Blute nur, du liebes Herz: I









this is my work,

it is at my image, selfish,

i beg your pardon.










I am not saying that everyone seeks and finds companionship for love always and exclusively but this habit of describing this quest, or to be less romantic life as being dependent on someone will in fact ask why? A wonder. .

For what by?, but for fucking you. Not for fucking you. Ok, ok, ok, but what I mean it is for you, you despise the ‘person’ in saying that.  The essence of a person, dependency, but first of all as little as one has love, has decided to have, or are decided to see or seek it in every company, what are we depending of firstly?


I say firstly in our history line, because once you love, love really, vu, but love is this incredible reality. So once you love, you feel that you will have to follow the thread of the lives that will conduct to be adducted again, to be addicted again, to be adopted again, because without this, we won’t commit the offense of the nihilism, why not, for whom we know still live. Because without this we will commit the crime to bury oneself without following the one that love can save.

Amour, amour, amour. Maour, amour in every language in our business. amour in every language in our fitness, our paress, our laziness, our perforation, pen, perjury, perjuration, in our pejorativity, in our activity, vivivity, in our thea, in our teo, in our theory, pefjoration, in our melancholy, pethomany, pathology, petology, manon, manon, peto, petrology, paternity, petralogy, paterlogy, pacalogy, tacalogy, in brief ology, oolong, loony, loopy,  in brief logy.

So what ahappens to the world. We are lost, we are lost, but never say, never say we are lost for good, or it is the how people justify the tyranny, but no tyranny for good, tyranny for selling our souls to the devil. Not for good the tyranny? Show it my cemetery, it is very cosy, it is very intimate, I tried to hide it from everybody, but it is still a cemetery where tyranny does not exist as tmy cemetery is the place where everything has not finished, they did not enter the entry, they were lalerdy, already dead, killed by all sort of tyranny included mine, but at least tyranny don’t tell you, we have had vbettter do die, my tender tyranny my soft is to die when I live for loss sole soil and oil, the dust around, the air round it, the light of it,



We knew that we were the wall of so much indignation, so much indignity, bad shoes on the feet and walk away, our lifes were terrorized by the next nay. Pedology,



More than half of girls who had experienced unwanted sexual touching had experienced it more than once.”


Your are so beautiful, but because I submited so often to you, that you could have lose the notion of the time and represent for a few soc, csceoncd seconds a forestate for eternity, a foretaste, a fortune, fortide, a fortitude, a foroatitude. A frotude…

My visage that people don’t know but you, to know I love it, but you know as much as yo u love me and know and fell wahat is in it.

When I do infidelity to you, it is when I turn the page of one you d prefer. I don’t have no more imaginary I am waiting for what you say, what you greive, what you look, and what you d rather power.


Mind, mink, well before people were respecting more live than death, and now they pretend death is immortal and hide it like she was the servant or the prostituete.

Dei from abail the body no reeeeeespected, from having the body not res. No realm, no beauty in which store and comtemplate once one feel it easy.

Maybe live without you is possible, an hurdle of life, but renouncing, a cross that would kill everything im me. A life? No a carrier, a career, and for the planting, graft of heart only but for the receiving I don’t wish or will be the donor.


“More than half of girls who had experienced unwanted sexual touching had experienced it more than once.”


-But whom preach that body and love as to be interconnected and thus preventing sex activity as only just attaining a functioning check rather than the bigger exploitation, no exploration as long as the body have fro role to get free.

Whom preach love and tis functionality? Careers ladies? Fundamentalists? Funda? Pan-da?

And the biggest love is hthat everyone know how sex, yes but better relationship around ar so heavy an d hold so much rishks in the way of us forming one’s own identity.

You are right, it should productive on despise and vomitery this self contain porn.  I don’t know how to say vomit, because as much as we do…

Even if you were healing me I would be gutted by my mistakes and my now monstruosities, and of having betray the purity you need me to ray from an d to outside, the same thing for you? Your mistakes strangle me as I am the little weak that cannot protect mummy.

On procreation hast a discipline on raise.





You could do well look at this same email, the rest of my lists have been written, at least thought calearly. Call early. Thought, footage.


On ascerting that misogyny is right because one is better than other men, in we don’t know which aspects of their own life, deeds and respects.

People in depossession others feel they are better without acknowledging that they are describing the other face of their highness. You deserve my misogyny, and my affection is to let you run free from my conceit whenever I decide the prize, and instant rewards of my own redemption, to accept my weakness with words of bitterness.

the 3 last have a woman perspective, no. a love and affection they think they have, no, but that they have describe that let me feel like, or rather the vomit.

As no one own affection, and if love is performed without the goal of perfectioning me and you, and you in front of me, and you allowing me, and me for sole mistress for knowing if my gests your. If my gests will truly maybe yours (you are Zeus) zeus (eux, oeufs, jeux) (=them, eggs, plays).

Plays = plait and being likeable, agreeable.


I cannot have you, I am talking to my lovers, I cannot have you, you love me, I have to order you love us (lovers). Because simply the day you leave with eme your relic candor, what will be left of my misery unless your betray of my true and gnerenerous love. Yyou kille d me my lober, and on top to assure that I won’t be enough strong enough, you well apply, out of cartesianism, you proeminent disdain. Or else I did not know that the measure their pursy = porcy. Or anything that could redeem the love maladie. ‘les fleurs du mal’ are the floweres of th e devil and me genious of it, as a love is not evil but flowers damn it as being so fragile, like revolutions, you wanted your suite.

I am not damn to believe in be li eve in paradise, as for attain it the Christians pout the rules straight you will have get through this, you see propaganda is a far reached mystery that kept our spirit far from being solitary, and the cross failing the boundaries of which one is promising you to stay in the realm of materialism and infamy. Mat-ere-real-realm. Mat not the one of the complexity on which equation even ethics equation could be pro-vied and vide and flirty but the chess (chase) games only.


Comment from






Foucault too, however, roots his vision of Sapere Aude =dare to be wise, dear to know? in a definite practice. Instead of a mere theory or doctrine, it becomes an individual “attitude, an ethos, a philosophical life in which the critique of what we are”. This attitude uses reason as a tool, to start a historical criticism of “the limits that are imposed on us” to be exercised in “an experiment with the possibility of going beyond” those limits, the limit-experience that is both an individual act, and one that breaks apart the concept of the individual all together.[3]



(“and he looks like such a nice young man too”).


And we did not behave adequately, we did not contain all our slavery.


We are or animal enough, or human enough, the same but wll, to go on transition and mutantism mutantize before OGM perversion.

After gene manipulation, the sepecies name will have to be thought ats a old oty=oyes in out of stock distribution.


I could damage you, your purety, as ownership is not possession, I don’t possess you as own you, as much as I have over you much response-ibility (bible) and duty, as much as on Billy, as much as on belly..-

I don’t possess you, you are as free as airl but as I love you anything move it, moving is for me a hell on earth.

You could take my life away in not touching me. And it is perhaps the difference between wife and husby, are we the same, but here am not talking about gender, gender of what anyway, shall we know in any position (between zenith of skies and suns and core of the earth) of what human is constitute and what is most at calling oneself anyway despite the fact that slaughter sorting out are doing this way.


I am afraid to brun burn you, I want to go away, in I don’t know whcich exile, with metamorphosis would have me bread bread down, but when your vis.age (figure {figue} and f.ace) figure of course is a number, is coming into my face I realize how good would be the sortilege. My knee on your tomb, as a lover tombe (fall) for not having been as up as expectation of him.

Figure is a number, and in this one how many of personas, characterization, and dooms, and creatures from all over universe could we find if we were less presumptious with what is deemed and in fact, by any means imposed to be human.

It is classics rules, but nowadays buddy it is the end of the species, maybe no, maybe we could kill each other before launching what that will be counting no savior.

I am not being harsh I obey the rules of logics, the saint and holy rules that gave us for sure the keys of ethics, you r doom now. The very soil we tramp on will swallow our indignity, but don’t be alarmists like every one knows for the souls as creatures has lived there is a salvety. Don’t think of paradise, presumptious old scum, one would be in paradise she would have transformed this world like did the enlightening one. Nit talking about bouddha, about jesus, about jehova…pure human traduction of what everyone is surrounded, the light and its hormones. Hormones, norms, perhaps duckey? You think of homosexual you ain’t even not sexual, to be so, you need to know body and the one whod knows body is sure a transsexual, a bisexue, with two sexes, and in fact more, your pretense being human without any other mental states is disobedient of the rules of the nature states.

I think I need to touch, as if not iiiiiiii would feall inanimated. Is it to awake up my instincts?



To remind that there is sensation, perceiption, cognition all that, and wha if there were not? How ocould one find back its away?

You are my boat, you are my stern, to gon onte onto the simpliest of day. Love as the simpliest and us as the ugliest, as the sums of simple are not so humble? The sums of what? Human beings are hiding, we know it for sure, the y overuse work, they blaspheme with words, they like lie in the body, every thing they do as the fruit of a latent tyarny.





Attack of the sex-crazed genderless freaks?

Geneorosity, genere.













When you are dandling, I mean when I can notice it is by pain, by harem, bu harm, by fear, by being outragesd, I should do the same, support you, I don’t know the things to do.

You cannot see the love I hav for you , as you are afratid of me I am afraid of your departure.departuer.

But what will I do the day where all my happiness finaly would have been given to another chrarpy.

One can reconstituete itself of course, even resilience is reins, but not so many times, one day you are 60.

You see th o bent and courbee.

You are m y friend I don’t awant friend, ofor you ok, but no one I have to look at a stranger ready to nikc me, you r parents namely, the m it would be natural, so I ll give them every respect, the tothers, I don’t want to see them, we have to do labour, and not infaniting infanting but go as fas as one can and take care of the breed. You me the breed are you, are we the same splendor, what were you when a little one. Me I wanted to be a vampire amongst one, and you? I am sure it is the same. To protect the flame that you want revbel. Af af a flame I haveand on you, over you my mine warm.

I knwow of what you might bee afraid, I am in love with you, I am not with ou, it is different, but me I am crazy, crazy, crazy about our potential lof of making the perfect couple. Perfect you will see my love. Perh pas faire. Fet fect and do, I am the doer when you emprunt inprint pain or softness or wsweetness, I am all this, because for me love is you honey, you cannot even expect love from me, for me love has your face and when I don’t see it in me my anger that tell that I am the sinner of my own comedy. Not that I cannot jihide hide but I cannot se see where at all I am NS YOU MY FWEMAQOULS NWWS YOUE HOLISya ro ewS NOR ONLY VOOK VUR IN RHW Nruew rhwe ia xonapieXY a ahw Qnr , ahw nwwsa ro rvw oue AAaain

I ve got my forehead on the table it is past midnight vut as since you are my sole honey I regurgitate the notes around ther is even mo longer pity  I d like to be banguard.

I was telling you that for me you are love, so I cannot give you none you are this lady and male I know I like crossgendery to avoid say it round we ar we have more than me.






He was shaving, with a made in China tool, instrument.

An European in love with asian mysteries and style.










Letter about the suspicion of incest within a family.


In this family there is caning and domestic violence.


The mother just started voicing of her having doubts about it, but it happens that her son             , 23, living at home, who happens to be a young autistic man, who won’t speak loud but does whisper, has confirmed this fact.

Maybe this fact having stayed in the hide as the father apparently attempts to justify it as the only way his son can have sex as he is isolated from other people, and diverts the attention in pretending it is manly and that he teaches him to have sex with woman about who he talks while doing it (mainly during giving a shower, the only ‘housework or care activities’ he seems to undertake), or ‘bribe them with the fact he provides food, accommodation, affection, protection when not angry’.

The father is said to have suspicious activities for his living, associated with underground circles, and threatens people with torture or death if they report it.

the total financial dependence of the mother and the fear she has of having her children taken from her by whatever means, legal or illegal, may be the reason of her not reporting it.


Also a younger son, 12,    , might have been also the target of the father.



Sent by me, with name. I confirm now I have been traumatised by something factually unrelated, and nothing that I wrote was likely to be true.










Conning the state in employing people to ‘help’ him, several people and many times, with the maintenance of his property. He is taken them just for a trial period, cash in hand, but never makes a contract afterwards.

Two, he has a living carer, who works very long hours for him that are not declared. I am wondering whether this woman is not used for sexual services as well, even though he is totally outrageous to her and denying it. As he has towards females a continuous form of intrusive behavior, verging on harassment to be honest, dangerous when one understands that he is in fact threatening pushy.

he is conning his tenants. Numerous people had been complaining about him taking too big deposit, too long, and making it legit in paying or maybe a bailiff. One of his tricks was to share the electricity bills in between his tenants and create a big problem with false accusation for evicting the tenants he accused and keep the deposit and with it the money from the electricity he claims had been overused.

He let his property to a cannabis farming flat.

(not that I am against any plants, cana may kill neurons at a disarmingly alarming rate.

More obvious than alcohol as alcohol has effects and symptoms that are culturally more shared, no one in some quarters can tell the diminishing effects.

Also when sanity or intelligence is gone, that cannot be back. Of course, something may replace it.

Opinions on drugs are difficult as they may ruin lives, but to admit to be able to feel good with, in and transient amongst the rest of the forest.


Still potentially medicinal, recreational, experimental, etc,














People sadely , dangerously, lethatly, unhappy for a religion, take ‘their desire for orders’. That is their perverted preferences for the duplications of human obligatorily enforceable and coercitive foly.

They want people be like them, in order to disturb the true equal opportunities stories, if you don’t meet these criteria, your out of the pattern. They protect their preferences as in order to be served, as their way, feeding is another man’s poison, and to oblige people doing, liking = adopting the same zeale, is the most secure means to alienate them.

On muslims, and together all of your sects that pretend to be religion but are networks of thieves, Christians have adopted the charia for centuries and centuries, it was already a winner, it is why cowardice has taken it as a leader.




Anyhow I am not gonna work not on religion, that are texts classics and have to be celebrated for their magesty even if they are also the results of so marvellous arts and sciences, morals and attempts at humanitization just being burned through movements similar to the inquisition; I will stop wording, working, but on your well cladded, cladode, callous.


In fact I find amusing that people say it is the last text, it is the sacred, as what is sacred is all creature of god, and pretending one is last is to prevent people’s research, devotion, artisticalinness, everything that permit people to work for universe and not to be exploited by everybody, included by heel  of doing bad, by the hell impersonated by the society that everyone hatred transform into bordello.

Bordello, from having to marry someone you love, as love is natural, but for you there is no elaboration on what is marital love, your choice, your nest, your self, yourself looking for god.

You see am a believer, am not saying that for you to stop your anger, as anger if rom god, is not self hatred, or hatred for others, it is the strength needed by justice, and poverty, palaces are there to well remember that religion exists but in hearts not in your place of abusive devotee to theirc ommmunities, that is the local, and widespreading a little bit, the globalizing market, the souk, yet again I am sorry if I use arab term it is because they are the only of another language I came to speak, but be careful of your propaganda mes frères, mes soeurs et vrais amis, wisdom is the most alone, but pretension it the blinder. If you are not eaten by another community, yours will be looking after you on time, as if the aims is not the respect of any of you, of us, of all, of them, and around, the crypte will be closing back on you, on me, the one that thought that block-house was ready.

CHARIA. Charia has won for so long, genocide, wars, work, exploitation, slavery immonde, outlandish.

If I were you I d celebrate the spirits as one are counting on how much hell we are in, that now they will claim their property, the souls we left being behind, bashing, begnign. I fuck Microsoft but their automatic correction preambly on my horse, my comput, say microsoft don’t go with a lower case.  Spit it we are ordain to the last theory, the death for technology, rendering everyone more and more tailored to be whimsical, calling one’s neighbour a stuff, and one’s ordi a game,

I will prophetise something we are gonna to yield to sheer folly, I don’t use madness, too soft, too hackney, too handy.

People have focused on keeping their seemingly behaviour like if everything was fine, every thing easy, and assujeti,  assumed




Doing activities implying the betrayal of one’s body , intelligence, moral, reason, the wisdom, the knowing there is a blain balance, and though not obeying the rules we know, or at least at one precise moment are use of being sure of (ok for acknowledging that belief are dangerous, and when you understand you were wrong, but at least you ask, and as long as one what want goodness for all others (nb: am a woman, if you don’t want me to have a wife, think reciprocal, and if I am in aplace where I have to die without, believe my bothers, believe my sliters, believe my blisters, that unconscious or the other part will have you get the more, the most, morbid of charms.

To work and live and think and conditionate oneself, not obeying the riches of what the live we live ahs brought is the greatest betrayal to omen’s furbearers and opt out from invalidation the offspring.





Put the sponges in the washing machines at the same time with clothes in the same area of dirtiness, in order to wash them. (kitchen clothes with casual clothes), and potentially  dangerous  dirt, places around  body fluid excretions for the older sponges.







They did not get that this writer, or this letter, was for them, for them all these words, all these words to try to explain using faithful emblems. They throw peace, piece, by people who were writing spirits on a bit of sheet; therefore one that could acknowledge your fate or destiny for ages and ages after prompt, respect us reading, peer, scrutinize next time, hopefully these words couch, cooked come back as long as when is blurred sac caged necessity, savaged by otherbody. Fatwa.





Sac caged.

The veil of impunity. Their banks, their laws, their works, and the dying poorer paki.

Paki, paki, paki. May your brothers in occident come back for the alms or don’t let them come back or their money will be so dirty that what they will buy will soon be your progeny.

Pardon to whom that can help you, you know for the Europeans to share own salaries in taking a room in a house of extremist muslims is impossible, they want met me skinned, stone, or whatever else, one logic is that since obviously they are not the one I amtalking abou that use fraternity, and bring to Pakistan an help that erase trace of infamy, beginning by the servants, that we all are but as god property. My female having chose a female-female marital life, taught me, lide everyone who love will understand that the spouse one loves is all that is needed and brad, bread, and health that can be shared and protect with the whole community. Not Angelina joly, as you are all bribed, the money to the one that gets it all to be able to beg a part of it. Bad, bad, bad, brad, the figure you have in occident, strictly alike to orient.

Ange line, perhaps but dimensional, naz, nag, money, money, money. It has never been skin, countries of plucks,





To be brought up as the servant, the utopianism-dummy, the authoritative-sackedactive, sedative no therefore suicide comtemplation, what would she do without containment?

Her phobia, the hystery, but my love, if I manage to come, which is a miracle for me in build already, don’t you think it is for you, even if youare not touch by the transmission instantly, did anyone have prove it, or am I at all authorized to approach?


Union quotation nine

obi s uni


my jouissance coming rom room from the right you gave me to touch you, you are my imploration to god, please give whatever mission, as long as is my wife etcetera, the life corresponding to others’ bliss leaving.





f I found what is a wolf, it is not a bad lad, only when he thinks that the lamb is the one that he will rather slaughter than to defend.








In di-an.




I want gabble, gaggle, more than healthy, When if efeeling satisfaction on committing assassin sin, it is the satisfaction of not commiting and redeem that I will have to fry and coo, again, exactly like I did not know what was the taste of being free from eat.  

Don’t fell, feel assassin, it is only poetry. Not for the food anyway.





You kept thinking that your voby is average, but if it is my sole belonging, in the sense the only for I am longing, my prolongation, what makes life, an instance of the greatest beauty, what do mean your resistance, if you wanted I could go and get one of this in-stance to hwere you d have wanted, but you killed me indeed. And now what about your body, my totem, my tot-in, my cordon that avoided me to be hanged up by mere necessity of eating, sleeping, and at my turn killing through morbid pleasure. The face of this alive, but no more treasure, trace sure, track of you render impossible, as since I love you your noes are breaking me, but more than psychology, they have taken my soul.






I am not gay, am not hetero, am not bi, I am not sexual.

When it comes to say I am a female who chooses for sole marital live and devotion another with a very different sex, female as well, poor lusty sluts.


I am not gay, am not hetero, am not bi, I am not sexual.

When it comes to say I am a female who chooses for sole marital live and devotion another with a very different sex, female as well, poor lusty sluts.


I am not gay, am not hetero, am not bi, I am not sexual.

When it comes to say I am a female who chooses for sole marital live and devotion another with a very different sex, female as well, poor lusty sluts.


I am not gay, am not hetero, am not bi, I am not sexual.

When it comes to say I am a female who chooses for sole marital live and devotion another with a very different sex, female as well, poor lusty sluts.


I am not gay, am not hetero, am not bi, I am not sexual.

When it comes to say I am a female who chooses for sole marital live and devotion another with a very different sex, female as well, poor lusty sluts.


===================================================================================================+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++infinity sign







Who is the head of all of this. Sociopahty, in this department sociology drives it.




Fail and funny jail.

Bankrupt, bank route.

Back. Bar route.




Are your hallucinations, sensation by any other, really building reason?

Rea son.

The death to rea, what goddess is she? Not my patron, my child is forbidden to this world as people did not think on the necessity of respecting others, but where will we be progressprofessedprofessionalized,propiced,are you prone to believe that it would be done nicely by the nature who entrusts on us her feeding necessity?, for us to rally to this simplicity. It is so frightening, that att, at, tat, fact, art, aft, act, this invocation, we shall know, what is crying?

what is crying? What crying is when there’s some water left. Dream of your body, and you will pray for dust, before orootening, rooter, inside the last cabage. About cage, hear, hear, hear, disgusting you, and if your not in the city, you wll arlequin, already know, that the reign animal


keep on talking of you. Crow, crowd, crow, cow. Crow crow crow crowd word crows crow worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come.




worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come.


worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come.

worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come.



They will come and ncie. Nice.

And nicer and ncicer like everybody.

A half term rappel.




I thought she was my promise, promise of the morning, the cark of down, the crak of down , of low, what a consistency (r. Gary)



I understood, one day, why I did not suffer my worst attrocities. It is because I loved someone who did love me but not the same way. And if I found you, it is not to suffer but to realize that you my true abode, my on-lit (bed, of the river) mansion, immense as each scene, is teh one of a kingdom, my queen et son empire, daughter, docteur, (doctor) doctorette for cette, the tinier one for whom have been erected strength of character. Ere of characterial, I should be concise but length I smy duty, who would read that, lump, chunk, little of a-brute-tie.  Abrutie.




Who am I, what am I gonna do if I cannot read the one that professes, the one that governs, if I cannot read not their manifesto, but the road they take to deliver so unsaine, malversated, boa lot jobby.

Jobby as their hobby is the harvest of us and our baby, the mother nature, erut an. Natur, rut an.

Les furians, les furians will come over for les ruf-fians.




Rut, tur, tour, of the mother will say, it is time for manslaughter to cease and the fire to  gently burn all the animalslaugher. Laugh, no, no, no. Slaughter. And let me tell you when a people has been eaten for longer than memories, he does not laugh long. He does not joke long.




Oh yes we agree, but we can’t say nothing, in case we d need to act as collabo.

Oblibion, oblivion. Vaudou and other believes, the one eaten by mohammed and jesus Christ believer pretending to the throne, ahs for long comprehended, the animal, the same complexity, if they don’t wirt philo, think of it at the same degree. And about their title, at the moment it is witness only, but for how long will last human body?



I don’t think I have prolific yet over one month, maybe when I have been, can’t be more, so down the road. Let’s pray for it not be. You are my fortune, the one I would serve with all simplicities.

The innocents, are not in this world, they are liliputin, they are Lilliputians, they are lilipuatain, they are lilliputain. Call them like you wish, seignor of these cities, I quote, I cite, citation, site. All of us, in sum. Careful, it is your main premises, the main, the Nain (dwarf in French).

Oh sorry we said all of us, it swas jsut slip of the tongue, all for us, we said every gringo, we said every going.  All to us but this time for the Lilliputians the giro.

And of course, you know evolution, if you refer to logics the nain naïf as claws, not the nails that is compulsory for your secretaries, but the one not horrific, they need a drop poison, and human recipe found (pride and money)  themselves foison (fois-on =times on).




When I am hungry, I pretend to eat in mind in order to spit it when I am full in my body and brain.

With angriness, I could start to do the same, the innocence is gone, or if don’t hear the toll, you will hear tips, ties, tic.





Haine (hatred in France). , chaine.










France, fiancé, and farce.

No more matcho than france, pround of not paying taxes, evasion the more funny of games, the joke of our alcoholic plays.

But what about you all. Tax, id don’t think than any of us it rings seriously the bells.

It is why more than perhaps, very certainly you don’t Get in trouble with the mayor messy.



and for the Lilliput, what are we right now, a file, a field for.

The GM

Groups maniacs that will be so rapidly modificated, that they won’t recognise themselves since their commode, lust, is to know-nothing, but notes. It is not wondery, that people want plastic all other their body. Prostitution pads or electronically.




To show honour in front of those who lost theirs, will bring jealousy and frustration about.

They count on their life, is not it saugrenu?




Think. The ink.




We know we are animal and we ate them in order to get them strength, as sad serenade.

But now, if I was sady, it as become the highest point of sadistery.

The fire that are in their eyes, or ni the brain, the energy of any cells, that H does not know for a scold abscond , derision will be time, doctor who, a ham.




The fire in their eyes. E Y. E raves.

Watch out the electic, as when a soul is argy, hungry, she could lodge in anyanother buddy.


Elected, it is what you shout on evil ears, smiling.

The beast is one of choice. It endures your raillery for so many centuries, that whatever snakes, goat, lamb, bat, tap, loup, ou, or, whole, bear, unbearable for yo us will be.




The sound, the sound, the one or tow in mouth’s humanity. Do they think that they will compete with what nature construed, constructed?

I play with the Microsoft suggestions, as they are still from my errors, and a play with my compute, compote, competi, I know is the precursor, of a new deal to lay. We are post modernity, I admit, but as a ravaged body, who runs for juvence by not helping but destroying will perish in the blank infinity of hanging, haggling, having nothing to do than watching what causes inside impairing.



We are cunning but clumsy.

Too elaborate, too fastidious, but time is unfinished.



It is when we start recognizing disease, than our own corporal odour does not smell nay longer welcomed even by our nostrils.

Note for later. Am I not the disease somewhat?

Decease and deconstrue.

Frech pholosho, shop, phy, zoo.

Not ready to admit that inspiration are the dog you nourish with your aspirations.




I am traumatised to think that someone could love me. For the abandon, or to think at what should be done to keep it. Keep it but what about you, are you, is this a good idea, which omen would you?

The moon is reachable, what other travel?





Trav estate,

Hi, hi, hi.





You know it is what I thought, but my mother I saw her working like a mad, so much work that doing all this was surhumain.

But what I could start getting it is that when she started send me upstairs, with the ultimate threat of beating me up whatever the level, skills, or tenor on spiteness, spottiness but the urge ogre, it were these moment where for t##9)her was starting the idling waiting, or worse apparently, she is so keen at walling al that on prestigious, incessant, undated, so void of true stories, on sheer and certified ornaments, condiments, boniment (=goody lies).







Man , woo man, whole man, who man, wolf man, wore man, whore man, whirl man, whirr man, I fuck you.

It is the law that we have established and found.

Good luck.

And above all good religion.









Animal.                              What’s left AIL

Name.                                      Or mane.




And I would touch you

And you would slap me

And the all world would be love.

However much and violently you did it.

I would not sue

Just stay like a dog obdedient near you.

I don’t wont it twice.

One neo enough, but I have to flow, yyou are the only one having been made for me.

As I choose. Shoes and talyor.

I precise, I was a bit dumpy, I d rather your hand that your will for a no my lady.



Do you rember the tailor joke?

One goes day after day for a suit that don’t fit.

He, she comes back, again and again.

  • “And finally said, god made the world in 6 days, and you don’t manage a suit in one month?”
  • “6 days for that?!”



I think so mcuch of you, that I can see the scene from this.

In your rom, your Greece, Athens, Babylon, the square where goes the philo, sophie.










Care essen.



Do you understand fiend?

Fry, Ri (laugh in French)-end.




Put oil, ointment as much as you like it, to grease your skulls, your tool of work honey.

Please do it, like I would do it, taking all the time, to massage it genly, maybe frictionate, as you would wiggle, wish it noney. You understand, the fucked box does not need only a drop, and it is before a shampoo that you would do it instead of as often as is done the lipstick. Not every day ok, but after this caresse it is not fire, but volcano that erase your contempt of the body, the box body this time, the skull than as so dry when born occidental.

Ps:  does the length I f of the hair play any kinda role towards intelligence or form of evolution?





The reach rash I got upon my skull, like yours, I know so well the form of your bumpy dumpty cranial, crane oboe bone that your rash, alike so many of our junctures, railscredwed, and dike, and gap.




What is revolution would have evolution.




ecoute pour mon petit mot t en fait pas tant.

Tu comprendrais l anglais tu serais que ce mois si j en ai ecrit cent.

Et tu jetterai un regard sur ce que j ecris,

Mais ca pas demain la vieille. Que crois tu curieusement, je moru, je meurs aussi.

Mouru, moru, tres amusant. Museau. Music, elle a raison de se refugier dans les oiseaux, mais qui comprends ca maintenant, les mangeurs de chair les mangeurs de terre, que ces petites gens.

Coui, couicuoi, couicoui, but les gens sont tellement intolerant que le chant d un oiseau ne passé pas, sale gardeur, sack, sale quart d heure pour le moineau.




Terre (land).



L etat de droit, meaning a state where rights reign but also where the state if just enough to have the right to treat people as all equal in worth.


Femme. Femal, family. The bigger social institution in the world, do not forget it when it comes to calculate what place did get woman in society.




L epee d amocles, is the one that everyone has over the head, but is the only tool one can really count one, the tiers state, the detenteur  of what Is made injustice and disloyoty, always hidden somewhere this energy, hidden because we have not detected it, but always ready, for the hit or benediction alike.

On psyche and psychology. Phenomenon immesurable as they are prevent from emerging and in the counscioius, and in the incounscious, and in the pratique, and what is even more dangerous and very disappointing, certes, but furthermore very carelessly inquietant, it is that it does not appear on theory, in knowing that people make themselves a damned play to praise theories at great length, so what is theory for them, of which utility, emptying the words, and like a sacred book, under the bad spell of giving birth, just syllable and syllabus in fact the words are from any energy already in use, words are mere failed, or not perfect attempt, at giving into our lifes, the shadow of concept or thing, but if we want to speak about thing, we are one as well, let’s wait the butchery, to know what it is.




She is the why I still am generous, as she is still alive.

These information if not would not befor my blog but for my log.

Be for. Before.

Belfry, be the tray.




There would be a denial of others’ reason to pretend that one would not like a world goof good for everyone else.

And the ones that would disagree, the entire group would have to find out what are the frustrations at the origins of this traumatism and completed it – not the traumatism, the lack and surrounding, oceans and lunear seas-.





I knew that magpie have for havit to vil bill silvery stuffs, but what about the day when at one of glance, she, the bird, or he, glance at me back adn the light scrap striking tricking like but at the contrary beautiful money.





Nb: it is just that I noticed that you did not type the stylist way and for a writer that is bond to have more than a drawbacks.  To type the most efficiently possible the wrists have to be and stay, lay down still on the key board surface. The wrists must not move as thus you hand don’t have to shift, the fingers only are moving. Doing this allow the typist to know at any time where the keys are since the hands position is the same, it permits to use every finger which relief overstrained and prompt body building equilibrium, and also allow the typist to focus only on the text they need to read without checking fingers’ adjusted position, or





Hell haine.

I am there awaiting, hating for are not out of there, even if it is our love that we concede to others without knowing that the remains of my half was in my soul partner. I ve been thrown in hell to have given my love to the right person at the time, as you were also there. But now, through our love ok we might reign this little with which we can play the chain, nia, niach, bach for the gnawl  but what bait are we? I always know that I had to take by the horn this voyage without the warm of the most remote love, a bet, I always known that my love and life had to cross each other, r.i.p, but now, a bait?!

Ba-it. I know this is hell, but just at its entrance, cos what am gonna do when I wont’ see you, on which contumace, accoutumance is not the problem, you are my tremens. It is not the problem, one does choose one’s mat(c)h, I pray, I pray, but what, to look into you, to implore espair, the way in the cosmos to lodge in my memory. Memoyr. Grimmer, in French language, grimoir, means.  One d do whatever to record to his life, you are my mama, you are all that I lost, lost soil, st oi or is are only the inflexion of my knee, et toi pour mon vrai palais, the plazas, where we could go hand in hand not discreet this time but distrait.

I spend all my life regretting my illusions, and now my concret is abbheration.




I found a dream, so complete, that this odd exactitude cannot be guessed, or supsonnate, before being met. (them)theme, tem, aime) aime (love) is the highest point contrarily to what think my fiancée.  Spare me, spear me. What do you want, enhance?


I have to thank the ex of my love who conducts me to peace. To you, infinity emblem. It would be fun at home, but it is just that for the first time, the same intrigued unfolding, I would do every, any thing, and you the same I think just more discreetly. I do everything, even what I swear, I never gave to no one, even the former one, not a little one, the one who has been led me to you for more than half of my whole time. For you everything, as everywhere else is prison. But not the prisons inside which you travel, the prison sliding, sleeping inside, not the threat of being destroyed but its actual flame.


And not the flame that punish, but the one you have to stay with, as without it, no more hope for knowing something brighter, even in theories, the theories that changes my live, in a winning torpor. Demand a press enquiry, of a so beautiful story there is not, it is why love it at its highest, and as far as it is not, the hatred is its mouroir depth, dept on death row.


Liberate me, who could else, certainly not the one ticking all the boxes, my coffin has his seal. I cannot look at you properly, what image proper do my brain could keep of ya? I cannot adore you and start touching you will all the love that wants to do that, and even if I could am I cunning enough to convey it the proper way, the adequate endroit (substancification of you, the part of your body that would agree with me too. )

I d like to say sorry when I behave ways that could put you in danger, it is never planned, and this time in the sheer oven would be accompanied, show the door by you if I had only in head the remotest of this hate.  Hate, eta (state).  State in haste.

Hell she does not want, but what can offer, the only survivor of the vendetta that ensue, ensure, that my previous deaths, genocidal condemnation,  that my living honour, won’t be fattening the clerk.

There is soothing else, I cannot believe that, the only to who I could say, I could have a baby, and in not adding but you are in charge if you want it. It is you. Because at least for good matters, we would be wondering, what with this and that, we are supposed to do? Right. Also, here is hell, not that we did not know it, but this time it is return, so what is the way, who is the one that are not allowed to watch back, nor won’t aloof, allow to stay? It is hell, so imagine won’t go far, image here are mortem mirror. I start understanding that I am in big trouble, proving myself, my love , but when then it madkes realize that I am a defunct, in search of its life, but would you give me to you, were I a dign messenger?

I am an open tomb, without luna. Here it is she is gone, the luna cannot sparks no more, for all my life that she has in every moment the light emission. You are my moon, who is in the sky this one? She is to others, you are not to be seen, you cannot come closer, I would rather the backgrounds darker.

They take all of me, I am not saying that for the complain, for me words, writing more precisely, is the freedom of my ideas, revolts, the children that through sentences I could perhaps tend.

But if we are in hell, they are also, how can we stop the instinct for destruction without which I fill musk mask myself zero.




And when the gee get gem whereas  benefit of the doubt is in fact your lasting dream. Drama gel. Don’t know in witch order is it drama first or gel in second, to finish where white the drama of nice transform into mummey. Because mummery it is what I was pretending to attain, without the right masks, but now, a slip of my though toward reality, the fact that you are true, and here I am perfumed, shrouded, emptied, and seth spectre inhibit  inhabited me, but I still lib, is still live for the sake of the dates. When the time is gonna stop? Am I supposed to engage in the army that want me not for defense but for assault. You know which army, or the fiends ir my enemies give me more than missions, gibe me impossible fight, gibed me torture at last. That I don’t stay so long, this spell that destroyed every second. I don’t talk of now, I am talking when I would not meet you, or meet you in knowing that you aim a t the last of’rendez-vous’. I am not talking of now, do not condemn me therefore, a m talking when what and who I could look up to or from down, which is less pleasant scene.



Note, when I love I can find or skiny, scanty or fat person ablosutely sexy, due to the way they think, approach and tackle…the wya they are, or the way I perceive they are, and the weay their body is moving and how the light, the warmness and density of their movement will touch me.

On love, due to the basic fact that one don’t want be a widower, or look for its partenaire to have the same intensity and rythm with activities (possibly)weight body is a criteria taken into account.

As for the lkinny I think that it is sexy potential comes from the fact that when someone is skninny they might be ‘unodor’ as the body processes less, they are lighter, so with a credential for mor suppleness, something you get more easy grip and round, a lightness is a promise of [(a)miability]=



For years I thought that my last thougth would be the one of a woman who did not give me love back.
and now I love that my last though would be the same, thinking that the lat but one would be of the same tenor. And theat I would quiet here with tears of pity and desolation.

But no, as for today would I be thinking of you, I would, I still (c(y)an cygn=swan) theo

Eritically give you my soul without concession.



I am like if I had most my mother, I am like if I had most my father, I am like if I had most my country, not the one with the passport, the one with my fiends and some of the academic support in it.

Aca-endemic for a poorest world, give you an idea why some all the same mistaken war and genocidal campaign lead their terminology on them.

And as for people that think that they obtain a jobless  new terminology for’ professional position’ less stupid than people working in tesco, they forget that the means we ‘work’ produce ‘end of the world’. What else stupidity more than this oblivion?



It ist th problem with self respect, one knows oneself very well through the permanent content constent enquiries operated on his body, but the ones of you, others, and in fact more on you, alter, the one I have chose for being my professor. I know my desire, I know it so well, ti leads the dance each imutes of this ballet, but yours, theerotically, (feerotically) I can be sure there is one, it is your concession, but what does it bring to a dike’s life? Have you sip of a crowded water? People are all inside my bay to check if I don’t, I won’t touch the fruit. And the knowledge this time would be the pardise, refound paradise, refound in each and every place of the bodies, all the bodies I cite earlier. Cite earl. When love will be kindom.





Love because we were alive was not to take for granted, as we were organic and thus changing. And what about letting one consider you a very tinny bit as your object that he adores though, but from which they could separate, disunite, even in this life, let alone the project ot finding back one’s construction the day after we go.




Did you have the series called ‘the fourth dimension’ in the royaumes-uni?




And spend time, on your lips, trying to open them or carress your gums and teeths through the arder part, the skin. The beauty with the flesh is that it can relax as much to let me go until you collapse, not from exhaustion but because when libearate, the fles h creates, exploses, in flower, jouissance bounty.

I think I ve just find why the populare revolution are punned with flowers names, whiose are not insulting for whom made love instead. But you well know me it is not all about love, as if won’t do nothing against others’ equal rights, like they are not if different, generating an unbalance that will conduct one of us into haveing to kill to defend the flower that I can on you, my reader, a one who needs for sky their lovesr’ appetite and to let know the body of its infirmities as long as in the air their seeds in prison were.




If I was with you, in this grek island, only us, looking after our children, and reporting on how libeliness is. What I think that would count is to avoid at terms possible matricide, and to do that they should lobe each other.

But what if we’d perceive an external danger? What kind of pot would be at the resort?





on your habit to kick your fingers or your hand violently, brutally on the tables or on your thighs or other part of your body. Is there more fragile and industrious that the veins, capillary, knuckes, microspiques filament that action our tools. You won’t have a secretary to dict the perfect though, we find in a perfect moment, of our knowledge of what the perfect mind are it’s task, tusk might be.

We are lalone, ond it is why we can indulge so much in these cermemonies. Cemeteries? On, no, on yes, bbut the true place we ill go in rest is the one where to gether to think, together to be, together to share all these sermonies, will be like being alone, as without you I am not, I am the errance pursuing its compagne. [companion}



I use to be reactive to people who I know what I do, about what I think. But I ll have to drop, as me I am or so I would have to join, in the cosmos to reach each of you messy.  My miss. The woman the pure, that I don’t know if she is my promised, life so plentiful, so graceful, can’t be. But in my brain there is no more place for any other else than your vicinity.



The only one that should be feared is god, in fact oneself for disobeying, disobeyond, the path of the all considering. Not god as god is the graceful almighty but before finding the light in us and all, the shados w is taking me. In there it is beauty but they have found their aims or they are not at it. When I understand that your love is mine, I have to look at you with feeling beyond describe.

Amateur, I look like an amateur, that could be sacked by you by all his shortcoming but the true one of that his love was not showing. If you could experiment the state of my soul, when alone in my cell, your fact, you face, appears so cool, as this time I ve got all time at my sdisponibility to enter in the transe that permit my on your entry. Could you please for a second consdidering the fact and figure, that if I had the choice, all my time, all my time, and the one afther her, her, your body and charms. Don’t jump at me, don’t jump at me, a charm it is the ondulation under which I cannot move. If I have the choice I could die at once, only to prove that I loved some one monk once {(monk, knom, know, kome, come (alike)}. Speaking about holograms, it is very easy I will convene, but I just inprint that should have been but has not by fault of paper, ink, and leisure time.

Leisure time in which lay the treasure of each one departure, for its promise land. You. Small specification I am not writing to santa clauss not to its hierarchy.a muse I don’t want, all my need and help and dean are in the term you, my wife et my lullaby, as a married couple without the right to live in peace with the other part of the society, is the tic-tic-tac-tac of future monstruosity.

It is maybe why homo are banned, it is maybe why marriage with other aim that the money



Honey, you are my sole virtue, after you weapons. But ok, it is why il love an empress, is that I cannot depart, even if like Ulysses, I d do the world of life and death, you are in every leaf.  Leaf, fall, fill. Acoomplished my atutumn and all other, seasons, years and whatever as long as I can bear your no. Accomplish towards what, if it is without you? Without you or with you, in my head, in my dream, and more and more in my refolds, prefunds, tritons, the soute, the calles of my body, I am the deamon.

I know my writing is like fucking shit painture, it is only once onc one coulor, or play on letter the level of a baby, but even if it is not divine it is when I am nearer from my almighty, I cannot convene, I cannot convene since I am not god, but I write as you are the one who sends me, and for that there is no word but you, parade is. Parade dei.




People want from other people as a society to including assuming them well, to make believe that sentiment and feeling will have to be the cause of my misery, I love you, in put you into danger of being outcasted or more discreetly discarded, as the card in occident is the ascast for ori ent, hori end, occident, accident of habing become empire of not men but worms ready to obey order for the final remedy eructing guillotine. Speak abou t history is to let the comtemporary know who they are, but who they aer, they hate id so, or should be ashamed, that the whole secret does not offer retrieved signification. Sign, what about signing? my poor citizens.



Signing is gor for the churches or any party garden as long as its burial, rail for the bigger crash with other civil isation, as civilisation is no more than civil that are cooperative for the next keepguard or the next looting. Poor us, jamming now, under the hammer, of what twere no justice but travestite vested with power to keep empty for the abusers hovering over the l()aw, wal, that there supposed common sanity safe from being invaded by tort-hour on end, game is over children.

Civil is these networks of primitive society forgotten that modernity does not provide peace, and without god harmony, the tools of all time will be a bomb portable but not for disposal.


Communism, liberalism, is like islam or Christianity, it does not mean nothing to ‘I am one’ be said.




I am crying, I am crying, as much as you gave me life and the rage to save my soul without selling my skin.

You are my wife, reminding everyday, each time you cult walk away, that life is good again and again, suddenly could be the most appalling reversion which could, would be jealous greatly appealing by the dead.

You are my wife, my mummy. The center of what would be call nerves, hooves, hives, cloves and energy. Shamrock the one I hold for if your shadow won’t descend once again survey, oversee, I would be a suppot of satan, could I come to this hell and save, aeve, without who I am wormy.

Anhd when I say my other part it is for other that can see towed to two body, but if I am damned it is from being broken from my own shadow, chat(=cat, pushy) ouidow. Shadom, widom.

The others companion to whom I use to give the affection I could give to nobody, now I met the one that soul (should) my part.

At leas t ti could hope for countenance, without you this life a time to complete a new plan with it, I ll design the how of our complain to reach the next exit of this nest burning from love unadmited.


Eih, window is gone, I have always wbeen watching LOVE through the forbidden of fa woman that idid not return it, and now you are in front of me, not returning either, but I know that mind could try to build upon some bridge, bringing truth for what trough is a live without it.





She hated me not for what I was, but for the fact that whe could have been me, I am not so different, but our culutrures are in economic wars, just a little bit more emphasize than the every family are waged in.





The paradise you don’t want to see, let’s they disappear, what would I have to do to retrieve, would be any options for you, or just for me the experiment of a decay dying for long as for you it kept itlelf, healthy.




Lyou, lyon. On whom (womb) I cannot think actively as you in my place won’t be. And nor would I prepaere my time nesting us to rest for th better of this life, the ex-istence. Not only substance but pure state of mind. Not kenning mind of dim, but for all problems if one exists redeem every where  (hells) else one day pure and theo will inn.




The problem with trying to improving planning, scrutinizing, is that of course it is a process of intellectual proceedings and appurtenance. And well when you start doing that for the sake of your professional or citizenships’ ethics wou you will see you showed the door from these bastions of whores and there will finish inbestigation, inbestbeastification.

And hthere the means of analysing the exact problems of functioning and misfuncitioning.


But there is even worse, is that people deride the ones using words, they are just words, what they don’t know is that liberty is nicked just because it is a trunk we are not allowed to use them.

We can speak about big inspiration but when I said big it is what these solders have called utopia, that is something so far, so blurred, so attainable, bla, bla, bla, bla.


But here the truth, dummy, it is if that one want to do something relevant and logic on how to achieve, they won’t be allow and if they persist their work would be demolish if their career won’t be the same as the legionary, the good legionary that gives life to fight good war, and when he said look chief this one is whore, he will be treated more than every one believed thwhat was real enemy.


What I am saying don’t think a second that we are allowed to use words, as soon as they start saying how beatfiful to the core, each entity it would be, for us, fort  you,  in-tell-ect-u-al, it is simply the cord.

Intellect.tu (you kill inf rench)al.



Mte, mute an.



Imagine a  aworld where we could not inventing word, that any essay at outing the syntaxe, sin-axe, tax, would be in microsoft automatic, indelible, debile, defile corrections.





when problems within the society, in an office, at a desk, I tremember as much as this sanely working that they are not the place where I organize myself but the place for the most people, all for in the view of liberating all people, and that this universalism might would cause some rules, infinitely workable, but some rules in case we would have all of sudden every file to fit in.

On rules a debilitating.

The problem is as sonly as it is sane, because when one work in emergency, but we are all doing like if it was the liberalisation, as cool as the dead, so then there should be time to refine something smoothly, smithy, since  we do that for advancement, all pros and cons of modernity as everyone’s claim. It is ok for me I can do that on my own time. But do that and it will be getting highly personal, we will kill your role.




Puss and soup.




Love is associated with death, as it if I lack my mission I leave in danger, and you in danger is for forlorn ad vitam eternam.

Lack, call.



Hitl her.




On the kittens’ contest context, about this big societies. I don’t think, strangely enough.

They choose for barracking, braguing, bargaining, the image of a man threatening to kill kittens.

But where are we? Who is suppose to laugh or buy their feigned insouciance, in soucis (= fright, agony, cares)?

You know that nina, that all that has a prize, the prize of this cardboard, guardboard, comprised, that all that surrencherise, bid, is propaganda, paid by further advert.


Where are we, I have the sensation of, if I would signal (animal ‘f.cabrel’)  that they ve got dementia, they would throw my blood, brood, book, saying I ve been lacking with several chapters.

Nina, why do we have to step stopping the argument and say but look go at the rspca, they will explain to you how many are gazed, and how many are bought, and how many are left in the shit that they cannot spread, bred spray. They spray this way, a market place where you do joke about little baby that every day die by the millions, thousands, hundreds, dozens, one, in fact are you veggie, leggies?



Doc, you know the cod of this joke, is that since they mock, debase a traits that are their own every day treat and traite.  They are overtly traitor, you ve seen the singular, a pack, a mash brainwash lashed.


A propos Wollstonecraft, who said that she is threatened like if someone could trample on her as if she was an insect, it is trope, for the story above.

Because in this society, people kills people, kittens, the same rate as this. Exactly like if you were not doing it on purpose, or that you were not supposed to avoid the tramp o line, on tramp, creating poverty, and do it even on purpose when you can claim I m saving insanity on vault (vulture).




By the way, if ‘she’ was my kitten. Quit. Quit the boat, it is this way they do the punky, in a ponk, in a pond, in a bag, together, sin-k and charm the frame farmed.

Far from med, frame, fare,farm  me.


I wanted to tell you that I love you so strong, ok strong you, I love you so bawdy, barky, badly, that your thinking for me is singsong, all day if I want it all day, sometimes it is just that I have to work at our dream, the external this time, for you so it is not a drame. A drama for me is it is when I know that it is you the one that is thinking this miles far from my ears, that your voice is in my bedroom as resounding as seas’ waves against, rolling on oceans. I don’t deserve it, I am too coward.

Oh, malheur, qu’est ce que tues belle.  Belle belle c est pour 9999, cest pour nina. pour. C’est pour elle, elle  c’est pour toi.  Elle, every panto, every name, name it, name at, name at it, c est pour ninia.

Ne nia.


B^ele, b^ele, c est pour nina.

Bele is the crying of the goat.


You ask me a reason why I should like to stay.

For me it is deraison (irrational, innervations, erratic, inconceivable, it is sufferance to answer a question that you weld not ask any way), to think that I could go away.



They drearily derail his behaviour, there laugh a dream that lost, but who got the idea. You move like an poor, poorly animal, but yes, it s the world commune eat cake or commune e-cake or communic ache.

Animal at the poorest unheard, but what they d got to say. They will do it one die dry day. Hic,




To say that something is inferior to oneself is symbolic of this oneself so cart-carta-cat-rat-strophique own limitation. And I said sym-oblique, the very fact that like that you show a card saying I am not to neuter anymore, I underwent castration.




Hyperbolic. Be-ware, the product of labor is as appreciated as the Mystere. Mist hairy? Miss, terri, mist errance.




For me nine is become midnight, when midday is on Thursday.



The gypsy people with its reputation macho, but who ve got the world reputation on witchcraft?





I don’t love anymore It simply live for you

For my friends when I was in love, I d say no answer needed.

It is for my breathing to tell you, your answer my surrounding.

Sur(=over) and over. Other. You, the divine my society.

As become, your genius, sash your voice, the violins, the cello, tremble me.

Having fond his domptor (=don, fight, gift, lash), tamer.

The taming of the shrewd. Through her finesse, finless.

Of a noise, the side lateral of head, a blade.



The other, hath other other.

The other, the

other other.




Physical love, phinking, of you, without stripping, all my body recognising that in these world there’s other schemes, all are coming for our ceremonies, ‘demons, fairies’ (Mano Solo).



I know with you the signification of ‘love is greeting, love is grand, love is free’.

Because loving you is the action has done more freely. Free from judgment, free from fright, what I love, you love, the truth is opposite, and look into everywhere, for you, it excites the very sense of unbound freedom for more love than possibly.

Love were my exil. You are exil itself, you are unbound, am the glee as well.





It feels like if we had escaped from hither heel  of hell, with this particularity, that earth is not to be seen, it is so depleting, it is reality.

Depleted, you mean? No, no, no, nature won’t be. But go around the meaning and she will growth a corrida, a toreador, against her mentor (=liar in french) . the ears, the tongue, the tail. Just before spinned span sin docts and dunkeys going to be pinned.




Here it is my main game is to compare the words given by micron sift automatic, wondering on which lists I could have been Putin.

I have to let you know, there here a lot I grouped for air.


My open enemy taught me one or two things about the world that the cunningly hidden opponents brain washed me the contrary.

Respect one’s enemy, and any potential.

Rules on politeness and sane one.

Don’t despise the hidden, above here still a ramification that did not spell it mayday.



Ps, am in rash, in rage of writing. I pass the other side out ot of love already. And since lobe love you are right back, I ll die out of rage, of not touching you, hours on ending days, opening the crack of down, this the souvenir of the years without your arms.

Warm and spongeous.

You see is poetry, I could think what it is more appropriately, it is are, area, armed, arm or arms, but I cannot be on any another sounds when enlivening my spirit the image of your fore remind that word are depicting the world, my der dear reality. Dare. What could I dare, your arms if in my veins, your arms if in my skul, bones, and tools and stool, your arms not around me.

Are hound.





You are telling me off, I use to much, am a too wordy, it is true, but they are my friend, and if they hare, but if they are used to harm, not one should stay, kill every body.

Big rather one.



The principle precipice taboo. They do as if they wanted me to express my homosexuality, therefore going from the premises that they are not homo.

On ridicule.





To be teh devil advocate but not to defend him, tor represent it, as devil is not what is appeared to be, devil is when people don’t find anything more to blame for their monstrosities. The y are a part of the society, that are insane inbred, every day, they buy, they thrown, they execute, and not content iwith vat (Ivy) that they bring the evil up to shout they find the badly.


nif, nif, naf, naf, nouf, nouf, hoping for a day were pigs will boil carats and wolves.

Our real size is when our body stretches (ex: harpeproximate, the feet unfolding, flex or relax).

Whence the digression, of the prehistoric times where woman in pregnancy were the revealation of a tiers party.





You are the female, that permit me the hope, to say to another one I olove you so, and seeing that thus I serve our pourpose, our esteem, séance, seance and nuancial, nuptial deem, are good observance. And the love I manage through the breath taken on you thinking of me, my pride since they are our criterion, and nothing less to us, as love is impregnable, it is just for the air, and the most noble barracked  for freedom beauty is to kiss it goodbye, as it is in you form me.



SEve roll, role, haul, raoul.

Seve, in French, seve, sip, sap, save.

Hap. Pi (tits = mammels, mammals or worse according to translation) trace lay. Translation is additive, adickteeth, not descriptive.

Harpies, sharpie.




Advertisement, in French avertissement is a warning.






Don’t marry, don’t register, it could be a trap for your address and quality as female-female couple.


What do I need to live? To live I need time. For nothing else that be with you, invocation of tending at our child, every single particule that are to be scene.  You as paradise, you as universe, and versification.

As to understand which dimension I ll have to go instead of letting them stoop strop s-pit stop us in our simple living.

Life is not laissez faire, it is welcome all though as the universe order, the ordeal are shire shared, not lsliding into hatred as long as they don’t summon the strength necessary to sly the enemy that would like in society tell you in the face you ll be my servant my dummy.




We could choose the title of a talk, and try to think of that if needed while we gave its tool to our body, the walk, alk? Call.

You, and you, my mind and soul, and the body rentable receptacle, crucible, what could we do. Stretch it and stretch the techniques with which my body could relieve, realeve, you.





Music is simple it is the soul crying.

Bravo.  GRiot, hero.

Data, blog.

Sas for the revolution. I think that we will have to count of th e eldest of the recipe, the street, speaking and count on everybody, as the weapons are own by the vampires, just forget about centuries, the millennium is on what they count to hide and sub-lime their treatise, traitrise(traitor, traite=  slave deal, eery?       trait-rise, tread, trade, . slave.





I did not mind to have no address. Even addresses always had problematized the fact that I awaked to see the other side.

But what about a wife of whom I don’t know hers.

Whose. Who is. Till now I thought I culd be priest, but what I am now, the cuckoo, cocoon, the cock wishing sliding, slitting. Who I were, who I was, never defied romance, excentricity, but now?

I wish I was in her womb, admit. Admitted? I wish I was in you, by your womb, natural image the one of the belly, I could be eaten by you, near you, on you, in you, take me, by all meals, bud, all means, don’t leave me. Me, and you the rim are so sassy. Easy? As blood ho(u)sing, oui.



I would do no poetry without my computer.

It gives me the cue, my play on lexicon.

Lex (loi) con.

Conned with the law. Beauty, vounty. Raped. What else, as no is tuning, forget the centuries, forget the millennium, and pray, pray, pray, have pity on so-dome.

Homo were your scapegoat, scape, escape, an landscape, devour, divorce lez anim aux.





People I agree are not to be treated as animal anylonger, they d become animass.

would I take time to pitifully explain that as a lesbian I might even love one?

would I take time to pitifully explain that as a lesbian I might even love my one?

would I take time to pitifully explain that as a lesbian I might even love the one?

would I take time to pitifully explain that as a lesbian I might even love someone ?

sommon. Summon.

And that I really, really, would like to be taken by the ass too, by HER. Or HIM, as I am gay.

It is not that I am gay my specificity, I am a gay, because all other they are, don’t doubt, don’t dare the almighty, shame on you, to cede to bribery.  The one of through entreating, ask for dementia, demented, instead of pardon.

To deny to be, I don’t jugged, you , I know the phobia, of one searching to marry you with one you don’t have choice, by pressure, force and money.

I am so heterophobe, since I understood that you could take wifey. A smile spitting your mouth, me on my last prayer, would not be to fear for my lies, but to wh-ish wh-ish for your teeth, and it is not liters you got, after a little bite, right place into your throat.

I said hetero, because I am class, honest, fair, reasonable, I know it is logical, and for all my sisters, and for all my brothers, am bi. And for the one that say am hetero beaus they treat their understanding so low, to nkcik more, a shark ok, but it is not from yesterday, that cruelty has for finery tow to vote too well faced as funny. Hilari-ouis.



I am a prophet, a cat talk to me.


Because they, the birds, les oilseed, les obsequy, les soiseaux, , , we are equal.




I know however why ou are looking for a seer,

Because they want to examine, till the decide dcecime, under surgery, tested,

Juging, assessing.

Whereas committing the worst atrocities.


Hop ing, hop ing, hop ing.





people are waiting for the big event, a big sign from god, they are simply fe ud up like goose bood good for the foi gras, forget about murders wa are committing ansd ask nonchallament for one little sign.

Forget avoid avout the wind, the ronron of the motors, the crackling of you r very house, English have millions words, I’ll be dismissed as I owe you to say but who are you to say in my body there is not appétit.

You want a little sign for your brain with a sole pleasure, be user waster time, harming, dying through injures. Injury poor bury, buddy, that you haven’t cure, poison dishonesty, and what is called the denial of god.




What gives us electricity? Thunder, don’t you hear the sky, no your mouth though, thought, foam.

By it was a good thunder, isn’t it? What the sly, the sky, which protection for you, out, . Who could reasonably to go on on this? When reasonably said, it is just honestly, but frankly you know, honest are the dummy, the one trap, and you think your escape? Funky, fucky, funny. Ease,

Lice, lease you the last prayer, reappraiser.

would I take time to pitifully explain that as a lesbian I might even love one?

would I take time to pitifully explain that as a lesbian I might even love my one?

would I take time to pitifully explain that as a lesbian I might even love the one?

would I take time to pitifully explain that as a lesbian I might even love someone ?

sommon. Summon. Salmon.

Lez and zoophile and yet again if I cannot pretend to woo an animal is th e result of misunderstand in.=g.


My lesbian as a trick, she svaves appeareance, I can pretend I am the amale and her the female, in fact it is opposite.

She si lipstick and stick.

Satine, appetissante, but whom run for order?

I am fed up, I am fed up, I am so fed up with les filles.


Mind her too she is my mane.

The lyon made dicka. The lionne her half, the cubs, god, I d rather say.


We could went on saying that my demon is female and that hers is male even if animaly, she is so apt and in her lingery happy.


Any way this is just a simple story, as psychologically, the male, it is your venerable, the female, the one for whom s-he tapes stupidity.




Your are praying for  a prophet, do you think that it would be a promotion, to lead humans sick of hearing but as if, as hit, as twit. As It, Asset, Asit. Hashes.




I tried so many years to find the chemin towards revolution theories for it to come and go well, and then come again.

But, but, if you were deciding to borrow my hand, my return for you the end of infamy.

At last, I would know revolution, right there, yest there, right low, ver ly low, down inside me.



Professor moriarty, I know there is somthing like that within my couple, I am not afraid, the one I was awaiting has been sending by my faithful master. Who’s moriarty? And hwo is the police?


But I am begging you don’t play an open game. Because if I am the police, for you my love, I am all service.  You are my marriane, what do you want me to do?

But tehem, but them?

What gonna happen, we will speak a little in the open, and after violently or pretending doing it calmly you wall send me over the ores, o roses, tie is idiomatic, throwing  with the thorn.

Thorn, tor, tunnel, the blue light enclose?

But why, but why?

Ok, I am no saing ou cannot split, please before hand bring me the wis-key, I don’t lick a drop, so it could be party. Lower pleasure, hoping that excluded the blogs you don’t get any. And no care, cars, for th rest please shush me, it is when you think that crime sand love, do it, and leave me for a cadaver, be pried,  and it is when I so much regret not a vampire as long as I could blank, no drink, ces bandit.


So what so much pressure, I am not saying it would not be because I am too dumpy.

Just let’s edxamine




Look I have to be brief, but I will precise it, dropping my own taboo, like someone responsible, if I write this rate of page, is that I am psychotique.

I know it sound dangerous, but don’t think I am mean or inconsequent ofor this. I tell you, because it thing tha t my half is you.

The details if you want but it won’t be of any interest if you don’t tell me otherwise than by texts.

Truly, realy, they are world of the word, I know you know infiny, but a life emptying is as sure as godotsvisiting.




The rproblem with the devil is desire, we d like to see, but what if it comes, so we close our eyes an d gone the shadow, of course ti is dead where it had been, but will come back for more from another angle, since open    e   yes he wants your desiring.

May be not it wants, but here that is a call.



Une guerre au mots, homo




I calm I claim the opposite but I don’t know what is to have a wife, nor a girl friend,  not evcen a fling, the sex little sex I had empty of any feeling,  and if nicety the lower sense of it.



We are under the dictacture of the majority, and in fact no, but we won’t argue, what’s the point, we wre were raw, rare, medium, I guess we like them poached.


The special manners  emblematic of a gender comes from the moves their activities, clothes, position they had to take and hold, the way and degree their body were exposed, and to what, additionaly ot the propaganda, familial and etatic, that could have been in some regards, similar to those famous psychological tests and experiments, were the researchers are qualifying and quantifying human reactions, behaviour, organisation, conditionment- slavery potential excluding solidarity and successful or at least successfully emblematic, very, very dangerous, revolts.



It is so many years that I don’t get the feeling of being human anylonger, that my heart and brain had been takent away but the jobs we do…

But, you are the but, what since I find you as having finded my self.

Finded, would be lest of you thinking that you are my object or simply my found. Ok there is still the consonant fine, but please don’t send me there, I would not be utile, not at my utmost of my capacities.


And maybe it is what is missing in the utilitarian theory it is what about the objects, the nature of action, the aim of regroupement and commune good, think thank (praise god for in each step each of us keep the autonomy, and the absolute right to arrange for herself) that they did forget FOR GET (forget-not) the maxime of maximisation,  what about the greatest result, the greatest achievement and its compass :for everybody.

For everybody?? To get, to get, yes, yes, said apology…





Maybe in the stor of humanity and domestic aniamal it was bery important, determinant the fact that pets die after 10 or 20 years, because the dependenc  y were lastion less long, and also because but how could we be loving an animal having the same life expectancy??

Nb: before human expectancy were considerably shorter.

(password: I am your dog) as long as you don’t send me to the rspca, happy, happy, I would like to learn staying at the doors, ect to guard, and follow without a noise or you to have to pull, if you send me rspa, euthanasia, abandon in the forest, it is the version you like? The were wolf transcript? Crypt, don’t think I ll be mad at you, I was in live, not alive, but in live when I first saw you, encrypt, encrypt.

I cannot following you, not because of me, because you are fussy, and plus not the bread.

So I think it is why dogs are so much talent in finding back their cell, because they think of you the all day, the all way down, like it link with the path, path taken inspired by the telepathy to the bitch and thus the thread between house and hunt, I d never be lost, the game is for you.

And it is where comes the violation of bien sceance in gender story, it is that I play the male, but how come I d become for them so laudatory? The compliments, in fact invective, and content with them or order would come: oh, no, you can’t be seeing me.




And when a two lesbians have to cross their body touchin each other basin only, the busts and legs not embracing the ones of their partners, for the comparaison hetero don’t touch themselves more when they bang a mort.

Ps porno is not when I think that it could be done for th first time byus. Busti , by us.

I would make love to you like a woman, that is with all that I know about finesse, maybe not a lot, but the attent would be this and the fire tha comes from the bell y womb.

Thinking of making lobe to you is takin my organ repro, and that I had one I did not.

Felt it.







I renounced society as a working pragmatic concept. Because concept is not possible without application, and just application, to serve one’s science for the elements elects (sciences, raison, and complete with billions words, as conceptual as sciences, search for puzzling me, meet, meat, meberty, liberte, oration orison) at their turn shall see why to be polite to our moeurs.








To be so afraid, it is true, I guess it is not phobia, but whatever else, whatever help, mummy.

To come to you, already dead by the force of love, after having tested every single part of my life, the way it transforms my days, philosophy, concepts, ahshadow from the windows, appetite, dynamism, the hours I sleep, the night I appeal, the need to be entirely alone to comtemplate my, our, your soul and my relation to them.

Already dead of having had to repossessed my demon, and violently throwing my self ant into exchanging what we could weel think about. You on the other end, knowing that I am bound to go and come oto this execution, it is end of the game, or do we play, because of this game over, beyond and above, even if not so well, mon Coeur. Choir just tell me that I should not be so pround because if we belong to her, you don’t know, you don’t own or ‘have’ a woman. Would I be dyin them everyday of a ptotentially dead marriage, to agonyze, from being maimed, dismembered. Yes. All my life, thinking and mutation to someone who will slowly make me feel and finally slide m e into drawer as if I was one of her handkerchief.

And what if I go on, it is not from being naive, it is from being vanquished.


Virtue. (virer = shift; tue = kill)


Vers-tu (toward you).

Ver-tue (toward death).



Ver(T)uous. (toward toi or nous) virtuosity.

Us (usage) and man-ner.


Use (age)  and costums.

Cost, whom.



Whoever. Wombs and maiming.

Aiming at trade toar toward maiming.

Aiming at trade toard toward maiming.


Aiming at trade toeard toward maiming.

Aiming at trade toa toward maiming.


Aiming at trade, too hard, toward maiming.




The blue of your eyes, as blue as blood, water as a flow, or simply in country, places where you can into the sky your regard drown.

The darkness of mine, dryness pierced sun, the soil, sand, versing on volcano

What are gonna be the next color as very logically pep, have the same than the bearer, what kind of color? Bleach, inky, ogm, plastic, package, cardboard, coauthor, rubber, codom, spermy, ovulary, what on hell are we gonna resemble? Pesticide, horror, slaughter, .



And if art when representative as it mainly was in history, was about representing elements that were by themselves so unknown, unresearched, tremendously immense potential for explosion, and also unexplored, in the way that one has a duty to report the things as they were the more ‘distanciately’ seen and perceived, since people had to get an idea about what could be observed in other part of the world (manely the regions a little further), without having to face the question of it is reality, it is my mind, my soul, and what are these other counties.

As powerful and inviting, as immersive and immeasurable as it is in my forests, my deserts, my plains and whatever the road that it has to be taken, my lonely, insulated home.



n. 1. A flowing or entering in; – opposed to emanation.

A spell story, a blow to the froment and forming of humanity and the world she has to paint.




Have you heard about the supernatural, supranatureal serial called ‘the fourth dimension’.

Almost fourth, like fourch (spade or scythe, depending what side of count-ry.)


supernatural, supranatureal




Terrifie = terrifying.

Terre = land, planet, soil.




guerir (healing)

aguerir. (becoming a warrior)


Guere. (little)

Naguere. Once upon the time.





On atomism.


I firstly thought epistemologically naive to believe in a unit of matter that could not be peer into and disunited, or like playing with their connections or junctions if the play d stay pacific. Because everything comes from something, at least what is humanely peerable. What is humanely peerable is coming from the same environment will be naturally equal to the average ability that possess human beings at analysing, intervening, wishing, conceptualizing, experimenting.


But suddenly the thought of you, what if we d be divisible, what if the believe that holds the every love for existence, the existence concept itself, what if we could be simply cutted.

Magnetism, could save the bet. Immaterialism, the deal. Ideal.


So ok , every thing we see is coming from our average reason, but what about from melting, what about what, the product, beyond the scrutiny of our life, we know well that honesty, courage, fairness…might altogether being repaid-reap aid currency in society or not. But what about the exercise of those virtues, higher  (ailleurs, elsewhere) virtue. The simple fact that they are indeed recognisable, is the sign of a reconciliation, the possibility, the duty of human, and dynamic of universe towards concord.

This is the dynamic, but what about when, the moment of creation, when you manage with a token?,, whatever is called what you did, when you manae manage to revive in me a void immense. I am even not talking about immensity, am talking about the mome-NT (mome = kid, not dik, kid) were you inbreathed live in me, ok, in-tension-ally.

Should this at-home, be remove from me, what would stay is the indicible (ir in duce) but ineluctable (lu, something with light, or lecture, lu, lire, lyre/ elu, cast b-allot)= transcriptible? Readable?)  only way of living to reproduce it.

Read. Re-add. Furnish? Fur (for) nish (niche, burrow)= re-mind, at-home.


Mind it is more this rejuvenation that I believed impossible.

You now this voice, not void, the sweet murmur of the one in me running unflinchingly (fleche=arrow). I am in lobe with an E.



I will focus on that latter, but I really have to react emergentli before being inable only, not alto her absolutely omni,  to hand over my essays to the sacristy.


I am the one having the idea, you are the one who gave (d)itto me.

Al-to gave her.



Enclave, esclave.


Terre e fying.


Is lam?


Lame (=blade, French)

bladder, balder


isle- ame (soul)


mal-si (evil-if)





Reign height?




Rese arch.





These stories in saying good behaviour, bien séance, politeness, serious, reliability,,,of course are very important as long as they are truly linked with respect. You will find out that even with all the quality, the only forgery needed to be deemed “acceptable” in co-society is “self-restrained in front of moral duties and the pursuit of (furriness) fairness”. Whatever you do, how you do, whatever voluntarelee (and it is the reason of this total displaced disgrace, (ahout) about compulsion, complexion, complete, complex obsession about money) that any how the answer of genuine and sincere effort is gonna be “no, thank you it is about proofed, profit on cruelty”.





on the model physical standards.

  • Negative aspects, as use of cocaine, or unmuscular body.

But about the despise they have to endure from the other women especially criticizing their size, it might be a way of conjuring homosexual feeling out.

Because of their general attire, power of attraction over the public, feminist criticize could well be put unconsciously in place in order to deny female appeal. Not because they are rerepresented as female, but just because they are presented. Display, displeasure, or symbolic starved generosity.


I d wanted to have a word on this, as I equally think that their sliminess are symbol too of a certain way of live, diet, fasting, religious people, ascetic for this effect are admired.

Presented, present, they are there and lead discreet ballets and dance.




Of course unhealthy, but who don’t know about the level of harmony in other coocu, (no, that’s me when mine is gamma read this one) occupation (ok, let’s weigh and balance).

If I want to see other body size. I d like to see the famine that provokes the fabric industry. But I don’t want to buy.

nEmblematic, blazon,         -arms.


I have had a live due to today, but if not, no.

26-02-11 reading of the 25, 12.02 pm




A propos atome interaction, what’ s a soul supposed to do when it has been separated, and that it has not met again yet? Do you believe in a all life in hell?

No, I hope no.

And what if you diesappear again. Agi, aga.

Your death, your life, my soul you are my prize.

I am talking about you, my other, that if someone forbids me from going to you, or ganged me from going out, islam should shoot be banned.

Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo. Homo.



She remembered a time where she would think that gay were fat, horrible, mean and stupid. And of course they are all of that, they are human beings, beast, bias, bins, beans…

But now she simply found someone she loves spending, living, plays –we don’t even dare saying it because of rats rates, works, reads, writes, prays, pees, nicks, fucks, amuses, brings children, speaks to the neighbours, asks for end of misery, be prepare, opt (hoped and hopes, and ll again) to do something about it,  nights and days.

Tough for the competition?? Fuck you. Fuck you. ?? Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. ?? Fuck you. Fuck you. ?? Fuck you. Fuck you. ?? Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. ?? Fuck you. Fuck you. ?? Fuck you. Fuck you. ?? Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. ?? Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.


One single thing more. You fucking extremists would be up to trunking the texts to make it appears the quarter of your own degree of insanity. Trying to make believe your people that they are not next on the lists of the dos you are asking in the row of your services.

Islam would be a religion, that is inspiring for peaceful divinity, it be a long time that my wife and me would have ask for being certified as muslim. But all consideration done, we are good and done.


Would would be able to confirm followers? You almighty thiefs, in lack of riches and preaching humility. Preaching and vomiting. Praying and begging. You want wholly whores, let’s begin.

I recommend nobody to become over excited, they preach like toddlers with another organisations and terminology.

We gonna finish like we kill animals traditionally.

And all of us, all of us. All all. Alla, ajja, all-hal all elo ya




I don’t know what happens during menstruation, but this bllod is the trace of murders and death.

Could it be an incentive for procreation when threaten by not procreating enough, or could it be a reminder that too many of us, would finish in fratricide, or ismiply impossibility as well organising ourselves enough to live iinside the womb?

In any way this is the first question on live.


Jj. between umbrella and j sabre.



The problem with the relationship to children is to respect their sexuality, their need for personal and intimate development, without imposing one’s view. Like it is ordiranily done because parents are of afraid of society’s view (my one could be the next to ve victimised, exploited, neglected) or because the cannot just count on people simply because children activities are left to the parents entierely. (certainly as a way of birth control, as if the society attended children need what would prevent couples from reproducting over the rate of shared viable numbers by head.

Children are fundamental in the population, even simplier, spiritualister way of being a’blanker’ organism free of the heaviness of past experience and are there to reinject nature, not in the form of our ancestors more than the parents (are they are the fruit of this long history) but more more simply the one, the part of the fluctuant that may drift from generation to generation, the culture, the short-term culture maybe.



Thanks’ life in al part of the world religion exists. As human as an in interaction phenomenom needs rules for this relations not to finish in wars, cruelty, endemic disease.

And plus we in some cases, need very stringent and strictly widespreadly applied rules.

But pretend that we need the ones (am not even speaking about the core of the idea, the essence, as like every text, you will give an abstract followed by an example, and the example will be taken from the daily life of people) given years or centuries ago.

The religion was trying to educate people, to protect people from suffering and dying. And most important from hurting each other.

To say that we are into the same degree of advancement now is to insult one’s forebearer’past, because it it simply saying that their work were senseless and inutile.

It is also a way of controlling children for the cheapest investment of love and raison in a societal way produced. It is a way of imprisoning every one into lies that no one believes but just reproduces as a way of cruel, pervading, endemic threat for unfair persecution and coercion.

Also,  it is insulting this classic texts and the human intelligence to which they address, not to notice that from an example you will have to draw and interrogate the essence, the premises, the quality morale and metaphysics of what little people have found, when they found, and what for the truth to be loved and shared and … be at last truly the master. What truth will be needed of us to any creature devotion and application of universal religious principles?

To pretend this has been done for us, before, is an act of spiteful Profiteering.

I won’t even start asking for you not calling religion what is spiteful, what is domeenering, in the sense of imposing to other to disrespect their siblings because who knows a little “communities based on the concept of being followers of religious concepts”, talking about the no-charitable, lucrative ones, or making money for the chiefs, you know what I mean, I ll suppose it so, praying that you are not held in victims of violence or of the rape that consist entertained ignorance. This very same communities are the first to know and sa that they are not following religions but a vengeance dynamic created by the fact that doing good is far more difficult and dangerous (these empty camps in the uk pretending being tough although they would not give a finger to the one of their same confession but who are them suffering inhumane, atrocious story) than doing badly. Sisi. (if-if)(naf, naf, nouf, nouf, better being a pig than a pork-roasted by the devil to have used religion as a gang-raped virgin: choose)

PSS: for example, do you seriously need a god itself begging for you to understand that if one speaks about water it is because it is as dangerous as precious. Wasting water, is the blood running.

Pss2: a tap can be stopped from running into the hot air, not with the tips of your so delicate hooves since you could find it painy, with both your whole hands.

Please don’t call on me crimes, keep your energy to interrogate yourself on our global misery.

Pending you are not insane, or in want for an in-sultan.




Like to be endowed with a marvellous voice, one uses only as the gift from the virtues of this ancestors, forgetting of combating their sins, to use it as a money –wagers. Holy wars.




The power o fintellectualisation permits for me to have a child fr om you, that you ll be able to reintegrate, and vice versa all along. Frankenstein? Frank, frame, ken est-ce in? It is just intellectuality, but it is the just that could eternity bring. Brig.




My mum, told me, writing or living?

Which living, I want mine.

And foolk for the one, up to give my life, my all time, to find which campanion , anionwould live for the same rules constituting self-preservation, autonomy, pride, and for who I could more than reckon my far too numerous and heavy prejudices, but really get rid of it. Find it, find her, and if it is not the case, well I d rather die than betraying princ-ess, that comes from principles. Disciples. Dei, my life at her search, or my day at her request, come, be purity. Purity of the belief that without you, my line annihilate, onto melancholy. Between search and desire, waiting, expectation, my life full of hours which thinking renders normal to live dimity, to leave divinity but always at research, mocking factual life and commodity as obstruction of the souls, since they are treated so badly and so are you in those county. Ties. In those quantity, you loose, you lose you. Ooze. What is gonna be left of your lickenly leakening, like it? Licken, like is the worst that is leading heading.






Island am?

Is lham?



27 02 11

People might be called hypocrite, unnatural, unspontaneous, control freack, …, because of the want for hiding real, profound, archaique features, or by fear of being takent as weaker- in hte sense of creative- and be threaten b y the communities, or by the fear of undertaking such psycho, phylo, spirituo, challenges that one would or need assistance or being sick from it. Or simply being called sick, as long as it would imply debate is what is called society, and that is a the funnier functional jail on earth, animals society included.


Under arrest.

Example abstract.






To avenge love, one would have to destroy all others. They are all, my holy whole.

I d should be letting these ideas dying in me. At least the work avenge would be complete as death is not for ever an enemy.







Mon amour, mon ange, could you please apply oil (coco, almond, avocado, karate)

Opening of the flesh by attending it. An end in it self, and attending at an end, your brain.

Tendering. Tandori, no butcher.



Maybe one feature to recognize you is your characteristic at bearing whe the common denominators of the women I adored.


The beauty is in the yes of…



Sole ution.

Solution in ethics.



Di since I love, the trembling in thinking that I ll have to “render my soul”, to “give it back”. What’s gonna happen to her, wah I would have done, that would make me not deserving to meet my raison in the next vie? I do interrogation, could I be punished from thinking of her only?

Perhaps it is spiritual this old tradition of forbidding to venerate the stars, mine is over the moon.


