Council unable to compil social organisations. They don’t know-they don’t do nothing on the subject, abject.

Letter in order to find activities for a young ‘autistic’ person that is forbidden (not authorized) by his parents (like if when you are of an age you had still to rely on your parents good will!!- the social system is a prison that loves itself as so being) to take any medication to calm its tremendously strong and overwhelming anxiety. Because of this he cannot socialize with anyone, and has to rely on two carers to be all the time with him, instead of participating in a life of a centre where he could find other people and activities…

Mind these centres when existing are of shrinking size and skills teachings.

Centers but for enter??

Anyhow if you ask the council they don’t know nothing about that. I ask his own social worker, as I was only a support worker, I ask other social offices. No one can tell me where and what has been planned and constructed and organised in order to fulfil this society’s administrative, organisational, managerial, social tasks and responsibility.

Here a description of what effect of having no recourse to medication (am not for medication, as treatment should be of another nature, included changing the environmental lack of flexibility causing people to have to fear social, professional, individual, solo or collective or any activities.

I am c.b, one of the junior carer of Mr C.J

Mr C.J lives in Hammersmith  and  Fulham borough.

I want to contact someone in order to try to begin new activities with J.

J has got a few activities during the week while he beneficiates from support worker every day.

He has therapy session, a lot of walk and swimming.

If I try to contact you now it is because I would need advice from you.

The problem on his schedule is that besides his carers and family, this 23 year old young man have never the opportunity for socialising with people through activities.

J’s particularity is that he has challenging behaviour. Nevertheless he is in general a very nice person.

The problem is that J’s crisis is trigger mostly by noises.

We are able with J when he shows signs of decontraction (relaxation) and outgoing, to for example go and have lunch in restaurant or go to museums. But socialisation in a ‘main stream’ group is difficult to consider doing because of his ‘learning disabilities’.

Besides, on Friday we go to a center for autistic adults but there the problem is that even if J wants to participate and to meet people, that is impossible because if, say he d like to sit near someone quietly at a table, one noise or quickly move (running, agitation, moaning, screaming, waving) and J goes as far away as he could, often himself being in crise afterwards.

Due to that situation, and due to the fact that because of that j is left without other relationships than carers and parents, I d like to know which groups, organisations, residences…you could recommend me with which Jcould meet for lunch for example a little group of people without him having to fear the type of challenging described above and thus starting meeting people outside the circle of his carers.

Thank you for you attention.

Looking forward hearing from you.