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Brief introduction:



Only read the underlined part, other parts are or too vague, too idiosyncratic, or too specific to a very determined and “minor” as being not well defined enough occurrences.





I know I am slanted, misinformed, ill informed, and short(en by-e) of myths, just send me a message and a comment and all suggestions will be taken into account, no miffs. Don’t be selective with it, I won’t be weaken, write what you think and know for delicacy. Any answer a fine courtesy. 





And by the way it is not because you are called peter and what you have done is despicable and that someone say not to it that it is Catholicphoby.




Too much protein means kidney dysfunction.

I wanted to bring you tahini.




nous = mind nous = us

noumenal  adj

  1. We feel and perceive no particular things, save bodies and modes of thought.

    – Spinoza, Ethics, Part II, Axioms




They are not but new mode of social organizations, exploitation, retention, communities as network without which individual is condemned to perish and that make perish the whole of the plant (planet) in being let do what they call development, busier business or other clay . Fascism in disguise.

The tram tramp.





These pretences of being in the oppositions, in the third way or in being without plan and already made construction not at all about some search for, from and of democratically more refined and authentic but with the same results on pork-like job poorly done and devastating at any rate and array.


Like in England where people said education, education, education where the labors managed to create a social system completely celluloaroid, where the communities, every people have been privatized and put apart from others and their own responsibility (ex, no big clubs, no big homes but private carers, social worker, made servant, for each individual). They will tell you that people are paid to act without involvement- taking holistic responsibilities, not on the job description and on what is inspected, 5 % of the job that permit set-up if your being bribed could technically being set-off by what is supposed to be of your professional responsibilities, but as ethics are not followed, are not checked, but on the point that render us more and more asepticed.) there is no big corporations survey, unions, schools, assessment, discussions, places where professional can discuss about their practices, but why? in case people would start organizing. A system where it had actually been made true the statement ‘there is no such thing as society’.

The social under the labors where such places for proletarian bourgeoisie to take place. Schools, residential homes, allowances instead of reasserting not building in schools and cultural center but a accessible to everyone knowledge and variety of skills teaching, boost the birht rates instead of bringing out and educate the one already if not exploited, render mechanical staff deprived of self or human rights respect, depraved institutions where the have-nots are expecting from the staff to behave like majordomos and butlers not knowing that the skills they are spared to learn taking the reins of self reliance, is the certitude of counting on pedant charity.

At hight schools one cannot attend a lessons since chair, books, and table flying are the main subjects. This way of nursing, nannying people in order to create social tensions and handicap. In order for your staff has to accept being completely unable to exert their skills, the ethics of their professions, of not saying and gather information. Between complete assistanat, mollycoddling where every on skills and advancement for better and more intelligent way of working, and firing system, or unemployment teasing. Or where you know you have to quit moral principle, even dignity to keep the very least activities.

Giving a bad name to human rights, giving a bad name to social welfare and building profiteering establishment where is to learn how to parasite from the fascising system that won’t give you the slightest skills or if they do only to be nagged on the impossibility for organizing something professional. Don’t even talk about sustancial, try the slightest toward ethics at work and the system will swallow you up, like social system teach you to take the piece without naming consequencings.

To render social system so intolerant, so threatening, so I will let you that my “rights” have been given the power to kill you and all of what I decide I did not like their odours.

And all these young that are taught to wait for someone else (their carers, their mates, their co workers) to do their jobs, to look after them, if not they will complain. That there is no matter if one professional activities is about destroying other careers, belongings, nature, dignity.

The rights were not rights, they were weapons enhancing the way the rights of others could be crushed and institutionally disavowed and deserved. That is instead of saying you don’t have a right to act like a social worker wanting having for objective professional reinsertion, as long as the jobs is a true one, not servile, where one use intelligence, own decision, when one wonj’t be fired because his head is not of the taste of everyone, a job that cleanse the rivers rather than destroying, ravaging one. Instead of saying you don’t have the right to do this, they will say people have the right to complain when you try and so will fire you. The incentives, their complaints weapons, and they do their personal mug, slavish losers of you, servile that have stopped working for basics dignity.

Everything is gonna finish, eh? Nay. If one desist from acting before promises for tortures’. It won’t be a peaceful departure.

Or how To let the conservatives sell the universities and say that this social pattern is good to eradicate.

I tell you brothers, they agreed upon doing rubbish for 10 years, be unvoted, let the other one do more rubbish for ten years, and take it back for 10 more. Anyway they ve got the shadow pay, and when the poison of the other party showed too much they are voted in, to compare, compeers, theirs that won’t worth more.

It is rubbish we are voted for.

And worse rubbish, their playing at being at each other throats while there is one thing on top of their agenda is to pretend debate and struggle while they are laughing (head off like whales) for each other victories, waiting for their turn to turnside down, acting a capsize, and making money.

They are the same, bursting the left of the people during 10 years, bursting its rights for what has remained, and like that indefinitely in turn and time for what? For rising in the midst of the storms their own salaries and pretense of having imposed or opposed on something? On what?

On the politicians being in a plot to let population think that they are different, while in the arena is, whoever it is, the politicians and other bankers are the bookmakers, right and left waiting for the shooting to pay. And letting their mascot’s (hope my dear reason) to win and lose as for the people one needs to alternate the view of how the butchery is laid.

On connivance.

B o






To practise boo battle to go popular ensuring thus indifference of the otherwise complete terror of being ransacked.

Priesthood observance. On soldiering with absence of self challenged. With ability to sermon the whole world but their own congregation.




Theory to be understood centuries on end, will have to pass the test of practise and refer the mechanisms found illustrated by detailed and well pursued, followed and repeated examples.

(Lichtheim, George: 1961)



“Man is Transforming their nature by transfansforming the external nature”

(Lichtheim, George: 1961) about Hegel.

C:Emptying, destroying??

Don’t talk to me about purposeful destroying in order to reconstruction, you half done.

Donnish done.



Genocide up to human rogue organisations.

Why restating the basics. In case people would start incriminating daemon.

As they behave as what they have seen and translated of the way insects behave.

Why .




The classes but not as struggling against each other are their chains to the chins are similar.




In facing one’s ignorance one becomes apoplexic, what I have done? Easy what is to be, but purety?



Heresy, air et sea.

See, heir.

See ya.



Intellectualizing labour. To have the rights and duties to do one’s work properly in rendering it innocuous to every other tools and body.

Repair, attend, maintenance.

Instead of that the staff will do screw, bolting, unbolting always newer sets, to a total derision of wastage participate. Instead of the art of keeping tools and material longer. Stuffs that are made by machines whose wages is human vanishing.

And the intellectuals them, in the grounds of practise cannot nor go nor do. As what one wants is man power without an head, and head without linking to the power of applied theorems.







Why is there a cloture culture of complaints that would permit to fire programs and professional because of whinny wimping?

Because it is cheaper than so-needed control and supervsision so-much-needed too if safe from being a control freak investigation, but who is safe from that when money and prison are the sole common degree of comprehensions (= understanding, underrated standards, going lower and lower, the price of fear, the fear of fry?

And it permit a slide, impersonal slide, hiss as informal, toward total falsest, fishiest, flashiest fascist, fascination. In Sin (insane) inner ration nation.

As complains answer are at the leisure and whims of whom that are in charge. But who is in charge? Of complains, of personal and professional standing, of professional advancement, freedom, and right to practise differently. It is even not uniformisation any longer but get rid of the recess and protruding dimensions as if they were to rhyme with kit for extermination.






Ask oneself if one will survive the answer to its wondering on the path to constituting oneself wiser, wizarding.




Thoughts are contradictory as long as one does not have the strengths of thinking them all, and holding their conclusions. Sagery.



Politicians are consultant and candidats firstly appointed by their parties having checked on their greediness, liaise of licenses, liking bondage liars and kleptomania many.




Not aiming at a sexual relationship prime project the slavish self beyond half alpha talling tales and short story.




Any unsatisfactory occurrences are changed into celebrations if it is the day of one’s comprehension and holding onto promises of grasping it through.



To kiss and coo lip you as if one could remove these invisible, minute poison drop and spry in your flesh and skin. Making love to you. And the touch without having.

Physiotherapy, kinesis, as far from you or just semene smelling you; the hart of spousing you (ou = where).



The dangerosity to speak about rise in salaries, as one speaks only about money in its absolute value without tackling its venom; the fact that once one has money they can and most probably will more, buy monstrosity as well as others’ slavedom.






Mess mesa minstrel.




The classical search for not morality but coercion and torture and slavery taken by language that is aiming at saying about ethics, in context or forced marriage, or the way marriage will be the determinant of one’s social, professional, economic, political life. People become freak of control and heir control not deontological, not religious but acting like if they have to constitute prisoners, since these taken for granted marriage are but prostitution institutionalized in every family.










Je t aime.

Je t ai. I have you, I throw or I threw.

Je t ai me. I have you for me.





Rarefication of skills but the one of for the grand patrons operations.

Operated on?

Lack of training or education, or its being difficulties of access, no variety suiting various skills, their lack of correspondence, equivalence, the fact they are expensive? made expensive, lack of selection, or coordination, the duplication of similar researches and confection, and the scarification, scarcity of the possibility of selecting options, will made the workers ignorant or only detentors of a infinitesimal of knowledge related to the function for which they should be employed, they will be made robots, applying a chip of what they should be working for and with which abilities.

Starting a stratified society.

Threatening with a generality that want things to be simplified not diversified, waiting in ing for death to??????????? Be of a less forceful led suffering, the torture of having killed, and still doing in a larger than life scale, the land that one should have been looking after and thanking.





Christianism preach abnegation when you want to improve social conditions, to imply that would mean to be the servants of the rich for them to leave your live safe.

In Catholicism, here are the story of the saint (having to) distribution of rags and job description praising the patrons.

Abnegation cannot improve really if it presupposes to render one’s work servile and fuelling inequity with allure of feigned and loaned nobility.

I work for the rich that permit me to be a slaves giving a bit of money against the freedom that would made me a man in search for verity.

I am so sleek as riches is for what I would betray.


Abnegation? No.




Also, when I try a bit of poetry, it is so poor, that please make my jugglery your mockery.



They make clear, she was in a prison, to serve.

To serve their interests?

Even in a prison, the body is moving in one hoping, yap up to its star, starving.

Live or liberty.

Even in prison, even compel to do, her energy to their stopping could not but be orientated.

The psychic, for the inner.

Of course, live this is not a life. But spirituality finds itself its corrosivity.

The dwellers did not find their loss, or fall. Have you talked to one? Aren’t we all numb, a number or is it nativity? You cannot see here them paid.

Or if we are all here is that we have to be at the same or around, volatile and revolving, level of integrity.

Innate psychic will do of the weak people that are looking for their easy way of not doing, or enslaving pro and people to have things done for them in exchange of nothing but threats and distress, for put into their stories will be weakness and themselves, a people that will serve as food, for other tribes, species, or vibes, aliens or mentalities.

The prisoners cannot punish their jailers, but psychically they will become the next pray? Won’t suffice, and will be erase people and their chic suck sick civic? civilities.




I am a horse tamer, and the horse endued with (chorizo?) curiso, curiosity is you.

You will that animal namely thus will reincarnate. Cure rise. In what a human detoll of sense of souls, that kill in thinking that is form as some superiority? Des pick. Anyhow it is in zoo that the last of the human and their being (ash at the image of their creations) will be pinned, even not laziness but institutionalized looting. Reactions.

B o



It is on my blog and it is free, because of a little rule between me and you, an me and me, mel. I dreamt it. Even not unconsciously it came.

Slog? Not. Being the receptacle, the recipient takes some hours of lying down for the skies to be sure you don’t feel and think it as insignificant.

What is written is what has been ringed and moved the bells, by other mouths or super conscience coincident.



I should not have but what do you want, love when bet raid, betray is not love from the day that stands.



NIrvaNA. Nerve. {Ren, ravish, parish, par rich, raven.}





When pout like that it is play on words and sonority, so leave it if you are not interested by the like, sometimes it is too far reached, sometimes only understood back, sometimes only for the sake’s of a trace of what sounded once like poetry.

Will be the fern french, that one may call Latin latrine play on etymology, sonority, double entendre and spelling. As well as cousinly, cosignity, hybrid and gingerbread. Any fasten or steady. Instead of scenery.




Social and politics, The same.

B o



Of course, you saw me as macho, so don’t matter, my pride was just a violent piece of shit.

And now you notice that I could have that of a woman?


Said the puke, the goblin, you don’t answer?

Like if my howling was not worth civilization nor hobbling.




You would understand people wanting their regime to stand (and be totalitarian if you must elevate one corner of one voice to ask if ti is all sensible.)

As in democratic regims one cannot say anything without being cast out, then global system would have to count on other dictactorship form to find for their own plague a challenge if not a remedy.

Because they are their states and after that what will become?

Hegemony one on and on.





Cold call coil coy.



Workers faced with jail and brutal repression – Solidarity urgently needed! Reprint of article from SIPTU union newsletter

Major strike movement in west Kazakhstan

Workers faced with jailings, intimidation and brutal repression

Solidarity urgently needed

A major strike is raging in the Mangistau oblast in the west of Kazakhstan , where at its height up to 16,000 workers in the oil industry have been on strike. This strike started at the end of May and has now been ongoing for over two months. These are workers for the national oil company, KazMunaiGas, the national oil giant which is closely linked to the government and President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The strike also involves workers from subsidiary companies and contractors for KazMunaiGas.

