblical: name of the first woman, created from one of Adam’s ribs. Aoife is the Gaelic form. Actress Eve Arden; pop musician Eve.

Eve has 19 variant forms: Aoife, Eba, Ebba, Eva, Evaleen, Evelina, Eveline, Evelyn, Evetta, Evette, Evey, Evey, Evie, Evita, Evlyn, Evonne, Evvie, Evvy and Evy.

For more information, see also related names Chava, Hava, Yeva and Evangeline.

Baby names that sound like Eve are Ave, Ava, Evia, Evah, Eeva, Iva, Ivy, Ivie, Ivey and Ivee.

View a list of the 12 names that reference Eve.

the ribs, like in a cage.

head, he had.

Aches acid.

i understand,  ( . . . ) i recall, that you might well wear black tomorrow. i am entering a meditational state at present. re-entering.

Enter, etern,

Hiss lame nick

Nick, cin, sin, seen.



Cien, sienne, his or hers.

you see i am up now cannot sleep ‘the customer’ as british called ‘service users’ is up. you will have not to mind my having unearthy appareances today.

When an individual is suffering at least they cannot have much more sexual activity. And sometimes people would say at last, while promiscuity is kicking.

To bein the beast, bits and pieces.

To abolish slavery and make everyone servant of everyone, ties the countries in capitalist bourgoisy. The liberals.

Uk ku, cut. Cute

Warsaw rebuild after the bombing of ww 2 , like the old town was.


To kill the intellectuals to create vassal states in order to exploit them agriculturally. So why are we killing the universities.

Exam tables.

none, we are in the living but he wants to ‘sleep’ in the armchair. my life is definitely a high source of exitment.

today i work with him till 2 pm if he accepts to go back in his house in time. but let’s admit that with this type of activities one hardly need sleeping.

i hardly need the cake to motivate me to come. might need any additional boost though so thank you.

still you are training for being a yoga teacher, on top of assuring running and supplying. so if on top of my physical possible inferiority i am incentived to eat even more than usual, we could face a body performance gap. 🙂 in fact more like 😦 but hey. but well before you can see the result of my diet and work out, i ll have to insist that i am virtually free from junk you see. *

*if possible could you take that into account while weighting me.

it really takes so long to terrify you. you really ain’t girly.

i liked running slow. enjoying landscapes and thought and ideas.

still i am paid to move a little. for me sport at the moment is that way.

i think more that you are incredibly real positive. am complete curious.

well i am not one looking for sociolizing, i could train you to run for you to get more competitive when you get there. 🙂 could.

i ll see you at vitarorg, honey. if i appear to be tired you ll pardon me?

i have to come out.

one of what reassured me on your profile is that you said you don’t talk much. it made me at my ease (as your company does) because i am a very quiet person. the reason for this is that my of my main love is as silent as gold and one of the ami main causes is the practise of writing, for example, reading or whatever else you want to melt with medidation, not medication but meditation.

but this is just theories, as we have to know each other. i was very happy last night, even if my intellectual concentration is declining sometimes (for a more instinctual one) i could have listened to you all night Eve it would just have made me happier.

Mefir md md medire.

I could not believe it, I ve had the most lazy day since months on end. I just have a shower and came by drop to uni- don’t have internet home-. What I experienced in fact was insomnia during daylight, time for contiguous continuous most cotonous dreams draping all in wrappest warm as agreeable as …

The cupcake, I understand your stubborn acute fascination for them. You know what they are? Gateau. They equal the best patisserie (see french) I ve ever had. But still two is too much, my fatness cumbersome me, and more of this richness if renewed would duplicate me – as I don’t deserve it.  I cite three flavors to give you a choice with consonances. However falling short of revealing (to me or well you (veil-wield) my favorite perfume.

On favors. Rove half, on affray.

Fevers, Feathers. vegan and bird born free.

Feather, fever, and what takes to fly.

afar the idea to criticise in any way. just a remark. i know you are looking for a new job and this is probably far reached in most cases but i am sure that recruiters would perform internet research. it is about the pic you use for your profile on facebook. well ok one cannot see your face but your name. no, no, it is super astute the maxi of sauciness for someone who work for uniforms…i mean to be honest is so sexy, that if i were your girlfriend i would be howling all night, and if you were my secretary the ire risk of doing it all day.

just an idea, the photo with your beer for facebook for someone who drinks twice a year.

recruitment , just an idea, is just a supposition. i think they use it.

no they could go to the net, type your name and then fb would come up. just to know how you socialize for example. perhaps find hints at political or other activities… a blog. to access personal details that they would otherwise never obtain. to decide on ‘character’ 🙂

don’t be embarrassed it s absolutely brilliant; and amusing.

but why the hell are you feeling sorry all the time?! me i rather feel that i d like much more to tell and hear.

ps: you knew i dug your fb picture ve moment your name appear on the emails-odej did not appear beforehand certainly cos you sent it from different hardwear. just before saying you ‘in reality’ actually!!

did it feel like i had let you down? i thought i also talked pretty much. it is just i have in horror to talk about my intimate life in front of others = people i am not talking to, the passers by, the guys next table. also my love live has been so empty that i am not happy to explain it thouroughly while i stay in the same mayhem of a situation. my problem is that i have got recurrent themes (such as pollution! recycling! Ravosjom ravishing the all lot. it is true, the damn reality! people flee me as the most boring creature) well as much long yet they are alive they, go away or elude, can still (…)

it don’t appear just yet, but once you know me a little i admit it is genuine repetitions on the verge of being crimes that i am likely to be committed.

it is just the thing they are for me: most exciting subjects. so where is the guild then, anything left?

i feel disgustingly guilty, when i start to think that i have just given to much time to my personal, leisure life. i know that without sport my body would collapse, without feeding the birds my mind would molasse, without poetry my tongue would fatigue…but there is always a point where i think that going on on more individualist occupation (as long as you don’t write poetry to communicate with other or refine your body in view of a professional activity, to be a better teacher, and the word liberator, to just arrange a posture and made an otherwise strain become a healing matter) i ll lost my soul and its combat. then it is the time i close myself like an oyester. cos i need to my comput and book come back, i do that even to my mummy, that is sometimes like and worse than me. i am quite a case actually. but if i cannot do it i feel i am dying. my mum speaks very seldomly. when she does the fav subject is history and cooking (but i don’t like this one cos she uses it as i don’t speak of anything else than weather like: condone and condemn).

a m not talking about my speech so since your already specify that i could not ‘hold up the conversation’; but do you feel my ‘peasantry’/working class unrefined cash clash i am afraid like present kind, okey? don’t worry about the world that strings it is one of my autistic favorite play. something i cannot stop, so it is true that people start find it boring, we are done. not maliciously or grudginly simply cos is the way i enjoy. my toy like the sudoku, for me to relax and establish a relation (to words and (human) being): it s my thing. the th-ing.


Guilt.   Tliug, twig.


as vegan, we still stay with the guilt of veg killing.




Reel, lyr.





El exit.




District, instit, territory. Terror, error, Barbary, animality, cosmology.





First page of the Gospel of Mark in Armenian, by Sargis Pitsak, 14th century.

A gospel is a writing that describes the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus. The word is primarily used to refer to the four Canonical gospels: the Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke, and Gospel of John. The word is also used for non-canonical writings such as the Gospel of the Hebrews and Gospel of Thomas. The term “gospel” refers also to the message itself of the four gospels or of the whole New Testament. See the separate article here.


Main article: Evangelium

The word gospel derives from the Old English gōd-spell [1] (rarely godspel), meaning “good news” or “glad tidings”. It is a calque (word-for-word translation) of the Greek word εὐαγγέλιον, euangelion (eu- “good”, -angelion “message”). The Greek word “euangelion” is also the source (via Latinised “evangelium”) of the terms “evangelist” and “evangelism” in English. The authors of the four canonical Christian gospels are known as the four evangelists.



L = aile = wing


R = ari, air.

Questions fo marriage and uprising the most important as they are the very nerve of all instituitions, the individuals development, education and trading. J

A pigeon on a tree, verdoyant. Athlete going down, up and on all sides searching for food and scrubbing the twigs perhaps itching, needing a massage for sure, needling and cudling, just caressing the tree the pigeon with its body and feathers jungles in touching.


Care. C? Sera. Que sera sera.

c:it cannot be really underestimated, we all very well known what is the danger of racism in france boosting the mafia, that of course rip off people serving themselves with underlying and overwhelming discourses of inequality.

regarde man, mam, nelly   yllen. helen, honor. Eleanor. D ‘aquitain.

nelly = gay man. or careful, acknowledged woman.

you should not it is your in-cover fb pic after all.

yes, but not exactly.

1-she ain’t nice or not to me if to all other people

2-my mum is beyond beautiful, that belongs to my unperishable.

i mean i am a lesbian yes. and i have one brother. no sisters of mine.

it reminds you the all village that accuse your mouma for you to have fallen as a homosexual. if only we could joke of that.

saved from what?

the love i ve got for her- i mean it is no incest. or the hate that could destroy the lives of love?

cos me i think that the logics teach us that it is only through love that one reincarnates.

And it is also just that it is to love to bits not your wife but your mum and then retransmit this love for the gift of life to your children.  The love of patience and compassion. The one in between generation, observing change and dragging comprehension.

The necessary difference between mum and wife I don’t know. I ll try to make a chapter the day I finish this essay, if any.

The undifferential maybe.

Ps: don’t freight too much when you don’t understand what I wrote, I type quick and reread rarely. I ll do reread what I send to you the day the pressure is off.i.e uni.

eve people accuse the mum for being responsible, and incest, weakness or unsubmission  to the nasty is on the plate. am a dike you know means that i heard everything about homos due to my being  conspiciously out.

i forgot to send the remaining part. just don’t read.

i am not sorry for the rubbish i write but just if … you don’t like it.

i did not misunderstand you. i ll write less ok. well anyhow if you are revolted by what i write, you ll write me sorry some or another day.

ok here the fact:

you said nothing to save us. let’s suppose. ok let s suppose nothing. take the case when the porks (dead meat) ruin the live of two lovers, or the live of a family, or any lifes. but take the case where you are threatened with the well being of your mother = be homo and we torture your family, take an extrem they are killed. our souls make us know that love true love would make us revive, return on earth to avenge love and then go back to it in peace (= entire and unthreatened). for love there is no danger.


yes thank you very much. come and just burst all what i do around my tight deadline in the middle of this final. i mean i am always bore to death at heart why would you come and disturb that= the exclusive interest for my babies? in the down hell of me performing a b.a. i ll have all night to search reasons to forgive you. and day.  i ll close my yahoo, i check it so i can see emails popping. whatever happens, take pity, spare me. for the goodness of god.i wish it was more fun than irony. irony on my self, each one her speciality.

eve, i cannot start this fucking trafficking argument. help me.

wait wait, it is criminology not law. then i never obtain more than a pass cos i pretend to do sort kind of philo in every module but in the philo ones where i went so mystic that she did not even read none of it. i ll always have had some weakeness for teachers. mind in law philo and yoga especially. mum has a degree in law. by the way.

Unfinished degree, my grandma so undermined her that she went off, run away with my father that went on the project. On and on. It is why I don’t put a feet there any longer.

She almost never says, never has said, a world, a word my mum, to me anyway. I exaggerate. She did talk to me. And my grandma, well, suffered a lot.

subject:”gendered violence.” And attached documents.

i kiss you tomorrow. well let’s hope that after reading that you still want to speak to somebody.

just tomorrow don’t get angry; reading.

i ll work night tomorrow i swopped. what time you want me on sunday, just to know if i take my clothes at work or no. oh also a little info, but still of quite an importance. i am grungy.  but don’t matter. as long as i have time to put on other than farmers at work clothes…i hope it is not too much. i love your impeccalbe style i admit- I admit cos I d admit everything to ya-. cotton exhaust the soil, clothes made by children, my gear might be around 30 years old but not vintage, of real wear and use. and i love them. if i could i would wander like that all day. well but on sunday.

me that was feeling guilty, or a bit like a conventional made dummy, doing nothing at work…well at least , on my own account, it reassures me.

it is not the answer to your question.

sleep now.

much more impersonal and still politics. well done.


Adam meaning and name origin

Adam \a-dam\ as a boy’s name is pronounced AD-um. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Adam is “earth“. From “adama”. In Hebrew, it is a generic term for “man”. Biblical: in the Genesis account, he was the first man created from the red earth of Eden.

adam. Mada m



Eve evolution evaluate

The dogs should like average the people not deeming them worth entering the hom.e

no there is something that you haven’t told me which is quiete unbelievable, as the trends is more to say that no one can understand what i write, unclear, irrelevant, longish, out of the blue, second ranking, baby, …not english.

i send to you quite a few, and you made no complaints whatesoever, for me it is a true genuine prime. i think i love you.

To love or just be together?

ok but why easier? also the little love that one has for oneself and that let them hope to look after someone in particular and be looked after.
look for-wards.

My mum


The y-of appartenunce.

Confounding belonging with respect. Receptacle.

Family what autonomy? Auto-nomic.

Self determine. Undermine.

Definition, under finition.

Finitude, inquietude.

What makes huma humble is the love of their life. The works that inspires them, that is coming from the fervor of this meeting defying all average (rever) reverer. Anf rom it all the rage. But never achieve anything close to the beauty that makes us lost, c-lose.

you refer to the mum having to bear the insult of loving her daughter?

what do you mean ignore you? you fed up with my illiteracy (=coarse)?
you are more than telling me off?

Sexual slavery is also orchestrated by women. from mothers, to colleagues, anyone. you will cast out an individual this way in refusing them to be paid like others, to be taken on like others. women are profiteering from this trade. we are equal eve. that means that if women were against enslavement there would not be any.

also the relation of women to man when sexualised finish in incest or physical one or mental. where the female over exit their sons to be ‘rapist’ or ‘beating’…where the females achieved their sexual or not sado masochistic pulsions through the clout they exert over males (and penile).

also there is women that like prostitution just because they might be in a relation of power. = own a brothel, because they are just like men pimps and punters. or too weak to rebel, or too enslaved and no alternative too them, or to BAD. and detrimental to others. i am not saying kill them but what i am saying is stop the trade.

I admit the punishment should be twice as consequent for people in position of power. But what when there is no punishment. What when the acts is in fact push by everyone below the layers?

I admit the punishment should be twice as consequent for people in position of power. But what when there is no punishment. What when the acts is in fact push by everyone below the layers?

eve, men are women. v/v

you don’t mind my being grunge? it does not prevent me to do any jobs correctly. and i am greener than anyone.!
including cleaning without products. including cleaning without products. or citrus, encens and vinegar.

you know yesterday I kind of showed off to you saying that since people can spot me with the clothes I wear as a cross dresser,  I ve heard all what might be said on homosexuality.

Well certainly there is the mums (and dad if supportive) sportive- that have to endure more as they have to stay with the very bunch that would undermine them, and there is the woman that is with the dyke. I mean you, the motherly, the femme, the pretty, the delicate…it is this woman who actually are the closest to the fire. As of course she is the image of a feminity conventionally, officialy, for everyone. She is with the most courage.

Somewhat I had, like men, engrossed my masculinity. To be in the safer side. But you, a feminine dating dikeys?

not talking music. but live style, the most important is to feed the birds even if you get dirty and spoil your jeans. not money.

Maybe is a chains, as the man who would defend such women, and the women defending the men in return. Or the feminine guy and the ones going to war or forests for them…

She, ehs. Ish.

On having difficulty with one’s trainer. but it is still good, like this you train in another state of mind. take books about it to nick everybody from time to time.


I am of course, a man an d a female. But I keep the female as she is fore me.

To be not gay, just to be the parent little pussy, or the other one stunt.

i finished the vanilla i am on the chocolate.

it reminds me my favorite of all baker cake. my nan bought it for me when we were on holidays. creamy, praline, with with wallnuts. 20 years i haven’t one possibly.

it is why i am overweight, amongst other thing (see depression, inactivity, and unsensitiveness)

Chinese nuts.

Eve, what time do you want me tomorrow. I need to know. I never said you were lying. L

A park if sunny?

it cannot be at mine. my uni is in the most expensive london area therefore i live in a dig. i spend my day in uni buildings. i rent just to store my stuffs and have my nights off there. i like money in my bank account

not that i don’t agree. i am on verge agoraphobic.

the crowd. or that i have nothing to say, or that it is too much pressure when you have. or that they don’t hear you, or ask you for dishonest, abasement, info you are tired to reveal, veil. vile, veal of sacrifice.

a park near somewhere we can go inside and still discreet, intimate, nice if weather funny. anywhere you fancy.

maybe could we find somekind of wood, well even not is gonna be crowded. well somewhere crowded where we still can find somewhere where we don’t speak to the ear of anybody.  their faces.



The is

Mafioso, Mafiosi, theo, theis.

To make love, like the key of the body and soul opperture, and release one’s data into thin air and para-dice.

To have sex in order not to wait for the loving relationship in counting the years of undryness, the purification, but stogy, the retnention impure of it being closure of others on our hope and tur-n  and on die stories.

owner shop

owner ship

ship cheap? Common wealth.

aims and man means.

i am just sorry nicola, i just realised that our appointment was overdue. i stopped sleeping well at night in my work place. i have been too exhausted these days to perform adequately. even the bare minimum sorry.



Avused  avussed

avulsed bused

I did not want her to look at me before I actually made her some good. Who was I ? for her to set her eys of  eagles      on me before my servitude, and relative trust seeking accomplished. I don’t want her entire confidence, my dame won’t need me.

Her eyes of angle. Angel.

In the skies where sun and moon agree.

8 pm start, going 6 30ish

don’t be sad it takes time but the place you live is almost everything. a problem, and better be away.   (problem i used to stay) i can do with everything, but noise, or nastyness or disrespect. you ll b in colloc?

you sure you don’t have second thoughts, after all the infos you got on me? you don’t worry about saying, the sooner the better.

ok sorry i told you, i am just a super bore.  in fact i rather you don’t answer.

Wem women fighters as they are the one knowing the inner. An dl blow ya brain before you touch her.

Vagina and trumps trunk niga.

my comput is magic, he spare me with clogging my space. if only ebooks were user friendly. and papers no they are dead trees.

e books are time consumming. and it is my hands they burn. too much manual handling to thumb the thing.

you could think the world of someone and still mail him once or twice a day?

i mean i could.  well i hope. to strenghten.

ok you do will have a quick race all day! any how i have to start this essay. i was about to say take all time to run and call me when you finish. i don’t know…or you call me tomorrow but it might not be practical, or you give me an hour and an entry to regent and don’t worry if you are late. i ll bring books. and won’t need electricity.

am happy you migh have found some place.

ok you do will have a quick race all day! any how i have to start this essay. i was about to say take all time to run and call me when you finish. i don’t know…or you call me tomorrow but it might not be practical, or you give me an hour and an entry to regent and don’t worry if you are late. i ll bring books. and won’t need electricity.

am happy you migh have found some place.

i d still do everything i do through and for her.

and for the love they inspire. as they in they always is her.

well text me tomorrow if needed i ll stay in my room.

am talking to you.

well text me tomorrow if needed i ll stay in my room.

to talk about god, to the people we talk with. intersubjective knowledge of the living. as equality is for what, why, how we life. what for.

well text me tomorrow if needed i ll stay in my room.

to talk about god, to the people we talk with. intersubjective knowledge of the living. as equality is for what, why, how we life. what for.

vie in french means life, like eve. i made the correlation thanks to your nickname.

to have a wicked personality, but still polite stay. Polite standing for respect. The best edic ucated, well brought up, useful as far as there is no danger.

Amant, ad madam.


And here it is the woman the boss. And soundely you can see all the ps macho change into pussy pussy.

i was thinking of my endless jokes. i am the despair of my mum you know.

limtied? limited.

good night.

i ll avoid more macho rubbish, they are not worth your reflexion.

Macho, though jokes of mine. But sometimes it tired myself you laught at those, I am so desperate to break ourselves lose. Love.

To have lost yours, nothing to do with paradis, everything to do with harmonize.? And a damned soul. Lous


i was thinking of my endless jokes. i am the despair of my mum you know.



Par pair.

enjoy your run. don’t try it to make it faster or whatever, i need to work on my books to recollect infos. it s poetry to do it(,) around regent (,) waiting for you.
try to do it more precisely.



League, ligature.





Soul, lu and os. Ocean.

Loi lous


Loi = law, dieu est mon droit




To be in love with an older since their young life is just a mile, one click of a door.

But nto possible to love a younde younger – sexually, martially. Marital that did not have a life, that would change through the fate of being manipulated by and age that despite to be advanced reacts not towards but o counter life.

Equal suffering replacing strength and endurance by wisdom and transcendence.

don’t hesitate to text or email me if any change i ll leave uni at ar 11. which entry? marylebone? and see people, they need divertissement…let s try not being judgmental. ok now i am in peace with everybody…still watch your map and tell me your entry, camden? can ‘t you send me your (other) pictures still?

Mafia activies justified by states rognuesness, politicians thiefs, war of roses. Puke. Kup.

Eve, i cannot possibly forward that to my prof as a proof of my involvment with the subject, she will need my essay.


SERIOUSLY I was gonna send you something about today being summer time. but i could not do it yesterday as  i decided to wake up in advance to work on my essay, and it is my computer time this morning who advised me on the matter a bit late. if i know it i ll call you for the winter one. and as for my agenda it is out of work, never bore with time, that’s goth. mind we might start our date 10 am now with a little luck.

you avoid heart attack cos you are being late. half of them are like us if the odds are rights so the all stuff might be delay.

Cameron condemns Cruddas donation claims

Cameron condemns Cruddas donation claims

Cameron condemns Cruddas donation claims

Cameron condemns Cruddas donation claims

i ve never been so exhausted in my life and still have to try something serious instead of lingering- try to sleep, or sheep counting –or meditation. Waky J Emotion. There is hardly stiffer in sensation than to block the emotions that one has previously felt. No emotion = block sensation or thought feeding.  I even had to resort to spaguetty in a last attempt at boosting some kind of energy. Energy ok but concentration? Intent controlled precise- even if really this piece of shit am supposed to write is none of my spirit. I wrote my thesis now I ll have to repeat what I read for it to be read by who? Data waste. I am so fucked up (no question of accusing any extra activities, conditions or special reign,  it is my usual state, could not have fared better in the best of the whole place) that I did not manage to give you an embrasse. I mean I have my right you do hold me.

Data = at add.

Street, sterr. Steer.

oh fuck’ng london and all honey. know what? i ll find better and that ‘s it. well at least it s not like your run comrade, that s not fault of me.

sorry to come back with this story, but since i had to ask my colleague to swop. i though it could be nice to have a dike walk, you could bring your tee shirt vegan. one throw two stones. do you think you gonna be there? i d rather limit the times i ask my dear colleague to change her most sociable days…

meant you ll find better. i was empathising deeply is so shit moving. i stayed months on end to avoid restructuring everything- dumb i authorize you to think it. on top that they take your organisation and time and shorten our afternoon by the way. i understand that i ask nothing of you this week. you could still try to book a couple of hours for this walk. i don’t hold you by the arm nothing, you never know, a yoga teacher or other pro sportive might be there.

you almost could look in hackneyd kind of area????

Air.       Ahir.


= detest hate in French

Ask, kas, sak.

3 hours? ok let see, i don’t unbook. saturday we ll see how your research is going. i mean at worse you go and see a flat i wait in regent park and you find me there back, reading, napping, bird watching talking whatever (i nver talk to the girls like that, i mean actual birds, they actually make me fly) e-yes. i don’t want her to laugh and know i am miserable, i quite socialize with my colleague…1. 2. you won’t have me on saturdays nights anyway.

Life after death to justify that nothingness blossom.

you ll find…if second time and u need help i can or hlp with bags or driving. i know you infinitely better not to have to be asking. i am in need of more muscle did you, do u notice it? so you d bee more than welcome on it.

ha voila, and again who s punished? why you make a hell out of it? you could gonna soon be reunificated. i give you the all story. the woman that told me she was on the better side of 40 (meaning conventionaly more than mid 30) while she was more than 40. do you know, she never said that actually. it was on air, hair, no her dating profile. i ve got nothing against cougar (well in fact i really like them older (the sweet, the that stream and try intelligence forming, ming, the geek one-for they might like me as a particularity), whatever the age i mean, a (dign) lady) but this one.

i napped all afternoon, my battery is utterly flat. i have to do something during the night. university is quasi empty, i ll haunt building and taste of liberty. friday i have to hand over another stuff. if i don’t sleep tonight well…i would be totally wrecked on wednesday. i find your having to take over all your research my liking?? no, no, no. anytime you ve got a moment i can step in. you like zombies  it d b the best opportunity. it is me the discussion on the net, so i have to end saying silly things. hold on.

did you find any place? you ll find. a place from where you can find the perfect one…


Eviter. Vite.

To be good to be happy. What else than happiness, but dangers and ordeal replace emotions with pain, and desolation instaure oublie.

Love is imperishable as the person I am with today depository of all remembrances, for the past reconstitute and the future changes.

Right, raft, rift.

oh yes super soup wise. i ll tell my crime prof, now i am with a yogy, i cannot sleep at night nor real politics during the day, though do you want a massage, i am not still authorize to resume my proffessional practise left (or about) more than 10 years ago when i used to work in setting with young adult with multi physical and mental handicap. (ask me the other occasion i manage to give a massage it will sure be amusing, only for you (i mean as funny as the cuccoo), me i am so fed up with doing no relief with what of the flesh that have been to me allocated). = clearly i give good massage, = rather ok. i am not talking about sex here, bodylike, any think that need to feel, unfell, i pray. see emotion regulation, see.

any how i ll tell my prof, who is a super indian single woman by the way, fighting against forced marriage, when she arrives in the class she gives order you think you are in a 1950 film army film on authority.  it is impressive the number of guys that live isolated life, i mean of course at what it is of any use to have, not be with, or in fact be- or be’ve behave with) someone who is never at home. so we try to have mistresses but here at what serves sex., to have a moment of pause?

speaking about your night mare now, do u need to store your, some of your stuff?? in case.

anyhow me i am for your profs now. you reduce the running emergently, and resume law or history. careful not to heal your nervosity with sport, as you ll become addict physically. yoga teacher part time ok other admin, mmh, where does go university??


a·buser n.

Synonyms: abuse, misuse, mistreat, ill-treat, maltreat
These verbs mean to treat wrongfully or harmfully. Abuse applies to injurious or improper treatment: “We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us” (Aldo Leopold).

Mistreat, ill-treat, and maltreat all share the sense of inflicting injury, often intentionally: “I had seen many more patients die from being mistreated for consumption than from consumption itself” (Earl of Lytton).

on the abuse page, an add s ajoute, the picture of a woman in with cleverage dress.


ok so it let me think that when you  have your new place, you could more than try to meet me on wednesday. i can start doing yoga with you

you do waht at night sucking blood? ok let see that then. i ll b your uni trainer?

Re: i won’t answer. unsure. give me rest w(h)oman. i ve got to go downstairs of tower, reach the dongeon kitchen and from there feed some of my birds, well i d like all of them but it s not universal service too less food , too many endangered, and soon human, u man, as much extincted.

Humains.           Mains.       Prehensivle.

Comprehensible, intelligence of practibility, othe rnaimal ain animal same spirituality.

you sure and certain you are not in  with ur nerd activities and passion. u r sure it is just to remind you with your agenda : being tough and i am so warmed- when you confirm it- and amazed – real time, by your demonstration of patience.  (check it is a.m the time now so don’t mind if i become out of order almost completely, no slap, no stick, you still call me…) i am even not taunting it is just i could not hide very long. …personal-ity. ET

cupcake, any? ok i stop fooling around or then you really take me for a sick guy, i d like to see you in my field. i d like to see you on it. labor it. yes, that’s all. we need you know, desperately. and it is not that i am asking anybody, personally = intimaly = I d like my wife to, anyhow. this is just a thought, just an acknowlegment. history suits me to help breaking vampiristic precedent. it s 0 35. i am completely stressed, so i talk to you. X

ET T the form of the

EV V  the form of the

Will       liw.

Leave, livv. Eve, lift, bring up.

Eve, seve.

it s 0 35. i am completely stressed, so i talk to you. X

in fact I won. I talk to you, not with you. As it is thus a woman should be addressed.

Thank you. it s 0 35. i am completely stressed, so i talk to you. X

jsut lucky enough to see your email appearing , in fact checking and proving that i really give it a try

you gonna run or have early flat viewing? yoga? the morning is magical for stretching, can you hear birds songs, melody and language, any words under the forms of whistling or guttering, I don’t know other else they use their pipes, from where you are? ok you are actually working,  just enough time to prepare lentils or no just junk food. i am a good enough cook to do this.

you were having day off, or is it next week?

my method is to stop sleeping one night before hand over, problem is this month i haven’t slept the other nights so today and day before was not the best of all productivity.

to relax nothing works better than gym and two days of massages after. eve, you want to make sport your main activity? no, cause it s already not the best figure i have, but compared to a sport woman i d look  ridiculous. if i let myself imagine one sec of any possible prealable admissibility. on this i don’t dare, you ll have to teach me a bit of your emotion management before leaving, it sounds practicable finally.

yes, coke i ll have to ask about your past.

who needs friends?

i am absolutely not talking about giving up, that is a pro training, whatever if it makes you happy. you concentrate on what in particular? tell me.

now u raise the subject, you saturday march, there is no way i unbook while you go all over and other london to relax and concentrate. you gonna block a minimum of two hours. got visits go before or after. don’t go visits, i ll wait for opportunities with you. or you with me not exactly in fact it is a london march, but at least i could go to my colleague victorious for her not thinking i am every single week end as dead as the dodo. you 2 hours. flat no matters unless you have to go in punitive expedition, in that case i accompanied you too.


or you don’t go anywhere and you show me the flat you quit. that i can go back to the empty place every time i miss you. what do you think?

ok leave it, it is obvious, see true, that one need more than two days of my clownery to be reassured i am not a so bad werewolf.

but under the eyes and chaperonne of everybody, saturday, or any another day, can i see you?

this week and assist you while the moment is indeed stressful. here it is it is just in writing that that i experience a violent feeling like hugging.

this week and assist you while the moment is indeed stressful. here it is it is just in writing that that i experience a violent feeling like hugging.



Master, mistress.

Mast, mist.

To vote church, to be married, and inhereited to got racial job. Always obeying from the grave and what cradle.

To vote the church and the communities parties.

i know i am retro. but the only sight that inspires me would be my les. to go to a gathering would be only…to make her happy or a single viewing (in case one i am a single), but even not as i find it too random. however i could be with someone searching for others’ than my sole company. i d be happy when and since she cheers up. i like my solitude, as far as now she is my true idole. only problem is to be apart too often and too long. or the day she decides my way of life is decidedly too gloomy.

look at us, how long have we been single? it is also because we decided that we could not go with someone at any prize, with people we won’t connect or with people who don’t take productivity and creation the same way.

what happens to us, is that we are ok for girls friends but our daydreams, culture?? ideal brought us to think to something more serious, permanent, why not absolute. the culture here certainly does not determine absolute and its eternal sentiment, but the way we react at it.

i wrote this but i previously thought my server lost it.

why are we still single? Because of not doing these concessions, or because attempt to look after or for a companion would take this time away. And time is perfection.

We are both ok to have girlfriends but what I think is happening is that our culture and ideals have made us think of marriage more than most temporary. It is no in culture that people get  to be acquainted with eternity or its notion of absolute. Culture of looting would blur paths, and would the dominant notions of belongings and patries. I was surprise when you told me about having no emotion, I thought that this was a Buddhist regulation but borne in the arms of someone passionate. Someone, some on.

You talked about familiarity. If I avoid being with someone in order not to loose what I am expecting from time, I would go with someone to get the most of it. Love brings you the ferment, the courage to change and the stamina to creativity necessary, and it brings patience and reliability. We produce, but how and for what? Career without a lady would take altoghether different path if not different a new one. Renew one. Be with one?

if, i f, i feel like seeing you.

Renew does not mean novelty.

To be creative but always the same fashion, the seame type of experience, the obcession that set my mind, this search never ending, only when dying. Today, all afternoons, someone to carry the life and its beauty.

Why waiting familiarity? Life might bring its extravaguance, hobo vagrance.

Seizing flagrance, sizing insolence, sole obole, from no idole. And when three thrill thrall there is n=one, one, doll, doll llod, laud, load, a=tory.

To tamper with the people you won’t loose the thread or to manage with them withing this prospect. I imagine. With, with-ing.

Within, our frame, our shame, and charm, well arm.

Flagrant, delit.

Denial.   Den

Not to have had one wife in one’s life a n-ice. But having so searched her that the addition of the moment at this and at others devoted is in fact ones  (onus) of the previous parchement that constitute the goddess reassemble, ensemble, on the though parched mantels.

I ll say I need my partner when I found one.

Eve, don’t worry about your productivity.

And what about reproduction, melting of particularity.

Parch, perched


checking my mails. you are a sore.

when on sunday i get to reevaluate history?

Are, ara.


History y store.

Here you are machist. everything that has been kept was officialy designed by men in the telling of history (let me tell you), and you suppose that they were not inspired? you are inspired by everysingle parameters- society, culture, colleagues, animal, nature, but if there is a source of inspiration it is you soul mate. your soul mate that is your soul. of course how can we live without selling it, nor to career, or to money, or to love?

but me i admit, if i did not have an image of the woman i fight for that was not approximatively those of a goddess, a preacheress i don’t know to what i could well inspire for.

and if she does not come, my soul could bring me on travel were the next person to the lady, to the most potent fairy, would be daughter or a son. i am not saying i want children, but if one want fight for justice it has to be for the generations in a fashion that could get stronger and better if persists.


pre-ache, asher




Don’t quite agree. try to be with someone while fulfilling one’s need. and decide of the partner one chooses as she will be the one with whom sacrifices are not but design made to pursue a life while married to the person uplifting desires instead of action design to single life, or life married to a concept or life married to a lifestyle or simply a single life transforming one’s actioin in order not to feel the being alone, unattached: taking more risks? travelling? entering deepest meditation? fucking with one’s career? never be back at home? sex instead of sensual? change of possibilities and functions, or dysfunctions are illimited?

tell me for you what need?

Classical musics and all musics don’t come from the white harmonics, but from the birds.

Maybe from having been caleed a mulato, a gypsy…in a derogative way or in a mention to restrict my power over my own life, the issues I could raise, threatening any of my attempts, as well as the emanpacitory ones, even thought they were emancipator for the whit e people themselves, by being conducted in direr poverty- to have to study twice to have to take on jobs that never would pay a grant…my turn on, the woman I would marry in my older age, as when I was young in my country and countryside no one was darker than me or around it. I adore black woman.

And freckles.

This is not my fault my cousins were gingery as well as my first girlf.

Girl,,,,,,,,,,,, rig.


Andro – male

And roe.


A drew.

Hand ro.

“Hypothesis confirm or infirm”

“Hypothesis confirmed or infirmed”

In firm, no evolution, guardian of some position?

Instead of con-firm, with, in relation with going smoothly with others, majority,

Defending a corner coonotes trauma, as hunted, and eaten by the ste stream steaming majority.







Have a good night! Hope the exams and papers were ok.

I’m on my way home yoga. Love hurts so I hardly walk

It s strange what you said. This week I had incredibly toughen, heardened legs. Like if my bo blood pressure was lsodged on my femoral artery, the hips and thighs tensed and as if shrinking. Under being pressurized.rising.

i have now the feeling that you don’t provide me with everything. where’s the pack?

here s my kitty i write for my kitty. i loved it to bits. i allowed him to go outside whenever or almost. sometimes i asked him to stay as he was the only creature i was allowed a cuddle with. i could hear his hearbeat telling me how was the day, and mine ensuring that tomorrow had a stay.

You yoga? You don’t seem to be too pressurized at the perspective to live with your ex. Don’t want to see me during this period , sensitive approach. I mean I feel considered. tomorrow it is the kind of papers i find easier. one cannot be everywhere with septicism, ponderous pesanter (see overweigthness, heavy pondy = drown in ones thinking or fall while the cliff give itself at being these last woman and temple one sees)  and  special difficuties.  lol

Re: cliff, filter thick.

Sift, clift. Cleft, key.

i ve had at last my sleeping back, am all fresh. we indeed die(d), but you like vampire, don’t ya? or you are like, aren’t you? the picture, just a picture i have on the screen of my gothical phone, did not have an incomparable bearing on me.

you mean that you d need your lover to go to the theatre with you?

strength from love, attraction, gravity and combat bombing lie of the having to push back the danger, a repulsion.

and come back for a woman, the one who wants, and here come possession.

Go ethical.

Stop delaying the moment when ones thinks, have to write, to convey the fever, and the first meaning of a research that accrede, credit. Accretion, secret-ion.

The fever? The fever of loosing, what impromptu sweating reveal in a rush invasion. Flow of thinking diverting overflooding, if logics dones does not give to thime time back its teaching. Misering.

Fever, forever.




Love is matter. When one feels love, the concentration of their minds is so profound that all is expecting, and if deos not come is just felt as a weakness a shorteness of one’s spirit. Love is this –that of a thought, a feeling, mountains will raise and fly out of this intensity. Th-is-in.

It is not sparkle that are to be seen, but the fire by all pores, just and whole entering.

A body here gaping.



‘All in the name of’

To die from love, as one can feel its departing.

But to die loving.

As when don’t do, it is of soft suffocation, it is of not living, and death in existence espousing, they won’t name their sufferance, as without love what is suffering? Death, more like a relief, understandingly coming.

On disease and depression. On impression, lamentation, and the trace that ones left on earth relative to mental exhusastion.

Exhu aust, exult.

Host, and ulteriority.

To intervene as an older into youth relation, as egoistically one should not mind, how they will eat each other later.

Save by the time, not by the fruit of one’s bearing. Pending.

To be pedantic and respect only the grade or the title. And the graded all amused and content, who d be attacked on no even circumstances. The ones that bring in the others ones ready to build a society and communities of cast out.

Problem with people that culture taboo with body and sexuality. To better mutilate, to better organs remove and tar ta a trade,

Wear one’s clothes as flags, for nationalistice purposes. (« a flag above my door », la, la, la, la,)

And when religion are in fact nations, it clearly mean that in it is not on principles but on economical criteria that repose action. = without morals.

Of course one can argue that it is to protect the people of a oppressed countires, but let’s laugh of that.

The outrage of people wearing clothes to pourposevely saying that we are not acquainted. Like if the uk were they reside are not a family. Ki like if their face were belonging to a promise dynasty.

When the bobby are allowed to a turban.

God is for everyone, work should be the way to service it, and prayer for the home. As long as they don’t consist in undermining one’s equal. Won’t censure the prayer, darkness shows that one s is squared so why thoughened intra muros, as on e never be up to join the devil, they would be crused crushed in imitating him, it is its trace of )being talked in some line with the) divine.

i realize i say have you been in lot, instead of in love? your ex.

a feminine or masculine spirit to share in the same being.

To specialize enhancing and to melt. To assemble

The migrants taking the bad jobs and the others awaiting to prince reignor.

Well since everyone is expecting to be prince or prince suker, who is gonna stay, survive the international battles. God, this speiciese isd d is damned, and even more lowestly stupid.

We will die like less inteeligence that what we ‘had not created through the inevention of the nature’ but reassemble. We will die more stubborn and limited than objects. Not that objects are but we e will die more dum than we think they are. As stiff as the wook but the sea rejected: i.e you ll have to puke in this very state of mind. Beware the secousses.

And inside exploded.

The reidiculous offices supposed to protect human rights but if there is no genocide in the uk, no one of them will lift their asses reassessing policies and practices.

And the day you die maybe it is the corpses that they will neglect to interrogate. No papers, no info, no evidence, nor recrodrd recorded. And even if recorded company , social, political institution properties.  what to say?

The male are incestuous with their mum and of course a daughter too, but then comes the shame inflicted that should come to others, but are diverted onto love for one’s link the most intimate and deepest, the first link. Homo su sexuality really serve youl. The ansu anus eneug anis that you are talking negtatively aobut it the day long and night too.

It is not bad pr. It is pr that says look it look bad. We are faschist, so fashist and this will convey you on top of not respecting our words of peace, with ludicrous hysterical unserious. image.

Respect???? For who.

This is religion as it is practice.

Respect of gredin appetite.


To have constructed or promoted or exectuted a frame of law, ready to crush justice, legitimate act in turn.

In the house of parliament, no one assisting what is said for animal experiementation. While if humans were humane and not worth the earth destruction coming by their activieites. The house should be full demanding thing s (here medieveal torture) to stop.

And human, an of it. Call it ‘animal welfare’

Religious? Religius? r group leader

Speaking about spirituality.


If they were good, how much, crueelyy much we would need such goody.

how was the result of your hunt?

i wish i could propose a better offer. my own room is nothing you can invite a lady in. even for temporary stay.

if you come to richmond park you could have a look to be sure i go nowhere but at uni, where my wit is again a case of erosion.

you  tell your new landlord, that you are doing yoga time, for avoiding a hysteria session. and you talk to me about history or come with personal question.

i am not for  not of it (and it is why i came to distrust some women, men as well of ocurse course) but for what i give a damn). but she ain’t your girlfriend, and i need and want to see you. (mind it is even difficult when you got the flat with you, now you got home and prospect). i ll be a nice baby. (my usual if you don’t count grumpy)

well ok you are right dating me twice a month as i worship kinda meditation. anyone would find me gross and useless. more than boring, here my secret, i am an horror without reading (all day) this is all me.

‘song        ‘I got love for the niggaz of my family tree’

Marx once said that religion were opium, but finally arragned marriage and inheritance is even better, innit?

In a communities where reputation is the sole god welknown and by all studied.

Rep reputation




To have know foly to see it in others with more wisdom that e here there is of husbandy.

Sume fo it. Quantitative not qualitative is a sin of the bandit

it was more like trafficked. all the better i could have a go once a year to change you from your ex girlfriends company. any thing you want to see. well i d rather ballet, cos theatre is without subtitles.

To be misused as cast out and whom who don’t as model of sharks.


you said ‘i hardly walk’ yesterday. as in i don’t take the ried. ride.

propulsion of two members in balance-levitiation.

