Kitty, kitty $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4a£

Could you please keep you’re a bit of the fresh food for                                                                        the kittens please and not give in their pl. ate.

About cats little kittle whose anatomy taught a lot on bone.

I am not saying that one should not get the rspca not to kill the mother but to stop her having baby as long as enjoy her around hacking.

These babies losing weight by the day, just at one meter of the student residence, throwing food by the kilos and giving nothing for these kittens, ok?

but of course, no one dare complaining lest the solution chosen as usual be the final one and everyone gazed instead of trying to install for them some good shack, with a slop bowl i beg ya, and toilet them with a comb. And tick finding. Now and then.

Proposition of volunteer activity at university.

Could you please keep you’re a bit of the fresh food for                                                                        the kittens please and not give in their pl. ate.

A propos the so cutty smally black kittens.

I have seen bowls all other the place, thank you for looking after them, thanks god they have been kept alive, and thank for them.

Should we not take into account that they are seeming a bit too much leanly.

Ok, so it is why it is here my post.

Not to mention that throwing food is a sin, that vegetarianism must be obligatory, ask the cast cast-out ones, they could explain sufferings, but for the moment the sickening scientists programs did not regard into peace between species through vegetarism compil.  I ll have to ask you if it would not be good deontologic idea of procedures for you to keep your meat on other left-over for the kitty- I am not at all talking of them.

But talking about talking, it would be so nice if you would like to tame. Because you see, I don’t blame you you don’t know, but they don’t have a shelter. In the nature? In the nature, there is mountains, woods and rivers, not a couple of bushed and mowed lawn (mowing loan).

So they are cold, it would be so humane if we could progressively teach them into the buildings, i.e: your rooms exclusively, you understand, I don’t want for them any portentous problems. You see super discreet, just for them to have a warm place and a human less cruel that the rest, that up to now just leave them like if they were poor pests. Above all, above all if you arrive to this, don’t separate them, it is obvious if you dare the glance at them that they live for each other the same. But please, please, you notice now, I am with the begging pale ball blame (they have theirs removed so we don’t risk epidemy, when we think that the human benefit from allowance for us billions community).

Can you conceive cuddles?

They like being combed as long as you don’t put any weight on their super light weight skeleton.

And thank to them.

There is creative reading as well as creative writing. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

food for blood.


And thank to them.