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21H20 / 3:20 p.m. Friday November 20, 2015. In Solidarity.

The song , “Noir et blanc” by Bernard Lavilliers (France), is interpreted in this video by the great Salif Keita (Mali)… A translation rarely does a song justice (and, as usual, I’ve taken some liberty with it), so the original French follows.  Lavilliers’ original performance is amazing as well, and can be viewed here. I had the opportunity to see Lavilliers in concert a few years ago at the Grand Rex Concert Hall, located just down the street from La Place de la République.

Black and White

I know that city
I know that song that I used to sing
There is blood on the sidewalk

That’s his voice, like burnt dust
Those are the marks of his fingernails on the armored tank
They killed him, he is cold and afraid
I hear his beating heart

He could be…

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