Voting I s like social sciences. To try and form norm. you won’t take the time to fill in as you know that you answer will be marginal and therefore not appearing. Fro.

And as deo mocracy the result of action the inform , disgusting, paste, coming from the we are from nowhere and it is there we will.

And demo the consequence of this blur insesnsitive. Where the data exchange are the more and more living not for the subtilities of complexity , the world as it has been given, but to change the data of intelleigence and perseverance, rel reflexion into pirated indigence.

Porno sometimes representing acts that would ask the confidence of being with a woman for 10 years, and try one’s utmost cos you are faithful and that one has to give out the more juice. As I am your sole compares. Comparse . to look after your sex as a machinery as it incumbe to me to dry it out, and pour purge it.

Adam, amand.

Almond. Nuts.



Life given, as a limit of exploration.

Life as a exploration of the limite. Tim-ill. hill

Il, ill

In massacres (ex yogo) people using pr parcel or stuff instead of killed man. The society is getting away like that.

Green roehmamton.

Some says that they want to crush homosexuality, but in fact they already have. In thse countries or these groups were gays are daily intimidated and tortured, it is one of the main way, if not the, to control people, to make live them prison , a living life, everybody in hell but the fuckedin their head and the ones who understand the game but decide to sadistically enjouy the rapists communities.

You wont’ get away with it cut cunts.             Tnuc.

It is not ‘e’ like a womb but ‘t’ that they cut. The same in retaliation, their mind a purcelle, maggots.

Pretense of democracy and politeness the bureau is taken. By the upper class, but whatever the class, it should not happen feeding the unit unte unethical.

To fight the dissidents one don’t listen and if the dissidents decide to be heard then he is fired or conduct to hospital.

White dom democracy.

Were at la least people pretend groups, forming, human right defendin, an dpasper paper showing.

And info sharing, while they have the time = at brunch when corruption and hushing can take place.

love hurts, no. it is the concept of love, when one does not believe in it, or does not believe in themselves or in others or does not believe in destiny. love does not hurt. it makes us living. have you had a good start of a morning. yesterdya you missed my biting. :). what i am gonna do with my blood, sunday, monday, circa. i already have too much fluid. dilutied. Dilitue dilusion.

Others, hot her.

ok monday regent park and i heal your feet.

feet, faite.

Yes i got it you in love with your flat in which you don’t stay at all, it is a lovely day i mean.

there is only one thing that worries me, you said you wanted a wife, poor thingy!

i tell you everything on my paper on …monday?

london pride i am off.

Trivialised, banalised

Triv tribe,



What do you do always around people if you don’t love them? i don’t have to love me, live your life and take your lunch out of stream through the neck.  by behind, leaving your fang’s traces, Monday is celebration.



Eve, I cannot possibly forward that to my prof as a proof of my involvement with the subject, she will need my essay



I think we can try apple but very little each time. Jm said that he could not chew them any longer. I can still try a little bit mix with other fruit and the rest to the birds.

incense might consume quick but they do good. I’ ll ask for more later. The box is sup-erb.

The religion has been constructed around a minimum to try and keep social order towards progress and no killing.

The ones that interprete religion assumptions or commandment as being finsied finished are an insult to spirituality and humanity as a whole.

Society that cannot think themselves as having to be strong enough to stop exploitation, discrimination, curb freedom, rush malignous competition, crush benevolence, and mistreat the mason (= at the research for more skills) or ni in dictation of their aims and means, or in not rewarding the extra job and involvement, or in si dispresting the products of their owrk, or in allowing other corporation or members or individuals t employ means that use destruction. The competition of terror and depletion .

To r praise h.r but what if h.r are just another for a party and legitimacy and freedom of the words they employ permit them to be the new vultures of anarchy.

Talking about funds when talking about resources instead of talking about programming in details and see to be the more coste effective is the image of how one can trust h.r bodies.



packing? need some help? and i could cook you some diner.

unless it delays ya.

i am sure of it.

it s why you need a male!

i counted on your reaction for you to speed big time and crying for alienation. while ensuring veg vengeance through total recall non-action(…) am i safe?

ps: not talking about the other dude.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,

Mahmoud douma

Ahmadinejad,           ama, dine of jade.

Ham. hay am i?

Don’t think he is inc scribed in the Q’’’’ this one.


To let people with the right to protest peacefully but as groups forms, they employ means of devaluating other groups, and then combat in a inequality paradigm while only ask to do it externally under form of appeasement, and this bit is easy.

Tail eating to make laugh satan.

Not without supposing that it also cries.

Everyone has the right, says the convention . of course so as governments do nothing virtually to ensure progress, real and universal (the why universal is rejected as they are not applied or because the manners humans tell the other s they have to live and towards what they have to api aspire, would prove destruction total if hold by billions of people, and would prove insignificant and unworkable if hold by very few people if only very few were left- as life is to search life not to buy one’s bed through exercice of horror.

‘impartial and competent judicial or other authority’

They have to be competent and they are not entitled to investigation only prosecution, no allow to link their juridisction with other offices, so violiation remain the responsidbility of no boi dies. Bodies.

Big justice networks, f to sort of things minors. Circumscribe circumscription.

Pithon of tribunal, putting down finishing the I victimsk with dedain and fees to makeit apparel even  justice bigger and more attached to lucrative action.

justice made appear bigger (and out of proportion as well as unchallengeagble, and unreachable, out of touch, and unamicable, roboitsation of red paper for annihilation while talking right’ and more attached to lucrative action.


Right.             Rig.

Ring. And gladiator opera.

To become older is being able to welcome the g flesh of the younger without being sexual but rendering bodily recongnistion and warmth possible. Berth.


To affirm the belonging to spirituatity is insulting to every other body. The spiritual being the sole aim and end to look after life, without dying. When is ow worn out the body. By insult including.

Fucking bastards calling themselves ‘united nations’ organs.

The chore of prostitution.

An-nihilation. And world ban d bank sole patron.

Gang, band, bank,

Admin? Coordination

I’ ll finish the evening in my room, read lying position, stretching, hot milk, very early night.

you see me on wednesday. ?




Wed nest hay.

Avent.                      Neva.





To show compassion as we are as likely to serve as prosti than as conscript.

The luke, luck of the ca cah charm, not the karma, to have been born and raise and that opportune did not take the last breath of ya. Love indiscriminately for this reason that I could well, I am the sinner, more than the prosti.


Eve and adam are here to illustrate the stories when 2 people are in a domain.

Now their children beneficiate from the coit choice of male or female companionship. Ship.

Sheep is the sacrifice of paien.

Forced marriage like prohibition of homosexuality and unofficial relationship, marriage regulating sex, society rapist.  Ammarage.

Being perpetually worried, as even a good will, could bring over war ustensils. (lis-net, lease net 0r then thus ten. Till.

Tense, use, us, e seal.

S ‘il, if, whether.

Doctor. Cod ductor.

Both , throbl

Eve, I just tell you as I tried myself. Don’t go for people with particular religious denomination. As if you shere share with those, you ll never allow to be yourself.

Of course offers appear to be attractive. They might be or looking serious, polite, straight forward, humble, well organized, simple. But that is recruitment methods.

The la loual loyal bastards, ls lawyer.

Without law as the laws were sustaining a state of torpor. Will be eaten in a sec, when since their wall was to play pretense of politer, when they would have to ansewered for their a failure, no. but no too when they ought to hav e protested to the next indoors coup.

Where states or rogue organization, in breaching privacy, could control private life and relation in deleting answers.

Hence were, an sway wearing.

The policy of state is to provide no education and no training within schools. In order to dispose of their employee like dogs demeliorated and not a little I bit.

As asshole than dog with paper and courage speaking 10000000000001 less than friends and less cocky.

-Oh you can defend h.r as long as we don’t pay. The brithis.and other un 5, or g dix

-Ah but you will pay in time honey. The generational b victims.

Women having to spend more money not on themselves but on their appearances.

Rich, the macho s the war land.


To love a crying.


Crs euser.

Hypnotic love or fear, to have opened doors or loose key that we never thought to have to suffer and rear.


Sous          faire.


The diversity of close relationship (sibling, family, friend) very close real ion to avoid direcet incestuous desire and identity.

A love for partnership with the face of parenthood.

Don’t forget to relax, no relay , no delay, and enjoy your leaving.

Emoting denoting are ok. They are the absolute reminder of en joy in. everything in life, ast time will pass. Not lass alas. Lat last.

And, n.


Lay, ail, hell.

Flying or retain under stair, stere de bois.

To get l older and not authorizing oneself to go in love if not taken )wotj with home and sex

Oneself in construction.

Thinking retaliation talion instead of thinking action. The tales of the lion.

Action of protection, prevention, promotion by establishment of a more deis e desirable order. Der.

Dehors. D or.

Edror. Def deror. Error.

Religion of devil that recruit plenty by promising, polygamy, pedophily, violences, discrimination, inequalities, slaves, servants, and jewellery.

Impotent stance and dance.

Crying of joy of relief, when our k lips touch and encounter the coul couch.

Tears might appear in human as a imagery for volupte, and a desire of virginity and purety.

Purification, knowing the price of water and the risk of lubrification and insomny. Sodomny.

Sok sov lob lov lod

Male, ail. Hail.

Female,    theme



Vol     lov

People are becoming al l socializing as they have to nick earth and morals to pretend to communicate with nobody but human sods.

Sod, dos, tres


No talking with pets and wild life friendship, not talking with discipline and love for one’s research torn and swayed by elan for liberty. Freedom forte.

In socializing int between them human are dishumanzing from the tree where they are from and on which they aer perched. Benne.

Larva, lava

To worship the devil as it represents the gathering of forces t o chi wich one is inferior



Wors 0

In one month I ll send you more texts. I ll be revisiong my English text over this simm summer. Nothing formidable but still.



Mute tone.

People in flock like sheep goating about the lot that are not resembling, assembling. Ass Sem bling.bling

Blrrrrrrrrr ll   bleeeeeeeeee

Bele belle

Give me a wife that I liberate one of her birth. No blood just go to the lesbians.

There s a lot of thing I adore in London, don’t thank me to be a ct I citia znes

The duties of the likable, ummi, umma,  immutable like homo


Et        no.

Et           te.             T gonade                   e womb

Drugs are here to ritualise our default and failure.

Like one takes drugs to forget one’s day dream having to be achieved, achiles.

Or take it to look normal, while its reactions are numb. While our reactions are censored or punished if they rebel against involving inflicting pain and decomposure.

Big problem like with false credo, redo, what you know is bad only to fit the moississure.

To see a woman naked or just with underwear one. To say another body, the warmth that one could bring on. Bring back on. Forbin fobr t o forbid to collapse.

Is imoortant? Import an. Ant. .

The texts if I loose them, I could not rewrite. A summary, of my pain soon to run after the opaque opaque.

Whose flower has burgonned thanks to the passing of time. Like my shoulder that giet sore from the mobe I make facing my computer. But if I d stopped with this posture, figure now. It would miss i. to be rendered minuscule as go on without a woman is the crepuscule.

Pornography or consent like the s why males donm’t want other males, as they aare associated with dominance, openness punished by torture instead of shared pleasure, instable life instead of loving and enhancing relationship of resepect and incentive, betray insetaed of courage,

On the financial center of the world’ pm quote

I am the c.e.o of London, the rock that little region that even Scottish has deserted. What is left is a reserve of posh people, but beware they are expensive.

How do you want to sell that foreign?

Me I don’t mind they are all rocks, the advantage with London is that there is still rain, whence it gets to be dissolution and dilution on poisoned land.

Of course we so much derail the Nazis that had to shout as radio and tv waves were not . now we are measured in the tone of your voice. Not to be polite or wise but to say as long as you measurate the tone of your voice you are correct. Meaning that man, you can put on your agenda the end of the hum- race. But do speak like a professional. Profess.

b————lead            b—————–leak.

It’s not only the end o f oil and dubay but the one of earth.

She will crack, whew h then she will burst only get ting

rid of rid of her assassins



educated people participating in imporverising of professional practices and common sense of how to keep everyone aliv and happy.

Who rules, is secondary as they should get from ruling not more than proportionally = good tools and additional bread and  facilities for the hours done.

But if task ask qualification then hours apaid more as represent the need for concentration, or recapitalization but anyhow difference not as a gap or wall just to thanks more density.

But what rules, ? satan (as tan) it comes easy.

Satan is not a scapegoat as it has been created, but lord, d-rol only.


plu·toc·ra·cy  (pl-tkr-s)

  1. pl. plu·toc·ra·cies
  2. Government by the wealthy.
  3. A wealthy class that controls a government.
  4. A government or state in which the wealthy rule.

when attachment to culture means to destroy other’s fruit for goodness and reconciliation.

Puf. Proof.

Not that’s right but yah, that right, thank you.

eve, could you try to free me somehow?

try to make them find a solution nice and commercial. that don’t make you move twice. insist, nicely but insist. or what is the use of an agency. don’t go before finding a workable arrangement, they are paid for that. you paid for you not to loose your priceious time.

price, prince.

Offer, roof.

Society in exchange for security employ to destruction.  Modern slavery were you soul is sold. Itself.

Prayers is for when one cannot know, but when people are demonstrating that they are gonna destroy what have been given not to anybody but to the body of the creation. Then pray is not of nay hours, just to take a bread break and resume reflexions on how justice and action shall in practice be.

And it is that the preposterous lidicrousity of religions is to say that everything is written while life if led with moral and attenition o for the living, will realize that it coulsd spend al l moment into meditation without finding the just move. Spiritual proposition, is that spiritual is just beyond. Peacefully.

The dum academic giving reason to everybody, not by openness but because war between factions praise their job of ben oui oui. They don’t do that in a spirit of understanding and discussion, where thinking top stop when one is sure that somebody is in danger or act through dangerous and salvaging coercion. They do that as they think that they can hold on indefinity to their puppets.


Love for the woman, as they allow us to take a view and act on feminity.

To be protected like in a nest where will be freedom and furtherance by light ness all previous, former or otherwise fragility.

i thought that i could get more in depth comments. i t is ok greg i didn’t want to ask you more than you are expected to.


this for the job expectation, now t what other jobs are needed to complete and ensure harmonization, with zero damages. If brits where were good at insurance as msuch as they were to set up policy.

i am doing war and rape as a weapon of crimes against humanity. i feel like calling you, hear your voice, understand what your mess is, without you having to type technicalities.

Imam, hymn.

Umma. ?

Am mu.

Flat– ery.


Nothing, noting


Most must.

Som  sum

Nuts, seeds, oils (…) can all be great sources of essential fatty acids essential for a whole host of functions from a strong immune system through to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and many cancers.

mass, asthma.

Axi azimuth, se zenith.

These little boys, and older, one, speaking macho, in never have been,

Don’t know that it is the best way so to s peak of not having to mourn at all their daddy.

S nake, naked.

Serpent, serp.

Ser pent,        pant, pant for air, ser, serrer.

Serf, s       err.          Sert,

To eat the apple and recognize something breakable.

One s pleasure and leasure, one’s body howling for more of you.

Till insanity as without passion life would be only retaliating for none but dinnering.

Intraseque hunting, inner thanksul .

Soul          luos.

For the sake of autrui. Alter ego, is the croquing.

Croquet mort.

Mouthy, smoothy,


Htuom,   atchoooom,    piython.

Also since you r ain a spiral of all infernality, there si a simp;e recipe: instead of proclaiming religion than were supposed to protect your pa pseudo bros, the soul in the same perimeter, countries were fraternity is about well zwero, I haven’t been but in caese fo miracle we would be all convert, not because e we are all gbanda idiot. Idiom. Durex.

The religion that could permit them not to depend of the whim of the limey for the example to be brief, g feirb feblir


Now you aer puke, pubere, proning a religion that for horrors is hors pairs, yse, yes we know horrors she are, horror share.

You would better defend human rights, the one for everyvody , when sister equal brother, and don’t tell me I am not allowed to the inferior part of the species. I want a wife too even if it mean disrepencies. I am ok with it. Eyou better to defend human rights and their superiority animal rights, does not mean to kill halla, hallal, it means to do like the honorable hindus, the be veggy. E if you don’t respect those rights well bienvenue you are the enemy.

I am entitled to spouse an half and kill you to spouse a second one, honey.

like the honorable hindus, the be veggy, that don’t need anybook on this coo occasion, it is directly the birds and all other creature that sing their being guardian of the realm , like any other birdy, welcome. As for the animal carnibor sorbibor, carnivore, it is of th e human responsibility to find out how to get vegan every singl e body to finish on a study of how to stop the vet gettable reign not a martyrdom but similar dynasty.

The box of pano doa not a box but an universe of release. The bind wind of lie r bery liberty not a tempest in a cup of tea.

As for polygamy, we are monstruosity, parasite as for the number and way of life we lead. And yes the way of life of people, me included andon that dubay is the westy, leasd us down to hell. As the hell of homosexuality it don’t su usurpate you and make you drink acide rain, the one that mek you drink acid rain is the hell that has to be combat and then you ll be wise enough to undertstand share marriage and share sensuality, and fucker polygamist and your e religion recruiter of permanent prostitute and rapist , pais, share humility and the prayer to belong and belligere and be mixed onto eternity. For the sole account of what love is spirituality. All my life, dday after day, wh hishing that her, and her becoming my life experience and the earthy taste of eternity. The sex of grail, of gravity.the moon via my tears and ocean of fear transform into faith is pulled and with ther image, her weight and luminosity.

Her weight and start, star, the tide and floq flow flodding our humor and the birds appeal towards incandesecntdity.

And liberty.

The violences surrounding a sexual act is not exciting according to the e person violented and then loose all traces of sexuality but is a self activity, equivalent of a masturbation mental, were the exitemt comes from the possibility obtained.

If one rperou reproduce in that kind of coercion , som smooth’ coercion included, it is not reproduction of the ‘holy spirit’ or not ‘s pirit at all it is the remains of a raem ream of our forefathers, since millenaries existing, from the day we were once one cell creature, aim at dispersing. I am not saying that the cild child consequence of the forced is not holy but don’t belong to the father’ or mother’ performing a p rape , as cultural as might that be.

Belonging to history, and god , the forgotten.

Me, I want to be able to marry a paki, (but not the pack)

In fact the pack if this one is not pl polygamous and fight for free and not doubt-buy company.

Listen to th e birds they communicate with your own s word, but if you don’t detect those. Listen again you will. But maybe before that you could hear an unhappy bird sing. In London even in centurnal green er area they are losing their habitat.

Me I want to mary marry. To a Christian

I want to marry a Christian or a um, or whatever but a good wife.and am h’mo.

Bad dab

Good doog.

confirm your phone did not work.

me an agency like that i would slam the door to their feesing face.

ok, everything is clearer, you see me wednesday, tomorrow, even though i took on 2 kilos for stress mismanagement.

Fucking, feesing, faking, faeces.

Am completely fed up with myself, one of these days I ll never manage to start anything. Internet at uni completely down, spend one hour feedling with my computer thinking it was its fault. My body is blocked, annoy with months, years on end past activities. Right now know what I d fancy a all hour if not year of stretching, be them deep or aerobics…whatever I could do in caring company.

Heteros have always been the worst demonstration of the word ‘puftas’. The one that haven’t balls enough to declare themselves out. Thus hating women in gang, sucking men to obost them being mysogyn, and the danger of men loving each other without understanding that they need peace in order to live as couple be it in marriage or friendship.

We are waiting for an arab speaker to propage peace and love around this fucked of a put down as a rock left overs. Oil is dead and with her earth quake din ending in only frightening. Hearth attack.

Like with copernic fucking humanity think that she is the best, the enlightened, while they loot birds and other rythms songs, while they kill in terminating it with word like progress.

All awaiting this fucking last process.


ok, i said “i”, not black mail this. what i tried to express is that it is 10 days i haven’t seen you. that dropping a passport and have a 45 min coffee at most would not really prevent you to see me as i d more than happy to wait. anyhow, i did not get your email before texting you. i want to see you. but it is not to insist it is just to say, don’t screw me.

one tiny detail however, i would not implore a friend for a coffee honey. i have great relationship with colleagues, i met good companions, i have got a very few people that i call friends. but drink a tea with them i do without it. but this is so tiny. i feel like seeing ya. and if you don’t get why, it is you terrorizing.

eve, for godness sake you are a busy woman. you ve got serious job in an office, you want to do uni, you study like crazy to become a yoga teacher. if each time you ve got a pressure you delay us to see, i ll never be with you, within the supposition that once you know me better you still want to hang around. isn’t that true?

just to give you a tip, it s been 10 days i reward myself thinking i am about to see you.

am i too intense, or am i mistaken?
I mean ok this is just me. It is my fault but what can I do, I just love writing to you.

Rubbish of course, how busy is that?

Eve do you remember your hugging me. Well ok I am the cowboy, peasant of the story, but do you know what impact it has on somebody trying desperately to date someone they could like, to be hugged like that? Was I all wrong, you write to me like you had virtually not the faintest idea. Feeling faint yet again is for me. Have a good night, hope to see you. Don’t worry about my writing am not always polite but always respectful. Love ya. But not demanding; none of it.

am i too intense, or am i mistaken?
do you mean that I am that wrong, be pity on me.

Woman: don’t worry they are well hidden my gonads and I would not be knweeling like such a weak and mad seak seek dog cos they ve got difficulties to hang.

hand hang. Twant twang

I always believe they were slappers as I always believe they did nto care even a little bit. It is what women make up when situation got entangled. Or at least I hope. I always believe everything, the better like the worse. This is spirituality, to be involved as much as detached. What revealation will follow the having pursue or sue such simple commandment. Mend, come dement.


and how people taking bath write about people having no drinking water.


They will say that their health need others’ organs logically one day.

Forced marriage is still not classified and treated as a criminal offense, uk is a fucking whore. …

Should forced marriage be made a criminal offence?

The Home Office is deciding whether to criminalise forced marriage in England and Wales.

And Where is Hitler to start collaboration?


And do you want to dream on addressing domestic violences at all after that. Social, police, judge, policies, when these disgusting stuff will melt together, in a country were where laws in practice is the opposite of what is pinned on the wall, for the employer to nick you as many time a day that kamasutra suggested, this empty shell completely ready to be taken over, but bloody and headless cruelty like the sharia. And then you ve got thse stupid british overplaying their spurness and national feeling whereas they ask for that, these band of lawyers that got all their money through papers, not even that competent. Sold.

And not to be re-honored in publice places, for a so goody good price.

bootlicker, ass-kisser, toadeater

Shit Sold





sycophant [ˈsɪkəfənt]


a person who uses flattery to win favour from individuals wielding influence; toady

[from Latin sȳcophanta, from Greek sukophantēs, literally: the person showing a fig, apparently referring to the fig sign used in making an accusation, from sukon fig + phainein to show; sense probably developed from “accuser” to “informer, flatterer”]

sycophancy  n

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

ThesaurusLegend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms

Noun 1. sycophant – a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage

ass-kisser, crawler, toady, lackey

apple polisher, bootlicker, fawner, groveler, groveller, truckler – someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect; who behaves as if he had no self-respect

adulator, flatterer – a person who uses flattery

goody-goody – a person who behaves extremely well in order to please a superior

Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2011 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.

C.ET: sick’o fan.

Spending my life confounding and thinking that a woman was serious on me and the fact that she tried not to be too curt but could not give a damn of my erring soul.


In the last jugement won’t be the ignorant and the innocent of not knwowing, but the ones not wanting to know or the hypocrites. I am fed up with the ladys that are so careful of not given away they don’t igve ive a shit. Why be so careful flu. Vagueness or am I a sick child or an imbecile? Are these to two only reasons for them to have the sensation of still serving a purpose, a feminine inclination, a potent reason to stay home doing nothing>?

In theory but it is just in theory, one has one date. i am not looking for friendship or yes for friendship but with a girlfriend. that is if  your date don’t want to see you well she does not want to date you. and i thought we were a date. it is maybe why your mum is insisting on talking about an intimate relationship (i am not talking about marriage either) because now i am super ill-at-ease you declare i am acting like a total nut (remember we also tried a lot to use humour and it is also why i adopted a completely carefree behavior because you responded in using humour too, agreeing intelligently if you ask me) but now i really don’t understand why you keep to mention friendship, evelina, i am looking for a date, for having a flirt, for having a sexual relationship, but i do am friendly because if i was really lucky well i coud find a girl friend, and even i could find more than a girl friend, i could find my woman, and it is why i expect to see you more than once every fornight at best, because it is what is missing in my live, because i date one a lady at a time, as i wish to be faithful, even if i dont know the person. if if write of you. it is because i think of you. but of course i really had to insist, i hope you understand i am not so desperately sick, i had to insist because i did not know that we did not agree. also you meet me in a dating site, i am i think very clear myself as for my aims, you answer my email several time a day. i thought we were dating. at least i thought you wanted to know me more and relating to that question.

I have spent the last fortnight writing to a lady that I thought liked me to pass as an idiot quite like usual. Usually I calculated to spend the less time and always end round wasting my time on one person because I don’t see others, su stupid innit? No, because what I want is more time all around.

In general it always ende in depression but at this occasion no. I believe in destiney in my life I have dreamt of getting marire married so it is what I go for ultimately, telling them ‘I d like to work in Africa like it is my dream, my pro dream to go, every day I toss myself up thinking I ll finish by going and be a good pro and each time I meet somebody and so discuss relationship term it is Africa I renie. Cos in Africa I would be to afraid for her.  I spent that last fortnight wti thinking to myself I cuuls find a lady now I am about, 3 years, to go. And I served her the same serenade, it s my love Africa but if I meet somebody…I seved her a sereneade because I could love her so. But I believe in my destiny, and she don’t quite like me. Even not quite like me and it s a pure lesbi, at leat bi, bother bro.  both bother. If one kill my wife I could kill unrelentlessly after the blow.

To have invented racism and sexuism and homophobia…. For people to get a wrong and nasty urge to discriminate, and do whatever imoorals in saying to other people that they do that under threat. To stay unchecked and likeunwise everyone killing everybody and leaving the dirty business unchecked, but in fact helped and boosted, bossman bogeyman.

Or person.

People threatening each other, all over again, invoking their color of the skin, just unlike God will mind about the degree of their tan. Nor god is gonna do, nor will the devil.

Only these guys reproducing like crumpets, and getting ready to their new masters, sev rving like contnented hwores, but problems with whores is that e we all gonna do, so for these lots the words is too weal wa weak.

All peol ple asking if one is racist, but in these world it is beyond fashit. Fash shit.

Nazi will do.

Not what we like the fasho but what else when it is the way of not dying outright?

The way ist to stop creating groups and work for right. But who?

bon ce qu on fait tu me previens quand tu vas a paris et on essay de se voir la bas. si tu me trouves ok j irais sur ibiza sans probleme t inquiete pas. j espere te voir pour noel et avoir des vacances a ce moment la.


What kinda volunteer? To be trained to poison London for free and sponsorised;(

“To end on a lighter note, and featuring a video that has to be seen to be believed: Alan Hughes is amazed at the nerve of the London Mayor, who’s trying to dupe people into cleaning up the capital ahead of the Olympics.”
View »

be that count wash out altogether with javel, in the hope of becoming greener, fairer, and more sane.

Mayor wants cycling to appear green and cheap but no one has the balls of protecting population and fining cars to be a danger to cycles. In fact no one has ball to introduce electric tram instead of cars, wild life paths and horses back. Species is dying intelligence is out-side hope of any sustainability?Lol, lol, lol. Don’t talk like that stop lying and start saying ‘survivability’.

To be macho bac becaue of not having a partner, even though married, no respect will make love? never.

Her, the story –teller recalled it like something almost minor. The other understanding it was on the contrary at the base of her particularity stored it. And in turn the knowledge, the hving being told became the equivalent in the latter life of a commandment or order of a messiah. Messy.

For love is a figuration to say god.

For the love of god is a figuration to say love.

And this might be addressed to everyone and this someone. Spiritual, in spire, ritual.

Becareful, they are not nice, understanding, and powerful is m smiley.

They are the new masters, you think they are social they in fact enroll . role hen.

The day you sia disagree, the day you ‘disobey’ it is your hand you ll be part with.

Nb: could be a good engine to organ thiefs, when you marry little girls it s just the door away, in the a same building. Thiefs as how the government will allow me to talk about that, or the pros, the profs, the ngo’s and companies.

Speech hatred.

I hate, They destroy me.

Destroy, troy horse.


People like tough solution because humanity is sot weak that tough is not gonna do any thing good, as though eans to go on ridicule. Cull ride of. We are al l wrong but how to write this with humanity in a n eree and sphere tha showed to itself that I t never was profress but that technological advancement put ourselves before our more ldudicrous condition, beind dummer, and instead of humility and act at restoration, we go on vehement proning gunner, pruning humour, humour and honor.

To be right does it suffice, the heart is left.

Anyhow I am fed up writing with western based political riddle. It is enerved.

The tenebrous single, but I don’t I mind loosing my charms for a woman. A person. I am not lugubrious. Only if she keeps me the why and how of my actually positively being tough.

No sacrifices that don’t devote not to the one, or to the communy, but the love, for all bottom. And the love of others is why is so sacred a partner. To make oneself good and functional and stop the horrors that make life and simple love in a house and the future of one’s brought up a envisioned hell, if one cares at all about the future, there s no come back.

You want to be a whore, but whore me up and you d receive the special treatment.

Treat        re at

Tre      three

Involve will and multi layer relationship. One carer and its object of study, the ointment?

Peple with other experience or viewpoint and adb advicccce

Whores are wanted to cement communities, that even if they try to make things awareness and dispute torture, will end up into the deepest hatred, as what serves awareness without prompt action. Empowerement liberation would work onto desolation. Mind better than dying into satan’s arms and asking to be pampered on top of that. It is hwy suicide is fordiden, as calling for torture is a left overs of that.

Retaliation, retail tail ali ally attrition lion


Ok the one that wouls have me, would take my love, and the fact that I am a good dog, previoiusly the target to abuses. Don’t exploit me and more the less on my weakness or my love or my not knowint that I am worth as much as anything.

If not. Ton fire.

For the love of Christ and alla also.

U but this is ludicrusiouly London centrist, what are the beliefs of individuals, more than their saying, what were they, what would they be, and all other places than enforced theories.

You call my brother and potential reproductor, in traditional fuckery, faggot.

You could call the dkey maggot.

I am not hypocritical, my body expresses this way, I don’t force it.

not hypocritical, this term used as a n annihilation of difference, and also to boost one way of saying, or oblgigation to agrressivity, and worse of worst, being categorical in one’s appreciation, never relativise, never come back on one’s jugement and say aloud all one’s thoughts even thought are her to be temporary.

And now we are killed the planet, who are the guys that are gonna to e killed. As after killing on’s mother everybody is ‘empowereed’ with   a feeling ofr killing. The same guys that had already suffered

no look, don’t think, we are becoming right down ballistic right now it is more that.

i understood your position, you took heed of mine. Still meet me. it is just you have to know that me, as me, I really am under big threat big time when I date. I am unable and I do not want to date someone in trying to connect or to make it up with anybody else= if I date someone I stop interacting in view of meeting with somebody.  I don’t feel comfortable juggling with several people, and I think that unless you want casual encounters the charm, the aim, the whole spirit of dating, in fact its sprite, would go away, and with it my own mind (and I don’t want to damage my matter). It is why I wanted to meet you regularly one for having the occasion to get a bit deeper with someone, two for it to bring comfort emotionally, and three, the day you know you cannot have me would not  have been in a year time.

Also I reacted relax, too relax surely, because we text each other to wish good morning, you want me to stay quiet while you are with you ex.

Don’t take me for a terrorist, I have element, I think, I convey that to you, I reacted this way because of what you said to me about your past and what and how you reacted to Shen difficulties. Well I found that it was extremely dedicated. It is nothing more, it is not a command, but I am also this type, if I am with someone it is to touch entirety and completude. The spiritual is here to unmask ‘reality’. so we have to do with the fabric of our personalities, however, regardless of how you are gonna act upon them.

ps, don’t answer on this site please, i am in no state of mind of goint there. i am waiting for you to decide what your envy’s.

ok i am rereading myself , no wonder you treat me like an imbecile. i admit it is very wrongly said but i know you gather the ideal. Idea all.

All lla

attempt at making you smile, maybe. ok i could find better. but did not.

The slills of ladys, the ones socially explored, of coping with violence through psychology instead fo curbing it by reising violence ro special retaliation that prevent fight outrights. If the ladyse don’t fight back, because fighting back if want to be with the less possible pain and harm inflicted as hast ob e led by the all society. Problem is why paychology is essential is to much curb and coercing killing the living , freedom and creativity.

‘learn it, and learn it well’

‘it is not about what you ll create but about what you ll aquire’

‘you don’t need to bent the whole world, after I think that is better is to enjoy it (your life)’

Paris is burning film. A jenny livngstion film

crate create

be (bent)

to stop homosexual, or inter tribes, inter classes, or family marriage make the potentioanity of the number of your partner scarce and make oen more tolerant as for they might put off with the ‘hcosen’ enforce union. And like that lead society to rise and engross pure cruelty, enhance d aggresiiviety and unfarinerness within the houve, house the very home they have to stay.

The offering left for the poor and t for the animals thinking that society could be better , as nature could provide for everybody, as being respected. P offerings for god and the fact that earth has to be nourished for its product to be shared with what? With its products. Circle. C u cycle.

You don’t say sorry. To protect precious time, meaning, and pain, alos the ones that would wait for you as they are faithful and not the ones who don’t care or take it lightly cos they are not, when yo udon’t fancy someone you don’t say sorry, you say fuck you.

Celebration and appearance of grandeur or comfort for representation of marriage.

So am marriage important as the end of being nesty. And confident.

Couples as a necessary tools at living and hopoing and improving for someone. Without it spirit down, inhuman in the way one cannot pout eeverything of their life into a human image and boy body.

Towards spiritual or if not towards life towards death and jealousy. Or revenge if condition due to be ‘banned’ to marital life.

but what’s important, is that do you know about what you gonna write about? why would it take so long to eliminate me? eve, one thing is that whatever the reason (explanation) is, i am happy we communicate this rapidly and what stays (i hope) this easy. one other thing is that for this reason (the latter) you should not be sorry; at all.

Hassles, dramas, as a way of keeping the easy life spewed with difficulties. To feel alive.

To get older and respect one’s body like one respected head, heed, the one of one’s mother.

i think i probably forgot that it is not forfeti but that you are on the darkness side, at least but not leat you might on this co occasion be.

forfeit, confetti.

Cocas occas.




dare darkeness is not bad nor (orn( base but the shadows of the unknown, the ununderstood, or the uneasiness, and the unseen.

Eve, ease,


ivy, icy.

Look i need to go even more ridiculous. each time i meet someone i really like, even if it is just to discuss, springs in me the only one subject i am actually live in and for. i have been single for ever and all my plans are thought around a career going on to Africa or to finally find lasting love. without it d go not really towards what i would like to expect from a job. no dashing no tremours, no tremendous way to make a difference or a change. i d always wanted to dedicate what is left of my life after earning the minimum, to poverty, or to fight inequality, the ‘richness’ that ruins others and other species. of course looking for someone means that every minimum, money security live liberty, changes. Whatever it is the idiot’s info of the day, but I owe it to you, as I was not quite correct to you. I id did not seem to be correct you not knowing my ids disarray of everyday (I did not convey to you ‘fuck me’ but I do). Good night. You write to me, I really fancy reading you. My connections, my exchange are not always, often ok. I don’t like being around people, like you. Too much to do or to avoid.
I always thought that be with someone was what I have to prioritize. Now when I say with someone would be with someone completely happy to be with me and my obsessions = way of live and sharing ways (see above, would not change this, not even for a bit, even for you, even for the dreamt love of my life, I am what I am sort of thing, sacrifices but not the ones that could kill you or your soul, the spirit to which everyday sees you reborn). But time goes by, and I need to do something good, and I don’t think that anyone needs me in this continent or anywhere anyway, but there choices is restricted, much more to the west with its high pretense (off) for liberty.. I must admit though that in my heart it feels like if ‘I love you’ continuum, it is why I want you to come round with an exit plan rapidly, it is not good for me, to daydream. What would be left of the idyll, like I told you life and bad, cruel story gave already to me one of its idol. Cos me it is what I do, mediation of you, my dream, via writing, or my next passion or perhaps to stop the passion and just live with what is left of energy to a bitter end but softly conduction and acting. Kiss you like a friend (I have to remind me, not you). I also avoid taking too serious steps, as like usual (it is no complain, you need love with an human face, and when I believed in it it strengthen me, and when I realize my stubborn mistake it freed me, never be afraid) .I would live for someone would don’t remember me instead of perhaps have insignificant flirts, but the casuals that, I don’t get anyway, but that still are the nearest from what another half can  be. It is just that I could not picture that at all with you. You don’t deserve to be lied on, not that anyone does, and I would not appreciate that you lose your time, even for a little rendez vous. Be patient, hold on to this quality of yours till the end, be patient and happy. I ll never ever want nor have wanted to frighten you.

Temple, church, mosque all religious building to represent what the community has managed to pout into place to represent the w how they try and protect humniaty wihting the universe. Social predicament if not spirituatlity. Where spirituality takes place only when universe an dholy for all life is considered.

Marriage, gay marriage as it is one against the fake comfort and security of ditact heterosexuality, represent gay as weak , since out side the military beddings.

Write about the lost, the vague, the unremind, the less remember, the already don. The writer’s life and other’s dreams and meant.

Cuture celebrations of skills, state of mind, way of living, earth and ancestors.

Territories and their manners, products and their fashions.

Around the generations. And travelers

Providing employment always has been the pin of the leaders, dictactorhis and Nazism included. What are eht job descriptions or the social assimilation rules are gonna be next? In this land of depletion, in this world of market place unashamed of its mesh. Maid, mere maid.

The fight for survival within the realm of the nature, boosting the intelleigence of man towards technologic procedures while they are phyaically p fighting out of not having tools and other facilities. What when nature is deserted with the knowledge it comes for destructing the destructor.

Contrarily to the creator of our believes an ddivinities.?

What intelligence might develop. Htose of th e events? T o adapt to the undesirable, the one here to take and never give. Not undesired by jealousy but so as no alternative to the robbery.

to the robbery hight a scale and debased, common place and felicitated robe of the berry.

The fruit I of indecency one day will show its full fledged . no compsonsatory.

Cop compeond, pond of decay, won’t be dellisory.

‘I loved mother like any other woman’

Speaking about his wifes, sometimes you have to look at someone for them to say or whisper their truth and essence of language, counication communication of life time.

If I had to choose between grief and nothingness, I d choose grief.


To make love, like th releas e of dna hiddenin some secret spot, the running of the fluid the one for whom you say my whole life won’t be ruin. Freeing the elaboration of what one wishes to reproduce and share with one’s honey. Eno. H.

Your souvenir, th e remembrance bcoming sensation go down into me and empire sempare parer like the light into a jewelery. Your picture paints itself just covering the field of my vision, size my breath and you r image will infilter my flesh, my muscle and other feeling the penetration. Woman and the way of my heart, like a h child I think would o comea as a shield, the remembrance of me to have to move on and going, to ensure a future to the boy and girl, whatever it is whatever they want to be.

The path of my soul getting ready to bet to the absolute via husgandery. Bindery.


Grammar as syntax and organisation of the relationship, reality related, of the signifier, sine qua non to the density and construction with layers of the atmoshphere than through them itself will convey. convoy, vocie, voice and path through which give or not shadows and luminosity, effects, mirrors, bypass, deadend, cutend, crash, curb and time impetuosity.
search me.



Fore = drill

Llird, lire = read.


e-ril. Derile. Evil.


Getting older is to feel how strange one’s body might be, and the formation of some intruder into what was a uncountable undecipherable mass formely..

undecipherable mass it remains, its frivolity though transparency, come s to be more likey. Lackey, likely.

Forgiving, love or art of destruction.

Love of revenge, and discrimination?

Discrimate to elude that question.

Religious and legal theory of another world and out dated by human conditions of organizations and security. Safety and model of production, creation, thinking, on going, nutritition, attrition.

Aging, raja, ajar, hajja..

Hag, rag, rage.

Age, egg, hedge.

Laegality and m imoorality of prostitution.

should be all tramway.

A green lane around and along the woods for the horses, dogs, and th e whole population.


Population not pullulation of polluters,

Polluters, poll.

And the pole too well know hint a polictics of prostitituion.

Every stu yle of writing is for a good reason, finding one’s reader.

The academic fashion and standardization is in order to be typical of atypical objectivity in order not to sastified the brains but to aim at clarity. Problem is the enforcement of clarity is not light but dazzling unvalid puberty towards stiffening reality, it is emptiing. Empt. Hamp.

Th ehemp of the ideology fabric

Fav a fabrication.


If style of writing is targeting everybody, without being highly spiritual, then the style does nothing but obscurin g reporting and participation parr appreciation

Participation to avoid judement without knowing, and life condemnation.

Smile and avoid the thinking.

Demonstration and free protest.

The true religious, too, entrapped as wicked people = not wiched people by nature but wicke intention, are in t fact welcoming false religion. Athe cannot be happier’ to hear about pedophilia, forced marriage, violence, grautituous coercion, l , l slavery, perversion, polygamy, all what have been invented to do less and get more blood on one’s hand story. Not the procreator but the one beneficiating from death and the fear she brings.

Torpor. Tort pore, peur.

A turban on the head, you can put our forehead on the rough and for your brain a cushion supporting when exhaust or in the verge of energy extinction.

Protecting the skulls, and identity as when people looka t you fo r finding you back and terrorized up to your dog.

eyh, our style is dashing too. and cosmicavatar the most inviting name. tear.

hi, no pics? but peak. To be picked.

interesting interest.

Destiny, des tinky . depending on what one’ loves and hwo the what is loved might be followed or found or presented. What and who, in relation to.

To accept one’s fate in withing understanding and tehn fighting, as the people one loved as loving one, had suffered. Suffer, reffus.

Re fuse.

Fusee = rocket.

Alarm, all harm. All rale.

To know how to wait, still and sterile of all expectations, as life needs to fill, and the current coming shares and permits other action.

