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“Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee, your hands can’t hit, what your eyes can’t see.”

Muhammad Ali

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”

Muhammad Ali

Cat Stevens

The famous musician converted to Islam in 1978 and took the name Yusuf Islam. He took a step back from performing but has recently started to perform again and has received a lot of criticism from the Muslim community for it.

 The Minoan civilization, located in the Mediterranean Sea, lasted from 2000 to 1380 BC. In Minoan art, which animal symbolized the goddess?

Your Answer: Bull

The correct answer was Snake

The Austronesian civilization existed between 1500 BC and AD 1775. What Pacific island group was its cradle?

Your Answer: Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands in the western Pacific Ocean, near New Guinea. They were discovered by Europeans in 1560 and, much later, were divided between Germany and Great Britain. Today, the southern islands are an independent nation, while the northern ones are part of Papua New Guinea.

The mighty Greek and Roman civilizations flourished inwestern Europe and the Mediterranean from 1300 BC till about AD 400. The first Roman Emperor was Octavian, better known as __________?

Your Answer: cesar

The correct answer was Augustus

Augustus Caesar, adoptive son and heir of his great-uncle Julius Caesar, became sole ruler of the Roman Empire in BC 31. Ruling until 14 AD, he instituted numerous changes in Roman society and government, including building roads and encouraging the arts.

The Hindu civilization arose in India around AD 775. One of its major religions was Sikhism, which was founded by this man in the late fifteenth century.

The Hindu civilization is nearly 3000 to 4000 years old. When we see the early vedic age it was found nearly 4500 years ago The The Hindu civilization is a part of vedic age if we see the history mauryan dynasty and the Gupta dynasty were practicing Hinduism.

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Hinduism | Origin, History, Beliefs, Gods, & Facts | Britannica

Hinduism, major world religion originating on the Indian subcontinent and comprising several and varied systems of philosophy, belief, and ritual. If the Indus valley civilization (3rd–2nd millennium BCE) was the earliest source of Hindu traditions, then Hinduism is the oldest living religion on Earth. Which country has the Althing as its Assembly?
Your Answer: Republic of Ireland The correct answer was Iceland Under Danish sovereignty since 1380, Iceland acquired limited autonomy from Denmark in 1874, when the Althing gained legislative powers. Iceland became a Republic in 1944.
9. Which country has the Storting as parliament?

Your Answer: Norway

Norway adopted a constitution in 1814, a parliament in 1884 and introduced universal male suffrage in 1898 (women in 1913). Norway gained independence from Sweden on 18 November 1905.

Behaviorists point out that dogs are more aggressive in packs (PDF), with more timid individuals joining in after their peers launch attacks on humans.

World War II

Many instances of cannibalism by necessity were recorded during World War II.

 Siege of Leningrad,

Soviet POWs died in Nazi custody

 The Australian War Crimes Section of the Tokyo tribunal, led by prosecutor William Webb (the future Judge-in-Chief), collected numerous written reports and testimonies that documented Japanese soldiers’ acts of cannibalism among their own troops, on enemy dead, and on Allied prisoners of war in many parts of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

On July 23, 1988, Rick Gibson ate the flesh of another person in public. Because England does not have a specific law against cannibalism, he legally ate a canapé of donated human tonsils in Walthamstow High Street, London.[150][151] A year later, on April 15, 1989, he publicly ate a slice of human testicle in Lewisham High Street, London.

Britain has voted to exit the E.U. It is a historic decision sure to reshape the nation’s place in the world.
Thursday, June 23, 2016 11:54 PM EDT

C :     I guess the Russians, and the Muslims voted Europe out.

Hours after Britain voted to leave the European Union, the British stock market dropped 7.7 percent upon opening and the German index also fell 10 percent. Go to or watch Fox News Channel for more coverage of the “Brexit” vote fallout.

C.ET:         rebanning the Brits,      THE PRICKS.

Apramada – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apramada (Sanskrit, also apramāda; Pali: appamada; Tibetan Wylie: bag yod pa) is a Buddhist term translated as “conscientious” or “concern”.


“Assume makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ ”?

Hotel California Eagles Lyrics subtitles UPL

The Cranberries Zombie Lyrics subtitles UPL

Dido thank you Lyrics Subtitles UPL

The Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen – Lyric Video

England’s the queen.

The History of Empire: Exploitation And Resistance – Professor Richard J. Evans




‘Homemade’ bomb that sounded ‘like a cannon’ blows off student’s foot in Central Park


Tribunal rules there’s no legal basis for China’s claims in South China Sea

It also criticized China for building a large artificial island on Mischief Reef, saying it caused “permanent irreparable harm” to the coral reef ecosystem and permanently destroyed evidence of the natural conditions of the feature.

Turkey’s education ministry fires 15,200 for alleged links to last week’s deadly failed coup, marking the latest mass crackdown against government workers there. Complete coverage on 

An Octopus Has 3 Hearts

French 3D Animation Short Film HD: “Frat” – English Subtitles, ESMA

‘We Overdisclosed’

“I am the king of debt,” Mr. Trump once said on CNN. “I love debt.” But in his career, debt has sometimes gotten the better of him, leading to at least four business bankruptcies.

C.ET: you have to stop talking or listening to a politician this sorty. All what its program is is resumed on its c.v: the above.

Good look and luck for a reference letter. These bosses that rule ‘Democracy’.

My screen stop working. it starts by freezing and i have to put it in sleep for it to revive. i changed graphic software, i changed bios. phenomenon are very frequent and this since i bought it.

i changed graphic software, i changed bios. phenomenon are very frequent and this since i bought it.

it starts by freezing and i have to put it in sleep for it to revive.

phenomenon is very frequent and this since i bought it.

i changed graphic software, i changed bios. no

it starts by freezing and i have to put it in sleep for it to revive.

research following a ‘Daily Mail’ article.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About SeaWorld

2. Some Orcas Were Kidnapped and Sent to SeaWorld

  1. Killed If Not Captured
  2. 6. Orcas In Captivity Have A Shorter Lifespan

7. Collapsed Dorsal Fins Are Not Normal or Healthy

Between circus, pets and domesticity: between lock-in flat and slaughter destiny.

C.ET: the question of human captivity is also at stake, what we would not do or live like that if we were free, or not dependent on rules that do not enhance nature, force, knowledge but servility.