She is very attractive (attirante = shooting, the feeling of being shot when thinking of how far, the extend, range and scop(t)e).




We all need violence as we need to acknowledge violence and use ti in oder to create new orders and push oneself towards the implemented meanings. The only hic  hiatus,  is the possibilities, opportunities and often invectives that people have to abuse others (people, animal, goods, environment in general)



The ‘us’ and destiny, with one to be the fire, with the other to be water. But destiny is just a from, a form as hopefully we should be aiming at (eternal peace) not fractional.



The jewish people might have been targeted as it was very difficult to enter their groups.

The pass-over of the conversion possibly operating through the marriage to females, females that will traditionally marry less in an exogame way that men, travelling and dealing more with outside economy, could.

If I cannot enter your groups or if I cannot pretend to a woman- let alone the heirloom and so on, passion have been dictacted so much by families and much more by love stories.





if I cannot have my family say the outcast, I ll become your death, like you have been mine.

The fire in my heart promises me to come back, even through body changes, even after suffering and die.

I am already buried from being made enduring a life without the prospects of happily marrying.

Death is something I know, through there, will come the means my soul looked for its vengeance, resurgence and love.




have to do research on vodun.




We own half of hell.





everyone was calling him pedo, sexpest, and he did not quite deny, even he kind of admit it.

Theory, the woman are not prostitute if they have to perform sex for money, they are just getting by. Prostitutes are licensed.

The lure,                hidden

Something derouting though is that he did not have the behaviour of someone completely criminal in his sexual behaviour, so you though no, he is not.

The tick? Sexpesting was not the speciality.

Speciality was lying and manipulating, profiteering in fact, let people believe that he was such only for them to think of his behaviour that he could not be it, what was underlying was any random cruelty. Down to the most, worse of the lots, ye, ultimately.




I CAN think of whatever, the only lost, the only loss, with mummy but she is the one that would choose you as for being my idole, my only sensational feeling, is when your face, your aura, you, no more the hint of what you have left, life is supposed on earth and land to be guarding, is showing. Show, wohs, whose?






AND if fragility was arond the unbreakable, unbrakable piece. Puissance.

Puissance, naissance.

Puis, puit, pouvoir, ability, capability, possibility and their well.

Nais, negation,



it is “amusing” to see parents warning and warning, abusing in fact their children via the topic of homosexuality. Because through these kind of manipulations, lies, hatred, conditioning, black-mails, love restrictionism… relationships parents/children become the black hole of disequilibrium. Hopefully, pray for our offsprings to realize the most possible of what have been conceived their upanddown bringing (rolercoast, role’ncost), for them to reestablish solidity and prevent intrusions that steal them everyday.




Not revealing, not answering one’s secret from the love we know. Because starting answering, as an acto of justicication to others, others not concerned by the strict relationship at the origin of the cataclysm, would allow these same ‘op ponent’ to track, to exhaust, to harm, to destroy even ultimately.

It is not jealousy it is unlawful expropriation.

Don’t answer.

Love me, it is as complex as willing to have a flight without flies nearby. Am not saying they are not helping but you know society, they want our trousers, knickers, dress, skirts, and me before you beauty, I d feel like, I d fall killing them. I am your property. It s not collateral, if not we will collapse, not through us, we are not their problem. Problem, professional of intrusion, emblem, the love story. And in my case, vie.

Vie, eiv.

Via, aiv.







I should have given you more of my affection, more fo my intelligence, more of my humility, more of my time, more of my attention, more of my thoughts, more of my love. I wanted it but as you are under the spell of being called autistic by these maddy, I could not do this, and becuse of my shortcomings and selfishness added oto those horrid, horrible plays and litany.

I were not that much younger, and as a man charming, the most unctuous cake of discretion and chivalry.

They did not want you to eat pork, but kilos of other murders were rather compulsory, they abuse you with food, to render us, and our complains, our critical voice, fatty.

They anysem , amuse, avuse you this dtime, speaking all the day, how much autist you were in living you one option to stay with the darkness, physically, they dare it, not to react at leaving your in this cupboard dark room, from which from time to time only you bursted from being left a dummy. To step. I notice that oyou could not defend yourlself physically, though you are of ones the biggest and sturdiest I ve ever known. Why daddy, beated mummy, this reason would it be?

No blame on family, the social services, on charge the all day, would not have stroke better.


I would like to say to you, that I miss you really, I have to write because I was the one to remind everyone that autist habe been proven to be without intellectual limitation (that is to say the same than any mental particularity) but this time they manage, with I don’t know which outburst of honesty, to prove it. But the soicila services that let people treating you like an accommodating furniture. I have been one of them, in matter of communication, I think I d do better, I guess I was too loud when I was reading you story, you ear likes whispers, ofor hall insanity.

In (inside)-san (without), and you, my child, keeps well, incredibly, infinitely better, your secrets and see crest.

You know I always knew to be willing to stay alone to do one’s feeling.

I long knew what is to be distrurbed by other than the others are perceiving.

But now I know what is to want to stay speaking with ‘the dame of the lack’ the day long, every day, as much as keeping death at a distance I can honestly pray.

Honestly? Hponestly? Nest. Maybe than like you, and like you for me, as I have to remind that your protection served me divine- it is your fees that paid most of my study.

They postpone, they postpone your education, till the day they could scrapped it entirely. I d like you to calm down, my bro, my bureau, boro(ugh), borrow in French bourreau    . I love a woman now, she is like you in fact, someone who loves me for what I am exactly. I want you to know that was not so common the spread of our folly, the one of shared feeling, to be able to share the same home without constrain each other, the same activity, thinking and little walk.

She certainly not want to do only this, but me yes, you see we could have spend all our life together and wait for our companion, I d look for you to hide and seek up till your heart has its content. If mine got his? You know it’s a woman, the tyranny itself. Like your mother, sometimes I forgot this, it is just that no one teach you to fight and for me was more than pain.

I write also for her, I am so much a dick than after all these days you allow me to stay, for who you are writ=ing, wit, vie=ing, is none of the story, finally what have I understood? It, it is what I am, as neurotic, necrotic as them.

I reckon jamil why you don’t want to ear anyone else as it is a vampire storey.

If you dare inviting other females, whatever flings, hope, weakness, other vague or precise interest, if you dare inviting, only invinting vintage (vin, wine) temptation, whereas you rpromise you to someone else, your angel is gone and what is left, the losing of the blood of live, cope-in, cop-in, (copine, betray love is poison (poise, son). .

I transform my words succession in latin sentences, her in canonical vouchery butchery, but originally I think that the core resembles itself summat, somat, estrangely.




The image or parable of the sacrifice.

Is to have to ensure that one’s love (children or the one that are despairely in love with you) knows for usre that seh is free. You wll even have to ask: “are you sure, you know, that you are free? As if they were prionsoner of your ugliness or jhorrid, arid, arrogant, addictive, disgusting weaknesses, this nightmare would be the last”

Once ou made sure of that they know. You bow, you beg, you cry to at your turn know what would make them free, happy.

And for you self, “if us, if so”, it is that you were already.





I was waiting for you on a beach.

And all of sudden, immobilized, I tried to move. I thought I could be attacked as I could not shift.

But not at all, even if I did question, could that being a dream?

No, I was bearing the fact to be completely immobilized, completely at the mercy of I don’t know what.

The only I would not dare put into question “I was waiting”


There is something significant during these moments were you wake up from a scene, that is able to live on a little bit, develops a bit too, when you always ask yourself is it a dream, but you find that you are totally petrified, like if every inch of you was nailed, statufied, and you try and you try, asking for the plot unfolding.

This moment of this state of the brain thinking and the body moving the second is well and away the dream.



Don’t think you will be support by the community, even if it is yours and that you serve her faithfully, as like mostly when it comes to go under dander, under danger, under fire, the support is holey, in the sense of defectuous, of trappy.

Don’t think that the feminists will support you as a woman who are taking risk as a whole and not for and according to theri specific groupings, your faithful, yes, shall we call them yours, but how many, me on the count up to the hell, even inside, your guilt I would not buy.

But if humans promised you hell, for loving (o.k, estimating-one?



I have met the peer and pure for me. If the perception of this perfection goes far, so far that I would not be allowed or able to join up, at least would be left upon me an arm of all ncecesiity, the end of cessity.

I would not be any longer for me to woo women that would not accomplish (not accommodate) the half of this degree. None. Freed. Free. And as for you the day you abandon me don’t forget your own necessity, the one of carry on dummy. Because no one spoil and thwart one’s destiny for arriving onto a better land. I would have warned you, I am not threatening you, I just simply know how difficult to choose this perfection, perfectionable (improvable is from the practise to the theo) is above all for you that still think that people are like you in love with the cause. I, am like that, but let me put that straight, I would not follow any of those people, my compromise only for you, as there none investigation that I would not do for you, my cause. As long as I don’t serve no one but poverty in the sense of exploited, and what it is great is that from billions choice, focusing on it reduce the mission to one. But this one without you for me a gain, would be the story of my planned death and agony. And with you, exactly the same as I would die from imagining (age you see) you poorly because of this same cause or because of the cause ill-treated by my inexperience (in but not out, and how to exercice in this globally jailed country) and inability.



I am so sas sad, but not really sad in fact, you are in me.

I am so sad because I know that the only way I could ‘fall you down’ is poetry through, but here it is, that’s not job done.

But per you perhaps my words are not the reflect of stupiidy more the one of being lonely and to have to certify at one’s further half that it is for her that bitched life. Bleach trees and birds I would like in my company, peering the sky and thinking of love invading it, would suffice to render to God ists notion of paradise wanted and wanted till no more orgasms. Or gasps when I see you, but why see you I have to pretend being serious and if I am serious at all it is because the all week but this one hour, my breathing was taunted with you tender. For me you are a rose, for me not only but I d rather think that I share this feeling with but your mother, a white and blue rose, your complexion cerned, sterned, that would give us your brain. All these bastards around smiling like you were theirs, I think I d rather playing it autistic before taking one in my hands and smatching it cruel.

Ok, this one is for the side I am appealing, I know I have to stop this comedy and steep my sternness towards more good work, but the ony stuff my brain commands and recommends is to finish the letters that I will take off difficulty with speaking to you directly and use this grand theory to prove to you that dgod is truth in only you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, 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you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you youyou,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you.


We did a third page, we could have done the fourth, a question of time, give me a fiver and I come and paint you. It is not for the compliment it is because I am so sick of not reanimate my feeling in front of ya, that I could do the worst foolishness but mute is the sole answer to mutinery plotted by scelerat.

Of course, I could advice you every five minutes in other circumstances to have your celery and whatever else that could vary at the upmost of the possibility diet and way of cookery.

Being in London you can have as many as bread, vegetables, nuts, spices, fruits, dry fruits, Indian, African, all over the places cereals, everything I want you to eat of everysingle thing but blood and milk they are the causes of mass murders, please read a little on veganism, take the complement in pills, it is  a matter of duty and the strongest one, nina, we are a completely mad species and I know that they others are spending their time in captivity or in the hidden or the poisoning to pray for us finish line to cry with joy of liberty. Don’t participate, I so much love you but I could do nothing if their souls were gonna take their flesh back to hell. Please also don’t take me for a violent person, unfortunaltely writing is for responses my sole music, because I used to comment on the streets, at my jobs, just like that up to ten times a day. I dropped this habit they think I am too heavy or possessed or thick or vague and they prove it in their incessant dismiss. I feel myself like in a old story of the bible itself, when people laugh while witnessing their death, but here there s no boat, only for me there is a, only for me there is a , only for me there is a you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you, you,you,you you


This song is from Arabic countries and around when they are celebrating. Celebration what? Marriage or virginity violation. As far as my virginity I would rather for us to preserve it.




Woman, who are woo by man, including lesbi, it was the woo that was (compel) compulsory.




I accepted your conditions of ‘embeterment’ (bête=beast, terreau = compost) not by pure intelligence but by desire for you.

Also I d need you to remind me how I have to whell, behave.

But far from being light as you don’t quit my aim, and scene, and slip in any of my questions and reasons. But how to? Are wondering that last all day and taken by all sparks and lights, as usual.

I would not do that for me, for the, for you, but for your protection. It should be ok though you are in my flesh and duty the only who made impression.  Should I be impolite to your counterpart, then I would take exclusion.

Anyhow without you being there , I would not go to hear these lies, but for you to listen to carefully and report their trahison.









the pre-tension










Blame, vague a l ame, spleen.





Hour, birth, from, to?



To be treated as a ugly, but it s oke cos the beauty on my be and have is for philosopay(fee).

Faire, (do), fare, fair.




I could have fell in love with my mare had she had the same judgment than you. To find everyday the spirit that conducts skies, lands and air, and hug her with the whole surface of what is in me m-appy.

Amen (in French transform in amene=bring it on)


One’s 33 years old, 25 years waiting.










Cameroon before the show shop shock that the Brexit administer:


Cameroom.                                                            But youwill say bye bye England at this rate: don’t ask Cameroon he just signed for the regional CEO PR opportunities.





C will gives you a blue print on how to speak down to you’re a salaree, wagee, colleagues just good to listen to me (rubbish loosee).

My nanny,         inane.






Pieds Nickles, the robber on the high way.















High time for space to criticality.




What is associated in my mind now even as preambles to D. Cameroon discourse is nostalgia.

The time when I was in France and every evening, we could watch half an hour of political satire of the class management tyranny.

Each time this head of no state, embark himself on it solo D.J.


What I know is that he is proud of himself, do nothing to soothe the nation, though he has to be looked and talked like if the pro bono of the whole husbandry.

How can a country let his chief talk on and on about a project made up by a baby.

You must not answer back. Why? Because the discourse is so poor and eroded (like on spree errand, like on spending spree, spurring the ludicrous of a chief bandit) mistaken, feeble, mocky, that it had been made without any intelligence deliberately.

Sparing nobody. Anyhow if you want my chant for prevention of flooding. Well tell the tory the story ‘it is hug not hit a tree. ‘



As for what he is, and very pround of his own background, and the spirit he want to inspire and breath in and out in hopeless useless speaches, speechee, worth the level of biased analyse of kindergarten playground.


Liaised, link, bail, lease to the county:

Kinder garden not in the vicinities, maybe when we will pay the council that will become the tax man for poorer giving back to assassin and censorship.


  1. Cameroon your noble preaching praising the voluntaries. For him the note for you the lavatory. Lavish of incentives, no counter-band, or poachers, this time the UK won’t banish slavery.


The head of England with council like realm and the Scottish that will make history, a ‘head of state’ leaving afloat, and drifting not drafting for the UK.



The face of the nanny state, version milk snatching.

In Britain, they fuck the hoddies instead of education recipe.

See, MPs scandals, Jimmy Saville and PIE, and BNP which is a French bank but with that kind of global bonuses corruption won’t have an end, without the (h)en of the species.




See, MPs scandals, Jimmy Saville and PIE, and BNP

That is called wealth accumulate.









Pod cast, puddle of diary area. to speak all day for one thing to be said: I am the manager I show I have some fluent English and the rest I will eat you with whatsoever lies or stupidty:

Here brits the role model of your present country side.

We know you are in risk to say bye bye UK

But youwill say bye bye England at this rate: don’t ask Cameroon he just signed for the regional CEO PR opportunities.



The oligarch puppet or poodle, that is C managerial style.

You cannot insult basic intelligence, even with so much of a good bottled verve, for so long and every day.



Take one’s interlocutor for an ignorant, an enthusiast, blind, deaf and opiniated, I mean to the soundness of his theories of good work lavish with bonuses and volunteering to keep safe from the street terror and the horror of insanity kept by lack of work or work that dirty your hands as nothing is respected.




It is long ago, one knows one has to emit reserves on their leaders. But about C, on cannot say, ‘mmh, hhm’ it is too insulting for b.a.-ba of the ABC.




C will gives you a blue print on how to speak down to you’re a salaree, wagee, colleagues just good to listen to me (rubbish loosee).




Army and contingent- likely but not inevitable. Middle English, from Latin conting ns, contingent-, present participle of contingere, to touch; see contact.]


Since banned and cannot reach its M and Purrposit.



Talking about my totem.




Please, it is perishing.








You, not answer?





fond not founder.

[Middle English foundren, to sink to the ground, from Old French fondrer, from Vulgar Latin *funder re, from *fundus, *funder-, bottom, from Latin fundus, fund-.]

Usage Note: The verbs founder and flounder are often confused. Founder comes from a Latin word meaning “bottom” (as in foundation) and originally referred to knocking enemies down; it is now also used to mean “to fail utterly, collapse.” Flounder means “to move clumsily, thrash about,”




Are you interneting? Market, fishing?

maybe it  might forfeit the calculus, the let take it as a joke,

as if the ocean would not be enough that I could not drown.

Better knowing yours truly,

As what is needed is someone in the sea, that has it soundness , a refuge of profundity.



Not that I think they are convincing, in talking about writing, but they can explain why- and how- I might be late.

I am not ashamed simply because they are not mine but me, and that life is short, thus any stay won’t, and any traces of this sort the perimeter of what, from who, life is gotta show its surrounding. In breadth.





State of the art: apology.

Yes, I am fiercely green, but I d like to say that tidiness and other criteria spoken, I would strictly keep up with the environment of my choice-U: could stand for universal as well- would love-as long as no chemical involved. Anything, at least as savvy as I can imagine.




Wolf  (hast)her-ine.

More haste less speed.

Repent at leisure? No, obviously.





Noun   1.         ostracism – the state of being banished or ostracized (excluded from society by general consent); “the association should get rid of its elderly members–not by euthanasia, of course, but by Coventry”

banishment, Coventry





Tomato, knees

To make atonement for. Water














Blute nur, du liebes Herz: II

Terre 05 other half


Cetvies                             © 2005 – 2020

Inthenameofhumanrights © 2005 – 2020

Cettevies                          © 2005 – 2020






How consumerism is becoming the main stream global culture?

What, how and why?



Maintenance, enforcement.

Standardization, uniformisation


i like your last sentence though, it emphasizes the delimitation issues.




– fear of older cultures coming back for their known toll of tort (route rut) torture and nothingness. With their grand allures of virtues and holiness- the nonsensical when called with reserved politeness. While politeness is used or to admonish towards more and more enslaved and fuel devil by being servile. Or politeness of the looming elites, thanking their lords. Ord-er. Hord.




One of the main aims of sociological surveys which is ‘to understand attitude and beliefs’.




Since it cannot reach its purrpose



Globalisation and its reactions to it, nationalisation, come back to tradition, even to older tradition than the ones in current usage



Main culture, westernized.





How maintain



























Can be regarded as component of culture.


The way peoples incorporated the respect of nature in their way of life.



















Important problems as every state is facing it , since


Nation-state building builds on symbolic unity, the importance of creating a nation around a people, a language and similar cultural features are here antonymic with the cultural and ethnic melting-pot of that make the populations under state-sovereignty and function at protecting its inhabitants.

Secondly, we cannot speak about an impartial uniformisation   as in general politics are elite and majority centred, that is to say they will tend to replicate a potential demagogical attempt at overrating the cultural identity of the main people in order to maintain a political statu-quo suiting the decision-making top leaders within what already is in some degree, the state, a structure perpetrating privileges of, stratified classes like would advocate Marxist, sex discrimination, like would advocate feminist reviews on legitimacy, a system where the competitors are few and often business-like pre-selected, like Weber revealed.

The fact that politic persons have to content money and power holders and the majority of the electorate (majority that may become tyrannical), will by default tightly keep a static ‘hierarchical, and traditional’ production of inequality of legal rights, and any other status at the expense of meritocracy, proportion, dialogue, openness and collaboration.


Even if not systematically treated as a priority, multi-cultural integration, assimilation and tolerance are as serious subjects as racism and discrimination are rampant and damaging.


Justice not only to the individual, but social justice and to groups and the problematic paradox that would be to protect groups but not at the expense of individual rights  and vice versa.




In the judicial system but as much as any kind of institutions: schools, employment, representation, opportunity at personality and skills development…




‘egalitarian, liberal principles@







Culture versus equality 



Affirmative action

Discrimination on grounds of beliefs or practices.







National level.


Importance for the individual psychological, ideological, ‘sense of self’ and being integrated to a supra-structure, sense of usefulness- to be part of a construction, of a running an establishment, to ‘what bind people together’ p.7 cr




Kelly.P. (2002). Multiculturalism reconsidered (p.1).


Kelly.P. (2002). Multiculturalism reconsidered (p.2)


Kelly.P. (2002). Multiculturalism reconsidered (p.13)


ÍII  Brighouse, H. (2004) Justice. Cambrigde:polity.








look at how your site is rated and thereby filtered! do you think that the filters are gonna permit for much longer relatively free freedom of information and further contrarily they are set to do permit any kinda unfair trade and bodily exploitation (am horrified thinking what kinds of stuff and services one will be able to put into place without the shadow of policing – ok, ok, horrified by the states and the police? of course as they let that happen, it is why the scapegoat is at the honors, the first we shoot if one asks for fairer account) transaction? a chance i can find your link still.

morality is easy to find, it is the cross path to follow, they could start the police to police your life, like its absence does but then who to ask for redeem? fucked fatality?

if people pretend to do bad stuff under morality, it is just the trap of common misery. but since it is command common disability at handling it proper, the fear of the police would not exceed the fear for (of) the neighbours. the police becomes too big, nothing we can see.

well the people have to start by what they can, not the neighbour (bobby), it would be the scapegoat, but one what they do, the civil society, a prison like every one, but a prison improbable in probation? which proof on her being improving -able?? maybe some consideration.


as for some site about which you have any kind of very accurate information (the hosting site, the name of the titles…), you can screen all your live if you don’t have the exact address with all comas and the right space, they will never ever again shown. Appreciation.

Access to site Denied

You have attempted to access the following web page



The Public Network filtering system has categorised this web page as

Tru-View has categorised this page as Pornography & Adult Material


The Library Service has deemed access to sites in this category as inappropriate for viewing in                   public libraries. 


Please contact a member of staff if you feel that the system has incorrectly categorised this site.

Site categorisation and access will be reviewed.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused














I am so sorry for all this mess including you.

I am so sorry for all this mess, including you.

-It is no more love, ti is trust, but will I have to count on your back for self-confidence?

-no, fool off course.


Dear nina,

I should not have done this.

I shoud not have said this either. But what do you want me to do? I am your half, it is pretty conspicioius, you don’t think, I don’t think.

I mean this story of the other, I believed in it with other I owe it to you. But between, bet win, bet wane, wean, our profiles and character me I put my life on it? No this sort of sortileges it is together both at the same time that they will conjure.

I told you I was listening to my instinct here the explaination for some of my blunders. There is this inner voice that tell me do, so I think ya good idea let’s do it, and then it continues, but or it is hardly audible, or edible or it is a mockery on my capacity to rationalize. But here is the trick is that taken unexpected you learn a lot a propos instinctive!

I read you, each time I think yes but this is hackneyed and each time, oh yes this is literally killing me at the end of it. You know I read only reference books but your smashing point I never heard of ti. Maybe, yes surely when I revise my position upon common things through reference too, I go on wanting to be an academic when I realize I was reading genius, it was in good tone with ecclesiastic, that’ all. And it is how much rationally I love you.

But there I so much than rational, because love as to be the strongest if not it is not love and life without it is dying. Ok I am a pro at it, ok, but dying for love and dying for want, it is what seper separate the all lot, allot, of thing. Thin.

You are my most merveillous image, it is because you could stay on a ues, maybe, but this is changing toot.

As for my part, whatever, are you, I havce to take you wit all the wisdom I am capable of, in life we don’t have many sisters in are art arms, in yours, ours arm me, I mean a life one. You won’t freak out maybe when you will notice I want your forever = rever = dream, dreamed.

Here eh, eh, we are split and have to reconsiderate the adventure, but for me it is with ya, as long as? You ask me really to go or stay, really down to the bottom of my scantiness, na. I won’t die for that, it be true, we would have achivaled achieved, archives, verity. And I love you and that it is the sweetest veracity. Race.

All your life you ask yourself but why, why loving? Here we are, the privilege of maturity. Mast.



Verity overtly. Liberated, you are in your heart miles away but doing is to make this travel to where it can be felt eternal, internal, external, terre = earth, here is the paradise on earth it cannot be die play, display. Or spurned or ritualized, I am your angle I have to be perfect, as you are an angel to me, this is lesson (lesion? ney) to be again and again said.

I will be gain going on loving you, my life is to writing is all that I know for me grandor ok.

M y life is to you, one can be mistaken, it is not play it is life criteria of creation at plaie = injury.

It is creation, what true choice do we have but the one of choosing, shoeing.

And get back to the engine.

I whould have send it to you my message, as soon as my rising up, but I ll have to wait for 7.

I am the one to say, whatever, let’s with the dice play, and roll it and roll it again. But why seve-n today?

Why severn, I ll invent word don’t worry I will for you to “ay”.

I will go in Africa lile kant, it is long time I know him, kant cunt, this English little may.

Studying, I will find out the same rubbish than in here anyway. Redefining work would you be please? Bay, bay.

I am waiting to send to you my last apology to your last remonstrance. Later? I do’t know don’t have a family. Fame-mile.

I pout fetters on me but while waiting for you, everye things goes, naturally.

You gave me signs but jest culture.





family. Fame-mile.



Load, toad.



Arm me!


But why people think themselves as having to kill their similarity, why?

Because of parents.







Parenting and jealousy. Population growing, and in fact a good deal your little load ones are not put under systematic control maybe?

On personality and individuality.


I won’ t be approaching you.

I am so sorry.

Cucumber, cuc? cub number.

I am so sorry, as much as you would be please? Could be. Well I ll have to do something with my sorryness equal to the feeling of you love.

I felt for being an angry person, as but neveeer at myself.

I ralize I was singing for no one even though I thought I could pass on a message, there is somebody up the stressed stairs I sung you for it. I sung for a demon. But aren’t they like so any song. My calling you.

I know you were about to report to congediate, but tomorrow or in 3 years what difference it d make? For me!?! Formica.

Big didon of difference, very big difference. You d know I truly love thee.



It is the middle of the night I ll be sending it to you


I am not to be with you, I love you

Il I love you therefore a am a euh pastiche.j

Fucking silly.

I am ham, making my potatoes for the day, go to uni hans send it



Yea, it was art, artifice of one to present one’s feeling and at the same time being, conceal it.

Seal and k-dike.



Your o voice on all tones. Supersede. Seed. Being your garden as far as the “night will be fallen”.

when night is falling, no good trailer.

Ridiculous trailer even disgusting for its level of poetrical romantism, the film is good though

I watched it I was 20, but still cult.




The way she martyres her fingers, her hands in wriggling them, picking them with her nails, (my nails, let me tell you much more harder) when I would thik she is deeming herself too soft or fragile or admonitionable – monitor, munition-, or is it that something happens inside her that challenges what she wants or expects from her concentration?


In psychology, psychosis is when you for example hear inner voice. It may be a few like it may be thousands, it may be conciliatory or intellectual or poetic, or insulting and ordering, from it like from any other intereactions, you do manage to do things you d do them again and their opposite. What is reality? Our actions, but what shall we truly believe? And act in proportion. Pandora made intellectualisation.



Intellectualisation is the paradigm of anthropomorphism tromping itself.

The justification for its constituation of troops towards what since hte basis is we are sole to possess??




I went on internet.

I phone the police for confirmation of door to door selling.

They say to contact the council

I contact the council but the specialist for it knew less about it than I knew about being polite.

I ask him his email, I email him because I told me I did not need a permit – in fact I manage him to say that he was saying that because it was not exactly his area.

I ask him to answer my mail in order for me to have a proof on not having to provide a permit in order me not to provoke my illegality.

He went nicely.

I mailed him, no answer.


I called back the police no I did not I ll have to do it.

I mailed the police. No answer.

I mailed back the police, saying that I needed a proof of my having mailed, cos I did not want to be out the law.

No answers.

Who talk about police culture??

They are cool the guy I don’t feel under surveillance. Well now.

How will I be proving I have contacted everybody, they don’t keep theis kind of data. Before a judge this one won’t hold water, maybe I could be said to be trafficking and it won’t just be the moment to underligne their lapse. When to do it then?

Thank you for your reading, mate. If we had any influence…



No answer, hence her, where are you? Youare with her??

Ok then if you are with her…

(yes let’s call it her, as there is but you, my lamb, my dew, call them it, I am the baptized beast for believing that communication is what love makes me sing. YOU.

MAYBE will I obtain in insisting, but no as why, inside, in woods the wind blows in my ear and these sounds hound hidden. Inside me. Talking about my nun, about my mum, about you othererwise name. Sname? Same.

Shame. Upon when I don’t traduce love but insane. Love, you.

Forget, forget, for what?

Another? Peace? We will do that, should you be free? Your heart is and is to be office.

Oh fils = son.


Suffice? Infinity trick, the completude is in the move, well it will be as it is all words and the world we would have to. Mind is explicit, always having a noise and search for who but those who do?




Infinite trick, wait to see affinity. And the grand lord is freedom so doing our job, separatedness, we would not stay.


To hide one’s hair, the equivalent of military haircut.


well no it is the problem, there is almost amnesty only to defend human right nowadays? and still with fat cats salary.



To critics:

I think that you would like porno really you would write not about it but on it.




You used to say you loved me completely.

I am, seek. Entirely.

Sick obviously it is what is important, you in me, where am I now, it is tearing, thorning, not toning, it would have more adapt, like when you said possible. Pause ability.



“If I move somewhere bigger than a shared one-bed flat (soon), I hope in a while (if I pass the tests) to be in a position to foster whoever could use it”.



You treat my devotion like hell, I am a best beast making love to a god.

Abatptized beast as I would not hurt you in any of my positions.







What art and all? Listen to music wahtching film dancing drawing.

But without those I would have killed me or myself the boundaries of fate would have been too less.





i need you to understand that i am the kind of person who could have been waiting for years without even seeing the object? The aim of my love or almost. For utmost sake.

it is what i was dummingly planning i admit i am simple minded but it is how i cam.

despite the obvious if i haven’t found the proof of having someone in your life i d h thought you d be a single.

i would have accepted not seeing your for your career- because if I am mistaken tell me but for my being controversial not by submission, and try to prove my worth through writing.

if i did not come across with this sole hint on your thousands pages blog completely obliterating nothing but your true lover i d have thought that i could at least attempt to ‘make it up’…

when i say waiting i mean be faithful totally faithful, flee the others in order to stay focus, do you understand? I know it is peculiar but I love being alone to contemplate marvel, it could have been lasting for years.

it is why i prayed you to make things clear. Would i have believed you if you had suddenly said that you were into a relationship moreover a serious one?

not exactly because i found your face and manners and bravour,  your bravoes, your completude, attitude so beautiful graceful and pure that i would have thought that you wanted to bet get ride of me and make sure of those.  But at least i would not have decided to adopt a position of devotion for a woman that i reckoned to be at her own work in total donation.




Why join up one’s woman in everything she does?

Because their places are in between their tighs.



It is not concession, it is growing in you



I believe what I hear, and trust what is meant.

But can I rely or know what have been spelt?



For tfemales I ammore than hot I am in vapor.


don’t thik sexual, but dye death.









Alcoholism rising as when you are really sad what you want is to isolate, be able to walkd throught the trees, stare at the moon, even hurl it out till you cry all what you got, and stop pilling. And resources at the sights of animals…

But no forests, no wide parks…





Be sweeter when you slam!

It makes you twice twitch is it that?


Your life like to read a book rewind.

You get better the significant signs when you interpret backwards, tiny details become prophetic- profession thinker, profession tragic.

I have been thinking all day it is why the shifting of proportions and decision making so different, sea of opposite lanes (froth), and rail.

And theirs, there is nothing like a trailer.

Your acceptance was like an operture for light but not lightening on me that is love.

The love of the one is a light tear off both of body ready for the melting? The warming? The warning up?

The mixing out? The come? The calm down? The supersizing? Some said that there are more than billions on billions of words and worlds.

Tired with the secant scene.



The goosing goo goo gossips in town make us live celebrities-the morality. Conclusion, concussion findings.

But as far the geese are concerned people would rather throw their foods in ht bins rather than confide them with recycling.

Cycle Sybil.



Marrying you as il I love your foly. An also, thus, happy and intensity.


Stop it is no funny no longer.

I watched sex in the sexy I know why your obcession with giggle want harder, more complicated stuff.



To be together fort, the arch of noa, but no I am too afraid my companion has to be suffering from that

Gay…it is a part of the solution poor soul of yours.




Mecy on y ceeaticity                    hsou I writ e to nd ecoe eeeeeeecyogody ..ceas acitivity acticity should for every  body.

Mec cem, mercy on cetacean, ecocyclogody, cease acidity, cosset are they ready?.


-She is the such a pest. (precision she is the woman of my life.)

-Do you think it is love?


-it is because you are dummy. We like it real. What’s your problem? It could have been simple?

-what’s your general aim to you women -or to perhaps men, I mean do I look like a pussy? -to severe?

-look I did my math, and I don’t think we could ever really (the reality make made women) match.

-ok why did you not take this paper before, your -experimental- psychology degree?



We don’t say women, to say women, but to say other, the other, the other half- and if you are gay well I could be you, and your male, whatever, the word is sociologically, societal to be understood.



The tension, the attention of sex, makes the deal, id deal, coming, flowing.

The completion like flowering ability to ideally open and close to adjust to.



The computering profession is just a cleaning stuff, organising and reorganising desktop all day. Can click and click and click. It be clit it be terror, no, no bettor.




She was my wife and was worried about the age pilling in a corner of faked spirit forged by the non respect of my state and perpetual love and this and that.

She was my wife we were in our 40’ but would I have the same years and her comes to her 90 suddenly, then I would like to go on kissing her lips, mouths, skin, with my tongue and my tears lest woman of mine takes her last breath. Would life kill me with sadness



The image of food and sex. As when in love interrelated, inter-lightening, inter-lapping, inter-mathing, atom, it is not eating each other but production.


I love the British, brutish? Because they are saying ‘mate’ and ‘darling’.


It is the day I talked open heart to heart discussion with the sole


It is when you know well and love someone completely that you are taught bisexuality by your body. Be complete.

Could the fact that older people are not allowed to be in the communities be because of their having knowledge, liberty- restricted if they need to pass the punishment of the shower by some nurses and to be treated like if you should not move play 24/7-,


In the story I ma that vibro?



I understood then the rush people have to get children, an infant on their own. And for the one you will meet into their later age, please, please, amor’s sake, make him belong.

Be long.

To get ready, to raise one’s aggressivity on one element, as the marathon coming is gonna ask more stamina that one has ever had. Stud-y.



To stay with people amourously even if we don’t see them at all,  by desire, simply. It is what I desire to be, to be with, to learn from…

True love story.




I ll come on Monday, for the cd!

Would you please not to talk to me like if I was a bad dog. To know you are with someone is enough for me to unbite, even though I would start wondering???…i am not the one who socializes anyhow.






To be a parent, you still have to deserve the title.



The being a celebrity effect is the aim of the fans or opponents, belligerants, aside,

It does not to much mater if one can love, an caress the hope of having, no habit having, but conquering every day one’s other half. The gays are without parents, without prospect of marriages or kids, they are like killed.



Don’t tell me it is due to that you could lose the rest of yours because of my life; would you have lost everything, you would not chose me.

Given to?



Mon amour,

You know I would like you to know that my jovial job I did not loose it like that, they would have fired me for naught reason the day they understood I would have truly stood up to exploitation. When I say truly it is when you don’t want an exploitation replacing (pleading) another exploitation. Also when you won’t tolerate haughty attitude of abuse and disrespect for equality even or perhaps above all inside the caln of people saying that they fight for it.

I want you to know it as even if you don’t say that is wha t is real, I won’t have to staunch shame with my amygdales admiral belly.



You just want me in your bed, but I am bored to death sharing only this. We are but hurted.



J’arrive, j’arrime. La rime.

Aux rivieres du temps, le cours, jamais un moment.



-Are you a demon?

-Are you a psychologist?



The scientist offer us some data about the risk for the planet to g on on like that, and no one is taking it seriously, some don’t even believe in ti.

They are all right for two reasons:

Because we all know what exactly mean the serious at work and the worthiness of our little daily reports, we all know the way they are censured and don’t correspond to any reality, emergency that encompasses the living conditions and sustainability.



You are telling me to stop to think of you- meaning bothering you when this sentence has to be understood from your lens perspective. Well fine because more demotivated than me now is a dead moron.

What it is not romantic the way I am sounding? I adapt that’s all.

And yes when it says romantic, the proper stock, is to be able to err without having no terror but the element fighting, to find love and its profounder in the country.

This jungle that has made us human, and that always had been a promise to eternity. A promo?

Promotion or still-born.

Borne = boundaries. Where cocoons culprit. On human made nature. Hun burial mound.



It is not a dying world it is a dead one.

Dying it is when you react.



To love or solitude or shared completeness.



What about the fight in political change made by 1/5 being woman, moreover wife of some certain. Salary pose problems? Or is it a war waged on salaries only, holy man?



You fear I could be a vicious? And me then what about my fear when you talk all the same about love, that you are without fear and beyond reproach?




They would not be concession, as it is with you I want to seed.




Don’t worry in fact because if you can bring to your home the copy of your students whose marks is gonna count in a academic contest, well you can bring your student.


Comfy home and corrupt uni-ni err city.


Dunce since every procedure e is corrupted; a maybe discounted, euh, discorupted one could have a snow ball effect.


I AM NOT assaying it is anorbmal unsane to love two persons at the same time, but they have to know it.

Tell me if your love monopoly is not.

That I can be free.



Affection: imagining you touching my body after my death, proves me that one can still feel.

Upside down of the dies distress.



Two dreams about having no children, very unusual, very first time for him.

One a woman, a felt for love, a woman for whom he felt asked but what prevent you from having kids? While he was searching for his same old answer, a problem iwht his keyboards on the computer.

No that his work the problem has been, as he wanted to help children and adults, people with it. The question needed reformulated. Little lilt lit.



Why devil is associated with children and childish?

The devil of the unconscious, the elaboration of our view on reality and how to “make it functioning.

The strength and reason one finds to search their different identity- namely the ones that framed since we are born- whatever oneself or the person that want to probe-


She said ‘she is beautiful hu(be)rt’s mum’. And her own mum making a mmh of reprobation. The girl heard it so vividly as her own mum did not at all in general use it. An went ahead with this sensation that Hubert’s mum were somewhat to be childe even though her own mum specified orally that no she was nice and touti quanti.

But the mmh was not for Hubert mum it is was for homosexuality.

Bias and insert confusion, even though we had tried to smooth their impact, a bias is a bias whose abilities is just to circulate discretedly.


Why do we have a lot of prejudices for the people of another cultures?

It is because cultures are making up spirit, view point , thematic, expressions, an all oaf lot of cods, codes. From those


As mean consirated themselves as finished product. Finished and servile to human finitude.

End of serial.




What to be sure I am faithful. Even if I considerate to be the woman of my life today, would I be with the woman of my life would-have-been 3 years ago story, I could never considerate to renounce my vows. I mean never, even if there is this story of affinities, fuck the affinities, to hold on on what might be, the vault of our existence, this respect for love, we know that we can make it. And each day to have this excellent ex hange with someone, exchange you can find practically and intellectually through so many systems, just pick it up, but to come back home at night and enter the arem, two arms, that I have choosen and that have always welcomed mine. Decidedly. Decision, destingy, destitute, desisting.








Why are you fleeing, it is a usual way, experimentation? Pas facile.

I imagine you doing it, and coming with thousand pages of wittiness, witness from having performed it, yah.



You are my way of feeling. As the other real longing, relation have one become a rarety, two even if pleasant and of thousands scattered funny persistence in my memory; they still are the one no one wants as being the carnal, charnel, the psychological and physicality of abstraction, this spiritual.








Could the way people might love you, ascertain it for after practising, often violent, vile, without second consideration, without taking time, giving opportunities of explanations…be a re-edition or rehearsal for abandon. Or an intimate partial practise of renunciation? Maybe in order to emotionally “be in control of the depletion, demotion of this one” and take those inflicted- by others, by society, by work, by uncountournable and blatant injustice more lightly after having done and more over on the most general concept of love, self-injuries.





Common –no pokemon moon (sense of living), Explanation.






With her love was not possible in antoher, another, life but in another planet. What do you want me to do or become again??


I forgot something like ‘600 pages of translation of his translation that you had under your eyes at the moment you were typing”, so I cannot imagine no one permanently sleeping in the lounge.



And to manage to sing strong and pure while I am thinking of that.

But suddenly what is what, are you the one I was thinking you were, my voice is losing its lair.



She would stop being polysexal the day she can trust to receive all graces one, and give them back.



This light in the eyes, when we were with all the body meditating in some other spaces, and that the attention,  the circle, the circulation of life, by that another presence in another group ground, just came to pomp this inescapable time beating.

Is it time beating of the beat of the time that goes or have us gone and laid? Time moving, time shifting.


The problem with one system though aim at emcompassing and reassembling all of us, would the establishment of ruses rules



To start having very peculiar interest to enter into another world.


To write a novel, with a frame and everyday taking note on what we thought about also shaping characters and events, according to what insights life has been giving randomly; and reinvent a series.


To love and find out that it was not returned; as the cord around your neck that your forearm untied or slid away can? Jug? Stock? Content? Could not.


As people paid by the community to care after the community, are money and intelligence going to the private sector, as agency transforms service user into clients and workers into servants.



In love. Innovate.

What was the reason for crying? Thinking? Renouncing? Headache of jauging? Or the other ones that, whom I did not know were to compete?





Whistle and we will blow you.




This song you play again and again in order to pass through this scene. But what when I will hear it the day you will have stopped to ring?

And burst into crying of this sound that make all my body for the moon howling. When sky is there. Blues are here. Arrears. Harass.







Ours. Out.

Ours = bear (the almost extinct animale)

What is gonna be extricated from the wreckage?


To relativise the fact that female sex is not regarded as being autonomous, i.e able to come without a dick standing for let’s imagine what can obstruct, seal. Not that a female sex with a female sex cannot do it or not that a sex alone would do similarly but because female count the taboo, is. Ease.


And because, making a descriptive even though too obviously optically oblique (umbilical) succinct not instinct report on it, and deeming that seeming into proclaiming they know all about ti’s surrendered functionality- is  ti not painful?



Then, son, what do you think about this fucking …?


20 05

Tomorrow I see my mum with her mum. The year’s day is gonna be.

No I am not talking about when I see



On fostering or having children.

I d think there is more than one way to look after people within a logics of what is crucial and vital. Mergency towards those who are suffering.

It is the way of having children when it stands for parental instinct and preservation when surpopulation problem doubled with injustice and human destruction and self destruction rulings.

Why don’t we do that?

Because unbalance system would cause the carers to be the next victims?


Despise as not having blood linking, genetics duplicate.

Will my adoption prompt the same family to have another one, and therefore disrupt the genetics “proportional representation”.

It is in this way racist behaviour persist in all of us. This fear of losing one’s own historical stems, the fear of melting but what if the other family keeps on proliferation, will they crush mine in a while of this same reign?? Oh, come on.



To render her humble, to see you with others and don’t start having her nerves in order to protect your couple. To have to look at the floor, at the distant or at the nil and try and imagine the possible: overall for her, for you and for all other-improving.



She wanted to separate but in staying in love and see what next would be.

But what else but going on strong whilst learning not to cry the all day?



Even on life changing information dealing.

Why one cannot find the rights information unless they phone, or mail, or appoint 20 different persons?

And if you don’t do so finding oneself deprive of what is existing but hided or missed or gave to someone that show misconduct or give to someone that don’t hold the appropriate permit- ask, do ask, they do not know but neighing, or a noshing of what the banquet and its suit should stand and serving for,  about what they are advising for.

Administrative info, a lewis carol to find out. Never the same size, never the same frame, never the same road. No end to faulty means, where appropriate possible right way of working are the fruit of luck, and their absence an engine to general excruciating route and misfit.



To give him the best of my work and thus being protected when something bad comes-




One bed flat in dictionary property or decorum? Joke or real? Salty trick dangerous in all circumstantial, dandy? Or am I it’s spurned cuckold of the century? Scent query teary tuerie.

Don’t qualify too much you touch someone else and give me back my liberty, and if you don’t touch my liberty in every corner of the scene, not yours the one that rule the community. My liberty yours but that better saying not a single detail about it. I feel like destroying any smiles when you quit me.

The smile of a child? The one through which we touch still and again could, so no, yes but them actually.



To fear or to prefer live alone and old but free.

And if you d be free with me, every corner with every soul, only not sexually?

No that I meant, yeah ok why to come back home then?

For the everyday shared freedom.

And if I am dying while waiting.

Well life is about gaiting.




Why you?

Because my worst story amuse you.

They can, they must, evapored my worldly coner corner concern

To spur and spouoose a church has htis effect I owe you spirituality.

All life will go, and one can make sure to besten it, as for your strength one will pray ti.



People had tole them so many folding what they were not thinking, or they thought what they would never said. Their reality as physical actors was so fading in the reality of what the relationships were indeed creating in matter of conditions that would become superimpose just like if people were not people progressing onto research and approfundissment of human nature and culture (treated human like object having to behave according detrimental set rules is no more than a sign of a dead culture, mainly a group going on assembling not by choice but by necessity –economic, being repulsed by other groups, whatever negative reasons, to hold still in a view of destruction ‘learnt’ bias via the inside corrosion, and dessiminate it outwards.



Not wanting no more looking at people that will be sooner or after the actors of betrayal.



-For what reasons rise the university fees?

-Some persons will have to work as pole dancers to pay.


Apy, pay




You hutch me tarzan.

What have you done to write for them, they did not inspect your blog? You changed you cv?



The fear that he will become more and more violent; it would not come easier with him and her growing older.

I was sure he was threatening her with a knife now that he would not go around the house.

But that was my mother would I have asked she would have denied it and denied me at the same time. Going out for a few shoppings excentrically expensive was its sole elation.

She always has stayed adolescent. Not that you could have acknowledge ti no. Someone very mature, very regular, very in control, but when violence was coming, when violence was coming her crisis were of a mortal destruction type. But who knew her like that?

I did not know even me did not know-but me.


Cultures and the ncessesssity to have one’s prophet heard at the sem level than the others’.

To ve sure history have been taken into account.



“a means to an end or an end for itself.

Morality is integrity”



And you are asking if I d like to spend Christmas with you. And I say no.

Because I don’t think that you wuld like to do ti anymore than in the psychologic.

But for me if I start saying yes it be mental too, up to the day you tell me good-by and me left with the tales of the day you’ve been smiley.

But it is always at this stage of thing thin that I am become jolly but never for the merrier.



The time in life, like the wind, unstoppable or spending it to the tower, among dark and shadower.





Her face trying to be impassible, but with never reaching that, as when I watch her well would she comes into my eyes, that her true at that moment animal, gender, sane, would be revealed in a showing of her genes.




T est.



Your pork, everything is allowed.



To ask oneself question in order to go into them and to explore by experimentation.

Here the philosophy investigation.

To be actor of the pond of risks and schemes and pattern: superpositions, suppositions. Briefs from our side, guide by others’ cohesion whelming out of the insane, but governing what? Who ever answered; only inside shame of finding what but scraps and shreds.





Single boiling rign. Ring Buffalo

My new kitchen apparatus.



One of the greatest delight is to grow in life, thus talking to her mother like if we had more and more the same maturity of age.

Nota bene: the mother having given patiently the fruits of hers. Hand over and the why we are the dead (not even deadly fuckeders) without elders.




Marriage ideally, might be related with the vicioius way, as unwanted and unchosen, of enforced union; but the marriage ideally is the way I am your husby, in the sense that your life is here to conduct me. In the sense that this consenting association as the nerve of destiny; quiete logically in deepest intimate reality on my chance of understanding my all world and existence through this another lense- my marriage, loan, pass to borrow it- and adjust as I am my other husby (in case I am a gay man, or a les claiming her protuberance …etc, there is for everyone, no worry guys, girls and appendage), the partener as being the way exterior. I know you so well, I identify so entirely that from my vantage point I can complete and vainquish hostility. The personage that incarnates oneself as being the lover: the one that is trusted, the one that enacts ourselves- and it is then inside and outside might see and watching their flying.



To start feeling one’s sex-vagina and asshole included- the day we know to whom co-own.


And if the hair quality of different tribes were coming from, partially, the recurrence with which one cuts them. Thicken or smoothen hair and skull altogether.



I feel in infinite scrutiny in front of your grandma’s watercolour, the shadow, mes amis.

And inside pigs’belle elyse.

It is no enforced nor my fault it is my style and techniques favorised. Helps me.


The werewold in Iceland. Appropriate temperature. And forest that for it is just one.



To eat and moisterizing with the food you would have regurguration.

To oint with the thought that                                             suppressing.




Food thought. Admirably refined English.

Admirals? English speaking shoyld be reentitled the language as langa franca mind it is somewhat too late to considerate this, don’t send me the nationalists, weight is not on your side. Not any longer baby. With the Chiness, start to sympathise?

As bore as you in the see. This grand England best poluter of the European island civilizing other countries. Fuel on war, and lighter for nini.






To wait for a female, yest she will come on day. And when she is here but with a sex other assigned, but to know that this person is the one you were waiting for. Understand all of a sudden why you were overhopping for all ‘the she’ as it is the phrase that maintained your well being thinking the ideal is out there just keep welcoming the promise of my murmuring heart that I served and went through so many disarray. And it is when you understand everything about gender, your homosexuality and the why you kept on thinking destiny. Because following one’s heart will transform every word onto the one in the midst of mystery, life at last and at least eden since my one is chosen as being the travel towards ways, milky.

Millesky and word contingency.



Marriage. Do you understand belonging? And longevity.





Philosophy is like religion is like acts of everyday.

The tiniest suggest, subject, is still the gigantest.

And gives a pattern for all others.

Trying to practise every gesture right is sanctity. And call for mystery,

which one?



To do everyghing for you, for you uniquely as being the choice of my life, life loan only.


This that I know I have to do. But rather think myself as being exhausted or willing to enjoy resting.

But when the sensation of plain has gone it is with the void of having not done that one is laying.



Probably a lot of people represent god to themselves as being a father or a lord.

Problem is that it is true disrespect, meaningless to compare what is written to be comparless.

That therefore what is said to be taken as god is nothing more than a representative of a higher authority- hopefully benevolent, comprehensible and understandable (shared and with power of equalitarization, harmonisation – but in no instance the true saviour.






And it was soo gentle sex, that these were th flings that lead to considerate the one or so off like relationship quietly loving and moving onto.

Once sex is an issue


Any how look after oneself is ‘self-erogenous’ so do it not even to expect being met with your partners’ adherence; but for your own res-pite.



And then self erogenous


Being bi, transgender, gay as minority suffering because of indierect  (indirect) sexual exploitation (sexual orientation induced exploitation) and fucking hetero politics = false candours and direst sexual orientation manipulation= what slyest?

P                = public



Having seriously spent so much long moment ascertaining mrore and more my being unsacklesdedly wandering on how come that some of my acquaintances confessed before me having taken the 30 first year of their life before acknowledging their homosexuality.

Whilst it took me more than the same range and spell, but now I can count down, before putting on me the term of transgender. I knew my both possibility but beo, beat. Bio. Logy is ok but what is deduced being rooting in her is never what she cares about, whist they say they know where hew they kill (her self) life.

They kill her.



-If you say what they will call profanities. They will kill you.

-What you say is grave; not that you are dead.



-Is to worrying, the state of the planet and humanity stock?

-Of course it is worrying!

-No, but no, for us generation?

The wry serious sir, why people don’t even talk about species extinction.



Am a woman, and women pushed me into marriage, by various means of conviction.

Ia m mysogyne,

As much as they wanted to control my bad vagin\

vagina, virgina, wages, in.


Vagin, vague.


Vagin, vers gene.


We can say whatever we want in this part of the owl (automatic correction- why? Innapro0priate prey? erradication) but nothing is working. And for those who would think it is a propaganda protecting suiting inaction; well I cannot more agree. What are you thinking to do about it? Shooting as a last deed of faking liberty?



Before me.

The orem.


Or you like me and you read this, and I ll ask you to write about your status. This bed room shared. Or I think I am a cuckold an eunuch more appro.




To combat this feeling of being raped when feeling not one’s sex per se, but its erogenous part tickling while the ideas that come forth are to say the least unappealing- to think of you, and desire most profoundly for the longest of times what was immangeably, immanquably wanted outside. Out of the side? Out of the sight, out of the sea- and choose you my har(E)vest lad.

Harv = harve latin shelter. Everest.


I thought I d have to wake up at 4 22 every morning  I was doing it, I am released. My body gets a feeling the day he wants it and listen to the nighty silencing he will proceed alone. If spirits was body of ours, speaking its way in amongst others, getting old and sorting out what we call it perception.

If body was the key and not faked fashion. Not something that one dresses but listen to and give food – coming from what embodies, no who, nature- but organically grown and attention. On the how should have been designed alive cultures.



They are mad, they have got no more empathy but worst they do not know what happens in life.

They run the country, countered, and do quality control.



Offer yourself some pleasure, you lll become less insnlolent..

Insultory, isolatory.

But when pleasure are exploitory…mother philosophy.



We need theory to do.

And the real theorists make sure that it applies.

In all other circumstances.

And by love of the theories all oddities and constraints and refractions…will be taking into account and be part of the reconsideration.



Writing is a therapy as when you re read again almost all the time you find som much incomprehension, so many faults, total failure and out of reach mediocrity sometimes. It is the proof of the palpability of own’s actions.

Writing, arts, craftsman. What when there is nothing like that in our life, more than will be control by others, sold or scrapped?

Action auction? Hammer more like that.








She was like a wife life would have indicated {and a dic and a cat}; but her not willing did not come to the myriads ceremonies.

Monk, monkey.


To do the useless is a fromented form of pleasure.


It is ok, I am paid for it.

And ask people to get on with it, to espouse my shaping of suicidal void, in a manner of fucking them dirty, treating them like whores, furthermore.





The myth:

People, women, in particular, treat person utilizing ‘pussies rhetoric’ as being mysoginistic.

But it only proves that knowing not that guys are true pussies, means that they don’t encounter them often.



You know I d rather you report me to anyone, if you cannot do that otherwise, meaning talk to me, and leave me answer, than to keep on thinking of you as someone who really had and have some potential exponentable feelings.

To avoid prison without doing sophistry.

Is it hell on the demand without remand?






Matt Travers will be introducing a short text by Jacques Ranciere, ‘The Ignorant Schoolmaster’ (rough translation here),



Stop killing the love I bear for you. But women keep you in the waiting for nothing they believe in; they are without brain they would not know.


A tiger cuddling a pig, or a monkey or whatever arrangement between two species is

Image of evolution.



I d like to call my lover, liver, mon Coeur, my heart, for obvious rational reason.

Spleen and quality blood.



Why do we not switch off when going out of a room, and let the light the all night for the depletion of the planet like a born bored burying burning?

Because there is no policy. And that are we get used to following polite policies anyhow?

It is a question of die rection.

Ruction, erection, rectum.

(I am bilinguist; am making it profitable)


If you read me stop thinking supernatural, the day it wants to come, it will, don’t think call it round; because it is when you become funny like me; no good as you can see. I am a slave, good entendre?



Look if you read the French typing from my best mate, he is totally loony. So he writes answers that are not reality, don’t try to figure out what happened; if you want the truth just ask me as far as I am concerned; cos he is not a loony for nothing, he had really really tough times; problem is he is more than vulgary; sometimes porny ok just one thing he is just my daddy ok, nothing even distantly…whatsoever just he si swearing all the time


I go on putting the alarm at 4 22 but voluntarily this time. Oh as well I want ya. O  I ll  wake one hour later around.


The fact that a word might be shifted of order, specially if abily, in order for the folks that learn one language to find themselves in the situation of seeing more than a order fashion- to experiment what pluri linguists has.

Don’t thank me.

The pleasure is extreme; the grace almighty.





I won’t call. I read it no trace of a lover of course a dimplomatic stance a pro decision it could be, but then I trust my hearing for once my life. And even write for you is a real thrill I admit

So whatever the outcome ill beat it.


Ah Daniel is also very suspicious sometimes thinking am is daughter and asks if I ma not at some hidden sexual prowess investigation whilst I was out my unshared fall out flat. We used to be neighbor.



Senior Lecturer


To find reason what are under one’s control, to say I did that because I decided this (and sometimes makes situations and so called decisions make seem to be irrational or childish; whereas the true why it happens like it did is in fact beyond one’s control.

When it is to bury happening or ‘state of affairs’ that people are talking; but not talking for giving but blurring info. To make it sounds bearable that they were not subjected to others’ subjectivity but at the same time thus constitute personality that are not theirs but putting on and constituent to be of their way of cope in, copying on ways they fabricated because of a vexation, some events that they cannot redeem but that will be the blue print for regurgitated false confession and future behavioural pattern iwht impediment.



Are the ‘sacred’, religious texts –everything is sacred- intellectual in the sense of being rich with language techniques, profundity, and double entendre? Or do they prompt consensuality on?



‘juste un regard facile a faire’

No, just checking if you were aware of my derision.



If you have som respect for me could you please let appear clear if you are looked after by some other body?

I am going out of there. I am ready to wait my life and stop waithing because we cannot make it up; but if you beneficiate from someone already…



Don’t remember if it is dec 2008 or 2009 year when IT describes the whole affair as “we fly to touristico india”

Any how for the “we” I don’t think it ll be precisely indicative for ya for all that.

There is the picture of a little girl that you did not need to zoom. Caption capture.

“Ridiculously sweet” are you posting under, there is moment, there is a moment when one has got to stop lenina.



Sin gin?




If I say I don’t want to do something with you; it is only for you to get sport.

I want everything and one you do.

And if your love is a sham, anyhow there is other countries.

Would you like to see me?



-People are expecting you to work all the time?

-It is true whilst also true that there are expecting it to be nothing.




When you  think that your true love my encounter problem, live like if you were in the skin of your mum, the same anxiety than she had to communicate as a the almighty protector, protection.

Duty of labor.



One is justice, the other balance; together could become e-quality.


At her marriage, her huband to be had chosen yellow submeaine.

My little voice said one day you will so much like it.

I thought ‘impossible’. Ok it was the beatles I was 17.

I now know that yellow is the sun of your similes, smilling.



Not having an idea of how much influencial.

Not                                                  one has to think of the other to get to flirt with it.

On the other (h)and.

Leornado de vinci pictures




To be happy one does not need to be rich,

Not but need to nick the rich and end dishonesty.

And it means war to everybody.

Including ya, without balls, clunching to one’s wrecked  wicked work like others to their tunes.




I only love you, you and your deglinge, bold and broken humor.







It also reminds me a bit of Last Year in Marienbad, Jon says it looks like a Panopticon and Roger one of Bruno’s memory places.

Any sexy benches?

Ok I am waiting?


You don’t want I write [want me to] but please don’t report it I am not dangerous or anything like that.

If I am dangerous it is only for me; but I am not suicidal, never, I am bullet proof for that- I owe it to my first love; I am looking for the second one the problem is this.

I am already dead and I don’t want to die twice. Mind you would not fear thrice, it is still that.

I haven’t died from rage; unlike you going on with bravour to say we will et tout et tout, I died to be spurned but in a lovely way, to do it again by knowing that the person is not sage, is not wise, would be suicidal would be detrimental and this clearly is no. I d like to die out of rage like you; I am wondering what is missing I could eventually tell you. Do you accept to do everything, I did. Do you persevere? Do you stay in the same clan whilst you now they want you in the sense boiling down your essence and throwing you if you wanted still to defend equality without your own force of self standing (remember you produce legitimizing for the clan). No you don’t now that, this I know you don’t know. But what do I don’t that you do; is that I d like to determinate; any tracks, any help for me, hone-ey? Even if I know that they are envious of you, how don’t you get that? You reconciliate yourself with money? Exploratory nina ok, plight, plaidory, pet, drill, pit, spited money. Spit.

Please don’t report me the psy are too expensive and I know that my writing is silly, right?

It is following one’s instinct stuff, the first person after your hatching. Not that I am taking you for my mummy, justly no- I don’ t need a dad and all that, I ve never had. Hopefully my mates and dads-just like you,ami not right? will forgive me, the way I forgive them- for getting to look after one’s pages like other garden the land while people are blowing the entire planet (j)us(t) aside.

I have got a mummy. I was shocked at your representation of happiness and love temporality. I am asking myself now if you did not make me discover in some degree what I was wondering about her.

How come you live and lie like that, talking still about loving? Why did not you quit? Why are you so cold? Detached? Introvert? No, silent more silent than tombs or mausoleum, musoliere. Why not spare even 5 minutes when you know someone is drowning? Why do you seem so please that it might render him stronger? And Why afterwards do you deny any labor? Or lice live with the privildege to have read you?

(talking to my mum not to ya!?- it is so pleasant these exclamation marks everywere).

You won’t report me? I need the “old chat”. C est toi que je veux. Comprends ca? le temps que ca mettra, que ca marche que ca marche pas au moisn ca me bougera. Mais personne dans ton pieu. Je suis pas sad o maso tu comprendra ..drai sit u me connais -sais mieux. But I am talking more and more like a loony, dephaser, diphased, rephrased, depraved from the reality. At least I hope I am going against what you want or hope or that.

In pink I could even try that I d become from clearer to clearest.



I don’t want to die twice before the true pittance (pretence, parlance).

‘I don’t want to die.’

If you don’t answer me I ll do like if you were married, and do everything to get me an affair; problem is if you are alone like you said; am not saying of not being with you; but of not having tried’ it is nausea the size of germany reunificated and bigger than china the sadly notion on no play, no opportunities, but actions and its strength completely out of interaction.

But I am ready. It is just that the love for you will be melt with soho oddity irremediably. What can I achieve. In love I could stay, no problem even no the shadow of one; you are doing a great job, it would have been sad but said, I could convert for London, not problem and do my trips any trips from here, I am Kantian you noticed it. Anyhow this is this year incredible findings, it is that in my situation I ll be better no travelling if I want to get a bit more serious with what I am rewriting. So here it is am 33.

But without it I ll be out ok maybe 4 to be sure that my writing are in order, I ll send them to you. I always afraid fo dying without ni no on keeping they.


I think that you favourite be the geese not the pig. She draws them also. Being the mother quickens quacker.

Je vous aime pour la derniere fois il faut que ce soit dit. It is this way also that love is gone; people saying that it is insultory, whereas, love the child spoilll…and we are all baby above all when left with responsibility too heavy. And any how I have a carer and if I begin switching off the light they will fire me.



Maybe are we waiting love to be a deliverance.

Surely we neglect there to set it free.

It is because of its being locked, threatened, conditioned, conditionalized, that make us fell this way. Pushed away.


If you are alone, don’t let me go, to love dignity, to find a way courting you with my intelligence not with my folly. Don’t let me deceive my sensibility; don’t let me cheat on me; don’t let me be inconsiderate, be torn of you. For the love of jesus, for the love of allah, for the love of all the days that have past and the only one that might bring us to it, ours, and their celestrianity.


Why said us, quoting the main one, maybe everyone could reconcialiate were they doing that with the heart of spirituality.



Here we are we are calming down, the, a passion is eating the nimbling nibbing nabbing nibbling way, discreeter, like the past of a ever surroundering, haste, question and rebounding noes and yeahs.

Psaychotic would you think or is it our neurtotic that we don’t even acknowledge being more intracks, and out of its sanity when going unpaid.


I would like you to imagine what was my situation if you were lying, what is my situation now if you were not. But you are like mummy you don’t give these realities of mine a second of a naught.



I know you told me you were alone, but look what I found, and beside who I am to postulate you should be? If you were wanting me to only.


I have to repeat that for you; even if I understand your half being said, even if I can hear your whisper, and that I know you cannot be more than secret; but please for love sake write and then in front of my eyes I could understand discretdly sustainably because it is not that I don’t believe you it is that to dare believing is too risky.


I have a bit of a care job coming back; will it last, lost is more probable. Probable one or the other droning drilling on bein profound.

I watn you to know that every action similar to yours, militantism I ll do I ll do it for you, you are the one in me I cannot impeach it. And it was so much luscious that to keep on trying, to keep on focusing was for a true building what was necessary.


And I knw how did you die from rage. It is when you put it in a very clear and very substantiate way; the danger; the martyrs; and that whereas you thought that it was this ability that was missing; that you work more than harder to obtain your brain to be even more than clear; and that people; the bosses; the people for whom you write 10, 20, 30 different ways; will have a weapon against you the satire. Because they are still hire to “sat”, hire sit.

People are ready to take you; to make you believe; to do everything possible to make you pass as a dummy; as someone debilitation or debiting dummier and simpleton; because of no how you say but because of what you say.

Of yyou course the how you say it counts as all is in the exact meaning.

You acan spend your day a well done text of profject of something with a workable function; if you put system (of disabilitation)  at risk you are threatening as the down syndrome bearers: id like to apologize to people I thought were with this designed designating limitations.

To be autist and to stop saying nothing as everything you say is the way one could bring you more in and more thrown into our common system and prison.


I know how you have compassion, and know them well, as your comrades prisoners, as your companions.




oh yes, it the right time to get logical, after running the packet on insanity.

Prove is best.



In the family ist is out if you are out.


Woman put you up to father or second mother to directly in the bin.




Are you gay?

Are you happy?






Dites moi quelque chose, je vous en prie.




They rule with taboo.

You get the feeling to have breach, to have reach.

But go and speak loud will you?

Go and live your life like freedom would like to.

And what will be raise, would not be the whisper you were receiving on our former comedy, but quite is opposite.

They let you whisper for you to have a glimpse on what they are crouching on already.

Speak, or act. A loud, loin, and from breakfast to supper, brunch and lunch you would become.

So please, don’t take your whisper for history.

On the heart, when you stop thinking than thinking was relief providing,

On the heart, it is desertification, depravity.




For her love was a lost workd despite the all attention and affection she was displaying.

It was how she was relying on asserting this; she was relying



If I don’t have your grace, woman, I cannot write on prayer for god anylonger.



 There’s the disability team that are on my back; they said that (prior to our ‘interview’) that my ability to study might be qualified as being impaired; did I not get a pass?

La commune? Clap, clap. In French meaning of clapier, hutch in son.


Since the course is finished, maybe not quite regarding the quality on my essay on the quality of their knowledge on French Classic theatre and playwright, just typical- I thought you went and logged out.





Fucking wife.

No, no, fucking why.


No, no, fucking (whim,) why.




We would not have to kiss; as while coming towards each other our bodies already confounding.



Life complication is on a place to live and the future a place to die.



If love is this pure heart, transversed, turning to read rid red from torn totally transparent.



Emancipation, dissipation? Dilution? Cessation? Recession? Division?

It is if you are with him that I d answer on how much you might be?

It is if you are that can be built up answer on how much you might be?



To be left without job whereas one wants to produce, honestly, cleanly doing so, is the perfect illustration of how societies are barbaric and prompting to dishonesty, inequality, stealth, pollution, dispossession.




The problem with hetero, homo shishm is that the fear of having to kill someone as an only possibilities to get married or hanged to the person we had chosen; make us homo, some of us, make us tho consider not the heteros, such stuff exist, but maybe even people in love and engaged in a heterosexual relationship, as freaks. For the reason that one has to be first reassured of them not to have to have to fight for being able to marry someone without anyone of the population becoming dangerous and insane.



Love is tough.

Love is law.




Tell me you are with another pig and I ll let you.

I was the fucking sole info or even intox I was asking, and if you create one, well I ll be gone it be for that.

You ain’ t the kind that will do that with any regalia regard  girly regret. So let s do that.







If it was inot you, women (love, marital), I d stop mondy mundane monkey definitely.

I was not you, women, I ll stop mondy mundane monkey definitely.





You can do whatever you want to me; even if I find you mistakes. I ll nothing bad or then to what love would be of use too.

And if you stop with me? Same apply. Problem is that you act like if you prepare against some attack vengerress? Avenge what. You don’t take care of me? I ll have to find someone who d like to.

My energy in that, you haven’t spit on my baby… if you had it is me that d split.

Finish you see, easy? Why react like that##?

Ok I s jut shut my mouth



Eh, wjhy don’t you take time while making love, it is just like having sex; it seems like if you were ashamed of.

Or rush against remorse, or what are you extricating?

Love, juice, secret, abandon, stealth, ?

Ad nauseam, ti is underneath you.



Monday-mountday, first day, breakthrough and mountain.

Mon= my my day, Tuesday, tu, toi, ton, your. And wed, thrust, free, satellite or saturnal, sun.

Ode a l amour (Amor run amok).



Run amok, mockeries. Unfree Frenzy, killing (shopping) spree.

On Cheaping and human commodities.



To the singles, don’t think marriage is a paradise, we love each other like one can do without living or touching.

Uesyes, but being not married when forgiving unauthorized unfair forbidding (‘mixed’ marriage) is helle made on earth.



The type who does not check if she feels someone in the background; and will after ask himself for ages who was it. Why not check? Robot-team? And check like a robot? But at least data are not ????? question-mark filed field.

Maybe ti is where my mates are alright that it is better to go really go on people who will exchange with you that on people who will make you guess what could have been life.



Contradictions in love at least offer you the liberty of saying I loved and since no one attaches to me; I am as free as further I went up to the strong pull/push attraction.





Gene us.






You ve got the gait of a skeletop. Skew.



Mary ward.














Democracy is translated, like it is virtually universally known a compound word

coming from the Greek, by ‘rule by the people’.

It is one type of political arrangement or                  and I will try here

to summarize its limits, powers, pros and cons.





An interesting start, tackle by Dahl and led by the semantics is to question

what it means by ‘the people’. Universal suffrage is used as the ultimate

instrument for democracy and justification of any coercive policy- but who

actually vote?

History reminds us of how vote might be highly discriminatory, but what about

now where peoples’ votes are also restricted (or qualified) by their being

recognised as a part of a group or not, as for example your being a citizen of a

particular country, country nonetheless acting or affecting outcomes beyond its



Five centuries B.C the concept of democracy was applied within the boundaries of

a city-state. Nowadays it has to be applied at another scale. Without even

thinking of the supra-state institution dimensions, the nation-state is taken as

main model.

However democracy concept applied to a city of a few thousands individuals or to

a country of millions will greatly differ.

Partly from that difference in scope, various form of democracy will emerge, the

main two, direct for smaller structures and compulsorily representative for

bigger-size poll.



If different styles are a question of size and practicality, they are also a

question of spirit and change the nature and philosophy behind it. For example

some people will rather vote for delegates- people supposed to be solely the

‘piece mouth’ of a group, or representatives- that are elected but keep their

autonomy of opinion and decision.



The fact that democracy if genuinely followed ought to be in every sphere of the

social interaction network has to be emphasized.

It is of crucial importance; one, because in our so called democratic societies

it is not the case. That major power-holder like companies impact, and order

happenings reflecting on people lives’ without having to take into account the

danger to freedom, choice and equality that their acts and organisations may

constitute- the market as well as employment business being sovereign at

regulating people conditions.

Two because it is logically argue that democracy is like everything else: a

skill that has to be acquired and practised. Also for the democracy to be real

it should be in any places – schools, jobs, associations, local, national,

international level, and that for democracy to be real it should be at any stage

of our doings- alongside with access and freedom of information needed to make a

‘right choice’.






Here come why democracy principles may call for its opponents, starting by

Plato, as people may, lack the necessary information, or the will to push for

move beyond their personal interest, or even tactically choose to restrict

others’ freedom- power and influence- in what has been called the ‘tyranny of

the majority’.




to conclude, what you can find in the politics sciences specialists, at, I

think, the general surprise, democracy is mainly treated as being a process more

than a.



A means not an end in itself.


This qualification is urgently essential as popularly democracy tends to be

regarded as the best of what politics may produce, whereas even a perfectly

democratic system could in no way be immune to human rights violations.








I matter.

In matter of remembering, one can compare it at times to this image where people look at their ape, apps, past of future, or future, like they do their faces in a fountain, or on its surface.


To look at oneself like the brain a storing place.



Brim brain bring.

Dim, bright. Light, dim, mid.

I matter.

I master, mattress, hatter, I am terr.

Deter, after, attar, aster, diner, enter, dater, inter.

Interment. Internment






Sword, wed, word.

Wood, bio, buoyant,beacon, boxing.

Vow, wow.









brim brain



 Gravidity and parity

In biology and human medicine, gravidity and parity are two terms that refer to the number of times a female has been pregnant (gravidity) and carried the pregnancies to a viable gestational age (parity).[1] These terms are usually coupled, sometimes with additional terms, to indicate more details of the woman’s obstetric history.[2









The sportpersons so well paid, dressed like the royal family, awaiting honorific medals, or better knighty.


accursed [əˈkɜːsɪd əˈkɜːst], accurst [əˈkɜːst]


  1. under or subject to a curse; doomed
  2. (prenominal) hateful; detestable; execrable












Blute nur, du liebes Herz: III

Or the journal of a hermit


Cetvies                             © 2005 – 2020

Inthenameofhumanrights © 2005 – 2020

Cettevies                          © 2005 – 2020






Now I look at every body because I need to check if her they could not be.

And I look at them with the rest of the intensity that the thought of the possibility of being her had released. As they were appeal by this first glance of hope to finish I regard as it is my duty.



Fritter on the fritz.



More of it.

Mort au vite.




When I came to see you I knew well it would draw problems, not for me, for me it is agony, but professional ones for you. I did it but not all through impulsion. I did it because I was following m y felling of being able to take note from you each time you would give a speech, but he he no eh.

I did it because of egoism or egocentrism because it felt better once I gather by you ol ok?

You fired me you were right, but how can I have a glimpse of you as long as my texts still are appealing or of good relevance to you, can you say?

Relevance, relieve, relever-rise. Yeast yearning not really, I need a compass not a lesson.

But who am i? English is so complicated dicky? English no but ma femme. Mon epouse, quell pede.

De l enculade par deleuze et cocu il n y a pas en etre fiere. ..j ai d atur cliché francais si t en veux.

Autour je te demande pardon, it is even not that I could not prevent from doing myself, it is that I was following, erm, my intuition. And the abces went quickly, but what about grangenisation.

I read your text not by folly but they are the ones capable of given me ‘ recreation’. I read intently, I peruse amoursly, copy right on your style they are the only ones that draw and require all my intention. Don’t tell me to stop they would become my convention. And the ones you would wish I work. Hr the obkective of my specialization. If you ve got some extra? Ther rest I d be content with your traduction, and thus could be brought up dicka. D ail cas. Tu sais lesbi an , no les bis,  en francais c est “gousse”, a clove, ye, ye. At least it is not far retched the comparison of the cloistered.

I stopped writing about sex, because I was thinking of you, and that you did not want it anylonger. It is that writing.

Writ, rit, right.



As I shoul d hve the permission oout of you as you are my test ground, the psyche that with me would, to betray you would seem like the last scene of my being an entrance to be in love with you, the world that opened the gulf for psyche to succeed.

I don’t even her to be cooking for me I hold on to a special diet, the days I don’t put on weight.


She was the only person to agree with flirting with me. She was married- to someone she was to divorce, married but happy couple no-, we did not see more than once twice a month and after a term and this for 9 months, 1 year, I was not holding track, fortunately she could have been thrown in prison ofr that. But she was the only one having the balls to have this dimension of the amorous with me. I am far from being a psycho but I think I ve had an undetected version of asperger syndrome with hue of the Down one.


No one liked my letter, mys spouse would be the one who loves them without them to be sufficient. South, soothe, I, he, scient.


The “r” is a gun, art.

Hect are.


Hector, tort.




When being real hungry, all that on e might eat raw as carbohydrate resembles the taste of sugare, whatever cereal water boiled without anything with it is tasteless when not hungry and is sugary when need reminds the true nature of ti.



ecuries (ecrit)

stable- safety. Catch and Pen.



People want more and more an more because simple problems and taboos never came to be solve. Also they are bury instead of digged up and wherehence digging up for trove and truce, amassing misery and making hills for illness sure.




Shw was afraid of loosing her objectivity with her, but why on earth wanted her to be of others’ high subjective opinion. She was her lover, not any kind of icone.

Objectivisation. ME?AN.   A?ALL. aTall.



When she thinks of you and that other people are around, in her the impression of haiving stl stolen fire.







To the love game where one has to, must learn and patient for being the winner the wot, tow, the two.

This learning introducing tto the ctitizen end too.

Here is love infe indefencible as he is afraid of naught.

Her is love the master of everybody as long as thse bodies are not those, the those of the reef reference reeferee rejection, the rules of deshumanisation, and the law that permit its envirommental disintergration or simple degradation, at every stage, take with it, punishment completion, as something as to be replete.

Pesrservere on one condition, the love be empire, why the, like god, like sun, and everyone shacking when away and every one hoping for one’s but what about our live without, ney.



Je I think that you may be thinking o f him, and in a rather good term. He is sure to be happy as he could feel the same. Happiness on its simplest equation, the surest of all notions.




They don’t deem me to be able to have an opinion or to be simply present when these meeting take place. Because of them having giving me as a mark (mark as a torture, mark as a merchandise) a 60 scale IQ, IT could I have suggested, butt they would have taken pride and obligeance not to hear me or make sense of ti, a like of the usual.

These people all sitting in round and engaging in a talk about equality. It is why talks are so despised not because of their generating sense, and me when I don’t hear or understand the words I can that yo u don’t of other energies, or instead of having thumbed these a thousands pages my spirit knows he has for mission to give his substance to this particular line that I won’t quit. But even one word of them would be treated as a ludicrous cry, even if I was crying to come to your meeting in being perfectly calm, you would say that I (sell) sleep, even if I d se sleep who don’t respect or who do understand or who is stronger than a nap nowadays? No one more than yesterday.



It is rather funny, these people I d so loved. Kid, like this boy for whom I quite naturally feeling rather profound affection with. I see him in the street and I start to decontract, adi d admiring the comfort of a vivacious energy might be providing, this air of faithful, I could have love all in him. And all of a sudden the gait, this strut that I did take like of my old habit, when I was a single, turn slyly and said, but if you are a lesbian do be afraid baby.



Tjo this question of hmo homo hetero would be just a way people positionate themselbes in their struggles for equality and fierty in differences, permit to variety, and homogeneous heterogeneous demarcations or alliances.

I can only considerate myself gay as it is the representation for me of heterosexuality dictact withering away. Or me as heter o as I reble rebel against mother principles and me as bi as it is like that I knew  I was freeing everybody, or me queer as my father was as macho as ti should be, meaning while guys are at war they do it for the infra infantry, and me I like matureer, I ve been save by granny even if solely psychologically. One can ask from this more it is the only experiments, on what we have been , ofthen only midly giben given tgh access to perm-it.