If one has been a male or a female, in the societies where they are divided, compared, polo, polarized, ralop, gallop, ellop, could be the mater of building oneself as inverse or opposite as it is with different behavioral codes that one will position to the people that have touched them.

A code, that are so caricatural that will put naked attractions, that will polarized further individuals, personal, impersonato, relationships, in a way of possessing and tracing individual outer demonstration of sexual belonging and other interest, other sexual interest. Witchcraft hunt and homosexualit.

And it is why heterosexuals punters fear gear so much homosexuality ast all of this is a slap stick comedy that oculd konow its rehearsal as a complete and so much cruelty. The reversal of the present infamy.

Like when you treat your staff like dummy, no institution, no storng strong links elaborate, the instutitions if existing are empty and only ready, fuelling day to day one more growing certitude willing and ability or lost the spirit and disability of the power, the true power, to keep institution going better and without it, institutions in the make of being taken over, like the wind a barmy. a derelict barmy in which pigs……………or whose ones, belonging to the army. J

Relaxing time to pursue concentration. The pitfalls of depression is to think that one is low when exhausted, and start doing the fidgety or something unrelated to what they want to grow in. as exhaustion is only a demonstration of how the bar and limit are fine, and enter a new world, create a division. Two vision, iv siv, id, sieve hide, heave, heed.

think, thin and thick.

What if we could narrow down fabir ricated need. Keep one’s old clothes, stop plane as boats are compulsory and part of our holidays heal deal.

The shame of all humanity is to let people wasting their potential, as long as this potential won’t damage life per se. the magic.

And what is its shame will become this cancer.

Concert.  Can serf.

To ask for this saleary, cost of life and way of life. That makes us the worker the collaoborators of tpolicies of looting and slavery.

what ‘s your books telling?

Brook, Brood. Mood.

Nigh ngi neigh bore borrow.

Like food fasting, the mental and moral needs to be emptied, to halt and reflect upon limits , tiredness, and insanity or lack of.

Howver not jobs, ridiculously eating skills, time, money and people involvement, these jobs permit me too to have a mental break, to se escape other people control. As control freak, urge for nasty productivity and the dead of personality, individuality, creativitiy and difference, make us all want to go not private exactly but at least hidden and thus protected from the judgement and penalty from society and working conditions and philosophies that would eat our existence up and detain.

Nti nativity. Nat, tan, sun.

Like vampires one won’t spport living overtly no longer

And we all support not transparancey as transparancey is the sole mean to see jjustice rendered , but in an injuste set would bring everyone in their grave to to swallow their shroud and orgueil. Linceul

One’s head and face wrapped, and hot. The women culd not witness as their yes were covered just like understanding.

Or would stop setting up. As wars between factions was all about all around all lol and laugh loud about lying, of course the women, the sisters would practice that within. But set up inside a community would have one impact diring direct short term possible retaliation, as being outcast bring something onto human determination, the licnese to kill.


Women as their sex permit have a defying the superficial acknolegement of the flesh. And I pick the substance on any domain, if less able to fly as flee quicly.

To be attached to the past, as knowing that the pst would recome, come over, and this lass the next one, never seen formely auparaveant, but in fact summoning all the strengths know however, cependant, precedently, up to now is now is read, and now is lay, as the present.

have you had a look at my blog? Quite political all the same.

It is not why but how, that one might and can start being unloyal even unfaithful as when one take upon them to wait angd angst that event , however due, and politeness oblige, never came. The emptiness of the universe is ready to install. Bee.

Unrelentless not as mere superficiality but from need of buttress.

Madam can’t or cunt.

We have to forgive each other as one is not knowing that the other one has in mind. And when they are, another pettern pattern of thinking might prove dangerous, as creating vacuum or instability onto another r context, concrete worsen by liability. Like the cougar that teach their children to have to pull out their fangs and anil halation, nail  the saphir, rip, as. Rit pas.

Ombre, member.

Vampirism is a recurrent theme in lesbianism as women are portrayed complulsory to stay in some kind of mouroir while loving each other means betray. As married to others or as obeying outsdiere. Sider.


Act of love, and making it, per presupposing a so well being that the body ite itself eat el self and mind opening.

To have sexual intercourse without this beauty and bonte beounty, or in the view of damaging it and tears scars on the hell borders. Total fress free sex is this scale of violation if se x happening in fright of any restrictions.

Why coercion in sex is the injury of all os squeleton, society and dmorals.



Ev of victory.


Ever it is why


e womb.

Y Tom-b

Windows. Wind oz.

You ll have to pay if you want the better side, or the less emergent, dissident. I am a researcher and I have to eat to be a long life expectancy one. Deos dos not been better. Nah.

To think of god, and start shaking but won’t write more, I d be gossip. As when you shake wisdom won’t deem, or dim your wit, you know your shape.

Baragin baratin.

-able to manipulate the webs, selectioning and deleting what you see and send.

– why bother they could kill you qiukest.

-they would not have to do cutting my preciousest wire is simpler.

-what for? Why not kill first and fore? Most.

-I would serve the devil after that.

-well you are, lol

-well, I would serve myself, how ominous is that?

Humility of not staying in the state of bourgooisy nicking the whoe le third world and think that someone can be for it any of seriously.


The female , the colomb. Cl coo col of uterus.

Note: female stand for what is the female in the mechanism or in the couple. Fucking pussy. No need to check if you ve got the biology, uninteresting that. Take the pieces apart.

This and a catastrophe.

Cat a strophe.

If one wanted to retaliate to the banker to be robber, then their bonuses whould go up to protect the asset. So the gang would attack its gang, and the violence would degenerate in another groups taking over, without depleting the only aim, of a devil in thf a falling, money. How could we stop to be rpaed raped everyday?

Digger divertisment of the aims, n money by strengthening creativity and well being through respect.

How? Who. Woh . whow ho wow.

Ney, ney. As worshipping is affair of money.

Like in the bable towere, animal and human, human an animal, were a team, ubt but dout they forgot. Adobe.

And ll will go naked

On a apartheid regime, the birds, the fauve, won’t be human beig benighm begging but the disease they created. God save the queen, the bees.

Seexv  seed

Anon is more than anonymous it is whithout a having been registered.

Nona. Like the animals to whom everyone can inflict cruelty, one day we will be fucked by mum other FREEDOM. FREE OF FRIGHT,


Aim participatory.

D e man sip at tory, tort e. not forte


Eparse tears.  Depash.

Ds dispatch, deep ash.

Bailly, nelly. Nailley.

Shape, hap. Ah happer.

Manon, mane. Main. Main = hand

Life is also about avoiding the feeling of nothingness, and decay. And avoiding the bet and deal with madness and badness consisting of killing for fun, or making so money in forgetting everyday of what is consisting their jobs. West the first of this world of developed depravity.

And it is not specially the fault of the puftas or lesbi, you are all that, baby.

And the mature adult should thei r sahme shame shadow of ame ma say.


Around hound

To like it snow, it is as so smooth as black and like it ginger freckelish, and thus the all color of moon are here. Wl ill be when grey, red, and tanned on the sun, the dark or the cold will follow the race of all. The dickey?  No exactly. All. Let s imagine I don’t answer myself and the dickey I could have left like if it was the period of my adu lt audacity.

A dobe, a daube.


The boa one constructs, the meanders of the cult, is the one one obeys when one observe la all the rules they learnt from the bay, from the be beg- innings.

The woman snake, not seizable.

Snake, ekans. Kan,


Her pant.



Peter out

Terre                     erret

Seize   ezies         easy

To forbid praise others. As if I cannot find match and marry.

Apartheid, black ave, maria of other tribes, bribes.


I don’t hate no one. It is not hatred.

I d never write that, wrie. This is my hope. This is what is ‘hope;.

And what’s my duty.


Awaiting death as a d pena lsoty.

Fail fate, fail fates and its bodies.


People deem to be agressivity; but when you have been asked thousand times with the same question you start creativity and destruction of misplaced concern  with which one ha s bombed.

would you fancy a drink sometimes? your profile is rather intimidating, sometimes people would like to show you the way and in fact are in ability to show you just one, just theirs. for everybody the same fate, and yeh.

babe, i know you still can concentrate though short be the move. you are on this site everyday, could you spare a thought for the finishing of me, if it is not too much ask.  i lay and err in the open right now, it is not nice.

you should have let me phone you to give you a few lessons on agencies. wednesday?
i am happy you moved. are you still on an elaborated answer? these fucking guys forgot the emoticons confused when the bunny can’t help wild squinting.

mami cecette a paques etail a la aussi?






The wind hurling like an opera song.

The society completely fuck us up. As one of the inspiration in life, if not the main, or at least for tur true survival the sole that takes, is the marraiage prospect.

And if the society said to you , it is like this not otherwise, even if the choice is not one, even if it makes suffer everyone, but the pervert and the astray, then still everyone will take one, as without marriage we are but dead.

On how the idea of love itsel is manipulated for that go down as a nutshell

The athee don’t discard the idea of god but the idea of a well thinking and prat ctising religion.

If they were all bi practicing, not only les could be friends with guys really, no war in between; and on top we could practice friendship in staying together, being together wihle on the same market place going. Happy Sodom.

The impop trance of marriage and faith to one’s half and to life, we know it, even the gommohre.

Now the only way of regulating life while not havig em met ones’ honey, is to keep on dong stuff interesting and putting life into the community = community = all earth, go and fuck dirty huam human centred +

“Politics about what you know or about who you know”

London BBC

The possibility of sending children to schools were religious dogm and their discriminations, and not the common knowledge that consitututes what is our planet today, is utterly unca unacceptable.

Communities is in fact a world tha tnoone knows, sicne communities aimas are at future displays of lies for rcruitement and fees of functioning. Latter invasion, and on’t respect their members as full member. The lesbvians will nick you in action.

Pufta reproduction.

france, (you could have told me, your name mary jane mary j’aid!) i am seriously glad you though of meeting me. i have got a rule on dating site is to not dating under 25. i d like you or to find fling of your own age or to find something serious with someone corresponding really. emma wales is right he is so cute your babe. take care. speak to you later. Xx

in fact i would message you but it looks like i could be with someone. francesca is absolutely lovely. we are together at uni.

but you better watch yourself the day i would have decided to date you for real. listen to me, contact the lady, and away with your kindergarten play. do it jade please. :I

laxist, Marxist.

To be rea regareded y by people with family, or extensive social and professional ntewordk, with security in employment as well as in living provision that fi give them a behavior of insolent, not taking into account any longer that people are dying, and are actually killed to substain the lust of shaem. And treat people with less contenance, having sacrified career, family live, money to look at thins f more humbly , don’t mean to do nothing aobut it, on the contrary, like if they were in the situation of being treated like teens or irresponsible, with no social responsibility, thoughtm, matureness and conscience.

Why hatred has a gap for dysfunctionme.nt.


Arrow, agence.

Gang of the wealthy.

Well fee.

To prove her I am a patient, while I am daying dying, just managing not to send any things proving it justnat, natn leiy lieut nant,

is in the same spirit than you. she is bubbly, like serioius stuff as well, she is super funny, make people at their ease and like sociolizing, me i am on there to find my or a lady.

and for my blog too…hope you read all the same. and good luck for whatever your envy.

take care and be happy in everything you do. a kiss to the little one.

I moved, no Internet though. Still not unpacked. Absolutely hate the place. Meeting friend today locally. Not sure when could see u.

Gaydar, instead of radar.




Hiss turn

Hiss stir or stern.


don’t drink it s no good. and on top you might lose the most nice date. top it.


To beat the drum as a musician and repel with that the rhythm of the scale of termination lllness se se escale.

Be at.

Repel, expel, respell.


R-hiss, royal

Get at, contact, get tact.


The press draw its lefi fi gitimacy from the consumers in saying that they speak to a wall when investigating that people don’t want to anwer them, that they make themselves scarec or unavailable.

Belle bell.

But the press itself don’t want to hear first t witness of so sad story, so personal in the sense that it is the sot story of one individual crushed by the rouage of the all mcachines, exemplifying the all tale.

But press don’t even reply, nor would be polite, or poly.

Ma, who would answer them then?

They would end up with an investigated and published pushed amongst all other sell, but…

Investigagted by one gang with one intention only, not investigated thougou gourou thouroughly,



Pro-pel poubelle


And the pe seudo h.r gyus that think they are to replace the seminal clergy.


Pseudo, pedo.

Serious, serial.


Cat e gory.

Ous tside ousted,

With the computer playing I with the size of the font in order to v give the yees different kind of exercice and focus. On

With the writer and the reader a trade s amorce, a dialogeut and exchange of engenering. Generate. The writer give what they think that the reader need and is ready to take, against they allow themselves what might be considered at odd by the readershiop but her lie the power of the artist, not to answer an expectation but to further create. Cray. Ate.

And then terra cota ist he product of the melting intellects. Art, the meeting. The appointment of sing sign forcoming.


Ecit sut.

Hesit su      savoir              j                     jour,   ajourn,

Jealousy should stop being reagerded as anything virile, as the true jealous would cry under the pressure of it. Macho toughening.

Mad mat cho.

Chick, chic.

It is not exchange against but for. In a friendly economy.


Don’t ‘accuse’ me of being sexual, don’t sexualize, I don’t want sex, but affect thank you.

Fea male hint.


Weird, we ear 😀

We here.

Candle candy.



-I love you

– don’t make me suffer. Refus. Water.

Inspiration is to have enough courage in the sense of not being afraid of additional la load of work and questionable, and re explore trax that did not make sense the first time we thought, came across, or har heard it.


Guess, guest.

I cannot react lighty and laugh like it could be. Since it sayd that I trivialized it. And then if I trivialize the fact you are around other people in the danger of being cockuld then tomorrow I ll hunt quite the same as the sole sane ra eaction at saying that s funny is if you would not count entirely for me.


Prophets were not chief but messangers, not thief but rprotector, not immune to Not the voice of satan but satanic voice.

but trying to hear the on of god and failing a sheer deal infact most of the time.


Ti t to think that peple are mecrents is a sing of not believing in god the all pervasing.

To apply irredmediable treatment like death penalty or mutilation is unworht of any human, without talking about religion, let’s not take this repuganace this fare. Agar.


Prophets like the painters. …

Marriage is a privilege u and a duty at the same time, it is to be with the person whose intimate and personal choices we support without forcing, sex included.

Any messenger, like any human beings, o r any one we perceive anyhow. Is in this same sphere, and is not beyond, whatever it is, is an entity, part of the whole like our body is.

There is no superior but masses

It is not elixir of love but elixir of live.


Pan d aura.


Not to go against somebody has they are making a error, shouting at you…, cos one wuld know what happens ihe would manage to stop the phenomenon.

Humility, not that I know it , I avoid saying her like in french as people would start to make definite classification, biological, including me and this would be an erro. Auree.

Error, roar.

Roar.poke pod.

Not that I know it but must be reminded.


Carole opt

Cle o patre.

Ecal eca éclair.

Clair, cleric.

And wat people spreading a message did censor, r erase or modify, hust, hush.

Modic. Medic.

Douleur, douceur.

Pain, nip.

Panic.oa pan cederella sod

What are we? Canderelle

To kill a guy you don’t need a crucifix you just aloof play, is what she meant.

Chris crux fix.

Fils = son.

The cross during the crucifixion would receive blood almost like in direct square line the arms opened, just to see more the pain and further condemnation, and if this presentation is not cruel it show how far people are ready to go in order for the ‘order’ to stay the same, at the difference of when your body distortion when it passes from live to be dead.

‘Sect an insects’



Di        stingy


Guild. Gollish.

Ghoul    gaule

Organs, repro, infant murder, embryo

Gene rate?

Fucking damn hetero. And everyonther one that would like to modify nature comc conception.

One help an handicap, one don’t kill a some sum person in total that are with one detected. Banda golio.



Ness mess keen.



Mess,               sem.

Eve, I miss you, does it take tow two femles to understand it?

Looking at so many birds chaising and following each other withing bigger bush than usual.

Sad as ti is as they are not numerous of being plenty but are in the sole bushes left of the whole valley.

Val. Lave.

Trade, travail.

Vain, available.


And who would have thought that human rights leader paid for it are hero, they are idiot, human rights is the sine qua non of a life that is worth. To be paid enough to married, and eat well, to have extra activities giving other(s‘)strength is the duties of each whether it is a life we want to call it.

To be imprisoned so , dear, that to be able to feel that with one butt head oen could bread brake break a wall. The wall.

Llaw. Law, low. Love.



hi, are u up to meet?  eve, why on earth have you removed your profile? you like suffering? you want to stay alone, a priest of the ‘warmed up death’ till there is no more left to love or hate or fight or act or woe. what the hell do you do?

why do you mean you remove it? what do you mean maybe some other time?

ok i am thick one cannot have it all. let me to teach you a for thick understandable language.

when you don’t want to date a girl, right, or a boy, whatever you choose to call it. you don’t say sorry you say fuck you. i mean i have a life too. not really but i d like to have one, a little bit, a tiny bit.

why do you mean you remove it? what do you mean maybe some other time?

ok i am thick one cannot have it all. let me to teach you a for thick understandable language.

when you don’t want to date a girl, right, or a boy, whatever you choose to call it. you don’t say sorry you say fuck you. i mean i have a life too. not really but i d like to have one, a little bit, a tiny bit.

you ll do that?

in your profile there s no more you looking for a simple relationship? you are just another one of these fucking scorpio. damn, am totally sick of you.

life is complicated, love is more than s-aying that. that.

let’s avoid to be sadistic thus and though.

you are at home now, can i have what you said you would write.

am receiving your message two hours later, just now, even though i checked in the lapse of time. the web is so weird. i don’t even understand how can  this one happen.

you go for lunch and you call me when you know you are finish. i can meet you anywhere.

my yahoo browser pretended to work probably. you jump the drink any way, by the time they are pissed and everything get let’ s funny you’r eclipse.

way wave

fell felatio

an injury on the finger tip and feel on the top one’s blood block and drumming.

To see through one’s nail or redden end the red of the clog, the white of the constrained. To see one’s finger changing of color, feign, and flick like a bold bulb having probe problem, like the fire wavering.

fat gay and vegan, that s for me.

u illogic, you meet great friend on internet but nothing else?

me is just what i d like to be a friend with my date.

you ask me to enjoy it, ok then so what you do you gonna marry vegan and th whole running lot. but they ain’t gay, or did i miss the plot~?

do you get this emotion eve, in fact i though it was dribbling.

you want your honey to be with you al lthe time while you marry the whole lot of guys, don’t you? go back on the web it is you that are not up to relax every way.

you want a relationship, at all? yes it was just to tell me i was bothering?

yes evie, it is the sign i know the best, autodestruction. tell me you ar e looking for an honey. me another i don’t give a damn shit. but at least reassure me that you are looking for someone. i feel like cuddling you all afternoon among a bunch of trees.






seven, eve.


and you change your profile 39 seconds before deleting it. there is logic and sensibility even in magic. out with the sensitivity i know you would not feel the whip entering the flesh…your boysfriend’s not talking about husby. the gate of live and death are for the ones that lived to 7 to 00-99. could anyone kill me?

As I haven’t met or heard of the ones who would bo go through it with me. God? No. your human life.

by the way what are you focusing on instead of a girl friend, drinking beer after running. running i consent, but drinking instead of surfing to find someone you like. do you date on sunday?

your poor mother.

also did you need two weeks  of reflexion about how to write that you wanted to hatch me in two lines that you were about to do the fuck to (and via.) inter-net?

belle performance, everyone will admit.

Eve and via.

one needs sensiti, sensibility, moreover over more in magic. c gai-m, I am gic. geek. not greek.

i think they say, the scorp is a circle. run in circle?

am still at work, he does not want to sleep, the boss is coming early in the morning…boo.

boos boss.


‘I need you to be the guide
The mirror to the sky and sea
Portray all above and below
The gate of life and death’

you write this or you do reference it?

the gate for me and i d think all mythology is the taste, or test in life of eternity. who qualifies for it? passion for beings and concepts, not alone. this passion for what? at the service of absolute, once even one even, not an ounce, one cannot dissolve that.

Can one live in fear of love? Or in fear of not obtain?

The only fear that would not solve the soul that lost its pair, is to love through fear to go and sould matter, people die and one can go to hell for not help out.

I love you but what if our love is solo?

The gate and the string holding them is not ours it is our offspring that talk. Tall of having brought up by us, love guiding for everyone of us to be a babe.

‘Why do you think it is always in the same neighbourhood, the petty crime

Because in other neighbourhood people are protectd from petty crime and are kept as higher, most serious one, people ruining the population through official seat and abuse that occurs siting in them.

Birbery and doing nothing o f what citizenship would have them.

Whou should have these jobs, no one, I would not even recommmand muself, I couls not do nothing about the gangs and mafia states. T and the mafia state


Thse jobs should not exist and thi impunity should not occur, it is the all concept of independence, inspection of an independent people, peple standing for people taking care of the well being of every one and generations, and species…

i like my>? i like solitude very much, it is through it i learn t o love. i don’t mind dating a woman that don’t have always the time. even time has its limit though. in fact it don’t according to how it is utilised, that love be its vow, or death don’t take hostage, only us, to remind that we are guests of a bigger lot. and load on it our best. devotion to own’s wife, concept, patry or nest no pest. mine would be in fact is when i put on weigh for having done nothing. it could be the party, in fact it is my brain comes to an halt and i stop thinking i am privilidged and one has to bless with it. the other part of a life without context is one without a pest, a woman to name it. right not any.

Which one, you would tell. The one that understand me. Honey, you for the journey since you propose it will be. For there is none in my spirit that could bring me on my knee but the woman to whom I say, yes I will and do what has been said. Say something my worse mi nightmare is from you, in your draam dream I d come viper, vie pere, vie pair.

In my tomb there o won’t be pest, but in my ash, sah, sash, I won’t a grave. Rave, havre. Let me go, what is not with you, wonlt go at all, I let you have it all, the best with my friend, the strongest I with my son, as I live through your skyes as I the other moments I stole from a life I would not have, just to see you at ehe end, of the tunnel, closing what fir frightened me insane, not living for everyone, as from whom could I prospere, could I espere and not expire, if not through my femme.

What you call aspersger or all other syndrome are under symptoms that correspond to half of the population, the other half being clone.

It is just the way people have adapted to cope with the society of deranged. Heed. Head heed.


By the psychologist that are up to lock y up whom would ask how come that policies are black and white and are applied outrange of one tone. Cliché.

Tragic, rage.

Time raged.

Transportation , cars, tram, trains, at the discretion of the government, like in the uk they want for the orad to have tolls everywhere, like in the business you can only loot, and the university you can only be heard of , the street market.

Like the trains that would not bring survivor..


any how i ve got to create or just demonstrate bigger and bigger catastrophe for you to react or to respond, i don’t know. honey?

honey, this is big that, quite enough. after all what you have said to me. fat vegan. and doom gay while you will be at it.

this is everywhere the relations you describe, all the time, the life and day long. what about one that is about partners.

why paranoid?

I do, But DO you have a clue?

and this one, it is by, from you to who.

or do you have a due?

I do, But DO you have a clue?

and this one, it is by, from you to who.

or do you have a due?

“Never stop learning , explore”.

Community channel

you don’t understand i think i would adore you to be my best and only friend.

I am an hetero said her to the lesbian.

Yes, well known how do you take me than then, well vain.

Never too late if you ask me.

‘I need you to be the guide
The mirror to the sky and sea
Portray all above and below
The gate of life and death’

I need an easy friend
I do, With an ear to lend
I do, Think you fit this shoe
I do, But DO you have a clue?


I need an easy friend
I do, With an ear to lend
I do, Think you fit this shoe
I do, But DO you have a clue?

u write this or you do reference it?

the gate for me and i d think all mythology is the taste, or test in life of eternity. who qualifies for it? passion for beings and concepts, not alone. this passion for what? at the service of absolute, once even one even, not an ounce, one cannot dissolve at.


People will listen to you agree to you if withing their groups you say we stop to be humane to work, we have to stop working like that, th e maif mafia are our bosss..

Thei sperson will be listened, maybe liked maybe not, but in ancy ca se they won’t be followed, sometimes even not a little, sometimes quite thre contrary.


One is left to hope for external intervention. A natural catastrophe, a war, a cultural, politica, institutional stunamy. And in the hearts no matter anylonger if it is done by an enmemy as we know that we are the ally of at best the naught.


As life counts, what if we are not human or humane, what s left? What are we?

Ferocious beast for the time to be.


‘To give somebody a clout’

To suckle you by grace and is to do something beautiful with my all organ mouth, bless it as extasy is coming from it. And you.

i don’t understand what you are saying, you say you had enough and you never came near to it.

i wrote that for you yesterday also i ll send it.  what i was proposing to you is to take the time and see if we could attach something of our bodies and being. you said you looked for 1to1 sex, relationship, and friendship…just to remind you that it is to people, living independent, life experimenting, soul searching you were speaking. i am not a philosophy your rules are not the rules in the contacts that are formed. good luck.

you said it is not normal to get attached, i said that i took time and energy to speak to you about what attachment might mean.

I am not paranoid. I am just concerned, interested in you.

From my readings I am now wondering if you don’t worship somebody. Someone of the past in which , like a repository, you keep your love, your hope, your plan for the future.

Thank you for letting me see a glimpse but don’t it is too dangerous. I know and have that kind of love and their unfullfilment has one arrival, your grave, you own tomb. Did it make you stronger, or teach love? I doubt it. It is a coping mechanism that might have permitted us for all these years to go along without bein involved in it. It feels so strong and strange sometimes like one could master the land beyond or yester; but wha t did we manage but an enhanced career due to our being disponible?


I am not trying for you to love me, as this is not feasible. But what all of our relation are able is to make us realize what living love is. It is so tasty, that no ghosts could resist. And the true loves of the past then in the present day would survive, go as long as you love equitable. And then there is love, the one you can give to another one, the one that respect you and is here everyday. And there is mystery.

It is what you said about the time you devote communicating with the universe objective. I think it is marvelous to dedicate sometimes for moment like that. The rpoof is that I really think that every movement is about that, but did not study the outcoming philosophy and practices having for the cosmic subject at their heart and consequently could not express it as you idd.

Is there someone to look after you as regularly as moderate that it should be on its frequency: daily? Weekly for the neophyte? 10 mn when unlucky or marathoning.

Effloring, effluence of our thinking.

aslo you will need to readjust what you say with what you said, for people to be able to react withing the cirmucmstances and context pre defined for someone and something coherant might be established.

you said you were looking for someone eve, big time you said it. alongside writing it one gaydar website (are you gay, in the charnal and conjugal and lifestyleway of being a light in somebody life, not a weight) to have someone like being aside is good for the one that are not faithful or that don’t want more than fir freindship not for the ones that expect fusion, a real and reassuring sharing. life is death, you have to know on whom you are landing, in order your true destingy might be building. when i said i love you, is that i wnat to be sure what my intentions are, as me to be in store for someone who never love me in return and will never ever, it is what i am fed up living and to be honest and not thrill giving for afterwards realizing that the shae share was similar to the ones betwenn first and third world countires. tired. but like you said they are the ones that are busy and me.

Sept, spectre table.





I will tell you why i d be afraid, really frightened in deed if we were to be more than friedn.  Like someone who would have utilized the saying you get attached too quicly. I would shiver perhaps at each step of my life thinking that you could divorce me or split even 20 years after, just saying we are no more than friend sort of thing while I would have planned all my time and activities around the person that fall upon me. Just because you don’t believe in choosing to be nurturing someone and one’s own life in doing it.

For a remark I thing, that we could have shared more than veganism, you like a few lyrics, I am not a yogist but do a lot for my body favors and persists. Famously I spend hours and hours daysdreaming, it is for meditation my methods, therefore I respect toadly, toddlerly the way you describe how your own inspiration backs you and support the finished and eternity.

Finally, you can tell me whatever gore, goth or posh about humanity, to put me off and your follower or pretenders, competitor, boss, colleague, perpetrators, fiancé, or husbandery, suer, bethrothal, friends or mummy. Me you would not have put me off, no. J

“I have enough of that kind of relationships and I never want one again”.

What is this eve, lies, reconsideration, you replaned all over again, impulsion, fear, denial, abstention, attention, tension, love, extreme, worship, communities feeling, hypocrisy, the way off sweet to get rid of me letting me know that I would not even take someone that she want to find one’s love but that it is not me simply. Or you really feel that and then you could do with me as a friend I admit. Job is done because in that case you need to acknowledge that someone that is begging for love won’t be better with pity under friendship shape. Not sake.

“I have enough of that kind of relationships and I never want one again

Tell me this and I could do whatever to demonstrate the opposite, but you won’t let me. Why? Cos I am not your type, you should say it.  It is good fuck off, when it is a true, genuine, honest one. Because now I am in love, that means not in love but impregnate of these two times and the slots you let me spoke via my type. Emails have their reflect, effect, and I don’t want, it is I never want again even one, o no I don’t want to be sad. In the world there is enough atrocities, without sm in one’s love life. Take my friendship, since is what you have.

Now I am fucking feeling love and compassion, and whatever on earth for you. I cannot believe (in) t-hat. Haste. Hate. Eight, 8  8* ∞

Re: eve, the world is burning its feeling away. nothing left and when water will be missing, here one earth the hell will. take upon it to rein in geenering.

‘la plus vulgaire evidence est le temps passe’


I am rereading my texts, not my emails they are too long, it is ludicrous. it is just an attempt at seeing you regularly for you to decide if you in an amoursour amourous manner wanted me. i d rather you refuse than seeing me once a month or once a fortnight while each evening waiting for it. excuse my vula garity.

vula, vulve.

Gare, station, gars, buddy.

To waste a precioius time that we haven’t got.

To maintain one’self into disbelief order in order not to have to react, or to fullfil the attention of a master that would be brought down quiclier if ignored more than feared.

Positive or negative follower.

When the disillusionthough is towards annihilating others…

To feel fragile and wonder why one is low or energy deprived. And being able to see one w twit, blue, orange, white, silver, all colors and black, all color, alive, and feeling oneself slip into their moves. Oves, dove, have.


At the intersect of (wine) to two blood lines, divin, stream o what we know traces streak, di-vin.




Navel, levan, levant = rising.

Leverage.  An lev rage.

You work enough go and see your wife.

As how can one any felling of friendship, when one has been deprived.

Prive, private.

Life,             half.

“-We have to get richer, you see, it is the sole mean to get quiet.

-But ma’am the poor need quiet too.”

To heal or help another soul is only that that own soul one, and self is hell elapse limping.


Death, su Lucifer, savoir, is the angel of death. And the devil is not dat death alone it is to want it as the lord. The aim is life is to fight death and the one way to success in that is to avoid destruction and if needed for every survival not destroy but limit of a limit that just nurture the one alive without being corrosion, cohesion.

Fell angel = bo tombe = tomb and fell in french.





To crock the apple of the orginal sin. So s does not like reproduction to me but infanticide. To use own’s nakedness to obtain something that don’t belong to us against? Laziness.

Or to loot not knowing that life has not limit but yielding to the feeling of deperdition, finitude, death.

Why having eaten a fruit?????????? A fruit is alive and should not be the object of attack. Without knowing this the heaven will forbid us to stay as it guest. Lest.

Art is to convey the pattern felt into a move that is external and back to the possibility of analyzing the internal as being the best known. If not well.

‘Is stoical a division between art an life’

I am selfish and egocentred enough to have gotten the degree in your show. That is this level of comprehension prison is necessary, but what did I miss, as I co focus on taking the bribe of mockery.

The religion, or dogme, not to f god. But to teach ohow to worship the group, and its elites, and in fact not the elites but e the rules supposedly serving the top, making the bad guys on each level feeling themselves as if they were elected.

Sometimes the work of the artist or the aca, is to democratize, popularize a idea that I s already wiedely in the air, but only in some spot, that the heralder have to report.


The horns coming from the temple, of one’s skull.

Classical, metal, rock, pop. All the same only the vira brato given inot another ino into or not another rscene. Impersonato.


Marrying philosophy but having a woman for spouse.

Use. Ops.

Warrior, superior inferior.

Inferno. The trick?

Skills long and short term.

n’utilisez-vous plus donc the point?

the period of a message, it s finality,

aims and means, its ultimate commodities.

In a market, the web, where you must to have money to h avoid been sent ad.


To press up without being fat is cheating

Rain is just like tears before being thundery.

‘the dead trees left standing for sheltering wood peckers and others’

Suicide very low in gardeners;

But what about when gardening consists in destroying the abitat, cutting mor a or never planting.

No need to be constantly just once unrotting might kill you, and  will ultimately.

“Birds eating limestone for eggs and I digestion”.

Mineral. No meat aer our survival before finding the way of substitute it in order to to kill the plants. And the rock like earth skin.

Bbc 2. Natural world.

The females in nature might well be at times muscularly weaker, but in her the possibility of being protected by her whole army, hers.

Muslims saying that women are protected, while the children in case of disagreement stay with the father. Are these one defending paternalistice  law – whores- motherly. ?

‘having dominionupon nature, like it says in the genesis, would not mean that nature, part of us, is to be abused but guarded, not commanded but protected

Puta s as tu?

But stil persist one question, h of what breeding are we talking about?

Family cult. Luck

Fewer eggs because of poluution.

Marxist has been understood economically even not, soicially, undertook a little more, but spiritually, heaven not.

She might not fuck, but could help her husby to scatter ya.

To the hetro rapist that think that arragned and somestic violence are life : threatening.

“Lack of nesting sites an d lack of food”

Elvier le l Elvira

Matriarchal, only the market of marriage render human as obliged to heterosexuality and pattern of work that are against the nttural.

Matriarchal or patricarchal u but the bad breeders should be allof or executed.

Natural wildness.

R french bench

But I must be careful I am not a racist so to take a postiiton of defense of other cultures even though deploying devilish strategies are am I not int o the receiving end of the product of evil strategyes.

Emo pire empiricist .

Not far away of pragmatic.

To let predators beneficiate from horrors as they should to be taught and use to stop predation.

Ex: men let dealing elephant tusk while their hunting skills should be stop the killing.

Oversimplification, but starting point always will look like this, so move before rooting.

In us case rootening

There is no more of conversation and appreciation of being victims and bullied, as in the first countires, whity as they call it, full of other s colors though which become difficult in othe r stage of development, the guys just see themselves are consumer. On top of the ladder.

For example being ok as we only see the tip of the iceberg concerning poiosoning, just the boeing, extermination, just the meat chain, of the genocides just varieties, insults, the devil chin. It is how dvp countries  want step by step stopping hard language as they let happening, murders and harm in every place an d vehicule but the language.



You are goth and girly-did not perceive that.

And me so pissed of fthat I could relate to goth even if am not one.

We thought we understood each other, but work is to be done. I love you , I am done.

Love and you, dupe and dump.

Think in g to be understood by the other, like a dimb.


Talent is the luck of having embrace a career with a meaning for one’s facilities. Meander.

Me an, mysogyne, ando rogyn.

Victim,   mit civ.  Civet,

Tot react like as an old person, as one know what is to die. Die hard.

Don’t get excited, you need your energy. But enrgy for what. Nerves. Revens.

Renverse. Reverse. Rever=ence.

Rever = de dream in french


And R pronounce ‘air’

Touch, pronounce hutch.

One fear the dike hatred for men , but dike is one fo them. Let pray for the men to hate patriarchalism, as macho don’t hate nor suck or cuss females, but are the worse bother bordello shame. A sham of elegance and strength, indolence of prostituition and future fall fem. Meth.

Why meth, it is like religion.

Not said as being opium for good sensation, but as drugs bring us to dependency and red quarters, as deconnection and decoction of dprivation. Privatizing till the prey will fall under the myth of religion to be the god of insentible sible insensitive. Torture is a drug, and everyone junky in a culture in which exultation is OD

No gOD

Doggy. Dodgy.

Gode michet.

Between matrix and alpha.

To have e pedo or else tendancy when completely drunk, is fine, as distortion of one’ s being could conducted to the worse and worst all all calamities we very one.

But what about getting drunk everyi evening knowing that?

‘trauma are feminized, for men to boast is masculanised’


Perte. End of civiliastion.

Why don’t I publishe? Cos it s not good.

Why will i? cos it s needed, even though not every second.


The gap between ages is that from a demi decennies to another you know a chains of mountains and mounts fewer. And that sometimes the s lesser the beter.

The master of the world, is the one who one love.

You see I can se peak with being sexist, the woman for me like a men for other. They are just paradigm, example in our lifes of what has been precursor. Inventor. Of us being, and then responding, to the opposite.

It is perhaps why, neither forget the perhaps, as we would all die for sure, without, why sex have been invented, because like that we reassemble and outcast.

Like in the nature, where inter species of course mate. A female and a male keep the more alike together for the sing that we share be perceptible earlier.

Perhaps on a fast track.

To observe in a pon. In a pond as animals found a shelter where we forbid gunners. The species look after each others. And thus fuck.

I would lie like and lick you, all over your body, like a she wolf lick the pain. Kill. Kcil of not having been.

Simplification of everything if dull, permit extrapoliation of the yet inexplored, ploy. Plethora.

‘The revolution called like flowers’, as they come after winter. The season where nothing move, and if you don’t you die and lay in horror. Th e renaissance of the spring like th month of betrothing, like something beautiful what one share, but I wish that flowers instead of serving ornaments would stay uncut and, the gardens in our houses, offices, along the road, everywhere but where the wild has even their name taken over,  stayed alive.

‘Bourgeois revo/

When people rebel to be the master, the mistress is gonna whip the ass sout of the kindhome, as they stop being good reproductor. And assisting sting nature development and protecting her rarety and fighting sa carecy. They become just remembrement.

Towards multiplication of one single species, and its ultimate goal capitalism cannibalism just like if it was like that that invertabre us invert inversely.  inevitably should be.

Society and waste, and its loss, and its void. Will have the imbecile h.b  the opportunity to observe and to see anylonger than. Necessary. Cess.

interested ones you ll find. but to travel to a stranger. no sure. not because it is you, but these are only pics, no id.

look this could become normality.

poetry is great music, you could be up writing lyrics for songs? mind the o words alone suffice for rythm and beat conveying.

would have like very much to meet and coverse but me am looking for a gf.

i think it is super balanced your profile. good writning performance.:)

I do try to find a gf a little frequently and regularly, like my best intellectual or vocational activities, as it I stop whatever time more it wouls give me, it d turn into deust straight away only.

  • In 2005, War on Want won a change to UK government policy ensuring aid to developing countries can no longer be made conditional upon privatisation or trade liberalisation

the end of the this world is inscribed as what is a soul if not a energy ball. So what is energy waste and these billions volts and al l amperage doing but putting one doe s not know how many more souls in prison.

Inpro prisoneage.

Not as much as a beer with vegan runners, but I culd be something like…refreshing.  Not going into details as for me it is blood boiling.

Advice on sexuality longer term than from 1 hours to 30 second. It is not ‘foreplay’ they are play. Good luck to you.

To get analytic one has to work on an infitnity of resources and view points.

The story of the old bastard who was so mean that every one were wondering how it was possible to be that far = in psychologiy called over intellectualisation’

And how to become the cehap object of fascination

Very aware of other feeling, the old lad was sad in its countenance when sadeness in other cos by its action,w whou should have brought other understanding. Ape feeling.

We were smoothe with him as each time we were speaking about his wife griefs, one could see disarray in him. But triggered by what. Always to our own speech responding. Cine sine.


Nos    tra.


It is not a problem, you will remove the left overs of the woods’ twigs, and even fewer animals will be living. And with h.b extinction.

It is that true, if not genuine, relativisation.

The genuine one is given that let’s fight till death. Ti will come anyhow, let’ be it better if the reaper is not ‘ordered;’ ast satan, as one will pay for its derangement by a return trip of it s own arrangement.

Darke forces. Better be there. Why it is ok that we are in this mess and that still god is divine is that darke forces teach us that if one disrespect life they will ap pay.

Pay.             Apy.

hi, well let’s say pretty well to avoid complicate such things.

i don’t know what to say more. would you like to have a drink? or chat around walking would do me perfectly…:)

Re: don’t read the message, only a part , i release what i realized the day it was gone.

what were you drinking on your main photo of your profile. not talking about private facebook, which i should

have collected.

i realize that i am such a fucking asshole. never taken your fb pic on my desktop, i would not have thought she would disappear so quick. is there anyway for further negotiations?

i am perfectly natural, but i don’t want to get nor sick nor mad. seeing your gf once in a while without her not permitting feeling mention or motion. just alien.

any way i can sayve whatever i want, you ll never love what i say.

and because when i see your name popping i can make me happy.

you know what, the last time you said ‘i don’t know’, ‘i need to think’, i should have never let you have this time in order to avoid you purely and simply firing me.

sophisticated, elaborated, why make life complicated?

I am so thick that I did not MANAGE to get hold of it.

if it is a reference to your fb private i did not do anything, i did not have the time, much to my regret. i am too much of a teddy bear. no prompt reflex. so i gave ti a second thought; and finally i think you could repost it a little bit. do me a favor for once.

I Get tired with my own joke anyway.

in the youth organ still the joy resone in the darkest and hollow and gryish forlorn hear t ot f the parent that knows that food is missing or lack remembrement.

G because we can have communities garden, but one question never answered will prevail, how do we look after it. As if the answer were starting to put order into spirit, we would do everything for it to live as much as to reconstruct the surface of the planet.


The priviledge of a younger age is to play meanings more informal, that does not say disrespect. As.

One is engrossed with what they can hear, but wo hwo the t sense of importance is disrupted when you come down to logically know, if not able to feel it, that it is what you hear but what about what stays silent to our even not inspectation or introspectation. ?

Info obtained. Obtenir.

Detain, possess. Holding.

Go and make yourself fucked.

In the greek’s house. ¬I

Whether I took the good or bad path, I don’t know.

But when it hurts t o ghink of while it was divine when inside on , it was the holy one.

Nordic songs, goth is holy warriors when one s loste their wife and avatars.

Abstention is not preconiase to say sex is not good, but to preserve oneself for our half is wisdom given, by this other half’ , the life chosen.

The other one and the life chosen.

Ignore once.

Eyre. Eve.