The workers face desert conditions where in the summer, temperatures can rise to 50° degrees C and in the winter drop to -40° C. Workers reported the serious neglect of health and safety standards and they claim that a number of workers have unnecessarily died in the last years as a result of industrial accidents and illnesses brought on by the working conditions. A wage agreement was signed two years ago between the company and the union, which the strikers claim has not been fully implemented by the company.

In going on strike, the workers have faced massive state repression. Two trade union lawyers, Natalia Sokolova and Akshimat Aminov, have been jailed. Ms. Sokolova has been charged with “stirring up social conflict” and could face years in jail. She has now been in jail for over two months and her husband has not once been allowed to visit her. In reaction to this repression, 300 strikers and members of their family engaged in a hunger strike. Riot police have been used to disperse the protests and in a sign of the desperation, a number of the hunger strikers poured petrol over themselves, threatening to set themselves on fire. Many workers have received very serious anonymous threats, threatening the lives of their families and to burn their homes.

The company has sent official letters to many strikers stating that if they continue their strike, they will be fired. Hundreds of workers have already been fired, simply for exercising what should be their right to strike. In effect, a lockout is being imposed by the company. Those who have returned to work have had to sign a statement declaring that the strike is illegal and committing not to engage in such action again.

The strike has been ruled illegal by the courts on the basis of the Kazakh Labour Code. It is known that the Labour Code is particularly restrictive in relation to the right to strike for wokers in the extraction sector . This situation has been criticised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Socialist Party MEP for Dublin , Paul Murphy, recently visited to support the striking workers. When he met with senior management of the company, they made it clear that they are not willing to negotiate with the representatives of the strikers until the strikers return to work and that those who have been fired would not be allowed to return to their jobs. This is obviously unacceptable to the strikers.

The strikers key demands are: 1. The release of Natalia Sokolova and Akshmiat Aminov, the trade union lawyers. 2. A commitment from the company that all strikers, including those who have been fired, can return to work without victimisation. 3. The right of the workers to determine their trade union leadership and to form independent trade unions 4. Negotiations between the company and the representatives of the strikers to discuss the implementation of the wage agreement that was signed two years ago.

A campaign of disinformation has been waged by the company and the government internationally – claiming that the strike is not very significant and that the workers’ demands are unjustified. However, the information blockade is being broken. Last week, Sting cancelled a planned concert in Kazakhstan declaring that he would not cross a “virtual picket line”. This solidarity has raised the confidence of the strikers.

International solidarity from the trade union movement will increase the confidence of the strikers and increase pressure on the company to agree to negotiate. Letters of protest can be sent to (KazMunaiGas – the company), (the local government) , (the state’s sovereign wealth fund that holds a majority of shares in KMG) and (Karazhanbasmunai – one of the subsidiary companies). A model letter of protest can be found on They should be copied to,, and Letters of solidarity can be sent to, and

The workers are not receiving any funds while on strike and it is having a devastating impact on their lives and the lives of their families. A solidarity fund will shortly be set up by the workers to help to provide necessary food and other aid to the strikers and their families. Contact Paul Murphy MEP’s office to receive details of this – 01 6795030.









When internet will become complete, privatize, and e dead lock commodity. As much as our local as global geography. Transportation? Pollution? Access to rivers and touti quanti? Mind a refreshner, since nature has being killed, what for, yeah, funny.



Play on work and word stimulate by auto cores correction or suggestion Microsoft.

My allegiance and intellectual limitation uncovered. Misspell dispel and discovered surrounding.



Please do not judge this blog by reading a paragraph or epitaph or even a block. It has every subject, though being chronological it has spells and thematic. Don’t suppose it is this or that, subjects and their maturation are different completedly and fiercely fierily are the dissensions. Enhancing.



we won’t kill each other over other politics.

Being of the same party. Forgetting that the party are these lads not doing anything for the society to work better, as they would become the grievances sotry as they could raise awareness if looking after real cases. But what they do is to criticise the odd policies in waiting in line for an overture in order to size the next offices doing the same, providing filthy jobs and well paying salaries.



19 July 2011 10:59AM


I’m amused that some people can only see the world in terms of ‘defending one’s own’ – but I suppose this is exactly the message we’re getting from the ‘top’ of society with the police, press and parliament handing out jobs to one another over cosy dinners, even as they stab each other in the back.

Absolutely, what we have witnessed is how the establishment protects itself, using all it’s armoury to do so – the press, the police and politicians.



C: Is job only the subject of defence na for professional definition, liberal, very!



In this atmosphere of economic depression and social instability, they have sold to the outlaw the university.

Out-the-law, out? Out of more than accountability, transparency, bla, bla, bla.

University will become coded cohorts of vulgar companies whose dictatorship will extend until having furnished the earth with build eerie.

Out anytime, any wise, any type, hype and wards and yards, any will and trace of democracy, the sole morality ever constituted, or morally protected, or protection offering (but some passage of the religions that were to constitute the state and the international or transnational nations)



Nothing that one has done has possibly been lost. Every document every breathing whatever looted or discarded in the bigger computer, in each heart of the soul, to each other pertaining. Everything will be retrieving. So what is this race for morality, to keep life as it is, as if human start to remove the genes, it is the death of human being? Because who killed, will be at their turn and their reincarnation forbid. For bid?




On genocide and politicide.

That a perpetrator group define a victim outside the universe of obligation, “kill someone as it is not considered deserving humanity.”

(Straus : Fein)

‘social category were thus often categorized and based on status and social activity’

‘widen the power differential’ ‘and institutionalised the social categories’

‘ethnic purging and killing as part of a reinforcement, consolidation of power and identity’







It is not that he loves his partner for the money, but the money providing a reason to cope with this life, of career minding.

Money would not come in the way people would marry their hobby and true passion according.




Progress, modern.

And be taken (on) as lantern.

Progress and slave on commodities. Bastard, tard = late, retarded, degenerated, defected.





Sane no



It was not celibate but life facing like others.




Not knowing ideal, but love.




Me ant.



Look at what happens if you are a lawyer in saying that meant you are a crooked lawyer the one that look after money and not justice, and so you ve got a lot of money.

It will cost you one week of work to be trained further to become a qualified specialised lawyer let’s say.

If you are a cleaner to access the same studies, or to begin to study, or if you are a lawyer that decided to Dip deviate? devoted his life to very uncovered cases of grey area left wih a potentiality of letting things horrid, and that the cases you are defending are financially unrewarding, if you are struggling earning money basically. What will happen?

You will need one year of work to pay the official study and the officialised diploma by the state! When the crook needs one week to access to the teachers, the books, the ethics, the professions as a whole, “the right to know” and question and hall, and finally the possibility to change what the laws are and further from what they ought to be.

The state allowing that? The mafia.




These poor (pores, still having a tissues skin) gibes guys and fellas, oh and gross pussies don’t fort forget, forgive that; that spend their lives saying that homosexuality was not productive. We hare far too many, we are as too many as it become lethal completly.

Of course homosexuality is a means of reproduction, but do we need this degree of consensus now that we kill all around in this land of plenty? So what it is because of the hetero sexual and its forced marriage and forceps everygig that we are here, why gays when the end is nerd and near?





Because there is some good that has been achieved. And that is for sure is that poison and self propaganda, the day one starts thinking it is serious of fighting (their) nature, this day of the people they are through: objects and propellants of what the people is not human anymore- lent, the slaveries and their servants.



It is not interesting my writing.

But it is enough!



These people that live in all impunity, that are not even ask to produce stuff that won’t be killing children and what they call environment, not the zoo but the wild, not the one with administrative cost but the one that would sustain (not sub and stain) earth to be the heaven without a man.

And that are waiting for the injured people and their profiteers to invade the quarters, empty it, to realize there were problems.

What did yoyo say?


Issues is a too big name, for the this degree of dishonesty and the torture rest, don’t employ word too intellectually.

Issues, in French as exit.



What issues? I am a ducky, a pufta. And you a voyeur. The promiscuity this one that drew drive your insane belief of being pourer u purer dreg oar superior the most holler whore that brain could perceive and holder. It is amusing because the people say be gay and I attack your family and what if we started to kill for the eggs that are subject of envy?





Therefore the met, the mafia’s militia.




See the swans and the ducks swimming with every 20 cl of juice the humans drank and its equivalent of tin, or cardboard imprinted.

Humanity? Feigning.



Not talking about goodies, goodies and wishful thinking on how great to be served like a god of spineless spiteness would be.

Of the grandeurs and generosity of skills and common share and partage, of protected and free explorations, of lives’ advantage.




To kill the state of right by killing bureaucracy, in the sense of people asking for things they should not and not given back reciprocity.

Your new order, pro porky partying bank.

Hawk. And us the rats that are left with the right for copulation. Ululate



As inundated by speculation, one needs attention.

Provision prevision.



Lies like the theorists that do speculation, as their theories need to be assessed the grounds on and assessing the rounds, but at that point they ran and speak recess, endless.

Not as a theories ough to be received but as they are handled.




The word today like ancient Egypt where the toms and coffins were as luxurious as the homes are English (castle).




When I think of my at mates at schools that went all over my being out of homosexuality. Inventing every other excuse for not dating me. And now if it is asked to them if they had ever considered bisexuality, the answer is out of my sight, out of my way for having just mention it.

Incite, conceal or deny, and such other bulk vulagity.




The French that were just odd with the german style that would have fell for Mussolini.

The expensive housing from the collaboration to sustain a few alike theories. The French got and stayed richer through having flirting with holocaust story.



The humans are like that, accepting the fuck, the suffering of having job as filthy as the sewerage that they won’t used as much muck thinking that disperse it with poison will get belter results.

Sever age. Incontinence brain.



To be attacked by a werewold in one’s house and thinking of saying nothing or not hurling or yelling like the dem onstration on, because one’s neigh ours once the fanthoms gone would belt yoyo up straight to the cine = social mede, sin, may day. Day D. Head, F.


To think that some, not, all of our acts and efforts are somewhere recorded. As the sole reason and manners for not becoming ravening mad at leaving or extortion. Beacon.




When Religion is a varnish over human management of contemptuousity and do corruption off  intolerant.


Bodies and minds belong to higher combats and selling or violating it constitutes a breach on descent decent spiritual contract.

Not talking just about raw way of imaging, prostitution on red quarters, but to practise violence or let violences. In every other doctors.



And if angels, one’s angel, were in all the person, the whole, any individuals, that have met and luved our soul.



The tree of knowledge is the tree in which invention by this tiers voice are led.

The way we look for, we apply. There is no devil but the one of (h)our how we are (doing( dough.


Liberalism (rights and duties) as it is practised is for individual as long as loans they are for the present hierarchic disrespectuous order and dishonesties.


It is why people were attached at the dead so much and more, urbanising corpes into cemetery or conducting regular ceremonies… as they are not so different than livings that used to kill every moving. So what about now? Now that the all end environment had been dug and decimated? Is the living deans’deal as a premature one; for all their off springs awaiting. What? Dismemberments of poisoning. What will be the first of human function to come to a halt? Grind.



To have become, to believe in something else that with we know about human, the day of coin coming across with the eyes of belle.



Religion have for objective to celebrate life and celebrate the respect for life, any soul having the same worth. Religions that imprison rather than striving for every one freedom and safe equality, do not worship good.



Religions. Elire = vote in = eligibility and legislation.



One party practise more and ore con censorship and censors as being one they should (shut shaol) be the one talk and aims for reform.








And the heir of humanity will be the robots. Coming from sufferance won’t win victory. “Coming from prudence, mother of necessity.” Robots should have come out of solider instincts, not cowardice, but lane of solid aridity?

But still have to lay logics coming from the writing speech archetype of the hitherto flesh if one wants the electric have for us genes one say.

For what? The semehence, the same that our daily and macabre dense. Why not to make suffer animals? Because they suffer.

Case and stock.

If human wonder about why not avoid sufferance, pain and their recurrence, somewhat else than that killing habit, then it is the future of humans that their practises, reliance slay.



Nothing will be lost; for the humans maybe as ti is the humans that have destroyed, ti is them that did not work towards respecting and protecting every other one’s creativity.

But for the humans only. It is why like in Africa where the material they use for art was perishable, were the soil was too hard, and the water too scarce to mine, griots or sculptors went on making woods carving, clothes and songs. And all of the pages of creature life somewhere exact on the record, and the ingredients, the code permitting other species to read one day what were humans’ premis(s(es. Because one do it for spirits one do it for god. For god? But no one knows this.



She thought I was weird has she concluded that I was begging, wagging her for her to say yes, so to say all this way would be madder than restlessness but I was begging for a na. For me to return to my loneliness by any means and waging every state but without this net felling of permanent distress.








[slashed and brittle.

Patent of a bag whose shoulder strap would take the round of the shoulders, like an harness, on not only its joint, and attached in front.

Would stop weighting on one place, the shoulders joints, and the blades working, hoisting around.



To have been had by these old whores, saying the violent was the violated, family prostate. Pro con stitute.

And found young whore fabric.




Yond you ng.

Yore. Y ore.

Y, why, wizard vixen yard. Rod.

Roder = roam



To visualize oneself refusing promiscuity avoiding perplexity.

Being promiscuous as you r life depend on being raped.



Yahoo = butor, rustre.