1.     SeaWorld drugs their whales – The Dodo…

Many SeaWorld orcas were on daily drugs to treat chronic stress, several of the park’s former trainers have told The Dodo. “We had whales who were on medication every …

2.     SeaWorld Orcas Drugged with Valium | Outside Online

SeaWorld Orcas Drugged with Valium … Proponents argue that using such tranquilizers to calmanimals‘ nerves helps to prevent stress-induced heart … Open a World …

3.     SeaWorld faces damning animal welfare lawsuit: ‘Drugged ……

SeaWorld faces damning animal welfare lawsuit: ‘Drugged, sunburnt whales in shallow pools with painted-over injuries’ This is the second time SeaWorld has been sued …

4.     SeaWorld lawsuit alleges orcas are drugged and confined in … › US News › Florida

Apr 10, 2015 · A new class action lawsuit has been filed against SeaWorld in Florida accusing the marine park of keeping its performing killer whales drugged and …

5.     SeaWorld – Official Site

Home to world class theme parks and water parks including SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Discovery Cove, Sesame Place, Aquatica, Adventure Island and Water Country.

6.     Orlando SeaWorld lawsuit alleges killer whales are drugged ……

Apr 11, 2015 · Orlando SeaWorld lawsuit alleges killer whales are drugged and sunburntSEAWORLD has been accused of drugging its killer whales and leaving them …

7.     SeaWorld® Kids – Fun animal videos, photos and activities …

See funny, cute and just plain awesome animal videos and photos only available here on SeaWorld Kids!

8.     Know Our Animal Stars | SeaWorld Orlando › Animals

Get to know our animals that call SeaWorld Orlando home. Belugas, Killer Whales, Dolphins, Penguins, and much more.

9.     SeaWorld Admits To Giving Orcas Anti-Anxiety Drugs

Trainers at SeaWorld have been documented administering psychoactive drugs to some of their …Animal advocates say that mental stress is a result of their being in …

10. SeaWorld sued over claims it drugs its killer whales…

Video embedded · SEAWORLD is being sued over claims it keeps its killer whales drugged, suffering from sunburn and makes employees paint over the animals’ injuries.

  • Hundreds of conditions explained

Keep warm, keep well

Cold homes have a significant impact on people’s health. One of the best ways of keeping yourself well during winter is to stay warm.

Keeping warm over the winter months can help prevent colds, flu or more serious health conditions such as heart attacksstrokes,pneumonia and depression.

5 Most Disturbing & Unethical Human Experiments




je viens de voir un documentaire : si tu dis a des enfants qu’ils sont des personnes ayant tendance a bégayer, ils le deviennent !


Amun, Amun-Ra,
Amun-Re, Amon, or Amen
King of the gods and god of the wind

With Osiris, Amun-Ra is the most widely recorded of the Egyptian gods.[3] As the chief deity of the Egyptian Empire, Amun-Ra also came to be worshipped outside of Egypt, in ancient Libya and Nubia, and as Zeus Ammon came to be identified with Zeus in ancient Greece.

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adjective em-pye-REE-ul

Empyreal can be traced back to the Greek word for “fiery,” empyros, which was formed from the prefix em– (“in,” “within,” or “inside”) and –pyros, from pyr, the Greek word for “fire.”

C: empire, etymologically ‘the fire within’.

Ety, ethics.

How Baking Soda Can Keep Your Mouth and Teeth Healthy

Author: Jeff Salmeri

  Diplomacy in Asia: Duterte’s impetuous pivot In July China clashed angrily with the Philippines over its territorial claims in the South China Sea. But yesterday it rolled out the red carpet for the new Philippine president,

C: let’s see whether if it could end up in prison term threat to not say hallelujah to oligarchy or the completion and respect of the commercial contracts at bay. 

A disgusting video has been released showing live prawns being injected with jelly to make them look more appetising in the supermarket.

Climate change is causing China’s seas of desert sand to grow, creating thousands of climate refugees
Monday, October 24, 2016 1:59 PM EDT

Desertification in china.

C: I have lived in China almost 2 years and what I saw of the desertification process is the systematic bombing of the hills. When people want to make space, they just bomb the hills for the soil to become flat. The jungle is gone and instead a red ground is all what is left.

The Black Cat – Short Movie

Iranian authorities broke down the door of the apartment of Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee and took her to serve a six-year prison sentence for writing a manuscript for a novel about a woman who was stoned for adultery.

Toronto PD’s Muslim Chaplain: Wives Must Be Available for Sex

Musleh Kahn (Screenshot)

C : it shows how to link degradation of human rights with immigration is completely irrelevant. As fascistic values because country, Anglo-Saxons countries for example, permit even officials to hold and spread ways of life ‘inculting’, teaching, asserting the violation of others.

Completely irrelevant, in fact defending nasal Anglo-Saxons values in this case will equate to defending sharia law and other tortures since it is blatant they are welcome into the very land that vilify their country of origins: where people die from not being able to eat without praying, to survive rapiers and looting.

The word didactic is frequently used for those literary texts which are overloaded with informative or realistic matter and are marked by the omission of graceful and pleasing details. Didactic, therefore, becomes a derogatory term

C.ET: surprisingly enough not reviled academics but reviled by academics: info essential sources to informed critics or contradictions. But then it would mean more danger, more work n also more exposition to the duty to the truth or wisdom, though lying shits even intellectuals aren’t, it seems to oblige to provide any of this love (hovel) and passion.

Outrageous: Baka abused to make way for trophy hunters!

Baka “pygmies” are being arrested, beaten and tortured for entering their ancestral forests since they were leased to French billionaire Benjamin de Rothschild for big game trophy hunting.

those, rich or rich middle class especially (espece = species in french), since they are them to amend the law that proscribe or allow and launch it, to the slaughter on all animals and protected species.

I’d rather not write, as we are as endangered in front of these crooks. Hits permitted: self-defence.

Defence =

Fence. These guys should be behind bars like the money that permits or that are the aims of murdering other species, as well as becoming not the most fit but killing all others to become it, whatever the means, economic or politics by insulars, invaders all immune to dignity.

C.ET: Zeus and Jupiter are a group of divinity at the image of humanity though they are in fact not at the creation, they are not original, they are not at the beginning. They are humans’ divinity, earth ones, as antiquity was intelligent and knowledgeable enough to see the power within nature and all species, and spirit. But just like one of most famous French singer wrote: everything is chaos, and chaos lays. Laid.

‘Tout est chaos’.

DISENCHANTED Mylene Farmer Desenchante english subtitles 8 09

Mylène Farmer – Désenchantée (english translation)

Mylène Farmer – Désenchantée (Clip Officiel)

Mylène Farmer – Désenchantée (Clip Officiel)

nirvana – lake of fire (lyrics)

Nirvana- The Man Who Sold The World (lyrics)

Nirvana ~ Aero Zeppelin (Lyrics)

C.ET: we won’t commit suicide anymore one day, it is murder and if they push for it to be realised then like my game magic the spelled will boomerang without handle, no, hang.

Mylène Farmer – Je te dis tout (Lyrics) HD

Mylène Farmer – Je Te Dis Tout

C : Animals’ guardians, well live, will stay, mythology. Will-lliw be.