To be set to work in an orpheage and ot see that from social worker to other actors the children are them set to suffering or set to make suffer. To end up a warrior agains t the war monger.


EVERYthing of one’s work does not have a meaning, just it had one at the moment and others when seeking. But of absolute not as absolute solve itself.

Once cannot explain god, but simply the u human search.


Pornography is the rehearsal of not two persons in love and in will, but of the vampirism of money that goes up to are arse. In thse kind of situations, people are not actors but preys.

‘if you take the happiness from gods ahand , should not you take the sorrow’

To service others in order to creat strate where evolution is not permited, giving the green light to the predation. Inside the caste that are workder or consumer constituted.

To service people while they are nasty or while they don’t do anything in exchange and keep your back in pain by the insult s of the undue powere of firing you and take someone else to fulfil theirs and society sin. What is that?

It is a proof of submission. Tha tpsychology keep them int o the state of dominion and seuxual excitemtn while the last thing that their servant would do , their much obliged’ would really will, fancy or  to hid their distugest.

It is about seuxual excitemtn


Even in death camp; stuff were sell to holocaust victims by the  perpetrators.

‘maybe god create to makes oneself complete’

And the completely delibitating furor, as owhen one is unjust they loose their sexual power, and lig legitimatcy.l  but since they loose it they get angry as they cannot retrieve it by violence but humility and are more and more violent in digging the hollow of their density.

Religion used reason.

For power, legistlation, explanation, philo as well as priituatlity and cosmoscalbility…

Reason, and wait to be further and guided.


‘it cannot be your e haed everytime, I already busted’

‘fearful, and godless.

No religion, but an account of history and society with solution and possible explaination.

To day we l know it more about?

Humanity and its pettiness and the grandour it has to deployed to a better society crat create.


Why one person of an ethny would look more aggressive to another ethny?

Becaue we ar so used to want to fuck

Find yourself somebody to love.

We need ‘paternalism’ as we need rules, but the day the urles are bend, in  the sens that people are fabiracted bad rules or appy them badly , on e is committed the most applaing of sin correpsonding to infancticide or incest.

there’s the adams familly just on now on channel 4. comment free.

just to tell you interested?

The past helps to spiritualize a moment; as none is possessed but by the energy of the ro foregone and the forgoing for intrigue. Not rational but go ground breaking.

Ju jesus, preserve me I am just a saltimbanque.

And not jesus like obedience o to a church but in the languate of everybody whatever have been their intimate belief the way to say to everybody, that they believed in…nobody.


Fake ins the sense of voluntarre construct agressivity, as to avoid danger, or back off, pr perceived, arriving, past or potential or logically incoming.

What’s the human nature?

The image of Sodom and gomarah is what is exactly happening.

For a mater of activities and therefore survival and belonging to the city one has to perform sexual act. Like we are doing in our jobs where very little is done regarded to one’s own development and nothing towards the universe one. All suckers as you main corruption, say yes yes at even more conspicuous common extinction.

This image that I have that I had, frightening even terrorizing at time, the one that me makes us

Ma     ke

Startle and check behing us if there is nothing lurking preying `turning ones body upside down in for mercy begging in case the twisting of all one’s bones would not be enough, as there would not be way for escaping nor reraction/

That this image was mine, was me.

Humanity projection

Spirituality?     This no supenrnaturla

Survival passion’;/ making love or making love. Licking the body of an individual as for drinking their essence, or effluceve of essence, or  .

This is an interesting question this, cos the one I ve just opened is strength 3 coffee. Me that I sworn into not sinning again.

They will know you when they will read.

They will provoke you when they will practice…


this is spirituality, cults prop , relisgion purpose, supernatural symbiose.

Not to know but to see, seek, convey , ask, host, mail, invite. Forsee forsythe.

Forebode and spirit.

I sun, sdiem prize.

Sun side.

Fun, sum, price.

Sunny dale

These cult people organisign minittires stires steries une stere, sphere, luciphere, pyre, they , when they are doing nothing of in the spirit and in the mater of reorganisting not by any means by t but in any fields interactions in order to reach and d condone a better world are what?

They are fucking uncivil servant of whatever ‘have you’ waitng for what?

For what is called unfortunate way of saying ‘theocratie’ first of the world of the frist freak first ca lass propaganda of a cult organizing cast and sell sin and purification for the delf devil.


Calling life long rape and beating marriage, and society bordello, th temple having for sole function to stop doing it in front, just to taste on’e allegiance to a secret society, for propelling horror as principles or to defending good principles on the first layer and inciting for their violations when it comes deep or deeper that the finest ongle.

Pied d e porc

It is like in Arabic tales where th e pig is said to have a good and a bad sied. The assumetry of the face and body has this role to play. And still be smiley while.


To be soe tired. To have been bright and courageous and fair and wise and patient. And be soe tired. That one will need to get with the are art of fighting for which and through wich by which one has forged. Still able to fight but the choice of the sa tart on relying on others. As one can not be anylong entirely plunged on the field and meadows. To have to listen to order and rely and think that one gives us to attack has more than any but absolutely reasons

Lame bancal conditions. Even when one’s chief is the best one one is loiking a for or after.

Of course one shan’t be unfair. The muslimes would organize themselves into groups that are for or ga against pedopilia and plo polygamy that is the first stage of that. Great, good nice job, guys. A shame that the uik is not doing hanged parliament and pour parlers more than that.

Uk?! Well englnad the petit paki that let you dream of usa.

Let s be blunt, to people thar prone not to want to be immune to criticizing.

Art that permit like in the pics that you zoom in and out, to contrast between viewpoint and perspective. Lilke in a picture or someone is smilty and appear decontract, and when you isolate the eyes or a line that goes to the chin towards the ear, to the temples in a circl round the iris to the jaw and cheek, that you notice how tense and transparent or luminous or obscure in fact absconce or ascertaining another awareness of different sphere (of influence).

In social sciences you learn to criticize your work, like saying that the data is said to be reliable because constant but could be in fact worse lies than statistics’ but then having recognized that wha t is gonna be published is thre result s of the previously copied and paste rsesulst s on the opinion people have about the ir employers, and careful one can be traced back or if whispered go till another institution or dam dam d administration then you ll be fired kinda survey. Culture of brand, of copangy said to be culture as a whole. Banditism organized. Mind robbery, drwawers opened .

The shape of ones hand in the penombre the bones, the curves, the veins, wrickles, the traces of gatigues fat igutes. Contigues, making angle, forimint the head of a rabit whose regard is as shpar acere as the devil, but devil needs to be as it can feel h.nn nb h.b near its clutches.



The birds have the music, the champanzees the rhythm.

But musk, no one le lse have the music that the birds, the whales but I am not equipped.

Gay,        ua ya g.

But the y beugle of horrors, imitating their old mother, uncles or crock father. As they haven’t had, they haven’t have, the balls to be a puf. Fffffffffffffffffff up their ass. As what they got of an arse have been put in common, they are the communists of homosexuality, everyone produces only the priviledge can touch it for real.  But why this, in order to get touched and b v’v without any notice, and any one notices.

Noticing knot.

Yag, egg.

It would not be on sexuality the next bif g row here in the uk, it be on water, if no genocide occurs before exhaustion of supply- the one no contaminated or chemically implanted.

Not to have conscience. To perform attitudes and stud and poison position that we don’t reconginse formelly has being one’s. as those don’t go from my mother. They come from my nanny. So it is officaly more of a stranger. As one don’t reconginse still that the main educator we had were no the u mum but the nanny. Feeling one’s self the exxecntric shcool child being in fact one’s tutors’.

| i am having a porridge like theresa does it, it is better on the tummy and the tongue. i admist.

Mist, amist.        In the middle of something.

Big, big problem with using mircrosoft is that you end up using one pen, why not a clik could make you using different color (not fucking 3 clicks…)

Democracy: arena like. Whose arems arms, are the same, money and filipandry. Lies, appearances and keep it for oneself banditism.

Pr person, persephon

I find it great to rebound like this. you kick as hard as ever when you know that you could have been the victim. it makes live splendor.

I am looking for someone that can touch me like i was made of china

this phrase is one of the best ever to describe sensuality. could i use it and edit it on my blog?

Religion and cults; cults fabricated chains and fabric

Words are a form of spirituality. And in those countries were the words are betray or in tho se other were the words are betrayed.

To loose all one’s energy, but whose revealing something g like spirtitual, parnanormal and nagi magic ‘supernatural. One won’t mind using one’ slife like this , as they know that live is beyond all what we write all what we do and did. In-ddeed.

h.r are said to be western as they are a discipline academ by the west, and therefore by wesetern sturcutures an d word that is the sole for the rally: over consumption over groth, let’s produce shit and make it last not longer that a season…the whole mondial story, without tn no respect for t people willing to be the guardian of age , time m, past , use, and old clothes an d old vases, views, and the art of keeping one’s good fo r their life lnd be a real expenctancy.

Expedient:P expenctancy.

It”s an eye, I was dressed up as Leela from Futurama.

Hard core rock or alike to try to restart a mechanism a metabolism rendered amorphe.

no, no. have you had a look at my blog?

please do’t look at the ponctuation.

well don’t i write and i sent it to the girls.

i am not a sociolizing person so i don’t always try to get in touch as i know that people are looking for people liking to sociolize and going out…etc.

create a furnace, a society of mass where no one would like to stay, but the one that are bullying her, to make people fabricate exit ; skywards?

Religion elevation

depend on how you practise. i lke sociolizing as long as it serves a legitimate purpose. it might well serve as bribery, allegiance based on profeetering and rules bending (that are ok to transformed when not respectyous- or that might be understood or not defined enough or too woobly and taken as a stick to abuse people and practice unjustice. All rules poet potentially. ) but it is the safety rules about which i am talking.

do you like your job?

How spreading discrimination?

Treating people like if they were pluar als while we are ds desordre desormais one and single society, with direct exchange and string for puppet


Trace, trance.

The little jobs have got logn hours making sure that diversity of slikls skills of activities is notp possible. And reign as bordoom is the sovereigny and not time nor opporutuinies to go an get to kick the ass o f whom assign such mockery.

‘Students movements, temptatives to new rules under the first class salaries’.

The concept of protection protruding upon the concept of respect. Respect is the auto surveyance of how well one is following h.r and fundamental freedom oneself. To focus on protection, mean that instead of being empowered with self reflection and the duties of performing well, one will be more incentive in surveying others (or other facit factions) while in practice it is not possible are no one go for transparency and is holding strong enough to encourage dialogue while ensuring everybody to be free and far from fail from fred om a but fairly. While reinforcing the mentality of controlling over but the means of not looking after oneself in taking as a pretext that other people are worse, so one can the h.r they should practice circumscript.









To participate in a conference, an d have to take plaenes even so we are human rights or environmental ngos. As the first step to laugh at one’s own goals.

What utopia say, one cannot know we are only at the gate.

Pes person reflexion: optimism streak is needed, innit.


Fun               nuf.

Neuf,          new.



  1. r is validated when the rights of one is about protecting at one s turn. A protected about exercing my faith when my faith protects every human being, without discrimination. I am protected as having porotecteing when I am working towards redistribution. I am protected and have a private life and a family while I protect any citizens. Protected to have activieties extra activity extra professional, when I have a profession.

Ev energy nerve.

I always thought to be the center the target of these remarks; forgetting that people were in and put into these same boxes and position. To be the reu result of the. M.

2013 n summer. Literary explosion

Indian.         In di.

Like the white or black or else that thought themselves as not being mulatos.

Lt let me introduce to eve. That we ll never know what color were the first monlkeys taking a pen to go in charge ( in af fact not I even in charge they are) of modernity.

Raid mode. Air dome?

i hope you ll remember i had been honest with you. and whatever that might appear that i lead a pretty serious life. just needed a cupcake though i realize that we did not put the same reference or the same cruciality to it. but that has no more importance now.

good luck love and good luck in love

when you say to someone i ll think of it, think of not making people hope for you first if it is not necessary.

how can i say for you to understand that i made sure that you were not seeing me as a friend digger. what i tried to say is that for me you looked splendid. that potentially enough was there.

if you answer me this way, is it because you lost some respect, you had or might have previously. it d be cruel, i decided to open to you. you could have found reason to the way i act and life by asking me…only.

sometimes there is more to life. obviously i react and construct differently, i talked to you about me, and now you are trying to be judging me. or i ll take your advice and be icy and cold, in fact eve i could do that too. isn’t it funny?

you see me i really still desire to see you. but don’t worry live and love makes you master of your intensity. two times eve. it won’t bother me.

answer me please, prove me i am not unfriendly. i could let you have the last word if you like it.

One other thing is that I loved writing to you, even though I would never do it again since it finished in near catastrophe. The other thing is when I wrote about feeling, is you know I love, the love of my life or nearly nearerly is writing. And what I was saying is not jump on me, not at all. It was just to explain who I am. And specify that you are not a girl I d like flirting with, you are someone with whom I could have shared most important things, reading, sports, sun, thinking, meditation, this transports my u imagination.

And last of what I want you to think, is that I am a person who could wait for ages the other one. I did not need to sleep with you to speak crudely. It was not the point at all. I was not talking about rushing sexual relation.

One other thing is that I loved writing to you, even though I would never do it again since it finished in near catastrophe. The other thing is when I wrote about feeling, is you know I love, the love of my life or nearly nearerly is writing. And what I was saying is not jump on me, not at all. It was just to explain who I am. And specify that you are not a girl I d like flirting with, you are someone with whom I could have shared most important things, reading, sports, sun, thinking, meditation, this transports my u imagination.

And last of what I want you to think, is that I am a person who could wait for ages the other one. I did not need to sleep with you to speak crudely. It was not the point at all. I was not talking about rushing sexual relation.

be careful on you interpret and think what should be. you never went with anyone you loved remember?
you I don’t know what you do , to get over that, me I joke and I am crude in the way that I am not going to see someone many times not knowing if there is any sparkle for me in her heart, mind, or the other chacras. I don’t know how you take this eve, but for me it is the tragedy of my life eve, it is also that I try you to get it. And I thought I could be easy, as I decided that our experiences were comparable, I thought I have a way.

you never went with anyone you loved remember?
you I don’t know what you do , to get over that, me I joke and I am crude in the way that I am not going to see someone many times not knowing if there is any sparkle for me in her heart, mind, or the other chacras. I don’t know how you take this eve, but for me it is the tragedy of my life eve, it is also that I try you to get it. And I thought I could be easy, as I decided that our experiences were comparable, I thought I have a way. and for me only to be, to aspire, to touch someone that feels like me is the most romantic, the most intense, the most exhiliarting, poetic, peace bringing of all elements, on earth or in eden, in mind or in re-all-ity.
but you don’t even lide like me.

but you don’t like me.

eve, would ask you to see me 3 hours a week would have changed anything in your life, but to have someone about whom to think and with whom you are in real communication?

i told you, you want to read, we read, you want to do yoga, we do yoga, the only stuff is that i cannot do the running. well maybe but i could not catch with you. (how is this?)

i don’t wan tto guilty trip you. i wanted to make sure that we don’t tear each other asking the other one what would be sacrifice. i need somebody, not a pen pal.

i can take any thing but platonic love, they destroyed me already.

what would you change it then? you see this is the type of declaration that make me thing, make me think, that you d like something, so with me? not with me with somebody else? whatever the answer i thought i had to explain who i am and what i look for. for you to know this.

what would you change then? what could i change?

and what do you know about the way i d wish it. only if you meant i know i cannot feel something otherwise than friendship, this i would understand it ok. but let’s imagine it is not that entirely. well? i need to see you. i don’t say i need to girlfriend you, but to court you yes. as long as i have someone that gives me enough to stay sane and truly. are you trying to protect my feelings or is there problems that are hampering, and that would be hampering in other situations? are you afraid of entering a relationship or is it because of me? would you go and meet easy with someone you d love? if yes, then leave me i am simply overintellectualising to protect my own feeling. you just don’t fancy me and that’s ok; but why is it taking so much time to tell me that, why?

men that naturally loved other men, but who never want to think more, as the ludiciruously macho, in fact prostitute of other lords making money by destroying people life and feeling. Self esteem an d love in existence.


To bend one’s back is very painful if not supported and doing it with altogether lightness. And sensuality.

I know you would not waste time or sacrifice any of what you are doing in solo. It is exactly what I look for. That I would like to look after. So why don’t you want to give it a try. At least see me, do something together and answer the question, could we do it, if you haven’t answered it already. That also if we differ than then if you don’t need I need that me, that I can make a clean break and run free. Looking for anything else in the world but you and loyalty.

You said you already went through that. The last thing I want to happen would be you to date me because of I don’t know what pity or guilt or second best options even, as I would not like be trembling everytime you go out. But there is another last thing equal to that one, is that I don’t want to check my email every quarter of an hour, every day, for weeks, thinking am I alright, or ney?

Also I would like to send to you email without any quality in them, because I write them instead of us having a herbal or sweeties.



Democracy would open the all monstruosities box if emancipation was one without the rules of doing things in thinking of their results and process being on the basis of all respect.



A grow-th.




To invent sexual restrictions, as funny as forbidding positons, periods, couplings. Just in ode order to restraint seuxual activieites in societal agenda as a whole .

Not moral target bugt societal ones. As societal as primitive. – that is as weak as giving preposterous rules or as neglectful as not protecting their members.

I am not attacking any primitive here, I just say it is what we are when en negatively primitive

Positive – = at the service of the nature, of all wisdoms, not the ones that are make wisdom as the connery and logics of the tradesperson.

Receleur, or legislator ‘benefiting’ from the leurer. Decoy.

Sexual pleasure, or at least sexual sensation and therefore possibly determined as being sexual arousal, when killing. As killing might mean liberation. Of one’s meors previously under the dicatc of tyrans or people profietterring for from tyranny.

Extinction and the other animal god. Why?

As the whole species did not recognize the other species into the creation and the human modernization.

To be crush like in rush.


Society organize fo rom having observed other animals.

Knowing all the craps, I ll never will. But it is enough for a baby to realize the f sufferings n inflicted to everything.





The rt retribution. Tribute tribe but.

To speak to th e devil in observing. Human harvesting.

The heralser is god, at least the god one can grasp. Asp, gay, wasp.



It is not saint assisis, talking to the birs ds it s communicating. As the birds has our languge and anctivities decode and participate in. same species. In the sense that if they haven’t the arms they have the spirit but their extinction did not come as unnoticed. And our minds will be starving. One pourpose, h the honeys, the moaneys.

Or mounteys.

It is wh y one is just the bad and worse mouth piece saying that it is the price to pay. It is why amongst.

What happened they were the last one to hear a wee. Because it was so violent that they could not analyse at the same time that endure it. Like when you got operated oon

Psy, phi, …

To explain lain lane, iis not to theologize, not to glamourize or heroize.

Even if explaination sound les s reckes s that the version without ones.

Ki dilatation of the nostrils to graps more aire, or do it more discertly. To breathe without I airing. With out making a noise, open your eyes large and wide to see. Hunting in the amazon.

Not believing in universalitasation is ge guettho options.

come on you could answer me. it would take your assistant off the hook a little bit.

Love is not a m human right;

Love is not human right;


tell her that at least your lover , would do you a tea, him. if he was authorized to have contact that one could qualifed as being physical.

To have no happiness but to cry on the tombs gravely . a gift over all.

Ove rale.

Not that my intuition lied, or if my minds do, it be only for prepare me to events I could not have to, in the early, stages of a lif e made. Edam, eden.

War on hypocrisy could be work like this: not to be hypocrite and try to make change for the better in excahange knowledge and arrange danger. Furit of communication and also it makes worth living socially. Or if I found out you have been a hypocrite then the danger we know who is this. Who is it.


People are more an dmore exchanging news articles, twiterring, emailing… whence their having this articles to be more and more politically correct, socially accepted, not ground g breaking, one’s own work ensuring, market applyiance applying?

A longer word to have longer variation.

i don’t feel that i can understand you anymore. or you lied, or you are girly, or you mocked me, and all what i know is that you threatened me saying that i am and yet incorporating like usual phrase such as ‘i wish i could change it, or if you were not so engaging i could try and meet you and find alternative. i wanted for you

to have the last word but it is not possible eve, it is better we finish by something a little warmer, a little less woobly. and as lovely.

So if you let me.

And as you last word, I don’t like feeling like a cry; relation or love anyhow are not sm to me. You don’t have to subscribe (or maybe, as unvoluntarily, not on purpose… from my side you dragged me)


Am at work don’t be mad at me if it is written badly.

You know what today you aa am make me happy because i feel that you respect me. it is good for me to know that, you talked more so i finally understood what you meant on this. i think you are right. if you were nice to me, my only hope, and rather sadly my only hope not when I d be with you, but my only hope as a whole, as I am like that, without this focus or intensity dates are just vulgary (which is fine also, but not what is my greatest hope of all, not even near it). Ok let’s change the rules then I stopped thinking that you want to date somebody and I start to be your mate for a little. I ll tell you why I change my mind. Not that I want to be play being your friend, but I am not delicate this is just me. You said that you don’t want that with nobody? So if it is not a delicate way, only if it is not a delicate way to tell me that you don’t fancy me, then I have got something to offer you. Shall we meet and talk about this? I d like to talk not to approach you physically but because I find it is a complicated matters, I tried to write to you, isn’t it? Would you give me a chance to chat on this openly? I swear it is not something I propose to you in order to get flirty. For the moment I am so under the water with my exams. They are all finish the first of may, after that you meet me?

thank you for your answer hon, not that it meant the world to me, but that today or this week, this month now almost it did.

but i think that could drive me sad and sorrow of plenty is that finally i kee p talking aobut me.

Organizations asking for meoney not for expertise. They could render this way to people supporting in providing training, experience, experimental project.

Why are you cliff hanging me, and let it like that. However delicate you try to make it your not (n-ot===hot) answering is not welcomingly polite.  Or you could not give a damn shit of me- which believe me I really understand- nada (contrarily to what you say that you don’t want to date anybody) that is more like it. I pursue you I want the verity. Spit it.

Cot not send. ) Am mad in love) practically

Sent 2 days after.

i don’t intent to quizz you, or squizz you, it is just that i admit i have got an affect that you touch deeply, because i think i might be in position of better understanding and relate to you that most people. i am a little gothique in ways. a big little is it that i was or with the dire potential of deplucate. i really really discuss it with you. i d be happy to disclose too.

i did not do it on purpose, but somewhat i betraied you. your body is right to be angry. i don’t think or at least i am not sure of being possibly a good partner. since i lost hope for love, genuine one, complete one, my wife has become writing, as become travel and life foreign, as become advantage of adventure.

but though i am sure i love you.

and don’t say you want the police now, it is irrational your being afriad, but very handy wherever you could come clean with no apoligoy. am not that insane to believe tha tyou don’t know that … i nneed some inof to trace a rainbow. deliver me from thinking you don’t want someon loving, just say you don’t want me. thank you for doing it.

We h should protect Africa , to make all other continent jealous, and protect species, human traditional and moder entirely harmonise with nature absolute need for zero pollution…

Up to make the others to start re acclimate re introduce n proper nature proper girl d ly.


It is to what aids and debts annihilation should be converted, not to devilish practice miscalled as development that make the shark s allow the entire population to firmly have to believe that the y only have to think themselves as dead flesh as a tactics of living and strategy of jobbing.


i m making

I am aking.

I m

M = am = a mam = a mam an = a mama


I don’t think that this staying in English language can be truly even approaching seriously and funnily enough antisemtism.

Nor the comment above, perhaps the ben t spiritu or tongue would be you that would say that this on the verge to be. A bon entender salut.

I don’t know what to believe but I think that peo;ple are hiding the truth.


To be attacked during coit just like butter. And during making love, the sa scare of the untraceable.

To incarnate what people react according accroc to what they think you are; and do.

Jewus. Jew’s us..

And Jesus wass a gay, well also.

Intimate love story in geuteho and diaspora as to regroup and to marry where one’s work is not wll paid, but justly, proportionally so. J babel.

Faire le gue.



you impregnate me with phrases ‘such as i wish i could change it’. ‘What do you think I should do’?

what I fear is that set up could bring down any good will as it d finish in prison or contain through black mailing, or t o be courted and imprisoned for trivialitites. Without the crimes of one’s accusers being ever juedges dor or penalized.

What I think is now the most actual and nowadaus of the officialising f of all dangers.

thank you a be vegan.

Are about to walk on each other, surrounded by bought emptied places.l

it is what i say: to make me swallow that you don’t want any relation. let’s say that you don’t mock me but you take me for an idiot. Keep it this way. You are right don’t answer. Let’s do it like that. Thank you for the pity since polite one has to be; I really miss it. Really. In fact it is a plus, more than perfect.

Where’s your talking me back?! Has it gone suddenly?

yes, but is s-till ill think. i want to see youi. i d like to see you. ok, i ll re-start working them or on them.
tell me you are the devil, hooking me like that. this my betbait.
tell me you are the devil

it is nice to have a goth for a date. I can talk to you, my frank is not abuse to you. When you finish your trick and start lashing at me. Just like that without whip.

yes, just like that.

okne one has better in love, with you, innit.


right,  one has rather be in love with you,

tell me you are the devil. i d rather be kill a good once. please.

tell me you are the devil. i d rather be killed at once, deal. please.


please. please. please. Deal.

please don’t rip off.

i love you. do you love you. you, you, you.
do love you. i.

i do.

Egypt, gypsy.

am i not an idiot caos i know you are looking for seombody else, or cos i know that i still can hopt to hope tha tyou arht still my date (mean to see you one day? no don’t mean this sorry. where are the 101 dalmatian, a beauty we are vegan, or i d have to look behind my shoulders to see if not one is coming to skin me dead). sorry for approximation, am busy. gry grey matter of the brine brain = line of salt roll pudding flesh inside cream crammed skulls nearby explosion, am i gluten sensitive?
because, cos,


mind i did not ask. do you kill s-ill silk, skill tham them ; even id f you don’t eat.

lovely, have you made new friend?

lovely.  have you made new friend?

ok so here we are, we almost engaged. you all agree? (not to(o) all, does not matter, am l elastic) she would have to be the alike to my mummy i knew. no, now i know it. well not the alike exactly, if not you would have to abandon bath, tube, and baby far too quickly.

i wish she had recognised me.


no just a rant about my mum. i have to say, not to tell, somebody.

mind, quite sincerely you are the most approaching i ve never start knowing. you are right not wanting any relationship. chip. my mum never loved nobody, whatever she might say. i don’ t know i guess truth and hidings are indeed do complicated. the thing- one hand, just one hand, in the Adams’.

if it is with my mum i start relativising…me don’t know of wha tis the beginning. rather not putting a word on it, heavy. Avis (opinion in french).

ok than you for your attention. now i ll shush it to make you happy.


at times you do not understand.

to be as impulsive as you it is my right.

it is to waht you reacted, just for me to know.

i like explosives.

go, manipulate, just go.

for a metal rock party.

i am bored to death asking a princess, don’t think i am mocky.

DO NOT style sign road, trepass is fate of destiny

i d just said, i ll shush…

for you to be happy and all that.



xx? no this one is too mac masculine for you.

a ca chance il like dominatrix.

Look i am cop mpletely in under gh the water, very late. Don’t reply to be harsh on me, it is not the moment.  I don’t need that.

Yesterday you answer please don’t rip off.

I wont’ do that.

am off today, tody, so i play. i d not say it like that but since i talk to you.

Gold is the shadows on tanner skin that work in dark and sun saw.

i wont’ go to my mail bod for a while i don’t want to see your name, as i know you won’t answer.

it is better for my exams i admit that.

but when my mind followed my hollow heart to the cavity of the rest, of the breast: the abyss of alone eternit-as-ad.

To heterosexual compel. suck yourself aor ring beatween yourslef it shoul dsuffice for relaxation, or sailivation but not for salvation.

the purpose of familly you stupid idiot idol of watever suit their bigotery fashistery. is to raise good people. a gap innit? heterosexuality. what church has showed is to be of the side of the abusers and let children die and be slave by the bilions, you should better shut it up and face that should be called more than a plague, for what you qualified as your little disaray. as for people who want to make it appear different as parnets as citizens, if you want a fight i ma ready.

To homophobe as homo as me, (very, very) let death threate us on the paper.

pity, we could not have burnt them all. that is you included. and if we do it the more wimsy and winny first , youll be treated like the ladys (you first) is it ya thirst of fist that make you falsely revel rebel like that?. all of yours, ass all of them, all of us.

Beel beel babel bella belly.

To those who take themselves for bible characters.

he sarah you think youar e eve bak babe?

he said ‘par-don not pardon?

i ll stop using yahoo. you cannot post hyperlink even the name of your blog.    “inthenameofhumanrights”

he sarah you think youar e eve bak babe?

he said ‘par-don not pardon?



the truth you are a idiot. your hetero friend push you to you insane to not repect homoseuxual so much that the poo pushed and went down to your brain, a shame you haven’t got ears.


Ps: I spent hours sending messages by yahoo to notice that they were deleted. I think the y don’t like my trying to say I wrote more on my onw pages and also they d rather homophobic insults, that are not homos insults just trying to pe reserve their dgi dignity. Don’t worry homophobe did not loose it, they put it inot minus scale of go o to thell .

thank you ‘Dean of saint albans’

all bansl


They arather stuff like that.

yahoo is a censor, i might be using popular language but at least i respect and i don’t respect (= has to be stop, the most gentle way at the most poossible). those who think about breedin gslaves.

they deleted paragraphers of what people have to say (to)and reply to people that cali claims them to be better dead.

i used to be one of your reader, finish.

Homophobia is the first degree of breeding slave by sexual , psychological and social fear of dictact, torture, and made up fake pervert condamnation. hetero sexuality as inescapable is in t fact rape organised to the scal e of the entire community.

And they delete you without you having any notice of that. For what you write and the terms you choose not

Never will I lend my name to a yahoo pages again, nor my pseudo. Waste the lot of them. J

yahoo is a censor and favoirse the bigotery answers.

that should be stop as they ruin people life and children are bullied in the name of hetero sexuality, perverting them t o like misery and stop loving people that love them and you find with what? heinous liek you thinking they are great reading obsenity.

“Obviously failed to read the Bible and realise how many people have been harmed by that”

no one has to pardon you jim, you don’t realise that hetero compelling is rape organised by these guys reading the bible to show you how daily thy would like you to be seen laid. fucked. sorry i cannot put that the right way, yahoo only permit the one expressing themsleves like verset. more than speech hatred they do, they ruin morality, truth, sincerity and loyalty.

spurge saying that their god is , or hs been remade like a troll, so it is the difficulty of understanding it all. apart that at church they are very friend, not to confound iwth friendly of course.

and that on top most of tem feel they have sexual relationshi p with mary, and the all three holy trinity, so you see it is over complicated their cross reading.

and that on top most of tem feel they have sexual relationshi p with mary, and the all three holy trinity, so you see it is over complicated their cross reading- and dressing like lamb they eat at Sunday diner thinking they are the son of the s-go-at.

innit they suk spurge.

You know how I pardon? It is suicidal it is that what is inscribed into their crane.

These guys that like in companies would fire any one struggling for fairness through fear of their privilidges be unbalanced they reaffirm their infirm ed inferno of devilish librairian nothing to do byut praying preying it biblico.

And co.

For those who still wander how come this world is one of infamy and poverty.

Go in church, with wi white or black and try real charity.

Cahro charognard.



What they believe in reality is to be the ministry of the commando still eating the rest of a church tat might have tried to be nicer to immondices.

Flavor. Lavo, lava.

Slave. S-lava, and the spirit of development without conscience, tehnics without progress, quantity without contencance.

Monopoly, ploy.




One would look at killing one’s own mum to avoid her being tortured by one’s enemy. And when you think that you think dirty. It rid.

Food fool


Shod, shortage.

why not handicap, disability says that you cannot where in many case you can but slowier, with help at some point or stage, or differently.

When you realize that churche s and communities are not spreading love e letters but garde cho chiormes for people in need of hospital hospitality.

Saying horrors the day long, quoting the bible for that long.

Won’t be long.

People use the notion of pardon and goodness bonte and beauty inscribed in religion texts to be perpetrators of indignity.

But one day the very people serving these concepts don’t pardon until making sure that those are out of reach, of the state of possibility of nuire.

Veil as you covered you r ears, on the crap said less in etat de fnuire fuir. Furor fourure.

To have access to students essays and have an ida on popular and innovative ideas.

New rulesr = like in the square of plomb of maconery.

{…} mother.

{…} it is this usually […] but then i am gay so i leave it.


i ve got nothing but my mums anyway and still it is thank st o the cordon.

that’ it hein.

Please don’t cuf cut it eih, (never will send too tempty way.)

i ve never been so trying answering demands in all my life. i barely can open my eyes, i am exhausted. i wanted to text you that i did not want to upset you, not at all, but in my ‘home’ there were no signals- not the one i can send text messages anyway. and i cannot call. i don’t want you to eliminate me like if I was the most lamentable bastard. it is not a play, not that i really entertain myself. i am just jolty and so also this convey. so slightly to the slighest w-ay.

Will you accept my apology?

I promise I ll stop sending you not-e like that.

On prediction.

how come you come to believe this?

Inner thinking?

don’t explain anything. are you looking for othe r half ex clusively.
good luck to it and with everything.

fucking  hell. it is not that i don’t believe in what you say. but you know the pithy? psychique to teach us lesson is very much this a multi layer and interpretation and results way.

well inside pof it could be. that you find her.



Mki mickey.

These people of the left too much happy for the ow workers to haf ve duties of half duties, to justify their position as apparatchick, I hiding their pettiness in f their offices and phd.



These people of the left

These people of the lright t

They think that soho is deserted, if I could not meet elsewhere or differently I ll be there all day me that is there rarely.

me i could bun your head fuego. touch my mama, and you d cry without remembering none of the name yours did not dare tell you.

To say being western orientated, want to say to think that wisdom mean to behave like a tycoon or that god is bearbed.

Wire babred. Barbed. Bar bed.


T oa friend.

Ami jeasould ? am i?

Maybe i know you tend to be suseptible in some circumstances, that you would, if, mind well you could, really, ameliorate you scoring and hunting if you have picked the let’s ay ‘champagne in pink’ photos (why not). but i could not send it.  well not to you anyway. and you are my favorite i damn admit. the last one is tempting but daring for no gothy with horror films of which you might be the victims, may, trendy. for me was lovely. if i have the time, if you give, me when i go to france i ll take a pic of my dear mum picture, and you ll understand what size me. yes seizure, at leisure. you pardoned me? i feel desperate to tell my rubbish at somebody, well no anybody. body, yoga, exercice, sunbathing, a massage. why not for me??? that is not sex to precise it. you pardoned me? i don’t want to lose a friend either.

Maybe i know you tend to be suseptible in some circumstances, that you would, if, mind well you could, really, ameliorate you scoring and hunting if you have picked the let’s ay ‘champagne in pink’ photos (why not). but i could not send it.  well not to you anyway. and you are my favorite i damn admit. the last one is tempting but daring for no gothy with horror films of which you might be the victims, may, trendy. for me was lovely. if i have the time, if you give, me when i go to france i ll take a pic of my dear mum picture, and you ll understand what size me. yes seizure, at leisure. you pardoned me? i feel desperate to tell my rubbish at somebody, well no anybody. body, yoga, exercice, sunbathing, a massage. why not me??? that is not sex to precise it. you pardoned me? i don’t want to lose a friend either.

Charity, ca chair.

Managing, imaging.


Is patriarchal, men or men as in patry.


Buf, fallow,


c: an imperso impression of desolation, isolation



tho thorough theory.



Amis, aim

Circle, curle

Adversaries, anniversaries

Criticize the accuracy of reports is of prime relevance however WoW might have been doing so as it is of common practises for big companies to hire lawyers and legal team able to buy enough time and mean to endanger any, even though honest and justified, attempts at curbing their disproportionate anti-emancipatory-power over peoples and businesses ethics.  Also leaving reports in the plight of inaccuracies and unreferenced might have for functions to avoid legal embroilments (or embodiments).




Democ …

S dash.,


The mafias ogrnanise politics as such- ov of course it strides but onlhy in theoires is there  not overlapping.

The left to menace you with accusing you and overthrowing you in assumpting and setting up whatever they can find most sexualised and lucdicrous- yes they are for pullisaminity and        closeness  proximity in hutch that one has to fuck wit one s cloo cl colggeaud

And the right were where all the nonsense and pollution of the mind and all planet by one even beter is perimited.

In hwat do you wnat to believe after that?

Dame de convenance.

Martial art is to know how to bread an brake bra eak and repair.

And bet and break to the point of no return and repair the same pari.


I always believe in destiny and the spell in live incontrovertelly make you ponder about fatality. I even lived fatality as a play to be nut nurtured in order to dig up to no resistance to it.

But now I believe that whatever the outcomes and issues is to fight to what you believe being love. And love only.

No gloomy. Example I thought I had to love the most the one who would not to hear from me. True love is not engross this love, my to find another stronger love, as my love in a lady, the destiny. And to what and to that all paths for li ving and loving a woman, a wife potentiality with dignity.

But no t the.


Nad still in me thinking that what I just wrote is sin as my love exclusive would have been. But exclusive is not enough it has to br e ral reality.



To Sodom, this d sddom global where from the south to north, from east to west people are inside their hutch, job, niking what just fall on their nets.


Of,         fo             e = feminine in latine.

Tok get to know the most villain? Or is it psychologically that it collapses, and the inferno, cri cirle don’t cesse of infamousities, and observe with onesef, with the one that one self as a the most villain just describe, similarity.

To die through the effer ort, but is not life dying s escort.

Or ref joice through ones body knowing how to appesase pain and pleasure too intense

As our matter is not so dense.


Klike the rabbit that one would find at the exit of the lair, and one would say if you bite me I knock. And then the rabbit would understand you are like a pere espere    and give you some of its warmth dn the candour and the silkness and so smooth of lightness of his fur. And hten you would have to be so sad and leave him go while groaning for fear another one kill him as he id did not bite him cut tin himself free.

Sex transaction and transitional story.

Aggressivity as a way of emmiting, rather than recepting. When without no aggression, pain, efforts, go beyond and message sending, compare to reception in dealing with sensation, pain effort, at dealing with while not rejected but insinde. In sein, seindre.

The romance in epic poem not to much into the lyrics or words but here music and vocabulary are possessed by the description of what is done/ sportive attempts, obsessive training, love for shelter and vehicule, war to protect, babies for launch.

Ill          w           ill

Let’s analyse the function of the “w” here.

What happened in the uk is that the English thought to still be holding th e common wealth and therefore go on managing their countries like if they were their private home, when you go with lashing the servant of the mansions once in a while, no need no law no watchdog, no supervision in a kingdom.

In relation to relate invasion. Adn the taking over of most tangible laws, as depravated, but with people behaving on their people even more badly as we are not their people, their people are where the a laws still say that there is slaves.

The eye is so delicate that wen t a when analysing a structure it can know aobout all its secrets and fissures.

M emotion can be modified or at least secondarily run by intellect. To think something wise of what we just heard of the wind or of the gossiping, or of what we just thought about what we had perceived or had been perceiving.

I ll bring you down.

I ll brick you doll.

How to annihilate mysogism.

In no one even no women looking for servants, but fair-trade exchange of banter, good or money.

Erasin ghomsoexulaity practise would say erasing our whole breathing. Forbidding physical contact would mean to destroy everything, as to have to nastyness yield.


i d like to meet you love, but you are too young or me too old. in 20 years time maybe. xxxxxxxxxxxxxlove.

free time not really. i try to meet somebody and see from there.

have you a lot of free time?

Teach and thinking killing to get remote from direct slavery, be a slave of massacres

To plan an answer with name of the author one has studied as them , when grand academic or specialist summarize and frame a problem.

When people express violence aobut  homo, to retian hetero, and relation marriage being to d give on’e life, wchi might be the most beatufiuful thing as you give it as you live it, as ti alraday goes, or th most bloodiy nightmare. Hetorsxual supremacy as long as forced or dictate orientated, arrangered marriage, limit the opition, or totaly or considerably and say to someone we will hsape you r life as you , not you , we will have you … marry.

We will haave you, mary.

well if i find somebody yes, still it depends i am not the kind of woman having a day out every week. but free time to have reasonable interactions that is for sure.

i trim myself. but it is super nice asking. i live near richmond as i am at university part time. you?

am not sporty enough for ya? you look so classy on top. ma.

Hetoero seu sexism and tr terror.

I am not a catholic for man y obvious reason, their hypocrisy and innefienceincey , their hate of humanity and the anima l realm…

But having said that the bible and some of its unique anc crucial sot stories dones not belong to catholic but to humanity as w a whole, for every texts, more or less a sacred, or part of text, same reflexion.

And reality. Just thinking let’s conserve the texts and the exerting of wisdom, kof all humanity. And animal kindom. And vegetable as if eand ceececah time I would forget this me the next culpribt of idole.


yes i know i try to be butcher. well the contrast between your two pics would have suited me, even if i tend to look for feminity, more or less exclusively. i just learn that these things were not about appearance or superficiality. x

the threat of rape, as it is a hint at destroying ‘for pleasure’ indecently, without limits, with intent to attent at morality, and the signature that one is to destroy all around, family, communities, with more and more bridbe and perversity. = asking for realationship in research of nothing fair but destruction of sanity. (safety, appartenunce, the loss of all to the last degree) for m the most extreme of torture as announcing complete slavery.

Th eloss of one’s choice upon the o most intimate of choice, one’s partner.




To be together in between species, a t to imitate and reproduce gesture of survival, and as one know a little bit better other’s potentiality, and no risk venom without having done nothing but ignorance to get bitten.

This is about combating pedophilia, even more than that pedophilia incitment, it is not more about h.r but bare survival. or is it worth mentioning surviving in  a society that would allow people advocating the marriage of 50 with child or teen?

I am not saying or trying to pretend that there were not and that there is not a race more or less justified, in order to reproduce and try to be the u m numerously more dominant. But west or east, if we if any one leave thes e in l etat

To salute each other in the principle we are still alive but what about teh dead or dying person?