Brute absorbs by or refinery or sweetness, delicateness, slowliness. Brut as ‘peggy in snickers’.

Brut as one don’t change the world don’t work at it but for the nest around what is dying folding folder folks.



Macho, no. A prick. Unable to pour oneself, of tea.

The one that want to pay more, to forbid their wives from going out and work and develop into something else than slaves or prosti.



Pedophily is linked with homosexuality as pea rents, parents, dictating the sexuality of their child are practising acts of mental incest.

The one that would incite sexual behaviour, or restrained them not as for their child learning about their parents approach to conjugality, but to satisfy their parents social envy and manipulation towards imprisonment and torture of liberty.




And put a little more detergent and pesticides in case it would not fall directly into soups and sop.

Ends hopes.



Homos are said to go through identity crisis for the sole reason and insufficient sensibility that the whole population are around the questions putting the all forced marriage institutionalized prostitution and slavery contains by the family into the arena of the unsage unsafe usage.

Religion, moral? Prickdom of the unsaved realm of the insemination of the fowl. Reproducing not for the sake of life but to find the next ducky, another slave, another warden or wife, a burden carrier, the one that will close the contract with nicking and to whom the frustration of living fake will talc and talque (carbon copy, spitting image).



The free market like in the street.

For prostitute it is unimaginable to say to the mafia look I work whenever,, with whoever, and I ll fix my price, you will understand I decide to pay myself study or to spare money to get me out of that.

Buying, working..

Me that I work in American bar they could even keep you if you don’t do money to say look they are owners of you, and if you go the money they own too.

And as every one know a street is a street, in any towns, and they own the buildings, repossessed by the banks. Don’t think there’s an out, there.

Reference. Reference is what you need from your? The one that employ, not your employer, but the one that hold the phone.





What is in a way hilariously amusing when people treat you like a jerk,

Is that we are in an anarchical states and international relations system, and that their comprehension did not encompass that.




The hero and single person is one don’t know how precious in films and cultural vectors as it does not manage to erase the dogma of waste and shame that a life alone is supposedly.

In hoping they could not manage to render marriage the right investment or celibate the sole means to escape or a punishing relation or a relation frown and more by, not the other one, but by the rest of the social? society.









The leaders cover only a few themes. As if they were giving their opinions on more than one: people are so selfish in the sense they don’t mind other’s suffering that they would like mean stance to be repeated, and in the case they are right they would not move the finger for it but would kill another one if they have to move a remote for the slightest of the insignificant thing-every is significant but become catastrophe when your point is to grant for you and for others contradict it; therefore no one says but what they are paid for. Opinion are not opinions but avoiding fight, or fight when cosy retribution and permit future life demission.

It is this culture of bribe that should make us sure of our termination.




to play not getting it, to play the nini or the obscure, in a denial of plain collaboration.


Understanding is a force, retour and revel, revolutionary.


Belonging to the skies, only the shadow of being to a lady to on earth my distinction revive.



Escrow = financial agent.

Escroc = crook.



Deposition (statement, coup?), deport.




We are in a culture of false rights, completely forgetting about responsibility, duty, democracy…well the all lot, of infamy. As we are in more developed, with more means of coercion. That is: is your right to have that, and we won’t check if it is of your responsibility that it is a fair trade, that your neighbour can beneficiate at the same rate- that we will make sure than their having won’t dispossess you and all that you love one day- that infancy won’t have to kill others or themselves for this rights to be replicate, duplicate…

It is self-serving not rights.

Rights is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

They are as universal as they have to aim infinity.

Cut culture of rights but enforcement of imbecility.

Opponent, deponent.



The cultural attribute, even if we don’t like them inside our groups, will be liked when other groups show with the possibilities of their dominions over the grass roots and the leaders or directors.




People that think that propaganda that their people will win in the sense will exploit the others and each others. It is propaganda, ti is thinking that meanness and meekness is something else that food for rat. They are deluded. And nailed


I did not read to remember the sot stories that was told. I read to remember their person’ existence. Trans. This theism.



Parents with the power of asking hospitalisation without the approval of their having come to an age children.

In france such a thing might happen:

You can enter with all consent in a psychiatric hospital, and if your parents sign a paper telling that they are for your being secluded for a “psychological check” then you will be.

That means that if you said and even after your majority, that you don’t want to be, that you did not do any dangerous acts (proved or not proven), even if you prove you did not, even if these is not the problem raise but concern about your psychic, then the nurses surround you, drug you if you don’t want, meaning that you want to go out, in order to keep you in a cell in observation.

What would happen if psychiatrists, or the entire institution, in the basis of keeping work going for example, or following political aims, etc…Decide to diagnose wrongly or to keep you whereas you are in no case a danger, but would drug you indefinitely??

In one or two moves of key, and every one relapse in towards hazy mazy Nazi.




To be wiser from what one has lost, as every element then will have to represent thee as the home that has passed not long but definite, as if it was in pre-emption nature the building of existence conjuncture, since what cannot be sized from peremptory ramping sabotage.

To look after the meaning of the days as in a flick one “vanishes in thin air, none is thick, and neither our attempt at keeping, but these temp have formed in the map of time indelible a mazing designing cygnets whose prints stay”.

To be wiser as when having lost what one loves, one knows it to be for eternity. Maternity. Meternity.

Marble Billey.


In two dimensions, every effort will be technically refoundable.

Every effort will go to the stopping of the lamentable.



Parade for love attestation, jewel of galore or gel of the sure.



Like a female that give birth.

To protect one’s family one have the power to transform one’s appearance and power.




Cry the loss of deception.

Like the wolf that miss the moon by lack of attention.

Cautious and remission, as for the calm into the beast new ascension.




Cer bear.

Sink ere.

Sin cer sert = useful.




To think of one’s loss, and feel the limitation inside one is to cherish more than ever. Detour, contour, return one’s energy into what one has done and have to continue and ask for yielding sur-rendering to be seldom.

Sell dom.

Sur = on top of that, in addition, plus, moreover.



A maze.




In life there is the spirituql qnd wwhat is less directedly so at one’s ear apparel, that does not mean that is not goo.d



Spitirual universal as a taboo.



Her mother gave her the liberty she hae not had from her own mother, but a liberty one legged as what about the life she has chosen from the start entrapped, fettered, hobbled.




Buy , bu = drunk.

Pay , pa.



This day spent writing the most unctuous (honk) rhymes and rhythms as having been plunged onto the nature whistling, plea pluming onto any of its tips corridors, soothing my skin or caressing at bay.

To have no more them at hand as my coping comput crashes too late or a new config again misname and mislay. But it is not lost not, history each of their pages will be find and in order this time the psychic of human will be sanely said.



the marriage not as the little gift of a destiny but the partner as being the constituent of half of it.

Mind maiding.








This detail signalled that now we can remember heralding a change in donnes, and us continuating as one did not knwo the iportnace of its arriving, but the instinct that tried and pushed us not to further say, contradicted by the being sure about what was confirmed against the river of the destiny, that who knows have held more than life more tapi in her bed or bank surrounded.


This woman arrival that shocked me and that was becoming my year sunnery; though who did not stop me to procedd to a less victorious note the woman that were to cleft me.



Tjo this words that rig ring better and that I will choose not for their being the reflect of my own history but for being the sound of m;y lyrics imaginery, the roll of expressed.



Errin at night no wanting to have to found oneself laone. Wanting to seleep in bars everywhere one could see some other ou soul, assaying murmuring I think I have been bitten by a vampire.

Don’t let me a or or preuy




i like your writing, not restful to read as different structure of linguistics.

To som smoke for the warmness entering body.



the marriage not as the little gift of a destiny but the partner as being the constituent of half of it.

Mind maiding.




In life there is the spirituql qnd wwhat is less directedly so at one’s ear apparel, that does not mean that is not goo.d



Spitirual universal as a taboo.



Her mother gave her the liberty she hae not had from her own mother, but a liberty one legged as what about the life she has chosen from the start entrapped, fettered, hobbled.




This detail signalled that now we can remember heralding a change in donnes, and us continuating as one did not knwo the iportnace of its arriving, but the instinct that tried and pushed us not to further say, contradicted by the being sure about what was confirmed against the river of the destiny, that who knows have held more than life more tapi in her bed or bank surrounded.


This woman arrival that shocked me and that was becoming my year sunnery; though who did not stop me to procedd to a less victorious note the woman that were to cleft me.



Tjo this words that rig ring better and that I will choose not for their being the reflect of my own history but for being the sound of m;y lyrics imaginery, the roll of expressed.



Errin at night no wanting to have to found oneself laone. Wanting to seleep in bars everywhere one could see some other ou soul, assaying murmuring I think I have been bitten by a vampire.

Don’t let me a or or preuy



To som smoke for the warmness entering body.







Personalized the matters in order not to a made amends them morals.







Personalized the matters in order not to a made amends them morals.





In establishing format in which academics have to essay, the discursive will be forbidden, the seemingly aleatoric, random (but hicked, hitched, the brut or butt) correlation, not the spurious, but the spurned, of what is not legally funds and granted. For the bid.

One cannot allude at, all what is neglected in a too formal manners; as they would all be of PhD matters. And the erasing of their traces in the all buoyant sketched information is a sure manner of saying to those who would like to enter this eluded subjects, to enter, develop, research, survey, to tell all people, don’t go there, no one do as much as their hints. No man’s ice land. No man’s high land.

You will say, but you cannot meet. Investigate it? No, sir, sure. So what is academic?

Dem, mock, doc? Zoo(m).

Conundrums of the general, of the balanced and their tricks, and objectives.



Some say that life is a fucking prison, would they mean humans.

And some humans would brush this reamark away, too happy to enjoy that.



I am sorry it has been almost a year for a pregnancy that, around, a round, that I play with Microsoft plenty approci mation of the words, and try to enrich vocabulary and sonority. I won’t do more, I ll need siped denotation of simplification, we are screwed enough without more play up.

On art reflexion.



To offer the other cheek, to show that in spiritual matter the punishment won’t come from earthy or brothers.







And you know what



To suckle you so much that you ll become elastic.

On kamasutra classy.

In not saying that you would have to have sex afterwards;

But if you manners of topping me were slaps, from you my body would vote volt accutumancy, custom customary. Gusto Marry.

As the bloods rush one bite to stop the acceleration that I would not give but devour on your condition.


And don’t do it truly as I am writing on it. My smile from effrontery = shamelessness and impudence.




I used to have an acceleration of my senses and sense of urgencies, heart palpitation when we see-saw.

And now all my body halt, in a salacious temple silent like. My whole  being just elapse as it is on the same part, knowing that yet again as it seize the sight of ya, only breathing and screening this last escape sera. Just cationic agonic atom scattered as to see you means more disgrace, the next time your reappeariton is for vanish; my life at its extreme. Thinking of this like a haunted slave.




Hte danger of having a system of exchange, example I do your furniture, you do my cooking is that crucial matters could be voted out from being rewarded. As a human I think that I don’t need linguistics when they are the way we will be able to communicate and express, I don’t mind about pilot philo, pillow? When for ideas of concepts it the digs…

Also very specialised or crucial skills not aiming directly at the human day-to-day life but that rules their higher politics would be under too grave menaces.



To massage the hole area of your sacrum an area from hips to hips were

There are some much forms from utter complex to convex

That one could your heart reanimate as I spouse and attend your shape.

On artery and opened joints stimulate.




Psychic of course, forces, impulses. But deon’t don’t deontology not forge t that it is likfe with the humans, and the psychic to remind they are down to obscurity.



The heart shape on its side, the pointed and the curve on the same line .

The head of a buffalo.

The two protrudance . on e the forehead, the second the chin and the fur around.





B o






Conan. Co-nan?  An core con. Encore.

co·nun·drum  (k-nndrm)


  1. A riddle in which a fanciful question is answered by a pun.
  2. A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma:



There is no enigma, the day it is realized that as little as one has been shut. Bracketeer of shadow.


Subjugde, subjugate.

That essays has to be balanced  because like with human rights all sugjects are no represented. So you have to defend non intervention from not studying the way they would be improved, or for not possibly the exact reasons why everything would blow out. It don’t exist this matter at researfh and experiment, they belong to the professional, the corporation, the charities, not the civil societies as there is information, transparency, accountabilities, all responsibilities  retention.

Different ability and spirit.

She was talking to somebody else, in a context know of each other, that would perfectly fix the problem.

Problem: she was talking this say and way, but was the only one to acknowledge this apparition or person.

Different abililty without one cannot grow sage. One as all.

Progress is regression as far as (search for fare) aim at destruction rather than comprehension.



On citizens rights:

Bürger can be translated into English as “Burgher” conjuring up the image of a respectable businessperson, in the days when those who did not own property enjoyed few rights.


but the rights, indeed plural, the merrier, to widespread the pettiness of its conditions to every and each of its colleagues, and family members.

And if you are not becoming the torturers, pursuing the general policies’ of undue rulers’. You are punished, in some kind of (salvatory, slavatory) lavatory martyrdom.





Terrorized that we are by the magic, of anothers’ group of people.

As magic is the rational and beyond what ref e re to what we refuse to reshuffle, as if what if were acting parallel reality, what sense and over ways? Over day.





The feeling of this encounter, knowing now exactly what was going on.

The same feeling about altogether another encounter, of which one cannot factually relate prescient.

