Text campaign Roehampton University.
Thank you for letting me post,
University’s issues.

One pays thousands of pounds to enter university, and some lectures just last ½ hour instead of 1 ½, with teachers making jokes about students wanting to go early. To react like this, I think, is to take people for damn idiots and spurn how hard some students (not their parents I hope, higher education has to be paid by the student in my opinion, or later on after you get a job. But more on this is that university should be affordable to every and any purse) might have to work, sometimes have to sacrifice to pay the fees. On top of teaching that jobs are unserious and ‘owning’ them is just taken for granted. It is grandly unserious, it is what I mean.

Your university wants to have a green reputation. Just one or two facts.
The bushes are actually shrinking from year to year. Wild life needs real green to survive, not just grass, and big trees isolated. Nature cannot build homes without undergrowth, etc.
Roehampton like other universities raise their fees so dangerously, but for what? The vice-chancellor praise themselves to reinvest it in teachings and not in research… am curious to know about what, with what rubbish they will manage to produce real refined culture, or novelty.

I’ ll tell you where go the money for a green uni, in throwing in the bin brand new equipment to replace it year after year, that endlessly.
We pay sweat and blood for the fess. Research is not prioritised, or prioritising, but at least they change for marble the W.C.


One stuff more, I really think that the lecture content is good enough, though I went in some in which I learnt absolutely nothing. My opinion is that the ‘Groove house’ (administrative building where the top guys from specialists in subjects became suddenly fit for top job in admin? = UNIVERSITIES’ HEADS AND DIRECTORS– or were they never subjects specialists but always ticking- the building that has need been subletting) did not bother and recruit lecturers ‘not up to the job’. Like is above said, I think roe is ok regarding to lectures content but even very few staff not up to the job are enough when given lots of lectures or responsibilities to spoil the students’ year and rob them from necessary aptitudes. Recruitment giving lectures to professionals that were not committed.
I guess that lecturing is very very though, and students that do not respect silence should be asked to go out. At least when it is nothing to do with the content, their disruption.

Questions time after lectures:
About the other types of disruption. ADRESS ARREST. It is only intellectual honesty to leave after every lecture, 5 to 10 min brief, for students to ask question or to simply question the lectures, or add information that is felt to be lacking, any reasons that make learning and discussion progress. And can fight the narrative in which everyone is and has to be. The narrow narrative imposed by ‘art of the dissertation’ itself (or almost). This possibility is the ABC of pedagogy and is obviously not respected, no time for questions in almost every lecture, or quasi. They ask me to work and give them of my money more what I can spare in a full entire year of labour (lab or) for one year of their teaching and ask me not to ask questions after more than one hour lectures, nor pass comments. For who they take me, the new servants of pervy demagogy (demagogues, dodge)???
Do not take me wrong, there is very good, empathic, serious teachers and lecturers or admin at uni

Now mentioning the self-declared feminists TEACHERS!! FOR and experts on pornography and prostitution advocacy.
Nevertheless, of course at when the green, the surroundings hosting boars and not boredom, birds and not golf birdy, badgers and the infinity- when wild life is so lovely that whatever happens we are happy. I hope the cats there and still there, and all others are not due to the former rulers and will continue to be under universal’s establishment protection.

To finish I tried to feed the wild life (please do something for them) as around uni the town’s green places and little woods are being devastated.
I tried to feed the wild life with the huge amount of food waste from the university’s cafes and restaurants, I asked and asked again university green team, just to be ignored.
AND RESPECT this beautiful place, that has for extra rid, extraordinary campus that ought to be kept just a paradise of quietness. Stop the barbecue or grill veg, please. Students Grilling meat in this vast paddock near the ponds in front of the still surviving goose, ducks, and hens, heron… is just an image from hell.



This is a link about universities, and also about the ones you study in, of which one of its colleges vehemently, publicly (for that matter) benefited from a necessarily huge human rights grants as it used to host a Bachelor of Sciences program, launched by Sherry Blair, herself being a Roehampton alumni and human rights lawyer. A former first lady would grant inerrant, integrity to the operation, you would think. And lower.

The Bachelor as a single honour started in 2009 and stopped in 2014. The same year the building, big, new or entirely renewed building make of glass that you know under the name of Duschene building (as for the oak they unroot the last trees of the last road with them, you might have seen), being converted from a human rights department headquarters, to a Business and Administration den for free.

The government Brexit after referendum, while what they did is to give to cuts everything they could when it came to arts, thinking domains, philosophies, all matters not industrially rentable, that comes from gry matters and not from nature’s own bounty exhaustion, after days, and weeks of demonstrations, and an elected liar from, for the ‘lib-dem’ who went back to his electoral promise of bringing the students fees extract by the universities to its former level (i.e. before it doubled and tripled, just like transportation in London did).

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