It is not that I am intense it is that i am exclusive. Am work orientated and cannot see people or pratically, sometimes unfortunately as I would like to see many,  but to be at my most I am alone- it is the nature of what I am at it altogether with my personality, need silence, to reflect (gap and inspiration). It is just someone I need to speak with regularly that I need. It is nothing more than this what I am looking.

Act of reproduction and the (or simulacra)  and o notion of ethic. Ethnic.

Ethos hick.             Ethos nice.

Nik nick.

Star at the sun. Gaze at the star.



Tsar, tare.

To look at teh eclipse to see pheonomena but now I am blind even if still seeing to say that I feel is the misery of missing. And loosing.

Racism has been used as a natural defens of being invaded as just any  other group discrimination. Foreigner. In order not to be ruled by overcrowding or taking over by harsher and less dign bheavior.

Racism has been used to stay an hooror within “one own” comuntiyes.

People spitting on h.r even not. As they have not the dur curioisity of checking issues and problematic. Are the people here to destroy and replace the system with their si limping. Erasing qualities and other’s qualities.



The weird of the patriarchy is that you have to be cruel and bet at ve beat honest men, and that you have to beat women as your wife, when it is only women that would be allow to that.

Camp   mack

The gift of magic aare possible to strengthen wil while one cannot intervene physically . for example to curse  fi one cannot stop a bad things. But if one has the opportunity of stopping it without magic then magic would evaporate, as magic is the result of a context and spirtit an stregnh of mind help, not a subksidy.

Civilisations, civilisation has to keep what to the other has been benevolent or become the next in line to be barbaric, eaula equal with no inner

Reason to persit st or resist.


The better in me, the love I vow to my wife, and that through her and the hope of being a good wife, I can redistribute to what make me life. Other h.b, and all the unvirese.

All the unverse needed to eternity.


Everyone is wondering how things would be going if people did not get married, well it is also because it is difficult that e deify that when you got someone you like your really do your utmost to make it stay.


People are wary about s being set up by other individuals. Dual. Dulass. Alas.

Discretedly the uk leaving the fashism, mysoginistic, blbabla of the poufufatas grandicoloquent, to their coutnrepart park paky and turmekistna (rusian I meant it)


For example if I had money enough, I wold literally love to send moeny to the rspb. But here the first question before other organisation throw themselves in representing the birds. Do they dot heir work responsibvely k in loving arn protecting all birds, fighting human and other species when required, letting their staff establish emotional conections to their work, and through tat refusing lto create additional pollutin while working for the ‘green’ issues of all evnironemetn.

I saw someone exactly resembling you this morning in the bus. So class, so in touch and though impassive. Beautiful. Beautifully I stare at her, asking by which magie, she did not move a notch. But when I though my poor caroline she will thought you are directly from a lair. I thought I could have taken her picture for you, of you. Don’t answer me it is just a poem I d like to make but for who? (????????????)So I ll stop writing )it(.

Who, whole some in sum.

I ll be finishing my year on monday.

while discussing that rape is not a ‘war weapon’ like described by the U.N institutions, but a crime against humanity ‘act of torture’ treated by politicians almost, or in semi-tone as barbarism- not in the sense of fillipandry but of the sense of barbare whom should be treated as such to understand misery (the politicians and other professionals or citizens supporting it included) at leisure.

the fashists -who who left, all of us, i am not frustated, i am not frustrating honey- would say they are, as we let them die of hunger and epidemy. but whom of the west is not enjoying it?

do and play hard, as if not who would chose me? other wise.

The same physic tha ti adroe, adore not by taste, but becaue s it is you. By envy, by nature, by bona fide what my life gave me of opr operture. By mimetism, by what habve been directly convey in me blood, in me stream.

Stre ak, am.


by racism.

And that you could have been the opposite color, it would be for yours that I would tremble.

Punitive is the life as one behave as it perceive the past, and which color are insdie or what would happen of us, and own intergirty , when comes bad and good surprise, surprises. Prise.


The snob that think tha golf has fight for deforestation, calling the lawn left enivormentalists. And takng plane to see the fk las h mob hotel still having it rest of a billions of years that are not gonna suffer more than a century of that whore of work clale d industry of personal liberty.


gold an example of citadines bondony. And darker hatered to pets and other people or species. Ecodiced, genocide all united.

short sometimes almost shaved.

i used to have them long. where do you live? it is nice area but i live in an inconvenient room. am there only for uni, i have great time studying there.

Don’t forget human institution in the green capital, they are a part of the bio sphere and system. Dicateted by nature and a part of the nature failure . failure. Ail.

Ail, ali.


i am really sorry jacky i realized i messed me days up. on tuesday at 11 i ll be finishing my aisha ‘s exam. can i contact you for the week after i have days and night to to do at work, i swapped them to be readier.



Pen all.

Pen il.


Pain, peine. = vein and sorrow.

Threat, threshold, at.

To allow some of an etchi or nationality to behave like sharks insid e one’s countries to justify a politics going against the perpetrators ‘ countries of origins.


b-a lace

ball lance.

b-lack. Kcal.        Allcall, alcohol.



Wash, it.

And wear ethnic clothers to be usre that they know it is not racist insolence, jsut insetict of likking it when taken as being half of it.

Not sure if ethnic clothes goest to whom are dying from native priviledges.

Cal it a circumstance.

Is passivity or e receptivity required to rebound and defend one’self with all the energy provided by storing while waiting for being assaulted?

It was not a question of serious but id  I kept remaining in same waters, instead of others’ typo e of concentration asn d exercice, not that I was rejecting other training but that I was fearing to lose on my one, own, particularity and goal. Gale.  Confusion, fusion and determinism in art and artificery.

To wear clothers symbol of a communities and stop walking for oneself a but as a representant, and whatevery you think it represents, of it.

To ea war wear clothes by but what will I be permitted to voice or not , to share of the human destinty, if in front of some, other’s life is mecreancy. ?

The end of cheap China. To hope that one day work will be work, = equitable exchange not even in sustainable condition but in all view, totally commited to and performing for sustainability and eternity. Sav lavation.


It is high time to get it sport.



the wind stopped by the forests is now stopped by rien.

Iren, ire.

Far left letting the commands to yough, and training them to political faction wars, adn far right doing the same with youth in the street, making them boss of some comptoirs.

Of course being I with a woman, driven me ntal but mental and in love.

Not psychic, that is twhat they wish, but com pletely replete mental.

See lavish.

To be married to one’s owen thougth and body of thought as if married with someone the psyche become two and how not to get separated. Rated. Sepia. Pase, paz. Par’ ated.

Pez, para.

And for my woman, make nice translation of niceness through trans lated.


Frl delet.

To know the body of work, or some of it, engage the discussion with author and professionals. K like if someone could wishper you some of the cues, much needed. The bo voices of the prophets.



the devils’ favorit is to make pass for being the devil the very innocent it attacked, sss.

Warning to homophobia. That were standing while men was afraid of being raped by other men, and the same standing for women, a part of that homophobia is the fav of the demons. As for us family, don’t worry for us husbandry and equivalent femina. Kill the father of my child and I would kill you, symbolically enough. As for speech a hatred and all that, we are the t rats letting people stra starve and ll all that. Gibing reproduction right in order to say they are giving birth too much, what would you want ust to do about Malthus and his band? Kill, ay. Ya.

The copyright of hitler you still need. Band of rapia.

Looters, rapist and racists, the all color of misogynist patriotic.

Pathologist pat o triste.

Pat ehont autist.

To have to go mad performing these jobs, our jobs full time.


Counter rolling, not teh ethcics and everyone happy but make you horrid, like the third world so mysogienistic here industrialisaiton take the folly under job description won’t do magivcs.

Praying that you would come back was a sin, to beg that one would forgibe met to have try and hope other women. As I would have for ever look for love, the courageous one, the one that says yes to share and embrasse and th d danger to want and help setting other free.

Thinking at these pasges tha t I wrote or rewrote an d that has been lost, with Microsoft help mainly. To think of them on repeat. Like an infant, and the ways I should aboi avoid it in the future, and the convention anr  ritual int eh presnt helping me , to contain and focus, to orender work a bother but at the same time withing time limit.

To be hotter and ready for the cold frmo knowing that one’s wife has the coat. Cold at.


The body and mind are in some other zones more aknowleagable.

To not being directly aggressive to a remark as it is with in build regret I had been done.

No one will win, despite the ethcical racial sectory fight that has been on the urn run, no one has of these boyes only interested in even not sex in even not gal or data or balls but of commodities. All ducks  but not the duck you can meet in the ponds, few ponds with plethora of bushes, the duck of the broches.

The devil servant would not fear you you are false brother, not fighting for love and be gnuine but inventing discrimination to get fatter and fatter. One good adbice, getting ready and readier.


What we do of our bri ain, or what our brain does of us during sleepting is the key.

The text I lost and I my meaning .

The owrk work dept, de kept, lost, destroyed. By the others are the why of our social.


The work that disappear and that just went through, down and from my hands, one of the most st entistive and receptive of pain, through their complications and the heaviness of the tiny tasks they did. Staunching this loss won’t be on the range of the possible. Poss.

Why progress is the human nature is that they have to keep theri treasure, or see their lives decomposure. Com-post.

A band of guys all smilling between them , that you d think that they are just waiting a quiet moment to in fact proceeding onto mutual wanking while groaning and whinning women depreciation.

These guys that would lock up women, “wifes” adn “daughters”, in quote as they have not honors, and say to the gays ok for yoy in the red quarters- or these same women shush you up, enslaving you, making you their servants, as their sects in protestation behing-. Since no one seems to buldge against that I would have to say. It is ok for that with you as my euneucha and I shall look after you and for you just as for the other females, the one s not willing to opt for slavery and make you viciously coming in your bal black Mercedes whose number plates should be taken and given to real tax person for you r mafias been ransacked for ever and for good.

And not love as each of what you love is being taken gonna, gone gonade, and never top tstop writing when the sadness terrase you, but how? As you would write about the emptiness that has been digged, dug.but at this point all you can is dying, moving along, mocking not even your life but life as a whole, and sleeping.

In one of these black Mercedes I could have been in if my next missions crush one of another would be, as what can we wait of otern , of a nations, letting people die, while preaching individualism, not as spiritutual freedom not alt all. But as the right to poison, and imprison, with the hlp of pseudo industry be ti cottage or monopoly.

Crushing. It is crush no recession.

Who would not comndemn individualism from these perspective, the one the lsast generation not by industrialistiaon, the layer of poisoneing, not protecting but asperging.

And us in the west saying oh yes one cannot last like tat that from our scientifical knowledge upn applied, theis knowledge that our studies justified, afnd from teh watching on tb people jsut becoming pale from hunger and despair ration.

No wonder they all go religious, it is the latt st with businesses that can say that it is why the y are sectary. And willing to use others as their cerfs.

The prostituest giving money against bodies and like the sport person having to gulp druges to go on bein t wages as an athlete. Or artist paying bpayed for the looks they d display, not having more to do that body dolling  and looking young as one don’t react but to play.

I would not target your family but target you directly, leva them cry out of joy, in the cppossibility that you become for other resaons than them bad boy. To deserve one’s seat and not like the mafia, the business and the politicians- and the rest of the court, counting on own’s bad lots of load.

If it was the gay running ,  I d be hetero. To go onto the forbidden?

One day we will all see not but say what forbids.

Poernography should be under protection of ‘free dom of speech’ but nto human representation. Meaning not actuall human making actions. Still an object of creativity, yes of course but not of weapons of entire phsycical domination just less worse than organs removal.

Por pork = by porks are in fridges.


bent as the natural position to urinating and defecating as well as for stetching, begging , sexing and praying.

And straight, straighter oen’ lall body getting taller. Toot.

You can’t seriously slay me because i send you lyrical little pamphlet of love? i write hone don’t you think there is enough censor like that?

like you.

you still have a conversation, with me. you do?


do you want to see my report?

Have you heaven been nice?

Cereful it’s a funny lass. Lace.

and if i was looking like this, and it be a female.?

To reuse the information should bring directly more copyright in proportiton to what? To the cal classics or tohter authors we utilized, or to the man in the street we plageriase, or the events killer of manyfold that we record with great technics and the candor that permit the journalist to non assist the pople dying, but perhaps those killing in thei sopra ghore.

Opera.  Gore.

Put like schrarzy that don’t like gay, of course cos with his greek beauty all paid to go to beautician and gym all day, a lot of guy would like to get a closer loiok at it.

Like butter and firm, muslar butt and chesty on top of the abs tht look like if he could not take pesty.

And what we have lost shall be the of our have to dind find and dig deeper and better, our measurement.

The golf person reproducting the ladys bags pushing their stuff on the lawn, loan that they did upon the true forest in calling it environmentalist attitudes.


They remove my heart as it if I want it to have something someone against on to lay, I ll have to elimatne first the people that want us to not stay.

And these fucking cunts of theolgoist at that are paid out of respect for spiritutual research adn good workd say, that although hate half of us , like the pigs, and half of the human being through their despist of homsoseuxuality, and that they paid ins resivisiting wof what have been target and left to be caleed tht scriptures, about Mohamed the pdophile never said.

That these perverse rummage on homo, while when they speak about a more than 50 locking up a baby in his bedrom, it is like in the time s of the kings in the uk these guys most repentant of oecumenic say.

And what about in the universlity and all elsewhere in 2000 , cos it is the year of the international convenant on no deal penalty and love you rneighbourhg.

Oh gosh o h cry let’s s admit that is good, not tha ti t was not inside and within other religious adept an d faith.

Of religion I know none.

And what about in the universlity and all elsewhere in 2000, just a few generation down the ligne, theologist let people say that the paramount the paradigm of their faith is a officialising pedophily??


i work near norwood in a special need school.

well it is the cheapest on earth for this area, i can bring someone around, but no one can stay.

do you share your flat?

how do you like hairdressing. what country are you from?

These rich men as fat as their cows, that count of whatever can *ill ya, the most immunde bribe s and torture to get whatever that would make us eat out of that.

one cannot truly love animal and still eat them. unless

human rights and the fear of not finding anyone.

Of not marrying, of serving others without the possibility of one’s own study and loosing through tinequal service or dirty juob, dirty the planet job, none’s one’s hoonor.

  1. r and the fear of rules. url rulers.

At yn university the women with name of s fish always aha ve been my favourite mistress. Gill, and eel.

Thanking the skies that this boy had a gi high status , as if she could do the sam e of that she did to me socially just like that in the stree t I d  be done for tu oruter , after having proved that she attracted me.

These guys especially homophobe, that say ok but not physically, ppoor doumb that o you could enter 3 dildo in them they would not even notice it.

De exactly like those who make horrors at wars, while they beneficiate form the richess of it, and meake the same as street gigh fighting, guys against guys, while they are expecting to be served at home and beat if no sex services.

Honors is if he touched you mother see you father battered for gog good.


Calling homo the faggos. But them are faggos the one that ccaannot stand the other d guays, of the sepcicies that go round an d kill othe rpoepl eon their sexuality and th colors of their sock s , the tast of their clothes and the choise in thei r beds and . faggot them it never cam e as so close.

As dangerous as l a little fire, as with these guyse and lasses one could not found a sould in one.

As for the sould is it that we don’t , we haven’t been in the right place and just err till .

The faggot , the maggot.

People tell so many ga fable feeble around force d marriage, torture, punishment ofr no crimes. Queen

As if someon e whould reritribuate the misdeeds, yyou would start tat for tat and not just for a tic.


To the dictator backed by their people.

It is not in creating poverty that a nation become strong, just destroying one’s asset it is not in creating richess that a natuion bcomes one but more probably one’s tomb.  Fate of the mecreant.

i rather not asking much to people, plus i guess you ve got enough of your own job. however it is so long i haven’t given a massage that all the pleasure would be for me. would you have time next week?

Eve, evil.

The night before.

One person to like me sexually and the one liking me every day as my wife, as one can need, could, or may need to be attach to the seme person all their life. But why are they not attached to me sexually, and psychologicall y and all the ‘ly’ here on earth, cos she is only my half, of a wife.

No need to force it. It ‘s wortheless.



HALF of the gender dyad.

We know about repo roduction but what about education, which person would come naturally together and have a dign the better of their lifetime, regarded to the m particularity, already work of the life time. As we reproduce to brought up, not only to lay.



Mat nay natty,

To make ryhm we every d word one finds it.

The human says tht they cannto see a vampire into their mirrors. The human cannot see themselves and their true sould into it. They don’t have anyone tio  impress then as they know what they are, or they don’t wat they are and cannot pr perceive thir efforts.

Or one day look into it while exhaustion fatigheu extinction of your body reshape d your face, and say see it not into far but whit a mirror one can put on a table and just drop one face near, in the darkness perhaps and stat start saying the work of time on it.


Or like an actor that did so much with their pretenses, and aliking that they decide to take cap and shades to be pampered under th light with makeup on-ly

it is ok you don’t want to see me regularly i get it i agree. can you see you then?

i llook at your profile, just lets have a look it could reconciliate me with couple. these look cool. people won’t look at your profile if there s a man. it is used a way of saying that you look as a couple. 🙂


i do them for my own pleasure… meaning i do do them, not sexual one by the way when no appropriate. i did do them as a part of my training a very long time ago. i mean i really like giving massages so it is when you like it if you like it. it is good to know more of the body functions.

that s cool for me i work week end. next week i am free wednesday. usually i am free every mondays and wednesdays, and sundays.

Masculinity is not the winner, as what is a female when masculine and fuck girl?

Masculinity is just the appropriation or the defense of what do or don’t belong to you.


The end of this little work and the thinking that intelligence comes from one.

Torture and slow death as hypocrisy and superiority attribute.

super 🙂

do you like my links?

do you come to london?

i ask you that i don’t get feedback, do feel free to criticize!

what would i not do to be read a little bit…

iknow you did not ask for it, i just wanted to reassure you. no problem if you got a back pain i ll do it for a long time, where and the pressure you like it. i am far from being really good at it. it is 200% free like i d be really happy if i can relieve you from pain, you always are standing up in your job…and who doesn’t have a back pain. and you could give me one 😉

people fearing human and h.r as if not rightly applied or violated as they are enforced then these same happening s could be ultimately deadly as other groups profiteer from inner weaknesses. That would be good but also other groups with mak lingnous intent .


Courts international law around crimes perpetrated in Africa, what about crimes perpertrated by und industry or trade of all genre, d gender , orginina, sexual orientation, culture , relation. Relion. Reliance.

To have cold and be in whatever position in one’s bed to look for one’s body to finally give one s energy warming up the proxy mity meat, meet. And shape one’s derparture, and becoming another creature.

To work, to work hare d to work good, to have done stuff left undone, look after the poorer like their were your children, because they were children or not entiled titled, deprived or their capcity rights.

And because of a trauma, or whatever have a special mind, a special attitude, feeling, perceiption, innate, sensatiation, to be said to have mental particularism and be put n into servitude. To be fired even if you worked so hard and continuous.

As the society need s killer they reacted thus previous. What now?

The pets the wild animals as one doe s not have to give much attention and stil l provide for them what is necessary as for the ir species to be alive without worries. To cuddle one like if they were my babies would bring me far from solving not emotional problems but in practibility.

See sinew.

And I would find a blaw ck wowan in the usa since I cannot t go to the Africa.

Matching my intuuiton I would have to make these forboding. Not for biding. Bounding.

In tuition,           learn inside.



I could not be with you as you would break it. And love is eternal. In ternal.

Texts like babies, thoughts and life that permits: wife. Works is the wife. In author language of husbandry.

with pleasure. anytime. this week i ve got wednesday free, i hope you too. i usually work today but now i am off, i revise my exam. if you are not off wednesday we will find another day next week. thank you for finding where, in that case i ll owe you.

yes i think we mostly get that at work, not very busy at all. when, while we should…

have a good day hon.

For the art martial master any emotions (sensation, thought, blbbla) will be translated in the location of the danger and its interception.

Porno described as normal, values are ‘naturalized’

To reverse how rape and sexual violences, domestic violences and violence are accepted, told and perceived.  Not just related but sanctioned.

We use violence and torture bo voa cabulary to make sure the other undersatnatd that one is aware of the fight. But in face of history, torture and complicity is all about that.

“Also, we meant no offense to vegetarians”.

It is no offence to vegetarians. I magine you sayding we mean to no offense for whose fighting pedophilia but we are pedophile.

We mant no offenses to whose fighting pedophilia, but to gtheir child.


i just thought of that on wednesday i am free i think i could be near your place around 5 pm, i work early shift. it depends if you d rather me coming around this time or earlier in the afternoon. my real day off are mondays and sundays otherwise.

The greek mythology perfect to comtemplate different relationship and process, thought and fights realted to you, our, imagination sand and politics palabre.

There are play on words, and they are thesame the same, play on words avoided.

To lose the work and this it not the essence, but the hours spend polishing, for others t o be willing to read. The essence of the work at each turn and syllbes.

Sybille, syllable.


The polishing are in fact the fangs to ch which one is caught and from which reflection and sense are di dripping. Is incesnse.

To pray for the known, to pray for the lost, to pray for it to be recovered, in some other trances and posts.



The cougar gfeeling as when older and very healthy then could guide more than , a most range , and know what one wants and hwo to get it.

The groups insulting each other, and being less and less porous, into an autmomatic and automaton weapons of pre judged and sin insulted.

In the industrialized countries these pretense of welcoming everyboy, everyboy that wants money, and thinking that they will be nicer having the floouze, loose. Not nicer but underground and proteted by law of the shadowy.

New. We ewe, eve.

Sexual excitation, readiness, irrigation, connected with pressure in the belly. Ki like fear of the moment of examination.

Women at the commands, as being sensititve to danger, as being exposed to all demands.


Men self esteem   e weak headless, unworthy of eing trusted, witn n ochief, no future.

No sexuality but reflect sexual, gender specific violences.

Exclusion of women, particularist treatment, heterosexism. ‘dealing lewdy with heterosexuality’

In a global context, meaning not inequality is to be taken as one. Global context, diverses circumstances to be treated, not saying justification for violations.

That is relativism, the differentiation in the arem s and weapons to employ in order to deploy and crush h. rvil violation. In dividible, interdependent, interrelated.

My bysiness in you calculating and destroyed?

No business but fundamental duties.

Hetero, inclination not pre determination to rape’

One cannot quote to o much as oen would be quoiting one who quotes.

To sell to youth, a n oversexualisted epxplaination of power and puissance. Them not knowing how they have been deeply fucked by their progenitor previously and swallowing the sleepin g beauty story.


A hate of homosexuality (and the joke aobut hating homos) because hetero dis ctatorishop around a myth of purity women and strong, courageous, pur guys, meriting kind women. Also when if example lesbian fight for women will do it not by spuring femininity but by loving and will have to destroy the myth of the spurn, realdy to go as heetro seuuxality is the lies and then will try to stifle one’s unaccountability,, one’ sludcicrouslity, by crushing the genuine. All love hetor or homo but do conduct by courage and love of beauty not incarcenrated.

Desacralising lies.

It is why homo and othe rsenti sensibility atre treated revoltingly to maks mak mask the sacrilegdes of being rulers of horrors and anti liberty industry, the terrors the mafias of many families.


Ac cathare catharin.

Love as to be for live, as the first of one’s love, might have been yesterday, but what today or tomorrow dressing. It is why there is god , as the first in list , human are here or other passoion to personalized to embody love. But love is to the supreme.

This s wind thick, not quick, not violent, but everwhere, so melodious that oen want to hear what words is in its lyre.

ok, i thought too. i am ok (for you to want me) to see you once a month or whatever you jugde is preferable. (per ratio or quota)

i see you point.



Minimal, dedicate.

Erudition, hypnose, constellation, as to know own’s path one needs the darkness under the milky way, concentration, consulataiton,

As 3 is the half symbolic of *8 as trinity and ∞ eternity.

find a mature pic and a job hon. it takes this to find a woman. 🙂 x. it takes that also, altogether with being kind.

People will want to censor you as you do creative writing one the state of mind in this hell we are living. To escape the e censor you ll describe rapes and murders in foreign countries that are really hhappening, that no one actually intervene.


No t to love solely but to love in thinking in feeling that you culd be my only fire, the only one going on till the end of the light in my eyesball and theblood even flood in my eues. Eyes.

But in reading after some year what I wrote while in extasy of pain and dolor. I realize how flat for you my forest can  e  be. It is not poetic, life is sometimes so simple. Even with the same word that rapproach you to me. I had lost the barometer of what your reactions could be to a simple stray and line of world. Blaze, zl blazon.

Should have  een my code.  Been

We are not discussing wheather though commenting on the rain but awaiting for the end.

Dis us dis aspointment.

TODAY I don’t know if it is full moon (29-4 at 1 42am), 10 days my father was born 56. I am intrestd in figures and numbers ifnot you, to keep a track of th e traces left by time and cry, crisis and sorrow, and hap;iness stolen by thiefs from clan zero.l that o could have been is not it is in the process of becoming’ that I would need it to say to the women that lure me into forever love trick. Encaging me and mocking my forlorn hitherto they could mock my rage and despair, my beig a cuckold

I ll finally learn to be humane, as I encounter other vampires since I know how to bit them. They are nasty to me, but since she I s my fa emale, my numerous,  even if she alld the day mocking make me go astray, I d stop feeling myself nasty or nastier than ncesseary to protect my own, and my dignity,



my own, and my dignity



fa, fall, fake, far, fare, falk, …

the hell, what for? To unchain. Me and try to find liberty.

The bible and all other bookd vernerate to have some sentences of justice, co social or not in it, would havet o be obeyed by the vamprires. Or by knowint it of being literate, or by observing other species. The humans are imitated, and other species are to avenge, just like do the narraotor voices in many of the pamphlets.

And with their declaration of love or their declaration of non love, they don’t scare me.

If they have you in them then I don’t have even to approach it. Cemented .

Dmn, I d like to be a poo=pusher, and I know that is the case for all the males (not talking about the ladys) them too. Talking about true poo=pusher here. Male and male pleasure.

After it is different who you married, there is mumyy, there is daddy, there I s aunty., and all the family gibing you the pamper or the pranky, your shame for them, all inoculated with what they wanted of your money, through ‘your reputation’ indirectly.



and they will reincarnate in L body and when he or she will die,   they wil decide to reincarnate them , him and her, into a-nother species.

I then stop myself from writing again, words are like ones’ children and one must avoid waking them every 5 minutes.

Female genital mutilation is the story a parallel with one genius’ idea amongst the amozon who would keep some men amonghst them, simpley but the respect they have for their son, and own to respectous men of their feminity, the y accepted men when in chains or main going around as one of their members, the balls maybe, were severed.


The only ethymologoiqu, mythologique therefore cultural explanaition.

It is in the moring , no more trees and a bird song to another, are you still alive, bobby’?

Who , else than e alien, can well be awaiting human fell (llaf) to be ordained?

Have you had a bib big problem with your families, and siblings. In a way it is not bad you learn to *ill.

To not recognize the person in the moi mirror and start being able to look at oneself severly.

The vampire don’t do your throat, she does your heart.


heart, is the heart shape from the peak of th e h to the pick ot the t going down between a and e. ae. With is similar to and. &

on the walls a false mark of respect. The people that were there one, one and a half century ago, of the remains only the photos, the building systematically destroyed alond side with the tools, furniture and all other objects. Their gems

still not knowing if any safe with the genes.

liberty and duty. what kind of left wing? communist, marxist, alternative?


‘dum enough to treat and process it with humour’


The buse has been torn of in landing.


It is about a novel of ‘happyness of ladies’ by zola, and I can hear the good lass behind laughing. The y thought of a comment misplaced.


Ones’ arem arm like branch and twigs.#

liberty and duty. what kind of left wing? communist, marxist, alternative?

To cling at a tree while terrorize in the woods, like t if one could pass on one’s life to it.

yes, it is where i am from. but i feel part of the universe, so the elections are not my principal concern. i should. i think that vote should be compulsory like in greece. my last exam is tuesday, i do nothing but studying my courses, i try. do you come to london sometimes?

that would be really super. i am sorry my room is totally alternative. i live in the most expensive quarters of london because of my university. i pay 60 £ a week to live in a garage, with electricity. however if you are up to it. you could stay and rest there. socialist party conference? in that case they find you a place maybe.

whoah dreams. current one? finish study and look for a job i find dashing. in general. being the best.) yours?

Not looking in the mirror, aboi void it . as nothing has changed, or has been challenging.

yes, it is an horror what is happening, capitalism or style of socialism that are capitalistic or inequal or discriminative or not rewarding effort, or taking the piece and exploitory or authoritarian, normative…or neglectful and letting happen bad things and futur generation or current species linching… even when not using so bad words, the slightlest link to poisoning should be at the heart of any politics. ethics.

what kind of jobs?

Addressing dress.


We live here a life of intellectualism, actuality, intellectuality. Till the day when freedom would have but disappear and the u culture of the muscle, hoepefully for fair end, prvevioulsy undig by research and study and their rewards and trohepy.

On socialism.

am not talking about regimes that produces millions of victims, but actual party here in the uk, there would be truly equalitarian i would work for them all day. though i am not pessimistic if i find a group my taste, it is what i planned to do. NGOs with human rights orientation or environmentalist approach, yes. modern history? i have too many credit this month left i have to finish them tuesday. would you fancy i call you for a chat?

i would not like being devoted to any party i know but it goes the same for the organisations i ll be working for. so no specific criticism intended. i like history.

hi despina, i am caroline. i ll give you mine text me when you ve got a new one. after politics one of my fav, if not the, is modern history in the human department. i hear of the international S.W party. 07757850484. i ll go off line. i gonna fed the birds. :)they are amongst= one of, my true love.

i don’t think that the link you gave me is working.

at uni roehampton  i almost live in countryside near richmond park, i fed all birds and foxes in ponds and bushes with some of the left others.

hope your w.e has been good.

am having a great time the end of my exam!

i was thinking something, would you like first meet for a drink somewhere. i ll tell you why. i am what people call ‘a butch’ that is if people saw me with you in the street, in your flat, they will know, and i don’t want you to have problem with your room because of me.

i was thinking something, would you like first meet for a drink somewhere. i ll tell you why. i am what people call ‘a butch’ that is if people saw me with you in the street, in your flat, they will know, and i don’t want you to have problem with your room because of me.

To stp unleashing creativity as a deliverance to dedicate one’s energy to other projects.

Tall lent.

To hide as amorphy and hypertrophee.

To stay a lesbi as my lesbian life as being so scarce that to have an ecperience with a guy would do me a hetero, and this is no. as scarcity in lesbianism not the fault of the ladies but of the society.

; you have more on the universe? could you give me your link?

supervisor? it is good for the brain, to tick box and ensure lists, i like doing that kind exercice. problem left, is the list nice?

it is “looking at me society, for not looking at you”. image worshipping, dictact, cult of personality.

have you reported the theft to the police and the place you were in? don’t forget to do that. crimes go incredibly underreported.

you are looking for great delicatness? just answer my guess.

Behest, haste.

In relation with prostitution.

Work nto discussion amonsocialist in recent years, in philsophica or theorietical leve.  Discussion about unemployment, among academics, joursnalist and politicians. Because of mass unemployment , whhci has makde paid owrl so unobtainable  that work can now be romancticised. Jeffreys , 1997).

‘cullen remarks that work seems an unkidely cause to be celebrated, since so mean, but even meaner unemployment. Jeffreys , 1997).

To be gay and be ok to lurk on the little boys. Do not worry speak about the 30 – 50 an dmore of your (from being forbidden like the apple) lawyer gardener.

Slaves : the symbolism of naming, of clothing, of hairstyle, of language and of body marks.


Clothes by birth and represent a sub caste, veil.

The counterpart of the master’s sense of honour is the slaves’s experience of loss.

I really don’t know why I studied and to rise to such level of consciousness and then work at that; but to relaiszed my own level of depravation.

ti·moc·ra·cy  (t-mkr-s)

  1. pl. ti·moc·ra·cies
  2. A state described by Plato as being governed on principles of honor and military glory.
  3. An Aristotelian state in which civic honor or political power increases with the amount of property one owns.

[Obsolete French tymocracie, from Medieval Latin tmocratia, from Greek tmokrati : tm, honor, value + -krati, -cracy.]

the tro auma of the work that has been done and lost; hiding the trauma of the work never hinted or achieved.

S usurpor of identity of authority, Jeffreys , 1997).

Ceasing to idealise the people having shown other paths as other paths could have been ok

As to cease idelalising the girl who do not stay. For having too little imagination to imagine a life aside why I could not fit her own aspiration. Too tidy or untidiy m too much me.


You slave me, I slave you.

Not You slave me, I slave me.

re create

able to proetect detect a guy like and as an almighty treasure.

With mansliness and not for its manliness quality = able to protect every other quality, with one’s or porotect the ones necessary and develp these ones. In a chain of por proetection and insureance of stability

As waell as margin of exploration

i thought you were the very girly type. trap.

Western orientated as western the sole per preserved from wester n conquest. So what is preserved now of neo imperialism but the decoy and lure of death that are in eafch cultures since how to fight capitalism cpoiiiinon but with rhe rl relent of torture and terror. Mureder.

Poison, ip opinion

oh god, if you give me your email i can email you the docs i am working on. i am never ready. but you warm me up.

am going to bed a little. and tomorrow? pasta, orange juice and soya sauce and olive oil. And other bread. Exam marathon.

I really try to date someone…nevertheless this is my way of socializing while doing a little bit of all round activism…maybe.

hi there!

Blog: not authorize to hyperlink but here is its names.


See sinew.





Six, French pronunciation = cease.

With these (alternative) way of living, you finish slaves or slavering.


To emprison people to try and not be toppled is illusory as it is the sing of a lack of political will of the people still serving onto ruling estabslishment at its apex, that is whith the enire entire population.

Elire, elect.

The wll of the majority, needed to rule a country, without the authroiriatrain manners become violent , political and social will and time to make the stuff run smoothly and take the energy of proges ress and creativity as well as building ac capatcity when benevolent and beneficient. The rest would result inevitably as run by people not involved in its  being shared and grown.

To kill on purpose, gratuisoulsy in thinking that removes it something less to think about, to look after, to relate to…

And have to think that it is the end of this world or that however bad what we do their salways a future make a grandious place to think that I have got nothing to do, to prove, more than being a predator.

“We shot a lto of stuf f and realize what it means twenty years later. “

“get enhtouisatic about horror film, about darenkess…’



“Or maybe are we gnna be the I living dead” as we gonna die

C: And die  what about our traces?

“the American nightmares”

It is normal to speak about and for one’s religion, because of you know that some of the language and people in or within its spehere of influence had been great humnistad or save in a way of another people form badness.


The generations think themselves as apocalyptic as they think that they are tat the top an dthat what only what they have created is so important that I t would be a shame and an tactis enough to put down altogether. This one thinking that are the on that did not suffer.

As appocalysmtic tick is in each people experimenting dath death. So what is about death when inflicted?

In a cemetery, the tombs and colons are on a hill and pis tower the scen and the sky give its sly ordered.

Going in life smilly like in an film of horrors, that reel through and en dlife in a second.

The way of protection yourself ga against crooks and crowds becoming rich that is to wrok indidrectly for mafia, or not indirectly.


‘The measure of a countries self confidence  is the degree of measure that it will igve to creative intelligence’



I am against no one , no muslims no religion, no groups, as long as they respect me like thy ereepsect themselves. Bu what if they don’t do respect themselves or others?

My best friends might comes from all other the comsoms as long as the spirit is of spirtirutual o all over protection. As long as they are friend to lifes, and all .

Racism ia is an habit that put every one in the same bod bodx. Pushing everyone to want to eradicate what is outside thinking tthat ist is only in their box that  they ar safe and killed if part.

The cctbv to make sure one is making properly job as idiot as the finishing species.


To write a work or whatever that can stay within gerneration is not immortality it is just to depict a soul while you r loul is gone, and for other sould to recongise what they are living and make moving.

Will I keep

Prostitution the oldest trade, that is to say ours.

“I am looking for someone that can touch me like i was made of china”


So zoom zoo. And tourism.

Porno is the  fack of having sex, stimulation that are trained through mis en scene of the pain, as unpleasurable sex is about being chareed ecorche.

I was desperately clinging on to the so past memories of my first ex that never had wanted me ral eally.

People and peoples are ga against the western life styile and they are right we know it. We are or embroiled withint its conditions, only possible to find a work fashion, or

She would have thought I was going on and on and gather so much as a romanticism, even though she knew I was the last of her soc souci, but she had this glimpse in me that told her all my horny all my attempts to make me a good husby and e desirable her tempesty prayer for the forest of the world be a better place for it is its shelter from there could sing the birds and the mammals protect themselves from the human and the less kind that dream only of blood for a cheap and easy clot to build in the fin fond in the bottom of injuries . no surgery for these fantoms.

The poet, though I am not, is reading all the time, books, songs, and clocks, and po ised pissed by the rhythm the world come to him for being lined.

These guyes paly playing sympathisant positive? Taking back slogan, but who will never know about what they are tali talking about as no work back ground in the sense that they think the same will never do the equivalent. How to ruin . even the most ambivalent.

in paralell to studying islamophobia, would you be studying ‘islam’?

it is so great to see and watch the sea, washing away all worry, infinity the gradual play which will finish the comedy. as for tragedies they cannot wait to stay and go running this way, out of the plate. one can’t be lay. add as for the plait and the hearsay only godess has charms to say ‘sing my lord we won’t die, all comedies are laught that die, and tragedy aren’t here to stay. we are all lay to think this way.

to steady go and run the mildy mild mild milky day.

sherry, i mean i can tell you this like that as i know you are considerate. but what i think is that for the moment we have to take it easy with terry, she is agonising over Abby.

that’s great. and why get changed all the time!?

what worries me now is to get medical advice and follow up in order for him to keep on his walking capacities to a most.


Pro prix, prise, pris french for taken (in) son.

taken (in) son

have a look it will become more hunt un- entertaining for bilinguists.

Sometimes it is good to have negative experience. As taking this example if I would have taken this nullity in academic input from a prof of whom I did not have proof it was neglect and sheer boycott’ I would have tolerated. After this from no one I would, it is to dangerous to let it. The only thing is that you might accept it from one lecture s in thinking no time, the other one will do triple to catch things up.

“seen as a matter of security rather than humanitarian concern”

central london has this advantage of taking us somewhere with other gays around. do you agree? i mean we do that once or twice whatever how many times you want, and if we click i can meet you every where you wish afterwards.

i have to dam adm-it the red picture is because i lost my camera phone and i have got no other one.

well i d be my real pleasure to spend time with you. though you will have to decide about the places you wish us to go with one restrictions i go where i don’t need to spend my pennies. what really sadden me it is that my place in london i cannot invite anybody to stay at night it is too ‘insalubre’ i got it very cheap in a most expensive quarters…what do you think of it? if you send me your email i just produced a file , i don’t know if it deserves a pass, about an organisation similar to oxfam.

et puis on parle francais, on peut tout dire, a part la personne a qui tu as decide de devoiler, persone ne comprends exactement ou juste un couple de temps en temps qu on peut semer. ca c est genial de temps a autre. and when becoming political come back into the lingua franca, hilarant.

on my blog can i quote independence day?

i am looking for website good not about recipe, yours is enough but about general advice for vegan nutrition.





do not worry i knwo we cannot read it all.

french history, you mean the world, mon colon!

ok that is if you study si islamophobia you have to study the activity or activism about islam to. action, reaction, interactions. for all that to get muddled if not sporty. i think of this because i realize how fast one is liable to get biased when looking at one point of the story. it is often one against the other one. and what is all the more tricky is that we live in a communitarian society, blanking, bleaching citizenship. if you don’t investigate one group none of their tenets is gonna appear in the press, ami mainstream press, it is all about building not peace and exchange but block of self interest rhyming (whose real meaning) with how to steal from other in all legality.

in where can we know about the details of policies , of achievement. no investigation is permitted. and the one invited become the wolf mouth dependent.

in september we could have something to celebrate apparently.

Nothing against polygamy if polygamy is for everyone but polygamy mean to possess more than one spouse when one’s spouse are monogamous, have to. It measns torture and inequalities maintenance (and not one of alimony) through and through via marriage and accoutumance.

On of the trauma in everybody life is to feel pain, and to absolutely don’t know what to do  where it comes from and how to go and what to do with it.

The withc system is to design the people having not the same opinion, see hope. Or one’ sown children with an independent will, ostricing, exorting, exorcist.

The machines whose will, like humans, might be to go one , or might be to collapse. Or          to dialyze.



i think that the uk is not an iota equipped to preserve the freedom of your father inside residential institution.


Ot these guys of the ‘h.r’ fake team that want nothing human or kind or e real and share and mutual, but wnant social power.





Whatever agglomerated people might say, the notion of antion or groups is to stir reproduction in having in mind t o breeding children ubut nto as if they a were you r own but just to the purpose of colonisaiton. Teaching thenm no love as they are no you wish, they are not your whope h, but your tools. Basically the otions of people is then destoryoing themslelvse and having for identity corruption an d networking , down l hill.




There is a lot of violence

From errol Flynn sword fights to real violecen.




This was before the Sunday times educated us, tha culture means digested opinions about marketable artisitic endavours.

Swinton, tilde.



Heritage as tourism.

Swinton, tilde.

I d rather not an answer as the love for her would transport me into admiration and fanzy un punitively.

Homophobia comes from this huge and unchained sensuality coming from bisexuality f thinking, as hetero born (laugh out lound all around)  will see their homosexuality s experience as being translavted into bisexuality. The fear of having to work for sex, and to work in a condition of habing sex since the a barriers of gender separation and sexuality division would be vcollapsion.

Faith can make you toruture people for them to chang of opinion, but if it is only ano opinion then it is nothing to do with faith.

Faith that they have but cannot act it, as well as the torturers, ins as free as to act it, thatn in a locked short without door corridor.

Vestibule of destruction.  The faith basic abut still perceive of breathing but not forth.

The work , of a stream of sound which we acknowledge the variation time after  auditions.

The similarity with art as a genre, as a soicialibility ability, where everyone recount the same event, circumvent of insanity.

And it is a free film, not, but a film I ve seen for naught that gives me inspiration..

All individuals the results of family survivance, but family does family has a what role into evolution.