But be careful this one is not exact science, as sure as exact science cannot be apply or cannot last, here the intuition, the cross road of feeling and déjà vu, the experiments’ reimburment, are exact in your brain. Solely. And still sciences as long as we don’t take their search and results for more than coming life’s information; and not for religions.


That will be deas the moment our live will detach to gather in some other grounds. At this exact instant. In staunch.





No, the proof he was not reacist, is that it’s mates, some, a few of them, were from foreign.

They were all fashists. It was that the little trick; and bienvenue to those want to knee and serve.




Policy attaque l’ universite.

And police necessary to ensure human rights protection but as one of its components not at its reduction.


The kids living under the line of poverty in Britain, no appropriate food, no appropriate place to study, and the housing that sucks all their parents spending.

[in the best cases, when the parents are supportive it d be: I d like to help with your fees, and the jobs will already be vet booked up at this s-pace, but without my pension, I ll be put to rest in another graveyard, my love.}

Peace makers, pace-makers.


Idea from the government: shut the uni to them, and decrease what is spend on research that would have been called popular- not own (not own and retain, and detain the labour, to threaten with the sweat, and stain the light of the days like if there were no more, and dye the rivers as if the joy were job of the mort) by companies directly.


You know it is like that, you think ok they are closing = privatizing, one of the most important sassy social components, more than elements, a crucial ingredients, but from the time being, we will be surviving, till when we will be able for it to be (we already know it, at the cost of our vonluntariat, not work, not implying well-deserved salaries, the ones that the consensus should have brought to us- we gather for making it good, just for it- so ok we will have to play the luddites, the charters will be drawn by 6 figures pay slip, more probably. But till then we will survive BUT.



Idea from the government: shut the uni to them, and decrease what is spend on research that would have been called popular- not own (not own and retain, and detain the labour, to threaten with the sweat, and stain the light of the days like if there were no more, and dye the rivers as if the joy were job of the mort) by companies directly.





“dom, of dom, dem? Dem aucracy??




Your forehead had and add to your renfrogne attituted. Sy attribute, attitude

In search of purification. To reassemble ressemble not like family but same dimension.


Immrn immense.


Family, marriage, control, sexual control as the ultimate role controle.




What is crucial in life; contrarily to what is not but said it is. The difference between poison and lesson then, between fish in the sea and a see through your glee as it will vanish as umch muv much as beintt g willed from another perspective and from another perspective will.




Before is.

The rage was coming from co existing.

To be reiming remind one has a son and be remind that we are separated.

To have to do something without being sure the other will appreciarte or even will read what you brought, or will his mother pull the knot, not, note.

A naught.

Not knowing and though have to do, and if its doing were a blow; in the water, blue. Blew.

However love and its unfinished story belong to dieu.

Dieu= two oeil, eyes = yes = eye.

Diey. = say, please.

Di = deux, to or from two.





I had very happy experiences as a carer in the u.k but these ones are the fruit of a lucky hazard. As the a carer and the one cared for has to work as a amarred ar marrie d couple in a one to one care position, or in premiscises restrain to a minimum number of individuals were core needs and skills won’t naturally meet, crown by neglect institutionalized by abondonning autononomy principles. Guys that are there not in order to be help doing better, have activities, have professional objectives, but people that are merely parked, as their carers are, knowing that parking is the objectives day-to-day.



They are prostitutes, ans they are figures having massaging and their masseuses.



Not knowing the istraelyi question. But still reminding that the borders has been allowed after the holocausts, concede by the international collaborators after centuries of anti semitics results not that I am for nay state impunities but even if I am for total transparency. The jews


Jerusalem originally jewish. Palestinaina we cannot trust the blue helmets. Cannot trust real equality, justice nothing that protects individuality and groups or general interest it is why to be in a so little country when the loosing your borders would mean for anyone the appendage of slavery is not humane in the sense that you can feel everyday tha t a skirmished war could dissolbe oyou inot a sub human treatement of retaliation or fear.




Hey Cameroon go    back to school   big babey.

We will find yourself a proper job, enforced bitch.



The incredible luck we have to survive us and the knowledge you maintain to preserve while we have to sleep some 8,9 hourse harse, and d keep ourls eves wl elf elves normal and ready to go on the breed and bread.




art is the way out of censure since the artist put his feeling even if, like in life he must cover with the veil of the appearance what has the most chances of being seen.



Don’t even read this one, only me can understand around half of what they meant.

Though I ll try to have some refined.






The judgemental approach that is taken a propos psychological and psychics are at the measure of the human fallacy of them believing they will be the laws for redemption and divine punishment.




Marx commited the mistakes of taking the proletariat as streak only deploring alienation. He idid not work on the vampiristic pleasure than one as to dispossess work and any others development, individuality, particularity, and possession.

This mystification of the brave little man was politics as communism needed the mass in order to achieve their plans of self-praising and appointed chiefs of the ruffian and yellow squaddies.

It is why communism, false communism, praise the masses, as their sows, their little sergeants profiteering form of glamorous litterish pedants, that are waiting to denounce other currants. That are waiting to exploit their colleagues and extinguish other commitments. In assuming that the prolo, the people are for the people and each of its components, as well as it being a derivative of the nature god.


The staff is that, waiting to be fed, and the boss all-thankful that competition ‘do it with in believes and faith of the lethal and failed’ said.

Is it not the case each rhymed? Surely not as we would all acknowledge and regret it, but problem we are all stale.



Property and space as to defend oneself and develop other verities.

To defend each components as one as each entity will work its own freely, but what one shall possess?

Themselves, and anything that one should have to enlargen knowledge, the one acquired and consummated and producing or predicting nothing mean. Mean mass.


I already regret any of my insolences, but well.



While living in London.

  • To have been robbed in the flat. As I am not living in a room to serve as entertainment for the comates, all but commuting comets, that surely will raise the rent for the box room suddenly if I use it like it should be arranged, to the population permitted. To use it as a fucking room, that each person clean the common area, that people producing the same level of noise could in houses and streets, gather. In having this assurance of doing whatever, or being of the humour that is not a planned comedy for avoiding to be moved out indefinitely as the as the property owner is in fact looking for their property, landlord is in fact looking for their landladies.






8000 thousand pound for students having to work part time at best is for the little staff a matter of being brought to the street, to have or not have it.

8000 thousand pound for the part time little staff a matter of being made a homeless, or a indefinitely proscribed from live time training at the academic and/or other levels, to have or not have it.



What do you want, religion.

Someone as scream screwed as jesus Christ?

Screeched so screed.



And be obliged tro say that and that as these commonalties of expecting communities, all without exemptions of executions, looking after their belfry, piles, crabs; and only would kill the one that would miss to say, you are human beings, let’s remind your weapons trend of it.

Oh yes, I am not communist, and am homophove, please, please, spare me.

Pedantic, antics.



The memories lane is a tragic story. These hundreds that will soon become thousands just wiped ou of our recorded moments. What do we recall from all those years apart from information, reassert, repeated patientily? We talk a lot about not remembrances in our infancy, were, when the brain transform and that what is the most compelling is to discover discovery, our monjitor,mount thor, money tord = bend, and the imaginations, sensory…but finally what do we count of really define of what happened last year. Of course we could say a chronology but what of the trail, the film of last year would last one hour in my own library.




Head, ha ed.




The play on light and on movements reveal unespected shadows and ‘Desnite’, destine, density.

As one cannot go without its shadow when what they do is not light only, involved destroy no vestry  but descried. When one knows that they do harm and that signatory to what vestiges or vestal, vexed and tall, the human behaviour become vegetal like if they could not but undergone the machine of thirst they moved in.

And when they try to produce but light then the darkness by the gallon galloping aglowing agglomerate in a more striking settings. As one should never be afraid but to the transformation of what they can or what they get proceed. And in a battle the flash and the ball of balancing black holes would come to a melt when the elements too close to irredently distinguish, would have to melt in what we are at the moment units of play mate.



I won’t put any photos, as the writer let the readers own his own imagination. It won’t be the authors views that will in the reader mind be represented. The reader is thinker as it has to bring back their own references in order to establish what have tried tiredlessly to be reconstituted by the popular as common interest just by the fact that they read a same material designed to embody: the same sentimental bestiary.




Fired after fthree warnings which is reedit realm ridicusoul ridiculous  as at any time one can find three warnings for every one. Should these warning coming from the abusive rules under which we are supposed to comply, or should it be coming from the ones that shall be in circulation for us to be workers of freedom and not asylum.




People are so shallow that they could think that open the box of all evils by purpose, in their doing wrong or nothing of the contrary, could be scenery.

Logically the understanding would be our smaliness of its grandour.

Just a relativisation on how to die long and low.

Thinking it ‘s fireword, workd?

A free ticket by any chance?

As ti is to record you, I suppose it d be incredibly dull to hear from it. Extinction.




The fingers are ten like the number of babies one can I average laid.




In name of the knowledge people righ beneficiate from incentive to reproduce, in a way counties

Rise rival without consensus over being over populated.

And what is called the poor, they are called the poor, irremediably, not that I like riches when other accumulate to give a sense of de feast, detest, to their superiority. will rest, sa stay without universities access.


Chains of

De(p)t, est.






To rememorate the breakthrough would work better than the exercice aiming at it, not at the breakthrough but reminiscences of what existences have been of obsolescence.



Of o course that oen know about politics allegiance and automatism. Is that we are prone to think sincerely about, fight heartedly fully fledge honestly against, only to realize that it was a question that we did not master nor entirely nor average.

It is why to discuss to look after together on any project, as every of them will have a impact outside, ultierior, by any other sphere and name.

However at one point people understand that what they do is liking the killing, out of calculating that their own life will be made easier to die and life out of to hers outer others’ sufferings, hey seigniors.

the businesses present themselves as enemy of human rights, brandishing foer forteresses prom prison for their supporters, war machines for the others. How war will be like as it is liked.

That is the truth is that one has to protect their eggs, and have to, must do it in any respect of all what is laid. What has been forgotten it is that there is justice at war. To have to obi abide to law that are not justice should the first reason to start to stop the businesspersons jaundice.




In this order of geeks having castrated the whole of what infanted the Greeks, in philosophy of the all pervading poisoning market on rules one sane but veins remains: the u, yoyo, just war on fair trade.

Of the Joyce, a trace. Of the juice, erase. But as a last; it shall be inside and insade, crux, suffice, edifice, edit,




Religion, heros, martyrs, demi urge and go at god for the finally, are but human status.

Statue. Statute.




While the real gentry makes love with horses.





In pretending people have a problem, psychological, psychic, mental simply  because one wants them to stop what they are doing but cannot find reasonable justification, as theywant them to stop not for ethical reasons = for unethical and amoral/ immoral purposes.

Is the equivalent of a mind execution.

An the day the person realize what has been done, the revenge its volition.

Slut lol solution.

This one in particular for the frenchy trenchy and their psychiatric institution. On the unbearable.






When homo were prohibited it is when sex was too. Noghing more than for reproduction. To avoid jealousy, desire, love.




The liberals standard.

On bad communism.

I libere you from doing anything you never wanted but since completion repellent depletion of competition is taking us into account.




Not advanced but premature.



At the uni the staff has to bow before that, the guru hit ground staff, mind, it enables you to stop.

Yes practically.

Ah no it is not practically, not practical at all.




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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, pledges support for decriminalization of homosexuality
“When individuals are attacked, abused or imprisoned because of their sexual orientation, we must speak out. Where there is tension between cultural attitudes and universal human rights, universal human rights must come first. Personal disapproval, even society’s disapproval, is no excuse to arrest, detain, imprison, harass or torture anyone – ever,” the UN Secretary-General said.

to pretend that homosexuality is to be banned alongside the line that people have translated from the poor practise of their cultures and understanding of what have been the fight of centuries, of already performed human rights advancement and torture.
c: no, culture are not god.

Peaceful Aum namah Shivaya Mantra Complete

Congo army battalion accused of mass rape U.S. trained: U.N. envoy
By Michelle Nichols
UNITED NATIONS | Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:06pm EDT
(Reuters) – An army battalion in the Democratic Republic of Congo, some of whose members have been accused of mass rape, was trained by the United States, a senior U.N. envoy said on Tuesday.

The army in the Democratic Republic of Congo has suspended 12 senior officers in connection with an incident of mass rape in November, the UN has said.
The UN had issued an ultimatum saying that it would stop working with the two brigades involved in the allegations unless legal action was taken.

The United Nations claims it is investigating about 150 allegations of sexual abuse by U.N. civilian staff and soldiers in the Congo, some of them recorded on videotape.
The charges include accusations of pedophilia, rape and prostitution, said Jane Holl Lute, an assistant secretary-general in the peacekeeping department.


UN staff accused of raping children in Sudan
By Kate Holt in Juba and Sarah Hughes
Members of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in southern Sudan are facing allegations of raping and abusing children as young as 12, The Daily Telegraph reported today.
The abuse allegedly began two years ago when the UN mission in southern Sudan (UNMIS) moved in to help rebuild the region after a 23-year civil war.

Germany arrests ‘former Auschwitz guard’ Hans Lipschis
A 93-year-old alleged former guard at the Auschwitz extermination camp has been arrested in southern Germany.

Peacekeepers ‘abusing children’
Children as young as six are being sexually abused by peacekeepers and aid workers, says a leading UK charity.
27 May 2008 09:46 UK

Three young women who vanished in separate incidents about a decade ago in the US state of Ohio have been found alive in a house in Cleveland.