Animals’, the nature and them. Not need for the possessive, be is this, sharing.

The French Socialite Locked in her Attic for 25 Years ▭ Blanche Monnier

C: acquitted! here is France’s face of justice and the uk that champions trafficking, maybe helped better by Russia and Co, now after Brexit. acquitted just before collaboration.




an economic system in which investment in and ownership of themeans of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is madeand maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations,especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means ofwealth.

C.ET: of course, event like Brexit, or the anti-globalisation, could be put into place to make people believe that the only valid system of redistribution, and security, and stability, a one that has to transit through bigger entities, would essentially, has to be tyrannical. For that they render the people tyrannical in allowing them to choose laws that will opt by the exploitation, the rendition, the depletion, the death and annihilation in whole or in part of the others. Pretending that it is better because if fittest then fit means socially able to kill to fuel infamy.

People plebiscitary.

Toutes les planètes du système solaire [ documentaire complet ]

‘l’apparence, les contours chaotiques de Miranda, donne l’impression d’un satellite recompose’.

C : translation in english from this french documentary :

The appearance, the surface of Miranda are chaotic, it is because it might have been ‘reborn’.

A compound of after- explosion or after-life or after-born?

Alter tetra teton. Triton. Titan.

 Both the members of Project Tic Toc,from television series the Time Tunnel and the Challengers of the Unknown use symbols of the hourglasse representing either time travel or time running out.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 – #BusterTheBoxer

I’ d like to apply for fostering an animal, I am a vegan. I would like to know if it’d be ok to feed the dog with vegetarian food. dogs are renowned healthy vegetarian.


Sorry, our cats and dogs aren’t fed vegetarian food and would need to continue with their normal diet while in foster.

Kind Regards

Homing Team

RSPCA Hillingdon, Slough, Windsor, Kingston & District Branch

Registered Charity No: 263515

16 Crescent Parade, Hillingdon, UB10 0LG.    01895 833 417

C : that is if you feel the need to say sorry, you should hang out nearer to the slaughter (house).

Metallica – Nothing else matter lyrics

Kansas – Dust in the wind (Lyrics)

Jonas Schoenmakers


Jonas Schoenmakers

Nirvana – Paper Cuts Lyrics

and what we will become (engendered monster that could not be shamed, look at its parents).

Nirvana Mexican seafood lyrics

This is the proof of a highly psychopathic society. And those (hose) (oser osier, lisier = to dare in French, no comment in hell there won’t be s-corn to help) new waves that comes with the excuses that now they administer death just like if she was humane. People think they are gods, in fact evil, above the law, and now they tell us death is humanize.

Or can be, or shall be.

No species after the understanding of what people do on this planet, however the death will occur on as anaesthetic would recognise us as worth a trick. As for the trip the universe is black holes and studious. Sick nest.

Anaesthetic, an aesthetic

Nirvana – Something In The Way (lyrics)

Nirvana Stay Away Lyrics

Study Says Oral Sex Is to Blame for Rise in Head and Neck Cancer Cases

Riddle of the Black Cat–An Animated Short Based on the Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

POEM ~ Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

The Tell-Tale Heart

Tell Tale Heart (1941)

Hallelujah Lyrics Leonard Cohen

America Horse With No Name With Lyrics

Send Me an Angel – Scorpions lyrics


Metis was the Titaness of the forth day and the planet Mercury. She presided over all wisdom and knowledge. She was seduced by Zeus and became pregnant with Athena. Zeus became concerned over prophecies that her second child would replace Zeus. To avoid this Zeus ate her. It is said that she is the source for Zeus wisdom and that she still advises Zeus from his belly.

It may seem odd for Metis to have been pregnant with Athena but, never mentioned as her mother. This is because the classic greeks believed that children were generated soley from the fathers sperm. The women was thought to be nothing more then a vessal for the fetus to grow in. Since Metis was killed well before Athena’s birth her role doesn’t count.

Zeus was also infamous for his erotic escapades. These resulted in many godly and heroic offspring, including AthenaApolloArtemisHermesPersephoneDionysusPerseusHeraclesHelen of TroyMinos, and the Muses.[5]

Her beauty inspired artists of all time to represent her, frequently as the personification of ideal beauty. Christopher Marlowe‘s lines from his tragedy Doctor Faustus(1604) are frequently cited: “Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships/And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?”

Christopher Walken reading “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. English subtitles

The cask of amontillado

I am french and a cask means also an helmet , full fledge helmet. or mask. also it gives you anonymity like a free mason. just like the cellar, more like a cave, well a catacomb, the inner of the house, the intent is just rotten. maybe the cough came from having been mentally imprisoned in mind by montresor before being physically walled.

yes, and it is also used militarily so I guess Poe knew that. also in french ‘cave’ for us means cellar. because here it could be more a cave than a cellar- the pre-building area where people had lair. without air. Also it could have been a debunking, as in wine is an unhealthy habit. You know it may have been the only way for a trap to have been set up as well. You can see that the victim does not resist the temptation, to easy joke perhaps, just like an addiction from which you cannot part- even when lethally. Let hally.

THE INNAMORAMENTO Mylene Farmer Innamoramento english subtitles 5 48

Peter Ferrera


Peter Ferrera

C.ET: yes enfouir, is literally burying. and also here a pun with fuir, maybe, flee. you know for cry i feel it is not tears only, but maybe also despair, calling for her love, for safety or horror. it is this week, in fact viewing your videos, I felt something new a propos these songs, just like disenchanted, I felt renouncement, disabused. it is very new for me this reading, maybe just my own life echoing. but you know when I sing nowadays I manage it to be in phase when I think of a love that took me so far, beyond that I could endure, follow, honour, stand or simply hope for. but now when I need my singing or telling to be right it is an ode to say, it was, it is gone, and I live, nonetheless whole, not amputated like I so long felt, because in my psyche I may have become no more a being depending on this other, or at least depending on catching, catching up, or chanting. for chanting. yes, Pete take all your time, but definitely I request the song.

maybe if you can at all, try a sound more powerful. i think i would not say a filament, filament you forgot the it in I did not choose to be it look 2:42 I did not choose to be it not I did not choose to be with it, in it, or to be. I respect your choice to play on this aspect for me she did not chose to be it, but she cannot not choose to be in or with it, because our love defines our being, and it has given us the why of all what we are, and say about it. 🙂 no, you could say that I must stop, but I like cease here, you could use both. but for me it is just like you translated. she is telling her that she cannot build on towards the moon since she might have come to the realisation that her destiny is what a thread is to a trip in outer space, and since she thought, sorry thinks of the immensity. but without it who, would we go out the maze? but with it and without Adriane, or Ariadne thread, are we willing to this Minotaur co-existing as our sole reflection.