The morphology transpforming where the zones of tensions, interest, love, sesnastion, nothing to do iwht people that like you because you are the same maison.

I might be a pfuta but I d could kill for mum.

I might be a lesbian and…

The all w question of homosexuality and more or less patrhiarchy.

Freedom in sexuality or even more war and don’t rape and compulosory agreement, but still criss cross between sex or gender.

The world of art watching by artist and lover of the human and spiritu rendez  vous. Where would we ogo without?

Authoriatrain, more and more structured in order to crash, the way creativity did not permit us to be alive.

Destrt and volupty of the harass.

The people that changes the world of people that changed a part.

On rulers that if they were men were women inspired, not only and not only.

The world is ambiguous and androgyne, so whagt abougt misogyny?


To reaise one children ta elling lies but manage to pearce them with light of verity, and them to battle for the not utopia but principles worded.

To sa y I am honest when we are not to one’s child.

Will the child do the same and lie about what he is  or will he try and become so.

With the reisk of being diminished by his family not seeing hime pors prosepering’ economically.


Not having make difference between haiving sex and making love kept me away from flesh for a very long time. In ht terms of hight dreaming and be accepte d by the reality of our trance and restransmit or transfer on’s energy. To write instead of crying one don’t know what tragedy. The one of having freamt or not flirting with reality

The concept of intellectual propriety is o funiue importance in the field of philosophy, all human sicenes and all sciences in general, as no one but the author can with certitude and no one can exhaustively and prophetically comment and o bjectivise, explain the nature and aims of their findings. This for literature texts for what is not of the analyse or uuse of a work but about the authors secrets and magic knowledge of it, as for the use intentend for the formuala of a nuclear bomb.

And none should be deserving humanity nor one of the species or domaisn, stones…

Miinearls that has ben givent o the humans to know.

Bu t if you say this, then humans will start to say that they don’t know anything.


Minver minerve.

Like an author is to reread his old text not his young one, in order to suit a reedition that wouls sound being worked recently, ‘in the light of today knowledge, ‘ and emphasis. Or counter them .

What do you like in human rights’ ? eating the other species, (and all other discretdly(.


Whistle resembles like when you pee. When liqid are in pression. Have to say pee as where are the streams about us. Attention. Arhtung.

The birds shi whisling like water, like a dream.


To stop sympathysing, as one know s that one cannot help through’ that what would be if I had to state that I cannot support really, I was sympathizing and what? The betray and judas.

Sometimes to wish an attack or another pain in order to try and traet one more inside or more installed.

‘no matters how prestiguious or august is it s past, none institution can leave in its past.’

‘st augistine said a unjust law is no law at all’

‘that is I have a right and even a duty to resist’

“the great debaters” film.

If you r life were in danger you might not call the person you saved one’s life before as they would not or could not save you. But in a ap spriritual aspirational ow wolrd whol w owhl wo owl world (darkeneness reuinited) you might not do the same thing, as the person you saved would he;lp whatever called or not. One question remain it was what kidn of save, spiritual?

Of which nature, complete? Or which structure, real?

Sure he did not like me but have had supported me a little while. Was it with the right tool. Id did it deserve a little smile. Lagomon. Lesimple.

as long as it is no harry  Herny. henry, sorry i just tumble accross with one.

I send to him the pictures of someone I said I loved. And whoever I could send I know he could see inti o it him, his self’ as I sqeek and saw sought and prove him in love.

Richard Armitage And Girlfriend

do you know what one of my own professors id actually did?

she used to have a blog where she entertained her readership with some parcels of her private life, political opinion and lack of ethics. she is a very glamorous person, counting on a political party for publishing, and of course from that (and out of it) pervading her lectures of slight logan, slogan, (slowgun). Pamphleting (chaplet of hamlet) personalities not concerning their callous acts or in the lights of intricate events, but according to their (theri) very appurtenance (once nonce nun), like if their own party or party dissidents were or totalitarians on those betrays and decadent policies,  or from it absent.

do you want the additional trick?

Although this teacher have been living with her long life partner, not the slightiest mention of it within the thousands pages of her dairy diary.

nicest to read for the young aspartame ashram aspiring students.

what do you do awake at 6 on your sundays, i bet you have headache.




the present time or occasion (now only in the phrase for the nonce)

[from the phrase for the nonce, a mistaken division of for then anes, literally: for the once, from then dative singular of the + anes once]



Prison slang a rapist or child molester; a sexual offender

[of unknown origin]

Wath what


“I told it not, my wrath did grow” [William Blake A Poison Tree]
“nursing her wrath to keep it warm” [Robert Burns Tam o’ Shanter]
“wrath: anger of a superior quality and degree, appropriate to exalted characters and momentous occasions” [Ambrose Bierce The Devil’s Dictionary]

Noce = weeding or celebration inf rench.



[From Middle English, pointed tool, talon of a hawk, perhaps variant of ponson, pointed tool; see puncheon1.]

[apparently from Middle English punson pointed tool; see puncheon2]

The gourou, my group makes me perform unfair horror, horrors, in selecting abusively, in selecting, not in a universal way , in sequestrating, in having, in her being employed or disemployed, disableding. Bleeding. Bled. My wife or my girld, friend, my mother or my shepherd, my wayd and wedge f of responsibilities. But the day I find through being brilliant lookind and being looked by the light of their love, I ll return not to my group but against their elites + the ones that help their being constructuous monstor.


Parvenin, parvenir, pourvenir, prevenir.

To be vigilant, and for no one to be able to c be creative, as malentendre happens from results that were not expected or to attend. And nothing new can c occur or concur, and the penultieme death is acc nnounce in all celebrations.


Sit distusting gust the heteros, as they ar bis, butt but don’t say and try to play.


‘my shoes will walf k me out of life’

Reflexion on a terminal patient.

‘blue’ Derek jarman film.

An older lover who not even encourage but led into a tight embrace with one’s destiny. Against her attention, my working on hard.

It used to have a time where I could hide my identity, doing mixing up with autobiorgraphical feelings

Michel, Michael.

A ng(st) el.

Menestrael. Israel.


h.being, well being is finished and not al little bit. The other species are waiting, even the birdies whose song s appear charming as they conceive all music reapeating.


Humans are in fact little ninin,

Hyporcrites and selfish

But we have to see an end of it

As they kill our people all our family

Endowed with the sciences of top on top of it.

Humans species is not finished a little bit

It is finished entirely.

We will have just to wait like tiny

As g big as teh protozoere that hid sould older than the president of the united states

Or you or me.

Just post here to reconsiderate, nor less or more tha n the ruins of the planet

The bow, teh a rain, the straw, and the camel flee

Song of a bird.

For message of hope go to Ebay.

Whereas there is no fruit, rut, no cereal, cervant, servantes left

For the birdy and its pygmees.

It s not an accident, you have actually ruined it.

Ruin, bare.


All around waiting, all waht feels, all what is living. For the human defeat.

Animals readier, don’t think slowlier.

Little bit by little bit.

Every day like uour errands.

Every week like our meetings.

Every months like our wages

Every year like your pass-over. And othe r sects who proscrines.

Shrines will of f and in abound

And the course of the horiozons will meet for only meat flesh you man that moribund

It is not actually hatred speech coming from another species whose we are the murderer. J

In this planet only prostitutes are in, so don’t look for magdelene.

Lane, ane, anne, mary.

I tested it for you, it is no much complicated.

And they will produce their white sp oriasis story that the world is nice and smiley.

They betray up to the bible no wonder a killer for prophet, Mohamed in the 60’s

To whom you will have to show respect as what will have you to o counter the fucking and Sodom and gomore west. Not me I like felation as with it no more hangind the lesbian would emasculate not the rest but the homeless mysogyn. Gene.

As for women in in, in in, whatever prostitute, mother , collegue that is undigne not to fight for children.

But not the children who will e permit to stya tranquill low key mocker but the rocker of what remains. To die with sisters, bor other bourg and sane.

L ane.


I am only an heralder, and like the angels od do I am waiting to be carry by our buzzers.

We are all jesus, or mohammed whoever we ciet as example, though I want ed to stop making offering offerrands to pedophile and their liers, and their marriers.



As for jesus , beautiful child, what did he do before all that, but to get ready to be transported by the crowd but not intact.


I try to bet married like you, as the contrary is not normal, how many wanks or sexual relation to think that has been full the

It s not  a joke, all is dying, on the display of our conscience, or the ruins of our sciences’ that were here but to hear what? Insolent. Indolent.

It is not an accident, incident. Incisive dent, diss dent? D ici, d ante.

And your h children that you torture, daily in account of your bossies, not to be gay.

Well admit pufta is for you kit.

Your kit.

Not to be gay, for your bossy, or for your own perjury, to be obeyed, or if not quit, to batter up when not awry of your mark of birth, concupiscence , your aureal ol of virgin blanck. The anus of vagina, I wrote wrought by the devil, all these world you recognize it since judas is your obole.

Judas, sad ju.

Das jew.

Not anti jewis, there is as many gay as of kepi.

Not insiut you it is nature but the nature you kill happily. Happily workd of horror when human involve honor. Butchery not for liberty but cos too lazy too be busy, too seductor to say plainly we ain’t superior, if not monster. It is not superiority the genious but what should be helped to some degree to innovate pioneer without kill your help, the bird that lay, eggs and eggns an g gay and grey. Anatomy biology did not fascinate, fahsiste you are to the place the plaice palace of your disgrace, d where the G in race, county.

To emply this method as propaganda is even in what is said to be progress, as no one is crying the murder cause to simagre heal, what will release af furor more horrors that have the hell.

I should not have love on earth, sicne inside all l crouling. Crawling, bu thte love that determine to save my wife, and ll children with what resto of us brothers. Not you not me but what rest of humanity. It is ture but I cannot stop it to look for me a little bit, ar reflexion of my stupor, and a n essence of my tender douceur as without love I am luci. Fier and pround of exterminate h whoever has prevented its love on earth to come naturally your average from the sancscript.

And anyhow it is me the pop.

You see how it sounds when I am single.

But the master on earth it is not male or man, ti is luci since eve apple. Pppppppppppppppale.

No pussy but well it is ‘it’ and for the ale don’t worry what has hung just morbit.

Report me to the pop, gansta, for insanity, I did not notice all the lies and lays not in your private but right in front, slavery and lavette for cuisinier.

Everything is valuable and I cannot stop taking note about the joke.


The cross inverse of a tree. Or wouldit be the base for root, the earh, and the branch on top, just like the body.  Head father, children belly, holy spriit a mummy, don’t think about gender dummy

So be it, the consequence of it, a feamale through locgic that not only is to jesus or h Christianity, an ncecssisty. Necessiteusx.

To pray for the devil to be good, as what we have done is devilish, who we, well w. e. wll ell

Whell. O.

What is left for us is pray.

I complain a lot but I respect him.

What id did I do more? Not inscribed in the archives. Chives. Chilvary, chicory. And ap ass er by, urinate yellow and pourge purge as long as they are not ethnic cleansing nor even for the b rabbit,


Fall             folle

F       all                 ell.

Fail              ail

To treat the lllness like a ghost. To deny and there the devil is in fav position, the one in which it can sperm.

Money and us, the devil negor roes. Neg roe. Posit. Neg, egg opposti. Ne gen. gain. Gore f gorou.

G orne.

Benefice malefic.

The sacrifice will come back and avenge on its protractors. However Talen t or noirceur. Morcel or splendor. Endehor. S

The Italians would call the mafia.

The vtican                       the pop.

The french                   the pasta

The greek                    the respublica

And the English               herny henry

Mind it is ow worth moahmed story and confuus abuse till after th e Olympics.

Cnonfuse in Biafra where civil war had it s tool toll and none of us respond but by being better doll. L dole could be the serou source serioius. Serial house.

I don’t fuck I mak e love, fuck is in the hand of religious taboo s or militia calling themselves army or civil servants.

And since mafia is everywhere, and prioritarily in the bat ican. Balkans, barbican, we have sex, ‘love is a too dangerous affair’.


Affair, raifa, refer.

The degree of intimity between humans and its machines, computers, electric, electronique, iron age.

Iron nor he.

Nor i.

Where would bring us for another being our intimity. Where this brings. By intimatcy if like Damocles or Excalibur change the battle of the party.

To go c anc d come in an organization to sww what one can drop drip from it of the tax payeres of or donors money. H.r society.

Art is mostly copy and transcription while the rest of it is inconscient copy. And you need to be in the marketing and have adds and props to give the illusion as a banner that intelligence serves the rich (as without backing yyou are not reed)

I am pro Palestinians in the sense that ‘even’ arabs are not propalestianians only are for the palestinainas for them to push further into Israel (1949 territories-after holocaust in germany).

Buffer zone.

The problem coming from being gaza             gazer.

And being for it is erecting in one’s defense liability tha t would render us gaza in the hands of the rulers of or their acolytes. As I am in a good zone you are not topple with not the will of peace and harmonizing but of division, a framing, lynching. Institution devoror and not but oror, development of systematic looting, and the consumption of the useless and abuses coming.

i did not want to see no one else but you. i am not a socializing person. ok well if you wannna walk it is what we will do, very good idea in fact i like it better. i ll be free wednesday afternoon, and thursday. and then tell me where you d like to have this walk.

How many people stop voting left because they are for people not to have help or a pension at 60, but for people to stop working and contributing to the society, possibly scratpping the ability of attention andanalyse, the more ponderance of what is know by hadj,

Hadj, = as same prunciation of age in french.

And lose they ra a bility quirkiest in surviving longer to this anti coagulant, pain killer and relaxant or laxative play.

for the food they are always fresh from the day.

he had his usual with lentils and custard but it is for dinner and when jim does not walk it is very light one.

i don’t use the dryer, did not notice. though i had done the last washing with trousers and long john with urine, they were already in the machine.

when accident i do like jim i leave the long john in a litter bin in the bathroom in order them not to go elsewhere before being wash together. it is never very wet.

aminah asked me if she could keep the 2 days i own here till her holidays in july, of course i agreed.

i at last bought a phone for my old mate and the one for me i think that it was already gone but still available on my ebay account, that is to say i just bought an item that were gone. … my god.

is there something to do or pay for your blog to appear on top of lists?

Sacred place where the faith is the nest for occupying all earth not to serve earth but like christains, say, just ‘take lavishly what it at disposition’

No wonder why there is jihad good for every body reason.

To have to write each tie time, even when at midnight, even if right after the edge of exahsustion, even if I must admit that I should recokon at another stage, because my fift is gift rift is only this little attention


It is just to say to you that finally I really find you are right to have reacted this way. I was getting too serious without even thinking of it. {why don’t English permits me to say without even though of it?) The why is that your own story reminded mine, and it was too early. Good luck. Good lunch, luck, and lush look.


The funny aspect of a communities sure of its superiority and wanting to curse and crush other, is that they give their time to their idol.



sorry did not realize was 10 pound shipping that is a no.

To have weird behavior, because not doing them usually but adapt one’s own when free and uninspected to the unexpectingly.

So weird here e meaning of first time for the doers that is seen by the wathcher or woyer as being otherwise accustomed. Maybe multiplied effect as being not in own’s habit and try to stay calm and there mirroring.

The west is e seen as being one culture by everybody, the elits even not but the rich payers by everybody. Everyong telling other it is finished while each group is there from having beng colonisator and think that they are the new power. On imbecility. Rather before this finish into gab.egy.

Egy, git.

To speak English or londonian.

Spe cialist ak.





Learning by heart as it would explode when enmergently needed. Weapon of the talks and breferenctial sentecnces.

Like a cruxifix. That everyone has in stacked.

The people knowing animals and therefore able to witness live, and life is equal, no more no less, without discussing their discussion as valuable as the holy spirit reassembles us before the thread th-reasd threshold freshly heold are not welcoming but demon.

“she is generous to a fault”


En glee.

Agn ang.

Grammar.                     Ram maR;

“Evolution of human rights”

“status of human rights”

Forsythe, david.

Jack donnely.

Eau equality but using which means? Equal means? Means towards equalitarianism?

In international realation “Non-interference in domestic affairs of the state”, (Forsythe, 2006)

C: but is h.r breaches domestic affairs?

‘Human rights age worse of time’ Charles dickens in Forsythe

C: As on scene its articulated treason.

Eurpote impressibve h.r mechanism compere to other, righ t after w.w 2

Governance without h.r?

‘bi polar, multi plar or uni polar international relation’

(Forsythe, 2006)

Not being agr fri aid of death in adults as they ar e supposed to ahve produced utmost.

As old age is disregearded to keep memories, perhaps discarded as old age could mean that one has been a bird of prey previously. But her e without bringing nothing of god od ood, but theories.


Like in some sciences fiction film why telling again and again the same biblical sotoryies like if they were the end. Another world will be bring with its own commencement just like the commencement here is unknow n and the per emisses of what ishere is even not imagined. Belle paroles, belles paraboles. That reign under and over qui? Quid?

The poor pluck, absolutely disgutsting ly dirty , repeating how eve was second, without the slightest understanding of their adamant stupidity.

Double standards and philosophies and political status between domestic and foreign policies in some politicians or civil servants. (Forsythe, 2006)

‘incremental but imcomplete revolution’(Forsythe, 2006)

C: not at all if ever begun beggg.

(Forsythe, 2006)

Liberal democracies are not democracies as they scrapped the states and citizenship duties.

Human right to push development motor of western not values but pollues.


I think that Forsythe told us about western bias, but when talkinga about these biases talk about minor almost abuses, while since the motor, they had been therefore complicit for all abuses on earth adn should do its term down not tenure in.

Price on.


‘exercing a h.r regimes without duties’ = censorship/

censorship/? Yest I censor myself on that , cess, cease fire.

‘imperfections and imperaisism’ ialism’

(Forsythe, 2006)

This man, of which I don’t remember more than a vague description of a 50-60 from algerie or other Maghreb countries just saving how many months, or year of my work , just there in a luggage that I don’t know on earth I could have forgotten the importance of staying every inch on it, the lac k of money , trying to fly to avoid spending my pennies. I was about to forget what I kept all this way.

He told me knowing it was my papers really.

What he surely cannot suppose, that may, the blessing I do on his aura, like a wish a convulsion compulsion of all my soul wonder on his generosity.


How do you want to work social, as social worker you are not allow to speak.

Speak about freedom, the end to work and solidarity seed. Seed and seek.


I can see she is too young, but I a m too young to see how.


The language are very important to be kept, not only as living language as we have to use one in common, but as authority on the main language to follow and calce calc the over structures and justaposition , extensions, and so be ti it, of all over linguistics and ethymolgic, sementics inventions.

Calc ium.

Raz le bol du francais.

Et pas seulement pour plaisanter.

Asking her partner sex when unexpected in order for her/him to keep awake alert in this situation ever after or for eternity. Maternity.


The cat that won’t hold yees or no contact with the object of their communication as they perhaps (they can but not always do) they may  retain in them the picrtures and its luminosity of their gan lances.

As the retine ccan see in the penumbre.


Half a sentence is balnality the other one too, together can bring ingeniosity.

The human race is one of exploration, but it s pretension of violation.


Cahrles dickens a hero.


To have to knock down our children senseless instead of letting them and make the t streets a safer.


H whit havin g passed over?


In matter of joke, the shortest thte better, am not a fashist whatsoever.

The appier.


Not that the best is me, no conseour.


To what avall being a prophtet, of a people that is dead.

Glolden will not only contain the best version, but the revisited selection, and of the political correct portion.

To work on poetry, and retain one’s own by heart in order not it to be stolen, and tak talk mythology to account and maid speech for each wants if not follow go along. Allow. All low.


Where the celebs, even Virgil, get an entry in the wikipedial

Mind we could always argue that in rome too were biaised the law of marketing.

Fearing torture, as well as fearing havng act wrongly. And what if don’t know how to act appropriately. What I do to protect me…from torture? Me in the sense of me and others.

Me, em, aim, aime.

Mess, I , ya.

Mais si.

Mess         age.

Hter s no such being as free range hens or chkens.

But free range human.


The bands banks making themselves customers fridendly and ask in g for all information s orn earth till the day they will ask me for which paryt ties or if my organs  trafficked. cn be

Jesus gave stories for a human dimentsion to godless like people.

The cond fessions of a criminal reveal what is ‘evil’

And for the confessions what has to be done?

Perversion ro or condone, condole.

Or what secrets making or denial could absorbe of our symbols, oboel, aureaol.

L bowl.

And if one day men realize that they be ve got a vagina, it be fault of dickey.

To be glamorous paralle to exterminate or being exterminated. Terminate.


To pay for cheap arts, not because of lack of a talent, but talent cannot express themslevse why art is in fact represtenting what is forbidden or cannot afford to do everyday.

Example, to wear altenrative clothes and for this to see one having a palce place a seat in theatre to play and pay.

When art is not art but rplete replete replay.

the film about sharing.

Said that people can be fed, as peasantry are the jobs that are the tearget of devalorisation. Devalorising consideration for the sources, resources and its nurturing. Facilitation. Facilities.

I am writing and keep busy.

End of song. My birdies.

Thank you for your email. I commented on your blog this following. I am not always a good writer but I think that this might make sense.

but the comment does not appear on your ‘conversational’ thank you for this blog.

It is a classical comment on how passive people are represented not inviting people beneficiating from the right to work to want hear about charity that portray famines as people that need to be fed (inorder not to put into question or production means and end = how long are they gonna last, and what is the value of lasting when we actually know how damaging are the agro-accultural market.

in a world where unemployment is one of the major cause for no supervision job and ethical implementation to take place. Where every one is frighten to death to lose one’s living of the privileged (being employed)…where work is considered? Where work is considered outside the frame of existence or of living. To say that “people could be fed”, instead how could we work the land without weakening.

Where earth gift and nature devotion to our being greedy is taking g for grant heed.

Where the peasant is chased by the chemi.

Chime call.

All chemy.

Chemin. Chemistry, ministry.

ok, let’s hope that every one will be equally happier under the new french presidency. i did not know there were a strike i am sure am for you anyhow. so strike well.
for you, with you?

wednesday, thursday,sunday, monday? maybe you could give me your number i could also phone you depending on the weather, and you too.

Weather an d humour.

After you have an affair you will feel ALIVE and HAPPY once again…You’ll feel like you did when you were single and dating new people. In fact, you may start feeling like working on your marriage again to make it better…You just need that spark again in your life that only someone new can give you.

Cany ou believe this, happy ever after, on another christianism.

After you have an affair you will feel ALIVE and HAPPY once again…You’ll feel like you did when you were single and dating new people. In fact, you may start feeling like working on your marriage again to make it better…You just need that spark again in your life that only someone new can give you.

Inaccuracies immaculate.

Idle, need, needle.

Old an d hitler and all nations, just crippled with dign consternation at the comprehension (of what they have been doing)

Human nature of repent and realization, human not only in live and its admirality.

We always do withing the structures, but what about doing or having to do onto the paths not yet pointed out and pointed to a procedure. Designing. Sing. Sign.

Is that sin is sing but not if sing grace?

the bureaucrats lie in making false policies, and not insuffling nay responsibility making  or observing….

and what’s best?

Is that the staff is obliged into liying as well and set up who would underline the gap , abyssal ke y.


first women in to politics seats was not suffragettes, but women associated with the conservatist.

On feminists.

Nancy astor.

So many lifes put into the track of ds estiny, fate is not, as one would have to look towards eternity.


ok, let’s hope that every one will be equally happier under the new french presidency. i did not know there were a strike i am sure am for you anyhow. so strike well. mind it is no  new presidency but another prisdent.

It is not because there might have been evolution with certain in this land chronolocgical logical? order that there is an inversed numbers in the role of status rank and the demolution that is oparted by the human to reach a status quo.

Low geek. Logic. Sea gull hole.


sorry i did try to comment on your blog. can i ask you why it is not appearing?


Not managing to

On members.

People are pushed into being more and more communitarianish, as for example if you are raped because you are a white or a black, or a mormons… you attackers will be punished (if at all) more than if you are not targeted as belonging to this community. So what about people freeing themselves from any parties.????????????????

War gang s emulation.

Could rape being charged and on top with racism attak only to be only for ‘sexual assault’ pourposes?

They say tese guys had benn charged for having sex, it si, not having charge d for sexual assault and pedohphilya more than 30 – 40 – 50 years old that had time to think before. And what 5 years in a r e isidential place?

Only because they are teen and English whites, as did you aske the uk what prison penalty would they get to do the same in trafficking with immigrant women? Naught.

tell me now if you are not there on sunday.

if you are in london only on sat, i could try and swap with my colleague.

spam (maps?) are usually about viagra.

not on pourpose.

don’t worry if it is not done, i know you are welcoming.

or to find you some job or it is not of importance, oblivious is good practice.

Or not deem that it is in order to maintain you like a slave without anything lese daring .


to know that if I had lost my text, how vulnerable and without proof of my making, how disparaging situation would completely be.

The same applies for a nation, culture or philosophy, to save texts, fabrics, materials’ like if they were more important that us to live, as they are ourlives, and the lives of those who permitted mits meets it.

To respect the old, tok respect one’s rage and rags, as to trespect what gave us earth. Life agsinst ainst angst, ? the protection of one’s .


If I did not meet tough females les, I d be too soft a pussy. Because I would have not dammit admit what my life without borders and restraint would be and make me perfecting as I would ‘ I marry I made sacrifice ‘ say.

Waste of time, and thanks the amazons that says ney.

And the whys so important is marriage not directed, not taken from grants or for granted.

Hu. R in the wester, liberal democracy lol, is to use it to prop dvep = freedom , not being freed against s market servility.

Universal h.r appeals to every one vote, but if not pout in practices and pratising ve censorhip in the pretense of defending what they in fact are contravening. ?


See internationalist glossary.

Where you can read how the world is managed grossely killing people for the oever to over shopped, disease and death through job, for us to have nice cup of tea…

The only way the mainstream maestron  communitarians justifies their being not good but with better chances, is to enslave their population while the other s might be more disgusting.

On pollution. Po p u la tion.

The woman = the preson receiving attenition, can not be only females, will know that she , he, alos act as tranisituion, focusing area where affection gather between sibling, grandgather, and sons…including bi, lesbias, a gays and between people enemies ofr for not wanting be assembled explicitly.



In order to master English I am waitng for English to be mastering me.

Waiting, wave it.

  1. pretend s genious out of being completely mad.

In healing diseases while creating suffering. Creator.

Seingnery enseigner, sain saigner,

So lord blood.

S load, old, dolr dlo dolor.

To know aou about what one is against, h they have to work on that. And work on the gathering s of all word to make suer that sufferindg wont’ be the results of apartheid, so no apartheid and here the combat.

To still like daylight, daylight or day time, for the birds wisthling, but knowing that they a sat start well before is its beginning.

Rg grace needing r.


Is the crucicfic, used as a prop regarding vampires, signified put to death for a Christian?

Singinify, maenigy, magnify, vilify.

And thence called vampires, or wthch not people killing othe r people but attacking them citing their spiritual or like said that h.r are horrors taking instance where they are helping.

Morals,           and more of all.

Morals design to have more and produce more members to one’s sects or tribes.


arson, son are. Sonar.


and when you think they are police. really trained carers and with being good intented, with protective garment if needed could do the job without any harm whatsoever.


In human beings walking is associated with digestion and reproduction or are these gravity associate?




\rou royal  retard.

Bourgeois bastard.

Whore worker. Ward.

= workard.

extended families and the 20 odd children possibility.

Duality h.r security.

Or individuals versus community.

Is community worth? Or should not the individual be used at protecting what it is worth of?

Evolution don’t come from body a but how we see.

The canince coming from the yees that know that piercing the y have to be.  From the summet of the skull to the door of the chin and the lock of base bottom ooof the ears.

Totally independ nogo ngo needed for investigation of the asylluum seekers into h.r breaches perepetruated by their countries? When?

When it be un preoccupation.


Og state responsibility = obligations. Mind non one what to treat of rate reproduction.

Look at how   the  U.N (nations?) treat of these subjects. The unit instead of unity.

Detergents used in precincts or in other occasions should be tightly controlled as these shits

cannot be safe for nature, in the simple basis that try to drink water after them and

empirically you will understand.

it should be used regularly only in place like hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms and now and then in, once

a month, a term, a year, in order to remove fatty grease and protect the material from


clean with water or dusting only.

Where a bouts.

Where to put.

To bind back to one’s olfaction, territories recommendations.

Bodily odour, survival and sexuality.

Humans forget everything linked to evoluation. The life inseminated through the resine, dw, dew of forest, mountains and der sertinono desertion.

Liberal democracies , ‘democracies deficit, gave the o power to be detrimental to companies, idn dividuals, governments. We would like to attack U.N or other golobla institutions that are here for what?

To divert and disgrace. To give the thumbs up to destruction, but as every one gather around us as they are in fact pawn , leur , of the one’s pulling the cordons.


People are very frightened of gay people as they are lenient with sexual assaults, rpa rp apes , rpo stitution, and work is hi, or can be highly sexualized. Or the refusal to certain persons to certain jobs leading to their ‘enslavage’



Talking 5 mn is not enough to spread affirmative knowledge about my psychology while one is frustrated that theire own ego could not shine en na eatly.

The rethoric of the killings.

Tales about animal that you are gonna eat.

The killer rethoric, and Christianity.


Or tales about the magic and how envioronment will be the grave of our doomed shape

Shaping is not order but dream and the courage that takes it.


Killed by ignorance or betray as one don’t look after one’s brood and extensively.

If not being killed is to come back on another boat with the same n energy.

The fire in the body. Faeces when release fumes like the log of a chimeney.

You are a male, taking the position of one, versus or pro females, mysoginistic only normal, givetn that they do to your child-en.

Or the setting of house stang dards, what we gonna do to live, and what we gonna do for work tyranny does not come. Happy with finest tools as the simplest will serve other destiny,  and my grandson.

The sexual act, as in order to protect nudity and ‘rapability’


In order to v coever the other one’s body. In order to block entry.

If we had provide for him it would have done the best schools as mathematics would have implosed on him. Tu but destiny was to be a mechaniscs. So what?

There is about life something . not this. Existences short of existentialism.

The moment you take to think and with it philosophies and the weather and tast e of the im time pr ervading in. evading.

No serious to be sad.

No serious enough to be sad.

Happily some teachers reassure himi in this domains as without them t he would had passed for blow below average, at most a medium.

The human species id did so unintelligently that one would hope that they aren’t going up to the last species remaining.

Extinguish passions, and one would not only find broken heart. Lonely only hearts.

Like a noise during th e night or the moment one is asleep that tear the brain of its wanting and needing to be rested. Resting.

No one realizes the extend of the ddestructive allusion hallucinations of being civilisasted. As life is counted when counted as a breath after the present one.


Ac——–cute. Cuts.



We wish come back kto avenge our rpa raped freedom. But would we get down again, would it be for human. ?

Out? Every one is, get down for formulation when most appropriate.

To stop being arfraid of knives you hsave to incessantly throw it.

Master is the continuous efforts towards one’ s attachment.

To say that she is good not to anything, as to have her doing everything for him.

The rapists and the ones that endorse rapists behaviors, or seixsm and sexual exploitation or domestic legasl………are t very afraid of homosexualas as if they are or malses or females vengeance would be directly on them as the perservsion that is social would be unleashed and then stopping proffeietering from people = society and peoples’ general weakness.

An to be themselves in the trhat of being raped not to teach them a n lesson but as natural traumatical reaction, as twhat would you do with people having profeetering and conduction such typ e of exploitation.




Get to move, why one move, and the heart.

Leisure an d or domains in which one own sensibility, lklinke to one’s own experience and sesns e of experimentation can apply , as during standardisattion of worlk every onte has to react the same as as naz.

Psychology standardization.

The sole way of checking and demonstrating that is used is through cash fulux and in fulux. Lux.

Not on means and efficiency…

To have to drink in order to get on with a job that otherwise ll be excrutiating and impossible to do. Or som smoke.

Taking over by the females in withing a society or f patriacrachilsm, social care beacauom e soon matriacrahism when females does every thing without hope for enay one to beneficiate form it.

No training n, no equality,

The emphasis on patriacrachlim an femme trick as well, to proffet about a semblance of sexuism that are destroying moreal, intelligence, nonesty. …

Would England h owned it s success to horses and ones.

To do things knowing that everything else is your equal. It is not being good, it is something else; it is being just.


And these things that one does thinking of it and thinking like it will more than produce but reproduce the incomparable. No jealous, hip hoping. Hippies.

To bombard the enemies and kill the ones’ who help… there is no such thing as wars. Citizens as much as the military a system’s prisoners.

Why are the birds able to fly.

Because they are light and flwxible.

Religions can calm claim so many people as they will be the sole resemblance all of them will gather.

Serials n in t.v about us or not middle classes lesiuring, anb beeving or

Not once about other people and their ways of surviving. This what is called. Democracy for the liberals.

The difference between animal language and human ones, is that animals has not written, or at least not what we cean dechipher, now noise in animals don’t need to be articulated, or not articulated the way people uor average people not living with and for animal can understand.


To have lost languages, nature, relationship that describes the language and doing, and means of survival. Ancestral sot lost and fanatically reclamised as we  don’t know nothing about it, only the struggle that are the outcomes of billions of billions od f death.

To quote people that quote people m, but hust just beneficiate from the lost o in tv or pulishing. Coas their language rare epurated with related notiong of resareach as a way of changes.

Bible,   babel……………a same pronunciation.


To the bottom-up , fuckign putas. Like if you were up


To pout patient in a wards for every one benefict but problem is the way it is managed is maddy.

It is through hard work that bring us tradition and all longer liing stystem that people don’ twant to loose our usual ways as they are the means that brought ust o survival for millenaries.

On the principles that one has to be nasty to survive well one has to be adamant ly aggressive okn what don’ t permit existence in its most largest sense. For all.

You don’t want homo or homos family well keep on going tight with your asshole, as one will not do that to your family if they do it by nonesty, honesty.

To eat early as food is in body later as ambers.

Before I could pretend to any ages over 20’s , now I ma getting older I have to bar any ten in fact less than younger that and stop myself becomein g ageist = trying to get exiting for oldest feamls as they love me like if I was their child.


The womens treating adolescent like usless c scum bags only taking the piece n in a home, or oldest like if they had an harmen a disposal, conduct both into unemployment and taking pills when they after a life of training at building hopefully the opposite they settle down into thinking that they might be pure pervy. Social services and residential homes, thanky.


To avoid or coutnerposed the one that ain the opposite line want us dead ora live rejuvenating the national fronts, so fed up with earth and all of it.

What a was counting in this family was not the reputation but the way one could go on making money, and in certains b subcultures (as let’ s hope that they would not last long, let’ spray) one can make monehy when the reputation is one of ordure, going down to illtreating children to all others. A culture by destruction of self esteem , bribrery, forcing, rapes, vuilatiions inctitment.

Left without indictement.


Playing all m amused as sued. As it is the consequence of some accomplicity., but being a disfarce. For the all society , secretly withins got be teaken over by alines if necessary as all other s kept themselves through that very ckind of competitivitity.


To react like on’s is in a box mentally in order not have to react emotionally and go one concerntrating on ones’ specific focus.

Chech teacher. Get . tv.

Scandals e seemlingly managed whereas sanctions are taken if the majority of the public react to malpractises, and that have heard or realized what happened before, and touch only groups or so srious offences that it will be feature on national new tv. Slap stick comedy.

To give to medical house your name that is played on the waiting room na dyou rabandk account number as you are stet to believe that this crook of the psuedu o government are not I onto impoverish all.

This all world is not run by money but by spirits.

so were low would you be if it was legal? 18 year old haven’t got fully developped brain. and there is a time when attractiveness are in reverse. thank to repulsion and other concepts besides prettiness. who would make you self righteous you fake barby?

so were low would you be if it was legal? 18 year old haven’t got fully developped brain. and there is a time when attractiveness are in reverse. thank to repulsion and other concepts besides prettiness. who would make you self righteous you fake barby?

21-22. but after this age.

what about maturity, and the knowledge of consequential acts, feeling management, firing passion…etc.

think about it. you are so fit you can draw anybody into your bed no bet about it.

Pet al.

Floor, used to e be flora.


Floor, flour.

Fl oor, m oor,

Fl our, m our.

Terrorized by the our people , never had ever imagined homowsexuality as a right.

Of prostitute.


To be good in one’s feell good in its old skin of vampires, as dust is not cold.

Planning to reread the buldge of my correspondence when approaching 70 and do an anylsis, psychoanlaysisi of what went so terribly worng.

hi, i cannot say i hate everything, no. but it helps sometimes that i can tell you. as for love, here’ s the hope for everything not to go youth through.

Like and motivate.

‘looking for the unattainable’

Not to be born through parents but through the parents obeying reproduction and breed ofr the ‘nation’

To make you into f a family and to obey the rueles that not behaving the way teach by the etnies wil brign us them inot troubles. And make families the sine qua non without it you cannot find opportunities as you wll belong to a mafia.

Ceheap nation, freak state.

To wathc your children or the ones you inspired to see what you do only by half. But for what to be inspired by living one is enough  for the imagination to bring you back on track.

‘girls nastier than boyse as they are more imagination’

Upstair, downstair.

‘corrupted by t.v#

‘seven plus seven’

i am a bit creative, and cherish a relation that is. am in love with solo voice or instrument, and occasionally when combined.

Human already giving only by comptuering servcing where nothing ac can be changed even when it should be done out of common sense or sense of human intellgince… ex you forget something or you select that erroneous stuff that make all you order rubbish, but no one can e help you as it is like pring t for ever in more than scriputer ensacred.

To tame h.b not counting on the person behind or fronting a counter, the till. The boss as for being the bossier. See new generation, mind my generation were more discreet to me that I used to realized it, so did not hit me like now I can from the cub perceive every of it.

Who’s next?

Preacher, pressure.

The tail, ail.

i have a look at the websites. it is a so big subject. and so many children just suffer withing their family if left full time, above all in our system leaving children, all chirldern hte total recipient of thei parents’ own system, values, prides and prejudices. you could have a hell of a job in front of you as these sites are very empty indeed. what do you think?

Realism and liberalism seemingly? Jot note only simulation of one wanting toatlitariansim in favor of economic developemtn, = preying, versus on who want totalitarianism in favor of h. r. just to play a fight for h.r in saying apply it and we will all be servfant, sthe servant of one’s servants so don’t apply it and the struggle can continue with its sole exist, all zazimut destruction.

Photos of holocaust vestiges where woods can be seen a tiny bit, one tree or tow, reinstoring. As it is now the scarce woods picture I can see in the ville , = frecnh for town.



The left still emphasing on social security’ while not addressing it s own predicament that is the individual freedom as well as social refinement.


In not only are mament.

What is to talk about ‘self-managed ‘ unit of production? Self management just outcast any notion of accountability.

To speak about  ‘the fight for survival’ in a political text talking about a government take over is absolutely frightening.

To speak about hegemony in criticizing the lack of sovereignty. I have a question I would like to know exactly what the european would take of a country sovereignty that would bring it in a position of not being any longer to exert better democracy rules? Is there such things?

pardon me if i am ignorant i know the situation to be dreadful, it is all that i know. there are really questions.

people say that the greek bankrupt are due to their non taxation system. true?
i find Self management and  hegemony frightening in this context.

It is not conspiracy theory, just the whole boat destination or drifting.



S      one.

Shank, thank.


Beurk gay.

Relent, lent = slow motion


‘musical performance alone makes the drama mom memorable.’

Cambridge grammar.

mom memorable

a mom.   Amor.



At 70 and thinking of what is left of expectation or inspiration or aspiration, thinking puo pourvu that I start dying properly



Roe, root, route.

Rodney, kidney?


What one feel for a party (one of a gender, or an extreme, or a differenciation when coming from h the same angle) will be strong reaction for one that will empahsing and o sourt sort out own s ow one emotion, while we will have for the other one the same feeling but experimenting gradually.

At when implementation on strict gender polorisation versus the real perception of them exact fabric, more than sistery,

Fab, rick.

Cannot forward petition or info to one’s colleaut or chiof of department at uni, or being threathende with expulsion or like in freance isoliation, and psychiatric punition.


Pet al.


cheptel, shaoeoe sg shap, shao l  faol

The im-portance of having known one exclusive absolute, even though utopianistic, love as a no no eclipse of one’s golden value, absolutely not slot. Tols.

Tio ‘have a cub’ assistance into trick that daulst could not perform as heavieness would prevent vent performance.preference, reference

‘hyporcrysy’ as long as not fake, coarse, cursefd of vandals, permtit to detect lower iiiin negative emotion sentiment and pereveive o how just how the positive is nabr navrant.

Tuerie. Curee.

Killing, di kielley. Tueree.

The temperature,s that have to be very precise and accurate and reliable in range for us own felin flexibility, and the humidity rates, as always been element of torture naturally invoked.

Warming and globally deroute .

And without the demons promising for the t hell on olympe in course end, we could do at a nything moribund without dying inside elsewhere. Insane.

In the social setting, setting psychological response of stereotypisation, conducting the service users to react aggressively ast at whatever is not within the same networks and procedure of reactions (fucking psycho nurses and assiatnat patented yb by council harringday)


Messierus, mais si, mission, mas maison





Rac k.

The Christ is anti martyr story as one will survive.

ante ante

ahn hante, haunted.

Auny. Aunt.


In the mirror cannot see the vampire,e as can you see the vamire in you?


In the mirror cannot see the vampire,e as can you see the vamire in you? In the mirror cannot see the what is left of the preconception that were previously?

Or the one drying out there, immiscietint like party tpolitics to be the only left right that remains.

To children of homophobe parents, don’t fordget forge, that you are the result of you r parents. Having said that fight is open. As open as the mind is might or shut it.


Forget, forge. =

Smith, master, workd

To become ones work tool and atelier



Human objectives would have been, should have been to eradicate the need to eat ‘upt to the vegetal, mneral, anything’ as well as avoiding it for all other abstract, concrete, and being.


abstract, concrete, and being.

Abs tract.

Basse, bas.



Con crete,




Sait and sent, sang.


Sait sail sell. Less

To feel, and be driven uncontrolly, without having real prof, yes, but incommensurable proof here meaning verifiable ones, as pssion I passion is the uncommensirabilityu

T o know,m is that this passion brought up you to experience, the same patience that were enlightenening you from the other  discretely .