The Police – Roxanne

Don’t bother applying for job without 2:1 degree, say bosses as 80% admit they turn down all graduates without qualification
By Laura Clark
The lucky few: 2:1 degrees are considered the minimum standard by bossesFirms say that the ranks of 2010 job-hunters have been swelled by rejected candidates from the past two years.

Read more:

Three quarters of employers ‘require 2:1 degree’
By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent

Simon Prince has not found work, despite having a 2:1 degree and experience
Continue reading the main story
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• Graduate unemployment ‘rises 25%’
• Graduate jobs market ‘recovering’
• Graduate: ‘It’s been very tough’
Intense competition for graduate jobs means that more than three quarters of employers require at least a 2:1 degree grade, a survey suggests.

look at that 2 day to “understanding”.
Understanding Women’s Human Rights
Thursday 13 and Friday 14 June 2013 9.30am – 5.30pm Standard (Standard individual rate): £750
Fees and Administration
• Standard (Standard individual rate): £750


R.E.M. – Losing My Religion (Video)

7 Reasons Why Sweatshops Still Persist – can you think of more?
yes, they do because people don’t respect the material. cotton, etc are from the land, and is very high in soil depletion. we have to buy new clothes all the time, whereas we should be allowed to keep our clothes on and on, as far as they keep us warm and cover our intimacy.
also the trade of farmers and sewer are taken as bad jobs, the farmer are permitted to drown earth with toxic product to stir the production up.
the 8th reason is that we are atrociously poshy.
and it is not even because we are, but because we have to. (to boost ego and economy)

The Washington Monthly / By John Wasik
Did Make-Up Give My Wife Breast Cancer? The Ugly Truth Hidden by the Cosmetics Industry
The virtually unregulated beauty industry puts potential carcinogens in their products. Then they shower us with pink ribbons.

top Bangladesh court on Tuesday ordered the government to “immediately” confiscate the property of a collapsed building’s owner, as thousands of protesters demanding the death penalty for the man clashed with police, leaving 100 people injured.
A two-judge panel of the High Court also asked the central bank to freeze the assets of the owners of the five garment factories in the building, and use the money to pay the salaries and other benefits of their workers.

How Serious Is China in Cracking Down on N.Korea?
The state-run Bank of China, one of the country’s four major banks, said Tuesday it would cut all ties with the Foreign Trade Bank of North Korea, which has been tied to Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile development plans.
Until now, China has maintained that it would only take part in sanctions against North Korea at the UN level but refused to take financial sanctions against the repressive state led by the U.S.

The BOC decision could start to change that. It is so far the only Chinese bank to announce these steps, and it may simply have been motivated by business considerations because it has to maintain channels with U.S. financial institutions. But the Chinese government had to condone the bank’s decision, and that means it was obviously trying to send a warning to Pyongyang.

China Questions Japan’s Ownership of Okinawa

Lawmakers Huddle at White House on Sex Abuse in Military
WASHINGTON — In a sign that the White House is increasing its focus on the problem of sexual assault in the military

Delaware, Continuing a Trend, Becomes the 11th State to Allow Same-Sex Unions

TAPIE = hidden in French.

French Court Orders Lagarde to Appear in Tapie Case
a wealthy friend of France’s president at the time, Nicolas Sarkozy, and the state-owned bank Crédit Lyonnais. The panel ultimately brokered a settlement that awarded the Sarkozy friend, Bernard Tapie, the flamboyant former owner of the Olympique Marseille soccer team, about $580 million, including interest.

A French court on Thursday opened a case against the International Monetary Fund’s new chief.
Christine Lagarde is accused of assisting a supporter of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to embezzle 400 million euros (about 565 million U.S. dollars) from public funds.

In 2007, Lagarde, then the French finance minister under Sarkozy, had called in a private arbitration panel to settle a legal battle brought by business tycoon Bernard Tapie against the then state-owned Crédit Lyonnais bank.

The panel settled Tapie’s suit out of court with 400 million euros from the French government.

C: TAPIE = hidden in French.
Tapie was an incredible (inside tradder?) embezzlement tycoon convicted and imprisonned for this (the manager of the OM of Marseilles- one of the biggest football club in france.)
And here he is again!?

The trouble with Sarkozy: a powerful group want him back, but is he unelectable?
John Lichfield
The second is not just an obstacle but an obstacle course: the proliferation of financial and political scandals involving Mr Sarkozy since he left power. {…}
The second is not just an obstacle but an obstacle course: the proliferation of financial and political scandals involving Mr Sarkozy since he left power. {…}
Here is a brief guide to the main Sarkoscandals {…}
And also
One of ex-President Sarkozy’s few cases in his old profession as a lawyer has been to act for the Aga Khan, the business tycoon and racehorse owner, in his successful efforts to reverse a €60m divorce settlement. There is nothing wrong in that.
It has, however, recalled the fact that Sarkozy, as president, exempted the billionaire religious leader from all French taxes as a gesture of “international high courtesy”.

C: na, mafia, mafia, and again mafia.

‘It doesn’t add up’: Jimmy Savile’s victims condemn report by West Yorkshire Police
The report did, however, find that there was “over-reliance on personal friendships” between Savile and some officers. It also says that “mistakes were made” in the way police handled information about the entertainer.
Rob Williams
The 59-page report examined the history of the DJ and TV presenter’s relationship with the force, including how officers attended his well-known Friday Morning Club at his Leeds flat.

A single book has come to dominate the profession. That is dangerous
The American Psychiatric Association’s latest diagnostic manual remains a flawed attempt to categorise mental illness

Copyright © The Economist Newspaper Limited 2013. All rights reserved.
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For many of the millions of sheep born on Australian wool farms, the last weeks of their lives will be filled with misery, disease and a violent, painful death.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation –

prof•it•eer (pr f -tîr )
One who makes excessive profits on goods in short supply.
intr.v. prof•it•eered, prof•it•eer•ing, prof•it•eers
To make excessive profits on goods in short supply.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
noun extortion, exploitation, racketeering There has been a wave of profiteering and corruption.

Profiteering (business)
Profiteering is a pejorative term for the act of making a profit by methods considered unethical.
Business owners may be accused of profiteering when they raise prices during an emergency (especially a war). The term is also applied to businesses that play on political corruption to obtain government contracts. Some businesses don’t actually gouge the prices of their own goods; they might buy out an entire stock of something, only to resell it at an absurdly higher price.
Some types of profiteering are illegal, such as price fixing syndicates and other anti-competitive behaviour, for example on fuel subsidies (see British Airways price-fixing allegations), or restricted by industry codes of conduct such as aggressive marketing of products in the third world such as baby milk (see Nestlé boycott).

1. Jolyon Rubinstein ✔ @JolyonRubs
HSBC: please stop your role in the destruction of rainforests in Borneo @hsbc_uk_press. Sign the petition: #hsbc
Retweeted by Global Witness

Honeybees trained in Croatia to find land mines
Sunday May 19, 2013 | DARKO BANDIC for The Associated Press

How To Grow Herbs Indoors

Boy Scouts of America Vote to Admit Openly Gay Youths
The Boy Scouts of America voted Thursday to allow openly gay youths as members, while continuing its policy of excluding openly gay adult leaders.

C: childish.

Chide dish.

C: Why one should stop eating in such bordello?

What’s the connection between McDonald’s and starvation in the ‘Third World’?
What’s it like working for McDonald’s?
In what way are McDonald’s responsible for torture and murder?

Why You Can’t Eat Just One
The fast food industry now uses hundreds of modified food compounds as biochemical triggers to increase appetite and food cravings. Fast food chains such as McDonald’s spend vast amounts of money in this new food science of using addictive substances to keep their customers munching.
© 2005 — 2009 Linda Melos, ND – Naturopathic Physician. All Rights Reserved.

By Matthew Rosenbaum

McDonald’s Announces End to ‘Pink Slime’ in Burgers These trimmings, which consist of what’s left of the meat after all the choice cuts of beef are taken, are banned for human consumption in the U.K, where they are instead used for dog and chicken food. They are legal for consumption in the United States, however, where they are treated with ammonium hydroxide in order to kill off bacteria such as E. coli and make it safe for human consumption.

Right now, in secretive product-testing laboratories in countries such as China and the US, animals are being burned, cut open and poisoned in cosmetics tests that have been banned by the European Union.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation

In Pakistan, This Power Struggle Is Over Electricity
Electricity shortages, the product of decrepit power plants, decades-old policy mistakes and corruption, have reached crisis proportions.

‘If you don’t take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits’
By Clare Chapman
12:01AM GMT 30 Jan 2005
A 25-year-old waitress who turned down a job providing “sexual services” at a brothel in Berlin faces possible cuts to her unemployment benefit under laws introduced this year.
Prostitution was legalised in Germany just over two years ago and brothel owners – who must pay tax and employee health insurance – were granted access to official databases of jobseekers.
© Copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited 2013

Organisers say Pride in London 2013 could be cancelled
The new organisers of the capital’s summer gay pride event have warned that unless they can secure enough funding and logistical help from volunteers – it may be axed for this year.
Last month, London LGBT+ Community Pride was awarded the right to run the festival for the next five years – in a grant worth over £650,000 – for the full duration.
C: it should be run for free as representation is vital to a community whom is discriminated against, who reassemble people of all sex, origin, ethnic and national backgrounds… and who is stripped of, violated of the most crucial of equality rights (and corollary others’ duties), such as marriage and the right to a family…we are not slaves.

First gay couple wed in France amid tight security

What can we learn from children’s writing?
• As trustworthy as a fox with a chicken feather poking out of its mouth
• As slow as a snail with 25 shells on its back
• My heart fades like a balloon with a hole in it
• “WHAT? Noooooooooo!” howled Lydiea, like a werewolf with a toothache

Dictator on trial for indigenous genocide
In Guatemala, the trial continues of a former general who presided over a reign of terror in the 1980s. During the military dictatorship of José Efrain Ríos Montt, around 200,000 people, almost all of them members of Guatemala’s indigenous population, were killed or disappeared. Montt is the first ever head of state to be tried for genocide.
More →
IN PICTURES: Peru’s uncontacted tribes threatened by gas project
They live no more than 100 kms from Machu Picchu. Today, however, the future of uncontacted tribes who live in the heartland of the ancient Inca Empire is threatened by gas and oil extraction.
The story in pictures →

Survival International, 6 Charterhouse Buildings, LONDON, UK, EC1M 7ET
T +44(0)20 7687 8700

Dead Can Dance – The Host Of Seraphim

Is the UK really a ‘developed’ country if this is happening?

Half a Million People in Britain Rely on Food Banks for Survival
[…] inequality and poverty seems to be rising dramatically despite the government’s denial of this. Shocking statistics have come to light that highlights how the ‘age of austerity’ has affected…
Lillian M. Lake • Decreasing the surplus population is a global movement. I have to believe, however, that as King said, “the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice”. But not without help.

Invite a tourist for dinner.. HomeHostedMeals provides an economic opportunity for (poor) people living in destination areas

Started by Thomas Rathje, Production Manager and CSR Coordinator

I saw a number last week indicating the Federal Bureau of Prisons has reached a population of 218,830. In the late 70’s, early 80,s the population was around 25,000.

Started by Percy Pitzer, Executive VP at Creative Corrections, LLC

also good info on ur add. well done.

A Shameful Neglect – By Anna Badkhen
Afghanistan’s iniquities are grotesque. At Kabul University last week, zealots — all men — protested a law that would abolish child marriage, forced marriage, marital rape, and the odious practice, called ba’ad, of giving…

Saudi preacher who ‘raped and tortured’ his five -year-old daughter to death is released after paying ‘blood money’
A ‘celebrity’ Saudi preacher accused of raping, torturing and killing his five-year-old daughter has reportedly been released from custody after agreeing to pay ‘blood money’.

C: it is not religion it is organized crimes, and gang rapes (and certain arranged marriages-well, all if you ask me) and live long torture. you don’t even need to be psychopaths, you just need to be unequalitarian and the abuses will begin. a house to racists, myso, and homophobes.

The conflict in Syria is brutal within its borders but once outside, those that flee often find they have no way of earning a living.
Syrian women, often without a male guardian or breadwinner, struggle to make ends meet and some are forced to take desperate measures such as forced marriage or prostitution.

How ethical is your pension?

Is your money being used to finance land grabs in poor countries? We need your help with some invaluable research for our campaign. Find out more and take action.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

Every single day, thousands of children experience terrible abuse and suffer in silence. But with your help, we can put a stop to this. By making a donation today you can help us be there to help more abused children.

Move your money

In the first half of 2012, 500,000 people moved their money from the big banks to more ethical or socially useful alternatives. If you want to help build a better banking system, move your money and then tell your MP. Find out how to switch and tell.

human rights cartoon | P.a.p.-Blog // Human Rights – 600 × 405 – More sizes

Emotional abuse can take a variety of forms, from humiliating jokes to degrading comments, and it’s not always easy to spot. Here’s how to recognize the signs, and remove emotionally abusive behaviors from your relationship.
C: or don’t go frenzy, just resign and offer your work capacity to others.

The European Commission is launching legal action against Spain over the refusal of some hospitals to recognise the European Health Insurance Card.

Researchers at Edinburgh University have discovered that giving inflatable stockings to stroke patients could save hundreds of lives a year.

Researchers at Edinburgh University have discovered that giving inflatable stockings to stroke patients could save hundreds of lives a year.