I love your translation with vanquish. if you want to use more than one word, ‘meurtrir’ resembles ‘meurtre’, murder. So wounded, hurt, could also be alright. this sensation of having crushed, this reason, or at least suggestion why one stopped, doing, hoping, persevering…

non, keep vanquish, it is noble. also, this part of the text could contains ‘wounded’, ‘crushed’, because you know what happened when you love this way, this song is a garden but in which there is also desolation. perhaps it is what allows the tragic, will it be predominantly desolation. it is what is love, even if it was you know it is meta and will take you beyond the golly state of disappearing. however, vanquish add or give us another reading, it could be the one that says that in fact you have chosen to stop, that you are still, but you won’t go and persist towards its realisation or in fact maybe more likely, seemingly more obviously, the continuum of its absence says it: to persist toward what would bring you closer to the figure, the emblem, the person incarnating eternal love. You then with living in flesh your own renunciation the ephemeral side of what you know did not leave you, or went just to leave a subject of incompletion: you.

But vanquish set you free of what you will be able to opt for, stop damning you, like you did not have a body. Corp, corporal, encore.

                Poor cor.

To finish, for this murdering connotation, I could be the primary and tertiary reasons. The result of a lost paradise, and the consequence of your death, assassination. be it spiritual, carnal, or amorous, an empty vessel deprived of its heart, robbed perhaps but in fact its brain does not have the gut to reclaim its debt. So, the souls are waiting for what?

A revenge though this one not against anybody, but to your understanding of fate, even if it is while answering what we deem to be what we decipher the best of physics that ain’t designed for the invasion of space: you did not make it cos you followed the voices, echoing the ones that enable migration, or some other feats, nonetheless conventional, or may be.

I would take out in and with for this song because it is a call for love, you want drowning if it is the way to where it is hidden. but one thing is clear it is not my translation, and they are tricks I would use too, to play while singing, reading…

vanquish, the final neutralisation. I am man. For the star to transpire, to transgress not able. I am a man, not a pure soul. Maybe religions made me think I was near god. Maybe they tromp. It is like that I could have lost my identity, being killed to finish in me this idol.

Or character assassination? It is what is morose, but out of the morbid, when not implying waiting for death as a finitude, eternal is, and will be following.

🙂 yes i think I did not choose to be it stamp it, in fact in french you could almost stretch it to she may not have chose from this being. a lot more improbable meaning but that could work, i did not chose this from it, i did not chose from this being. but just as a note. I did not choose to be it, is the best.


REVER Mylene Farmer english subs & sous titres en francais 5 01

Peter Ferrera


Peter Ferrera

C.ET: I would offer changed in Farmer’s lyrics:

Spit on your grave, but not on the true one, not on the beautiful one.

The breath of the wind, the breath of the world. Le souffle du monde.

Et les anges sont la, et las.

yes, in fact you remind me of how tired I am, none of it has been recorded nor send to me, I am not made aware of my real blog activities, thank you for following me, though my blog did not have the courtesy or camaraderie to warn me! even in my google blog I cannot comment on my own posts; and I’ ll never know how come, kind king of thing, you know there is no technician you can ask questions to.

Are your own songs on youtube? copyrights like could you sing anglophone version of hers? do you know pascale bussieres, i am a great fan of hers. she is so just so romantic, funny, and incredibly sexy. relax too. i am enthralled. i guess she is a mystic too.

Mecano i think you would love ‘hiro de la luna’. it is mythologic.

C.ET: look down and meet the devil.

Big-game trophy hunters like World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Trustee Peter Flack (right, front row) shoot the elusive elephant in forests from which Baka have been evicted.

Peter Flack – African Hunter, Writer, Conservationist


Peter Flack shares his twin passions of hunting and wildlife conservation through his articles and blog, books and dvds and promotes the activities of SHAC.

INNAMORAMENTO Mylene Farmer english subs & sous titres en francais 5 52

Peter Ferrera


Peter Ferrera

C.ET: you know, this clip is splendid, , even if the problem is that the texts takes twice as much, what i personally try to find is the lyrics and the translation, like that i can sing at the same time and directly compare french and english. it is extremely interesting to learn a language or to savour how others would have translated. i guess you could widen your audience doing so.

I looked for Ariadne’s thread, some represent it like the tree of life, maybe a romantic picture of someone longing for the moon. You know Farmer and the space, the cosmos.

You are right the songs are not violent, and are not meant to be. Though there is a thing with love is that it is the ultimate reason for rebellion, I mean it is the only reason you don’t need another one to put yourself into action, and it will not mean anything else than victory, you know it is not the things nor their consequences you will do or think doing for money. And, it is when you stopped doing this thing, these deeds you do for it, for love, that you are vanquished, it is also the story of death.

But then you cannot live without, so it will transform, even accommodate, metamorphose and incarnate.

Moscow is no longer one of world’s 10 most expensive cities


In 2015 the Russian capital fell from 9th to 50th place in the rating of the most expensive cities for foreigners to live in, according to the annual Cost of Living survey taken by human resource consulting firm Mercer. 

C.ET: interesting surveys, the megalopolis? Are they expensive? and for who? Foreigners, locals, merchants, nonmerchants, teachers… also the instability of the years, whether we talk about the town in itself or its surroundings. Or the price of food compensating the high price in housing…

Below, as above, so below, course on relativity, if I am stretched I died. Howerthise, otherwise, i know the explanations are good, and relevant, and even hit my low iq at times.

History 2D: Science, Magic, and Religion, Lecture 17, UCLA

Existence influences space-time, as presence of mass, energy, and movement enabling transfer and transformation.

To say, torture someone not for what they are but what they could be- or could have been.

So, it is the old moral justification, to fight something for not what it is, but what it is thought it would or could become. but never with the same suppleness, that is one will say it could become bad and fire at it, instead of curing the reasons why destruction would be enabled to prevail and this on anything, moreover the ones that people to have under observation. as morality is sometimes the way people stopped, avoid a duty of construction, or and therefore anything could overtake any motion.

Is it a possibility that light speed does not vary just for us? the way matter wraps around the shapes we are able to take or join? take-on. that is a reality is in relation to the shape it is observed from. relation. relate, story sorry of late. store, thor, Elec,-t. heo. i e o, more or less finite, encircle.

Elect, exec, exact, attract.

Matter, error, meteor. Meted, metre, met, parlour.

If light speed is not variable, could it n0t be the sign that we are the object in that story? the one that is forbidden to ahve an influence, a reciprocity, sir, or a irreciprocity, sip, a power that makes thing change. or could we be in that stance the object, as in the measurement, could we?

Bach – Matthäuspassion – Blute nur, du liebes Herz!

“There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of truly faithful dog.”  