Permeable. As if in my life personally or in ths society wholly this relationship were shaped, constrained, ideologized, digged, buried, inflict, ruled, reigned, otherwise, well my position would as shift as shaft.



Women to have been coined more emotional as if deductively education is not for you a possible training then you will have toe exert your intelligence in the abstract.



They were repating repeating again and again it is not facilities it is simply work. But work is what? It is that circumstances alble one to be at and into, as if we were arranged another who knows what we would have to put up with? Also we owe to our work this sometime. To this time we owe its democratization, in the sense who couold be freer out of my destiny, out of my production. Who and how.

Again and again but not against as whatever art or philosophy or engeenery, my time as my only contribution to what would be called enjoyed dest-in. between end and mean, past and future, between whatever mean, harmony to time and space and their membrures.




Wast is interesting.

Interest up on plus value.

Values what they call m——–oral. whor all.



I was thinking it is so a shame I cannot ahave a little room in this residential quarters, there I could be in silence.

I don’t any longer, the noise of the cars of the children that one extasiated, and the continual renovation that are truly impinging like destruction upon ears and grey matters, as they are not renovation but destruction of stones mineral, ores, continual destruction prompting by the corruption of making it more and bigger for your salaries be to the reflection of the gap and destablitisation that rationing thus will provoke.

I d rather be in some zone of my popular quarters, of music is not the tools of distress and depression where people rest I n front o fthe serious of the situation.

They destryoy brand new construction. God le’t sprotec t us, by erosion?

Ores, heros





Ce n est pas du demarquage.



Each it time I write something worth I claim to myself that my life is not a wrechking and then I have to direct all my body to intercept another body and take talk about both. “illusion  and reality” or is it a question of coming close?



She loved you as much, as mcuch, but we are in different circumstances.

As much but no brewing the same ages.

As much but Not involved in the same unfolding story on stilts.

As much but            Please don’t take grudge and live with it.



And she would have know the hatred, the one you do voluntarily because you don’t want let to happen another butchery.

She would detest them but in a very precise aims, in order not to ves verse into melancholy through the love she has put into their won own falsified game.



They say I am cheating on you with a goose, but ain’t the holy truth.

It is just that she is treated like a true bitches, she is plural they are several turn in turn making frid friend to more much alleviate their shamefully shameless entente among themselves.

Then I court her but to how (s)how them at these impious birds




 ‘A zoo spokesman said N””””’s action was “both spontaneous and entirely out of character”.’
one day what they could reproach you is to entertain your spontaneous side. That of course it is but because you have previously chosen this type of intervention or release.



On genocide. People are reporting facts insisting on the humane side, as emotional as they would be in front of a box of chocolate that would have slipped down the table. But still the bod rescue is quicklyer done.




I ll be with you tomorrow, and you will be my field, yes, you…

My lady d arbanville remix.




Be yond.

Bye by


Onde = wave – undulation.



She knew that with her she would become the most ahappiest of al l what life accounts for and more yes especially, will you.

And the other would never have her have a rest but all the same during her sleep she could watch her during ages, tales, mounts and marvels. She could watch her and lsistening her every list, note, and distinction just in seeing her face on retrospection. And kiss. But careful she wouldn’t awake her, as sleeping as beautiful, or else passible to spend a dirty harsh quarter of an hour, with final firing if the hostage start feeling , filling hostile.



Play music as one plays the passing by and tempo of the time.

As the birds tell a story that are edible for the one that want s to know.



She had never had sex. Sex good sex as to be involved in it you have to have some reason. Because she was a conquistador and she wanted to do else to do more. And from having sought this good session story, not the niravana of course she could not stop waiting for a fine husby or wife, pick up, at leasure, and no pretending hysteria, no fac farce, she knew that for having a good one you should have or a lot of money-if you wish stay candid or a lot of time- if you d agree for a later Viagra still, not steel, stupeficant stupefiant style.




Would you like marry me? Thank you in advance for you r positive action.




Let me come back, not often, once a term, for at least preserving in my sense, the getting older an wiser since it is why we are perseverating being beyond being together both all alone but side by side; to perceive the passing by of the ever advancing season. Je t en prie.




Partiality. Spartiates. Satiates.



The day I could touch you as a token of our happiness having found shelter from being forlorn if in love. This day teh most beautifully, the one that indicates, I could wait for the rest.


And I know she would no like it to write again and again, from lover it passes for being a pest. Funny that?



Even if you d ask me I would not return in the ecuries. Of problems for you I don’t wantany. Wantonely.


My love of course everyone or at least the majority would be for us, as people being humanr rights defenders but what if us in front of the danger, no one would make the move, want a proof, the simple existence of dictactirship.


The vampires has to life this way because at night in a grave it is fucking too cold. And would it be elsewhere human would kill tham even if they were harmful. Like humans kill the wolfe to save the sheep that he would eat and make communal feast around that. Human the savior.

Top of Form


They say that demons takes children or animals for their preys because they are weaker no. because they are their facorites and that in the conventions they are more protected from human cruelty, the first one by being infantilized and overlooked anyway but for the ability at being the humans’favorites as well, the second one for the same reason and for his independency

The humans are wek from rejecting one’s true humanity, include one’s instincts, and inner voices. He is so weak that doing everything in secret of taking it as a weapons to destroy each other, of not understanding that one soul is at play., the deveil. Yes, yes, simplistic. Who honestly would believe holding the trugh truth on that even the most remotely as they are fleeing from them night and day. And to reproduce death everywhere on earth on top of it.

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The above mentioned products and their accessories have been discontinued
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Lewd as you don’t destroy your tool.

It wouls have been preciously well good thinking to save the machines and instaure a parallel orgainsation but for that you need support and they would have been denounced by the worker of the same cohort. Difficult and through time materialist historical.




There is nothing tha ti like more in aesthetics than dance. Alter, after you.






Try to eat dry to loose on weigh.

Never add oil or any other condiment when the body pay itself the satisfaction of taking in carbohydrate which are a source of heat, sugar, energy- basically they are some sort of flesh. And put condiment such as salt or spices, soup, soya sauce, oil, hear head heal herbs, in vegs



I ve been helped a little; I was able to deliver something correct in the mean while. Training. Or way of working and studying which are under amazing threat. They already aren’t job what will happen in a little while. I repeat while twice, oh paredon, I was not mean to say that professor. Might I have a glass of water?

Default of punction punctuation, osorry.



I ll reformulate but not my question. The thirst was just transitoire. Oh yes I know that water supply is over under certain conditions. Can I have water, please. Before I drop through the effort of having to retain the pain exploded and the shame ot have some reminiscence of what earth was supposed to be given that there were a brain, the ware offals, and a heart under the banner humanity. Not nostalgic they conduct us here and now and what was happening there and then? We imagined it gay, it must had been awfully gone.




The Deutsch–Französische Jahrbiicher (English: German–French Annals) was a journal …

Fucking anglese (almost anagram for angels).

fucked up one should say.




Love, over all over. Hold.




histori of identity.  My wife this vampire, my husbi the werewolf, faithfully as the two being in one as long as the couple still condition as separate their two bodies. Namely I can be both, as long as I don’t enter another state of con-sciousness, science pratciqually and don’t decide to make one out of both various characters.



These people who complains about the bird’s poo near the pond or the beach or the forest, whatever, whrever, whenrever when without them, the land would be as dead as doctors.





People have a taboo on nudity for the danger of vulnerability that it embodies, and this as long as people will be at each other necks. Log, hog?


Not talking about your scape goat, non vegetarian.

hog  (hôg, hg)


a. A self-indulgent, gluttonous, or filthy person.

b. One that uses too much of something.


1. Informal To take more than one’s share of: Don’t hog the couch.


4. To shred (waste wood, for example) by machine.

In a lavish or extravagant manner: lived high on the hog after getting his inheritance.


4. Informal a selfish, greedy or slovenly person


→ (Mast)schwein nt; (US: = pig) → Schwein nt


hog [hɒg]

1. nporco, maiale m
to go the whole hog (fig) → fare le cose fino in fondo

2. vt (fam) → accaparrarsi
to hog the road → guidare nel mezzo della strada




at a time whre property was glorified as a trophee coming from the providence, thought-values back by “both the satate and legal system’ indeed but ‘even if speaking of social was a rather new institutions, even if the petering out of the civil society make any individual at the mercy of the machinery’, it cannot been forgotten that social in itself does not parry any kind of power abuses or ignorance disaster and its enforced recurrency


She would think it is irreverential it is offhand as I want each minute to make use sure ruse that every element is underlined. For what and why on earth would have her to bear attention ot that to understand when I am far reached, as love for me is a process of thought that would be belied as thought by the one who is not here pondering over her beauty from dawn to the departure of dark.



People are nice and comfy relying on the welfare state or the opportunities in their jobs to abuse colleagues on sole account of praising the boss.

And all this hatred build upon borders and nationality. We will have t o be tougher before ve being invaded that sort of simagree. But now what is a country but 200 units trying to consumme the last poch of blood that “has to” be seek and sucked?

So what your people see when they play smilly and liberated, of what?

Who still believe in peace prosperity sanity justice in the world the way it is runned down?

They re is not citizens already and soon no state either, but the human status looking up looming for the prey for which one will rev receive the better pay.



Why are we on earth. To depouille one’s neighbourhg. Most people would defend themselves of this but why then they put on adoring some members while desiring the lost of the other ones, and if not desiring taking up a way of life entailing it?

What’s up?

On common sense spreading upon values vocabulary, just checking out the fact that they only talk about finance.

Note for latter, is this human?

Then it is why humans keeps on pretending and even better than that he is god and beyond its own destruction.

It is why keep looking on your soul brother would be my exhortative extortion.



I am a horse but with you I would have to find my equine distinction.

Whereas you are afraid of me abbecoming less than delectable, of course I am not saying that I am plat palatable. The thing hat ‘s true is that I would transrom in dog for you to keep me. (but ok you would may well have to pute me down for that kind of relationship.)


I could need you for more than one idea, I never attend seriously enough high school and never finished it. Exept sometimes for my french for original ideas my marks were at zero if not plus bas. Exept for socio for being a good listener of radio-with my ma.



She tortures him with saying that she cannot commit in case he would afther then betray. Whereas betray her would be suicidal or damnation, as never would he heal (he al) from having doing (hath) that.

But what is she thinking, it is what emotion and sentiment are about, more than effusion and hysteria, grandiloquence, an y type of behaviour that did not think beforehands. Betray her, meaning loosing her assl )all the time he thinks of (like an hassle that harasses) haras. Ara.

Also he would avoids, at least not big mistakes, not mean mistake. But little mistake is enough to ruin a reputation, yes I could feel killing the one that would no say excuse me and pardon, but apart from that? Me howling for years at the door accepting the fact that I d take yes yet a while before your opening? And still I would not occupy anything you are my impress.

I am victim vc of my style, I am victim of my genre. I was waiting for your lessons.




You demonstrate enough of your courage and affection I believe enough in your honesty and sanity of mind therefore I should not have burst this way even when I stumble across your literary companion of no past. You told me there has not been anyway, it was just a burst, but now what can I do as I am blew away? I mean ok but perhaps to see you as I am not a truly damned sheer vampire, I won’t be able to ask after midnight. It is from there that with comes reality even if reality is beyond fiction we know that at the expense of dying for not having life.

It is my major difficulty I am aware of problems I warn and warn like a goat blathering but it is solely to beg to be careful for two my interlocutor, in occurrence/;…



Also could you not bear mch attention to typing mistakes, the real ones I would give me thoughtless job to do when reading back my jahrbiicher. Buche, log,  b.ich.e, biche, deer, HIND.



This moment when yo are so near her that she can hear you. She would not enjoy them indifintely after your tenderness made her soothy, she has to act on what bring your coming of verity and passion. in sooth.




You were mad at me thinking I was doing this foolishry on purpose itis not strategic or tactic, I am a fucking idiot. I mean perhaps like else it is congenital, I don’t ask nothing more than taking account and ameliorate but I am traumatised at the ideo of the punishment.

Confounding breath of pleasure with those of meurtrissures.


Tu sais j aimerais qu on se meette bin d accord sur ce sujet. Je n iamerais brai vraiment pas qe t u penses que l a maniere don’t th je me suis comporte avec toi est ma maniere form for trying to seduce in the noble terminology of this not activity but soul cry anjd on its becoming.i was not trying to sedce seduce but to appeal yeah. But it is not that I was not easy is that the boat was lost anyway. It is not like that I am busy, it is not like that I am deary, it is not like that I cherish my beloved, it is like that I sacrifice. Not sacrificing you, but you are right  better be away as it is not question of intention but if someone is not god in a battle field everything may happen olk. Dkon’t deduce it is a threat (three-at) I can love you but you only.



I know that you are bothered with romance, but I would have not at all, I don’t the 10th ok bt really don’t know by infinite thought, aka mein kampft which I really would thumb in the metro, my problem is that if you know well people on having exert your prowl of analysis and the profounder of your feeling, you did not test them avidely. I am not talking about a dumb test that the tester do on purpose or would not be able to sit in themselves I am talking about a test on ethics and equity. Probe and prove people their limitations, hypocrisy, lies, persverssion, sadism, and prove them they are the one gonna die in well mediocre conditions, but this time not set by well them but what they did with their destiny. I tremble each time I write these words, what have I done with mine? Or going to do? What if I was listening to evil, even in doing things not bad, but in not doing things better? I could have profoundity my love, no one is damned to the through. Not the one bad, I mean a hole is where we should to be giving an hand to every life that has been threw from the plate fore. What about veing beaten, eaten? One day, one life.


One day, one life. Would suffrerance endure with the mind of the d sage, as souffrernce reduce our instinct to the prize and praise of the impl siple simple spark of life. This stretch of the time, am not saying torture you will give birth, but when suffereance is the consequence of us finding solution or having to found find them. Could sufferance, this having to bear one’s mind out of the receptor, bring and give life out of the dire.



Dire = d aillleurs = from elsewhere by the way.




Work value, it is alright to choose activities and build 6 houses and troc them against a lot of stuff. What is not alright is to work to exploit people and their environment, that is one could say I want to enjoy a car ride as it would still have car, but not possess 10 cars, but build one’s house to hire a racing day- and we would see who still like cars when they would have lost their privilegdes costums appears- i.e. pollute the planet, or the social status that convey customers and fellow conners.

But I mean yo cannot have 6 houses for you simply because earth has to be shared in one, but has to be left uncovered.



The legionary position is the most comfortable for the les as they would in that configuration been withot any impair being able to touch the most of the surface oth the tothers with the most of their own. Of course still very artistic, singular, spectacular to manage to do that. Real sex mh.

What’s next?


People don’t think they jst bawl what they have concluded of their past plaisantery.

It is how judgment are all but intelligently passed, but none bar bias.



Liberty for people means not freedom or any thing grand , magistral, honourable, higher than not enslavement. And then more and more tied slavery does not omply no longer the having to do things stupid, or detrimental, or unfilfilling, or whatever is an insult to the worth and intelligence proper to our species- and any species because if other species have for them treasure of mind that people don’t have the slightest most remote idea of, they can well wee, see an feel, that it is the “complete end of” what the humans are doing- even a spirit implied all its life in alltoghether other matters, can see when it bends to it a little bit, and they do as if they don’t have written records of the past-though I anm sure they do, they are species for goodness sake- they are the one who does not need machinery and confrerences to evaluate that our fumes, our farts –what people deem and how to consumme off for their corpses daily even will prove deadly.




Dou koutchner disavow pardon luoi







It is not insult it is underligne what people knows about their personage or character. Only that we know as they are crampled with us going right down to enfer = hades = made of iron, people will become mine.

But not mines, that other would venere, revere, and walk through to exchang of light and colors and glittering with is light condense by the partition of shadows, no, the mines as they are treated by us since

Miles jst a few a aorta is pierced, this millimetre thickness.




The dark used to be the devil as people were fearing for their life at night in particular.

Now tthis color will be green, as they will be dying from this color, the blood of trees (threes) missiong,

Missing, a particule from the atom history would begin, as far as human this magistrature is on lead.




I had to go with all my prome promises, for m y love for you could be a nice promisc, mix, and I went, and I went with all that my souls and body could fin d of the net, and I went to far, as I did not hear you to say ‘tout doux, tout doux’.



You hate the pollce, but you fuckng work for the pollce.





It ahs become so pathological that I cannot feel but distress when I have to wrok in the building yet again even further from yours. The pathos of th e lack the miss the void. You are not here. But would you be here I would understand my little existence as what could I be or do that could be fo of some serenity?




The flight speed of a bird so fue fuse that one case cannot see him distinctely.

When birds are as feminine as delicate and discreet as flowers, that surely are male on the same basis basically similar, at the identical the unique will of the fusion among lovers; lover. Mere.




Ininfinite thoughts.

Is it a bet, is it a cahallenge?

It is an intuit.

I accept it as cmediocre, and what?

It is nothing but hope.

But careful with hiope as one must not hope past the post.

I d give me energy for the next stage in that case.


Change of team.



Were you a little mouse, I would not do any harm to you, and I would pray for you to stay near me. Even if I d take me tremendous amount of time, because you would be this, souris. But I d be appaled by my propensity at having uncapacity at remind you at your place in my dream, and I culd kill you from turning over during sleeping. As I have nothing to orient me, no anylonger midi, no mapmonde, no desire for another woman, nothing than the horrors of being immonde.




Not immune.




I imagine becoming mad at meat eater, or polluter would they be my lover.

And after, corruption, well you ve got a job, it is your wish it is alright. I would not look into it. I cannot blame my love for being like all other budies. And me I am corrupted each time I haven’t die for more freedom, everyday and this compared to live in one’s grave is alike.



It is because of obstruction to true humanism that we are still in death orow as a species. A deserved one I mena, the logics treasure of the minds that have bbeen exploited without being thanked by a we understood you and thus in harmony we will apply, a rape in one word.

Each itime one says yes to unfair way, saying to oneself ti it si just the one for the day, it is the brand grand participation that has been made.

But you are mad I am not a big epre pre personanage. But no one is. The rules are everyone, and the rulers have to obey if not they loose seats and le lies are saturated.

The means to an end? What debility.





El legs al.

Hide heirs.



But what would happen if we were sharing, the same goal, the same place…

Well I would do nonsense and you would look at me like if I was dirty, and I would not understand, so you would have to explain explicitely.

And I would park I promise, but for the pollution.



To eat kilos, and liters, and kilos. Without asking further. What is energy for? Are we still alive? And what for? Death is an oracle, death is a beauty. She speaks of our limitations, she speaks about doing better than vac. She looms over the emptiness and go for us to fill back in ourselves and be once again ready. With on top of it that there is another space for guarantee.




But what would it be left the day I lose every?

Being the master of one’s mind- and one’s death. Leading to another scrypt.




I could stop thinking bad but big because were for you al every bit of my feeling.




If religious groups proved to be simply groups of interests, that will reform under whatever creeds solely in order to “gain” monopoly over “the commands of hierarchies”

Why do you have beat me?

I don;t want to ask why did you kiss me?

Reference to your sugar salty, cold sultry, that have a clout on my being dreamy.



I remember this old nan. I remember her since the beginning of my life according to the almighty respect I had. And if thie person had been the devil? What I have to ascertain through this experiment, is that to believe anything ready is the mind.




And if it is her puissance I have in aawe. And that controlling nothing of it I start stuttering. Dddddvillllllllllll, no time to say me.



When people lie I am hurt and somthing tell me that :} or inexact?


You said I love you as you may have said she is not hateful.



But if the society, the communauties is like that, ot be threatening for everything you culd be doing, up to your having affection (I mean you did nothing bad, no bribes, nothing more than interest, we hope it was interesting for everybody otherwise everybody welcome for redirecting the debate/ and noise but that is your usual input) for the non pre designated guy, then it was at least show that the combat for equality and revolution was not fight in the right dimension.

You know now how love is cruel. To point out to one, to make sure that everybody participates, just for its demise. Are you satisfied? So it was not true love? Or so it is what love is like I talk you that.




People were thinking that he would intsert in their mind distrurbuing image. What he could do is to read what there were in your mind, the ones you are unaware when we sleep at night. And there being readable made them you having a glimpse of it or actually a lot of more than that he felt.

Actually it is surprising because from that kind of waves, where people are becoming lethal with displaced terror it is more ‘she’ than ‘he’ that they utilise.

Because one the lady who are said to have this gift is eliminated, you would not do that to a guy to keep the labor? Produce a man without female? And since homo are in the death parlor, could be interesting to pomp towards competition to madness.



competition to madness.



autodichact, oligolarchy are horrendous word as if in the best scenarios humans like a team would be under one same law, what happens when humans arec concerne dis that the all lot at best would be decide by one person- when it is not rape by thousands- but one person cannot do the job, even if they were the truly, uncorruptible, humanist one. Also the work would be left in a state of unfinsished abstraction or derelict, unmanoeuverable state of function.



What is to be called porno is not having sex, but having sex only for oneself in a wanking fashion manner. Devoid of love, devoid of feeling.  Of course one can perform it well in taking into account the well being of its part-ners while doing it but why doing it? And I think that it is what is also so sad, alongside that it is clearly not a choice or at least the hit rock bottom behind second option (hope shone) –and not of the second best. It is (w)hen we stop waiting for picking because of thinking that there is nothing up there- that we perform sex devoid of love because of having conjugaly loved someone, whence the need for sexual exaltation in an at all levels fusion vow, without being with them and therefore having to go for it simply enacting a  so cherished position of (in) (a) live in a throwing of tear.

I also think- because it is a cerebral play – be it before to finally desire an outcome whatever it may be, while, or after romanticising, mechanising, sportisizing, professionalising, standardising it maybe??-  that this is what makes sense for the porno industry being so out of the tune regarding refinement because what one seeks is to burst not to be remind of what they are missing.


Or maybe making sex with too much sensuality and pleasure would bring our flesh too near and spread the most intimate disease without mentioning mental raping.




Internet for civil society and education of masses? Masses don’t have no more time or money to deeducate themselves let alone motivations as one learn fucking stuff to fuck u p the planet or when it is worth of learning apply them will mean no way you want to joke about of what…

Internet is there as a forum of professionals, workers that have nothing to say in the survival of them? Even not, of the very survival of the planet.



Eternal U.n.


I thought that tears were at the apex of love disarray it was false. I can feel the black hole, ok?

Repossessed? But what if my desire is nothing more than belonging to what and who would od od do?

What if? Looking for what unsatisfaction, the mind could very much rather stay in this zone of true attention. And for the tensions? And for the final ending? I will tell you the day they will appear and disappear to leave their master who knows how describe the grand what were they for these, sire?



Never go where you are on no circumstances as of course one would profit from this occurrence for your reputation or your representativity to be spoilt. Ok, whatever for what I care of these fuckers, but what I am doing to dod do to tempt at seeing you, now? Vauxhall station? No no I am kidding, I don’t want you to slap me!



Cet vies d mackack.



I believe in my intuition even if it asks me impossible stuff bac because she has been in the past revealing of moment in the future, so I ll trust, and I will stay faithful to my ideals, even though I don’t get to see them at all form for months on end. It is that to be devot, and the only path to love for love.

The day I realize you ll never come I ll get what love taught me during your absentium fear nothing but opprobrium.


Talking about pleasure, about sensuality, the psychic play.

The psychic play that is the taste of people who makes a rules to work off out boredom and complete anonimat when action for something comes.

This psychic play that the amusers professionals, the one who blame over others’ seriosity, would reprimand, notwithstanding the fact that where their psyche is gone, they would not know that. But the fact that it is the last weapons to condemn someone upon all unrelated criteria.




Why od do hosnest people believing in equality and humanity might hold on to priviledges for some reasons?

To preserve the piece fo of green than almost everyone would sell, to pay the state of the art invenitoion. Not to pay them because paying them would mean to corrupt them, but as far as I find the devoted, truly to its field, one you can subvention independently, for fear of one’s live and pay militia as security, since state are all crooky one cannot rely on police agent- even if this one would be the incarnation of honesty and duties, simply because one cannot fight against the mmain rule without being surrounded.











Metre, maitre, meet,




You fear boredom, I fear vacancy, recess.

Or maybe it is fearing that render the spell hostile. How to look beyond that to answer to the call of doubt?




On spot of bother, I am the police…




In 3000 years the devil may be your savior, but today’s you are his servitor.

Let’s show what you digged out.

Not bad, and what else, I thought that you could be stronger in hatred, disease and other illnesses (ease).




It is true that they throw her on heterosexuality as vulgarly as they were supposed to be distinguished.

But if the results has not been farm for being satisfactory, were she had been the authorization to explore her lesbian style, shw would have shared her life with a woman for a long time.

They preserved your sexuality, in fact your virginity thus. And me the lover I am a happy person to whom something similar had been administered. Let’s stay open, let’s not forget that we are guided by strange forces and norms, and the why of the what we don’t have any but ours, that we know are far reached aren’t they? Do no take notice, I am listening to attently to the thunder, zeus in a nutshell, ok?



You are my half, the one I was looking for, the one I thought were residing onto a person of the past, but it was jsut for the rehearsal it is what they say. I want to believe but the joke has been training for so many years, like you?

I had planned for years to stay in contact whateer happen with them, and today, zeus who I trust first, coherently say that my lucas, my half, the incarnation of my husband is you. Look this melt on gender it is not my play you know me it is not the pussy I jungle with easy, it is jsut wha ti  I reckon of this play.


Is it stormy at yours? Are you listening to it?


I am your man, you agree with that? I mean you know it is tha ti am performant a that? Einh?

It is just that I am so coq en pate, inane, that I would be helpless at protecting ya.

If I were abandoning you, or if you were abandoning me, I think that we would lose our psychic power and the furiously grace force and consentment on higher authority.

I think. If not my mistake, I would go through it and as for my intensity, stories, philo, later, further reinvest.

The thing is that I don’t want to err, for me diagnostics, I can do whatever for its success, meaning mission accomplished otherly said, and you?


You want to wait if you fancy turning demon?

Don’t take that literally please I am fed up of sinking my own ship, don’t you have no trust in that, the little pea in between my ears, it is by open mind that I talk to you of that. It is metaphorical, jsut insisting on the fact that everything else is…

Ok it is not metaphorical.

But don’t ask for verity, I am not a charlatan.

I feel like begging it is excrutiation.

I am not even sure you are reading these (visse) words.



I n fact lucas was so effeminate that I was to replace his husband. But in the other story he was my son. Thereofore it was an entire platonic and in fact even not physically shared relation, and I agreed as he was the smally of what I deemed to be my wife. A transformation story, and ‘a’ et b’’ comes together and gives ‘’c’ and ‘c ‘comes together iwht ‘d’ and gibes ‘e’…..


Ah yest like you just may have came to understand everything in what I produce, when not review, but no time for review, is spontaneous, not refined at all spontaneous.



Spontaneous like you mon amour, but kill the spontaneous in you, we are not allow any longer, we are the rulers and we are under rules that we don’t know a shit ao.



I look for the coup de foudre all my live, love at first sight, and it is only now that I reckon that I could well be the day when I saw but not directly inside her eyes, she was just passing by on the side , with an umbrella, or was it her shadow, no it was her shadow, this woman of power that loomed like the dodo.

I am sorry to instist but the vampire is you.



Passing by before entering the scene where I was at apain to understand something about nihilism and over paid.

Mind this day, I did my most successful representation, the performance I nver thought I could play. I drop drama for sciences, with all my respects, but these days we were like too much taken for idiot and me still thinking that dram a could change better than a pamphlet, of course it does but not in my file field.

Did  she appreciate, at that time I did not know her, and all the better because if I d know I would come dumb, or at least irrestibly quiet for trying not to surge her disgust.

Ilove you but you still hav taste, ok.

Desire,  de sire.



Cabrel les eglises

Have a look at felix art,  I love her still but duty I had not been there for her.

Et carol symblolic mort.



Tu sais quand t u tes pasee ton lip stick, I still dream of that.

Parce que tu m as regarde..

Et evidemment c etaif fort car ca t amusait.

Et evidemment ca occupt l esprit intensement de faire l andouille sans leur faire remarquer.



Et then I was so far away thinking you culd think of pampering yourself

I d like to do it myself anyway.



Roehampton was a real choci, single honours.

But of course I look around. Colchester too far, and Kingston because kingson is specialized in politics whcic one I d study ovcer social sciencs.

So I wavered but single honors so it idid not last long, but still I kniw, ofor once the shadow of my dady, that I was more about it. Scrapping of single honors, yes I really will have a big time, it is one. My dame.

Ah yes, big confusion, my boss.


You know in life I don’t think one cannot do something terrible in fact, but in atmosphere and ambiance, here are our skills. And once every spirits has found its place in the board, the chess is set for terrible, terrufuc, terrific, territory, dig the earth, just as sensuously for there to be recovered with the offerings we should have been providing since the nights and sdays of the first arrivals of the starting time.





As infinite as the electricity clashes between cold and warm.

As deep as your feeling when watching breaking ice.

As loud as a tree telling the mass when the wind move all that

It is on its grounds.

D Gr k



Methphorically my dady, as they better not ressembling the initial one if they want me ablt to give them trusty respect now and then.

You like the frame, I won’t be able to half size him. I would try but am not so keen onsport, I do it just to be longer alive, a lot of pleasure, but priority, your poems, my child.



I ve always wanted to go under the rosace of notre dame de paris and kiss chastly my wife there if there were people around, and my passionate cry on the wall of despair.

You are the rosace’ light to me.

Not the true one I came back after my dream, but the one of my childhood where I knew, it came to me as the colors invade, that religion was necessity, for their churches, the beauty of these building, their sanctity; it was enough.

Rose. Re save. Solve. sank



Look I am not talking about violence bby will beating,,,but by coercion and restrain. I know I will come to see you not in your circle I understood no near your career, fair enough, I am a bit longish that’s all.

But if at one point after all you deny me from a real talk and start asking somebody only to remove me from the pavement where I am just asking for your attention don’t do that please. Because nobody would understand I am the guy that think of you all day for centuries. I am not saying I would do but I now that my natural response logically is to think about bring them into pieces. I am not particularly strong but in that instance I would be, and in particular because if I had to stop my fury I would becom completely inert and it would be a simple rape for someone else than you to touch me. Get the drift.




I know it she almost did ti to me.

And the day she did it I knew and everyone that were there that there is supernatural the real one the one of kinesy, but that won’t reproduce deuce I am looking for someone who likes me really this time.

I am lost but her trick no one is gonna do that to me again. I quit, you see, I quit, it is no menace.

I quit without any violences, revenges, I cannot touch a woman or a life of a woman I loved, you believe in that? But her insults, and her gang, don’t throw me the dog, please don’ t do that. I am starting asking myself if I ook more than horrible. To protect me? Look a good conversation will do. I won’t unhook? you are my poetry. You don’t want to be? It is not bad poetry look. I need intensity, I need prophecy, I need you, I need purety, I need poverty.


You hold the info I am not refining them, they say thinks I don’t even read after without thinking they are insane, but bakdly written mainly. Ma declaration.



It was not so big by the way, a guy I did not know, the new lover, I already had to put up with the husband came and forbidden me to talk to her by being at the door, I slept with her a very little bit but we were friends remind it. So it was my time to enter. He took my throat when I try to force, I look at him and all the sudden, the sometimes black stain I see in the air. Came out but this time like if it was a stream of them, two rushing lanes from my eyes to his. je te le promets, he fell down, straight on the floor holding his own throat if I remember well. It is only that he came back on his feet two seconds after, she pushed me out of the house, I never manage to do nothing more this night and the umpthieme from time to time but scarcely after. It is only them that but I am a convert from then.

What happens to you, you will tell me after?

Can yous see color , shapes?

Would it be in a cemetery? Someone entering a tomb? Someone strangly but extremely happy? Like in dream seeing someone else to reveal one aspect of our own personality or avenir.

Did this tomb disappear after you decide to invest? And you search but nothing, but it makde you invest the whole planishpere, to discover that I was your cematary. Not a bad side, but the surest shelter, the place you would choose between all if people did not disturb your revery.



Don’t think that people does not trust you because you are bad, but they don’t because you are not anylonger ignorant of their ludicrousisty, and their want to buy everybody.

You are my queen, so it would not be to attack the gratuitly but be ready yourself to save any liberty, just warn, just do things honestly nicel y propertly without threatening. But what if you understand that these bastards the assugetissement of others simply for whatever I don’t give it a shit of their imbecility baseness, but take my responsibilities, and tackle meanness. To this child that think they are the god of the palace from enslaving and prisoning eberyg



Ok would you be my first girlfriend?

Without joking the others were flings but when I say flings it is quick express of sheer disaster that I rather even mention, ok just once but I was when I understand the mot boucher. I last longer I was coming to speak about the woman I loved and drink one of my last bootles. I was wanking in group. I am so gutted, so fucking gutted. Don’ t think I am filing you by despite, am not interested by bon coup, I rather being really in love that having good sex session with someone to release the tensions.

This is what I now after deviance but don’t think I have alot in my carriage, in stalking included, am faithful and vraie.

Si tu penses a moi dans l histoire qui est en train de se denouer n y pense plus je fais le choix de mon Coeur. Pas celui d la rue.


For a good angel gal I just fiu figure out that it could be ok one at the edge of the bed, legs ajar, and the other in between but not in the bed. Lower part out of it thinking only how would slide two clits.

And er percute.

I shad do a special session I ll never remember my tow mentions.


I am not saying it is anything  better, but could permit met to a slightly improved hovering, my excellence.



Speaking of sex like a play

Oike play one imagines.

Waith with you edon is when you are in the room




With delicateness and don’ t whorry, the play is not just a little bit tense.



It will be deceiving it will be disappointing.

Every one is playing down the phenomenon because they  own attitudes and believes are at stake. They are hiding. Not been detached, or diestcreet, or uninterested, no, no, the contrary but they are hiding. And like usual when there is something eerie and dangerous who come forward and mobe move at the opposite of the mob? Oh yes, they go so well they resemble so much on earth each other. They write the same they endorse the same politics of the insane. Almost incestuous…blablabla…it us.





I AM   Just imagingin you reading some of this stuff and I can see popping in my view your eyesbrows screwing the screening and your thumb taking the direction of your mouth which one will open enough to start eating the quarter of an inch that you put between your sip lips, let’s say against.

And this frowning your noise, being so certain that I call you my baby like to test your acerbity.

I wan t to pamper- would look after you sounds like more elegant?.

I want not vanish.



When my children brave me it is the edge of the precipice that they attempt to convey- to me?




I am in a room there where is pai pianos. My instrument is solo is the cello, but what I like is instrument in solo. The only with which I d like to play, the day long, don’t mock it is already what I have been doing, I don’t need for this (fort) more than your secret ascent, maybe up to unknown of you maybe unknowt.




2 am. A big big noise. Again and again. I wanted to reassure the neighbourgh no it is not him that have set some trap or what. A mechanical noise coming like a repeated grate. I did not want to rise. But went on and on and on. Not a noise I knew really. Is this one of your alarms? Your are so polite with your neighbourghs that you could well have invented some other ado. Not he did not try to break-in, no it has not taken up playing cello.

So at the end I went. I had to do almost 100 yards up to this incredible big noise of the barriers of a lane train, it was not coming down at all but these 4o cm that had her come up again, and down and up without doing nothing than hoping and crying but blocked basically.

I was afraid of electricity, it is the big danger with trains lane electricity.

I came facing the street, completely deserted.

And it then  I thought but gosh this is so eery. And it is when I realize that I am in the middle of the night in a residential quarter, that there is dozen of people around me not able to sleep anylonger, that this deafening noise, now I approach it is going on for 10 15 minutes now maybe, that they are people and house everywhere nearby, and this road is deserted totally.

I touch it with my shoes it is the barrier it has to be immune.


put the board forbidding cars to pass by as it is so dangerous that these barriers don’t work properly

And all of a sudden

Light for naught.



You arem y man, you are my man, hm?

O I mean if you are or if you want to be a man, I want it to be mine.



Every virile or feminine are queer as when we like and look for an d find for extreme, the other part as a balance comes as well.


To listen to poets, chansoniers, and just to know that my duty is to wait that the inspiration struck me.

As they convey the feelings I have for you, as they free me by hearing my complain.

I l wirte everything I owe you, and as I am given the energy for being fulfil by living through, only this, they are as pride as my mystery.

To manage to express what I owe that of vitality my love I will have to persist for entire eternity.


23 on IT

You don’t fucking know the others.

We are run by the mafia in everyway.

You don’t know the workers. Should you manage to exalt their positions, interests, deeds, …theway jobs are performed now, it d be the end of the world in accelerated motion.

I met people in social services habing no care about nothing than about theirwages.

I saw people let dyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. I mean, it try to explain to you it is not the oddity. Try to emancipate their seats and you are gonna to become their lug then their lunch.

Better they had better be dying if not they were insulted as being in a way helped, because these people are unable (by the system, by their own set) or make the others unable to change the working conditions. Of course you don’t want to provide helep to someone who don’t need, but then youmanage to provide one they do need, and you manage them to be the very providers of help.

What you don’t do is to live out of hatered just in order to keep sitting-in in the same estate.




A used to represent the day when I d lose all my papers like the day of doom..

But now I can fell that just put fire in it, at section, then at some, and at the hwhole , hall of my ludic-rous-ity, or whatever that may be, the day of liberation. And after it? A summary! Meditation transcendental could be trendy. And drain this time my appetite of infamy.

It is not me that think these lines, but the love I have to please, this woman or this man, that god lend me.







I wanted to say, if I copy quotations from you or your sources I will use them once I ll be out of London. I just think that some materials are really super interesting between com and soc…and if there is the slightest danger, further more to which you don’t want to be parented.

And to be honest if any successful dangerous it will.

Not that I blessed, not that I been.




Sometimes I feel like pursuing, and adding to my sentences. And I listen to my bowels, my pipes that voice the need of stopping.

And yes, if I hadn’t it would have so vanitously seems.

I don’t manage to admit that it should be for me like a siren. It is how I am. Because when you start listening to instinct you are quite capable to do everything and its possible opposite, end impossible and addictive as contrarily to not listening and end up doing nothing or the usual think thanks that are eating you.



All what I want is his happiness, used to say his mother.

And he agreed it was the ultimate. But from a mum is to say farewell and hope for the best.

From him, to who, to someone who could take while doing the same.



I left only half ah hourmy comput in his bag on my bed, and put the cover over it as I laid.

I took it to write, it was boiling, I think I could have provoked a fire casualty like that, mind the battery lasts naught thank fully. It is why it is not a big policy health and safety domestic death prevention, no one goes in bed with their computerization IT nowadays.

It did not explode me either. “Say sorry”.



And if I could (die and-tiens let’s erase appearance) be borne again, for you to have lived love at first smith, sight?



Die when one wants, and smiling to have been able to be in the countryside, in summer for not being cold, and not having to deliver messages of life that no one would reckon.

With a smile, old chum, (mes vieux = parents).



I might be red ready to penetrate you, I might be doing it, but due to yur invasion.





E quip EE?



It is no so easy.

It is no so easy to understand and as I had always believe that I would make a breakthrough in somme sort of psychology, thereapy, or weel guradred intelligence secret. But in fact yes, I did, it is easy.

The trick is that everyone pretend to argue and hold differen view on the system but the day one really tackle more than by mouth the initial service/customers of you do like I say if not you are finished even if it is detrimental to everybody but us parasites, that have abandoned for so long their dignity and destiny.

but the parasites, that have abandoned for so long their dignity and destiny…that would need another system in which they could follow without the certitude of being hang to show respect And intelligence for everybody..

the parasites?

The parasites in competition and cooperation.




Us in French moeurs and us.




You say you are for me, bt I am serving politics of ethics so it is not for me I battle but for those.

No, no politics is about constituting groups of war and fight each other to poverty or sales ot one’s soul to satan, not that satan is to blame it is just the one one accept to drink gold and give their poo instead.

And this has to be practise all over our outlet. Let towards. Avillissement following by annihilssment, but if you prevent us from being satisfied through it to be plain, the zombies will spread famine on this one. Job done.

Plain and crude, we know that there is no future than cruel, but emphasizing it permit the phantasm to come and to excite us the all day, we are imagining us to eat so much of our neighbourghs blood, flesh that these tissues could cocoon earth and moon, with us as the satellites of hell.



She wants the peace amongst her cubs only, her cubs amongst the neighbourghs, they were all her kids provided they were jolly. As if they weren’t she had to make sure she was the mum in acts, deeds, and spirit.



Drugs are her, are here, to keep us in touch with something that we want.




Dire straits, the tunnel of love.

“Like it ti always di did.”



Telegraph road

“the birds’ code”




PM, post-mortem.



The lam of bod, god.

Lamed and roaster roasted.



Lame = blade in French.



It is bizarre to have love melody to the late last bit without noing the language they were sing in. And when after thousands of listening you finally learn the words they stay the best description of your idylls

Ill. Idle. idols.

Maybe a magnificient music can only be bear by a any how romantic spirit. SPIE< PIOUS_SPIRE>

Spade, spare, speed, sporadic, Spinoza, spain, pad, par, peed, por, pine, pyre, peel, pale.



I would have been a musician, taking voice and instrument everywhere.

Now what am I supposed to do that my way to express is in a long verve?

At least I would play around people to deliver what I ve got to play, but here what should I do with my pamphlet?



Don’t be jealous I don’t want nothing out of it.

Is still there a reason to wish me dead? So why do you want starve.

Staff. Well, let’s the music plays.

And every one end up onto steel, gun chase.



Transformation of the older age, between flesh and corpse, and when one thinks that flesh is not otherly praised than by lipolucozade. Crusade?



Like in these stories where there are a blond and a brune. And that we take for granted we are the one with the air the most approaching, like with a guy and a slut, or an ass and an ungirl, …, thinking that it sounds like history, it s sounded like my tale has been made. But who si if is who?

It is how love is in any circumstances that bearable –ti comes form a film that “circumstances” how many times did I write it in reminding this scene of the laquet more than any of the princesses, because him kept in my mind the dirty outlay-. And these circomstances that I want because I d rather shy love that an openly one that in other plans would let me slay, or abandoned have me slain.

or abandoned

band hone.

Orabl, owner, honour, horibl, abate abase and home.


Balt, blatang g blatantly forgetting to thank the slies from my place, where an unidgne indigne I might not be, or yes I am for all seconds my praises derail.

As not be, must mean something else, but be a shelter to the rain. And for the drop to be gathered and sip sacredly.



I have the knowledge to fight my enmity so why it is so vague and shape no divine but divide?

Divine like two ivy.



Why to go on?

Because whatever we say of intelligence, the future is beyond what is imagined. Alaways.



This door heavy and umnmovable. This window through which the air was whirling. A gall in the corridor, the sounds and tremens of a storm, the buildings talking howling how? The air through the window and this chamber resonating by the vent that the door was providing.

And the door is you, the ear.

I write what I write, as latter the door would have been shut and the notation, high in the wind.




If I was a musician I would compose the note my feeling was fusing in me, and I will await yours tonight unfusing again refusing but in me.


I would leave this silence that I could not brake unless commiting another offence.

And your voice would pursue that was left with no defence.

As I write, the music for which I pray, when forces allow me that is the words that ni your mouth would end over and then debate. A responding of the soul but who am I to believe and who I am to flee from our riverside. Person that noes, implose, implore impose. But in itself as life as has had for grain of delivering in front of me so many marvel, beauty, that the silence of the void that takes place to guide me round this estranged solace.



The sound and echoes of celebrity is this means to be and have a look in this spiral as a test of what rumours can say, as a test to lies, inaccuracies, sheer meaness or verity.

It is an abstraction too abling us to see for the moment when similar cases come onto our shame or fame.


Yesterday, of still being twice have you chosen me.

Of would be half if thinking that you did whereas none of it.

Of being something else, as to love you I d need kneeling nine more than humanity.







I spend all these day in celebration, in living, in coping up, in adding, up to in it.

But when it time for me to show you what I am, and made, am ma I d. With love, with mine, I am deceptive deceiving what I had been borne to see.





Charles dickens.

The tricks of having dick and balls, the balls to push it.



It is not by courage I am doing it but by respect for my proper and figurative love, my self love and the music you d played. And the one I have since then growing rocked by the tide and stream line of dangerous if not deadly walk out life.



In a place where things seem vicerate people start putting fire everywhere looking for miracles to appear as from them to appear by bravoure or honesty they woul d no care.

And the only thing appening is what Young called the suprat conscient, the fact that eVery attention had to converge on one point, since the situation has become so hopeless, emergency, so following the dictact of the previous aware neglect and policy that brought to an end any tool at intervening but to pray for god or evil, but having done nothing beforehand who will come does not take two imbeciles.

Idiot for thinking that they realease the most you can see that in their later preachings.

She loves her more than she could have imagined, more than she would have wanted.

As love is a treasure, loosing love is living hell, or live on earth with may-be.



Don’t bear much attention to the songs I don’t know them ver well and if I do I know too few to perfectly my ought and thoughts conveying.




You now know I may say thinks were weird or heaby about sexuality, I d like you not to be bother it is that I had not been introduce to ti very nicely, and I don’t think anyone is finally.



Live si short as who would mentally support this state of vegetation or even not hidden attitude towards degradation of everything more than understanding that it is not being soothed, that it is not even planning to be soothed, and that should you do something about it they could kill you and then shorten the span.


When one reads, thousands of killed in a new papers, it should be the sole news and everyon e reassembling around tables to stop the slaughter. Instead of that, it is but a tiny piece of information amongst horrors.

What’s the results are?

It is a tacit, silent, perhaps even whispered permission. That is we are in our offices, smily because the news is gone so it is no more faces crying or the one of debonair insurrection. But what more that are psychological attitude response. If one let that happen it is obligatory that the slaughter will reproduce in everywhere it had been disregarded thus. Would it be parried psychically the reaction would be suspense. No one would move before settling this, therefore our ways of tackling things directly would not be inseminate deadly.





i was cycling on my lane. the driver honked me i showed him that i did not take heed of the numerous hole that there are on the road. he overtook me, i am quite a sporty person and i do knwo that driving a bus is difficult but what happen is that yesterday i though that my last day out of hospital has rung. it is because i am sporty that i manage not to fall and holding my bike while the driver left me not more than 10 cm at one point for doing it. i was on the verge to decide to drop the side of the pavement not wanting to be run over by this hog. i warn you that if noone gives me a clear answer to this complaint i will complain to the police. as for the training of your staff regarded the distance they have to respect with cyclists, knowing that the cyclists have to themselves keep away from the curb as the far left inside is but sewage drain, you should trian them better.




Used to asking “what I am going to do”. The sole reaping response is to trust the reight right way whetever happen as for what doing any steps forward in disalignment with that?

Trust and share. To the completion of once upon a time I were young and thus know that ideals can trip stop wars and its compeer. There is no “let’s compare” but compete for honesty till an angel comes off the grey and agree.



She is the energy enabling the past to be present, and love omniscient, as more powerful than her none, whatever in yesterday of any perspectives on future disaster she what life brings of rebuild.

And then every element a sacred story in which in her hands none is fortuity.



The running water.

The running water as it has to be kept natural and free, not kept indefinitely no accumulate as every one needs it.


Water  as being sacred, and when taking a wash or a shower, with the flanet or the hose at its minimum counting how much on needs and therefore dance with her.

And every day bear this sacred ceremony linked with our body relieved from its sweat.

Sueur = sweat           suaire in french shroud






If we cannot do this without being in security- and security o f employment too it would be saying htat it is a post nazi society, It is better we realize it sooner, what do you think thing?



I could fight all the fights for you babay, but like a boxer the too many blow could drive me a killer, who unlike the were wolf would not recognise its own sitter.




She d like writing like you, as clearly as the flowing of a fountain.

And as jerky as the arrivals on its lands from sprinkling to drenching, have relief and me in unison.



The you nger we are the longer I will miss you, should we stay apart.

The maturer, the longer I would have early)ready to belong to you, get.




I d like to come to your meetings, wearing the hijab, recognised from noone, and I d be gone the moment you could straight to me such the fire ‘ light on a butterfly’ s energy.

But it would not arrange my dimplomatic relations, also I wont’ resort to this, consort is the only way .

Bottom of Form



Physical violence, as when it is the only tool left for breaking free as been tamed by words.

But what when words are “worked” in order to cease visible physical injuries to replace them by moral, mental, whatever one is obliged to follow rules contrary to its happiness and survival?

How will be out the fury?

Is this what is called?  I ll called the psychic?



To love is to lend one’s strength.

Therefore if I love my lady and love when felt at its 100%, when the body is able to give it one’s way, has all the strength infinite delicateness or puissance, accuracy or bombing



We are poor physically, mentally, we are poor and nothing is done, and nothing undone, of what could relieve it self and inter care. Afraid of becoming pussy, well of course the body will claim for its tool and sports loving, and having to restore the matter, in green and nature, and materials keeping. The body could become as hard as a rock, as tender as a foam. You would say but it be like ancient times. It would not be it would be so because the human society enables to live so. And I am not saying in some kind of vacation consort, but in a society that would bring our mind free of responsibilities over injustice, as there would be none, or none that would not be heard by the ears of reason and wisdom.






One’ s lk life and one’s destiny is about to give it. There is one I would not give for nothing, and it’s   .

And he would shout and shout and shout repeating that he does not belong to me, but you know what I mean?

One does not exchange the paradise, and then one’s own capabilities at viewing, nurturing? calling it elsewhere.




I d lie to be you, but you, like to be, to make you love the all and in every moment of ours.




“neither them nor the media that protects them and regurgitates their lies”. 



You have to give example

Because or it says media are but lies..newer be all sweeping or else including oneself………………..or you need to illustrate it with proof, a sample, of obvious innacurracies llllllllllll orwhatever would have induced the reader into misleading






you are not at roehampton anylonger. believe without a doubt that you are in fact missed.

the whole scaffolding of human rights system is anywayway holding on threads, that is no more than a wind for nothing will break them.

but so it is to hope, it is not the end of the storey.

i d like to know who work with you. as long as i am concerned, academy only. but i was well done anyway.




recycling to the birds and cats


i wanted to ask for leftovers coming from the dining and canting area in order to feed the feral cats, domestic fowls and other birds. would it be possible?

People are afraid of some wipe-out.

And each reassure themselves in saying it is not so bad as that.

But wipe-out here shoud be serve as figurative.

Meaning any stage towards being a target or something alike, and this is in every street of every life.




People are talking about the mafias, but the mafias is them, me, you, us. Everybody. What are we?




This person who has now dementia. This person I saw maybe twice, thrice which I remember, something very distinct her voice. How come her voice comese back exactly and that every time I remind her. Ingrained?



For someone who did not used to some years ago, almost at all.

Searching one’s mechanisms most of the time after that.

Today when I touch my sex in the attempt of drench my thrust it is my fingers that ache first.

Love with a single in ova love.



For him a mass was at night, in the dark, where he could measure other forces, where one (none-neon) understand that every thingggggggggggg is not assumed.

And today the mass is at day, as he is waiting for you, tomorrow seeing you for may be the last time.

Otherwise he would have to have opened a book and try to read even if his eyes was scorching even if the book on the talbe would have been, and him impossible for the reading. But he would have been trying.

Today he respects at t last the time. He cannot take ti.

What d be time without him? Without this other, the time life d be some other thing. But not of his choice, but not of theirs.

Today then I ll be innovative as for the “his blues, that is most spiritual moment” determinative, he will take his own texts back, and reread what a feeling is like. Or his masters’, or others’ mate, mast.

Ma(T)ter. Maternal, eternal.




Titi = petit = small, my beatufil beauty pet, puppet nkname described feeling. Knave.






The third eyes , of when bear by a state of autosufficence, or protected by the circumstances, will have the possibilities- let’s forget be able- to blind their physical regards, no threaten physically, and not socially maybe and see in dream what could be.




I love him, and much much more than he is pretending knowing or succinctly

‘easy play-easy game’-



To prove him I am an hetero also and he would start to become a lesbian. … .




One should demand for jobs around environmental issues, organic food, checking on producing with the minimum of polluting impact. No unemployment, and then we could say that the criticism towards human rights are justified because one is going towards bringing solution to it.

Of human participation.

Till then, we will all die, or be at the service of the next mutan, because who would want to trust anyone from a species that want to see their own as dust.




What you show me concretedly.

Wear other clothes, confirmation it is funny.

Live otherwise, I am wondering if you d like of mine any.

Think nicer like I used too, not a push over, for the reminder thank you.

Be bare foot, this one is just for you, I d have to get stronger, is so sensual and for the massage I might to have to wait longer.

Be bare foot, since I live not where I work and t o cath the disease against I used to warn, because I might become the antidote of not dying for you, as if you love me then show me if not every day will take a half of me an half of you.


Ah, I could at loat last said to my sweethear that there is no more beautiful place than English cemetery . the green reigh they are natural reserves, they are quiet or almost they are thoughtful, they are my gole gold. Goulh.



My grand pa said a lot to me ‘ta goule’


C etait le plus beau sourire de papi, après cette conneriel



Eating to produce a warmth or and an odour

The relation to ones own simile of processing life.



I was trying that my body defend themselves by moving him methodically like if I was conspuing psycjologically. But if what if the soul was one and the body another one, and that the only stuff to do is to do beyond as trying to respond is illusionary.




This text will be the most important for you and for th reste fo the world as you will be dying an angel fo peace and glory.

I am only but a demon fell in love for an angel of peace and gloire.

I have bben asked to write absolutely everything even if I know that it will bring yur state to hysteria and that it is because and due to what I write that you want me banish out of your life.

You don’t believe but me I am the meeessanger thank you to respect me.

Toninght I was trying to sleep on my belly, been awake, heard an helicon, and taken between my body and mattress the murmur of my heart, like if it was in the belly but just in the heart, there is air in the heart too. Me in particular. One cannot live twice or maybe who knows our superstitions are so full o f stuff no one knows but when one of our clones have been more lo or less dreamy.

It is near summer but I am cold. Here ti is a garage, I am a grass, and that it is not possible in the land of the hoopers mea culpa or behaving like parents explain without condemn without expel they don’t know. Even though tehey would know everyone is saying but we don’t know morals laws, just to suck intellectually their bvoss of all party. Boss and the dogs’bosses.

But what I am saying is that the angel of glory is you. Houba.

An angel so beautiful than me I ll die straight eaway for you, for aving you once, for praying for you for ever. Why you are not the first you are not the only? You d be what you wish to be.

Patience is what is missing in you. But me your anger, your sidsapointment, cid, dicka, here I can feel your four horses cabre se cabrer se cabrant le cadran of you r anxiety like if it was an insult really the most insulting ever from a female that love you so dearly. You are the director and me the commis. I love you as my lady but as a boss you became firy. Like everybody it is what I reproach you honey. Everything you ve got in your heart and chest and chess and ideology and finally, but fil finally. I am the wander dog, that I thought of a cover for me it is what I hoped. I did not find it. They wcould bring me in prison I would still sa y I am in love with you. Is it disreputable? But a wander dog has no career, no shem scheme but suld sulking, the sultans of the swing, mark knowffer’.

Today it is our last night, today I am seeing you for the last day, the other ones will be stolen from me, but as I am dog I don’t have tears, but the favr fbric of t my heart that disappears.




A propos police in the game of a dmon demon I am the police one. There is good and bad police? No there is police the bad one are no.

But who pretend not knowing the rules of god, the pardon eand the generosity, the reciprocity and the eternity. Human blasphemy. Of whcihc we are all assugeti, even me I try and try I don’t manage how to describe the void that killed it.

Now it is on the roof the noise that guides me. I am not alone in the night, in the dark, in the cold, I am in good company. Is it red? Is ti black? Is it white? It depends of its humor and clothes, cloves story.

So what s the ger garlic then? This wi whity crunching stuff? The sheer shape of the human heart? Or are the hearts of the ai animal reigh all the same? Tell me Cherie. Talking about one, odn’t demonize you will tell me

Duchene story.

There is in London a building called duschene . it is all magnificience. They know all about moral law, divine laws, all what they have to know anyway, don’t call god a cov o cow saying but whi why is there misery, and taratatatat, that is the reflexion of infancy, in adolescence we hope to intervene, and in adulthood? What? To die thinking of it? Don’t die, think. At least it makes, it put right the one insulting the one who thinks because when oyou think you cannot betray your own thinking forever unless you want to see living hell from nearer.

Duchene sot sortie. I am cold, though d is so big a building that it s light are never ooff, its heating put people still aware of that over 22 it s become damn unhealthy out. Yes about the wife of the last PM I wanted to tell you. The one that claims to need millions of dollars to settle a human rights case. She inaugurated 6 years ago theis bu big building dedicated to human rights.

Here the building story?

No there is no building story I bet there are not trace of that. In which paper anyway. Here the reactions of your student, all knew the story they start a campaign in knowing at the beginning that the campaign was faulty. I fell I feel like crying brother. Why did I da say I fell? Because if you cry for those, you won’t be anymore an employee.

I count on my angel. She is their devotee. She always find excuse to them but not to me, if not I d be her in more than onr respcect husby.

Let me introduce you to the first lasdy. Yes because after all it is n because it is my lass that she would get a discount on the ticket. When you know they call themselves like that they think tehmsevlvse like that, it is not am misogyne anumore so I am felling like grumping one till the first number one drop and who whant s her ticket.

A and the one with a black name too, don’t think I have never been racist. A racist yah, but racist am not more dummy.

I am feeling like a cannaibla me as much as you feel your roasty. I don’t exaggerate the human are lambs they ca claim it. And what they do to their claims? And the y want to spot the demons honey?

They are eaten in end of course, si so I won’t make myself too complainy.

You understand honey toing tonight is my first and last night, without and with you, an hinge period tampon I ll do with it, if I don’t want to do with it. I know where ou you can send me. In hell but there is no end of party. And when I write you raise you r attention because their hope of liberty is you. Problem with latest conjuncture? Donjon? Your queen is a ordure if she makes you believe one could make cake all of that? All of that certainl y not but out of my own recipe, what is this little slot? I am with the party. The party of what? The party of terror, but what shall we do we have to gather, it is why people are forced to socialize, we cannot do much and what we do is all about bribery, and if you don’t socialize youar e out of everything. And it is not in the rumours and ip opinions only it is said and said again to ‘justify’ of the man could not do anyghting without this dose of bribery, yes I accept ri bribery and do thingls vilaine because if I don’t do am the nexdt to the crucifix.

33 the Christian saci savior name, you see I don’t name you can trust that.

Yes socialization is that, thand you he ova, to die for me heys us.

The day of cruxifictoin the day of stoning everyone willb e there, see who applaud and the good comment s on itl here humanity. The ones not for the spectacle? Would you count as one? You will fraternize with the one who organized it next time. You like me. Don’t bothe r about this pronon too much, as much as jesus was a ‘e’.


Why do people without menat mental health issues are so discreet psychologically

Because they are at day when we ll be all at night, aware that the grounds is infested with rats, h not ab bad rates rats, but hungry.

You know when at night you walf walk on eggs and you str startle like a true ghost when you hear some thing appealing suddenly by the gravity?????

Her e you are my nunm,

Yours dearly.





For those who w think I write for them I write for you, or if I write it is the way you are in cetvies.



I leave you tomorrow est jeudi.



I d like to be jedi the control freak , who for he is doing that? For you encore?

Anchor. The f dir drift of my boat in every direction I am alone isnside it and while asleep eating dreaming I cannot take its motion.



Bonne nuit mais nte me quitte ps je ten prie.

Pas comme ca pas maintenatn plus n ai que 33 ans.

I use to believe I f live night, I am night. Don’t be jumpy, night is not bad, better. Is it moony. You wuld learn that night is reassuring would you agree to be more of a garoo, sister. Really. Night is not, never black, night in the nature, not in the houses of or off city. See I admitted you are as a sister, species.

Mutan is what every one can, I supposed it is why it is the play of forbidding. This instinct that we can communicate to everybody, and life, and………………….pure life’s treasury. Pure sure?

Hua humans and their security. Safety. Human thinks smally. All contrite and sorry on so tiny stuff compared to the bi g big bad one? No never say I say that because when you have to be really sorry even for the smallest stuff you have to, and I d be done humans would spend their life reinventing peace and prosperity. But hyporcirsy. Like me I write when it pleases me, and what about when I write and understand the sugar when it s finally rushes. Human is not devinar devinatory, their consciences are …!!! And this ! I talk to you so I find it finally sexu sexy, ah yes finally.

Would I slepp with you, I d never like what I am doing. It be too less in your coming or to o much if I could not feel you secure I mean real relax, you know like if it is was the panacea of the purceau d epicure. What s a purceau is pleasure only pleasure, if there will be no problem I d like to make love to you my friend all the time, and to all your friends? I am good animal. I d like to make love to you and think with you all the time. Your fi friends? They are not frid fir friend o f mine. You are my fir friend of being mine. Fur end.

For end and no mean?

I blab la joyfully since I find for the cloves in shap e of the hart but now I far from the exciting, I am sure I heard it somewhere from one of the chef I dine into.


I wanted to go to Africa bugt it is war everywhere on earth and nothing you can do than giving par p approval


Whe n I make you love or war iwht my spirit, it is my spirit in the nsense where it gos goes mentally.. but it is me? Who is up hterea?there am not saying it is not me, but am saying,





Before humans where exchange ing where were with nature and sweat by contact, be afre bare foot,… be nearer doing man job. No they are robotic. They don’t incubate themselves.



I am homo, and the people said you like gypsy music, but with them you could not be so. So if you want us to stay nicely don’t like gypsies.



Yesterday, I was cold, I was thinking that my day would have to be energetic or simply not drastic, and I refuse to write, refuse to put on my computer what I know was inf not a writer of musclor something we could have had a good play with.

And today I am sick, sick of it. Of not knowing how to choose the moment I raise and start writing or lay myself to sleep, live is about it. But since life is love, how profound is my disarray?



In fact I am the sensation like if I was not a true guy. Like ti if you dating me, I am doing everysingle stuff for you to agree, would be a danger a concern for fright. I feel like a maggot.



You agavvve me a mt token of love and nothing gonna be alright. I mean in the old same ludicrous same way. You know I d like to show you that I may well behave but what to do when you d like to show it in every possible way in the sat last hour I had to spend with you. It is all about it about behavior. Like I d interrogate when you rub your eyes. You need to help eth circulation, if not otherwise…

But at what speed, in pouring over how much weight, with which vigor? Only to ask the questions can bring you in pain or in awe, in gratification or relief, in anticipation, impatience of pleasure.

Your eyes, the trough I d want to fulfill.

PS: don’t apply it too well in front of we. It makes me feel knocking my headlong on walls when I have only my very dear room to think of it aftermathly.



The sole way I still find out to honour love, is the way you just open to me, to venerate it each second my breath will permit it. I am a hermit.

I won’t be saying totally, completely as I have to find a way fo produce for the community and for that I would have to see people, and it is good enough as I have to have my check on if the people is well respected. I d like do sport with the youth but I cannot no time for this, I ll be walking for my plate and my son.

But if I wanted to live the perfect dream it d be to see only you. Don’t freak out you need people I would not mind it, but me but some writer compeers, perhaps if I d need it, mummy, granny no one, yes but there is injustice, maybe would I be another charge upon the disavowed. Maybe would it be out without injustice, playing around, it is not that I am disguseted with playing but it needs time and as far as I am concerned that kind of time to be ready for you, eternally.

How? If fleeing love during life time?

It is not fleeing but waiting for him in its own way.

And love and injustice cannot coexist it is why love are utter hater hare hatred related, and so on, such sonnet.




Mon amour,

I came to a conclusion, Even if you were to propose me to come back in your circle I today wood have to refuse it. I would suspect doing this for the equality conception, but in matter of complete conception the immaculate is none other than the love you inspire, therefore I would not take a chance depending on others for which I could care less which is not your case. It d be a too awfully appalling danger of discrepencies.

Your love, or what could be remaining of it after a fatal question, I do know you can do with it, and the whys of our frenzy, but do with it with or without you, me?




And we would be in a bed. Just to warm up. You lying on my hug, me kissing your forehead and caressing your hair, finding where I can relief, reseal your skull, following its creases, the way the command has for our whole area a button. And it would be for ever bliaa bliss.



He did have at a trust towards rumours, because if insults were flowing on what was not prejudiciable, all in all they were the truth, an “incidental”



You could ask me to stop the game. Problem is classical, it is nigh near of none. But the one of love.

Which has for particularity, the sole and true belonging of being vying stronger than life, and sure enough in no hell, stronger than social play and hypocrisy. I won’t be taking her without without hell? Bag it.

I am sorry to say but people when you see how many couples are culturally mixed or homo…it just mean that unless we ain’t human the same scale-lol- this kind of story impose every day on our liberty.



I n matter of psychology this trend that can have to “punish “ someone not because they act bad, but because they did not have the reaction expected or wanted.

The most perverted is that –in the bad sense of the term- since perverted yest again in psychology only describe what is not withing the norms. But it s popular term would be deviated? A countourning mistake? Some reaction from a system of our cinema of routine that pick the wrong stuff down. WRONG, THAT IS DESIGNATED MISTAKENLY. AN ERROR. OUR VERY. Don’t think these puft aof homo, we aint pedophile more than anybody. The taboo on sexuality and couple and marriage, and flings is. A trend on pedophily and every sexual or mental of physical or social abuses.



Stacey abbot inspirational vampire






A propos Alfie,

You went so emotional the first time, calling him a friend that I thought that he was a lecturer, I asked (you) but as you know my language is not often as graspy as should be, so I gave wrong information in yelling to who wanted to hear it that they provoked a stroke on a prof in beating him up – you know with tall the distanciation that one can expect from an academic ins such crircumstances, place and time.

Well anyhow I find your article superb, when I read you I got a living example on what ‘a flow’ may well being.


You are exactly right in saying that people with family for example would be excluded from ‘participating’ it renders the play as a fox and hunters’ sporty game.

Here to counteract the police the groups- I know yet again voluntaree energy dissolute in not other activities than trying to survive that ought not to be but…it would put clearly that look, we wil have to be more pacifist than the cops and forebody plan of escape, to direct the protest in order for the people to keep aloof from the violent front if there is any. As you know when you are young one is easily excitable above all when like in london there is no culture and discipline of sport that bring youth aware of their body, of their having to respect forces and materials in general.

You know protest like use vocabulary of and are warfare so let’s do it pacifically not in order to do damages- a just war type of intervention.


You know why I email you on this one particularly because there is something that shocks me.

Have you investigated on this case alfie?

Because I have been attack with a truncheon and it left very, very unmistakable trace on two part of my body – the one on the thigh has gone three years after- yes they appear a little more than 6 months after my ‘torture tattoo’- I would not do it again, but at least it would not distress everyone- short of the ten others I had previously planned, (an ivy [creeping] plant, a spiral rather stormy, a bird, an eye, a thunder well of course-in different but all interesting places) and vlan after the noise I said enough of marks I have my one.


Let me tell you about my own, I don’ think that the police did really her job- though I was reassure they were as I had been interviewed by nice attitude couple, a woman who could claimed to look like my gender type, etc, a guy explaining stuff slowly, but now I reckon with a we cannot do anything about it dewclawing tone that have certainly said to my twenties, and I can stop to be a genteel even when it comes to the victim.

The shock on my noise parallel what I just understand was judiciarily relevant, I could not sue this guy because I could have been beaten by let’s see my husby- I was married for a white union to a Algerian almost blind, I did it as being his mate, I thougth friend, the first act I did consciously in the name of god, as my declaring officialy that I believe in it, vainquishing my old all time paradox of why is there so much misery if there is a god…cos ain’t easy.

It has to be proved what it was and by who, but for that one need “objective witness” and who is, in a manif??


Yeah, because to come back to the truncheon story, it is for certain that a medic would know if it was a blunt, round, of very peculiar shape and iron object or such flat and concrete stuff like a wall-unless it is on the edge of the stone? I don’t know I am not the one of csi plus if they make that up they would not be so gross, would they?

But what about proving, is there no any witness. It is boreingly obvious that police won’t make a witness call but what about the press- because every one would fear such evidence that could be made? Right. It is why again there is no such, ever, precaustion than prevention, your tema, team, your protestors, which one, the all lot let’s think big, accordingly.


“and more repressive responses, among the powers that be”.        Logics, power. Cannot hold on one elite, so? What are the rest up opt out ot to?





You can modify an article at midnight like that? Without previous consentment? Thank you for the revision session and like each time I was just I don’t know doing what with my brain when you tackle the key advice for essays stories.

I cannot bear myself whence the unrestlessness sometimes more than suddenly. Not sudden most of the time, but it is like, this morning mourning I find a towel which I ve been taking the rain and stayed near a wall. On top of it. I smelled it and it was the odour of my old doggy. And I smelled again, and twice. And finish I very regularly think of him, it s name is my comput pass, an Ireland town, told you already, an irish settler, a big big one, my daddy. And brown like me.



It is because I fdo it for her or due or thank to her, that of a soul melting, it does not tstop to approach me. Alchemy.

Or the journal of an hermit.


I think that he had to show you that he trustes you as love comes from the similarities one shares, and that he knows of himself to be an honest guy, and that he recognized this in you, without which he could not give his life-what he is actually doing though. In conclusion, no he won’t start grandiloquent, exentric actions, he will wait for you to call, maybe with then the note you will, but no the one that could brusque your feeling. Even if for him these notes are a symbole of the free, he is not alone on earth, and will have to damit admit will have to do with this, for your security. Because who would like a guy you don’t know what is next? I use to acclaim life like this but getting mature is saying no much time lets preserve us from distress, the less one can do in order to spare where will fructifiate. The only thick and thin reasonating is that one day in his big site feeling at your east ease you will, from the sun rise to where it won’t ever, the light perpetually liens lines and if they don’t her dust would reconstitute us facile.



Let s not fret about nature everything is nature, the robotisation of our flesh will be, the devil in aeration corridor will be but…………………………………………what do you think he, they, even us, will have to say knowing that we kill the quondam queendom, kinghome, parentstombs and childrenhell beforehand.



Surtout en d ne devenait pas emotional, ou surtout pas in front of the others. Emotion are a path to itnellecutua, sensorial, mental, psychic transfromationg the yare not welcome.




When one thinks he is ready to vainquish any hurdle, and go fast to feel and assert of how much went far their die dissertation , sometimes the feet, will transmit this strident pain, a break, a cut, sprain, in the feet, the ankles. Where is it for you?


It has been since my infancy I only fell in lobe love with ghost, I was thinking this morning, a sweetness makes me think that I should not approach you anylonger, though after having prepare all what I could possibly do to meet you from time to time, but this morning I thought I have to retire completely awaiting you. And this afternoon, after having known again this total void of feeling alive, the same sweetness came back and said you have to check if it is a ghost or nothing alike.

Also I write to you.



Today I had a look at tatu, I did not know there were such things, I mean I thought it was a mainstream stuff, already for a Russian group to hold hands…

But I did not realize you, were advertising such, since when, may I ask you, I saw your queer theories hero  but it was like ok minority. Where are you? I am blasted. Well it is not  because I more or less nearer or further belong to a gender, at least for you I have got their sexes. Sexist?

I don’t want to speak that’s all it is why I rush onto the despair, to stip stop running sectarian, I don’t want to be dead to love or make such me discovered.

I though you were bi curious, plus between a green and an amused one with you and your sour sweet comedy. I saw acid, oui je te remerci. You know bi are dreaded for possibly being prone not to seek longer possible relationship. Not that I never was afraid of nay thing. I mean it is to you to make a woman stay, and not for the short reasons way.

For goodness sake it is not my type of music, but I d become.

Plus I had read their account on wiki and nowhere was woman couple in any sense.




No it was no wonder if I was so excited by these last time, sick as ever, I lost one litter under the shower, had ever hardly saw that before, three of four or fivefs, since the earlier morning, like that, never counted so precisely maybe,  times in a rowwhy it is always starting the day it should not be please an additional open wound.



An illusion, a light.

To what was I thinking about when I watch and watch and watch? Turin turning my face and my body, in all differ fashions…

The horrors of being right in the heart and not being so in your deeds, should not be taken as a fate by any means; but by the principles of destiny that shall redeem- and through our very acts as counteracting what one know after that-experimented even if the most candidly, the unconscious will makes us say that it is normarlity or the routine of a day, the bovin reeling unquestionably- his experience of life that if they question it every day, is to be their act in the bible.



He could not say why. I would have known he would have been in danger. And I thought if id on’t know, I shall not. And well then I shall have, I would have, as the danger came to me, the kind of one that you are in it. But even his warning kept me at bay for the times after the war my strength and determination needed.



How do I know it is you? Because you are teaching me to love and liberty. And confidence, and when you tell me in a corner that it is what I could be, then I am for being the one for you who inspires it.



To get this light to cath, catch, to deliver, to capten….



I d like to say I never be able to do a third of the amount of work you rproduce, is it still ok for you?

Although I am finer than you, you are the caterpillar, so what shall I do?

Go behind and pick the morcels up? Would I have a niche for a word, would I be married to you?

I mean a word that would not be put in question or dire disrepute my well being with you?

Would you be the one not able? No, no, not able, but blurring on vagueless, undeterminate yet but all encompassing for deadly finish purpose professional, public, private, sentimental, intimate, intellectual life for attaining the irremediable fiasco?



It is what is super to date someone you know already perfectly, you know when you can trust, it is obvious like oneself naturally, but eyh, !!!

You must not to talk to yourself when at uni, hear that.

If you do want to tak talk to me before I die from not seeing you, well you would have know how. How? In letting me with your camarades and all that? Ok I have the feeling that good god spare us with that.

Then how? By letters you will finally stop to open. Logics after a while. An for me, to do analogy with the police, for you to call the only day I ll ask for something more funny?


You know I have to explain to you, look it is not by conceit, I would never had imagined what happened to me before, and the apex of it was the day, two days, one and an half just before the courses resuming in January, when I saw you I was stoned with delusion, not the first time but this time I understood very very clearly that people could blatlandty aim at get rid of professionalism, when I mean people I mean corporation, hierarchy, as many as teams as you name. and if you do the way I know you dayly do they will start getting rid of you, but not genre competition, genre ethnic murder. The cultural one, the social, the financial. Ok I don’t want it to be down to me, at least no before you can only be sure that it is your choice on liberty. The day you feel you know stuff for sure- could you stop taking this recycling cup of hell and pollution please- I d be with you I d take a thermos or a cup for your official sponsors to limit the dirty



You are so beautiful that I am asking myself how I am gonna do without seeing you. And without this seeing you, how long I will have to take to hear you just move out of my way or I shall make sure you get into a cell. A cell I am already there. The one I like. But who loves you? A ghost, a vampire? None of them nina they are my chimera, the one who loves it is me.

My cell I like. No that I love because I can write for the one I love.

What do you think of that? You don’t know yet? If you don’t know yet, know that I back you 100%. It is true love that I want as much as you do justly without disagreement, without regret, remorse, without comedy, without money problem, so before I secure something not to bother you is as intelligent.

You d be ready to date and more someone earning 6 p a hour really? Because on alternative living me it is as much as I can for my personal output, and more and more now, I NEED NOTHING. That s cool, I am perfectly happy like that, and even proud let’s admit. But you, as you are the sugject of my worry, as much liberation it might provide to me.

I mean let s be cool for once for me. I would even not be on your back a propos your cup. In fact maybe but not the way aggressive or heavy, in fact I think. I d really follow you with your tea, and if you don’t want, well with the cuppa, you realize the danger of pollution nina? We cannot like say your fir friends to say fuck the capitalism let s doing the same with mass something else, it is insane, it is other capitalist with a communism name for goodness ake nina you cannot caution that, caution that and ok I divorce you.



Why id did I go?

To avoid this ridicule of insisting looking at someone who does not want to or cannot want to.

And to avoid the killing, mental killing of doing the same thing whereas she is the only person, thing, envy, hope, …., not even not that, belief that you ve got.




Or ist it because I cannot score as mucah as you that you will put me down definitively?

If yes, tell me, well no tell me.

So it is that?

I would commeont on your equality…ok I am less performant and then?

I d find thing I am truly better. Massage your hand, grow fresh veg if you want some. Ah yes, vecause we ar still in London, are we?

We would not be so short of complementarity as you can see.

And don’t worry about the domestic reset, ruse rise, rest, I know all what you do, ti is perfectly insane see obcene, the accumulation of responsibilities like that, but me an d my alternate life would be happy to move my fat getting fatter, 20 m n a day something like that, in order you not to have to worry in between the parties. I would not propose you a walk, because your pleasure and aims is work, no problem as long as I can harass you for doing sport, without me it would not be the purpose, the pouring purpose your being healthy and staying like that, even all the same if you never decide to talk to me more polite, and therefore not risking going insane dating, sharing moment with someone likfe like, hwho knows, you start knowing, as far as I can tell simply a body brak and breathing.



As you show me sign of affection I feel  like going crunching inf fron t of where you could intercept it and do thank you prayer. Crunch as for fel, to vanquish with gravity or evaporation the warmth that your attention restore and even like Prometheus just the fire that are here in the void that had always been there previously, exepted for my (mime) mom that could not fill it but though did enough form e to know I have to fulfil, to fill it.


I told you about the picture, formidable, avo above all for th e police. Your jaw forwarded.

But a question, sorry if it goes beyond the millstone, and I know your vision is good but do you do some kind of distortion on purpose with your eyes when you feel self conscious or something?



And the moment I d have a full time job well I d pay for someone to come home

If it were to last longer than necessary.

You see I am not that tact icy




And if one day I got one day of more than full time I d be wise of nto talking to me at all.


For a while. You saw I admit up to my last bullshit.



I can feel that your chest need to be massage, not just the boob you know the all brathing zone. Ok I know  for you r angina.

It is out of desiring, but I feel like if it was more than in the average woman. Is there any prob in your family, and yours are made for milking I would think that, just like bowl you Athena.

I mean any woman needs it, but make me this pleasure, diy. As I cannot be overseeing that. And those.


Link the heart, the spine, the rig ribs the throat. And your ahn hands.

In doing so you might rotate your shoulders.



And I think I have to brace myself to extremities I don’t lknow yet, and you?

I d be dying happy today nina, I am just asking if I still have the right to name you



And after death I think I d be ready fo to find you back nina.

I ve always fret freigh about that, but today na,



Ok the lst bit then there is something deceiving about my personality. I am not talking about my deeds, about anything but psyche or I don’t know but it is what I fell.feel.