To ah ave in life only , one ‘s work alone, to reflect condition, premature, premediation, condition, nature, promiscuity. Rather than their on other never in distortion and incongruity.

One day work will be about other, withing society = meaning here universe and cosmoly.

Not meaning.



Mon – mie mine in french.

Mine = mine

Coso mos and black hle

To have only oene#s work to reflect fect affect fake, one’s progression , not going ontot others but into others is not possible without permission, the permission of doiung it for comsos and godeification, of all element . not onto but into and perforation,

The element that makde to hter eyes the team respectable.

No aura of the same without thim.

Voila, voile,       veil.

Here it is,

Sail. Lias, note, and link




Tall in.

The language is not french in francophony but latine.


But, tuve. Tube

The languatage is not English, but English speaking. S–peaking

And their photography.

Writing is simpler. Aim at ti. It. Aimat, emma, aimer.

Ni noting,




Clement, lenkent, ment.



Success, sucession

Or ho w come or how much I manage divulagaiton as pro-creation?

Pros like cons.

A selfish ness.

Tremor replicate domination

Doing it at night like in amiddle of a dream.

Offer, su Lucifer,

Offer, recommendation.

Offer reffo.

Of fer, fo fer.

Fo = foe = fauex.


Fois foi.



Off faire.

Tp cpmtrp; pne part , part out of having (totally failed)

To still llive without one’s sense as there is more than olfaction but the event of this scent.


To be the devil or the devil secretary?

To which ones o confession?

To one of a prey, and to pray by contention.


Content. Tempt.

Poet, op.

To like hard and repressibe selfishness that a colelective that neick you.

Logaryth, , ooooooooon arithmetical and multidimentsional.

What now it is by ludicrousit;y we are linked. ?

Fact, caf.

To be damned quiet.

Or playing to report other saying as to only describe people as totally la liensated

And to report any sense of others talking about what they feel might happen.

On grass ification.


Grace rate and grease absorbtion.

Fierce, hearse.





F offer.  Offrande

Fr   ere.

And still in culture of offerning, the danger of unautonomous learning would stay.

Can feel one teeth, through one’s skull and eyes and the nape of the neck, for a beginning.

Neck, ken.

And feel the absence of one’s part but never its rootlessness.

Prolong, dialogue.

Sanctify, scarify.

Fier, fire.

Se fier.

Sanc time onmninous.

you are super quick for this quality of text. thank you for your time and expertise.

if no love you might remove the pics. it s not by close mindness it is a convention.

tell me but i am apparently not your type.

C: Totally agreed, you would think that to stop communicating is not the way forward, but inviting them at your birthday party. . .

Mind if strict invitation was the word, and to no one that would beneficiate from tyranny, would one , anyone, have come?

Vitamins D against breast cancer.

Marriage for all, yourpi, youray!


And cruelty

You would try and defend the case’ of abuses as a U.N ambassadors, that you culd not. You would insist that you would loose carer and notes.

edit. edu.

To charge s.o with something that is not a isin, just for this so.o to bre happy to be put behind and be tolerated. At distance, and for the other to have the axe of the butcher and be let alone to perform ture true horrors. You are gay, just get lost, while I am on the children pedophile or necrophile that I am.

To accept the pain, as if not experimented enough, would one take it too fel exible that they would slip and it be a cutting knock.

Pain, = bread in french.

It reain, Read.

Rain, roi, reine.

Water till the end.

There is not problem making piece of art, as nothing is expressed or disclosed in the society. Whatever jobs no trasparancy or transpirability.

The huge hurdle though is to live. And report without losing liveability.

Viability, not in this world.


The devil and hell, at the image of what one knows their acts could have caused of badness.

Not Only the figuration of actual consequences

But the figuration of actual consequences Only

To explain thouroughly


The realation to one’s spirit and its warning. and lessons.


The living experience that this not the end. Just to assert it to muffle one’s voice and not to be condementd by people indolence and irrespect gesture calling spiritual matter insane.

The social system belonging to the families as they decide who will care and who will teach. What your appearance is appropriate, your discourse, and objectives, and the measures that will have to be taken in cacse of h.r breaching. The law concerning the family aren’t developed as it is condis sidered as private affairs’ and the law on business permit to ve be vil.

The law on trafficking women for sexual exploitation is that one is gonna  be jailed no more than a few years, 2-3, if caught, if caught at all, if investigated at all.

What it is goanna be. Gonade gone.

Law, lowlife


your way of life, what your day are generally consistig of?

Of course it is only horror films to see the robots you use turning against you in a frenzy attack. But what is at work is that attack on your psyche as lonas g as one don’t reconginse the right of a ‘thing’ what you are not calling living to be intergraly respected. To rubbish things and stuff tin with flesh and ti p river, and buy and throw 020 more than needed towards the quest to progress and illness preventing, will drive the species what they are in the doing. More dangerous thatn useless.

1500 friends, oen enomies.

Enemies. Economies.

Road, ord , rod,

Strike would not be a problem as if solidarity between workder people woul d not find employer up to the job, but no solidarity and common ethics and practice towards one’s jobs.

But would the boss had a problem having to take on imcompettent or ruthless people?

Mixing , confounding background, knowledge about reality, and interest.

What you want and how you have to get it.

And you ve got people that don’t have a must but will as if,  unscrupulous calss.

Things can get worse before getting better, because touch and explore for the first time, and thouch particular , painful feelings.

‘play therapy in action’ british association of play therapist.

People braging themselves being the new master = in their very mouth unfair, and prdataro. In that case is their own s children that woul have to become the level they settle, fucking poutas, and would have to deal with the mess left for them, the work of an opulent people profiettering of all what they mjight lie their eyes on.

It reassures me a lot that christian comes out. it means that religion is alive. as religion are in the research for human rules, one that would be the one of discriminative people would be just too terrible.

i d be interested to know about how you practise… i mean if we get to speak about it.

i guess i am opiniated. but also know that in life you need to understand people. my disagreeing would never break my friendship, it is more the way round. people are getting fed up with my opinions on subjects. faith is a completely unexplored subject. yes, nice pic. why don’t you put it into your profile. i d like to speak more. would you like to meet?

“they beat you in order not to break.”

no i am not looking for a friendship. it is a relationhsip that lacks in my live. one to one sex, just mean that i would be ok with less than a relationship but a relationship is what i am looking for. you can block from messaging this user, you know. i ve been there many years. i met people. just a very very few.

i donm’t look for an heavy one either. i don’t want to stay in london. it is all on my profile but there is always way to share a little but of one’s time. i am leaving near roehampton university.

how long have you been a single?

london is no longer a fun place to live but i have been here all my life so i dont know anywhere else. my family are all here except one sister.
yes you are right we can all give a little of our time, there is enough to share. but a relationship requires quite a bit of our time and space i have found. it can be suffocating and demanding sometimes.
i have been single since Feb last year after 3 yrs relationship. how about you?.
here is my email if you are interested in mailing so what do you do in your spare time?

i find reassuring the way you talk about your time. i am borne a single, or almost.

in my spare time i read.

so would you like to meet?

What is race

“rac in guetthos and treambleing to go just come home and alongside the street

Guarde, garden.

Religions as we are divided by what we believe. But what do we believe, the cosomos find a nou house in any soul , that a live.


The blackness of the skin in countries where one get tan even in the shadow.

Playing it mcho and self content, but in fact have so much on one’s ass, that nothing is no longer felt. Servants.


Maby maybe failures are not only good, but al leats leatsst one get to get ride of sentimentality.

To give pills for an alzhwimer patients proffering judgment s such as sexual exploitation for women, concentration camps for foreigner, and men as judas as the bourreay, gay bashing…. While the streets are full of men and women practicing that kinda rethoric in the ir politics of the day to day.

To hate whites or western not as a matter of racism but just because they are paid to produce hegemoniac theory or to act in this way using the most smilling approach till the split seconds where you ask- perhaps for the second time- what ‘s the good of a policy or attituted that are or unpleasant or even the plague for people. After their smile the psychosis is a reborn notion not to mention the mansion of collaboration that put you in the pseudo street of dole. Or into jobs of underlined poverty.

Knowing more than one morphology, and though knowing metarmorphosis, or simple polymorhpysm, as in relation to oen’s own body aptitutede at feeling and developing itself and in relation to its attitude at feeling, interpretating, and subjugating anothers’ bodies, and also, even their fabric. Fab rec.


Whose people have in mind the job description where they are not undergone abuses while others ordeal is a matter of silencing and catechism.

Cathedral of lessons. Cat and grail on which ton. Tone.

I am sure that it has beend one ; however I would like to conduct a research about the official and non official reaction to the shoa’ by the catholic church.


To yell at one’s children or just be disapprobative, or on contrary hopeful, or chherful, serious, though of affectionate; while the children knowing it is for their own good. But no pea rents is perfect. Parents.


And even remotely as like is in society people would be more than the majority but an absolute if each key were found for each body = the key found is the green light to go where will be drilled and mount to a harmony.

hi, pof said you might like to get in touch. horses and nature are pure love. kind of activity if practice for freedoom that render life formidable.

‘Daft sense of humor’

Test, text. And v/v.

The foreigner or the dissidents, possibly alien, as not wanting to establish better ruels rules to the state and society but weakn those for the ‘sake’ sack of other “””communities””””””’. Between brackets.

Even in remoter town we don’t have the chance to be near to animals’ life. they know, the folks and herds, that it is to the slaughter house they are ‘destined’. and the wilder ones that we destroy all what they have. to deromantize the country life made human prey. i would really like to tell you to come, but i choose to spare my money that is i don’t live in a place where i can invite people over. maybe when you are on holiday or week end you would like to stay for the day?

Media manipulation, or discreet account of the motivation of society?


You think that a prostitute could like it. They could like it with the perstpective of li killing, not liking, lik, kil, of killing the ones that allow, it or tolerate it thinking that it is the – man – in –the – stere steert street way.


Th birds brating harmony the length of more than the day. Before the dawn starting enlightneint pitch by their knowing and feeling, perception and caliing.

Who sings for them?

No one can take, t-acke, the l blame , of infamy , black poverty only. Are we letting poverty reign just to permit us dirt lucut luxury?

Lux, ust , lust.


Very right to talk about psychiatric abuses. just to say that it is used in the west. between nurses that main job consist in doing nothing with people, whose sole objective is to keep them at hand, to tame their feelings and render them totally intolerant to challenge, to the challeng of working or simply to move for oneself. or in france where i coming from, where poeple treat you like if you had mental illness when you start discussing their way of managment. result? france take the biggest amount of pills not calming mental illness but preventing their sadness becomes revolts, or their having complied to institutional abuses reason for ‘dysfunctional within their work function’ remorses

On thousands different networks existing out of fear of censorhisp, outcasting, or discriminatory casting;

I tried to watch you video link, my computer had to be restart twice, the link could be helpful also in a more mainstream networks.

But would not be the place of the women, that we protect unqualifyingly, not be able to endorse and generate a power equal to men, of course, a sould is a soul, and this no one can undo it, but via “political” power that are in fact accepting to share its powers, seats and pecs only if one is colloborating with a system of abuses and slavery. like if women were not accomplices not under patriarchy but breeding its simplificate decaying (the reigns of the mortals decades) logic of consumerism, in consuming one’s own people pride and family, in the destruction of autonomy in exulting terror amplification and solution that are not but obitaries.

Love teaches fear as the agony of being separated or not in the situation of being protected and in order of for protection.


Love Preservation. Serv, salv.

Ere, all.

Youth tali tak talking to ;older; , not lack of maturity but experience?, like if they a were their dealers.

On p opportunity treatment.

In order to fight ethnocism or natuionalism one has to fight what is discriminatory and falsly protective of national or any other kinda identity. Dent. Pity. Hideousl

Chevere = goat,

Lost in french, stubborn and repeating same sort s of acts in desperation of finding and understanding the real issues, laer, lair.

Poly languages for the sake of translation.

Sucees are not determined by how hard , or little we work, but how we work. Longevity. Longetutidnale


The usa fashion to advertise oneself as a personality might be good to take definitely someone into accountability, till fhte structural causes are not addressed on every stage.

on every street.


Age, hit.




The international re lation permitting to people coming from other states only to study about economic or economical affairs, having to abandon ethics in politics as how to policy am make while the work expected to be backed by tortureian or failed states, and the huaman development activities permitting life, and not death incarnation, arts, sports, the nature,llll…

Bourgeois revolution with not the state authoriatarianism but the boss@ deciding how live and how is gonna die the nation.


Complete, company.

Lete, any.

Lit, ani versarry.


Thoughts, the way we react, we order and ordone, adorn, permit, refould, fold, numerate.

The way we believe the very ‘nature’ it s superficiy, se specis, special, space, will shape.

And to go no to the gorbidden but to the limits and assy umption break.

And this limits onto others’ universe converging, is the magic,

Taking beyond one’s own perception, rendering selfish, and beyond pseudo precept of control that renders us magnanine


hap  (hp)


1. Fortune; chance.

2. A happening; an occurrence.

intr.v. happed, hap·ping, haps

To happen.

[Middle English, from Old Norse happ; see kob- in Indo-European roots.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


n Archaic

  1. luck; chance
  2. an occurrence

vb haps, happing, happed

(intr) an archaic word for happen

[from Old Norse happ good luck; related to Old English gehæplic convenient, Old Slavonic kobǔ fate]

hap2 Scot and eastern English dialect

vb (tr)

to cover up; wrap up warmly


a covering of any kind

[perhaps of Norse origin]

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

ThesaurusLegend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms

Noun 1. hap – an accidental happening; “he recorded all the little haps and mishaps of his life”

chance event, fortuity, accident, stroke – anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause; “winning the lottery was a happy accident”; “the pregnancy was a stroke of bad luck”; “it was due to an accident or fortuity”

Incidence, Inside.





London infrastucuture of transportation looking the 50’s

Journalists The independent on RT

While they take away minimum wages lalary.

??????/hwere, s the gap has gone?


To have a syndrome but hust just to be going over, not showing effects, or effects here but not impeaching some remarkable or classified as being perceived functions. The c most commons or most pragmatic’

In a world were wars in not anylonger conceivable, because every one is inot a race to be the landlord and the exploitor of ‘ressources’.

While wars is about saying these are not resources but pathcn and domains of narture that must be left respected, and therefore wars is aobut forbidden man not to contact and get in touch with it bkut about forbidding them to kill it.



‘Timeless landscapes that in that are geologically very recent’

As the beast of the planet is like glacier, ‘not static, just moving.

‘as the sun will be afar from the varying distance of earth roatation , ice iof age will return again. Ice every wher.

I start to wash my clothes not out of what I lknow of hygien or what I know of the priciouslity of water, not listening my instincts but to comply to vaut rien.

To divide acess to states – law making and enforcement.

On races lines, as it won’t then be impossible to make ethics of ‘power’ or rather ethics of ‘action’ prevails.

The most  stupid monster.

If one does not want to pay to be sure that stuffs are happening harmless, not happening but just be viciously circumvented…etc, then society will be run by mafias or other types of death.

So why about that it is the mafia, or people being for them, paying for the need for policing?

Homos are takne to be a new races of individuals, out of touch whith what had happened of terrible or of kind, and gentry withing o countries and centuries. Thisis a blapsphme.

We are half homos, and half ther rest , complicit and actors just as everyone else.

Autonomy to states, local government and individuals. Towards?

To cut oneself and be amased as how the pain is almost left, and how the body react at it, the blood rushing the final poke of the gighting lightning kink d of blame.  Ame.

To be amazed as how one heals, as how one has to care after themselves.

Selves, la slaves.

one year and half i moved. near uni, new shackles, new job. for once i am good.


People saying that it is the end of their world if homos are ok.

Nowithsitanding that if you go on preaching heterosexism it is the end of you.

Peoples adoring themselves, d aduling the crowds and thinking that their family and patry are gonna next be.

Killed by one’s own children.


That in fact are never ve be children but the one breed in order to make their parent successful econonomical or’and socially.


To show one’s reaction, but that is in fact to late as one would have notice before the stimulus came ideally.

If our tears were the communications between the minds that we realize did not go well. The pulsions, and different thought and real tee that did have a life but have to go one their exploration, as pure awareness is put redundant and cruelty is oin the line.

I am a ‘writer’  i am paid when s.o buy my books.

There is  a question of privatisation and nationalisation or supranationalisation.

water is everybody needs and should be under guard.

it is so abject to see people using it without any ethics, people and industry poisoning it. and everyone of us knowing that blood is gonna flood globally for its being possessed.

Yes in the public domain, but is the question enough. in the public domain to be abused by a particular public or by a particular industries or nations?

water is our shame, like we are gonna be killed by the sun for polluting and destroying the air. water is the sign of us living out of other people decimated by draught and famines. of our way of live equalling looting. no life any longer but killing the indigenous discretedly with the help of pipes absorbing soils’ richesses and soils itself’ and chimney doing the human reign the dead line needed.

I can be seen most afternoons redesigning the London traffic system, making it more effective and accident free.

A catch.





Head role.

speaking about child.

good but little about the nature of the job itself. let’s passionate about? crucifixing.

Some examples.

mohammed, the islamic prophet married a child.

AISHA, the fourth ‘wife’ of Mohammad, the Islamic prophet, had been ‘married’ to ‘the’ ‘prophet’ she was 9 year-old.

The state authority only legitimate to employ collective fore force to save each individual from being eradicated, or these multiple signs and means. Divid. Vivid.

With the phone i cannot load more than 10 pics, the why there is no a program about the cubs. is alright if i order a memory card and an adaptor?

attached, pics of the trees under the green policies of unis. eradicating the last but one half of an acre more wilder area than a park for serene. peace.

Melting, moving.

To be wear but in aspiration as the new give the old its purpose and attention.

kristy mackenzie, The Nature of the Beast.

“Beauty and the Beast

The social institutions sole to take you as an autist spectrum, not eluding it in reckess rancor as business ma of r mad scientisets, and firing you to be not against their proving that intelligenct is polyfirm or form.

Prometheus politess that has become indigence.

Indi gence. Gent,

To t reread people like a scred sacred bok book with patients. Patience.


To render justice, or balance with or without support. As when not done by the social regulation, no more laws permits to be lawless , up to now, and after that , nameless prison. h@@l.

It is that the news of censorship, name disgression.

Rithuals in live, as existence lige live litige lit tige, trifled with moment of yours, imblecile, l . rituals permitting the orchestration, analyse, mis en conscience of all moment, and convert hesistaiton into convicting that dayi da dying is out of w question, out of action.

The funerals changed into renewals and accompanying the soul.

The dogs kills the rats, that wer libin gin an area more calm not by kindness but pseudo quai quasi, modo k distinction.

It is not enough to insult people permitting the dog. That the rats were too much tranquil assert themslef with pere pretension.

Need to talk. Lock.

In richmondo park the dysney land of predication.



Iso lant.

A welfare state that back family in the sense of idling people at thom e training their children to be imbecile defending the chamber like ill behaved and sick gnome.


All in black like one mourns, ca hatting like cacketting, racket, the harem is out. What is the outing?

Sob, so sub.

Platonically, plat, onirically.

Manic , manually.

Respiration and heave.

Spire, ave, habre, habr havre, heeve, ivre. Hive.

Cell exchange, stock mark et.

Saltimbanck, salt bank, huble, humble. Jumi, humi.


The worse than macho, the ones that is in agreement with machismo not n protection but in indecency, as true macho give protection gratuislously while giving outlet for ba ravour to any gd gender, include the lesbi, as war don’t win by an army fo flse false brother and identity.

To be get rid of like they would with prosti. Like prosti. To use the same vocabulaty.

Lair, l-ail, l air.

Ere, irelanc.


Counting on youth to ocntrol people in order to reape rape.

Macho discount, count.




Brother hood could come if borders close and see hwo would come fidelity. Fideloi


Fiddle. Accord.

Instead of seeking the global to shrink to mediate population affole. Foliate. Napalm.

The need for demonization, as epp epope people e when comparing can flatter themselves of not being so low, slow.


What kinda penaly tut y would be equitable, to a person that would harme or kill a toad because he is expecting you to talk to him living in a land of plenty for the fear and load, laud, of am maxiumum.



Not resembling her but the same intensity. Not writing for anthing but re reading and link the simple truth wilh more , much time, in living. L yves.





Not to condemn s.o but an attitude.

An attidude, but a circumstance.

A circumstance , but ????

To be afraid of ??? death and suffering, torture and living.

Even for Dracula so the story goes.

How can we find the courage of braving what has us haunted




Haunted by its very nature of having our vital in check. But what worth if this not having?

Not brave but half aving. Halv, affres.

To become one’s fear or its enemies equivalent, wanting the danger in order to become even more afolant. And divert and defend offend the fiend that erstwhile would manipulate fate and stain on the whyle. Why hail. Heil.

To read the s answers in every cracks and the noisy become telling.

To become an healer having passed throuth thes f phases of hystery. Peheasant. S


To be the heir, as these two persons g ive me no limits as for how I would have loved and sited, citex,cited, sighted, sought, seated. Death is the notion ofo love due to one’s spouses but after death is the one learnt out of misery. Ise, s iseult, s isocele. Sorcele. Ease, halt. Ease ut.

May the lord, god and the rest forbid me to buy the, our, story.#

Is story.

H, h.

Nuclear. Nu clear.

To see a dying rat and know on in eyes that your, one’s sons he could be, they had been it. And hear the summon of the bourse bourgoeise that segozille applauding his theirs verse death as it could have been to the food she they d ved, veda, did not covered or protect. The rat surviving in the garden that is called the biggest londonina park, that once had been his freedom, freed home.

Hatred, is not just a sapiens, a speech, sp=ich.

Each. Ache, ac, assez

Assets. Tessa. Temoins. Moins.

Win I witness, of wit?


Serinner, lointain.

Sidharta, seed, cid.

Dees, dis.

Heart, aorta.

The super heor error hero featuring indiscriminate divine intervfention to save the human.

Lets see what the supernatural will invent out of the scene of the global market. The mark.


Here I av 2 read the if still surviving

And inside how they will die, they = thiose to who think they three they r alive.

Religions or denominations should produce the short in short of t what they think the laws are, to prove their worth, and to be laught, in that case loath or admire, in that case add miroir.

To be able to transorm in a place that one loves, or company.

Skin you or muer.


Sonnet, rattle.





Not to write a lot about fea males as may be ti history, men are finished, or then exterminate their pudor, impudic, p impudence. Sexual slavery = males and e their servants = anti males are male quality = independence able to secure a need for a nest = not the females but need for seed, the son of the bitch, not children but existence expectancy. Whose machist and their prosti betraid and embedded.

Note: not only islam I or cchristianity, Judaism or Hinduism, butr their accomplices. The cool that think it is fine as long ag s they can fuck it. Not the fuck but the condone, con done, am with the pap on this.

Not on unmarried relationship but the spreading of the diseased, sex fo r undermining. Sex before other duties. Money to secure not live or businesss but prosti, you the pimps, the police, the aca demics, endemic, demonic, structural cultural demeanor demise, devor, dev-il , dev-or. Ilill ill our.

To like Satanism, for reason of fervor. To be continued.

Not continual, contingue.

Count down and ivrognerie.

To transform speech inot love story, that is mot d amour, ame that s it. The end of

It. Eat. Eat element. E at. atE

At –e.

Imagine a massacre, in the in night even when the birds are singo ing. As they did more than seeing our sins but the lack the complete lack of haven, the total depletion of nature and natural oven, taking the warmth in, would logically lively make them rehearse for the scythe to come down and faster than global warming, fast than warning, do the job of t justice. Ice. Not quite but sur place. Religion are finished as they were to believe in human writings.

B g

;put me in prison for this. Nos. irp. Rip.

To wish the species to live on and freed on.

To t with wish the end of man.

Of course not as a species, the same, equal. But as they are.

To be green is mocking the color of nature, b vacca.

Vacuum, be the species that spread doom that empty, pray for that.

Equilibrium liberty.

To need pain killer of whatever to go on what loves to do. Not against love. But not to do what forced to do. But what to argue with the morgue. Morat mortary. Soli, soil

Mortar. Mortal. Portal. Vauxall. Vox, veau, ox, hoax. Buffalo. Beef, cut. Vampire and higher is you. Meat eater the defect, the dechet, the next to do -d-o-d-o.

Od Od


Rug, drugs, as it is not free u but to free.

I see someone but it is tnot the psychiatr. Thought the g psy would rather, his wages tenor. On institutionalism. Nothing against expert but those who applaud your boss to be sodding ya home.

Dp sod, dos.

Tres, sert.

We are  all bad and good, but what about do the part of chose. On fucking bigots.

Bi got. To take it all and forgot. Big hot. To do harm and judge, to think ill and doc. To harass and unequal and call for god, and to mock their call, to be the sod, no t the homo but the pedo the killer of love.

The people that abime marriage in arranging to fuc, and produce children like one platform . politics of the devils, and to tra eat people like they do of rats. People are not know that they are not superior and therefore terat the speices the same, horror from auton, to dawn.


And one doens not know havfe to whistle like a bird to be in communication. The birds listened, attentively as you their targets is us. Instead of flying without restraint and see our head and perched on them, they a have to be attent and device the way of terminate our blame.



Blame and bleme

And shhhhhhh is cold.

Orge, orgue, organ, morgue.

Manor, mane.

Main, mani, manhy

For the love of god. Of human is not, religion are the betray, grunt , groin and blahshpemy of human the rubbish of earth society. Rub it. Rob.

Bor and in fact work si the bore-dom, mod

Work, wkor, vercor

Pdedophilice realationship or people loving the same sex person, as there is a person in our life that we loved more than any thing and one else, had to marry to another, and still love them like on love s their tutor. Like d a dad or a mum , what disgrace. And accept thus all the remontrances like it is expected of a youngest. Th hetero company. Any.




Yojngest here the one having to lose sight of their own. Won weane waning

Vane floode.

The devfil is the human borther . bor broath.

And it is not matter o fhate, why hate what is extinguished. Not distinguished. But the devil in human assert themselves in being subservient and to the nature they will be so. As finsished as they deemed so. Doom.


Rang, rank ransom.

Te only range people are able to, is not miracle, but dplore the end of them as their work or progeny finitude, and even not as at this point could peer or spear a ltille thouch pouint o fspirtiuatlyil. Ality.

Devil is not def vil to say to the human you you, you are logicall not worth the understand.

You rpeached would come.

How come human a hate human, as we aer solely a part of it, a part human.

And human a part of it, of heat.

A coold om own system.

Sist aim

Ro remission .

The need for pad, the size of t a tebi.

To a vampire one’s have to found their heart and what if they were here to save and rescue the honor killing of f

Other species and the human tortursed and killed. One cannot found one’s heart as lack of skills.

The leclectricity cannot be stored, so it has to run all the time more than we could expect for users that abuse it like pork. Bath in it.

Bare trees are not enough, oen need jungles and undergrowth, horses, foxes, ducks, ponds, snakes, wolfes…list beyond human rich and reach. thank you for your spaces.

Some people, pretending to do some politicis , assert to the youth that they are for decroiminalisation of vandalism, while they are not for that, they are for criminaliasation of their parties’ bullpit.

All the same: I really don’t know what to do when you see people building where it used to be forests or banks rivers ,and play gold near the see from whre you cannot see the tip top of the c recycling by dip deep horros.

I am not for f vandalism, but I am for them not to be build. What to do? But the excitement of poor taken for dumb by all parties, in the easy business of topple over, is a not.

But What to do?

Criminalization of pollutive attitude and sites.

And what when the government applaud the crooks as being embraced and brass by them?

You ve never told a child that is far better, crucial to be father less on some co c occasion?

The reading in that sine qua nonof writing mainstream, clarity for chief and serhaphin, is not good for our dementia. The jungle, and jongle , the colors, and liaison, the order as it feels as it seems and sound description of the rushing pass the our = time.



capital towns.

A broad.

Broth. Brother.

broth  (brôth, brth)

  1. pl. broths (brôths, brths, brôz, brz)
  2. The water in which meat, fish, or vegetables have been boiled; stock.
  3. A thin, clear soup based on stock, to which rice, barley, meat, or vegetables may be added.
  4. A liquid containing nutrients for culturing microorganisms: [They] grew bacteria in a small flask of broth” (Horace Freeland Judson).

Roth, root, roof. Oath.

It is just to say jacky, i know the existence of something call purcellin oil it has the effect of even skin tone. i never used it but it is i guess the equivalent of an oil for particularly dehydrated skin.

if not ask a chemist about its real value and quality.

simply to chat as i think you are, and look, sincerely, just splendid like this. it contains vitamins perhaps an interesting recipe but i am not sure of that.

Splend, spleen.

One needs tolerant ty standers and in between to realize that one ffeels good with other person with whom the contact might be f difficile.

Con of human praising meat, when you see what produiges herbivores almost now did, guese, guess gesse flowing the imalya etc. almost as what is gonna left. What?


The matire. ,ar mary martyr, mature, nature.

Nature programs onlu depicturing now the global warming and desertification doom


The new sacred book would have only these pages on which human a say.

The stupid patriarach fool arguing that they are stronger and asserting superiority, should be devored then by the mammals in a mouthful which would show their hast at dest dust. Innee

So who is inferior, human without a knife?

Religion is  of animal killer for the stupidity

These stupid commentators that said of herd of females with a main male o n the delimitated territories that they are wifes.

Poor scientific try to alarm people saying they arelosing specimen that they are not yest studied. But to spread death, studied before or not, will reap the same in debt.

Go and put seeds in bank and dsttroy the mountains will see what happen to our species so random.

Ram don.

To cover one’s head and the precisous precise information abvout the skulss a shape and hair style and fiber and affirmation of individual physical identity.

Guerrilla, anti social behavior and constant terrorism,  a mission.

Mind the state would not e recongise you if one had to become paria.

Mind when one will think to become such hostage, the states destorye or permit , let destruction, just slow enough to make report and document out of that .nuclear. muck lea.

Punition. Pun it.

oh ma. you were in dubai?? single?

i d like to live in johanessburg, i really like you tell me about it. were you out?

a yes, well it is a bit complicated, i am writing now what is worth the reading is much more random.


Gay, girls, guys. Hurl hi, wuy.

Woo why.

ok thank you for the description. the second country in the world for criminal rates. were you there for edition jobs?

Cream, ream.

How people are gonna pay their setudy? Not a queston to ignorant political people, not even neglect, but b victory for them not to have to breed their j children in real competition, and therefore have to learn and etheach from and to the population to respect person and to respect jobs, in them being proof of charity no but charitable attention. As they can bet old to be shark none of us would have the opportunityes to have similar diplomas, sole skills and expertise certificated.

Birth certitiicate.

Learingin, earning. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


It is not a racism but to wonder if people potentiall y from the same countries is adopting the same perspective than the ones of the others when they rally, and recoil in thinking they don’t want equality and respect and longevity…


It is only that human considered too mediocre to defend values regarkdless of the actors. And in fact racism is to not defend these values as in order even not to receed but to stay in these areas where slavery is going on, discreetly, with contractarianism. So what did you say? How come we agree to live and assemble under professional pressure, with these same profession or family feud foment our extermination. Aren’t we slaves, what should we say?

I don’t thkin unemployment is regarded as a wast e on the waste economy, as they are these jobs where people would have to check on the justice and rightness of how job and d administration is convey.

I don’t think that politicians are so dogdy forgetting lessons of history I think it is the same conditions ofr extermination of population that they are conductiong.


We are indeed guided by our itntuition and spirit but they are also with experience linked, not prediction but deduction, which one has to combat at some point of the construction , actively combat, oppose bla alnaece, submit.


Of people that are expecting from the other s to give and give with nothing in return, as the pressure to work is not libert y and well being but do it if you want to survive but not as another human being but as a servant that has to accept being lott looted by individual and social pressure permited or inctieted by the law or the absence of law and their implementators.

Not talking about about countries casting out or killing or with high degree of poverty only, but just like the uk or the social legistlator is who ever has money and is in command of institution without regrard for job with ethical quality, of what should not be called juob at all but to stop and modifiy before it is the lif e and liberty of everyone they take and inboexed.

People watching tv to work their understanding of a social world and use the script and persona in order to know what to do in certain social situation.

Dr tohy attwood, asperger syndrome


i could go on and on even though i am not , far from it, any encyclopedical brain, but cyclop are king in a blind kindom of h.r distress, dark poverty, vile, violence and violation, pursue by the feast of h.r party under its name of self contented spurning administration. :} is the fun of it.:{

is hertforshire your native? i d like to read one of your piece.

“Occupation or civilization”.

Yesterday cahnnel regreattablly historical on ww wolrd only.

Why no t historic slecture instead of expensive same typo fo programs and archives?

Tve don’t conduct knowledge and this is a proof of  as it is a object of propaganda clearly.

To consume and to demand, not for need or progress, but just to make certain that other one’s will be lead to str arving and to beg.


It is somewhat fun to say that plagia is fordidden as essay at university consist mainly in paraphrasing or anyhow even for the ost most talented students just guess work throught what they previously read, but why?

Because investigation is forbidden. Inquisition is not over, it is now its form and firm type fo fallacious reign.


Hwose with the particularity of their mind is visible not wanting in society just by corruption and like frecnh hitleer cooperation, jew not wanted. As the operation or and ordination of the social ladder and social discourses and exploitation won’t entitled people who would say no or people taking advantages of people and situation and environment and all being s in an even more perve and vicious way, .

Social, ehay.


To find the usurpator in discourses, saying , promises, and background attmoshpere newer reach.

The picture of impassible guys while ga  haiving of giving sex not so much dum as would shwe permit me to devor here body her, in any smooth and cavity?

My old lady, old means mother.

A thief dying side with side with jesus.

‘devil at for o’clock’ film

The afternoon is kind of average as I think of cataract as soon as in the light.

For the recruitment personally I could go on with these hours at least till October. I already made a mistake to reduce my hours last year that could have been big if you were not so flexible and in fact so kindly arranging.

For the holidays I would not mind replacing aminah for a fortnight or for any length of her holidays.

did i pass for more pessimistic than expected?

Not that I have been never amusing anyway; even if I would have wanted.

The sensation of an heart attack is the ones of your spirit telling your body an dthe mind attached to it, that I could go any moment. Or at point foment.

What would be the extend of my ‘exxpression’ would my idea or impression be possibly written as easy as spoken. The volume of my volume and others as high as the bable tower or these of 9-11

Every one could argue or would tink that they are hl. R as their jobs consist into production and give means of cosn sumption. As long as one don’t kil l or maybe could kill what is on the way of progress.

Decess. Recess, decease promise .

Like a musicians that write down what is already here in their head, but before it arrived the mind makes place for it to be welcome. Work and circumstances and capaticity of creation only in unison with the world and the humans reaction to other worlds.


He composed his music like the earth, wind, and sea. Or like a black birds responded to the dew coming from high and its condensation sounds beauty. Or the scene and theatre of the rumble of a city or a town hall. Or in the meanind of a discussion even dieeper than polit or at least measured tone.

Sorry for yesterday, I could not send u messages anylonger, had sent you too many as I am a basic member.

It is great you were into a relationship there. I admire people able to write for mainstream, all welcome readership, I am not direct enough for that, nor entertaining. Though I do try to be readable b y all souls, not clarity but translucide cied.

It is not studying but th e getting ready to study that takes all my energy, but I do it on purpose so it’s all right.

The g] frenesy of being ‘sucked’ by a vampire is that the heart is pumping , is avid, while the blood leave, till the heart had to stop and being replaced by void vide as oneself has to protected from the most usual violence type of other beasts, predators and mediocre animals such as human beings.

anna name

Central, carnal, carnaval.

To be happy as when looking the work of an artist combating for its own originatlity, and its work finally winning stable ground onto society, when I reached their 50’s , when the forece of their vision can be completed as autonomous and self servient acts and rights. The whatever one’ s achieve will stand and beams for a while. For a good while.

“slave to the system” and their colleagues.

Peer, pire.


These people climbeing the everst in sing of victory when earth has been killed by dim dummy.

In awaiting the judgment arriving before the apolcaolypse hopefully, not knowking, or in fact knowing that we have nor ight here but to finins what were beraing us, tand that we ate instead of cherisihing.


What conflict you want to resolute when one is able to posely raphsody poison the all planet bying buying flight and 1 pound bleach down the drains?

Absolutely agree, and the social it would be responsible for what?

i mean one has to have true, if genuine, multi inner vocation and hopes and sense of duties equally thought and respectful of all system not lying on the killing on whatever is picked on or become weak by the harrassment collectively ensured or observed and let die out of the simplifi-faction that makes a world raped, sucked, and parodied. our caricature of a society.

AISHA, the fourth ‘wife’ of Mohammad, the Islamic prophet, had been ‘married’ to ‘the’ ‘prophet’ she was 9 year-old.

It is written like belonging to the past, in any way a dead-int he sense of unkind, unknown, hind, story. Ubt what about their present worhsipper, peur.

As a safety net, people might be treated as not human = as not equal by other human, but being treated so will have on the psyche a not belonging an not feeling that will render them determined in their own have to liberate from what went on them not as a relatives but as a predator.

Pre-dating and foreplay.

loot  (lt)


  1. Valuables pillaged in time of war; spoils.
  2. Stolen goods.
  3. Informal Goods illicitly obtained, as by bribery.
  4. Informal Things of value, such as gifts, received on one occasion.
  5. Slang Money.

[Hindi l, from Sanskrit loptram, lotram, plunder; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]






Of course no one like states, and use wicked people acting like ditactors and spoils to hate the idea of them being organized and officials. As the realists are in fact monarchists wanting dictact while calling it lord and ladyship.


And the all of us wanting more an more money, as obkligde to work for mafias, but fearing like nothing else, being taken by them.


On top the heterosexism and marriages as brothels, as society ditact what to waer and eat, and will make sure if you don’t you don’t get married or only in love, in partner ship or a free humans only associating with each other, seeking love and verity. Marriage or outcasting, mariiage or die alone, worrying one’s old mother, and once you are and have a family they have to spend their days spur you into the puta communities





Someone liking her body, and voluptiousity. sexy pics without vulgarity, a natural? sensuality in all her present persona. someone who likes being touched and caressed.

And me the one to just wanting to caress you adept.

The best music (is) from the bird singing.

To be here is an option.

Essence .

Being is circumstanceial. Essence superficial, so what is under the lining.

Religion and the right to be a control freak not in the search of harmony and verity and love, but in the name of discreet convention on nationalism for the prosti. Humor. Has if they had been a majority of god prayer. However when one can see one’s society to have come so bad that there is no much more than to pray to fulfil emotions.

Nationalism piss.

Unless if for deterring other worse regime? But can we be contented with the lesser evil? No.


Pedophily and infanticide.

And parenticide for a future. The nationaslist hypocrite like that would start doing their horrific gand g rape, gang being their community , more discretly. Could perhaps heal their dillusion and kill the abobinable, abode, as above is their maison, moribund.

I really appreciate the way you are taking initiatives.

i would really want to go and live in africa myself it is for this reason that i cannot propose to you for a visa as in a few years i ll go on your continent. and maybe i will have to marry someone i might meet there.

go on with your research, you might be the happiness of a lady.

though be careful, even a nice person could quickly forget that you are free. free within your relation. you want to become married, but you know here it is very difficulut to find the right person if at all possible. and a partner to your partner you own entire liberty = no pressure for sex, house keeping…etc. i wish all the happiness in the world.

To use leeches in medicine for them to pump limb and make the blood recirculation.

i think that for the leeches the trick would be to manage for them to adopt the right boundaries to be understood. Dangerous though possible. Righty ambitious. Though like vegan the ultimate idea is them not to need human or blood at all- chlorophyll or nay other mater all (material) included- life (lift) boil blood. i think i would encourage it. for it. foray.

Foret. Foret. ^

Is symbiose symbiose as it consist in killing a tiers party.

Aamoebic, mobidic



To be able to turn one’s head 180 degree, nothing bad or evil or impossible, it is what birds does, the guess what geese and ducks speciality.

it is high time we get to reproduce inter sept species spec,




Who ever we are we will all finish in institution where people will, and anyhow will be able , to pretend to look as fter you, and with joy, at best.


Th e eurpopean institution w that permits things to go so badly that we are all at the mercy of tyranny and that would like us to believe that it is the fault of emigrants ‘ whom after all do what is piss possible o and of tradition, seize the opportunities. Cah charogne.

Blog it. Lot log blow hog.




Family, close to politicians, as one fight not for states equally represented, butd evororer mafia. And not willing to take up the challenge of justice. And social adeaquateness

Relevance, releve, next generation certainly not. Certainement pas.

No wonder oussama ben laen pass to be a saint, when one understands what is meant by development by the whites, the black, and all the indigene genst.

Terror is the a main stream or stain strain am th british realtor. .


Sue me for hate crims, crimea or fine land of falklands fake lands. Lane of destruction by ignorant. Ignore horrors and amuse themselves in salve adore.

The fright of the night not unrationale and possibly shelvd as useless since nothing happens, as the spiriti itself has it as its burden. Bur.


If infantilise people in view of conscious or yncouscous pedophily

A female whose job is teasing you till you answer and find it is hight time to call the police.

Not talking wih their skirt but tongue that let your lose paradise, hell, prêt du mont, a porter et purgatory end, all in all and at once. Well they would usually need a hour h journey.

Jourd an , journey day.

The s’limness of tis chances’

Slime, slimness.

The geese neck like a snake. Naked, acked.

Fling, flacke, ake. A lake. Necklace.

The snake, the leeches, like a tongue.

An ainimal is l killed and it is the disappearance of somebody I used to know.

To animal reign I am sure they avoid to kill their aquaitances whose they have a connections with, by the sown sword word of the lord, ord-her.

But by fucking animals that think of themselves that they can invent everything and that could generate and produce other means, by the gift they have had from god, and the result of the creation and the evolution that permits them, throuth a contract, of diverse ability, to have this particularity. And now to destroy everybody, and know not to design everything possible and permissible to avoid it, to chose hell versus and contrary to paradise woud be. And though. S I lay without so much no much than mots. A mot. Remote. Note. Fr denote, connote. Not. On’t

It is when the survivor realize that he own, even partily, the fact that they are out of bigger trouble, not to kindness or justice spirit from others- and themselves= but to being still in a more favorable situation- style social no doubt but however arbitrary, still protected by some but endangered and sneered by other buddy biddy, birdy, then your mode of survival and set of mind change as well.