Konrad Lorenz

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  

Anatole France

10 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life

10 Dark Secrets Of AMISH Families

Carl Gustav Jung : 1959 – dernière interview 2 ans avant sa mort –

C.ET: Very interesting, to remind that children are vulnerable because they cannot tell themselves apart from the mould, they can then be objectified.


Support LGBTI rights in Azerbaijan

Sign petition for protection against discrimination & hate crime

LGBTI people in Azerbaijan face prejudice, discrimination and hate crime. They have no legal protection.

C : i used ‘Change’ petition the petition may not be kept. it only allowed a limited time for my petition to stay in. and it asked for your address, in that time and age, will be deterrent. 

America, west side story


I don’t want you to worry about your video count. they are very good videos, very useful and you know these people with thousands of hits, most of them they pay for their publicity, for the hits to happen in the first place. when you have time maybe could you do disenchanted? Disc.

An Animated Introduction to the Feminist Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir (on Her 109th Birthday)

C: I understand one can resist the expectations that people will construct in order to limit you, but the problem is this propensity one will have to adhere to the gross and ugly limitations



Children, pulled away from an amusement park, execute ISIS prisoners by shooting and beheading. This is the face of the next generation of jihadis.

C: instead of permitting these videos to be circulated, like a crypt that are the ownership of the media, and worth our mediocrity, we should be doing anything for it to be stopped, anything.

End UK arms sales to human rights abusing Saudi Arabia 

“The UK government should sever its support for a Saudi state that violates human rights and fundamental freedoms, at home and abroad: UK arms sales must end, the British ambassador should be recalled and key regime figures sanctioned internationally. 
“The Saudi regime ought to be treated as a global pariah. Its courts sentenced Raif Badawi to 10 years in jail and 1,000 lashes for the crime of expressing the wrong opinions. It has also imprisoned his lawyer Waleed Abulkhair and has sentenced the teen democracy protester Ali Mohammed al-Nimr to beheading and crucifixion. Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh is serving eight years behind bars for renouncing Islam.
“Women are banned from driving and from travelling without a male guardian. Adultery, blasphemy, apostasy and homosexuality are punishable by death. Shia Muslims and Christians are treated as second class citizens. Trade unions are restricted, peaceful protests suppressed and there are no free and fair elections.

 “Saudi Arabia is currently the UK’s largest arms export market.

Peter Tatchell, Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation

Orangutan Gets Emotional When A Pregnant Woman Reveals She’s Going To Be A Mom

Read more:

For example, did you know that many pet foods are so spiked with sugar and fat that they actually cause your dog to eat even when she isn’t hungry?


I think here there is no one comment about how confusious following is in fact ‘religious’ and highly political. interesting but completely incomplete, dangerous presentation this video i would say for it had never been put into current context and how it is clearly utilised by the present ’emperors’. almost disinformation here.

It is trifle knowledge the fact that exploitation, and submission profit to the portion of the elites that will stay or will arise and to the portion of common people like you call them that support blindness, liability and imbecility. also this system does not profit family exclusively but just like in asia, business own by family, what a trickle down! Here I am not commenting on Confucius, but how it had been used as a whole in Chinese society, and how conspicuously confucious center all around the world certainly intent to. Commencing by establishing stifling red tapes against people, and launching mafias immune to any kind of registration, looting, assailing Asia and Africa. Insider trading.

Compulsively compulsory.

Capaciously, rapace, car capriciously,


yes, respect to the old, above all when there are no homes you can go to, like a lot in china, and more and more globally. to for us the generation of baby boomers that may have made so much money ruining environment and setting up false and pretended democracy. and the familial horrors happening around the heirloom, with people fighting to be tending their parents as long as there is money and leaving in flock when there is none or not any more. Or the parents that make their laws, disinheriting at leisure, according to the colour of the shoes their kids like wearing, while we all got ‘rich’ with children making it and more with labour trafficking when your uncle or family’s best friend do not go to Cambodia for what is still label tourism, on sexual trafficking rump and playing pally with that.

Fall for trump and all that.


I agree with all what has been said, but one fundamental. it is disgraceful to take as a first title mass immigration to countries, European rich countries, the uk just as much as France, responsible to host rich tyrans and arm sells for rising their GDP or the then or now rulers’ bank accounts and assets more conveniently. You know the kind that throw a war towards the pre-installation of oil refinery. Also our beautiful western culture that count on paying poor people peanuts to live in palaces are not a culture but something that should be at the heart of all eradication attempt for the future you talk about not be people from or living in western world only talking to someone looking a bit gay or a bit gypsy or a bit churchy or whatever bit that does not seem to plunder money, to infer that at one point down the drain it won’t be worth living unless them lepers keep on adoring the Lepen of all ethni-cities.

To say that you fight for your children, could make the best heart go over for any types of stopping you killing theirs. Just like people that at one point all understood ‘terrorist’, or ‘marginal’ groups as they know that the mainstream will kill everything playing charitable and concerned.

what also worries me is how fat and fast one altogether could forget how slavish most christian churches would ask the people to be.

Since the speaker is belge and spoke about the great western culture, do you know about what a king of Belgium, Leopold, did in Congo, the worst imported horrors in Africa on record, i am sure you do.

It is why also Islam received systematic support, when it manages to stand against corporative capitalism, etc… making people its horrors, because the capitalists want the same, at the instar of ruling pornography in Netherlands and other European contraband and counterfeit of them as free countries. Bards Bonding in financial agreement against all dignities covered by the middle class that is remaining while the working class goes frantic and will be able to action but trembling.

A Shop Owner Opens His Store – And Heart – To Stray Cats In The Freezing Temperatures

Dogs Refuse To Leave Their Human As He’s Carted Off In An Ambulance

This Cat Without Front Legs Manages To Surprise The World With His Incredible Agility

About 150,000 stray and unwanted cats and dogs are killed in gas chambers in Japanese animal shelters every year. The Japanese government must take action to stop gassing and stop killing animals immediately.


Please join the Humane Society International’s fight to shut down the brutal dog meat industry for good.

Lecture 1. The Parts of the Whole




Experimenting on beagles?

Save dogs from cruel pesticide poisoning!


C.ET: I think that the video is slightly too apologetic but I post it for its avant-garde information.

This Woman Just Saved 75 Dogs From Euthanasia When She Decided To Adopt Them All



This Pesticide Can Cause Cancer and Harms Insects – Why Is It Being Used and How Can We Stop It?


KIDS UNITED – On Ecrit Sur Les Murs (Clip Officiel)

We Are Kids United


We Are Kids United 

Kids United – On Ecrit Sur Les Murs (Lyrics Video)

Kids United – On écrit sur les murs – English lyrics

Cheetahs and Pups Become Best Friends

L’incroyable amitié d’un chien et d’un lion !

C : Health and safety would have made sure no contact, not even being in the same place, or else in the same world, let alone no friendship could have taken place.