Why are women in Iraqi Kurdistan setting themselves on fire?
Even though the Kurdistan region of Iraq has progressed economically and socially in the last few years, this northern part of the country remains a very patriarchal and conservative society.
Women continue to endure domestic violence, social injustice and discrimination.
Doctors say that each month they see hundreds of cases of self-immolation which are often the result of such treatment.

Saudi Arabia: Appeal for human rights defenders facing up to 11 years in jail
On 9 March the Criminal Court in Riyadh sentenced Mohammad al-Qahtani and Dr Abdullah al-Hamid to 10 and 11 years’ imprisonment, respectively. The conviction related to their role as co-founders of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Organization (ACPRA), for which they faced charges such as disobeying the ruler, founding an unlicensed organization, inciting disorder by calling for demonstrations, and harming the image of the state by disseminating false information to foreign groups.

since human rights and human in general is the last stuff remaining to go on for being exploit, no, exploited.

Vegetarian diet linked to longer lifespan
Go to NHS Choices homepageYour health, your choices

The vegetarian diet

The vegan diet
C: demons and minds.
No matter.

KENYA: Kenyan police tortured and abused more than 1,000 refugees, asylum seekers and Somali Kenyans in Nairobi in a “10-week rampage” beginning in late 2012, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says.
C: not saying it is relevant to the case I don’t know, but if problem of criminality, who would build prisons and other resources needed to stop it. The guys from the foreign countire that don’t build prison but might get them to be inspected. All inspected? But their organisations.

Kony’s Ivory: How Elephant Poaching in Congo Helps Support the LRA

C : c’est hallucinant la quantite de pages qu’il a ecrit ce mec.
Jacques Collin de Plancy
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“Collin de Plancy” redirects here. For the French diplomat, bibliophile and art collector, see Victor Collin de Plancy.

Illustration from Diable peint par lui-même (1825) depicting Collin de Plancy, reclining on his bed, having a discussion with the devil.

Cover of Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal (1826).
Jacques Albin Simon Collin de Plancy (Plancy-l’Abbaye, 28 January 1793 –Paris, 1881) was a French occultist, demonologist and writer; he published several works on occultism and demonology.[1][2]
He was born Jacques Albin Simon Collin on 28 (in some sources 30) January 1793 in Plancy (presently Plancy-l’Abbaye) son of Edme-Aubin Collin and Marie-Anne Danton, sister of Georges-Jacques Danton who was executed the year after Jacques was born.[3] He later added the aristocratic “de Plancy” himself – an addition which would later cause accusations against his son in his career as a diplomat. He was a free-thinker influenced by Voltaire. He worked as a printer and publisher in Plancy-l’Abbaye and Paris. Between 1830 and 1837, he resided in Brussels, and then in the Netherlands, before he returned to France after having converted to the Catholic religion.
Collin de Plancy followed the tradition of many previous demonologists of cataloguing demons by name and title of nobility, as it happened with grimoires like Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, and The Lesser Key of Solomon among others. In 1818 his best known work, Dictionnaire Infernal, was published. In 1863 were added some images that made it famous: imaginative drawings concerning the appearance of certain demons. In 1822 it was advertised as:
“Anecdotes of the nineteenth new century or historiettes, recent anecdotes, features and words little known, singular adventures, various quotations, bringings together and curious parts, to be used for the history of customs and the spirit of the century when we live compared with the last centuries.”
It is considered a major work documenting beings, characters, books, deeds, and causes which pertain to the manifestations and magic of trafficking with Hell; divinations, occult sciences, grimoires, marvels, errors, prejudices, traditions, folktales, the various superstitions, and generally all manner of marvellous, surprising, mysterious, and supernatural beliefs.
By the end of 1830 he ostensibly became an enthusiastic Catholic—to the confusion of his former admirers and detractors.
In 1846, he published a two volume work entitled Dictionnaire Sciences Occultes et des Idées superstitieuses,[4] another listing of demons. The set cost 16 francs.
Jacques Collin de Plancy was the father of Victor Emile Marie Joseph Collin de Plancy (1853–1924) who for nearly a decade starting in 1884 served as French Minister to Korea and whose collected art works and books became part of the core of the Korean collections of the French Bibliothèque Nationale and the Musée Guimet in Paris.[5]
Bibliography [edit]
Original Name Translated Date Size/Other
Dictionnaire Infernal
Infernal Dictionary 1818 582 pages
Le Diable Peint par Lui-Même; ou, Galerie de petits romans, de contes bizarres, d’anecdotes prodigieuses sur les aventures des demons, les traits qui les caracterisent, leurs bonnes qualites et leurs infortunes; les bons mots et les reponses singulieres qu’on leur attribue; leurs amours, et les services qu’ils out pu rendre aux mortels, etc., etc., etc. Painted by the Devil Himself, or, a Gallery of small novels, bizarre tales, prodigious anecdotes about the adventures of demons, the traits that characterize their good qualities and their misfortunes, the right words and the answers that singular their attributes, their loves, and the services they have rendered out to mortals, etc., etc., etc. 1819 318 pages
Dictionnaire féodal ou recherches et anecdotes sur les Dimes et les droits féodaux, les fiefs et les bénéfices, les privilèges etc. et sur tout ce qui tient à la Féodalité. Feudal Dictionary, or, Research and Anecdotes on the Feudal Dimes and Rights, Strongholds and Benefices, Preferences etc. and on Everything Pertaining to Feudalism. 1819 –
Dictionnaire critique des reliques et des images miraculeuses Critical Dictionary of Relics and Miraculous Images 1821 3 books, 450, 470 and 416 pages
Traité des reliques de Jean Calvin Treatise of Jean Calvin’s Relics 1822 –
Histoire du Manneken Pis racontée par lui-même History of Manneken Pis told by Himself 1824 Lacrosse, Bruxelles
Biographie pittoresque des Jésuites ou Notices abrégées théologiques et historiques sur les jésuites célèbres A Picturesque Biography on the Jesuits or Theological and Historical Shortened Notes on the famous Jesuits
1826 110 pages
Fastes militaires des Belges Military Record of the Belgians 1835–1836 4 volumes
Légendes de l’histoire de France II Legends of French History II 1850 –
Godefroid de Bouillon, chroniques et légendes du temps des deux premières croisades, 1095-1180 Godfrey de Bouillon, chronicles and legends of the time of the first two Crusades, 1095–1180 1842 479 pages
Légendes de la Sainte Vierge Legends of the Blessed Virgin 1845 392 pages
Légendes de l’Histoire de France Legends of French History 1846 386 pages
La chronique de Godefroid de Bouillon et du royaume de Jérusalem. Première et deuxième croisade (1080-1187) avec l’histoire de Charles-le-Bon… The Chronicle of Godfrey de Bouillon, and the kingdom of Jerusalem. First and Second Crusades (1080–1187) with the history of Charles the Good… 1848 –
La Reine Berthe au grand pied Queen Bertha with the Large Foot 1854 274 pages
Légendes des commandements de l’Eglise Legends of the Church’s Commandments 1860 396 pages
Légendes des sacrements Legends of the Sacraments
1860 396 pages
Légendes des femmes dans la vie réelle Legends of Women in Real Life 1861 412 pages, Henri Plon, Paris
Légendes de l’ancien testament, recueillies des apocryphes, des rabins et des légendaires, distinguées avec soin des textes sacrés Legends of the Old Testament, collected apocryphal books, Rabbinical and legendary ones, distinguished carefully from the crowned texts 1861 396 pages
Légendes Infernales, relations et pactes des hôtes de l’enfer avec l’espèce humaine. Infernal legends, tales and pacts of the hosts of Hell with the mankind. 1861 –
Légendes de l’autre monde, pour servir à l’histoire du paradis, du purgatoire et de l’enfer, avec quelques esquisses de personnages peu soucieux de leur âme Legends of the other world, to serve as a history of Paradise, Purgatory and Hell, with some drafts of characters unconcerned with their soul 1862 396 pages
La Vie et les légendes intimes des deux empereurs Napoléon Ier et Napoléon II jusqu’à l’avénement de Napoléon III The Intimate Life and the Legends of the two Emperors Napoleon I and Napoleon II until the coming of Napoleon III 1863 411 pages
Légendes du calendrier Legends of the Calendar 1863 396 pages
Légendes du juif errant et des seize reines de Munster Legends of the wandering Jew and the sixteen queens of Munster 1866 393 pages
Légendes des commandements de Dieu Legends of the Commandments of God
1864 396 pages
Légendes des sept péchés capitaux Legends of the Seven deadly sins
1864 396 pages
Légendes des douze convives du chanoine de Tours Legends of the twelve guests of the chanoine de Tours 1864 396 pages
Taxes des parties casuelles de la boutique du pape pour la remise, moyennant argent, de tous les crimes et pêchés – 1871 82 pages
La fin des temps, confirmée par des prophéties authentiques nouvellement recueillies End of time, confirmed by authentic prophecies lately collected 1871 211 pages
La vie du cure J. Meslier d’après Voltaire Life of the Curate J. Meslier according to Voltaire
1871 –
Recherches sur l’alimentation des reptiles et des batraciens de France Research on the food of the reptiles and the batrachians of France 1876 –
Catalogue des reptiles et batraciens du département de l’Aube et étude sur la distribution géographique des reptiles et batraciens de l’est de la France Catalogue of reptiles and batrachians of the department of Aube and study on the geographical distribution of the reptiles and batrachians of the east of France 1878 44 pages
Légendes des esprits et des démons qui circulent autour de nous Legends of the spirits and the demons which circulate around us – 396 pages
Le docteur Péperkouk Doctor Péperkouk – –
Légendes des origines Legends of Origins – 412 pages
Légendes des vertus théologales et des vertus cardinales Legends of the theological virtues and the cardinal virtues – 396 pages
Traditions populaires et anecdotes insolites : Légendes infernales Popular traditions and strange anecdotes: Infernal legends – –
Légendes du Moyen Âge Legends of the Middle Ages – 396 pages
References [edit]
1. ^ Les Mille et un jours J Stouff – 2010 – “C’est sans doute la raison pour laquelle, il fut demandé à Jacques Collin de Plancy (1793-1881) qui ne connaissait par l’Orient, mais était expert en esprits et démons de toute sorte, d’en rédiger une introduction.”
2. ^ Françoise Lavocat, Pierre Kapitaniak, and Marianne Closson, eds. Fictions du diable: Littérature et démonologie de saint Augustin à Léo Taxil. Françoise Lavocat, H Kallendorf – Renaissance Quarterly, 2008 – JSTOR “… Finally, Jean Céard examines the lingering hold that the demonology of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries exerted upon the imaginations of the later Romantics, as exemplified by authors such as Jacques Collin de Plancy, who “rediscovered” earlier demonologists. …”
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External links [edit]
• Dictionnaire infernal: ou Répertoire universel des êtres, des personnages, 1853 at Google Books, PDF download available
• Réalité de la magie et des apparitions: ou, Contre-poison du Dictionnaire, 1819 at Google Books, PDF download available
• Dictionnaire infernal, ou, Recherches et anecdotes, sur les démons, les, 1818 at Google Books, PDF download available
• Dictionnaire infernal, ou Recherches et anecdotes sur les démons, 1844 at Google Books, PDF download available
• Dictionnaire des sciences occultes: ou, Répertoire universel des êtres, des, 1848 at Google Books, PDF download available

IRAQ: More than 1,000 people were killed in violence in Iraq in May, making it the deadliest month since the sectarian slaughter of 2006-07, the United Nations reports, stoking fears of a return to civil war.
C: very, very useful briefing.

You see this guy who posted this story on linkd. I send this twice for him to edit it. He never did it.
?? check yourself on the internet — islamic schools etc…preach pedophilia in teaching people that mohamed the polygamous prophet of islam were married at a 9 year old child, (and) To worship worst form of sexual slavery.
And how this is taught to children in UK and other liberals’ countries.

Don’t hesitate and drop me a line. I won’t moderate you if not simply spam, I welcome hyperlink or any comment as log as no intolerant of others’ rights = not the right (as allegiance) of absolute sovereign but right = conducive to everyone and lives (all is living, like everything) well being, mutual respect and liberty.
Some examples.
(when you forgot it all about imposed and ritualised, rooted polygamist and knew nothing about sexual and other sort of slavery after pillages and wars- here what you got = what you are)
mohammed, the islamic prophet “””married””” a child.
islam preaches worse than pedophily but like mohamed its prophet who was polygamous and whose last ‘spouse’ was a child.
please check on internet, it is classical Muslim literature.