I have this image of being perhaps more or less a protector, I have that though.

Otherwise I am questioning my real potentiality at being a protector. Kind of deficit gapping  response.

Am not a natural aggressor, I d be more of a retrieveal stuff, let live, even when it is a sin.

Of course I rectifiate whenever I manage to , the stuff I d like to know is I think people d rely on this appearance that I could no substain.

By the way, unless when for everyone the moment when you burst like the green man, I am absolutely at fight, boxing, etc, I hate damaging my body anyhow, and I hate pain.

I am not saying I could not have done that, I would have found it passionating, but since it is not my field….

It is perhaps more for that, you scrapped me, a field story, am a vegeteraian, vegan for just the starting, but long long time I know the sacred cow.i bet you too, am I becoming too heavy. You nod already.



What about lasting love? Always as long as you know how to argue and not just for the hypocrisy for the maelioration of the ethics, if not live love in practice d become a loss in hope.

No working.



The reason wh y you complex is because any how since you would look at the other never seriously, you would not notice their defaults. Rocked between utopianism and reject of a practice in your own life. But take me for godeness sake and you wont’ comple x so.




It would leave me without killer physical revenge reaction to know, and I truly think that those appear because you don’t know really, and if everyone avow it is without being franc and it is in threatening you with being expelled and it is not in a true conversation where your ears have heard and say to your mouth now is the moment of asking for them to really explain- it is abuses as to this information you have like to beg  and be doing it gently/contrarily to the sadistic, when just violent as you would not control yourself anylonger, would not they, way of when you interrogate someone with your life data if this one d play with hindrance -but relief to know which one I still am unconsciously and in consciously) so – it is not sarcastic, it is not false and falsely amusing and even debile, as I never did something else but reading and watch french tv, with English program for my langua, ok watch tv, it was sinister, but it was not all.




For me.





Light an illusion? An “angle”? agile, eagle, aisle, angel? Hegel?




I am suffering from the belly interstine and throat abnormally. I always had eating disorders but I manage better, ok maybe not, but the throat. I do know that it is when I drink too much but it starts to be for naught and severely painy.

If only it was you croquing in it.

Ok I indulged a lot but if I was using 100 times your name it is to say now that it is but only what I write, and even only for you some part- that’s inedit for the dyke.



On one of his dream, the villagers cam to kill him calling yelling his nickname.

And he was saying but I am not this, I am not. I am …a Christian name, namely first name.

“I am”, is still of actuality and  current news, band of slots.




Sorry I d id not stay I cannot bear adieu, more even facing people who could not understand the 1 100 of it.

And an adieu here real where you would halos me the time necessary to beg you not to too toll.




On coffee- you could try to slow down with green tea.


I feel flesh around me but not the one that were consistent, just a weight a surtax surface, but none that can really hold it.



Is it lode (load) l eternal love or eternal abandon. No that would not be logics.




Gave, gaver, = overfeeding of fowl in view of killing them for foie gras or added value of murder fully- fleshed.



I mean I am not that control freak but did you not add a lot of music stuff lately in your tray? Kate bush a delice.


When you feel so much the air that you could sit a piano and start making music while you never learnt it. Not that you can but you know you could have created magically.


And if I was a dancer I would repeat on the rhythm of your philosophy.


L or du rhin          tetralogy de wagner.


Le crepuscule du




People may well be complaining about justice and police unfairness they are but the way every one is in the society. And there a lot of people who would reduce you to nothing the day you will say I am 100% to work equal, with realism, with proportionality… and work hard enough to produce for every one stay at optimum healthy but how many would rather you to be the gagged servant of their fantasy?- and them send any mafia to keep you down or up the rails and poles, mafia? Militia? Gunmen? don’t need one we ve got the society. There is such thing!




You are jocking about the prosecutions? Yeha?

fucking silly.




More than being against but wiping out human rights roehampton




The night realm




I d shut up not because you are right, for this kind of fucking stupidity, be so nazbroke, but because I would fear, I actually fera to lose you at every stepped.




Don’t understand this sentence.


I can imagine you angry at me, and it is you that talk about behavior, and what about quitting the boat of your sincere and benevolent and absolutely devouted friend?



and honey, just because he is not totally submitted? And I won’t even add that as I be as submit as I could be, and perhaps that totally is not that far. I stop calling your name, never know what I ll do with my usb, even though they don’t go out of my room no more, I am completely disordorned on top of being clumsy, and I hate starting having to look upon and be afraid of everything, and my love for you is a total secret, and I d rathe r die to annoy you purposefully. And your name is not goergia but for me you r name is what heal all my phrases and phases. Would I ever be touching you? In an(d out). I will never go with my fucking usb again, but on my computer are tons of my chains. You possess me can I possess you? Possess but not as territory as sacred temple, where your breath is the shroud that would thread my soul up above in order to spot you for the next time to be down the treadmill and for my soul t os os spin again and again as to create the thunder the tornado for the humans to awake and think we own all to the ethernals. To the skies that are a proof of this immensity that would have for mission to eat the ones that would neglect the spot of light and sun, of shadows and rest, of freshness and water coming from the depth, the water that are but the stone ages that wanted something greener, a company, to their never will be overcome resistance, not by this faraday, sprite of  human unable unban unbar unbalanced, god forbade.

Good rob for bad.


power  (pour)

  1. The source of energy used to operate a machine or other system.
  2. The rate at which work is done, or energy expended, per unit time. Power is usually measured in watts (especially for electrical power) or horsepower (especially for mechanical power). For a path conducting electrical current. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

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power to the people! → ¡el pueblo al poder!

power to the people! → ¡el pueblo al poder!


C.ET: powder


power struggle Nlucha f por el poder

C.ET: loup, lupine.



the power of the Church → l’autorità della Chiesa

C.ET: chair.




This music not her cup of theo. But she would listen again as she is imagining that it is what she created for her, the other, and knows that as average it might appear for an ear that don’t listen to that. The way one plays in giving more than is to be taken or advised.




The fact that movement needs leader yes, as one had to carry the meaning of a movement for it to take and hold any significant. And we need charisma in the sense of someone who knows their fields so well that they can spread upon, whence the works of a leader, to link and to assemble, to understand the problems and the confusions and the lacks and Xenophoby and discrimination “of all kinds”(from the bbc world service program on the concert against racism 20 years ago) discrimination “of all kinds


And to deliver us of the problem, us meaning every touched more or less distantly or intensely.




I did not want to suck you, I wanted you to give, to forward, to offer it (your sex) first. To make it to adjust its shapes to my lips, chin, noise and mouth. All around with all his softness and volt voluptuous taste and all your application to the task, and my candor would come back straight onto this occasion at suckling my moment of evasion.

I would not move but what may while resting my head and wait for feeding. Oh yes, taking your basin or legs or loin each time, to come nearer, softer, perhaps quicker, perhaps stiller, but as much as in you, in no letting one of your move, or drop, parfum, heat, salt

realeased. As much as that I would leave my mouth and forehand and head on you now that you lay. How long would let you let me, and your body as-k. as key king.





We love our lives, we love our thoughts, we love our reactions, and opinions and believes, and all the rest.

But they are but our dear demons, they are all what we get, but they and we are not god by anymeans.

On common assumptions’.




Ps: the worker and the students cannot do a strike together is not it? Stop me if I am mistaken.

What kind of liberty of assembly is that?

I have already to beg my references to my boss even if they decide to charge my work with annotations, that are but annotations which are reviewed by none one but cashier instead of ethical concern on professionalism and true corporatism, meaning a way for everyone to improve practices.

What is this dying freedom that the whole west is talking about?




Any how if we protest with no view of becoming better off humanely speaking that the established one, well better not to create no waves or tides.




Holding one s dick is not easy, and thinking she is superior is bad.

So becareful, I ll let you, as with my gender I d think I finally can jungle a bit.

No,no anger the feminine side is due to you

It shall have been released by my wife, I knew.

I said my wife not my husby, although my husby you no it s you.

Subtle, queer homo.


And you ask what I want.

All of you is the sole thing I know

It is not a challenge, you are all of you, already, it is not a challenge it is not a hope a demand none of that the sole stuff is em me without.



Me amore,

Do you like Italian?

You bet, vet, better not.



It is better the effort done, thus to better be ready when through it will be albe to dress up the outcomes.


Here ti si the nighmare starts I ll have to answer publicly. I ll have? I would not do it, even a litllle bit but as a public figure. I did not want. But whwere does the limit will be? If we are afraid the won’t have a stop and won’t have a we.

It is not that I recant. But it is true if I don’t do that if I cannot do that it never be. So let s fuck me and my watning to hold on to ta reassuring a girl you love might not dislike you that much befire going beyong insanity before losing my life and why not my soul.human is beautiful but wooing anon cannot suffice for its liberation,

I know that but first wha t wools would I need you to know? That I loved you first, that I love you premier, that I ll love you without any degree.

It is just freedom of expression, it is true I am completely confused, but it is the way I am and without pretending I am without will only postpone the error s I might do, or the existential crisis that would pose, am I still clean? Everything, every term for you as I wish it to be, fbut you gut but there is a but, how much would you tolearate of me? We cannot spend our live in restrain and wistful asking can we?

Ii is like having a identity crisis ok one could predict my sayin g htat it is for the first time, let s beat it them, and you culd be the one ending it tonight, ending my first hope of true love coming true my first true love, well at least theis would not end me the day it ended my seemingly believe in a relationship that were not but sireny wishful believe I n a through.

I don’t want to bear criticism, I don’t want to pout them away. So let s go and that you have to know that I support you 100 per cent anyway. Included you r mistakes it is not a perfect you I am hoping ofr it is you with you r capacity at listening and the one at talking, at understanding and at answering. For me it is perfect but it has to be perfect for you, and at least we would liberate our spirit from believing in that will be not. Atcha?

Let’s got a go then but don’t forget, my postulate is to be to you. Not against you, not harmful to you, not oblivious of the conventions in a I don’t know I could spend my night saying that it is sometimes matter of thinking twice, but life is unjust on that as we cannot do thing more than than, because they are judged and bring us to non existence, in not doing them as it d be naughty, not, natural or because of doing it will bring us to the edge of the village, but me I fuck the entire village for this- and I am talking about error as well as misery. I am not perfect or it is not of the advantga of others if one tried to improve and are tried? Let’s go nina, or you will never take me or you will never love me if I am not able to react like the average citizen . I don’t know if it is proper what I do what I know it is that it is proper to my self and to our sleeves of selves. I do know it might be convenient to feel for someone as long as one is able to worhaholic because there is nothing concret e around that, but the profounder of a dig out that cannot stop, there is no body, nor even the corpse but the one that spades to only the heart of earth find out. I need the heart of earth but not I distrirbing her like that, or not if it become on purpose, she would not – quit- let me dig nomore anyhow.

Well do react as you have to don’t fret on the if we could do if we are not satisfy by this one. Let s hope for another “you”.

Don’t rush on this sentences I beg you, your rush, yet gain again I haven’t see you but I can only well imagine, don’t rush, don’t jump on me, there are only sentences, nothing that reflect like I would the exact position and motion of my mind, it is why I write for ages on end.

What s your conditions then? Have I to choose, to guess, to stab my self?

It d be I become communist, it is no. I am not gonna vote any near to pigs that are still for mass production and so on and so on and so on the same old ways, that are against vegetarianism, am not saying I would not vot e for a communist, but vote for obstruction? Your answer.

I ll never talk about you, you are not my target, you are the one I d be if I can say yes to anybody. To anybody. I renounce my past, I renounce my future, and tomorrow you will hit me. What kind of failure?

I am your love? But you r love is politics and the day I ll say look I give my life already campaigning against wastage, all I cannot say what I think to this vomiting one migh do upon the electoral strategies of satisfying the mass envy? Well fed up of cultural, natural, environmental genocides, and yes I ll fuck ya. Take my life she is restin g upon you, I d never take that back. How could I, what is more than giving this I don’t want it, I don’t want it no more, it is why I let you. I let you as the one that could bear them all and forever. For nothing I want them back, only if you ask me because without and without the one that took it, it is a vampire I d be. And that it is about what I was refusing to think about, in the midst of my dreams, and then I did not give my reason too much trouble in assenting this time that I don’t want to be any another’s slot –time. You see I know my lot about workaholic and it is intelligent to do it, but not if it is the catastrophe each time we d be gathering – won’t split, buy wont’ slit. I don’t want my warden to be you, even if I d trust my key, all my key to you.


I am talking about politics because it is your cuppa. Am not saying I have to argue about that but one has to defend its positon when it knows it is ethical to do that.

We haven’t the same position? Exciting I ll end by that.

More than it, you are my passion. And be in disagreement with you, but look upon you exactly like if you were my baby, so be it. It made me more tolerant if any bad bad think.

Ok let s go my love, let s terminate. You understand my tone, I am not asking you to, I am just revision the blow mentally in order to bleed not entirely.


Don’t think I want to be free, I want to be free with you that is emancipated and happy. Ok I don’t think of you tortureing me it is true. But when I say with you it is each time you ll feel like it. Because if in my life there is nothing but space for a fiancée it is not because I need someone it is because I need a space.

I want someone and on her terms ok?


A little not psychological for you to take, I am not questioning you will just stating what I feel.

I am ok to lose everything in my life, my life as being only a weapons, everything but you, as I know that would it be my fault I d never pass the threshold of holding my last spark with all that.


Actually I would not be voting for a party, they ve got the structures, am not asking for ideology, but idea to implement and with for the citizens to check how they are.

You will deeply excuse me if I am such a ignorant but if there is exist somewhere well I ll ballot, and I ll ballot with you it is why you are my idea of what might be mon loup.



I meant were I be with you at each of our dissent well I would not be insisting like I could have done in the past- not with you but with people that if I had dropped it well my professional conduct would have been soiled, foiled. But not with you it is the difference between profession and fiance. And also to know that I would not stop switching the light off behind you, and the day you d ask me not to, then I d be time for us to divorce it. And that would not be bothering that much to switch behind you through the hope of doing it till I die, and hoping that the day I die before you , it be you that d be switching.

Not you the light I d be enough for us to play b y proxy.



Votez for the next king? What accountability do they have to offer? Denunciation of kittling?

Don’ t jump on me, I try to warn you, one cannot trust ever people who are not arranging every little thing rom the start. It is to respect every job the same rate for a beginning. And not the job of keeping one’s dummy one.


It is surprising on how in the west, where I stand and thank every day to be in physical nigh intergrity or preservation, the people who allow who lives on guerrilla out there are literally shaking at militia spelling.


Because you know I lost the plot on a lot of issues, gave up, even I admit. But lost the plot on you they could never count upon it.

And you d split for the hundreds times, half of it from being tired, and how long would it take you to go and fetch back your lost belonging?  I am allowing myself in some rethoric.



Be careful becaue if one has a fear of the ridicule, then his friend would disguise their enmity in threatening the “I” with it.



let s hope they won’t be charge for just a bloody need for sport, that noone would offer and incite them to take on. shame of these governments that abandoned their youth in the street without nothing to do cleaner that one of the biggest polluant countries -uk- does and imposes as being everyone daily job.

shame on your knife culture, where there is nothing for the people to do but going with health and safety producing more and more rubbish you will ask your staff to throw up in the sea. shame on having to prosecute the children (chill rein) of acculturation infamy. instead of all these rats taking bonuses in producing raise on global economic instability and excuse me to be blunt but therefore forecastable future genocide. thanks to the profs-dr kent, it was mine, you understand that genocide is no past it is the next door slaughter that no one is there to say that in Yugo, Rwanda, Cambodia….they had been alived. us children reduce to see that. and don’t take on sport would you do- not make- a career you d have to take drugs.


Acculturation of infamy because before of course we were doing stuff like porks but speaking about profession, if by any seriousness taken the works’ art = work with dignity, before were the race, this pseudo ignorance because of course one proper thought about it and you can perceive every second the danger of drilling and soiling the place where you live, and it is by fortune of solidity, by the way one can call and start to explain an existence, what you know is the place where you live- so don’t think about consuming like thousands evils and throw it in another galaxy, it does not take galaxy nor light distance for the squareness of moral to crush upon the one who denies her party.




i can’t dance lyics.

“just selling every thing”.




mind! it is no probably a super idea to propose cleaning rivers as communitary services – i remind you in case they were agrressing the police or anyone or the buildings and materials-

because it the job were not implying to use and bin kilos of plastic for them to put plastic in, then it could be the job dream that does not exist up there, so one could try being an outlaw to being permit some of redeem for their freres.

whatever the outcome there can not be justice without the model being shown by the very leaders, charismatic or not, that shall come clean as for their ends than for their means- and own very practises-youth does not know but can feel intuitively the masquerade, and they destroy as they are tailed.




I hope you are happy with my intervention, I gave in all my rhetoric.

You can blast me now.


She poured on the red wine, the moment maybe quarters, hours, she did not know and wish she never drank so grand or she may not awake, and around abound all what she threw (true) out.

A question remained- this red could have ti be my blood? Could I have died this night? It was still this she was using not for the pain, the disgust the acid in the throats (throws) all lurking along and all that, but it was the night to her adieu to him, and it was enough to put it as in “file achieve”. No moe than a portefolio, was how she was resenting he life of worhacolic shifts and anyway they were no dream beside him. Only the elongated remembrance of that it is necessary foe us to overdo and overgo up to where one can never seize but caress its despair to say we won’t amount zero…



Look I have to stop this, though ti is interesting cos I don’t manage to be convincing at all.

If I have to I d pray every 5 minutes to find a solution for you to be happy to stay. And the solution I would compel to it with all intensity. Nothing d be lost as I want you, and I don’t want to see that I need you because who d need someone who  would not be satisfied by one’s quest. But I think that I would have like to have you as mummy. Yeh, so, so it asks to be circumspect, and that I can take all your humor included when you are humiliatingly jumpy. I don’t care I d got my trail.


I would not dare compare that to tatu no, plus you d be the squarer.

But if I could I would not mind doing that the week end with books and if you want to go

As already I had planned for you to breathe alone during the week as I don’t want you to go beserk


Well go, and thus I could go grungy eat oignons, and be dreamy.




I always fret about if I d find a meaningful job to do, whereas I never have finished inside out mine yeat.

How can we call that? Folly?




The culture according to the nature-environment-, conditions-harmony to environment and harmony between and among humans. People are attached to their cultures but cultures are but this. Whence the real having to preserve local knowledge but what for if the environment are evaporated, and the local spirituality but what for if it is to pout conceit on the rest of everything.

Every thing?? But what is that, the mash over.

Every single thing? What is left alone, is not for liberty, is to say look at what we cooked for you if you are not the next to pee on waning bee.

Winnable wannabe.



I don’t want anymore cats, dog, fish, pets, but the one that can be fried-but not by you, near you.

These animals are all jealous I don’t altogeter wish at all having spending my day in the chase for retrieving the little pride that would have stayed. I cannot have thy to be aside.



To get away with one’s lies she would have pouched it harder (herder) in pretending that she was lying in order to conceal a most appealing reality that was her negative feelings about people suddently justified by her making them bearing her own shame put behind some other fake accusations, or ludicrous reprobation. The shame of liars. MOR[T]AL TONE



These people in saloon depending their time opinioning other people, well isten, not long if you got constructive construction to do, but listen attently, they don’t articualate anylonger, like if their feelings were both frightened and frightening of not being feeling anylonger. The over-fed geese just sounding like gelatin.


Or I will choose a goose, always willing to talk her bit, and organsise some type of ceremonies.



You know the problem with working for the people is when there is a political problem involving ethical disputes namely the killing of one of your brothers- whatever abstract, symbolic, life is all that, and touching to one of her component is optimistly the way that take the elements to signal which path has to be taken in order to solve and explore further in hoping that progression is not rapid from the mess left behind and throwing and crashing, but metamorphosis from the care, knowledfe ever growing from the bases that are transporting.


The other problems is that you work for your family and then,

If one day I come to you and you beat me up in front of my sons? Of the troups? Of my seniors? And all this shit on brotherly?

No you are right in front of no of this, I am nobody.

You are right why should I feel something the work I did all around this expression, thinking about these discussions, envisaging ‘intellectual’ meetings. Did I come because you were there? Of course, but here is the thing I went there.



I d like to talk about genocides and wars, that no one care about but as a way of purging populations and individuals according to needed or asked numbers. It is why nothing is done to prevent them as they are at the same time exciting people to do far more better in matter of killings. Politics said centuries ago that they were necessity, what do the politicians say today, they said we are so such a entire bands of no one can call themselves nations but sloty.

In the wake of the government’s plans to drastically alter the funding of higher education, the very



I think of you all the time so of course what I think is about tenderness one cannot have sex all the time, is that ok with you?

It is about cuddles, affection, body maintenance, but when there is sex, and that it gets quicker? It is like if I had to do it only to show it. Maybe this electricity is not only in my lonely brain, maybe.

Electric power.





violence, force, hold, authority, power, governance



C : gay



Watts. Wall.




Revo-ke revo lute.


Like your ruts, ununderstandable scene for me, because yyou make the signs that you want me stronger, whereas I know that the opposite is truer, then? It is just saying am miming this as it is the last time I ll see you, me about to fire. Like a job interview for redundancy, believe me the same I saw many.


To require recong reconquiere my beat virginity for you to feel what draw your calls on purity.




Lake lack.

Collines, hills.

Collide, collusion, (e)collier.


Tu vas subire the worst pressures, and the sexual ones I don’t even mention. Logically, it is the sortilege of love, they will drop but not outta ecstasy.




Your replace the full that I manage to keep in my heart, in all of it. But you re remplacing that happily.

Don’t mind the aftermath it is happy written, I ll do with it.

I mean the day you drop the bomb.



I saw your messages, it is since I hear you say that you weren’t married – at the perspectives of a chance to get it, and even sportier to catch, get, hold, and her encore after douceur, that I am happy as hell on heel, hillish the old mountains with their thousands of thousands of various plants, floweres, bid birdies, elves, stoneses, creatures of the land, creatures of the air, wolves,

Yes, were.

I t is this also love, so then where ti is?



Douceur, do soeur, sir, d’ou, whence, ou, or, dought, flour, and yet again if you d like it to probe your inner and transform my dick to more than penetrate and less that cracking it, adhere.



To never had had good sexual experience because at their optimum it is when you can trust 100 %, and does mean that you can be yourself in the sense beyond yourself as much as into the other.





To feel like him would kiss me like my mother did. And cry to stip stop before it stops naturally.



We will be dying to the world, but what about to each other?



You are all that I wish for.

It is too dangerous to even just believe in our kink of relation.

Ok true if something goes wrong is that I did nnot imagine, I d only have made up some pieces.



Ma douceur une perte pure tant que n etant pas a l appuie sur ot toi.

Fugue et refuge.


To massage your neck the base of your head and all just for you to think easy.

When self massage is…fucking complicate.



I thought you wanted to eradicate me,

Then I went in my head with somekind of evidence of my lyrism for you to hear what you made to me.

But I did not put it wo down on paper I thought it is too late it is too fooslish for this.

I went to deceit, conceit, spurning my own elevated feelings.

I should have though, it is where I need a guardian, someone who spurs I cannot ideally die a despair aghast no.




She found out that you want a slave when solidarity is needed, and now that we found out, we will have to sort that out.

Don’t be nice and good silly, to have your servants smiley all around.

Be fair, just and honest and don’t think that it is priviledge or that we are going to medal you.

Here the spare panel pages.



Tu es une merveilleuse prof, don you worry.



J ai a song that will remind oyou childhood on Monday.



It must not remind us our present, ok?!


My boy friend is my comput. Yours?

Comfortably numb?


Te touché t il encore?



This man is your man and me I am a woman who does not have any thing else that a confrontation inside a peaceful bookshop, you get the slate, little pet for him, pest for the day I ll die for it?



Jeux themes

J t aime



It is love tha can understand purity and also all the rest-any matter and abstraction.

Is not live a manifestation of purity? Ot have manage to be born, to blossom.



The law as an institution were working with the family. As one cannot possibly say I am the head here and I will have my children be honest, respectuous of others’… it is not possible even for the most devoted parents to be sure that their children, thought to be their dependant, though their responsibility will follow the home rules, thus people rassemble their needs to be respected into a single authority- symbolically if your parents, family, neighbourgh, needs someone to stop you from doing harm…



Unfortunately we are rules by negative rights that means that someone will get away if they manage you to sign a contract through which they do harm- I cannot work without disrespecting, conning my customers, but I have to work…I don’t know knothing but we will have to count on insider trade…I cannot said I don’t want no more packaging on the food system, they rather people understand that the industrial tell-end of all that budies, we make money, and us children will decimate you while inventing wars situations, diseases, recessions, news rules.

So this justice is like it is not that I help people to get along, because if you ask me to be fair, and try your son as long as the mp, the ceo for their in build salary that will lead to any type of obscenity- insane possibilities, opportunities at doing wrong, at asking others’ to do wrong, at making wrong the law…

Also schematically if your daddy would stay silent in front of someone who would punish you forsomething one must not do, regarding others’ life possibilities at well being and being happy, the day he asks the judges to be fair, regarding these values, the one of reason and praying life sincere, the day he has (ask!) asked really, the judiciary, economic, of employment system will take his trousers off and spank him in front of all villagers, and to make sure he don’t go back in the name of rights, in doing its duties, we will take the trousers as well.

Just joke.


Do you know how in the country side people will be hiding a body. Well you dig and reverently recover it with stones, and you will say to your family that it is the gargoil garbage new place. Everyone will have to heap as much a pig can, even the small children will have for chores to go and bring their deposit- but this one will be demanded meekly by the grand daddy, ceremoniously like one shun a grey sky with darker tone- and what will be asked??

That the salient not made lavishly salvage for the occasion, that she does it utterly not knowingly happily, with what a true mass has of profound for the profane particularly as time is there to rezone but one day the sky won’t be-a stone.


S~t_ake sake.


One is looking for verity, for entering eternal life.

But one way mi little baby you ll literally be fucked is that there i sno fiery infinite without absolute. Is there any decency for absolute in our life? Who don’t buy yet another plastic thinking this drop or another we are lauched down in the trap- and yes just here just suddenly we work the world WE.

Liter be, liter be, liter, bear no more. Ain’t dust no more, before mother nature could offer to our survivors us life compost, and renewal, making and as being made by something similar to which one could think of a serum, of an exile, now?

LIFE WILL GO ON. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.




I think of you, it is a splendid day, the wind is noisy and sharp, tis chill tingling, but whatever I do I think that you will have the knowledge of this just to say ok it is what it deos does decodes- from this my live becomes more than meaningful, more than beautiful, she becomes you.




T’ effleure-t-il?


Do they exploit love and dedication and paternal instinct under ideology with the banners such as marx, locke, hobbes, rousseau detractors, that are now ideologies as any classics any geniosity have been shaped their work in order to understand the whole family, the overall implications, the almighty. They all knew that it was a matter of real experimentation, patience, communication, solidarity, protection, safeguards-but not the one you pay, the one that do it by duties- oh yes but we need to be paid, fo course but paid are standing for being bribed in our society, and the day there is no money one would let you behind the hands of missed reciprocity curtain by our deed and tasks and shopping daily- responsibilities, honesty. They all knew that it takes the all time but when things move they did so for ever and after? The genius were the experimentators, but who to take the follow-suit? With arrogance and thinking that theories are here for the taking, well no the genius of the time and rewards make them difficult to grasp and handle, their spirit enter the reader the day of their faithfulling.

Foiling, fouling?



I t is not question of being influence, the green, it is our ideas, even it is logics, we willll be sarcasly see seedling of death without them to be a reign and weighty.

Do you cow know wry wee why this sentence  is left vague, because every one would expect me to insult death, but not, she is doing her toll, no more, I am talking about her callers and the fact that death is just that, not only redemptrice; temptatrice not only, she ll come with the threshold of what she has been asked about.


I f they call upon your death I wish ot stay calm and arrange to call the same on the manyer, but this tow called d be for ever different.


To plan for doing less, and have to do it back, elevate oneself on no fearing the takers task of abnegation.

But one day the tasks we manage to spare would coming back for help the one we neglected will be takers of the occasion.



I love watching the numbers of characters, word, pags, hours, to follow their symmetry, the recurrence of how they turn and round. And the figures what do they stand for? Everytime you with added value



It is so strange that people insist to have value when they talk of being meanly exploitative with people, when you know that in economy plus value is exactly that they mean.



deos does decode


to record everything even the most important date, to me, our meeting. Why? Oblition lateral damages of

since earth becomes a hole.


The humans did not get as far as subprime the number six of the scale-in order to hint hinge, intuit, that nothing were down to their own shits, their side, sad aspect, of the sacred fact foci cv.

On the sacred.


Did you see I was the 350th the last allowed to post. Nice sing sign, hh? Try to remember it, then.


uppersixth scythe

I agree that when I eat a vegetable I kill a living, but when it comes to my dejection unlike with other nailed “living creatures” = animal, however plants are too, but human forget all about its own nature native)[urge,heeve].

So let’s refume, the excrement of animals are directly a food for the minerals and not for other animals.



A stong tea insie the throat of someone thristy has the impact in the brain and noise of the most famous whiskey.



Nobel prize




For Philo, Logos was God’s “blueprint for the world”, a governing plan.


therefore not to processed with death.

Death si the measure on how we are far from divinity.

But not in the lapse of our longevity as life is the unknown and that our life as an entitiy would dnot stop but elsewhere go, but the scheme is to avoid that death has to be coming, and therefore assert a kinda “independence”. On whatever is my death, or the one of my brother, or the one of my bother, as nothing as to be killed but celebrated as life creating



In the first days of the 18-day uprising, the embattled Mubarak regime used its expansive state media machine to spread false news reports of murder and mayhem in hopes of terrorising the public and discrediting the revolution. It went so far at one point as to release convicted criminals from prison.




to belong charnelly is that whatever however unexpected once daring sexual drive make them feel their rise, I think of ya. Freer as long as it d not be inbuild automatism appearing heaven before it being engulfed and out the way that has to be thought about or hiden or waste or more dangerous release as a possible “messages misread”



art conveying messages of war, or smillyness according to what the rulers want their cervr cerberes to act and play.


Dicka c’est nous.




People judging thinking one’s is working for them. What about bouts and bits on spirituality. We are not alone, but hwo go on thinking and living like so, while staying alive?

The innocent, yes or then reincarnate but the concealater, conseillor?

Olsd skin with savage mutation salvage



A bird understand easilier a man who sings. Is singing.


To understand without anything else to do, though one can refine up to talking but ti s the same that then same species, time implication application and faithful, regular, meaningful and meaning find meetings. Search to a reapproching through sound and whence words.

Utterance of another timblre timbre but same spirit and shared world

To who shall one explain-BEING-THINKING

And human language are not so comolicated once one wants or have time to worry about what s conveyed

On the non slaughter interest.

On the mutual care divinity.

The purest, the quest as the pursuance cannot be done without all allies, lied in the circle.

Without respecting each ounce of life, purveyance there won’t be.



You touch me and I am crying innerly, inertly , the same scar that you not understanding that in your hands are lodge my decency, deontology, all what one can uplift their lives with, a ses senseful deign divinity.

Daughter, author, hauteur (higness) and sun.

As your mother is the priest who count me paternity.


To think of her and explain my other drive.

To have my child as the certitude that our stories could raise again and with her beauty.



When I think of a message from you fni finishing you.

Before opening the mail, the cadence of my heart goes when during a boxing fight when you know you won’t rise up after k.o.

The meaning of “don’t kill me” here to say that me is the energy that went as fr as you, but maybe…


I could try to send to you a melody a day, but it won’t probably replace.




If not you are nothing

But the religious would answer, in this world.

But I am not religious.

Yes, mazy may mayby maybe however everyone believes if you don’t believe is that you did not think about that, and we need to think to exist or feel through the assistance but yet again it is feeling the faiths this, yeah?




To make one’s prayer when moments are grand or dismal as when we were children and that religions, no religious were teaching survival and respect.

One cannot invoque a text, texts are guide, but who will explain, who will convey, who will apply?

The religious bigot are like villagers, it is not religious anger or suspicious it is do you want to comply to our way of crusades, as of course we will have to compel to sacrifices and we are humble, also light and let a law

S al-so allow dishonority seruptiously sodly secure by pinching serenade.

That is the carrot of good words in a world erudite and damned.




Ok no tis ridiculous even if you work two full time you still have to get the time to do your own cleaning only for your health maintaining, though I could do the gardening twice instead but it be certainly not available for exchange facile or unforced.

Any moisturizing?



And you stop repeating what I am fucking doing, I recall you of the fact that you are compromised, if not compromising.




It is not that men were stronger than women but it is that they are put in another conition that permit one to beat the other up. Let’s imagine that it is the woman who go outside fetching food and acting as a screen around the lot then she would be the one to beat the other one that don’t move, as being easy to target as not moving and has having the most important in refullling regular beating, the exit possibilities the escape. But what wouls happen if women were outside, with the children??

Well t house outlay d be ouside down, a society of penguins maybe, just like that in the forest all around hunting in family? But not hunting as other animals need calms for domesticity and silence to be approach and kills, picking then? If difference physical only allow by a process of organizations in between domestication and nomadism. The need to settle the need to conquiere, and the day we won’t ahppy with sharing tasks that finish in coercion well killing is weapons, that has been used so often that humans still are being—therefore there were not dominations, as if one would do like anyone would doif it was liberation, push the button, it is or towards harmonization with escape of diversity and versatility or towards annihilation and profound death ceremony- possibly hidden by wanting to kill other people or peoples. It is what I write basics connery but still can explain and warn about gender role and equalization refusal that is but a culture of the killings by arousing and locked for pressurizing aggressivity (aggressivity to the fact of being unfairly constraints) you are not unfairly constraints, all the women are the same way, who is as idiot to not understand that the relation of thing –in their purity- is beyond any criteria or is diabolical.

I don’t think no one, “as everyone is endowed with reason,” (H.R.U.D} with the ability at having felt immensity, profounder, dimension.




I refused yoy, that I have to tighten?




This void is that I am not sure to nothing achieved, even if it was at the upmost of my art that I could try to be shooting, but to love you.




Those colors I did not choose



She is with us, She is with us, She is with us,

She is in love with you, yes.

You and your being as reactive as a pasta. Talking about emotion all day and not detecting that. My girl, my girl, I ll break my noise on a wall, I better ‘ singing that.




Ponce pilate.








Blute nur (second part)





Blute nur, du liebes Herz: IV





About all these questions, whatever you ll chose I ll support you.

What does it mean? Support you 100%. Is that right that?

Because I don’t know what the fate as for me, but it terrorizes me, yahea, me again my little me.

But one thing is sure is that I would not stop wooing you and I could stop to woo you because I know we have to fight for life in general but life is nothing if not about it, and one takes its chances where he thinks they are better and will you I can see “it will be”. It would but I put myself out of the abstraction to say it is present reality because it will last my wooing if you let it.


It what the deal with you chum? To get a baby when you are nearer 40?



Homos problem baby?

An no, non, no, neni, or they pick up the poor infant the others threw in the rubbish, even if ti is rubbish.

Or every one happy, balanced, touti quanti, and I don’t mind having a baby with another gay couple that want to make peace with everybody, very good, me I am having it for my wife anyhow, or my husby call it like you want, just call me if it is with another fiend, that I divorce and kill myself after that.

Ah no there s the baby. He cannot go with me everywhere and nor in Africa, where they belive very very strongly in the demons, and they kill the albinos as long side as the non humans when they don’t say that it is a too big one so better elect it as president bozize.



Ok, ok I am taking position, but I never do it I want to be curious if not ready. I am holding them but one, it looks like an abruti, two, I am not sure


But still we, ok, I could say that it is a lick twice a term.

Since ther rest is to posh to be told and tell.

And when you do me harm while asking me to go on, then I could an handle have and uphold. And stay sweet? Yah, but here is the challenge, am I, do I call strength enough? About to explode, well thinking of you and have a reach that make me last, as Olympic games are ok if they don’ t find me or rushed, or imprecise, or missing you, our target, and you is mine, or lax. Running down or up, no streaming right.

You understand, no one has even reallyflirting with me, it never go beyond intellectual, practical questions, ntither went farer than mmh, no. oh god make me shut up. I don’t hint at all it is therapeutical to unveil me this way, or else let me hope. So I hope of never being outlay.



The same amount of women but between 16 and 29. But what I mean is that unless numbers and the satisfaction of having been functioning I ve got nothing to say about it. Woman the same I never be into someone so how to get technical? No ways. Also it starts blowing and finish t.v. three times after it is broken I am not for arguing.

I don’t think I like sex finally, it was just to say I won’t die like this, and that I know I am prone to think the same once you d definely leave me but still I d rather write. Far better. I mean I rather write all the time that having to look for mediocrity.

My writing might be average but in her I am looking for unbound my divinity.



I can wait how much you want, I said cool id did not ssaid easy.

But need to see you, so the suggestion is on you. I mean see you, having a glimpse, a meeting occasionally, phylo no Marxism, I don’t know where? I don’t think you d be please if I go to your home too early. Don’t let me be in love with a disappeared don t do me this misery.


It is not that I am drunk, never you heard, no drudgs, youo enough to kill me when I feel dizzy.

If I took I would not find the way to our hidden place where the murmurs are the stronger upon me this all earth is a cry and your shine your whisper the river that move away tears and fright.

Space out.



How come that animals, like the horses, are not obviously given sign of sexual excitement towards human, unlike dogs, cats…maybe because I don’ tknow enough the subject or Because you mistake it as fight or agrressivity?



J e voulais te remercier pour ce que t avais dit la derniere fois, c est ainsi que je tiens, heureusement. Je us is suis bien.



I am never bored, even if you wanted only one day a while, I am talking in 2 or 3 years.

Well I d spend the rest trying to convince you for more but just in writing and it won’t be compulsory to read it so d accord?


It is for youre ease, because me tomorrow it is ok but the fact that I would have to train hard during the moment you just want to talk because my level is improvable though.

We talk about potential.

It is why I need a patent

Because you could need 2 further year for talking, 2 for coffee,  for teas, 2 reading groups

And we are 88 you win it, unless you ask me at 66 to think about dorothee.

I feel like tee, telling you, ok we don’t see, I don’t want to lose this sanity.

But what d the plan be to have make you an heart attack when coming back blew 30 seconds and me thinking you know she does not dislike you, it is just not ideally.

My heart craks, y heart bleeds, my heart hurts, aches???

And what about my all body? Ok finds one demon, and wait, and strengthen, and, and, and, but one can do that anyhow, and this will happen but if we are honest with it.



But wherever I am I would cry you for not being with me. Mel. It is what habits me. See film habits not a hint at whatever but not bad frankly but the fact that I would give myself to you if you d need to drink me.

I M NOT vampire but I wish I was one only to avenge the humans and to flee eternally to you.

As for my ex, I wrote the same maybe, on theme surely but happy with it it s you. As for emancipe I don’t feel threaten there or here, just give me a big slap whenever the need to awaske me appear.

Don’t feel I try to make you plan anything or rush or whatever as the day I d want to produce this effect I d say the opposite I need you to dot tod, right?

You can print and frame this one if you like ti. On your bedsit and thus I ll be in advance like never.


To start saying one is not in love any longer as the person is gone.

But what about their return.

It is abot human destruction. No law, no inspector, and people destroyed until the come back of maman.



You don’t want my writing the one I do for you I am nothing therefore, my heart iw is that is for, implore.

Till you come down, and this day I could crunch on thf floor an d hold my chest and at last check and hold on one, please spare me with me having an septic Osiris play, isis for you death nay.




I know I have behavior showing physical reactions that could be qualified as being stressed, hardened…

I am no violent. I have a history with violence that make me understand it. I ve been beat up, I had a few beating up back. And I have my shame story because I one poing I used coercion and my physical strength- I used her not in a dire way but real too pushy- I was not alone, there is no education in france for this subject when I was working with very severy “mentally people” some have criis over crisis, throw stuff, unclothes, put a mess that one will have to clean and basically there is enourmous pressure as for prevent this incidents. I am not saying I had been violent at any point but and in more than occasion it took me to be trained in the uk to be sure I had been so forceful.

I had a dog that has been beaten up before I took him, he was my baby, my best mate, my honey- I had a lot of mates human at this age, toomany I was popular but for being a lesbian a drop out and a drunk looking for a joint from morning to evening it lasted till the moment I stop doing like my father the version junky and looked for a job. He healed me instantly. Not the job, as when I get a constant one I was working rather hard, and inspecting the candid way one of the poorest quarter of paris region, the poorest building, it is in an immigrant building of 13 storey I spent my 4 years, the only woman we were 250, one of the only french but…I stopped speaking I was 22 and smoking joints and cigs like a chimney.  I was 19 or so. I was not yet in paris, I travelled for dubious- I work in a bar where you have to speak to the customers in exchange of champagne- 2, 3 months I think I did it because for the first time I accept to wear the robe and last time. We were not prostitute, we were not even touched at no time unless you decide to go to the saloon but you were doing whatever you wanted, my boss that the gayer guy in town but my clients were no woman, fortunately as I think I could have well stayed. I won’t tell you everything today but ok I might be bisexual, it is just that my feeling, well I did have the knowledge of the possibility of nurturing love for a man, but I think that I am too frightened by the deception by being betrayed, abandoned, whatever make me a lonely gall- so why the females because I am so in love that it cannot enter my calculations at any time.. ,  jobs. And the dog, Geronimo, I kept his name, peed. I was not at mine I went for the first time angry and to do what I have always seen doing spanking when this happen. I saw my dog going in his back, his legs in the air, like a returned tortle, looking at me crying and peeing on himself. I certainly made him cry first when looking for him. I never ever touched him again. As a guard he was crappy but-a shepherd but nothing to do with the fact that since that day of violence I had been stopped, for the rest of my live and hoping I d be serving the next one.

As for my cat I did the same thing for his poo but just to show not to harm, just to show. I reach the same conclusion, also I was putting him in prison for that and when I not I he killed a bird or a mouse.

He, he, he, they are rescue animals and I love them like my girls.

For the guard stuff Geronimo was a little but when I was attacked he did not do nothing, it is 11 years of that and it is now that I realize he was inside, so I would not know that I could have done if outside, comme quoi ca me fait du bien d ecrire ces conneries. But it is just to say that one need to be trained to defend too. And my dog I could not even reproach him anything as it was his psychological role towards me I was playing protective, you know my dog behind and me in between I d learnt to separate dogs very fast as if the row started really exept a bucket of water it was nearly impossible to intervene.

Every of this to say that if you wanted ti rough you would have to insist but really persevere and mince menace and all that.


I am just writing that giving you an understanding of how I am, I don’t know about doing anyelse for the moment, and I am not gonna do cut and paste for anyone else I am not ashamed of my past. You’re my present, there fore.

I don’t know how to say that it is the present that I want for ever that it should be like, but I ll find a way of doing that, free from speaking to myself but…


“not’ing to rely on” genesis, on man’s fool.



They might have rendered their son vicious at the expense of their daughter but their son is at the head of something holding money now.

Volition , voila.



Seinbol, sein, sain, breast, chest and sane. Nurture from one’s liquidity, the water and the milk, not mild but summit and receptacle jauging the and the need for purity. Source of nature and emb




Of course I would like to eat your cake even if I stopped sugar that are not fructose but chocolate. But the problem is that I would ask you everyday for one, in the trances of thinking that your cake could be the last one of my life, as tomorrow…

Just like the day when my mum would see your smile and pity me till the hell down because one day….



For me a revolution sexualist would be to have only you for ami, aim, with the rights and duties to be blunt about it. Art of appurtenance, as you are my world, mon enceinte, and citadelle, to venerate one’s contour and detour and to respect her boundaries to tend to to inner harmony, incommensurable the center the heart the all passing and emcompassion of what other worlds might be best to me.

To be my seal,




Psychic, electric?



I go in your back garden on Sundays for it to be ready as I cannot on mondyas.

And there facing your windows is saint mary. I put bread around her, kiss her hands, and pu my face on her beloved face jolly, touching her lips nearly



We could not be accepted as a person from somewhere else it is like that tha the last arms was to enforce our own culture where people was in disarray, and inhumanity and cruelty in display, as every cultures has been the devil play on concurrent mass grave.

Mass ter(re).

Terre, ground, earth, seriously.




it is just to know if eventuellement you found a French English dictionary in your office, I slid it under the door, would it be possible to retrieve it, it is a precious tool, my french is not a lot of vetter than my english ll be, but blind and still.

Thank you and sorry




I “posted” a French English dictionary. I never like being an indirect cause for us to depend upon this huge factories fare also I make them circulate whenever I can, and since you translate, I though you know.

If you found it in your office, I slid ti under the door, would it be possible to have it, it is a precious tool.

Thank you and sorry



I d like to come and practise something in the back garden instead of kissing heavily mary now, but there is too many people and then I prefer to go just the room down yours, one story less, a corridor, and at the beginning I would close the gate.

Busy, I ll do with it. But were I in the garden practising martial art and fine apple appeal I d be afraid of one’s fortified of her raid which one I know that I could not take, eradicate. I don’t want to ve angry, don’t want you to be angry, never egain, above all in good society. Show me the lane. Annees. Aneantir, et bien non c est un peu pres notre speciality tres emcombrante qui l nous ferait evider, qui l nous fer, qui l nous faudrait eviter. Juste a l occasion je ne cesserai detre une bonne mere.



My mum reacted like that in the denial of profound, prefund, disfunctionment. Why do you thing think?

To cut short. Because it would have been to let the flow of all the stories coming back and hit harder, and with the tide a lot of more. Also she reacted like that like a dyke, a dam.

Deciding to react this way, all the more painful that it could be, but not stirring up what would not allow discontinuity



She t(h)anked me for waiting but did she realize I could wait her for her only. I could cult not but live for this waiting. It was wows not a choice, it was her, so what the thanks for? Off air.





Key of abstraction in the embodiment of conVeying.

Cone, eyes.



I just notice I contract I don’t remember which way a youtube account, it is automatically I go there without doing nothing I don’t know if you know when I send the melody. It is for glory anyway.


They call homo sick.

What is sick is to fordid someone’s love.

And it is more than that. Maybe people leave themselves injuriiated knowing wig that darker is upthere and tanned, burned to the almost core and our body are shaking from the menace that pests spray all around.



They fire us, put fire on us, for the system to be reappraised by more voracious.


I think of you to renounce, did you see my scar just cutting my belly, just there you d stab me.


I also think but this does not hold 3 seconds too thin, that you could just ask somebody to ask me to leave.







To do like the last of the Mohicans.

To have this ball only.

And wait till to avoid execution using it.

Fair play or grandour what would qualify. Nothing we are the one describing what remove from us all honour.



It was this time when I would have refund every lock, every bars, every nails, vices, lug, brick of my life. For him. Ok it could have been careerist but I am this kind of man that give absolutely every of his sweating. And it is when I realize he led me only for a psychological analyses and then I star eating like if I had been starving and vain.

This candor, this comfortable vanishing.



I ll imitate you with nails, I did not as or I was working with lorry or with personal care or mum that was harassing me cos they were black or at school I start to play nervous, till the day I bit them through being it really or thourgh the habits of . But now I find the feeling excellent of not having to use the tip of fingers, it kills the pain, the too much intrusive contact molesting our tiniest vessels. It ‘s brilliant. It is a very sensual touch I like that the nail giving a kind of response to the flesh.


Apropos of answering you right to protest I mixed up everything won’t do it again.

Unless I found something more refine. But that s all me I am not the finest.

Unlike your clear laces, your crystal clear pattern.

Sapph ire.




Vous vous souvenez le coup que vous m avez dit a propos des barricades.

C est ce que ma vraie m aurait dit.


Ce n est pas une energue sexuel meme s ill y ressemble , c est intestinal.

To penetrate you as to have vibrate guts and all tissues, irradiate, like the sun light has to relieve of the darkness of the mind.

Let your self penetrate.



And we won’t have them as we look after the ones hatch already but when you thrust in me in quest of a baby I deliver crying joice and happiness, marvel and bewilderment like the door of paradise wild and wide open.

Hope. Nope. Sun and dawn. Doubt her? Dew rising tiding rivher. Arriver.


I know knowing beat beautiful only scientific, play on sounds and words nothing predetrimental nothing predeterminate, god is aback absence not it is the denial of that that bring us to hold on, on what? Live per se? illogical, or holding for supreme or not holding at all, or for cruelty? Well take you sword. So me the believer why don’t I sacrifice since there is a mistress mind of life. Because become = finding love is the way I believe in god and once found one don’t abandon or life decaying become.

Life is decay, but there the way of bringing to other places fleshes and mind.

Flesh, fleche = arrow…and the way one can notice that physical connection, attraction, interaction does not need the touch, also it does mean that in the air they displace like my arm an object.

Elec tricity.

Elect trick.




But becareful because one day I could buy myself a masseuse session.

I thought of that but to who I would like to give inner outer mentally the energy in question?

So here we are, no question.






A snake and a dunk quite noby.



I f one day I d have a sign of your love and commitment I d have to go in the forest and ask to be alone for the rest of my day for bewilderment. Not anylonger afraid of the dark, would it be there than once in my brain oblivion, abstention, extinction, all would be for me equal. To never die. Dice. Deux, dieu.

The apprentiship of faith, fiat se fiat and trust.




Fiat, fait = to do = fact.

F#act around to do.



Self ish means destitute of wit. Of the inheritance of the mind and spirit of the truly religious of the love to reign and conquire. Conquire what life and not viper. Not that I accuse the viper she is the serum but seldom. Sell dom.

To reassert thourough truth and why it is the meaning of err. And us air?  I didn’t take two protozoa.

Prototype human beings he has in their mind the demons, but no tto accuse the spirits and the imaginations, to accuse our deeds, and our acts, not to divert onto appearances, and opinion but through taking the feel of live tackling th e fact that we are cowards.

Co wards. What? Need a budy, an accomplice.





This harpsichord that he could have played, this instrument that was appealing to his fingers whereas the piano refuses to them. As cave-in reminded him another era, as vivid as a film on which he would have starred as young first stud while he watched it once, a long time ago, every long time ago already.



There is not now without an after. Ana theme. Fter. Feter = celebration

Faite = done, pinnacle, skyline.


And ter, enterre.



To give one’s life is love to take ti back is …sack, rack, ransack.

To give one’s life, one’s love and humour.



Ce eque j adore dans bach, mais plus qu ordinairement, ce sont ses fugues.



It is a luck you know me a peu maintenant, sinon vous devriez, deviez, devour, allez a votre patron et leur dire que vos enfants sont devenus de plus en plus insolents, vraiment.



By the way your choir does (do, fa, re, mi,) hit it still in your life? Any theologist?



To recite one’s prayer and know remind, rewind, that one does no t possess the might.

Each time if thought brought me to exalt I think that I shall be able, capable to die to ensure us a place safe. Safe but of you, my conjugaison of all time. But what could I do? You are notable, the war is in each counter, coun tir = shooting, tri = sort out.

In yours, in mine, in theirs, in ours and to who would be the lend, (s) oan, (l) oan, land. Sooner or later, sown will soar.



Our hands looking like trees, our tips led by veins just like stems.

From stern to stem. Noah is gone.



Theology, for goodness sake of course, but of actuality, currency, the news of today.

No one would send prophet, the human being as erase eradicate than he did to another species, objects, ideal aleas e ideas, and words, any com concepts.

E, euh,



E, euh, each, hue.

Eu = had.

Hint, why. E vad.

Vade mecum




Like all civilizations, like all moments of our lives, we are saying, ho yes this is the summit, the fucking pinnacle, we are the kings and queens fo all that, just to find out, that it is the down.

Get it. Communitarist in all kinds, as there I sn o communities but one. Everybody, and everybody possesses their secrets weapons did not bear the name of hypocrisy.




But to marry one has to slay one’s dragon.

Drag queen?


Kill who, the nearest of you, and it is at this moment of purifying that you think shall I kill, or my ex that I shall I kill, not physically but psychically and then you understand how lame is the mind, what constituent, haunt, what’s resistance, how resistant?

The resistant is you, me the reactionary.

Who wants riot now? None of us as we are still opponent.



Bestow, best tow.

Tow beast.

Town tower.

Towage, who did draft, draught-horse = traire = milk cow = mild  slavery? treator. It is what i, is man, not  creator but a traitor.

I, iand his dead head for dot.




En gal, or angel.



And you want I look after you, then I say no we have to buy some seriousity, and you betray me , so I come to you because it feels os so good that I would die for it, and once you are well sure of it, you sack me.

Where s the paper for resignation? Do I seem resigned? Tahnk you dock, cot, deco, doctor.

They get away with ti, shall you have decided to do your carver in medicine. Cared, carried.



And maybe I ll send in the pour(ali)gatory because of not being a messiah, but we could look after some kids upthere don’t we?

Mind if it was in the same state of mind that most of the asshole that go to school to nick the previous and next generation all in the same rating rattling just like the parents taught them and the society- there’s theres’ you can attest to the milk snatcher aka the iron lady.

Ire on, weapons were more heavy, navy,

Shut up cunt you are in angleterre, royaume de jean sans terre,

And here the robin wood story.

Here upon a time, just now in newham city.



And ti sis when they realize that the devil were a it.

Always to sexualize it took one’s time one segregation.

To do it short, who don’t have sex, as they always think of animals as possible pseudo revenge.

And then the revenge would not be in the air, in the green, would you , who would think that the devil is so facile??????//////))))))((((((,,,,,,you see all htat not straight cut better, not in length, in serpille = in prune, in billhood, billhook tune. But it would be simpliest to cause the poor funny writer a distress than to ask your banker what kind of do you play it?




)( back to back it should be nice that like movement and position.



I can feel your jealousy enter my me, my sex, my tromps, my womb, and to keep it right in my belly. Bell.

And the stickler is you. Health and safety but when will I steal you, tangy? In bold, oui, oui.



You are right I don’t even mak you love with my own sex, I ve been tauthg and learn conscientiously, sciences y to be ashamed, that another one is my tool, but to who and above all to whom? Would you want it would I be sure that I t wasw mine?

It is only a pussy, I mean it like I d say dick, is to say everything so to speak.

But it is mine this image we forge of it?

It is why people find reason at doing nothing more, or any kind. What do you think we could find on that that would not make anyone a holy whore?




In fact what really frighten me I s te choice I will have to operate about my study?

I don’t know, ann, I don’t know, I call you mary, I call you Helen, because I won’ t officialize what you rather encore anchor ashore.

Sure? But of what of when we explore? We are at the edge fo this forest, and it is what I ll try, I don’t know just don’t know if well, to enter and effort, effect, affect will be enourmous I know you are in my core, shall it be no ominous. As I welcome you in my breast, and if you have to do eat me, I am not a saint, or not yet, as every one is a saint around one hundred, facing our eternity. Where will ou be? I want this female to whom I ll will am ask this question my all life along your eyes colt closing as far as my envy for slight light . as but you there is nothing I d like.


Will, I am.




I ask you to cu touch as it is painful

And as you do I know that I ll be free,

Like the eues that are being made close, at least like this.





Each time I feel that I could open this door and that I could find a note from you fine(ly) finishing ot. Hot, thi, hit, oter = take off, remove.

My brain goes cottonous, sugary consistence like without the taste but the head ache after it be melt with shoal of coal chocolate.

A choral push me to review why one would go one, on, as sprite as ever after that.

I feel like throwing up, womiting of anguish. And now crying out of despair. But with you I d rather be in it. But if we, I d find an exit.



The arab world is falling apart, as their past allies find a way to empoch money, so ti is the forces victories. But who will counter capitalism insanity now, robotics?

Who is applauding victory that are none but military because the politicians want us to believe that there is no military but yankee state anymore, ok you got a point but military is still the sole action. The rest is endlessness discussion about what one should do morally with application to the money and capital aka pit-al. and they think they are the king of the jungle, smiley as peevish monkey.

Mother nature, father elements is gonna to give a glimpse on their trances, a the taste of what the victories were standing for, not for mocking the gods, ok?

They say but god gave us, nope, they gave life and if you touch another of their creation it is why with ??? what will us pay?


Ah and pardon my poor writing skills, it is not art, ney.


When you will see all the reapaces (replace) coming all along at the same time branding all the same philosophy of legitmattion priests rapists, wuou will appreciate the arabs resistance of the past, with veil and company, of course as dishonest as those but managing for survival. You will see, and understand, but to late, they bread the last wall. To whom will you belong is the next question of this passionata puzzle, still funny, busy, witty?

Question for you: you want to be the slave owner, it is what you think? If it is that you think you are well down on the ladder, later.

Froggy weather.


Every barriers to your liberty erase like in Nagasaki.

And to whom will they wage war?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????




But rush of emotion, vision, intellectualization, kinesi, whatever exciting is like opium, whateverrrrrrr the dose, what about intensity? The differences there is the reangel of their authentic or un, million relic lotus spud mildiou – mildew, meal adieu (meek) paper spury psaulms, what is ours? Hours.



Meal, mille = thousands




The veracity of a situation is for example this song the at I d never send to you without having written before and not just a few, so it is an occasion at having a laugh, a dersion and alos be respectful as it can be read the other side, right? And what could sound dubious reappear as tamed by humility, please I do it twice to you, but not the way you think  approach and whatever you hold is that it is without this that I am getting sick. And ti is just a proposition, like the statue, an ave maria, that the fact you let me sing that, is the sign that I could would belong to you, or else, I need a domptor. And yet again he is you. But the domptor I chose, chose = thing as I ll have to.




Like the face of the statue that have inside lane of all my feeling, answering me.



After the end of the inquisition here the charia, n o one has to support the church anymore we have got popular chains and stones coming from where the tycoon may well say, I am nothing to do with that.

Anyhow, the last remparts to capitalists has fallen, so the reign is gonna be on what preecpets human rights selling for millions of dollars.


So work! My sweet, seed!

Because the day we will have sony breach our datas bases on bank numbers this time, it is not gonna be on bankders or lawyers orders. And even if it was, if we follow the philosophy corruption will shelter what you say. So be culprit instead of disabled.




Pour moi tu es Marie.

An angel, someone who guard one’s life scale, one’s heart beating.




I will never retain nothing in my life but the love for the mother, the love for the children, for the hjinnrun,  and the love that is rulling me all day, the charnel that make me all my songs play. Cah carnal as by you flesh and blood, spit and poo, messy and menstruation, sweat and hymen, womb and glue, hair and hairs, tears too, all of them I will have to implore, and implore again and pray to like lick them and start (and star in) each of your secret. Milkyway.







We cannot say that the backward people are culprit for anything because.

Forward has done and is doing so much and so more irrepairable stuff that one will have to brag grab anything to



The clash of cut culture has not arrived yet, but will has we are now really melt, or yet again breeding, but anyway of what there is not nautic nature to do the job of tell the signs.







I would like to kiss you like I d drink mine and your spirit at last unseperated.


The veil? Because to accept bizarre costums whatever enforced by foreign colons or sultans fashion one had to hide the horrors of being put into believing the muck and faces (faeces fake).

And for the unveil, not to be able to look into a mirror without surgery thinking.




The tip of our iceburg. Borg. Erg. Desolate the desert, sert, service.

Desert deserve.

Sert(isse( = set, crimp. Jee, well, fool.

Jesus jewell, jee us. Die first.



Why did not joseph save and try jesus.

Because there was marie and to leave marie could not be possibly thinkable.

Would I lock you for you not to run after him, why would I intervene, to leave my wife a widow? To live my wife in misery, in dire poverty, to leave my wife at all. I live my wife and without ther her everywhere including paradise is no more than darker.




And the thought o fmy son of course will move me before and after I die but who hold the thread to my serenity, what in another promise, another dawn, how to caress and that crack a new day without what she beholds?



This new tear that won’t torn as my tongue will drink and reintroduce into you the syrup and tone.



You could think when you are love by someone that you had been really beautiful but in fact now your lover, the true one, will watch, see and implore you as the saint, the holiness that you are for him. For it.

Your body naked from having rested, and you crunch like a cat with her back round, a shell to who, I d, I ll, I want, I submit and give my last bone too.




I have a good meal, a good work out, a good pee and siesta happiness for pursuing is as simple as that.

But when oneself, one’s relative, and any one in the all realities are in risk of being sadly treated and manipulated.

So what?




A propos vibro, I do have one but for the inception has never been in use.

Not this week end I know you ve got al lot to do, but on Monday before you ve even read my, I am shamy, could do perhaps one, let s say Tuesday to give you time to read those, I am more prevenante , considerate that IT, I ll give you all the time to be prepared. Till February because I have been hinted that once you will kiss me, kiss, not kill, even if I see you every 3 months and like the light going through the forest when the wind caress them like he taught me to pray you.



To do so many mistakes while thinking do good, what are the next lessons, you are my sole concern also it cannot be but you. My way of accepting difficulties without rage as you’re my choice and my children subconsequent. To be able to have to redeem, and pay for errors but as a duty not like a tragedy, sweetly, calmly, slowly.



To submit to her egoism. In what view? Transformism.


To spend my life with you, oh my love, is the sole sets sense I have, a youth, of you.

Th e eternity in the knowing who reincarnates love and the fact that live won’t be stopping at looking for. To finally join you, finally there another world.


It might be easy to preach in an atmosphere of intolerance, but what will we preach if things wre getting better and the range of our mistakes smaller, perhaps could we preach liberty as having the same stance, but people need their staff and starves.




Belle, bell, belly, eve.


I don’t loose my mind, you know that I am hobbesien, then the contract is there, ti is just I like to be sure that it won’t raise or lodge any complaints.

And I can see you now, while it be months I have met you  charging into me to redress a moral that does not end but in sore.


It is what I did not get, if you tell, they take control of your ship and shill.


It is so that they call that wishpering because if you do more than that you ll be killed, giving to everyone a sense fo telling


I feel like howling my love for you.

If they were not forests anymore, what could we do ? in the water and cry as much as the aire ? air would permit as the trace would be nor noticed nor repair as it would not be doing freely ok.



What they say, we are superior and supreme, why ? because it is about our lives and those they are the power and properties of none but ours, i love you ma cherie, you don’t come today, i ll do with it, but as i need as much space as you, to day is a relief not to have to show the wreck of which you are taking care to you.


Betrothed is troth, like a promise, it is that the marriage contract, to do whatever fair the other will be please. And if our fair are separating, yes, of course, but one is likely to know beforehands whence the advantages of marrying later, and abstinence.




Land claim, territory sovereignty property.



To minority sauvegarde individual rights (western fashion rights) as to cease to be the sole frame through which rights responding to community needs might be achieved (miodrag), that is cannot be addressed since the needs of someone living in a natural reserve in canada will not really differ from anyone but will have concrete implications that will be different since resources, social, economical and political structures are different.




The sex of my past, in my life ti could have only come from you the simple word of jouissance.



Do I know? Do I need my finger to rub onlong how long, oblong? Well why not but when it is your whole soldier I gag grabbed in a position where we cannot be detachable, and all bursting and dripping and swelling on every side. No.

Like my camarades the males when you think were the anus is near by?? Not almost, just like a vagina. Doing frotis, frotons, with the beely, intestine, lunch and heart over there, articulation and the all combination.




The people reappraising text sometimes taking seriously a sentence whereas the all works had been obscurate, like if the master, dedication all their lives to meaning could not have a laugh a derision counting on the ability of degree making of their reader without the art of writing would be a discordance and unhappy pretense at celebrity. Sell ebb rity. And lower flow.

Of bible and touti quanti.



Any how without this ability the best author the best brain and authenticity would have to spend their lifes writing without that no one could understand from it anyway.

Comprehend from hand over coming.



I don’t want to touch me as when you do evetr y of my contenunce is exploding

Would you want o f me crying?


To have to reassess live with another body opening to yours, a responsibility, a res.

Resources, res public, re , reign over one’s soul, sister.




People say o h you don’t socialize poor freack.

But themselves see people like objects, and they see object like junk

Here the painture with you duckies.

And or else you d understand  the individual relation to another world


Not invidual raleation to your money but to another force and reality

Power you mean.

But money blockhouse resistant enough won’t bring.



Weh I think of you I enlighten, anglais.

It acan be seen under my skin as you hav given yur sun, you, glad golden



The causes of things might be explained, but what about their shapes?

Brain egges.



I cuolk not move sometimes when yu kilss me as from my mouth could pass all that I have as energy, as my lips would reconganis the why for they are red and not blame or pale or stony.



Could the color of th stone ve reflecting the color of our part and body?



J espere simplement que vous ne me prenez pas pour une abstraction is concrete love I d like to give to you I have to give to you



Are you, are you phovi, phobic

If yes you have to come towards me also a little vi bit.


I won’t jump I wont’ get excited I ll kee p m ydistance as they were.  Just a tiny inch ich just a noise.


Because I am the menestrel my type I am the muck I ll be clean to you, I am but my life? I won’t be able to stop small talkan am happy with my small life, satisfy. Je suis le griot. Fasse que tu puisses me pardoner pour ne point depasser, te recevoir c est tout ce que je souhaiterais. Il faut que j arête je vais finir par trahir la verite.




Moi je I ask myself how I shall be dying it is the sole area of my wondering.


Mais il faut que je sois prete, e cest tout ce que j ai adire t as raison.

Alors te laisse lass pas manipuler par les gens qui te dissent qu on est un couple de degenerees. Pige.

Jamais. Je tai me et puis c est l absolu en fait qu e tu es en train de me donner, je jonglerai bien mieux qu avant, je me sens devenir fort de savoir qui l me faut aller de l avant, tu entends?


And you would say but we are both play mate, but you come for seriousity.

Well could we not just be easy.

But I d die after that, 9, look even your name is a spiral.

I won’t go and say let s have ti around the bush.

And why not?

Well, ok.

And I be disgusted to have make you love to you not in the real attempt a t grasping in you infinity.

Understand in you, you, you infinity. As in the other you would have, teach me.



Cet ete je vais t envoyer des videos lesbienne je n en ai jamais cherche auparavcant ce sear maintenant maintenatnt que je ne peux plus sortir avec person en vrai ce sera marrant just cet ete arpres faudra se remettre au voulot monotome.


J ai venive envie d etre aup res d e vous ,



Si je vous dit vous c est qu vous etes la prof don j ai toujours reve et eon’t je reve malgre tout.



Moi jeu sans toi ne vuex pas.



Je n irai pas frisquer  ma vie en afrique meme s I quand vous en aurez fini avec moi.

Je devrais server les gens en ayqnt besoi par le billet biais de l ecriture ou des petits bouloots que je pourrai fi=aire secure.


Ce serait le renoncement de ma vie celui la mais tanpis je pense reelement que je risquerai une attaque homophobique ou du genre pour rien d autre qu un suicide aguise, avise deguise. Je ne sais plus rien nimeme de l amour.


d e sentire la chaleur de votre bouche


ike a dog that would wait for the door to open, and nothing of your feelings, sensation, opinion could avert  toutou from entering the p(a)late and p(a)laces of the one you desire it but with toutou the dog the “wrong time” won’t operate, he is on service on and of ya.



Liked 2 donkey one want the flowere the other the chardon, what d happen? Would you go with me there just for me to have my meal as if I left you on this occasion, I could loose your trace and find someone in the jungle is difficult if not impossible.

And every day would be danger, it would not take you long just a dinner for the other one I ll arrange myself with what I can find along, aside our candor, but I need this diner to calm the fate that asks me my own nature to embrasse and if I renegate her she would abandon me an d be abandoned by one’s own is assisted suicide also , internal secession, I don’t want to become a were dead, j ai besoin des chardons.

Et toi des fleurs, tant mieux, autre au travers toi j aime encore les couleurs, et toi le spicquants c est ainsi que tu m as choisi, si j abandonnai les epines tut e desinteresere par dessus le marche, je serais votre mere pour ells et vous la mienne pour les autres. Je n aime pas votre people de debauches et vous n aimez pas celui des cures. Pourrions nous les reconcilier?

Tu as la psychology des miens et moi leur clefs et vice versa pour les tiens, la psychology des bandes d encules c est moi qui l est, c est assez marrant. Parcontre moi les allures assez bourgoise c est eux qui m ont donne ce que je sais maintenant…je suis sure que tu l es pas de problems je parle du cote raffinement le problem que toi meme te plait a denouncer c est ne voir que par l argent, tu l es?

Tu vois rien que ton café qui nous coute ce carton a chaque fois, tut e ferais un thermos et tu le donnerai a un petit qu a pas de monnaie, ton denier, jusqu a ce qui se soit organizer, because the fact they sell stuff that we know is gonna kill us and above all the new born is the sign they won’t do anything to stop mine, your unequality.



Mais ah, quoi qui l en soitr je vous ecouterez.

Je pourrais meme eventuellement ne pas comprendre tres bien only to have your words again. And your whole body looking for  a way.


You want it in lat e September only it is so it ll be.

And the second in February I thought it was too late, but you explained me ok

But if I write this and its opposite is that we discuss you know and plans are refining it is why you think of cairo.


I realize I am in a total anguish because of my essays if not I am ok.

Maybe you int the same state for the week end coco.

Go there d perfect place, next year perhaps, and I saw you for the moment, next year it won’t be iconoclast, later I d more of you than ever, perhaps.

My mental? Melting to yours? Like the way my voice can and ocean resonated when and only when I find how to sing a sound that could attain what endows me with thoughts and their energy- you my choc and choice and way, the voice that convey to this eternal duty, the quest. It is quaint? Out dated? Bullocks with your impudent, insolent, shameless, bare faced, terror that I d be afraid of having as pesty at home.


Could people who don’t believe, be the results of not acknowledging the force that what has been seemingly man made will bring. The taken for granted. One won’t defend it is here, as the consequences of what, which debates?

Notwithstanding what life force has of complete mystery for starting.



Religious, considere their god like a flower that provide everything and forgive everything, it could the day you are no more than this fucking dust you spilled everywhere.





I let it be funny, does not mean that I am the creator nor the befouled rejoicer.

Or frustrated, yeah, we know it all about it all.

I know it is that or the rupture, just to show how much it is meant to be good laugh.


The dildo of course it is like mine, it takes strength and delicatedness to introduce and move about. More and more so that all the tension of the body is taken by that.

On all directions, and thrust by the entire body connections, the sex is the object of reproduction and it does not loose any exitation even when it is not the intention, as multiple, as intellectual, as emotional, as every concepts every motion is question of this reproduction and fru furtherance application.




The stat(u)e I now could take my wed wreck on her arms the day I would be ten thousand miles away from recover. Like a tree. Unlike you.

That did not know I was living that did not know I was dying, that would not know I d got her seal.



What d I like? Making love all day and day after day.

Like demons?

Whatever we are tow wot wo-men or two men, like so we d manage to have a baby. Would the human species still be wanted.

Like mutans? Like sultans.



One cannot ask someone to believe in love, as love is the only component that we have, being a composite of it, explaining the power of live and resurrection.

One cannot ask someone to believe in love, because all that we have is love not believes.




Me I understand you are a machine at doing your jobs, I cannot do the1 /100 of what you do, I told you, so the day you want to get rid of me, this reason would make me understand.

I feel inferior in the task that is to come. I am as I feel couuuuuuld you not help me in not divulging that are no me the messy. I am caroline, the puke, and finally I underglam that I am happy. Would my love for you be a necessity? Yes, as you are the captain of my heart but not only of the one’s that you taught and informed and lecture, of your affinity and speciality. And me I cannot follow you I can just look up as it is sane to do since each field and summit to each body.. what else, I miss ya but this is without consequences as I fantasme that you will read my transe. But a bit later, what if you want me to quit in a hour? What transe are gonna to supplant  the void since I am adolescent?

‘I am shepwreck’ like the rest of the glove blog globe apparent.



They are not unsympathethic they are forbidding in case when their plates could be meanaced from being coller, and in fact it is what would happen



Music and film like in the french saying to cool us down, but if there weren’t this art soothing, lubing the cracking machine, what would appear, Lord?

Dole for the guy that pretend this fun is right, this fun is strong. It is art that still bring us to the moon light unless one starts phantasing of the escape onto another roll, as if there is no peace on earth what peace on moon will have to by, and step by step the torment of too much space for any life consideration, as the wind be not there to address us with this clear one day you abandoned the global the universe will kill us all.



The relation to the caste, the relation to the object, as being similar to the one that has been forged with regard to the king, namely if one touches the pheasant of the king he will have to face the same term thatn if it is someone of his social rank that he had killed. The king representing there the place where the community grows his castle the place where business and armory tacky trade is taking plight and vile veiled value of the insincere.

Community and security.


I though I was gonna die. So I thought she will throuw me out, she is gonna split, or she is cool and my call are not entirely tall y for despise but I ll know that it is not her true love.

And of what am I dying? I am dying as we will separated, I am dying as I won’t see-have-saw your being, nothing to do with love but sight, seeing. Awe, dying is not disgrace also.



Don’t let them to call you any, if youdlove me, if you love me, you bear my name, and by any another one, I ll take the one you want for me.

Don’t let to call any,                   if love,                  if love,                       bear name, and by any another one, take the want for.

You gain is sake in space furthermore.



We become stronger than nature let’s say that for the primary class, because after all I am simply a teacher and I am not paid to speak like philo insided my class.

And since we are the reaper for her now, who will be crunched, not the pale apple but the male redden.




You know your style? Your face? Your lll? I don’t know what but your spirit, resemble so astonishly mine that I know what is in your mind. Let them run out to their childish villainy (via lain)




Loulove, youlove, louplove, wolfy. Lowfy, lofty. Leaf, laugh, lot,


Attack pal?

The plan is not to restrain the combat at when we are under attack, as tactics are always in everywhere lurking, but take the one the most undefendable, vulnerable, and shillegahl the bush that are awaiting to kill and eat the nightgale.



Neverose psychose religious hellish hellenish the one who clams this an that the slayer the redompter all this beautiful bench of omit that are trying someone to believe otherwise that we ar all possessed?

But why we are all possessed, but nothing is new in the notion of spirit, but the exploitation once aq again that is done from it. Death doll dun donkey are your spirit, who whom habit?



You my dun.




I d rather go now and flee away rather than having to grasp any hop of taking you into my arms so freely that your back would speak to me, waving like the spine does when making love, waving without you to have to move it, waving through my kneeing that at least give occasion a fortification for its resting.



To have taken my advances positively merci.

Now ti is time to woo you. What does it imply don’t ask me, I ve just finish to…[secret]



A chilly sensation come through now.



And you would tease me onto becoming vulgar like me dum like it is not allowed I d think I ll have to relax you sortof. And you ll take the mickey, insulting, fleeing away, diminishing my pride, belittling my ardour,



I kiss you like if we have me at 5 year old an it feels so , oh lord.

Without ending but resuming.



When I imagine you sad I feel like ro    tening

In danger        crying.


Know you that you are wander

Know you that you are swearing I start being firghthen as it is a insolence oto how, womb, whom that I don’t know but I know that for the protection of you, your bits, and us it s gonna be more than hot, hauteur, too high.




I could slay you but I could pardon you every little sin but if you d betray me once again I d made a mas h of yoo.

As I am the most powerful, after your lovely god, as I am the most powerful and that I let yu think? That taking a deal with me is simpler than educate children and growing old stinky pant.

As I am a lover, as I love my hal, half and family as I love everything that gor grow and go older. But what I cannot redeem is any one touching to this candor.




People are s.m in order to kill the voices inside of them, as they are dangerous, but more dangerous is to make fun of them.





to believe in love nin, and this last night, is not a night, a time or in tense, it is you as not minutes, or hours but as my element.

Ele, ailee, im mence.



Vous savez these moments were the dice has been thrown and that one has lost everyghign without knowing it yet, well it is that my only loops, loss would bear your name.

And alas it be for every present I know it through my past, person who loved me this case

I have no twarned you as I always take great care at not sounding more important than due, but this is the truth, if you are really in love but like your belongings go away, you ve heard go away from me they will have you, their way are so astonishing that, they are so vula ovular, vulgar and so dement that…

And if you love me not tell me that the end of my life it should be not. The problem here is that I believe you, I believe you like comfort too. What are the part of our success, don’t ask me to stop I won’t do, I am not the one playing the chess tn.u.t, I am in love with you where no one ever brought me, simple as that with dickou my life has been an hermitery, I hid it is true, and you? You hid too, very funny your blog really who could believe that you were holding a second extra professionally, your mate drinker?

I fi could stop you, I would do from the age 16, when you took this one without your pa. it is not htat I want to have a row with my in law but to be honest with you. What you would have become out of control? Eh n, they make me believe that too, problem is that I work enough with people and behavior to be astonished at familys trick. Don’t throw the stone this is a profession, sickly done by the way, but they are 55 60 65 now it s high time to do a mea culpa don’t thy?




noose Nose, noise, moise,




Now you are with me I can go on.

And if I say thigs wrong well you can well do a release to remind me of my treatrise.

Do me a favor spoil and rod, I am your nascent. Who I want to silence with, to listen to? You.

And don’t give the shit and after, it is the technic of saying to me that I am not enough, admit.

Ok I might not be, and there again I ll pass for the whodunit.

I ll be if you d take me. I ll be anything reasonable, on this you can trust me.

Anything you need, two oranges the miring one banana afternoon and soup in the evening and the blow job at night, it is what during my childhood I heard my dad saying. And my mum who plays it posh and were expecting me to become a lady, a little more and I would traduct that for her and for my pround pork daddy, I told you that we are plebe playing like if we were dead reciproquely.




Oh and I am a simple writer, I write what I ve heard, don’t ca claim for the copyright you are the seigniors.









For sake’s,





They are not unsympathethic they are forbidding in case when their plates could be meanaced from being coller, and in fact it is what would happen



Music and film like in the french saying to cool us down, but if there weren’t this art soothing, lubing the cracking machine, what would appear, Lord?

Dole for the guy that pretend this fun is right, this fun is strong. It is art that still bring us to the moon light unless one starts phantasing of the escape onto another roll, as if there is no peace on earth what peace on moon will have to by, and step by step the torment of too much space for any life consideration, as the wind be not there to address us with this clear one day you abandoned the global the universe will kill us all.


The right to protect specific individuals’  right as simply because if this should right should automatically protected, the fact that a grouop is lobbying for them will probably bear much weigh as for being granted- versus tyranny of the majority.



I let it be funny, does not mean that I am the creator nor the befouled rejoicer.

Or frustrated, yeah, we know it all about it all.

I know it is that or the rupture, just to show how much it is meant to be good laugh.


The dildo of course it is like mine, it takes strength and delicatedness to introduce and move about. More and more so that all the tension of the body is taken by that.