I think it is Cesar’s problem, he always talk about submission. it is not good, you have to learn to bite if it is the end game. but otherwise he shows that you need to learn from your mistake, a bite is part of his work, so well done. for the dog that bit the pig, i don’t think cesar should have said good boy to him, because the god boy here was the pig. by the way every dog may be very healthy vegetarian. am a cesar supporter.

Health and safety will bring this good thinking people to euthanize everything that don’t smile to them. While they kill little limb to feed thee their friends.


A Story About Lindy the Pet Dingo

A Truly Wonderful Pet


Updated 12/19/15

The dingo is the oldest pure form of dog in the world, and all other dogs stem from the strain. 

Lindy could live up to 25 years. In Melbourne, dingoes are being trained as guide dogs (for blind people) because of their good nature, intelligence and long life.

Youssou N’Dour – 7 Seconds ft. Neneh Cherry

youssou n’dour neneh cherry – seven seconds away (lyrics)

It is no political question, it is people that are tortured and treated as slaves, like so many in the russian federations, assisting forced marriage, or refusing marriage, refusing people live normal lives, love and etc, instead everything about how to race for corruption, embezzlement. you cannot politicize a country that is not politics, these people are just after money and people submission. an horror of a life, treacherously tetanise by these elits that eat gold, may be it poison.

What shows you are not talking to someone that does politics but is just a mouthpiece, or an admin, like the communist or any of the capitalist, nazi socialist, that just do their job of organising people disarray for salary and share of any type of money. how could this person say you politicized, because mate it is not politics none of it, it is just economics of the impure. the devil machinery, and they don’t even seem to know, they are just hire just like everyone has tried to be.

I admit i am as lesbian as they may come, and though what a woman. personally, I could have lost as many as pesos as i would have done my Latin. Pedro, hombre.

But it is only totally persona personal. not political, god preserves or forbid.

Mylène Farmer – Diabolique Mon Ange

Guerit, Gay rient.

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That s what I call a real good translation. 

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cet. vies7 months ago

An angel, without sex. Though the ecstasies- without a rest- night and day-, fevering love, lost abandon, the fire that would fly without end. Belong to a divinity female. Femelle. Feux melle. It is so monstrously vain and the other side loving, full arms welcoming to what else but you know that it is dissolving tears that is next to be coming. Torn body and soul, the universe explosion and what force invasion. To find you back I will have to restore depredation, to know where, my flesh lay, in which corners you goddess saw me slay. and dismember is all my memory of that light that heal and could blow us astral, while i’ll have to search the galaxy to take the boat since boarding here is, i know it myself now, a misery. I wanted to wait on you, but every day I fail is that it told: mi-.

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cet. vies7 months ago

An angel, without sex. Though the extases- without a rest- night and day-, fievering love, lost abandon, the fire that would fly without end. Belong to a divinity female. Femelle. Feux melle.

Mylène Farmer – Diabolique Mon Ange




Mylène Farmer : Diabolique mon ange..

Look even live the sound, her sound is crystalline. stallion. pour ma part, the horse, the image of cross species tenderness was the idea of a genius.

Demand Sainsbury’s stop killing foxes & use humane pest controllers

‘When my son came home with his school photos, I was baffled by what I saw.’

‘When my son came home with his school photos, I was baffled by what I saw.’

Nope. His mouth had been photoshopped with what looked like last year’s baby teeth swapped in.

  North Korea: Another victim The outrageous death of Otto Warmbier A travel ban for American citizens to North Korea may be in the offing Otto Warmbier, a young American arrested in North Korea 18 months ago, died yesterday, six days after the regime released him “on compassionate grounds” in a vegetative state.

Frida selma hayek banderas most erotic lesbian tango kiss

Bachata Same Sex Competition

Kari and Anne – Sexy & Dirty Bachata

Queer Tango Dance Festival: 8-12 July 2015

Queer Tango Festival QTC 1-5 June 2016 – Russian Drama

Ban the killing of healthy foxhounds!

//<div class=”care2PetitionEmbed” rssPath=”994548622″ adSize=”small” publisherId=”0″ buttonColor=”22489c”></div>


by: WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Les Vivants et les Dieux : Baudelaire entre le ciel et l’enfer

Soledad Nani & Marina Ventarron – Milonga para una Harmonica

C.ET: good music and dancers, but somewhat you know that the amazon does do the butch. as a butch i d say maybe to focus on our own body like this the femme can rest on it, without it being sexy. because sexy in dance does not suit me. as it transforms an art form into sexuality that ain’t chosen by the parties.

But maybe here the gypsy here needed to be held.

Queer Tango Festival QTC 1-5 June 2016 – Russian Drama

Performance “The script of pain”

Queer Tango Festival QTC 1-5 June 2016 – Russian Drama

Clarion Project’s YouTube account has been taken down, silencing Clarion Project’s educational work informing the public about the dangers of radicalism.

We appeal to YouTube to reverse this decision and empower us to continue our important work.

We thank our readers for your continued support and look forward to providing incisive hard-hitting video content as soon as this issue is resolved. 

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C.ET: i was taken down Facebook for Aisha and other project, but I would not have thought so of You tube. Campaigning against them would take parliamentary action really. 

Journey To The West Conquering The Demons 2013 720p WEBRip x264 AC3 JYK

C.ET: a sample of Chinese culture, a captivating love story, and fantastic play of actors. Have a look I think I might have found one of your counterparts.

It appears in most of the best lesbian films lists. I am not particularly into rom film, but I wanted to tell you why this is my ‘film culte’. my favorite literary form is the tale, or in fact what is more difficult to produce as I believe it has to recall cosmological system: the myth. i think these critics are wrong you don’t deserve being one amongst but is the best of it all. it was mature, it was beautiful, it was wail, veil, walled, lonely. all pictures were caravaggio in less colorful, the tamed color (belonging, gathered for an ultimate for which none back off. But the steps down of how I feel dying though alive for the least, us, to the last judgment, sentences await. Of what thinking of women, thinking of a woman creates of inundation. floating, drowning, and the term: taciturn misery of the elucubration. in Bussieres, it is what also i think that the film marked me for life, because simply for this role you needed someone able to bring back, to brink back an angel. and music is essential. 

i know the creator inhabited this film, one cannot talk about mythical love without having to talk, fight gods for it, and, of course, fail, in a trail. 

Could you make another one? in which a lady, the lady is proved, life and providential.  

Best green wishes.


Moment from journey to the west(sad song)

Rag’n’Bone Man – Skin (Live at State Of The Ark Studios)




C.ET: To imagine, to fancy, to invite almost death, to manage picturing this life without you, end in a wild chilled whirl of sensations that would take my body upwards, its rest.

Fast, almost fast, desire unchained.


When Night Is Falling (199 polski dubbing

LOST SONG Jane Birkin with English Words 4 58

Did Facebook Just Agree to Enforce Blasphemy Laws?