Some examples.
mohammed, the islamic prophet married a child.
AISHA, the fourth ?wife? of Mohammad, the Islamic prophet, she was a 9 year-old human.
Also don?t think that this is just a link, it is what has been affiliated with the called a whole ?holy book??
Look yourself on the net and you will see that thousands of people discuss quietly of Mohammed marriage to pedophilia- and its legality.
But surely I don?t want you to worry.
C: what makes me afraid, is that whatever it comes; from what is called religions or cultures. discriminatory acts, ill-intented or ill thought, or resulting in sufferings…etc, are justified saying that they are cultural or religious or of human nature. religion is not for god, and they cannot say who is god or not god, but religion is godified each time they say that they are defending certain person interest (inequality) or human interest (thinking of human as a being of superiority).

but what I think I know is that combatting rapes and pedophilia, traffic, even child prostitution is, stays untackled even in the u.k or developed countries, just like you say. what I think is that we are tied by this capitalist system in which you have to agree with your chiefs. and the chains of commands the same shackles that were before fashist rising, and dictacture, where people get away with concentration camps because they ‘obey’
maybe if you were to try and describe what happened in your own profession, no one would agree to employ you, or at big position. or even worse they could fired you from whatever position you are in.
we studied and would try to ameliorate, but, what do we face.

yes, or also it is because we are a system counting still enormously on families. as a counterpart it makes it alright, a triangles or trainings, to discriminate against your own children. like religion head of families or congregation are mystified. taboos about conducts and the sacrosanct heirloom.

there is also the need for people to feel religious and seek spirituality. it is why one cannot condemn religions as they inspired morals tenets, laws and the acknowledgment of something beyond and unifying.

but to permit people to torture their own child and others in saying that it is their religion or in citing texts followed by ‘religious’ groups is gonna render us inhumane. I mean totally inhumane whilst we are alreay at it.

It is to abandon our very nature to let people destroy others or the future or others.

it is why also we need to preserve cultures but not what they are of minimalistic but holistic and having searched and lost everywhere, because of the need for opposition.

Developed countries are awaiting and fabricating that much of pollution that will render this place inhabitable ultimately. there is the hope for mutation still on tv.

Also citizenship is a question of class as it is related to origin and nationality… and the means of exerting it. maybe also in connivance with how you agree with the ruling elites and patterns.

Child marriage in Tanzania: cash for parents, problems for girls

C: this title just disgusts me.

He talks and uses ‘girls’ just as if they were in his red quarters.

Last week, MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index declared that Bangkok – the capital of Thailand and portal to some of the country’s renowned beaches – would be the most visited city on earth in 2013.
The Southeast Asian megacity beat London, Paris and New York for the title, with 15.98 million visitors expected this year. London was a close second, with 15.96 million people expected.
This is the first time an Asian city has grabbed the top spot on the index, which, since its launch in 2010, has predicted visitor numbers based on scheduled flights and expected tourist spending for 132 destinations around the world.
Having lived in Bangkok for most of the past decade, I get the lure. As one of Asia’s main travel hubs, it is an easy hop to Thailand’s mountains, beaches and ancient temples, or onward to other countries.
Some visitors to the “land of smiles” – as the country’s tourism machine has dubbed the kingdom – come for high-end shopping and luxurious spas, while others meander through the myriad temples or revel in a bacchanalian night of clubbing. Yet others – and this comes as no surprise – are seduced by the city’s numerous red light districts.
However, lurking beneath the smiles in this country is a dark, dismissive attitude toward crime – with the rich and famous getting away with murder, and foreign tourists suffering mysterious deaths – as well as crimes against women.
My tireless colleague Thin Lei Win has written extensively about violence against women – including Thai women, foreign tourists and migrant labourers – and their futile struggles for justice in a country that only extended the definition of rape to cover all sexes and all types of sexual penetration in 2007.
Thin met a 17-year-old Thai woman who had been raped repeatedly for four months by her employer’s brother. When she mustered the courage to press charges, his family threatened to kill hers and she had to go into hiding in a women’s shelter. She writes of another rape victim who, after speaking out about the incident a decade ago, lost her job, her boyfriend and even her surname because relatives accused her of sullying the family name.
In marriage, Thai women fared no better. Former beauty queen Areewan Jathuthong described how her husband – the son of a retired army general – hit her, poured hot candle wax on her body and once forced her at gunpoint to walk naked down the street.
“Thai culture says if you get married, you stay married, and I was taught that as a wife you bear with it,” Areewan told Thin. Areewan later became a lawyer and an advocate for victims of domestic violence.
Last year, after a Dutch woman was beaten and raped by a Thai man, a senior police officer said that it wasn’t really rape because she had dinner with the guy – an outmoded, insensitive sexist claim that the tourism minister had the gall to repeat.
Worst off in the socio-economic hierarchy are Burmese migrant workers, who have little choice other than to endure daily abuses. More or less impotent in a country that considers them lucky to have a job – no matter how dirty, dangerous, demeaning and underpaid – the Burmese find it virtually impossible to complain to police who often wring them for bribes or who may even be attackers themselves.

Congo on track for 8 pct growth, fighting corruption – PM

Congo, a country the size of Western Europe at the heart of Africa, has some of the world’s largest copper and cobalt reserves as well as rich deposits of coltan, tin and diamonds.

But investors have been deterred by infrastructure and institutions ravaged by decades of mismanagement and war.
Last month, a panel led by former U.N. secretary general Kofi Annan found that Congo had lost $1.36 billion in tax revenues between 2010 and 2012 from opaque, cut-price mining asset sales to foreign firms.
Congo ranked 160th from 174 countries in Transparency International’s rankings of perceptions of corruption last year.
“There’s a sense across Africa, including here, of ‘never again’,” he said. “That energy can translate into learning from history instead of repeating it.”
(Writing by Daniel Flynn; Editing by Elise Knutsen, Ron Askew)
C: since everything is a story of perception, as who would dare looking at their navel or investigating bona fide a situation, and say ‘fine’ while looking in the eyes of abduction and auction.
Collaborated facts and collaboration.

A former indentured housemaid, or “Kamalari”, attends a protest demanding rehabilitation and social security in Kathmandu

BANGKOK (TrustLaw) – Her employer’s brother raped her repeatedly for four months until Noi, 17, mustered the courage to press charges, but courage, she discovered, has a price.

Tax fairness lies at the heart of fighting poverty and hunger

Dear friends,
Last year we launched our latest campaign for the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe. So far, over fifty thousand emails have been sent to Brazil’s Minister of Justice, urging him to remove the illegal loggers.
The government announced it would make the case a priority, and would release special funds to remove the invaders. The first base camp, from where operations to evict the loggers and other invaders will be conducted, has now been built. These developments would not have occurred without the help of Survival supporters.
But this isn’t enough. There are only 450 Awá; many of them are uncontacted. If the loggers see them, they’ll kill them. It’s vital that we keep the Awá on the government’s radar, and pressure it to evict the invaders urgently. This is the time to step up our campaign, and for that we need your help once more.

Sri Lanka’s civil war, which spanned more than a quarter of a century, ended in 2009. With more than 100,000 war casualties and one million refugees, it represented one of Asia’s most violent, destructive and intractable conflicts. Four years since active military hostilities ended, there has been no progress towards constitutional and political reforms addressing the problems of pluralism and democracy that lay at the heart of the conflict, nor a legitimate process of truth and accountability for war-time abuses. Instead, Sri Lanka is steadily moving in the direction of becoming an authoritarian state, with the rule of law and governance under attack, the ascendance of majoritarian ethno-religious intolerance, and an overall decline in democratic and human rights standards. This event will explore the pervasive culture of impunity in Sri Lanka, both with regard to past abuses as well as post-war governance. The broader challenge of transition from a post-war to a post-conflict situation will be discussed in relation to ongoing efforts regarding peace and good governance.
Thursday 20 June 2013, 6.30-8pm

Centre for the Study of Human Rights
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE
United Kingdom

Businesses that engage in Earth driven principles are growing; they are the leaders who can pave the way for the laws that will create a mandatory ‘First do no harm’ principle.
was the call for responsible leadership. In legal terms responsibility is about imputing a legal duty of care.

Russian anti-gay law condemned

Violation of Russian constitution & European human rights law

London, UK – 11 June 2013


“In practice, gay marches, festivals, posters, magazines, books, welfare advice and safer sex education will be at risk of criminal prosecution.

“It is a blanket censorship of any public expression of same-sex love or gay human rights.

“This is likely to result in the purging of many books, films and plays from libraries, schools, theatres and cinemas, including many classic works of art and literature.


Further information:

Peter Tatchell


Teacher in Egypt Sentenced for ‘Defaming’ Islam

June 11, 2013 By Our Middle East Correspondent

CAIRO, Egypt (Morning Star News) – A judge in Upper Egypt found a Christian teacher guilty of defaming Islam today and levied a massive fine against her after prohibiting her lawyers from presenting a single witness during the trial.

‘Self-cleaning’ pollution-control technology could do more harm than good, study suggests
Posted: 13 Jun 2013 06:23 AM PDT
Environmental scientists shows that air-pollution-removal technology used in “self-cleaning” paints and building surfaces may actually cause more problems than they solve.

‘Self-cleaning’ pollution-control technology could do more harm than good, study suggests

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 06:23 AM PDT

Environmental scientists shows that air-pollution-removal technology used in “self-cleaning” paints and building surfaces may actually cause more problems than they solve.

Make a mini meadow

Thinking of mowing the lawn this weekend? Here’s a good excuse not to. Turn part of your garden into a mini wildflower meadow that bees and insects will love. Read our easy guide.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

Is Whistleblower Edward Snowden a Traitor or a Hero?
Jim Denison, Denison Forum on Truth and Culture
Thursday, June 13, 2013
#government #NSA #privacy


Edward Snowden is the world’s most famous spy. The former CIA employee who leaked information about U.S. surveillance programs is currently in Hong Kong. The Justice Department is now preparing charges against him. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said this week that Snowden should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
But should he? Is Snowden a traitor or a hero? Let’s think biblically about the options and their relevance to our engagement with contemporary culture.
According to Boston Globe columnist Tom Keane, Snowden is “an American hero.” New Yorker writer John Cassidy agrees: “In revealing the colossal scale of the U.S. government’s eavesdropping on Americans and other people around the world, he has performed a great public service that more than outweighs any breach of trust he may have committed.” Daniel Ellsberg adds that “Snowden’s whistleblowing gives us a chance to roll back what is tantamount to an ‘executive coup’ against the U.S. constitution.”
The recent protests in Turkey are another example of standing up to oppressive authority (see my “Why the conflict in Turkey matters to you”). This method of cultural transformation is akin to the apostles’ refusal to obey the authorities’ demand that they stop preaching: “Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God. For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:19-20). In this approach, we must confront and refuse authority when it conflicts with our Kingdom calling.
Others see Snowden as a traitor. According to New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin, he is “a grandiose narcissist who deserves to be in prison.” In his view, “he wasn’t blowing the whistle on anything illegal; he was exposing something that failed to meet his own standards of propriety.” David Brooks, my favorite New York Times columnist, writes that Snowden “betrayed the Constitution. The founders did not create the United States so that some solitary 29-year-old could make unilateral decisions about what should be exposed. Snowden self-indulgently short-circuited the democratic structures of accountability, putting his own preferences above everything else.”
Thinking biblically, in this view Snowden should have obeyed the mandate, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established” (Romans 13:1). By this approach, we must work within governing authorities to seek change.
Which way of viewing Snowden’s actions do you believe is correct? Why? Please share your thoughts in our comments section. And ask yourself: What will you risk, inside or outside authority, to stand for Christ today? When last did it cost you something significant to serve Jesus?
Jim Denison, Ph.D., is a subject matter expert on cultural and contemporary issues. He founded the Denison Forum on Truth and Culture, a nonsectarian “think tank” designed to engage contemporary issues with biblical truth in 2009 and is the author of seven books, including Radical Islam: What You Need to Know. For more information on the Denison Forum, visit To connect w

C: do not know nothing about this topic I admit, but what I know it is this these kinda prpophetie that the churches went growing grouilling with pedophily.
Link song
do not know nothing about

Man discovers he is a woman

Former Navy Seal, Kristin Beck comes out as a transgender

Stop the waste

Europe buries or burns 60 per cent of our valuable resources. This shocking waste of materials and money has a huge effect on the environment. We think it’s better to prevent this waste in the first place, or reuse and recycle materials – but the EU has no plans to do this.
Ask Environment Minister Owen Paterson to stop this waste.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

When the Bully Is a Sibling
New research suggests that aggression between siblings, especially chronic abuse, can inflict psychological wounds as damaging as
“It can erode their sense of identity and their self-esteem,” he said.

UN refugee agency: Global refugee count is most since 1994
U.N. Reports Increased Number of Displaced People
Published: June 18, 2013

Home » Muslims » WATCH – Muslim Threatens To Kill Young Girl After She Says Muslims Are Violent

C: but I don’t want to edit a lot like that, because ultimately, wherever they are or come from, other thugs, not in shortage nowhere in class, profession, quarters, religions or sects, mafias, government and bandits attract the will and consent of others, or draw it all down and upon weapons, normal peep pepe people first playing, acting- per preposterously arguing with philosophy, and finally living and engrossing in misery.

Christians Sentenced to Prison as ‘Moderate’ Comes to Power in Iran
ISTANBUL (Morning Star News) – Six more Christians were sentenced for practicing their faith last week, […]

[…] Manal al-Sharif, who was arrested on the morning of May 22, 2011, after she defied the kingdom’s de facto ban on driving by women, Human Rights Watch said today.
[…] al-Sharif was rearrested at her home, after she posted the video on YouTube. The video is no longer available. She is being held in Dammam prison, a fellow prisoner told Human Rights Watch. […]

Dr Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu;
Asanga Welikala; Uvindu Kurukulasuriya

Under the guidance of Professor Lisa Anderson, Conceptual Foundations of International Politics is a graduate course at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs which examines many of the central concepts, theories, and analytical tools used in contemporary social science to understand and explain international affairs.
PS: I just want to log in and comment as these lectures are simply great, but I can’t.

C: interesting lecture, ontologic, put oneself, in face m fact myself into question, my navel not engrossed and what flight and flung my ship conception.
Cheap ship.