On all directions, and thrust by the entire body connections, the sex is the object of reproduction and it does not loose any exitation even when it is not the intention, as multiple, as intellectual, as emotional, as every concepts every motion is question of this reproduction and fru furtherance application.




The stat(u)e I now could take my wed wreck on her arms the day I would be ten thousand miles away from recover. Like a tree. Unlike you.

That did not know I was living that did not know I was dying, that would not know I d got her seal.



What d I like? Making love all day and day after day.

Like demons?

Whatever we are tow wot wo-men or two men, like so we d manage to have a baby. Would the human species still be wanted.

Like mutans? Like sultans.




c est juste une blague vous le comprenez doucement.

eigh vous le savez.

J ai peur d aller trop loin cette fois ci. I am afraid of going to far but without your wanting me, I could loose time, precious time and it is when you d mocking me because I am a snail in full speed capacity. But if I don’t take all my time to think of us and chocking sulkening childishry I know I will do something not rock and roll. I don’t know what nothing colossal but they are expecting us behaving like royal, so ok for you but for me! It is just that I like my head to be screwed no strewed up very much. Strewth



Effet, enfin plutot quelques moments pour s amuser.

If you react like me ti is like that I understood my fashistery is when people did salty trick to me but nice one or if not at least giving me an insight onto my disproportionate feeling. Sometimes as I cool as I should not be, noting nothing of the others’ trespassing trepassement, or jumping on a little detail and wish they culd go to autswitch, or virtually.



I write yes, but I wrote a little about love, of course it is the fuel of all sentiment but hunger.

But hunger is what symbolyses our trespassing, trespasser = to die inf rench.

I will have to see you from time to time because me the revolution you see, I am more in a warrior type of mindset, also I need to see your move to recall at my head for who I do, who is the boss here.

Problem is that I don’t stand any bosses so your lttle sluts they are for me.


But yet again if I could not thank enough people that gave me rproof about its evidence, and evidence about it s proof, if you wanted you d be the first and last to teach it to me. The last because I don’t know if you know about duck or poultry, but the first person the bird see after their birth her mum, dad, their single parent will be. It is the first time I am conscious. And let be. I haven’t been knocked in the head it is a freedom sensation really.


Anyway I calm myself like that because should im, I , we, found our glimpse, you would always ask me for something that has no end, and so would me, you, us, you, me and it and it whatever I won’t finish solely nor sultry. Finish and be fairy different, as fiery is only one element. It is just these old legends about fire being, jiinns, soil beings, human…it sounds very interesting. So fairy maybe not, but at which point of their meeting and influence and appearance and recurrence, my apology, as for the psychology the unconscious concept could have quested for this kinga tracing, but no one have done as the market is first for everybody, they all are avenging on the concept of culture the sole work and word that endure, nothing than but money. It won’t last long, we use to fear the nature, we use to bow to the e air, e animals, to the forests, to the river, ot the weather, to the seasons because e people knew that they were made up by them and no what do we give, we use to give insanity to do sacrifice to kill other species, a good note on what were to happen, and now we give her rubbishes and on top of it we don’t replace the trees and melt fortifiant, your facaes sap and sweat and urines, all the oragainic  with other composant that soon will become deadly toxic.




C est juste une blague doucement bous le comprenez.

I sent bamboleo to you because I love you justly. If you don’t let me well I ll never have a chance to come closer than IT.

From the guy I married white, the souvenir that is left the cd, they might be in prison the married couple prison prison. I d like to fight for that too. This depending on family and being incorporated, on groups, on interests. I could have been him I could have been his wife, it is what I lived before losing the north completely but I was only the friend so I just had to run the most quickly, and it was not horrid he just gave me a taste of what is to be engaged without exit with no a bad man, but man is always bad for the other fool when in position of supremacy. What supremacy, nasty. Always too much easy.

But always thanks the one that do it in front o fyoy, as one can cancel you by cancealing it, and it s when I return to parental authority, or unaccountable hieararchy or about the people you are the superior but tha hav e the power to complain or make u p the fault or countabilize how much your faults are without assessing your forte by any. Children that forget to bow.

You  know why it is because I love so much my wife that I would find normal to rape her, if I  was not reminded that she is holeding all what god has for me, as she is my love, and if I don’t love then to approach her is forbidden, did not remember to bow. As who can teach me but she??? Like the north star, the one you know have ridden you to your sacred event, most sacred than anything that one could count you, it is thanks to one’s inner story that the strength is here to pursue the one of the connos, commomo,  redden you and the one you can see all the way thourgh this the night of our lives, one night one life.


I was going to post that on your pro address not tha I agreed but that my inner voice just say yes, eyes you have to you play on her false fear,so I agreed, ans when I was set up to do it, she said no, but no gnome you have to do it with your words

I am fed up fed up being an abrit, abruti, a damn idiot, I am fed up

But if there is no test there is no results there is no success, so I continu, jeu ham, suis fou de fou, fou de vous, si vous ne le comprenez pas je me tue.



What do you do want?

A tiny revolution that lasts?

But why on earth womwn has ever been a part of the creation?

But if you set your bugs on me? Or if you neglect them after it?

And me? It is just that the one with who you have or have not.





An WOMb.





An WOMb.

Wombastic, wo, bom, bomb.



Your body abandoned me, you are dead and if I could I would put fire out of my anger that you are not responding and I call and I call but to where now I am a valkiry of still and yet but though listening.



Yet you could stll say you are because of revenge, but I ll be even if your resentment it  has to be and I ll get the message that you need from me and feed your want.


And one cannot leave  like that a 8 year old, no, that s not possible that.


We could have been borne from on e being accoupling with another being. Period. No male no female just two or several for it to function ate and finally make it more direct making evolving, specializing the different abilities by the nature condition needed. Do we need any more of that? We need every hinge more and more knowing that humans are about to go out of their cell, earth. Without the ancestral knowledge, he will be completely lost in a world where everything and other stuff can burst. Bon voyage, les gars.



The history manipulated by our schools proof?

They wanted to implement one version of what happened to justify the present order. Style???

Separate sphere, we are under flow of people saying and the men were doing that and the women were doing that and…

And when you open still miraculously preserve other document, (by empire mythology) you get that that things were absolutely wanton obviously. Or they wrote ti when it was like that as their last deed before being blasted.


I look at them, mon ange, I look at them, even I stare into then, because I cannot do but verify, maybe it is you that would be there and what would it be were I miss that?

So I ppeer, peer into and it is for the sake of life that I do. As I can perceive that won’t be lost in loneliness, be lost in wrechage, in patience, in failure, in math and check, my love, lava, live for you.

Looking at them with what I was thinking of the fact o f loving, tenderness and rage arranging in the same packet, a body excrete. Crete = crest, ridge, top, peak, a summit submit.

And one of this bambino that would yell at me ‘tuck, how come you look at me?’




I ask you this question on gender as I knew that the liberty you make me feel would generate my feminity to be willing. It was not to know how your masculinity were going, but you know people likewise like pairing.










The harmony at being verstatile is that our female side is the one that has to contain, and also cool down as to burst without a license is so easier that it is of the best interest to do without, bursting while being in the canon is alirhgt but this take so much more talent that are learnt outwards.

So being versatile is to say no and yes, to go forth and back.

And within others’ limits, geographical too, her dick has a dimension, wall, and slick.




I know less an less what my life gonna be but if you allow it, you d be this the one that I ll never given up even in front ot the worst adversity, enemity.



Me rechauffer par l intermediaire de quelque vers

I have my head like a water melon.

To think of paradise is all that I I know doing, whaat is worth besides the way I could help me daughter to ding and find a way a heart, will you sir. But not like that like warriors saving life saving birds as to sing love if they are roost then our light will be horror of our nature and for ever, our couple a lust of falsity needing more and more to renounce not the world but renounce the right for our species to grow among other god of love, namely animals like birdy and their plants, to save us from killing and eatin paradise should be.

I am not tale taking tall talking human being in a tin but otherwise further more the eden sight where “no one says take, all is to yours”, but say take and you ll know what a cashier is.

Yes the human have the opportunities to kill or rise they own beddy. Pathetic. And they thank god to have died for them and to be able to soiled where everyone is breathing in getting away with ‘what it is with you’. Me I am simply descriptibe, but I think we are done, and band of rats, it d be ther pleasure of the rats’ bands, platebande.


Your hierarchic give you ffood for calming the frustration, force feeding them ask maman.



The problem with my excitation. I am fat, impotent, my brain tend to do gel, my come jelly, I don’t want to go on like that as you are the one that give me this excitement to realize that between mental and reality here come the weakness of obesity. Sha ll I starve? Lif I short is what they say. To appreciate throught the mental the gap between believes and happenings, have I written enough to indulge in some necessities.

Necessities, ne cease, don’t stop or is stopping the one that would go and stop the slope of depending.

I cannot insult my dreams they are what I have and more that I gave, gave up?




And the sin will come back under the shape, but which one dare-devils so courageously spits of the leak out of trade,  from what? Not under the shape of what one will say oh oh oh it is the deon let’s kill it it is hampering some of my other ways, no, no, in the shape of what you cannot kill, cannot touch, even cannot grapes or graph nor hinted or pointed at degenerated macaques!





for Tuesday, it is not inside I was talking about, it is just for reassuring myself ability to concentrate on a point de mire given. Or retractiong, I won’t be wordy I ma rubbish I have to tell it.

No able to do it further without being clumsy and if you d open I think I will pass out in the way of not moving any more nor my breath nor my body, brief.



People have inclined to like the past better, because in the past horrors were happening that we were pretending to be secondary or incidentally questionable…

But now here are the sap of sackening.




People are shrugging shoulders when speaking about liberty and rights, but not it is nto like that it is even not about discomfort it is about implanting death in our veines and all that.



To love someone who don’t or cannot love you is the equivalent of being buried alive.



It is not question of being jealous but of being your law, who is gonna respect me, no one so? Who is gonna take care of my house, children and dignity of person that are married, forcely married in the rulers of non other love possible and a cuckold?





are you ready to work for less for the communauty?

This is not a problem the problem is hat you work for little money and not at all for communauty but to imply at the social care system or welfare system the principles of slavery and crookery.




ecoute c est pas pour te mettre mal al aise mais tout a coup je te revoi pleurer, mais me dire que c est pas forcement trite ni thirsted ni triste,  bien que vraiment ca y ressemblait.

Mais sit tu es triste pour moi, tu peux touours m appeler, alors comme je te disais c est par pour te mettre mal a l aise. Et fucking a’’ comment je fait.

 J ai reussi a m faire pousser les ongles, oui je viens d e feter mon emancipation des patrons, mes ongles j avais pas envie de les brosser, c est super le bruit que ca fait. Ca protégé les doigts c est assez magnifique comme invention. J ai envie de lecher les tiens de patiemment langoureusement les sucer et les mordiller pour que cela te fasse du bien, mais tu seras sans doute obliger de m arreter ou par mangue de confiance ou parce que je m emporterai parce que je les aime bien plus que tu ne les aime, la phrease c etait plus que toi, mais je ne pouvais la laisser tu me manques de confiance, j ai pas dit tu manques de confiance t auras note



The wildness of people who saw their fate reduce to nothing by others people and their toddlers being raise in this principles, spite and value, everywhere they have been, it is that to know the dog, god demon.




to do it for the posterity in the sense that juggaunaut and hurdles are but exercices for our body to create else, where and what without knowing but with the ability at feeling it right.


Si vous le voulez je pourrais me faire couper les cheveux j en ai marre de leur donner tant de soins de plus mon crane a besoin de respiration. Et puis ainis nous serons petu etre laiisse en paix en tnat que couple hetero. Je prends la part du gras garcon.



M y lady d arbanville was my favorite song because of her sadness, she is still one does not hum a melody for all these years, but before I was crying that and now I celebrate its title as she is alive as she is lively as she is life given…that without there is still love but in misery.


I am 90 now and I think of this old song that brutally remind all the story, this going forward, this surge, this impatience, this credo and Esperance. I won’ t need the cord having waited all my life for it, I won’t need love in another transe will yet again separate and reassemble, toward her was there I shook, in who am I now to tremble like f.amine?

Fam, femme, amen, mine.




If I was patient I d be simply happy today, but I am not so I am destroying, instead of reserving my energy for my letters to find you relay realm really





I d like to uner go my imagination go through this illusion or hallucinations but if I do so It b that I have to renounce to you also, if this is what I have to go beyond, and to consider you as one would be the end of all worlds, of all as what after yur similar a size on paradise, on happiness, on completion, that I would have to ignore…and what do I do even let’s say if I don’t want these sensations and achievement, would I be ready to die? I d be ready to die the day my paradise has gone the other side. I d really like to know what you think about this? Do you care? Ah, because me too I am novice.


It was my favorite song because she taught me ti.

And she had been sincere in doing so. Her story saved me. The taboo of homo, death, drugs, illness, mental, witchcraft, tenderness idon’t even know if without I would have encounter tender, every of my gestureeees ha d been a reproduction of that time after. I told you my score in love is a zero.



The enemity between siblings in order to exploit, prevent incest, and train to unfair competition and ruthlessness.



Lar evolution made by madame, make mecca

La revolution intimate and who is gonna chastise sir in all that?




Lar evolution


I love you for IT but as a writer of obelix and obcession would realize that it is the most beautiful of the sermons, and vows, though I don’t have enough of it. It has been cancelled the 2005 spirit. Where do you put it? Make me believe is still in location?




Would not people recourse to tricks because of innate lack of resources – example in roe the kitchen disappear without knowing it debating about it without clear means of questioning the decision and the rights for any students to use this so basic needs facilities, well why not room occupation, withing ths system or because the system is faulty and therefore encourage disharmony


About your feminity do you have in view at aall that I could be share with some other body, mine on this token? Or is it only for and all for you simply?


I live something I ll never think still now. Your persona let me to understand I could have been deeply in love with people I ha d met before but for whom I felt sympathy, acknowledgment, conviviality or


It was a girle pretending she was under cover and has the journalists has some info she could have swallowed, but what was under cover, to render one’s colleagues parano. Under cover iven if so my info are always proteted only for what my private life are concerned and the confidentiality oath.


Are you afraid of your pursuant> I mean you are so sexy so social, it is ridiculous to talk like that, innit?

Not but talking about myself on this occurrence, I feel that you d feel abnormally oppress if I d ask for a wash walking? Not a little, no it be stupid it d e I d why it d b stupid and therefore oppressing?

And if we could meet once a term for you to ve suere surer that I am not your type of seer.



Expression of swexuality is absolutely outlandish since I met you

Could you hel heal me from that?



Et Il a fallu que je tombe sure le saint Maritain,


The voice getting lower when there is a contrast between hot and cold, from outside non pregnant guy should have taken.


If rape was not sexual but from th e frustration of not felling pregnant.




each day I fear more and more to do or become someone that you could not keep nearer than your jugular. It is the investment harvest I guess and no success. What about my books if I grow a pest?


I can see yoy posting things at 5.oo am in the morning. I can put my word on it. To see that, to be woken up by this, would be the freshest instant, the most entirely refreshing and chilly of all the live-giving orangade under taken scorching us sun, you are my sea.

From the bed, lying and getting hot thoughtful stopped humbled and hard dreaming over that life is the day when you d put me in your bag for me to sting as your scorp, how life, like that, should be.

A dream in Arizona, arise ore on and peace for horizon.


Rise hot.




To make love with the one one dies desired more than the world.

And not a play, as after, sexual pleasure and love freedom cannot come without, and I let it go away.


Poverty has been the target of being brought shame upon to avoid any chat around the how, and why, that it to be worked the way dignity has been stolen the first way: SAYING THAT ONE COULD STEAL SOMEONELSE FROM IT. LOOSING IT WAS NOT TO BE POOR BUT TO LET IT HAPPEN.



BEFORE you he was finishing. The letters all by death and sufferance termination. With you it by here and there though true that all shall begin.


The instinct of protection coming from the necessity and learnt awareness of live far fragility and profundor. This is left to the raiser, the parents. To respect every life with various life expectancy make the human brain to get an idea of how will be growing a being from its birth to its death, and thus ceremonialize process and their dependences integrally and come into fruition seromptiously.

Inte grally       gral = grail in el(ev)ation.


I bow to the day hwen  I could make love,

Not to the one you let me go through your door or I ll call the cops now, and you?



Affair? I ll stop when you say.

I ll stop anytheme that aare not conducted by me in your mind, not that I am manipulative but my carress other souvenirs could eventually call, and your abandon a rape as we ain’t strong enough to have mansioned the third way.


If I feel dying without you it is because of my already dying by injection of your split infinitive injunctions, and my forgetting your romance, more coming from roamin romain inbuilt profession drifting towards oblivion.

It is from inspecting our err that one find life and destiny function, as none is hazard and fate neither.




It is ok as if she is ashamed of the stresses that have taken upon the curves and flat hurl lens, lines, lanes, lease, the crater the bomb that weakness and sloppiness make her bear even need to go on in this semi dream thinking that it could even come true ultimately going on like that. But she is intelligent enough to know that this coming trite or so even the shadow of it would be only after this live if optimistic hoping view on wishful side now.

Therefore you won’t touch her but she wouolld tie you to make certain you don’t approach your detector and catch that it is trough, and all of what she knows of this asperities to take in licking and relaxing and repossessing what were waiting to be lok looked upon. You could not say no, you could not move, and I d be repeated till you feel asleep or without a move.







Fire eating and ascensions.



And I was told and you will do and that for yur wife, for your life and I did not I knew it was not appropriate and one day I, new, been presented to who would be. And then this extreme had become the those this cine without nothing could be, this same that I would enforce right now and all along till surface where she belonged. This is a past as to find it right a husband has to the protector of the infants, knowing that they will grow, no risks that can avoid to be erase by one’s own children having the wrong allies, but still on earth there is one mission, family unified and faithful to hospitality. And god, shall us be killed it would had been a mission on earth, and viva homosexuality! As my children every child can be.





To be the angel of your happiness, a job to  be as a free partner.

Free of rules and routines, I am here to learn if not nonsenses be sincere, I ll be honest life is something else that if alone. Totally different and it is why I could go one praising my single apparel, but what I want is to belong to the that that can’t be bled.




Even if all was there I would not dare.

Praying for you to stay, as if it had not been recorded, what would be the word coming after filling filthy?

Even if astonish.hind at what it is the very so contrary to plain

Seeming sage comme une image, as wise as a condoling granny, you would be the last hope that d vie.



S il te plait ne chuchote nothing of my life, I am obliged to tell you as my life is for a sharing, I have to tell you but if I will have not to tell you.

There is no issues, no drama. As I told you everything already, so is that a yes, baby?

Nll no lest no forget I d o the anse answer.

No, ca ira?



This sister soul complex is to be ready to live for the other one, this decision ll make and be made of the rest.



I know why I am imploring you, that exulting every inch of live I had believed into, you are this very same. My prayer, the lord too.

I don’t mean  you are a god, I don’t mean to be blasphematory I don’t mean to be mad, in love it is all that you are, I don’t mean that you are but yours I ll be with all the fibers withing me fiver fever, on how my hand has no more finger inside of ya. Acting constituting our reproduction in our flesh and sibyl, see bill?



I was homo/hetero,bi, what I want to welcome is to belong to her, to him, to thee, to all of your personas, to every of your game yes or no funny.

I am not romantic I am in love. The way you want, and if I rant punish me, one of your brawl would be enough to revise more and more and revisit.  To change and with that without to have one’s death as company but not the one you can get stronger with the one that d say world wanted to vie, embittering to be.



To love is to know that one would stay even if every component d be different. It is to love, it is to vow, it is to say freedom d be low if my wife, the sense of it, would tell apart due to my dick.



Could I not be a she? And render that has to be prayed to be, your gladiator. No muscle, killing envy. For us to be any envoy, no more destroy but mess he.



Pourquoi tu ne me dis rien, tu pourrais m appeler, me dire oui ou non…

Non? Lasso aisons aise laissons tomber.

Do, er, would it be a cause of some irritation the fact that I could be slighty amused in the preservative and (put in) perspective (in waiting) to wait?

You won’t me to die and rotten, don’t we?



To have everything but to miss the same amount, do you have suggestions as for what would count?




bring its priviledge to your king, queen!

It is just for the exclamation mark, I noticed you liked it!?

It is not that I am jealous, when are you coming around, goose? These are those this good boys and girls you praise all around. None at mine, you socialize with your bandits?

Fortunate for you they ain’t that good in dummy psychology.

No cos before pampering around you will have to procreate with me, let me see infinite and how will you explain your ghosts to your hostie?


Each time I want to sneer I think barby following by N techniques, and I sneer like pneumatic dir drill or vibro, au choix. You want impale, or epilate me or what?

You are a very misogynistic dominatrix, don’t hide that. Or is it only for dyke you re like that cos the rest would not grasp you, of course you d report that for the guy to the Gestapo honey, rape without a word the missy- as ti is taboo no one comment on it- and spit on the gypsy.




To make love with, to ensure you commit, as like that you could wait for some explanation, finitude, reflexion on my part before deleting it.



Don’t say I hate my adobe, whatever environment, home, situation or body but to have let them running down I hate me.



To communicate one’s emotion, is a tacit history on the how, why, causes, consequences or their assumptions about what bring you there. Intelligence testimony.

The contingence of history as we discount ourselves as being without other powers than this relating, relation.




By the way the day you jerked me, don’t even think of slapping me with all the forces of your conviction, I d have to be a live to come back at some other occasions.



I come to love my home, because I was alone, because of my practicals, because of my cat that were waiting sometimes, because thinking of my lover ov whom believe in is the antidote of torpor. Thor pour.

Love, of.

Offer, often, sudden.

Sod, salt, sea, frost.




Even my for your as a span in time,

Eternal. Internal. External. An absence or presence of boundaries, to crawl to you and it. Without you the candle light cannot be more than a wind of insanity. As the candle as for emblem the dying sense of what is the sole sign of live for a lesbian. Only here her an’ ‘er ‘hore. And if we cannot I transform my in vampire I promise, but to exist you will have to pray he.



In french it says ‘hoe your pussy’

It is so romantic hey, mind when you think of when we were peasant, well oui.

Pleasant, and to be nourished by the green growing inside, but the week after week weeds and seeds that were sliding in your slotboard, yes holy.

This pretty cock forgetting their grandparents evolution as a species cannot say that, that mother nature finsished the work of their parents in giving them an insert of all other species.




But I know I love you but if love exists then what do I have to offer?

My fear excluded, to be nice to you but whne you sin? Or even but in stopping you? Or he vend and l fowl lowing you.



Uni privatise, hive, knowledge, without knowing knothing than the assignation.

It is no a melancholy on th past, as they surely know what were or not going to last.



I am afraid of your refusal and if I see the future, I am terrified.

But no as ariadne will take me by the horns. Ths arachnide, the snails, wahever you may need, whoever you ve got to heed. I am on you, as simple as k, as it is you name now, ney?



How many times?

I ll accept all of those, you can even call them these.


And to when mines?

Was he your lover? Yes. Or you play mate? No.

So is it old fashion you way of having a wife?

Talking about him.

You ll keep us both, one for the living, one for the dreaming, who for the writing?

No for goodness sake it is now I ve got to practice small talk.

All my life I tried to get along without, consequence no one would date a desolate landscapes, and instead of playing with a flirt voltage, I am trying to know if is it a trap or a siege.

I trust you N I did many miles, and your face is too pure, but what I don’t trust is your candour.

Don’t start at watching me strongly it won’t erase the faced bared fact that you call me the sole while you live with this rat. Tar.




Your attitude and your writing form the most of the summit of what feminity would have brought me to imagine. The degree but what do you do wit it knitting?

I am not kneeing, I am at yours, crawling of desire, crawling of despair, and I know that I cannot be more idiot it would be insincere. Sin, sire.




No one has to envy epoch, as the revolution is perpetual and belong to everyone.

To cry as one is placed inf in front of perpetuity.



Big parties , big themes, are in elites the whims of the people only, who rules the feast, millions of apprentices, are we?



Fearing emotions as where would they hope me? And without am I dead? But dead I culd with wish it but could I save some kind, help it.


I love you more than lapse else and all of this reunited is what I d like to say without knowing it is the last of my holy deeds. After the y could be good but frightened and like passé.

Always this child that I could chess kiss- to save an element as a tactics never as a strategy as billions are on the way and this time my fate an ice on cream ok- dearly but what would I pass then, but longing melancholy, the one that believe in this all made me, a universe of his cheek against mine, my eyes cramped, his silent. There’s. theirs, the world



Tu m as fait totallement oublier mon ex jamais je n aurais cru ca possible pare ce qu en meme temps ne m a pas echappe que tu es quelqu un de difficile voir tres chiante a creer crever.



It is not enough, but at times I become suffisant, no my manners but for you to love at our guise, you the manon, me the manant. I cannot bear the sight of someone near you and I know that it is the case of the time. Case.

In french caisse, cannibal if veggie.


But it is otherwise you would teach me, otherwise I use it since reading your philosophy.



To wish and wag a cig. Look look I m killing me self anyway.

Maybe it was that at a time there were no welfare for the retired, be careful of not spitting too hard on it.



You are brasse bouillon.



But before I was wondering how was I to find a way for dying and know I wonder how? Just how and when. The way having been spoted and agreed. And end yours by anymaens.


I suffer the nigh martyr, just for a voyelle, in tracks of you or them.



And I beg whereas I am happy on my own as I know that you could be here I a second, maybe in 1 years, 2 years, 5 years, maybe in in a week, a day or as any second in another world as you are my massy. And I beg but I d beg you for the rest of the time alone for the rest of the time with ya.

My name was jaja when I was a child becaue I used to say ja fait ja vu … instead of j ai.







I ve got details super simple to tell but I need to wrap them for them to be read by you with rather the same pleasure than the one I try to explain. And it gives some line an it is not poetry as poetry is the seme pleasure of those offshoot when the seizure at sensing you has to be offset than. It is no art but just an outel outlet.


To do things similar to your wife, and also being competitor would finish in nightmare or amertume spitefulness if communication were not opert. Helping but also that the insignificant or criticism or other point of view might be heard even if not listened to. An as the time on elements and precision is conical but won’t loose of its ideal of having been said as here is the duty and puissance of recording.



There is  a noise in my mattress that make some utterance and this is size master king supernatural, but on a how to make it grand? My chicken will know even if I don’t if I started to speak to them with heart and hounour. But to risk psychiatric hospital, oh that no.



Don’t forget that if love is not a choice commitment and its ramifications are. So what is to expect from the other? What is to hope? Choice and its knowledge array. And the tow of you reassemble in order to create this panel as linked as autonomous of freedom an intelligence. It have to be recall that the reign of lies was substaining this view over the religious with enforced marriage or one has to spell those lines with having other lifes hidden by the words? Not hidden by the words but the enforced life style that are by lies and hypocrisy such law of denial of truth and true identity. How can one love themselves if obliged to live with an experience of love that are the prior to prison?

At least they got a family? Which family would have sold love? A family that sold its members.

And business reigned.



And love is called the demon as who would dare loving at the cost of its own life?

But someone with the knowledge and the passion, the fire that tells me that life without can’t be.




People being chosen, as for chosification, chose = things, to become the same reate as theobject is conspue. To be supposed to reenact horrors learnt comedy, to be paid as plebianing ghost.



I do know that what s you want is my essay but I have to realize that in life one cannot expect it all.


Yesterday were no trouble but the face that dead me bring from childhood to Esperance of felicity.

Today is you and all that the combat would have been of holy

There is no regret for such sight that a woman that could be wify, like the leaks as witty for my future posture to be more informed on my lack of substance as love has been out of reach what shall I do for you to comtemplate freely the skies, hills, you my win, sanctity.



If comindown to the place were your voice would have been silenced, I ll be the seignor of the dead, looking in all chambers were my fiancé would be. And all these other voices in which I would try to draw you and out of, but would I be a devil for looking just for you, not for he. Not that you aren’t a make male but whoever it will have to be you my betray without thee.


It is not my kind to write this kinda stuff but for my friend  I do write it. Can we read my friend as secondary, no, not the one that have paid me but with the monnay of being emasculated, immaculate??  in me, and them too.



I have to reproduce with you in the sense I am made for that, and I think of my old chum that with his body friend were doing that, and I let my imagination shows me what he was at. And I always came out traumatized as in desert as the dromedary at the idea of I could be a cheat chime calling every one, and what if the idea would say but no I just was showing its way.







Win? Sin eat he.

It is not because I am a lesbian but cos I (believe) in men equally.



Mafia intellectuals.




Heteor enforced marriage and property ??? children, as for work as for enforce d sex, is the state of the society frustrating?? Here is YOUf your baby.




Sexy? As making love with resurrection as for.


I was still calling granny as even if she was groaning at me qua(s)y, quail each tim  a little bit of investigation proved that it is in the whole family that it was from human memory had been like that.

Tat, ta-ta, tattered, tatties.




To act attest of one skill, inhabited. On form. Why to haste as to have on board, for it to be a board will need every fantasque.

Fant hom, fente, Fantaom.

Real telling, and royalty.


But what can we do about that? But a lot.


The relation to the caste, the relation to the object, as being similar to the one that has been forged with regard to the king, namely if one touches the pheasant of the king he will have to face the same term thatn if it is someone of his social rank that he had killed. The king representing there the place where the community grows his castle the place where business and armory tacky trade is taking plight and vile veiled value of the insincere.

Community and security.




I fear you find yourself just mildly homo, just because I am the average pro, pork and boy, that if you weir in presence of a super glam beauty your being homo would come so naturally.

I mean I amnot your homo, I am your knight would be and it is in writing that sentence tha   I guess one might encounter some difficulties.


L amoure.

La mujer.


All word or utterances, any phonemes, any significance, coming from your mouth your lung and throat and speech and sex insane your long is sainticty and not only for me form me.





To eat just in order to have one’s mouth crocking.


These porno literatures that was left in the toilets.

Taught me to bring texts there and else.

They were the friends of friends and my parents leaving me without saying nothing thiking that one will forge oneself, in fact thinking not as they did not have value pride for what they have encountered and the why of sufferance, locked up liberty and shaming shedded shred. It is why the child was leave, not to counter control freak ordonning their kids like dolls but to let society shaping them like demons unable to stop the hostilities and also aspiring to swallowing as proof of good condescension.


This child that the love of you could have me love like if it was my heraldry, but would I have got so much strength to look after him or her while tech teaching that it is a reason, nay to go on fortifying in this existence, what for the sake of them, like a star awaiting the dying whil overseeing th lightening younger ones, where about would be and boo, off go, my dust and germs. Outside or in. no more side, of course there s morals and protection, the instinct of life, but for whom what will be pure actions, as my energy stopped at longing for oblivion.

And this each time you blame me.



And I would have to play like if I did not love you and you would see an apart falling soul and what if you don’t get that? How yes you would but oh awe hypnotized but your soul, was ti a game between shame and that. Wat was it this surging sign of loving rule? Not the devil or it is a being of purity, of having stand against the lies of whom who adore or more feign it. To bet, to get, what on the other hand is to somebodies’. The ones that preach for human order cowardice inspired. The ‘realists and all that’.




ha yes there is something, thought but I can assume that I won’t be the easiest, I need my shoulder to be quite regularly unblocked. My shoulders.



Told you about my white marriage, one day and it is the day I lost ground, nevrotically speaking, I found myself lock out by the very guy I was helping.

Look told like that it is a mess up but what I want you to know emergently is that don’t feel that you have to make it hetero to offset my lesbianism, because I am as securely hetero as anyone else, we are all so, as much as the queer side, we are all homo too, whatever the persona we have chosen. You know what I mean don’t do it for being consensual or so it d be my shit.



Something else, I d like to make a subject out of the faking exam of ours, a shadow writer and you are a graduate without knowing how to be holding a pen. Agree entierely, or I capsize you.

But agree or not, you shush, you shush, this is my party, as we are a couple now, intellectually of course, they don’t need us both as carrion. I ll regurgate it to you in end of race.

You do understand you made the choice of melting private and professional life, even not public as you could have done, but pro one. Right? So shut up or they will shoot you.

You understand my love, as far as the mick mack is concerned I ll be there, at least a little if their hesitant or reluctanct courtesies hold on the respect I have for the majordoms, thinking all the time of you. Not the majordoms, or else, am I cocky? No, I am study as for explaining what is my reproductioin I have to undress and I am getting tired of it, tired of live. If it was not but you, the one without I d rather die or awake killy. I use the wrong word to express vulnearability and impunity.  (punish, pe(n)is) Vulve-arability.

And without you



Pen is.


A gal a battle one does onto not for but with. Paradise fo power exerpt.



Foe- faux-false=scythe.


(punish, pe(n)is) (punish=puit=pouvoir= be able or well, pitfall)




desole j etais en pilote automatique cliquant pour la millieme fois, je voulais me l envoyer a moi. ne vous occuper de rien. plus rien importe dorenavant.




What is vicioius in the feeling of sensing harmony, is when you are not here, that it is derisitory to be happy, well at leat it would be.



I would like to be a woc cow because if I could do like putting my head on you and make you feel my weigh, my warm, the tenderness of my brain different in density, developing it softly.



It was not a saint but the mistakes he make was noever on pourposes.

But you should stop alcohol here is the truth.

We are becoming more and more dummy

And it can tell you, ti is your first spectactor. One o fthe two. It has a female but not a female like yours, a batatne.



It is no worth-value to bribe me I have none of the coined respect.

At least I wish so.



And he asked you how come that he could touch a saint like you, and you answer that it was because you were nice too.

An he aske d you how he should thank god for this and you answer help again somebody, it was the revolution word foryou, and she answered I ll have first to make love to you.

He and she was the same person, only that to do your cleaning and stuff when you hands needs from being sucked out and numb, is not the only holy stuff I can do- for you, to you.



And they said saint, and in good religious communities, they started tereated her like a slave, a good deal she did not kill some. Not the time.



You know you would leave me now, I would be like if I was completely alone on earth, mummy, ok but mummy cannot count for that. I had waited for so long, I really think that there is no more beautiful that longing for your shadow as I could your body looked up0n, that if I was left tody I would not go because it is for the girl I would not do it, but to pay someone, anybody with a condom big enough I would do it.

And the swingers party, I could wank but for that.

I mean other promises, other attempts I could not do that, what would it be called at the research of ya?

It is in my having attained the most of my own romance that I acknowledge that romance could be lost just like that. Never again and the honest way, I would understand who would look for it, I could be getting gentleman because my aim like your of not loosing time over futile, and also savoring still the moment I d shared, they are counted you have to keep and value up to all one’s manners.

If I lost you, I don’t await betting on life, but what I know to day it is I would do myself friars with the odd activity,

Previously I though I love but I still can find some other body and explain it, today I d feel I d  be lying.

Who would conduct me? Who would understand? Some? I don’t want that. I d stop loosing my breath, loosing my saliva, in collation of feeling, wishes as they all would have become whims.

You wanted an education sentimentale, la voila.


O after



You cannot be jealous mine is ours.

So I should be keeping it in mine or yours interior?

Ofh if only I could. I am too wak wead wead septic swede for that. I am too weak.

Wed if only I was strong enough for that, strong spiritually, you know I d prove that a saint can marry.

Oh, mary pleine de grace que ton nom soit sanctifie sur lat erre comme au ciel.

Donnez nous le pain de ce hour. ?? from slavery?

Pardonnez nos offenses comme a ceux qui nous onf offenses. From birdreries. Brebis. Brideries briberies.



sur lat erre



it is hard to bear the water when cold and a lot, it is oke when the spray is little and by another that knows where touch you while you are robbing you from cancer rubbing like the devil.

Water k disreeeeeeeeeespect will nick you sincere.




To retain her from doing pour pur sex as once she would have done, she would throw me to have accepted that. So why did she do it? To remember it well, to make a case in place? Cos she could not suffer that.




Je serai a howard 001 mercredi pour une conf.


You ask me to say I love you but all what I caress of accomplishing or do is for you. And you come with reproaching me not saying it while the every second of life won’t ever do………..



I would look after you sexually even if I did not feel like it as it is when I can see you coming that mine is arising.

Come into fruiction and existence. Con sistence.




Oh yes you would rape my wife?

Well me I would gang rape you, at the search of every one of your tears.

But you problem will be that we aren’t like your wife, we won’ t believe in ti.

Every one of your limb, taken fresh to the villagers, by interval of some weeks.

Not the head it would be too obvious.

And yes your penises last as it is by where that you could loose your whole blood, the last stuff you would keep in mind when you would have to tell yourself story to make the tiles pass over.

And I d have your woman too as if your horrid arrogance goes on and on it is because she is wanking, and after I could take your children for mine, as initially I was not for horror, but orphean in this world of monsters…



Between pain and jouissance, sex and torture.



I could have doen with only killing you but in a good village. In another kind where I am coming from they would have driven their members up to poverty cannibale.


It be for her to do the carve, so you thought you could…wishful thinking. Yo u see thinking like this bring you onto becoming meat only, the passing over to being a dead, above take all your time, don’t rush that, can you see what is happening, acan you see? Yes, well if you are sure, now take time to comtmplate, no , no I won’t touch it, it is for you to duplicate. I d just teach the god dog to wait for the head, but of a well dead only abbreviate when time elapsed for us to be reassure of the regain of our good appetite.

As reap the other wife is like to say you cannot be sure enough this it. A simple mark of jealousy a property game, melt with omosexuality, the dick you could not challenge honestly. But ofor me who has nothing but her, it d take for ages to improvise your recipe.


And you see I am not the one to let the pussy alive, just because when she shushes it was to mock us only. Of female there woul not be bigger number under pious chivalry no rivalry.


And you could try to buy my pity to say that it is due to homoseuxaulity and my wife wyould achieve you. What do you mean mine is a object?

Exactly when you think that tow sex of females needs, or that only one sex, needs what

That they are only objects, needing objects, as heterosexuality is objectivation of the all laws of condescention.




In the morning I rush toward university to send, for you to see that 5 am could be a big party.

Tripping over my stuff as my appointment is in the mail.



And I am kissing you with all what the time is deposing at this instant in me, and you are asking me if I d ever stop, but id on’t know wat to answer, what it is about being perfromant, I am intimidated, violi.



Her eyes, face, mouth, her body part going aside like to check if someon e is around or of having known the being tracked, or for calling compere for the hunting or stopping.

Is to be on and on on one or another define what we will have been doing? Life is more than psychological statement.



This art that I love so dearly, because I will be sending it to thee.

Because it will fly me up to me knee bowing in research of this instant of purity, toward the one the lighthouse you this other would be.



To come back to a subject and analyses further more each time when a synthesis is needed, it is that complexification on a subject even at the personal, atomistic level as synthesis needed each back onto the field and shafe and shield, a mockery to ascert to make consensual plan out of society debate, and say that things will be like that. Human are not considered as being human. But I don’t know under what kind of order commanding folies of the devils’spurses.

Any mal. Animal.

Animal. Are freer. Devoid of powering humans viles, but freer. And as the human won’t rule anylonger like that, they are already underpassed by their consequences bye bye crocodiles tears.




The Unknown Soldier-The Doors


  • Hut ho hee up





For Alf.




Our idiosyncracies that are spiritual hall mark on when I thougth of you incounsciously or when my energy, ideas, perception were coming from the period in the time we hasardely shared and but by eclosion and fragmentation. Utmost necessarity as I would not know where it d come from, from someone, whichever had been short or long the time we haven’t seen, if we are to, how long it had been you. On other operture, that wuld stay insupsionated would you air strike mine through the mirror.

Mirror effect and mimetism what do animals soil sole social are in touch though is not at the reach of the humans that are their natural and compulsory target.

The human this religious unspiritual. A degueuler.



To polish what you will be taking, to dust where us presence will be melt.



And I communicate, but become more an more rishy risky in order an answer to get.

Infantile, we admit.



And our energy is spend trying to enforce bassics morality against a machinery that is pretending to have the needs of being convinced first hand before putting her weight into upper-sixth evidence of doing it with complete imbecility. What could we have done of posittivity iwith this ernergy attempting to prove what every one knows, what god gave us as reason, and the taste and thanks for us liberty, life and endowed with divnity instinct of fraternity, to prove to people that know but keep on loosing us time into us doing piracy, genocides, and their command them indirectly.

This is the end, a gain.




To have thought to be deaf when it was that weren’t we prepared to face the truth or even have the slightest idea.

Imagine you don’t get that people are talking surreptiously, as you could not think that they could complot behing other people back, it is so hopless, and people are so devoided miserably without anything done towards the subject of spirituality and esoterism, that.

Then imagine the same situation but facing death this time, not knowing god.

Because? Of having profeetering from, not profiting, prof-(h(eatering, putting knowledge to a side not on edge of but black mailing, from ehe deaf or from not hearing permit ad premises.



In challenging romantic terms, one has to look after one’s pintade everyday, the whole year, till the end. It is how marriage (tide and flow, up and down, high and low) mare age and sap, can beat u p life disarray, in having lived for love- and whenc the children play



Never have I imagined tha t jealousy could have been associate dwith me. I think I am gonna become enraged and crazy.

Rabbit.  Rabis




Now when I check and imagine that you could have send me a note asking me to stop.

I ve got a rush into my brain opened stroke.



A come my baby, come my baby,

And I will caress you till you are calmed down.



I close my eyes and saw in one the thunder, in th other the moon or sun.

I ll keep them close d thinking of their welcome and I know it be for you whatever they come.

Up and down my retine, without there is not world


Row, raw, old, hord, ore.


You cannot be successful as a society person, in this world as every one want you to be a businessman if you start helping people, like the state that were supposed to look upon all their citizens, you are put down.

On capitalism



The problem this the party system that take the state one after the other, like the analogy of a divided people.                    Berk,

The state is our safety net, but it should be taken by all parties not as a looting but as being in the open. But what are we afraid of?

Of legitimazing point by point our filth, and starting advocating pure conceit for our  same species, our equal. Or despite the eveidence stert a rhetoric of but no that is to lie, to deny, o r start professing logics that are insult to the intelligence of everyone. It is exactly what it is happening the difference is that the documents and the assesement even less, and the opportunities to assess, are not, what to go and justified such folly, or to do exactly what every one is doing calling themselves jobs but what towards the society. Voyeurism, doing nothing that assessing but in the perspective of waiting to be paid, for what in that kind of conditions? for robbering.

If I am conceited, they could be as well, that is legalise the way we tereat each treat, retreat, each other.

Council of vampirs it will be. Times billions, as open and it would be or taken, or salvaged or forbidden, and punish action and standardization, nothing more one can do version of hell.

Naked like worm, people would understand we are the last straw. As fragile as crakling but soon enough to tie raft onto boat in theory brothers, sisters, passereaux.




And now maybe it is the time to attack the people as there is no more nations, the system will have to find a way out in self criticizing, cript size. But how?

Is there people? Nay. Any? Nanny?


Embetterment, embitterment is impossible?

And the dead completeness of f the err static?



The passion that save us from hatred.

Any leasure, activities, hobbies, stuff one can be pound no, pround of, from what it is astonishing and limitless one can learn from and with?

Any children in the street, in work that paralyse?

Itn the work.

Hatere, hater, hatred



No I understood namimal mammal milk is blood, would not drink they burn the inner skin,

I scientist were searching on not an but thousands of veggie vegan diet, I ll prophetise one thing: the jouvence diet.




I am not only gay I am with the dream of my life.


Party put into question, so the system put into question.

Biased                                        biased.




I wanted to give my life to equality and I have to espouse its reincarnation as it was just that I did not know her, and also towards veneration is honor.

Sir oeuvre her.

Sir veux, voeux



To sing high communicate the sound to the sky.

Low                                                          ground


When I understand that you mind my words, I feel like covering, suckling you till shout of joy.


For you not to dry your sex because when you come back it is still in opening I want it.



But for you to get it she has to love herself, and then operture will sing what I want of you what you have of me. Et ter earn.


I don’t retain my violence, when the image of what I interpreted as bad is looming, I start being more and more aggressibe. And what about thinking that since I always think of you, since I live for you that every of my unbalance would come and hurt you.


To suck you, from the behind of your ear, in this part of the skin is so fine, direct access to your auditive. Pump. Punkin, pomping.



Without you I d loose my heart, that is my puissance.

And if I had before ou it was from seeking under the leaves over the land.




My desire that did not bring me into entering your body just sound a betray I should overcome.

It is not logic you see.

Because it is not pleasure, it is suffereing , souffre reign, desire and existence but what your absence would be. A cry, a torn, a thorn, a ball mask, black mass rather, stormy, the wind waiting for it to be submitted to one’s won stopping. In going onto you, my mountain and resuming caressing.


I hear you like if you were on the phone but still in a system of resonance me in the rights aisle an you in the left.

And when I am at mine, we could not control your presence, I hear your voice in the distance it is remote like if you were yelling incentives and funny imprecatives.




I was a dead, and now she revives me, I am afraid of being widower the minute of her divorcing me.




My sesxual introduction. Father made mother drink and she has well had to, she must habe been the top of the hiding to make us believe that a couple they have been, the unreal queen. He made her drink but if I had known for sure that would my childhood had been, and little more awakening, at least I had been spared with thinking that mother were a useful whore, but did I learn to react when coming that neaer to a field of this faked fucked filth. Na on the contrary because alcholho helping I am sure that his or her later aggressibity will be passed on to us scrumy. As a chores child of a fratry.




I know it because I am from a bad boy background without ti ti be soiled to the ground without knowing that the reins’ are the mafia oboss’. On politics and intelligencia.



At manifestation, we could go by horses if nature was not the scapegoat of all our affairs. SAFARI.



Oto explain the light, after having made her encounter, not before, after. Oft, aft, her her.



I was going on thanks to that I kneow I find you I will be going that thanks to you. That the first (former as it is to the primary that they led, not as being secondary as the first will be instilled in them) was the way to the eternal peace (toward the latter) but not as a rest as the eternal quest for elevating towards that has not “weigh of everywhere belonging”.





between you putting your weight and me asking me to be heavier an you rocking against me like you d approach and enter the floor and my tension on that your fel flesh from this moving round and about my own skin don’t bear no friction nor derision but the one that deliver.




Fell action.




It is not shifting of personality, it sounds different because of thinking of someone, new perspectives, viewpoint,


The question was about living for others,

As he was foucusing on wanting to live only for her, blinkering that the reight sentence was, to live only for us. Oblitering by his egoism that she had for function to transform into the love he would not have but demand- as egoism is a sin it won’t bring back nor random.




there is no problem but th e money –as a truncated exchange, used as a easily proliferating dishonest exchange- and ther relation around it

just to confirm it.




That it is very dangerous to focus on one communities, are on e community is only one with its way of discrimination, abuse of rights discourses, exploitative manners…

What about other communities that could strive into tolerance or be in the shadow just developing this say, in order to adapt to an overall and overwhelming threat at being subconsiderated by ‘other emerging or ruling class’


Holy spirit a woman, giving birth to a child.



Ho god sake I thought we whoud see each other today.

I was in my good pansies.



This same excitation she was arousing while talking on sex perspectives, was like a knife in her just emptying her body off its energy like a sandbag whose earth would have been opened, with the chest uncurved like rigid, boxed out of hypnotyse, bending down to expose. This is when she the other, her other talk about sex, this sex she is not concerned by, or have to fight to regain her lover, a rape her loosing her.



Ehyena .  why would we like have to proof our bisexuality of homosexual to people that in general had not totder other aims than suppressing their homosexuality and subsequently ours, and our its possibility.?






It means that you somewhat enjoyed hurting your mum.




My religious and silking my intelligence is the moment I am reading you.

Never reading gave me this pleasure.

You are so funny, you are so witty, you a writer ma Cherie.

Ma chere c est comment ma mere m appelait et cela vous va.

Ma chaire, de vous tout m ira.


The lady komodo dragon at London Zoo has died in miserable, lovelorn, circumstances (s’practically Shakespearean if you ask me):

‘Six-feet-long N, who weighed 44lbs, died after scrambling up an eight foot dividing wall to reach her mate in the other side of the pen.’

‘A zoo spokesman said N’s action was “both spontaneous and entirely out of character”.’

This is merely one tragic example among literally TWO regarding crazed animals called ‘N’ dying in zoos. The other being the polar bear at Bristol Zoo who just got bored and went mad, ultimately bashing her head repeatedly against the wall until she was no more.


have a drink my hedonistic chums….for the randy-but-inept-dragon, shed a tear for the lonely, listless bear penned up in all-too-finite circumstances…. and remember, always support your local zoo.





then i will admire you. because you speak with alluring, attracting words of what u do.





about this first pronoun. i realized that if i am not specially cautious about it i use it twice in almost every line.

you are a litterature teacher then?

mind theatre is a good plot to speak about oneself without having to use words to introduce oneself.




oh that honey come really very handy.

u d like someone what hold you so firmly and sofly that it could reveal your shapes time and again?





Today I finish my year I am on my bed unable to move like stricken


Separated, k I don’t know if I am , if has an utility the combat.




To make people loosing their time and energy pretexting that the logics of love and equality is something one would have to persuade them with!

So make real, then, yes but it is just that the fact that they don’t want it, pretexting that we have to argue in their sense, is entitling them to breach the rules of dignity, to abuse people, it gives them time and on top of it, we don’t spend our time to fight for liberty, simply talk about it, spend our life avoiding that the worst sharks toughened the laws of the robber-rulers on and on.



I am a true prosperous prostitute, but I am married.



C est le lundi of the day I thought I was last to see you and that you did not come.

I am reading it, and I laugh, I don’t know what I d be doing without you, probably empty stuff, IT is here fortunately I am not lying to you, I would not like being dying today, clear for you, mind IT is here it is contract imbricated problem for you is I am the less humorous.

Ok, still I write for ya, will it be ok?

Cannot redeem it with amaking you a tea? The number of time you talked about booze, I d like to throw it directly one your Augustine eyes when icy.




revolution and pregnancy coming to a circle and the why thing has to come from education from new doing between generations.



Bbc world program.

Cooperative consumption. Why buy a lawn mower if we could share it between neighbourghs or cooperative, but not unaffordable to rent or difficult or dangerous to exchange.



People who don’t accept other homosexuality or heterosexuality or bisexuality are in fact objectivying people they would marry and have married. Object, using, disposing, have as in availability, in stock, in their meanlifying pervertissable desirability, their cruelty.




And then you find gentle urban band that make you believe the same whilst buying your being grateful into believing you and the world are insane.

And nick the peasantry?

Nature, nature, when you hold on me.




Mais N c est pas possible il faut que vous fassiez un livre avec ce qui l y a dans infinite!


To learn to be afraid, be afraid of one’s deed, detrimental for its creatures, our siblings.

Be afraid of god, would it explain the malicious pleasure one has to frighten, to punish, to be angered. Note for myself, to be cruel even if gratuituously, even if it would cause no harm apparently?





Was ti review for tien amen?



They played the caverne people to justify their doubt on homosexuality, but at that time no problems that they were dutifully aiming at reproduction, and between gays with inter gays encounter, and that was rock and rock because no one would have nay problems to have children with a friend as long as they can defend their honeys, expect when it get political.






I realize I have to emergently talked to you about having enough credits to finish my single honors, as if I attempt a full time next year the following year will be part time again.



Intellecutuals are essentials as recording minds and people is what they do.




It is since oussama, and sadam have been at their turn assassinated that maybe the fear the fright will turn on table.




Your only liberty is this? To be the chef? It is rigolo to talk about threesome but to stack the lesbian…freer in quality of captain not sure?


They say take a strong breakfast, I say once upon a time it was a general advice for people who were doing physical jobs and hard on top of it, and even then they I suppose start with a little one before go and tuck into the real thing after a couple of hours to fuel their efforts not their expansion. Therefore I d like to thing that the bigger one should be around noon, why because in the morning it is for its night that the body is thankful. Problematic what to do? As we want to succeed so we obey it, the rule that seems, and end up destroying a natural balancing, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

But still we can argue, not enforce but argue, because people don’t want to speak but for being firy these days have you noticed ti?



The rhythm of love?

Do the evil take me yesterday?

It is but you; who come in my mind any time of the day (the one of 24 hours and some spudy taters= ta terre = your soil)


And iif I was a true bore, something ou would not spend 4 secondes at if you had known.

Ask me whatever you want except pollution and meat eating, and you are a h.r teacher…

Break my cahins out of your genius, I am but like you say in the black carbon copy of the inconscious, it is how I write, an there is nothing more than writing in my, eat set.


Life, sept, life set. Set up? Up to?


I remind and recite your words, fortunately there are there, because I d be at two seconds to go and ask you, not in your office, well in peckham then.



In an animal rut, on the utmost romantic upon open sky.



Wars and its calmed rewards claiming that threre were nothing else than the chiefs could do.

Or perharps another war to prevent or slow down the nastier.

Were cups are not made of blood but wine.




In my college they renovate every 6 months all that can be covered. The fees are so expensive one don’t know what they are paid for really, but like said this other one (bbc world 9-5-11 around 4 pm) do they want us to be able to afford it???

So they do paint after paint, remove stuff to put them in another place, do a lot of work in building for the Mafiosi, it is so easy to launder the money from there obviously, but the ‘surface cleaner’ her is left with a vacuum that does not work, I guess it is to ameliorate the sense fo impuissance, that we work as gelding for the big cats, neutered too but fed as much as the overall feeding-up, you see try to be the boss and it is not your balls back that is the object of the promises. Not she is on a non working vacuum because they don’t have percentage on with the related promoter.

You imagine ‘working all day for a work where it is well specify our are a shit, our colleagues and rest has tot be treated like you, and the obole work we do, well let’s hope it does not later blast just right onto our face, for this we have our baggers, bugers, burgers, next generations heros’.




My jumper is so old that from green he has now his full tinge of blue, asshole. A true life for him that dress me like higher fashion as it just too k my form and me his softener parabole.



Talking for nothing, but yet again those who don’t believe in words just destroy the process of having had to talk, we know that those are in order to slow down the process and necessary time to build strucutures rocky, and that we cannot decide on our own, we are in competition with other countries, well let’s begin a true international politics then, but not the one, the same to what is already done domestically (whatever policy of family, corporation, company, or industry and states, which we lamely justified by ruthless competition among nations.

Let’s stop true politics for higher scheme of surburban survival into well being.

And if they do nothing well it is a choice one has the choice to do nothing and one will always doing one’s fair bit for food and cigs.




and this is thanks to you because the other staffs don’t have this overall knowledge of course when we talk about it incidentally the other year.


The information that someon should be paid to give and assess as for their doing, as the informations the advice would change the courste of your life, as every ifno does, but this one at the top of the scale, and why are they paying for? As the work is split with people overload, they are but paid this little sup to RETAIN. And nothing IS GONNA CHANGE, YOU SEE. TRICK TRICK TRICK, STIR.




I am as quick as my heartbeat, and since in my body and soul it is like if there nothing holding onto but him.




SUPERVISION is seen as control freak as they are shaped on the view of pleasing discriminatory rules with on top a lurking underemployment or underwaged spade your throat under.

It would not be so, and would be allow to personal arrangement to do things our way if work was plentiful, and true work is surely is, we foil the planet with our living in, so effort given to it to be free from our horrors poluluting it and other effort for the space conquest ok.

Two, ok to be personal as long as our deed would provide food enough to survive, and more, and that our deeds would not bring death to anyone, object, and objectification included. And what we wait for the devil? Is still better than being readily eaten by her.




To express like singing. Emitting sounds whose substance is the one we are thinking of and looking for.

The relation.

But you the one for and through you ll conduct towards who?




On homosexuality. And endogeneity, or maybe should we be moving around?

Although officially barred from entering France before 1770, Rousseau returned in 1767 under a false name. In 1768 he went through a marriage of sorts to Thérèse (marriages between Catholics and Protestants were illegal)




Sola fide (Latin: by faith alone), also historically known as the doctrine of justification by faith alone



Mosaic law all on the basis of Paul’s teachings of the life and works of Jesus Christ and his teaching of a new covenant (or “new testament”)

new covenant? Covenant use in law but what are they but books without foundations?




We are behaving with earth as if we were distant visitors coming from another age.

In fact I was pretty like much so.

This individuals from another countries to whom was inflicted the owrst stories and no one where intervening, exactly like if it was not real, like if maybe it was a travel through time whose emission were light ancd  colours moving only, like tv, not that it is not real but because there is not interactive button, only a switch that could even say I behave even with my counsciousness at home like there did not exist, like if I did not have the obligation to mention.

Like if we did not depend on it, so what will we like to depend upon?




I ve never wanked so strong, so deep, so real. In fact I let myself if not imagine, adjusting. Why not imagine? Because you are there but in my exile.

Can you imagine it you ve become the number one of my entire sexual life, it is insolent magic.



-why don’t you phone?

-simple I have to talk, and since to be honest to you I d have to summarize, dying resuming.




I have doubt on sexual problem, is not to communicate my pleasure?


Of course we are all bisexual.

Don’t youdicsuss more than tea you among and your friend?

We all would be damned to have sex anyhow.


Only that, in admitting that we are up to it in front of the eternity, well you transform into the sex I psychologically admit, and there will be logically a lane for it.

How to reproduce between same sex dude.




How to reproduce between same sex dude, and this time not the spritiual, the holistic way but the biological manipulation, homos and their children you wanted them so different? Let’s bring the mus-ic one.



Dis don infinite-piglet it is comic of repetition?



I d like you to know that I live with someone blind, that I did not believe he was really seriously when the proof that he gave me it is that he was actually even more than he let it understand, managing to know by heart where the stuffs stand.



Ok internet is a revolution but now is done what about the hours we spend on sites that are not designed with functionality?




And if Christ story was a discret warning, look at what happens when ones is not minding his own business, or business as a general appendange? Very like Victorian hopelessness.



To know love is eternal as in life deeds impose upon a recognizance that is to, so.




you start your invectives, and I say no hone, my pleasure not today, but you tackle the situation that it drives me another personality, and I groan of it at the idea of flirting with you just like if it was the first one when I have to prove or ensure the love I bear for ya.  In this another dimension time m y other hald half is satan, belzebuth, all of them, you transcend me everyone but me could become insanct, insanctitus, unsecure, insane.



I don’t want to do too much cultural annotation as people of another vackground would nor enjoy nor profit from it!

So what’s satan? Erm, anyway, he/s he don’t complain on profit.

Or maybe, as a nice unexpected surprise could it be? To expect have the dark forces with one’s and when it appears real to constat that the mess you put inside is not of the taste, he belongs to the realm, of having been the second to no one, but the unfaithful chef just like that. So what would one want in commiting sin like that on his behalf? Cene.




Still…. as a female who knows N… I wonder if she bitches about me or wants to fuck me











To be roasting in heell for each of the stuff we ve thrown, throne.



It is Tuesday and I did nothing as if you let me write it is no more desire but loving.

And the pleasure of this conclusive sentence will be enough to satiate tonight.




an attack with a truncheon left very, very unmistakable trace on a body – Yeah, because to come back to the truncheon story, it is for certain that a medic would know if it was a blunt, round, of very peculiar shape and iron object or such flat and concrete stuff like a wall-unless it is on the edge of the stone, pit or what? I don’t know I am not the one of csi plus if they make that up they would not be so gross, would they?


well i don’t know who to ask but something i found very intriguing. it is about one of the protesters, Alfy as i read it had be knocked out by a truncheon while the police said that it was a concrete stuff. well i am wondering if it is at all possible for a medic not to be able to differenciate between an injury caused by something stony and probably flat and this other thing ironic, round, and to put it bluntly compare to a polished stone, still very sharp. any liking for csi? or would they argue and demonstrate that he might have been in due-tie, properly stoned?  Flintstone, flee(t)stone, fleet or genTeel tile. mason anyone?

Fleece tone or philistine.




tiens, mon brave gars.

The unknown soldiers.




vera, tu verra

vera? Look up.

Bore d’ elle.




But excuse me but my uncle of adoption was cockney and to women that thought they were a saint, innosaint, because of telling off other, expecting them to become but the servants of god, he would have said ‘you are but pussies but not, pussies are respectable people, fuck you all but all’

All in all.



Mon amour, j I have something to say, we were discussing what name I should be wearing given that you were protesting, and I thought of my mother, di d she want my using her maiden name.

And then I thought that if I was so in love with my ‘career, as battle field as it may be’ it is surely mostly thanks not due thanks to her.

And I am thinking of this ombrageuse woman, very sweet, very discreet, very neutral, very efface, for the others, but why does not she say nothing, nothing, do you hear me, only when her shame is in play, nothing, she said, she would say, nothing, nothing I could hear, nothing she would explain anyway nor reveal.

And come back into my head how I would say to my child that they were, the first indeed, but the other too, he knows it if the ‘hit’ in question  really think and love me he will obtain the full sense of my paroles and their optimist pacifyist optimum.

I say to her you know I really loved your dad but you were unexpected, and so and so.

And it is when my girl really loved her sister, the one of th e life not o fth blood, they don’t see, they don’t see each other nau more my wags, that she would understand why it is so natural to me not to say a word, I have not chosen anything, anything in my life because when I was 20-22 I was dreaming my route about o to just fall. We did it, I would not say we made, mad, and I came to be pregnant by entire surprise of having some inside completely reliant.

And yes we kept you.

From the daughter preserv patriarchal perspective perchance, she knew that her fav unkind unlike her mm, would have her being pregnant with all the intentions, at least they have been there once, towards dishonesty? Ah no that’s another subject which is no abordable, at all do you understand.

I was saying nothing as much as having not chosen my life.

Get pre-gnat. Naked mid(all-a)ges.

Doing children for the wholly war probably.




The blind people should dial…and give up with the number made for them longer. For 999 Deaf and deafened people using a Textphone(minicom) should dial 18000 in an emergency.


Theei will tell you since we be ve got an awful judiciary systme, permitting someone to be allowed by the odd judge thousands and thousands in settlement that are worth zero, (like maybe they insult each other in the media to pump all around, to make fashion this type of intervention- to make them popular- to make them plebe, the ebbs)

And to say to you oh no you cannot do anything but what is on the stipulating lists if not we could be sued for health and safety breach.

You understand the fascho? Technique miss, finally it was good ideas to have powere for pussies.




You know me it is your openness of mind that revolutionized me, you lavishly allowed me to imagine all of you, well therefore thnk you.


Thank. Thnk, fnc, fnec, fcaik, snk?



To regret nothing as when in the right path, even if we loose some of our skills by adapting to the emergence it is but for that serve us conscience.




To express?

The passing of time.












You want to talk about sex?

Oh yeh you love a girl, I know what you mean.

Don’t load yourself with any less than essence.




Love will be though, hardship but dolly good.

I ll be at the lecture a t horward today, even though I cannot read your philosophical essay, the readicat…euth radical.



The revolution but to understand the moves we have to be half way of life time, to realize without getting in touch that every one is already dead and tied.


They play politics like if we were the nations from different planets, like if we were about to make a bomb and explode everything, and that because if this each group has to take the most serious measures in attempting to dumb the other in order to justify the faschism uprising, the fact that one breach human rights in their own communities in defiending, defreinding, but defrosting, defending their patry, no mony.


Today they have to get class struggles more than ever because there is no more escape, the walls are falling, and we are, will become a global village, but no more pouch for slavery, no more geographical, let’s hope so, but if every one wants it, who are gonna be the next to pay and sign the bill? Banda fascho.




-I have got a hater outer hatred for pollution and thus for convenience asshole my car.

-It is because you don’t have the money.

-I would have ti I hope for s.o.s solely that it is to run against you that I would use it.


Every one in the same boat? But ooze, hose house, whose is it?


You, scurry.

Me, scud?




I would not commit perfumed perfidy perjuridic perjuries if I were you and neither blasphemy, cocky, cocky.




We are but only the falling half of this other half in you and me that is still not nor yet has been completed.



In-divide dual


You are lecturing, or you are doing your swimming session?






And she will free her, hersoul herself my due apology, when

don’t think you could stroke me where I am not ashamed of it as where there is less fat, there is the toxins.


I was in comtemplation of me, hanging ty by the hands, swinging on the near ceiling of your office, like a condemnee.

And you opening this f urious door, and what reaction would you have at the sight of my longing for you to come back fronting my despair, facing your pair.

Feel like fleeing to your minestrely, no, no to your ministry and ask for my detachment, otherwise you would do it other round (confer maiming me chick) instead.



Ministry,             mines try.






On pain pressure, and pain relive relief.

I am visualizing you, my girl friend, in pain and want of analgeisic.

To relift, I would get an idea, but I would need to be with ya.

I d be your loft.







And in case you d like or want to make a movie, it is no, even if it is only for us to see, or I stop to make it.

Unless it is you in chains.

And only you.

And only that.

The passing of the time, facile, fascination.

I could watch ofr hours probably.



Authors reproducing the sound, the acoustic of their periods and methods.




I used to do autistic, not autite after autite after swimming under water, but you…

I reaalyy feel a cuddle now.

Since your drums has been destructured, you can stop ale altogether now.



You know it is not because you would choose to kiss me that I thought of you wanting to see me every second week-end and all. You would pick the second, as the third as much as the first time. Ok I d come and propose more regularly but that’s it.


I live for writing, I ve got that chance that is inestimable, I live and love for you, I ve got all the time.




You asked to me, to me that had done whatever I could to survive your discrimination, if I am gay? Or gay really?

It is me you are insulting, or all others.

Insisting, insulting.

Uncease cesspoll.



M ecrouler sut toi de fatigue.

M ecrou,



The paranormal, as themed by vampired, ghosts, darkness……………………………………………………………………………… viewed, propaganded as not happening in the daylight, not happening in quite (quiet) constance.

The paranormal is as much as kept and keep us buried.


Higher, hire.






Generation post-eve? Ever.



Blog, bog.




I think that we made the grandparents, reall suffer, from the war, they have to get with vomissure of modernity. Without having the opportunities, nor leisure to say really noghing about what??

About wars, if effectively conducted? Its effects and its origins.



You are my wife, and for you I ll stop what you say I have to stop

And as you are, one day you will ask me to resume where I gave up to finish it.

On mesmerizm.


To be able to hypnotize someone one has to be able to hypnotyse humself.

Yourself, oneself. Ego, superego…

To be able to look in the mirror and look into one’s own eyes and considerate it as an ”enemy”  ene = haine = hatred, + me


The energy coming to a round, could put anything, including others’ observators (expecting=unbalanced, in prowling) mind to the ground.




Celebrity or famousity is an entire and independent actor.

That means that if your are the one emobying the controversy or themes you are not regarded like a being any longer but like a debate. People will hate you, pity you, admire you, support you, lll, but never ever love you or just acknowlogding you like a piece of flesh that need walking on without trepassing. You are the opinion token.







Mal = evil in franch.

Para nor mal. Ah yes, norm>>>

Enormous tentaclelous ponds of potentiality left not even unused but enclosed. Prssr cooker you know that. You know, ney?



They will treat you as a unsavoury joker, now they know I am a serious one.

Don’t go for it, they want your essence, serious, and this is deserved as far as you are concerned by just by one.

Think of that, and the joke in your veins will go into their aid.



And around your brest, so manifold ruts and veins, hills of course, shaping the general but inside it is the moon with this criteria cratere in between. What should I do to pass through that and pour my energy inside you intrepede, intrepid.




Cleaning is a nice job.

When you are not commanded to use product and kill the planet.

To move my body at something useful, when it is useful.

And to be respected while doing so.

Meaning as well that retributed, not in money allowing pollution or disrespect of others though.

And doing it not for the personal space of other but for the commune.


If doing for personal space well the exchange is not you the negre, one pound an hour me the bankers one hundred, your mortage and your pension. At the office you clean your personal space, clear clean?




They behave like if they were concurrencing other world completely apart, separate sphere, the stuff is that id if you d like revolution is very much the time as the “bubble” is closing down more and more tieing everyone, the gig big ovens it is likely to settle down everyone?



Believing in tarot through rationality as the medium knows the symbolic of its tools and boards, pens for gnomes liberated by just like us the fro and forth and ebb of thought, the tools he offered is indicative of what is perceived- and therefore released.



My ghosts were the presence I was endlessly seeking to endlessly losing, you are the one I am always in and come and awake me to say, come on, darling, go on. It is the difference between all that and ya, spsychically speaking.

Psychically/spy, chicolly, chologuy.

Colloque, chick, co-lleague, .




G? host?

Gelatin, gasper, gallant, gyro, goulh, gorilla, gohr, gay.





I suddenly realize the generosity of your breast, which I would for the all golden place, palace, or against, love to press between my chin, mouth and palm. To press for them to interchoc and down your chest part recipe in, heart et sip in. For you empress of volupty.

And breath impress not me but the devil in me who has to go, pleasure like this don’t hate homo.




To be in the cold, with no choice as to do cold/hot with one’s throat, and drink or eat hot, and instantly to have a voice of the cave, and people, pussies nowadays, thinking that you went through some sort of devilishry, without noticing that devil is the nature itself but the one we die di(e)srespected.



To woo you is to make the promess that happy around me all your life I would do, I d be my utmost for you to please and ease to be.

I am damned of you not knowing it.



Inspection of you canal to the tromps with a nelly, naily fingering?



I d just like to drop in next week, Monday most probably, just in order to retrieve the french/english dictionary.



Re try eve.

And setting righs.

Res (latin of loi) cue.

Law hint, rescue: to have the power is to be able to do it. retriever




What’s is impossible to do even if most seriousness, cease to selip, sleep, play.

What’s the balance, go on with strict avoidance of going on detrimental see demence.




It seems a bit navrant view the state where it stands, but I am affair, afreusement careerist.

But the game I think is honest to play, towards everybody, from the most destitute, to the most depossessed, possessed by the horrendous acts of general society, you know I am afraid of going in hell for not having approach that to the slightest, read as ass real ly,

And when I thingk though I was telling people it is what I love and I could live with you transmitting it. But the a day you come? What, ma cheri? Would I become like my daddy, little by little saying that he is better in his best day cos it is like this, business is business, or I could say I have to save my bit from this world, and what about the love you gave me? It takes time to knee.




And when this time is not taken or you die as a fornlorn knight, at least forgotten, or sap your lady.

Without my lady I can be. I would have to fuck with the dragon after it.


-You are falsely romantic?

-And what do you do when she noticed it?

-just to put another layer, over-layed.

-where’s the dragon by the way?




People treated as unpacifist when trying to spurs debates on rproblems.

Whereas what are the other expecting, a blood bath resolution?



I think you will kill me before I finish reading IT

Did I tell you I chated with a woman from n.y she asked me my i.d when I ask her for a drink. She had been raped in her own flat, no so uncommon up there.

Did you notice that you had been robbed first and loose your hearing in second. It was what the analgeseic the night they break-in?

I d be your mum I d mess up, I d be your gril friend, you want me dying.



Girl fire grill

Gril fiend.




I imagime you talking to me softly and excited. And me head down responding. All other person would go out of the room, for not come back, or ask me what happens, and do the same with postponement , porn intently inflictuate, cunningly, aimant, but will do the same exactly.

You are the one that would know that I imagine and store your sound for it to neverending go inside me.


The one that would know and get it.



You are a grown u p being, and would I have made love with you it is that I d be asking: what moment of your life would I be left missing.

Bereft. Bear heft.



You understand you have to give me this moment where we can retrieve to a younger place, it is not question of age, it is to see you at any stage.

My life depending on yours, what would, what should I be without the parfum of those?









It is so grotestque tht when you will opn m y secret document, you will see through comic of repetition , injunction.



One can be instinctive on people but what about being on things and events and our own doing, and missing and decision taking or escaping?



I just got a sneeze, resounding like the one percing a glass ceiling, your heart might be at stake, to be feminine liberated by you, felinity would bring me steak.



They ask to be save but when it is a shared aid that one is talking about, the crucifix they would hold on ya. Piglet.

Hey ain’t so mean, that, than that, the pig, hey, not you. Cochin d inde, du peru.

Don’t treat me like a racist, I report my gore forebearer, c est tout.

Now, next destruction on my class will be for my child if I behave so gently. Please, please, smile, eh, cheruvin, if not you we ll save mummy. As for you I tale ya the count of necessity…

And therefore to have to kill to get the job I want you to gget and extort.

Ex-tort? Ex-tract?

Tract, contract, and propaganda of your children ready to die of whom neurosis will say it is to be an hero that the world is made like that. Isn’t it my dad, isn’t it my nation, isn’t it my bourgeoisy?

That makes me believe that life was this way, one day.




I become slave of you, wondering if I should not differ my making a fresh dinner in order to be at the university at the earlier.

So ok I wake up between 4 30 and 7 but 5 est la bonne heure presumably.

Slave of me?

In case I would arise more than pity. Mind at 5 with you, it is better you own beasty…with my 5 honey, with, ok lest no start pity, you d enjoy it.

Yes, yes, we use old recipe, older than the formula even but coming from the heart it stays a good spun, and my marmite, the pot they are coming from what comes on top but your desire and care and respect on my autonomy, I always wanted to sleep with my mum, much more than inconsciously, but to be chastened while with at leisure cuddling you, the spectre of my wifey that mum would lead me to smell instinctively.



Your writing, I star knowing her now, her frame, form, structureeeeees, an unnumbered fracture,- I write because of mistyping and I do this play when I have to do something with it, yeha.  you are

Maniac, superb as a author but I try to think that I should guess what I s to spend one minute with ya as the control freak of my own felling for you, my turpitude nin, if you are like me mum, asking me to smile and all that…it is because she is still and pround to be me mum, but me mum that she is stell steel around.

If not I would be alone completely, but Daniel, but it would not bother me.



It would boost me even, perhaps I would search a mum around my demon, perhaps even surely. I need you 9, if I had on ny dkey board I d say Φ each time, any but far too reach you won’t complain.

In heed, I need, someone I can cook for fresh, I a m fed up having these thoughts and you are the queen of al l my demons oplus being it of my days and flesh.

To break this circle it is why I need you, why I want you is another, alogeter another poem. Is it poem you call that?

I would not say but the beauty of your remontrances when it is not like that.

Would if suffice, I would dan muself mes(s)elf, to bring sanity in the throes, rivers and pond that have brought the sea.



I will tell you why they appropriate our relationship because they say that I should be a knight and work for their advantages, me I say I am your knight, thank you very much ofr your gentle attention, of protection, families. On what is really socially marriage.



She resembles your mum it is why I am appeal it is why you are weary, wiry.

W, v (alk)iry






You know throught the love of our work, it would come as undestroyable our affection, renewable without a fault even, is planifiable with bloody tension


And I imagine you go away after 20 years of our ballet, for someone, and I imagine my pain calming down as ti would be one of your joke of mine, and I d be, my back curbing, face against soil, groin kept at distance with it growing a hole, thrusting into the ground. Burrowing, ready to spare the time with eternity. And you touching my head drefus, draining the hole of the sadistic aspect of being a prisoner for the faith that make him alive and sex, bloody no, alive exept. Bloody, no ex heft. Don’t do that I think that I d loose years of live panting my reaction back into a body whose soul is infinitely gone and weary alas already with your no you ll reinforce me to thee. To live? You are the penitence woman who don’t know that I am alive, no more than freddy mercury and shaen connery.

If you do like me though, drop it I know you don’t have the t.v. it s a good sign though.



Someone masculine and very sofl?

Someone feminine and very soul? (means rough)

Very feminine my cherie but whent I start staying over, and saying it, I am readily, ehm, oui, ouai.~) it s a smile. From a cello, here I am I know with which instru I want to play out of my cello solo, le  ho(e)bo(e). C etait un play on therm that? Or the harpsichord if it is the tambourin e you do. Mistle, no not measles.




thank you for the dictionary j’en air reelement besoin, but i am gonna write to you, because ok i am a lesbian, thank your for the notice, but what i did was nothing bad. you know the truth right now is that i had been waiting very long to have a student life, N, i told you very long. i have a story, and i ll write it to you. see you later and “””” the capital. in brief see you.



I don’t know if I am due to it long or brief, like usual when I come to speak about his personal it is only to highlight facts therefore it is never something prepared nor for which I have been longing for but these last past seconds.

So I will do it short for you. You know the workers type of mindset, they are more than one, I agree with you. But the one that say just go to school till whatever you will have and after have a job when you come to an age, cause maybe another child but you in particular is the one with whom you won’t put up with.

Well ok he went, at 19 during these years no one managing to explain what was to study and the importance of learning but the chores that (do) elped it. He is from parents working middle classes, upper even they are devoted to bourgeoisie, oisif, the grandparents, workers, and god knows that it meant for the older, the war, the food restriction, the cold, the labor from age of twelve and below, the orphanage.

He though quite quicly- not that he is silver at it- understood that he had to be happy, meaning resume his goal but this time with attainable project under ti. Well en d of th e story.

Between learning a trade, full time, following by some years of part time studying, at a distance, it is so that the student life, tu vois ma belle, for everyone but for dickey, anyhow even in soho, she is too travefallloo, or too many, concepts in mind, equalitariasnism included to play more than a “it”, not i.t of computer, the virtual is life but not completely.

Not that he does not belong, but the coffee story… if I do blog it he does njot go to pub, don’t think I ve got two personalities it is just funny, to write is always through a pen, pain, open? As much as us communities.

In speaking of it, the communities, long I am waiting, so long, ti is not funny that. You know he is third way, no communist, no, but not a dummy, not in politics N, life as fairness? Yes, but faireness does not overuse of stragler strategy. He is not a doer, as abstraction is his passion, yes funny he does not fare long, but she is the oblong that keeps him warm at night during the winter especially.

Then we will change the dames, the draught chess, I have been ravished by the scenery and if I am not communist I adhere to the dissidents’ some of it, it is the bigger party (20% in france, not so long ago, chery-blair the cavior, caviar one, it is that I would fight it, the lies, the intellectual hatching manifesto and doing their opposite, the worst dangers, the kill dreamer, dreamer singular or plural, celui ci?

You are a public figure? Yes well you are in the societal debate, the public sphere, harbermas something, tu vois j aime bien la sirene et ses lectures, don’t think I am insultory you would completely miss it.

But me N it is for real, rick, I saw what did in our countryside the conjuncture, the paysan that everyone put aside, pull away, whereas all that they would say is that the planet dies. And at 20, like this bunch I was a baby and I tried and I tried to what? To have a lot of inconveniences, so I thought It was me and I startede reading an reading and reading. And I started to let people know, and what I have learnt of the difficulties of ideas is that they are always congenial to spread and display but what when they are used as “stilts”? as carots or sticks nothing for their puissance but just a parapet. Not a guide, but the recaller we are up to that intellectually but follow these good words, and it won’t help ti?

Funny or regrettable, upsetting, secreting, siracuse of infantry, you want the revolution and then where’s your che? Doing dinette a la sadman, I quote, I quite, the party we are more than phrasing phasing the lesgay?