Home > Political Islam > Sharia Governance > Blasphemy > Did Facebook Just Agree to Enforce Blasphemy Laws?

BY MEIRA SVIRSKY Thursday, July 13, 2017 

BREAKING NEWS President Trump said the United States will not “allow or accept” any transgender person to serve in the military Wednesday, July 26, 2017 9:16 AM EDT

Japan Earth s Enchanted Islands (2015) Season 1 Episode 3

C.ET: where inhabitants live around bears, and farmers resuscitated endangered cranes.

LOST SONG Jane Birkin with English Words 4 58

She is My Son: Afghanistan’s Bacha Posh, When Girls Become Boys

RT Documentary


RT Documentary 

Another gay murder. More police failings
Independent Police Complaints Commission must investigate

London, UK – 15 August 2017 

Jason Marshall (pictured above) was found guilty on 9 August in London of murdering an elderly gay man, Peter Fasoli, who he lured on the dating app Badoo. He murdered another gay man in Italy and tried to kill a third gay man, also in Italy. 

You can read this Guardian report into the case and trial: 

Peter Tatchell, Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, who has monitored the case and has criticised the police handling of the investigation said:

“This case has echoes of the serial killing of gay men by Stephen Port and of the way the police failed to investigate those murders properly. Officers appear to have not checked Fasoli’s mobile phone, computer, bank transactions and the CCTV at his flat. If they had done these checks, they would have quickly discovered suspicious evidence, including a computer file that recorded hours of torture and eventual murder. 

“Fasoli was incinerated in a fire started by Marshall to cover up the killing. Police say the fire service said the blaze was accidental, caused by a faulty light bulb. But it was revealed in court that the light switch was in the off position, so this clearly was not the cause. 

“I am urging the Independent Police Complaints Commission to mount an inquiry into the way the police handled the case and for the London fire authorities to also investigate possible failings by the fire service. I am shocked that the IPCC has, so far, declined to do so. 

“This is yet another instance where a murdered gay man has been let down by the authorities. Shockingly, it took the dead man’s nephew to uncover the fact that he was murdered. 

“Fasoli’s killing is just the latest example of an isolated, vulnerable gay man being murdered by a predator using datings apps. It is a wake call to men who hook up online. While most rendezvous are safe and trouble-free, there is a small but rising number that end up in robbery, blackmail and physical and sexual violence,” said Mr Tatchell. 

If you feel strongly about this case, you can email Lesley Longstone, the Chief Executive of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, to urge the IPCC to investigate the way the police handled Peter Fasoli’s murder:  

•    Peter Tatchell is Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation:


I almost lost my nose in an unprovoked iron bar attack in Paris suburbs 17 years ago, I think police dismissed the case. I am openly lesbian and visibly cross gender. I could not fathom or even imagine that police from my country could be likely to react so.

A live, a life, at least childhood and long beginning of adulthood story.

Q: What user information is being shared?

A: We will share the same information that our companies have previously collected and used for the development and operation of our products and services. This may include your account registration information (such as your user ID, gender, name, email address, postcode & age), your content and advertising interests, content associated with your account, the types of services you use and how you engage with them, cookie and device IDs, IP addresses, geolocation information and activity information from across our websites, apps, software and other services. All of the information that we collect about you may be shared across the various Oath brands and within our Verizon family of companies.

Quelle est l’origine de la Goétie ?

Sur le plan étymologique, la Goétie provient du latin (médiéval) Goetia qui est lui-même issu du grec ancien et dont la signification est « hurlement ». Le mot ‘go’ se rapporte à des termes décrivant l’acte de se lamenter lors des rites funéraires; le hurlement lugubre est considéré comme une voix magique. Ces tonalités magiques peuvent guider le défunt vers les bas-fonds de l’enfer et également amplifier la mort pour s’assurer que le trépas est bien définitif. Ce mot est la racine étymologique du mot goétie et sa définition marque le rapport étroit qui existe entre la goétie et la nécromancie, qui est parfois considérée comme « magie noire ».

La Tragique Histoire du docteur Faust

Pour autant, Faust ne s’en sert que pour des actes très futiles, absolument pas pour les plans grandioses et ingénieux qu’il avait prévus au départ. L’explication à cela est que son âme, désormais liée à Lucifer, n’est plus capable d’élaborer des projets aussi magnifiques que ce qu’il voulait avant qu’il ne la vende: c’est la dégradation de l’homme et la désintégration de l’âme.

Skin is the largest overall organ of the body; the liver is the largest and heaviest internal organ.

The Pyramids of Giza are the only one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” that remains substantially intact.

The Pyramids of Giza are also the oldest of the seven wonders

Cutting and shaving have no effect on spurring hair growth; uncut hair is simply tapered and often lightened by the sun.

Romanian Gypsy Music Part 1

I play it for my Romanian stray dog. she is nostalgic, me too. really good performance. also, gypsies are not farmers by definition? but they are the nobles that keep horses alive in the countries where horses have not been damned altogether, i.e all nature killed. in fact all nature has been killed, but some patches still subsist in some places. very polluted, poisoned but still a horse’s eyes and hooves still can see. Be vegan.

SOS: Sold Out Slaves. Kenya’s growing child prostitution crisis.

NOBODY KNOWS Mylene Farmer Bi Lingual Paroles & Words 5 53

Peter Ferrera


Peter Ferrera

C :

Dawn has her__________________________________________L’aube a su it would be dawn has known, or knew. as for she or it, i think it is a she, my ex was a great fan of MF, and she told me that there is gossips circulation. MF has been said to be in love with a woman or a feminine entity which she has never been able to find again, at least in full. whence of her love songs, that are mystifying, and the rest. whatever the truth of MF life, it is what i think clearly her love songs are often about. truth, trove, through?

thanks, you made me discover it. it is a simple message this song, and it works for me. ta again peter.


BBC Genius Of The Ancient World 1of3 Buddha With Bettany Hughes

BBC Genius Of The Ancient World 1of3 Buddha With Bettany Hughes

C.ET: in my opinion, one can watch anything that has been done by this presenter, sometimes it is written a bit hastily in term of introductions of concepts etc, but always an exciting and enticing tempo, intellectually sharp questioning. It makes you greedy and comfortable.

For me as good as Lucy worsley or helen        , my BBC personal favourites

Bernard Lavilliers-On the road again (1988)

On the road again

Elephant and Dog – Bubbles and Bella Best Friends



complete or perfect; supremely skilled; superb:

a consummate master of the violin.

