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12 Dec 2012

UN hosts LGBT special event

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An activist waves a rainbow flag, an international symbol for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Photo: Flickr/See-ming Lee

The United Nations is taking leadership in the fight to end discrimination against lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender, or LGBT, individuals.

At an historic meeting on the 11th of December, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, human rights defenders, politicians and international entertainers all voiced their support for the LGBT community.

Gerry Adams reports.

Duration:  3’22″

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UN Radio Daily News Programme

UN Radio Daily News Programme
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UN hosts LGBT special event


UN hosts LGBT special event

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On clint eastwood, supporting romeney.

i think I will that I stop watching his film, like sharzi, Schwarzenegger (war, zen, n neeger). , or sarkosy, as they are anti – gay. I can see from here Arnold say to his community, don’t drink, don’t take a gun and do not be gay. lecturing young boy especially.


Not that i like obama family and its discourse fog the deg e defeatist imperialist for a nb.

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