You are a hub, I thougth you viewed it as a, your duty to convey. I mean they were public these meetings, or it is the kalamitychingoff he will have to envisage. I mean what if the public place is resterained because the chef decide to stop debating, appartchick???




There is tournoi, k there’s curse crusades, and I want to run for ya.






Discrimination on differences and freedom by categorization is ignorance and uneducation, schoolare included to add to the structuration and bonewhalees that have been dimed.




You would not like cover me with shame? I turtle, trusted you, in ny live I have one love, the theory, I know I am talking to a professional of it, a Methodist maybe, anyhow, the hysteria, sang gloire upon my throat, thank you very much I ll do without. Don’t give up my cd. See you Tuesday, it told you I want my cd only. What did I do wrong? Stir the dea debate a little bit? Not that I reckon I was the most nice and man in the street citizens when you chaired, yes flesh, ah yes, lady, the unexpected?

What is the problem? Love? Feeling are in the air, and are still there without permit. Do you think I ll do a big mistake, do say it? Proof, evidence, surveillance, let’s talk in code? “I hate you not” Moliere, mole, ivy, mais les chaines ne me tentent. Musauliere.




I love you and as when you hat me it feels like the end of every mission on earth and I am a drop out. To be strong at that time, is to hold on to life, quite simply and reinvent the way of not going wrong, of searching blessing, of still like someone.









you would hold on to the transbar woody warm and how you would like a poutrelle, not a pole, the one that supports the roof to cover me all. You thighs on the upper part, shoulders and the arms I would put round around thee. And this all for you pussy might englobe my mouth and your juice right inside and flowing though my stomach down to my blader, from the one near the upper chest too. Anyhow when I eat you my body is messie.




I COULD spend hours wathing the pics of my cat, I could cuddle him for long period of time an he was pretty happy, pretty sure of what, if of mine, wyould you like one? Maybe?




You cry because you are harsh, you think you could have you minet?

Arch de noe.

Noah arch, minaret.



Look you talk about it as if it was the liberator, and yourself react like a fashist.

I love ou and I love your honesty, but to think that circa will come round it is weakness not modesty.



She was resembling a goddess; the others one some people I once met.

And you resemble no one, it is you then.



I lost everything, with this shcok, coming, I saw all th events tha defigure, sacked, scarred my family for each of them around circa maybe. At least some verity, the home truth, like the words I use for them not to fell into oblivion, like if they had my memory.




I have to thak you for you patient attitude and all haste of your blows but I am nothing at present, so what do you think I should combine?

Nothing to nothing, it is that the freedom negative.



It is not that I want t owrite like ya, it is I am like you, except sexually? I don’t know you did not let me that, any secret, any pendants? Your sole is it lonely? Mine is without you, without all of that, it the difference between being alone and lonely; perhaps the desire of surrogate and spurned lover is that.




You let yourself go down to mediocrity caused by fiendelity? Fidelity is a quality that it wherever you go iit is not down ok?

You are jealous of absolute, infinite now and then.



Arlequin as the colors are needed for the rainbow to find treasure and heart in the same light, the one of destiny, the light the friend only. As windnng as a mountain path the rainbow of our sovereign bisexuality, throning upon the plains of imbecility and fear yes no one has forgotten, forseeken, been disinherited of that.



Don’t talk to me with this tone, I am not one of your child that stay with you for the heirloom, or by fear to loose your love that you misused for the other bro, drone. I am the one you set your family against or ask any bribery. Wahtch you r tone I am not your son.



I was thinking if she was with him she would say it, so she is not but after a while the conclusion came that she never mentioned him despite him being the nearest bugger, so that is the lapse, the time?




I think of your sessx, and I touch mine and I think of your coming and I blow my fucking despair away.



I d like to stop sleeping altoghether to thinl of you all day to makd love to you at ths same time and to same everything as without you, they, the, me are unstable.






I read your blog and I think tha you travel too much to be my half not tha I could not marry and stay but idon’t think it is appropriate, tourist are for the be tray.



The sound resonate inside your hips, mean that to play with the sounds one haws to play with the boundaries , the tougheness of rudeness and clossness, the softeness of openness, but thisis not biologic is positin


You canot refuse they take you as an idiot, idiocy needs protection, id-eo.



When you preten d you are angry, your forehead is undergoing bad things, for the toddler head.

An no not this one, this one is hatred, and I don’t desrve ti.



And I read, and I rea, and red with flushing og them to have activated me, if someone use the owl owly workd to avoid the right posture to adopt; the right song to sing only to mock the melody that is the constitute- destitute me and everyone related, exf except the things, as if you order them to be lied upon they will form in your  brain, brown bright (bri-an)= a bribe, fallacious. Falsely enlight

Brain, bra, v, in bred.


Bri-an, an bright.

An = bri, an=thing=bright, better for one’s brain to respect each thing intact, as they would mess up upthere county.



Where is the che, where is you gaytitude, the day homos will b e sent to the gulags, would you be the one sorry to have helps the waves but not it is barely vague, what to do? Don’t they. V, the why.

The why of the gathering, they? Or ar-gent.



If I cull not write anylonger, I would go on, as in matter of thought, fought, writing is one, to positionate twice. Ice is bone armour and if I melt it d be from thd degust of the global warming happening.

Vengy veggy.



The cello as second, the guitar to sung you first in my head yesterday eperdurment.

 Yes Ser?




I ll cut my hair, don’t worry, military, I want fresh air and less manip.

No it is not for the manip it is for fresh air and moinstrorizing.

Then I think by my hair retain trap transpiration, oil and dust, what to do on that?

Shampoo, et wet…you d like to see my skull don’t ya?





Man- nip



Never do something less good by lack of time whenever one could have taken this time, that is when the roll does not cover you this its trail, undeathable, undefeatable.

Not taking time to do do things correctly is a betraying life itself and therefore, underlie the understatement or highlight needed?






To hear you but not as same identity. I hear your thought but I don’t know they belong to you. I can answer them but not ansawer you.




An swer.

An swear.


Were. Wear.




Teaching dummies, passive citizenships.

Lost of reasons to react.

No motivation, ti is the rules to not understand, or if understand say that basic rules of survival deserve one thing in our system: ABSTENTION.

Assure absence.

Ass, sure?





We don’t have any more older, even older preacher!??




touch·stone  (tchstn)


  1. A hard black stone, such as jasper or basalt, formerly used to test the quality of gold or silver by comparing the streak left on the stone by one of these metals with that of a standard alloy.
  2. An excellent quality or example that is used to test the excellence or genuineness of others: “the qualities of courage and vision that are the touchstones of leadership” (Henry A. Kissinger). See Synonyms at standard.




I d just change my passwords your name for  ‘thepest’ yesterdat

Today, check I am still enforce him (h)at.




Because a voice give substance, pratique, the one that infiltres, to texts.



The subjects ou are talking about may not be of my first priority, but what you say about it yes, I love the course of your being discursive.




To be nice? yes but to ve (thee be) inferior? War just type.

Vor vibe.


To remember him saying “there is people iwith bad vibes”

Double u, the.




When she was in presence fo someone for whom she has desire or anguish about emotion, future plan, her comportment where she had to be in and live full live in, in order, her comportment changed altogether. What she has undercontrol by effect of transcendence, but this requestioning, would put her in transe. Th e kinda themes that cannot bear avoidance. This existential that suddenly takes you on any cliffs, on top, this type of moment where if you are not screaming for a key you ll be dying. When oneself reveal to oneself when we have to inspire decision making for more reluctance at the suprising evidence when you act not as it seems, at it sets and as it seats.



To suck YOUR anus? Your anal, beyond your all, around and hole, like ice for a beginning and cream melting delice. And slice.

Desist geezer, gee x her? Upon what gargoyle, girl you will giggle.

And my teeth to make sure you want stand perspiration. Nor ex-sit.




Vintage pornography means biological lesson?



Every one would be at equal strength what would be the coercition and following which laws?

But equal reason?

What is not equal then, the comprehension, the respect, the awareness…no, every equal.

The overlapping of worlds then, and allayed reality.


Whence, wehence the danger of condemning spirituality, here in the sense for verity, not foe to verity.

Small print noting.




The bizarre comportement is the one that is not understood by others, maybe because since it does not have an insight, a control, a dosette, they want to be banned and surely disliked.



These pro porks alraty slaid that once they are aroused look after their ow cock or else pussy, instead of thanks the ole that did it.






The people passing by and telling him: “we are for you, we are for you” but how can one be for someone when they don’t know the overall, the bottom line, and would they know it there is still the way people arrive to their end. The people believing the rumours that comment positive and negative without you or the common intelligence to unererstand (honorary) like if they were not enough



Er er.

Or ar.

Ore herOr are, are we.



She had like a hole in the brain, and she beats up her children just at the spot where a cerebral accident could happen.





Like with a heifer that one likes particularly, one large stroke for the warning, one little on inside it (the larger stroke arousong) for the agreeing.


Profuseness/ (slash) profuseness’ of feeling, ti is not that he was asking, but whose he?



Dis donc you, is communism a dialect? Only?


Your puzzling me.

My gaze in the void like if it was in the lointain. When you told that it was not me, to recover the what I did miss, see.



Are we jealous, by pedantry honey?

Oh, yes, oui?



Preachers si disgruntled with their own work, when it comes to the holy

But without my wife love, I am dead already


You would not imagine me betraying you, to stay basic?

You want me I pass what, the w-heel, torture my love I am resistant to that.

So, what the, I could the tambola win? I ll never use my money for this puta banda capitalistic way of doing. Reassured, or you just want to play poshy, juging me onto your philosophers of misery?

I saw your colleagues, it is me that will become the slayer and reapidely.

(jean gabin tone)



I see, I see, I see, you, you, you, my telescope through.


I trust tu your class and infiny distinction. I trust you would not be letting me rottening even if I haven’t the clout of w-hom you know. A real chief, a che gay v ave, avera = prove to be, turnout.



Fees big noo respect for the professors, any onger independent, and symbol of ‘intellectual’ emancipation.



‘Beurk’ but it is not that I would think of you, it is what I d think of what you think of me.

It is so much essential that semens, someone can distinguish between his feeling for the parent with those roe for the children and for the spouse.

It is not that I don’t desire you, it is that I regard you as my child or mother or father.

It is so important as let’s call them transfer feeling.

It is true that it is important to convey a non acceptation but to what prize?

It is not pushing the bobby to insist upon a feeling when we already understood it,  a manipulation, main pulation, of our genetics. Do the sentiment not here to symbolyse and therefore made us detect and furthermore embody energy?

So once I get it, still have to get another once, feeling is when time imbecile becomes crowdy, energy seeking and setting is always surprising (sure prizing/sur=above, prise=hold in french) and in suspension, suspending the time?




Abolition of human rights.




Don’t worry about spelling mistake, I am a bit of a vocabulary stems geek, they are on purpose but take a long time to reckon what it, the spun, is about. So no need for no one to play around. I d just wanted to record hit.

And sometimes even not the sliciest, sly not whole?, that I could be hinting at, that I could recon

If you don’t like that just skip them, there is a sense to the paragrapher all the same.




It was for her absence I was crying and the sole thing I was perpetually please to imagine what would restore my life’s happiness that flee is to fell and be received onto her heating laps, chest and arms. My wife, no married, but = aim in frech   mary.

The woman for me that as human as she is, the saintness itself embodies, the love for sanctuary, century.







I think of the woman that I was leaving in the past, that I managed to call ‘ancient’.

Because my present will go



Amor, careful at e…. body, what we don’t queit know for the moment is how hti s place is real posh, they are this we know it but you know, you are a leading star…

Don’t count on the general atmosphere, don’t count on philosophy, ture tur, true philophy is the enemy of idea of being restrictive in the name of gold trea(t)sure.

Don’t be my ally, they would attack you, as you are the vulnerable link, ti is your career they want, ok, but don’t give them your skin, they will eat, don’t be my enemy, it is my elaborating mental the nelly, to not want disaster, I don’t want to lose ya.



We are not the perfect match, you do too much of outer, I do too much of inner, but there are our assignment, the way structures are laid what can we do about it?




The blanck the paragrpaher of not having being expermimented, reread, ready.

X = non


She ahs other reactions, she does not want it, but o you believe being the only one tasting love when putting your lips onot, noto, onto hers? Probably, as ti would be too dangerous to think maybe.

You are an artist and you don’t suffer love’s death.

Art is its reviving, its longing. Its call, the ‘art official, artifice, fireworks, to god.




Official, artificial.




Each time I move, I move for you and through your desire.

This is sensuality, this is hot.



Listening an listening thousands, billions even this voice that bring me ot the door of paradise, ond one day at the care and crack of my patient and redeeming track, I could sing the same.

The voice of an angel, the voice of this woman, that have lived the battle, not similar to yours, but the same stories of hate nurturing? Naught u touring, and because of your love, false jealousy but others’suicidal, she would have died.

The demon in the night of humanity.




to renounce, not to renounce you, but not to make love to you when we could not being us only.

To find you naked, and the next instant nude equally for us to melt suddenly.

And then no one will follow us, the instant is a strength in time that go beyond the space convention, a second is enough as to permit this glimpse on earth is the mission.

And to frolic in that, one has to be dummy as suffering, but not anykind of suffering, the suffering inflicted behind, would not permit: pervasion.



The period where we rely on the artists to sing to hear musics, when there were no discs or tv. The imperial.

To feel the same, they have to feel that someone could be repeating them but not once a week, just in boucle, thousand of their, the same day, the same melody in a ‘I chose you’ as we know that between the facility of listening thousand billions trillions different sort of music, create music is easy after all, just like when peering the ancient you start taking lessons and reproduce birds whistling. Wit?



Why people fear leisure, because of that, there would be empty of creation in one generation or to where and who?

To offset, we provide usself with work that are the most desgusting an then yes we will do with mediocrity, just to relax our ass to be still employed like this.

Void of doing without a purpose that is spiritual that would make violence to our spurned, derided humanity.




I would go and lose- swing and lot of drinks and chats and- all what it is left without what we love in common.



I was lingering on the effects this story had on me, although what it had o on the other, did not come into the mind any. Perhaps this empathy? Is at the base of our communication, spiritualizing our conditions.



Whose papers hwose abstract is infititely better than the lecture.




It is when on e understand that they are despised for stuffs that concerned only them, that it realize what is translation of destruction: auto destruction and dangerous manners, and it is also when it takes beck back the pleasure with he commited it, as a rebellion since people were ordering him to do stuff that are not any more conveying further blession, ah not actively then, blesSING, SO at least I was freeing myself in doing nt like you.




They talk about capitalism, they talk about communism: but never about freedom, and freedom from not living out of and in death purchasing.





We can see the time where this big democracy would allow you to send comments on line that will be epurated by people you will never know but their pseudo.

There is no respublic.

And I am not one of those paid to say that one can profit from this present ofrder.

Order, offer.

And ordre like that are just willing to become unretribuating dictat, whenever possible and asap.




There is something new in my life, in france I left something like 5 000 pages unrevised, not to mentioned the one binned, not by me, here now my English plays the same it gonna be, I always cherish the travel, but I start acknowledging that it be abandoning my baby.



I threathen you with coming N but I ll never do it , I don’t think, not or just to be savagely slaid by you and the bastion

I am ok for this but by you and you only.

If I would come it be to abridge my misery.

But I want you, careful to this.

Respond. Please, prove to me it is not me, for but pollution and my happy ‘poverty’.




Rick risky.

On country side polluted party. Perverted by the commands from the town, there are the demise, we are their poison-but of course no one care about the smally. Next genre, generation shot? shooted.





Ma = my / nage = swimming.

My swimming?



Miss Alas?

Miss what




The hope in one’s life is to forebode the possibility without believing. The lessons it is when you find? You are being blessed by this other one proving the practice of the knowledge.

I know holy just myself an intimacy, but from the other my appreciation is empty, and she will reveal to me myriads of flower, flow her.




Flower Power?

Peau = skin – king?

Kin  + ing:   on my castle the lady has appealed the sun. and doubt her. Dough? Whatever for, us liberty.

And women will say we ve been machist after it!




To insult one’s family, one’s work…just in order to preserve odr order horror. With malicioius attempt intent, ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssalt. All alternative.

To insult and stay, the wealness story on territory. Territory now just dirty? We will learn how to use in all languages ,from ushaia, to urugouean, the full mean-in and end of chemically.




Alt er native nature.

Women travelling when marrying inside other tribes, whence her legendary, former, revolute diplomacy skills and of spirtial communication, to have to link with a past that have been brought at distance (not back) put away. Puta.




Forget? For getting, forget it? / H.e.a.r.t B.





In order to get?





Am ploy?

Plot, coy.




102 secret.




I won’t come to the Hegelian stuff, it is not because it is at roe , it is because I pushed it I admit.

Pardon me. I am like a man I saw pro pornography and I thought let’s play rough she ll like it. I am a n idiot but a genteel idiot, like one say it be alright if you fucking me as hard as it should be, that is no porno…I think your analysis might lack one on dimension the erotism style, I don’t know it barely but there is one, it is just they don’t do it too much art around that, like mais main stream therefore you could study on that, do your own production, I would be your theatrer, you in me, teaching me some lessons. Since you don’t leave me, I owould not leave ya, perhaps one day. Perhaps is that that the play?

Very good, all through my letters and your archives, and if not I d be the stronger to have through your grace inspire.



You could become suicidal from dating a pariah, not because of him or her but because of the oprobe, it has to stop has to be stopped before becoming paria from our owe, own home, humainity.


Infinite, in? finite, what is this spunny, spuddy, spurious, spumy, spermy


Without limits or self reliant? Completion or end of it?




My dad was raping my mum, it was rape on us. Sir seriously?





You are not even a lesbian? You don’t like my poetry? Coz cause Position (social polarity)? No, no this one is not for you, not with your being sexy and averted, so what. Banish from the rael rale, of sovereigny, humans is selfish, self thing, hating. And love?




let me ask twice for me to come and kill me with your hand, good job to ask three to underrealize that you wanted to trap me. This one is gonna become exemplary, one of you don’t forge (forget) that.


You are too parno, parano to open secret, mm, vert open, very well it is there I ll be hiding my dumminess, the one you protect, not as much as my pest.




I would like to think of your beauty all day, but you would go, it is that love and it is damned necessary this both melting of life and its necessity, not redundant with necessary, look, cease. That cannot be interrupt, isis, sis. Would have been seth, her brother, and her lover?

Would have been seth jealous of simply being dummy, in the dark of its own debility?

Protect him, he won’t be damned, an angel you are his dame.

I would listen to the birds the all night too, they are the almighty in the dark before the morning, the orchestra it is there that written they have been, and refine to the human ears in your labotory, the same that kill the doomy. But kill it and it comes back with the revenge of not having rise necessity of wisdom, lovely.

You believe me know when I say that without yours I ll die. I need your colors like a flowers, like a rainbow, like in order for us to see, everything cannot be white, can it? And me you black-kcalb, call be.




I haven’t had no choice of becoming a writer, as I have to write and that after that I have to be the proof of refinery. Pro of.



To be read? To vie readability.




I said 5000 pages, should be 4000 wanted to write big 3000, but tons of shit that is true, I had started rereassessed assass.




To feel (the) real, one’s reality, the gratifying fruit of one having worked



No slay.




And I start checking all that can be held, heo, help an caring. Ofor my erudiction, eruction.



We went? For what? Because when yo u are not in the mire, yo u stip thinking of it. You stop helping even if what you ve heard and said tally not transcendental sole lute.

No lavish solution but strate for starting of it. O feat, o fact, o vite. Fit fix heat. Do I mock, maybe a ltille bit, but no as far as lauching compaing on recycling…and permit building running in front of everybody, but what is aphenping when hidden electricity and heating without creating jobs consisting in swiching off. Like in ancient time because people are irresponsible, before having a system of fines, someone who putt off and on the lamppost gasoline.








Blute nur, du liebes Herz: V

Hence end a sense of purpose- to poor and pour; propose to the moon






I am dumb certainly but not completely.

That means that you won’t have me for you’ door mat…

But one can imagine when you are completely…different.

It is a horror.

And one of what pushes it; is that you understand every bit of it. And therefore go inside and insider as for not hearing being told and her(d)ed.

Hear? Here.



Personally I d like to be married and I cannot find my match for that.

Then I won’t have a partner as if they wish the all lot; they would loose their time on me.

The symmetry of why I d rather have flings and party.

The reason as well as one might imagine marriage to be the paradise for cultivation of love; but love is love and as I live; this garden is to be found and hold; whoever you will and would be.




What is called?

The “what” English idiom seems reducing the object to the name assigned by the talker, instead of how it is called, because what is not the same to the call.

All in talk and word stalk.



It is called disability be-fore and correctional after-wards; it was no long away from genocide or could not fail far from. Frame form-frivolous formalities and deep-seating horrors in generality.


Side, deis.




If you played the sympathetic psychologist, to pass comment on my my behavior that you recorded like if I was a chimpanzee you know nothing about it; as a psychologiest you were just sucking my balls or whatever you were thinking at when counseling.

When nicest is a false attitude and should a no good strategy as it means you are hypocritical.

So why it is the tactics of the general herding?  Because hypocrisy means that you don’t face your own feeling and warn you that if you have yourself to utilize it it is because you will have to censure yourself.

And if you censure yourself even if you attempt to gather what after, what you censure at the time you would have intervened prevents the events from happening, impeaches people from responding, discrouraged us




Ok I ve got a question that I am very happy to have the opportunity to pose.

I am aware of the duties of care you owe to your staff, and well ok I want to apologize to the person concerned if my lyrism went further than I should have actually planned.

I was shocked myself to hear about harassment in your way of putting it; as it was not that I had in mind.

And I want to ensure that I won’t send any thing personal to you.

But I am sure you will yourself intrinsically acknowledge the fact that I am myself an activist that right to protest, art, philosophy, academia, in brief freedom of information and expression needs to be defend and this by everyone, citizens and paperless, professionals and in-training, on the job and on the dole, powellful and powellless, prow and stern, by all prowess and poor landing, by poverty and all riches, white and grey, black and blue, maroon and then stranded, red and green confounded.

You know I am a communicator, also I spend my time sending stuff to my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, a true community life by my standards –you know not only m(od)ulato .

So yes, no more a lot of choices left anyway, the forum, the net, unless I start calling bare voice the population! But it is just that, we are defending ourselves and the place to do it is already so, so, so much restrained.

Also it is to let you know that I am not killed as a political animal yet; and that as so convicted than it may sound I ll participate. If one wishes not to have contact with me, not even as much as saying hello, well it is on their page of history, but forbid me to get into public places and public blogs to pursue what they are for, being political, exchanging, interactive and informative, I don’t think so.

I mean does it sound silly?

I won’t be getting personal, but the fight must go on, and all what went too far for their degree of comfort capability, won’t be communicated again.

I understand I have been gauged as being too direct or private in certain zones but that any one now niggardly owns the place, it will not translate.



i never thought of it. but what if i am not threatening anyone.

yes i admit that since you, the content would have been granted inapropriate.

you want me to stop sending political stuff or literature stuff over because she is a staff?

but you know in context everything has to do with your working sphere, moreover when you are engaged.

afterwards if she does not want it, it still has nothing to do with you.

i d be dangerous…but maybe one should not brand and treat someone dangerous when they decide to throw and cover them with such an appalation just like that.

or it is just that you don’t want your staff to communicate anyhow???


COS    you know the serioius one, that are taken by their profession or their faith, their facing responsibilities towards serving a specific area of the human debates, will finally have the need to liaise to make some advances (whatever they encounter intellectually, emotionally, privately,



It is called disability pending being dimmed to be ‘fit enough to study work and so on’ be-fore and correctional after-wards; it was no long away from genocide or could not fail far from.


In the name of my peers, in the name of my pairs, Socrates, Sappho, Sabatier, Sigmund, Syraccuse,(and their wife, children or partners)



I d like to know if according to the admin ‘ is it permutable to ask another professionals, members of any other crews (colleagues, interdisciplinary, the education or teaching team…) out; or are they bound as psychiatrists, corruption inspectors or spies are and can we still avoid to choose these fields, as I d like to think I can be free within certain ones’ scope of interaction?

Because apparently I can be super handy as well to forbid communication with students and teachers whatever internal or extern

Talking about communication, internal etc, I mailed Stephen driver twice to know about the way I could find information over how Duschene was fond, it seemed to have made the headlines at one point.




To remind you no rights to make general assembly, to protest the students, with the workders for example and this is a formal law that says long.

As informality consequential of this later ‘the intelligentia’, the ones who spend their days collecting informations, officers won’t be permited, or risking their jobs, to transmit the info to the work force, and so on.


For example when the university has to face rescuing the last but one human rights and social sciences/humanities in the uk, the proof (pro off) is that the profs were not allow to associate with the students in the defense of this dramatic not lost but abandoned cause.

Yes cause of course even if we don’t dream that the teachers would have been doomed not to attack their own direction even if this one was faulty even conspicuously corrupted by the way they pretend to be in charge of the human rights speciality 6 years ago, accessing like that to the funds destined to human rights purposes, but do you know with what good joke we have been welcomed by the principal of the college two years ago (4 years after having accepted a funding and a ultra modern and 3 storey building in prime for human rights concern bonus)??

That the business side was to expand. I remembered and just am requoting to illustrate simply onsequently that human rights



The unemployment for goulags.



It was in lokking at her emphases that her innate stubbornness shows their rage.



-If you want to survive, you will have to be nice.

-I d like to be nice; but I don’t want prostitution.

-ok, well you will have to kill, I don’t want to kill nor hurt either or made of my job a parade and parody of desolation (and that is another kind of prostitution).

-well you gonna be facing unemployment! To like to kill the (political) animal you are; you were so to speak.


Being nice to each other, and produce evil of destruction.




For the psychologist to want the ‘short term satifsaction’ of their clients, and their cash, working on the more exterior signs.

Example: you have a problem with someone- be it your own mother or child- and you cry and what the psychologiest want to obtain to easy fees or to give to them or to their patients the feeling of having progress is in line with what happens maon amongst the rest- suppressed, repressed, depressed.

That is they can do up to advice you to quit your own family because you will stop crying due to your thinking of dilemma and complexified situation; it is how they do for some, stop thinking you go and see an objective doc- they want your money, a preacher- the best medication is in morality.

I am not saying that some other aren’t.



To be a dike, to like men exactly like they like oneself and themselves.

A bit down but…

Son rise and bet.

Daughter set and let.

Anything for our children, together, the same, as others will have to respect. Expect.




morning greg,

i d like to start asap genocide issues again, could you post me the exact question and biblio. Sorry I threw it.

all the best.




Students were no allowed to speak with the professors in order to prevent this catastrophe.

We were not allow to associate under liberalism sorting think and things ok.

We are amount to nothing, our house.









nor the grammar in that matter. all don’t go automaton.

The atmosphere was in the meeting was strained. thank you for your time.



If since when love is not a game, equality of forces, make us agree completely deeply even.



well without showing ways as everyone has their paths to attain spirituality; the looking for it promise mervalous conversation and understanding.



What we feel as being beautiful; touched.

The voice that is generate by one of our organs vibrato; it is why we find harmony in this sound; a dimension applicable to our level and content.



The gay are wanted dead or the symbol of the omen for cataclysm.

Of course! As a reminder that humans are heading to be the, happily, extincting species.



On genitically modifying people, one, the humanity if any, will need thousands of the different pillars of intelligence to absorb and hold shocks.

On disabilities, then machines are here to redress productivity.

As mental and imagination cannot been approach even more by how well our people think and use



Intellectual and genetics, and even not being bothered  by the hit essentials the one of controlling numbers of new geldings,



Work and know what work is at.

Work as leisure and work as production for the whole lot to work and its self preservation, but wait a moment what is you work. What do you produce what do you destroy and pollute? In addition, what happen for you to make, how do one process, regarding the whole lot respect?



Being gay for some is the happiest hours. And other want them to vanish, from? Happiness?




The problem was her auto-satisfaction with the vulgar.

As a defence, to exterior offences, but if fencing humoursly lock up in that pen, she could not go further.



“To want not a party; but a people. “



While she was covering humming, homing in him; love wit with whirl will and shadowy whispers. She asked him to do like he was not hearing them.

Just like all her life around, denying acumen, she spelt, spilled and spread.





When hetero or appendix biased pretend to be inside of.




Fear of sexual envy or desire as associated with rape.

But with whatever image, presence, or person the gush of desire will be preceded or succeded; should not matter as the fantasy and feeling has to belong to its owner, one’s own body.





Because apparently I can be super handy as well to forbid communication with students and teachers whatever internal or extern.


for one thing you were right, i took me this last past 17 years to think, really think, everyday feel ok, living like that.



I feel sorry, but is tie tic, it,  just a feeling.

greg if you wish could you send her that, it is in order to avoid her any ridiculous- it was no prank though

Greg could you pass that to nina, because I am fed up being ostracize for stuff I did not mean like that.



if you could send that to doctor power i would not like the ambiguity to be going on.


I would like to apologise to you.

I think I deal a little bit too much passionately because I am thrilled (equality liberty fraternity-were in my bib) (there is a question of careers and a question of filed fields) by the same subjects you treat and it is why i naturally came to meetings like i tried to explain already

my intentions are nothing but thematic; don’t feel i am nothing but a militant. and as for my other lyrical claims; as you decline them to be readdressed they won’t be- ouf, it is therapy.

I d like to reassure you over the fact that I did not mean any harm to you or to any of you, yours or partners, allies, colleagues. i have to explain that since you reacted as if i could not understand, which is astonishing from an equalitarian in intellect and emotion like you more than you may seem… in fact i d like you to know that never ever this would have been the case or will, whence my reticence at being expelled from assembly.

I am sorry about that.

I feel sorry, but is tie tic, it,  just a feeling.




That people even your so closed might be hinting at your being abandoned, and since you love them you take that as their idiosyncracies , or just ways of speaking loud, of distressing…whatever other explanations you could imagine…till the day where you have to test it and realize that you are get riddable. On do for other people and sacrifices for a sense of family??

Why family values are so supported by the fishiest fascist party.






Of courste manhy of the humans would find funny and neutertaining (enter what?) to participate at the grand race for higher salaries, reaponsibilities, power stuff? Nope, power in that case it is just that the button you can push will have more measurable consequances, but to think that you have got the decision? It is just a button, there due to what previously controlled and constructed, the wheel’s will of what have been assembled of qualities and defects.

We all would llike to play this game having it as a play station life size, would it not have real impact on population fate and sovereigned disarray.



are you alright to attest of my mere existence, or of my being alive to be more certain or more precise?

to be legally alive?

legally, league legs?



Mary is represented with a snake under her feet. But did it mean to like killing?

I think it mean in control, as sure as love would have to canalize need for brad brake bra breaking free brave freedom.



The moment where less expected, as illlogical, but then real felt, as you are my second hand, fate.



We make love during a storm as our cry will be covered and enhancedly strummed.

Strike on extreme.

Steam, trim on cease stem.



Ethic ethnic



To pretend it is creativity while one is looking for its coming, criteria of creation into the crater look down upon, navia, navigating begging betting begetting between too much of too less imagination.

Also to be able to focuse on a matter and labour hard till the when where the true rushing out of nowhere idea sue surreptiously and is thrown at you just like the product of you habit of having retrace on the area where you truly think to be needed is rewarded.

Rewarded and the exchange, the communication that is between spread, succour, scour, save and seldom.




They could permit freedom of expression but what about prevent terrorism?


To look into mirrors. To have the reflect. But who is looking at their turn and detour and angle, what angel or demon?




De mon = of mine in france.

Detour = of circle, of tower.

De to ur.



People are saying keep on thinking that it is the end of this world, but nope the end of humanity, praying that will go on rebirth what it has decimated.

Prang, prying, parring, mind a lot of them could think that it was not so bad to destroy the nature, and therefore the humans, just like one could be relieved to feel that they won’t be more. Participating to their terminal?





I write to you because I had the most amazing surprise of my live.

In my family we had big, big issues. Maybe should I have been astonished first, for the family to go as still being in com, not commission but communication by the time when I confided in to my very old aunty, Annie, they had changed her name she was called marguerite, which is daysy, too nice, too favour and flavorous.

Despite having huge arguments, disgusting ones, revolting ones, serious one, very serious ones, despite not being able to go on seeing each other as the matters were too dirty and grave; we still have each other on the phone with my grand ma who, god bless her, was at the origin of revealing the big secrets of the family or on as for we have been brought up, in which kind of kick, kink, dilemmas, deal, or aims.

When she revealsed the family frame and mentality she then prioritarily permit her children to know themselves, thanks to god, to understand where they were from.

After that, she could have expected you to comply or go along with thiese chief thieves insanity; or just renounced the bargain inheritance and go out.


What happened this week, I would have thought that impossible because I don’t see these people no more, because of all these big stories in the way they behave and hate each other…

I rang my old aunt, the spinster, she is 80 you know ‘mt’, since I don’t see the family no more, I have been ringing her quite regularly for the past 5 years.

One day in front of my mother, she said you know there are guys who love guys, and females who love femake, it is like that in the nature, it is not bad, they love, etc…

So a fortnight ago I phoned her ask her why she has been a single unmarried, not with any parters (partners, partiers) woman, and tole her about my being in love with another woman. She says it is ok, you know when people give you love when you know you could receive hatred just for others’ pleasure to destroy the most surest thing- love and the strength of what one feels- that is not destroy but impaired, in the what might well, will, spring out of live despair.

What went after? My aunt told my mum, told my grandma. No one wants to speak anylonger, as I am more than 30, that I am with no one but in love with the sky as homo cannot really go out.

Everyone is hanging out on me now that I really say, more than by hints, look my live is this, I am really in love, in true love with another woman. How is that?

On coming out.

The taboo, is that, that everyone whispers it an if you want to defend your liberty, up to your family, up to the one who needs you will say beat up, society is not about that.

Although I d rather to know the extend of integration-repulsion on under which the discourse was based; as you don’t know nothing until you get this. Age of Innocence as final response is pinning hearts to the wooed wood and floor’s coin corner ciao coffin .





drivers are sometimes so rude even with whom are in their tracks and up to put everyone in danger- i know it from cycling.



Might, hymn.




Do go low, and lower, grounded,

Give a sense of gravity.

On being and experimenting truth and reality.





You lied, I fcannot go hard again sexually.




i was saying is there any regulations against courting or befriend a member of staff when it comes to be artso a civilian?

don’t think it is a threat or a joke or anything i am just curious of your customs.



Culture for culture, yah, yah, yah.

Mh, hm, hhmm, beatuful curtain.




i was saying is there any regulations against courting or befriending a member of staff when it comes to be artso a civilian?

don’t think it is a threat or a joke or anything i am just curious of your customs.

Or it is just in case society does not exactly overlap with human rights issues.




Genoc dies.



To relish in tactics at work and play, but what when one depends on viciousness and debaseless to carry out diner; having to spread misery to have beneficiated from the system own mercy.



“Dishonest woman”

No, it is just it is a woman that I put dishonest before. At least be frank, I needed a reminder.



Your facebook profile- apul.bicfigure. when you say yes to damages, prompting  people, young people- and with what other devices- to destroy gratuitously objects, that I don’t think have nothing to do, are not culprit of human disagreement. While you are yourself a representativw of institutional authorities and that you would not have taken as much risk as for 5 minutes talking to or listening to somebody whom you had previously taught- or just let them live as a free agents. Think for yourself about 10 now, and it is what should be on the warning, people are not doggies- as doggies are so for being locked up.

Ps: could you remove the ridiculously smilling girl- what? Is she without a dowry- as for fostering (not whelp or help but fostering) will take you the time you actually give to your public live- or live a lie thinking that text without an answer is enough for a parent to be providing?, I don’t know about the private, but not much left I would think. Gillette. For goodness sake you are a dum or what? Ok ok but it is not always funny. Remove the little girl she could have been your child, I know you know it but don’t spit on your travail.

Remove what deserves prison too nina, don’t fucking tell me you would do that on top, and why not squeezing the docs while we are at it?

And in case you wanna know, gilette is free he is happy. Intox or info?


Besides who is thid fuking blond guy always encroaching?




The one saying that they are practisioners of a religion and transforming what tried great spirits in order to bring peace and order in their time and place into justification of nowadays unequalities; are …

Guess what, cheaters.



The duke called the queen sausage.

How do you want her to be called…? Button or vestibule?



The body suffering is a body in pittance and departure.

Love is there to eternize as the momentum of emotion and aims might be driven towards a place where we think that will might be some paradise.



You are away, no longer, any leg or length. The legacy of our distance, all aloof.

When I need to have sex, I can still be thinking that you are in the room, looking at how I have to fuck wit another spectrum.

What was making love and blossoming is only the way now two persons and the third one, the ghost of love, try and thrust their blowing.



The traditional beating of wives, while males were fighting among each other at every occasion.




We hope that the futurisation of all these horrors would still give us a glance on them despite privatization, as if before forebearers could say we still have the mother nature and its sufficiency and magnificiency, nowadays we would only have the cine to amuse our spirit; unless they want us to die at once away.



Since al quaeda one can wonder where are the counter power??”

The counter power now belong to your, our one of them, children.

Including the ones you can find and terrorized as if they were rubbishes.




The people that are against others’ people leisure, are their leisure are wars.

Or exploithaition.




People are frowning at women waring the veil but what about women that could not but war clothes and make up and move the way that females are deemed???




I loved this person more than everything on earth, and suddenly another one, not from the past but time present comes to be more than birth.

And for the first one I tried and tried and tried to make it appear, theis eternity that I fought till feeling that death was my need. While eternity offers her charms with what will be at play and may.





ok i admit it leaves some room.

is it the same between staffs?




to hae no rights, no political, not civil, no equality rights but they have property rights, isn’t that good??

Eurgh, rights? In fact rites, Ritz.

The opportunity to get as ritzy as furniture.




Being, benign.




It is human rights to get euthanasia. Yes you will suffer with you carer.

You would go “I don’t know if I am for or against… but when you will be under the care of someone (don’t think money prevent everything- as you have still to make it profitable- as older are pariah, as if you are treated well it is in this world thank to your money- this debility enough to trigger (confection) any physical or mental confusion and combustion anyway.



Victims of whom you won’t have a report, as she would be bullied for having spoken before her killer giving thanks (mind people would do their fair lot during their live and would still be included in the communauty and therefore need no one carer for themselves all the time, the gratitude would come easy from the other population that would have to show on the ground the respect they owe to older [the older are scrapped in our society, far from everyone like the dirties-and it is also because if they were in the city, profuse, how many of the youth = the worker, would profit from this slowing down to constrain and at leisure abuse?] it would take time for the society to manage it with grandour, but its highness and spiritual maturity cannot be obtained without THAT to be overtaken and THIS to be honoured] and mercy.


I am still ok, still resisting (I have still money) I did not think I have to die so early.

But I am relying on the virtue and virtuosity of my family, (who are themselves) or depending of the government that take charge of me.




i d think like you that chomsky is in fact us.

on your previous comparison between alquada and maldic, the numbers of dead is not comparable, but alquada were a danger growing whereas bosnia would have found allies?




People treating you as senseless, and expelling you from the debate; as they want it one way.



From these stie on internet making fizzy play to look after, to look like a boom in democracy; and what is to be found being the curtains, sinple closets, lodges where the people non elected have set up what they finally own but more than that controlled while giving impression of being public.

These sites were every comments and therefore appreciation, notifications, need to be, well become more completed or rectified or belied, contested information, challenged authorities that have taken into their networds networks to stomach debate alleys.

Internet could it is true alleviate the general censorship, no arguments our stories but no.

There is no parties even no more, there are, ease, an agglomerations of bloggers for whom with whom you will have to be friends just to hope trigger the shadow of a exchange without facing disciplinary.

The means of coercion?? No answers, the desert of talking to oneself even though your question is directly relevant, to be filtered, ciphered, not being allowed to comments, or being ‘in awaiting moderation’ the same as being neutered, without even more than an address, or a right to comments freely, without name about who held the reins, cybercuffy. The civil and democratic sphere the spider? Another trap that will see us all dummies.




In critizinzing and aiming at communist or other economies, capitalist have them bear all the weight of being against civil and political rights; but look now the capitalist are alone, sole pests running in the pits, who is allowed to say one word without loosing its jobs and where you could talk in the civil society, in organisations, etc, you cannot say one word are people are there to secure other hubs, not as hobbies, and a means of redeeming wrongs conducted by conneries- there should not be at the first place, but one could think ok during our spare time we still can modify the market ogress a little bit- but as jobber, as another means to secure other jobs and ready-for-the-lucrative-and-segregative-organisation cvs.





I once believed and hope or forebode or got ready about what I could imagine; now I learn? Of the better was for everything to be ready, maybe.

Turn learn. Earn.




Hi ‘jd’, look I would like to ask you a question as I am completely distrayght.

I saw the police dragged you from your wheelchair. What I completely don’t understand is how they are charging you with what already ‘disorder in street’ or something like that? Why are they saying that they are charging you jody??




By courting one also means the area-politic, don’t they?



-am telling craps.

-it is good to know.




Sancty mental.




The sportpersons so well paid, dressed like the royal family, awaiting honorific medals, or better knighty.



accursed [əˈkɜːsɪd əˈkɜːst], accurst [əˈkɜːst]


  1. under or subject to a curse; doomed
  2. (prenominal) hateful; detestable; execrable





When they will euthanasia you or take an organ it will be without being violent, smilling to you in case you would struggle a little and complicating the tasks.



To say that religion is just a way of idealising what humans possess and could achieve is true in the sense that God certainly cannot be represented and that religions are the shapes, very narrow and strictly restraint, of what we have broken as being potentially share of our individual real relationship to the six, (doubling trinity, in us facing avoidance and dishonesty- between Pandora box, closing and nevertheless fully agreemented) sieved spirits and spirituals, along side rules to avoid society stifles.

On Feuerbach



Merci pour ton post, tout ce que je n ai pas.


How come you did not notice about the blatant dying world? On being killed? To busy to smile and obtemperate like if your, our actions were alright, and all but left, that cannot enter the brain.




I will I don’t know if your box as well. but i used to be able to copy what is written within my box and paste it elsewhere only to keep a copy, a proof of my having emailed…or whatever useful it might be…but cannot any longer.





we are a group of women discussing books in a very relax, informal atmosphere (not compulsory to have read the book to come), every second wednesday of each month at the star cafe 6:30.

we are looking for other members.

thank you so much to gaydar to permit us to advertise it




Celebrate, brat.



Hind, all these numbers, all these colors, are meaningful, as whatever and wherever, it was whilst I was thinking of you they were coming- come back to me.


If one think of the meanness in man, then one has been achieved is not htat bad.

But if one thinks of the innate and inherent goodness…

You see the need of more of your lectures.



To go in mode insomnia, when the body will take these moments to relax, to tired to do nothing le else, and also responsibilities of the normal hours taken away for a little bit when related to this we are not in agony or dejection of the time passing by or aside?

In my own company. Of achievement concentric.




To make sure you are not agonizing or something.

I ll come on the 30th, but I ll let you when the guys ll go to court. I don’t think that my yeallings would be much appreciate, also there go caro.

I had a painful chest today Saturday, fire in my lung I was wondering if it was not you.

I hope you save the guys, it sad this story I must admit. Good luck. If it can reassure you I won’t let them down.




She said she loved me, and it was all mystery.

Till she finally


That love was the passing of the time






The robots should not be able to hurt humans or humans’ liberty, treasure, dignity, reason d etre…

What about the humans should not be able to.

Society enabler, holder, betaker of the hound.




Like the builders that destroy new stuff, without renovating, without recycling but chungking.

Like the nurses that take care of the mininmal organisations without having as aim the rehabilitation, nor the health of their patients.



All dreams jobs, all jobs dream jobs that bossed around, rendered useless or counter productive for the individuals, for the benefactors? or for the society as whole, erase the jobs’ and hobbies’ raison d etre, raise alienation and this folly of having to do socially what will bring the riches’, kens’, kindness’ of humanity to its keen? knees.



Positive thinking.

Is unbalanced.




Injustice. Doing one’s fair bit, as much as you can, and  belittle as much as you want.

Wheel is the nature’s rebellions.

If ever I could myself remind of this sermon.




Pepe people ak asking for mercy killing not because fo the way ehthey fell but because the way they are terapythed terraced treated .




Purposes of control: have you done shit?

Good, let’s have a rest and all sweeping biases and thoughts that are no complex and above all the sempiternal we are good.




On a no astoninshing prediction bid, women will be able to prove theri physical superiority the day scientific research will propose activities different from the old habit nesting/hunting.

Their muscles coming deeper, their flexibility, resistance…

Not talking here about superiority; but the proof of its not. Finish saying this type of guys is constitutionally stronger…but research on everyone’s highest would be similar.

Avoid exploitation? – you are good at that you will have in that persevere- research and choice, but what about rewarding 1000 times special abilities? Annihilation of choices, evaporation of instincts, broken balances, and exploitation, enforced activities over what survival still allows grooving growing monstrosity.

The human race refaced as a breed.


As every acts, and feel is love; but love with a special ingredient coming.


Whence the all-crucial inner commandment. The outer link search, when outer our established peer on society does not mean but still rational the unexplained or hidden or unsealed. Can-cell, con-ceal.






Re ace.






We can do anything at work and outside, rules by money and dirtier aims and lies.

We can do anything, next stage austere, civil wars if you do not comply to the same spirit of law. The first fucker is the most beautiful piece of shit, yes, but on safer end. End, no hand.

Breath, brother till there is room to.

As we reproduce for a cheap manoeuvre, it be that to handle you, like the living without a serum nor a father to grow happy without seeing survival as a murder affair.





I d like to spouse, you but true to me. Are you?

Honesty is enough, but this one is doubtful, as if we are so, we are the mary, marry, martyrs of the soul and other counties.


A good soul for everyone but, and who, where, what to enlighten?

To know and don’t do it is impossible, but to acumen, flair it without do as much as possible give us the sense of the fallen.




If I am name thus, it si because the end of your world is near. Because I cannot even marry my choice; even if I could officially but too many people inquisitive and noisy, would put in disarray and misery my wife or my husby.

This piece does not sound excellent, but sometimes it is only for the plain truth or sad verity that one has to write it. I am not saying that I have lost, but what about you? Did you find the one that are ready to die or live lesser if not because of you    eco cause of the society?

Is it why females want a husband and hate other woman and homosexuality?

Is it why males want a wife to hate others males- but the ones that tame her faith and fake loyalty, her, and again homosexuality, you the bastards that live like gays that would have lost the other gender view dignity.





The vampire society it is what it will become, it is just to explain the myth that I try here to confirm. To re-iterate. Inmate.




To wave wake, up at this same hour, I don’t remember my dream but I am sure that the dream was ready to be awakening, and what I am now doing emprunt of him.



But we still find means to feel happy amongst the end of us buddies.

To do something challenging is enough, to learn something new, to smile even though it is game over.

But what when the game is gonna be us, body, truly?

We will still have for reasons that we knew about that, that we knew about other people mysery and that we lived this life in, under the social conditions of having to smile for the others to know we were acknowledging that.


Die, case.

  1. will be ya. What is kill will come back and its violator sorting out.

The nature won’t combat, the nature is more all knowing than that, the nature will ana aneantise you, but what is the horrors is that as suicidal as you are, not noticing that telling good roam bad, and telling good from better is the only power.




The person was frigid, but guessed that if her love was ready to suck for hours, just for her and also for her, their own pleasure, even if she would not come, what about  being the delicacies of lovers’. And her face and her tongue, her teeth. For the other the hope of her breathing easier, when she would remember after. For the other the paradise to be able to touch her.


To massage all around without no sex, not even an hit more than kisses and brushes and to the binned bones not to the flesh. To be touched for health. And months after or not, make love in the same context. Touching you for sole route.

Being with, being to.



Why should one be faitful to someone who loves you but without doing it, making them a couple? For your ego, for feeling this faith and perhaps ‘love the angels or angles instead’? (English song)

For your ego? To love intensely, without having to do my, a couple bed with another person that would take more than imagination?



Taking one’s time as for not become angry at every turn.



I thought I would have had with you a first occurrence of languorous love. And when it never came I asked my intuits and inner voice and the fact that mind speaks in term of images or not have begun. Begone.



Under a cap or whatever hid your head your identity is conceal, as what is more recognisable that someone’s skull and face shap.

As in country side where to live and move you have to stay discreet.




Whoever they are, whatever the customs and horrors. A being rationally cannot but hoping for the live love around him.

And the one who let free to love one’s turn. Intertwined and bendy.




“-You were playing doll, me too.

I was playing vroom, broom, so did you.

And we have been separated.

And of course who is out of everything?” “sore, sole, soul.” (Gainsbourgh and anon)

-not of all.

-but you are every see and seed.

Of the importance of love-making, taking it as an image, of you let me the tea and towel bearing.

Because I know that the time I give to you, is time you save for the same cause of liberty treasuring.




The are, art of dying, is when the edge (eden) of exhaustion one’s being is going only to be replaced in our effort and concentration by what we were absorbing. Will and devotion.

Comprehension at the end of the carousel chains and web when they are our aims.

Reveal revel.

Duties family, the earth of ingeniosity, to have hive as balance the truth in advance, today’s as demented, tomorrow ends defence, for time is our finishing. Not make the best; is out timing.





Catch upon my tear, Leila.








To pretend that the working class are not as greedy as the ruling class, would pretend them to stay in position of inferiority. The statu quo is the consequence of not one being courageous and educated enough to break the viciousity.




It is simple to invent oneself a sexuality or orientation.

I love you, but be with you never. Possible in everyway as imagination is taking over.

But the real thing leave you where? The limitations and its rancour? The deception and its torpor?




To love without result incite diasporas. How could I live with everyday seeing you away and digging onto that? Disappear. Disaster.



My having a glimpse at your coming carry away all thrusting.




A tout prit.


Par priest pierce price.



Never, what time?

In a fit of pique. Not knowing if what one’s did never counted. An uncontexted act.

Contest was no scheme but shame went and all the scenes apart.

I am fool that cry wanted instead of breathing like a pick, in my heart.



Time, I am.




I am sorry that I cannot re-proof myself, as I drop stiff bored.



The music that I transformed or regnal regulated with the dance of the light that was coming into the door that ought hive have stopped it. Regain.



Endowed with teh volupty I am not to imagine.

Here, the comtemplation of you, fairies and saintety.

And the way the would have a making love to me, she.



To cry making love, when knowing she has gone.

On more than a wanking.

But that in my mind there is still more than touching but transpersing spear, spirit.


Transope transpire.transpose



To cure elsewhere, whereas here I could do the same.

But going to forget and forgive that once were chienne chains.

The chains of mountains now, no, then would erotise my departure, your stay, our murmurs.

Today, I made in my imagination love to this once upon a time lover, that should have enough proof today that I did not mean prison. It was possible today for her to admit my deraison.

And welcome my probity.

A bit.



My having a lover, an honor, is for all that remain personal to me the beat.

Even though I could consider polysexuality, but not with you, or with you, but in this case I would go the same way instead of mine, stay.




To love one’s siblings.

To be killed by the parents; as they will create for you different activities and different responsabilities justified only by their will of having you behave like one of these vile societies; with ranks.

They kill, love, they betrayed.

Love and trust.




To be manipulator, calculator.

A sign of intelligence? A sign of conceitful, repulsive intimidation.

To criticize one’self in giving the weak reason. Dissimulation.

To force feeding one’s dependent to have for oneself undue (un)rest, only personal consideration like if people were nothing, like if they were in our prison.

To make them fat, by inviting, and once done play by their mass thus asked added be disgusted, revolted. Mocked. Aided like assistance to self killing.



He ressembled too much his mother, to trigger sentiments and leaving people like if they ware were negligeable quantity



Price son.

Price, prince.









Re-medium-dy. On a too late awaiting shag.









Or have like for Rwanda’s trialled perpetrators after the blue helmets themselves retreated from a long time mission refugees camp where they left without defence the-about-to-be-killed population, already tracked and surrounded by their awaiting assassins shouting death threat at the door of the camp that blue helmets were evacuating taking the whites people under protection and leaving the blacks to be killed within the ten minutes of their abandon).




Polluted by these cumbersome but still oping that will avoid me to ruin myself one of these advertising.

On defining (h)opening.

Edge fund, development?



Some political leaders would have us believe that there is no

‘political will’ in their communities and governments for firm action,

especially in the case of the USA and UK with their forces heavily

committed in Iraq. This is a ploy. If leaders were genuinely

committed to the need to prevent and to punish the perpetrators,

they would build the political will themselves. In short, there has been no effective or even barely credible

international response to the genocide in Darfur. As one activist put


Early warning is useless without early response. In Darfur, as in

Bosnia and Rwanda, the world has spoken loudly, but carried no

stick at all.

Austin, G and B, Koppelman (2004). The European Think Tank with a Global Outlook Darfur and Genocide:

Mechanisms for Rapid Response, An End to Impunity. The foreign policy center.




To be in Soweto, and begin by the apartheid combat, and the fight of all a people, to say ‘it is because to them that this fights have been laid…’ and to finish one’s eloquence by and ‘it is because of them than I am the first lady’ is fucking foul filthy who’re propaganda comparison conceity given by m. Obama insolent pub are pubescent speech.

They ain’t social there are populist, thinking themselves as god, satanee.

Socialo? Rich whore giving the people the slap on the rump soon tyrannised but ‘the licking them and abusing other’, their loyalty. Like a Cameroon story, smelly smally samy- and an “exotism” from the armies of tortionaries.





My computer asks me if I want windows to open normally.

Left in confusion answering him into gazing how many bugging are included?





The politics that impeach people to go into their job as they should and would too.

With trust and entirety; as long as you know that what you do is benevolent and that what the others are at, will be investigated the same way.

What one want.

Waft not die out.




It is summer i work and I like ti. Inadequate regulations could make the worst of this. Work will be the high torture if alienation con-ceding. To work towards alienated end, funny world, and dig.

“you feel the same, like me. Don’t ya?!!! (You know the song…)




My old gun whose drawn spin I know. The curve of strike even by winding windy climate, temperature, wavy circumstances and had to straighten a swelling clot, sewing the seal of awry clothes.




Far from the truth, moreover when we stare starting and perceiving doubt, strangeness or coincidence that draw more than similarity; far from verity we d become demented, as it would be insane not to. Man on reel research and taught curiosity.



Wont and customs.




We will have dementia from having accepted to be ridiculized at work and at civil play not an ounce redeeming; and will be treated with mercy killing.




I d rather die rather than reporting you to any of your peers, or lisle lo lips else,  -when our liaison d be concerned, for the rest I ll send you personal ultimatum.




Don’t kick yor dust deist desk


And I won’t protue protrude my tongue

Challenges lead work carat? arrg.





You don’t a care now you pull me out.



Everything is better when one is a single, but the tilt coin of living that paradise is elsewhere.: i.e live for you as a life, a whole, and : zen “an end in isle itself”, mu my land.



Who’s jean d arc but a woman killed for her passion before she could make her dare draft a work of master. Pieced as her words draw and quarter.




When the body get older or has suffered or known or have been seeking for ecstasy (extras?) to be honoured again, will experience what one knows as being experienced by them only presumably. What others might ‘illusions’ call, provoke, miss, avoid, avert, distract, celebrate and grate.



your react savage, don’t ya


make the mind feel stronger, do you think?




“Women the compendium” of what we d do for god. Up to extremity. Feuerbach. N p. Merveilleuse intro

My woman more precisely, specifically.

; and when you ll be gone, at least it d be done for it. Ul team mate.


Teem mate.

Précis. Pre size.






To win, to owe the discipline you know for work to the one person; than in general would have exploit you for their own pourposes. Generation or degeneration? Creativity?


Piece of literature, of arts (even arts, even if they have been scrapped by the kilos-it is now on internet one would say) are all autobiographic- or from personal direct experience or indirect experience, while the beings and situations encountered taught what to say. In case it is not the case, show your genie and demonstrate otherwise.


Art and whata bout on other field that are not art, it says, hit say.




In. On.





One day, to have to regret to play the litany of love that will restrain the scope we can an alter appreciate as the all other, the population, humanity. But concentrate on one just for the passing time.

One question honey, sensation or feeling, are we?




In Collins, French English dictionary, the first meaning for coach as a female is the hostess in American bar, and the sport of others in second time and place.

1: female entertainer.

2:coach (sport). We would have had to ask which sorrow surrogate sports one day.




Tally talking about antic anti hegemonic, racist, exploitative, capitalist……….anti whatever is a nuisance; to practise it onus and onto another groups or differently. The same altogether but could still persudan persuade some of the layers fog of  the pullulating  population, put in, that we have to murder some of that. Pushed not by total irrationality but  because since inside a countries so many injustices and servicing are authorized and enforced people are ready for hatred, seeing it as the logical ultimate.




Unemployment + children allowance system. Cheaper staff economy created system.



Cut on police and all social services, not the one that spend tax money to disgust even more the population to pay, but the one that gives protection and inspiration to life = anarchic system solely improve by monopole of production (capitalistic communism = present system only obtain by disabling the state instead of making it the nerve) + cctv camera with people that will proscrinate and put the people they disapprove out at any time proving that they did not say or do what was in the safety and regulation were inscribed.




The prophets are like shaman, spirit impersonator, imper or per penetrator, interpretator, interpret at tort, of the spirit of their communities.

And if no one is to come it is just that nor will the community.

No an easy but a logical guess when you know what people do with technology, a destructor progress




The green spaces are marvellous in city but illusory in the sense that deprived or of undergo undergrowth wild life cannot be, but grey birds “an attacked” by pollution and unable to have an haven in colder conditions.





Politics game has made the way that all the energy one can put will be towards replicating the same pattern and therefore not make politics but just a taking over play that is as dull as its absence or bleaky synchronised progress. Also people will prefer to stay at egoistic activities as the society as the one that we should be grooming is not, as much as activism is infertile, as growth is not about being but output and productivity that by extension will change technology into a flesh replacement aim; dare deprived as, deriving from one’s sould of having to work and learn without dignity and others’ as the heart of artillery.





The gender chiasm alongside marriage, as living and loving your counterpart would have put you in greater danger.

Marriage as way of reproduction but spurning one’s spouse in order, roader, to live like a celibacy and do not fear to go into adventure, as free as the wind might be.


Taboos with sex?

As if one has a partner to have top mutual consent and value free (disinterested) sex; then they would or at last could become perfect marriage ultimately.





These marriages of celebs that show up so much of disagreement and reconciliation; that should let us to think that they are paid for this good mediatisation.


Greed, greedy.




On almost every conferences, that invite headlights not having time to master the conferences’ matter more than a glimpse and give out their generalisation instead of further on the spot analyses. Exactly like tv where they speak about the inventions, without never explaining it deep, but only sweeping visualisation. Additional problem- it is the main exercice of propagation of knowledge for which we paid the hell for it.


i like your review that’s for sure but there is a but…

about people writing about a theme, only here to prompt them to discuss the subject they will model, but certainly not discussing this specific subject as they would never have time to real study it: consequences? vulgar repetition, gloss on gross, hegemony.



Why capitalist allow this inequality and the poorest rules to happen to direct every production?

Why ; for which pourpose, you find people doing nothing on one side and doing do and produce further more of pitiful actions, way of making, working regulations, that are but and by enslaverization?

Because capitalist are about slavery, to pump others’ labor for its own safety, as will render and redden bloody, the most nicest cubs originally to have think its way out, People.



To have millions of sentiments for one person but for others…

Does not mean that we don’t like them, as this person inspires the break of uncountable, incalculable chains. Obedience Nobility.




To listen a bird, and not understanding what he wants to say. Be brewed with his chants, and be able to answer ti one day. Illumination.





Something will occur in two years time, what nor me nor you can imagine. It wll b about us. It is just that I hear, so many time now, for us charming reunion, for them pure catastrophe. Id on’t have no concerns but you and cetvies. 06 2011, I ve been hearing that for a couple of months now. A revo is what you want, I ll do my bit toward it, you know why I wanted to be your poodle, and not just a little of it.

If I have been too physically present or demanding, pleas forsgive




It was not a question of being vicious; every one has to learn how to make love and how to stop. Everyone by his past learning (leading) is prompted.

When she talked amourously she was using animal analogy as she had been taught and protected by all but human beings in her far of the lot farm in her country. Luck. Ain’t fuck.




To refuse someone else egal legal marriage of and or sexuality, is the equivalent of a social organized rape.

On forced on and homosexuality.

I hip hop you got all the topics.




In the cities hwere the nature has been made unexistent, people will recreate the atmosphere of jungle and fear of the instant needed for intuition to be developed.




Lordship = right, property????????to chech






“The chink in the arm-our”.




The residents from foreign contries that are depicted as removable elements while belonging to this country in the sense that their input of labor and life span is in there. Thereby self nation hatred, and which other discrepancy. Diaspora and zion, or threatening the host state with a coup over cultural and in fact social domination. Social? Salvage sacking package.




For not fearing the supernatural, one should, must, have to be, be old


On segregation of the older wisdom; the world will yield to hysteria and hypochondria.

End hypocrisy.


Have to be old and sage.

To moral scrutiny, add death, cleavage.



And if to see one was the delivering deleverage of a secret. Socrates secrete.

Serried Serrate serving.


To believe in satan in the sense that one knows that evil in society have the might to render good intentions into torture from doing it. Render people that could redeem into nefarious goers.

Fearing and needing what is most intnelligent and that could kill instantely.

But not by cruelty.

By being compassionate an Dooley do or dare devil  self indulgent.

A human?


To meet, meat, and transfor into?












but how come that because one is a famous writer, he will get to write about everything that he does not know, instead of calling the specialists of the subjects, and leave the intellectuals to their real jobs, to critisize on top of specialists review but not reviewing that they are not specialised in.

about people writing about a theme, only here to prompt them to discuss the subject they will model, but certainly not discussing this specific subject as they would never have time to real study it: consequences? vulgar repetition, gloss on gross, hegemony.



In order.

Ore der.



When the skies is not speaking, is when one does not hear.

He Hew out.




Illogism that studies will cost what that only the high-qualified people might have as salaries to afford the fees.

Working class ransacked, ranked.

On being a global caste.





Lesbian love like else, staying accurate and stiffest;  rubbing or more need for no more than brush, skim the highest point and caress.




In history the fact that western societies become capitalists and liberal might be down to the fact that they were wielding money and trade power that could not allow them to restrain the individuals to work for the rulers own and sole interest as the territories they own was smaller than the territories explorable and drillable.

It was not literally liberal but escapable.


Now, that globalisation is here, what will become of those under the money masters?




(liveral) leveral.

Lover, Liber, labour.




When looking at pictures of people’s face turned upside down, could one say that their eyes seem to go slighty more towards the sky than towerd the ground.

Towars, tower.




Stopping trying to imagine, as the going forth with one’s knowledge and ability gives to its bearer and loyal what one could not imagine even if devoted to it at length of the days.

Don’t be fooled imagiiination is an adventure thaaat can beee as real as introspection of reality as long as 100 % is made of it.




In richmon upon thames, London, the house of magistrates stand out as a white and black building.

They said to me I could identify you.

The anser in a more boisterous atmospheres would be, not end me but “and me”.




The parabol of loving one’s torturers, as live is love or horror.







The work of a depiction of a character in are, art, is to guess how, what other of their characteristics are, more than the one that are given by what might be perceived of what one is on appear.

The work of a writer, an actor, a painter. Of what they are the epitome and embody them with these otherwise translucent attachment of which they are home.







Money is this tool that have permit people to exchange indirectly things (labor, at different reate exchange) that have not the same value but at the same price. I work 10 minutes, I have got 1000 pound ofr you to work 2 days for this. It is the way people steal each other without the object possibly can be found.


Also people don’t want to stop this trade, as in position is so easy to make some. Paid to shush inefficiency and bribery.

At the opposite so difficult, if at all, to honestly make it. Pr-axis.





The veil.

Sisters in harem.

And to say that homo are pedo in haste.




We resemble, reassemble, since she is the present person I would have long for and love along the path and not the past; as the powere of gathering hold this emotion.




Gat, archaism for got- her.


Offer, off her.





Puss and poodle.


Tease             lead on



A mat may muffle much ado.

Am at.








The politicians that should be renamed ‘tax avoiders’ in business.

For the sole purpose of their tenure.







Through hasten.





Clef = key in france.





Something will occur in two years time, what nor me nor you can imagine. It wll b about us. It is just that I hear, so many time now, for us charming reunion, for them pure catastrophe. Id on’t have no concerns but you and cetvies. 06 2011, I ve been hearing that for a couple of months now. A revo is what you want, I ll do my bit toward it, you know why I wanted to be your poodle, and not just a little of it.



Quell est ton status, j ai besoin de le voir noir sur blanc

Et peut etre l art romance pourra t ell continuer.



Common Comment come on!: climate.

Climb mate. Climb Hate.




Not wanting to be the secluded slave on account of loving but a love ascertain and ambiguous.

I want to retrieve, the whole meaning without I d be drown or grow insanity.




I don’t want children, I want to travel. I don’t want a word from you or kill it.



The strongest being the oldest; mentally. It is amusing the way they are talked and told like dolly.



Having to fight with the means we have, before we cannot on them no longer rely.

And be put in prison; instead of slavery or the other end salvage slaves’ directors.



My parents would say of me that I could not solve a 6-year old problem, should I not have obtained this diploma once I ‘got’ out of their house.

Now I undertake their level of qualifications, part-time, food, meal, roofs, roves, and craves,  does not cook cock by themselves. They would spend their time asking me when when I do something else, or when I quit or what is the all fuss for the rest intelligently; as soon as they start speaking to me intelligibly.

On having been supported.






you know sometimes i am worry for the community, in a way it is expensive to come to central london.

i am not sure i am not working.



You, oui.





Why, who.


Ou = or, or where.




As a young that think they know every, they think that are disobedient the body.

And then when you start interacting with it; you could be relieved and grateful for it to adopt ways of hiding and faint, feint discrepancies







Quoting political comical tv show.

‘we have to be really bad to go in prison nowadays, like doing a bit of slandering’.






I was ready to kill father; while I was nourishing friendship for mother, not discerning that she would have indeed trampled on me.

Spurious disconnection. He would have reacted like her with me it would have said I won’t put our brothers and sisters upon you gratuistously or in the aims of constraints and pusillanimous punishion. O




The jewish people might have been targeted as it was very difficult to enter their groups.

The pass-over of the conversion possibly operating through the marriage to females, females that will traditionally marry less in an exogame way that men, travelling and dealing more with outside economy, could.

If I cannot enter your groups or if I cannot pretend to a woman- let alone the heirloom and so on, passion have been dictacted so much by families and much more by love stories.





if I cannot have my family say the outcast, I ll become your death, like you have been mine.

The fire in my heart promises me to come back, even through body changes, even after suffering and die.

I am already buried from being made enduring a life without the prospects of happily marrying.

Death is something I know, through there, will come



have to do research on vodun.



More than felling for you, but a sense of belonging, to be added.







La guerre des guerres.

Ders   des  ders.





We own half of hell.





everyone was calling him pedo, sexpest, and he did not quite deny, even he kind of admit it.

Theory, the woman are not prostitute if they have to perform sex for money, they are just getting by. Prostitutes are licensed.

The lure,                hidden

Something derouting though is that he did not have the behaviour of someone completely criminal in his sexual behaviour, so you though no, he is not.

The tick? Sexpesting was not the speciality.

Speciality was lying and manipulating, profiteering in fact, let people believe that he was such only for them to think of his behaviour that he could not be it, what was underlying was any random cruelty. Down to the most, worse of the lots, ye, ultimately.





It could look like a gang, it is what is to avoid, it is the slant over watching, the easy lapse and slip, do not be lenient.

As for your protégé, take distance, I d feel like a butt head just now.

Ps: be carelul wiv the sun, you burn your slimy face.




Tu es le sosie de mon frère de temps en temps et si jamais tu me trahis ma colere redoublera justement. Et cette fois nte compte pas sur les parents.

Unless it is me who I am, and that it is a reflection strip streak trap of nine, mine.

Don’t treat me like an under, or a Cinderella it could cost you a punch or something like that.

Or if you lie once again.



To try not

To move the eyes, as reflection of the light would announce my breathing.

And the erosion of all winds. Oz.




The state erosion made the ‘state of head’ no more any of that but just vaguest voguish C.E.O working for companies. For the state, the people, the nation?

Selling the universities, for lucrative business changing them into without rules deshumanized place.

After all ti is but knowledge, the fruit that have grown out of the heir? Heir not honourable, heirloom of sap, sweat, blood and severe (sectarian, secluded? The universities their giant on-going).



As sure as war of communities will maintain rethors, errors, rotors horrors ready.






On own, Our, our.



War of communities? No cultural but economic.

They spend their time advertising their not being racist, but nothing has changed, all what is asked is money.

That’s economical.




Pollution as a nice word, an understatement for deliberate poisoning, for destruction, for promises for (perhaps slow) infused agonising.




To be obliged to work with your right hand, as no one wanted (waned) to develop the artistic and therefore critical part, relativizing the imposed real of the reel brain.





I am told to write when I should be reading, reporting perhaps what I saw was missing. But people ret rather ore order something new, and on his own, this neutrality that permit us to know nothing in its entierety. You cannot go to far in your research; or one would at one point the crucial necessity for redeeming, remedying it.





Het up.

But if you want, homero, could do the same.





She made me suffer privately, she suffered professionally.


the females pretending love, the males to be courageous.

Propaganda infantry.

Justification for schizophrenic family and better neuroticment.


Den endocrine.




If problems of mentality with one’s species, one can fraternize the saem with other species.

You don’t want me to be a lesbian says the gorilla, and take as a girl friend the chimpanzee.

Homo? Exo?





To use to believe one loves someone in particular.

Whereas it was wolfe life loving.

Of course love someone else but the number one, the  general(,)  being.

Why? Because one cannot or because it is more sensible and more sensitive.

Life alien, alike when our energy goes into others’ gene, for us to disappear but into life singing and breathing.

This movement, called, melodically, inspiring.



They castrate the animals to avoid insipid or avid jealousy.

For com companion the only.




Homosexuality is perceived as a sin.

Like heterosexuality proved that prostitution was the results of encouragements.





As wisdom knows that with ageing wish are changing.

Win some.



The gifted is desexualised, as one everybody to succeed in healthy giving and learning.



The time one seeps and spends to understand someone.

The other hour sits, to understand oneself.

Seeds and speed send.

Secular on what about the sermon ands/ante semen.



Anti, before?




(Human) (human + e, feminine termination?) famine.





Pardon me.

I should not have addressed you sesxualy and we could work seriously and officially now.




Serious? In rife riches or in mature motherly.

Mater, et ternity.




Pere mere.

Fer, bear, care, dare, ……….




To be married, to have your body every night next to me.

To dare hope wheeeen at least or last when you are asleep, furtively, kissing ti.

Conjugal Duties.

To persevere, not to obtain, the act of our melting sweat and smell, but feeling your warmth; finally.


An al.




To believe in a divinity.

As for being its receptacle.




Getting rid of the exemplary staff.

Question of politics?

The should die dirtiest of it. Politics is not but the name given for escaping the morals.





Is your late grandma talking to you regular?




Sometimes we believe and intercept anything.

And sometimes lives like events were as simple as the simples simplest grasping one can havce of it.




The writer understand little by little that its thrist for love; to write better, to write on it.




In an heterosexual image inanery world, every one gets the way of fucking with hetero pictures, whereas the way of related, personiificating, self embracing, empathysing to it, whereas homo interpretation might apply, inconsciously or at will.




The day you start listening, without lest of approving every body.

Is the day when baptized.

And not only your pussy, your doll, your pretended love, that imaginary up to our evils and pride on lot cherishes.

War spirit, as a hole.

Body integrity as a prerequisite.


Honor sense and census.




Ecoute, tu veux un ingredient pour se declencher une szichophrenie?

Le jour out u comprends que quelqu un t as fait prisonier. Et comprender que cela se passé alors que tu aurais tout fait pour aider la persone qui te renferme pourra certainement aider.

Et au psy as tu raconte comment vous avez les chattes toutes les deux mourir lentement abandonees la ou ells avaient ete elevees?

Peut etre pourra tu le conduire a la meme place et conclusion: separez!

Quand a papa, le chasseur du dimanche pourra tu lui dire que partout en angleterre il y a des gars et des, leurs, putes comme lui, qui les femmes avec des voiles preferent, pour leur clients ba, ba, va don’t worry.

C est pas fini the rest is in English I ve lost enough time like that with you, this rest I will tell mamy, not you who spends her time teeling you what a waste you are, whereas even though they were educated, your parents did not spend one second telling you how much it is important to obtain your degree, ofr so many reasons, you brought us like the poorer with envy of the richer for my brother, only for that there are the right reasons for hating you. It was the sacred minimum to make us understand that we had to develop our intelligence instead of our money, while you were too much of an hurry one to see me quitting the place, two, to let your son believe you were the cream and let him have the best part of your apartment for a few years without him doing nothing at school or in the kitchen, I ll tell you in my language you are pourri, rotten. I ll give you a gift though in case you read those, my ecrtis, I ll signal when there is something I write for you and for your better understanding this one, this appeal, with surligner you see? I am not altogether gone, ripou, tenrot like your husby. I don’t fear or jealous my children potential succeeding, unlike me, that I have to recruit them standards facho to be chosen for the big job, an d yes.mind to put in place other fashco people, other ethnies for not citing them, it is wahat people would think and even say. Again a famine in the making in Africa it seems. You see it has never been a question of race, the blacks are everywhere and none considere the guy dying as their brother, at least not the majority. Yes but as a group they could enslave the whites? It is certainly why rules on marriages still pervading discreetdely, have won over this centuries. Every one regarding the pufta as the new reace to kill, while they still are unable to marry dignify hetero in between.









Not being as workers, but as tools; and like them as they are ill considered, will end up on the tip of rubbishes.




Being stunned by the green in London, and then be wondering about the diversity of the flaura and fauna as they are not undergrowth wider than 3 or 10 yards in the green city. And to remind that one of the business were about how be so much cunning as organising ‘sea poisoning’ by get rid of the litters by the tonne in wherever could the dump be.




The people with down syndrome very much disparaged as the totters others want them to be killed before boring borning, they want them to be exterminated.

Su’ syndrome?





How come our lives and style are so crappy and dangerous?

Because despite the big assurance of the contrary, people are not intelligent enough for fair and true ruling.





Peace, piece.




Mind to be heterophobe help you to in understand how homophobe not ‘rationaly’ but at least ‘proportionaly’ “fear us”.





The virulence against homosexuality as trying to control the first segregation taking place between sexes. As if you want to separate sexes then it be natural for them to live as couples together going on discrimination each other the same in their loving life than it is done in the working life; or like if I don’t do the same than you but be considerate as subordinate no more than it a loving relationship is permitted if not hypocritical and out of vaguish interests or complexes.

Population exercicing a double violence, a perpetual violation of sexes, love, sexuality, life, relation separation.

Permanent coercion of natural trends and sentiments and their capacities at generating energies, thoughts and decisions in proportions.

To have separated the sexes and justifying it in abuses and insulting their sheer natural being and raison d etre.




And if academic texts, asking references was at the students levels, a way of skimming the poors, as I read it but it is a library books, I don’t have it in my shelves. Don’t have the pound, don’t have the space.




When it starts not being politics, is what it is, people thinking or fighting with the premises that peoples own people and their cognitions, and conditions. Degradation, depravation, devaluation.



problems are the rights good? Good way of implementation           rights ill implemented or conceived a horror of constraint upon others’ rights





Females are seen as less able physically in the fight for survival, as fights are represented the males win them, in boxing and alike appareil.

Question remaining, how could females kill as much as? New ways of taking place and time. Of auction and hunting.


And the day the style encounters it would be between masters respecting all of the others, security, liberty and sexuality.





To be at teh center of gossips, add and wear the veil.






To say that austerity measures reinforce will and the ones that are up to out themselves from the average.

Inside the family already pervading the unfair situations where some are pushed and others restraints, or the propensity limited at teh extremity that parents could have to find what are their offsprings more supreme ability.




Homoseuxuality feared like liberalism. What if one would promote it just to impose the way they want to be fucked and fuck; without having at heart body, and spiritual integrity of any other possessing less money or way of having its rights respected?





Cameroun and its pretenses at decentralization and devolution to power towards locality is a de democratisation as these small unit will have less and less constraints upon observance of regularity.





To ahve the power of tearing the wall proportionally to what the sufferance of trying fairly provoke in one. Anger. Angel angle.




The horrors with domestic work is that if you do it for your family in order to ‘pay’ the house you are in, still you are very likely of not having choose the activities. And do all the day long this single task without diversity. Like to work in town when no choice but working in the same factory or the non access to other profession, because of the cost of the university or training or because the seats are strategically limited: the neo ex-slavery.




Before becoming wise you know that you will have to understand what you are presently conspuing.

Presentable conspiring.

Since the first second of you admitting the stories and histories are unknown of you but yours that already proves that you did not have ideas about your own origins and upbringing. The living a mystery, a rebus, a charade; existence, absence of knowledge permitting infinity in glory of travel no facile.

Prove, rove.



Forbearing, forbearance.




They have been violated, tortured, humiliated, and people don’t stop (or stop to approve it, like when in the un they don’t act even after thousands of proof, mine mondeus ignoble) approving it. Today they know that with the sem mind set it is killer that they would, wouldn’t they. This mindset that one owns to the very same society in which they have grown.






She was hiding her body, thinking it has age and suffered time and time again, enjoy the way we cope as well…but for him to touch her parts was to touch her, it was love, it was paradisiacal.

It was this gift of the touch were you can see it dried and aphonic but as light as depth one will it relieve, relive.




Indigeneous cultures if protected could welcome other cultures in the aims of protection due to lands, local knowledge and philosophies.





Instea of forming groups endowed with their own reasons, to perfrom and protect equitably, whilst in communication freely and agenced by a mother, a central, present politics want us to be scattered and unconnected, in a way where no one other options than gang mentality and isolationsism, race to live, will be.





This person errors in having welcoming her impatiently, not analysing, and therefore the cold element, the hinge and pignon loosing losing.

She could recalled that, and think good, it had been done on me, but I won’t to no one be doing that.

Moments hunter.

Monumental search for wiser? Acknowledged at least and touch.






To feel like having a babay when teh lover on the ideal courses of lueurs, free of torpors as they are but theorical, the fertility triggers, seed by them and germinate by the person one has married.




