Zidi has horrific injuries. His pain is excruciating. He is desperately weak, undernourished and exhausted. But Zidi is terrified because he knows what’s coming next. But with a gift to WSPA, you could help save him.

The cruellest fight

Tethered to a post, Zidi is defenceless as two trained fighting dogs launch a savage attack. Still bleeding and wounded from his last fight, the powerful jaws of one dog sink into Zidi’s muzzle whilst the second dog tears into his neck. Zidi cries out in pain as the crowd cheer, all in the name of entertainment. He is only spared from death as he’ll be forced to fight again. Every time he is dragged to his next fight, all he can do is swipe helplessly, as his teeth have been removed and claws filed back.

This is the horrific reality of bear baiting in Pakistan. But Zidi isn’t the only bear. Right now there are 50 bears facing this atrocious cruelty. Will you help WSPA save them?



Zidi urgently needs to be rescued. Please help him

WSPA and local partner in Pakistan, have been saving bears from this miserable existence for over ten years, taking rescued bears to a new life of peace and safety at a WSPA-funded bear sanctuary. But there is still so much more to do, and we’re determined to end bear baiting for good.