Pepel a said that with males homos, the females could be endangered and the males forece to prostitution. But to what say about a a male hetero wanting the same of heterosexuality? It’s in the form of marriage, it is ok. When are you gonna quit your family, aliens alienes.


Loss has for advantage and for play to make one aware of having to preserve , defend, spare ans attain. To the fore.

Rof, rough. Roar, error.

Error coming from row or from rahan?

Ramadan.  Ama, adam.

How to preach pedohpilia? In preaching in facor of mahamead.

Were? In mosque, in schools, in the u.k.

What ‘s the hope for the child, and their parents, raped and molested daily? None whatsoever. Get rid of the blancs.

Bland, blanck. Whom proof to be the worse of ditactor meedling with companies exploitation and global inrremediable, unconsolable, uncurable poising with torture the most vile and the most pervert demonic lies and unbalanced  coupled.

Terrorism is a lolly. A pop compare to thee.

The psychologist that in fact hu just deserted the uk system of social and care, are though so quoted, perhaps still there with ba and master of psycho having studied the same degree, and imposing them view on relationship dynamic so that one is obliged to adopt the same kinda behavior everywhere, with te same fleghm phlegm an d politeness in fact distnaciation and false polticis that make people robotisation. And we will be clear with camera on top of ti.


It is nothing personal , you are  a blond.

prophet prophetess

noun soothsayer, forecaster, diviner, oracle, seer, clairvoyant, augur, sibyl, prognosticator, prophesier Merlin, the legendary magician and prophet

prophet of doom pessimist, Cassandra, Jeremiah, doom merchant, doom-monger, doomster The prophets of doom were predicting that the glory days were over.

Related words
adjective vatic

“A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country” Bible: St. Mark

In preaching Islam, some back the live of ‘their’ spokesperson or representative, preaching worse than imaginable, but child married to adult and old man. It is happening in mosque, it is happening in schools, and all this in the U.K. What is left of one’s pray.

Mode hell.

To look for the person one did not thank enough or went unjust on them, to for the first I time try and recognize in sometbody our one’s ha shame.

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Healths mean that you take care of yourself in order to be the most autonomous and performing and is in search of well being??

Pre-ferment and not only yours?

What are our eyes designed to see?

What is there and that is not perceived by our orbital visquous b globe?

Like the e tears that are here for us to clean our eyes and go one seeing thought the sadenss of spiritutility when we know that our existence is welkenly dirty

Never, nowhere, males have had more ir ir right than females.

As the way males are to behave when specified is not a choci of them u but a has to do if they want to go unbeaten, unransacked, and if their friend, s females or males , the y want to protect.


Without nothing to do but haunting on’s own house or os. So. It is what communities are try to put into place, people so desoeuvere, so without nothing more than families and the abuses necessary to keep in live events, and cactivities. For the madeness to come over and hurt everybody that may. To lose touch with the essence of life, its movenmess and liberty.

What is reality our beliefs and perception through imagination or the daily records of our lives, records as they don’t belong to the taboo of personal inner perception. Or perhaps are they inner of not being shared and describe and discussed.



Care, core.

And what is to do to search and meet god as well as its creation?

Nature through what has been called the human consensus has been destroyed, and some would not like replace it. And the human relation wil have to talk e all the passions that the nature and other speices were sharing with us. And the fire of the recipient could not bear the content anylonger will rage through heart and body.

What one forgets in the west is when people living there are threaten by people there fo r a few generation ‘only’. Is that they know the countries of their origins run by people now richer’ whose origin is from the west.

Run meaning just go there not to ameliorate job condition s or private life depriavation…but to takes the pieces. And ruin the nature and ruin the part of the culture that were its protection just as wll as protect the part of the culture that help to enslave people further, nicking morals and life desire. Wars.

To have til up to wish the fal of somebody in order them to understand what it is to be classee based.

Societies are ni in t fact agglomeration of corporations where a groups is needed to protect their interests , abilities or passions. As otherwise neglected and endangered by unblalanves of fakening needs aiming at othes destruction or stop pin thei r being equal protection.

Public p;laces or place for gangs reclaiming money and infratrucutres by the stat.

Bil v bail

What do they do to have power?

But what would power would trigger on the man in the street mind?


The classic case. And happening. Pen.

To have one’s child’ as to be with someone one loves.

Arse son.


Melody in word and Melody in terms.

To have let the rulers to take the pieces by the most revolting manners, as if ti si not torture at its hightest degree then people just claim what is due, a harmony in relation.

To have the rulers of everywhere and etchic divides are so grotestque than they are frightening.

Enlighten or blazen.carbpmose/


Melody in melodrama and same. Sw sw sewm harm ony. Onir.

Ti is not surprise no prophet is claim, the end.

And shame of religion.

People that are not moderate but that play in the middle to beneficiate from the mainstream as they play at being able to cast the most o vote for them. And do their diritiness simply looking for the same spirit that push them to appear sweet but dimwit. Money.

The uk with more people having to take part ime jobs than anywere in the uk.

RT channel

Normal time to do voluntarre job!

teach, taught, thought.


Watch, hatch.

Human being is stystematically destroying everything as they don’t want object growing will soul that are able to make their voice heard. As an adult the mo ve and noise inhabit the unit provoke more and more descriptible and communicative to chosen others = in this reality, for and shape of speaking that will reveal but is taken like betray. Betray the fact that everything as a soul and so that the human are acting just like if they were parasites, killing without boundaries. But a soul that ah ave been forbidden to live won’t  be frozen, it will go elsewhere and organize in another manner, and avenge tis ti t its lack of liberty.


It is in a system of prostitiutiont that homowsexuality is fear as ti is another form, well the same, form, but with multiplied potential of marriage arrangement and number of potential partner, as in bisexuality.

Fear of homosexuality as in gohmore because people as sinner are knowing and wanting a system of prostitution and fear that at their service may.


To think of a philosophy is to aboi void oblivion as they are knowledge and not info. They are what life has erected into our recognition. Unforgettable and unforgiven if treason.


Health mean that you take care of yourself in order to be the most autonomous and performant and is in search of well being??

To keep them away from the desire inspired by the mother g figure, they were treating her as if she would have been a demon, I the sense as not pertaining to the group, as within the groups and even between parents, chkild the realation were so py hsysical than extreme limit pedophilic.

People destroy the nature fearing its extension, and destroying any blalances as their the ir name of the game is desertification.

While the only and ultimate aims of the human being was to work on these.

Balances with the missions of not stir death, that would come to reimburse bourse and the s-talion.

All these companies that every individual build intrasequally to what, are as many as babel tower.

The si sip slippery sleep of the mind that could last years, months, weeks, decades but not, never for ever.

Whence the cruciality of the unity, as one might perceive it and any assembly or being.

Whose purpose it is to know, w even though university have unreachable = that would reinstate the true definition of ‘unpopular’ into the unpolitical voca.

To would like to work 8 hours a day and spend the rest enjoying a wood, a spectacle, to stay with partners and one’s child… but there are people paid to destroy the world and they have to stay 12 hours in offices and corporations or wharehojuose or white house most schakles. What happiness one would like to pursuit but in debt, death.

Ind ebt to the death.


We all thought that if we were killed or harassed out of jealousy, we could come back our strength ten fold. But why come back under the form of human?

Of people that have suffered injustice and that are faced with othe r people treating them as willing prostituties while treating the one with unlawful money like heros and heoroine.

What kind of force might have come, came and are gonna florish this way?


To expect to be treated nicely as nicely is the way one has found the priviledges’ to act while violating others. To appear like the middle upper class or poorer but in some kind of exploitary niche from the one one can smile as someone lese will be found to realize their envy = that are nothing to do with liberty, creativity…etc but has tod o with the acuumulation of property and not in view of construction but in view of insolation.

Of course one’ needs one’ spossession but is travel at the expense of climate now and for future generation is one at tall?


Virility overrules health’

Bergman. Film

The middle g  calass or whatever else that play poshy and teach their children not to be se weet but acting like sweet as oo long as you carry their stuff for them.


Not to write too long or if you don’t understand o have experienced it , just like dim wit.


I would like to cease complaining about my fate, and rdress the horrors inflicting on others . and it is when I feel of my weakness, the strength that fakes, defect, fact effect.

The passion is overcome when one know s he, they will die. And to know that human or the species or ideas, or whatever we know we have to defend might perish , sould s are stronger than that. But to get rid of its passion is, cannot be do without,  to k lo edo do everything possible to protect life.


To want to be part of organization promoting marriage, in hoping constantly to be with someone ameniable. To be able to love one like it is not even imaginable.

But this can be found out of wedlock. On the wedlock story that would make us do the most despicable. Love is in itself incommensurable no need to be attached not to it, but the society buying it.

In preaching Islam, some back the live of ‘their’ spokesperson or representative, preaching worse than imaginable, but child married to adult and old man. It is happening in mosque, it is happening in schools, and all this in the U.K.

To give you an example, that want to become a model.

You a sole machine, can steal mind and body but never the soul.

The sould that will go into body and have to experiment and find path to infiny.

Resolve, dissolve.


You don’t want them with a family. But everyone has, and touch their children and you are beter otherwise than alive.

And why te h world is dead from having impeaching gay love.

And why the world is dying from having harm anyone.

We were not as trained, we were complete dummy, but we had to persevere as we could do more as a trainee the formal and qualified one hast to p optempare with sheet job and description of it or application of merda, really.

Having been a drinker of f and on , or drugs other, and behaving like such wehne o holding a water bottle or something like a cig. But not too much addiction replaying but madness out of sadness.











Ed retro.

To the idiots that think they have a particular relation with their dogs, cats, rats, parrots and that don’t think of what think animals when they see us destroy their habitats or breeding them to sell them to ungrateful or the average vomiting plate.

Plainly disgraced.


In fact you really liked to be bred like a f goat.

Is it possible to speak about poverty measurement if people want to become as consumer as the ones that e research them and thus trigger, being one of the main componenet of poperisation.

Maybe the brave sould could be deter from fighting ppoverty as the main arms provided is growth of nature eradication, growth out of nature depletion.

People have had to stay with their dying tradition, in fact killing ones, as their skills and the remaining of the people under the most layers of exploitation.

Or do we have any choice other than economical option. Astronomical.

To be kill without sun, and now kill with it, as are gone the skil skies, or what is upon one?

Human beings were not even responsible but just into position of protecting species not possibly by dead end to eat each other , or in position of killing everybody.


It is no prophecy, but just holding a knda phd.

Sold. Old.


We are born killer. But what is about life if not life?

We will need to be careful my phone play with my nerve i received miss calls without me noticing me, a luck i was there and so it goes for your last message.
yes do watch the youtube ones, not the thing i have them to send you. the you tube ones are very nice. i think they would be so happy being together and sing with you.

To have the feeling of deperdition, to know that it will happen, not that is preventable as the accident cannot ve be rationally seen but here it s fallen. So what about the feeling of research and intuition that we barred not from being nasty but seen as quaiont or abnodrmal. What were their revlations?

Lost. Tsol.

To have lost, and have to go round and back one’s work to notice even if only uncounsciously the missing notes, and reconstruct the beant places in it. Inhibate.

And on thse loss to pray for god that it retrieve our gift to thee.

Maybe the next generation could see what we did so be.


Or in the deed is just a way to understand a construction that anyway lost or preserve will go to you and back will come.


To start verbvose refinery and poetry as the quantity we know store in cannot be or for sure won’t stay for eternity. Try it shorter for the sound in the ears can arrive and depart form our sons, daughter and to appease the enemy.


The mission of human is to preserve natural equality. Who they profeet from intelligence and perception not absorbe in the management of killing or exploit other to survive, will have to pay the dividend.

The aneantiissment of losing one’s poor secular work, or any attempts at diverting attack. The time to pull it back.

To deem what one has lost has been bad and inutile, to try and soothe what is wasted.

And through the knowing of what has gone, to want the silence to bridge the dam.

Bridge, rich, ridge.

To know of what is lost that it had to be retrieved. Life would be hell if anyone could steal from beauty and bounty and life is genial. And genius stil has to be found anc d call or the time through our veins will display its charms, larms.


To cry like for asking the eues to forget and continue. And the loss the dram re written as they w ould have thought and seen it as perdu.

While having lost so much being so gutted or let the smile gone to the wind or to any other one. Since twhat is lost is lost because it would have brought back happiness and hope that ain’t fake.

Using ‘I am Christian. To say I am homophobe and criticise people for their freedom and theyre not having money all day.

It is not possible that none of our acts had been erase, as why would sing the bird, and wise the barney, happy the mossoon, angry the rabbit, well equipped the whales. All our writing and breathing recorded in some or another way .

Offer, reffo, reference.

To use to think that the world could become peaceful. But what peace are we talking about but the one in more advance economical countries whom growth pattern cannot but cause worsen wars. Also we have to admit that the logics is toooo widesperead the cuase of the conflicts everywhere if any hope for solving it more than awaiting for everyone to yeilf d to most violent dictactorship.

Why are these salvage s still existing counting on murders, rapes, tortures?

Because you kill them, the civilised cultures.

Their mission equality and justice helping and to make usure they found their way, what punishment for humans if it is what they are failing?

To profeet from each creature to be in duties to work on its abilities and kill them while at work, and not at the work of having to protect one’s back. Only that each creature has death and life sercreet, and that kill it will destroy all outlet for the guys to return or to start. So each of us should be son constantly watching for their survival directly? Or survival not the name of the f game but do god and divine, so don’t care if one is killed? No, so avoid it. But what will be I missing from the threat that has come from human intent or reluctance to solve feeding problem?

I am like dead, nothing able in my mind to settle, I lost my job, I lost my work, and would need in don’t know how many hours to start takin off or landing somewhere safe wehre the obcession of amputation and waste and violation won’t be my spy. And the people around taking all the emotion, of the existence tensialisation that still I like live has given me, thinking that it s them that are the subject of all this.

Sp stupidity.

The relationship of parents with children, when one thinks that they relish on f heteorelationship. While we all know how pervert the differentiation , e sexism on both sides is one cannot bearingly more horrible.

The children of aboundance of the well fare state, threatening everybody if they cannot go on with prejucices , doin t g nothing for good pay, and play the goodies while thaking the nick and mickey from everybody. Smile of allegiance.

And molusque are plenty if the thought of empty seas drive you insane.

People think let the idiots do the dirty job and torture, but in whom would the spirit as redemptor after enter. If not into the ones that let it, the bureaucrat, the well fare state that only wish more voter.s

In fact what are the famous people, if not rich richer and richest goint g into enquirires into how they rob and for which and through which sake. And that’s all. Fine 10pence for the making fun of all parties. Pretty and sahame.

To get anxious and to get reassured, and back to square one, it is the way we won battles as each step of victory makes place for having to fight more misery, proportionally to the sterngh si summoned.

To be killed psychologically but permit to evade the sentimentality and knowing how vital ist o concentrate on not human but alls ources of living, vital. Lativ.

Anyhow people without spirituality are ubut psychology anad as for uor intelligence, whom it has been to some use? Comfort, sciences? Art, poetry. They still are in the air, human being ivented nothing but just tried to dig and offer poet potentiality to a world of light and the shadow that spare us from having done it all. But what now? The world is nto gone, but despair.


To have lost, and to write, and do, and talk, and move so many times more, and so how many empty in order to recoup if knowing that never recover the loss. Ssol.

In any torture, will come the jouissance of making the pain disappear. Any torture that is not coming from any will or means of advert ti totally.

The communitarian atmoshphere being so painful that anti capitalist even are happy to find big society form wich to buy as when they d buy to shop they deal with shopper that don’t welcome, because of their d color or sexual orientation or whatever. To start thinking that one don’t wnatn to lay one’s money to someone who would direct their lives and death, in order to be more paid than …in order to make slaves.

But what will happen when the anonymous companie s will have ti all, and that non one will afford the veg we need to fight cancer and storke and a heart failure, adn the rootening or decalcification of the fless that flesh than t need the most basic of one’ can be found in nature. As the more with cell, complex, nature know s it should have been avoided, like on fo ‘t kill thei r bor other in pretext of nurture.

Surviving b voluntarre caniblalism, whose hope?

Canal, can all, caniblabla.


Racism come from the fact or to say that people , innocent, havfe to die, and liberty as well. Or from people saying that murders and dictacture of murders and others were not under their responsibiltiyes, evern.

Whatever the work I do, I lose, and so whatever what I rush to repair, my life sounds lie k e mediocrity.

Mediane, of perhaps humility, that meakes more than realised but be that there is no achievement in our hands but our spirit.

God. And all the universe that accept to take our transpire ity.

As I recongnise how my skin became lax and that know its crease though nearest to the bone would do half an inch, I could imagine how I would caress and repose and cheer her skin 20 years older than the one I can through and through feel.


The darkness in the desert sun.

That we do are standing somewhere as negag]tive.

Good will, be bienfaisante

Sades, marquis


The horrors of wanting the misery of people, of children down the streets and treat the  people who voice it the bastards, and there is no other world word. But waht do you sai about people who let the misery or worse happening to children and people whatever how many miles down and up the earth?

Hetero and homos exuality are reviled as they are the consequencs of a society tha tdon’t leave any choci but ply roles. Castrated, eunuch having to say yes to a world that vanished and is kileed.

It is about the wikipedia on          . This                   whatever they were known for                      is not working anylonger but use the fact he is on wikepedia as an active professional to escrow and extort people.

Escrow in French, escroc = croc = fangs

In preaching Islam, some back the live of ‘their’ spokesperson or representative, preaching worse than imaginable, but child married to adult and old man. It is happening in mosque; it is happening in schools.


China just going from undemocratic to dictatorial in on move or two.

and WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE UNDERSTOOD ABOUT CHINA CENSORSHIP, half of  the western content have been blocked from viewing, and note, now if you are caught (surfing google or many others, including all videos), it can mean prison.









In fact, I have lived and worked in China, all Google and therefore Youtube are out of reach, and all videos as Chinese cannot cipher foreign videos for censoring them as content cannot be censored via automatic digital censoring websites using certain words (all foreign blogs are banned in China). I am very worried as people could, when I first came there, found free VPN online, enabling them to register their computer IP in another country and therefore circumvent censorship. Six months upon my arrival, you still could use a VPN but for money, the same amount of money you need to have an unlimited internet connexion (huge amount for a working class Chinese citizens). Personally, I decided not to take one, and ended up working hours; wasted as I could not access sites still listed in search engines, even ‘English teaching site’, TFL sites, educational sites, etc…

Even more worrying now the Chinese governments officially said that they can punish the use of VPN (only way to access foreign blogs, youtube, all videos, etc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!–) with computers ‘use bans on individual charge with browsing forbidden foreign internet material or by imprisoning them.








C.ET: AS A FURTHER NOTE: these past few weeks the news could not dry on how Shi, the Chinese president became the one figure of the party, comparing him to Marx and Mao.

But 2 years ago, Shi became at the same time as president, chief of the army, while treating their neighbors of land grabs- not talking of the Tibet that the English has given to them when they leave the colonial.



If today, Brexit might make a point of being royal, China gets along in clothes imperial.

And now with America, that elected the ones that said ‘America first’ perhaps wanting war or cooperation, go on with how American have been socially neglected, just maybe to appeal for some sort of economic or else conflict, thinking of how WW1 and WW2, permitted it to reach the top through being a creditor not a loaner like nowadays.

Mayo is the vote in Chinese that means null- the opposition dictatorship will have in their midst.





China crackdown: VPN vendor gets prison

Nine months for letting punters bypass Great Firewall

By Richard Chirgwin 5 Sep 2017 at 03:07


After China’s crackdown, now Russia is banning VPNs too


China just made VPNs illegal

The Great Firewall just got more impenetrable.




In Putin’s Russia, the hollowed-out media mirrors the state

Alexey Kovalev

The Russian government has spent years consolidating its control of the media. Now it sees reporters as public servants first and journalists second – if at all


C.ET: mirroring how in the west, one could spend one’s life listening to media without knowing anything of what is really happening.

China’s New Emperor

In another country, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s concentration of power might trigger accusations of latter-day totalitarianism.

By Chris Patten

Zhou Enlai, Mao’s dutiful number two, is said to have responded to a question about the lessons of the French Revolution by saying that it was too soon to tell.



Table of high-ranking websites blocked in mainland China[edit]


C.ET: Here wiki is very wrong, it is true for Facebook and google, but BBC is not under censorship



Internet censorship in Russia – Wikipedia

Internet censorship in the Russian Federation is enforced on the basis of several laws and ….. Instances of censorship[edit]. A number of websites maintain lists of websites currently blocked in Russia, based on different sources of information.

Agencies · ‎History · ‎Monitoring · ‎Internet blacklist

How the Russian Internet Censor Banned Itself – Bloomberg…/how-the-russian-internet-censor-banned-itself

13 Jun 2017 – Censoring the internet is as difficult as it is futile, and Russian internet users … Instead, internet providers are required to block the sites on the …

Russia is trying to copy China’s internet censorship.…/russia_is_trying_to_copy_china_s_internet_censorship.html

4 Apr 2017 – I quickly found that Russia and China had very different attitudes toward the web. The Great Firewall of China blocked overseas sites such as …

Google removed from list of banned sites in Russia that led to its …

22 Jun 2017 – Russian regulator Roskomnadzor has removed Google Russia from a list of prohibited information resources in the country.

Russia follows China in VPN clampdown, raising censorship concerns…/russia-follows-china-in-vpn-clampdown-raising-censorship-&#8230;

31 Jul 2017 – Russia follows China in tightening internet restrictions, raising fresh … Various websitesare banned under Russia’s internet restriction and child …

You visited this page on 03/10/17.

How to Unblock Blocked Apps and Websites from Russia…/how-to-unblock-blocked-apps-and-websites-from-r&#8230;

Whether you live in Russia or not, knowing what is happening with your favorite apps, as well as how to unblock those if need arises, gives you more control.

Russia’s secret internet blacklist | Media | The Guardian › Media › Press freedom

6 Nov 2012 – The Russian state has created a blacklist of blocked websites and internet addresses – but the list itself is secret. It was drawn up following the …

Russia censors media by blocking websites and popular blog | World … › World › Russia

14 Mar 2014 – Media watchdog adds Alexei Navalny blog and opposition news sites to banned list amid ongoing Ukraine crisis.

Russia to block access to cryptocurrency exchanges’ websites – report …

10 Oct 2017 – Updated Russia has announced a ban on the websites of cryptocurrency exchanges.Russian Central Bank First Deputy Governor Sergei …

Ukraine blocks access to Russia websites – Financial Times

16 May 2017 – Ukraine says it warned Facebook of Russia fake news … did not reveal how they planned to technically block traffic to the Russian sites.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..3.7.572…0i22i30k1j0i13k1.0.9VBOUkBYg9E


Websites blocked in mainland China


9 incredibly popular websites that are still blocked in China









In china thousands of sites cannot be accessed. However, for years people had been able to download VPN (for free or after more assaults only by paying) that allowed them to access sites with the help of VPN- even if you are in china, your computer can browse as if it was in another country (a country without undemocratic, abusive censorship).



AMAZINGLY ENOUGH, I heard on the BBC radio how your searches recorded by the party and the state at large will influence how Chinese will have access to jobs, and even to services- as banks, phone and internet companies, etc, are nationalized. What is doubly amazing is that I cannot find for the moment discussions about it on the web. It might be a very recent unlocked news… see you later.



PS: SO CHINESE,                  TO NOTE, the interests that people have in freedom of expression is similar in the west. You may not censor a whole site but people will censor actors, agents there. For a beginning.

PS2: the only reason I am aware of that, is thanks to my having worked there. I listened to the news all the time, I would never have understood the seriousness of the situation through that, guess it proves I am a slow one.

PS3: I don’t know how it works in Russia, but from what I gleaned it has similar hues.





CET’ s writing from 2011 events. ll.



Cetvies                             © 2005 – 2014

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Don’t even have a look at this post it is just to give you an idea of why you might come back for more in 2013 when i ll have time to dust and tidy that.






spleen lean..

splendid, plain was it?l ane (french for donkey) lane, troglodyte.

on the 9 mervalous thi phy scene.

Sinked seen.





Th e indigenous of a country is insulted by the new comers even though they are being accepted withing the borders as what is happening to the north countries globally less in numbers (as the northern population has always been lower, the ethnical physisiological chearacterists)

Peoples coming from the south and though living like fat cats of the north, some start treating the ‘whiters’ as the next in line to the slavery scandal. Scander scan and al. dhal.


That these guys scanding to the people originally there in saying that other countries and people are ready to take them as sa slaves forgot on thing:

They are in the middle and like the new coercition class they should be treated then. That is to say…

They forgot as well that their ‘people’ are not so complacent with them. What did thse hassholes to help their’ starving??

And now should they be placed in seats where they can be the new exploiting people. While we should be speading as a survival set that anyone exploiting people in the sense of harming people and depriving them should be in cell.

Or indoor, or nothing of a harsh treatment as far and long as possible but just out of range of doing it for one, and to apply it as a rule for two. Free people mean good rulers.


On whom and how who would wish to settle?

But of course, it does not take pussies. On pushy.











The communities that has been misclawed and miscalled as being societies and now put into guetthos as people from different ones just despise each other helped by the raising in transportation, that are with the olypics the same realtion than the wagons of detention. We cannot blame the communities to be fashist more and more as policies and their applications towards the depletion of resources and the denial, the no ration, and its decrease coming with far more than arhitmetisation, make us thinking in term of being the one send to the camps, calculations.




The were wolf is howling as it has this abilities at hearing everything howling like she ll rehearse and repeat.

Mimetism, mesmerize, Mimi.

Mi – half.



Some, in sum, what I am very afraid of is to be believed to be or not be somewhat irrespectuous or totally respectuous of any kind, not kinda, realigion, religion not real legion, parties, stories…of some influence upon individual, singular, plural, jugular, or en mass, that would aim at a universal love, peace, and serious needed for protecting everyone liberty and at the same time impossibility to make everyone else suffer from being deemed different, particular; even and above all under spiteful concordance as being of some complementarity-that is to compel others not to choose tasks because of their gender, money, social position, and any theory that want one to be the servant.

Every one serves it has to be true, but any truth as being universal shall be understood as serving it the same: i.e the universe. Every one serves the universe.





It is not good to be black, white, church, temples, mosque, gay, poufta, pedo (as the whole population would rather to kill one than to move themselves in preventing networks of them as soon as they can make even if interestedly interestingly indirectly money), children, dogs, acts, cats goers.

You don’t understand…it is not good to be.




Human invented superstition under human forms to say are you a saint or demons.

As for saint, they mean sacrifice in the sense that they want acts to be accomplished but without helping it and most of the time in spoiling it the goodness and therefore put at their service or under greatest stress and danger the one wanting to protect life.

Or they will say demon to the one that don’t pretend to address things with magic and therefore for principles needing the good will and common observance of the society. Life.





Faux = wrong, g false

Fosse =

Fausse = phonetic homophone feminine of faux.

Faux = scythe.

Frosty. Thrust.




Who sells her soul to the hell bouncer?

The anti Christ, or the one who called her thus?



A question, on monotheist believes, one does have to convert to marry?

So I cannot marry you

You know never know what the social might do with a text they are in order to control desecrated the simple or the different into odd.




Insulting what protect the rich systems, as these richess are not use for the good of the humanity, for hightes skills or knowledge but for being making sure that knowledge is put into vault and that people have to serve incivility and produce death, horrors, prison, hate not liberty.











y – ours.




It was not sex but belonging that indicibly attach one to their mary or isha (she).





And who don’t think that one will get more than tired of having to be restrained to say I will to the same kinda fabriacated by birth, for the nation to get hitched. In saloons they call those breeds, in a world that have tomake peace with itself or bear the end in ten lessons, it is bastardisation.

Even they don’t marry in   between classes, the liberals in their prisons.


I ll have to pray all day asking what will be in my sandwich but above all or just not boarding boil obole, ob ovals.

What will have to do to hope have a bit on that?



The antagonists of the poor people, when I say poor people, is th e pukes that is us, thinking they hold powere as they get more and more revolting insulting buying every of their verity and selling their dignity to keep jobs and security. And who laugh the people that make the laws permitting or even inciting behavior of hatred and discrimination based in greed reciprocity.

One well expels the said enemy, but them who are they?

Sadism on ther rise sadly.

Poor creatures confused by so much disempowerment,cunning and futility

Too umuch for the fragile limited without grand schools diploma that … anyway.



When yu think that some places that is said to be of religious practices, and want to be itself of an universal ambit, or in fact global, won’t admit every citizen in the same place!1? Example women and males segregation in places, seeing, looking, setting, and fashion.




As the quarters become guettho, no need of cctv, they are fortress or every inhabitant or commercing are asked to become sentinels, are at the mercy of being enrolled by medic mediocrity,





The advert of the women who losed her children.




The liberals are Christian, tolerating? What? The new oppressors. Between Christian and Islamic university, that always prone to have and detain universal verity, waging war and slavery, not liberating human spirits but as serving exponential disgusteringy, disgustingry that makes the offence of advancing god prose appellation to make more povery, very over overtly. To make poo assert as verity .

They pretend to be a little cool as the native, the nature as the foe (fou = mad or faux=false in french) has been salvaged.

And now to make the pills go down, the guys preaching predicate on tolerance, and for the beginning of their grand party they are looking for the jewish (joue= play, toy, why not joke), that




Mind women could have been right to keep their veil as thei s big society won’t have tax money enough to pay for streets security, as social prison is on the growth.



is to be found in events outside the frame of contemporary reportage, in moments which seemed to have little affective relation to the expressions of discontent which characterised the riots.


24 August, 2011


Tolerance in this life is understood like the literal! liberal that accept every body to be so in order to own the sole belief that most of the religious pray intent and everyday, the money. The liberals accepts any king whose objectives were to permit horrors labors in every country they could say look we bribe you youbecome capitalist and admire the market and we will adore you for provide us with slaves that themselves enslaved people and all that.

The onl y cop compromises they have to do is to accept that the whole planet will die through. But for what ehey care about children, the reproduction is just an activity designed or to serve the family or to fight other ethnies.




Oly, only, one ly.

S on. One.



The population that were exploited or put aside were representing the dark forces as they were frozen from living amongst inside the mother land. The shadows were for them but saturated as the dsaylight was; it would not be a laughter by the end of it all; but the last say, like in the bible.

For aught I care and know augure.


I am not saying that the fact that she had to wear cumbersome garnment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       would put me off the job. I would well marry a mumu.


Sect, insect, incest.

And the world is crawling, ecrouler.





I receive a letter to pay a gaz bill in a house I lived in 2 month.  I never own this house, I paid for my room all inclusive, and I have been severly conned on top of it. I tried to sue the guy but he does not have addresses. You know the landlord, he is the one without address that you should ask him pay through other british services.

You guys never know about me, and you send me this like if I had something to do with it only because you ve got my address, you are the cons in this story.



Talking about religion is a sin, as it is speaking about territories and land and sheep downer ship.


But whaever here is not Bethlehem.







I receive a letter to pay a gaz bill in a house I live to be conned myself by the man who rent my a room.

This guy is known of your service, the house don’t belong to me. And you guys send mea leter for the gaz??

How id id you find my new address anyway while I am struggling to find the guy because him don’t have adressesses. He conned me and know you ve got someone with a address you conne me?



How come that in place where the public is you have to deal with staff that are veiled as in a covent. The state don’t have to put up with religious hypocrisy that does nothing more than the state traditionally. i.e forbidding. As far as showing integrity and love to their equals, why should one put up itno schools, anything tolerating all communities to come in, people with symbols that hid their skulls as much as what their dogma would like to become: a prison for everyone, and some licking for linking and the others licking for a goldenish dome; with the few gurus permitting the lower castes into parson’s noising.

No because the guys normal that you start saying look you will marry or you can’t maryy…or you will may, marry to serve the family, the communities, even your time in bed wont’ pass under record, if he is normal and have the choice after the shock of realizing what it is into, will have to kill you.



A guess at shy wh y it is say vulgarliy.

Because why these guys are so permitted in what they are wielding ont o your noise, the sacrifice for their ridiculously ill hiden sex groups on rimming?

Because they are Europeans out there that are waiting for one wit to be wanked into their head, they d like traditionally. Arranged marriage, if not the community, let’s start the devil will do them.



This pederastre permitting little fucker to tell me who I could see or not see. The shame of this family having nor bring up togheter nor waited for pround a good job let ‘s the population to start believing in the human races; instead of that believes and tactics alike the scarcity and wastage beck homing more and more insane, begging, and back to the bed.




To separate the genders in order to play the o boys to play the girls calling themselves missus and mister; to make everybody taire that they are all cu.cut cute. Concur








I dedicate ad ddi dedicace my blog to all person I met or not, as it is the fruit of populare si discussion and in the street, hom  or office conversation. Even of then I I directlyul quote, plagia, ir paraprhrase others thoughts, when not it is when I answer. Ue or them or my innate thoughts, or the one convey by  my cat.



The phobia towards lesbian could come for not having been rightly pampered.


And the ones completely unawares of their homosexuality, are the predominantly transgender you know it is like that you outré passé some capacity..



Love and the materity of one’s age, one’s life as for the crux of l all loving matters; nothing lost.


With no other prophecy than the fight.





The gender exarvecerbeted two different psycholgody in order to being listen to? Give a different array of use of the energy? To the children. A dry and a softy voice to command equally.

So have men a dry and women a softy one. No but they are working it. Working to the every bit, as they don’t have to work to but one style along their all life and in any circumstance, become masetery. In the forcing of staying in one core corner.




The fire is I once the female has been seduced you ve got to keep higher going. It is when the man becomes inventive.



Between neurotis and psychosis.

Parents who say world is crazy you ll have to be crazier.

Is lovely and you ll be lovely regardless of, If you ve got a “good job” you ll be a good girl.





Liberals say we won’t stop you from ruining the planet as if politics would come to the opposite stance…we would have other problems.

The same problems, death and the sciences of the extreme. But not simply death has to live and producing sufferance and horror despite being endowed and the possibility of having done something else.

Capitalism and laissez faire to satisfy a logics of colonisation, aids, hegemonisation and marshall plan that consisting in looting the most rapidely and laundering this in making consumption a beast of the crazy. It is not your business, it is the planet of the devil, and nothing and yet less still live in no res ponsability. Response,


Debate, debate discount.


Get t ready for some sprot. Sport.


Sorry when I don’t master my art of the top


Ban on homosexuality avoid homo rape?

I think it is a shame because people that are ef relief that it is other that get toruture, should be spotted more rapidly in order for ti it their plots that are get rid of quicker.




Desire so o to be rape, as a punishment, as one cannot conv ceived as a love gesture and a rewards.

Consensus, agreement, possibilities….




Communities of sects, that one cannot got rid, devolution, similar to a discreet family whose mother is unknow but money and power grab by its offsprings.


Acknowledge more discretedly, maturity, exploring the plae of sensitivity, plea boom.


Is maybe after having failed to endorse it?, tou use the energy into purity,>? working it, ?loading it?, diverting it?


Never think one’s his a good devil, as the devils by  ibigger devils will always be supplemented.



People organistations pre reproduce those of insects, sects, incest.

In not acknowledging that they are bigger that ants and that therefore the amount of their wrong doings will kill the plante, planet. On which they are on, not possessing it, but nourish by it, man is a robber, let s to hope for the another species tha soon they ll make rubber, as soon as they would destroy till the last drop of their common spite, please sooner.

Pose, ease? Poise? Poison.

Handy cap. As they think they are dog, god, for what they have digged. Gig. Too serious to thank the nature in our every day treasure. Why cannot she stripped us as much as we had been dishonest towards that? Because she is not the allmighty, she is simply ma. She is olding, holding, her children, fratricide, the day we meet other spirits thanks to whom she came with fruits and fruits for fruits and the flowers taken over by and for imbeciles. Docile, this sluttish you mate, on the dock no more quay that the platform from which desertification will have the chiefs you salute and venerate want for dissertations, desecration.

Not any despair, as intelligence snake would opt for deserting, its own nature. Well have ti let’s pray for the moment where human conscience will  e be vote, boat, bought, for expiration.


In french poison is not far from poisson = fish

A propos the resulst of humans’ liter whim, Let’s hope for the other species that they swim.

A propos other species they are surely praying and know any one of them can smell the rotten rat on the vessel.


So what? So that I ll be grilling in hell like the rest of yya.

The message of hope? But do you see anywhere where it is plausibly long term cultivated?

Message me then, and I ll will work for you for free, say six pound a hour at least with the minimum I would have done what is allowed to nobody. Access assess.


Christianity had only in semblance overcome real Judaism. It was too noble-minded, too spiritualistic to eliminate the crudity of practical need in any other way than by elevation to the skies.



It is not for the religious I quote it it is for the academics, intellectuals aka, that would do not what the working class themselves cannot. The aca giving a opinion, unauthorized to be applied on grounds, and the staffs doing it, unauthorized to give more than a two lines pre conceived reports.

Ehy cons, it is what one has called utopia.




“the veil”t hat is in western traditions the habits and suits of females vampires, ghosts reigning over a harem or brother that slam or bang brother and bore in their esteem marriage as a brothel.

, to

But careful as ideology as good as they are, are theory with multiple, well repartied, problems to be realized, to be solved, and that is it is not done, and who will, who is gonna?? Because below these ideology, as good and well thought, and respectyous, and god willing, and human sensitive, and nature loving, they are not beyond, as at roots are us, just for not having ever at their measures? But above all at the measures of what teh courage we have, have effectively been given, what did we do with the all common and so sensical sense? We are dying, but in our lifes came across, and first with our parents, et cetera, with ideology that will separate us, but for what? Did we realize them at all? Would love, intraseque love for all fold folders, folks would have impeach us to try and raise some ideals?

Would not ideals teach that whenever possible, complete, not only superficially, not only partially, not only on surface. Not, only.

Would not ideals teach that whenever possible and done, any human would to prefer being under real protection and respect and dign, would have won?

Let’s not forget by unrealized ideology the ones with whom we have shared, and share life and thus love.

Love is the unexplained energy enhancing going on.



But still I don’t write for whom who read everything, for whom that know that we aere blocked, that policies are but sold words.

I am not writing for whose who think that it is still ok, because they will make their pensions. So for whom I am writing but the one condems t o illetiracy.

Or the one whose stupor before such dishonesty are lost for words. The front.

I am not talking systematically about the poorer, you can be poorer and still be a little dick or venomous sluggish pussy more bourgeois than a bid big patron.



Who are giving the idea of politics. The ones that undergo it.

What would you think if you were in dire poverty knowing that the es rest think of one stuff farting lavishly?

And above all not  work for whom that don’t a want to search the truth as lies are their god. Hog.



The cocos, taking notes, for the arriving Chinese.




And sorry about being heavy on the queer rights, as it is not eh only unjustice, or at least yes as much as it touches, intimately everyone, but I have to free my own people.

And all people. As don’t worry you are in that!! Ah ohlala.  Bi innit, when no one would be there to have you pay? Note I ma not saying by that, contrarily to the mainstream heterosexualised that I am expecting, when nlot waiting or requestoing, ofor you to lick no one else’s

 but when and if you want to.

And the problem being that there aer my past work that I don’t have the time at all to review, but queer theories of couse brought about books over emprisonment of mentality towards the chaining of everybody sexuality, serious marriage, happy parents and free loving.

Besides were I a man, I ll be gay. So don’t think that it is by some incurable phobia, but the disgust of dishonesty and social uncertainty but slavery. Yes it is by distguest as much as being prepared to give one’s life to one’s jewel, I meant honey. And honey the way one replicate it to its children and by extension to one’s entire nation, any d genders, are friend, even dandy.


And we will fuck and rock you in any kinda position, though I cannot say that in introduction I d be too much pendant. Pedant.



These pukes still talking about enl England like if they did onot know it was the common wealth mother harbor.

Like if London was not th e fruit of millions of heards heads but there pero personal sweat.







Unrelax, above all women from minority cultures, or minority groups of all sorts and sects, political, economical, religious, having to focus over their dress codes as well as their sex.




To have encounter, even if it was a brief encounter, recontiong reconting me that since thei s person for who I would have felt the all desire, and get back on my feet again, would have been just the proof in action that I have to be on the tracks of someone that could share a little bit of the strain, that would remove all my concepts, in living an ounce ofor love, for its possibility if not reality, for thus its having to be looked for everyday, out of their chains.




Excuse me immaturity,



And if the minorities very entrenched view were the pleasure of the majority, saying over and over, don’t do that the poor other imbeciles monkeys, would not ti permitted.

And if they were represented voluntarily as dangerous, and so become more and more delisioned with false sense of power, just serving the pundits, that want the people to be throats to throats to better draw blood and spits.

Cower, covard.



With cctv there will be a problem though. Because instead of being able to target specific individual, that are for a reason or another presumed as, or perceived as dangerous, ect…

The people looking at harming one will have to…harming several.

Let’s say that a leader would push other to do a bad job, shush him how, in case you cannot do it any more by legal opposition, as one of the main problem is “groups competition”, problems as euphemisms as the point of view of final solution, as groups have been allowed to view others as potentially put into service…so how do you do to get rid of people that want your skin if you cannot approach their specific location? Collateral damages’ dual purposes, all of this in modern present “wars”= military obcene mitraillage, get rid of the whole quarters. Biological welfare?


People thinking that there is their property and security only counting. They are sold already, about what are they fantasizing??




Utopia. Universal, top.

Double entender instead of discussion,




The people. peep to the core. Pip pop.

Ok one needs authority but a question I vow to you that I never manage to answer, is why people knowing whre the good is will still go to the bad, when it might be possible they know sin will go sad.

The only beginning of answer would be suicide or by abandon (give up) or by nativity (yield the bure burden of one;s scene).

Sin and scene, the what we witness, naisse = birth = wit bearing and borne.

Towards what, your conscience of going bad? Or our action that won’t fight i