In some countries they hanged or hand over to the police people who don’t obey forced marriage and other techniques of segregation, or coercion, and obey no hierarchy but the ones that want for them servants and circumcise circumscription.

In others, when no one and else could be done; they had to hang aristocracy.








They are fore.



but i also risk doing some additional points in the hope of being trained.

Or start some research.

Directed or in unexplored bona fide.

But what else than “empty fortress”, “hampering novelty and uncovering life nesting, anchoring famine, implementing carelessness, infanting greediness, infructious implied, fertilization banning,  on our cooperation though called social.

The research, ill, in killing.




To have been used to thinking how much good was to knowing love feeling. And now to live without this urge of to another belonging but the freedom and self determination that individual research procure and permit instantanetly.



To be a sage one had to open the door of feminity and masculinity, whence sexuality premises.




To blow sexuality as energy are thus tuned out.

This feeling like anger, cries, frustrate, boredom…all these sentiments and fluids taking over phlegmatic, potentially replaced by the various way one can come and wipe growth of humour.




In academic writing one criteria comes back every single line. Clarity. And if it was about clarification of lies. Forgetting about dead end and degree. The easy path, the all clear, the denegation of struggles, hurdles even haies.




To be depressed or in so king of low and enforcingly deep within explanatory lay.



Wht kind of exhaustioin precede someone knowing being at the end of its life?




Search for formal estathism betray a mentality of neuteurisation and decerebration that needs signals to remind the possibility of excitation and the bow when coming closer to the sublime.



Only beautiful. But being sensed as  beautiful is also the way one to give themselves run and managed.



To inner stand the work of another, life oeuvres.




To measure upon its gor forebearers and wait for the offspring to make the span a stream of incarnation materialized and inacted.




Tochoose by passion the domain in which one senses its energy at making and entrenching or tackling taken for granted differences.




The next revolution will be us commanded by the scarcity and severity not of jungle nature but deserting one out of human pomposity.





The horrors potential of politics adapting notion of rights and need accordingly to one’s own social, economical, political, mental- religious and spiritual, and psychological situation





Love is the birth of the beautiful and of the strong of the inexorable brought by meeting you. And having your pursuit as the happiness in sense, in sense intense, essence and insane.



Altogether with establishing who will bear burdens and responsibilities and the fruits of their consortium-condemn or condone…one doing nothing but meeting.

To the United-Nations assembly.





dim diplomatical bargain




in academic writing, a balanced point of view is asked, like if even a comprehensive stance and glance or scrutiny into what are debated, could be informed, wise and serene.

Like if these fools knew everything, poor lads for whom any entrance, in the name of impunity, aren’t permitted.

Like the docs, the day they would know about a ailment is the day they can dissociate it from its predicaments without any secondary effects.

Objectivation is statu quo quest.




I love you but it is no so important asw egoism and egocentrism will made fact simile fool of us, sub species.



To wish the light of the moon to be ours’ in by the skywindows enters.

As a gloss not blink bid blinding.

For a loss, lean and lead, for the bead blear bleak its lid.




I was overt to be so. And in the need of encountering some one else to become what you leg to me.

Ethics sobriety.



People when talking about professions or political are set to expect the sovereign coming of the in-all-domian lair almighty.

That on tip, presupposing that he or she will be doing will stay in grand secrecy.

No wonder it raised dubiosity; permitting to power holder to justify their defiance and impudence and dishonesty relativized by their not being dictorial totally.

If leaders were explaining what they were doing, presupposing that what they did was not in order to ensure tacit and hidden part of the population for having been spoiled and favorized not throught their fiar participation but just as for buying cheap allegieance apathy; then human beings would resume thinking as an intelligent species that knows that fairness (only able to be implement progressively; as thoughts and results on practices takes the philosophical son and stone for its reaping to grow rocky) is the only path to live as a giving, to existence as a paradise in tone, and content of not   perishing for enable any some to empty.




you know what this site is gutting me.

it is not so often you insist when someone stop answering. and you would never think that the person actually replied, or maybe did not you received my note at all at the first place. i never received your answer but i thought we were chatting nicely so i wondered. it was i wanted to make sure you were a lady as people here are guys with ‘borrowed pictures’. do you want my number, i can call you if you wish. 07757850484

am happy you are still on line.




The examination timetable will be available from Friday 5 August





The classes struggle and their arbitrarily differences: “possession of property and education”, puke

Avineri, s

And we don’t talk about adamanted academisation, by which every data is sieve, that is the data that will be published, meaning 0,1 % of the sum- remind you a certain proportionality?

But about education- as participation and retribution of the informed and informing citizens.

And run and go and tell everybody, please.


Above all in those climates of parcellisation, and what is called pluralism, changed into groupuscules whose interests is molesting others and overcome by dysentery.

In these climates where we are loosing common god, goods, institutions, social structures (they are called services for not saying lucrative) as they them too went private and at discretion of the less culture, depravation of solidarity and common respect on where and who we have to share, the fuckind sacrosanct fucked planet mainly.

In these climates where gangs are made compulsory, classes? Hold the bar, duckies.


Mind classes have always serve other classes in the aims of profeetering of the whole concert against of not dethroning it. Human?

And without humane it is of one’s own content and constitution that one can say so long, nothing of it will stay, not even as much as partly.



And yes this is back, reminiscences??



Are we finished? Not as a product….



To be young is to build up strength

To be old is to have the satisfaction at sensing, re-sensing, no resenting, the affect and effect of resorting to gesture magnanimous to feel how freedom vibes fiver handy fibers and possible.

Manganese and dig.



You are for classes?

I am for gangs.




Pea in pod.





Cap pit.




To have a strong libido when comes to one’s feminine side and an introverted one when masculine, or vice versa.

Tile, heads and tails.

Holding the power, or fucking it.



To say to ‘have and hold’ one love and unique one, unique one yes certainly like it.

To arouse else than sentiments.

Feel in?





To determinate oneself psychologically, psychically comapare to an in emulaion with the fables and the heros that one’s culture- we are pluri cultural now, but how deep rerun the knowledge or connoissance of the details- reflection of appreciation and cherishment- gives one has example of a necessity or ideals, or scenes of witnessed accomplishment whatever imaginary or with grounded unprecedence at the utmost of their accomplishment and revelation of being told; when taboo and officialised-officialising lines advertised and make taboo redundant.

The culture impact that have on one.





Confidentiality principles ill-used as impunity and absence of, accountability, of hand over and training, of transparency, of intelligence working. Worrying.




Wor          king.



To have the urge of bawl a call for C whilst they are the unconscious reminiscences to do it for B, whilst be was accredited with our transferred passion for A. and countdown transcend Z.





The intuition one has, like in dream reading, when you hint for example at your school when you were a child that rig rings the bee and bell could be in indirect association with you future course.



With, win.

The, an.















On how profound couple or partnership struggle are and reached.





The social lines of conduct that make particularity, errors, daring, odd spell of courage and their necessity, forgetness…any of our course of apprenticeship to be condemned with life penalty, or a scare of inflicted injury with a continuel, discontinuel impact on one’s development and bona fide attainment.





There’s worse than cowardice, it is to treat the one you can easily kill like a prey. Whreas to your slave owner bending, bowing, all what a spell of cruely cope will have on, one for ever enable to repay.




Off air.

Of fair.



Spirituality is not discovering per se, but agreeing to the deeper of deeperness already caved out, and realize the universe is speaking sound and loud.





Will, wills and swill.



Taking a a pretext the laziness for reading, academic if pristine and feathering oneself into being clear, short of any detailed examination, is emptied of serious recommendations or denunciation from only being theoric in the sense of not providing investigated in all areas “on-the-ground survey” explaining the very universal detrimental or would  be benign mechanism at play. They do not go into, an d they are truncated.





Results, soil, salts, sell.

Test on taste?





Crying in the sense of tears bursting might be triggered facing the scientifical proof of dying and its physical outright disappearance.

Smiling and laughing and grinning, in the sense of being seen doing that, though other animals are very clearly queuing for doing the same, at the relativisation of seriousness and the absolute remaining though helplessness.

Frankly griming or groining or grinding?




To think that one can bear life alone, only sexually want to take its tone, think really of it, and approve it.

Think that one would in living with another one finds its, their revolution, think really of it, and approve it.

Saturnal sitting stage on truth and reality, even when it comes to oneself one is surpassed, on-off, period, subsidized to one’s past and subsequent verity.




The wanting to ban discussion about sex, like wise one has banned all leisure, and not in the aim of helping focusing society on its purge but in order to render people barely able to think otherwise than to serve the boar(d)s- and their porklet cutlet- of cultures.

O b




To know how much sufferings, injustice and how much looming. To realize that on sleeps to well at night.




hetero/homo schisms in the optique of one aim: artificially pomping our false views and stances on a all-out-and-billed-and-bailed made compulsory, redundant, lavished, self-satisfied and for-others-ascertained sexuality.

B o




Me dicou, has never had a wife and will have a revenche on this.

Was ti question of money, was it question of appearance, of clads, of habits?

Id on’t know for you but love, the conjugal one is what makes you go on, whatever, the one for one’s children, maybe, but what about them before having brought towards an ideal, towards a super ego in order to, the person of one’s dream, if not obtain, approach, if not approach, reve, soupire, imagine, empager. I ve lost my sacre, I am in walls, I don’t think that life last may.




Imagine you stifle me,  and then? It is in your arms I’d be.

Go one yu can betray, don’t imagine one sec that god will give you the ok.

It was love, not hate that had driven me insane.

And burst open the order of societies, for you to be lay, to be lay m;y gay.



At work a complet frame discouraging, firing all spirit initiating. What would ahappen if we d try to be and work better all at once? Opened borders and period of fronde.



To do several months of prison to have been on the boot of the queen car because if one would start allowed this, the queen would be killed in some days of that.

Security is one of the why we cannot transform society only little bit by little bit. And it is not a problem as long as we wwould have done it.




Would another countries take and invade, would we become too cool?

Of course, as one has to work with other countries, with whatever and who ever they know about.


Exit stance.




In the place where I was no possibility to find a partner. So you think all this live I ll live without the trying to find someone with who I could have a bit of everything and moment share. As if happiness was that was (what?) not permitted.

To think of you as if you were a demon, as if you were in-human.

B o




Unhappiness, coming comm. Groom, from the fact that all my happiness it is of what I wanted to expected from my other half that I thought I was. That it was in fact there, because she has this strength accepting every one, this incommensurable love, this matter for me?- to get into; wise.

But mate, except the one, in matter of fender? Of gender, that if we start loving people for their sexes, for being homo or hetero theoretical propagandator, well we are more and more slanted slatied slantern.



Homosexuality was fear as well because if you start loving someone you will automatically fear more their being denigrating you, and perhaps will you have more patience, and anyhow more strength and the unbeatable love and universal reason, push by the vital momentum without which all with crumble with absence of dimension.

B o

Mainly love for one’s (one is) other, any other, could kick stop tyranny, or kick start tart it sadder, it, if manipulated.

Mansion, mention. Shone.



This morning I write happy, freely, because yesterday I thought I was all wrong, and that I will have to transcend unhappiness by the hard way, that I had been thrown into a prison.

This morning I can see and advertize, look, I had make a few, what about absolute? It is any way, any man and woman rendez-vous. What about my sins, and sacrileges? Sacred age?




In graphology, like in psychology one will adopt traits that belonged to their teachers. Also the one analyzing will see primarily the features one want to adopt, or have adopted, not what is nesting in reality.

As well as that it is like children. If you don’t look after them, then they are not yours, as if you look after them in order to be like you, with what you don’t have overcome then…betrothened and more like clown.



It is strange, it happens twice, co in cadence. Coincidence. Spirit.



My courage, my abstract.

You, my idol, my icon, my distraction.


The comments that bring out more than my quality; but what I know should be required to progress.

And you, giving me the spur to humility, to hear those and going on, to know that I needed those to grow on; and you my love as the aims and reason for rationalizing my operture, my overt groan.




To learn to be discreeter, is to learn new ways. And throught them to mimetize fashion that we have on others encounters. This made possible by the fact that we accept a self transformation, then another referee will be manners of others, insest of our own ole old habits rather.

And whence know what they meant, by having be discreet the results of taking into account others’ability, the consequences spotting it.




be human, or be humane and rebel against prostitution.

As you can see, man roots are not always proud occasion.

Mane. E famine feminine terminaison.











The woman playing women, overdoing over-toning, relativising in fact gelatine, concealing, reason finding, enthralling authority, cajoling acceptance [..] is it, too, persons not knowing about abandon and recrudescence to whom they are they talking?

B o



Police or state-backed mikey milking made maid-militia.

B o



To become thougher and older carne.






To say to oneself, to assenser, assener, I will have to do that and that and to sacrifice. To dauntingly? Doubtelessly? To assert that I must not do that, not to half, to have a wife or husband, you, mu love, to be for heaven ready. To join you, to aim at this at this entity my life time during which everything else must be but comedy.

And then, well, no. as for the best of all, should I be forbidden for love and al.


As love is love, and its secrets would come. Whatever with who, if we were making it, it, in the nest, would come. Isolation, celi bacy makde compulsory a connery, one more, for people not doing it. Holiness, religiousness, involvement, social commitment, enter, deny.

To the musulman.


but If this liberty is of the price of gender conditioning and imprisonment then it is the whole education that has to be not any longer rehearsaled, but re-on-doing, refait.

Rehearseling. Sell limb. Hearken.

Hear out. Hearse, heresy, hearsay, hire, lingo lingering, seal. Hearty.







you could not speak about you job? the world become fashist isn’t it?

i am doing nothing interesting, nothing tremendously so.

so you are looking ideally to found )find, fund( a family, any candidated?

for me don’t ask, love and even flirts are near to dead.




It is reaining I don’t kneed to play the music to stifle the noise I make that could be overheard, or overdone as iit is not to be communitative, communicative, no fantastic.

The drops accomapaniyng my rites. And sites an existence of trepas, but proud, as alone, the universe is at a breaking peace straddking straddling pace, and not inverse, and not at reverse.



The guardian, thank you for letting occur the comment.

On limitation?

Not for naught they are the fourth power, it means that how can we meet informatly but by the news and other antiquities reading?

Comments closed after four days you cannot talk, you cannot connect, you just co write for born still debates.




-All a question of money?

-And your head?

-Yours too.

-Yes but me, I am not up to live (nor die) like this.



I am.

Am same pronunciation than ame = soul, dod die sold?



To fecund you.

Entreat me with having to do it for you, to do it for me. For the results to be yours, mine, ours. Parenting will diversity.




It is not about absolutism, but one system cannot be voted only when you are sure it will function, as you are under political responsibility, the life of all; and that you are legitimate only when you ensure that was it voted will be undetrimental to none.





With undemocratic practices, one never cannot make it even, as long as they exist.

B o



To wait for their death, as a passing of foe the time; like a thought transmission, and expect mine.



At the end of one’s life, physical and mental capacities found confound. Thus whatever one practices one or the others, we will attain a capacity similary to excellence, body and spirit harmony. At an advanced aged, the battle itself the vainquish by the art of touching and moving by proxy.




The person will and with good ideas shall be discarded, like if it could not be heard or realized.

Once dead these ideas will be taken, and put into practices the way he would have said “I did not mean like that”.

B o



The religious? They don’t want heroes, but martyrs.

The tenants atheists? The y pretend believing in nothing, lke that without names you can do it.

The humanists? They pretend there is only humans living and vomit on all the rest, while when calling rare for composts call a lorry and about their golden heart vocifere.

Rationalists? Ration on population they are waiting for disasters.




To have lived a terror, and find infinite solutions to cope.

And then to be able to go beyond as the armour and tool will tenfold.

To have know the exaggerated; to take the daily harassment for one’s crushing play.



If jumans muse ulman have bahve better, would have retured er returned jesus, maybe in the shape of a dove this time, but who would have spotted, a shooter?



One cannot say nothing about how they will address death, l effroi.

On what it teaches is to life defyal.



Gloves, golf, play with hands, a writer game.






Godson without god means son?

I stop joking, thanks it I don’t have anyone to look after this deeply.









look you stop critizising the press each time- or if so do a decent survey providing info once upon a time, that you and your little team of future fat rats are practicing censorship more than the chinese and your catching but infectious if propagandist- (in the open however,oh yes, darling) stance on it that serves the people you like better to melt with, if you don’t stop count on me for the advertizing else where than on my site, directly where you contribute, tight right?


One minutes, fuck fire you Beirut, bastard, it is that you vanguard my lick dick, are you waiting for china arriving and show that you did. It is ok for tianamen, because you have taught the gangs from the opposition, the one you are trying to sort them out with your pocket, to shush it damn quiet- or shot it down?



To overcome fear, by abslou, absolue, love, eternity, and sadness. Nihilism? Ridiculness.



The fear one can feel at night in wook, woods. The fare of mirroring. The other animals can semen, smell you and know how human are to say it faintly, pueril. And in your mind enter the devil, the death, the torture as they know what is worth a two-legged.




She heard these hearsay. To think he could have gone throught these torturs amused her, he would have let believe them, slay, just for a sleigh. But already her regard darkened.

What happened?

In the brain for it to emprunt up to what one dim deem shadowy?


Assessment on relativity, on relation, on sacrality?


Animality, intelligence? No, humans are sole to feel, experience and display?

One result From the question. human is alone.

And humanity?

B o





Co, un, true.



Un, an.

An nu al.



Of this couple that need a public because love is absent from their htus unreal moment.



It is when you touch a vegetable that is rootening that you can better establish a connection with a flesh, similarly from an animal and putrid. The test that this is actually leaving life, since dying.



Shadows on my skin, in the darkness diverse diving, differ.

It is like black I could have been; not the skin. The entire flesh, dried, carbon, mines, harrowing.



To love other persons.

I love you so much but could not dream of it; therefore my love find another outlet. Again an inaccessible.

I love my parents, no way it was permitted. In exchange I love unreachable aims and my life still without anyone embodying this aim.






But parents for this don’t pressurize. To serve yourself via a child’s love is incest, sex ist vernissage.


Don’t listen, parents the more difficult job on earth, it is why it is left to the family alone. Or in community outside people for serve disorder await, in order of false accomplishment. Of compliment from the ungrace.

The worsen worst one when you have a child that will become the last of slave.



Is it worth to denounce the most fashising acts even though once you have been got rid, since as soon as denounce people will, to show their support to this kind of practices, crowd: begging discretldy? Unshamely to be protect, as totalitarist as they are lazy and in position replete. Deplete.

Empty the word humanism as work is the on e of demons. Diamonds? Mondo is to god and its goods to the devils when it is to the lavish they belong undeserved.

How to deserve it? Ask humility when sisters and brothers await for the flood to stop the reasons of being drought, drown, and their disarray displayed.


More than development, humility. I am not talking to the Bahrain muslim or those in the Vatican, “these two medieval university (mourn mount of)” whose one god did not spread universality. One cannot bargain for the mentality.




Mourn the moon, the mound, mountebank.







Some people pretex wanting quick race weapons success in case of another civilization.

Would they visit earth, would not be enough a few canons but for implosion.

Meaning? Meanness.



As with individuality that did not mean the florishment of the self but the fight between them in ground of stalking others due and duties rendering possibilities.

You don’t do good, as if you do good, you cannot prevent us to employ the ones that will poison you like we did we with all what can be grasped, colonized, seized, like play, like play.

Individual looking for thieving against individuals to do the same or to back it, (any) asking?


Like the private wanted to mean I work for me, that know it means we do what we want, it is not business but bribery.




To serve people as if they were kings. An even when you get a good king, what it is to anyone that someone is served while not serving? Diminishing the both side of capacities and the duty to strengthen one’s inheritace, spirit and body.

Shall it be by meditation and prayers, ok but don’task for your cleaning, don’t ask nobody.

Own, earn path and spirituality.




What will happen is a magic of depletion.

Deplete as what one has been given, the nature destroyed won’t say nothing.

We will lose loose our jou jouissance and juice.

Nothing but death will be fronting. And death when deserve is as mute, as cold, as unforgiving.

Finish the poetry of a nature regenerating, when you know you married with the air blowing.



The world is a stage, and the playwrighter recoding recording the drama hushing and still unfolding for being in the paper nah.




To try and try and to recoil as the snowball won’t recall.



People repell the symbolic as it has value spirit.

It be to dangerous to admit,

That the strength is not human as much as elastic.

And then to chase the one that talk about magic,

Like that the rationality is not to live but to comic.

And to pass the shaman for the sick

What are his leitmotiv t o say.

While us kill all that is at the environment drastic.

All that approaches and when kindly and the ckik that say careful buddy not to be busy, when it comes to life and hope and their classics.

The spy psychology the terrorist of what mind have to say.

You find them so violent that their death at your display.

Not a plight to see, the logics of scarcity.




The intellectuals that are paid to re read what could not be hidden any longer from being too conspicuous.

From there they are allowed to prodcuce some papers, to let thing think that it is possible and wec welcome to criticized, that they investigate assess in any way.

Not true.

They read, and re read, without details, opinion, and what one can not conceal,

In a let our distress, and dismay go through the valve of its discontentment.

Not to do anything nay. To say what they say and prove that one can eventually write and speak about sig disgruntlement.

They are not allow to build networks or rehearsal of profession, they are just halls were wht you are told is to avoid disseminating, would the assement come like the safety rules that ask you to ethnic cleansing.



The ants that has been crushed in a battle or by being trampled mistakenly or by cancer…

Is dying transmeting uncounsciouly or consciously the whys of his dying.

Transmit to the soldiers, the walker or the way of living and transforming or maturating.

Morale: the signal of suffering.




To tell one’schildren who to marry, in order to get one’s way by any means any sexual or conjugal coercion, is of the pedophile field.

B o




To be srong strong enough for not bending to none, elevation.




You would deliver spirits recovery the day the electronics would have your brain supplanted.

B o




To feel one’s own warm and charm is enough to infant, the desire of going forth and well coming onto new areas, stiff enough to fear love and combat.



People feel they duplicate educate their children for their standards and pourposes.

People have children in oblivion of the common cause.



It is we are in the same territory I dislike you.

Society lack of experience, concordance .



Inversion of perverse.

The hope of over coercion



To find the irreproachable way to do.

To be countered from doing right.

To know where to crashed the nasty.



To be as homophobe as heterosexuality (inverse reversible, recto verso homo enfir eb enforced society would be that fasho) is completely compeling



The reincarnation? To come back on earth in 200 years time?

In a farce would be, an aknowleggment of the indecis.



the liking for relaxation, you are dry serious, isn’t it?




Never have been a question of size but of junction and adjustment.




The shadows the shapes and angles transform.

Shaded transferred.

What one looks like, terror.

Terre in frech = earth, heathen.




To be afraid of one’s father when saying something.

But as he has evolved since the grand pa beating you up would have been.

On smile and reciprocity when you start liking moment, you once loathed.



“kindness is undervalued”



Ok i could impersonate soft and cutty, for it to be a little more than no.



these people that are waiting that the situations are so bad, as to need to under paid the dummiest warden.

Doping? dumping.

Dooming? Come on, a trait of jest. Stripping.




“Not to need pornography when rape is institutionalized by marriage, prostitution or family gently talks.”

Be happy, harpy.



as individuals we are all doted with specific ability; the self freedom at research, and the seek for liberty by the band will transform ability into facts and effects.



People permitted by the community to act depravedly and meanly openly. In order to put them into shame and redumption discreetdly.

You kill but you sha ll be repentant or wish the soul to find rest and further respondance.




Could the notion of ‘I could be diying or I could be dead’, ve be the subject of my cry?



One has to gor forgive the humans, they are only children.

Permissing each other into incestuous accoupling.



To make one’s culture sings as shibboleth.

Symbol of cultural, human aspirations towards a wider comprehsnsion and usig ongeslef oneself as its Sybil.

Not to believe but feeling an incantation like the wish propulse for the blessing to be echoed in what we thought to be relied reliable respectuous real and paradise as religion should be.

Rl’ass. In Arable maghreb that is it.




he was saying to his wife that he would commit suicide. He fare from did, accumulation mistresses, asking the house to be slaves and inferiors, and all other treasons.

What he did however was to reverse its suicide story in saying to one of his child you have to disappear, or intellectually, or mentally, or physically. Or I kill or rape your mother.

B o




Homos aresaid to go through identity crisis for the sole reason and insufficient sensibility that the whole population are around the questions putting the all forced marriage institutionalized prostitution and slavery contains by the family into the arena of the unsage usage.

Religion, moral? Prickdom of the unsaved realm of the insemination of the fowl. Reproducing not for the sake of life but to find the next ducky, another slave, another warden or wife.








My marriage to u, spiritual as the matter. When my body itself in an evidence of my sense confronted, will your own body, trait for trait, resembling, transforming into the same feature.

Like a baby, the metamorphosis, a progeny’s progenitor.




The human noise cartilage, a truncated beak.




In film, the sex are shaved for clinicality appearance more than animality.

The hairiness of it ressembling wildness and intemporality.




What supports what is ‘known’.

Heavy, dense.



‘People wanting money as digne work cannot be found anywhere’.

B o



Social tensions are so degradating that people are ready to like the kill.

Should we stay in the atmosphere of unjustice, and indignity?




As in a round of logics, this devil maudit the other, in an unconscious or tactics way of protection.

The balance, bi-polar plan, of frictions.




To make random or instinctive mistakes to revise. To densify the rules, categories and memorize.




To make sure one’s stomach is light enough for the body to run. And free from rush that would compel the heart to go faster than an elastic pace of perfectioning.



To be ununderstanding of people thinking; unknowing their experiences and their consequences of their terrorizing.




Human beings in their restrictive sense of the immaterial think that hypocrisy is not showing.

But can one not be addressed with a third impact brought by communication energy?

And be eaten by what was peer perceived as being warm?

Being beaten from not acknowledging forms of other’s living.




My son turned out to become a fasho, as his mother was targeted.





social processes depending on social conditions: both imposed and or not control or controlled freaky.




To cooperate with one’s body is to accept its formation. To endure new types of sensations, the ones that would be sufferance as announcing older age and above all need for redeem.




To counter, contract, or open and let go, will change the waves and construct another go.

Ex-change. On former rebound.



To try to forebode in order to believe?

Not in order to believe but to be sure of it to be effective?

To try to forbid?

To try and magic, what for the meaning, what for the mailing, and breath and live remaining, active.

The taboos of what for? For it plays all day with consistency and upbringing, shaping mentalities, maybe on clouds founded, fended, instable and disappearing.




When you saw wevery single horror, sexual concept, as homosexuality wll raise fear of prostitution in places where gender are damned separated.




Ad men, ad mend.





Do you stare at the bad if you encountered?

Yes contact would be a consent, if it could destroy one in return.


We say that you ll be sodomed.

As you run and wll be rattraper.

An d while you arre followed by hell’ you won’t certainly turn back.

Wolf were (wear).




To reproduce as it is exacting exicting to choose the moment where you can melt your product. By finally do it without thinking of children dying already, without thinking we are billions on an earth meurtrie. Poorly.



It is better to work under good than under bad; but what would I be or it be, when I start to try and wriggle out my way ?

To be beaten does not mean being weakened. And after?

And after?

And after if you go? And after if you stay?



Every family and its own re rapport to the intellectual, the psychological. The spiritual.

Family totem? Taboo.

The fragility of the stalked individuals, the way one is controlled into being the sole educator, against billions to compete for the same cuppa, the same coulpa, all alone.




Sex in order the bodies tranmit to each other another substance, smell, satiety, sacrality.

To transform what we were before going it.



To resist violence. This person touches him. This person that he loved.




To be different person but co exist, habit, work…to be able to feel without being able to do what they are entitled? Or by accoutumance or by customs or by self conscience or lack of experience or the results of another work…




In the best situation, as marriages were forced institutions, the serious about faithfulness to preserve the bloodbath, and prostitutions to preserve people from having to perform it when not wanted inside their already forced to live and raise a family in a coerced way of having been grouped.





Secret of family for not the more exploited members does not notive notice the strength they have for resisting their infamy.

B o

And when the family comes out the legend fo the villages, that comes along with that it had commented on.




I don’t want to find myself and get some sort of intelligence.

It si too dangerous, depressing, destabilizind for the self and the ugly communities that are (, it is) demonic.

Af for after affres.




To become a couple repose on biased grounds, even if unconsciously.

To be a working team one has to resolved them, and sublime them into beating inner and outer a priori. Inot working for best own and alter. To transform a duo, or tri, or any number into a paradise.

Dice theiry.



All are deviant and daring, all are dei device despite; but the experiment on some focuse. Don’t generalize, don’t particularize, don’t discriminate as the next is the rolling outing of people wanted.

To eat what have been backed without lift the pack.




Nic all



Our defaults that mirrors, short coming, won’t astray, in the space they will stay, till one deign to elaborate on the redeem.



The one  breaking the taboo, or the one around which taboo is breaking is demonize, as dishonesty tied people into denying the fact that they do, whilst abusing while doing and serve this like a voodoo.




Getting older and your anus reaffirm letting it to ascert its thin.

Flipper and dolphin



Friendship to keep your our their necessities.




Couples, family, corporations, communities, states.

To be in somebody’s clutches.

, states when they praise each other to be isolated.



The difference between an homophobe natural killer, because of their having to play the slut, and a homo natural killer due to their having to protect their lives. Is reason.



To look at the picture of someone you would have wished as your spouse.

To understand intrinsically now that love is not on the menu of many and that therefore love is not follow or back up by society.

To look down at the picture of the violence instant for your sadness to come out un-tellingly. Unfeelingly.



Soc, sic, sec.



To dictact from being short of idea or short of will, since there is no dication in the unfinishable process of infinite skills. Carrying.



He taught me ‘philosophy. And when I read this word, her face come to me. Since.



To ve able to cheat on someone on the basis that when you are not with them, their reality does not longer exit, exist. Ex (s)it.




She remembered being push by this instinct, push  because she knew that the answere would not be a favor. To be pushed though her young age, the one of the younger of the reminiscence of being pushed by it. Ask your mum yet again to help you with your lessons, to check simply.

The answer was no. you see why having done it?

Because you remember, re member, being hit. Eat and rest you ll be able, no?




People remind that there is poverty and torture in this world, not to help other out of it, but to suppress the rights of us, developed countries, rich.



How people are dying? Of older age particularly. The heart decides, too, stop?

There is a le key in the body.

What is the key? The voice of its speaker is everywhere in the body.


Could be the individual, the private, the intimate, the key, and the door, what is outdoors, the universe, the society, our brothers, zoology.



She thought I was hypocritical to say something other that was in my whole body (key thinking), but it was to protect the torpors that would have been accepted, recognized, appreciated, wiped, by no body. Body? Forebear, for bidding. Binding? Psyche? Other travels that, who, how, wool not (wolf would) agree.



TOD    au today, my hand by itself recroqueville , in its forefinger and smaller one pointing, just like the head of a snail.

Yesterday, I had gathered snails becaue the paths had been razed by the ‘environmental no friendlyow yok worker’ to put them in another piece of green, for them not to dry like our children will.

She whirls so, I was my finger like proding, prodingly, sonding, inspecting. A little after I had to go, and I just don’t know by which sweetness, I fell under my feet that I did not weightily rest, a slug. Not crushed, sole touch with my feet bare, bar from killing tomorrow; cab can now in a garden let her go.


I am not saying I am afraid of any particular people being mean.

But what I say is that if one leaves any one to undervalue their equals (women, and pufta let’s say, children and pieta) to even in fact go as far as commanding for their good pleasure what someone else has to do- the attitudes, their relations, their garnments, their (social) position, their sexual preference, the children they want, the children they will be spat on…

One day the day after you are treat the same, instead of being a being like the neighbors: peace threat.



Why not giving examples? Beef, because tomorrow I will be the minorities, threaten by the worl and by my own communities. Because tomorrow those I despise may suffer the same fate of poorly felt hate, because tomorrow those I applaud, might be the ones who explode.




The feeling of this encounter, knowing now exactly what was going on.

The same feeling about altogether another encounter, of which one cannot factually relate prescient.

But be careful this one is not exact science, as sure as exact science cannot be apply or cannot last, here the intuition, the cross road of feeling and déjà vu, the experiments’ reimburment, are exact in your brain. Solely. And still sciences as long as we don’t take their search and results for more than coming life’s information; and not for religions.


That will be deas the moment our live will detach to gather in some other grounds. At this exact instant. In stanch.









The sound of a machines is discordant, the son of a music instrument.



no its simply that i felt you as being someone focus and i guess your open minded profile made me ‘come on even poetry one can try’

i think sleep and take time are healthy. to dream and probe what we are made of, or D.I.Y




to cry in front of movies, without fond, bottom, but ground for it.

Crying like the tension is down. You relax and are caught back, rattraper. Trap.




“building very quickly like fortresses, to burrow inside and make evil”.

Building boosting. I am not talking avout privacy, right to leasure. I am talking about WWork.

I am talking about lock. In and out.

The families in, and out the poison re-order.



Kpeople are for fashisation, because no one told them that fascism was bearing the logics, of each other killings.

That they say oh, ue yeses pussies, I ll be the alpha.

Kill logics as any logics shall the boomerang come back. Fascination. Mcmachination

We ve done it all, The nazion.



To like doing gravure, as I was specially phalique, to like the strays and monture, the effect of raisure, ease by shadowing and percected fe perfected traits and measure.




The families avoiding marrying for not tensions upgrading or marrying for making it dependency.

Town, communities, friends, what kind of alliances.

My cousins?



He was the devil for them.



It is not conscious, ok.

But what tehn was conscious. What another ideas bring forward like residual, these convergence of universes apart but nto wh we hearse,



The expression of the agony, the adder anger of d god.

Was expression of the supernatural rather.


If the example of secession is taken, and because inappropriate and dangerous claims to take over a territory could multiply and become more daring, and any groups or communities wanted to be the owner of resources (as sovereignty principle defend this nation’ landlordship) that already should be logically the heritage of scarcity and under the responsibility of all (nations, institutions and individuals) secession rights, too, need, should by all means, bear specific clauses preventing people to attack a state in view of a coup or in view of territorial misappropriation or criminal occupation (Smith, M, 1996), that is when a state (or is willing to) attains its function of fair protection under its jurisdiction.






As a comment the fact that SER Social The vampire society it is what it will become, it is just to explain the myth that I try here to confirm. To re-iterate. Inmate.

The vampire society it is what it will become, it is just to explain the myth that I try here to confirm. To re-iterate. Inmate.

The vampire society it is what it will become, it is just to explain the myth that I try here to confirm. To re-iterate. Inmate.

The vampire society it is what it will become, it is just to explain the myth that I try here to confirm. To re-iterate. Inmate.

Economic Rights are dealt very poorly in the literature stock compared to that of the civil and political right theory is reflected in the name of the commission for the convention of civil and political rights which is called human rights commission as if those rights were the sole ones regarded as deserving the status of human rights. And therefore, of human in general. To be hold and bear as such. While capitalism just undermine everything that is not communism.








Blute nur, du liebes Herz: VI

For me.









Humility as for being helped, without the substance of spirits, devoid of hope is the p quete, quest.




This brave people trying to assess who is showing fashist.

Are dangerously out of the mark and point, funny enough.

Our societies are fashists, calling trials to human rights and duties, utopia. And trying to spot the eventual nazi like if it was to calm down a little bit. For the moment, we don’t need that. And social pressures are not this tone; wait your turn maybe, us are the chameleon witting for the money, your houses, our children that make us feel full-fledged and fleshy.

The rest, I know anytime that I would have to sell my companion )note on marriage by the way, chums(.




It is all they have to worry about these people and you know why?

Because it is the untold drama of their emotional and the rest freedom.

Don’t think of sex, think of maturity.

And those of their society that would permit but the hope of money.

Common agreement on what?

The end of greediness, through reciprocity.



To be gutted at someone because they call the ones they pay for doing, their stuff mainly, a servant.

To calm down and think that cultural must be, an in fact no. Servant is an English word isn’t it?

So wat, calm down because here we weren’t servant because we used to hope for better education, they close universities to the poorer, we used to hope for time for oneself, what will happen?

Are we sure to be employee? Yes a propos your salary?

The job is good? Would we work under the same regulation? Would it us goad to god? Or was the sin holly?



There cannot have revolutions, as since people are a cattle, they would run towards the new fafshion in rambling manner, trampling on each other, as killing nature has been their distraction.



Find the keys of some of anyone demons is some of what is called withcraft.




To mae love when the rain is ing. When sounds innondate and no one comes under but the birds seeing what will have blossom their reign and out of the human wisdom break their chains.




When you are saying that one has to be modest, in front of the universe, as one cannot do more than its very same tiny, whilst your life is coming towards the money that brings life and no its liberty, then one unmistakable logics: there is a lot that you hide about this very same modesty model of your or mine.

B o






You might ne be killed as the am main bribery amongst human.

Do you really think the way it is important to be among?

Youmight ne be tortured?

Is it not one, to stay without naught?

-and with the liberty to fight for life, the sole way we have on life on knot, heaven not and the land of virginity, to try again is how won’t hope be vanishing out of the way.



am vegetarian you know in fact i think i d rather to live in the dinosaurs’ area.

As when our era will finish it probably be the way we pour poison, industrially.

And individually.



When you cannot be more than an employed slaves, when you ve lost hoep of changing some of the terrors around. You are looking at how you could kill some of the emblems of your salvery (salvation),




To reduce the top salaries, one cannot ask a politician to do that because I would be executed.

What should hhappen is the people demanding it, by referumdum?




All that I have of good?

Id if I had to reincarnate, not in that bitchas of human,

Bo intro



To suffer more from doing or not doing.

One suffers from doing nothing ‘to help’ a world, a thing, that is dying.

Oneself? And qwaht about pro priority. One cannot save oneself it something is left deliberately abandoned and if this is in worse shape than the energy life’s given, to make life a paradise come true and in reality. Spring.




in religious the caste representing the one having to undertake celibate, in order to rehabilitate the normality and desirability of a life without having to pursue the maintenance of a sexual relationship by any means: giving time, imagination, money, comfort, children…

b o




Sometimes one could wish being god when they realize that humanity is at the break of its vanishing, being exploded or diluted. One will adopt the utmost serious in oreder d orror, order, orer, to wish that be stopped theses insanities.


Humility is good, when you understand that the only thing you can is to be the better you can, that never finishing into being more than super trained from time to time, restricted to your super atomistic you dumb area, if any good results out of that.



A shadow entering your bedroom, through thetree in the garen garden dancing, is a ghost.



Revealing is question of timing. Creation. An idea, a storage, a reworking, an editing, an issuing, when will get the target get the reading?

Action, reaction, events, atmosphere, angel dust.



Bi, bye.

Of course it would say that the society is too advanced secru security and norms speaking; for people whose sole thought that destroy the other simple happiness is a dream.

B o



The beliefs products of other believes, conditions, reactions, situations.

I am a lesbian vegan, feminist, atheist, and bouddhist… and notion of marriage as long as I don’t get lay will make me laugh or cry for the prisoners till I stifle myself with still having to breathe hetero dumpiness.



Compare to the others that are so crippled withing their homes that they have to believe god reincarnate to cope with their own people wanted them and all others as shoe shiner, not even the guy, the black and white chemical comical  polishing.





Rights and situation on the redress.



Brought up, borough.

Borrow. Burrow.



It is when one sees troubles.

That the ability at saving seeing other things might decuples.








would think any species around our dumps



homos said to manage their choices only when they are rich to propel the frustration and despise of the people, well-off or not, those of the castrated. It is fun to mob ablation and circumsition for what one is free. And do you think htat the circumsice woman to who you say don’t wear your traditional clothes, will believe that north countires attires would have help in any case her woes, unhappiness, and pauperisation?


Us that make slavery a primordial conditions.

Whence the guettho, sir, and the countries in separation, the rich with the rich, the poor with the poor, and if one trespasses it is the end of ti s obvrall overall conditions.


The Indians speak hard, but what about them melting richessess with extreme poverty, are their worlds to recreate the atmosphere of untouchability create by guetthoisationa and estate the other side of the continents?


One can establish intellectual, menta, psychique relation with an animal. It suffices to understand the absolute necessity at stopping harming them.

And for vegetables? One can do the same.

So why to become vegan? Because furher more to telepathy one can relate to another aniamal by moving and by using similar organs.

Even though if I was a scientifist the first of my concern would be to create food without to have to kill or to derpive them of liberty nor animal more vegetable.



To live for art enable the taker tasker to see artistic forming in every say.

The part of the typing, the pattern it is on a screen or on a sheet shaping, every hump or heap, an occasion for shadows and their drawings.



To be cold ashay shy and one of its grand pleasure to be cold whilst drawing thrill over it.


very easy, it is the way you cook that counts.

being vegetarian in london is easy and cheap.

there is thousands ingredients, spices, all sort of herbs, veg, fruits, roots, pulses, beans, dry fruits, nuts, milk…roasted, stews, steamed, fried…

it is what i thought to be unable to have a good diet without meat. after reading a score of book about vegetarianism you realize that you will get healthier.

i saw cows in meadows, i saw them going to the slaughter houses, i saw them being kept for years and years giving their milk for humans and be not like but kill when they were getting older other this job. i quit. blood makes me sick. physically, mentally.




When you do good, you are getting your body and soul ready to enter any sign of the life you fight for an dwith. Width.



To criticize enough to make one’s children understand that thre is something not to reproduce.

When disorder are welcome inside a family. Frame, farm, mily age.



You know what it is the malevolent definition of power?

Slaves ownership.

On property the way it is thougth and extended




The big danger in a deep reshuffle on economic model would be to hate luxury. What is to be hated is the accumulation of it when this luxury means poverty, exploitation, depletion,….you name it.

The bigger morbidity is to consider invention, creation, production, even money as an devil in itself and then treat creativity and plurality adn the long work and freedom that permits it like if they were to stop, or to suppress or to abandon…without those humanity is devoid of humanity- human search.

B o



it is true it is not fair if you know that people cannot cope properly with being attached to another person, but on the contrary I think that difference in feeling is treated like a disability and I think that it is the real damage in our society. I explain, it is so many times that people won’t finally melt because of this divergence of view points, and it is for that, that everything become so complicated, so acute, so pathologic maybe. I don’t think it is a big thing not to have the same maturity or experience or even though you know that people don’t expect the same than you, should it be compulsorily a problem forcibly forbidding the extention or the trials at building a relation, justly made of new adjustments. Life in one world, as long as you know that the others won’t suffer from it, or perhaps that one will have more goods to have done it than troubles. People search for their ideal, even when they think about average comfort, but still one from a dream, a preconption , this = ideally.



The impossibility of being just as if you criticize both clans, one will find themselves under the protection of none.

Also to say something relevant, one has to inspect, which has become in our very dangerously portioned, partitioned, discriminatory, inequal society, very dangerous to do. Each parcel of the terriotoires, geographic like legalistic, having become total no man’s land but Mafiosi, and the nini that serve them, politicians and people.

Epopee? Prison inside which no one would dare a peep, if they were to have to accent uate it.

U ate?


To make believe, brainwash mouth and tongue into saying what?

On the safety side, one truth, each person it is to god they belong.

And ceareful of the day it will have to take back its progeny. To whom has been being stealing.

The joke risks to be less amusing, cosensualing, combining, grasping, grinning, griming, grinding, groining, or hilarious.



On luxury. Sensibility. To eat their super one will have to change their spoons or if want silver take care of bringing it with them. And if they want 5 stars each time, then all their salaries will have to be spent.



To cl collect the ogj objects in order to recreate environment ane and famlily.



To become “theirs”, to meet “the”.




What fear humans is thought not turn towars them.

Which is amsusing because they focus emotionally on thought, whilst all their creation are used or are by nature, what will destroy their ends and aims.

B o




At the time of the inquisition, the witches for their gifts that the people pretended, were tortured and killed, in quite that order, for them not to forget. The results on them afer after death, sincerely, let to wonder.

Surely, they stay in their covens not by naivety, even though let guess, that killed and hung by the vo borough for this kinda felony a, or the wonder would, will remain.

Ti was not by naivety they were still in their maisonette, it was by sheer, basics, human need.

Hoping to be ther real one that would eat the humans, not being but rotten, not humane save their doll, up; necesseraly would have been. Will.





Hid dole.



The better that some may have done, could have been, to manage to kill some, and use their elixir, long time prepared and held tight near, for the torture be performed on their corpse happy before end to have quit their bands and bonds. Suicide would not have been a sin on this cocky occasion. The right to reproduction should be abandoned.





Any way, now people will be better living with the devil, I meant above all now, since it had been outwitted. That they so long pretend to not wanting bad whilst performing worst. Not wanting to hear different, up to no voice. Or in fact hearing them but to let men being the parasite for mean, I mean,human, it is in this manner than woman will obtain formal equality, yes to go out and perform officially, legally, formally, what they did unofficial, under no morn, norm, or recording. Be the suckers, the great deniers, denial. Deny all.

It is why men are traditionally attracted by sex, like it is by an easy lay. By an I utopy that would need only its an easy pay.



People will finally say, that everyone can have that. But to welcome it one has to be for the role try perfect. Sorry but one is even when playing open after the blows are gone, not entitled to jealousy or make it appear to be cool, or what will be missing? Who fills empty? Filly?

Or maybe has one a fright of being eaten, doing that, just met by that woooould in one flash of a regard, slash and slay?

Or in only have to realize that in one’s room the death under one’s horror shape has sneaked, and is hovering, reigning over up to heart’s beats and grey matters’ breathing brief.

It is not how it will enter, it is the way you wll admit of it your, or other ones’ desire or pervious previous give up, in, over, on to, ? other preoposition. Other transition. Which preparations?

And thereofore one’s spirit yielding on it simple view of having met in the shape they recognise the pur devfil.

But one question one has to ask all around: who is today the inquisition?



Humans believe in devil and behave like ones in saying to get rid of it, and to heal themselves from it?

Who are they, the humans? Not intelligent beast, the least that should be said.




To look for being monogame, as much as monotheist.

But who would be faithful to an ecclesiast that would follow the scriptures on what they have as a magie?



And if earth wasw the purgatory with the potential of finishing hell whilst having the one of opening paradises?

You should start condoming  or stoning the homos, stunning. You might be late for the great common pourpse, pose. Picture,  pic, maybe?






Reproduction under the form of a machine that one will ply, and plug, thinking the partner deem of being a parent, perhaps a partner.

Proscri.nating. ?




When people speak about the devil or about god, like if they were not to fear, like if they own it, they are the pity. Pittance.


People don’t love no more, it is too difficult and too dangerous to surpasser being abandoned or worse conned. Ot live an illusion??


K dillusion as a keepsake taker. Under.




An economic and social exploitation of the proletariat caused by wage systems that devalue the work of the labourers in order to create profit for the capitalists.

Patrick haiden (2001) on marx.

An economic system that devalue work as owork has to perform dumily, and what is bringing money is obedience amounting to aut o destruction, as the way one work is dangerous for humanity, or even the more you do that without scrupules or at a higher scale the more one own. By anyone is capitalist nowadays it is like religion.




It is perhaps when the bodies are naked that they resemble each other the most, has the breeze enter it and the flesh bear this sensitivity and toughness, this impermability, this throughountess and though emcombre and connectivity, that make her humanize.








“His long earlobes symbolize the wisdom of the ages”.









a propos this paragraph I don’t know about examples precisely. I insert it in order to balance the fact that I found the tackling conspicuously absent. I still think that it has to  be left in the essay in order to make apparent the fact that I realize that diplomacy employs more discreet means, that international politics will be benevolent in creating ties enabling genocides to be averted, but I am not able to produce any references for this, maybe?

Or could I suppress it as I ve got to many words?

Time through creation of mind. No possibly recording it, acting on it with profusion, ties tic its evasion.




“there is no economic justification for this measure.”

Lexibase dictionary, Collins eds.




Being in love with you, was the equivalent of a horse being in love with its fly.



This coast that is now a landscape of desolation. Like a forests that had vecome plains through pesticidication, herbicidication.



“Maybe was it an illusion, but if you believe in this illusion enough, this can make you achieve, or recreate what you saw of the jewels of the situation.”



She said she did not find my messages, tit, but I did not want to start blamer the electronic, as I know that, ore had a severe doubt about her inventing it or to annoy me with derision, or to send me away, while decontracting her through sobbing it laughty.



The popular myth, created by the same person, that would slay the hero, if they could act this way.

To make believe to some liberation, just to ease up, to smile towards the trught truth a ltitle bit.

But one would really start operating towards a just redistribution, that he would been made killed by the one that applauded their images heavily. Tales and tall, tolled and told.



Like a cat walking on snow. Purity.



We know we are dead; but still one has to die with dignity.

And optionally without being tortured too many hours before.



I always thought that the last thought I would have was about this woman I loved so much without it being clearly reciprocal even a tiny bit. And it is now that I know I can think myself as a writer, as when I think of going, and that comes this shroud that blacken my exhaustion, I open my eyes more and say no, I have still to look after my lines, pages, I still have this caution.



I am not one of that say I am not racist, but am not one of whom that has to suffer from this.

I am not discriminatory, but I am at this position that fuel slavery.

I am not homophobe, by bye, I am not one.

I am human.



When I hear people saying they are not for homos, like one say that they are not for you to simply life, in your brain rush the killing spree adrenaline.

I am not saying that I would correct them because let’s hope they are dummies on this subject and would change their minds if there not prostitutes and dirty, but then they say that into your face I would think that a big slap right in the face, wood do of good plenty.



One can feel from here grinnings, all convenience, all connivance, all around. it is not saying fight to make people live in order them to suit servility, it is saying fighting for living the love that stirs everything that life will sustain.

Finally it is in this name that one shall calm down, as the losing battle is for this porks that don’t have developed their brain enough to understand they are prepared to back up slavery, and if they have developed enough, what other stuffs in them are in the ramping, empty souls by meanness and weakness and subservience guided. Mind, ya, it is pornographic enough, this boyes and girls insulting others for desiring each other. Prostitute, stock, it is like that that your lot have been brought up, in the view of fornicating with your own and sole community. A culture of Congenitally limited.





Not to have realized that one is bi, be, because of not having found the ones with whom unlimited trust would permit it. And also stay in one’s own old trends, as not ideal in one’s territories, the one that one has taken time to idealize, and through which idealisation that has brought good consequences of this having being dreamt.




Stop writing, what I write, is my holly child. What do you think that books were brut burnt, or that simply the work on which human beings spend so much time is completely alienated, completely dirigist, compelling people to do stuff that are bad. Humans are they?



To be compelled to assassin people if they are the ones torturing people, owning people, slavering people, capti capitalizing people, and that nothing more than this is left to defend self and body.

Will one have to gun, or blade, or find the point, the one that just need to be pierced or torn for that may begin the mercy. But still a question with dna.

To do it in silence, to do it in the manners that cannot be spotted at once, leaving not trace but for an autopsie.

But still cctv.

Do humans need assassination, do they?

Mind assassination digital will be, don’t it?



The concept of denizens, as the citizens is endow with the possibilities and opportunities to slavage and loot other peoples an people, whence the need for discrimination and nationalism.



Complicity whithing generation, intimacy to death, pass over, hand over, of the wisdom that one brings to have been faced by it.

tu sais dans ma petite tete j ai touhours cru dure comme fer que tu me protegais, pas aqe tu m enfoncais.

Et puis sit u penses que de te faire traiter comme un triton, avec un peu moins de cerveau qu une salamander est suffisant pour retablir une moyenne quandje realise que j ai ete  prise comme le plus minable des ref e ref rejection ref rejetons, et bien non.

Tu m excuseras j ai du travail, donc c est pas de la retape.



This liking killing spree. Some people might give the best they have and be treated like the refuse of the community. By organsiations and people only wanting to take the piece out of it.



The means of violence, all condone by human organisaiton, will out date all human reason.



Read  litterautre work and to have to connect with the context in which the author, through and by which the author expressed- art universality. Art is not about an individual playing but about the relationship implied in having played, and having listened to this convergence, another one, the one of the present, the one of the readers, recalling. It is in that a prouesse on energy, by intellectualisation and its content, backgrounds, and the way they have been contented, triggered.



The people should be in the maturity stage of believing that the combats they are simulating are for fconsequences a play, just one play, in just one corner of a school play yard, where one can redress habing gone too far, oin one good lectures and sublime them in a series of seminars. Maturation?




Marriage and houses, representations ofr the ones supposedly in the society dominant.???.

To be on top of the down? Amusing racing of emasculation all over, but still reproducing.



The rape by men that don’t understand they could be raped, would be attend to look for them having pleasure through the anus, of through having to perform whatever they don’t socially like; they have sepdd so many hours to say they dislike. And when they have no choice but relax it, come back to a violent, violating, way of making it feel = objective pain in view of physical scars added.


The lesbians as their females are threatened by heterosexuality enforcement would know how to rape. The way were you would not like the females to be hetero no more, unless you want someone teaching you gay sex by not with love, with revenge as you ruin every couples, every natural love, from having the potential rapist played. Rape on a rapist? Not too much dildo, but truncheon in the mind would expand and finish being compel having to behave according to one’s neighbour greed and feed.








Are you all right, right, right, right?



Merci quand meme de t etre reve rebeller contre ces merdeux de paysans et de bourges en meme temps, et de m avoir finallement tres rapidement laisse porter le type de vetements que je voulsais, que j aimais porte









They will play as well the way of tolerating until they can crush homosexual up to lock them in red quarters; to agree for them to do what the untouchables used to.

On that there is a solidarity coming back on enemies, the danger homos, as they are in the beds simply paying through what they call marriage, mari, age=triage ravage, those zeros.



People so conspicuous in there lack of respect behaviour, were still welcome as a study on what were echafauding others more discretely



When they say adamantly they need a man for itis situation, I could well be to say to the others you won’t do that, too dangerous, no, it rather being restrained and a cuckold ad vitam eternam, as lonas as its mates are agreeing.




Having been the fruit of international diversifying themselves, not recalling all the horrors and certainly all the marvels that have been occurring, saying that classic music is not black is as untrue as saying it is not white, the opportunities of having made it belonging to the world, as it is the consequences of interrelation sand support.




The comtemporary mass murders (yougo, Rwanda) certainly being now the recrudescence for private collection as they are for the London museum, the of the foreing art and civil–isations.



An they invent the laws and in order that the people know that law was an existing concept were harsh to talk about it. And one day means of implementing more accurate and systematic, and then they did not decide to change their laws according to the frame of grace that god provided, but frankly regress in implementing more and more without soul, more and more with killing all humans, as modernity wanted its slaves to go as cruelty permitted to represent on earth a human chief without humanity, or nothing doing with that is alive but to kill what else has a life: the demons, the wrong ones that are not demons for not being humans but demons for make believing that everything is shit, oneself excluding.

They are not people, they are not person, they are SELF. Serf.

In not saying that the self is ungood, but is what is law without conscience of others’ blood.



The power that burnt the eyes as when you look up presumptiabily thinking that god for you, yoyo, would be.  In the sense of arriving and that one could received its abundance.

Give up, or let one self go.



The shadows of my old masters, of my old granny, comin g back from my force while hers would agree.


Agree, gear.

Agrees, rise.



Idealism, ideas.

Into fruction. Contradictions? Insults to intelligence, diabolisation of the connexion. Between let people ruin other people, and other people ruins individuals.


Politics. Maybe the other countries



It was not guilty trip, it was inner introspections.






Nationalism comes from the fact that since bad things is left to be done, lavishly at home, one fear other people coming in for doing the same things.




  1.     Critically discuss the difference between social and political emancipation with reference to Marx.
    in this question.

Sorry I really like to know as I did not manage to answer by myself as much as I was reading the core texts, as social emancipation never appears. When you say “social emancipation” are you talking about what Marx called “human emancipation” or specifically about “civic emancipation”?- about which if so I would understand why marx required special support and attention.

Also, would I be right to link directly concept of emancipation, and of autonomy, (liberty, equality?) and by exact contrast, inversion or contrary concepts of alienation?

Subsidiaries: {Could they be interchangeable? Or what would be the limits of their interchangeability?}

(also from last time) What I d like to know is: at the end of the essay one does not need to establish a biography, or do they? Is referencing author and date inside the body of the essay enough?

Besides, would it be possible for you to answer me concerning academic matters, at least one time in ten?

About H.I  just now have I to hope that your silence expressed your consent.



The conscience, the awareness of this cast, this bundle of shadows. That take a go, that fake it, fate.

Social, amongst others, fake. Weight.



Shatter a object, as one would like this burst to stop the bubble forming in his frame of spirit and body, a set.
 for nina books.




To bring upon onelself a cushion, a pillow. Recovering one’s body in what could be the weight of another person on sa laying down, over, slightly.



Their trick of offering an attitude to promiscuity, of quasi proposal of prostitution, that was hany handy as they could see who did not like them, or that, as uncontrably emotional was the reactions.

This working when one has a special power over people and play the dominant like that since the others will have to hide their disgust.





He was claiming someone raped his wife, for not saying himself rape his daughter.



To stay not for the customers, no for the trades, but for the girls whith whom an atmosphere of solidarity, of no oone was treating you as shit, with whom you had this time where no one is judging, just making sure you have a great time, free, amusing and laughing. A protection, an affection, regular, a passion.




To exhibit his natural bisexual is very dangerous, as one is naturally more trusty of one sex, not because one sex is more trustable, but because due to the caricature of the functions, the need of the persons that adjust better to the needs of a particular sex will ask of a situation will render the cooperation, not more dependable, but at least more bearable, also it is easier in this context of segregation to engage with one or the othe r sex in hoping that what we expect doing shall be in better harmonisation.

Ex, I like cooking, or what I do better is cooking, I envisage complete collaboration and long term one with the one tha t are liable to need or desire it.

To decide to trust the other sex about which one is not socially pre arragnedly arrangedly attract is a bet. Of higher stake, which will comprise other notions on which, over which, one won’t have direct actions, such as the fact that this person won’t the other person to mend a shelf, activity one don’t want to ve be investing in…stuff like that.

Or the simple fear of social segregation, meaning that the relation is not duel, but is melting with parameters of tiers persons grantings and observation.

an aggregation.



To have stop drinking so much, the moment they realize streets were not all fun.


Hetero, homo.

Om, et,

Company and co. &.



The prostitutes were putting aside, a shame they are not given a chance to show, to make the people they want them to go back, how much for not having to do that for the others, they would attack.

Or yes, they are let so, but not to the people that want them, that want prostitution to go on, but leeways are let for the people to attack other people, leeways are permitted, organised, supervised, reinforced, built-on by people wanting prostitution to go on.




The se people that are brought up judgint the leat of th e dust they could find of their neighbour, their neighbour I say because it is not related to the work than they have to share, because if they were finding a poor person not being able to cope with real dirt, kilos of dirts pouring by the same exclusion they polish, they would not help a little bit, nor they help to em better the humans’s and their institution.





To say that he was a mother, but to say that as this person is a mother for him. Prssure ultime.


People whose functionment, as as simplist as the society, hide what of our status of globla intelligence and losing ground as an euphemism for broken lay.



People as frighten by the ghosts and vampires as they are of the spiritual sphere.

It is not modernity but rush towards history with for only superstition unanihilated those of the money.

Who’ll devor ?



Homosexuality emelt with prostitution as they are the sole place in certain place where you can be free sexualy, not tali talking about being allowed to toruture.






You are for me the singing the she wolves, for whom I felt, whom that make me desire an operture to the skies, and bridge between everything and the sun and the stars, eternal.




The human spirit is carthesian. To follow the proofs of the materials made them scientists and master a little on several matters. Not prioritarily follow the air where proofs was not regular, substantial, re provalble, reproductible, dependable, reliable, countable, blabla, have ensure their survival, though the abandon of the thought, of the spiritual to the unique and ovec obcessional handing over materials, and without spirituality, without the animist needed to prolong life in her harsh nutshell, will bring them to the same destruction they inflict of their one type, neuro moon, nazi mazo mono type of product, suction.


And it is that they will comfortably conform to this carthesianism, that naive animal called the way thy are organised, politics.

Politics are the way all is officialy kept secret. That is to say even though every one knows they are being conned’ as long as proof, measurable, bringable in front of a jury, proof that will be proved not having been fabricated- which is logically practically impossible, if not complety-

Without these burdens of proofs, populations will go on being abused for thousand years without their brain telling them we have to react, as we have been taught for centuries that we are not worth it, worth of this life, if we sign up for being or owning slaves.

Con fiend entiality. Entity, enhancability.





Love is not the what we do, as dry matter is the tool fo the fight and cast of the mould around shapes, but love is hole and whole inspiration.



One cannot call leisure the essay at , the trials at understanding human nature, or nature of all other themes. It is called life pending, life tending.

This society of abundance try to reach one point, thei s comprehension, understanding, avoidance. By being slave onto producing tools for comfort, but no space for nature defending.

Contra production of modifying, or shape as our restrict by orders have imagined.




The fire in the eyes, expressing a light of the furor, the have to live, the fight and desire so subsistence.

Not having it as the foyer of our thoughts has gone where we haven’t followed.

To be the right body weight may help in the sense that the body has to be alert, for food adequation, if the soul on other sphre and summit might be expert.

Expire. Extasy, expect. Exert.

Ex nihilo



She could not love me, then I became in love with emptiness, with death indefinitely.




The empty that s empara d of her when she in a day of boredom asked me.

Not that I cannot cope being only friend, but after loves promises not only. Yes? Love? No? Crush sand witch course

After promises a termination is ok, but what if you laughed at your prey?


You, but how many time women have trigger the moon light to beam my soul folly of attaining nothing but the menace of finitude in eternity monopoly?



To do semething againand again not by stubbornness, because of waiting to know the underlying common pattern. The rivers of what is to be addressed, the main engine and its distresses. Intertwined, unravelled.



To believe is not enough in the sense that to believe without withdrawing one’s weight each and every time things are not 100% alright is in fact fuelling the exact opposite for what we are supposed to bring effort for, weaving for, ot to produce bad vibs.

Believe is dangerous when you don’t believe enough to put yourlittleself at risk. Believing become propagandist of one scheme of lies, stealing up to the power of raising. The only existent in live.


When one attends a plants they know that its waving is at them thought. As she is waiting for the water or all what she needs to thriving, her moves go towards the hands that makes her grin. Roeare. Roar, ore. Gold goad.

God, prick? Goad, sake the prodige keen.








Treasure of humanity, feminity.



Homowsexuality banned as naturally one feels in love (and maybe in toatal subversion if the things one does is always in direct relation with one’s life’s love- to bring extra contentement, to keep things going, not at the best since artificially, sell oneself) with the other one that has the saem activities.




Be ware of when people are inconditional of things they love, as inconditionality means that they react of by fear of another unsaid danger, or because they prais one thing by want of knowing it.

Example, to be so praiseful about a father, with whom one does not speak with or work for, the same for a politics party.

Or in order to keep what is really done in or confidentiality, or in a state of being uncritisability, to partner? Patern-alistically running it.

Why parternalitsically, pretending it being without a fault? To profit from it. Pro-feet?? Run? Proffer.



To live around objects, to use and depend on one’s tools is sufficient to be aware of wailed wise animism. So what happens?



And if jesus, mary, Joshep, Magdalena was the same fact-et, the facet of a same personage?

Why none reacted byt emotionally to the cruxifiction, like if their bodies were as tied as the one surrounded, whipped, and unfreed.



To love and live for someone, as to show, that be recongize life’s time achievemeht.




Slut, said what, lay, which, saddick.

Cock croockery ditch.




Person, Perse phone,



To depend of one’s instinct like one depends of its good and venerable streak as well as one will fall from is badly leading leaks.



The belly as the circle of life.that you have to leave empty in order to her hear, but loose my weight in mine let me, before lecturing you, altogether with the slmis. L slims.

It wants vengeance, it is what have stomach or guts means. Vengeance in the sense of pay tribute to live.



People leave their fashos express themselves against minorities, as for these half breed, the fashos as much as any of us, average humans discivilized, they have to find a way to express? As half cut, treat as citizens hybrid, how coulw we resolve problems, an y of them, were we to have true and non discriminatory claims?



Poufta? I am one, at least I would like, but be honest resit resist the peer pressure is too difficult.

Resist, sister.


In a relationship.

If you possess the ability at exiting, prompting, you possess too those at

calming, pondering.

In – ter – action.

Ter and double play.

Remedy and/or its poison.

Der. Ter. Don’t worry nor argue too much it is just Latin.


Deter, ter = three and terra = land and soil on earth, and

Der =terminate.


To create one unity.

The artist or scientist has to link what they have found according to

what they feel is the main interaction.

They in fact put together what have stricken them with the help of the

type of energy they, at this occasion and stage, met.





A propos, the French former hegemony coming from being the main

remain of the Latin mastery.

Lyrics and elaborated grammar.

No, it is just the privatization of up to my grand-ma, which leaves us

voiceless, deprive of roots, references or chiefs. Or the chance of

belonging to a just society, just fragmented to the point that the break

down of units render no one able to report about the condition of their

humanity- you get the sack if you want to follow the few good laws that

are supervised by ??? Santa-clauss and still if you write your letter

about what is missing, the address of the Gestapo is the one receiving.

You loose your job if you want to speak a bit more than what you are

told to be paid. Privately Deprive of dignity.




I use to feel all my days taken by you.

I gave myself now. Nothing that I could not do.

More than thinking, I know.

And since this gift is up to me, as my life is for you my jewelry.

Anything may happen, my heart, my god, death and sufferings.

All can come since you are infinity.




Unemployment? No jobs. But increasing undone work of resources






Why to let people die from hunger in nazi camp.

Along side trainin an army of deshumanized people, in human why?

To watch people killed by oneself every day, whose family has subit the same fate, is to look for the supernatural to act, as mind in this circomstances will release to the last its being revolted .

But aroa. Arian,





as the lesbian as for brother gay men, she would say of course I am myself a poufta. Poufa, but sorry sorry fraterntity as a gay man I am not free.



To overcome oen’s handicap, permit to know how to do something else, and special as you have to find another ways than other’s to make it, or that you will have to try and perform something one thousand times instead of one, and that will make you master of it. But not master of the simple stuff you have made, just master because it appears simple but it is with it htat are done mistakes and lure lulls.


And the people with andicaps about whom every one knows that their understanding is perfect, like the rest of us, understanding, aware the moment they will focuse on what other fold folks do, in order to participate,


What is missing is the way one can communicate what they perceive, but another question, is what they perceive communicable, namely would human beings already manage to find oworlds to describe what has been seen?

How to explain new concepts, how to explain the fragement fragment of some other place about which other people never had a glance, or never try to develop thei explorations or believes?

And final question would other humans be equipped at revelation, at receiving the comprehension, would other humans have this special tools, at probing what the differently able do?

sensor ial




cunte and maria.



To chose to be a man or a woman should be a privat matters. To chose what one wants to do in the society and to chose what one to do while choosing their sexual or life time partner.



In singing there is a lot to do with the position of your body. Also if you make your face angry and open your arms like if you were 18 stones, then your voice will raise manly, even if you are a little woman of 7. Still have to be willing positioning as a ogre. And not as an ogress or she wolf. But study of postion will tell longer of the resonance that eh other general artificial alparenece, namely clothes, make up, and beard that you cut for it to grow harder every day. Or hair youwill defoil.



It is only an opinion, but having said that these people should be drawn down to what opinions make laws put to others have went through. Just down to that, and they may start to aprpreciate what an opinion is.

I would drawn you down where your values put others and their toddlers, Liberal tolerance of puta.


yes, i have to focus on reading, when i have dead line it become as franzy as stubbornly mentaly vague or dull, fond, confused, intense but then exhausted.


do you really manage to do all of these at the same time? i mean do you have still a personal life? i manage to do quite a lot but because i gave it all. Or what I found out is that people taking a lot of responsibilities when they finally don’t attend them, are to the others’ life gun down.





To hers.




but human rights is about to fight for the other’s lifes, all others, even the hypothetical one, is why on this ‘existing order’ it is made, virtually impossible without being like a drop in the cyclone have(n). nave. navel.naviguate.



dike, dig, rig, ring.


Man ranking himself as the highest being but not through it shad, having to respect the realm but pretending that its actions don’t have an impact, as if all what they will be doing were a boon in itself, as a matter of fact. Sick.

Ok for having to test…, but test are on the range of the spiritual, test on the mundane is life threatening, and also should be the aim of everyone to abandon.




Height, high test, gh host, highest, ale, altess,


You know what is dangerous with you, is that you say to people what they are doing it rubbish, as you were told of your own products, as you think of your own products.

But to whom are you talking?

To b people that have been prevented, bullying into not doing them. You were allowed evenincentived to do, perhaps you ad to change them alterate them even though, you are talking to people that have been made estrange to their capacities at such creation or realizaition…it is to what serve introspection, of not being dangeoursly unawares of its chances and stunts trauamatisms and florishment, and implementations.



To play the queer, not from being real one, not because being queer means you are not straight, no meaning that behaving like a queer mena mean menace. Mean that you are not straight forward, no.



But behaving like a queer like what you are adopting is the if you behave like a queer it means that you are not straight.

Meaning: behaving as such in order to hide some hypocrisy, not because you are a queer but because you think you are not but t simply using this way in order to represent the way it is conceptualised as a behaviour related to being unfranck, s disguised, concealing , hiding.

So say by that look I am concealing, but concealing it ins  pretending that you could be a queer, instead of saying no I pretend to myself that I am not but I adopt some of these behaviours as I recongiszed them myself for being considerate being a possible way of disfranchisement, franchise, also I am still straight for letting them know by indirect code that I reacted twisted.



Development as human development is constraint, economical one is dopped, to give this sensation of content, of works, or animation, of achievement. Surrounded a by a always renewed material that has something to say, as we did to those you are the ones to be replaced.



I slam,



“the veil”t hat is in western traditions the habits and suits of females vampires, ghosts reigning over a harem or brother that slam or bang brother and bore in their esteem marriage as a brothel.

, to

But careful as ideology as good as they are, are theory with multiple, well repartied, problems to be realized, to be solved, and that is it is not done, and who will, who is gonna?? Because below these ideology, as good and well thought, and respectyous, and god willing, and human sensitive, and nature loving, they are not beyond, as at roots are us, just for not having ever at their measures? But above all at the measures of what teh courage we have, have effectively been given, what did we do with the all common and so sensical sense? We are dying, but in our lifes came across, and first with our parents, et cetera, with ideology that will separate us, but for what? Did we realize them at all? Would love, intraseque love for all fold folders, folks would have impeach us to try and raise some ideals?

Would not ideals teach that whenever possible, complete, not only superficially, not only partially, not only on surface. Not, only.

Would not ideals teach that whenever possible and done, any human would to prefer being under real protection and respect and dign, would have won?

Let’s not forget by unrealized ideology the ones with whom we have shared, and share life and thus love.

Love is the unexplained energy enhancing going on.




But still I dwon’t write for whom who read everything, for whom that know that we aere blocked, that policies are but sold words.

I am not writing for whose who think that it is still ok, because they will make their pensions. So for whom I am writing but the one condems t o illetiracy.

Or the one whose stupor before such dishonesty are lost for words. The front.



The guerriesr the soldiers will be asked when to make their song of vainaequors their spirits. They will tell you when the win is strong when the wind is burte, when he dicates  efforts.

When the tempest is around, bushinh you bushing me, puahing pursue none of us if not will be free. All of us? It is why one won’t say we are free, but only my soul that will think the end is when I belong to exploit. But not when I am exploited to war unjust. When does a war unjust?



When the wind is fresh, when the wind is flesh.


You would nesve have been ninterestested if we did not meet to meet? Why do you stay, why do you commit?

A survivor.



She says she is passive, I was asking her to answer when she wanted my passion




The next war, the next door, as after all that, they want to attack true literacy and the choice with words, sentences, rhythms, themes, perspectives. Whatever might you move and think…in harmony. In and out reason. Reason for nick and then the reason of reso r restauration is gone. Reason is perverted.



We are made for each other. Both same t ethny and socio professional salary.

eThny not for the culture but the fashion one is coerces.



Review or revoldt.



They are jealous, I would say that they would like to have it. Ha ok to have it in doing nothing. Get it.



They are jailous.



Je-aal = je = I in French               jeal = I am all.



She was yelling the story of her childhood when by certain kinda of event she was hypnotesysed enough to let her vod body uncontrolled,

AS it haven’t healed, as the horrors of the past never have been bla balanced by a present that could say, look if we had now know, then, the horrors of your past, press, meida media of your awareness, your sufferings we ll have expelled. We will haeexpelled? No would, now we, will, would have expeleed. Peeled.

Eith with people she was around, contour. Control contra. Leave leave the spirit will be in charve of that.



Animals, plants, stones, the voice of the nature, and saltimbanque of the man that god raising a want to tend. To diviede humans like several casts, now everything is promiscuous one will cat cast division inside their womb. And if you say, well it b tomb. One gesture of protection and you are down. Cast away will become the primate.

Omb or ombr = shadow.





Champanzees in clothes and well shaved has finally be entirely own by what they were robbing talking lound about their inventions. The patterns that they were reproducint out to f of looting and animal testing, whilst they should have to start talking with the mice, they start toruturing.

So what will have them to do to enhance their findings? Like in porno or prostitution addiction when the level of saccage always rise along side with pretention.

Anyhow humans reace is finally finished, that maybe it will create mutans, but the day one won’t belong to them will be a day of extreme onction.

A yes, let’s stay politce, onctuous.



B nothing, not hing. No door? Outdoor? Well byond one thinks it is that the media, introspection or revelation mediatation is banned from ba. G below.

As people don’t haven’t asked god, they well just be doing self servicing from the garden. Although, sorry for not mentioning other religions, I spend time at schools learning catholic archives of blames, and also the others religions don’t speak of me too much without depriving me of my equal rights, similar to the mice one think better at extortion, from the garden that was paradise previously due to the fact that e people adn animals were living in harmony.




Arranged marriage to ensure security” in order to establish and strike a social consensus, you marry my children and our family become linked…and auto protection beingable to clalm down possession…money exchange, trophy, contract, agreement, always they have been dimplomatic.



What if the treatment humans being administred were serving as blue print o how other ps species, alien or not, would treat them in return?

I hope that your dog has been more than petted.

They can be be healthy vegetarian by the way, let’s set freedom.



Problem after this impetus of hope and redressment. Other species are in their mind have to put the human straight and down, they will be sorry about not being in position of refining their attacks.



Not ressembling anyone of th efamilly, but thinking that we have the character of the one that saves us’ and at the same time smelling his odour, the one of granddaddy who have gone ten years earlier. Chemical body. Spiritual.

And though thinking that all life stems pertains to an odour, the tat taste of life and its foreign distant flavour. Ompmipotence of the distinct to be discovered as a present, the gift, the traces, whithout which one is no more with which constructs him as a childish.



To die as one agrees with not going on more through the way they are treated, the way the know or feel or imagine other people or life is suffering.



To think of the future, is the only way to look at the present in relief and dimentsion.

And have been redeeming the past as much as have permitted visions. Envision?


-Is it what you think about humanity?

-Not oding doing as much as thinking.

I don’t think, I see.



Would women been considered as not conductive without a bidimensional nature, as religion has to represent holiness that marriage were representing a danger of emotional conductiveness, competition of reproductive mess and mate mater, if of so males should not get married in order not to have to be specially protected. And a male unmarried representing the ful fluctuence in gender,as being a priest, entity protective contrary to physically combative.



Active in sex because you don’t open leg, and passive because you do. Inappropriate therm.



Read religious texts all the time as you need to remind, that the sole element of ser security, non volatility, not commiting actions, that cannot be rewarded, rewarding, to postpone, annul, that you are in fact containing so much anger and infidiliy, that the streets and homes are full of the possibility of blowing up in front of tauting and si disarray, read religious at all the time to calm down the tic thac o fth  time.

Bombing I f unleash, reminding that we are mere working extract. Not to think we are not worth better, but remind that efforts at containing at caling clalming as much as they are flat, if sincere, will work.

And the anger of constating that instead of your effort to help be taknen as so, they are taken if they were easier to target and looting.

Jesus, offered its other cheek, in order not its followers to be hit. Toe be, hint?



To play music in order to wai t and call inspiration to slip new notes and game in it.

Like the wrier writer spends her time reading, and listening to the echoes of it. Rehearse.



Shortness of live is the stock of humility , manage nothing more than live the utmost in counting the potential days left for trying to insert one’s work: unfinished.



Women as castratrice as they might have been the object of all love, conjugal, filial, or divine, for only to realize after thousands blood battle that they did not love you.

But maybe better the one that d beat her son.



It is why it is so sexu sexy attitude it is because notwithstanding the instant pleasure of an intercourse, the other perspective are insincere.



If helping people would equate to solituede, who would come to rescue, support, strenghen or cousel?

Who would helpe the helper, as if world is world it is because help does.




Good and refine, and standing the ime time plan come from a wide range, the wider possible of examination, and divergence view point of classification .



I was insulting her, as she revealed my lives’ nightmare, and even more so from having encountered my denial as what did I have to love but spiting despair?

The one I now would love. And guardianship.




Talking to one’s? Spirit as if they were humans, friendly as one cannot measure the impact they have.



As woman and man are not the same, poufta, poo and ta,  insane.

Re-enter your house, glory of u infidel, that don’t e recognise the place , the palace of god as being love as equal and eternal.

Your object they are, community of bastard, obeying to, imbecile prophet, you.

What doyou want religious minable, abet, and me and her?


What’s the rproblem with your creeds, very dear, the fact that one could like and love their women’??

Your! women. Cattle enchained.



But we ve got nothing against you, it is just they are too over-the-bridge people.


Best, bea, beast.


There is no such thing as society”


And it is why people are afraid at home, at work, in thei other activities into the depleting and ultimately in pubs, sterilized opened grounds, streets. End street.

Fucking rats.


“in contrast to medieval society in which the state was inseparable from the kinship system which determined the station of every person in life and even their occupation.”


Could be defined this way:

“Nowadays, the term “Civil Society” is sometimes used to refer to the emergence of a petty bourgeoisie independent from the State, sometimes to strengthening of the “rule of law”, and sometimes to refer to the development of voluntary association independently of commercial relations”.







Religious ceremony about?

Marriage, death and birth. Here the conception of god, reproduction adn feudal public hygine.

It what of the morals law what remains, reproduction of cheap staff in their dens. Mundane.



Good girl that you are, once you ve got the nuzzle. Museauliere.

No, no don’t worry for that it is not the anti rape girdle.


Ban on homosexuality avoid homo rape?

I think it is a shame because people that are ef relief that it is other that get toruture, should be spotted more rapidly in order for ti it their plots that are get rid of quicker.