I said a lto lot about academy, but these lectures of Harvard, yal, colym cl colymbia etc. have only 150 500 hits each. I think that academic are under great danger. I think that technology have enabled human to kill fast and irreversibly in mass in all atrocity and hypocrity, ove covered y by reasons and sciences I think that we are reverted to a philosophy of survival in which research to knowledge, not in destruction for analysing depletion and suffering but knowledge of the heart, live and harmony, the all thinking and breathing, the good and the raison (nosy hare) won’t permit itself into redemption.
I am not Christian centred in saying that it is just (not) (note) an option.

Glaring Setbacks for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, The Environment and All Human Beings
Still Today The Government of Brazil Continues To Ignore The Constitutional Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Rights of All Human Beings to Preserve a Healthy Planet

C: dying nature, killed nature, the same of the pop people. Fi if mainstream kill people instead of rights protection and instead of nature conservation then end of civilisation. and in case of technology advanced crushing as a mean, the crash will be as (and in fact more, as sciences if used consciensciously (on purpose and impose, tax and not immunise but immondice-monstruous, mount of refuse and squalid) against (ageing) the mother – resources, nature and culture- no tally tale talking about cultures that mimic and maim themselves for example treating women as their inferior in order to serve the ordure) then knowledge unsaved, rapture will rupture and kill inversely her traitors (pervert, insulting, not creator) for the abuses not to endure.
She will teach.

I will tell you what I know me Malcom. you talk about local authorities, they are now local government. for example since 2009 in the UK if you want to make a complaint (most probably you are a staff knowing what exactly is happening, at leas in your area of responsibilities and function) against or about the care provided by the council, you cannot lodge the complaint to the national government anymore, no, you have to complain about the council action to the council itself.
And about whistle-blower, the day you go in court with the proof, or at least hoping that the judge will investigate, because they would investigate with a professional in the field incriminated, an independent guys who jobs is to follow and if not monitor but checking the application of national standards- that are on papers rather reassuring, then you could prove your case that you have to work and follow rules intrinsically abusives and in fierce opposition to the vague, incomplete and avorted human rights notions that are inscribed here and then (not enough they are but they are, just to be spurned, and for their not in application, no matter, no counting).
So all of this above not counting because whatever you will say to the judge, say that you have working against, a contrario to the guidelines by the ‘national vocational’ bullock provided, the judge I quote would say ‘as for what you try to bring up, it is beyond my jurisdiction I am sorry’. At the question, whose juridction it is the answer would be ‘I don’t know’ i.e ‘there is any’.
That is whistleblow and everyone knows that ‘humanum errar est’, ‘mimstake ins ins only human’ people will be at the task of finding you fault during your time at work, or even lie to be sure and clear of your resignation if you are lucky enough to get away with your recommendations (the so unavoidable and indispensable references and referre, that no employer has to provide during the on-going training and that you have go tto produce at the en d of your sac sacerdotal nini).
To prove you are well behave, that you did not say nothing to the authorities. The same, in rule and responsible, note the range and average of the choice, Saville or baby P).

‘a juridic system that is connected to the economic system’
Lecture 4 – Alternative Views of American Primacy

Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques

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Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977

What do Protests in Turkey, Brazil etc have in common? Six surprising facts
[…] In Tunisia, it all started with a young fruit vendor who could no longer bear the abuse from authorities and set himself on fire. In Chile it was the costs of universities. In Turkey, a park and in Brazil, bus fare increases. […] became widespread protests on issues such as corruption, inequality, the high cost of living or the arbitrariness of the authorities.

C: University price and fare are two major impediments to liberty and individual development that we are facing here in London.
As for the thesis that these countries are doing well economically and though are in the state of revolt, I would forward the point that economic development and growth are presented to be the panacea of all evils (whatever the face of the evils people want to keep and entertain for themselves). So when people see in fact what dramatic curb on originality, individual liberty through the standardisation of thoughts, behaviors (smile and suits, the dress code being an address to the population, don’t be capitalist and you will be the one redressed the sad way- in the prison of unemployability), so come a reaction. Would you have customers, to your life adopting ways to spare water and animal sufferance, well they would be, -if not ashamed-, disregarded, parked, degraded, declassified of their ‘rights’ to better and bigger money. Ghettoization, the one that pays you the possibility if not the right to open your window in summer without to have a mastiff bulldog and fatigues (not the pet, the guerrier) to protect your t.v – the hope of having a little house in which your neighbour won’t render your life’s moment, momentum and instant of tranquility as hell as with no peace to rest, think and revitalise the energy one needs to flourish and protect themselves of life and spiritual turmoil, danger and tiredness) because they decide that noise is for other pollution and discreet social torture a good day.
On Huntington’s thesis that says, it occurs in societies experimenting changes. There is Durkheim’s thesis that it is because people are in lack of references, but there is also because the power is transferring from a form to another and that people are here there not really to protest against more inequalities that the ones they are touched by or with- or that the ones they cannot manipulate or be to an extent to at its certain (reverent revered) receiving end, but here to grab the seats and gears of the products of a labor tamed into profeetering from or anothers’ labor, or from the natural (own by nature) own resources, or by the lack or abundance of law permitting them to succeed from and out of leeway.

As for the gross and grave inequality occasion by the police and other civil servants treatments, let’s wait and see then. As grow development and its abuses legitimated by the people awaiting to do nothing more than grabbing the rest. Like in any fashist and dictatorship who is gonna take the blame to push us towards a politics of the sharks and their embellishment, the institutions themselves.for the rest that will satisfy and congratulate for this attitude and their individual and societal limitation their sex (= beast, the animal and spirit that are our inhabitation) there will be grotesque. And also without forgetting, as it is at the base of all debauchery, there will be sex. Not the one of disenfranchisation, the duties to serve in marriage institution and organised rapes, but the one of the rapes. The vultures even not, as for rapes claims and gang or social constructions, they are just puu puppies of puppet.

As for the intent that authorities and others has to reproduce and serve inequality (just ik as the image of your brain will be swallowing due to your chronic hunger that you can only appease for the very short term of drinking more water than your body can drain safely). There is more in the calculation of acculation that the term of inequalities. There is how possible it is to gain (to revert the fate, ex: class mobility), at what price (is it moral, whill it occasion other harm) and if it is possible at all (you need water to survive, what if water all polluted, taken, unreachable). And top of all that there is what certain confound with the term of security, are the vaults in the dungeon of fear and thief, well guarded.

Why in London it does not work.

Reverent, reve = drame dream. Reve errant, errand, reve hunt. (check Microsoft approxi-maxim)
Reeve, revue, revel.
Abundance, hound
Paradise describe by these fake religious as about abundance instead of being the proud produce of harmony and of humans’ serving it.

Ending Child Marriage in the Arab Region

Who Speaks for Me? Ending Child Marriage Middle East and North Africa Program

Download Ending Child Marriage in the Arab Region (PDF: 1.23MB)

When Technology and Tradition Collide: From Gender Bias to Sex Selection

(May 2013) With technology producing more and cheaper ways to determine the sex of a fetus, fewer girls are being born Shock of Crop Loss Increases Contraceptive Use

Economic Shock of Crop Loss Increases Contraceptive Use Among Women in Rural TanzaniaEconomic Shock of Crop Loss Increasural Tanzania Evidence to Combat World Poverty
by Paola Scommegna
(June 2013) Results of rigorous evaluations show that one of the most cost-effective ways to boost primary school attendance in western Kenya is to treat children for intestinal worms,

Survivors of alleged rape in Indian Kashmir renew old fight with new…
Victims of alleged mass rape by Indian army men in Indian-administered Kashmir, in 1991 say justice still eludes them.

C: even the UN soldiers have been indicted for rapes and sexual exploitation. as for the caste system it is structural permit to any other kind of violations and worse one, just like this one thank you for remind people of this.

Use of environmental modification techniques for hostile purposes does not play a major role in military planning at the present time. Such techniques might be developed in the future, however, and would pose a threat of serious damage unless action was taken to prohibit their use. In July 1972 the U.S. Government renounced the use of climate modification techniques for hostile purposes, even if their development were proved to be feasible in the future.
C: what is happening then? Is this treaty concern only states against other states but not states, companies or individuals’ gains or perversions against the populations?


And you will pardon my verve as it comes from listening to me more than I should be listening of the souls crying in pain and in vain, even my ears that would like to, here, is not saint, and misinterpret their saying. Anyhow to know about them just what is to do is not to reas read the priests, clergy or other prophets, academics, but to directly serve, hal heal and cure them.

Use of environmental modification techniques for hostile purposes does not play a major role in military planning at the present time. Such techniques might be developed in the future, however, and would pose a threat of serious damage unless action was taken to prohibit their use. In July 1972 the U.S. Government renounced the use of climate modification techniques for hostile purposes, even if their development were proved to be feasible in the future.

Extract from:

‘’ is my own writing, just for try to be clear on me not putting words in others’ items.


Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERSUtpal Baruah

A scavenger collects plastic for recycling at a dump site on World Environment Day in the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERS/Utpal Baruah

C.ET: I just were wondering if any one would attack me for posting this picture. While the little guy who is scavenging have been left (without the money produced by the original article, for you to be reassure none I ll be making, I post it just as a ‘reminding’) and even he would have received black economy pocket money, the little boy just left there and on going.
I appreciate that one cannot do everything and that taking a pic could be used as an act purposing help for him- and the other guys and girls in his situation.
But what I recall equally it is that in this realm, I have to ask myself if no one could seriously try to sue me for doing this. That is to sue me for having taken a picture or to have written an ariticle, hopefully to end human rights abuses (if not to start human responsibilities) and one of the priority remove this child from this environment that poison his body. But suing me because I redirect you to their article as if I intend to summarize their information for you I could be in breach of copyrights coming from the story of this little boy, snapshot without receiving a denier of the dominion. So please note that I am not the author, that I own no copyright and do not seek to earn any money.out of my ‘newsroll’ and system of quotation; I just try and do like any computer of search engine, give you my specific summarizing.
I just comment on other buddies work and provide with all the links you need to read them comprehensively. My own creative work is

Cetvies author and editor of this blog.
it can be bought directly on (Cetvies homepage and scroll down) or through the biggest eBooks library.
‘lulu. com’ is the biggest ebook library.
And please ask for me sending you its complementary work-updates to Cetvies from what will be its next volume.

Woodhouse, H. (2009), Selling Out: Academic Freedom and the Corporate Market, Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

“Reason is natural revelation” [John Locke Essay concerning Human Understanding]
“The heart has reasons that reason knows not of” [Blaise Pascal Pensées]
“There is nothing without a reason” [Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Studies in Physics and the Nature of Body]

“I am not arguing with you I am telling you” (James McNeill Whistler).

C: here u r, for the ninnys’ of Britain.

check my last case, I am very angry at ebay. it was a con, you settled in favour of his tricks.

The military moves in around Earth’s most threatened tribe
Brazil’s military has launched a major ground operation against illegal logging around the land of the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe.

‘Proud Not Primitive’ campaign challenges prejudice against tribal peoples in India
Survival has launched a groundbreaking new campaign in India to challenge the deep-seated prejudice that tribal peoples are ‘backwards’ and ‘primitive’. Such attitudes are often used to justify the theft of their land and attempts to force them to change their ways of life.
Visit the campaign →

Sacred object handed back to Hopi tribe after ‘shameful’ Paris auction
See more →

Pics are absolutely appetising on this site. Peek and Pick.

How Bird Baths Hurt Birds
Is Your Bird Bath a Threat to Your Backyard Birds?

This is a good page for the bird bath, but on another page same author recommend to bleach. Please do not use this horrific poison, even in your pipes, even on your clothes playing pretty and immaculated, human beings on top of global warming just has poisoned and loot on everything alive.

In your pipes, possible use soda carbo.

From the British Library.

What was the legal status of homosexuality before Wolfenden?
Male homosexuality was made a capital offence in England under the Buggery Act of 1533. (Female homosexuality was never specified.) […]
The death penalty was the punishment until 1861 (1889 in Scotland), though it was only exacted a few times, […]Thereafter punishment became imprisonment for between ten years and life.
Then the law became stricter: the 1885 Criminal Law Amendment Act made any homosexual act illegal, even in private. […]
Why was the Wolfenden Report commissioned?
Arrests and prosecutions for homosexuals had increased since the end of World War II. For example Alan Turing, the cryptographer who helped break the German Enigma code and who is generally recognised as the father of modern computer science, was victimised for his homosexuality. Charged with ‘gross indecency’, he had to choose between prison or hormone treatment. He also lost his job. His death in June 1954 was treated as suicide.
Homosexuality was not legalised in Scotland until 1980 and Northern Ireland until 1982. […]
For 400 years male homosexuality was a crime in Britain, punishable by years in jail or hanging. Many reputations and lives were ruined. But this report, controversial at the time, helped change not only the law but public attitudes and acceptance

1. Olympe de Gouges and the Rights of Woman…/olympedegouges/…/Olympe-De-G…‎
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by Jone Lewis – in 531 Google+ circles
Olympe de Gouges, playwright and author of the Rights of Woman and of the Citizen.
2. Olympe de Gouges…MR3/…/olympe_de_gouges.htm‎
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Olympe de Gouges (1748-1793) … Olympe de Gouges was born in 1748 in Montauban near Toulouse in France as Marie Gouze. She came from …

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