How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy | NerdVlog




Training & Playing With Saber (6 Month Old GSD)




Jane Birkin Quoi (English + French captions)




CALIFORNIA Mylene Farmer Bi Lingual Paroles en Francais & Words in English 5 33

C.ET: Trois, troy, femmes, m’eblouie. oublie. ebb, aye babe, louie. ou lie. ou boue. boo.

trois, troy, femmes, m’eblouie.


ebb, aye babe, louie.

ou lie. ou boue.


J’ai L.A

J’ai le la. Je l’ai. Gelée. C’test tout. C’est tout. Cette ou.

LA, las,

Ou là.

trois, troy, femmes, m’eblouie. ebb, babe. can’t explay, plainly lay, play plainly lain. like just led, or slain. Can’t explain. Deigne, D’elles.

you know in fact you are the one that has to be right. it is a love song for a country. just like Gainsbourgh who pretend to make a sexualised song, to just say that it is not towards the physicality of the act but sensuality of sentiment and sensation.

Which is a synonym of bourgeois?


Yet again a male to represent the whole story. but still bravo, brava!!! (I forgot to mention previously, though had to think it from the start, lost it in my papers again, instead of editing it, very beautiful the male, just to say it plain like this).

in french, we call it panache. 

12 Dec 2012

UN hosts LGBT special event

Listen / Download gayinafricaactivist-wiith-flag

An activist waves a rainbow flag, an international symbol for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Photo: Flickr/See-ming Lee

The United Nations is taking leadership in the fight to end discrimination against lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender, or LGBT, individuals.

At an historic meeting on the 11th of December, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, human rights defenders, politicians and international entertainers all voiced their support for the LGBT community.

Gerry Adams reports.

Duration:  3’22″

Filed under Today’s Features.

UN Radio Daily News Programme

UN Radio Daily News Programme

Updated at 1800 GMT, Monday to Friday


UN hosts LGBT special event



How to teach your dog: to fetch drinks from the fridge!

Bernard Lavilliers – Noir et blanc

C : une des plus belles chansons françaises : Bellow page web for a translation.

Noir et blanc by Bernard Lavilliers


Black and White

Étienne Daho – Comme un boomerang

Serge Gainsbourg SUB ESPAÑOL/ENGLISH – Comme un boomerang (cover)

[HD] Antonio Banderas – Take the Lead – Tango Scene

Shi DeJian

Documentaire Égypte Dieux et démons de l’Egypte ancienne

Stand the ghetto Bernard Lavilliers

C.ET: and die for her beauty, for her love.

OFFICIAL – Somewhere Over the Rainbow 2011 – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole

Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire De Melody Nelson [Full Album]

Je suis un Homme – French Song with English Subtitles

Natasha’s chanel

Un musicien de rue Chante du Bob Marley et une passante se joint à lui

Ly O Lay Ale Loya (Circle Dance) ~ Native Song

Istvan Sky – Estas Tonne – Reka Fodor – Ecstasy from heart

The last living masters of Kung Fu

Dog Training Tutorial: Holding Objects & Clean Up!

C.ET: for dogs honors with nipping problems.

for the ouch methods, i think it is something you do with not that you do only, it is to explain you know that is unwanted and shout is one way to tell you this. it is just expressing one’s sensation… of pain. they will relate at one point or another. my dog may be a bit dull, she rams on everything… so i teach her to be gentler but also with herself.

i agree on the crate you need to avoid using it as punishment, but as safe place, it still is my secret, after redirection activities, when I don’t have time, because if not she will attach my doors.

i also found out she loves her squeaky toys. and i teach her to respect all other animals, she is vegan, like me. vegan dogs are very healthy. search on the net, specialised dog food sites sell vegan food at an affordable price.

No contest

Only one Singaporean is fit to be president

Or so the government concludes

Dogs and Horses Best Friendship

Aicha – Cheb Khaled – French (subs francais -anglais-French-English)

Bats could be in imminent danger. Fracking is set to take place right on the doorstep of protected bat species in Ryedale, Yorkshire.

Demand jail time for man that doused kitten in gasoline and set her on fire!

John Lewis: do not sell duvets filled with down, torn from living geese inhumanely.

c: Humans are becoming so sick and fearful by the layers of reality, facts that they have uncovered or simply experienced that they quit searching for more. It is what might have been called ‘desenchante’. A conspicuous not quite absence but avoidance of spirituality.

Chien abandonné ,dans un état lamentable, sauvé par Hope For Paws …. formidable !

C ; take this as an admission of the state of the states. You won’t be able to see it in china videos as they are under censorship. Well they banned the entire west web to enter, and information, true one is always a flow, an ebb.

I always wanted to adopt also animals with physical disabilities. i was wondering how it was to look after a dog with spinal injuries. she looks confident and adorable. for me you are the hero.

things such as animal eating, and putting some of them to sleep i think made the animal business unbearable. but one has to create a space where this can be history. bad history but well. it is good you will have internet in order not to rely on the vet only. i would create a sensory room for her, with toys she can investigate, changing shapes, light, texture etc, without her having to go around. her music corner possibly.

Brooklyn Cat Cafe Employs Rats To Care For Kittens | CUTE AS FLUFF

Dog Can’t Get Enough of Sliding Down Snowy Hill

Police Officers Rape Black Woman on Camera and Avoid Charges

Don’t risk lives – Keep meat inspections independent

New proposals mean that the meat industry will be able to regulate itself rather than have independent inspections. 

C.ET: my site is pro-vegan. Why I wanted this article here it to emphasize the fact that now like councils in the U.K industries will self-regulate instead of being cross-examined. Of course, not anything worse than a biased examinator. But the self-regulation story will just make them endemy.

End, this is the end, let’s hope for this kinda stale legislation to stop being the blue print of other countries.

Le Petit Cheval Blanc

Cats Acting Like Humans! Funny Cat Compilation | Video Digest

I know that the dental tartar you see slowly building up on your pet’s teeth is about 80 percent bacteria and that it damages the gums, the bone beneath and the ligaments that hold teeth in place. This bacteria can gain access to the blood stream and infect vital organs like the heart, lungs and kidneys. I also know that advanced dental disease hurts

As with humans, these canine dental problems can actually lead to life-threatening infections and issues including heart, liver, and kidney disease.

This Company Makes Eco-Friendly Clothes Using Recycled Ocean Plastic

Jacques Dutronc – L’opportuniste (english subtitles) – 1968

Abricots, Cerises , Pêches, poires, Prunes: Les noyaus ou pépins contiennent du glycoside cyanogénique qui peut causer un empoisonnement. Symptômes : vomissements, diarrhées, tachycardie, coma, mort.

Avocat : L’avocat contient un élément toxique appelé persine qui peut causer des dommages au cœur, aux poumons ou à d’autres tissus chez la plupart des animaux.

I was thinking that her bed could be a bit small for her. why I am thinking that is because I always find A there, and never lying on the sofa for example. To keep a healthy back I know that dogs needs to stretch all their length for several hours.