Do unto others.

That you have to fight for all others.





Thinking of you as I think to your mum. Profundity. F proof of foundation, ondes.


Or as your mother drive me fucking crazy.



How many times deceived, years and years.

A life of your faults anddd failures.




What would you do if you could all your life review?

Everything, but if I could I would escape.

On reincarnation decision making too.

No rank, as in  a life opportunities at reversing.




Self harem harm, as lies projet people out of being treated as reality.



To be able to haunt a place, because for a reason or another, because of the desire of meeting someone, or the need for example to be in a reoom if one live outside..

To think time and time again of inhabiting this space, think at. Thin kat. Nit tak.



The laws are whatever is good won’t perish and come back or if not enough come back it is teh present realities, i.e the present species that will do.

And the back will come back as long as it did not transfer into.

So what s the point to do efforts at all?

To be a perishing grounds?

The love of the complete, the love of the plenty, as one’s found is sound.

Plenty you possess?? Torne by one’s harness. Earnings Earnest.





We could liberate children, and further down the line, the cattle.



Art as a pattern in which we recoan gnize that follow it for a while give us pleasure, unrestrained. And to know oen’s el self elf thanks to that, as following its trail will lead to unknown of how our total may well change of attitudes and dimensions.

Are, i.d.

Art, idea.

Heart Entity.





External , internal                            reform but external imposition                so kim is for dialogue but does not seem to prompt it to happen




To be devoted to one’s sport, and then draw people to see what, similar to art, sciences, an activity that of devotion will be the product. Rod, acduc, devolution.



To work for the humans but with only boss an higher instance, is that religion in the sens of universe celebration has for leads.

Least lease.




personal interest harming society





Did i?

Deed die.



Dicko, dickko. castra






Dull cine.

Di don qui shot..



It is not objectivisation, that is done but common attempt at relativizing the logics endowed with abslolute that we won’t subsister.




A common project, receive the common will, the human attainment of divine.



Dick. I

Duck. U



“Analyzing. “



The com cym cumbersome desire that one has for the other to have restricted knowledge about their own awareness’; in order them ot still have to be led towards the importance of dating myself.



In bad communism, when marx said that state has to vanished because state was in his writing the supra institution used by the bourgeois, and that he wanted it to be replaced by a institution social protecting every body in their rights to research the human and the nature, as well as the freedom of not searching the way people command, being alienated by a command of one man over your own research and you own way of living life. And still with in mind the fact that minimum of cooperation havce to be reach in order for the species to survive well, the common work, (dominate nature in the sense of not dying or suffering the less possible from our shortcomings, but by emphasasing each step an absolute freedom i.e, process and means of production free from destroying in the permanent and prompted research for improving well being, not to work in conditions of mental or physical or chemical misery or simple damages- and any research attempting to reduce problem within our work, because at the end of the day, work is the key, would be considerate as a work and being retributed like this. This would sound too much but what if the aim primarily is not to produce work damaging in the first place, then we won’t have to imagine nothing to reduce the consequencse of what they brought of pain. And what if someone want to carry tow bags instead of one, well let this the y will be pay twice, as long as carry one is enough to pay a satisfactory life, why be paid twice, for leisure activity, what own the power, the family, the common effort here is to stop people pouring down product and destroy mother land to be this twice effective, also alienation of work has brough this suicidal state in people that want to destroy and poison human and environmental life with the secret relief of terminating it) and all of work thereby having to be strictly in harmony with (non detrimental) to human and other species.

The bad then, want the state to be gone only to be the owner of a single unique party, the state here as what is remaining of an attempt at people certain consensus at building liberally.\





It is not hat this the time we stop loving, but that physical srtrenght to go on the arena to hop provoking a change. A cahan, a caha.

But older age is to stop to love, the mind unveil that discover and/of rage will unfold.



Discover, corpse cover.



Trying to kill unconscious and psychology as the were both used tools of served demoni.



greg if it is not in your practises, i don’t want to give you more work than you are expecting and fairly expected normally to do. i well understand that there is a fix date and the need for one, so don’t do it i will wait for the final mark to be issued .



to set ones’ elf free is more than a profession but a sacerdoce indeed.

What could free us from the sacerdoce.





To think that a book, whereas human have tried, even though perverted with the condition they were writing, entangled, billions of trials, even if semi, but denoting of a possibility for them to do better than the then expected. And say that this one book is the only attempt to a better life, morals, respect and understanding…




The vampires cannot stand the daylight as a gaz or liquid are in their bodies, the same one that allow them to fly, or smoke at night. A reaction to light would go inflammatory.



It would have been the person I would have married would I had this life.

This person I adore.

But would I love the life I had to have to marry this wife.


So would I have loved her?

Have it half.



You oke with your life?

Ok, but better not touching the happiness of mine.



O to

O how.



To ansewer different person, and atheir functions in having to meet different aim is the way social differenciation have an immense weight quasi uncouternable on the way we express.

The tone, the edepth of our voices, gesture, and coy.



To have not love the reciprocity, recited, but see one children find it, or see one children through it, or see that one children won’ find but elaborate though some tactics permitting the m to get tougher, and that love is everywhere, and above all in our conduct, think.







It was just a bit of colloquialism, nothing like a complain.



‘let all things believe in themselves and let them live’

‘there cannot be happiness at someone else’s expenses’

‘poems and detour, a fro form of apologies’


On which the temple is so he jealously zealously guarded, as to keep poeople’s hop going.


Bones as lime.



24 years time, 58 years work with a woman of power, ahands in hand.



To write one’s beliefs and experience; why to write, for know lunge.L. Head.



Would man like only what is subordinate to humanity, to eat it?

As tehey make aliens idea of earth liberation as when they talk about god, they perfect hideous load.






It was just to say to youthat thanks god I loved before and after you . but that the sole happiness whose taste I knew and up to knocking you now are, were these days is this hope when it comes like a aloof possibility for the day after to be  near you. Near you, sex not this way.


We could not have poursued, countered, cornered, contourned it. It is on this not on that, I lie to you a little bit, that I manage to hold up neck and what one has to say. Hold together is another, just altogether lay. I intimately, I grandiosely, I even publicaelyy miss you, as being as ghost as ante. Haunt.



I wanted to prove myself you did not want to quit me, to kill me. So I start thinking you were doing so the same of it. I wanted to vehemently believe in your faith and louy louyalty . I made of this my sool sole victory. And now I am possessed by this empty space. I would not beg for it, even that is gone party.

Fool of me after that I leave this to you. I leave you as you did it and again already. Show me a back, iti s that I do, to flee. I must go on. This show till the rest of its lie, till the moment when my heart will won’t star nor start it.



I must go, such for it so frivolous, as much as what has been of my glee. What about poetry? When I listen what you have done, what has become, and beckon too, me. Beck .


Now I am as alone as your granny, as lonely. But the one who I talked to is in this world and don’t exchange more than a lack of sanity, and a kiss for no second.

If I could I d write all night, all life, but what I write I cannot reread, they petrify me. An nothing else on no companion on no account than the shadow of survival. That hover over me and the people that would shake more than mh shame of being still ill not sick of what should be.



Uthe only way I can undersanad thwat they want, it they are plotting to get out of this planet that they kille without stipping by going out of I with goods, a way of producing good, food, hodd hood? Now hot hoves won’t has producing water, hater, we can not. Can, jug. Huge.

Refuge, fugue.

Refuse. Chute disposal.

Spindle miss lie. Missile.

Lie life.


Time shell, time zone, spindle rocket.




Some say, one should not give god an image.

And though they agave a name to their believes and punish and commit the most atrocious crimes, like banish two person of the same sex, tow persons is too much, when reproduction of children is not involved, I am not tali talking of production as production belong to the ones that brought up individuals. Or claiming that they are holy and leave and create poverty like the human hole where sufferance made by us is buried, THE CRIME.



In a revoliution it is not automatically the forces that create it, namely the people, as it is a revolution and not a coup, but the people of the militia, that pick up.

For example the first, and second Russian revolution were not lead by the bolchevicks, only the third one, time to gather the dissidents? Or to create a new nomenclature.



They present themselves as gee, gay held ing, as being religious, as being people fighter, in order to serve only but their clans at the detriment of others, they assert themselves as mystic as if you start comtemplating what they do politically, they aer groups that should be put down. Deposit.



Her dick.


Her, here, there.



On the other groups that have vanished, but count on the poorer countries to revive ancient myths of totalitarian colonies.

They don’t go an pray togheter and gather as it s not related to their careers anymore



She has done everything and qualified herself as  a doctor for having given tablets to her nephwiev last summer. Coming from oxfort, a painture, a lawyer, the kinda people that despise others for having just one job.

People have many jobs, many salaries. Their responsabilities botched at the expenses of what they were supposed to inflict r training with. And though one job don’t exist the one of reporting what is missing or have been done so many time that we aer forming idiots. Riots.



Now what is at stake is not national as the company are omniscient. The people will fight international, religions and party that peace in their nation state is not what they need nor want.

They need unrest, the leaders, they needs horrors make nothing out of labor.



Sari, ary.



Association, act at?




Animak know sufferance, also they have to conceive withing their relation exchanges that are meant to relief their pain’ and through this to adore the other, and all around there, and their species. And whatever is the war try to bring harmony, ultimate, conducive atmosphere.



well i cannot quite know your profile is not telling. but zen rang the bell so much i could not resist to ask for long.



People, like in English, the person with though you work, your socio economical background, yard. Like recognized by the U.N the right of total lack of transparency as soon as a people as being excluded enough to collapse their idea of universal and want, ready to be coagulate, their revenge.




You know in my contry what ethey do to wash the toilets walls, that have got to be whashed every other months?

They put down the building.

On plus values Facilities (easy and faculty in french).




The hell of having choices but no will.

Wares of aawareness but no strength. Vanishing.



Human as much as they fear cold, fear darkness.

As much as ridiculously to switch the light during the day on their buildiongs, their bulbs of energy will perish as dim blossom in their mind.

Spirit, spire, pyre. The nerve and energy draws out of our souls, what they have stolen from the pits.




People are awaiting for miracles coming from shit. Not out of, but from the u, human purposeful senders.

They are clustering saying and praising the ultimate, in thinking that to avoid being caught by another group, even more fiercly that they are already caught in theirs, or definitely more so than if they were out of prizing shame, is the finishing end.





Leg, and legal.




To respect the enemy is extremely important, as every one knows what is to be ally.

‘one love, one life’ . u 2.




The problem is that if the will of the people is to work as prsostitute, the majority would make of all jobs, prostitute legality, egality, equal before this should not applied, on the contrary contract.


Egal = equal in fresh.


Egality, legality.

Equality legs, legal.




rpaising the lords in research of fillip c.v :




In french cock coquillard, shell.



It is not being for someone but get only one to too trust indefinitely.

Politics should be thus, the one of everybody.




The pleasures of an honest man is to permit their progeny to a future of opened honesty. It is the fight for the thoughest and it should be prompted by the rest, but no. What won’t come to it?


The species that rely on being nasty will fiulfil foul filled a promises, is the famine for the whole communauty = all idiots resting on their, this planet.




Ass hard.



As to bolt as a vault.



Between guettosh on e could circulate in the hype hope of seeing one (of the guettos) dying.

Even the formerly cosy, and rich, guettos of former leaders of majorities revolving.



At least in true cold war even I f we were paid to do nothing more than try to calcutlate the enemies cuasing damages, whe were paid to do this thing.

Now? Noo critizise your are all companies poisoned belongings. Pluralism, tolerance of diverse fashism and biological warfare. Shattered  human and ecologic, economical on the gun.



Tole = in frech

Rance =




An unresolved. How come you can read so many criticisms about the liberals amongst the intellectuals? What is it hiding? Liberal are no brains? That is not a storming.

The intellectuals are no legs? That is not appetizing.



Pretexting jealousy to make out folly.



-For the mai fia.

-Fpr the money?

-For the info.




The lesbians to treat prostitutions could organised the whores, so many times called, to burst the sex that rape her. And o t stay in the side, whether had she a problem to achieve.





I think we won’t have time of for all this.

We won’t have the time. Possess.

L for paying for excess.




Surveillance will finish the means an possibility to haching, the sole method left to challenge slavery.

And dem humanising.

De use o



To have a object, is to acknowledge its past and identity.

Not doing so is the w equivalent of curses.

Respecting its history or leaving it to invade one’s orfevrery.



My love hasn’t law.

My people for faith, not

Forfeit so

It is better in that kinda

To revise one’s voice on the tribalta.

Than to play dying hero

But well war is all what our countries hope ere to rate.






Of course between the gays as we have this another r trick of having cross genered gendered attitudes. 5o to try and resolves the aims on function and quality.

To be manly not to be manly but to draw feminity upon an oversea.



People demonized you not because they believe in it but because they want to exclude, what they play at being anyway. As if they would believe, the consequences fo else than overall protection to anybody they would start fearing redouter



To drop out at school as to concentrate take of one specific behaviour that would be condenned. Discriminated.




To be togehte r was aobut kinesy and the wjy of the opportunities at touching one’s other body.

Making love in the sense of having open door to the others’ through the experience of the other soul envelop through his moaning and schrieking shrinking through her rebuffade and mocking.

To whatever a companion of life, eand possibly life long, and anyhow life is shor t enout gh for us o need some ebats aiming at dressing the ache thas t send to threshold trepas.

Trios pas.



Be bothered by one’s job that without knowing it to death to be drawned.

Whenever nice inaction or absence of challenges seem to be. Alterity.


K time chane ge in.



As long as one has not got someone else to protect, they may f suffer from complexe of superiority.

The feleling of being alone.

Attitude like.



Parent. Per annum. Rent.




No one is listening to knowledge and therefore ist is finished.

And if dam and eve story is that the y knew everything they have to know the diving way.

Divine, divining. Dive in.

But instead they wanted to do the equivalent of painful testing or testing slavery or caging other animals for their plays. For their plays as knowledge don’t come from doing this, as nastyness produce maudisse.


People are not listening to the knowledge of them sproducting suffering, also they ll be banished. Sit? Sift.







Adam. A = of, or to in French

= belonging to dame.


Madame, ame = soul

Ma = my.








To refugier, retrovert into a passive attitude, work as when we are not asked to think, of how better we would have to perform, or we are asked to think how the way we are asked to perform, even though it is a stupid way, or a way with horrible outcome. Don’t think, don’t challenge this as when we try to get it no wrong but right our limitations, our limitations of our wanting to do best shot are on the paths. And the how weak on individual is against the remix of its own group. That if you do different, that if you star t showing how killer the species it is; how it shouldn’t; you are as deals’ dead as any flower. Flow flore, faune own.


Ring, rong.



To forget in one’s grand love sorrow, that in life a grand victory over the horrors of pos session is that it is to me my body. No one to unduly touch it, however raped by general activities that are molesting children, wives and bros.

People don’t want to kill, but what ethey don’t want either is to prevent the killer. That are secretedly assimilated to the way one has in hiss plate meat but the slaughter house haven’t entered.

And because speaking about work all the time like he does, human is a lazy, that d rather count on butchery.





Cull rit.



Terrorist are accused to hit random. Does not the economy, the loophole in laws, the wars technologic as they are killing the civilians otherwise forbidden to transit, the every time one cannot put things right, hit random?

Only when they are shpaede to target some people in particulare or otherwise.

Every one are using so low, so third class arguments, and though every one bying it.

Bying abiding.




He was getting  drunk before being aware how tired or how sick he or they were.




Mere = mother.


Or the dame of the lack a reflexion of the self.



To suffer to be a called the same name or nickname.



“I would s#ck, but not ##ck it is what it to be written for death threat don’t go a la rescousse  of dead polygamous prophet.”

But one cannot too much complain sat sack as who came to the rescousse of without recourse recluses?

But for be put to a rest from the first to the fourth of some dildos, that one should not be as easy as putting straight one dead man.



And the better is that we cannot say that the ones staying in their communites becoming more and more gluesome by the day are entirely culprit, as here family is everything, that you would lose your family as they depend on their communities. And who will date you after that in the u.k? a part, a crook, a violent guy, or for the love a refugee?






In us the representation of the god, of the entity that religion, philosophy, poetry, believes justaposed while talking owards it.

Also the more repeating or striking one is hovering upon us’ like even sometimes an entity that don’t correspond with your intellectual. A representation that is in fact those of the community, an idole or effigy, that even if coming when thinking of god is inf act more of an intruse.

But what is reassuring is to “be able to probe into one’s memory and to realize that in fact this girl friend of the past that one loves so darly so entirely, awas in fact the goddess equal to the god. Not in her, but in the aim she made, the entire love nearby absolute, only not as I thought it was still my girlfriend,

The love, as love, is thei s energy that you can regive and relive, so my wife the real one is as much a saint when she protects me, and as every what you ll meet as the gift of transforming into her. Trace.

A the god this thought that make one to act, a work? A body of reasons?

She is not a god as who give me her or the color to cwhich she reassemble, the bells of my bienveillance.

Concentration one would say.

-And you manage easy?




For the sky sake.

Which welcome it all, the aim, them, all.



Ration al!

But when comes to reciprocal or proportional.




The charity that make reports, and what should we do to make the trugh th onself heard.

Bom b the parliaments?

If we manage to build up a really democratic institution and that the parliaments would still do if it was bundle of slits and faeces. Then it was would happen, a combinaison of strength that wouls otherthrow every quarters, and then the police that is really reduce to a few patrols would have to make the laws pass it ve before one make the mp throats. Swallow it.




Id on’t want to be told by this fucking people how it comes that religious get richer, and that pet others poorer.



The crawling for terra incongnita, we will ahve it live now.



To say that people who don’t look at you are spurning whereas it is a way of not in others’ business meddling. Problem is why not. Fight would have us be completely respecting of others’ doing, help when needed, and interposing when these bastards are destroying.



People wil work their energy around the job description or what is on the grounds; in order to have energy left for their life beyond. As for the job, their progress stay unchecked, unthought and unwanted as retaking into mind would eclipse the private scene.






your really puzzled me amy.

the more serious of the evening was you. i mean too be honest you fuelled the discussion with topics and reference. i find your intervention very refreshing as your approach is different and what i like methodical.

what you might find about this group is that for example it has become very very rare when we socialise after having spoken of the book. on this i find it incredible that these women just gather here to talk about a book and never have an additional drink or a night out or whatever. they were use to doing these, but no more. but ti is london, it is how you have to take it.

you will find this informal approach with the other group.


what are you on in litterature?




People are turning to the virtual, as real relationship have lost everything of a hnoset honest, concret dream. Our relation are linked to have something in our plate, for what? For the jobs to be more and more detrimental. And no one that would take any risks; as one fears to be eradicate. Anu risks live comprised, the sole reaming is to educate one’s children to becom vampirical.




University manage like hostles.

5 stars, changing the computers has they have a contract with HP, saying to the students is for you, changing brand new buildings, brand new furnitures, that it d make you crying to realize what is goonna be binned. And the fees of students that rise dangerously, you the worker would have to work all day to pay what  a prof?? the intellectual professions are hated no wonder!!


The only thing is that it is not profs or researches or studies we are paying for by renewed contracts for the mafia the boss you adore.




Nazy germany, 7 millions unemployed and the boom in gross production.

Kuhle wampe.

And it is gonna be expensive the night at brothel and at boredom boardening broading breading uni.




Religions could well be pratises in solidarity to others’ groups. Now dictacturship are out, that could have said to have to be because of western supports, then with a now similar system that the western



love spreading, what will they have to state now everyone secularize? They are means for pe pleasure of getting decency on its knees?

What will say the liberals, we like religion when they are fahsiste it is something less we be ve got to preach??





They say they are insulted, as they can take a warning.




Dysfunctional thought.


Psychologist should not say poverty induces…

As they have to understand ‘personal construct’, what happened for…this to occur.

Creating a menaing, resulting in a behaviour. Change the menaing change the behaviour.

Meaing, meaning.


A correlation is not a cause.

C:Just maybe a style.


Gene explainatrion evading the social explanation as society and family are very dangerous place to be raised.

70 s art, dram, music, analysis….therpay therapy golden age, and now everything disappear

Written down the person ideas…………their constructs

Nature of death, pruprose of live…religous ideas.

Some situations are not goanna be solved in a life time

c:but tried 

and value oneself

now, not psychological  follow up = bad practise. End of the dialogue, black hole

Dorthy rowe. Cognitive therapist.


Struggle for control

C: iddifferent from struggle for power

Feeling comfortable with this type of depression as one’s mothe r had this kind of depression…on personality oro behaviour, feeling or empathy


Frank wills



I don’t know who I am; I can’t think

Alice wonderland.



Anthropomorphism tales.

Look at the animals, they are flying out of the distress of being culled of mistreated.

But deprifed of beind considered with suffering, loving (a caress) or other human felling?

human felling????



Women with capacity of calming down.

Constructor snake. And the poison another insidious ability

Of physical eqyality .





The learnt delicatness, patiente, intentness, slowness and quickness in order not to kill insects and bring them in a spot where everyone is safer?





Pantheonm pantheist..









Response. Res.



Read between the line of for an expert.

Si listening skills or what is tos tore of hind, hint and cut cue for a future thesis.







Family as work is alienating, lesisure is not leisure by achievement come to a very limitive; for an individual no t to be completely sole in life as every field as being sold for lucrative.



When benefit is not benevolent nor beneficiary.



Static state.



Hit hint.




Sexual disease that bring people to speak about promiscuity or taboo permitting sexual cruelty, including the lack of knowledge and mean to practice safer sex.




Sacrificial victim.

Clonnings dictionary.






The scum of monkey that prevent working on earth as they act flippant hiding their  mobster , gangster or truancy.




All what is asking of builder now is fitting and screwing or bolt and unbold, the savoir-faire and true skills of making something, maintain, renovating object completely scrapped from intelligence and economy.




‘Trading on people sacred feelings.’



‘To live on impulses without ever bothering about if you are following well, badly, good or bad.’

Don’t know what one wants, or is scared, and it is why one is running after thousands of little things in life’

Books enlivened life. Comprehension of it. Gather knowledge and collect memories spaces and times.



People, alive, like books’    art.

C:Like the owls that follow you when they are been made with the sculptor carvying care.






Otto Preminger.


C:Dealing on sacred people’s feelings.

Gyp! see.



Rev = dream in French


Rev up..



“We were born to tread earth as angle angels,

To seek out heaven this side of the sky

But they who race alone shall stumble in the dark

And fell from grace

Then love alone can make thefallen angel rise

For only two together can enter paradise.”

Otto Preminger.







Bawl out.

Balls bail out?




That’ s the snag.




And attendance.





Suit he? Satire.





“initiating and sustaining”

Commencer pour que puisse se continuer.

Change and maintenance.

Continuity and refinement.

Evolution of revolution’s every one appurtenance.

Upper, apart, prey predatory prefatory preparatory to once (one’s) hence, penance.


Preference, preferment.

Fer = lead, iron, fetters.





Bug, dug.

Drug Drub.




Up the duff


Dull set.

Dug out.




In high dud genon. = she monkey, monkdy

Dud geon.











To commutate, communicate,  to share languade and imagination. But isn’t the ‘psychic’ all about it?

Or the psychic well past this communion. Commute?



Because the ignorant know now that there is pollution.

To play not understand, as they won’t be paid to have explained, and are paid to boost insane.

The one who explain the fat cats of administration managering retention.


The cats of whom mice, lies as they speak. Pick.



Benoite, geum.





Or buy?




“Doing nothing but taking your time.”

Say the extremely intelligent (they have to now to pay the universities) managers.



Upright, uprate, uppity.





Marital, martial art.

To get to know and know o get what is moving inot notin into somebody.



To make a declaration, thus of love for hope or hope for lode load nothingg is remaining.


Beginning. The 3 n of bridge and nativity.

Beg for one’s inning.


No elle (she in french)?




love or loot.

karen, je vous l aid dit si you don’t like my mails just tell me.

because if you were using this letters against me like did my every females my every.

i know, i guess tout du moins que you wont’ do that.

but you know why a macho is a macho, in the bad feeling of the term i mean. is that if a lady is pretending to love him without a voice, without letting him, then he will become woman, meaning voracious, and after that prend garde a toi.



i ll tell you now i read it the draft was better. reread please and shift from your parties, or it is hang and dead that you willl bbee.
don’t think right now that you will vbe ableto name and tell we are dead, it is what i am killing to tell you, we are dead and the celebration is you.




aristio, aristo , aristo, we will hav you we will have ya.

o aristo aristo asristo do not whorry you are one only.

british despite it but they in fact regal on the french marval cos after the revolution came the bourgoisie, et tu vois moi j en mangerai bien des comme toi, des millions de petits cousis.


even that under the revolution they kill all the familly.

but me i d like to eat such like that, thousands of little, worry

mais moi je n ecris pas bien c est ambettant reamarque ca passera peut etre mieux aujourd hui.

you see whwat i am afraid , not afraid, not petrified, i don’t know really i think that i can not think again. is that my generation were thinking full employment, prosperity, of course we are all counts, but we were still not too obviously undermined by the sicences, we bekieve in it a little, bvut you the yound you know what you parents when they come logics finally they tell you above don’t come, ahappiness is gone, and the next wer it is in the laboratory, j insiste encore, we are the human rights excelllence of human rights and they let the economist devbate, i cannot understand that this board that are so many calaims oh yes so many i cannot remind them but all the same.

that you left teh economist threat us like that in the wall of all our underground, i am telling you, and i ll sing it you ar insane.


what is your policy for the profs, are they due or expect to help and guide their students for them to be able to hand over at least a  ‘pass job’ provided they take into account and perform the work expected?

has a prof this obligation to lead their student towards the product they want to obtain?






Kalim, kali,



Kali, has her tongue red, as she has eaten.





It is too dangerous to propose to erase history without englobing it, to censure all beliefs or opinions, as long as they don’t harm anybody, without a state I feel that marx wanted to protect humanities from abuse of power theoretically. But to say we would not need it is the equivalent to say that marx wanted a life entirely spiritual without material or produced or kept personally or commonly.

And here in the state of nu, naked equally, complex arranged control could be averted mainly.

But however natives people might be, means of harm are available, and means of coercion should be in store and line. So what did marx mean by state vanishing?











What pay for prostitution? And why not rape a child, as the parallel in violating people victims of vulnerabilization and vulgarization.









Not aiming at a sexual relationship prime project the slavish self beyond half alpha talling tales and short story.




To make love to live, or to spouse death in furtherance one’s passion onto an after dice.

Spouse, spy. spies S-pise,




49, you are my hero. am equally happy we are finished.
kimlicka was not bad, hm?
the way he said that he will tolearte bad rights and try to convert out of it people in bribing them to liberalism, in particular aiming at supranational regimes is edifying.
about marx i thought that his didactic, no, dialect could not go well, as he was erasing the history of religion, believes, and therefore what was the main official moral domains for what, to transfer emprisonment towards social servility instead of a perhaps more economical one?

contrarily to feuerbach i don’t think one can understand human without the help of god. and therefore love and respect for the universe.
as human as to believe beyond to research, as he has to believe below to spare things with their unrest.




The tiredness and the wondering about what and the benevolence about I was being or giving the fight, support or bedding. Touching one’s face and feeling even hearing like if one’s own brushs were plastified. Stiff but without profounder.





The well being but one day where limits are not pushed like they know they should have been, it is let’s go that one to them, to the body say.

And like the rays, the winkles, the ruts that brood lymphatic-ally tie tied, time to its display.









Jes        us.

Je, jeu, sej, sais-je?





Purple as pulp.



To let one’s presence, beyong the violation violence and rape absence of guerison.

But what is to exist? Ache, bad and derision.

On wanting corporality what one is bringing down of misappropriation?



It is not exaggeration it is magnificience.


Answer to communitarian.

I wanted to know since you decide to called social emancipation, certainly socialistically coined, tha has been called by marx all along human one, if it would have been possible to jibe at that.

Isn’t politics anyhow a prolongation of the social and vice versa?

And called social what marx called human, an attack on marx humanism. And a deification of the commune, worse still an identification of the commune as being god or the supreme knowledge, or the supremacy of comradely, as it is.





!!!i saw your remarkable attempt as justification for the right the ebd have to assembly.

A little proble m here is that in term of rights in I never read you as weepy and ful flu .



Shall one would have the right to march in producing a clear manifesto of what they march for.

1 it could bring discussion or lack of discussion to the fore.

2 if one ban a book, it is inquisition, so if hatred and incitation to I don’t know discrimination not justifying itself as coming from fighting something discriminatory or segregation

Nina, if you ban the whole book and not only the passage that has brought the book into  question, what the inquisitor is, but ogres of mediocrity.


To censure the whole lot is exactly the reproduction of the pressure endure at work. You work might be all what is needed, still one can ruin you taking 5% of it into malevolent screening.

And to arise, Arian, Arianne? Arimary.

You know why, anne?

Because no one goes into details, it would ask to have work very much at it, and to dare expose the work and condition of ethics.

Decease utopia? Ravaged id, idea never gay.

Lay? But the abas abs abs abasourdi absence

Delay? Dead line of apply application ore more complex than social stupidity.








Conrad, comrade, cor an. An core.

Encore, ahncor anchor, chore



Searching, fabricating, fab acting, an enemi in common, as the common sin was money.

And try to put fault onto them, but who is the don quichote? Who will believe you believed? Certainly not a believer and even less the boy scout foam which you are, the author.

Autumn, hautgh tone. Is nerd need nearly finish, and th e winter of our sins deep in torture profundors.



Humanity is self deceiving and defeation.




i feel you don’t give advice enough, precise enough. advice in general are almost all the same given by all profs. where to start when it comes to your own practise, to tackle an essay in particular render the task impossible. if one says ten times i have got a problem with planning, it won’t help me to start knowing how to plan, etc…if i work on a subject then if someone give me idea about how to reorganise my thought then i could start exercising more than brooding.




At uni the poet.






And this pseudo intellectual that practise more an more sweetness to take other people for dummy easy lured, as they are not allow to do more than thight- lopp lipsed, mute, the intellectual than beyond discoursing are not allow to nothing like the rest. Only to repeat theory proving that we are by the shame stiffening, but what about investigation, they are stuck at their desks and chairs, mellow becoming, as being this pourcentabe yet, still allow to with words and data play this little bit, and to pretend they did it fully, monstruous salary be paid.

Unmuscular simile smiley.


First one to penalyse lyrism in essays, it would become funny if you knew their prickish degree.

At leastevery one can have a laugh, remembering they are a low rank university,

Bur rire jaune. Dire jeune, jeun, yellow.

With the gentleness of the nature, with the song of the poet might be carry some sadness, but away? Not from this background of knowlogeable insanity. Spurious to the last degree, venting totalitarism and intelllo slang precursor of future hymn, as in words or not, professional of all orders will have to abstraint to mime, if any will be able to sign the check of their food, feeding secret success, succession of another contrees.



X factor the poets and legislators, kill my donkey, timbre.


But am telling you I know the boss of this industry of knowledge the uni, they, the staff are not having a laugh. They, the bosses, are sweety as long as you lie and play serf, cervant-es.

For all ther respect that Is own to don quichotte de la manche, the channel of it is dimanche, Sundays, will have to wait bloody, as for religious of it, none truly.






Uni announces 2012 tuition fees

Story Posted: 15 April 2011

b honours degree programmes will pay £7,900. For those studying on programmes that have higher costs or specialist provision, the charge will be £8,250. For students studying at Foundation Degree level the fee will be £7,500.



So let’s imagine a society  where people get what they deserve in therms, terms of their owrk, work no more not less, no people asking o do more than you were supposed to do, not for improving yourself or the content of your doing’ but just because they could have feud found a opportunities to find someone else to do the job they were supposed doing.

Imagine there is no dummy jobs no more, meaning ok I am  a cleaner but I do my job intelligently, I doom dorm’ do the same surface ten times in a wastage of capacities’ and besides there is space, streams, rivers, lots of others, with inside the amount of rubbish, our insanities.

So you have chosen clearners. Chosen mending menacing meaning (man mean acing)

That at disposal is training permitting you to and do whatever is good for the planet and their inhabitants as a whole or

But one would ask after, but what would happen if someone is more intelligent than other ones, so it would be the more intelligent with the beaufiful house…cause ok if you exercice your intelligence or your muscle, if you find a way, well the work you do might be twice a s productive than if you don’t.

First answer: don’t tell me you are given me the dummy job and it is why you are the boss, because there is no dummy job, just dummy way of doing them, isn’t it desktops (despot dustbin) job and intellectuals?

Second answer: ok let’s say that one cannot do extreme labor, but one thing is it the aim of everybody to do that, there always have the majority that want more something of a good work for health and the rest the dolce vita and if a guy work twice his time for better specks well ok, if it s job is super harsh to do- mind safety at work will be here for him not to do it by absence of chance, well if you harass yourself at work, you won’t grow your vegetable also it is normal you are the one buying the soup already organically made.

But my point is not here, my point is the day we would arrive at a point of equality and equality of the efforts we make towards peace, and security. .. the humanity itself would change its face. Also to ask oneself the detail of this achievement (now inequality  is 1/100, how could we make thing up when it be 5/10) but of course no one wants to have this fraction to pay) cannot be answer, as the effort towards modifiying unjustice would change all the datas.

Without saying that one thing is missing in transcending human conditions it to find the right thing for people to do, and for them to develop what they feel they want to grow as well as what we originally need to as a society, as a gathering to have, to built life and its tools- life not death, easy.




The pleasure in live?

There is no more genius than happiness. When you are stroked by the grace it is from knowing and performing your business, in the sense of ethics of your doing and making, for the general and universal subsistence and for you as a being.

Remarks the individual who d like to live as an hermit could, or give very little of its time in order to reap the food.

For those who cannot, would remain whose who can and the mission as a whole to permit whose who can communicate easier or do together to find a bridge for the others to be able to do (construct machines for the heavily handicapped for their living, for their working…)



am sure i have got rocking thopic.

the rest your personal appreciation.



ok so you like it feminine but you may be rude?




People are frowning at women waring the veil but what about women that could not but war clothes and make up and move the way that females are deemed???





The predictable?


I cannot even pronounce an muslim name without being treated as as a threat.

What does it mean, theat it is an insult to bear this term and same insane.

‘Well don’t believe that, we are here, all of us, and it is the end of this humanity now.

You want to study us, hold on, you ve neglected our truncheon, the one you gave for us to be the whores of the party that nourish us, but not with bread, with their hatred.

And i am a love, and i am a mum, or a daddy, or an uncle, but next time you r touching that, it is the war that will go on.’  A mother mummy.

threat. Th’e at, theatre.

Th’eat it








We talk about cultureal rights, but what it is is that it arranges the blood sucker, it is just for that it is going on this masquerade.

I don’t know if you know a LOT about your communities, but no one no nothing about their history, their reasons to be, and this and that.

You are talking about christianiy, muslimitnes,, because you are supporting the powere that seves their rights to nick the next in line.

You all know that all of this is mythical, ad as anyone had the choice to select ones religion, we were enlisted, a no was excommunication and if like now in Africa you are out of the territoire, you are la brebis noir. The sheep because tout le monde y passera. Yes everyone is gonna trespass, it is in our genes but yet more again in our history.


Us French we have been too kind, you yell your victory. We collaborate am not to o pround of that, i will tell the truth , even , my france is even not my country.

But you yell av-out war.





Come across with Paige in a yea r or two.



What is this monster that make? People wanting the sufferance of others, and willing?! Their own endurance. It is from corpses that any juvency water would have meant on this scene.






Being fat as one want to hide one’s tiredness.

As lean is the observance of how one’s body is crying and skrinking, its suffering.

But suffering going is, have to be taught, start to appreciate.

Added ingredients: to know how to fuel onese’f to  do od do, dud, the most of it; also lean haven’t got all it yet.




You can lie on me you know i won’t beat you.

I am in search of my wife for years and years.

On end if i am a freak, i a sorry.

I am in search of her for so long now,

And days when i don’t know what am gonna be

Then if i am wrong if i am freaky, please please ask me.






S-Avant vampire being broken, all bones

I cannot even pronounce an muslim name without being treated as as a threat.

What does it mean, theat it is an insult to bear this term and same insane.

‘Well don’t believe that, we are here, all of us, and it is the end of this humanity now.

You want to study us, hold on, you ve neglected our truncheon, the one you gave for us to be the whores of the party that nourish us, but not with bread, with their hatred.

And i am a love, and i am a mum, or a daddy, or an uncle, but next time you r touching that, it is the war that will go on.’  A mother mummy.





We talk about cultureal rights, but what it is is that it arranges the blood sucker, it is just for that it is going on this masquerade.

I don’t know if you know a LOT about your communities, but no one no nothing about their history, their reasons to be, and this and that.

You are talking about christianiy, muslimitnes,, because you are supporting the powere that seves their rights to nick the next in line.

You all know that all of this is mythical, ad as anyone had the choice to select ones religion, we were enlisted, a no was excommunication and if like now in Africa you are out of the territoire, you are la brebis noir. The sheep because tout le monde y passera. Yes everyone is gonna trespass, it is in our genes but yet more again in our history.


Us French we have been too kind, you yell your victory. We collaborate am not to o pround of that, i will tell the truth , even , my france is even not my country.

But you yell av-out war.








You can lie on me you know i won’t beat you.

I am in search of my wife for years and years.

On end if i am a freak, i a sorry.

I am in search of her for so long now,

And days when i don’t know what am gonna be

Then if i am wrong if i am freaky, please please ask me.


hi nicola,

thank you for enquirying. you know i thought you, you and greg, were satisfied with the genocide essay as i was. it starts representing a very big amount of hours studying. i failed 35. greg say that it is due to it being unclear. i am waiting for its remarks, i will apply them, and send it to you directly to apply yours. it is the second resit, i produced 20 different references so i don’t think it is a problem with research.

thanks god i passed philo with 47 for the essay even though i though it, as i think you did, to be less reworked that genocide has been. i pass the exam too, but i had to be fine as contrarily to the first time i worked a lot on citing authors and specialists.

for genocide i agree working whatever on it, but it has to get a pass now.

i think that genocide thought was more politically engaged than humanitarian intervention, as i work the former more i was more forceful with my opinion.


are you aware than you don’t have only birds (fox, fish, baggers, wolfed) here for a start. that the starch story is valid when the food is their staple which is far from being the case in here. feed only on protein would be all new.

i am very happy to hear from you though mister brook as i email you at least twice without hearing from you once last year.


besides, at this point i was asking for your help.

namely it is possible for me to have access to the recycling point, i know it a little bit you throw every week not only starch but meat and cheese and eggs that would even suit the cats that are humanely fed by the little staff, less paid for little staff i meant.

would it be possible for me to arrange something for this stuff not to be thrown?

besides if i may mister brook the cafeteria which you are responsible for throw kilos of sandwich still in their cardboards and patissery without even recycling it but in black bins these kilos might be found.

it is why i would like to know if someone would give a second thought on green issues, roehampton university have made publicity about them being aware of their pollution making and ponds (= produce food without using it, call a lorry to recycling it, and the cherry on its top, refusing a bit of pet feeding).





i had a good look, it says avoid cooked oats and milk, the rest are not on the menu.

as i say it is true when on the staples, fish and canadian goose are ok with paysan settings.

the skirels are regarded as pest when you won’t have on on your roof or on your barn, i don’t think the argument is holding in roehampton

birds are in danger here in the uk, i was not talking about starting breeding them or the like. it is just to be a little more in harmony wiht the space, the green space, the nature already torn by agro business, can we see any field from here mind,  that is occupied.

on hte ohter hand you would think that they advice specific food for birds because humans would not be stupourly stupid enought to waste human food in the first place.





ok well in fact i realize that i may not have worded the problem correctedly. the companies to which i ask if they would have me to have a bit of their to be recycled food, say that i could not as the environmental team of the university did not want so. Could you then give them the green light in order for someone to go on with the socializing with birds story?



there is no communism, there is not liberalism, there is no politics but profeetering bastards hoping for their intelligence being propped as a reason for connery of eloquence.

Dialect tics.







Thinking on what we were missing of not being able to share this life.

Why not able? Because of the difficulties that arise?

But then difficulties would not be here, we shall have been naïve about the lack of conviction or courage we would have gone under? The fact that if less easy we would have abandoned voluntarily each other.








Corporate responsibility.

Public good rather than private gain.

Tell about mami et les voleurs.


On friedman economic theory, it is in is name a fried man: 1: someone who did not do nothing to reach the result of being able to move toward something. 2: an arrivist.



My work. Don’t take any word as being a definite version of my thought. Thoughts are the link with infinity, omni presence, and omni potency. Thoughts cannot be to me or to you, to their readers, authors, interpretators, creators, receptors, communicator, conductor…stopped. they are living and the perceptions’ evidences that minds are, lay, navigate, propagate always on another where. and stay.





Atmosphere and tensions might raise or deepen very quick and under the radar, as already any individual is a containing duel in search of absolute. Why is everything so relative? Cos one act only upon what they can see they touch, an infitisinal particule.

A web of destiny and ridicule.





The ‘vice’ could come from the fact that people have to show at least way some mark of consideration for the others. But what if someone is showing it but at the end would like to keep you under the water?

Or what if one has to let go their own rights and thus weapons at staying a functioning entity, because they cannot act directly against oppression?


Being screwed or between the anvil and hammer.




No, no, you are the boss, stop analizing, you cannot cry, you must not.





Hell-haine de troye.



What they were scarred off were not the devil, as if they would have stopped their sins and stopped to pretend to have to eliminate what they say were harmful, the scape, an exit of landscape, scape goat.

Goad to were, mais si. Messy, missy.









Would you prefer to stay on this plante. Plnate. Planet.

By fear of another life? The one coming.

Boy buoy. Beacon.



The right the left all what they want is to reign and to succeed in rouging without accountabilities or humane results whatsoever they took the people in between them.

Having dinner?


But finally no one will have hard time to addict admit that situation as a whole is so horrendous. It comes like two podcast in a pee.








I shall either fith fight, I shall either evser not surrender.

As the if fight is the delight of a death that don;t take the forms of the rumours.

Together or alone, for the present or in the past, for the past or in the present, there is nothing less dur, though than the construction of a mur wall. A placardeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee





I was the kinesy my inellgiene but since people don’t wwant to recongnize that is no t taught by universities, they think they can attain what I knew and did for them taken ou oof but it won’t be that at all. All what you fabric out of inflictesd sufferance is suffering for the future. Period og p34 peri die odd.



I 3ee  l write hog for og but am I the true interpretor of the mistake I was writing?



To not be in love with the one you know but to go on being with the one you knew or wish you do.

I is not feeling but work on imagination, concpetualisation, love and its theory. It is not feeling but its remission.

People are not sick of that as people in row are out of honour, and what are they doing this for, expect ofor money or one of its core, corps, recognisance when on had hand







Praise a knowledge handle like this to root roten her ware warden and rapist to the core. Elaborating tricks on their skin, but for wha hidden being mort = dead. No as it my may well be an no honourable condition, but no alive is another party.




it was just for philo were you wanted me to scrapped an enumeration, and that i did not know how to do it as without reminding briefly of their existence and influence my essay felt like amputated of a know and very discussed reality. thus if i thought myself of the novice that would have to read my essay, i would think that i led them into thinking of this subject without having been any close to try at being comprhensive.




whether you like it or not; wether.

On fake politeness and false policy. Pole icy, public oubliette.



Public, publish, oubliette, oubli = forget, for get.









Secular secluded.



For the taste having.

And leave your sex, must be ser ving ha ving, arse assuring, assert, cer titude, a titude, secreting .



Op rewiew. Power.






love or loot.




i ll tell you now i read it the draft was better. reread please and shift from your parties, or it is hang and dead that you willl bbee.
don’t think right now that you will vbe ableto name and tell we are dead, it is what i am killing to tell you, we are dead and the celebration is you.


tiens en sous titre de petition je vous envoi ma mami et oui elle est fracncaise, meme que sous la revolution ils ont tue toute la familly.

mais nous on chant comme meeme.

aristio, aristo , aristo, we will hav you we will have ya.

o aristo aristo asristo do not whorry you are one only.

british despite it but they in fact regal on the french marval cos after the revolution came the bourgoisie, et tu vois moi j en mangerai bien des comme toi, des millions de petits cousis.


even that under the revolution they kill all the familly.

but me i d like to eat such like that, thousands of little, worry

mais moi je n ecris pas bien c est ambettant reamarque ca passera peut etre mieux aujourd hui.

you see whwat i am afraid , not afraid, not petrified, i don’t know really i think that i can not think again. is that my generation were thinking full employment, prosperity, of course we are all counts, but we were still not too obviously undermined by the sicences, we bekieve in it a little, bvut you the yound you know what you parents when they come logics finally they tell you above don’t come, ahappiness is gone, and the next wer it is in the laboratory, j insiste encore, we are the human rights excelllence of human rights and they let the economist devbate, i cannot understand that this board that are so many calaims oh yes so many i cannot remind them but all the same.

that you left teh economist threat us like that in the wall of all our underground, i am telling you, and i ll sing it you ar insane.

malsain, devile tacin poubelle. ca c est pour mon cas elle va se faire virer je le sais bien.

mais je m en tape bine, car je sias que vous savez c est la pus vilaine.

elle et son cation





i am caring for someone with dementia, for once it is a rewarding job in the sense that you don’t have to see people uncared of or people not using you as a carer but as their servant. each profession has its ethics we could all feel guilty. hopelessness kill the jouisssance, unawareness the intensity, denial the cry for it, reluctance the essence.

is it about duplication, metamorphosis, play on light and energy a little bit the focus?




big mess and fun does not go togheter only when the mess is surrendered.




i have two compulsory pass, it is just a full time i am asking. next year is getting too expensive.

no need to answer me i am waiting ofr greg.





Writing has been here to link human to their experiences, their causes and consequences; enlighten by what should be deriving from as responsiblitiies.



Minimym obligation. To provide oneself for a diet, a roof, a land kept while nourishing the lnad and not depleting it, and the mutual protection every other owns to every one other.

The rest as personal research hazardous. One can do without planes if they are not to be invented by the common will. The rproof, we should have put into mass circulation what won’t damage.



He could have flirted with this woman, but would not as he was missing men too much. No being able to engage in the realtion ship he was longing for, the forbidden having rendered the ideal of love so umconfortable all the time and cutting at other odds. He would not touch this woman even this woman as love, the love he was feeling 99, 99 % for men, since in ways of ideas endangered, turned into pity for his odd other  loving unattractive.




Fwwr feet flex and toes apart, tale of taking a hove shp shape close shave to the horns like an aurea aureole that would have taken a bread bread bread break.




The people that mean bad for other people or whatever else; have got a trick to be psychologically and psychically well. And tha is it of the human power to h shif t that to what is deserved and waited for one to get the adequate and not the wrong treatment. But the secret is o to find out how the death they are calling could in their own life of thief being represented.

And ti his this would come to spouse the element. Elle aime. Hant.



Their, thief thier, fier.

Thiers etat, estate. TATE, ate. Est = is.



Chief, shift.


Not kidding, not killing, jealous no, but having to do the thief.

Thieves. The eves?

Vie heave.


Killing, elle, ill, heal, eel. D kid.




If demons , de moon, forms of spirits, could; ‘inhabit’ humans then it is human to be a dem-on.



‘; = dag it, dague.



Or inhabit. In-habit.



Le contre jour, show light in contrast, and the wall of lumiere, the screen like in cen cinema could create another show of sphere.



S how.

Sp here.

S hop.




C:    worrying tendency by the state to despotly attempt to silence data freedom and circulation, and awareness propagation.




Cul = ass in greek? In gothic? In french.

Muscle of bottom, second more powerful in everyone standard body.



To know that touching you would releaev my body for good.





And throught his hint try to ease you as much as this conviction.



Is = ease






Alice. All ice or a lice?




Not hinge.



Knowledge who should be power, is the one that respects itself and by extension life (as sole procurator).




The economic, political machines that made everyone subsistence eternally dependent from a party.

p- arty.




Visage, vie, vis.



Instinct versus spiritual or psychic I is soo taboo that no one oculd draw a line as it is not studied per se.

Perse perce pierce.



What remains of human in a being tht live in luexury when someohter die from necessity, is just a navel.

k-Nave hell.





Do I have perfect control? I d be good god.



The world o f the death that will eat the world of the alive as much as the latter did not prevent the former.


Doing it orl let others doing it, is the same sin borether.


Brother, border.



I am ok with cleaning bu bug surface big happy even, but the way they mjake the sweeper in hthe street work over working their hands instead of adoptin, putting in place other organizational technics.

The graudated are gohre. Graduated.



Would doctors know if a mundane throat disease has been caused by the cold, a virus, or allergies?

Would doctors know the components of what imbricates us  for us life, reasoning and moving?

On experiment.



The bigger articulation, the bigger artery, the bigger muscled part, from the bottom to the knee, around the sex that is at the descending door of the whole organs sets that are support by its enclosed entry.



To breathe the same ari air that someone who pollutes when not polluting. To have to create infants that will have to consort and resort on the same thick and thin and play.

Pal play / play = plaie = wound.




I it was not human god but god.

It was not human rationality but rationality.

That will ‘have the final word’. The one that will be served, serf.




The crooks having children a screen at being respectable.

Forced marriage fuelled by the police this way.









Count what one buy in a shop for the sake of mathematics; and because sine since some garland goes without even prices on their products even when they price now I d be intrigued to know how much one might have been overcharged?




When you know what the body is aoubt about you are delighted not to be a sex addict and manage to be an happy single for not having trieed to sum simulate love with the other, stranger to one’s heart that an than the man to one’s bo, box letter.

an happy single

peddling the shingles.






Perf romance.




Patriarchalism or matchar maternalis        is this group I with or without alcool who span and appraisal their time spend in saying their at the best, whilst in the same prof process they are being diminished.

To enslave others. But one day one will be freed by the stranger.


Def herctor.

Def victor.

Innate ignition



Of this empire of shame, the cctv is the army that kings and abusive kings used. As any strength it is alos the weakness, once neutralized…but for wha, whom and how? To deliver a bit more info.

The first one that one has to know it is that, am not talking about the existence of quality, if you want a superior quality home, well work for it all day, but no one give you the permission to have to destroy the one I could have so for cheap, because you want us not being able more than paying the room in which we will be asking any deals.

In a world where richesses used as comptempt for others, as they are no more than recession with the rich building more and more precint 5 stars while people are worrying all day if the y will be able to eat sane or have a pension. This riches should be at blame and instead the propaganda is from September to june spending every penny of yours to make it glamorous; and in summer the pictures of lost paradise of the hostel from the tiers wold, that finally have come over where salaries are in fact wages, where money is ranson. We are trapped even with arson. Dream, rev shingles lout.#




To loose some, not  by being punished by warrance but warn by having to use prudence.




People like in the victorial n times will have to look up to richesses when povery t is depicted as the threat.

England was then an empire, what empire is now?

Which good is left to abuse and lott loot and ransacked,…

Us, Humans.




Like this sign ad, that were asking to donate for a woman who could loose her numerous children, all under nourished siblings. O too many and how people become heartless or without nothing, or “less and less”.




How would I make warmth out of this fire without you now?



Jamil story was co occurring in the side of a church. In fact I was like supported by the staff of the church that know there were a big problem. But the church is paid by the social services to rent this room and I am pretty sure that logically the staff in real time would have done nothing that could have hampering the social services using their room. Did they? It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest church in hammersmith center. For confidentiality??? (lack of transparency too often) matter I cannot say nothing else. Ask them.




Is sue.




Rea son?








And in free year, If there’s spring seringue there will be fall.


Th ree. On trinity. Eternity. A component of incest in jesus Christ story. Patriarchalism.



2     3

Too tree free.








Her voice took another tone.

The need to have th one of her ma.



On the sadic smile of Cameroon when he repeatedly touches his wife inappropriately in the midst of the flesh pressing. Keeping easy.

Don’t think he gets id at home whence the vengeance of him touching her. Unwillingly.

Work relation.




52 in hand writing forms an omega and an heart. Like ea on an ewe eve of a year, and the weeks’numbers.



To think ot spend one night hearing what it felt to have you on my chest the second preceding, foll-owl-ing  the when me on the higher than bliss, short for work as the word would have exceed happy.

You are not here saying that it would not long last fire.

To loose you would have brought me direr, than the insipid time that gallop to noting that I am but a sapped span of a moment in a time, without bridge as the notion of you came without the lens of tasting you, without the chance of being wanted for it from you.

But the time I can be liberated is to have to imagine a reality where you would have wanted my shift. Me doing what you dreamt from another buddy. Me doing what I must not concede for paths to go on having more than one display- of you.




Having to write poetry to show, to persude about the nature beauty and sovereignty.

To be, to have been able to explore others certainty teh nature would not be put into danger by beyond insensitivity; but murder.

Art are condemned by the bourreau, and express a douleur as trying to help surviving the weakness to the slay, of the blade what is under.





To have this luck that the work you have been doing for the past 10 years has been saved not by you having conceived way of protection, but because it happened not have suffered malediction.

To realize that you could well have lost it, for yet another incident.

To be become peculiar on simply preserving one’s sanity on preserving what you can count as tentative towards achievement.

Not having done before as what life let us achieve is so branlant. Not on what we achieve as spiritiutal psychic equality, but the feeling of it, leading to impertinence and deed without having calculated their essence.




Why do people say that we need money and inequality principles?

Because look these people with a car that have ask for millions hours of conceptional making and fabrication, that don’t for that cease to be danger for life…extensively because of its profusion.

Who would really might afford such an object woth with their personal work????????????


On plus value and salvery.

This there.



To be for quality but not for luxure is to be for the art and skill of renovation.

More and more unskilled of unused skills, silly position.

On humiliation unnamed. Work krow, SssssERRVICE.




Why is there no warning, start stopping water, oil, energy consumptoion?

O to wait for it to be too late, to wait to be cripple and say to the population, we need it for the richer to avoid invasion.




The ignorant waiting for the genes to create the creature, forgetting that the soul by only deeds and thinking will be life’s operture; let alone parades of glamour = the money, the shpes that the gene convey are only tool serving the hell oof our already proven dis-may.




In and out to make go swollen and up the system reproduction.



Homosexuality is not a dislike of the other sex, but inequalitarianism is.

Homo could like to have other sex children for a parity.

Homo as extended family in case of non adoption.




One might have gone tourism in thinking we gonna equalized.

We did, in the west we will work for 6 stars industry for a bowl of rare ice as well.




This little thing just going more and more undulant envious with, of vermin; that will say to ya, you can be homos if not practising. Their surplice supplied but not banged.

On little christianity chi.

Entitle errmine.












When social work made the opportunities for srvice user made clients to perpertuate and reinforce discrimination. Reinforce as if they choose not being racist =ethnicist, alembic for castophile or homophobic, we would suffer from.



Is lam.



Idle: discrimination and stereotysation is ‘do as you are told’.


Med, dem, idio rat.




Is pedophily accepted as psychic and when attributed adult, grown up quality?

Or children one, that would not be sexual content but unconscious intent, translate into vouluptuous?



Apprentice. Conjugaison, inheritance, gene fabrication.

Of go on mature.



As between 80 and 3333333333333333



Or love with a so stone or a sexuaguany.




You have be3tter staying in your caste sort of play. As if I am of the caste of the killer I don’t want to attack you, for you to have to learn how to.





« -who permitted genocide ?

-well everyone, be consistent. »




Toll err ate.




On drugs, sleep and spouse.




Poverty as a taboo, also conflicts as a taboo. As who wants let know tha they left their family in misery?


And as the war and revenge cannot not meet their equal than when neglect, threat, trahison emerges from former reciprocity, combination or intimity.





Be happy as to be alone by the being free from a life that is going.




Religion and asylum seeker, on spiritual search




These guys gthat are defined by e religion just like other define by their food or clothes, just like customs worth a baguette weight.

Not talking about benevolent thinking as for the ones that want to defend, why restricting their people in memory of a past they never habited.




Psychological war is remaining as the main war in countries or hypocrisy and lies occurs.


And it makes of moral, a impracatibale, cani ground that a salute ethics by ridiculization.

A castrated people versus immoral attempt that would render them, ridiculous even to evil.





Love is not enough as it is the feeling what comes naturally,

Or is this feeling, what we called love, not love really.

‘So what is love?’

We all know it but could we try to bring this ultimate into each act, scene and deed, is what the divine conception of the human should be perpetrating.

Love as not takne for grangted. Not in a stock, not unmoving, mo no barren lands from where no can sing.



To understand the world and oneself better I think we can imagine that the world is world and would be the same if it was our person that duplicated in billions each of the seat would have taken and beghaviour would have performed and from seen.




To have been without knowing it on the verge of loosing everything, of whom mainthing could have been saved by your being more careful and foreboding, conscienscious, getting ready fully, and could have been lost in a, just one sad occurrences, even two, and the third one the one you could not think or would not dare think about.

To have fall from inadvertence, and thank god that there had not been a strick and now you know a caution will be the so slow pace you ve got not to depress but prepare in case of detress as quietly as minutiously.





As to rise you would have to reap, as how many abuses are occurring bec


A(b)use people let them occurs and rules while applying the label of good thinking on top of it.




To be let focus on h.r breaches in other countries while in own’s own they occur with bigger means, and on e purpose props propos: internal censorship.




And thise people making their business saying that they are intelligent. But would they not being able to put their intelligence across- as when they manage it it is notwhistanding denied’- they would then been deemed as a put down through mercy of the lord and landlady humanity.




We were all fighting reactionarily through ge fears; but not the dangers are passed. Leading to another that we area ll condoning as cowardice brought us to too easy tear.






Womens’ rights with person v wearing the veil as not a submission to god, not a sumision to man, I don’t think women would be queuing to be submit, felomy.

But since the tradition has been lost of the men wearing the same protection and camouflage, (bearb and cap) but submission aoubt what has become the today society, striding and the phenomena that women has to wear the sign that society, women like men, has been perverted by obligation to differenciation, inequalities or being under threat of being dissociated.




Yes my wife.

It was only k joke that bring shor relief intentity but as life on human span is short enough to render joke as dangerous as tied jockey.

Tide thighs?



So s doing nothing?

No but perceiving you.

On nine life.




People doing politics at work – protecting their own interest, e.g doing the less in obtaining the most at tge detriment of others, and ruling moral on how it is hopeless.

WOR (k)capital.



You d be intelligent you d made something of your life.

Playing the good parents educator like this would have soon to see what would become their theory the day we d become “paralysed”.



And when it is said that we cannot go o n reproduce like cockroach and wait that plantet be eaten up, or wait for the new born or the less newer to die quickier, well we are not using the images of inbavasion for one ethny in particular, theis type of antagonism ishighly dangerous is in fact racist to think that by one term defining one behavior in one circumstance (nowithstanding need- meaning that people needing economically several children should be helped (with their pension in africa, or with job instead of welfare state in where it is practised). It is just but style to encourage family with more than 3 children as planet certainly wants to get rid of us, that other species needs space and place, that fuck the number and let’s try quality- but what people are after a big team inventing the means of escape the main land to some satellite, before one of us start killing in a way we would start being in pao pain as a

No antagonism    anyone they re is no difference with us color but a cultural one =  political one and an intellectual one = all way of coping gather and protected, the remains of what realma migh have been.

But people need to have their baby,

adoption to help replace the seconds after

of course the welfare state permitting to avoid to entrust your infant to somebody else, still make sense.

Although it heck encourages to want bad institution performance to deepen backgrounds ‘handciap’ and gaps.




philosophy as the voice of command.


People are sayin g that the uk is a nanny state, but when it is ni fact a reproduction of the monarchy.



Are we together in that?

And what when it is not about a boat but is wreckage? The same applied?

Likewhen people say that one has to wait miracle as a bit of intensification at least a direct consequence of having neglected so much ral reality.







Would the only marriage aims aiming at reproduction as in order to ban pedophilia (even if practice as you can starting being in age of reproduction without being biologically mature or anyhow), zoophily, (or profund attachment to an another animal that would make kill other humans would it be put in danger) fetischism…

Don’t worry about homo, we do like each other as intense as hetero, meaning family would find a thousands of thousands others ways like other super fragile if not protected by laws and societies, when life for them is but market super.



To think you can have it all, now all of these cretins and cretins creations, pick youppy your stuff from a vast supermarket. Should make change rapidly. So on how to this situation intenable might change without regrettable occurrences or regression?





Sister and brother were used to designed deisignation of religious members not of the profane, meaning a religious person that in fact is making business…the bulk of their life doing stuff not linked with the protection of life…is an heresy. At it was for the religious, more even, not fighting godly.





Philosophical stone the life that inspire, phyre.




People are talking about profanities in order to murder behind doors, sec.ular one or religious, professional or personal. To feing highness? As long as life has been trod on.

Higher is no man’s land.

But of course this sentence could be used to retain mediocre and allow them to appeal hell not by any performances but means of depriveing other from except executin.

Performance, latence. Tent, lactile,


appeal to hell



heal from live herding, not in term of using, but protecting as well as protecting it from other over whelming.




The rest logically, protector or exterminator would not be able to protect our funest langda data, nor to speak to each of us in cells.



The profane is waiting for instant punishment or transformation, recompenses.

Don’t work like that in a world where we are all responsible of all the sufferings.



Human rights is not aobut duties therefore not about morals.




Was he right, the power of the right, would it be rights, should it be to be implemented.

Justice bar on.












For me.










Blute nur, du liebes Herz: VII







In no times, people could be hunted for their organs, just like that in the street.

Count on the governments, if so, like usual the responses to traffic will be:

oh, no, no, we don’t know what’s going on. Just to find from times to times that one of the head is a C.E.O or an M.P, given a 1 % on profit fine.





Fact: trying to find the recommended daily amount of calcium and dairy has very little information, half as complex as a basic understanding would need.

If interested, pay for private companies to dispatch on your health.




End of history? End of humanity? No, no, not dramatization I am not preaching the end of the world.

Soon, organs will be tracked.

Cloned? Would not be a problem if humans strove to set the example on how there could be mutual life and respect.


On sold.




Why is there on t.v about art, people naked and dancing talking of ‘love’ and liberation and money?

There are the compulsory view of censorship. Anything else and you are put down.




We all are on the last jugement of anybody.

Question: how long?

Certitude: never be satisfied with the fold we know as at it will be the one of our abandon.




What one gets is shit as soon as he had it ‘killing’ others and their own liberty?




‘unless rights do not have meaning somewhere, there are little meaning everywhere’






You cannot feel how the fact that you simply agree to answer me is relieving.

Look I know that I have to apolosize for the letters a few years ago.

They could have sounded like if they were asking you to come back, or try to do it again. It was not expressing myself well.

You are doing like you did though. You are condemning me twice.

You are telling me again and again like if I could not escape my former love story.

I already had suffered enough in the name of her, and more the way I behaved after her erasing me.

I don’t want to ascert again because last time it is what we did. You told me you cannot forget, I told you I am through with it. Ok in still many pages.

I think that I wanted to make the point that even if I was under a spell, that I permitted to be my so sad fate, the person I encounter had finally really counted. I just realized I felt that I missed to live for you a long time after the abime. ???

Let’s get clearer and politer, If I d really like us to meet it is not to speak about it, or to try to convince you of anything. Since I can say that without being afraid of your disappointment, you are my ex, you are my friend.

The idea for paris sounds very good. I might go there around april-may.

If you want to come and visit London, I d be great.






Be the one to say let’s do something good because everyone is doing bad.

But what would be our position if everyone was trying to do good?

Equilibrium and fear of the vacuum or vertigo.










As usual it is nothing but a piece of impulsive writing.

Now something I ll take the time to read, correct, precise, or clarify.

Just the need of putting a story on paper.



It is like one of the story of autism or else.

Just a tale about dreams, cerebral activities, and communication.

The world is spirit. People exercising their minds.

The minds following the traces of what is left and given.

The families like clans from where you won’t escape or orphan. Or new but for this everyone should become safe.

A middle-size town. In this family, the rules are like that. In this other, one can know if it may suitable to his needs, because they hold a shop, a wide reputation in the borough, the girl, her mum, is beautiful and she is to sell.

She is all that is more secret. She is kept. The parents used to be poor. Peasant was her grandfather but ok with food, servant was her grandmother after her own mother, widow, crippled due to the war bombardment was to have her calmness and kindness shone when people threw stones at their emptied house. Sometimes is better to be fewer than among untenable. She learnt being a servant and idolized work as being the only value on earth. The one that gives something in the plate, if you are not to badly located. The one without she thinks she is good for naught, like most of people claiming that it is better to be dead than to be old. –it is odd, everything comes in and out of our brain, the entire comprehension of all what life is, but the day we cannot move our body to produce some paid stuff, destruction is directions.-

I don’t know why they sell what they sell, the shop is not rentable enough maybe, yes this at the beginning but not at that period. Did that last long? I don’t know sufficient.

The young man is most delicate. He has something in his loves that people take as a pretence for all that are imaginable of their frustration and sublimation on his passage personify.

He has to stop, he s met his man, the story, the campus let him petrified.

She is perfect, as delicate as he is. She is almost incorporeal. It is not an easy task to be alert when there is no way out. And above all she dreams about freedom and tactfulness, something as light as the air in the strongest shelter.

He went there, his silhouette took her from the cafe. He is a promising student, she has got no time or self confidence to go on with her own study. She is so self conscious that people will dispose of her. Maybe also elsewhere. Or her well being and balance depending on the time she spends on thinking and information processing.

Her parents did not want to let her go. He is without money. The reputation of this suitor’s father a former procurer, violent, some said a killer. The suitor’s mother, a former. They did whatever to prevent her, but for what she felt respected. At home it was harsh, as harsh as her mother, as harsh of being put in a orphanage because one s mum is a war cripple, as harsh to not have a proper diner before working for nobles who think you are good because you work until you sleep, dry as dry as having to work 7, 24 hours. She just helped her mum not so much than the mum worked, much less, but to go out was forbidden.

Her father brought up by a mum widow too, amidst boscages and forests in the war-killed husband’s farm.

Now here come the daughter. One year and a half after this relationship began. The young woman is finally pregnant, 21. At this announcement she will be thrown through the cellar’s stairs, very steep, narrow and humid steps, without bend, 17 of them that you have to count in order to know which one is the last to walk down. Any way after the 14, was the wall, in angle, square.

At once they married.

Contrarily to her, he arranged his life around study, mates and fiestas. She is solitary. Her job, her daughter, but she thinks she is not capable, fortunately like she says she found someone at work who helped her with keeping it. Stay nice, always nice and polite, you ll do mistakes, try and remain humble, it is why they spared me.

He is idealist, adventurous, think fair.

Before her the story of him and his mate in the campus, that terrorized him. The story comes back. Not that it was far, but he understands it now completely. He feels trapped as much as betraying. He dies of sorrow.

Him is gone but his body remains. Maybe for those who believes in reincarnation, it does not only take place at the birth of the baby being.

She fall for his delicatness, it is gone and for avidity.

The daughter is two years old.

The problem with the fiestas becomes clear. He does not come home, he cheats on her, he drinks liters. He justifies it by being a good marker, by being a man, by being successful and also by being more seemingly settle and better handler than he concedes his wife is. It is a u turn. The only aim of the game, the one that will permit him to recruit people, for performing all those deeds is gonna be money.

He ll become a well-known professional, a head hunter, a recruiter with a diploma in psychology.

Work 12, go bars, and hunting games on Sunday.

No one hardly sees him. Nor the daughter or her younger brother.

When he is back he switches off the mum’s radio. The diner has to be silent he watches the infos. The children don’t see him at the table, he is chairing, a table used like a U, and every body but him has to twist in their chairs to look at the tv. Every time a liquor if he did not go to his friends’ bar, always at least a bottle of wine down, along his two packets a day.

The houses he chose are always miles from the town. With acres of land around. Objectives: no neighbours. They are too noisy.

A land he looks after when off-season hunting. Trees, hens, ducks, cats, horses, a dog.

The daughter helps outside. It is not the place of a girl but she has been brought up partly by the father’s parents. The grand father spends a lot of time in the garden, and he looked after her alone, as he was retired and his wife at the factory. The daughter is quite restless she needs to move around, she will be welcome outside. Outside to exercise and also to socialize. No neighbour around or no a lot of communication. But one completely magical element here. She is brought up with animals. There is no human to speak to but there s them, her friends, her family. She learns to tame scratching cats, in seducing them by the regard and massaging their flesh without putting weigh on their skeleton. Learn to scream like birds, to thank a hen when getting eggs, to clean the barns and stables with pleasure. To cuddle them being wrapped in warmth, to follow the dog everywhere and thanks to him not having fright when going in the forest or staying in this isolated home. One of the houses, the one in the forest, the first remembrances of having found an infallible, theme of magic. Awe. Call of the masters. The forest speaks too. She speaks but the effect is different because when you are in her, she covers you, no way to escape unless you run miles and anyway this house is inside her, you can’t stop listening, you can’t stop hearing. You won’t. you are its part.

And each plant, flower, insect, wind, or mammal, can reveal the universe, the day you are it. The daughter is in awe; there you have to listen intently, in case you should run away or towards a mystery.

On Wednesday we are often alone, except someone to help with the housekeeping, the Saturday afternoon is at sport when the marks at school are good, but that won’t last 3 years. On weekend or alone with the mum, often in the park helping outside, the grand parents come, the friends too.

The day together. The dad never speaks but about his business and his strict narrow minded view about hierarchy and economy. Never answers a question about life in general but to hush or scorn at predetermined minority described as debauched. I don’t know, whatever about study at school, or happening elsewhere, when a discussion might have been brought it gonna be stifled not by rhetoric, but because if one tries to bring it further he shows signs of imminent bursting. He is didactical. The ways he said is the only way allowed repeating, if not you are stupid, if you are stupid better you watching your back. Not your back per se, he would not have touched her, the way things were going, she would have dreamt of just have the concrete opportunities to try and killing him.

No but things are like that. You speak when allowed, you don’t discuss: it is a not, he preaches study, but like if it was his personal accomplishment, some kind of challenges too remote for his children to take. He is an owner not a chief, work for him and his pleasure, with only that in he ll never give any info, he switches off the radio program scorning the other professionals, throwing in the air the mother’s books when he decides for her to do something else. He is proud of coming from a worker family, and encourages his children to learn a trade. Any, he said the one you want, but what he meant was as far as you can, become from me independent. He speaks as if if he knew about being a worker, he forgot that he never touched any tools, but 3 months for paying his holidays, which sounds like being 30 years in his mouth.

One rule he says he followed: nothing said or more not deepened conception in order not to influence. The slate like that will be blank, they will see for themselves.

I guess it is a theory like another that brings its lots of good. He managed to follow that intently, he is studious at it, and alongside that to justify it, he will adopt a philosophy stance, of ‘don’t fight others, fight yourselves’, ‘there is not weak nor strong personality’, only differences in aims, origins, positions and expressions’, and an obsession with how in life to be or look for being as freer as possible.

She absolutely loves and admires this tactic of the mind apprenticeship. The problem is that even if it is the only philosophical sentences you allow yourself, lives are lauded with injustices and biases, and that if no one is up to talk to you about those, you gonna learn the hard way. Her character, obsessional. Her father was phobic, he will reveal to her that her main feature is the recurrence her thoughts and wills may take; maybe also the fact that for perfecting this objectives the more focused the interests are, the more embraced by it you could find yourself.

(T)he thinks that his wife is a dull because she won’t negotiate. She has a good job as a technician officer, but he has the money that brings impunity and shallow acceptance or gullible deference.

He has machismo stance. But not really as he does not bother bringing up his son. He is rather in a modern society and like modern activities, also his son would have the hint he is a male and he will be served, that he will deserve the leading part but his children will have quite the same. Also because he loves his daughter and that she is alone willing to work like him.

In fact one can wonder if this masquerade is not simply to bring about adversities. He knows his girl, he knows it is the way she is gonna turn tougher. He knows his boy, he knows it is the way he is gonna turn more uncritical and mellow facing him-not for always but when you don’t invest you only can see shortly.

In fact the daughter helps while the son doesn’t make a move. He is given best part in pretence of a better behaviour. But what they talk about is someone who have to lie to have the sensation of controlling the situation by bringing havoc as the rest of the time he will be left the whole time alone. Like his sis he is alone, her luck is the relationship she shares with the animals, and also with the other members of the family cos she learns to be more wary of the father who praises his quietness only.

She is in her stories. Like a interior voice constantly on. It may come from her mother’s passion for radio programs. It is in fact their main get together hobbies. In the car, houses long way from the town, in the house. People, journalists, experts, politicians, artists…speaking. She is not literary. She has not concentration enough to read difficult stories. But she is plenty of these programs, the programs from the radio or the tv, from the history that read her mother and grand mother, from what the teachers explain at school, from the family story, and finally from the ones she keeps telling herself, inside, trying to find the way she will be strong and happy when the time of adulthood comes.

At school, after the primary, she drops. No more good marks, no more attention for any kind of homework. Only the rocking pace of a teacher who tells.

At the recess only one activities. Marbles till 11 and soccer till 14. =no speaking.

Since she has 4 year old, she thinks and people say that somewhat she is deaf.

It is very difficult to manage to explain that she does not pick certain sounds.

She knows about theoretical discussion, the one people face you with, articulation clearly, facing your eyes, the words they would be ready to repeat when you ask if they could speak louder. But the one people whisper, mutter, slide or cry when far she cannot.

It is not consciously disturbing since no one explains. She likes being on her own. Change of work since she does not have the work she wants, change of towns since she has to find opportunities to be trained.

Also she knows about being a bit different. Maybe she will develop the particularity of blocking this hearing the others’ remarks as sometimes they are only derogatory for the sake of throwing out some rubbishes.

Maybe because between 16 and 21, the only outings is with her dog, her jobs or popping in and out pretending giving a hand to people because she cannot concentrate on a volunteer activity more than 15 min as too much busy drinking or smoking again the dream of her travels and her lost paradise.

She began being and reader.

At 20 she began to train for something in the field she would like to have her career in.

A big center with a therapeutic farm. There the same story, she spends hours and hours with teenagers almost her age. She knows that a new word opened, she looks for defining it. Books, observation, application. The work is intense, with her colleague they decide not to take a rest as the farm depends just on them and the job is so thrilling.

Once again, she fells in love with someone. She always arranged to be in love with someone, long lasting feeling. But this one is a colleague, every day, a motivation for her to work hard. This person taking all her thoughts. Her investigating the empty space the promise left. But on this year she realises.

She realises what is going on in her sentimental life. She always loves women she was too young to woo with the impossibility for them to accept more than courtesy.

Besides it each time she came across with someone with whom she could have stayed, her only topic was the woman who once cherished, adored, went away from their vow.

She was pregnant, they could not hide anymore. They were young, they made lots of mistakes. The worst for her was to pretend to be macho, insensitive, make blasé. She told her and showed how much of her to be hers, but did not know how to say that she did not know how have it settle and last. At that time even her whole person, or rather the knowledge she had of it could be enough to know what to do for being in every way united. Her aim since was to find a job and write from anywhere till the day she accepts to return. She would experiment the most incredible adventures and her peace of mind would be to report them until they marry again.

This new person, her way of thinking of her all day is a way of praying to be taken by her, but she won’t. The same story, not easy, ready match, even though it could be perfect. Second year she gets pregnant from a long-term relationship, someone she will divorce in a while.

One detail, she does not know that the other person could love her. She talks about her first. And talks about going in emergency humanitarian camp.

She regards this new person as her new window on the relationship she wishes for: someone who could be there when she would come back from 6 months mission or less or more. Someone in whose arms she could cry out of despair. A person she reckons who would not stay.

This second year a revelation. Not a peaceful one, but something that gonna change her life. Her point of views, the dimensions she will explore, understandings, holistic notions, her behaviours, her whole perception.

You can read into the unconscious, into the subconscious, you can listen the lessons brought by the wind, each movement, each noise can borrow and articulate a thought that teach you a feeling, a sentiment, a perception, a sensation, situation, idea, reminder, hint, enigma, omen, some kind of a reality.

Each form can become an ally, each energy an inspiration. Everything has the ability of conveying sense, concepts, life. The whole universe conspiring.

Parallely as the whispers are coming from everywhere, as the voices are interior too. The ones who are exterior, this social game, again will be unknown from her.

This social game still unknown or rather not identify as such. She can hear the comments but one, she will think it is only in her head, maybe an ability at translating the move, the energy, the subconscious. Two, she shall try and try and try unrelentingly to hush these sounds. Not that she is against them, but facing this profusion of them when they are thousands, at the beginning, hundreds, for a few years and always scores from then her behaviours have changed completely. She usually so unflinching. She did not react at nothing she’s always being deaf, maybe it was good in some ways, she was able to concentrate totally on inners and conceptual paths. But now, she is facing unstoppable storms of comments, knowing nothing about that some are from the person who are around, talking in the air, and no some kind of energetic reading or telepathy.

She gonna stay in that state and interpretation of it for 9 years.

The first years, the voices are extremely aggressive or affective, very loud, very numerous, crowded, fighting, constant. Sometimes she calls them like a new game, a new exploration, a new version of the facts and situations happening, new motives and descriptions. It is mystique but…it affects so much her behaviour and concentration and relationships. For the voices it is inside the other persons that she looks for finding them.

She knows they are inside objects, any moves, that they belong to the humanity because any energy can be translate into the language she knows, even foreigners’, say unconscious will speak a language they don’t know consciously as the energy is beyond any tower, or fortress of any height. They belong to humanity as humanity belongs to the rest, and the fact that things speak her language is just the translation of both minds that carry and care.

She knows that it is not about one person but since her entire vision transforms and more, since people react completely differently now, she desperately looks into them.

Basically it will be years of bullying because people want to check what make her look so unstable, how degree of violence and if she can hold it. She holds, but holds so strong that you can see the battle, and her face is so tortured, and she takes grudge on people, she won’t attack them or be impolite or deliberately unfair. She shows her sufferings and make clear she takes a grudge on the fact they judged when they should admit that sufferance is somewhat logic, maybe even not expressed enough because of privileges that trigger and fuel injustice elsewhere in the open, and right in the richest, safest places in the hidden.

Two years after she will have to pass an exam for being a professional lorry driver. During two years she has been going on in the social activities field thanks to her previous references but the torment that can be read in her gestures worries, concerns, distresses, let me say apparently, people.

In her lorries, usually she sleeps in warehouse after 250 miles of national roads waiting for the day after for the wayback. The most possible the same route that she will know by heart. She chose lorries because she will be alone without someone to denounce her abnormality, maybe also people who stay those long hours alone may better understand sometimes. It was a good period of her life, only that